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VIZIO S3851w-D4 38" 5.1 Channel Sound Bar with Wireless Subwoofer & Rear Satellite Speakers - VIZIO
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Atlantic Satellite 77305018 2 Speaker Stands (Black) - Atlantic
Mount-It! MI-1210 Universal High-Quality Floor-Standing, Height Adjustable, Home Theater 5.1 Channel Surround Sound System Satellite Speaker Stands Mounts, Rear and Front, One Pair, 10 lb Capacity, Black - Mount-It!

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VIZIO http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/41EEQsi-BvL._SL160_.jpg
VIZIO S3851w-D4 38" 5.1 Channel Sound Bar with Wireless Subwoofer & Rear Satellite Speakers - VIZIO
Atlantic http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/11c-01uK6VL._SL160_.jpg
Atlantic Satellite 77305018 2 Speaker Stands (Black) - Atlantic
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Mount-It! http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/31b-NMU2MSL._SL160_.jpg
Mount-It! MI-1210 Universal High-Quality Floor-Standing, Height Adjustable, Home Theater 5.1 Channel Surround Sound System Satellite Speaker Stands Mounts, Rear and Front, One Pair, 10 lb Capacity, Black - Mount-It!
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Five Star Reviews:

Worth. Every. Penny.
April 20, 2015
By no means am I an audiophile, so this review will in no way pertain to those that are. For the price, this setup is perfect for my living room where I have the Benq 1085ST just in front of the ottoman. The soundbar is wired to the projector, and the sub and rear speakers are sitting at the back of the room. The wireless flexibility with the sub and rear speakers worked well.

The system has Bluetooth capability, which I use for Pandora through my smartphone. The rear speakers shouldn't work since Pandora is not 5.1, but the sound still works in the rear (although there is a little bit of digital wonkiness going on, but barely noticeable).

I have a friend that tried to talk me into a $700-800 sound system including a $300 receiver, but I figured I'd check this out first, and I'm glad I did. It is loud, clear and carried a lot of bass. I can't be happier than the pairing of this with a 150" projected screen!
Excellant for the $ Spent.
April 14, 2015
For the $ spent, this system sounds like a much more expensive one.
After you get the speaker placement right for your crib, dial in how much surround, bass, treble that suits your taste, you will be amazed with the results.
The fact that other devices besides your TV can be bluetoothed into the system will please one also.
I've been listening to my entire music library because the songs sound ever so much more so better on a surround system.
The default system settings are a lot too "bassey" for my taste because ,no fooling, this little system will rattle your windows.
Bass, treble, how much surround you want, how much sub-woofer and balance can all be adjusted with the remote.
Well worth my hard earned cash.
Mind Blowing that a speaker can do all of this!
March 7, 2015
I wouldn't call my self an audiophile, but i am as close to one as you can get. I pay very close attention to how things sound though speakers, and want my music and TV and movies to sound as good as possible.

I don't normally write reviews but I had to with this one. They power is more than enough. The treble is EXTREMELY clear and the mids are perfect and the bass is surprisingly full and hard hitting (in a good way).

But my favorite part BY FAR is the surround sound aspect of these. I was just considering a normal 2.1 sound bar for TV and a few movies and some music to listen to, but i am SO glad i went with these. Somehow, they take bits and pieces of, lets say a TV show, and play them on the back speakers. This gives EVERY TV show, even ones that are NOT in surround sound, a very well done and, to me, flawless, surround sound feel! My TV is even hooked up to the sound bar with a 3.5mm stereo cable (which is not capable of transmitting anything other than stereo sound) but the sound bar somehow picks out sounds that should be played through the rear speakers and does just that. Makes shows like a 1998 simpsons episode, the news, and even documentaries sound like they were shot in 5.1 surround sound.

When i have friends over i love to play music on these speakers using bluetooth from my phone. Just like it does with the TV sound, it splits the music into surround sound too. Lets take a hip-hop sound for example, because thats what i listen to the most. The singers voice and main instruments will of course come through the front speakers as normal, but ANY sort of echo, or extra person saying "yeah" or "uh huh" in the background is exclusively played through the rear speakers. And hi-hats are sometimes sent to the rear speakers as well, depending on the song, but not once have i heard a song that wasn't split up into surround sound perfectly.

The remote has little lcd display akin to a typical alarm clock which makes changing settings super easy. i like to turn the surround sound effect up when i listen to music because it adds so much depth (i can seriously sit on the couch and listen to songs I've heard 100 times and be amazed at how much different and amazing it sounds) and i turn the surround sound effect down to a normal level for TV and movies.

The wireless subwoofer can fill an entire room with all the ranges of bass you could imagine. the bass from the center bar alone is WAY more than my flat panel TV has alone, And i can only turn up the subwoofer to half way at the most without disturbing my neighbors. Luckily you have full control over all the aspects of the sound, like bass treble and surround, so you can tune it to your liking and not have to worry about disturbing neighbors.

If you have never had a sound bar on your TV before (like me) then this is a great pick. TV alone will sound like a whole new beast. You will be blown away from all the sounds you have been missing.

I have bought hundreds of items off amazon, and this is probably the only item i can recommend to anyone with no doubt in my mind what so ever.

Also don't forget to by speaker stands for the rear speakers as they are not included!
The sub was very easy to sync with the sound bar (press of a ...
February 9, 2015
I set the sound bar, sub woofer, and speakers up without a problem. The sub was very easy to sync with the sound bar (press of a button) and the two rear speakers have plenty of cord to be placed wherever you want them. For anyone wondering, the sub woofer is wireless from the sound bar, but requires a power source. The two satellite speakers are wired and plug into the sub woofer for both sound & power. Also, regarding menu/setting navigation. The remote makes it quite easy to since it displays the menu you are on via the little LCD screen on the top of the remote.

I ended up mounting the sound bar and the brackets/screws they include are sufficient. Drywall anchors are not included so if you plan on mounting somewhere without a stud, I would suggest purchasing some. The sound bar slides right into the brackets and can be easily moved on/off the brackets. The sound bar is quite sleek mounted, but one negative is that once mounted the ports are not easy to access. In order to access any of the ports (aux/optical/etc.), you'll need to temporarily take the sound bar off the wall.

While I was using the system, I was running into a problem where the sound would randomly cut out (via optical) for a brief moment. I plugged in the optical that was included (I was using one I had already had) and it seemed to correct the problem.

