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A-Flow™ Shower Head - 5 Function Luxury Large 6" / ABS Material with Chrome Finish / Enjoy an Invigorating & Luxurious Spa-like Experience - F&W
Delta Faucet UA902-PK Universal Showering Components 10 -Inch Adjustable Shower Arm, Chrome - DELTA FAUCET
A-Flow™ AirPowered Luxury Dual Function Showerhead; Rain Spray & Mist / Chrome Finish / Enjoy an Invigorating & Luxury Spa-like Experience - LIFETIME WARRANTY - F&W
Dixon Valve & Coupling
Dixon Valve TTB75 PTFE Industrial Sealant Tape, -212 to 500 Degree F Temperature Range, 3.5mil Thick, 520" Length, 3/4" Width, White - Dixon Valve & Coupling

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F&W http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/51jFWTCPLdL._SL160_.jpg
A-Flow™ Shower Head - 5 Function Luxury Large 6" / ABS Material with Chrome Finish / Enjoy an Invigorating & Luxurious Spa-like Experience - F&W
DELTA FAUCET http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/31rrbLYOZML._SL160_.jpg
Delta Faucet UA902-PK Universal Showering Components 10 -Inch Adjustable Shower Arm, Chrome - DELTA FAUCET
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F&W https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/41SIQmLWybL._SL160_.jpg
A-Flow™ AirPowered Luxury Dual Function Showerhead; Rain Spray & Mist / Chrome Finish / Enjoy an Invigorating & Luxury Spa-like Experience - LIFETIME WARRANTY - F&W
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Dixon Valve & Coupling https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/414DGcAvbEL._SL160_.jpg
Dixon Valve TTB75 PTFE Industrial Sealant Tape, -212 to 500 Degree F Temperature Range, 3.5mil Thick, 520" Length, 3/4" Width, White - Dixon Valve & Coupling
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Five Star Reviews:

It was easy to install
April 27, 2017
I got this mainly because I wanted to try the rain and mist feature. It was easy to install. I have never installed a shower head, ever! You just remove the old shower head with a wrench, then remove any plumber's tape that is still on there. Take a steel wool pad and clean the threads well. Take the white pressure reducer out of the new shower head (it pops out if you use a flat head screw driver). Take some of the plumbers tape that it comes with a wrap it approximately 6 times around the threads on the arm of your shower pipe. Screw this one on, and, wha-lah! I actually LOVE it because it's easy to switch between the modes and they all work well. I doesn't look cheap even though it costs so little!
Love it!!
August 15, 2016
Water Options: 5 (rain, massage, mist, pause and aeration)

Size: 6"

It's very easy to use any option you want with the simple turn of the switch. The showerhead is also able to be moved around (360°).

Easy installation, I had no problem getting this on or off of my shower line, and it came with everything it needed (which wasn't much).

I love the massage option more than any of the other options. But the best and most important one is the pause!! Saving not only money, but WATER!! My husband and I both love it!! We've yet to go wrong with this brand!
what a wonderful shower head feels great
July 19, 2016
 what a wonderful shower head

feels so nice like I am at an expensive hotel instead of at home.

I love all the features and the power of the water

I now use this in my bathroom

I am so happy and I have told other to buy this as well

I received this product with a promotional discount in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. No compensation for a positive review was provided. All of my reviews are based 100% off of my experience with the product and I never guarantee a positive review
LOVE this shower head and the 5 powerful settings it has.
July 11, 2016
WOW WOW WOW!!! Just got this thing a few days ago to try it out. I am in love with bigger size shower heads (I think they call them sun flower heads? not sure). Anyways, I have another type of these shower heads but it has 0 extra functions :( This one comes with 5 functions, and one includes a pause of water which sounds silly (why not just turn off?), but that way you can turn it back on without building up the heated water again. Nice right? The other settings are pretty powerful, they feel like they give you a slight nice massage on your scalp while washing your hair. The only one thing that kinda bugs me, is the top part gets finger prints on it super easily. No bigger though, a little vinegar will smudge that right out.
I took some detailed pictures down below of the one I have in comparison to the other one. You will notice they are about the same size. My other one does have a removable smaller head, but I rather have the 5 power settings instead.
Great Showerhead
September 23, 2014
Great Showerhead

I installed this showerhead in our family's private spa. My Mom was complaining it was time to get something better than our plain old showerhead. I searched around for sometime to get something we will all enjoy. I like more of a stronger pressure while my Mom likes something more delicate. I decided on this showerhead since it has the mist function which I knew my Mom would love, and on the other hand it has the Massage and spray function which is strong pressure.

I installed it and got a lot of compliments for choosing the right showerhead. My mom doesn't stop to praise me for getting her this showerhead with mist. She says it feels like silk is spraying on her skin. I personally love the Spray and massage, it is very powerful.

