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Culligan WSH-C125 Wall-Mount 10,000 Gallon Capacity Filtered Showerhead, Chrome Finish - Culligan
Waterpik NML-603(S) Linea 6-Mode Showerhead with OptiFLOW, Chrome - Waterpik

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Culligan http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/41fJ78rVbuL._SL160_.jpg
Culligan WSH-C125 Wall-Mount 10,000 Gallon Capacity Filtered Showerhead, Chrome Finish - Culligan
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Waterpik http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/41H61XFKQWL._SL160_.jpg
Waterpik NML-603(S) Linea 6-Mode Showerhead with OptiFLOW, Chrome - Waterpik
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Five Star Reviews:

Sleek and Simple.
July 14, 2017
have not been able to get old shower head off just yet due to mineral buildup but nothing a little wd 40 and a wrench cant fix.. this review is based solely on appearance and durability. Item was nice, exactly as pictured.. Slightly bigger than I had imagined but not much bigger than my old, considering the room needed for the filter itself.. and with the filter in it was heavier, OBVIOUSLY.. but not ridiculous to where I felt the product would damage any other shower parts. Easy to put the filter in and put together, really is self explanatory.. Feels solid and quite durable, I can only imagine it will perform and meet or exceed my expectations, no regrets on this purchase!
My skin thanks me for buying!
March 27, 2017
I did a lot of research to find a chlorine filter shower head. I purchased an "eco friendly" one from our local health food store and it isn't half bad. I am very sensitive to chlorinated water, my skin gets super dru and flaky and hurts badly, almost like a burn. With the other filter, I still dealt with the dry skin but not as intense. I can shower daily or twice daily and not have my skin dry out or hurt with this shower head which is AMAZING! I was sure that because it was a big commercial brand that they'd cut corners and it wouldn't be as good. I'm so glad I trusted reviews and was proven wrong! This is a great filter, and the water pressure is fantastic! My husband and I both love the stream options. Great value!
September 6, 2016
I purchased this based on reviews.

While I live in a big city that has generally good water, I also live in a very old building. The brownstone apartment building I call home is over 100 years old. I've lived here for a few months now, and I noticed I was buying a lot more bottled water because the water just tasted bad out of the old kitchen sink I have. I purchased a Brita pitcher w/filter for my fridge; problem solved. I then began to think about my shower. Since moving into this apartment, my skin has become dry. My shampoo wasn't lathering very well and my hair seemed brittle.

I ordered this shower head on Friday, August 26th and it arrived Monday, August 29th. Installation was easy. The package comes with an ample amount of plumber's tape. I did take the shower head apart and remove the little stopper that slows the water pressure. This is easy to do. The filter has stickers on each side - these need to be removed before use. Note - once the filter is properly installed in the shower head, it is heavy. I was worried it would be too heavy for my old bathroom's shower apparatus.

I've been using the new shower head for a week now. I'm already noticing benefits. I'm using less shampoo and soap because they now lather as they should. The skin on my face isn't as dry and I'm already using less moisturizer post-shower. The water pressure is amazing. I actually feel clean when I get out of my shower.

I would definitely recommend this ... Only one word of caution ... if you live in a old apartment like I do, and you have a clawfoot tub, make sure you have adequate shower curtain coverage all the way around your tub ...

*** I included before and after pictures ...
Dry and Damaged Hair, Please Read!
August 24, 2016
I cannot express how thankful I am to have found this product! I also own the shower head version WSH-C 125 and it transformed my daughter's chlorine damaged hair back to silk!
I had exhausted everything and after extensive research I learned what hard water can do to hair. Add to the equation our new pool and chlorine and her fine blonde hair turned to straw in a matter of 2 months. Now I no longer smell the chlorine in her hair and after one shampoo her hair was changed. I was so shocked. I have a full review of this struggle under the other shower head. I myself have brown fine but coarse highlighted hair and my natural "frizz" and texture of my hair has improved dramatically as well. It is softer than it has been in years. All the damage and abuse is being washed away.

I decided to purchase the hand held version as well due to a large golden retriever that loves to find mud puddles in the backyard. I was nervous seeing the earlier reviews with the mounting bracket, but I did find where they changed this and improved the product. My husband installed this in 10-15 minutes which included removing the old one as well. We have low water pressure and I was worried about the filter making it even worse. The flow and pressure from both of the shower heads is better than my old ones! It's insane AND we left the flow restrictors in place! I actually have decent water pressure now and I get hot water more quickly. Usually it takes 4-5 minutes for our hot water to make it downstairs to our bathroom and kitchen sink. I had hot water in 1:45 seconds. The kitchen....still a sore spot!

