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Lasko 5622 Low Profile Silent Room Heater, White - Lasko
Vornado VH202 Personal Space Heater, Green - Vornado

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Lasko http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/41ZmH4kF2mL._SL160_.jpg
Lasko 5622 Low Profile Silent Room Heater, White - Lasko
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Vornado VH202 Personal Space Heater, Green - Vornado
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Five Star Reviews:

Does the Job!
March 7, 2017
Got this for my elderly aunt for her kitchen. This works perfectly and heats the room nicely. Easy to use controls for her and looks like it will last a while.
This was PERFECT. There was no noise just warm wonderful heat
March 8, 2016
We were looking for an electric heater for our 19' travel trailer. We were camping past normally warm days and nights and did not want to use our noisy propane heater. This was PERFECT. There was no noise just warm wonderful heat. We were very comfortable at night with this heater on low. The base is such that there are no worries about it tipping over. Our cat who accompanies us on our trips was not fearful of it at all and came to enjoy the delightful heat emanating from this wonderful appliance.
... space heater I've ever used and my apartment is like a CAVE
October 23, 2015
Beats any other space heater I've ever used and my apartment is like a CAVE! It's efficient, a decent size for an apartment and it keeps us warm! So far no issues. Best portable heater I ever used. Do NOT place it near the wall. It needs 3 feet of breathing room for safety's sake. They stick by their warranty. I had to replace the first one due to a defect, but I just cut the cord close to the unit and sent it to them as they instructed and got a brand new unit replacement no problem at all from Lasko. Wonderful customer service.
Quick Heat, Silent and priced well for it's performance
March 11, 2015
After hours of research to warm open basement space 800 sq ft, 2 of these performed beyond expectations. With the northeast reaching record low temperature this Winter, 2 of these units warms the entire space to a comfortable 70 degrees after 60 - 75mins. Timer shutoff increments of 1 - 8 hours helped tremendously in middle of night but as safety measure we paired it with Beklin Power Conserve Switch F7c016q to shut the power when not in use to avoid vampire power and outlet wear/tear from plug/unplug.

Posting this review after 35 days of straight use with avg. 4 - 5 hours per day. Highly recommended.

Expectations (no basement draft): on the coldest nights 0 degree with winds chills -16, cold air takes over in matter of 7 minutes once the heater is off. And yes, 1st time use will emit a nasty burnt smell (break-in) so it's highly recommended to run it for 60 mins in the garage or open space.
Quick heat output; silent
November 19, 2013
I like this heater. It produces a lot of heat (only choice is 1500W), has digital thermostat, top grid gets real hot (not for a house with children), has up to 8 hours timer (1h increment).
Heater smelled for a couple lf hours, but now smell is gone.
Heater is very long.
November 4, 2017
Am using one under the sink cabinet so the pipes don't freeze. It's been several years and have no complaints. Low quiet heat. Buying another for my dad for chilly feet around the desk.
Love it so much that we had to re-order for ...
October 11, 2017
Love it so much that we had to re-order for four other people! Very space friendly. Small but works perfectly for small space/ cubicles.
Great little desktop heater!
August 22, 2017
I needed a small heater to take the cool edge off in my office. This little Vornado does the job perfectly! It's quiet, puts off just enough heat and has added safety in the tilt switch that automatically turns off the heater. Love it! It's my third Vornado and I continue to be a "fan".
don't buy it. UPDATE today I received a new Vornado. I contacted them and they sent a brand new one russet worked better than
May 27, 2017
I loved it.i received it on March 9, about a week ship it started to sound like a turbine winding up. I assume the blades are hitting something (in May).
Unfortunately,. I don't think something that works an out 1 1/2 months was a good buy. It wasn't even cold out. BUY something else. I am looking for a replacement now. It was 5 star while it worked
Five Stars
March 29, 2017
Nice little personal heater that doesn't use too much juice!~
Great Heater for small space
December 2, 2016
I love this heater! I purchased it a year ago and it still works perfectly. I wanted a heater that would ft under my desk in the office because it's always freezing. It's extremely quiet and even works as a fan and shuts off automatically if knocked over. I can feel the heat on my feet even if I'm wearing UGG Boots. People come to my desk, and don't want to leave because they say it feels so good. Don't know how good it works in a large area, but it's perfect for a small space. I definitely recommend.