> Overall we are very happy with this showerhead
Good construction and value. Works well!
October 5, 2016
So, I bought this because someone wrote a review saying that the nut used to connect it to your shower arm coming out of the wall was one that could twist/spin, to allow for the extender arm to be positioned exactly as you wish. Well, that review was written in 2013, and the manufacturer has since welded the nut. I was worried, but there was no need to be. The welded nut went on perfectly, and positioned just right.I've not noticed the "this materials used are so thin" reviews that some others complain of. It installed without any bending or twisting. I mean, it has a nut that you use a wrench to tighten (using a cloth over, to prevent scratching). Are these people just twisting it on and using the arm itself to tighten? Of course it will bend and mangle using that method! Install it using proper methids, and you should be fine.Someone else linked a different (preferred, to them) arm in their review that has a larger diameter tubing ... insinuating that this tubing on this is too small for adequate water flow. Nonsense! There is plenty of water flow from this ... and we have just average water pressure. I DID take the diverter out of the shower head we bought to go with it, and it works brilliantly.P.S. the reviewer who posted the above-mentioned link to a larger diameter arm failed to mention that the larger arm was also twice the price of this one! Umm ... duh. Of course you get more when you pay more.The joints on this unit are strong, and the arm stays in place with the rainshower head attached. No weird engineering required, and the joints just tightened by the thumbscrews.I would buy this product again. A good value, and a good price.
Easy Install, Works Like A Charm
July 29, 2016
This is the second time I've purchased this adjustable shower arm and I does everything I need it to do. I initially order this device because the water pipe coming into the bathroom shower (in my rental unit) was way too low for me (I had to crouch to get under the water) - so this gave the needed extension I was looking for. Installation was very simple, including the use of the sealant tape that comes with the product. I've owned and used the first one I purchased for about two years (the second one was a gift), and I've had ZERO issues with leaks or the screw tighteners at the joints. Two years after installation, it's in the same position as I've originally installed it. I will add though that I don't use a heavy shower head (one of those plum-sized screw-in heads with no hose/attachments). So read other reviews if you're using something heavy.PROS:- Easy to install- No leaks / no weak joint screws (with a light shower head)- Easy to adjust positionCONS:- might not be able to handle very heavy shower heads* photo shows the product. I was able to gain 8 additional inches of vertical compared to my original faucet installed unusually low. Now I don't have to crouch.
March 26, 2016
Put two of them together for a real rain shower experience. I had one of the extenders and the rain head for almost two years but the other day thought to buy another extender to give me more height. Im 6ft and have more than 6 inches of clearance. FYI, the two extenders are the same brand. I went with the same because the first one lasted so long with no issues. Also, I move frequently so it has been installed and uninstalled 6 times in two years. No leaks, no problems.
Does the job
March 27, 2015
At 6'1" and my wife 5'2" our shower needs are quite different. This shower arm solves everything. We have a rain head with a shower handle. The head came off ,attached the new shower arm then reattached the head. Works great. And the separate shower handle was uneffected.
It's a shower arm, you don't need to put that much thought into this purchase, I promise.
March 14, 2015
PROS:-Solid construction-Easy to adjustCONS:-Shorter than you'd think, but nowhere near a deal breakerI got this as an extension for the AKDY 8" rain shower head, it does exactly what it needs to, it's like Inspector Gadget, except only the extendo-arm. I was actually surprised because I was honestly expecting half of it to be plastic, but it was entirely metal, which afirmed my beliefs that I will never have a problem with this thing. The screws tighten nicely, you can put it at whatever position you want easily, not much else to say. Only real downside is that ten inches(probably more likely 9 the way most people have it set up) is really less than you'd think. I'm considering getting a 12"-14" arm to replace this one day. Until then, it does the job well.[04-30-16] EDIT: Still using this same shower arm with the same rain shower head. It still works decent, but if I move the shower head too much, it's pretty much guaranteed to lose its tightened hold. I don't really ever move the shower head though, so it isn't a real problem, just something to take into account when guying this. Still feels solid when I do tighten it though, I don't expect the fasteners to break any time soon.
Five Stars
March 11, 2015
Adjustable and works great!

