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Holmes Energy Saving Heater with Thermostat - Holmes
Lasko 5409 Oscillating Ceramic Tabletop/Floor Heater with Thermostat - Lasko
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Holmes Digital Bathroom Heater Fan with Pre-Heat Timer and Max Heat Output, HFH436WGL-UM - Holmes
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Holmes http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/51M9jHztd7L._SL160_.jpg
Holmes Energy Saving Heater with Thermostat - Holmes
Lasko http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/51BTT5Zmz4L._SL160_.jpg
Lasko 5409 Oscillating Ceramic Tabletop/Floor Heater with Thermostat - Lasko
Holmes http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/51RmV8y%2BuRL._SL160_.jpg
Holmes Digital Bathroom Heater Fan with Pre-Heat Timer and Max Heat Output, HFH436WGL-UM - Holmes
Vornado http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/41WsnYFoA-L._SL160_.jpg
Vornado SRTH Small Room Tower Heater, Black - Vornado
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Honeywell HCE100 Heat Bud Ceramic Portable-Mini Heater, Black - Kaz
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Five Star Reviews:

Nicely Featured, Average Room Dimension Heater For The Price
February 9, 2017
This unit is meant for INDOOR USE ONLY, AND THEREFORE NOT MEANT FOR SITUATIONS WHERE THE UNIT COULD GET WET, SO IF YOU'RE USING IT IN A BATHROOM SITUATION, MAKE SURE THAT IT IS PLACED WELL AWAY FROM WHERE IT MIGHT BE SUBJECTED TO WATER SPLASHES. Bought this unit to replace an older Holmes unit of a slightly smaller physical size but equal wattage, which finally died after many years of trouble-free operation. So glad that I picked this one as the replacement. Old unit had a digital clock readout which was a nice but useless feature from across the room for telling the time, but it also did enable a pre-set timed "heater on and heater off" feature which I never used. More peace of mind just being in the room when I want the unit to be on, and turning it off manually whenever I wouldn't be in the room. In the place of the all but useless (for me) digital clock and timer feature, this one has an actual thermostat in the unit, and not simply an adjustable "guess-timate" dial to "kind of" get an idea of when the temperature is somewhere close to where you set it. This one also has dual power draw settings to choose from, either 750 watts for a gentler and quieter (still noticeable at about 8 feet away, but by no means interfering with conversation, tv viewing, or sleeping) heat output, and/or a full 1500 watts setting if you need a really cold room heated up much quicker, or an "Eco-Smart Heat" setting which is a combination of those two settings using both if necessary to achieve the desired room temperature. The Holmes print brochure included with the unit is available in a pdf format document from the holmesproducts (dot) com website. Search for the HEH8031 owner's guide.
I still use it and it still works great. Thermostat might be off a couple degrees now ...
February 8, 2017
Purchased this about 4 years ago to compensate a faulty Gas Heating System at my house. Saved me about $500 a month on Gas after plugging this in. Added about $38 to my electric Bill. Worked for ME! I still use it and it still works great. Thermostat might be off a couple degrees now but easily compensate that by resetting the temperature 2 digits for a correction. I use it to heat 3 rooms that are about 12X20 with 10 Foot Ceilings. Also it is not too loud compared to other Space Heaters I have used. Heck of a Buy for the Price.
December 24, 2016
This little heater is a real workhorse! I highly recommend. It has several temperature settings & puts out fierce heat on the higher ones. Warms the bathroom nicely before a shower and the one in my bedroom provides cozy warmth while I'm piled on my bed reading.
Nifty Way to supplement the heat in my apartment!
October 27, 2016
I love this terrific little heater! I have two cats and I don't have to worry that it will get too hot for them to be near it. Actually, they like to curl up on the floor near it. Almost like it's a little fireplace:) I like the thermostat on it. The heat comes on as needed to maintain the temp in the room. Also, it's very quiet! Very happy New Yorker here...
Glad I did
January 11, 2016
After reading on heaters I decided on this one for its dollar to function value. Glad I did, turns out to be a great room heater.

• Cheap and efficient
• Works very well at holding a room temp to the settings
• Has a great sensor that if you bump/jolt the unit or tip it the unit turns off automatically

• A bit lightweight, would be nice to see a heavier base
Does the job well
March 14, 2017
It's a little chilly coming out of the shower on a winter morning and this remedies that. The size is great, fitting nicely between the two sinks on the vanity. It looks good, too, and the handle makes moving it easy. Heats up very fast. I plug it in and immediately it generates heat. The various settings make it versatile and the optional oscillating setting works well directing the heat around the room. I set it on high and oscillating and by the time I step out of the shower, the room is a nice, toasty warm. It's size and portability make it perfect for using it in other areas of the house if needed. It's a nice backup in the event the furnace malfunctions. This will provide warmth and comfort in a room until the furnace is repaired.
GREAT Little Heater!!!!
January 5, 2017
This little heater is AMAZING. My office at work is SO cold. I had to replace the heater I was using, which did practically nothing. With this heater, on the low setting and lower heat (I used to have to use Highest setting and highest heat) it warms my office up in no time.

My office is not big, but with the oscillation feature, and higher heat settings, I'm sure it would easily warm a big office or small room.
Great little heater
November 14, 2016
Great little heater. My dog loves it too as now he sleeps in front of it. I use it in a 12 x 12 room and heats up great!
So far a great gift! Towards the end of January was my ...
January 30, 2016
So far a great gift! Towards the end of January was my wife's birthday and I was looking to get her a small portable heater that she could easily transport from one room to the next based on her needs. Larger heaters can be quite bulky and do not make for easy transport. Though larger heaters do put out more heat. However, buying a ceramic heater is on the lower end of heaters available for purchase. There are kerosene heaters and propane heaters that make for heating rooms, garages, etc., almost instantly. However, they are not very practical.

This is actually the second Oscillating ceramic fan I have purchase for her birthday. The first was VanHaus version. They are almost identical in the pictures but the Lasko is slightly more. The VanHaus broke on us in a matter of days and if you are interested you can see my critique of it if you are trying to pinch a few pennies. However, I highly recommend the Lasko version.

This review is based on the superiority of the Lasko fan vs. the VanHaus version. First, the Lasko came in packaging that did not allow for the fan to break when it is being shipped. I removed the Lasko heater from the box and noticed immediately that I had purchased a better product. It's handle was more firm indicating great craftsmanship. The knobs are clearly marked. The thermostat was clearly marked with white circles. The larger the white circle the hotter the thermostat setting. The VanHaus does not have a clearly marked thermostat. One difference I did notice that puts the VanHaus before the Lasko heater is the Oscillation. The Lasko does not oscillate as wide as the VanHaus. However, after further contemplating this oscillation degree less just might be best. It allows for more of a central focus on an individual vs. heating a small room. A personal heater is exactly what my wife wanted; she did not want a room heater. If someone wants a room heater they should try the larger and more bulky heaters that are left in a room or secured permanently.

So far, the Lasko heater is far superior in quality, durability, and craftsmanship. This heater is highly recommended for those looking for a personal heater that is light, durable, and easy to transport.
Compact Warm Quiet Heater that Rotates
September 11, 2015
I like ceramic heaters. They provide good heat and they last longer than one winter season. My experience with ceramic heaters is that I had one before -it was a very powerful heater and it was quiet. I had it for 3 years running each fall and winter without any problems until sadly, it died when someone accidentally KICKED it across the room. :(
No heater is supposed to be a match for being treated like a kickball. I have had it take falls before and it kept working, but after being kicked across the room, the heater understandably gave up the ghost.

Last year I had a coil heater- glows orange and has a fan ...It heated nicely, and it still works, but it did not rotate and it was noisy at times. When those coils would rattle, nothing broken just normal operation- it would annoy me.

