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Shark Rotator NV752 Powered Lift-Away TruePet Vacuum, Bordeaux - Shark
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Shark Rotator NV752 Powered Lift-Away TruePet Vacuum, Bordeaux - Shark
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Hoover WindTunnel Air Steerable Upright Vacuum, UH72400 - Hoover
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Five Star Reviews:

Worth buying from Amazon!!
February 10, 2017
Worth buying! I HAD to replace my old vacuum, which was 20+ yrs old, and weighed a ton. I didn't want to spend $500 on a vacuum, so I asked friends for reviews. One suggested Bissell, which I considered because I use one at work. But I soon realized I needed more than that vacuum offered. My dog sheds A LOT!! Dog hair was obviously my main concern. I'm allergic to dust--I wanted a vacuum that wouldn't blow what it picked up back into the air. Vacuum bags are a hassle, so I definitely wanted bagless. There was no way I wanted to buy filters all the time, so a good system was a must! As I close in on my 6th decade, I don't want to have to haul a superweight around. Guess what vacuum fit ALL of my criteria? This vacuum even fulfilled my 'possible' wish list: extra attachments, swivel head, and versatility.
The vacuum can be used three ways, with ease--upright floor model, canister, and hand-held wand. I was so busy with work that I only got to use the vacuum twice during the first week I had it. The amount of dirt and dog hair it picked up was amazing! I have hard wood floors, throw rugs, ceramic and vinyl tile, carpeting in one room and everything looked better!! The vacuum performed easily on each and every surface. It pulled up so much stuff, I was emptying the dust cup several times! I couldn't believe it. The second time I used it, I had a whole 10 minutes until I left for work--I decided to vacuum my upstairs hall and stairs. I got those done, the upstairs bathroom, and the downstairs hall! Beautifully, I might add. Used in upright for halls/bath, used as canister on the stairs. Emptied dust cup, put away, off to work.
The suction is very good. I bought one 'used' through Amazon, because I could save a lot of money on the model. When it came, my husband put it together, I used it two minutes, my son vacuumed the kitchen. My son told me he didn't like the suction, so I worried I might have to return it. I went online, read reviews, and saw one that suggested removing and replacing the filters to improve the suction. I took the filters out, put them back in, and fantastic!! Worked so well. Definitely worth buying the 'like new' model.
If the cost of the filters is a concern: please note that you are able to wash the filters, and it is suggested you wash them every three months. I will wash mine this weekend, and I've only had my machine about a month. The reason: I figure I am picking up a LOT of extra dirt that was left behind by my other vacuum. I suggest that you visit the Shark website and watch the videos on the TruePet model. It explains a lot, and I found it very useful when making my decision. The vacuum does everything I want, looks just as pictured, has extra features I wasn't looking for, but like. The vacuum is not as noisy as my old vacuum was. Since I don't have to buy filters and bags (I will buy one set of spare filters, in case), there is a cost savings with this model. Shark makes a great vacuum!! The attached photos show my sofa, after I spent a few moments vacuuming up the dog hair that get under my leather cushions! My dog is blond, so its quite visible. It had not been vacuumed since September, due to my surgery, so there was quite a bit of hair. This shows how easily the machine picks up the hair.
only to later realize that it's the best bagless option available
November 19, 2016
I'm writing this because we initially returned ours, only to later realize that it's the best bagless option available. How did our opinion change?

My wife and I own a cleaning company catering to mid to high end residences. She runs it's on occasion steps in to help clean. Half of the homes have central vacs. To avoid cross odors from house to house, she requires the other half to purchase their vacuum cleaners. They can buy any model. Most purchase either Dyson, Miele, Shark, or Kirby.

My wife filled in for an employee who was out for a couple of weeks. She had the chance to really compare models. The Shark came out as one of the best.
Instead of pros and cons, I will go over what she first didn't like, leading to returning the Shark. I'll compare that with the reality of using the Shark and discovering the things that made it worth repurchasing.
At first we were disappointed because:
- the vacuum felt top heavy
- the lift away hose was too short
- the canister was to hard to clean
- the stick was too tall and couldn't be adjusted
After using on cleaning jobs at other homes, here is the reality:
- the weight posed no major issue. It was easier to carry than a canister vac.
- the hose extended further than originally thought
- the canister can be washed or rinsed after emptying
- the stick could use an adjustable height but was tolerable
We now recommend the Shark as the best current bagless convertible.

One more comparison to other models:
- the Shark tangles less than canister vacs like the Miele
- the Dyson in our opinion is bulky, heavy, and is overrated. We've seen more mechanical issues with the Dyson brand than any other.
- bagged vacuums eventually smell, regardless of the claims of filters

