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Dirt Devil Junior Lights Sounds Upright Toy Vacuum Cleaner - Dirt Devil
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Oreck Commercial XL2100RHS 8 Pound Commercial Upright Vacuum, Blue - Oreck Commercial

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Dirt Devil http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/31i5cVviv2L._SL160_.jpg
Dirt Devil Junior Lights Sounds Upright Toy Vacuum Cleaner - Dirt Devil
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Oreck Commercial http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/31oD5QzicaL._SL160_.jpg
Oreck Commercial XL2100RHS 8 Pound Commercial Upright Vacuum, Blue - Oreck Commercial
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Five Star Reviews:

Great toy
August 8, 2017
I bought this for my 2 year old son because he would play with the actual vacuum too much. We bought about a year ago when he was two. He loved it. Now his 1 year old baby sister uses it. Still works perfect. I would definately recommend
Best Gift!
February 5, 2017
I was a little nervous- even though this was the gift they wanted, I could see that I was ignoring the age recommendation and it turned out to be the best gift ever, this was for my one year old nephew, he didn't want to open any other gifts after opening this one. He pushed it along with no problems, was able to lift it and it held up well when he dropped it. My son had one when he was probably two or three and he was caught sleeping with it. Kids like to feel like they are being big kids and this one seems to be a good fit for boys and girls. It came with batteries and was running when I received it from the UPS deliverer, and they still worked.
He's happy with it so that's all that matters
January 18, 2017
I brought this for my grandson. He loves to help granny clean. I wish it had some kinda balls or something that it could pick up. I gave it a five because he thinks it's picking up something. He's happy with it so that's all that matters.
My son's favorite gift!
November 7, 2016
I got this for my two year old son for his birthday. He loved it! All the other parents at the party asked where I got it because their kids loved it too. We have had it for about a month now and he still gets it out every day. He loves to help vacuum when we are cleaning up. The vacuum sound is great to because it makes it feel like he is turning it on, and the sound shuts off by itself after a little bit which is nice for my sanity.
What a great toy for a toddler!
July 10, 2016
OMGoodness! What a fun toy if you have a little one that enjoys the vacuum cleaner like my grandson does! It is easy to use and he is only 16 months old! He loves the lights, the sounds, and the easy to push handling. It looks just like his Mommy's! He figured out how to turn it on and off in about 3 minutes!!! Hours of fun for a little person; just ignore all the sounds it makes if you are a big person and don't like it--it's the main attraction for little people!
I absolutely love this vacuum
February 3, 2017
I absolutely love this vacuum. I've had for about a year now and it still amazes me how well it works. Most of my life, I've used cheap $50 vacuums, all bagless, and they all kicked it within the first year. This guy is still going strong. My seven year old can use it. It's so light weight and maneuverable. It works well on my kitchen floor and I use it on my couch. I have a Pomeranian so pet hair is pretty much my life. This vacuum takes care of it no problem. I keep trying to convince my cheap mom to buy one :).
Boy are we happy.
November 6, 2016
We've got 40 year old wall to wall all wool carpets. Not the easiest then to vacuum. After our 15 year old Dyson broke ,decided instead of calling dyson customer service again. Was going to try something different.

Decided to take the plunge and get the Oreck. Boy are we happy! Our carpets have never been cleaner. It was picking up debris I didn't even know we had. And out matted carpet are fluffy again. And the light weight makes it a pleasure to use.
AWESOME VACUUM. *GREAT* for pet hair, don't listen to the people who say its not good for pet hair.
August 12, 2016
So I bought this vacuum cleaner as a replacement for a Shark Professional Lift Away canister vaccum. The shark had some issues, namely:

1. It had an attachment tube through which all the suction power at some point went. This tube was made of a material that kept cracking and we had to duct tape it. In the end it was more tape than tube and this led to a loss of suction.
2. I was absolutely SICK of emptying the canister and digging out pet hair and inhaling the dust and cleaning the filter etc. It was nasty.

My wife and I made a deal for the housework. She would do the downstairs and I the upstairs. Since the upstairs is 100% frize carpet, the vacuum quickly became a point of contention for me.