Four Star Reviews:

I like this, and it works for us very well ...
March 20, 2017
I like this, and it works for us very well because our kids are big but this gets very hot on top to touch. I would not use it if you have little toddlers that could touch it or make sure it out of their reach. It heats up very well and shuts off when the temperature hits the temp that you set it at. You do have to make sure to set it to a temperature otherwise it will just keep heating continuously and get too hot. I assume it would eventually shut off but I have never tested it. I always set it to a desired temp.
When you first turn it on it is always set to continuous unless you set the temp and I think it would be nice if it were reversed.
Almost silent
December 5, 2016
I needed a silent heater for my 1yr old so throughout the night as it maintained heat it wouldn't stop or start loudly enough to wake him. I couldn't even tell this heater was on it is so quiet. My only 2 complaints are when it hits the acquired temp it shuts off with a loud click. I also had to tape cardboard over the controls because it's got a bright red light and when our son is teething these two things can be a nuisance. I would rate this a 5 star for adult or everyday use though.
Best one I've tried so far.
March 24, 2015
I got one of these from my aunt and I find it really good. It heats up the room really fast and it's really silent so I bought one for my boyfriend.

The only thing I noticed is that this one that I bought here on Amazon takes up too much power when it's on. We couldn't turn on any appliances without blowing the fuse when we're using it. So we just wait until his room gets warm so we can turn it off before we turn on the tv or computers. It only takes about 15-20 mins to get 10 degrees warmer so it's fine. I never had any problems with my old lasko even though i have many appliances on at the same time. I don't know if they changed something on the new ones or if it's a circuit issue in his house but other than that, it's still the best heater I've seen and tried.
wonderful space heater!
February 8, 2014
I believe this is a really great product! first off it has an attractive design, nice modern looking and bright white color. It seems to me to be one of the more safer heater types, the only part that gets hot is the mesh grill, the front, the sides and even the bottom do not get hot to the touch, which makes it great for using on carpet. the heater uses convection type heating and is COMPLETLEY silent. it generates a nice warmth in the area in which it is placed. It has a really nice digital control which has several different options. You can set it to run continuously, you can set it to run on a timer (from 1 to 8 hours) or you can use my favorite method which is to just set the temperature to a certain level (like 65 degrees) and when it reaches that temp it turns off. when it falls below the set temp it turns on again. It has a temp setting variance between 39 to 90 degrees. Another safety feature is that if it should happen to tip over the whole thing shuts off completely whether it is running at the time or not. The ONLY reason I gave this 4 stars instead of 5 is that it claims to be a "whole room heater". This is true if where you live does not get that cold in the winter and also the size of the room, however I live in Colorado and recently it got below zero (15 below) and the heater could not supplement heat. plus the living room I have is kind of big. so to be fair I would suggest purchasing two (or three) depending on room size or where you live.

Would buy again
December 21, 2013
This heater puts out decent amount of heat. I am in a 400 sq ft room (25x16 and pretty well insulated) and it does a good job of maintaining the room temp. I do wish it had some type of fan included as to better distribute heat in the room, but if you use a small fan to circulate air in your room it tremendously helps to warm the room. It is currently 32 degrees outside yet warm inside my house. My central heating unit blew up and so I am forced to use this as a cheap alternative. Better than paying a repair man and parts. Very easy to use, and it allows you to adjust the thermostat from 39 to 90 (by single degree increments). Timer can be set from 1 hour to 8. Also there is a setting (when 'A' is displayed) that allows the heater to lessen or increase to desired temperature. I used a Pelonis radiator heater for a large room before this and was disappointed by the amount of heat coming from it. This produces about twice the amount of heat over a larger area. Gets hot very fast, unlike the radiator units. Also completely silent and no smell at all. I can vouch for 400 sq ft or smaller. Price is great for what I got.

Be aware that if your room is already very cold, it will take a few hours to get to a good temp (true of most of these small electric heaters). If you start when room is already at a good temp, this does a great job of maintaining that temp. Also I did not receive any manual in the box, but if you go to the Lasko website you can find this product and the online manual for it (if you really think you need it).
Safety for my baby is a priority
June 8, 2017
Tipping point safety feature is awesome! Never hot to the touch, even after being on all winter night. Warmed up the room and kept it warm, cheaper than the unnecessary home unit for sleep time. 5 STARS for the safety and great heat!!!