My new Lasko 5409 is a lovely little heater that rotates, heats, thermostat knob (not with number but dots), high, low and fan options. And it is quiet.
Red light in center indicates power and standby when plugged in.
No light is emitted from the coils or ceramic, just the power light.
This is a small but powerful unit - great for bedside/night table or under the desk at the office.
No tip over shut off, but it has the overheat shut off safety feature (if it were to fall over or have material/object preventing air flow).
It plugs into a regular electrical socket.
It is VERY quiet.

You may notice it has a new/manufacturing strange smell right out of the box so I recommend letting it run at full blast high for an hour to burn off the "new" smell. That “new” smell goes away and there are no strange odors after that.

I am very happy with my purchase.
It also has a clock which is nice in the morning
February 8, 2017
I'm going with 5 stars. A few issues that could maybe knock off a star, but overall, this heater does what a basic heater should do, with a clock and thermostat to boot, in the place it says it is designed for - the bathroom. It's a little more expensive than your ultra-basic box heater, but I got what I was looking for with the digital controls.I've had one of these for over 2 years now, in our master bath. The master bedroom, bath, and closet are at the side of the house and in the winter are several degrees colder than the rest of the house, so we bought this to supplement the heat in the master suite so the rest of the house wouldn't be overheated, and we didn't have to freeze in the bedroom.It has worked really well for that purpose. We have a convenient spot to place the heater where it is aiming the heated air toward the bathroom door into the bedroom, and set it around 75 degrees, and it brings the entire master suite up from about 68 deg or so. It also has a clock which is nice in the morning, and visible from the shower, so have avoided needing to get a separate clock for the bathroom.Now, just last week, after over 2 years of service 6-8 months of the year, it appears to have died - however, after a few days it revived. Reading other reviews here, this seems to be an overheating mode that it can enter, and unplugging and leaving it set for anywhere from 30 minutes to a few days will allow it to revive. That worked this time. Hopefully it continues reliable service for many years to come, but then I wouldn't be surprised if this is a sign of more overheats in the future (likely something in it is degrading, but I won't know for sure unless it acts up more).My Pros and Cons:* PRO: Heats well, does the basic job without any fuss. And heats things quick if used to heat up the bathroom quick in the morning, for example.* PRO: the digital theromostat and the clock are the top features for me. Set it and forget it, and if you need to adjust as the seasons change, you can just bump a degree or two* PRO: Not horribly loud - though not horribly quite either. I wouldn't want this in the living room so much, but it's fine where I have it in the bathroom, for the job I have it for.* PRO: built-in GFI protection in the plug for bathroom/kitchen/etc. usage. I've also read the element used is engineered to withstand a moist environment better than another model which is otherwise the same (i.e. to handle a steamy bathroom from showers, etc.). I cannot verify that beyond that mine is still working.* PRO/CON: Apparently it has overheat protection that is generally recoverable. But there is no way to realize that is what's happening - the device just appears to be dead. So try to remember this for 2 years after you buy it and this happens! :)* CON: Apparently (from other reviews) the timer function needs to be reset every day, it's not set on repeat, but one-time only. I don't use that function, so didn't factor into losing a star - but be aware if you are interested in this feature.* CON: It can be a little confusing to figure out how to set the clock vs. the timer, though the guide makes it clear* CON: It doesn't have switch-off protection if it tips over* CON: All the settings reset when unplugged or on power loss. I really hate resetting clocks after power loss. Can't everything in life be easy?
My favorite little heater
August 22, 2016
I have had one for three years and it has outlasted a heater that cost three times as much.-Heats up small spaces such as bathrooms really quick.-Keeps small rooms cozy (around 15' x 15')-Takes about 20 to 30 minutes to heat up a large room ( larger than 20' x 20')-Shuts off once it reaches a temperature goal and turns back on to keep the room comfortable.-It is pretty quiet. I forget that its on and have to remind myself to turn it off before I go to work.The only complaint is that the light coming from the clock is really bright. I have to cover the light coming from the clock with tape at night or else it illuminates the whole room in a blue glow. If it does have an option to turn it off, I wouldn't know how to do it.
December 28, 2015
I bought this for our basement bathroom that has no heat vents. We live in Wisconsin, so it can be very cold! I purchased in March and it was used in the spring, forgotten about in the summer and fall. This winter, we discovered it did not work. I called Holmes and they verified manufacture date off the cord prong, said yes, it's indeed under warranty and we should receive a new unit in 6-8 days. No hassle on my part to get them to back up their product. Very pleased with the unit while it worked and quite impressed with their no hassle warranty policy. Absolutely recommend!
Good enough - Bought another one
December 27, 2014
I have this for 2 years. I need one to put in the bathroom and this one has the safety plug. It is working fine without any problem. This is not that hot but it is warm enough for me. I don't use the timer but I like that it has a clock. The control is very easy to use. Turning on and off is what I need. I also have the one-touch version. That one-touch version is very bad. I do trip it couple time when the moisture is too high in the bathroom. So, it is very good heater.5/2015 - UpdateIt finally broke after almost 3 years. I see the heating wire at the end of the connection burned off and broke. (see the picture. there is a burn mark.) This model works very well. So, I order another one. I look inside the newer model. There is some different from what I can see. The end of the heating wire connection seems bigger now. The electric wires (red, black, and yellow) are wrapped with heat shields. These wires are bare without the heat shields in the old model. The newer model has the heating wire wrapped around the fan 4 times. The older model has the heating wire wrapped around the fan 6 times. The new heater feels warmer and most importantly, it does not smell bad like those oil filled or ceramic models.Still 5 stars if this last as long as the older one
Keeps a small bathroom toasty
June 13, 2012
The heater was perfect for our 8x12 bathroom. Love the automatic off and the temperature set. Note there is a delay before the fan shuts off (good thing).
Great heater
February 23, 2012
This is one of the best small heaters you can buy IMO.. I have owned one of these myself for 2 years and bought this current one on amazon for my girl friend so she can bring her living room up to temp a little better then the regular house heat does. These heaters are easy to use, there pretty quiet and I have never had any over heating issues etc.. I live in an older house and since heating the house is expensive I tend to only run this in my room when I'm home or have the day off.. I can turn this heater on when the rooms 48-55 degrees on average and watch the temp climb to 70-75 degrees within 20min.. it has no problem fighting the cold and will even start to heat up the cold hallway if I leave the door open by accident it's a pretty powerhouse unit for it's size if you ask me. The digital thermostat on it is pretty damn accurate.. i have a digital thermometer clock thingy in my room that sits around 6 feet away from the heater and it is always within 1 degree of the heater's set temp. If you got a small room, a small living room, bathroom, buy one of these you won't be sorry.
Great for office
November 13, 2017
I’ve only used the heater for a week, but I really like it. I’m in a small office that is so quiet, you really can hear a pin drop. Initially I purchased a small, ceramic heater from Walmart. It didn’t sound that loud when I tested it at home but when I used it in the office, it was super loud. I couldn’t believe such a small heater could make such a loud noise. I then purchased the Vornado. The Vornado is NOT whisper quiet, but the noise isn’t bad. It’s more of a white, background noise. I keep it under my desk. It produces enough heat to keep me comfortable without burning my legs and so far it hasn’t tripped the circuit breaker.
Purchased for small office, works great and is quiet.
March 28, 2017
I bought this for my office which feels like a meat freezer most of the day. It works really well and is relatively quiet. I like that it has two heat settings as well as a fan only setting. There is a little "foot" that will turn the heater off if it gets knocked over or picked up, which is nice for safety. The design is modern, stays clean and goes with most office decor.
amazing product :D
January 2, 2016
Bought this as a gift for Christmas. Person loved it. It's super simple to use, not too big so it doesn't take up a lot of space, and it heats up your room or hallway very fast and leaves you nice and cozy :) only thing I wish it did was oscillate, but that's not too big of a deal. I'd recommend this to someone who gets cold a lot or if you have a cold room that needs some warmth :) and it doesn't use a lot of electricity so it's great
the best 40 bucks I've spent in years
February 13, 2015
First thing I wanna say is wow. This little thing is amazing. I had my doubts about buying this product, but said screw it and purchased anyway because of the affordable price, and boy was I glad I did. I use this heater in my bedroom because it's where I stay the most. I feel there is no need to heat entire house when I am only in one spot 90% of my time.Pros:1. It's small and very portable.2. It has a safety feature on the bottom of the unit that shuts the unit off completely if tipped over, or comes detached from the floor.3. It has a high and low setting. Both work very well.4. Great for small rooms such as bedrooms, offices, etc.5. It has a fan setting.6. It's affordable.Cons:1. It blows out a smelly odor when cut on for the first time, but the odor stops after a few mins.2. No thermostat or auto setting.3. It has a 4 hour timer. This can be a good or bad thing depending on your preference.Conclusion:If you're looking for something to heat a small room, then I highly recommend this product. Takes about 10 to 20 minutes to heat up a small room. If you're looking for something to heat your entire house, then it's probably not gonna happen. Does it get the job done? Yes. All in all, this is an amazing product for the money spent. You no longer will have to clinch onto a blanket for dear life once this baby is plugged up. I highly recommend this product if you're looking for something small, affordable, and of good quality. Gotcha one now and don't think twice. You will not regret it.
Simply Amazing
January 28, 2015
This really works. I live in the Mid West and have a 12' X 16' bedroom with floor to ceiling glass on one of my walls. Needless to say my bedroom gets pretty chilly in the winter. I love this little heater because I can set the heat on my home thermostat to 68F, close my bedroom door, turn this on and get really toaster without having an insane energy bill. It takes a little getting use to at first because the air it pushes out is not super hot like regular space heaters but somehow after about 10 minutes you notice that don't really need that blanket you were clutching for dear life after all.The other plus is that it is small with a clean design. It blends into the background so well that I don't feel the need to put it away when I am not using it.
This heater has changed our lives (literally)
February 21, 2014
My wife and I live in an apartment with very little heat, over which we have no control. We were sleeping in multiple layers of clothes and multiple blankets during the cold winter nights, and we were still freezing. I'm convinced the constant shivering made us sick.This little thing changed everything. It's barely over one foot tall, but our bedroom became cozy within minutes. The smell that other reviewers have complained about is there, but we've stopped noticing it at this point. Personally I think the odor has gotten less strong over time.We liked it so much we bought another one right away. It's best for a small room, but we've even been using it in the biggest room in the apartment and it still makes the room feel cozy. Plus, it takes up hardly any space, and has two automatic safety settings that make us feel more than secure that we will not set our home on fire. (Its well ventilated so it barely gets hot anyway.)Highly recommended!

