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Thunderhead - TH2.5 - High Pressure Rain Shower Head - White - Large - Thunderhead
Moen S6320 Velocity 8" Two-Function Rainshower Showerhead with Immersion Technology at 2.5 GPM Flow Rate, Chrome - Moen

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Thunderhead http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/51z6sHKtJxL._SL160_.jpg
Thunderhead - TH2.5 - High Pressure Rain Shower Head - White - Large - Thunderhead
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Moen http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/31P86Mfs3hL._SL160_.jpg
Moen S6320 Velocity 8" Two-Function Rainshower Showerhead with Immersion Technology at 2.5 GPM Flow Rate, Chrome - Moen
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Five Star Reviews:

Would i recommend to others
December 5, 2016
Short review: Would I buy this again? Would i recommend to others? The answer to both is an enthusiastic yes.

Longer review:

This is a nice, powerful, and inexpensive rain shower. My home's water pressure isn't great, so I'm happy that this compensates for that deficiency so well.

The adjustable arm is also very helpful to cope with whatever idiotic geometry your home builder chose for the shower plumbing.

I would only humbly offer a couple of suggestions to the manufacturer:

1) I see no harm in doing a version with fancier materials of construction. I also bought the "KES LP150 Bathroom Handheld Shower Head with Extra Long Hose and Bracket Holder, Brushed Stainless Steel" to complement the rain shower. I would have no problem paying an additional 20 USD for a version that uses the same brushed stainless steel as the KES.

2) Another note to take from the KES: the interface to threads. The KES unit uses a nut and a gasket to connect to shower threads. As a result, one only needs about a half-centimeter of threads to make a good seal. The Thunderhead, on the other hand, requires more than a centimeter (or more than is available on a shower head diverter) to make a good seal unless you add ample PTFE tape (which is included). There should just be a seal that works. The tape is too silly and untidy. I would pay an additional 10 USD to have a version that does this better.

On the other hand, if you're going directly from the wall to the Thunderhead, then my #2 complain will apply far less and in that case the review is closer to a 5-star for me. This is why I ultimately gave the system a 5: When used as advertised, it's pretty damn good.
Crazy wonderful spray!
May 19, 2016
This gives an amazing shower. We both love it, and probably take shorter showers. For all the pulsating, needle sprays, and what have you, there's no substitute for torrents of dihydrogen monoxide, and this delivers. It came with the flow restrictor not installed -- obviously the vendor knows why people buy this.

Fortunately, we have a flow adjuster on the shower control valve. Running this at full volume for the duration of a shower would be ridiculous. Most of the time I have the flow set to minimum or near-minimum. For wetting up and rinsing off, I let rip, and it does its job.