Hope this helps you in your decision

One more item: someone mentioned their hands getting tired after vacuuming for awhile. We recommend wearing garden gloves with grippable, breathable material. Sounds strange, but Her hands don't slide, and she is less fatigued.
Outstanding Vacuum - Exceptional Power and Affordable
May 29, 2016
I bought this vacuum last week from Bed, Bath, and Beyond (you can use one of their easy-to-find 20% off coupons!) to replace the Shark Navigator DLX I fried plugging into an overloaded socket. I spent a significant amount of time research vacuums to replace it and found that shopping for a vacuum is even harder than car shopping: there are SO many different modes with slight variations. To compound it, I found it very hard comparing and contrasting modes, as the same vacuum often has several different model numbers (and included accessories/colors) depending on the retailer you purchase it from.I was extremely pleased with my Shark Navigator but wanted to buy a vacuum with the latest technology. I looked at Shark and Dyson - but in the end I simply couldn't justify the exorbitant cost of the Dyson models. I finally narrowed my search to two vacuums: the one you're looking at right now and the similar Shark Rotator Powered Lift-Away Speed (NV683). Both models are in the same family, but the Speed was lighter, had a smaller tank capacity, and, according to Shark's website, 40% less power than the TruePet model. I have two cats and a live in a one-bedroom apartment, so I appreciated the speed's lighter weight and smaller footprint, but I wasn't as thrilled about the lower dust bin capacity or the fact that it was less powerful than this one.Ultimately, I passed on the Speed and opted for this one. Overall, I'm extremely pleased.The Good:-Power: this vacuum has an exceptional amount of power. I vacuum every other day and I was disgusted to see how much stuff this vacuum picked up compared to my Shark Navigator.-LED lights: this model has LED lights on the brush and small handle, which makes seeing in low-lighting very easy (under beds, etc.)-Flexibility: the ability to literally remove the dust bin from the unit allows for a very versatile vacuum. When removed, the vacuum lies completely flat, and you can get it under your bed and couches with ease. This also makes stairs much easier, because you can also remove the handle at the top and attach accessories, or even remove the long wand from the brush base and attach an accessory to get to high places (or in the little nooks and crannies on the floor) without ever having to bend down.Some Pros:-Pet Brush: the pet brush included in this works better than any I've ever used - my couch has never been this hair-free.-Rotating Head: Much easier to maneuver, as the head rotates with the flick of a wrist.-Settings: three settings on the handle - low pile carpet, high pile carpet, and hard floors.-Canister Mode: removing the dust bin/motor and placing it on the included caddy essentially turns this model into an old-school canister. I like this mode because the caddy stores all but one of the accessories (the hard floor cleaner with dusting pad- which I literally never use). The downside- takes up more space. Note that this mode is only available with this model - the similar Speed model doesn't convert this way.Some Cons:-Heavy: this vacuum is pretty heavy compared to the Navigator it replaced. If you're elderly or have mobility issues, I'd recommend the Shark Rotator Speed instead due to its smaller size.-It Pulls You: I'm not kidding. This vacuum is so strong, it literally pulls you. This is less of a hassle when you've got the dust bin attached, but when you remove it, it's like pulling a crazed dog on a leash.-Tips Over Easily: the vacuum tips over very easily if you're in Lift Away mode when the dust bin is off. If you're going to do the stairs, under the couch, or any situation where the vacuum is not 'fully assembled' in normal mode, do yourself a favor and remove the bin from the base.TL;DR? This vacuum is everything you'd need in a vacuum and significantly cheaper than a Dyson Ball, which has way less versatility. In the end, I probably would've been okay going with the Shark Rotator Powered Lift-Away Speed (NV683) for my needs, but the added power for the marginal price increase makes this vacuum a clear winner in my opinion. My carpet actually feels softer after using this vacuum. If you don't have pets and live in a small house or apartment, I'd probably go with the Speed if I could do it again, but if you've got pets or a large home, the TruePet model is the one you want - trust me.
Best of all Shark models. Rotator + Powered Lift Away + Lightweight.
April 26, 2016
I researched for a LOOOOOONNNNNG time before deciding on a new vacuum to replace my ridiculously heavy and complicated Kirby. I was moving to a place with 2 sets of stairs. I wanted lightweight, easy turning head, and able to be carried up the stairs with minimal cursing. I saw so many great reviews of the Shark vacuums and my search began. I considered the Navigator - nah, I wanted the dust away head. I considered the regular rotator (various models) since it had the dust away head. Then I learned of the lift-away! That would make cleaning much easier. Then I learned of the powered lift away to make that canister vacuum a true vacuum instead of just the dust away or hose attachment, but instead the true vacuum for getting under furniture. Then I saw the Speed version. A lighter weight version of the Rotator Powered Lift-Away. Waa?? Best of everything! And this vacuum delivers! My husband's words "For the first time, I didn't despise vacuuming." This little guy is super fast. My only minor complaint, and I can't tell if it's due to weight or the fact that the vacuum does pull itself, but my hand feels fatigued after using it for a bit. I can't tell if it's just heavy in the handle, or if I'm subconsciously pulling it back to keep from zooming away from me. It's a bit of an annoyance, but nothing to detract from the rest of it. NOTE: It does NOT come with the true pet mini motorized brush as it says in the description. It comes with the Pet Power Brush. The difference? True Pet is electric, like a handheld vacuum. Pet Power is air-powered. So keep that in mind. This machine was a cinch to put together. There are little handy words all over. How do I tilt the head to the ground? Oh, look a little foot symbol. Now where does this thing release? Oh look, it says right here "Wand Release" Literally everything is spelled out for you. Easiest vacuum I've ever used. Making the switch from upright to canister to the dust-away to the hose only couldn't be faster or easier. Seriously. Click, click, click, done. I love that it goes from carpet to hard floors too. And it picks up TONS of dirt every time, even if I've recently vacuumed. I know I'm getting clean floors and that is the best! Seriously. If you're considering a Shark and don't know what one to get? This one is the BEST of them all. So happy with it!
Light weight, very powerful and makes housework easier!
February 19, 2016
I absolutely love this vacuum! It is light weight yet very powerful! It reaches my high ceilings with out a problem which to me is a huge plus! With my Kirby and other sweepers I had to stand on a chair while trying to hang on to the heavy sweeper while trying to clean. I am barely 5'2" with my shoes on and with this sweeper I can reach my ceilings with out a chair ever! It is easy to switch accessories, and the lift away canister makes cleaning my stairs a breeze! It has a long cord so I don't have to keep switching outlets! The LED lights are a big plus, they are super bright and lets me see things before I accidently suck something up that I shouldn't like my earing backs or coins. I love that the handle is 2 wands in 1. I can chose to use the top wand for close up cleaning or the bottom half to reach my ceilings and things up high. I have already clogged the hose up because the dust bin is small and I wasn't paying attention to it getting full very quickly and it still didn't lose suction! I wish the dust bin was a lot bigger! I have a Panda Shepherd and he sheds so bad and it doesn't take long for the bin to get full way before I am done sweeping my floor. I have done a test with my Kirby, my Dyson and my Bissell sweepers by sweeping the floor as usual then going back over them with my Shark and I couldn't believe all of the dirt, hair and crud it picked up! I was amazed! The bare floor mode on this Shark is quiet compared to all of the sweepers that I have ever owned. With this I can actually hear someone talking to me while I am working and there is no more shouting involved! I wanted the one that had LED lights on the accessories like I seen on the Shark commercials but I decided this is the one for me. I like the way it looks and I really didn't need lights on everything. I like that the carpet roller stops working if you get a string or something caught in it. The light on it goes from green to red and all you do is shut it off and remove the object and restart the vacuum and continue working all over again! It is a nice feature that helps prevent it from breaking. I always thought that my floors were clean and now I am positive that they are deep down clean! I wish I bought this a long time ago! I couldn't believe how much dog hair it pulled from deep with in my sofa and carpet. I mean it gets the hair that you can not see with your naked eyes. 1 other thing that I don't like about this besides the too small of a dust bin is the bottom of the dust collecting bin has a cup like in it so when you press the button to empty it and don't hold it open with your other hand it will hold some of your dirt in it and spill it. But that is no big deal since I learned to hold it open to empty it after I made a mess the first time. I really love this sweeper! I can't wait until winter is over so I can sweep out our vehicles with it!
As a housekeeper this was my vaccuum of choice
May 11, 2017
Ive used hundreds of vaccuum models, and this is hands down the best value for your money purchase. This vacuum has powerful suction, is easy to maneuver, and is lightweight. I used to think that to really get a good vacuum you had to spend $500 on a Dyson. I think Shark really changed the vacuum market. I was going to purchase a shark, but a client bought this model and I used it and was very impressed. It sucked up larger things like receipt balls and is very powerful. It was $45 cheaper than the shark model i was looking at so I went with it and am very happy with it.
March 16, 2017
I bought and returned 3 vacuums before I found this one.... it is a dream! It's a little heavy to be lugging up and down the stairs, but the power and suction are well worth it. The cord is long enough that I can vacuum the entire upstairs without moving the plug. This product has made me a Hoover Fan for life!
Great for the size
November 13, 2016
Great for the size. Easy and lift enough for the children in the house to use as well. We have hardwood floors and it picks up times well. Easy to clean and empty out contents into the trash.
Love, love, love
March 13, 2015
Love, love, love my new little vac! So glad I read the reviews and comparison shopped on Amazon. So light and so strong. I have 2 large, short-haired dogs -- and they shed a lot. This lovely vac gets it all. It is so powerful it practically ate my little rubber-backed door mats (that is the only down-side for me). I love the steering!! I was buying a backup for my Shark NV22L that balked when I bought it new filters. It is now the "backup." I am considering buying another one of these. I had no idea that vacs had changed so much over the past few years. The Shark is so yesterday. These light weight Hoovers are fabulous! I wish I had known about all the improvements earlier. Unfortunately, most of us only buy a vacuum when our current one fails. I now plan to keep up with the technology. The only reason I may not buy a "spare" one of these is because I'm afraid they may make even more improvements by the time I really need another.
The one down-side on this unit is that I have to empty the cup after each housecleaning. I have about 1000 sq feet -- mostly carpeted. But since my garbage cans are right outside the back door, emptying the cup is no big deal.
Also, am I the only one who would like to see a curly, stretch cord on vacuums? Like an old landline telephone. Probably would take down a lamp or other breakable, but I would sure like to try it.
If you are in the market, buy this Hoover now.
Excellent Vacuum Without Breaking The Bank!
January 4, 2015
I have had this vacuum for about 6 months. The first time I used it was in my old apartment that had not been cleaned for at least 1-1/2 years by a carpet cleaning crew before I moved in. I vacuumed using a $50 vacuum that had a bag and rolled along behind the hose. I thought my carpets were mostly clean because I used the $50 vacuum to vacuum once every week or other week and picked up a good amount of dust and hair each time (about half a bag). This Hoover WindTunnel Air Steerable made me realize just how disgusting the carpet actually was and how useless the $50 vacuum was too. I filled up and emptied the Hoover canister at least ten times for only 700 square feet of carpet! It was fine dust, dirt, and a lot more human and pet hair (that didn't belong to my little dog) that I vacuumed up right after using the other vacuum. The other $50 vacuum I had was sent to goodwill. After seeing the performance of the Hoover, I will never go "cheap" on a vacuum again. I then had a professional carpet cleaning company come in and clean the carpets. There was dirt embedded in the high traffic areas of the carpets that anyone could see that the hoover could not pick up. Only a good professional shampoo and steam cleaner could get it out. However, the carpet guy only removed about a small coffee can size worth of hair and other large particles after he cleaned. The hoover removed almost all of it before he showed up.