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Four Star Reviews:

decent for the price
April 3, 2017
nice inexpensive little heater. not gonna heat large areas, of course, but did well for a small 10x10 room during the cold season. Seen a lot of bad reviews on this one... not sure why. thermostat works fine on mine. One thing IS true, that the power cord does heat up a bit - I think the wire gauge used is incorrect for something that uses that many amps. I didn't use the high setting, and kept an eye on it. holding up just fine for now.
Great for small room
January 10, 2017
This heater works perfectly for what I needed it for. I am using it to heat up the bathroom since the tile room keeps it very cold. This little heater does a great job warming up the room so I can get ready and not be freezing cold. However, I would. It recommend this heater if you are trying to heat up a larger space or using it for a long period of time. I normally turn on the heater about 10 minutes before I plan to start getting ready and it runs throughout my morning and evening routines, but I would not run this for a long period of time.
Consistent heating!
December 5, 2016
We got this to put in our sons room. We want to make sure that his room stays warm in the winter without heating the entire house. The issue that we had with the previous one is that it was difficult to control the temperature. Sometimes it would heat to a good temperature, while other times it would be way too hot.

Our baby monitor came with a setting to tell us what temperature the room is.

With this one the temperature is always consistent (even across the room). This comes with an exact temp feature and three fan settings (High, Low, and Eco). Eco is in the middle of low and high.

The only downside is that the red-light is on when it is plugged in as opposed to when the heater is on. This means that if the room is at all dark then you will only know if the heater is on when it is pumping out heat. Once it is on, it stays on and works wonderfully. I just wish there was a light indicating when it was on so I wouldn't need to mess with it while my son is asleep.
Great for a Smaller Room
April 10, 2016
Great winter buy. It heats up very quickly, but is very tunnel like with the heat flow. If you're not within a foot of the heater in the direct center, it's hard to feel the effects. Took about 45 minutes to heat a small room to the temperature on the display. Worked great for us because it was used in a small bedroom with the door closed, but I definitely wouldn't recommend it for a larger room. We tried it in our living room and the effects were barely noticeable unless sitting directly in front of it. I like that it has an automatic turn off if the heater is moved. We have a toddler in the house, and although she never touched the heater, it was a concern of mine. Overall it was a good buy, it worked for heating the bedroom before bed without having to turn the house temperature up, but anything larger it really wouldn't be that great.
Great Heater, But Having Issues Early On
April 12, 2014
I had a very similar model that looks identical, however I needed another small space heater and got this one. I love all of the adjustable settings. It does a great job at heating up small rooms at a decent rate and provides a lot of comfort. However after owning this space heater for one winter, it already is starting to make grinding/rattling noises like an old heater. I've never known this to happen in the identical model that I've used for a few years now without any issues. This is a great heater for a great price but beware, it might fail sooner than you would expect.
Still running strong a year after purchase. Though for ...
March 5, 2017
Still running strong a year after purchase. Though for some reason I can't turn the heat up more than halfway or the fuse goes and it overheats or something? Then I have to unplug it so it will turn on again. I think it's a safety feature, but I don't understand why make a product that won't work with the knob on max?
Second time around...first purchase lasted 3 years
December 14, 2016
This is the second purchase of this model for me - almost 3 years to the day I ordered my first one. The first heater just recently croaked - fan broke. The heater part still worked and all the other functions, just not the fan (which is a critical component for the hot air flow!) I purchased this model again because it is compact but warm! It heats up a room fairly quickly - depending on the size. In our open living room/dining room on the first floor, the heater doesn't help too much but does raise the temperature a degree or two. In my smaller rooms the heater can raise the temp a good 7-10 degrees quickly. It's pretty quiet too! Overall this is a good option for those who keep the house temp low and just need a little heat in a room or two throughout the day/evening. We have steam radiators so this little heater really helps supplement the heat in our home.
Good Little Heater
December 14, 2016
We have a house built in the 1940s--single pane windows, no insulation, and we rely on space heaters to keep the place warm... Last winter it was VERY cold in the bedroom, but since switching space heaters and adding this as a supplemental heat source I haven't had to sleep with three layers of clothes on! Yay!

Star deducted beause it blew out our outlet the other night and now we have to wait for maintenance to come fix it.
I usually have it on full blast because I like it warm
November 4, 2016
I got this for my office. It's only November now, but I started putting the heat on at my house in mid-October (Maine is cold). I've had it for a few weeks now, and have to say it works perfectly. I usually have it on full blast because I like it warm, but it heats up space rather quickly and I have to turn it off.

It doesn't seem like there is much of a difference between the two fan modes, but between the fan and the option to change the heat setting, you will likely achieve the setting you want. I am thinking of picking up another one for my basement when it gets chilly (winter is coming soon!).