If you don't have a flow control on your valve, I'd suggest replacing it with one that does. It will simply be too wasteful otherwise, and if your drain is a bit clogged, your shower stall will flood. But with that proviso, it's worth it.
Best shower I ever took!
January 10, 2016
This is truly an amazing shower experience! Same as some other folks that reviewed this product, I too took the flow control valve out; this is easily done with small flat-nosed pliers. The shower head was very easy to install and the extended arm makes it easy to position overhead.Since I am the only person using that shower, I did not have to change it's height once established. I tilted the head facing forward a bit; this way, it is easier to take a shower without washing my hair.
I am extremely pleased with this product; kudos to the manufacturer! The only suggestion I could make, is that it would be produced in an alternative finish, chrome for example, but the color is in no way a deal-breaker, compared to the awesomeness of the experience! You gotta try it for yourself!
Updated October 2016
All my guests love this shower head and ask me where I got it; of course I tell them and I forward the link to them. I also bought one as a gift for my sister and she is raving about it. So is my mom, who is the pickiest person I know. A truly great product!
and they'd thank you because it feels so good. I won't admit I took out the flow ...
January 3, 2016
You could drown someone with this, and they'd thank you because it feels so good. I won't admit I took out the flow restricter, but I took out the flow restrictor and am thinking about putting it back in. I like long showers and before this I could not run my 80 gallon water heater out of hot water taking a shower. With the flow restrictor out and my other shower head going, I can run it out, so either I need to run one or the other, shorten my showers, or put the restrictor in and see how well it works with 2.5 gallons a minute. It isn't as classy looking as many of the shower heads I've looked at or owned, but damn.... it feels good. Excellent coverage and just drenches you like a warm monsoon storm.
August 29, 2014
This thing is AWESOME!!!!!!! I have bought many different rain shower heads in the past, and NONE OF THEM ARE AS AWESOME AS THIS ONE!!!!!! The pressure is AMAZING!!! Its easy to install and it can move around so you can easily position it to your liking. And its a REAL RAIN SHOWER HEAD! Its not any cheap ole shower head , this thing is for real! Its huge too! We all love it in my house! I HIGHLY recommend this!!!
Great Water Flow +
August 9, 2017
This rain shower head has a great flow rate and puts out a very nice shower of water. I wish it were 10" so I could compare it directly to the Hansgrohe model which only comes in chrome. Doubt that I'll use the lower flow rate option, but it's nice to have it available. Definitely recommend!
Five Stars
November 23, 2016
Great rainfall showerhead! I've always preferred a pressure water flow and this model performes well.
possibly the best shower of my entire 40-something year life
September 27, 2016
possibly the best shower of my entire 40-something year life. ripped the green regulator out in five minutes (tuff lil b-tard) and installed it in 30 seconds. awesome.
Absolutely AMAZING!
February 21, 2016
I recently purchased this shower head after researching various types of shower head. I was looking for something that provided high water flow. I did take the flow restrictor out to increase water flow. I recommend you to take it out, you can still control the water flow by limiting it from your shower switch:)

To take the flow restrictor out, I used an plier with moderate force to take the green thing out.

The water flow is astonishing as you can see from the pictures attached - almost perpendicular to the shower head, it's very powerful. Now I enjoy taking the shower and I can hardly go out of a shower:)

July, 2016 UPDATE: 5 months owning the product, one of the drip holes has no water coming out and a few others have scattered spray instead of straight water coming out. I called the MOEN customer service, and a replacement head was sent. Very easy to deal with. Definitely 5 star!

Please click helpful if you think this review helps you making a decision. I will be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
All of our family members like this shower head...
May 31, 2015
All of our family members like this shower head and we have been using for a week. It is easy to install and appears to be of high quality. It provides two settings and both these settings are very effective. When we opened the package, we were surprised to see the size of the shower head, it is quite large. We did not get that impression from the pictures or the video. However after installing, it looks really good.

Four Star Reviews:

Easy Install, nice flow.
September 23, 2015
Very easy to install, literally just unscrewed the old head, wrapped the Teflon tape (all of it) that came in the box, and screwed the new head in, no tools need.
-Before taking the flow-control test it with and without, depending on the pressure in your particular area it will determine what is the best option for you.

I took a star off the review because when first installed it was leaking water from the shower connection and one of the joints, I had to add a ruber ring on the shower connector to stop the leaking there (additionally to the Teflon tape) however the joint leak is still there, I left it be because its not really that bad.
Anyone knows a quick fix for the joint leak?
Good product but not as good as reviews show.
August 2, 2015
This shower head had GREAT reviews and i liked what i saw so i went ahead and bought it, installation was easy and looks great with my white tile bathroom. I removed the flow valve during installation thinking this was going to give me a bit more pressure but all in all this shower head actually has a bit less pressure than my old conventional shower head BUT this shower head still has good pressure and you feel like you are in the pouring rain under it i love the feeling. It is big and has many nozzles, this shower head doesnt feel or work like its expensive in my opinion but it wasnt and it does the job so no complaints here besides the fact that i expected a bit more pressure. Will buy again when i move and hopefully all the nozzle's work perfectly on the next one i buy.
Wanted to love it more than I do :(
January 10, 2015
I like it, but I don't love it as much as I wanted to. I chose this when my hand held shower head that had a massage speed on it died. I had it set on the in-between massage and "regular" setting & never really used any of its other settings. I decided the fixed head would be ok because I really only use the "hand held" feature when I scrub the shower. This this is big enough that it would rinse well enough for that. And it does.