As for actual sound quality, I was blown away by the set. While I was not expecting horrible speakers, the quality astonished me. The set has a very nice-sounding bass and everything seems to be crisp and clear. I've played both movies/games on the speakers and it truly gives the 5.1 sound effect. Every now-and-then I'll hear or a doorbell and it will take me a moment to recognize that it was the speakers, not someone actually at the door. The sound isn't limited to movies/games and music also sounds phenomenal. This blows Vizio's 2.1 sound bar out of the water (I also own it has since come a music player in another room) and I would certainly purchase it again.
Outstanding System
December 23, 2014
I set this up as per the enclosed instructions and was up and running in very short time. I am a real novice and usually terrified of electronic connections which outwardly may appear complicated; however, this unit is definitely the exception to the rule. I was surprised at the ease of hookup and setup; and after the initial changes to some settings, the sound surpasses what I had expected. this is a superior unit which truly delivers outstanding quality sound and performance. If you are the least bit interested, this is the unit to purchase. It is definitely worth the investment; you will be very pleased at the resulting sound from the system. It makes the TV speakers sound as if they were never functioning properly at all. I can only reiterate - try it, you will love it too!!!
Finally Can Use Surround Sound
May 6, 2017
These can be constructed very easily, they're just time-consuming. No issues there, just takes about 40 minutes to put everything together and secure your speakers into them. I have a Vizio sound bar and my speakers didn't fit on the base to be screwed in/secured, but this does come with double faced tape that you can apply to the speaker base to secure them into place. That tape works exceedingly well too as my speakers are going nowhere anytime soon. You can also easily loop the speaker wire through the pole and then through the L-Shaped top piece. So even though I couldn't screw in my Vizio speakers to this stand, the tape still works and I now have fantastic surround sound for my room. Much better than having surround sound speakers in the corners of your couch!
Good Quality and nice looking.
April 13, 2017
I gave these stands 5 stars because they are nice quality heavy stands. No speaker stand can fit every speaker made. I have the VIZIO SB3851-C0 38-Inch 5.1 Channel Sound Bar. I used the smaller l brackets which need to be slightly modified. As others have mentioned, you need to bend the brackets to allow for the RCA plug that connects the speaker. To accomplish this, I loosely assembled speaker stand with bracket and placed the speaker on stand. Then marked where the plug would go. At this time also mark the ends of the bracket that will stick out of the front under speaker. I used tape to mark these. I placed the handle of a pliers in that spot then placed a vice grip on the end closest to where screw will go so that it would not spread. Took another vice grip and placed on the other end which made my rounded opening for the plug. I used a bolt cutter to cut off excess bracket ends. You could also use a hacksaw. The metal is fairly easy to bend and cut. Use the screws that come with Vizio to mount speaker. Takes a little effort but the result is very good.
Works Well With Vizio SB3851x-C4 38-inch 5.1 Soundbar Satellite Speakers, and Quick Install!!
April 11, 2017
O.k., I just ordered these stands and set satellite speakers from a Vizio SB3851x-C4 38-inch 5.1 Soundbar system on them. I read reviews about these stands, with folks stating that they had to buy screws, bend the brackets, and had trouble inserting the speaker wire through the tube. I had none of these issues. I instead decided to set this up, in a simplistic/quick manner.1. I screwed the mounting base onto the stand.2. I bent a coat hanger, making it straight. I used painters tape (non-sticky, unlike duck tape, or scotch tape). I then taped the cable for the speak to the very end of the coat hanger (nose to nose), tape it up, and slowly pulled the cable through the tube. No issues, done quickly.3. I used the double side pads, cutting four pieces, which I placed on each of the four sides of the mounting base, which I had screwed onto base stand. The speakers were 'stuck' to the post base, with on pad showing, and were well anchored. I was happy. I put all of the screws/brackets, back into the bag, and will save them.I had NO issue in using the double-sided, sticky pads. You cannot see them, when the speaker is stuck on the mounting pad. The speaker sits there, anchored, and really will not come off if you move the stand in a reasonable manner, or do not plow into it (which you should not be doing anyway). It really does not matter for me anyway, as my speakers are placed where they could not get run into. I was done with mounting the speakers in least about 5-7 minutes, with no headaches.
Solid purchase, with some ingenuity
December 15, 2016
Very happy! The stands themselves are heavy and sturdy. I did a lot of research on all of the other options on Amazon before committing to purchasing these because my Harman Kardon HK16 speakers are tall and come with a somewhat proprietary base for mounting to the wall. Mounting to a screw based stand would not necessarily work in this case because the bottom is not perfectly flat and there is not connection on the back of the speaker since the wall mount attaches to the bottom. However, the included tall mounting bracket that comes with the stands worked perfectly in combination with the double side tape and with a simple piece of black yarn to secure. If you have the taller Harman speakers, I would recommend these stands. Yes, my solution is not "pro," but I'm certainly content versus spending $100+ on the actual HK speaker stands.I thought about using a zip tie to secure the speaker to the bracket, but the yarn solution works just as well and is less noticeable on the all black speaker front.
Works great with Monoprice Premium 5.1 CH
November 3, 2015
Found the perfect surround sound speakers for me: Monoprice 10565. However, it was a bit of a headache finding the right speaker stands since monoprice very own speaker stands didn't seem to be a good match. Was so happy when i stumbled upon this pair of stands. Thanks to all the reviewers that posted photos showing that it works with the monoprice speakers.I have pasted additional images showing that it works with pretty decent size speaker wires as well. I used flat speaker wire to route underneath my rug in the living room. I was worried the wire wouldn't fit through the speaker stands but it worked great. Excellent cable management! Also I was able to use pins as my termination points for my wires with no issues. I did use electric tape to ensure the bracket isn't pushing too much against the pins. However, if you are not using speaker pins the bracket shouldn't be an issue at all.Love these stands, the cable management, and look of them.
Perfect stands for small satellite/surround speakers, a breeze to get set up.
February 11, 2014
Vizio Sound Bar owners : this is what you want. These stands arrived not even 24 hours after ordered them. The Vizio sound bar surround speakers work just fine (see product images I will upload). The cast iron construction seems pretty stable, especially for the lightweight Vizio speakers. I'd not put speakers weighing more than a couple of pounds on them, though, especially if you extend the tubes all the way up.It was a breeze to thread the speaker wire DOWN the tube and out from the base, and then attach the top mounting bar and bracket. Pry open the mounting wire bars a little bit, fit the speaker connector through, and attach speaker to wire bracket with included washer. 10 minutes, tops.I have no reason to doubt that these stands will work just fine with almost any other brand of small, lightweight surround or bookshelf speakers. $40 well spent.
Sturdy and simple, will fit in a small space and not affect speaker quality.
August 12, 2017
I got these to go up to the sides of my tv so I could direct the sound the way it's supposed to go on my surround sound. I was able to direct the sound out better using these since my tv has to go in the corner of the room. These are great! Once I got them put together. The directions are a little confusing if you've never put anything like this together, or maybe I'm just a little on the slow side. My thoughts are the directions are made for people that don't require step by step instructions. I finally figured it out and got them together. Once together, they look great and do a great job.
Sturdy speaker stand
December 13, 2016
The speaker stand is sturdy. It fits my living room perfectly. The only downside is, I could not mount my Vizio surround speakers as per the instructions provided. The cable hole is too small and I have to mount the speakers upside down.I would give 5 star for its sturdiness.
Great Stands for the Price. Works for Logitech Z5500 Satellites
December 31, 2015
Great Speaker stand for the price as these worked for my Logitech Z5500. With some modifications I followed a guide from imgur (via Reddit) as this stand closely resembles the Monoprice ones. If you want to find the guide just google search "z5500 stand monoprice" and it's the first result.I was able to run the wires through the tubing. The only issue I had with the stand was that the holes made for the alternate wire path blocked the wire from coming through and I had to knock it out.Apart from this, you just follow the instructions as well as on the guide for the z-5500 and it works well.Tips for the Z5500 Mounting:1. To get the plastic off the hard to remove screw that holds the base of the satellite, you can either dremel it off or, aim a screw driver and hammer it off. The dremel/rotary tool was obviously easier.2. Care should be taken when fitting the wires and the connections inside the satellite so that it does not ground/short circuit with the components inside the casing.3. I decided to put the front compartment on the opposite sides (top screws to bottom and bottom to top) because the way my connections were and the position of the port, it was easier to stuff the extra wires in that arrangement.
They aren't design for heavy Speakers
May 23, 2015
Read the description and check for your right Speaker floor stands.This work great for my Bose system.Metal base great you can Hide the messy cable of the speaker (i hate see cables in my living room) looks well built til you touch the metal feels cheap but who will be touching your stands? and for this price totally work the money.So if you own a small set of speakers like Bose, Creative Logitech or even medium bookshelf's speakers they are just for you
Awesome for 25$
March 12, 2015
Worked great for the price. Mounted to my Boss Acoustimass speakers perfectly. Just pay attention to direction and it's easy peasy.
I read many bad reviews, I really don't know what people expect ...
December 4, 2014
Hi, I just wanna review this product, I read many bad reviews, I really don't know what people expect for this price, i went to fry's and they want $100 dollars per a pair almost the same i gat one for $24.95, I,m very happy with this pair use them with a rear speakers that came with a VIZIO S4251w-B4 5.1 Soundbar with Wireless Subwoofer and Satellite Speakers, they are elegant and good for the price, if going to use them with this system the wire does not fit because of the av plug, but you tide it around the pole and they look fine, they come with everything include. Yes the litle cover part is plastic but who care look fine.