Good product and heats 6x6 room to a very warm temperature.
Little heater great for smaller spaces
June 2, 2016
Use this in our RV to help heat so we don't have to waste propane when we are connected to shore power.
Does a good job of putting out heat without the whole unit getting hot. The counter top does not get hot either.
The only con is that you can hear it vibrating if sitting directly on the counter, placing the unit on something will help with that aspect.
Making those Winter mornings bearable
June 2, 2017
Nothing is worse than a cold bathroom in the winter time. Its hard to get out of your warm bed when you know the tile and porcelain freezer that awaits you. The timer makes those winter mornings a little easier.The heater has 3 settings (Fan, Constant On, and Temperature). The power plug does have a larger "wall wart" plug, think hair dryer.Timer and clock have to be set each time it is unplugged.
Keeps Bathroom Toasty
May 29, 2017
This is a very good little heater. It keeps the bathroom warm in the cold months and is small enough to store under the cabinet during the summer. I'm giving it 4 stars only because this is the third one I've purchased in the last eight or nine years. They tend to last for three winters. The first one's heating element burned out, and second one's fan stopped working. All in all, for the price, it's a good purchase.
It's a good little heater
February 11, 2016
It's a good little heater. Perfect for a small bathroom. It cycles on and off a lot more than our old one that died after a year, but that's a good thing. That way, the room doesn't get too hot or cold. Only problem we had was that when we had it on the counter, it would only turn on for a few seconds and shut off again. We placed it on the floor and it runs perfectly. So that may be an issue for some people. I also like that the heat coming from it isn't super hot. Where it is now, it blows on my legs when I'm at the sink. The old one got very hot and would almost burn my legs. This one doesn't.
Good, cheap, personal heater.
April 8, 2015
I had this model for about 6 years before it finally died on me. So I needed a new heater, and I always do my research - online, Consumer Reports, and Amazon reviews. Everything kept pointing back to this same unit, for the price, and what I needed it for. I keep the house cold, and mainly use this heater right next to me to keep warm. It's very small, and can't imagine it heating up anything other than a small room - but then again, it is advertised as a bathroom heater. I never use the timer feature, so can't comment on that...might be nice to have if you need it. Other heaters at this price point don't seem to have such a feature. Anyway, if you need a cheap personal or small room heater, I recommend, and many other sources recommend, this unit.
Good value for a little space heater. Not perfect
February 9, 2015
Good for the price -- would make a couple changes.Pros:- Small, lightweight- Cool touch so safe for kids- Fused cordCons:- Like all small heaters I've tried, the units own heat throws off the thermostat. So it shuts off and on very frequently, making it take forever to heat room. (Need to run it on "stay on" mode, then shift to thermostat)- No low setting. So always running at 1500W, which can push some room circuits if anything else connected. (we use in a cold kitchen, and can't handle this and toaster.)
Nearly a 5 Star
November 7, 2014
Purchased with the intent on using it in our bedroom. It heats a room up fast, Nice and toasty. Not really noisy, not anymore compared to a box fan that you might run in the summer.There are 3 Mode settingsMode 1: Thermostat. You can preselect a temperature you want and the heater will heat to that point and then shut down temporarily. When the temp drops a bit it kicks back on. This is nice but a bit annoying at night as you can hear it clicking on/off.Mode 2: Stay on. Literally the heat runs full blast without stopping. No high or low setting just full blast.Mode 3: Fan. The fan setting is just that a fan, no heat output.A 4th feature is a Start Time feature. You can preselect a time for the heater to kick on.It does come with a wall mountable option if you are interested in that.I do wish that the stay on feature had a control heater like high or low. It's for that reason only that I'm not giving it a 5 start. For the price ($39.99 with free shipping) it beats what I've been able to locate in the store locally.
Ok, but.
September 9, 2017
Very nice looking. I'd give 5 stars, but the heater does not have a thermostat. Once on, it stays on, and that'snot too good for a unit I plan to use while I sleep. Otherwise, it is a classy heater, but a bit noisey.
but it's sturdy and has a great smart feature that turns it ...
April 20, 2017
I wish it had a slightly higher setting, but it's sturdy and has a great smart feature that turns it off if it is not perfectly upright and level on a flat surface. Really minimizes the fire potential. Great size for a tight office space.
Good Product and Great Customer Service
January 25, 2017
We've had this heater for a year and it worked great, put out good heat and even a cool setting to circulate the air in warmer weather. BUT it started making (loud) noises. Called Vornado and received a replacement in 3 days. We were asked to cut the cord off the heater and send them a pic showing the cut cord and serial number. Vornado sent out our new heater the same day. Couldn't ask for better customer service. Happy customer here. (Knocked the rating down to 4 stars because we had to deal with the replacement.)
This is a nice heater, and I have no negative things to ...
May 10, 2016
This is a nice heater, and I have no negative things to say about it. I am only giving it 4 stars though because I feel like the power of the unit could be a bit stronger. It gets the job done, as long as it is RIGHT next to you. It is nice to have next to your feet when you start to get cold. I realize if I was looking for something powerful to heat an entire room I should've purchased a larger unit, but I was hoping this would do the job.
Little heater with a lot of power
December 28, 2015
I use this heater in my moderately sized bedroom (roughly 12'x12') and it heats up my room in about 20-30 minutes. I have a large sliding glass door which lets in a lot of cold air during these cold winter months so this heater is pretty handy to have around since I don't have central heating, although I do suspect it uses up quite a bit of energy, so use mindfully. It seems to circate the heat fairly well without oscillating. The four hour timer is handy and there's a safety feature that shuts it off while the heater is moved/lifted. There are 3 settings - fan, high heat and low heat. The only thing I wish it had was a timer to turn on before I wake up in the mornings.
Pretty Good
February 9, 2014
When I first received this and turned it on, I have to admit I was a bit disappointed at first. The hot air blowing on the lowest setting was minimal, and on the second setting was okay but only reached a couple feet in front. I got this because my room was cold since the heat isn't turned on all the time. My room is pretty big but I wasn't expecting to get a heater to heat up the entire place; just a small corner of it where my desk and computer is.Willing to give it another shot, I left it running next to my desk and gradually, my feet wasn't as frozen anymore. It wasn't that I felt hot air blowing on my feet, but the air around just gradually became more warm. I set the heater on a chair so that it was level with my bed, and I accidentally fell asleep without being covered by blankets. Which was a first for me because the air is usually so cold! It was the heater that finally warmed the air around me to an extent that it was habitable without being covered by blankets.So far the heater is working as desired. As to how long the quality of it will last, I shall see. I left it on running overnight with no visible worrying problems, although I wouldn't do it often just in case.If you expect this heater to blow hot air continuously in your face, this isn't quite the heater for you. If you want a heater that will warm the air gradually around you so that you can't feel the cold, then this little heater is perfect.