What I don't like about it: It is so big that it uses so much water that I end up running out of hot water if I'm not done in about 10-12 mins. That's usually a long enough shower, but if I'm shaving my legs it takes me a little longer. (And I do not take scalding hot showers.) We did remove the flow restrictor. I have thick hair and I need enough force to penetrate my mane! It does and adequate job at that. Also, the head is really hard to adjust/swivel. The instructions tell you to use one hand to support the joint when moving, but I'm still afraid I'm going to break it. It does not adjust easily. I will use it for a while, but probably will go back to one of the hand held models eventually.
Does the gentle rainfall thing, but it sure is ugly
June 9, 2014
I struggled for a long time on which showerhead to get for a variety of reasons. This one was highly rated and no extra arm was required to install decently (a big plus), plus the flow constrictor was supposedly easily removed (it was super easy, an even bigger plus). Also I liked the rubber nipples on the jets being easy to clean (my last rainfall showerhead died partly because the double arm joints gaskets went, which will always be a single point failure on those designs, and partly because gradually I could no longer get all the limescale off with CLR).

Ultimately I got this one because I take most of my showers at the gym so it doesn't matter, but it's a shame this big old honking showerhead is so...WHITE. And PLASTIC. And BIG. I don't mean deluxe kind of big exactly, just TEXAS kind of big. I miss my silver puck little 3.5" rainfall showerhead that--shockingly--gave the exact same shower experience as this Thunderhead that I completely forgot I got this big old new one until I looked up and saw this giant white UFO hovering above my head. The Thunderhead...it's nice, it does it's job, but this is like the Chevy Suburban of showerheads, when a nice like stainless steel Rav-4 would have done the same job and looked way cuter. It's also hard to get used to the fact that I can't easily move it like my last one, or swivel it to clean the shower. When it dies, I think I'll go back to the moveable, sleek silver one.
no more quick showers!
August 31, 2011
Installed and used it hours after delivery. My house is unfortunately not blessed with great water pressure. I have lived in a place where our water pressure was like a fire hose blasting at you and I must say, there is nothing I miss more than that type of water pressure. I bought the exact same shower head my old place had hoping I can get the same pressure but no luck. It wasn't even close. Then I ran into this shower head at our local fair and it looked impressive in their demos. I was very hopeful to get the same result when I get myself one. I got this here for $70 cheaper by the way than what they were selling it for at the fair. I am very satisfied. It didn't have the pressure like it was in the demo but It was still many times better than my old shower head. Even with the pressure being mediocre there was so much water coming out that it was still very effective and gives a shower I haven't had in years. I didn't install the flow saver (I need all the help I can get). A house with better pressure than mine should be even better and might get a massaging type performance out of it. I don't get that at my house but I do get much more water flow than before which is so nice and relaxing. If I was to change 2 things about this product, I wish they had an option with chrome or brushed metal look. It doesn't match the rest of my bathroom but the performance is worth sacrificing the look. Also I wish it was little bit easier to change the head location. It has many options in how you can position it but it is a bit stiff to reconfigure. I can see some females (my wife) having a bit of a hard time changing its positioning which will result in being lazy to use it at it's best. My wife loves washing her long hair with this specially because it can be positioned low, close and even behind her head. She is less than 5 ft tall and can go low enough to have it just above her head (even touching her head). I hope this helps you. I would buy this again no problem unless it breaks with in a short period of time. Seems solid though and so far so good. Gave it a 4 only because I wish it did give me more pressure like the demo had.
and I like the adjustment to switch it to the middle 30 ...
March 27, 2017
works well as a true rain shower, and I like the adjustment to switch it to the middle 30 spouts. It's a nice metal shower head instead of plastic like the cheap ones. It was a little tricky to tighten down, so definitely use the plumbers teflon tape when screwing it on, otherwise it would be 5 stars.
Four Stars
December 3, 2016
A bit expensive. It drips a bit after shutting it off.
couldn't be happier. Worked as advertised plenty of water pressure
August 28, 2016
Read several of the reviews and decided to give this shower head a try, couldn't be happier. Worked as advertised plenty of water pressure. The flow is even thru out the head and the smaller setting worked well. I don't know way you would want to use it seeing you bought a 8" head.
Looks great, but too expensive for just OK pressure.
June 15, 2016
Pressure is just OK for the money you shellshell out. Build quality is what you expect from Moen. If you remove the restrictor, it vastly improves pressure, but your hot water tank will drain FAST. With it left in, I get about 25 min on the 40 gallon tank in my apt. Take it out and it's maybe 15 min. Waterpik makes a $40 similar one with fantastic pressure that I installed in the second bathroom.
If you like the rain pouring down on you, this is for you.
September 6, 2013
I heard so much about these shower heads thought they would be awesome. If you like the rain pouring down on you this is for you. If you prefer that subtle sideways spray, then it isn't. It definitely is different. I have a regular hand held shower head and this one. Try it, you might like it.

