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Abdtech 130" Mini LED Projector 1000 lumens Multimedia Beamer Portable Home Theatre Projectors support USB/SD/VGA/HDMI/AV Port - AbdTech
Epson VS230 SVGA 3LCD Projector, 2800 Lumens Color Brightness - Epson

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AbdTech http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/417nj%2BJrWAL._SL160_.jpg
Abdtech 130" Mini LED Projector 1000 lumens Multimedia Beamer Portable Home Theatre Projectors support USB/SD/VGA/HDMI/AV Port - AbdTech
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Epson http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/41vcfoYG1lL._SL160_.jpg
Epson VS230 SVGA 3LCD Projector, 2800 Lumens Color Brightness - Epson
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Five Star Reviews:

You can't beat this deal!
April 5, 2017
This is the same exact projector as the Tronfy that goes for $68 to $79. I own both now so believe me I know. In fact I own 4 projectors. I made the mistake of buying absolute crap before. My screen is my entire bedroom wall. It is about 13 feet. So much bigger then the specs say on the product. It has built-in software that allows you to play any video right off a USB flash drive. I use a terabyte drive personally. With my HDMI port I currently use an Amazon Fire Stick but use to use a Samsung blu-ray player. The major difference that I can see between this $27 projector & the $68 Tronfy is that this one is slightly brighter & slightly bigger screen. The only problem you may have is turning them on. You press the power on the remote & it doesn't always want to turn on. You have to keep pressing the button. Could take a minute. My wife has some trick she uses to get it to come on quick but I don't know how she does it. Maybe press the power button a bunch of times in a row. I bought this solely because it was so cheap & the Tronfy worked so well that I thought this may be cool too. I never imagined it would actually be better. By the way, this thing said it was international? I am in the United States & it works well here. If you want a good beautiful clear picture that is bright enough to use on the regular than buy this. My bedroom is a movie theater now.
An Artist review
February 29, 2016
I'm an artist who was looking for an affordable digital projector to help speed up the process of transferring my line art to canvas/Masonite board. I spent quite a bit of time reading reviews and trying to compare what was available. There weren't a lot of reviews from artists that gave any details about it any particular projector. Other than the high priced Artograph series. And I wasn't sure if this particular projector would work, but t was very affordable, so I decided to pull the trigger and try it out. It works fantastic. I'm able to accomplish exactly what I wanted with this projector. My only complaint, and really it's not a complaint, is I wished there were a little more leeway with the zoom function. The amount of adjustment is not very big, in terms of being able to adjust your projected image. But I was able to adjust the artwork prior to projecting it. In order to have a clear picture, the projector sits about 6-7 feet away and projects clearly at about 18x24 inches. If you need to transfer something to a smaller surface, say 16 x 20 inches. You have to adjust your file before projecting. Really not a big deal, but a minor inconvenience. I mean, you are saving several hundred dollars to achieve what the artograph led series projectors do by going this route. And you have the added bonus of using it for entertainment purposes. It does what I need and it didn't break the bank. It also is able to be mounted to a tripod, which is a nice feature.
Worked much better than I had anticpated
October 26, 2015
I've been looking at getting a projector for some time now and the one I was looking to get was about $450 but to take advantage at that price point, I wanted to set it up in a dedicated location. After finding this projector, seeing the price and reading the reviews, I figured it would be worth buying and if it didn't fit the bill, I could return. I didn't have many expectations other than wanting to see how well the image would appear.

I'm keeping this thing!

Projector is tiny, relative to other projectors. I've got programming books that are bigger than this thing. (Reminds me of the old school SharpVision from yesteryear.) However, this is an LED projector so the screen lights up bright all around the viewing image. When I fired up the projector, I was pleased with the initial image. Like I said, all the corners were covered and the image was viewable, despite only bouncing it off a white wall.

-Composite (the old red-white-yellow RCA connections. Cable comes with this that has 3-female inputs to connect to DVD/VCR/LaserDisc)
-PC (via VGA 15-pin connector. Careful, it's just the input, doesn't have the screw terminals to secure the cable to projector)
-SD card (not sure about the size limit, seems like it would be 2GB at most.)

When I hooked up my MacBook Air, I noticed that the Mac was receiving an image much bigger than the scope of the projector. That is, the picture was "zoomed" and the entire image was not appearing. I had to adjust the aspect ratio. After playing with the settings, I found the right mode in order to get the entire image to appear. There is also a feature to make the aspect ratio automatic. When I played two different files via USB with different aspect ratios, the projector handled the job without fail.

It's a breeze to play files via the USB connection. I only tried it with a thumbdrive, but I would hazard a guess you could do so with any USB device, such as an external hard drive. Viewing photos does take some time. Obviously, the size of the photo will impact this, but it is faster to watch videos on USB than pictures. I hooked up my SNES via the composite connection and the image played fine.

Picture quality:
I was surprised and am pleased with this image. I have included four different photos. One with the lights on and one without lights. The image is still viewable, though faded, when the lights are on. When they are off, you can see how sharp and vivid the colors are. (I will admit that the iPhone pics look better than what the image was in real life, but not by that much.) In fact, the video showing is from an internet file, so you can imagine how much better it would look via a DVD or other quality streaming service. I have hooked up my FireTV via the HDMI input and it's a breeze.

You can tweak the image and there are even picture settings, such as Movie, Vivid, etc. If you play with the color settings, which are just the usual variety, you can really dial in the image just right. (They used to sell home theater DVDs to set up the sound and color. If you used one of those here, you will be in good shape and people won't believe the projector is only $100.)