I vacuumed again about three days after the professional left and filled up another canister with fine dust and dirt that was loosened up from the professional cleaning and a very small amount of hair. The carpets looked almost brand new and I felt that they were finally clean. I used the hoover about every two weeks and picked up half a canister each time. I was able to maintain the carpet for three months before moving out and I was not charged a cleaning fee by the apartment complex because of how clean the Hoover was able to maintain the carpets after the professional cleaner did his work a few months before.

The suction and mobility with the steerable function are awesome. The tools and the handle extension with the long hose makes it easy to reach any place and very good for couches and furniture. It can get high hard to reach spots as well. My only gripe is the little tool with the brush does not have a very good plastic so the plastic push button to hold the brush out sometimes pushes in and allows the brush to slide back exposing only the plastic edge. I have been able to push the button out and bend it some to hold the brush in place. Also, the brush rollers on the bottom are not too easy to clean as a lot of hair gets tied up around them. I just use a sharp pocket knife to cut the hair and pull it out when too much gets clogged up. The filter is easy to wash and clean and is supposed to be a lifetime filter. It is a very nice feature to have and I love having a bagless vacuum.

The true test of this vacuum was when I moved into my new apartment. It smelled like smoke even after the carpet was "professionally" cleaned (paying the special $60 carpet cleaning guys is a waste of money to get a job done right). I spread a few boxes worth of baking soda out on all of the carpet areas rubbed it in. I let the baking soda sit for a few days and then came back with the Hoover. After vacuuming up most of the super fine baking soda, I was able to get most of the cigarrete smoke smell out of the apartment. I would not have been able to get it with the old vacuum because the baking soda was too fine and deep in the carpet to pickup. It was not a problem for the hoover. I just washed the filter when I was done and it was clean and ready to go again.