Four Star Reviews:

Good purchase on a budget
June 29, 2015
Gets the job done. Remote could be better. It powers off and takes a minute to get out of sleep mode. But it's the best sound quality without going super high end. When I have company over somebody always comments. Subwoofer placement is key. The two "surround" speakers are hard wired to the subwoofer. So if you want to hide them behind your couches the sub can't be in the front of the room under the TV. But that wouldn't be ideal placement anyway for most scenarios. This thing is pretty great for the money. Are there better systems? Of course. But hifi sound is kind of like wine; you don't know your drinking the cheaper stuff unless you just had a glass of the really expensive stuff. Just don't get the CHEAPEST and your good.
Wish I had bought this sooner
March 31, 2015
I didn't buy into all of the other reviews about how great it sounds but I trusted them anyways and wow. The system sounds amazing, however I can't compare this to a high end $1000 system or anything. Booming bass, great surround effects, and great sound in general.

I was a bit concerned it would look a little goofy under my 65" TV but it looks just fine thankfully.

Just one optical wire from my TV to the bar controls all of my media devices so it's simple to hook up. The Bluetooth is a nice bonus too.

Now for the cons. My TV is also a Vizio so the remotes for the two miscommunicate and it gets annoying. I don't need surround sound to watch Guy Fieri cook up some bold flavors but when I adjust the volume on the TV remote the sound bar will turn on. Shouldn't be a huge deal for most people but the power button on the bar's remote turns on/off my aquarium lights screwing up the timers.

The rear satellites aren't truly wireless, which isn't a big problem but the wires aren't normal speaker wires. They're plug-ins, akin to older RCA A/V cables if that makes sense (maybe this is how they all come now perhaps? It's been years since I've bought a new home audio system). That bugged me because I already had small holes drilled and wires ran from my old set up. To run the wires through walls/floors a hole roughly the size of a quarter would need to be drilled. No thanks.

The bass in music seemed to sound a bit dull compared to movies and video games.

Bottom line a great home theater sound system worth every cent so far.
unknown problems
March 13, 2015
been having a problem with stability of sound. system and i do not know if its due to television or rather direct tv signal or its a problem with electronics of the dolby sound system. a positive about the system it works very well with a visio 4x television system. the bluetooth isconected to my Bluetooth laptop has terrific sound qualities, better than with tv signal. why I do not know yet. any ones advice would be greatly appreciated. contact me at ghunting@cox.net .I will up date once I resolve what is really wrong. I did have a lot of ice on the roof for months like all of us in eastern half of the us. let me say this about the new TV's that no one realizes when they buy one is the sound is in the rear with the poorest sounding speakers one can imagine. the Walmart's ,amazon's and best buys don't really tell you this until you go home with you beautiful picture and hook it up to cable or satellite and when you first hear your first sound bite. your in your car wanting a replacement tv and they tell you its not the tv you need to buy a sound bar like the one I am reviewing. so add a min. of another 200 bucks to end up with a tv like 5 years ago with speakers up front. oh forget the equalizers, bass,and treble controls built into the TV's you cant make garbage speakers sound
better. if you want a sterio sound use your sterio amplifier receivers and sterio boom box woofers and you will have an amazing tv system but you will need to turn both on and off manually. if someone knows how to do that with a tv remote please advise and I will eliminate this sound bar at the drop of a pin. if i can't resolve the problems I am having I will be turning on the sound through my steio system. but I thought that's what a sound bar suppose to do in the first place. yes I did turn off the TV's speakers. once resolved I will give them 5 stars or they are back in the box to amazon.
advise anyone please any one
Performs as well as the advertising agency deceives!!!
March 11, 2015
Although I love the sound, looks, and computability with my Vizio TV I don't like being "fooled" by advertising that would lead anyone to believe that "Sound Bar with Wireless Subwoofer & Rear Satellite Speakers" would be anything but all wireless speakers from the sound bar. I started a return but decided to keep this unit because of the value and quality performance. Please reword your product advertizing. You don't need to mislead to sell a great product!!! RSVP
Easy buy, I can finally understand the dialog even at low volume
October 4, 2014
I previously had a Samsung 2.1 sound bar. I had to buy a new one because I could NEVER understand the dialog with the Samsung. Comparing the Samsung to the Vizio is like comparing a station wagon to a sports car. It's like comparing a standard TV from the 70s to a 1080p LED HDTV.

I'm certainly no audiophile but the Vizio sounds quite good to my ears. The audio is really clear. I can make out dialog well even when the volume is low. The sound effects all seem very distinct to me. If anything, these speakers are too good for me since I live in an apartment building. If I didn't neuter the settings, my neighbor's walls would rumble. I have to enable TruVolume, which lowers the volume of the sound effects, like gun shots. The overall audio quality decreases I suspect due to this but at least it doesn't bother my neighbors as much.

Originally, I wanted to just get simple stereo speakers, but my projector has a smooth motion mode that creates an audio lag. Thus, I would need a costly AV receiver. However, with this sound bar, I can adjust the audio lag without an AV receiver. It's also easy to setup 5.1 surround sound.

