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Hoover Corded Cyclonic Stick Vacuum, SH20030 - Hoover

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Eureka AirSpeed One Bagless Upright Vacuum - Eureka
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Hoover Corded Cyclonic Stick Vacuum, SH20030 - Hoover
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Five Star Reviews:

Awesome buy, zero regrets.
November 11, 2015
I just received this product today and I am EXTREMELY satisfied with it.

I needed a budget vacuumcleaner since I will only be staying for 1 year in the US and this one seems like the perfect fit! I can't believe this only costed me $56 incl. shipping. The sucking strength is amazing, looks fine, easy to move around, the cable is long enough for me to do my complete 1-bedroom apartment at once, which is very convenient and it has a smaller accessoire incase you need to do the corners of the house.

The only real con is that it's loud, but what do you expect it's a freaking vacuumcleaner, of course it's going to make noise. Would definitely not rate it one star less just because of that.

Great product, very satisfied now let's see how long it'll last.
So far works great. Awesome suction
November 5, 2015
So far works great. Awesome suction. I have a large breed dog that sheds a lot it does a great job picking up the dog hair! Killer price as well
Great vacuum. I haven't had any problems
October 16, 2015
Great vacuum. I haven't had any problems. It picks up lots of dust that I didn't even know whats there. A longer cord would be better, otherwise, its great.
This is by far the best vacuum I have purchased
August 29, 2015
This is by far the best vacuum I have purchased. It works great at getting pet hair . I don't understand why they don't mention that in the description, I learned only from reading the reviews that it works well picking up pet hair, I GIVE THIS FIVE STARS!!!!!!!
Five Stars
August 16, 2015
Best thing I ever bought, works great espically getting dog hair up off carpets!
Great when you know it's limitations
September 17, 2017
I just received one of these as a gift. It's a great little vacuum when used within it's limitations. Realize this isn't a replacement for your larger vacuum! The canister is simply too small and the brush roller doesn't fluff enough to really clean the carpet. However, it's great for mid-week touch ups. if you have a long-haired cat (or most any animal that sheds) you'll know exactly what I mean!

Another place this vacuum really shines is with it's size. It's very lightweight and easy to tote around the house. The end is fairly flat which allows me to get under most all my furniture. So whether it's the carpeted bedroom or the den with hardwood floors, I can get under (at least the edge of) all the furniture in these rooms without moving anything.

Now, it's clear the suction isn't anywhere near that of some larger vacuums, but I've yet to be disappointed in it. I've not noticed anything left behind. But even being "weak", the somewhat tiny canister fills up very quickly. Now per the instructions and labels, you are only to fill the canister about an 1/8th of the way up. At times, this may only take a few minutes! Once full, the canister does pop off fairly easily and dumps out without too much effort, but reinstalling can be a little tricky at first.

If you're just looking for a small vacuum to use between cleanings and for hard floors, this one is pretty hard to beat.
Love it!
March 29, 2017
I've had this vacuum cleaner for about 3 years now and use it to clean my hardwoods and area rugs. I love mine so much that my sister asked for it for Christmas. It works well on hardwoods or bare floor surfaces. Also works well on low pile area rugs. It also does a great job picking up dog hair. I'm not sure how good a job it would do on wall-to-wall carpet that is a deeper pile - I still use my big vacuum cleaner for that. But like I said, it does a great job sweeping up the dirt, dust and dog hair on bare floors or low pile area rugs - and it's light weight, so it's easy to use. I'm very happy with it.
Better than Expected :]
January 7, 2017
Got this product for my Grandma for Christmas. We are a large family with 5 dogs so she was constantly sweeping up crumbs and hair from the linoleum floor and area rugs in our kitchen and dining room. It does the job better that expected and swirls all the hair right up into the easy-to-empty canister better than our larger hoover we have does; even though it has a tile floor setting. Also is very light and turns with the flick of a wrist. All around I give this product 5 stars and would buy it again.