I did my research (A LOT OF IT) and came to Oreck. I didn't feel like shelling out 500+ dollars for one of the super top of the line home versions that are aesthetically pleasing and instead opted to pocket the cash and buy this workhorse for 150 bucks. And I am IMPRESSED.

We have 3 dogs and a cat. The dogs are a Siberian Husky, a German Shepard, and a St. Bernard. Needless to say we a have a LOT of pet hair. Some reviewers have mentioned that they didn't think the oreck was effective for this. These people are lying to you. Our carpets are now amazingly clean. This thing sucks up debris and pet hair like nothing I've ever seen. Its a BEAST. And its lightweight. The bags hold a LOT and when its time to change them out you just pull em, toss em and replace em.

They are cheap. I've been through 2 in a month and got a 25 pack for like 15 bucks. Get the scent tabs. You can really smell them at first, after the first couple of days you cant smell anything, which hopefully is the point.

Some people have mentioned a burning rubber smell when they started using the vaccuum. I noticed this too, but I think it is just a burn in phenomenon as it quickly went away.

The replacement and maintenance parts (belt/roller) are both on amazon for under 10 bucks. I expect to change the belts and rollers on occasion and have this vacuum for a decade.

It doesn't have any attachments. it just cleans the carpets and floors superbly well. We've used it downstairs on wood and rugs and tile with no issues and it has pulled up loose pet hair and cat litter with no problems.

Give it a go. Best vacuum I've ever owned. See pictures for pet hair effectiveness.
I bought this oreck and it is awesome. Takes about 1/2 the time to vacuum the ...
March 12, 2016
If I could give this vacuum more stars I would. I had an oreck before and then tried a shark vacuum. All the shark did was move the dirt around and picked up very little. It took forever to vacuum my house. I bought this oreck and it is awesome. Takes about 1/2 the time to vacuum the house and it gets more up. Also, if you have dog hair, this is an awesome vacuum. It picks up hair really well. Don't bother with any other brand. This is well worth the money. My last oreck had 2 settings, 1 for hard surfaces and 1 for rugs. This one only has one setting. It is a little loud on the hard surfaces but works great on both.
Orecks are AWESOME !!!
February 15, 2012
I purchased my second Oreck a month ago... I decided I wanted to keep my first one downstairs and not have to bring it up and downstairs.... my 2nd Oreck is a commercial model... almost vacuums by itself... so very lightweight ... I LOVE it... I clean house for my daughter who is going through chemo... she has a Dyson.... I have a backache for at least a day after using that vacuum... sure do appreciate the light weightness of the Oreck.... but is has ALOT of "suck" power... HIGHLY recommend this vacuum !!!!!

Four Star Reviews:

Good play vacuum!
June 20, 2017
The little guy likes it, if I had to do again I would buy one that really work, the first thing he did was flip it over to see if there was bushes on, but he still plays with it.
Big hit but a little cheap feeling
March 14, 2017
This is realistic looking but I think it's a little overpriced for the quality. The handle is open on the underneath side which makes it feel uncomfortable & cheap. On the plus side, it's nice that it make a clicking sound when it's used without having to turn it on & use the battery. Also, this was a huge hit with my 15 month old grandson which is what really matters the most.
February 6, 2017
Ok nothing special
Perfect imitation/pretend toy
July 29, 2016
This vacuum looks just like mine, which makes my son want to use it since he likes to imitate us. The wheels make a clicking sound as they rotate when the vacuum is pushed, which I like because it makes it even more realistic. The only thing I don't like is the button that is supposed to make a vacuum sound when pushed is extremely quiet. It can't even be heard over the clicking sound the wheels make. It's not a big deal and may even be a blessing in disguise as we have plenty of noisy toys, but thought I should mention it in my review of the product.
Misplaced button
January 19, 2016
Pretty good for a toddler who likes vacuums. The only issue is that the button to operate the sound and lights is on the bottom of the vacuum so if your toddler is driving it around, he has to stop and bend over to push the button to make the noise.
Exceeded my expectations
March 21, 2016
Exceeded all of my expectations. Exceptionally light vacuum and has (to my surprise) much stronger suction than my Dyson. And it's fantastic on area rugs. I was very bag-averse, but for such a great deal decided to give it a try. Unlike vacuums of yore, this has a TOP-FILL bag so there's no issue with loss of suction. And the bags are very inexpensive, so all good here. The only downside to this vacuum (which I knew going in) is there's no hand held tool to use in hard to reach areas. It does, however, go underneath furniture where my Dyson would never go. All in all I am very pleased with this purchase. I purchased during a special offer and got a great deal.
This vacuum has great suction and picks up most things in its way
December 29, 2015
We ordered two of these to use on carpet squares we just installed in a daycare. This vacuum has great suction and picks up most things in its way. The kids track in a lot of dirt and mud from the playground. Once it dries, the vacuum picks it right up! My only complaint is that its really awkward to roll when propped back for some reason. It doesn't want to roll great. The bottom usually ends up flipping back down. But, its so light that we normally just carry it back to the closet.
Great Vacuum but......
March 11, 2015
This vacuum is very light, has good suction and is easy to use. Only drawback for me is the extra long cord which I ;suppose is essential for commercial use, or a very large house. I find I only release about half the cord for my small house, and leaving the rest wound on the handle makes it much heavier. I COULD release all the cord and eliminate this problem, but the extra length gets in the way., and is not easily rewound. The winding hooks are one on the front and one on the back so there is a twist when wound. That said, I'd buy again as it's doing a great job for me.
January 2, 2014
I really like how light it is, which is the main reason I purchased this vacuum. I do have a Kirby, but am getting to the point that it's hard for me to bring it up and down the steps and to pull it around to vacuum. I was interested in trying out a Oreck light-weight. I love the power that this machine puts out.