The further I moved the projector, the much clearer and sharper the image became. Too close and you will NEVER be able to focus it. The projector needs to be a minimum distance to take advantage of what it offers. At 75" diagonally, the picture came in sharp, clear, and vivid. When going with a screen, if you want the quick & dirty solution, buy a tarp, the blue kind that has the gray backing. Or a gray tarp. Gray/silver works best to absorb the light colors so they don't bounce back, but enough to not absorb the darker colors, and if anything, allowing them to stand out better. Did this with another projector a buddy had. Worked like a charm.

Typical of the old CRTs from my childhood. Good enough to hear what's being said and that's about it. If you want to be portable and not carry speakers, you will be okay. However, the projector is noisy, as the fan has to keep the lens cool. Not a deal breaker, but definitely noticeable. I hooked up the audio output to some speakers, but got noise/interference. Not sure if it was because the cable was being overstretched, but it was annoying. I'll have to check this out again.

I was thinking, if they have a bluetooth audio connection adapter, that is, make the audio output into a bluetooth connection, you could hook up some wireless bluetooth headphones and set the projector out of the way. Just a thought. Maybe worth a try one day.

-vivid image
-customizable (to a point)
-comes with remote
-comes with RCA-adaptor cable
-easy to use

Nitpicking Cons:
-remote is ornery, but from further away, works well
-PC connection is lame

Not many cons, but for $100, that the pros outweigh the nitpicking cons, then you know you've got a good value on your hands. Once I set this up, take advantage of my home theater sound and get a good gray tarp, I might have my projector for the future. Even if this lasts only a year, worth the money.
Great for the Price, lots of photos...
October 11, 2015
Ok, well, I owned an NEC 265L and the $80 bulb burned out!!! It was a 720p resolution at 2000 lumens. Pretty good, but a fresh bulb only lasted just under a year, bummer!

I was worried this projector wouldn't meet my expectations, 1/2 the resolution and Lumens of the NEC, BUT I'm happy to say I'm quite pleased for the price, and expected bulb life.

The pictures are of different light levels, projected on a white bed sheet! The projection is probably about 6.5 feet wide, with the projector 6 ft from the screen, sitting on the coffee table. We can easily watch movies with a few 60w, shaded lamps on, 10 ft behind us in the dining room.

I bought this projector for my nieces birthday party. I previously built a 12'x8' screen from pvc pipes and 2 king sheets sewn together for the NEC, but it died. I'll be sure to add some photos of the largest projection and its intensity at night!

To conclude, if you want a huge movie screen on your wall for $90, it's well worth every penny! By far the best bang for the entry level budget projector.

Also text shows pretty well, the keystone is helpful, but you'll sacrifice some clarity if you push it too far! Screen size is based on distance from screen.
Great product at an amazing price!
August 24, 2015
Just purchased this. And used it 2 times outdoors. It works fantastic so far, also it doesn't have to be completely dark for the picture to be clear and visible. This little machine is fantastic. The only thing we need to get now is some good speakers to hook up to it.
It's early September and its still pretty bright out at 7pm
September 15, 2015
This came yesterday in time to save my Monday night football party. I already owned a NEC projector but that required much darker conditions to work. I ordered this on friday and it got to me an hour before kick off on Monday. It is as advertised. It's early September and its still pretty bright out at 7pm, but the picture quality was GREAT regardless. It's very clear and the colors are well defined. A friend commented that it was just like watching TV. I am extremely impressed and I now have a bunch of jealous friends whom I know will be making that purchase pretty soon.
May 10, 2015
I'm an art instructor. Anyone familiar with the Epson products will consider this product for teaching, showing travel shots, more. I have happily used the flatbed scanner (Epson Perfection 4990) for about 30 years. So when I had spent hours in Photoshop getting the color of my images just right, and taking a laptop, various connection cords, and a prayer that it would all work and look good to numerous venues to use THEIR equipment, I was publicly embarrassed at what I saw on the screen. Time to get my own equipment. I can't say enough good things about this projector. Set up was minimal, instruction manual is simplistic, logical, factual. A few questions were immediately answered (in English) by courteous, knowledgeable technicians via phone. I used this projector within days at a class and the class gave it their seal of approval. Need to learn more about its capabilities, but so sold already, I'm chanting praise!! You do not need a laptop; just save your PowerPoint program to a travel drive as "JPEG" and plug it in!.
Epson is the way to go
April 19, 2015
I spent a few months looking for a decently priced projector that had the specs I was looking for in a projector. I had over 30 different projectors in my amazon cart. After reading endless articles and doing research I narrowed it down to this Epson VS230. I received it in 2 days after I purchased it and honestly I am impressed with this projector. I am happy with my purchase and am excited to continue using it. I set it up midday in my living room and it had no problem providing plentiful brightness onto the screen. It's colors are vibrant and video looks great. In a dark room it is even better, of course, and gives great clarity. I'll be using mine for presentations, gaming and movies. I spent right at $400 for this projector and a 100" screen 4:3 screen. Do your research and spend the extra 100-200 and you will have a projector that you are satisfied with. The speakers are even decent but I will be plugging in external speakers for surround sound. This projector has the hookups (hdmi, USB, aux cables) I have been looking for along with the brightness of 2800 lumens. A lot of projectors claim to have a certain brightness but in actuality fall short of their specs. This projector is what is says it is and I would recommend it. Thanks for reading my review.
Fantastic value
March 8, 2015
Fantastic valueI've had this projector for 6 months - 1 year now with many hours of use everyday. I even use this projector for the occasional video projection install and it puts out plenty of light (3K lumens) at a pretty good quality. Blacks are pretty black. Keystone adjustments are really handy. Easy to setup and use. Small size makes it very portable and easy to install (low weight load on wall/ceiling)It's not an HD projector, but it will take HD inputs. Unless you are scrutinizing each pixel on the wall, you really won't notice that much of a difference. I've used this projector for everything from TV to gaming to production, up to a 20' x 40' picture to do visuals for a party with fantastic results. Very crisp picture and good frame rate.It's been working great without a hiccup - my living room has swayed many friends into going from TV -> projector, and this is the one I recommend to all who ask. Once you switch over, there really is no going back.
Awesome for outstide movies. EASY set up. Lightweight and compact but great picture quality.
July 5, 2014
We finally set this up and we are amazed at this quality. We used this outside on the Camp Chef os-144 movie screen, set up the projector about 15 feet or so back and the picture quality was great. We saw no pixilation or problems and it was like using a huge HD tv on our lawn. Set up was scarily easy (I was sure I missed a few steps but it went on right away) and though we didn't have the right speaker plugs to use separate speakers the sound with 6 of us sitting around it was loud enough. If you have more or louder groups you may want to add separate speakers but for a few families it is fine. We used it with a dvd player as I didn't have the right plug for my laptop (and I was worried about my laptop buffering) and everyone enjoyed it immensely. I can completely recommend this for outside movies.
Great projector!!!!!
February 17, 2014
I wanted something that wasn't super expensive but still looks good. I did some research and found out that Epson is one of the most reliable brands out there. I was going to purchase the Epson VS220 because it got so many good reviews and was award winning but then I saw that the VS230 was the newer model and had 100 more lumens for the same price at the time, so I figured whichever projector had a cheaper replacement lamp would be one I would get. Turned out the replacement lamp for the VS220 was $200 but the VS230 only cost $100 to replace, and it also has more lumens so I took a leap of faith and decided on the VS230 and I'm so happy that I did. My living room looks like a small movie theater. Sports games look amazing on it, so if you're into watching games like I am that's a plus! Also if you like video games, they look great on it too! You can play all the next gen console games on it because of the HDMI port. I hope you like this projector as much as I do..