Summer is here now and I wish it had a few different fan speeds. So it lost a star.
Nice little heater
December 4, 2016
Nice little heater. I bought it for a small office (8X10) above an open warehouse, so the floor tends to be cool in the morning. I keep it on the floor below my desk on low, keeps me warm, not hot. When the temp catches up, I use the fan only function to keep thing circulating. I am sure on the colder mornings coming, the high setting will do just fine.

The fan does make a vibrating noise from time to time, not a lot, but if you touch it on in the center of the fan on the front, it goes away.
Great *little* heater!
October 14, 2016
I love this little heater. By "personal" space heater, they mean that it will not heat an entire room. But it takes the chill off in my bathroom every morning in the winter, and it warms my ankles when I'm sitting in the living room.
Disadvantages? Well, the first one lasted only 2 years until the fan stopped spinning & it smelled like an electrical fire about to begin. I suspect hairs wrapped around the motor, but there was absolutely no way to get inside to clean them out. Still, the price is low enough that I didn't mind too much buying a 2nd one.
Toe Warmer
May 13, 2016
Ordered this for my freezing office. Used it for several months, every day all day, until about six months in it burned up. Three-year warranty included from Vornado, so I contacted them and after determining there was no repair fix, they sent me a new replacement heater free. Very quiet...Much more quiet than the other brand heater bought by my office after the first Vornado failed. Perfect size to keep my feet toasty throughout the day...enough to warm my office, attracting cold coworkers to come in to defrost and help themselves to my mint candy dish.
Little Powerhouse
November 18, 2015
Darling little heater - perfect for a counter in a bathroom. My mom has one in bright red. It's quiet and it puts out great heat for a small, enclosed area, plus it has the safety switch on the bottom in case of accidental tip over (which is hard to do because it's a quasi-pyramid shape). Unfortunately, mine arrived DOA - wouldn't even power on. I'm sure Vornado has good warranties, and typically they are great products (we've had 3 full room heaters for 10 years that are still going). I ended up returning this to Amazon almost as soon as I got it and determined it wasn't functional, because they have such an awesome system in place for returns. I won't hesitate to try and order it again though. The missing star is just because of the product arriving broken (it was shipped in it's packaging box - no additional cushion - perhaps Vornado needs to assess how well their packaging actually protects the units during shipping).

Three Star Reviews:

LImited time use
December 13, 2016
It was working well when it turned on. I've had it for just shy of a year and it stopped working. It will just shut off and won't turn on. I've tried all the recommended things (e.g. cooling off, making sure there is no dust inside, etc.) but it won't turn on.
The warmer will escalate the temperature on its own to ...
November 4, 2016
The warmer will escalate the temperature on its own to a level you don't want. The thermostat is not reliable.
Chinese disposable heater, but Lasco is replacing it
October 27, 2016
Wow. This was impressive. Received product, removed it from box, plugged it in, turned it on. Used it for 1 night and that was it. The following night it turned on went up to 99 and would not shut off. So I unplugged it, plugged it back in and that was it. If I leave it plugged in the display randomly turns on and off with the temp numbers bouncing up and down. At this point it is a complete fire hazard. This piece of junk doesn't belong in anyone's home unless you plan on starting a fire. I purchased it for our newborn babies room so you could imagine my disgust. Made in China go figure. Don't waste your money or time with this product. I'm so tired of throwing money away on worthless junk but that seems to be everything now a days.
Update: I was actually able to get someone on the phone in about 15 min. They were very nice and helpful. They claimed that there were problems with this model and they are replacing it in 7-10 days after they receive the old unit. The product is not the greatest but it's what we were looking for. I can't complain when the customer service rep was polite and the company is replacing the unit. We'll see about the new one.
Broke after the first day
January 5, 2016
I'm giving 3 stars because I've owned one of these heaters for three years and never had one problem from that heater. I ordered a second one recently because I was tired of moving the one heater around my apartment. I opened and used it right away. I immediately knew something was different because my original, older heater would normally have my living room very hot within an hour. This one barely felt warm. The next day, I attempted to use it again and even though the red light was on, signaling a power connection, the heater wouldnt actually turn on. I moved it around my apartment to test the connection and quickly realized the heater itself was the problem. Overall, I am extremely disappointed that it failed working within 24 hours of first use, but I am happy that Amazon returned my money swiftly! Buyer beware from this seller.
Edited - thermostat is very inconsistent re: temp setting vs. heating
January 11, 2014
EDIT: It is now about 1 year later, and while this still works better than other room heaters we have used, we have one problem that has been consistent since the day we purchased it - it seems to have sometime ignore the thermostat setting. For example, we can set it to 69 and put it on auto, We'll come back in the room, the temp on the heater will show 71 yet it will still be heating/the heater is running. Other times it will be set at, say, 70, the temp will show 68, in Auto mode, and it will not be heating. It seems most frequently, though, that it will heat above the set temperature and keep running even though it shows the temp above the set point.