It is disappointing to me though that it doesn't get right up to the edge of the wall. I'm not sure why it doesn't clean right up to the edge, but you can see exactly where the power ends an inch or so from the wall. I like my machine to clean right up to the edge.

Most people complain about the noise, I don't think it's any louder than any other great vacuum.

It also could have sent me one extra vacuum bag, so I wouldn't have to run out and make sure that I have extras on hand.

I gave it four stars though, because of the powerful cleaning suction that it has and also for the lightness of it. I am very satisfied with this new purchase.
Works pretty good
June 11, 2013
I had one of these about ten years ago and loved it. I don't know if cheep vacuums have just gotten better but it is not quite as impressive as it once was. All that said I am still happy with it and would buy over again. I love bags no more emptying and cleaning filters. A bag will last me about six months.
Update I almost want to take off one more star because the bag can come off without you knowing it. I think the last one I had used something to lock it in place. This one does not. I still am happy with it just take 5 seconds to check the bag every time now.

Three Star Reviews:

Are you feeling lucky?
September 23, 2017
Recently bought a second one to replace the first one that experienced a very quick (2 week) handle failure. It was a gift to the grandchildren and the parents didn't tell me about it in time to try and get a refund. The plastic handle is very weak in not substantial. I re-read to the other reviews and some folks had no trouble with the handle. So my take-away is that the thermoplastic they use for molding is not consistently quality stuff. If you are unlucky, you may get one molded of weaker plastic that will fail quickly due to the thin build of the handle. If you are lucky the handle molded properly and will hang in there for a child or two. I've had no trouble with any other part of the toy.
sometimes kids get bored with the colorful ones and want the real thing
March 7, 2017
Looks realistic if you want your child to think its a real vaccume, sometimes kids get bored with the colorful ones and want the real thing...so this one looks real enough to keep those type of kids engaged with the toy longer. However the lights and sounds electronics being on the bottom are easily damaged if children bang the toy a lot...like mine did. Otherwise great price compared to other ones I have seen.
Good For Pretend Play
August 29, 2016
It was packaged nicely and arrived in excellent condition. The three stars was because I expected better quality. My child did like to play with it. But the wheels kept making clicking sounds that is not so pleasant to hear. The plastic is not of high quality. I am glad it is only $21 (although maybe it ahould have been a bit lower priced in terms of quality and lack of sturdiness). If the aim is to enhance pretend play then this toy does it.
It looks like a dirt devil
October 5, 2015
It looks like a dirt devil, but it might be the most annoying toy I have ever purchased. For starters, it's cheaply made. (not that I was expecting otherwise) the noise that the wheels make is is the worst part about it. (Think football card in bicycle spokes, but A LOT higher pitched), and the light on it isn't all that great either. I usually don't mind the many toy noises of our kids play room...but the clicking of the wheels on this thing make "the popper" welcomed.
Ten Minutes, Two Problems
July 27, 2011
This is a first day review, as problems with this toy became apparent immediately. I am letting a 19-month-old play with it, which is lower than the age recommended, but the things I notice would apply to any age. In fact, it may result in a return if my "fix" doesn't actually fix one issue.