There are no reviews yet

Great value.
February 28, 2017
I needed and used this for a shower head I purchased,The price was great, cost less here than in the store.Wrapped it around the threads and no more leaks.
perfect for what I needed it for
May 22, 2016
I bought this tape to repair the power cord for my macbook air, and so far it's worked perfectly. The tape has been on for over a week so far and the end hasn't started unpeeling in the slightest. I think it will last for a long time, and it's saved me from buying a new cord. I also liked that the tape came in a nice round plastic case, which among other things prevents the edges from getting stuff stuck to them and getting dirty.
Nice and wide...and effective.
April 9, 2016
I had the thinner size before...and I bought this wider size by accident.It turns out, it was a great accident. It reduced the amount of times I had to wind the tape around by half, since I no longer had to wind diagonally to cover the entire surface of the thread.(Not for a very small surface)Maybe everyone else already knew that there is more than one size of plumbers tape, but it was news to me.Worked great on our shower head.
It's hard to go wrong with sealant tape
February 4, 2016
Well, it's sealant tape. You can't really go wrong with it. It worked as it was intended. Bought it to wrap around the thread of a hand held shower head that needed replacing. I should have prob went with a different size tape, because this was a tad too wide, but that's not an issue since you can either have a bit of tape showing, or push the tape down.I wrapped the threading about 4-5 times, and it sealed it perfectly. Not one drop leaking, and there's plenty of tape left over for the tool box!
great for stretching
August 12, 2015
If you're looking at this tape to use for stretching a piercing, you have found the perfect tape for a really small price. a few wraps of this a day and before you know it you're at the next size. the only bad thing about this tape is that it does not slide well in oral piercings, and its so incredibly thin it can be kind of frustrating to wrap around a piece of jewelry, but that can be a positive too because you're able to fine tune the size increase to an incredible degree.
Good quality tape
October 14, 2014
Does what it's meant to do!It's not too thick that you won't be able to screw the pieces together, and not too thin that it rips while using.

Four Star Reviews:

... pressure is a bit low to really make the best of this shower head
June 1, 2017
Our water pressure is a bit low to really make the best of this shower head; even still, it supplies a nice, wide cascade to bath in.
It looked very nice for the
May 23, 2017
Given as a gift. It looked very nice for the price
but the connection is not perfect. I chose to NOT crank the connection down ...
January 3, 2016
This thing is HUGE. I bought this for my girlfriend and she loves it.

Please note, one of the 5 settings is a PAUSE. The adjustment is fairly stiff and it requires two hands. (one to hold the head and the other to move the tab) So it's far easier to just use the faucet knob. For all practical purposes, this is a FOUR function head.

The connection to the tubing seems to be just slightly over-sized. With layers of teflon tapes, and the gasket that came with it or extra thick one purchased at store, there is slight leakage. Not enough to matter in practical sense, but the connection is not perfect. I chose to NOT crank the connection down Godzilla strength as the fitting can crack.