Three Star Reviews:

Works great at first, but wears out quickly, it's cheap for a reason.
March 25, 2017
I purchased this just over a year ago, if I'd reviewed it right away it would be an easy five star. The pressure is excellent, the best I've ever had, it has a very large head and makes my showers much faster and more enjoyable. My only initial complaint is that is only comes in plain white plastic, I'd rather have a nice metal one, but can't find one that compares in water pressure, also it can't move side to side so it's at kind of an awkward angle when it's fully screwed in. The reason I'm giving it only 3 stars is because it just doesn't hold up over time. After about a year the shower head has started falling down and I have to constantly adjust it, the connection to the water outlet also moves around every time I adjust it, it's not leaking, but still kind of annoying. This seems like a fantastic design that was just built with cheap materials. Give me a metal version that holds up for 10 years and I'd gladly pay 2-4x the price for it.
Really wanted to give this a great review. It's got a great spread
March 7, 2017
Really wanted to give this a great review. It's got a great spread, perfect pressure. All ports produce water spray....excellent. Unfortunately we had to start leaving a screw driver in the shower, the arm after a month or so would fall flat against the wall. Every night "DADDY! Can you fix the shower head!" I really wanted to like, when it's tightened and you're standing under the rain of hot water.....life is good, then it just falls. I'm sure you could swap out screws or put some type of lock tight on the screw, but I have 4 different sizes, 42" child 49" child, 61" spouse and then me. It's always being adjusted higher or lower. If you could leave in one place permanently......give it a shot. This unit has been replaced with something more suitable to adjustments.
Bad hinge
December 6, 2016
The hinge doesn't hold itself in place like the photograph shows. I have to keep mine at a much higher angle because the shower head is so heavy. When it gets weighed down it collapses suddenly, so then the head sprays at the wall instead of at me.
I want to know how to fix the leaky pipe so I can enjoy the great water flow without the constant drip!
March 28, 2016
Overall, this product was just "okay". I bought it to replace another one I had that was leaking and causing interruption with the water flow. I opened this product up, installed it, and turned on the water. Right off the bat it started leaking right in the middle of the main pipe leading to the shower head. I enjoy the water flow, but if I try to stand anywhere near underneath the leaky pipe, I get a constant drip in my face, which is not pleasant at all. I would like to know how to fix this leaky problem, as it is the only thing I would change about this product.
Not Bad, but not as advertised
December 22, 2014
This shower head was just okay for me. I moved into my house April 2014 and this is the 3rd shower head we've had in an attempt to get better water pressure. I've concluded that it must be the house and not the shower head. The best thing I like about this is that it covers the entire body and not just one side so I'm not constantly having to turn around in the shower just to get all of my body parts wet. It didn't increase the water pressure, but rather gave the illusion that it did due to the numerous water jets. If you want more pressure, check your house's water pressure. If you want more water period, then this will suit your needs. It's not a bad product, but it definitely is NOT a high pressure shower head.
Three Stars
January 31, 2016
Works reasonable well
Nice but too soft
November 25, 2015
Nice looking shower head. Color is more on the goldlish side of brushed nickel than a silver tone. Some of the Moen line has a gold tone in the brushed nickel, some have more of a silver tone. So beware that it might not match or might match perfectly. The shower itself is a *very* soft rain fall, and the lever makes it into a harder stream. However, when the harder stream is chosen, the bottom half of the soft rain leaks water out. Not sure if this is normal but I rotated it all around and can't find a way to make it stop. I suppose it's not a big problem. Overall for me the rain selection was too soft and felt almost like a trickle of water. And I have a solid 70-75 psi of pressure.
Not a bad product, but it is definitely nothing special
October 12, 2015
Not a bad product, but it is definitely nothing special. Why so much money for an average shower head. I would not buy this again.
I have great water pressure but this is just too gentle
September 12, 2014
Need to make more flow go through this head. I have great water pressure but this is just too gentle.
December 12, 2012
hoped to have stronger flow and was disappointed about this but at least it was easy to obtain something that matched the other fixtures of the bathroom