Also, I choose this version because my Grandpa hates to have to charge vacuums, it was a little cheaper than the cordless version and the cord is long enough to not have to re-plug for most cleaning situations.
Very effective on hard floors -- terrific value
June 3, 2016
Every once in a while, a product surprises me in a good way. This is one of them. This little vacuum cleaner works brilliantly on hard floors. We have three dogs and a lot of dirt. This picks up the dirt, the sand, the hair, the mess without complaint. I have not used it on rugs. On hardwood or linoleum, it's great. Easy to maneuver. Lightweight. VERY easy to empty and clean. The cord is long enough so I can vacuum my kitchen, hall and living room without moving the plug. I've paid a lot more and gotten much less. This is a very good value and a highly effective vacuum for hard floors.
Great performance for a modest price
April 6, 2016
Wow. I am impressed. I did not expect such great performance for such a modest price. It was easy to put together, one screw. I used it on the NoTrax mat that I have inside my door from the garage and I was amazed at what my hard floor no brush vacuum had left behind. I bought this vacuum for my mats and area rugs and I am sure glad that I did. It does not weigh much more than a 5 lb bag of sugar and it is super easy to maneuver. It did well on the bare floors with the brush turned off as well. It was also super easy to dump the dirt and fur out when I was done. Unlike my hard floor vacuum where you have to detach the bottom and then lift the handle and motor to dump the dirt with this one the dirt cup comes out easily and that is all you have to carry over to the trash. I highly recommend this little lightweight vacuum. It is certainly worth every penny I paid for it.
Highly recommended for apartments, seniors, and OCD
January 16, 2012
I recently conned my girlfriend's daughters into taking my beautiful and expensive upright as a gift for the townhouse they had just rented. They were amazed by my generosity. But I knew the truth. It was a heavy clunker that I was going to avoid using whenever possible.

I still needed something more than my DustBuster for my two-bedroom apartment. I decided that this Hoover was the one to have. When it arrived, I set it up in about a minute. This involves fitting three pieces together. It's hard to get it wrong. Then I tested it on everything I could find. I sucks up junk from low-pile carpeting and area rugs without a problem. I changed the switch setting, and it did the kitchen floor of linoleum with as much ease. I was sure it would miss the edges, but it actually did a pretty good job of cleaning. I was absolutely sure it wouldn't get the kitty litter that my girlfriend's cats had left in a bathroom, but it got that, too.

True, it doesn't come with accessories, so if you want to clean drapes and sofas, something else might be better. Anyone with a smaller living space should be using one of these. A full-blown vacuum might seem nice, but in the end it's just not worth hauling one of those things around just to clean an apartment. Any senior citizen should also consider using one of these. I live in a building with a lot of seniors, and a good electric broom like this is a simple way to make one's life a lot easier. If nothing else, you don't have to call your children and make them feel so guilty that they come over and vacuum for you.

And for anyone with OCD, this little gem is a real blessing. I have OCD friends who feel compelled to vacuum five and six times a day. They keep wondering why they feel exhausted. Might as well make the vacuuming experience an easy one. This Hoover will do that. If you've forgotten to take your meds and feel an overwhelming urge to vacuum, this is the vacuum you should be using.

By the way, I got my Hoover through the Amazon Warehouse. "Like new" condition meant it WAS new, except someone returned it. They probably weren't suffering from either age or OCD. I'm cheap, so I took advantage of the 10 percent discount.

UPDATE: the more I use this vacuum, the more fond of it I become. There are two points I would like to add to the above review. First, the head of the vacuum is designed so that I can easily slide it under beds and other furniture. In practice, this makes vacuuming hard to reach places much easier. Second, the cord is long enough that I have no trouble plugging it into a centrally located outlet and reaching every corner of my two-bedroom apartment. And the vacuum is unobtrusive enough that I can prop it up next to the plug and just leave it there until I need to vacuum again. All these little things add up so that housekeeping in general becomes a much more positive experience.