I would highly recommend this vacuum for its value and its performance. The expensive Dyson may work better (have never used it) but the Hoover does the job and doesn't break the bank. I have used it on carpet and laminate and it works at getting anything loose out including the dust that is deep in the carpet. I wouldn't go with anything less in performance than this product.

Four Star Reviews:

Great! (for the short time I have had it)
May 30, 2017
I have only had this a short while, so I cannot attest to durability. At first I thought all the "lift-away" parts were a little much, but after using it a few times I love the versatility. I use the top of the handle with the bottom of the vacuum with the canister off for stairs and that works great. You can move from hard floor to carpet in a flash with the switch on the handle. There is no carpet height adjustment, but suction seems good on all carpet, so one less adjustment necessary. Empting is fast and easy. I love that the filters can be cleaned in stead of needing replaced, and cleaning requirement is infrequent. The swivelling action saved energy getting into tight spots. We have pets, and I have cleaned the brush several times. On my old vacuum, getting to the bar involved removing six screws, and the plastic they screwed into broke. This has 3 coin-turn latches and swivels out for easy access. The cord is a good length. The only reason I hesitate to give a five star rating is the short time I have had it, as other vacuums have broken in short order.
A little heavy-attachments not on board
May 9, 2017
I like this vacuum. It has good suction, turning is wonderful, and I love the fact I can get underneath things without having to use attachments all the time. You almost have to find your rhythm with this vacuum like when to lift the canister off the upright, when to use the attachments etc. The canister is small so you have to empty often. I love the LED lights on the front of the upright which makes seeing the crud on the floor a little easier. I have only had this for a little while. I'm sure I will have more information to offer once I use it more.
You Want to Spend More - BUT DON'T.
April 18, 2017
This is the ultimate vac, so far as we are concerned. The people at Shark have re-created the vacuum in a way that completely blows away all of the competition. You can instead spend your thousands on those expensive, snobby, uppity brands - if you want. But the Shark vacs - whichever model you choose - will hold its own and do the job fast and easy.

These Shark vacs are stylish looking, profoundly lighter to handle, versatile, and flexible to maneuver, easier to use, empty, and store - AND so simple to understand that you hardly need the user manual after a glance. (I am NOT saying don't read the manual. That would be unwise since it has so much information). But each function, part location, and "widget" located on the vacuum, that you need to either "hook to", "flip on", or otherwise just understand - IS CLEARLY LABELED - so you can get it all going without fuss.

The logic behind the simple yet efficient design of the Shark elevates it above its competition. The old vacs just don't compare. Honestly, I don't like to re-buy tools. I believe in longevity and quality. If I needed to spend more for a quality vacuum, so my wife and I could get the house cleaned easier, faster, cleaner - I would! But there is no need! Shark has perfected the tool for the job at a lower cost. Try one! We love this particular model but there are many other models to choose from. I seriously doubt you can go wrong.
I dont think its sucks as powerful as i thought
June 22, 2016
I dont think its sucks as powerful as i thought. its great but after everything i read i thought it would would not take as long to vacuum the couches that are full of dog hair. between the upholstery tool and the pet brush tool it still takes time. its a good vacuum for the price but i was just hoping for a miracle sucking powerful machine for the dog hair,
Good Suction, Lightweight, Self-Propel, Good features for the Price
June 1, 2016
I just bought the NV682 this weekend at Bed Bath and Beyond for $199.99 (mfg giving discount incentive so it's yellow tagged down to $239.99 plus I had a 20% discount coupon) and thought to test drive it. I'm impressed (but doesn't take much to impress me since my previous model was a Dirt Devil canister with no rotating brush that I've had since right out of college). Many, many years later, I thought it's time to invest in a real vacuum cleaner.

This is a great unit with a slim profile. It's relatively light-weight and it wasn't much of an effort to push. The base configuration of the vacuum is 12.6 pounds with the lift-away portion weighing 6 pounds. In fact, it took me for a fast walk. I believe the rotating brush head propels this unit forward which reminded me of my Honda self-propel lawn mower. The extension cord is 30 feet (I measured it).

There are 3 washable filters on this vacuum. Two filters you should wash every three months (I'd say more often with frequent use). One Heppa filter behind the grill that it is recommended that you wash annually. This vacuum has great suction, maneuverability under bed/table/sofa, lift-away allows you to vacuum the air return vents and ceiling fans and high up places, it's relatively light-weight, it's slim profile needing less storage space (width), has a sliding switch on the handle to change between carpet and floor mode (love this feature), easy access to washable filters, filters are easy to wash, easy to assemble, has a release button on both the top and the bottom of the trash canister for easy dumping. If I am facing the canister's front, the on/off switch is on the right side of the canister (not on the handle. - no biggie for me). The lift-away button is on the the left side of the canister which is great for right-handed people like me.

I noticed that someone had asked if they could control the suction on this unit. The answer is yes. There is a left-right sliding open compartment just under the switch that you change from carpet to floor. You slide the compartment open and it releases the suction. You can control how much air to lose. It reminds me of the sliding switch on my refrigerator crisper drawer. Basically, similar concept.

I took away one star because the trash compartment was rather small on this unit so I'd have to dump the trash more often. The trash canister has 2 compartments - an inner and outer compartment. Trash fills up from the outer canister before the inner one fills up. The crescent shape of the outer side of the canister made dumping the trash a bit more messy, especially if you have a lot of dirt compacted in there. You can also lift open the upper canister lid and you can empty the trash mainly for the inner canister chamber as well as the outer crescent chamber. I'm not certain that the inner canister chamber is supposed to be filled with dirt? I still had to stick my fingers into the outer canister to pull the compacted dirt out. This unit also has a pet brush attachment. Like all brush attachments or brush-heads, you will need to use a pair of scissors to cut any string or hair that is tangled in the rollers. This unit also have a floor vacuum and wipe-floor attachment.