Four Star Reviews:

Flawed but worth the money!!!
March 27, 2017
I have now had this projector for 1 year and I am ready to review. First, my initial setup....Projector HDMI to Apple TV 2, analog connection from soundbar to projector headphone jack....projecting onto standard size garage door. Impressions: This little thing is a beast...when there is no text on the screen...text is HORRIBLE. Outside of picture is a little blurry but when you are outside and projecting onto a white garage door its not bad. I have enjoyed it alot. The analog sound connection is horrible and there is alot of noise. So this year I decided to upgrade to a manual projector screen to use inside and outside. My setup changed to an Apple TV 3 and then I ran an optical cord from that to the sound bar. The sound is way better, of course. Problem now is the screen shows the projector's flaws much easier. The outsides are very blurry and text is even more horrible. You may think this is a bad review but for the price I paid and the enjoyment I have gotten out of it, I think this is way worth the money. For me, this was meant to be an entry level setup to see if I would use it...the answer is absolutely. Now, I will probably upgrade this summer but I am keeping this small form factor projector for travel.
If you are looking for an amazing HD projector that you can use anywhere
March 15, 2017
If you are looking for an amazing HD projector that you can use anywhere...this is probably not the one for you. But you should probably also be looking to spend more money. For this price this thing is incredible. We use it to host outdoor movie nights at our co-op garage space. It definitely is hard to see if there is too much light but outside in the dark it works great. And the definition is pretty solid.
The sound from the unit's speaker is pretty terrible so we use an auxiliary cable to hook up a Bose speaker for better sound.
I also have set this up with a tripod since it has the mounting hole on the bottom. Its easy to focus and get the right angle for most places we've used it. There are multiple connection options but we typically just toss movies on a thumb drive and pull them straight from there. Haven't found a file format yet that hasn't worked (that's not to say that we've tried every possible kind though either).
This projector is a perfect gateway into the world of projector viewing
July 15, 2016
This projector is a perfect gateway into the world of projector viewing. After getting the idea of putting a projector into a media room, i flocked to Amazon, and other online retailers to get some pricing. Most "Cheap projectors" are in the $500-$800 range. Yeah, so for something i wasn't even sure would work, that was a lot of money to spend.

I found these cheap projectors in all corners of the internet. Well reviewed, highly rated, videos on youtube demonstrating the abilities of this little thing. Please note there are about 20 manufacturers selling the exact same projector with a different name, so i assume this applies to those as well. I have been using this for a couple weeks and i'm going to give you a rundown of EXACTLY what you can expect from this device.

The projector itself is small. Really small. It is roughly the size of a pair of computer speakers next to each other. It fits comfortably on a shelf, and does not weigh anything at all. The construction is 100% plastic, and while it's so small, it does feel rather sturdy. The lens is quite large, and has a profound bubble look to it, which i actually didn't mind.

Surprisingly, a decent feature set was built in. The hardware buttons on the top of the projector are extremely tactile and give a definitive click when pressed. The focus ring and Keystone adjustment are found along the side of the projector, making it quick and easy to make adjustments. The actual adjustments are decent at best. Looking at the keystone dial, you would assume there would be a ton of adjusting to be done, but that isn't the case. Where it looks it could potentially turn, it stops itself after a little over 1 centimeter of rotation, it's almost like an on/off switch. The keystone shift isn't super horrible(15degrees), the adjustment dial is just extremely touchy and hard to get perfect. The focus ring is a little bit better. It provided a smooth focus movement to ensure the best possible picture. The only real complaint i have is with the on/off function. It took a few presses to get it up and running, and then a few more to get it to turn off. The projector also comes with a plastic remote.

Picture Quality:
Alright here's the big one. The native resolution on this projector is 480p. It can upscale to display 1080p images, but it will be grainy, and extremely hard to see. I had this mounted about 10 ft from my screen. Casting a 100 inch image, sitting 10 ft away, pixels were clearly visible, and the "Screen door effect" made watching anything somewhat annoying. That being said, it is pretty bright, and the colors don't look horrible! Watching cartoons on this was actually pretty enjoyable, since the bright colors and broad lines sort of disguised the screen door effect. A few friends and i played Fifa 16 for about 3 hours on this (PS4) and had an absolute ball. They were amazed at the size of the screen, and the picture was playable. Don't expect to use this in a well lit room, but under some lower light, it looks okay!