My only annoyance is that I bought these for $280 and they went on sale for $200 less than 24 hrs later.
No nuts included
February 6, 2017
Like everyone says, they're good for the money. I had some old JBL Flix 1 surround speakers and pulled them out of the closet and started to hook them up. But they're old so have one of those openings that hang on a screw head projecting out of the wall (into an anchor in the wall) but not something to screw into the speaker like more modern speakers have. I thought nothing of it because there were screws that would work like that included, but it turns out there are no nuts to hold the screw in the wire loop. I have the option of screwing the bottom of the speaker onto the stand, but I'd really rather not screw things into the speaker. Instead I'll have to head to Home Despot to get a screw and nut that will work. I think it's awfully odd to leave out two nuts that would have fixed this.
Worked well after a minor mod
October 14, 2016
I purchased these stands for my Vizio surround sound speakers because they claim to be universal. Unfortunately, these stands were not a perfect fit for my Vizio speakers because the Vizio speakers have lines coming from the back and this is where the brackets attach. It was also a bit of a pain treading the cables through the poles because of how large the aux plug was, nothing a little vigorous shaking couldn't fix.I read reviews of people bending the brackets to allow for the cables to pass through. This just seemed like a lot of work. I had some spacers laying around so Inuse those to fill in the gap. See picture.I like how the foot of the stand slopes down towards the front. This allowed me to wedge it under the couch for stability so my daughter doesn't knock it over.Overall, great speaker stands for a great price. I took one star off because they aren't truly universal but its a very minor problem.
Compatible with VIZIO Sound Bar System (S4251w-B4) with some minor and easy modification
June 30, 2016
These speaker stands are great with my sound bar and the fit great on the stand, but I did need to do some modifications to the stand to secure them in place. I do not consider myself a "handyman" so if I can do it I think most people would be able to. Things to note:-the speaker wires do fit inside the column so there are no wires running down the stand.-I used the following supplies from Home Depot (included pictures for reference): (2) Fender Washer 3/16"x1-1/4" and (2) machine screws round head combo #6-32x3/4"-I used the taller of the two L-shaped brackets, those fit better and the bottom part of the bracket did not stick out past the speaker.-I had the bend the brackets wider so the speaker plug would fit...I did this using my hands and that worked well. I first bent them out at the top of the bracket and then bent them back in towards the bottom, to create a diamond shape.Overall the stands seem solid and I have enjoyed them so far!
Bought with VIZIO SB3851-C0 38-Inch 5.1 Channel Sound Bar with Wireless Subwoofer and Satellite Speakers
January 16, 2016
I bought these to go with the VIZIO SB3851-C0 38-Inch 5.1 Channel Sound Bar with Wireless Subwoofer and Satellite Speakers (2015 Model).In short - they're not perfectly compatible, but they work... with some adjustments. The satellite speakers for this Vizio system aren't as big as what the stands are able to hold, so there is a little bit of lip that sticks out beneath where the speakers sit... but this is simply an aesthetic thing and it's not so much difference that it's a huge deal.The biggest issue is that the supports that you attach to the backs of the speakers to hold them in place is not wide enough to allow room for the speaker plugs of this particular Vizio model speakers. We had to use pliers to bend the metal a little bit to make room for the speaker plugs. We wiggled one set of pliers (that were the width we needed) between the metal bars, and used another set of pliers to squeeze the top and it separated the metal tongs to just the right space to fit the plug. I would never have thought of doing it that way but my husband is better than me at math, science, physics and somehow he knew that would work. It did perfectly.I rate these four stars because the quality of the stands is good, but a little annoying that we had to make the minor adjustments. Of course, this is also based on my particular model of Vizio speakers, so your experience may differ.
Used with Vizio SB3851-C0 Soundbar 5.1 Set
November 19, 2015
Purchased for use with my 38" Vizio 5.1 Soundbar and wireless subwoofer (model# SB3851-C0) setup. Good quality speaker stands. Used the smaller mounting bar set that comes with it. Like most reviewers, I did have to bend the center out to allow the coax to pass through and had to pinch the top portion to allow for a tight backing attachment to the speaker (see attached picture). This marred up the bar, but a Sharpie cleaned it back up.One negative that I do have is that the mounting bar sticks out too much in the front for these particular speakers (see photo). It is made for a more universal setup, so I understand that it is not a perfect fit. Simple remedy will be to mark it and pull out the handy Dremel to cut them back.NOTE: Make sure you run the cable through the center of the stand before you begin assembling the base and backing for the speaker. I used a spare shoe lace to pull the cable through as the clearance is tight.
Bought these for the VIZIO S4251w-B4 5.1 Satellite Speakers
June 14, 2014
If you research the heck out of everything like I do, there are lots of reviews that cry bloody murder about how these stands are totally incompatible with these Vizio speakers, as well as lots of reviews brashly claiming how simple it is to set these stands up with these Vizio speakers.The reality is somewhere in-between these polarized views.Here are some helpful tips for not losing your cool when setting these up:1. Open ice cold beverage of your choice. Mine tend to have alcohol in them, but not a requirement.2. Use the screws and washers that come with the Vizio speakers to affix the speakers onto the stands. The screw options that come with the stands do not fit these Vizio speakers. No need to go to a hardware store.3. Use the taller L-shaped brackets for mounting speakers to the stands.4. The trick is to use a set of pliers to bend OUT the part of the bracket "rails" near the speaker plug towards the bottom, and bend IN the bracket "rails" in the middle where you attach the screw and washer to the back of the speaker. I wish the washer was a little bigger to help ensure it was holding on to the bracket, but it will do the job transforming to your needs if you spend a few minutes going back and forth with squeezing the bracket rails inward in the middle where the screw goes and pushing the bracket rails outward towards the bottom where the speaker plug/cable goes. I added a picture with captions to the Customer Images section if you need a visual illustration: http://www.amazon.com/gp/customer-media/permalink/mo36U1PDULU63RH/B000289DC6/ref=cm_ciu_images_pl_link5. Other tip is to ever-so-slightly bend the entire L-bracket inwards (i.e., reduce the angle) to ensure a more snug sitting of the satellite speaker on to the stand. If you're paranoid about the bracket rails popping out from around the screw washer, there is thick double-sided tape included in the stand accessories to attach to the bottom of the speakers that sit on top of the stands. I didn't bother with that in case I ever wanted to mount these satellite speakers on the wall. The trick with the pliers did the job well enough for me.6. Finish ice cold beverage and you're done.Given the bit of macgyvering it took to fit the brackets onto the Vizio speakers, I reduced this to a 4-star rating. I think Atlantic should get with the program and provide some accessories for these Vizio speakers because they apparently already have a big share of the market for 3rd party speaker stands, and it would have been nice to not have to bust out my toolbox to get these to fit.Overall, these speaker stands feel very sturdy and robust, and the base appears to be sufficient enough to not topple over due to clumsily bumping into it or due to a minor shake of an earthquake (knock on wood). The height is easy to adjust and the price is right, too. There doesn't appear to be a lot of other good stand options for these Vizio satellite speakers, so these will do you just fine if you follow my tips and tricks.
Look and work great, but I couldn't get my connector through the tube
June 8, 2017
These are very unobtrusive stands I used for my rear speakers. My speakers have the keyhole mounts (I think that's what they are called), and worked perfectly with the mount that comes with these stands. I took off a star only because there is a slight bend in the tube, and my speaker wire would could not get past that bend even though it has the smallest imaginable plug on the end. I had to cut off the connector, feed the wire through the tube, and then splice it back on. If you don't need to deal with a connector, you'll give it five stars.
Must have for small home theatres
April 13, 2017
These are nice and the perfect hieght for putting the speakers at head level when behind the couch. I wasn't able to run the speaker wires through the provided holes because the holes were to small. The ends on the speakers were bigger than the normal size RCA jack, which I don't think will fit either.
Great but not perfect.
February 2, 2017
I bought these to mount speakers that came with the Vizio SB3851-D0 sound bar. They aren't a perfect fit unfortunately but you can get them to fit safely and securely if you screw in the speaker loosely, tilt the speaker, plug in the cord from the subwoofer, tilt the speaker back, and then screw it in till it's tight and it stays put. Overall it's lightweight yet sturdy and the mount has stayed put while keeping the speakers at the perfect hieght, which is also adjustable.
All around good buy.
September 22, 2016
For the money this is a good speaker stand. It worked well with my Sony speakers. However I was a little dissapointed when I found the feet to be made of metal and came with no protection options against my wood floor. I went to the hardware store and bought $7 plasti Dip. And dipped all the feet corners in a black rubber. Now it won't scratch or slide around.The speaker stand came with plenty of hardware and a nice lead weight in the base too hold it up right. All around. Good. buy.
They work, but with some modifications.
January 6, 2016
These stands did not exactly fit the speakers I mounted to them. I had to do some modifications to get them to fit and hold the speakers securely. In the end I am happy, and for the price point I consider this a good buy. The stands are sturdy, with a enough weight to hold my speakers. I mounted Orb Audio Mod 2 speakers to these stands. I had to add some lock washers and my own 1/4" bolts to get it to secure tightly. Then I had to modify the small black covers by cutting them to fit properly. If you like DIY projects and are a handy person, you can probably mount any speaker you want to the stands. And like I stated for the price point you really can't go wrong.
Good enough to get the job done (especially for the price), but not ideal for Vizio Sxx51w-xx systems
April 6, 2015
I bought these speaker stands for the rear speakers of the Vizio S3851w-D4 as I had seen several others that had done the same. The speaker cable for this system will not fit through the stand in the way the stand design is intended. The molding on the speaker cable is too large. This isn't a big deal for me since the stands are mostly hidden for my setup and I can easily wrap the cable around the stand. Also, because of the placement of the screw hole on the speakers and the placement of the speaker cable input, the speaker does not sit flush on the stand. Another person posted a picture of the speakers on their side. I have posted a picture of what it looks like vertically. It's not perfectly flush, but it's good enough for me.