I have no problems with the angle or adjusting the spray. Is it heavy? Of course. It's just as heavy as my old hand held that didn't have a filter! Luckily I don't have to try and shower with this in my hand because I would make a massive mess! I love having it to bathe the dog for his inopportune rolls in the mud and to clean the shower as well. When I am bathing the dog the handle feels comfortable in my hand and it's not heavy to me, it feels just like my previous Moen one. The mount is also nice and secure. It's a high quality fixture.

Whatever your needs are for the shower head you can order this one in confidence. I'm glad I decided to try it. Don't let the old reviews deter you, they did improve the mounting bracket. This thing is awesome. Attractive, functions, amazing results and cheap filter replacement cost.

09/06/2016 Update: My damaged hair no longer feels like straw. I had no idea that hard water could play such an important role! I attributed the texture and feel to having highlights and color on a regular basis. I have been using the new shower heads just shy of a month and unlike my daughter's transforming over night mine has taken longer, and rightfully so. My frizz is under control and continuing to improve. I have also noticed it is starting to look substantially healthier. It no longer feels like straw either. Honestly, I can't even remember my hair being soft due to the texture which has now changed so much it's still surreal. My hair hasn't looked this heathy in 20 years. Reminds me of the hair I had as a child.
I was also watching my daughter play volleyball this weekend and sitting in the upper level I noticed her hair shined more than any of the other girls. It has a certain glow that is easy to see and has great body to it. No products being used. All the money I had wasted on products and treatments and it's just a simple shower head. Wow.
works for the hard water
August 23, 2015
love it!. use the test paper to test the hardness of the water. The right is the water coming from my kitchen and the left is coming from Culligan. It really works for the hard water.
They work, and last as expected. Hold up well, and are a good value.
November 9, 2016
I have bought 3 of these over the years. All three worked as desired, and are still working. I think they are some of the better shower heads out there. What I like about them is the fact that you can pull the head up and point it down, giving me extra height in the shower. I am 6'5 and the showers in my house were designed for someone under 6'. With these, I have plenty of room. An extra nice touch, when I am shaving I push the head down so I can shave without rinsing my face, works great. For the money, these are great.
Easy install, great to option to lift shower head
October 3, 2016
Great solution for an incredibly low shower pipe in our older home. Very easy install. Do know that it's a single piece... there's no way to detach the bendable pipe from the shower head. I was originally looking for just the bendable pipe to use with a shower head I already have, but took a chance and was pleased with the stream settings of this shower head.
The extended flex allows you to easily change the shower head position without stressing the shower ...
February 5, 2015
We had one for years ordered three more. The extended flex allows you to easily change the shower head position without stressing the shower head connection to the metal tube or the metal tube connection to the wall which could cause leaking inside the wall. Two of us use the shower head daily so the head is constantly be changed and we have no issues after years of use. We removed the water restricter inside the shower head and use the shower valve to control the amount of water coming out of the shower head. We contacted Waterpik to find out the difference between the NSL-603 and the NML-603S. Waterpik told us the difference is just appearance and the functionality is identical we bought the least expensive.
Can a showerhead save your marriage?
February 19, 2014
Okay, that's probably a little extreme but this flexible hose showerhead did make taking a shower more pleasant. My husband is a foot taller than me and our shower is rather narrow. We previously had a big sunflower-type showerhead way up high that made taking a shower like getting in a rain stall for me. He loved it since it was above his head, something most 6'4" people don't get to enjoy when dealing with most shower fixture heights. When we installed the shower years ago, we installed a fiberglass unit and didn't want to cut into it to install a vertical rod for an adjustable socket for a hand held. Sooo, I've hated taking a shower in this bathroom for years! Until we found this flexible hose item.

Generally, we keep it in an "S" shaped curve since the hose it too long to be a straight line from where it is attached to the pipe and being in position for either of us, but this is good since it is pulled up for him and down for me. It does leak a little around the coupling but only a few drips while the water is on, and it goes down into the shower. We don't really use the different settings, just a good straightforward shower with which to rinse shampoo and such.

What is wonderful, from my perspective, is the fact that I can adjust the head to be lower, at shoulder height, if I am only getting in for a quick wash but don't want to get my hair wet. Even when shampooing, I need to be able to have space in the small shower compartment where I am not constantly having water sprayed in my face. This flexibility has helped me deal with the small space of our shower so much better now, and the spray has more pressure than our previous "rain" type of fixture, which makes rinsing shampoo and conditioner so much easier.

We've had it over a year and a half. I love this fixture!
The greatest shower head!
November 15, 2013
I was very pleased with Waterpik's previous model of this product. The flexible goose-neck hose is infinitely adjustable. Different family members can raise it or lower it, and if you shave in the shower with a fog free mirror like me, you can point it at your back (which is more toward the shower door instead of the middle) to enjoy hot water while you shave.