Our bedrooms are downstairs, with the living area and thermostat upstairs. As a result, the upstairs can be comfortable and our bedroom can be very cold (we live in NW Iowa with a LOT of very cold weather.) After trying several loud upright room/space heaters, which would heat the room up eventually but make a lot of noise, and also had to be manually turned on and off, I decided to give this a try.

The good: It works. It seems to warm up our room (about 12x11) with no problem at all. Set the thermostat and it just works. For the first time since we've lived here, the bedroom is comfortable all day and night while keeping the upstairs at a reasonable temp. It seems to heat the room up much quicker and more uniformly than the space heaters we've tried in the past. This would be a 5 star product for us EXCEPT:

The bad: If the TV in the bedroom is on or there is other ambient noise, this heater is very quiet. You'd never know it was in the room. However, when the lights go out and it is time to sleep, you can hear a fairly low "hum." It sounds somewhat like a fluorescent light that has developed a buzz, albeit at a low level. But in a quiet bedroom when you are trying to sleep, it is just noticeable enough to be irritating.

So, if you're looking to heat a room and are tired of the upright, noisy space heaters with no thermostat, and don't want to pay $200 for the fancy "box" room heaters, and don't mind a VERY slight hum, you can't beat this. If you're the kind of person for whom that very slight hum in the middle of the night in the bedroom would drive you crazy, be forewarned.
It's ok.
April 13, 2017
It worked great at first but then the blades got bent so it make a very loud clicking noise and now I don't even know if they spin. That could be my fault though since I travel with it and could hav bent something.
Not a great heater
October 24, 2016
I'm surprised at all the great reviews; perhaps I purchased this for the wrong purpose. I don't find that this fan provides much warmth at all. I use it as a personal space heater at work because my office is freezing, but even when I have it directly next to my body on my desk I'm not very warmed. It is not nearly as powerful as I expected (and I didn't expect it to warm my office).
... only blows warm air (which is how it stays cool to the touch)
January 16, 2016
As others have said it really only blows warm air (which is how it stays cool to the touch). The fan seems to only have one speed even though there is a switch that looks like it controls fan speed (maybe that is for the two different heat settings?) If you have it in a small room with the doors/ windows shut it probably does an OK job at recirculating warm air. But if you actually want to feel the heat from this thing you're going to want to have it sitting a on your desk a few feet away from you and pointed right at you. The thing is that there are both lower and higher wattage personal heaters out there at a cheaper cost than this little vornado. I haven't tried any of the others but some of these seem like they would be a little more effective for less.

Lower wattage

Higher wattage

I suppose it depends on your intended use but do some shopping. I decided to try the vornado personal space heater because I own another one of their fans and like their vortex technology for circulating the air in the whole room but I really thought that it was a bit of a gimmick at this size.
Ok heater
January 11, 2016
This heater is not all that I expected it to be. It is not bad by any means, but does not pump out quite as much heat as I would have hoped. It does a decent job of keeping my toes warm, which was the idea, so no major complaints. It does have an odd smell when you first unpack it, but it does go away after some use. Works well to heat up the bathroom, but not any bigger space. Love the safety switch feature though! It has two heat settings and a fan setting, which will be handy in the summer months. I've had this heater for a few months now and have no major complaints, other than wishing for a bit more warmth!
Energy-Efficient, But There Are Hotter Heaters
January 3, 2016
Look, I get it, this heater isn't designed to feel warm up close like some ceramic heaters - it's meant to warm the whole room up. It's also nice that its high temp uses half the watts my Lasko (Lasko 754200 Ceramic Heater with Adjustable Thermostat) does. I got it with that in mind. Having said that, after running both of these for an hour when my room was frigid cold I have to go with the Lasko.It comes down to this...The Vornado makes my frigid room cool. Not cold, not warm, just slightly on the cooler side.The Lasko makes my frigid room toasty. Not cold, not warm, but toasty. And I do like toasty.