Three Star Reviews:

Spend more for a better unit it will save you time in your life.
February 21, 2016
Just ok. There is feedback when you try turning the volume up. Its a hair louder than the tv itself before it starts an echo. This might be able to be fixed if I played with it for another 10 hours. But since I already played with it for an entire day it's not worth my time or money. I would recommend spending more and buying a better unit.
The Bose unit is 450 and no fuss hook up excellent sound quality!
If your looking for a cheap kids room video speaker this could work for that.
Nice unit but sound goes up and down.
October 12, 2015
It was really easy to set up and the manufacturing quality seem good. The few things I am not happy about are the center channel when turned up can sound tinny like they are speaking into a can. The worst problem is that the sound goes up and down by itself. (I do not have a smart TV) It does not matter if you are watching a show or on a commercial it happens randomly. Tip: If you do purchase one, keep the packaging so you can send it back if this happens to you.
April 16, 2015
PRO: Good sound for a relatively low price. Looks great.

CON: Rear speakers are a little staticky. The subwoofer is made to be on the right (with a speaker on its left side); I did not know this before and unfortunately, my room is not setup to allow this. Would have been good to know before purchasing.

ADDITIONAL: DOES NOT COME WITH STANDS! The sound bar itself is tall, so if your TV rests on a low stand, it might cut off part of the picture -- or the receiver to your remote. Check the dimensions. The rear speakers are also physically shallow, so if you purchase the recommended stands, be prepared to set aside time to adjust (TL;DR big stands, little speakers... Perfecting aesthetics will take time).
Decided to return the bar due to a terrible delay between audio and video
March 22, 2015
Decided to return the bar due to a terrible delay between audio and video. I was using the optical audio out on a sony bravia led tv. Delay may not be present on other tvs. The sound quality was above average and the sub and rear channels worked perfectly and conveniently.
Decent low end sound bar at the right price, but with many flaws
March 13, 2015
Good sound, and the price is right, ($200 with the offered "Prime member discount", but with persistent and annoying product faults. Using with a late model Vizio TV. NO HDMI input, so you can't get surround from Netflix, which encodes surround in DD+, which can only be transmitted through HDMI. Sound bar has trouble switching from Bluetooth to optical input -- sometimes cycling through all inputs on the sound bar fixes it; sometimes need to turn the sound bar off and back on to fix. If you read the reviews, you find out the surround sound is faked -- even with real surround signals fed to the sound bar, the rear channels are to some extent "blended" in the course of wireless transmission from the sound bar, so the rear channels do not produce the correct discrete sound. Sometimes and with certain program material, produces a really distracting "transistor noise / white noise" from the surround speakers and/or the subwoofer. And it's not the sound bar's fault, but the Vizio TV (as do many) does not pass surround sound to its optical output, except when receiving over the air program material (i.e. surround doesn't get passed through from HDMI or other inputs to the TV except an actual antenna). No automatic room level adjustment -- you really need to get a sound meter and calibrate this thing. Out of the box, bass was way too high in our room. So really, since real surround doesn't work for most listening situations when connected to a Vizio TV, about the only reason to buy this model over the 2.1 channel Vizio sound bar is to get the center channel speaker featured on this model. But with a sound bar that's only 38 inches wide, does that really matter?
Nice stands but they don't work well with Vizio satellite speakers
April 24, 2017
Quality metal stands but they do not work with my Vizio satellite speakers without substantial modifications( I hear this is common with Vizio). If your speaker has an RCA with a 90 degree connector, you cannot run the wire through the stand. I had to bend the bracket that secures the speaker so the RCA could seat. I also had to get new hardware since the screws that came with the speakers were too short and the stands did not supply this hardware. All in all I should have kept looking for stands that were compatible with my Vizio Smartcast wi-fi Sound Bar System (38", 5.1) mainly due to the wire not fitting through the stand.
I am going to buy a better set for my Sonos
November 26, 2016
These are advertised as being compatible with the Sonos Play-1. If by compatible they mean that the Sonos has a 1/4-20 threaded receptacle in the back and these come with 1/4-20 screws, then yes they are compatible. However, the screws are to long. They are 3/4 of an inch in length. This means that the speaker does not snug tightly to the stand. Also, the hollow stem is to narrow to accommodate the head on the songs power cord. The stand appears to be stable. I got what I paid for and I'll keep them, but I will probably end up using them for secondary speakers. I am going to buy a better set for my Sonos.
Not the best, but they work with the HKTS-15 with additional hardware.
May 8, 2016
I ordered these for a Harman Kardon HKTS-15 5.1 system that I ordered off of a clearance deal for the kids' entertainment room in the basement. I was going for functional but cheap and that's pretty much what these are. Why do I only give them 3 stars then?1) They aren't incredibly high. It works fine for the small HKTS-15 speakers that I have and I'm not going for perfect speaker placement but if I had larger speakers that I wanted to lift higher, these aren't the stands for you.2) It's actually a good thing they aren't taller. The base isn't as stable as you would want for a heavier set. Again, that's not what these stands are designed for. If you are reading this review I just didn't want to give you and delusions that they were something that they are not.3) The mounting of the speakers is a bit convoluted for the HKTS-15's. I ended up buying additional speaker mounting bolts.screws. For the record the size is 1/4 inch by 20. The speakers come with 3/4 inch and 1 inch options. Because of the way you have to bottom mount the speakers through the little optional two pole L piece you'll have to buy additional bolts. 2" bolts worked for the HKTS-15's but you might be able to get away with 1.5 inch long bolts if you have a bottom mount flush mount speaker. But my recommendation if you own a HKTS set, or any other Hardon Kardon set that has a similar bottom mounting setup, and you purchase these stands (You'll need 4 total so you'll have to buy two sets) is to buy four (4) 1/4 inch x 20 bolts that are 2 inches long to securely mount the speakers to the stands.So do the stands function with the HKTS-15 speakers? Yes. Are they the most robust? No. Do they require additional hardware? Yes, I would recommend it. Now the extra bolts go for about $6 here on Amazon - so it isn't all that much. The stands do work for what I bought them for. They just aren't the best ever in my opinion. Of course, YMMV.
NOT for VIZIO satellite speakers
October 23, 2015
Just got these stands for our Vizio 5.1 surround sound system. They DO NOT work well for these speakers. They do not come with the right size screws for the satellite speakers, and the screws that come with the Vizio are not long enough to fit the bracket that comes with the stands. You will have to use the provided two-sided tape to secure these speakers to the stands. Also the input jacks on the Visio speaker wires BARELY fit through the stand tubes. Better have some string handy to fish them through, and once you do that and attach the speakers your committed unless you pull the tape and start over. Well built and sturdy but not ideal for VIZIO