With the old model, you had to occasionally remove it to soak it in vinegar for a few minutes to remove the hard water deposits that interfere with the shower stream. This new model is truly amazing! The many little water spouts now come out of some kind of little flexible rubber nozzles that never ever clog up! They are somehow self cleaning!

I have decided to add the following to all my reviews:

Beware! Some "reviewers" will trash a product for no reason simply because they are paid to or because they sell competitive products. Other "reviewers" will give products - that they have never seen and never used - glowing 5 star ratings - for a fee. Some honest reviewers do not understand what a product is for or how to use it and will trash a product simply because they are just plain dumb.

Four Star Reviews:

So glad it lives up to its claims
May 18, 2017
It's what I needed since I could smell our city water (nasty) and I was itching after showering until I was told about filtered shower heads. I researched until I found a happy medium for effectiveness and cost. I actually got 2 because my daughter and her husband were having issues in their city. It works fine. I'd give it 5 stars but I feel it's a little top heavy and am concerned about in future of it not holding up. I had read reviews and some said to remove the little gray ring so water pressure not inhibited but we put it back as it was fine with it on.
For handheld shower: Nice but certainly a bit heavy.
April 1, 2017
I have bought a handheld shower. Just installed it and used it once by taking around 15 to 20 minutes shower. Honestly, it's bit heavy. I'd say HEAVY. If you have a habit to shower by holding the shower in kne hand, specially while shampooing, it's going to take a while before you get used to it.

I have two teenage girls. I had to instruct them at least 5 times that be careful with the shower. Make sure you don't knock it on my shower stall's glass panes or on the base.

Before I bought this, I used Sprite filter and fixed it on the shower arm and then fixed my handheld shower. So, technically, the water would first flow through the filter and then the handheld shower would use the filtered water. I guess, I liked that a little more as I could use any handheld shower I want.

Said that, this filter has its own benefits. So, um going to try it anyway.
Nice filtering shower head
March 12, 2017
Nice filtering shower head! Filters are easy to replace. I got this because my hair always felt dry and tangled. A friend mentioned my water might be hard. Sure enough, a water test showed my water was slightly hard. Hair feels nice and soft now! The only criticism I have is it doesn't allow you to angle it down as far as my old / standard shower head.
Great product/poor hardware
January 8, 2017
I am on a well with a water softening system but my hair was still way too dry and brittle. I bought this since the filter is in the shower head, saving space in my tiny shower, and I started seeing the difference within two days! My hair actually feels hydrated after a shower, not dry and brittle.
However, the design is terrible. The shower head is way too heavy for the hardware they supply. It droops straight down as soon as you place it in the arm mount. The arm mount for my previous handheld shower head was super stiff and hardly moved at all so I reinstalled that one and it does better than what Culligan supplied. I'm not sure what I would have done if I didn't have that one! However, 2 months later and it's starting to droop under the weight as well. Great product if they could fix this issue.
Highly Recommended!
January 19, 2014
This purchase came as a result of my project of reducing chemical loads and toxins in the home. I just installed this shower head and must say that I absolutely love it! The only problem I see right now is that I am staying in the shower much longer! I agree with the folks who declare that using this filter improves the skin and hair, and truly reduces the need for lotions and creams.

I would have awarded five stars except for the following: Installation was a real aggravation! I followed the instructions exactly and kept getting this dribbling of water rather than a shower stream. Tightening the connection did not help and I just ended up marring the finish. The problem was that you must FIRST INSTALL THE FILTER. The instructions never say that. This needs to be corrected! I assumed that a filter was already in the shower head and that the one in the package was a spare- since the directions never said to install it.

Also, the shower head is a little bulky and I notice that when I push the assembly higher to change the arc stream, that it eventually seems waft back down again. Nevertheless, now that I know how to install it I will purchase more for the other showers and I recommend it to others.
Kinda Wish I Stuck with a Hand Held
May 9, 2017
This works very well and I like that it will probably go a long way to eliminate leakage problems since it is so flush with the pipe and there is not a lot of grooves that can wear down or other problems that would cause it to leak. However, if you are used to something with a hand held hose option, you will miss it, and while flexible and you can accomplish moving it while showering, it's not the easiest to grapple with when you are trying to rinse parts of the body you might otherwise use a hand held for.
A Few Challenges Installing ... but Ultimately Successful
June 15, 2016
 Had a couple challenges installing the head ... you'll see in the video. My application was a very small shower where the head faces the door, so an adjustable showerhead neck saves wetting the floor. I had to add a pipe extension because the stub out of the wall was tiny.