I was pleasantly surprised that this had an attachment caddie that you can place the lift-away canister to make like a canister on wheels vacuum. Took me a couple of tries but I finally realized that the canister locks onto the caddie and to release from the caddie, use the same lift-away release button to un-dock. Unfortunately, the other negative is that the hand hose is not that long. However, you can remove the metal stem from the rolling brush and put another attachment on it. It can reach my 9 foot ceilings, but not my 12 foot ceilings. I'm going to see if I can place generic vacuum attachments from Home Depot to attach to the hand-held hose to give it extra reach. It may be a non-issue because the lift-away is fairly light-weight and I can hold it upon a ladder. If you need to take the vacuum upstairs, it shouldn't be to much of a burden.

Lastly, the headlight feature is great, but the position of the lights is a the negative because it is too low (parallel) to the ground. The light would be more effective if it was shining down on the floor at an angle up above so that you can see things better and not just see a white-out space in front of you. Also this vacuum does not have a flashlight feature on the hand-held device like some other larger Shark vacuums.

In all fairness, I did try the Dyson at my local Fry's Electronics. The Dyson is a great but over-priced machine with non practical attachments and vacuum heads. I certainly cannot get a Dyson to vacuum under the bed but it did have a hose that extends a bit more. Also the Dyson was cumbersome to access the washable filters because you have to unscrew the cover on the side ball. I had to fight with the Dyson to re-align the ball covers back on. I felt that the Dyson failed me by having real-life not that important attachments. It's a great machine but not much use to me if I can't vacuum under a bed. To end on a positive note for the Dyson, it did have a bit stronger suction than this Shark unit. But the Shark's suction is pretty good too.

Overall, the Shark NV682 has better features for the money. I can see how the Shark won the JD Power customer satisfaction award in from 2014 to 2015.

I'm thinking about test driving the Shark NV752 which has a larger trash canister and an extra setting to switch between high pile and low pile carpets in addition to hard floors. I didn't choose the NV752 because I thought it would be too heavy. However, if the NV752 also does the self-propel thing, it may be worth considering.

UPDATE: I did purchase the NV752 and tried it too.
Great for me except after Hurricane Chelsea and other disasters.
September 7, 2017
I first bought this model from HSC about five years ago for about $40 more than it costs now. Overall, it works out perfectly for my home as I don't have a lot of carpeting nor do I currently have any pets. It picks up food debris left by my teenage son in the living room, and all the dirt that a small family can grind into the rugs and hallway runners. It also is easy to convert into a canister vac for use on furniture and draperies etc. It only comes with one convertible attachment - a combination small brush and crevice tool that stores on the vacuum. On this model, you must remove the hose from it's holder and insert it into the vacuum intake; a pretty easy task. I think on the more expensive model you can just flick a switch but this is easy enough. What killed the vacuum in five years is what I call Hurricane Chelsea. Chelsea was a nice girl who lived in my finished basement and almost never picked up anything off the floor. She vacuumed up twist ties, hair extensions, baubles and bits of everything that fell off her bedazzled head and other places. She never once dumped out the dirt container and never ever cleaned out the roller brush. I truly believe that under normal human conditions, this vacuum would have lasted another five years. I can't really blame it's demise on an act of God but Hurricane Chelsea came pretty close to a real natural disaster. Four stars only because it is most definitely not capable of withstanding a real nuclear explosion. Let's just say I took one for the team and let it go at that.
Good sleek slim vacuum for the price!
June 24, 2017
We've had this vacuum for a over a year now and it still works good (no issues with reliability). We use it between 4-8 times per month. Our only complaint is that we seem to want to use this as a "portable solution" because of the slim shape on top but the weight and bottom portion seem to make it a traditional vacuum. For example, trying to clean the carpet stairs; I want to either use the hose but it seems very tedious (vacuuming by square-inch) or use the actual vacuum base but this seems awkward.
Not cheap, but inexpensive
March 25, 2017
Good price. Works as well as the Dyson animal DC28 we used to have. Turns and gets under things much easier. Typically I love a lot of attachments (DC28) in order to have more options, but I knew going into the purchase. Also, our home is less complicated as we've downsized things. Only complaint thus far (after 5 months); I can't adjust for different carpet depths or surfaces, so the suction being as strong as it is, will cause it to bog down when pulling the vac backwards toward the body. I'd recommend it.
I love this vacuum
November 14, 2016
I love this vacuum, but I did have a couple of issues. The left front wheel squeaks. I don't know what's wrong with it. The angled attachment would not hold the brush on - it kept slipping, but I called Hoover customer service and they sent me a new one right away. So I'd say the customer service was great. Everything else is so nice and easy to use.
I was amazed with first use at all the stuff that came ...
October 15, 2016
I would rate this vacuum 4.5 stars. I finally gave up on my old Oreck and purchased this one, partly for price, partly because it does not require bags. I was amazed with first use at all the stuff that came up from my carpet that the Oreck missed. This baby SUCKS! but in a good way as it is supposed to. Cleaning the dust chamber is easy. I am sure, down the road, there will be more maintenance, but for now, it is performing beautifully. It's louder than the Oreck, but that is minor.

Three Star Reviews:

It picks up great on rugs & furniture
August 20, 2017
It picks up great on rugs & furniture, but when I do my tile and wood floors it doesn't seem to pick up as well.
For me, I have a bad back and it is a bit to heavy for me to lift up and down the stairs.
The handy cart helps to pull the vacuum around.
hate where cord is on the back
May 17, 2017
hate where cord is on the back. tangles all the time but like the ease of changing the suction from bare floors to carpet
Great on carpeting
December 3, 2016
I wasn't sure whether to get this or a Dyson. After researching, I decided to get this one. I have a shedding dog and my electrolux brush head is always getting clogged with dog hair. This has great suction power on carpeting. It is a bit heavy . I do not like the bare/wood floor feature. There is a switch on the handle to slide for bare floors. It does not seem to pick up that good. I will never use the separate wood floor attachment with the disposable pads. I'm kind of disappointed because I have to lug out my other vacuum when I do my wood floors. (which is more than half of my house) If you have a lot of carpeting, you will love the suction power on this. Otherwise, keep looking
December 28, 2015
I read many reviews before buying this vacuum, so I had high hopes. I have not had a swivel typ machine before and it definitely takes some getting used to. I don't find it easier to use. I find it causes some hand and wrist fatigue, and my children have a really hard time with it. the suction is not as powerful as my last machine. And I think fine it largely useless on hard floors--wood and tile. It is light weight.