This head does swivel but not much. If you prefer down pour type experience, you will need a swivel attachment.
Well worth the money
August 23, 2015
We bought this to replace the shower head in our kids bathroom. I was a bit surprised by the size after I installed it. It was a bit bigger than I envisioned. Installation was quick and easy, though I have to adjust it every once and a while to stop it from dripping. My kids love the different functions (and even my husband on the rare occasion that he showers in there). Changing the functions can be kind or tricky though as it's a bit stiff to move. Hopefully over time and use, it will loosen up.
Limited GPM
January 1, 2015
I really loved this as soon as it was installed. It is larger around than my last shower head so I loved the possibility of how much coverage it could spray. After two weeks I was less than thrilled. The shower pressure is very poor. I finally decided to buy another new shower head. I started looking around I saw other shower heads had the same problem. Something about the government limiting the about of gallons per minute. Another person said that they removed this from their shower head and it worked better. My hubby took ours down (this one) and it has an Oring that is very large restricting the flow. Once he removed this and reinstalled the shower head it was magic. I really love this shower head very much now.
Used two together - worked out great but requires support
June 21, 2017
Used two of these arms - one for extending height and one to center over shower (like an "L"), with Delta RP50841 (lighter square rain head). Worked out great because of adjustability. No leaks. I would have given these 5 stars, but the wing levers really do not hold position. I addressed this by adding a chrome chain from the wall for support. I'm okay with this because it looks "industrial" and is a temporary fix, but probably not preferred by most.
Useful but I wish it was sturdier
May 8, 2017
It is missing a sturdiness that could lend itself to holding up heavier faucets but it is useful for certain. We acquired a rainfall head and we wanted it to be positioned more towards the middle of the shower. Our shower head though does use a switching valve near the base of the main waterfall piece that will switch the water between the hand held and the overhead. due to the somewhat flimsy nature of this faucet extender it often requires adjustment while in the shower.
Easy to adjust height, extendable, what's not to like.
December 14, 2016
as compulsive movers, a hand held shower that I found on a discount years ago is the first thing that goes in the packing box (ikr? weird strokes for weird folks lol). But for washing pets, cleaning the shower stall, etc, I simply cannot go back to a standard wall/ceiling fixture. The one we have is the best for our needs and is one of the easier installs in the world. It also sits at 45 degrees so the added height is a great feature. In short we would never part with it.In our current home, however, the spout from the wall is way too low - even for this more stand-up contraption. Not an issue for my shorter build, but could not imagine how my taller husband managed. Thing is, he usually never complains about anything, so when he did moan about the low-height-and-hence-ducking, I started my hunt. After other unsuccessful attempts at extensions, the Delta extension fit the bill perfectly.Did I mention, that we also have a water filter attached to the whole thing? The whole damn thing looks like some p* mpd out alien fire sprinkler - lol, but hey, the softer hair, increased pressure, and the aah! moment when you step into the shower; is good dividends.Tip: Don't give up on the first attempt at install, my husband did, and I had no issues with installing and making this work with different parts made by different companies.One star knocked off for leaking at the elbow, (fixed that with a new valve I got from the HW store).
I'd opt for something longer. This is actually shorter by two inches than the one it replaces.
September 27, 2016
Usual high quality Delta plumbing product. Easy to install and extend my shower head further into the tub center.Some info from the seller.Backed by Delta Faucet's Lifetime Limited WarrantyChromeMounts to wallAdaptable with standard showersAdjustable up and down 18 inchesBrass ConstructionThe Delta 12-Inch Adjustable Shower Arm lets you adjust the height and angle of your standard or raincan shower head, extending it up and out. Whether you're looking for a few inches of added headroom or need to mount a raincan shower head without a ceiling-mount shower arm, this product puts control of your shower experience into your handsFrom the ManufacturerThe Delta brand is focused on being more than a maker of great products: we're using water to transform the way people feel every day. Our products are beautifully engineered inside and out with consumer-inspired innovations like Touch2O Technology, which lets you turn your faucet on and off with just a touch, to In2ition Two-in-One Showers that get water where you need it most using an integrated shower head and hand shower. We’re committed to making technology for faucets, showers, toilets and more feel like magic that makes your busy life a little easier, because we believe there’s a better way to experience water.This does work and it's a quality product so my criticism is more about the function. As it turns out, if you're in the shower and you're not that tall, which my wife isn't, then you can't reach the top portion to actually adjust this. And for me, a tall and pretty strong guy, I found that levers / little metal bars that are used to tighten and loosen the adjustment threads need to be pretty tight for the shower head to stay in the desired position. Not a big deal but when you're trying to loosen it to make an adjustment, it's actually pretty hard to do so if you're planning on adjusting your shower head height and angle per use, you might want to consider these thoughts.
As far as mission objective goes, it does the job.
January 2, 2015
Well it doesn't leak, which was the initial concern for this product. The knobs are small and the short handles hurt when you turn it, so I had to use a washcloth to reposition my Thunderhead shower head to the elevated position. It moved around due to the weight of the showerhead and I had to tighten it with serious effort to get it to stay in place. Then when I wanted to reposition it, a lot of effort (accompanied with some pain) was needed to loosen the knob from it's tight fastened position. Other than that, I feel the picture makes it seem longer than it looks in real life; it actually seems kind of short when you are holding it in your hand. I needed this because my wall pipe is located too low and my showerhead hits me in the face when I go to turn the water off, so as far as mission objective goes, it did the job.
May 27, 2013
Great product, it allows me to get the water in the best position for me and all the users with out having to turn the actual shower head, I love it and I am now outfitting the other shower with the same product.