The NML-603 made a rattling sound when I took it out of the package ... and the head seemed to want to unscrew itself, but in the end, it was a successful install and I'm looking forward to using it. I'll update the posting if I have any problems as time goes by. Check out the video.
... of the flexable head is the reason that I love this showerhead
February 19, 2016
The convenience of the flexable head is the reason that I love this showerhead. My wife is 4'-10” and I'm 6'-2”. I have been using Waterpik flexable heads for 10 to 12 years, and have purchased 5 or 6 of them during that time. I normaly keep a new one on hand, because the flexable line has broken twice over the years. The soft plastic liner on the outside of the flexable line prevented water from splashing all over the bathroom. They are very easy to remove, and replace. The only reason I gave it 4 stars, is the durability of the flexable line, even though we use it a lot. I intened to continue purchasing this showerhead for as long as Waterpik makes them.
Best on the market
January 19, 2016
This is the best replacement shower head on the market. My wife is very picky about the water pressure and the shower head and over the years we have tried several different ones. When we installed this shower head at our house we had average water pressure and the old shower head had some problems building up enough pressure to provide a good shower. As soon as I installed this shower head it was like a whole new world.

The best parts about this shower head are that is has an adjustable neck. I am tall and my wife is short, so it is nice to be able to adjust the height according to who is using it. The 6 different setting are really nice and it is so easy to change from setting to setting.

Installation was a breeze and I have installed this shower head in my kid's shower as well.
Fantastic, but be prepared to replace it after a few years.
December 11, 2014
We've been using the "snake" for years (about 10 years). We love how you can position the water stream wherever you want - high or low. The weak link seems to be the plastic connector. After a few years we've cracked or broken off every one we've had. Over 10 years we've been through three, and just received our fourth from Amazon (as they aren't offered for sale in Canada it seems). But, we're happy to keep replacing it as we love everything else about it. Only 4 stars, but if they made a metal connector I'm sure we'd never have to buy another one.

Three Star Reviews:

It Filters the water, but sprays like a hose.
April 15, 2017
It performs as described and in that regard I cant fault it. The area I live in has very hard water and it has been driving my wife and I insane. The filter has eliminated a vast amount of the issue we've run into with the water. However, the shower heads stream is really where I find fault in its design. The water only comes out in a direct stream and the pressure can be adjusted, but its still only in a very confined stream. Personally I don't care for the water to be so confined and that's why I've rated as i have.
Hardly perceivable
January 31, 2017
The right is before using the filtered shower head, the middle is after and the left is bottled water. It seems to have made a slight difference, hardly perceivable to me, I may try a a few more filters to see if they can give me a bigger difference.
Good shower head, not so great at reducing hardness of water
February 1, 2016
I bought a water meter to check the effectiveness of this shower head at reducing the hardness of my water.For clarity's sake, here are my results. All measurements are listed as ppm of total dissolved solids (TDS) and are temperature corrected.Water from tap: 433 ppm @ 21 deg CWater from shower head: 355 ppm @ 19 deg CThat's only an 18% decrease in the TDS of the water coming out of the shower head. That being said, it was still an improvement over my previous shower head and puts out a lot of water. I didn't even remove the flow restrictor like some of the other reviews mentioned.Don't expect this shower head to completely soften your water -- it's likely only a whole-house larger scale softener will do that -- but it does help to some degree and does definitely improve the smell and taste of hard water.
Good, not great. I don't notice much difference with hard water.
September 10, 2015
Pros: 5 minute easy install. Appears to be easy to change filter when the time comes. Love that it comes with the teflon tape.Cons: Lots of plastic parts, just painted in chrome. Somewhat useless "adjustable settings". Basic boring instructions.Tips: Peel off both stickers located on each side of the filter before inserting. One sticker on each side.The filter appears to be omni directional, so you can install it either way.To change the spray settings, just hold the "chrome" base, and rotate the black portion either clockwise or counter clockwise.We have very hard water, after installing this shower head with filter, I do notice a "slight" reduction in chlorine smell, but the water does not seem to be any less "hard". If anything, just a "SLIGHT" reduction in minerals. I have showered in homes & hotels with "SOFT" water, and the way your skin feels after rinsing off soap is a "slippery" sensation. I was expecting that with this filter, but I'm sorry to report that I notice hardly any difference. I still get the exact same "squeaky" sensation when rinsing soap off. That is why I say it does not appear to soften the water "that" much, only slightly. But once you see the filter size, it all makes sense. For such a small filter to be rated at ~1k gallons, there is no way it can remove that much minerals from the water... otherwise it would clog within a few weeks.But hey, it's better than nothing, right? All I ask is that it reduces the amount of hard water stains in my walk in shower, glass shower doors, and tiles along the walls of the shower. My skin doesn't seem to feel any different. But my skin is not the priority. I'm just tired of the hard water stains.I most likely will not buy a replacement filter, instead just buy another shower head with a large/wide spray pattern in 6 months or so. Unless, months from now, I see no hard water stain buildup... Time will tell.
Too top heavy, won't stay in place
May 27, 2015
I'm a little disappointed with this after my first shower with it. Installation was easy enough and it has enough water pressure for me but the thing is too top heavy because of the filter that the joint can't hold it in place. The weight of the shower head causes it to slowly point all the way down.
Almost great--Needs Much Better Washer, in both Quality and Placement
December 7, 2013
While the goose-neck shower head is terrific in our teensy shower, we've found that hard plastic washer at the connection to the pipe invariably cracks, allowing a small leak, and attempts to tighten it to stop the leak shatter it, leading to a big leak dribbling down the outside of the neck. The place the washer goes is not accessible, so while we can see what's left of the broken washer, we cannot push another one into its place.