I do not recommend these stands in connection with the Vizio S3851w-D4 sounder surround system
November 20, 2014
These speaker stands are not that great for the system I purchased. They are well made, but are really meant for satellite speakers that have a 2 wire plug in system. If your speakers have the single plug in the middle as the Vizio S3851w-D4 satellite speakers do, then you have to pull the rear mounting L-bracket apart (spread apart) to squeeze the plug in the middle of it (NOT IDEAL).I kept these speaker stands because they were so cheap in price that it wasn't worth sending them back. I would look to the owner manuals for connections on the back of speaker and how the speakers actually mount to the bracket on these stands before purchasing. I failed to do that so its my fault for taking the "frequently bought together" label as recommended together.I do not recommend these stands in connection with the Vizio S3851w-D4 sounder surround system.
Wire Bracket is Too Short
December 25, 2011
The product is well made, but they skimped on the wire bracket (C) height. I have a set of Infinity Speakers and these stands are not suited for them unless you wish to screw holes in the bottom of the speakers or use the double-backed tape. It is unfortunate that the idiots that designed the wire bracket (C) did not have enough brains to increase the height to at least 6". It is only 4" and will not work if your screw hole is higher than that The only way that these included wire brackets (C) will work is if you turn the speakers upside down and use a spacer, but who wants their speakers upside down anyway. I am going to have to make my own bracket or try to find a substitute in order to use the stands.
Just OK...would not buy again
July 27, 2017
Ordered 2 sets of these...for front and rear wireless speakers made by Enclave. Not sure what happened but when I opened both boxes, the styrofoam inside was broken apart and scattered throughout the box. This is for the box that the stands actually are package in...not the shipping box. Little pieces of styrofoam were everywhere and it sticks to your hands and the stands and other contents as well.Of course, the hardware included did not fit the Enclave screw hole. It's like they included every other size but the standard size I needed. So I went with the keyhole attachment. Not a great way to attach speakers that have any substance or weight to them, but had no choice. Was sort of a pain to do it this way and the speakers are attached, but not as secure as I would like.If you have speakers over 4 or 5 pounds, they will lean down...so you have to have the bent part of the stand pointing outward to sort of rest the bottom of the speaker on.I rated as "OK" 3 stars because I got things set up and hopefully they will hold. But the packaging was horrible, standard size screws were lacking, and the keyhole method is not the best way to attach speakers. I don't have speaker wire since using wireless speakers, but I can see what others are talking about...the opening in the stands are very thin and snaking the wires through could be difficult.I would not order again.
They o the trick, but very hard to set up to look seamless.
May 7, 2017
Mount-It! MI-1210 Speaker Stands for Home Theater 5.1 Channel Surround Sound System Satellite Speaker Stands Mounts, Rear and Front, 1 Pair, 10 lb Capacity, BlackI bought these stands to hold the rear speakers that compliment the samsung 2016 sounbars via blutooth. I purchased a Samsung 4K curved TV with a Samsung curved sounbar included as a special at Sam's club. So I naturally wanted to buy the rear speaker kit, which has 2 speakers which connect to a console that sends the signal to the soundbar for as good of surround I could. They are weighted down sufficiently to hold the speakers an everything was included to mount them to the poles. With my 2 speakers I had to get line from each speaker to the central rear unit, and I wanted the Wiring to be hidden. It took forever to get the audio wire through from the bottom to the top to connect to the speakers and still have enough wire to make it to the rear unit. The trick for me was to tape or tie a nut or something heavy and run it through to the correct out for these speakers. Long story short, it took me a while to get my 2 rear speakers seamlessly installed with the Samsung Rear Speaker Kit. But ultimately I got it done. But I'd be afraid that someone not as industrious or patient, might not have a goo time setting these up. I also wish they were a little bit taller at the highest setting. Theyre still in my living room, so they do work one theyre set up!
December 22, 2016
if you have a newer version of the Vizio 5.1 surround sound system, the wires are not be able to be threaded inside the stand shaft. The reason for this is the RCA plugs are too large for the hole and shaft diameter. To get around this, you can (as I did) use black cable ties and mount the cable on the exterior part of the shaft. If your system has cable with wire ends, this won't be a problem. Otherwise, the stand is good and stable.
Good price, decent appearance, but I had a flawed product.
October 21, 2016
These stands look OK, and I like that they have weights underneath the foot, but I experienced manufacturing problems. The weights are a disc with a threaded hole and the pole of the stand screws into it. On one of the weights, the hole seemed either too large or the threads were stripped out -- it wouldn't hold the pole securely. As a result, the pole rocks precariously and easily tips over. I have reached out to the manufacturer to see if they will remedy the problem. I didn't have any problem threading 18-ga wire through the poles.
Be aware...
May 23, 2016
These are adequate surround speaker stands. They have some weight to the base, so they stay pretty well balanced.I did have to modify how I mounted my rear speakers, as they use a component connection rather than traditional speaker wires. If you have speakers that use any sort of slightly bulkier connector on the back, you will probably need to mount the speakers upside-down. Other than that, these are fine and do the job well.
But for the price not so bad.
March 10, 2016
Needed some stands for my bose red line cube speaker's.if i would of mounted the the part that mount's to the speaker because of where the speaker cable plug's in , the would of broke.So i hand to make a spacer. Also the top piece that mount to the metal pole , i had to drill a small hole where the screw attach's to it so it would hold in place.The plastic piece's are weak , for example the height adjuster one of them cracked as i tightend it up. Guess you get what you pay for. But for the price not so bad.

Two Star Reviews:

Lasted 20 months
November 26, 2016
I bought a 2014 leftover in March of 2015. With very light use, it lasted 20 months and will no longer power on. Sound was marginal.
Good if you like disposable speaker bar systems
July 24, 2016
Utter Junk. This is the second one I purchased. The first one simply went dead after 18 months. It was out of warranty, so I purchased another one in March 2015 and now the second one simply is dead, won't light up or anything, in July of 2016.

Won't be purchasing another one, will spend a little more bread and find something that doesn't have the habit of dying shortly after the warranty expires.
Works well, but not for long.
March 2, 2016
Worked great for a while--pretty clear sound, large range of volume.

After about 6 months of use, Bluetooth devices stopped playing sound.