Update--Have owned this for 6 months. Have gotten used to the lift away features which are nice (really tight when first used). HOWEVER, IT IS NOW BROKEN. There is a short in the wiring so the engine will not stay on. I am initiating warranty coverage.
Not so user friendly but does the job
November 20, 2015
I like it, but interchanging all the parts isn't as quick and easy as they make it look. The True Pet adapter is a true pain to put on and remove. Storage for the extra parts is a cheap flimsy paper type bag. PROS: It really is a powerful vacuum and my rugs and floors are super clean. The True Pet attachment works really well on my carpet and hardwood stairs. I like the bright light that allows me to see what I'm vacuuming. I like that it adjust flat enough to get under most furniture without removing it from the upright position. I like that it isn't as heavy as most vacuums. CONS: No storage (other than a bag that not everything fits in) for extra parts. I don't like the way that the vacuum pulls forward and seems to run away with me to the point that it seems to be pulling my arm out. I wish I had better control of it. The swivel motion is good for corners, but can also be somewhat awkward because of the forceful forward pulling motion that I described. I'm keeping it because it does a good job, but I wouldn't buy another one. I would look for something that is not only efficient, but also user friendly.
The most unusual vacuum cleaner I've ever owned
July 24, 2017
The suction on this vacuum cleaner is so extreme that it literally picks up the 8ft x 10ft decorative rugs that we lay across our carpet. Yet, it does not pick up strings and other very light weight items like feathers and felt (after a day of crafting). The instructions for use are unclear, so I have not used the detachable hose though another member of our household figured it out. It works well on stray kitty litter, some hair and the occasional crumb.
It is a vaccum
March 28, 2017
This is a very basic vaccum. I paid 99 for it and it isnt worth any more than that. It does its job, but my complaints are that the canister is way too small. For some reason they designed the filter to take up over half of the thing. My old vaccum was the same size, but the debris portion of the canister was much larger. So I have to stop and empty the darn thing at least three times. My house isn't that big, it is 1626 sq ft. I have only one small bedroom that is carpet, the rest is tile. I vaccum twice a week, 3 if it needs it. The roller also needs to be cleaned after every use. It tangles hair like I've never seen. I decided to keep it because it does work and it suctions well, it is just high maintenance and a pain in the butt.
Wonderful vacuum, terrible with long hair.
July 2, 2016
We've had this for over a year now.

We have no animals, one long-haired adult and one short-haired adult, and the brush gets covered with hair very quickly, which is disappointing. It will occasionally smell of burning hair when running too hot.

Other than that, it's attractive, and I LOVE how light it is for pushing and even carrying around. There's even a handle to carry it by, and it's so easy to get up the stairs. It's exceedingly simple to empty, which I like very much. I can switch it from "push" mode to "accessory" mode in seconds, I don't even have to think about it and switch around often while cleaning the house.
May 15, 2016
Not totally dissatisfied but it's far from perfect. I have an Irish Setter, long hair and dog dander are an issue...it has quite good suction. Emptying it requires manual content removal if you have dog hair, You have to take it totally apart if you want to clean it well. I have found that the filters need cleaning more often than stated in the directions.It will lose suction if you do not keep filters clean. Cleaning the filters is fairly easy. However, I found reassembling it difficult. IMPORTANT>You need to align the arrow in the center between lock and unlock. and then it will lock. It took me quite awhile to figure that out but maybe that's just me. I do not like the fact you have to remove screws to get the beater brush off to clean it..that's a bit of a hassle>wish it had clips. Personally, I do not think it turns all that easily. I find myself struggling with it more than I think I should be ..having to pick it up to move it in position. The fact you can stop the roller from turning is a nice feature, however, without the beater brush propelling the vacuum forward,, it is very hard to move about on anything but bare floor. You cannot make it flat and it does not go under most low furniture. I cannot get it under my bed which is about 12" off the ground. The only realistic way to clean under things is to use the hose .The hose vacuum works fairly well although it is quite short and you have to unattach it and reattach it to another outlet in the vacuum..I'm lazy and would rather not have to go through the extra work to undo and reattach the hose.. The cord is connected very low and I am always stepping on it if I do not hold it in my hand. Maybe that's just me, as well..It seems sturdily built. Much better than more expensive vacuums I have owned. It's OK..I've had it more than 6 months and it still works..that's a plus! However I will continue to look for a better inexpensive vacuum..a life long quest!!!
Great except for its power
March 24, 2015
I got my vaccum through Amazon warehouse deals. It was rated "good" but was brand new. It was just missing the box and the manual. Not a problem as I put it together in just a minute or two. The exterior is very nice although the pictures make it look a bit bigger than it really is.

I had looked at kohls and target before ordering online. The prices in store were 199 and 189 respectively. When I found this online for 86 including tax and free shipping (I am a prime member) I jumped at the chance. I ordered it on Sunday and it arrive Tuesday morning. Doesn't get much better than that!

However, the sucking power isn't the best. It's no where near as good as my old Hoover. The reason I wanted to replace the vacuum is because my other one was too heavy. It hurt my arm to do one room let alone the whole house. Therefore I am perfectly fine going over the carpet twice if not three times. Yes, sometimes you will need to go over a patch more than twice. I'm all right with that, especially since the unit is quieter than my older model. I rated it a 3 based on the sucking power being so poor on carpet. It worked perfectly on hardwood floors though.