The first problem is that there doesn't appear to be a "time out" for the toy. There is just an on/off switch on the back, near the middle. I can see young kids, especially 3-year-olds, just leaving the toy on when they are done playing with it. I'm sure many may learn how to turn it off, but it would be nice if they had some kind of little time out that would detect motion or something and turn it off after so long without moving. We have lights with motion sensors, so I'm sure it wouldn't be a major deal to do that. As it is, you could go through a lot of batteries or get annoyed having to turn it off all the time.

The second problem is the battery compartment. After placing batteries in and letting my son play, the toy started sputtering out as soon as he hit a bump. I checked the batteries and had to push them back into place. I went to let him play once more and just handing it to him caused the batteries to come loose again. I ended up having to take the battery cover off and fold up an envelope to push against the inside of the cover and the batteries. That seems to have done it for now.

I can't speak to durability or anything else yet as it's the first day it's being played with, but to find two glaring problems in the first ten minutes keeps me from being able to give this more than three stars.
February 6, 2017
I've had it about 2 months. Here are my thoughts.

Needs a light. Can't see what I'm vacuuming.

This vacuum only weighs 8lbs but it is difficult to push. You WORK to vacuum with this thing. It should have some kind of self-propelled feature as it is difficult to push and difficult to direct.

Cord is pretty much heavier than the entirety of the vacuum.

Can't be rolled unless in in vacuuming mode. No back wheels. Again, difficult to control.

Good points include the vacuum being fairly priced. I think I paid about $150 so if it lasts 3 years, I'll be more than happy. It cleans very well. Lots of sucking power. Took fibers out of my shag rug.

Would I buy it again. No. I'll probably get something more expensive that's easier to use.

But I'm relatively happy with this.
Faulty Switch Connectors
January 23, 2017
We have purchased multiples of this model over the last couple of years (probably 6 or 7) for our business. There are many positives (when they're working): Good Suction, Lightweight, Long Cord. However, with almost all, if not all of these, the vacuum suddenly stops working all together. The problem is that the wiring connector inside the handle casing disconnects from the switch. It's easy enough to fix, you just put it back on, but in another couple of weeks, it works it's way off again. This has happened with multiple vacuums that were bought months and years apart, so it's not just a batch manufacturing batch, but a design flaw. One that would be easy to fix, don't know why they haven't.
Oreck Vacuum
December 29, 2016
I am pleased with the light weight. It does not move easily on carpet and the wire to connect is a thick tubing which is clumsy to handle. But at 92 yrs I find my old vacuum was too heavy to move.
ORECK, what were you thinking?
June 16, 2015
I do like the light weight, large bags, long chord, no doubt! But the vacuum only handles even surfaces and very thin carpets well.
On thick and heavy carpets it is unpleasant to handle, it cannot be adjusted. The connection between the lower and the upper part is wobbly and a failure waiting to happen. So three stars is already pushing it, not possibly more!
March 6, 2015
Super loud with a lot of vibration. Plus, it is not dual speed which I had not realized when I ordered it although it no longer really matters. I gave my really good Oreck to my daughter who needs the dual speed and the light. It was over 10yrs old and still running like new.

This one still cleans great and I'm sure it will last for years, just like my last Oreck.

Two Star Reviews:

Annoying. Had the older kids version of dirt devil ...
June 28, 2017
Cheap. Makes clicking noise. Annoying. Had the older kids version of dirt devil vacuum previously. This one is a much cheaper version.
Save your money
March 14, 2017
Its just cheap. The battery compartment was broken when we got it, so I had to just throw it away because the batteries kept falling onto the floor. Totally not worth the money. The only reason I gave it two stars is because my son loves pushing it around, as is the reason I got it. Would not recommend.
My 2 year old son tripped and stepped on the ...
October 15, 2016
My 2 year old son tripped and stepped on the handle and it snapped in half, thankfully he was wearing shoes
Flimsy and annoying
March 7, 2016
This is my 2-year-old son's favorite toy at a local community center play group, so I bought him his own. He and I were both immediately annoyed that one of the sound settings seems to go on forever, until you hit the button again. You know a sound is annoying when a two-year-old doesn't like it! There is no "off" setting for the sound effects, so I just had to take out the batteries altogether, which means the lights also don't work anymore. Oh well, he still played with it anyway...for two weeks, when one of the wheels broke off. Not fell off, broke off. The plastic is in little shards. Possibly it could be repaired with super glue, but that doesn't sound very permanent. Very disappointed, because my son loved this thing.
The noise that it makes sounds like a bunch of static
September 15, 2015
This toy was disappointing to me, my child likes it though. The noise that it makes sounds like a bunch of static. I thought maybe the batterieswere not good so I switched them with brand new ones and unfortunately the "vacuum" noise still sounded like a bunch of static. Furthermore,as the vacuum is moved back and forth, the wheels makes a loud clicking sound. I knew it was suppose to make sounds buttheses sounds are just annoying.I bought this to replace my child's handed down toy vacuum that stopped working. I decided to go cheap because I figuredmy 4 year old won't be interested in a toy vacuum for much longer. I must say that wasn't the best decision. I ended up buying another vacuum to replace this one....for my own sanity.Pros: It's very lightweight, It looks like a mini real vacuum, and my daughter did enjoy using it.
Not what I was expecting!
March 9, 2012
I really wish I would have read the reviews before purchasing... that mistake was all my own! My 23 month old has an obsession with vacuums so I wanted to get him something to play with so I don't have to drag out vacuum out several times a day to avoid a temper tantrum. I was browsing on my phone, saw the picture and thought it looked cool, and purchased it. I was seriously dissapointed when it arrived! It is *super* light and not realistic at all. It also makes that annoying fake "clicking" sound as it rolls across the carpet. It does have a light and sound which is great, but you can't even hear it over the clicking sound. It is not worth $30 AT ALL... I'm going to spend the extra $20 and get a more realistic looking one. Too bad my husband threw away the packaging already or this would be sent back!
What a wreck, Oreck
March 1, 2017
I've loved other Oreck products. This one is a dud. The suction is ok. But it is extremely difficult to push and guide. Thank goodness I only have one short pile rug to vacuum. I will have to buy a different product for my rug and bare floors. I'm very disappointed with this Oreck.
A "don't buy"
February 1, 2017
This is one vacuum that works okay on carpet but not hard floors or vice versa. Vendor sent us an add on that raises vacuum head to take care of thick pile on carpet. But it either does not work on hard floors or you have to remove the head each time. I have rolled over pieces of thread or lint on hard floor and this vacuum did not pick it up. Had to bend over and pick it up by hand.
I keep the roller unclogged with every use and have taken it apart via the manual instruction to check for other clogs and it st
December 29, 2016
I purchased this item about 3 months ago and it works well for everyday maintenance on carpets and floors, however, not long after purchasing it started to smell every time I use it. I keep the roller unclogged with every use and have taken it apart via the manual instruction to check for other clogs and it still smells horribly with every use.
I love the ORECK
April 24, 2016
I love the ORECK, I have been in business for 30 years,found the oreck were the best for this business I had bought 2 vacuums in the past 2 years both have broken. #1 Vac the motor stopped working. #2 The tubing pipe broke in half inside the motor part of the Vac.
but it seemed like more trouble than it was worth
December 29, 2014
After our Dyson Animal died, we decided to try something with a bag (rather than buy another bagless option). The Oreck was lightweight and maneuverable, and had decent suction, however the bag connection was a catastrophe so we ended up returning it. In the two weeks we had this vacuum, the bag came off the connection three or four times, which resulted in a huge mess when all the dust and pet hair was blasted all over the inside of the bag housing. After I returned it I was told that there's a connection dock that might have eliminated this issue, but it seemed like more trouble than it was worth...ended up getting another Dyson.