Not more than 2 months after that, no sound comes from the soundbar or speakers for any input. Input is correct, power is on, but no sound. Very disappointing.
Very - NOT - pleased any more.
June 11, 2015
UPDATE: After weeks of working fine, stopped pairing with bluetooth devices. Dealing with Vizio customer services was like getting a root canal without the benefit of pain killers. I had run through all troubleshooting options before ever calling and the rep I reached had been on their tech support desk for three days. Did not know what a sound bar was and was clearly reading from the manual while I waited. Excruciating. Finally she put me on hold and was clearly calling someone else who would ask questions which she would ask and then pass back my answers. They could not solve it, kept trying to blame it on my iPhone, despite the fact that my iPhone pairs perfectly fine with every other bluetooth speaker in the house and car. After getting nowhere I called again to try to get it replaced under warranty to find the first rep had not recorded all the troubleshooting steps she made me repeat endlessly and so by "policy" this rep said she had to make me start over. I put my foot down and she YELLED at me that she would record that I was refusing assistance. What is this, the hospital? I'm checking out against Doctor's orders? Finally I got a supervisor to call me back who wanted me to try another device to make SURE it wasn't my phone. I didn't have another device here at home. I sent an email and someone on their end finally responded that we should swap it out with a new (actually it was refurbished) sound bar. Of course, they couldn't send out just the sound bar. They had to send the entire system. As predicted, the replacement worked and after boxing it back up I took it to a fedex location who refused to take it (don't get me started) and sent me to a fedex freight location by the airport who took it, no problem.

All in all, a disappointing and annoying experience. When it is working, I like the system. But I have to tell you, given the choice of a root canal and dealing with Vizio again......? At least the dentist has good drugs...

ORIGINAL REVIEW: I am not an audiophile by any stretch but when moving into a new house decided 1) I didn't want to haul a bunch of stereo components and speakers any more and 2) I wanted something that I could use for TV/music and also bluetooth connection to my phone for music, etc 3) I wanted something unobtrusive and not large. This is perfect for me. It fits under my TV nicely, it was easy to pair and simple to change from TV input to bluetooth. The subwoofer and rear speakers are not too big and all of it delivers a great sound. Watching a movie the other night I loved how much more impressive it was with the surround sound. Great buy for the money for me.
Bummed out by poor Bluetooth Capability
February 10, 2015
I could not get the bluetooth to link up over the course of three days with this product. Even at a mere 7' away...
Didn't allow me to hide the wires and front of the speaker mount is gaudy.
September 6, 2017
Installation was simple, they hold the speakers just fine, but there are parts of the speaker holder sticking out of the front. I may try to trim off the excess from it. Also attempting to feed the speaker wire/plug through almost resulted in ruining the speaker wire itself since the plug was a right angle plug. I'd suggest creating the pole in a slightly larger diameter...
... gave it a two star rating is because I like the styling
May 11, 2017
The only reason I gave it a two star rating is because I like the styling. Otherwise they are a ZERO for me. My experience is specific to the VIZIO SmartCast™ 45” 5.1 Sound Bar System. These stands were supposed to fit the rear speakers. They DO NOT unless you do some custom machining to either the stands or the speakers at home. I'm not doing that. If you have different speakers they may work great. There just isn't any way to tell until you get them home. My frustration also comes from Vizio not being able to tell me which brand makes stands that are guaranteed to fit their speakers.
Does not fit Klipsch speakers (or any speaker taller than 4 inches)
October 27, 2016
Pro: Very sturdy productCons: Brackets are TINY. I got these for the rear speakers in my surround setup. These stands come with 2 sets of brackets. The largest set is roughly 4-4.5 inches long. If you have anything other than baby speakers, it is unlikely for them to fit.One other note: I bought these after seeing someone else's review where they fit larger speakers. I'm thinking there may be 2 different models of the same stand being sold. Either that or they don't consistently measure the brackets.
they are pretty stiff (which is a good thing) so it takes ...
August 2, 2016
As others have mentioned, it is not compatible with vizio speakers. It takes some adjusting in order for the vizio wires to fit through the stability holders that stick up. I figured this wasn't a big issue so I bought these knowing I would need to adjust them.Be warned, they are pretty stiff (which is a good thing) so it takes a lot of force to bend them in to shape, and once you do, it won't look very pretty.ALSO make sure you adjust them while they are NOT ON the stands! mine's were leaning in a little too much, so I tried to adjust them out and the entire top (the little flat base) started ripping off the stand poles. I'll probably need to solder it back on since now the stand is essentially useless.
One broke... Amazon replaced it, but big hassle overall
October 23, 2013
The quality of these is probably pretty good overall, judging from the reviews, but I experienced the problem shared by another reviewer: a broken top platform. Apparently, these are spot welded at the top, where the vertical tube attaches to the metal platform that in turn holds your speaker. However, the unit I bought was missing the weld at top, so after installing these, one day the left speaker just fell over, taking the top platform with it. Obviously, as this unit passed down the assembly line, someone was asleep at the wheel... er, spot welder.In the end, and without question, Amazon replaced the defective unit, but I went through the hassle of having to install these twice, uninstall one set, package it up and carry to the post office for return.The base of these is made of heavy cast metal, containing a threaded hole that fits and locks into the vertical pole that in turn holds the speakers up. This part of the assembly is pretty substantial, except that the bases are deeper than they are wide, meaning that they lack lateral stability. On carpet, the base has a tendency to lean or fall over, especially if the speaker you attach weighs more than two or three pounds. The vertical pole that runs from the base to your speaker at top is adjustable, but uses a plastic collar for tightening that can be stripped easily.If you are mounting speakers that are small in form, and that weigh about 2 pounds or less (and if you're lucky enough to get a set that has been manufactured properly), you'll probably be happy with these.
Yamaha 597s don't fit; plastic shims are achilles heel
January 29, 2013
I was under the impression that these were compatible with Yamaha 597 speakers. The stands come with two sizes of screws to secure into the back of the speakers; neither fits the hole in the back of the Yamaha speakers. You have to use the adhesive on the bottom of the speakers to secure them to the flat plate on top of the speaker stand.Also, the manufacturer uses a threaded plastic shim under the height adjustment ring. If the plastic shim breaks and loses its one-piece integrity, the stand won't stay telescoped, it will drop down to its lowest height unless you jimmy-rig some other way to keep it telescoped (glue, etc). On arrival, the plastic shim under the tightening ring on one stand was already broken into two pieces, the other was shattered into several pieces. The first one worked with the shim carefully positioned together under the ring, the second could not keep its jigsaw puzzle arrangement under the adjustment ring well enough to secure the stand.Too bad they chose to use plastic for such a crucial part. It's as if someone made a great car, but decided to mold the axles in plastic. Quality metal product looks like a million bucks, feels like it would last a hundred years, but that plastic part renders it worthless if/when it breaks.I returned the stands for refund.**Update: Originally rated these as one star because of the plastic threaded shims. After researching speaker stands for hours and hours, it looks like that's a near-universal design. I added one star to make two. It's still a terrible design flaw (the shim should be thin metal in a C-shape to allow for compression). I guess that makes 95% of adjustable speaker stands 2-star quality in my book! Guess I'll have to re-order. Next time, when the plastic breaks, I'll just telescope the stands to the height I want, drill a hole, and use a metal screw to secure.
Would probably work great for surround sound speakers that use straight speaker wire ...
August 15, 2017
I wanted this to work. The problem is my Vizio speakers have an RCA connection to the speaker. The RCA connector would not fit through the hollow tubing to hide the wire. Do to the RCA connector on the back of the speaker it would not fit properly on the speaker mount. Would probably work great for surround sound speakers that use straight speaker wire with no connectors at the end.
Not great
July 5, 2017
The stands advertise 10lb capacity but if you have anything but a hardware floor, they will lean. I have 0.25lb satellite speakers and they lean backwards. Also, the bolts for attachment weren't compatible; I had to go get some new wingnuts to tighten the attachment. Overall I'll keep it as they're just cheap stands, but I expected a bit better.
If You Don't Have Time To Build It - At Least Check It
March 17, 2017
I was not happy with their customer service. I ordered this when I had some extra money. I did not open it until about a month later when I had the time to assemble it. To my disappointment, one of the stands was broke. The plastic barrel that tightens the height was cracked, and the stand could not be adjusted. I contacted the seller and learned they only take returns up to 30 days. At the time it had been 33 days. I didn't want a refund, but merely a replacement. So now I'm stuck with damaged product that I paid for. The one stand that wasn't broke held the speaker loosely. I was not impressed. Overall quite dissatisfied.
Not a reliable choice
December 9, 2016
I think these might be okay (3-4 stars) if the cam shafts worked without issue. I'm referring to the plastic piece that is used to tighten the outer tube on top of the inner tube, to allow height adjustment to be made securely. Mine arrived new, but with one of those cams already not functioning, so I couldn't set the height. I initially thought that I was doing something wrong, or that a part was missing, but then decided to partly assemble the second stand, and it seemed fine. If they were both reliable, and if this product was generally reliable (I've since read a lot of reviews with similar issues), then it would probably be an adequate solution for mounting lighter speakers. As it is, it doesn't seem like they can be trusted to keep tension.Packaging and shipping was fine, and Amazon processed the return fine. I'm hoping that the next set of stands that I'll try - rated for 10 pounds (per stand) and costs about $7 - more will be adequate.
I would really not recommend these speaker stands
November 21, 2016
I would really not recommend these speaker stands. They are rated for 5 pounds, but that is very generous. I have a set of 3 pound Monoprice speakers for the front left and right and the speaker stands can hold them up, but they look like they are about to fall over at any minute. This is bad because we have a crawling baby that could easily get to them and knock them over. I tested their ability to withstand a range of impacts and they didn't hold up very well.I have the speaker stands raised up to ear level (as is recommended for best audio) and this is extended nearly all the way which makes them even more flimsy.PROSThey look pretty goodThey extend to different heightsCONSThey don't hold the weight very wellIf extended fully, they are very easy to knock overI wouldn't recommend. Unfortunately, you'll probably have to cough up the extra money to get something more sturdy. Or you could get wall mounts instead. The problem is finding good stands for the surround speakers. Good luck!
This product's build quality is both good and bad
April 9, 2015
As others have stated, when you screw on the plastic cap, it cracks. This doesn't prevent function, at least during setup. This crack will obviously be the point in which the product fails at some point in the future (maybe after a move or someone knocks it other).Also, if you use want to connect the rear speakers of Vizio S4251w-B4, then you are going to need to find some extra washers in your toolbox, because what's included is not enough. You'll need several extra washers placed on the speaker-side of the screw-hole to keep the speaker out far enough so the cable connector can be connected. And even then, it's not flush/flat, it's crooked.This product's build quality is both good and bad. Everything up to the top plastic parts is good durable stuff, but once you're at the top where the speakers get connected it's cheap plastic that cracks, and clearly lacks in versatility for something "universal".