Two Star Reviews:

Leaks :(
February 4, 2017
I purchased this a few years ago and loved it. When my friend mistakenly broke it when she was staying at my apartment, I decided just to get another one. I bought it before the holidays but didn't have a chance to install it until 2 weeks ago because I was traveling. The base leaks with a steady drop coming from the seam. I tried everything but it's definitely defective and unfortunately it's too late for me to return. I won't buy another one because I'm not sure if the quality is the same as it was 4 years ago when I first bought it.
Still searching
December 7, 2016
Bought this over a year ago from all the amazing reviews. I wanted to replicate a shower head I had used a while back that felt like I was standing outside during a rain storm. I liked this ok but it does not feel like a rain shower. It was kind of a hassle to install because it kept leaking and we had to make some adjustments. After a few months I noticed the rubber nozzles were turning yellow then black. We took it down and soaked it in bleach and gave it a good scrubbing. Had to do the same a few months later. Did it again last night and when we turned it on this morning, all this yellow stuff came raining down. So, I'm back on Amazon looking for a new shower head...
Won't stay up on it's own.
April 26, 2016
I saw this showerhead at a home and bath show and almost bought it there but I knew I could find it cheaper on amazon and luckily I was write, and I'm so glad I did.

This showerhead in theory is a great buy. It's cheap, and flexible and the showerhead is powerful and large.

However, after about two weeks, it stopped being able to hold itself up on it's own. You see, it keeps falling down, over and over. It will not stay up on it's own. I tried everything and short of using a bungee elastic cord, it won't stay up on it's own. I had to return it and get something else. I would avoid this product.
Needed a new shower head, mine started leaking after ...
January 2, 2016
Needed a new shower head, mine started leaking after about 12 years of use. Figured I would get this due to the size, big mistake...larger head doesnt do much other than run down my hot water heater quickly. Had to remove the restrictor to match my old shower heads pressure and it broke immediately so I cant re-install it. The elbows that allow for positioning dont really allow me to center the stream in my particular shower.
I am just not a fan of this shower head.
June 22, 2015
I am just not a fan of this shower head. As far as construction and quality goes, it is fine, although overpriced. But I just cannot get it in a good position. Either it is too far back and at a weird angle or it is too low and I keep bumping into it. Also, the force of the water is pretty weak and, compared to the other low flow heads I have, it takes a lot longer to get the soap off. So there goes the benefits of low flow.