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Three Star Reviews:

Three Stars
April 22, 2017
Warms well, but I think the thermostat isn't accurate.
Not very powerful. Use it for my wife's closet ...
March 11, 2017
Not very powerful. Use it for my wife's closet that is above the garage. It is not able to heat the closet.
Cheap price, cheap product
February 22, 2017
Heats the room
super cheap
temperature control

The fans is super loud
The air blows at the ground
The temperature control goes from 65 down to 40 (nothing in between)
It's just ok, nothing to rave about. No on indicator. Fan is a tad on the slow side.
December 14, 2016
The red light indicates it is plugged in, not that it is on, so a bit deceiving. In fact, there is nothing to tell you its on except the fan is going, but since it goes off when you reach the set temperature - not much help there. How hard would it been to come up with a second light to indicate it was on? Fan is a bit on the slow side, but I don't see that as an issue, just an observation. Price was ok, but not a bargain when you consider what you get.
I out this heater in a small music studio space ...
May 19, 2016
I out this heater in a small music studio space I built in my garage. It kept the toasty, for sure, maybe a bit too toasty. Really, it's not made to be the main heat source in a small space even though it could be. Overall, though, it served its purpose. I think next winter I may invest in a more advanced system, but I'll certainly hang on to this for chilly mornings in the house, which is what it's intended for.
It can be annoying to have to turn it on and off from ...
April 24, 2017
Even on the lowest heat setting is a bit warm and stuffy. I wish I had thought to look for a heater with a timer and remote as well. It can be annoying to have to turn it on and off from under my desk. It does pretty well though. Just wish it would be a little less warm.
It's okay, I guess.
March 31, 2017
Bought this heater Nov. 2015 and liked it for 2 winters. Near the end of the second winter it just stopped working; the light still comes on, but nothing blows. I'm not quite ready to stop using a little heater this year, so I'm at a loss. Buy another Lasko or try something else? I bought a different heater 6 years ago that lives at my parent's house and gets occasional winter use, and that one's still going strong despite some rough and tumble barn neglect. I would have repurchased that same model if it were in production anymore. I guess for what I paid this one is okay, but it let me down.
nice unit with good heat, but...
February 15, 2017
It's a nice little unit with good heat. A bit noisy if you're not into that sound. Unfortunately the thermostat doesn't work on mine right out of the box. Once it shuts off it, won't come back on no matter the setting. As the 'reset' instructions on the side say, "unplug for 5-10 min" -- well that's not fun! Too bad, will probably return it -- thanks Amazon Prime!
Works fine accept for two issues
February 11, 2016
Works fine accept for two issues. It can use a more powerful fan or a higher fan setting.. The other has to do with my electric bill. My electric bill almost doubled in a full month of usage, an increase of $186.00.. In all fairness it was in operation about 18 hours a day. Spoke to our city who provides electric service. They felt strongly about the heater being the cause for increase as everything else stayed the same.. In all fairness it was in operation about 18 hours a day. Maybe I just needed a more powerful heater to begin with. I will be finding a less costly way to heat. One thing for sure, I will be more careful about electric usage of anything I buy in the future.
... on this model - the product overall is a nice size and weight to for occasional
January 17, 2016
The temperature/thermometer may be a bit off on this model - the product overall is a nice size and weight to for occasional, personal use in a smaller area, but the temperature gauge for the automated on-off function is sometimes frustratingly bad - it doesn't consistently turn on at the same colder temperatures, so I have to turn up the temperature limit to get the machine going, and then lower it so that the machine will turn off without getting the area too hot. For the price, though, this is suitable, but you'd really be fine with a personal heater with a timer.
When it works, it works really well
November 12, 2017
I have had two of these exact same heaters. The first one worked fabulous. The second one made loud noises and I had to return it. When it works, it works really very well. I liked it because I could use it in the bathroom to keep it warm at night (my parrots sleep on the shower curtain rod at night).
Sensitive circuit protection.
January 23, 2017
First one didn't work, returned. Second one works, however, unit cuts off on temp mode before small bathroom warms up. Using "Stay on" mode gets room a little warmer, but consistently trips the internal circuit protection within 3-4 minutes. Followed all instructions and troubleshooting techniques. This requires us to unplug the heater and wait to hear a small click sound, signaling that the heater has reset. Rinse and repeat. Circuit protection is too sensitive. Leaving a Crack in the door can sometime help, slightly.Overall, heater does work if you can deal with a very subtle warmth.
Pros and Cons
December 26, 2015
Let's start out with the good. This little Holmes heater puts out tons of heat, and rapidly. The controls are simple, the timer is easy to set, it doesn't take up much space, and it's fairly attractive for a space heater. I like the clock, and the amount of illumination it provides easily doubles as a bathroom nightlight. Unfortunately, there are some issues with the heater as well.There's no battery backup for this unit, which is really unfortunate. My power blinks a lot. I can set the timer to have the heater warm up my bathroom for the next morning, but I typically wake up to a cold bathroom and flashing clock instead. I might be able to forgive this oversight if it wasn't for the other big issue: noise. This heater has a WHOOSHY fan. There are no speed settings for the fan, so it's either off or LOUD. To get an idea, it sounds about the same as my humidifier running on high. Ya'll know how noisy humidifiers are? Yeah, that's what it sounds like.Maybe mine is loud by defect. I am returning this heater but I am not trying out a second one. I think I'll go with radiant heat instead of forced air this next time around.
Depends on what you're looking for
November 28, 2015
First, I'll probably return it. It's too loud for me. To be fair, it's a clean noise of a large volume of air being forced out, not a clunky mechanical noise. But loud is loud. I don't understand how people can say they can't hear it. Also, you have to set the turn-on timer each night. And it only comes on for 30 minutes. It does not have an off timer. It only has one fan speed. It does put out a lot of heat and air to spread the heat quickly.Boring details, I compared this heater with my old Bionaire heater, which is not quiet. I put my phone around a foot away from each heater. My old heater measured around 60-61 dB. This heater measured around 70. Since dB is log scale, this heater is almost 10 times as loud. I used an app that measures noise. The app may or may not be absolutely accurate, but i just want to see the difference between the two measurements.
Didn't meet the Challenge: Bathroom still cool in the AM
October 10, 2015
It's difficult to find a heater that turns ON at a specified time, rather than off. As of Sept 2015, this is the only one on Amazon that does that. I needed a heater for my bathroom, which has HIGH ceilings, no heating, and a poorly fitted window in a historic building. I live in the midwest, so I've got below-zero winter temps coming. Quite the challenge.For my purpose, I have to return this heater; it is just not "enough" to do the trick; I am keeping a competitor's bought at a big box store that does the trick. (It ended up being about $20 more, worth the cost to me, I love getting up in the mornings to a warm bedroom and bathroom).PROS: very safe plug, digital clock, digital timer, cheaper than mostCONS: fan-forced (not a lot of heat), have to set timer each night, shuts off after 30 minutes automatically, so it never got warm enough for me in the morning (and it only reached 55 degrees at night so far, not the below-zero temps of winter!)NEUTRAL: 1500 watts, cool to touch (found same in most space heaters)For those who are looking for a space heater that will keep a FRIGID bathroom toasty for you in the winter mornings, look elsewhere.
Hardware Good, Software Bad
January 15, 2015
If you just want a heater that you turn on and off this is probably your best bet. It's fairly quiet, it's small, but it still heats up my 130 sq ft bedroom plenty fast.With that said, I don't think anyone who was involved in creating the software that runs this has ever heard of the term "user experience". The biggest problem in my book is that at some point they decided that they wanted to make a clock more than they wanted to make a heater. Seriously, why does this thing need to always display the time? Even when the clock isn't programmed it just sits there flashing "12:00" instead of showing me the actual temperature of the room or the temperature that it's set to. I didn't buy a clock, I bought a space heater.The second and third issues have to do with the alarm function. When you set the alarm, it turns on just as you'd expect, but as soon as it gets to the set point, it turns off and stays off. This wouldn't be a problem if the room were actually that temperature, but really only that corner of the room is that temperature. It would be much better if it would stay on for an hour after it comes on to actually bring the whole room to that temperature and keep it there.Lastly, you have to re-enable the alarm function every time you want to use it. Could it really not just stay on until I turn it off? The other problem with this is that you have to go through the programming steps to re-enable it. The correct time is still there, but you have to hold the button for three seconds and click through the settings. Why can't I just press it to turn it on and press it to turn it off?Other minor nitpicks: When you get past ~30° you can't really read the LCD, so when I adjust the temp I have to pick it up to see what I'm changing it to. Also it's angled back slightly so it blows upwards a little and doesn't hit my feet when I put it under my desk unless I actually hold my feet up in front of it, but I just stick it's own cable under the back of it.You might have the impression that I don't like this thing by now, but that's not really true, I'm probably just kinda picky and to be honest this is still probably one of the best options out there. And hey, maybe some day when I'm feeling really bored I might take it apart and see if I can't reprogram it, then it would be pretty much perfect.
It was good while it worked2
October 27, 2017
Bought this in January 2016. Used 1.5 winter seasons, turned it on today, fan died then the heating element burnt out.Worked great while it lasted.
only got 2 winters together
August 15, 2017
It died on us last winter which was disappointing. It only lasted 2 winters; it was not constantly used during the colder months. I've paid less for a different brand space heater and it lasted longer. I've bought a few Vornado products and this one was the disappointment. When it did work though it worked really well. It just didn't last.
Fan Mode Review
July 31, 2017
This review is mostly based off of the fan mode. I bought this item hoping it would be perfect to save space and money by getting something with a dual heater and fan. I've only used the heater one time that worked fine for my medium-sized bedroom. But the fan mode did not work well at all for me. It took over 4 hours with door closed to cool my room to a comfortable temp (it was about 78 degrees in my room and I get comfortable around 74ish). Sometimes I would put the fan on my desk a foot away from my face to cool myself. I plan to keep it and give it a try for the winter months, but I will be buying a separate fan.
Perhaps if I was using it under my desk it'd be fine - but it won't take the chill off a ...
July 7, 2017
In my case this unit is too small. Perhaps if I was using it under my desk it'd be fine - but it won't take the chill off a small cool room. Additionally my heater has a gremlin in it somewhere - I often have to "slap it" to start the heat/blower running. Maybe it's under warranty - but who keeps up with all the requirements to utilize such?
Bad for night time
November 30, 2016
This little heater can quickly warm up a space like a bedroom. The problem was after just a few nights of use it starting making a clicking noise constantly after running for about thirty minutes. It's the same noise the base makes when the tip shut off happens. So, it's going back.
Okay, but I had issues with it...
October 15, 2016
Please note that this heater has no thermostat, only a high and low power setting. I had to take it apart and push the fan all the way on the motor shaft after it ran for a while because the fan hit the housing and stopped turning. I don't know if the fan was not installed correctly or what happened. It has been in use for a season.