I hope this helps.

Four Star Reviews:

Good product for a great price!
November 25, 2015
Wife loves it! Great price!
Four Stars
November 20, 2015
love this vacuum. it picks up pet hair great
very good cleaning power
November 10, 2015
very good power just the handle release a bit tricky .
Not perfect, has 2 moderate sized flaws, but for the price, I have to give it 4 stars... read for more info.
October 30, 2015
I will jump straight to the 2 issues:1. The cord is short, maybe it's 19 feet. My prior vacuum was 30' so this requires MUCH more unplugging than I'd like2. The power button is at the bottom near where the bottom of the handle meets the bottom vacuum portion. You have to push it with your foot, but it slides forward as you push it down. Not well designed. It should be parallel to the floor so as to not move forward or backward as you power it on or off.I have attached a pic of the power "button."The suction is strong. It's pretty loud. The long tube portion is light and flimsy, but I don't care about that. My prior vacuum had a much more heavier tube, but it just added weight and required effort to stretch out. THis cord is not the flexing kind.Overall, for $55, you have to give it credit because the suction power is so good. It's also crazy light.Thanks for reading.
Suction is great! The design has a bit to be desired ...
October 8, 2015
Suction is great! The design has a bit to be desired (twisting of knobs hard, stepping on machine to start, cord hooks stationery make wrapping cord off difficult) and the plastic is very lightweight. I love the power it gives ... I am just afraid it will not hold up construction wise (hope it proves me wrong!).
but so far so good. It's made of super cheap plastic
September 27, 2015
I've only used it a few times, but so far so good. It's made of super cheap plastic, which makes it lightweight, but we'll see how long it lasts. I have polished concrete floors and it seems to do well there, but I'm EXTREMELY impressed with how well it does on my high pile shag rug. It got so much cat hair and dust out the first time I used it, lot's of suck in this vacuum. I have to actually pick up before vacuuming, or else it will suck everything up around it, including its cord.I also used the attachments to clean my cat's favorite microfiber chair, pillow, and my couch, all performed fantastically.It was $36 when I ordered it. Yes, it is loud. But even if it only lasts a year, you really can't beat that price for a vacuum with this strong of suction.
Love It - Better than my heavy Hoover
April 29, 2017
I've had this vacuum for a little over a year. My house has mostly laminate flooring with a few low nap area rugs and I use this vacuum literally every single day. I have to because there are also 7 cats who live and she'd here. Between cat hair and tracked litter, this vacuum gets a work 9ut and keeps on going. I love that it's so lightweight yet powerful. There's no problem transitioning between rugs and hard flooring. Cleaning it is a breeze except for the brush. I took one star off because the brush is hard to access to clean hair out of it. Also, where the cord attaches to the base, the rubber grommet came loose exposing part of the electrical cord; I wrapped electrical tape on it to prevent any problems with it. I really like that the canister base has only 2 parts and you can easily empty it out and then wash it. It's a lot of vacuum for a very small price.
Great little vacuum, Kids can use
June 3, 2016
This is a very good vacuum. It works great on our laminate flooring. I have cats who end up tracking litter in the laundry room and this picks up the pieces nicely. It is small, lightweight, easy to use, and picks up small items with ease. I can move it around the house with ease, and the cord (though not super long) is long enough to cover my whole living room. Granted, it isn't a huge living room, but if you have an apartment or small house then it should be fine, ours is 1600 square feet. I give it four stars only because it does have trouble in some of the corners and edges if the items are really tiny (like sugar or crushed graham cracker). I have three children also, and it is so nice to have with them. My older children (8 & 11) can use it with ease.
Know what you are buying - Not right for everyone
December 8, 2013
I love this little vacuum. However, its not a "normal" vacuum. It has no attachments and has a *!VERY!* small dust chamber. You MUST keep an eye on the dust chamber while vacuuming and empty it as soon as the dustball starts catching instead of spinning smoothly... otherwise the thing will clog up. You also have to be very careful to pick up any little pieces of paper or anything on the floor before vacuuming or it will clog up.