Sound Quality:
Bad. Just awful. Distorted, white noise with some slight undertones of what you're supposed to be hearing. Luckily there's an audio out jack and USB functionality that powered some computer speakers. They weren't the best quality but sound became passable without getting a headache. As for the fan noise on the projector itself, i couldn't really hear it, so i can't complain about it.

It's not a $25,000 cinema projector. If you're looking to get into projectors, and don't want to take a thousand dollar plunge for something you might not even like, buy this. It's cheap, and it will give you a general idea if this is a path you should take. It will either make you say, you know...this whole projector thing just isnt for me...or it will make your mouth water with the thought of getting a true 1080p projector. For the money, the value is absolutely there. I just bought my first decent projector, which i got on sale on Prime day! The difference is absolutely mind boggling, but i am still going to hold on to this bad boy for it's portability.
I recommend getting the 3 year warranty for $7 just in ...
September 28, 2015
This projector is a decent product for less than $100.00. I wanted to have an outdoor movie/game night in the backyard without spending much money. I recommend getting the 3 year warranty for $7 just in case it doesn't last long. The projector works fine but still feels cheap. Other than that, I am pleasantly surprised of the clarity for a price tag less than $100.

Attached is a photo
- Hung a beige painters tarp (anything solid would be fine) with wood clamps on the fence.
- Set up the projector on a table and hooked up a DVD/game system via USB. (The photo shows a similar priced 800 Lumens ABTECH projector that I recently returned)

I went with this model instead of the other because....
- Focus wouldn't remain constant
- It would play MP4 video files but then distort the image?
- Couldn't connect to a standard tripod camera because it didn't have the screw receiver
- 200 less lumens
- Lens cap stays on much better
- No Warranty offered

If you're looking for an inexpensive way to have an outdoor movie night and display a large image I would recommend this model. But get the warranty. Even online it was tough to find any websites for customer service.
An Honest Review.
August 23, 2015
So I ended up spending 2 months searching all over amazon for the cheapest BEST Projector I could find, something that could satisfy my needs (Movies and video games),

I'm 70 % Satisfied for what I expected, there is problems in the corners of the screen when it comes to focusing, but over all it is pretty solid.

The design is so sleek, and it feels great in the hands. The Brightness is for sure 1000 Lumens, which is amazing for the size of this thing. It is ONLY a little bit bigger than a Goosebumbs book!

Overall, if you want something that works for party's or for simple personal use when you are tired of being restricted to the size of an led tv.

Buy it, it's 100 bucks, it works, it's compact..and did I mention you can use SD, Hdmi, Vga, Usb hd, and AV??? It's a monster.

Sounds sucks though, but who cares even high quality project internal speakers suck. Hook up an external sound system and you got a mini movie theater
A great projector for the money
July 31, 2015
A great projector for the money. The picture is bright even when blown up rather large. My only complaint is that for a presentation to a group of 70 the sound was not loud enough for the room. With my laptop I had only a usb or hdmi connection option. Neither of these allows you to split the audio off to an external speaker. I sent for a splitter and hopefully going forward I will be able to spit the signal from the hdmi cable into audio and video and connect the audio to another speaker.
Great projector, but you need a backup plan for the sound
May 27, 2015
Bought this projector to create an outdoor movie theater for the summer - easy to set up, FANTASTIC image, used AppleTV to play movies and music - unfortunately, the sound was a problem. Although this projector - unlike many others - does have an internal sound system, you can only hear it if you are sitting (a) behind the projector and (b) sitting within +/- a few feet from it - anywhere else and you can't hear the sound. This projector also has the red / white / yellow audio plugs, but you cannot simply connect a speaker system to it - you have to use a receiver to connect the pieces - which totally defeats the simplicity of an outdoor movie. I think this would be amazing in a room and would be wonderful as a projector in a home theater setting.
- reasonably priced - played it with the lights on and looks good. - we were able to hook up our ...
April 19, 2015
We've had it for about 3 months now and we're enjoying it. We primarily watch movies and some youtube videos.Pros:- reasonably priced- played it with the lights on and looks good.- we were able to hook up our laptop as well as the blue-ray and dvd player (not all at once)- will play upside down- hooks up to our receiver easilyCon- wish it had a zoom- lens has a tilt feature (you can turn this off and it does give you a re-shape the screen size)Neutral- I can see pixels, but we did not get the HD version so it's somewhat expected. And once we get into the story you don't notice.Bottom Line: For the price, I would recommend, however I think if I were to do it again I may consider the higher model. I must admit I originally was looking at a cheaper model and decided to splurge and go up one level, I was drawn in by the color lumens - now I'm thinking perhaps we should've gone all the way. I was unsure if the project would've gotten much use but with 2 teens in the house, we use it 2-3 times a week watching movies.
First time had some charm.
March 17, 2015
Easy to set up for home outdoor use. Had to wait for evening darkness so I could view bluray movie. I tried to use Block Rocker as an audio source but I could not. I had purchased a Sony sound bar years ago and luckily it had HDMI hookups. I was able to use the sound bar as audio out source. The picture quality was excellent, the color was vivid and natural looking. There are a couple of negative things to say about the projector. The first thing is that the projector only has one HDMI hookup on the back. The second is the color saturation function is not as user friendly as a color function that has the numbers 1 through 5. Other than those two things, I was satisfied with the projector for my first time using it. I hope to post a review again after repeated use.
Serves its purpose
January 1, 2015
This was a Christmas gift for my wife. She loves watching videos in a big screen so this was a big plus for her. Previously my wife was using a "mini-projector" that works ok but has weaker resolution and light intensity The Epson came as described. Resolution and light intensity is great for movie watching. It functions well using an HDMI cable to one of our computers. The only downside is that we can't get it to function with our existing HDMI ROKU streaming stick that functions fine with the mini-projector. If it was compatible with the streaming stick, I'd have given it 5 stars.
done alot of research prior and went with this budget projector with the best reviews. I love it
August 5, 2014
First projector I've had, done alot of research prior and went with this budget projector with the best reviews. I love it! The reason I didn't rate it 5 is because I have on very rare occasions gotten some minor lag but all in all its a great budget projector. As a PC gamer I'm very happy. The screen is very clear and I can even make out most text on it as long as its not too small. It works great with games, movies, and TV. It comes with a VGA cable but I got an HDMI one for better image. My only other minor complaint is that the feet in the back bottom of it don't seem to screw off which I wanted to do for a ceiling mount to be installed. I'm sure I'll figure it out though and other then that its great. :)