Two Star Reviews:

Died quickly
December 6, 2016
I bought my fourth one of these two months ago because the third one, which I'd had for a year, stopped working. After 6 weeks of working fine, it started turning itself off after a few minutes of operation. The only solution is to unplug it for many minutes, plug in again. Start it, a few minutes of silent heat, then nothing. Same thing at different plugs. I won't be buying any more.
Faulty controller
March 28, 2016
This unit worked only about 2 months in relatively light use. The digital control was faulty and once the heater reached the set temp it would shut the unit off and not come back on when the room cooled off. The manual recommends when this happens to unplug the unit for 5 minutes and restart it. I guess that is ok if the problem only happens once in a while, but for us it happened every time the unit reached the set temp. After about 6 months of putting up with the problem, we have decided to replace it. Probably will not buy another Lasko unit, however.
Not even close to silent
February 29, 2016
First of all, this heater IS NOT SILENT. They should not be allowed to call it silent as it emits a very audible and irritating buzz whenever it is on. The thermometer is way off- it reads about six degrees higher than the room is (I have an internal thermometer). I can outsmart it by learning what the degrees correspond to in real life, but it is annoying, and no one should use the display on this heater as a guide to actual temperature. I have to stick with it because it is the only configuration that works for my tiny apartment, but I am not particularly happy about it. Not impressed with this heater at all.
I am disappointed in the last one I bought
January 28, 2016
Never worked for me. I have another of the same model that has lasted me for 5 years. I am disappointed in the last one I bought.
Defective thermostat.
January 27, 2015
The heater is ok when it works, but the thermostat is unreliable. It was quirky from the beginning, and failed in about a month. When it failed, the heater would turn on and operate for a few minutes and turn off. The only way I could turn it back on was to unplug it and turn it back on again. I returned it to Amazon.
I've had two, and both stop working after about a year.
September 25, 2017
Just to preface this review, I've now had two of these, and I hate to write this review because they were perfect... while they worked. Unfortunately, after about a year, the first one started making this horrible clicking sound when I first turned it on. A loud clicking sound. So loud in fact, that my coworkers came into my office to ask what "that weird sound" was. The heater would make this sound for about 2 minutes, and then would get quieter and act like normal. However, after about a week of it doing this each time I turned it on, one day, it completely stopped working. It no longer would do anything at all when I turned it on. No air blowing, and just smelled like burning plastic.Since it had worked perfectly up until this point, I figured it was a fluke and ordered another one. However, it has now been about a year since I purchased this second replacement, and THE EXACT SAME THING HAPPENED. It started making the dreaded clicking sound when I would turn it on, did this for about a week, and then today it completely stopped working and smelled like burning plastic. This makes me sad, because it was a completely silent heater and put out the perfect level of heat for my office. But after having two with the exact same problem, I can no longer buy this brand. Time to look elsewhere! I'm giving it two stars because like I said, it was perfect while it worked.
Noisy and underpowered
September 6, 2017
I bought this because my 15-year old ceramic heater died last winter. I knew there was no thermostat, just high heat, low heat, or fan only; for the price I was willing to accept fewer features. The problem is, as a space heater, the Vornado just doesn't deliver. On the low setting, sitting under my desk, the heater doesn't even keep my feet warm on a cool fall day. On high heat, it is NOISY until I smack it. It quiets down for a few minutes and then starts up again. Maybe it will get better, but as of day 1, I'm underwhelmed. I've owned several Vornado fans, so assumed this would be similar quality; it isn't.
Returned ~ Good Heater ~ Not For My Space
May 17, 2017
Puts out lot of heat if you stand right in front of it. Hot!!! Safety I like, if it barely tips, cuts off. Ordered for very small bathroom. Heater to small to heat my bathroom. I recommend if you need a heater & you like this company. You read online how many square feet this heater will heat, etc! It's probably great under an office desk to keep your feet warm.
Smells like burning plastic after only one month.
April 25, 2017
I purchased one of these sweet little heaters a few years ago and it was wonderful. It finally died, so I ordered another one in December of 2016.. That one lasted until March of 2017, and started making so much noise that I was afraid to use it so I ordered another one. I have been using this one for less than a month and has started smelling like burned plastic, and scaring me. I think it could cause a fire. I'll be ordering a different brand name and hope that all the companies that make small heaters have not stopped making quality products. I have several Vornado fans and love them. I'm pretty sad that I can't depend on this company in the future.
Only Lasts 5 Months
March 6, 2017
I have had two of these space heaters. They work really well for a couple of months, and then both of them after about 5 months start making a really loud clicking sound almost like the fan is hitting against something and it doesn't go away. I thought maybe I just stored the first one weird but the same exact thing just happened to my second one. The sound is really loud and obnoxious and it makes the heater unusable. Too bad because I like the safety off feature and it gives a good amount of heat for under my desk at work.
This heater was perfect for my 8'x5' office. It was just short-lived.
January 24, 2017
This heater is perfect for my 8'x5' office. It's quiet and quick to heat and small enough to sit on my desk extension work counter and not be in my way.
I did really like this heater. However, 2 weeks ago the heater fan started making a loud clicking noise that would subside after about 20 seconds. I could deal with that, but today when I turned it on, the fan didn't come on and it had an immediate burning smell as well as the outer casing got warm. Since my "return" window closed 1/31/2017, I have no re-course but to throw it away. For three months of not even every day use, I would not recommend anyone buy this heater. I have not mis-used this heater. It sat in the same spot on my desk for the entire time it was operational.