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Two Star Reviews:

Will get the area warm but could have better settings
June 16, 2017
These heater work really well, they get things heated up very fast. BUT they basically only have one heat level, even though they have adjustable temperatures they don't adjust very well. When initially powered on. I believe they automatically start at 78, at this temperature they seem to stay on almost constantly. When turned down, even 1 or 2 degrees the heater constantly turn off and then back on, as if the temperature of the room is matching the desired set temperature on the heater, only it powers off and then back off within about 30 seconds continuously. Very annoying. I had to either choose to sleep with it basically running constantly or turn it off completely as the constant power cycling was not easy to fall asleep to. The only reason these didn't get a 1 is that fact that they do push out some heat and either way when we were in our camper this winter they were nice to have.
A Hazard in my house in the first time using it
November 13, 2015
I took my heater straight out of the box and plugged it in and it immediately started to burn making a black smoke smelling like rubber and it tripped my electrical outlet (which it should) and caused all of my fire alarm sensors to go off due to the black smoke. I had to run outside and get this heater as far away from my house to prevent it from causing a fire or worse. I will never get a heater like this after seeing how quickly this happened to me. If you choose to buy one please be careful
Thermostat is useless! I gave it 1 extra star because it ...
March 26, 2015
Thermostat is useless! I gave it 1 extra star because it blows hot air & is decently quiet. Thermostat doesn't work whatsoever. Have a thermometer in the room & even with the heater set at frost warning (40 degrees) it kicks on and off and runs constantly. It keeps the room at 77 degrees!! What a joke. Good heater if you want to manually control it.
Fishy smell!
March 18, 2015
Worked for a while then began smelling a fishy smell. I couldn't figure out where it was coming from then finally I figured out every time I turned it on I started smelling this disgusting fish-like smell that took me forever to get rid of! I googled if that can happen with certain space heaters and I'm not the only one who has experienced this. I'm hoping there is a warranty otherwise it's going in the garbage and I'll purchase a different one.
Almost great, poorly made
December 18, 2012
This seemed like a great by - reduce energy use, put out some heat, and cool to the touch, as it was going in my 2 yr old's room. First unit arrived, worked great! Heated room, cool to touch, and didn't need to run constantly. After about a week of very limited use - it stopped working. Seemed to be a control malfunction, would display, but not turn on. OK, defective unit. Sent it back, got the replacement quickly. Worked great - FOR ONE DAY! It now powers on, puts out a weird spark on the coil, heats for 4 seconds then clunks out. Doesn't seem safe and doesn't work. Either they have terrible quality control or something is wrong with their design, because I can't believe a company could put out a product that fails this miserably. Fool me once... It's getting returned now, off to look for something similar that works (kind of the baseline requirement).
This one Is like night and Day
November 12, 2016
Very Noisy . I have the same one that is 3 years Old that is so Quite. This one Is like night and Day .Not recommending it !
Redesign the grille for better/even air flow
January 19, 2016
It doesn't throw the heat but from one very small section of the front. Very poorly designed front grille. The grille creates to much blockage/resistance. How do I know this u ask. I took the front grille off and the unit performs as expected. I think the designers should redesign the grille to involve long slotted grille which can directionalize the air frow. The perforated grille doesn't work people.
Fantastic little heater with a reliable accurate thermostat glad I ...
December 5, 2015
Fantastic little heater with a reliable accurate thermostat glad I purchased it and YES it has a theremostat that works keeping the room at whatever temperature you choose. However saying all that it should be able to shut off if it is knocked off of a table and the fact that it will stain wood it sits on is disturbing
I cannot recommend this heater
December 2, 2015
I cannot recommend this heater. It does a good job of heating my bedroom (approx 132 sq ft) rapidly. I don;t even mind the fan, but within a week of purchasing it the unit developed an annoying rattle that is quite disturbing while I am trying to sleep. Also, the red light stays on continuously as long as the unit is plugged in (a waste of electricity). It would be more useful if the light only lit when the unit was turned on.
November 21, 2015
Defiantly not what I expected. I use to to hear my room which is approximately 150 square feet and you have to be almost directly next to it for you to feel the heat. Very disappointed, since the price was pretty high as well. Expected more
Smart functionality doesn't work!
November 9, 2017
I bought this heater because of the smart timing functionality, but unfortunately it's pretty confusing and not easy to set. I wanted something that would heat my bathroom in the mornings before I woke up. I set this to start at 6AM and I swear it turns off after either the temperature is reach or time or something.I stopped using it and switched my old in and put it on a wall timer.It does heat well, which is nice and why I gave it two stars.
Would not purchase again
September 18, 2017
The two stars I'm giving it signify that it did heat our bathroom up. The three missing stars are because the timer start never worked, and because the unit died an untimely death in 3 months. In case the timer problem was because we were idiots, we had a couple different friends test setting it for us. It never came on when it was supposed to. That was a big disappointment, since we thought it would be nice to come downstairs on a winter morning and have the bathroom already warmed up, but the more important thing was just that it would actually work when we turned it on. It did, for about three months, then died. It started making that terrible wearing noise and giving off the burned smell. It's not like we overworked it. It was used as needed, not left to work continuously. If the timer had worked the unit would have gotten more use, so this seemed like a double insult to have it die so soon. This is the second problem I've had with a Holmes product, so I think I'm done with them now.
Another cheaply made piece of junk that doesnt work as advertised
February 5, 2017
Where to begin? Just another example of effective inflation via dwindling value per dollar. In this case the first obvious dwindling is cord length. On an appliance that can ONLY be plugged directly into an outlet the cord is way too short. And the thermostat does not work. Thats basically the reason I bought this model. Its very difficult to adjust without unplugging, then you have to set the time and the non existing thermostat. Keeping only because it actually puts out heat. I purchased another model from Walmart that fails to do even that. I imagine China's answer to the cord problem will be, not to lengthen the cord back to what it was five years ago, but to sell the rest of the cord to you as a safe extension cord for another chunk of money. I hate buying things, dont know where you are going to get ripped off next and there ARE no good alternatives
Lots of Problems
January 17, 2017
I was very disappointed in this heater. It definitely got hot but that in itself was a problem because if I let it run very long, it blew either my apartment fuse or the built in fuse from overheating. The thermostat was useless. I'd set it on 84 degrees and it would turn itself off after a minute or so when the room temperature was below 70. Therefore, it could NOT be used to keep the bathroom a little bit warmer for when I woke up in the morning.Those problems all combined to make it useless for anything other than running for a minute, turning it off, waiting for it to cool down, turning it back on for a minute, and continuously monitoring and repeating the cycle while trying to never let it run for too long before it shut itself down.After a year and 2 months, it broke today. In a way I"m glad because now I can finally justify buying a new one. lol.
Good space heater, features not so good
June 13, 2016
This is a good space heater in terms of heat produced, noise level, etc. But the feature that is the selling point...namely being able to set a timer for it to go off and warm up an area (bathroom for me) is erratic and error-prone. First, if the unit is unplugged, say good-bye to your set time, you will have to set over again. Second, it does not go on automatically each day: you have to continually manually press it every day for the set time to work. Some days it works, other days it doesn't with regards to the automatic time working. Then there is this bright annoying glowing LED. Why? Why?? OK, if it's on, I get it. But even off the LED ring is on, glowing, blinking for God knows what reason. I took a star away from that, just too damn annoying.
A nice hand-warmer, maybe
January 26, 2016
I wonder if perhaps I got a faulty unit. Or maybe most of the 4 & 5 star reviewers are heating tiny spaces? Either way, my heater is ridiculously weak. You have to stand right in front of it (maybe within a foot or two) while it goes at full blast for it to make any difference. I give it 2 stars for the rich feature set (several modes, adjustable thermostat, digital display, bathroom-safe ALCI plug, mountable), and for the fact that when we get the baby out of the tub, it's nice to hold him by the heat for a moment. But again, don't expect this thing to heat anything other than the air immediately in front of it.
I wanted to like this thing...
February 1, 2017
I originally liked this heater, but it's not very strong. I have a small Pelonis heater that actually cranks out more heat than this tower. Additionally, about a year after purchase, the nob to turn the unit off/on has decided it doesn't want to work anymore. So, I can turn on the fan or the heat on low. This product being from Vornado, I expected it to last a long time, but alas... it's going into the donation pile and my small Hunter heater is taking it's job.
Setting the heat to 1 bar makes it smell like smoke. Setting the heat to 2 bars makes ...
January 16, 2017
Decent little heater that takes the chill out of my bathroom in the morning, when it works. I've been using it for 1 year. This is my second unit. The first unit shorted out as soon as I turned it on. This unit lasted a year. After 1 year of heavy use, the fan still works. Setting the heat to 1 bar makes it smell like smoke. Setting the heat to 2 bars makes it instantly short out. It takes about 20 - 30 minutes for the unit to fully heat my extra small bathroom in the morning, 10 minutes to make it no longer chilly.
Had an awful odor that wouldn't go away
April 4, 2016
Hmm, I bought this for my sweet daughter, and although she liked the concept and believed it was a grand unit, the bloomin' thing had a plastic odor that wouldn't go away. She tried cleaning the outside, leaving everything open, running it for a day, everything she could think of with the exception of taking it apart--all to no avail. Had to send it back, for the stench was too much
March 31, 2015
I opened the package and plugged in the heater. It worked GREAT...until I turned it off, and then turned it back on again (10 minute process). No more fan, no more heater, no more anything but power lights. I read the manual to see if there was something I did wrong. I followed the trouble shooting suggestions for what happens if you get the power light but no heat. Nothing. Also, reading through the manual, they say DO NOT use this product in an RV where there is a power conversion. I bought this heater for my pop up camper trailer. If you aren't supposed to use this product in that environment, that should be made clear in the listing. Not waiting for the company to respond. I've already purchased a different brand heater.
March 3, 2015
The fan barely functioned and the heat output was paltry. My Lasko heater did a far better job of heating the small office I needed to heat. I gave it an extra star because it does have a fan-only feature-however useless it may be-that my Lasko tower heater does not.
Does NOT heat a small space.
January 16, 2015
We bought this for the water closet in our bathroom, which is only 40 square feet, but it simply does not get it warm. I'd be in the shower and still be cold, even after running it for 20 minutes first. It just doesn't put out enough heat. Ironically, when I put it into the open part of our bathroom, which is much larger, to warm it up for after my shower, it warms up the open space far better. Both parts of the bathroom have angled, tall ceilings.So if you're using this in an open space, it will probably do the job. But it's not 1500 watts, which most heaters are, so if you want to make it nice and toasty, I wouldn't even recommend this for larger rooms. But it won't do squat in a more enclosed space. We're letting my teenager use it in his bedroom because we waited too long to return it.