Three Star Reviews:

Not a high-end projector, but does what I need it to do . . .
May 16, 2016
I purchased this projector for my kids to use when we are on holiday. I also have a Brookstone Pocket Projector that directly connects to my iPhone 4s, but as my iPhone only has 16GB, I wanted something that would allow me to take more movies with me.

First impressions . . .
1) The build quality seems sufficient to handle travel (I'll update this review if I find otherwise).
2) The unit has a power rating of 100 - 240V. This will be sufficient for traveling in Europe.
3) The instructions were simple enough and the unit came with an AV cable that allows connection to standard RCA input for an older DVD player (or in my case, an older iPod Video).

Connections . . .
The device is well equipped with input ports. So far, I have tried the HDMI, USB and SD card slots with success. I haven't connected my laptop yet with the VGA, but suspect it will work as described. My main reason for buying this unit was the ability to load my entire movie collection on an SD card and take it with me when I travel, so this works for that purpose.

Playback . . .
Here is where I ran into some issues that were not clearly covered in the manual . . .
1) I copied a couple of movies to an SD card as this will store the bulk of my movie collection. However, the player would not read an ExFat format card. I had to reformat the card to FAT for the player to read the SD card. (Note: I had the same issue with a USB stick).
2) My movie collection is all encoded on a Mac in m4v and mkv files with H.264 encoding. According to the manual mkv in H.264 is supported. Unfortunately, it is not. When I tried looking for the m4v files, they were not displayed. The mkv files were visible, but would not play. I had to re-encode the mkv files using MPEG4 rather than H.264 for them to be able to play.
3) Now that I have my movies in a workable format (I loaded all the movies to a Handbrake queue and did a batch re-encode overnight), I could now start playing them. Please remember, the native resolution on this device is 800x480. Most of my movies were encoded at 656x272 or similar so they would play on the older iPod Video. At this resolution, there is pixilation. This is not a native 1080p player. However, the video is definitely watchable and will serve my needs for travel.

Seller . . .
When encountering the above issues, I reached out to the seller (Abdtech). They were very responsive (responding overnight to any emails I sent) and provided me the necessary information. I suggested that they update their manual to reflect the above playback information which they said they would look into.

Other thoughts . . .
For projecting basic movies, this fits the bill. If you are looking for high-quality, large screen projector, you need to buy a true 1080 or 4k projector as this is not that. Overall, it should serve my needs.
Very Cool
February 12, 2016
For me this little projector is great. I don't have cable, just netflix and a lot of movies and tv shows on my hard drive, so getting a tv wasn't that appealing to me. Having this- being able to project at mini movie theater sizes in my own room- was a pretty awesome alternative. Currently I have mine set up on my tripod (which is one thing I love about this particular projector, as others don't have a tripod mount), and it's projected onto a khaki colored wall. If I wasn't renting a room, I would have just painted the walls white, but as it is, I still get great color and light even with the wall the color it is now. It's quite easy to focus, and the quickest way I've found of doing this is by selecting my usb drive through the menu and using the text from each file listed to make sure the whole screen is as well in focus as I can get it. I've seen some reviews saying they can't get it to focus, and there are only two reasons I can think of for this: one, that there is a defect with your projector. Two, and the more likely, is that the projector is not far enough away from the wall you are projecting onto. Also if you use the tilt function of the focus levers, it will be harder to focus the edges (top and bottom) of the screen. The fan is a bit loud, but absolutely par for the course with projectors- it's not something you can avoid. However over time I've gotten used to it, and when you've got the volume up to normal viewing/listening levels, it fades into the background. I would definitely recommend getting a speaker for this though- I purchased the SoundBot SB520 3D HD Bluetooth 4.0 Wireless Speaker, and it works great. Also, for the people I've seen complaining about the amount of light they do or don't get, this projector is really only made to be used in a very dark room/at night. This is not one you can use during the day, unless you managed to make a room completely light proof.

The only reason I gave it 4 stars instead of 5, is the difficulty I've had with some of the files I've tried to play. It seems that certain mp4 files have been giving the projector trouble, but for the most park mkv files have been okay. To work around this I have been converting my files to different formats. Not the biggest hassle in the world, but still extra work for me. All in all though, great movie night projector, especially for the price.

Edit: 2/21/16
So the reason I originally took a star off- the difficulty I had getting the projector to play certain files- persists. Even certain mp4 to mkv files I've converted say they are unsupported and then some of the mp4 files that play either just stop 3/4 the way through, or the audio track gets out of sync by the end. I don't know if anyone else is having these problems, but it's making it difficult not to want to return this and buy something more reliable. :/
I will cover the good and the bad
January 12, 2016
Let me start by saying that this Projector is a budget projector, and you cannot compare it to a home theater system. I would categorize this projector as "decent" I would say when you factor in cost vs product, it maybe even moves up just a slight tick. So, I will cover the good and the bad. Full disclosure, this is my first projector so take my review with a grain of salt.