There are no reviews yet

been using this stuff like crazy working on the pool this summer
June 24, 2016
been using this stuff like crazy working on the pool this summer. I wish it was easier to tear however and did not shred and wrinkle up as soon as you tried to cut or tear it. Otherwise it works great, stopped my leaky air compressor fittings and sealed my pool fittings quite well.
It works as it should!
June 20, 2016
I have used this tape on a few plumbing projects ranging from two shower head replacements and a couple of water supply line hook ups. I am very pleased with the results. My only complaint is the tape will fold over onto itself very easily when trying to wrap onto the threads, so just take your time. Other than that, this is a great addition to your plumbing tool kit.
Works well
June 28, 2015
Not a whole lot to say. If you need pipe tape to seal things like your shower head, this is that. It seems to work well. With the semi-flimsy reel it's on and the natural properties of sealant tape, I found it easy to get it tangled up, but that's the only real nit-pick. This isn't some big purchase, it's just the tape you need and it does its job.
get the 1/2 inch tape instead
March 24, 2015
Works well. The first time I only wrapped it around the threads 3 times and there was a single drop leaking from it every 5-7 seconds. The next time I wrapped it 6 times around and got a perfect seal with not a single drop leaking. The tape can be ripped with hands. Be sure to push the tape down around the threads with your thumb before attempting to connect the shower head. Also, clean the threads on the pipe of any previous residue before applying tape for the best results.Only gripe is that I bought this because it was the recommended one. Not knowing anything about sealant tape at the time, I ordered it. When I received the item I did some reading saying 1/2 inch tape is the best size. After using it I discovered this to be true. Half inch tape would have been more than enough. The 3/4 inch tape works the same, but leaves a lot of unused white tape visible on the pipe.
It does what it's intended to do alright.
January 15, 2015
It's okay. It does the job. It IS very thin, so cutting each piece you'll use with a small pair of scissors is highly recommended. Having worked as a plumber for some years back in the late 1970's the tape we used was a bit thicker and never once did we cut it. it did have stretch to it, but all you had to do with that pretty much was pull it tight and yank it. Try that stunt with this gauge of tape and I think you'll find that you're going to need the more than ample supply provided. the description DOES read "Industrial," so having not worked in the trade for so long I won't attempt to call this one. It IS also on the thick side measuring side to side. For shower head installation let's say, it might be a bit much. I don't know. Improvise. It does the job won't break the bank you MIGHT find Sealant Tape at the 99 Cents Only Store, but I needed it TODAY. So...
I should have tried this a long time ago!
March 30, 2014
Yep… there’s a difference in tape but I had to be convinced. I thought no matter what brand or thickness I purchased it was just wrapping more around the threads would do it. I’m not a plumber but I do buy homes, live in them for 2-years, make all required repairs/improvements and then see it. Seems every house needed major plumbing work so I just purchased the cheapest 10-packs of Teflon tape I could find and kept wrapping tape until the leak stopped… or changed out the fittings. The added thickness to this tape makes for a better seal but it does not tear off easily. I’m happy with it but had to go with 4-stars because of the difficulty in tearing it off and the ragged end that is left. If you’re prone to cutting it with scissors then it’s a 5-star item. I think it is much better for metal threads because they tend to cut away the tape more when threading fittings together.

Three Star Reviews:

It's not a bad shower head, wish it pressurized the water a little more
July 31, 2017
You need quite a bit of water pressure to get a nice shower, my old shower head was of a similar size and managed to get a stronger stream than this one. Out of all the modes, only a couple are actually "useful" and switching through them requires quite a bit of strength as the lever is really snug.
Three Stars
March 24, 2017
Didn't work for me
It's Okay
August 2, 2016
I use the rain and mist functions the most. The rain function does make a lot of noise since it is air coming through the holes. That is what made me give it the 3 stars. It's okay but I may look for another shower head.
The massage and rain sprays are nice. There is one spray that literally sends water ...
March 22, 2016
An economical replacement for an apartment shower head. The massage and rain sprays are nice. There is one spray that literally sends water everywhere over my very large shower, I can only assume it's for a carwash. I'm neither thrilled nor disappointed so overall I'm happy with my $15 purchase.
Had an issue with the first one but enjoy the second
March 10, 2016
My husband and I bought this shower head for our master bathroom because our old shower head was pretty small and didn't work well, we love this shower head because it is large and has a bunch of different settings. Even though we love this shower head I am only giving it three starts because the first one I ordered broke the same day we bought it, the inside of the shower head (the clicker that you use to change the settings) popped out of the head and wouldn't go back in. The latest one I bought has only four settings one of them is broken and doesn't work at all and we aren't sure why but we enjoy the other settings so that is alright.
skip it
May 18, 2017
Poor job of holding position if shower head is very large or heavy. Despite continued tightening, comes loose at any adjustment. Way over priced for what it does.
Better if had an adjustable connection at supply connection
April 29, 2017
I installed this today and no matter how many times I tried, the arm would always be at a horizontal position for being able to be adjusted. In order to get it in the right position, I had to use a smaller rubber gasket connecting to the main supply pipe. It would have worked much better had the connection had a adjustable connection​ there as well. I would have given it 5 stars if that would have been the case. I do not know how the thinner gasket will work over time period I am worried that it will leak.
Better then plastic...
April 6, 2017
It leaks a bit out of one of the joints but its not too bad. Its better then the plastic one that came with my new head came with...
com/dp/B00WO3SRAG/ref=cm_cr_ryp_prd_ttl_sol_39) which is pretty heavy for a metal shower head
January 29, 2017
I purchased this to extend my rainfall shower head (https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00WO3SRAG/ref=cm_cr_ryp_prd_ttl_sol_39) which is pretty heavy for a metal shower head. I've had problems with it slipping in the beginning especially when first starting up the shower, so I've tightened both handles several times since I first set it up. So far, it hasn't slipped the past week but we will see how long it holds up. Will update and increase rating if it holds better as time passes.
Works but not great with heavier rain shower heads...
January 6, 2015
This faucet extender looks great and it might be just fine for a smaller shower head... however... it does not support much weight.I put a plastic rain shower head on the end of this extender and it drooped down with both hinges tightened after a few seconds. I then readjusted and tightened the hinges a bit more tighter than I was comfortable with. It holds now, but I am a bit worried about the long term viability of this extender.
This is not a 12 inch extension and restricts flow...
July 4, 2013
I gave it 3 stars because technically it works and it's cheap. You should know that this is not a 12" extension. It is a 9" extension, which is the same length as the Danze D481150 9-Inch Adjustable Shower Arm with High Flow, Chrome which has a larger diameter feed tube (for higher flow) with adjusters that are more sturdy and will work better with heavier shower heads such as the Moen S6320 Velocity Two-Function 8-Inch Diameter Rainshower Showerhead, Chrome which we also purchased here on Amazon.To sum up, the diameter of the tubing used in this product does not match the diameter of the Shower Arm coming out of the wall. It's much narrower and could restrict water flow, which is not something you want if you are using a Rain Shower type shower head. It's also very thin wall construction and flexed quite a bit during installation. It felt to me as though any really hard cranking on it with a wrench would probably bend it. The Danze I linked to above has the same diameter Tubing as our shower arm, so it matches better and in my opinion, is a higher quality product.