One Star Reviews:

Waste of Money
June 20, 2016
I Purchased this heater for my guest room in our basement. We used it 2 or three times and it was great. Then it stopped working all together. The light comes on, but nothing else. Such a disappointment!
May 28, 2016
Had two of these. Both burned out while being used within normal limits. the first was replaced via warranty. The second was beyond the purchase guarantee window and not returnable. Previous US-made space heater lasted almost 20 years. Lasko ! You're on my list ! Anyway, steer clear of these.
Doesn't work for very long.
February 1, 2016
I bought two of these heaters. One works about 3 hours a day. The other was purchased to work about 5 or 6 hours a day. It stopped working within a couple of weeks and I returned it. One and a half months later it stopped working. The light goes on, it will reset, but it will then only work for about ten minutes before quitting. Bottom line: I got stuck with two bad heaters and in the end lost $55 or so. I wouldn't buy this brand again.
This will only heat your frustrations!
January 29, 2016
I ordered 2 of these initiallly and then about two weeks after regular use ( 2-3 hours in the morning 5 days a week) they just stopped working altogether. So I had them replaced and two weeks later the same exact thing. If your looking for an item to heat your frustrations then choose this one. If you need one to heat your home please don't buy this one. Save yourself the anger.
Second unit - both failed
January 25, 2016
Received 1st unit 12/29/2015. It was "dead-on-arrival" (DOA). Opened box, plugged in - no work. Returned for replacement.
Received 2nd unit 01/04/2016. It worked for a while. After week-1 at one point while in use for about 1 hour, plugged directly into wall outlet, ambient temperature 71 - the unit made a "pop" noise and shut-off; would not restart. I unplugged. Next day tried to use and it worked. Then on 01/25/2016 while in use just 1/2 hour, temp = 67 degrees, unit emitted a bright spark & loud "pop" noise from under control unit (I was sitting right next to it). Unplugged unit & returned to Amazon for replacement. Good thing I saved original box in my garage. While packing unit for return I noticed that bottom of box was overlaid with gray duct tape, different from transparent packing tape on top of box (maybe it was tampered with or re-conditioned?). Frustrating experience. Surprising, since I own an identical make/model (have used for over 5 years) with no problems. That's why I order another. Amazon service = excellent. Lasko quality = poor.
Second Update: VH202 heater is failing... again.
September 3, 2017
Second update: The new Vornado heater is already making a clicking noise. I'm not sure what is going on with Vornado's quality control but the VH202 has a ridiculous rate of failure. How can a heater that sits on my desk and is never moved fail so many times?Update: I contacted Vornado about the issue and they sent me a brand new VH202. Vornado's customer service really seems to take care of their customers. However, I admit I would have liked the originally purchased product to last longer. It only took a few business days for the heater to arrive. It is currently sitting on my desk and working perfectly.Thanks Vornado!------This is the third Vornado VH202 heater I have purchased. The first one died after 3 years, the second is great and my wife uses it often. However, the third one which sits on my desk and never moves has developed issues. The fan blades used to spin around without touching anything inside the case. Now when I turn the heater on, the fan blades scrape the front grill and make a terrible noise. Sometimes after startup the noise goes away. I guess the blades balance out and move away from the grill. However, sometimes the fan blades continue to make noise until I shut down and power back on.I have owned a combination of six Vornado fans/heaters over the last 4 - 5 years. A year ago, a standing heater unit's cord got so hot the plug melted a bit. Now this desktop one is having issues, different issues but issues none the less. I hope Vornado ups the quality of their products as it seems like more and more products are having issues.