Two Star Reviews:

disappointed in hard floor suction
July 21, 2017
vacuum just ok. not worth price. disappointed in hard floor suction
June 29, 2017
I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my Shark, when it is working. This is my second in 4 years. The first was burnt up because of that loose carpet strand getting sucked up and the vac not getting turned off quick enough. That one, ok, I see where that one could be on me. But this one worked great until...it just wouldn't turn on. That's it, done, thru, life over. Why would a $320. vacuum not work for more than 18 months, in a 1200 SF home with hard wood floors. Sadly, I will now look at other brands, although I will never buy a Dyson. Prices are ridiculous.
Shark? Anything?
Two Stars
June 16, 2017
Too much vacuum for me. Soooo many parts and very heavy. I'll stick with the lighter weight Shark vacuum.
A design flaw or defective product, maybe a refurb?
April 3, 2017
This unit has some type of design flaw or defect. My wife cannot get the machine to keep running when engaging the power button. It works sometimes after clicking on a few dozen times but mostly she has to vacuum with her hand holding it down. Maybe it was a refurb or something.
Poor factory service
December 21, 2016
Returned power switch stopped working the very first time I used it. Had to unplug it to turn it off. Though i new handle was promised, it never arrive. Shark stated three different times, it was on back order. After 3 weeks I returned it. I bought another Dyson
March 24, 2017
Got this last year,so I am a little late in review. However,we purchased this to clean carpeted areas in basement, and some upstairs areas. Biggest problem was the brushes would turn,but only moved if you moved sweeper forward. If you stopped moving brushes stopped turning. Also if you move the sweeper backward the brushes wouldn't turn,or spin hardly at all. Rarely had to clean out canister, because it simply was not giving carpet a steady constant brush spin. When you move the sweeper forward,the brushes turn,seems like movement was propelled wheel movement,rather than operating on its own. We have a Dyson, for main floors of house, it cleans.
I recognize comparison to Dyson out of question, and never expected that, but the movement of brushes dependent on your physical movement of sweeper, can't do the job. Or at least in our case didn't.
Works great for the first year, then continually dies.
March 15, 2017
Purchased this vacuum almost 2 years ago now and honestly for the first year it worked GREAT! But a little after a year in it started randomly dying when only a couple minutes into vacuuming a room, which at first I chalked up to overheating since I live in a bigger house now and had more room to cover while cleaning. But then it kept dying every time I would start vacuuming and would need to sit for 5 minutes or so before working again, thus turning a simple 15 minute cleaning process into 30+ minutes. I always empty and thoroughly clean the compartments when needed, so there's no reason it should be dying like this a few minutes into use. It has now completely died on me (after leaving a mess of debris on my carpet, yuck!!), so I guess it looks like I'll be splurging on a Dyson now :/
Not an upgrade on the cheaper UH70400
May 13, 2016
Not too impressed so far. We had The Hoover WindTunnel UH70400 for years. It was less expensive. This steerable version is not as good.

The Pros: Low profile. Light. Easy to empty canister and clean filter. Can detach hand tool so you don't have to use the full wand.

The Cons: Top heavy! Cannot adjust handle height.

I feel this is a decent vacuum. If you haven't used a WindTunnel before, you might like it more than we did. For us, it's not as good as the older model, so I gave a lower rating. The UH70400 had an adjustable handle. My wife and I have a pretty big height difference. This Hoover has a heavier handle that cannot be adjusted. It's okay for me, high for my wife. And that makes it top heavy. If you are using the hand cleaning tool, you need to hold the canister or IT WILL FALL OVER! Being steerable with such a small vacuum doesn't make much of a difference. All the pros from the steerable can be applied to the cheaper model except for the detachable hand tool. Save some $$$, buy the UH70400. Well worth it for a budget vacuum.
Better to see it than read descriptions online:
May 5, 2016
Was excited to try this new vacuum. I've had it for 3 months now, and find that I don't care for it.
(+) it is lightweight and self propelled; easy to change from roller brush to hose use; can see when bag is full.
(-) it has no adjustable carpet height, which means that it doesn't pick up certain objects my 20 yr-old Kenmore did; items such as popcorn and small candy wrappers get stuck in bagless dirt canister & difficult to remove; long hair clogs around the roller brush so badly that I have to clean it every time I vacuum, which is once a week(2 girls in family with midlength hair).
Recommendation: get something with adjustable carpet height, something that can handle kids. I changed the 2 filters on my old Kenmore, and it now works better than this new one. I'd take this to Goodwill, but my husband would be mad because I said we needed a new vacuum. Only thing I could see this thing working on is in an elderly apartment where grandkids don't visit.
Good for ONE time...hoping for quick repair
October 4, 2015
Update: 4/10/16 I did get a replacement vacuum. But I still have issue with the roller brush turning off when vacuuming area rugs, rugs by the door. It does have great suction, but just wish roller brush would stay ON.

This review I will hopefully be able to Update after calling for help.
I got this vacuum on Friday..and eagerly started using. (Yes, I am a dork)
However, after one full container of dirt, I emptied, and put away. Yesterday, I went to use again, and the brush roll will not turn on. I went through the manual for trouble shooting tips. Nothing worked. And of course, helpline only available M-F. So I went to YouTube (the videos have been incredible for previous issues) and found videos on helpful tips. In every case, if the brush roll won't work, then need to get motor replaced via Hoover.
So....for now my house isn't clean, and will have to call on Monday. Hoping Hoover customer service is as wonderful as Amazon's!
It's okay
September 12, 2015
The pros for this vacuum cleaner are as described. It's lightweight, heavy suction, low profile, the price on Amazon is good. There are several cons though. It definitely pulled hair and dirt out of my rugs that I think my previous vacuum wasn't able to do, but there is only one level and running it over thicker higher pile AND thinner carpet is difficult. It's almost impossible to run it over thicker carpet in a smooth manner without it skipping along and because of the heavy suction thinner carpets are pulled up making the vacuum job last longer having to straighten it out mid run. It's also very top heavy and can not be pulled along using the attachment without it falling over. It only has one accessory of a small brush, an extender wand would be helpful. I don't trust the reviews that describe picking up crumbs and dirt on hardwood floors really well. It does an okay job, but a Swiffer seems to do better. Regarding the maneuverability, it's not as smooth as you would think. Because of the heavy suction trying to either slow or speed up the motion over the rugs (depending on carpet thickness) can sometimes turn the vacuum without wanting to. Also, it fits farther under furniture than most, but it doesn't lat flat and won't allow for vacuuming completely under a sofa or bed. Overall, for the price, it's good enough and I like the slimness of it, but if I had an option to buy another I would.