It's still the best option for our very small shower; we are on our third one of these Waterpik shower heads.

For want of a three-cent part, two stars were lost.
Product decline example...
September 11, 2013
This used to be a wonderful product...but not this specific model. This silver model is apparently made of different material that end up squeaking very loudly when the unit is moved for a different angle. That and the female union and washer do not create a water tight seal. I had to use copious amounts of teflon tape to eradicate the leak. Squeak you say? Well, you take that squeak and amplify it through the whole house via the water system and it is quite annoying. It did take a couple of years to grow the intolerable level at which it eventually arrived, but I can already see that the new unit I just replaced it with has the same issue. The white model that we purchased in 2001 is still going strong, but they are no longer available. Very disappointing.
Disappointed that product is not as described -
July 30, 2013
One of the main reasons I chose this model is that it shows it having the "water saving trickle feature". I read the reviews that said it did not have this feature, so went directly to the Water Pik site and saw that it is listed there as having it. Given that both Amazon and Water Pik show this model as having the trickle feature, I decided that some reviewer was just reviewing the wrong model. I should have believed the reviews; my item arrived and it does not have that feature. What a disappointment!

Other modes work as described. Unfortunately, we live in a city with severe water shortfalls and tiered billing, so water conservation is imperative; that trickle feature was the reason for replacing the current shower head, which was working just fine and had a 2.5 GPM flow rate, the same as this one. The only improvement this one offered was the trickle. I spent so much time sorting through the options and am sorry to have wasted that time on a product that is mislabeled.

By the way, we bought two shower heads, two different models, in this order, both for the same reasons; both were labeled to have the trickle feature and neither one has it.

As for the reviews that mention leakage, we had that problem on initial install, but a little tweaking took care of it. No big deal.

And regarding the flexible neck on this model; that was the other reason for buying this one. My husband is 6'4", so we thought this looked like a great option for him. Once installed however, even in the highest position, it is still no higher than the hand held model. The neck is flexible, and it does stay in place, but because the pipe coming out of the wall angles downward (I think it has to angle like that to work properly), by the time you bend this thing around, up, and over, into a showering position, it is hardly tall at all and it sticks way out into the shower. It would be a good option for people shorter than average it they wanted to be able to make it lower, but as a shower for tall people this is a fail.
Works fine, but leaks like everyone said and broke too soon again.
March 7, 2011
For the money, we like this. it has a number of settings, and it move in almost any direction easily and stays. We had one of these earlier models before and it finally broke on the goose neck. it did leak around the connection end. so does this new one. i don't think it did originally when i put it on, but the movement of the neck seems to have loosened something. I don't think this one is made as well, but if i get 2 years out of it, it will have been worth the $30.

The new one fell apart as well. It always leaked after the shower was shut off, and the head always got mold on it which needed to be cleaned regularly. We live in a motorhome, so water conservation is more important than ever. I really liked the shower and flexibility, but just not worth that much money again this soon. We'll try something else.
Pros and Cons
December 16, 2010
The pros: You can easily reposition this, and if you are cleaning your tub, and want to rinse a spot, you have more flexibility.

The middle ground is the massage head. It's average and does it's job okay. I usually select one setting and use the same setting for the life of the shower head, so I may not be the best to comment. For the massage setting I chose, I felt like it has less pressure than the last head I used, but it's acceptable.

The cons: This sticks out a long ways from the wall. To get it to stay in place, you must twist it into an S-shape, and it results in the shower head being much further from the wall than a regular head. If you have a small shower, like a corner unit, it would be difficult to use this. I have a medium-sized tube, and this forces me to stand nearly in the center, whereas I used to stand in the first quarter of the tub. This may or may not be a drawback, but there it is.