One Star Reviews:

I ordered two of these as Christmas gifts for three ...
May 24, 2017
I ordered two of these as Christmas gifts for three year old twins. One is functioning properly. The lights and the sound do not work on the other one (even with battery replacement). We are outside of the 2 month replacement allowance. A warranty of 60 days seems unreasonable to me. I would not purchase this item again. No manufacturer information is provided.
it arrived not working, thought it was just the ...
September 13, 2016
it arrived not working, thought it was just the batteries but its not. I cant take it from my son and send it back to be replaced because i would have no hair left by the time he got his new one.my son has severe autism and has a fascination in vacuums
Sounds like a dying robot in addition to an annoying clicking ...
January 18, 2016
Sounds like a dying robot in addition to an annoying clicking sound when pushing around the house. Doesn't Stand up straight after a weeks use. There are better ones out there. Probably at Toys r us.
Don't buy
October 24, 2015
The batteries often move around when my son plays with the toy, despite the battery cover still being closed. The wheel has already bent. I did not realize that this model doesn't have active bristles like other versions.
I've never given a bad review before
September 9, 2015
I've never given a bad review before, but I have to say I was extremely disappointed in the toy itself and quality as soon as I opened the package. It also arrived without a lid to where the batteries are suppose to go and had my 2 1/2 yr old not seen it first, I would have definitely returned this item right away because it was not worth the 25 bucks I paid. (Shipping including) The clicking noise it makes on the wheels is horrible and it is made out of the thin cheap plastic, it looks really cute and simple in the photo, and I get that it is a "toy vacuum" but still not worth it and any child that wants a toy vacuum deserves better.
Cheap and small Vacuum
August 20, 2015
I wanted to love this little guy, but sadly once we opened the package it was clear I hated it. It is so cheaply made that my kids will destroy this vacuum in one, maybe two days of normal play. It had a dead battery upon opening and is small. Do not waste your money on this...I wish I would have.
Quality and value
February 12, 2017
Edited - lasted about 4 months, handle is now broken. Horrible design for a vacuum. The whole handle is held together by a poorly fitting piece of plastic. It works well, in terms of suction, etc., but it is not useable without a handle. I guess I need to look into an Oreck warranty or something.

Works great, very lightweight. No gadgets, but for the price and function, not an issue. Should be performing for us for many years. Used it for a couple months now, no issues.
I am very disappointed in the vacuum
December 6, 2016
I am very disappointed in the vacuum. It doesn't have a button to raise it over heavy duty carpeting! It is very hard for mr to use! Had I known it didn't have this option, I wouldn't have ordered it
Don't buy an Oreck if you have pets!
April 2, 2016
This vacuum was the biggest waste of money. Do not buy this vacuum or a similarly designed vacuum from Oreck if you have pets, because there is a design flaw. The brush roller and bearing assembly can't handle pet hair. One of my bearings seized with dog hair and overheated within 30 minutes of use. Here is Orecks warranty policy:

Oreck's limited warranty is valid only if you retain proof of purchase from Oreck or an Oreck authorized retail dealer for this product. If you purchase this product from any other source, your purchase is "AS IS," which means Oreck grants you no warranty, and that you, not Oreck, assume the entire risk of the quality and performance of this product, including the entire cost of any necessary servicing or repairs of any defects.
Broke within 5 months
September 29, 2015
Bought this may 21st, it's already not working. It won't turn on. Would love to see the sellers contact me and send a new one and take this one back. A $300 vaccum should last WAY longer then this.
I loved our previous Orek vacuum but this one seems to ...
July 28, 2015
I loved our previous Orek vacuum but this one seems to be made very poorly. I have only been using it for a couple months and pieces have already started to come off. I sent to replace the bag and realized that the part that connected it had broken off. Unfortunately there is only a 30 day replacement window, not enough time to realize the poor quality before it is too late.
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Realistic lights

Realistic vacuum sound

For ages 3+ years

Upright vacuum cleaner with 12-inch-wide cleaning path is better suited for cleaning carpets than typical canister vacuum cleaners and takes up less space for storage

Helping Hand handle has received Ease-of-Use Commendation from Arthritis Foundation; on/off switch is located in handgrip for convenience

Automatic floor adjustment enables the vacuum cleaner to move between carpets and hard surfaces without changes to manual settings

Powerful, high-speed, balanced brush roll with double helix brushes whirls at 6,500 RPM and move debris toward the vacuum inlet for cleaning

Measures 6 x 13 x 35 inches (H x W x D); weighs 8.2 pounds

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