Cost - hard to beat the cost of one of these little units
Setup - Not much to it, plug in the power chord, put batteries in the remote, and point it at a screen (always need to adjust focus)
Media Options - Multiple options from flash drive, USB, to hooking it up to another piece of hardware
Small size - It is not annoyingly large or heavy

The "Ok"
Manual focus - No auto Focus
Tilt screw - The unit has a small thumbscrew that it uses to tilt with......pretty unusable
Speakers - They are expectedly bad. Not much volume, not great quality
Brightness - I struggled whether to put this in The Bad, but I think you have to keep expectations to a budget projector level. The brightness was a little worse than I expected out of 1,000 lumens, so for watching darker movies (horror flicks, or anything set in a less than daylight setting) its noticeable. Of all of the things I'm pointing out, this is 1 of the 2 that I can't help but notice and it effects the experience.

The Bad
Focus, Focus, Focus! - This is the 2nd thing that drives me crazy about this unit, and even though its a budget projector, I feel like it really has to go into the BAD column. This unit CANNOT focus at an angle (meaning if you ceiling or floor mount this unit, as would happen in almost all applications unless you just have room in the center of your space to set up a perfectly flat projector at a center of screen height unobstructed). So if tilt this unit, you can take out the trapezoid shape (unless it is at a fair angle as its adjustment isn't great) but you MUST chose where you want your focus (top/middle/bottom) if you chose to have the bottom (where most sub titles are so the text is legible) the top WILL BE out of focus....significantly so. My experience is that when you angle this unit at what I would consider a normal mild angle the opposite end will be very out of focus (you will not be able to read text). I know that this is a cheap budget unit, but if you want to watch movies, and you will need to tilt it, you may want to get a better unit. Really this is the only thing that drives me crazy about it.

Summary: Its an ok unit for the price, and if you have about 7 to 12 feet from projector to screen - without having to angle it, this is a good projector if a tad dim. If you need to angle the projector.....perhaps think about another projector with better focus.
Decent bang for buck.
November 20, 2015
Ok, obviously this is an entry level projector. That being said... it's not bad for the money. However, quality is certainly lacking.

It turns on quickly, and also shuts off instantly. No need for cool-down time I suppose with LED bulbs. The resolution isn't superb, but should be fine for general movie watching in the yard or something. I wouldn't recommend this for your new home theater. The picture is best when it's being projected completely perpendicular to the screen. Yes, there is manual keystone correction, but I'm finding this throws the focus off quite a bit. When it's at an angle... you may be able to focus the bottom of the screen, but that'll throw off the focus at the top of the screen. Maybe this is just a symptom of using a projector at it's shortest throw.

Mine has a bit of a manufacturing defect. When the projector is on a level table, the picture is crooked. It's obviously an easy fix to stick a magazine or something under one foot, but it's annoying nonetheless.

This will not work well in a lit room. If you have to compete with ambient light... don't waste your time. Get something brighter.

You've got a good variety of connections, and the multimedia player is nice to have included. I have not tried streaming from a usb drive or disc yet.
Worth the price but your need may have you buy something else
October 24, 2015
Even though the reviews were stellar, the ~100 lumens for me were insufficient (I am in the process of listing this as used on Amazon to buy a ~300 lumen unit). For home movies it is probably ok as long as the unit is within 10 feet of the screen/wall. I used it to do a demo of some software for a client and it was fuzzy, partially because I suspect the lens is plastic and there was some diffusion. Fine focus was not reasonably achievable. The one complaint stated is true regarding the the single adjustable height leg. I found the unit for its size had quite a loud fan - I assume it was to cool the ultra light LED. I've seen super quiet LED units in other meetings. You do get what you pay for at this price. Hope this helps someone.
Poor sound
January 6, 2017
Horrible sound, had to buy external speakers
Bright but wish the picture was sharper.
September 21, 2016
I have had this projector for about a year now. It well, is bright, and not super noisy. I would say that when running the ps3 and trying to read stuff in amazon prime video streaming or vue it is nearly impossible. It is ok but I am about to look for a better one. It does not have external output for audio which is a big deal.For the money it was cheap and runs well. It works great but isn't crystal clear.
Every nice picture. I just wish I could get a response back from the warrantee company.
September 22, 2015
I had purchased this unit from Amazon.com Shopping. I also purchased the extra protection package through Canopy Protection warrantee. I was charged all purchases on my Visa card, as paid in full. I contacted Epson with all the information about the warrantee and the defect. After speaking to the representative the gave me Incident # 160112-001353. Reference # 160-106-004744. I also spoke to a representative from Epson regarding the return and replacement of the Projector to them. Everything clearly understood in our conversation and several via E mails being sent to them. More then 4 days now after repeated E Mails for my request to Epson and Canopy to send us the Mailing Label so we can return the Projector for an exchange, replacement for one that works. They have neglected to contact us for return mailing instructions. Please contact me at my E mail : jtruax41@gmail.com to resolve this problem.
No headphone Jack, and can not Output the audio are serious down falls
May 11, 2015
Bought the projector to play movies, video games, and watch cable. I got it to work well with all three, the cons are why I couldn't rate this a full five starts.Pros:The color is great and it can easily be seen in a bright room.It doesn't lose its image on a bigger wallIt fixes well on a wall from any positionThe eco options can be use full, in making me fell like I am saving energy by dimming the pictureIt's not to heavy making it easy to carry aroundThe fan doesn't sound very loud, it doesn't distract the audioCons:You can not output the audio from the projector makes setting up audio more difficultThe projector doesn't have a headphone jack, you can only use audio plugs for soundThe projector size can get in the way if you want to hang it at allIt gets really hot some times, and once in a while can have a odor like something is burringThe start time can feel lengthy at timesThe price of the projector don't give this a feeling of a complete package, I feel committed to the the projector moreI would get this same projector but it has to have the audio output option and a headphone jack, then this projector would be a five star even with it's size.
Manual for USB PC Free video missing codec specifications mjpeg
August 28, 2014
No prior projector experience so no opinion on color / brightness. Only used a few times thus far, but spent hours trying to figure out the USB PC Free options. It accepts the USB device fine and recognizes .jpg or .png pictures, but videos would not work. After much research there was no clear answer. I followed the instructions and converted the videos to .avi with .pcm audio and not above 1280x720 (the only instructions), but when converting one must choose a video codec from a list of about 15, which I tried 5-7 with no success. Emailing Epson technical support was a waste of time so I called; the person answering did not know (they basically read to you the manual) so I asked her to talk to a supervisor, who did not know. I then asked if they could check with a technical person who may know . . . about 15 minutes later they came back with the video codec needs to be "motion jpeg" and the closest in the video converter was the .mjpeg extension (this worked with 720x480). The video quality is not as good as direct connection to a laptop, but good enough for basic presentations where you don't want to set up the laptop and the loop feature (replaying the same files within a folder) may be useful. The sound quality of the projector is not that good on the mono speaker with a lot of vibration sound when turned up to half volume so only for small spaces and quiet listening (or constant increasing / decreasing for video music versus talking). I also could not figure out how to use the laptop speaker when connected with the USB cord and there was a significant delay between the video and audio playback for a video (unless I figure out a change I will only use the USB cord connection for slides or pictures and not videos). The VGA connection seemed to work fine for video with no delays. I will likely get audio wires to try and connect external speakers for better sound.
Not bad but not great either
March 25, 2014
It's good, not great. Very large pixels. Bright picture, tons of tech but the picture just isn't as sharp as I wished it could be but I guess for the price this is what to expect.