Also, there's not too many ways to position this. The neck is not that rigid. You can't, for example, keep it in position without bending it into an S-shape. If you tried to position it straight out at a 45-degree angle, it would droop down out of position.

Two Star Reviews:

Not for extremely hard watter
August 22, 2017
We recently purchased a new farmhouse on a well. We have a Kinetico whole house water softening system, which we brought with us from our previous farmhouse. The new place needs to be replumbed before we can install the system, and the water is incredibly hard, at almost 30 grains. Indiana is know to have some of the hardest water in the nation. After checking the Culligan's website, where they claim this filter is effective in removing rust, lime, and chlorine, I purchased this shower head filter as a stopgap measure, until we can get our whole house system installed. Unfortunately, I don't think this filter was designed to be able to handle water as hard as ours. It would be helpful if the company would provide some sort of rating scale for the product, indicating hardness in terms of grains. We noticed a very slight improvement, probably because it's getting some of the lime, but it's not dealing with the iron. Within a couple of days, the shower was orange again. I suspect this is a perfectly good filter for slightly to moderately hard water, but if you're expecting good results in extremely hard water, you're going to be disappointed. I'm going to end up having to get a rust removal treatment for my hair, I'm glad the manufacturer offers a warranty, because this ended up being a waste of my money.
Does it do anything?
August 25, 2016
I don't know what other reviewers are talking about personally. It could be that our water is particularly hard, about 160 tds or so. That being said, I tested the water after it exited the filter and the TDS was the same. I also checked the Gh and Kh using my water testing kit from my fish tank and neither changed at all. The water modes are fun at fist but you eventually just stick with the most basic one.
Doesn't work.
January 10, 2016
Doesn't work. We have horribly hard water in Miami Beach so we bought this thinking that it would cut down on the incredibly annoying hard water stains on the glass and metal in our brand new shower. It didn't help at all. We replace the filters on schedule and it never improves. Neither of us see any difference in our water in any aspect. The shower head itself works OK, but the filter is completely pointless.
Nothing but problems
December 3, 2015
I would not recommend this showerhead and am surprised by the high reviews. I live in a condo with hard water (no room for a softener) and hoped this would improve shower quality. It did in fact make the water feel "softer" for about 1 week then it was back to the way it was before. The showerhead did not seem to fit well on my standard shower arm - I had to tighten it over and over as it would leak where it met the shower arm but it still had a slow drip even after tightening daily for about a week. The most annoying thing is that it for some reason caused my shower to frequently and randomly discharge a several second stream of water up to several times a minute, requiring me to change a small bucket a couple times per day. That was obviously not acceptable due to water waste and made me feel like a had a broken shower. I never had this problem before and the whole shower had just been remodeled 6 months prior. After a month I removed this showerhead (with a lot of muscle, WD 40, and a vice grip since I had to tighten it so much) and put the previous Delta model back on and haven't had a problem since. Definitely not worth the hassle. I'm trying the shampoo/conditioner and hair treatment packets for hard water instead.
November 6, 2015
A couple of weeks after moving into my new apartment in Burbank, CA I noticed water spots building up everywhere and my hair started getting alarmingly dry and brittle....classic signs of hard water. Did a lot of research and this seemed to get really good reviews. I was so hopeful! Of course only after trying it out and finding absolutely NO CHANGE in my hair or shower build-up did I find those 1 and 2 star reviews from other people who had a similar experience to me.Pros: installs easily, nice flow, rubber head that is easier to clean, presumably it filters out chlorine if that is your issue.Cons: taking the head apart to install the filter was a work-out, the selector dial is impossible to turn while water is flowing, does nothing to filter out the hard water minerals which cause hair damage and stains.Bottom line: the only thing that will help with hard water is a water softening system. I like the flow of this shower head and it's cheap, so I'll keep it.
easy install, lacks width on the stream of water coming from the head.
September 9, 2015
Although easy to install and easy to get up and running quickly the reason for 2 stars is that the water pressure is actually a bit less than my old shower head (just a generic with no multi setting streams) and the biggest gripe is the spray when on the most small stream (setting where the outter rim is on) to get best pressure is in place the focus of the water stream is very narrow. I'm used to the water getting more of a < shape when spraying outward and instead it's more of a = shape.I used for a week and have already taken this head off and purchased an in line water filter instead.This purchase was completed not only out of convenience of a same day delivery and high ratings but because it is a company that has a local presence.
Flexible but quickly looses its ability to stay in one ...
August 6, 2017
Flexible but quickly looses its ability to stay in one spot. Started drooping down, always had to keep pushing it up. Eventually tossed it and went with something else
Lasted less than three months.
October 7, 2016
I used to have one at our old home and loved it. Bought this one and enjoyed it for only a couple of months before it quit working. The flexible arm does not let water through so the water trickles out. Because I owned one I liked that lasted years, I'll give it one more try, but if it fails like that again, I will be very angry & disappointed.
Poor construction
August 12, 2013
All plastic - not chrome

I bought this to replace an aging, similar looking shower head that I've had for years and was very happy with. This one is poor construction and is weak. The tubing isn't even strong enough to hold up its' own weight and when adjusting the spray, it feels like the head is unscrewing.