Probably going to go back to what I had before.
I absolutely LOVE the pressure that this showerhead has
August 25, 2017
I absolutely LOVE the pressure that this showerhead has, let me start by saying that. I like the rainshower function and good pressure, and this definitely has both. The only issue is you need a separate water heater or a big souped up water heater to be able to use this. The water went completely cold in less than one minute. I had to return it.
Two Stars
November 2, 2014
not correct color
Nicely made product, Moen, but your environmental facade does not hold water...
April 29, 2014
False advertising? This showerhead claims three times more spray power with their "immersion technology" but the spray strength is actually weaker than my little old regular, straight forward 6 nozzle Speakman head!
Moen: Why on earth won't you make your flow restrictor removable at the user's option (smart manufacturers do!) and maybe then your claim might hold water... (pun intended!) Or is it beacuse you are ssooo environmentally friendly and want to enforce water conservation? I'll take advantage of your time here to explain the following:
This 2.5 gal/minute maximum flow restrictor thing about being environmentally conscious is a fallacy. Your pipes can give you aprox 5-6 gallons per minute, and I want to use them all! So you say "What a wasteful person you are!!!... But wait! I'm all about conserving! So let's get one thing straight: Water consumption amount has 2 factors: Volume of flow AND time of flow (i.e. GALLONS- PER- MINUTE RIGHT ?) Unfortunately most people dumbly think this just means amount of flow. So if you reduce to 2.5 Gal/Min you are SAVING THE WORLD ! Well, when you restrict my flow to half, I'll rinse for at least 2 times longer if not more. (see I have this thing about getting all the soap off my body...) Get the picture? The same amount of water or more, is used or wasted... but now, unnecessary time is ALSO wasted. Please don't fall for trick laws or ethical schemes. They seem to make sense until you analize a little more closely. The second star is for the nice craftsmanship.
Not worth the price
March 15, 2014
Not sure what I was expecting, but when I see what I got and what I paid II want to slap myself. Product works great, but expensive.
Don't like it anymore
June 7, 2013
I love this rainshower and how it has two flow settings. It is a great value and I would highly recommend it! The wider flow setting is great for relaxing and the more powerful flow is great for a deeper clean.

Update: I don't like this shower head anymore. When it is off and I use my regular hand shower it leaks drops of cold water on me!

One Star Reviews:

Ours didn't last 2 months, enough said.
December 15, 2016
A few weeks past the return window and this thing fell apart, leaks around the edges and doesn't spray anymore. If you're looking at this one, move on and find something else. We bought it knowing we were taking a chance on the cheap price. Apparently, you get what you pay for. Buyer beware!
Need Help with Customer Support
October 16, 2016
I purchased 3 of these for my house. 2 of them can no longer support the weight and falls down at the joint. Had them installed less than a year now. . From the comments its a common occurrence. Who to I speak to to get this fixed. Other than that this is by far the best shower head I ever owner. Just need this to be repaired. It tiring having to hold up the shower head every time I need to shower. I recommend this to over 10 friends who bought it also. It says there is warranty but who do I contact?
Poor Durability
October 1, 2016
Seemed awesome at first--good pressure, can easily be moved to reach different angles.

But a little over a month after getting it, the first joint no longer holds any weight so the head just falls down and hands there.

Too late to return :(
Definitely not worth the 40 bucks. Very cheap, ...
April 16, 2016
Definitely not worth the 40 bucks. Very cheap, plastic. Doesn't hold on the position I want it. Can't attach a filter to it. Well at least the filter I ordered. Overall very cheap and not even hard pressure as advertised. Definitely not worth the cash
Waste of money
March 19, 2016
Leaks from around outer edge. Shower head fills with water and becomes so heavy that the arm doesn't support it.
Not worth money
April 26, 2017
Worked for about 3 months. Now literally has about 5 streams of water.
One Star
April 21, 2017
Nice, but incredibly overpriced - you can easily find similar shower-heads for 1/3 the price.
Poor water pressure.
April 2, 2017
Very disappointed with water pressure. Would not recommend it.
$150 piece of junk!!!
June 10, 2016
Pressure isn't what it claims to be. Very disappointing.
2 1/2 years of good use and it sheared off and onto the floor ...
May 17, 2016
2 1/2 years of good use and it sheared off and onto the floor of my shower. Hmmmm, not sure why that happened either. Nobody was taking a shower when it fell. It couldn't have been a serious injury if it were during a shower.
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Awesome spray power. A pressure chamber evenly disperses the spray from ninety spray jets in a forceful and stimulating flow.

Easy installation. The shower arm coupling fits into the palm of the hand for threading onto the shower pipe securely without the need for tools.

Never clogs up. Clean the unit easily by squeezing the pliable nipples to instantly clear hard water scale from the ninety spray jets.

Wide track spread. The large diameter head sprays to cover the entire chest area from 90 evenly-spaced jets.

Please Note: Model TH002.5 replaces model TH001 in the USA.

generously sized 8" diameter rainshower for exceptional water coverage

advanced, self-pressurizing technology channels water through the showerhead with three times more spray power for a more thorough rinse

two-function: rainshower and concentrated rinse

limited lifetime warranty

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