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tape sealant
August 31, 2016
ues it to fix my faucet
What a pain in the ass this was to use ...
July 19, 2016
What a pain in the ass this was to use. I've used pipe tape before, but this had no tackiness to it that I expected, and was always a struggle getting a tight wrap going. Next time I will get off my chair and go to Home Depot to be sure of what I'm buying.
Three Stars
June 5, 2016
Teflon tape. It is what it is :)
Three Stars
June 3, 2016
It works.
Three Stars
April 25, 2016
nothing to say.
Three Stars
February 8, 2016
not what I expected from plumbers tape

Two Star Reviews:

It worked great until it broke two weeks later
August 1, 2017
It worked great until it broke two weeks later. Now it leaks a lot and I can't get it apart to try to fix it without breaking it completely. It broke a few days after the return period.
2 stars. 2 of the settings did not work properly
July 15, 2017
I was excited to receive & install my new shower head, It has a couple nice functions but It is a bummer only 3/5 work correctly so right away I'm not getting what I paid for. The different functions that do work are nice but the quality just isn't there. Would I still buy it knowing what I know now? Probably not so many different brands and styles out there you can choose from for the same price.
Worked well for the first few months, but once ...
April 18, 2017
Worked well for the first few months, but once I moved the settings for the water pressure, the head loosened over time. Water began dripping out of the sides, the face became loose. If you buy, just keep on one water pressure option.
Would not recommend.
January 6, 2017
The shower head arrived with scratches on the installation parts, so it was obviously used. I was surprised by this, but I figured, what the heck, for fifteen bucks, I'm not gonna complain.