Two Star Reviews:

Not worth it unless you're desperate
July 9, 2016
This projector is ok if you have some medium length cables and about 6-8 feet of space to work with between the projector and the wall. Any more or less than that and the picture will be far too blurry to really be useful. It does not work well for anything other than games or movies, and even then I'd only recommend it for movies. The quality of the picture is awful at anything other than the distance I mentioned above. It is randomly noisy when turned on. (This will go away if you restart it, but it does come back later on.) The lens cap also falls out of the slot immediately with the slightest of touches. Overall I'd suggest you save for a better projector unless you really need one immediately.
Can't focus with keystone
January 6, 2016
I just got the product recently and am not really satisfied. My main issue is that unless the projector is lined up directly with the screen it seems to be impossible to focus. I mounted mine on the ceiling and when I use the keystone correction (which is manual) it becomes impossible to focus the entire projection area. You either have to choose to have the top portion in focus or the bottom, you can't really get area in focus. It's not just off a little bit either, if the bottom is crystal clear the top is terrible. I'll remount the projector so that the angle is much less and won't use the keystone but that's really a crappy solution.

Pros: Connectivity, price, resolution, size
Cons: Can't focus with keystone correction!
Was expecting more based on previous reviews here but reality shows it is a sub 100 projector.
December 19, 2015
You get what you pay for. Previous reviews I've read on here gave me the impression that somehow a LED projector under 100 dollars would provide quality matching or nearly matching more expensive projectors. Is the projector worth the sub $100? I think so. But the question is, would you be happy with the image quality of a sub $100 projector? You probably won't be happy. I wasn't. The pixelated image, and the blurry corners, and the noisy fan made the entire viewing experience less than enjoyable. I also had some stuck hot pixels that were annoying. So, the projector is being returned for a full refund and I am thinking about the more expensive projectors that will give me a true HD image( 720P or higher ), brighter and more pleasing image.