One Star Reviews:

Do not buy
September 15, 2017
Wrote a very detailed review. Was emailed saying it cannot be posted. Long story short I will never buy another shark product.
One Star
June 17, 2017
Motor died after a little over a year of use
Do not buy, it is not a good product.
December 22, 2016
Not a good vacume. I have had sharks for years and this needs to go back to the drawing board. It is for pet hair specifically and it balls up on the brush in seconds and takes hours to clean. It is hard to use bulky and does not fit under all furnature because the pipe connectors are to bulky. The noise level can and will cause deftness, it is so loud with a horrid high pitched whine my head hurt for hours after I turned it off. I will go back to using my old no clog shark vacume, it is just a lift away rotater older model but the brush never gets clogged in fact it hardly gets hair on it. Shame on shark recall this before someone looses their hearing and sues you. I am returning it to Amazon.
Absolute garbage
October 29, 2016
If I could give this product a zero, I would. Absolute crap. The first one we received stop working after only a few weeks. The replacement lasted less than a year before the motor died, after the warranty had expired of course.
May 27, 2016
It quit on me after only 3 months of use
Overheated 2 minutes out of the box
October 13, 2017
Believe the bad reviews you read. You may get lucky but why risk it? Took this out of the box and got it all set up. Tried vacuuming the dining room and 2 minutes later the motor slowed down and it had a really bad burning smell coming from it. Really sad since I was looking forward to this vacuum as a possible good replacement.Other minor issues included the wheels being very squeaky. Every time I pulled back, they would squeak this awful noise. I could have looked past that had it worked.Also, though I didn't have much time to test it, the vacuum didn't seem to suck very strongly. My old Hoover was much stronger and it was a cheaper one from Walmart.Lastly, should mention the packaging. Just came in the box without any external packaging. The box was really dented on one corner and nearly shredded open. Will likely buy a vacuum from a store instead of online..
Really bad vacuum cleaner!
October 12, 2017
I have owned this vacuum for approximately 9 months, and it has been a total waste of money. In trying to vacuum an 8x10 area rug, I have to push the button to re-engage the brush at least ten times in order to complete a small area. The worst Hoover that I have ever owned.
June 27, 2017
This works well, until the major piece of plastic between the upper and lower part breaks. Hoover sent a replacement, but it too broke within a week! The last replacement is fine so far, but I'm glad I bought an extended warranty in case it breaks again.
Well this Hoover is at least twice as bad at half the weight
April 26, 2017
Bought this thing to replace my old heavy Eureka that just killed my back with every use. Well this Hoover is at least twice as bad at half the weight.. It just does not move easily regardless of the type of floor. It's got a lot of suction, but because of that it just wants to stick wherever it stops. I had sweat rolling down my face by the time I was halfway done with the living room. And my back was shot long before I ever finished. If you want to use the attachment, you have to disconnect the base of the hose and insert it into another opening. Just not that user friendly when you have to reconfigure the whole machine just to use an attachment. And lastly when I went to empty the canister the top handle popped off the canister which fell and made a mess. I hate this thing and am going back to using my old vacuum.
Way too much suction - Can barely move it across carpet!
September 8, 2016
The suction was SO strong it made it difficult for me to push it or pull it across our 8x10 area rug. My husband laughed at me when he got home and I had it pushed off to the side, disappointed that all my research ended up with a return of an item. So I said to him, "You try it!" He laughed, walked over to the "WindTunnel" and turned it on with a grin, and within seconds, his entire facial expression changed to surprise and his goofy grin turned into disbelief. He was shoving it and pulling it and saying "Whoa, this thing mega-sucks!" We both laughed at that point, and decided that either we are just a couple of middle-aged wimps, or this suction is far too much for a normal 8x10 carpet from Home Depot.
Poor Quality and Poorer Customer Service
March 23, 2016
I was amazed to find that this vacuum cleaner was very poor in picking up anything at all since I've always found Hoover vacuums to be very high quality. As a few other reviews noted, after picking up debris like lint and dirt, the vacuum spits it back out on to the carpet. I have tried to see if the cleaner was not put together correctly but everything seems to fit. Also as someone noted, I was unsuccessful in contacting Hoover. I left my phone number for a callback which never came so not only is the product inferior but their customer service is just as bad. I would have returned the vacuum but as I am a procrastinator, I probably waited too long so I guess I'lll donate it to goodwill and buy another brand and take this as a "lesson learned."
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Powered Lift-Away: Motorized Brush in Lift-Away - Deep Clean with Extreme Under furniture Reach

3 Vacs-in-One: (1) Powerful Upright (2) Lift-Away Pod with Powered Brush Roll (3) Convenient Canister with Caddy

Hard-Floor Genie Attachment for Superior Bare Floor Cleaning with washable microfiber pad

Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology + HEPA / Washable Filters

BONUS: TruePet Mini-Motorized Brush attachment, the Power of a Full-Size Vacuum in the Palm of Your Hand

Exclusive WindTunnel 3 Technology lifts and removes deep-down, embedded dirt with 3 channels of suction

Lightweight, and easy to lift, carry, and move around, weighing less than 14 lbs

Steerable Technology allows you to swivel and turn around objects with a flick of the wrist

Multi-Floor Electronic Brushroll On/Off moves from carpet to hardwood with the push of a button

Reusable Easy Rinse Filter, multi-cyclonic air passes through eight cyclones to filter dirt and debris from the air path

Product comes with parts A-D in the manual

User Overview
  • The best value

    Hoover Power Scrub Deluxe : comes valued packed with 8 foot hose, stair tool, upholstery tool, crevice tool, powered spin scrub brush, mesh tool storage bag and bottle of cleaning solution. Two 1 gallon water tanks for clean and dirty water with built in wash / rinse cycle. Patented 360 degree spin scrub brush assembly that completely detaches for total access for cleaning. Powerful 10 amp motor to provide superior suction to the special design dual V nozzle and provide heated air to aide in drying the carpets. The most important feature - the brushes stop rotating with the handle in the upright position. Great carpet cleaner.
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