I've owned this shower head for less than four months, and it's come apart. It now leaks around the edges, and makes an awful noise unless you twist it just so. Would not recommend.
... this because I saw it on a listicle about great things you should treat yourself to
October 13, 2016
I bought this because I saw it on a listicle about great things you should treat yourself to. In retrospect, this is part of how I eventually learned to identify (and stop following) click-bait. This thing was so horrible, I took it down after one shower. I seriously thought about getting out early and finishing with the old one, but decided to give it a fair shot. I live in an apartment and the old one was the nasty free one that came pre-installed, if that helps put things in perspective. This is good for $15, but it definitely shouldn't have the word "luxury" in the name; the settings look a lot better than they actually are. I never really thought of my apartment as having low water pressure. However, this thing made it impossible to feel like I actually washed the soap off of my skin. I'm only giving it a second star because it has the "pause" setting which helps conserve water and can be useful if that's important to you and you don't care about how bad the rest of it is.
The tightened constantly comes loose
August 3, 2017
Awful arm, the knob to tighten it constantly comes loose and causes the arm to fall so the shower head faces the wall.im constantly reangling this thing and can't wait to find a better one.
Meh, no. Would not buy again.
July 2, 2017
Got this with the Rainfall High Pressure 6 shower head. Not sure where the problem is but water pressure was greatly diminished and I removed the "whatever" from the shower head.
Does not work properly
May 29, 2017
Did not fit properly on our shower spout. When properly tightened it was off kilter by about 25 degrees. Making it unusable. Being 6'4" I was really looking forward to raising our shower head. Now I am searching for a new solution.
I would not recommend this shower arm.
March 3, 2016
I have been using this shower arm for about a week and am indifferent. The aesthetics are great and the material is quality including the joints which do not leak. The product falls short in function as the adjustable joints cannot be tightened reliably by hand.If you intend to use this shower arm with a heavy shower head such as a rainfall design, I would suggest that you look elsewhere. As others have pointed out the design of the wing nut tighteners is far from ergonomic. I have pretty incredible finger strength, and I struggle to tighten the joints enough to keep the shower head in place. Additionally, the handles are not comfortable to grasp, which exacerbates the issue. As such, I was required to use a wrench to tighten the base joint more permanently, which renders the adjustability function useless.I am considering returning this item and replacing it with something more satisfactory.
Cheaply Made Thin Pipe That Bends
May 14, 2015
Delta usually has good quality products. I've installed 2 of their shower heads before with no issues in the past 10+ years.This extension is cheaply made. The pipe flat out bent when I was turning it by hand. Additionally I don't consider myself to be a rather strong guy. I'm not exactly going out and winning any arm wrestling contests.My advice is skip on this product go to your local hardware store, and buy a more sturdy pipe and two connectors.
If your Rain Head is over a pound there is a good chance this will not hold it upright
August 17, 2014
For Smaller shower heads. If your Rain Head is over a pound there is a good chance this will not hold it upright. I have the Culligan C115 RainDIsk Showerhead. It's over a pound and it won't stay up. No matter how hard you tighten it, you have to watch it slowly droop down to vertical. This extension is really 9", but does look nice. It's design, not so much. Poorly implemented wing nut tighteners. If it just had knurled ends to keep from slipping it would work great.So far, I have tried filing the thin edges of the rotating parts to make them rougher and hold better. It worked right up until I ran warm water through it. That was enough to let it begin to fall again. Mostly I tightened it very tightly, with pliers and a bar through the handle for more pressure. Tried a wrench. Tighten it after every movement for best results. I tightened it many times right up to that point where it's about to break. It would still slip if the bar was 45 degrees or more from vertical. That's how you know it's a poor design rather than just not tightening it enough. Pretty disappointing, considering it's just a friction problem. I'm a tinkerer and I will find a solution, but you shouldn't have to go through all this. I'll probably insert some rough edged washers so it will grip.It's hard to believe more people aren't complaining about this. They must have lighter shower heads or not going past 45 degrees.

There are no reviews yet

Hard to use with small screws
October 13, 2016
For my uses the tape was not too helpful. In order to keep the pivot on my folding knives from coming loose I tried using some of the tape to help tighten up the threading between the screw and female pivot end. Since the tape is so wide compared to the small screws it was difficult to wrap the tape around the screw without using too much of it. I was able to use it on two different pivots successfully. If the tape wasn't as wide it might work out better for my applications. If you use this with a longer screw it should work fine.
I'm sure for its other uses it works fine
September 23, 2016
I purchased this to stretch my ears further and it was wholly unsuccessful. I know that's not the purpose it's intended for initially but that was my experience with it. I'm sure for its other uses it works fine
A Little Too Wide
August 29, 2016
Too wide to use easily. The shower head unit that I bought also came with thread sealant tape so this wasn't needed. It didn't apply easily, but it WILL do the job.
Two Stars
June 25, 2016
It's so small, don't believe the picture
Absolutely the worst threading tape I have ever worked with
November 6, 2015
Absolutely the worst threading tape I have ever worked with. Almost imposable to use on small fixtures or on hard install places.

One Star Reviews:

August 31, 2016
Great flow, love the size. Dont need the extra settings. It seems as though if I dont have the head turned just right on the right setting it is very very very loud. I almost removed it and send it back.