You can see when I push it up, it just falls back down. Sometimes it stays up but usually after moving it, it won't stay high enough to spray my head.

I'm pretty forgiving of lower quality in exchange for affordability but I would consider this to be a cheap knock-off. I'm considering putting my old rusted head back on because it, at least, still works.
It Used to be Good...
December 30, 2011
This used to be my favorite shower head. The pressure was incredible. But I noticed that after 5-6 months, the parts would wear out and it would have to be replaced. Since the shower head was so powerful and since it was inexpensive, I didn't mind too much.
Eventually it got to be time for the next replacement so I ordered another one. The head itself (not the connection, which we sealed with teflon tape) on the this brand-new head leaked, which frankly is unacceptable. Our apartment had decent pressure already, so I was willing to overlook it. But when we moved to a new home I decided to try ordering another one, assuming that I had just ended up with a rare lemon. Nope, I was wrong. This one leaked WORSE than the previous one, and refused to hold a steady temperature. And our new house has almost no water pressure to begin with, rendering this shower head USELESS.
I guess that I could have returned both of them. But it's a pain in the butt and there's no guarantee that I'd get any $ back, so it didn't seem worth it. I'll just never buy from them again.
Unfortunately, I've yet to find a shower head that's as good as this one, (back when they actually made it well). The one that we have now is better than the leaky POS, but it still takes me a good 5 minutes just to rinse shampoo out of my hair. It is frustrating to say the least.
I don't know what changes Waterpik has made to their manufacturing, but NO ONE should have to pay $ for something as badly made as this. A basic garden hose would do a better job of cleaning you off.
Showers great but gets black mold in 4 mos
January 1, 2011
Back in Jan 1, 2011, I rated this 5 *s but have knocked off 3 *s because of mold issue. So this is a buyer beware. Gives great showers as long as you remove the stupid water restrictor inside the tube. BUT, and I mean BUT...keep an eye for mold!

Here it is May 27, 2011 and this showerhead has developed black drippy MOLD around the center nozzles, also some of the outer green rubber nozzles! I've owned Waterpiks since the early 80's and this is THE 1st to ever get mold...nasty. Took it off and soaked the head and tube with bleach. It now appears every 3 months I will need to soak the head and tube in bleach to prevent/retard mold growth. If it starts to gather mold sooner I'll chunk it in the recycle bin and buy something else, but not another Waterpik.

One Star Reviews:

Heavy, clunky, whines, and sprays water from only one side
October 27, 2017
CONS:1. Emits a high-pitched whining noise with or without the flow restrictor. This sound is so annoying.2. One side of the shower head had water coming out; the other was somehow plugged. My old Water Massage didn't have this problem.3. NO instructions. There are a couple of really small photos and that's it. You're on your own as it comes in six pieces.4. The stickers were melted onto the filter so I suspect this particular unit was very old and kept in a very hot place.5. The handheld unit is very awkward. In order to remove it safely (without clunking it on your head) you'll need to stand on tiptoe and lift it directly up. Didn't have that issue with my old Water Massage.6. The water coming out didn't feel any softer or smell any better. Maybe an old filter??PROS:1. None. Mine was ill-fitting and had water flow on only one side. Possible defective, but it's made so poorly I can't justify trying a second one.This is going back.
Filter makes the showerhead too heavy
September 18, 2017
Filter works well but its so heavy the showerhead is always pointed down which is not how I like to shower in my tiny stall. It forces me to stand near the wall where my shower caddy is so end up hitting my arms on it. The ball joint on the holder is too loose to hold it upright so I can't get a back massage. The curved handle makes that even worse with the water going in the opposite direction I'm standing and is not ergonomical. As someone with carpal tunnel and arthritis this is not helpful. The water pressure is good in fact you'll get pelted if you put it on the jet setting, it does not feel good and I need it for my back.I've ordered a regular handheld showerhead and a filter that'll go on the shower pipe instead.
the showerhead looked great and had great shower settings
May 16, 2017
I ordered this in the fall and although I didn't notice any major difference in water quality, the showerhead looked great and had great shower settings. However, about a month ago this stopped working completely - it would make a really loud screeching noise the whole time the shower was on, even though I tried uninstalling and reinstalling it. The last straw was when water started squirting every which way - now I am back to the free showerhead that was in my apartment when I moved in, but I am pretty disappointed and unimpressed that this didn't even last a full 6 months.
I do use it just to make myself think its really working :)
May 11, 2017
Tested the water and it was the same as before. Save your money
It's a total waste of money
August 2, 2016
Ordered this because of high reviews...let me tell you that this thing anit filtering sh*t. I recently purchased a zero water filter and it comes with a TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) tester. The water coming out of the shower head was higher (TDS number, higher # = Bad) versus just the normal tap water. Granted it might have been due to it being hot water, but F this thing. It's a total waste of money.
Faulty Mounting Bracket
May 16, 2016
It is only been couple of month since I fitted this shower and the mounting bracket no more will stand upright. Although quality of water does seem to have improved the faulty mounting bracket reduces the usability to a very large extend.
Waterpik NML-603 Flexible Shower Head
June 3, 2017
I had owned a Waterpik NML-603 Flexible Shower Head for many years and then the shower head fell apart. I ordered another one and had a professional plumber install it. No matter what the plumber did, the new shower head leaked at the top connection. Had to return it and bought a hand held shower which is holding up beautifully. Very disappointed with this purchase.
Poorly made.
January 14, 2017
I've used these Waterpiks for about 7 years. But these are being made more and more cheaply of late. We bought one in May of 2016 and the neck broke this week (January 2017). We bought a replacement this week and the new one didn't even survive the install. The neck broke as we were tightening it and we could see a ton of tiny voids (air pockets) in the plastic of the neck. Very flimsy. Never again.
Poor manufacturing these days.
February 21, 2015
JAN 2015: My husband is 6'2", and I'm 5'2". With this wonderful shower head, we can both get a great shower. It's very easy to adjust and tons of water comes out. It's the 4th one I've purchased in 18 years, so they don't really last forever.

SEPT 2015 UPDATE: Well, this new model has been in use for 9 months, and it is DEFINITELY not as well made as the previous ones. The jointed ball-and-socket tubing broke in one spot after 2 months and it wouldn't stay upright anymore. Since it is on warranty, Waterpik replaced it. But the replacement one broke in August when the inner tubing got pinched from us turning it to spray the walls while cleaning the shower which we've always done with previous models. Once the inner tubing gets pinched/kinked, water will not spray through the shower-head, only dribble. Waterpik refused to replace it under warranty a second time, though, even though we've only been using in 7 months. My previous 5 star rating is now being dropped down to 1 star since it is obvious that the quality of these things has gone downhill. I don't mind purchasing a new shower head every 5 to 10 years, but certainly, a shower head should last longer than 2 or 7 months.
Leaky showerhead, nice flexible hose but beware of the company, keep all reciepts or get stuck with broken showerhead
November 14, 2013
Love the flexible hose but it leaks where you mount it to the shower arm. If you can handle the small leak dripping down then it might be ok for you. But beware, the company will NOT stand behind its warranty without a receipt, period. I had another product with a lifetime warranty, called the company about it not working and basically they told me without a receipt, nothing could be done. Since I didn't have a receipt from 5 years ago, I was stuck with a broken showerhead that was supposed to be covered for life. Not a cheap one either. Basically, I bought this showerhead before I had a warranty issue on another Waterpik showerhead or I would have never purchased this one and will not ever in the future. Companies need to figure out what makes customers want to buy their products, here is a hint: stand behind your product especially in the event that it breaks for no apparent reason.
Must have been an exception
November 8, 2013
Totally disappointed in this shower head. Waterflow was terrible, quality even worse. We've had similar showerheads in the past, and loved them. This model must be made by totally different vendors. We no longer need to worry about being disappointed with this purchase since the showerhead totally seperated from the flex hose and couldn't be replaced. It was actually satisfying to remove it and throw it in the trash. It may be we just received a lemon, seems like most reviews are favorable, but that was NOT our experience. Biggest disappointment was the waterflow, followed closely by overall quality of this particular unit. If you don't mind having to run around in your shower to get wet, then this is the showerhead you want. On a brighter note, if you wait just a few weeks the waterflow will improve......after the showerhead comes off in your hand.
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Filter showerhead

Stationary design

Enjoy a cleaner, fresher shower

Patented filter that reduces 99% of chlorine reducing sulfur odors and scale

Anti clog rubber spray nozzles and 10,000 gallon filter capacity

Easy to install with no tool required

5 spray settings with massage

NSF Certified with a 5 year warranty

High pressure full body spray

Waterpik flex hose

Contemporary chrome design

Multi-tier fashion chrome face

Easy installation - no assembly required

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