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One Star Reviews:

May 19, 2017
Lousy F'n heater. Poor excuse for any type of appliance. Thermostat sucks. Noisy, then it died completely after 4.5 months just being used to heat the bathroom when I take a shower. Since I only bath once a year, that's pretty bad. Seriously it sucks.
Good while it worked. Stopped working after 14 weeks.
March 19, 2017
Basically a nice little heater that would shut itself off when it hit my desired temperature. But, after 14 weeks of use (generally overnight on the thermostat setting), it stopped heating. Woke up one morning to this little heater blowing cold air. It was cheap, so... you get what you pay for, I guess.
This was a supposedly reconditioned item. I used it ...
March 11, 2017
This was a supposedly reconditioned item. I used it with an extension cord over the winter, & it worked well. But at the end of the cold weather, I couldn't unplug it. I tried to pry it loose from the extension cord with the leverage of a screwdriver. But it would come apart.

I'm taking both the heater & the extension cord to Goodwill, as I don't trust either anymore. Don't trust Amazon's reconditioned items. You'll be sorry if you do.
but was pretty inconsistent on the thermostat setting
February 7, 2016
Had this a couple of months. Was just watching TV on a Sunday with the heater set on the thermostat setting. Long story short, when it cut on, a huge flame and lots of sparks shoot out of the back, nearly catching a blanket on fire and who knows what else. It worked ok before this, but was pretty inconsistent on the thermostat setting. Letting it vary by over 7 degrees in the room before turning back on.
"Temperature Control" is a Joke
January 19, 2015
The digital "Temperature Control" setting is why i bought this unit, but within 24 hours of first use it was clear this unit is unreliable.

I'm only trying to heat a small room, but it reached 93 when set to 70. That is beyond any reasonable margin of error.