Edit: January 4th 2017. This should have been removed and sent back. Immediately. It has sat on the same quiet setting since it was installed. We turned it to use one of the functions we purchased it for and it fell apart and started spraying water all over the place while trying to take a shower. I'll be going to our local Ferguson's plumbing tomorrow and getting something with a warranty
This shower head is really excellent at first
July 3, 2016
This shower head is really excellent at first. Easy installation and all that. However, after several months, the plastic face couldn't handle the pressure of the water and it started to push out, creating water to leak and flow all around the perimeter. I would not purchase again. Better off just buying something a little more high end that will last longer.
Wore out quick in just over a month
May 15, 2016
When I first received it, the shower head was amazing and we all loved it. Fast forward a little over a month later and it is now garbage. From using the pause feature it seems to have worn out and now water sprays from the sides. Save your money and buy a better shower head that will last you longer.
Plastic piece of crap
May 10, 2016
This product is awful. The settings were not distinct. Each melded with the next one. Most of the unit is plastic junk. Began leaking through the face and could not get a decent spray on any setting. There is no warranty and I couldn't even find a company website. I don't know if I was sold a defective or damaged product, but I can't even exchange to find out. I would look elsewhere.
If you like noisy showers, this is for you
January 23, 2016
Took a chance on a lightening deal and lost. This shower head feels cheap out of the box, and performs even worse. It literally sounds like a freight train in the shower. I can't emphasize enough how loud the water is running through this shower head. Tomorrow will be a trip to HD and Lowes to find something quiet to install in its place.
Nope nope nope
September 3, 2017
I've screwed these on over 15 times and no matter where I start the threads once tight it's not in the position I need it to be. Since the "nut" doesn't move independently of the arms there's no way to get it straight and tight. See pics.
a waste.
July 14, 2017
Disappointing. Husband went to install this and the arm bent so it's unusable. He wasn't exerting an unusually large amount of force or otherwise abusing the way it should be used so maybe there was a flaw or a weakness in it? Either way, a waste.
Don't waste your money
April 27, 2017
This extension arm will not hold the weight of my 12" rain shower head. There was an old extension arm, similar in look and function, that had been left by the previous owner and it also was not holding up a lighter shower head in there. The old extension arm sprung a leak and sprayed water all over the bathroom. Now that I see this one is basically the same, I'm going to return it.
That means there is no way to easily index this extension in to the proper orientation for ...
December 1, 2016
Have you ever bought something and just scratched ur head? This is one of those products. The end that screws on to your existing shower head nipple is fixed. That means there is no way to easily index this extension in to the proper orientation for your shower head. My scratch your head comment is aimed at whomever designed and manufactured this not once tried to install it.
didn't work for me
May 28, 2014
I am not sure who designed this~you have to turn the whole 'arm' or 'unit' to attach it to your existing pipe. For me, once tight, it ended up sideways. Why wouldn't there be something at the end of it like there is at the end of a hose, where you just turn that onto the pipe?very disappointed.
Pass this one over.
February 15, 2014
It does what it says mostly. It fits your shower pipe. It swivels and when tightened it will stay in place. The build quality feels cheap since it is mostly plastic. The problem is at the swivel joints the pipe size is cut in half and this limits the amount of water flow to the shower head. It would not wot with a big rainfall head. It could not supply enough water to the shower head to let it function. We bought a much smaller shower head and it had very little pressure also. Ending up just removing this thing. If you are only using a small very basic shower head it may work. Otherwise find a different one.

There are no reviews yet

Do not buy it if it is from Amandami!
November 9, 2017
Do not buy from amandami. They sent a cheap, unusable knock off. The plastic wheel was thin and sharp. It was not Dixon. The tape was unusable. We have a plumbing shop. We know tape. We sent it back for a refund and had to drop it off at a UPS site, which was a pain.
August 16, 2016
Roll is very small
July 22, 2016
Horrible and low quality. Will not recommend.
One Star
January 31, 2016
this was not a good bargain it look like a sample
Don't bother
October 22, 2015
It is horrible, it does not attach at all. Pointless purchase!!!
doesn't hold to the threads as well as my old ...
September 7, 2015
doesn't hold to the threads as well as my old tape, hard to keep this on before putting the connections together
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Relaxing and soothing luxurious spa-like experience - Features five functions; including rain, massage, mist, aeration and pause.

Simply turn the dial to select your desired shower setting / Swivel ball allows you to adjust the angle of the showerhead to suit your preference

Wide 6" Shower Head /Made with ABS material with chrome finish

Requires absolutely no tools; installing is super easy.

Universal parts - works with all standard plumbing.


Rigorously tested to ensure quality performance

See what Delta can do

AIR-POWER TECHNOLOGY - The AirPower technology system enriches the water with air, resulting in soft, pleasant water droplets onto your skin. Provides great distribution and improved aeration, the water really feels like a spring rainshower. AirPower technology works by injecting air into the water stream.

RELAXING AND SOOTHING - Enjoy a luxurious and sensational spa-like shower. Simply turn the showerhead to select your desired shower setting. Choose between rain spray or aerated mist / Swivel ball allows you to adjust the angle of the showerhead to suit your preference.

WATER-PRESSURE INCREASER - The AirPower technology automatically increases the pressure of the water to feel much stronger. Enjoy a good water pressure shower without increasing the water usage. Perfect solution for homes with low water pressure. Enjoy bliss in the shower, while not being wasteful of water!

NO TOOLS REQUIRED - Installs in minutes without tools / UNIVERSAL COMPONENTS - Fits on all standard shower plumbing / Free thread sealant tape included

LIFETIME WARRANTY - The showerhead is backed by a lifetime manufacturer warranty

For use in wrapping pipe threads to create air and water tight connections

520" long, 3/4" wide, and 3.5 mil thick for multiple uses

Operating temperature range of -212 to +500 degrees F

White color PTFE tape

Not intended for use with gas pipe

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