The first time I used this, the vacuum clogged up and stopped working before I got though a single room. I was so distraught. I had no idea why it had broken already until I read the directions and saw they say to take the head off of the vacuum and manually clean it out every time you empty the bin! It took 3 tries and a wire coat hanger to unclog the thing.

Once I understood how this thing worked, I kept an eye on the bin as I vacuumed and dumped it in the nearest trash every time it needed. It takes me about 4 dumps to vacuum my bedroom weekly (but I have 3 cats and 1 is a shedder). Since dumping the bin often enough, I haven't had to take the head off to clean it out.

Why in the world would I give this 4 stars you must be wondering! Well, I can't afford to buy an expensive vacuum and this it the most powerful vacuum I've ever owned. I bought this to replace a vacuum that worked fine but was very heavy. The first time I vacuumed what looked like a pretty clean carpet, I literally got a basketball-sized bunch of dust and hair out of a single bedroom!!! I was extremely shocked and disgusted by what my other vacuum had been leaving behind.

It sounds really strange to have to turn it off and dump the bin every few minutes when vacuuming, but it only takes a few seconds and I have trash cans in every room. If you wanted to, you could always carry a mini trash bag with you as you vacuum then tie it off and throw away all of the dust at once.

Its a minor trade-off to have an affordable vacuum that really cleans my carpets and keeps all of that dust and hair out of my air. The air in my apartment is crisper since getting this vacuum and I didn't even notice a problem before buying it. I also think I'll have to dust less often since most of the dust is going in the trash that used to just sit on my carpet and get picked up by my fan.


If you don't have the money for an expensive vacuum, don't mind the little trade off of having to dump it more often and you hate the idea of tons of dust, dirt, hair, and bacteria just accumulating in your home, this is the vacuum for you.

If you have a very large home or just want something to pick the visible bits of stuff off of your floors, you'll probably want a different vacuum.
Serves me Well!
September 10, 2013
I have owned 3 Cordless Vacuum (Ergorapidos) and I really love them ... UNTIL ... the battery starts to poop out. Then it doesn't matter how long you charge them, the charge wears out real quick. Unfortunately, there is NO way to replace the battery and you have to purchase another unit.

This Hoover Stick Vac although not cordless works very well for my needs. I have wooden floors and area rugs and it works on them just fine. NO ... IT WILL NOT WORK ON THICK PILE CARPETS ... so don't even consider it if that's what you're planning on using it on.

My only complaint (and it's a minor one) is the lack of cord length. Another 10' and it would be perfect for my needs.

Although I bought it soley (sp?) for that quick pickup and doing a room at a time, I have used it to vacuum an entire 1800 sq house and it works fine.

As it is, I rarely use my more expensive Miele vacuum cleaner which to me hands down is the best vacuum cleaner one can buy.

But for less than 100 bucks .... this thing has exceeded my expectations ..... that's just my op.
Great Stick Vacuum - Update after 4 Years of use...
February 3, 2013
This is the best investment I've made in a small, lightweight vacuum! I have owned several small, lightweight vacuums over the years and have been disappointed with them for various reasons; poor performance, difficulty in handling, clumsy bag/canister emptying, noise, etc...
I admit vacuuming is a chore, a necessary evil in keeping the house clean. I dread breaking out our existing big "Beast" for vacuuming. This vacuum is excellent! It more than meets our needs for vacuuming on a regular basis. Performance on our hardwood floors is great. For our carpet, I was impressed. After vacuuming with our Thermax (expensive water filter unit), I re-vacuumed with the Hoover Stick (brush turned ON) and was surprised at how much the other vacuum left behind!
Emptying and cleaning the dirt canister is easy, Removal and cleaning of the foam filter pad is also easy. The long cord is a nice touch and the vacuum is lightweight and easy to maneuver.
Be aware the stick vacuum requires frequent emptying, an easy trade-off for the ease in handling and performance. Dog hair, cat hair, general dirt and grass cuttings are no challenge for this Hoover, for any floor I've used it on, including hardwood, tile, vinyl or carpet.