Very disappointed
July 19, 2017
I have had this heater less than 8 months. I keep the heater under my desk, right next to my feet, or on top of my desk, right next to my keyboard to warm my hands. The heat output from the fan has never been tremendous, but it sufficed. I live in California, and haven't used it all that much this last winter, but it is summer now, and due to IT equipment on our floor, they keep the air conditioning pretty high, so I have used it more frequently in the last couple of months. Yesterday, the heat stopped working almost completely. The fan still works, but the 'heat' it puts out has dwindled to almost nothing. Very disappointed that it only lasted a few months with VERY limited use.
enjoyed it's small size and cute appearance
June 15, 2017
At first I was content with this item, enjoyed it's small size and cute appearance, but within four months it went completely on the fritz and is no longer functional. It was used solely as a heat supplement in the bathroom, for 10-15 minutes at a time. The first sign of disfunction was it would make a loud noise as it started up. Eventually this noise was accompanied by the smell of burning plastic. For such a small and relatively expensive item, I expect more from Vornado. I've bought their fans in the past and was considering the larger space heater for next winter. At this point I'm compelled to seek out other products.
Fan Makes Knocking Noise
June 6, 2017
Upon first use this fan started making a "knocking" noise that gradually gets louder. This is the second fan of this exact model that I've bought, and the other one did the same thing until it finally quick working. I bought a second one in the hopes that it wouldn't happen again, but it did. I love the fan when it's working properly!
I work in an office near many people and don't want to have this loud noise coming from my cubicle, so I have discontinued use in order to be a considerate neighbor.
I would return the product if I could.
Electrical Fire
May 22, 2017
The fan blade started hitting the cover a few weeks ago and this would continue for the first few minutes of use until the heater warmed up. A few minutes ago, shortly after turning on the heater, with the fan hitting the cover as it has been lately, an electrical fire broke out from the heater. The distinct odor and cream-like smoke were unmistakeable. The heater was plugged directly into a 15 amp 120-volt wall outlet when this happened, as it always is. Fortunately, I was using it, as I always do, while sitting next to it. No one was injured and I was able to shut off the heater and move it somewhere safe. I have always been warned not to leave these unattended, but this was a stark reminder.
I'm very disappointed. When it was working
April 3, 2017
This heater stopped working after less than two months. I received the heater on 2/13/17, and on 4/3/17 it stopped working. I'm very disappointed. When it was working, it did a fine job. I was using it under my desk at work to keep my toes warm in a cold office.
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Lasko Metal Products
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Lasko Metal Products
Lasko Metal Products
Three year limited warranty
3 year limited warranty
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Tip-over cut-off switch

Overload protection

Maximum heat power: 1.50 kW

Color: White

Vortex technology distributes heat evenly for small or personal spaces

Small footprint is perfect for on or under tabletop/desktop use

2 heat settings and fan-only mode for year-round use

Advanced safety features including tip-over protection and automatic safety shut-off system for worry-free use

Quiet operation and backed by a 3-year limited warranty

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