I will be returning this item.
If you have children, animals or someone that might knock it over, this does NOT have an auto cut-off which most all heaters do.
January 7, 2017
It works good, HOWEVER...if you have children, animals or someone that might knock it over, this does NOT have an auto cut-off which most all heaters do. I live alone and it matters not to me at all. So, COULD be deadly!
Waste of money
January 2, 2017
Absolute garbage. Lasted less than one month and they want me to pay to send the origional back in order to receive a new one or a refund. Basically half the cost of the heater. Do not buy.
Grade-A Trash
December 17, 2016
This thing is absolute garbage! It stopped working after less than a week of normal use. Don't waste your money! We have another space heater by Lasko that we bought last year and is a total workhorse to this day (a much different model). I thought that meant there was some general quality control behind the brand, and this one was well reviewed. But no. It's a lemon. If I'd had any idea what a piece of junk this was going to turn out to be, I'd have saved the box, but now I don't think I can even return it.
Died as the warranty expired
November 12, 2016
Loved it for exactly 11 months and 20 days of the one year warranty. Now it no longer turns on under thermostat control, despite following the reset instructions several times. It will cost more to send it to Lasko under warranty than it cost. When it quits completely it goes into the dumpster.
Don't buy it!
November 6, 2016
Worked good for 4 1/2 months than just stopped working. I live in a warm climate and used it only for a small room so it wasn't used a whole lot. It started acting up a couple of weeks ago and it doesn't turn on at all. Of course I am beyond the return policy and can find no way to get a manufacturers warranty although I will keep looking
It's in control, not you
November 11, 2017
I hate this heater. It's the second time I've purchased it because it fits our needs *in concept*, but I really dislike the controls as they have built-in overrides which means that the heater is in control when I want to be the boss.My biggest issue is that when you turn it off, it doesn't turn off immediately, it does a ten second countdown. It shows the countdown on the display, but I want it to turn off when I turn it off. (It's an electric heater and I want to feel TOTALLY confident that it's off when I walk away and I do not want to wait around to be sure). I added a switch at the plug so now I just turn off the power from there, which works fine.The new issue we discovered is that it has a maximum heat temperature in the "stay on" mode (different than many other similar bathroom space heaters we've had which are more literal). So you can turn it on, put it into "stay on" mode and nothing happens if it deems it too hot, so not really "stay on", but instead "stay on until I, your heater, thinks it's warm enough". I'm sure it's a "feature" for safety and works well for lots of situations, but in our bathroom, it gets hot but we still want the heater on, so not good for us.
stopped working after 1 year
April 16, 2017
stopped working after 1 year, pretty much right after the 1 year warranty expired. When it was working, it performed well. Another negative is that the digital display was too bright. In a bedroom with all lights off, it was like a bright night light.We purchased a Lasko 754200 a year before this one and it is still working. The Lasko felt like it produced hotter air, but this Holmes had a stronger fan.
dead on arrival
February 6, 2017
Ordered this heater but didn't need it right away. I finally opened the box and it doesn't come on at all. I missed the return window by a few days now I'm stuck with a heater that was non-working right out of the box. If you roll the dice and buy this piece of crap heater check it out right away in case you have to return it.
Not happy about it
November 25, 2016
I mounted this unit on the wall in a small bathroom 8'x8'. Set the temperature, every thing seemed fine .Checked the room 2 hours later and the unit was no longer working. Only thing I could do after resetting the power was set the clock nothing else works.Now I have two holes in the wall to fix. I am very disappointed with this purchase. Sending back tomorrow!!!
Junk - Do Not Buy
October 19, 2016
I thought the negative reviews were just from people who don't understand how a thermostat works, so I ignored them and ordered this piece of junk anyway. I wanted a heater for my bathroom with a timer, so I could set it to come on a few minutes ahead of me in the mornings on cold days. This heater worked for about a week, and then stopped working. The timer never did work at all, which was the reason for buying it. It would come on and stay on long enough for me to get in the shower, thinking my new little heater was heating up the bathroom, and then when I got out of the shower, the heater would be off. It stays on for a few seconds and then goes off. This is the biggest waste of money for me. It's in my husband's scrap bin now.
Worst Heater Ever! Do Not Buy. Trust me. :o(
April 13, 2016
Worst Heater Ever! I had a HeatRunner for over a decade and it worked beautifully. Couldn't find another one so I purchased this Holmes Heater. It was louder than I expected and not easy to program. If I put it within ONE FOOT of me, I could feel the heat. If I stepped away more than an inch, I got cold.Additionally, after two weeks, it stopped working. Just stopped. I've tried using it in different rooms with different plugs, but nothing works. So now I feel I was ripped off by this company. After having a good space heater last over a decade, this Holmes Digital Bathroom Heater lasting slightly under two weeks was beyond disappointing. I'm quite disgusted and giving 1 star ONLY because Amazon doesn't have negative numbers.
While this product worked fine for 8 months
January 3, 2017
While this product worked fine for 8 months. In the last few months the fan has started creating an obnoxious sound every time I turn it on (whether its on fan only or one of the heater settings). Now the fan won't turn on at all. The product isn't even a full year old and has been sitting in my office under my desk during that time.
Terrible quality
May 26, 2016
I have now gone through two of these heaters. Both of the heaters had problems after a few months. The first heater's dial stopped turning so that eventually I couldn't even turn it on. The replacement heater seemed to be doing better until the fan started being very noisy. Initially I was able to tap the side of the heater and the fan would settle down but now there is nothing I can do to quiet the fan. My recommendation is if you want a heater that is only going to last a few months get a $10 one instead of a $45 one.
Defective (non-functioning) item
March 12, 2016
The unit turns on and nothing happens...no heat, no fan, etc., and did not work after following the troubleshooting instructions. There is something rattling around inside the unit which I assume explains why it doesn't work. I received it Jan 29 but did not have occasion to try it until today (March 12) because the weather was warm enough that I didn't need it (I live in So California). I now realize there is a 30 day return period so I am out of luck, apparently. But the bottom line is: Amazon shipped a product that was broken/did not work in its intended use when it arrived, and I now have a large $49 paperweight.
Last on Race Day !
January 14, 2016
Well it's like this , The race was over before it began. It came in a box 2 sizes too big, wrapped in a thin sheet of bubble wrap. This thing was shaking around like a marble in a paint can. No documentation, no box, no instructions. All that said it's not that hard to figure it out. Plugged it in it lasted about 2 minutes then it sounded like a 62 Ford with a rod knock. Guess I will just use my old one its been going strong for about 8 years. Easy return through Amazon, but it should not have made it to my door in this condition.
Product fail!!!
December 29, 2015
This heater was a disappointment. I have owned this heater for 3 weeks now, and there is left to be desired. First, I will start with the pros: Compact size and aetheticly pleasing. Now here are the cons: inconsistent heating. The heater was purchased to heat my bathroom and only sometimes worked. After the 1st week, the heater began to make a clicking sound. Kinda scary. The sound occurred right when you turn on the heater. Now at week 3, the heater is no longer functioning. I hope this doesn't happen to everyone.
broken within months
June 19, 2015
We have had this heater for fourth months now. It was always a slow job of heating a room, usually took too long. For a month or two now we haven't been able to turn it to the highest setting, and now it won't produce heat at all. Unbelievably poor purchase, this heater is total crap. Buy something else.

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Eco-Smart heater technology uses up to 33% less energy than the typical space heater

LCD digital controls

Digital thermostat

2 heat settings. 1500 watt max output

Safety Features: Overheat, Manual user reset, Cool touch plastic housing, Auto shut-off

Ideal for tabletop or floor use with easy to use top-mounted controls

Adjustable thermostat

1500 watts of comforting warmth with 3 quiet settings; fan only, low and high heat

Fully assembled with carry handle. 8.34" x 6.55" x 11.66" tall

ETL listed

Easy to adjust digital controls will help maintain your desired comfort level

Use the timer to pre-heat the bathroom and keep it warm and cozy

Bathroom safe ALCI plug for worry free bathroom use; and wall mountable

Digital thermostat with a digital clock and timer

2 heat settings, 1500 watt max output

1 Year Limited Warranty

Signature V-Flow heat circulation with wide heating zone

2 heat settings with fan-only option

Automatic safety tip-over switch and overheat shut-off protection

Easy-to-use controls with 4-hour auto-off timer

Backed by a 5-year limited warranty

Personal heating for small spaces

Tip over protection

Black: hce100b

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  • Kaz vs Lasko

    Wow... With the Kaz height at 1292.5 inches, width at 324 inches and length of 423.2 inches, the Lasko with 920.5"X 283.1"X 999.2"... Hope they're unassembled, but still, way too big for my house. I'm still thinking about getting one for the barn, if i can find the space to put it.
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