6/20/2016 Update
Had to drop one star as Vacuum "bit the dust" after 4 years of service. Maybe I am too optimistic to expect 7-10 years of use, but 4 years seems a little short. HOWEVER, this is a good choice as even to it's dying day, it lived up to the expected performance with everything described in the original review holding true. Hope the identical replacement Hoover we just ordered lasts more than 4 years...
May Be Good Enough To Be Your Primary Vacuum
December 26, 2011
We bought this Hoover Corded Cyclonic Stick Vacuum about two months ago, and it has become our favorite for almost all of our vacuuming. The floors in our house are all hardwood, but we do have area rugs in several rooms. This Hoover vacuum does a great job on the hardwood as well as the rugs. It has plenty of brush action to beat the rugs hard enough to loosen dirt and pick up pet hair, and it has enough suction to pick up most any kind of loose, dirty debris on hardwood.

We bought this particular Hoover vacuum for a couple of reasons. First, it is the twin of the Hoover Linx, a battery-powered vacuum which we also own, and it is much cheaper than the Linx. We love the battery powered version of this vacuum, but it is only good for jobs lasting 10-12 minutes or so before it needs a recharge. We still use the battery powered version, but now it only gets the really quick, small jobs like scattered cat litter. The second thing that sold us on this vac was (were?) the many favorable reviews on Amazon. Everyone seemed to love this vacuum.

But as you might expect, nothing is perfect, including this Hoover. First, this thing is loud. I mean jet-engine-takeoff loud (well, almost). When someone in the house is vacuuming, conversations and TV watching stop until the vacuuming is finished, even if it is in another room. That can be really irritating. Second, the cord is short. Much shorter than you normally find on a full size vacuum. And third, the width of the area that this vacuum cleans is only about 10 inches. That means a lot of back-and-forth arm-pumps across a big area rug to vacuum it completely. But, maybe that is to be expected with a stick vac.

So, here's my bottom line on this Hoover. It does our vacuuming chores almost as well as our much heavier, much bigger Eureka Boss, but only weighs a fraction as much. Yeah, it has a couple of drawbacks, but, I would buy this Hoover again in a heartbeat.

Three Star Reviews:

Not bad...
January 30, 2016
I got this to ckean up little messes in my classroom. It was very inexpensive, but other reviewes mentioned it had good suction. Here is what I found: Super flimsy all plastic construction. Super loud when it runs. But suction is good, even picks upon chalk dust no problem. So I'd recommend as a backup or for light use.
it's a great starter vacuum
November 28, 2015
It's not a solid/sturdy as I expected. The accessory hose does not stay attached on the vacuum and constantly gets in the way.For the price point, it's a great starter vacuum. Won't last me years, but it works for now.
You get what you pay for
May 19, 2017
The old adage "you get what you pay for" applies here. It's a very low price. And it gets up some cat hair and dust. But it doesn't always get everything on the first pass. After one go through my house (2000sqft mostly hardwood and area carpets) I had to take it apart and clean out the hair that had wrapped around the brush. It doesn't have an easy access for that, so I had to get out a screwdriver. (Note to Hoover: a little lever to open that panel and access the brush would make this weekly job easier.) It doesn't have great suction, but what do you expect for under $50! It's good for touch up, but won't replace a regular vacuum or shop vac. It's also lightweight and easy to clean out the canister.
OK but needs attention after each use
June 7, 2016
Light weight, does pick up all sorts of fuzzy stuff (Toy Poodles DO shed; sigh), does not do well along borders and won't go under furniture (you need a Swiffer for that). Minuses: for some reason, the handle turns the cleaner slightly left or right whether or not you intend to do this; you have to remove the canister (took me a couple of minutes to figure out how to do this) after each use to empty it; the filter is filthy right away, not sure if it can be washed but certainly not going to purchase more of them; the rotor (rotating brush) has NO WAY of being easily detached to remove long hair or threads, you have to do this manually and using scissors. It's just ok; once a month, the old vacuum has to come out (and I now live in a one bedroom apartment, if I were still in my house this thing would have been returned).
Gets the job done
May 2, 2016
I bought this because I have a lot of dog fur on my hardwoods, and a rug in the living room. It has two switches carpet and hardwood. I thought it was working fine at first on the wood, then I noticed fur around the edges of vacuum so I lifted it up and saw that the fur was only being collect not sucked up. The vacuum has small velvet like trim that the hair was sticking to. It did do great on picking up small debris. I now use the vacuum on carpet mode on the wood, it's does not kick back anything and it allows the fur to be sucked up, it works well on my rug. Thought is would have more power doesn't pick up my dog food. Overall it gets the job done and my house has stayed cleaner and pet fur free! P.S. I bought this from Amazon warehouse for $42 with no defects!! It looked brand new, I was very impressed I will definitely buy from the warehouse again for the price!
Hoover disappoining on tile floors with fur and cat litter
August 5, 2015
Good vacuum, but I was disappointed. I did a lot of research and hoped to find "the one" vacuum for my hard floored condo. This vacuum came with mostly raving reviews, and since it is a trusted brand, I decided to give it a go. To make this review shorter, I will just list the pro and cons.
Easy to handle (I am a body able person with no disability, so this vacuum is very easy for me to carry up and down the stairs and maneuve. Weight was not something I considered when I was looking for vacuums, and this vacuum by no means is feather light.)
The pivot of the base is great. Again, refer to the point above
Has 2 settings, one for carpet (which I don't have), and another for hard floor.
Very easy to clean and disassemble/ reassemble
It looks great in my opinion. Sleek and sturdy.
It does not have a detachable hose or any apparatus for getting into small spaces.
It does not work as well as I expected. - this is the main disappointment. We have 2 different type of tile in the condo, and this vacuum works better on the one with thinner grout than the more uneven surface. Also we have 3 furry pets. The vacuum works relatively well in picking up hair HOWEVER after half of a room I would need to pick up and turn over the vacuum to manually pull out and clean the hairs/fur that's sticking to the side and the brush of the base. This need to be repeated at least 10-12 times during the cleaning process for our 3 bed 2.5 bath place (it is not a big place). So instead of all the hair going into the center dirt collection bin, about 1/3 actually are trapped to the bottom of the vacuum and need to be manually pulled out/off.
It need multiple passes to pick up small leaves, pet food derbies, and even with that, maybe only 80% are actually picked up.
It picks up only about 20-30% cat litter after multiple passes. (Of course all of my %s are rough estimates, but you get the point). For the litter, I have given up and resort instead to the broom.
It is not good at cleaning in tight corners and against wall edges. I have started to use another vacuum with a hose attachment to finish up rooms.

TL;DR: if you are looking for a only vacuum for all tile floors, especially tiles that are not squares with small seams, this is not the vacuum for you. If you are like me, need something heavy duty for a house full of pets, this is not for you. If you are looking for a vacuum for lighter (perhaps daily pickups) cleanings around the house, this is an easy to handle and cute vacuum for that.
March 18, 2014

Two Star Reviews:

Motor went out after 9 months. Only moderately used ...
August 28, 2015
Motor went out after 9 months. Only moderately used too. It was on 40 bucks but I thought it would at least last a year. The vacuum did very well cleaning though... I would give it 5 stars if the motor had lasted longer
It is lightweight and easy to use
September 10, 2017
I bought this vacuum based on the positive reviews. It is very weak and struggles to pick up anything heavier than dust. It is lightweight and easy to use, but it won't get your house clean at all. It is really useless on bare floors. It does a little better on carpet. I don't recommend this vacuum.
Great at first...
November 30, 2016
I loved this vaccum at first! It picked up everything, was easy to empty,great with hair! And it's so light. Would be perfect for people with back problems and the elderly. However I've had it a year now recently it's decided to not fully suck everything up so when your done and you turn it off all of the dirt falls back out! It's SO annoying!! I have to get my broom out to sweep up the pile left...so it's kinda pointless! (I have majority hardwood and some carpet)
Not the greatest suction but decent
July 6, 2016
I think this works decently for wood floors. Not the greatest suction but decent. If you have heavy objects (I.e. Small rocks from your shoes, debris, etc) it struggles to lift them off the floor. It is nice that it doesn't kick the debris that it can pick up behind the vacuum. I wouldn't buy it again if I had the choice.
Barely OK
April 1, 2016
I have been using this for quite a few months now and it has some flaws. I have 3 dogs and when you set it for hardwood the hair clogs up so bad on the roller that you have to stop every few minutes and clean the roller out or it drops big clumps on the floor. Same thing on carpet. The other thing that is extremely irritating is that the dirt and hair goes up into the top portion and wraps itself around the cylinder. There is only one spot where you can get in (with tweezers and two fingers) to pull it all out. Usually takes around 15 minutes to clean it out because it is so difficult. I dump the dirt cup the minute it starts to look full so this is not a result of waiting too long. I bought the corded model because it would have more suction but it is not even real good at picking up dirt without hair being involved. I vacuum with my large Hoover twice a week (love it) so my problem is not caused by trying to use this as a regular vacuum. The filter is easy to clean and the cord is nice long but I am not real pleased with the product and I hate to say that because I have always bought Hoover.
September 17, 2014
Purchased this only 4 months ago for my daughter's tiny efficiency apt. after much research and reading many reviews. I have owned many Hoover's over the years and was expecting quality. I was looking for something compact, yet powerful and efficient on both hard surfaces and low pile carpet. It does a good job as far as suction. However, construction is poor. The internal spring on the button that holds the removable dirt cup onto the vacuum has popped off (it is visible through the clear plastic but inaccessible because it is one solid sealed part) so it will no longer attach to the vacuum. It has been removed no more than a measly 5 times since I bought it. I called Hoover and was informed THAT was NOT a covered warranty part and it would be 28.00 to replace the dirt cup.... 1/3 of what I paid for the entire vacuum 4 months ago... Ridiculous, but stuck between a rock and a hard place.. I now have an almost new vacuum that I've had to strap the cup on to with rounds of tape. That's the only way it can be used at all until the part arrives in 7-10 days. I've read other reviews that have had the same issue. POOR DESIGN, POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE/WARRANTY. I would not recommend.

**UPDATE** My daughter has had this vacuum in her efficiency dorm apt. for 2 years now.. It is great in terms of space saving and initial suction is good when empty. However it is HORRIBLE in terms of requiring CONSTANT MAINTENENCE for suction. The small dirt cup requires continual emptying but most importantly the inner cylinder is quickly wrapped with hair/debris (paticularly if you have long hair, and/or a pet..She has a small short haired puppy that sheds minimally) during each use, requiring disgusting hands on removal each use or there is little vaccuum suction and is a waste of effort.

One Star Reviews:

I only used about 3 times a week and smells like burning rubber and gets hot from the button
December 13, 2015
I got this vacuum about 3 months ago, I only used about 3 times a week and smells like burning rubber and gets hot from the button. So I asked the seller for a replacement not for refound and they refused my request. So is not fair that they sell things that they last only 3 months.
Really bad.
September 22, 2015
The worst vacuum ever. After two months use it blows dust everywhere. It so loud I wear hearing protecters designed for shooting. This vacuumis only good for target practice. Dont waste your money.
Don't Buy
September 20, 2015
I wouldn't get this again and I hope you won't.*I brought this 11/13/2014*I used it for a couple months no more then 3or4 months. It stop picking up trash and over heating.
October 3, 2017
I've only used this six times, and the motor crapped out on me. I'm very disappointed, Hoover is supposed to be a top of the line product. Now I have to contact the company to have them do right by me.
May 7, 2017
I can't imagine who would give this a 5 star review. It has no suction power AT ALL. After going over the same spot on the lanai over and over and over and having it just not pick up anything, even loose stuff, I am tossing it. Even though it "works" (i.e is not broken) it is so worthless that I don't want it to take up the storage space.
Vacuum cleaner has already had a price reduction since I returned it!
May 7, 2017
Amazon very good about return. I was very disappointed in this vacuum cleaner. It weighed 10 lbs. and was too difficult to use with Fibromyalgia! It had a loud sounding suction as though it was picking up everything, however it didn't! It picked up dust, but the tiniest crumb would be left. Large head didn't go smoothly around furniture.
if you want to get the job done quick then don't buy this one
April 6, 2017
its almost a year now, I like the vacuum until now, it gets over heated and vacuum only vacuums only for 15 minutes before it gets over heated, I have to stop wait for a few hours and try to see if it works it does, it is only good for 15 minutes of vacuuming, you have to let it cool down, not good for customer satisfaction do you agree
It worked great for a few months
March 25, 2017
I bought this vacuum a few years ago with high hopes. It worked great for a few months, but I have had problems with it ever since. It constantly clogs and I am always trying to clean it out. The brush is always packed with hair and fur and needs constant cleaning as well. Would NOT recommend.
(It worked great the first several uses
January 26, 2017
This vacuum cleaner quit picking up dirt after approximately 7 light uses. (It worked great the first several uses, but then began spitting out dirt.) I cleaned the filter and brushes, and followed all suggestions in the brochure, to no avail. I have tried calling Hoover 3 times, but have been put on hold for 10 minutes each time, so Hoover apparently does not provide customer service. I got this vacuum for very light, occasional usage primarily on hard floors; i.e., it has not had any heavy usage. This will be my last purchase of anything made by Hoover.
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Old Price
$69.40updated: Mar 19, 2020
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$89.00updated: Mar 18, 2020
Article Number
Article Number
Bagged /Bagless
Bagged /Bagless
Cord Length
Cord Length
Cord rewind
20 feet
Formatted Price
Formatted Price
1771.6 in
984.2 in
590.5 in
418.5 in
Electrolux Home Care Products
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Product Group
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Product Type
Electrolux Home Care Products
Electrolux Home Care Products
2 year limited warranty
2 year limited warranty
35.8 oz
50.6 oz
570.9 in
315.0 in

Efficient air path with limited bends and turns, Scuff-resistant furniture guard

Floor nozzle features a five-setting height adjustment switch, Multi-cyclonic dust cup

Low profile nozzle is engineered to reach under furniture where dirt and dust linger, Washable filter

On-board crevice tool and dusting brush, Eureka AirSpeed Vacuum Cleaner is extremely lightweight

20' cord, Wide 13" cleaning path

Powered Brushroll with Cyclonic Technology - transitions from hard flooring to area rugs and low pile carpeting easily

Swivel Steering lets you maneuver around furniture with ease

Extreme Recline handle lets you reach far under furniture easily

20' power cord with cord release

Bottom release dirt cup lets you see when it is time to empty and simplifies dirt disposal

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  • The best value

    Hoover Power Scrub Deluxe : comes valued packed with 8 foot hose, stair tool, upholstery tool, crevice tool, powered spin scrub brush, mesh tool storage bag and bottle of cleaning solution. Two 1 gallon water tanks for clean and dirty water with built in wash / rinse cycle. Patented 360 degree spin scrub brush assembly that completely detaches for total access for cleaning. Powerful 10 amp motor to provide superior suction to the special design dual V nozzle and provide heated air to aide in drying the carpets. The most important feature - the brushes stop rotating with the handle in the upright position. Great carpet cleaner.
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