In all fairness, I should also say, I can see how others would be happy with this projector, for the given price. It is certainly fine for casual dvd viewing, and gaming, but you will see the quality you paid for.
If Chinese-made, low-quality products are fine with you - look no further
November 16, 2015
You get what you pay for. That is the clear lesson here. The whole apparatus feels cheap and flimsy. The focus and "keystone" correction has the feel and operation you might expect to find on a homemade science experiment. While the projection will be adequate for a dark room, if you expect to have any interior light sources, you can virtually guarantee that the light output will not be enough. I agree with other reviewers that it would be adequate to have as a mobile, backup movie projector for dark rooms/nighttime viewing, but if you have any possibility of needing to use it during the day or in a lit room, look elsewhere.
Abdtech 130" Mini LED Projector 1000 Lumens.
November 9, 2015
I was looking for a new projector when I noticed this one on amazon. After reading all of the positive reviews I decided to make the purchase. The projector arrived in 2-days and I had it up in running in no time at all. So here is why I have only given this projector 2-stars. The short throw feature was nice and also the keystone correction and now for the 2-stars. The picture on this projector in my own opinion is horrible and the reason is this, no matter what I did I could not get this projector to focus. The colors where terrible as well that of course is when you could make them out at all because for some reason the colors where all washed out. The picture sort of reminded me of a old super 8 projector so I decided to return it. I hope that this helps.
SVGA not good for word processing
June 11, 2016
Nice projector but the SVGA resolution is really low. Not a good choice if you want to view and edit text on a screen in a group meeting.
terrible resolution.
July 30, 2015
I purchased this product after reading the reviews. I went with higher percentage.I returned the projector today...terrible resolution.
Pixelation causes issues.
June 5, 2015
Ordered this projector for my company's conference room, and I haven't been very impressed. It works great for things like PowerPoint presentations, but proved to be problematic when viewing data in spreadsheets. No matter which input is used (we tend to use VGA and HDMI most of the time), the image looks pixelated, and this tends to render text unreadable unless you zoom way, way, way in...which then requires lots of scrolling around the page. Since we're a very data-driven company, and most of our meetings involve reviewing spreadsheets, this has proven problematic, and as the company's IT director, I get to hear all of the complaints. I'll be giving this projector to the sales team, and ordering a different projector for our conference room.
What I thought was a great deal has suddenly stopped displaying all JPGs!!
March 5, 2015
I love this projector! Maybe it's because I bought a super horribly bad worthless no-name mini-projector first, and immediately returned it, but honestly, this projector fits my needs and then some! Great clarity, functions perfectly and quickly, and it's bright enough to see in the day time, in the room I use it in.UPDATE: I can no longer play all JPG images!!! And I can't find much info online. I worked in graphic design several years, changed size of the images, resolution, etc - and I can't get my images to display! I can pull some images from websites and they'll display just fine. There's no major difference in resolution or file size. I've tried different USB drives, too! Now I'm just frustrated with this projector that may or may not work. Sad.
Awful picture quality
July 8, 2014
I really tried to like this projector...I really didn't want to go through the hassle of returning it but I think I'm going to. The picture quality is terrible, maybe ok for a presentation but is awful for watching movies. Even a crisp Disney movie looks fuzzy and I have the projector maybe 10 ft from the wall. There is only a coarse focus adjustment knob, it's just terrible quality. Also if you have it mounted the power button emits a bright blue light that never turns off and is bright enough to light a room very dimly which is annoying for us where we have it in our home.
worked but resolution was too low for my needs
June 30, 2014
My fault I guess for not understanding the specs... I assumed that HDMI input would result in a higher resolution.‚Äč

One Star Reviews:

On both occasions I was horribly embarrassed. I know what 1000 Lumens is supposed ...
September 28, 2016
Worthless. It is too dim. I tried to use it for small class room presentations. On both occasions I was horribly embarrassed. I know what 1000 Lumens is supposed to look like and trust me - this aint it! It will go in the trash. I got what I paid for.
Defective, had to return
June 28, 2016
I Ordered this projector for outdoor movie nights, not wanting to spend too much. I received it within 2 days, but that was the only good thing. I hooked it up and turned it on, and it shut off within 2 minutes. It wouldn't turn back on unless you unplug it for several minutes, then after 2 more minutes, it shut off again. Had it in a fairly dark room, and the brightness didn't seem horrible, but the focus was verybad, and it came with no remote. Also the power button seemed like the writing was a little worn off, so I think i got a defect that was returned and they just reshipped it to me. I will be trying a different brand, and possibly spend a little more for better quality.
Sounded really great. Ordered it joyfully
January 21, 2016
Sounded really great. Ordered it joyfully. A projector I could carry in my Geek bag for under $100? Way cool. But it wouldn't focus. Couldn't even read the text on the startup screen. Worked very hard to get it to focus on many different surfaces. No luck. Very sad. Had to return it for a refund. But the idea is awesome.
... at 10 feet and even then the corners are super blurry. i was hoping to get a few ...
January 12, 2016
i wasn't expecting a powerhouse cinema machine for the price i paid but i can barely get it to focus even at 10 feet and even then the corners are super blurry. i was hoping to get a few of these to keep in our club but it's just not going to happen. it works but it's pretty poor. basically a toy. i would maybe recommend this for a children's playroom or something like that but it's nothing you are going to be watching in HD or playing video games on for sure. disappointed in this purchase
You get what you pay for
January 4, 2016
Pros: Very cheap (<$90), lightweight

Cons: Brightness level was lower than expected; seemed dimmer than the 1000 lumens it was supposed to be. Moreover, the image could not be sharply focused.

I thought I would buy a projector to review slide presentations in my 9'x9' office, so I wasn't looking for anything really powerful, but this Abdtech projector was pretty much useless: too dim to use during the daytime, and too fuzzy to view anything other than 18+ pt font.
Always shuts off automatically (Perhaps overheating?)
July 18, 2017
Picture is fine, but it automatically shuts itself off quite often. My only guess is that it is overheating. For such an expensive projector (that I use infrequently), I'm very disappointed.
April 20, 2017
One Star
December 15, 2015
Item stopped working after two months
Can't focus worth crap! DON'T BUY
November 2, 2015
This projector is worthless. Can't focus worth crap! DON'T BUY!'
Sent it back.
July 6, 2015
Incredibly noisy. Poor user interface. Not at all good for anything but powerpoints, I'd imagine. I tried to show movies with it. No good. Sent it back.
won't buy epson again.
December 28, 2014
after occasional usage for a month, it now has an irregular area in the middle of the screen which has different colors. I have contact the customer service. But there is no response
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One-year projector limited warranty, epson roadservice program, privateline dedicated tollfreesupport and 90-day lamp limited warranty
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Image size:34-130 Inches, Projection distance:3.3-13.1 feet. With keystone correction, adjusting the picture trapezoidal distortion

WVGA 800x480 LCD, 1000 lumens brightness and 1000:1 contrast ratio

LED lamp life of 30,000 hours,aspect ratio 4:3/16:9.Multi-function input AV/VGA/USB/SD/HDMI

The projector is not recommended for PPT or business presentation, ideal for home theater movies and video game use.

Industry-leading warranty:1-Year Limited Parts and Labor, 90-Days on Lamp,and free 1st year Express Exchange

3X Brighter Colors with Epson

2800 lumens of Color Brightness, 2800 lumens of White Brightness

Great image quality with SVGA resolution

HDMI digital connectivity

Size (projected distance): 30" - 350"

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