One Star Reviews:

Waste of money
November 28, 2016
First speaker stopped working after a couple months and was replaced by Vizio. The replacement speakers also stopped working after a month. Waste of money. I should of read all the critical reviews. This is not just a lemon - seems like a common problem with this speaker.
I liked the product when it worked
May 26, 2016
Purchased this item a year ago, one month and six days ago. With that being said, I liked the product when it worked. The sound bar crapped out a week ago, making the whole system useless. Warranty is only a year. Now I'm stuck with three working speakers, but no way to power them. Oh, and no way to fix the sound bar.

On another side, anyone want to purchase three speakers for $209?
Died after 15 months.
April 17, 2016
The sound bar died after 15 months. Visio support is only 12 months long. It was waist of money. Stay away form they sound system. This is first negative review on the Amazon I ever had to write.
Defective Unit Stops Working
September 13, 2015
After less than a month of usage the unit stopped working. Power light is lit, but unit won't turn on! This is the second Vizio soundbar that's stopped working within months of being plugged in. Crappy service, no replacement. DO NOT BUY THIS ITEM!
Barely lasted two months
June 14, 2015
I've had this for two months. Worked well enough. Sub has died and that kills the audio output to the rear speakers so I'm left with a soundbar and that's it. Ran the speaker test via the remote - left and right channels work fine - center is good - sub is silent as are the rears. Reset, reseated plugs and cabling. No change.
Don't buy it if you use banana plugs
March 28, 2017
It's very annoying to assemble, and when I was done, I found that because I use banana plugs on my setup, they would not fit (as you can see in the image).I returned this item
Regret this purchase.
August 10, 2016
The base is nowhere near heavy enough to counter the weight of a speaker on top. Set these up 1 week ago and they have already fallen over 3 times. Looks bad if you dont have them covered with their backs against a wall, the wires are exposed coming out the back. The single screw with which to attach your speaker was not enough to keep my speakers held up and now they awkwardly balance on the frame and are also screwed on at an angle (my speakers are not cubes and don't have 90° angles on the back).
High Expectations, but fell short.
August 8, 2016
I was so excited to set up our surround sound system. I recently also purchased my vizio SB4051-D5 soundbar system. While setting it up I realized that the stands were way too big for the speakers. The mount is too big and the wired brace that holds in place sticks out. If I center the speaker, then the wires will stick out too much. I included pictures and I am hoping that Atlantic will help me solve this problem.Now the speaker sets off centered and the mount shows a lot. The wires stick out and I am hoping my young ones don't hurt themselves or scrap their eye on it.
Wanted To Like Them, But They Fall Just Short
March 3, 2014
I bought these after reading the great reviews, and the feedback saying they worked great with the Energy Take Classic speakers (which I bought as well). Sadly, this is not the case.First off, the stands are cheaply made. I don't care what anyone says, the adjustment knob in the middle breaks easily, and the screws that hold the base that the speaker sits on get in the way of concealing the wires (I was using 16 gauge). I tried the use one screw method, and my speakers hobbled around like a boxer struggling to stay up. I tried the upside down method, they hung on the edge of the base as if they were contemplating audio suicide.Then of course if someone sneezes, nay if a light breeze blows by...these suckers are on the ground.Needless to say, I am returning them, and attempting to find something that actually works. Will they work with other speakers? Maybe light cheap ones. I'd get something else if I were you.
Terrible Quality Control
November 29, 2011
I ordered two sets of these speakers and each package had a defective stand. The first order arrived with a hole that was tapped crooked, so the support pole was wobbly (threads were too shallow to make it stable). After returning them, the second order arrived with a similar problem: the hole was severely off-center from the cast extrusion - enough that there wasn't a solid wall for threads. Again, the support pole was wobbly from lack of - well - support. Any dummy in visual inspection would have caught both of these defects. I will not be trying a third time.
Poorly machined
December 31, 2010
One of my speaker posts was machined incorrectly and dropped right into the base - the threads didn't even catch. The problem is apparently not unique. Moe33 had a similar, though not as severe issue, documented in a review here on amazon.com. This left me with the dilemma, which I still face, of returning the product or finding a workaround. My workaround, several layers of teflon tape on the threads, at least allowed me to continue assembly, but the post is permanently wobbly and I'm not confident it will last more than a few hours. This set may go back to amazon.The bracket for the speaker mounting bolt pretty much exactly covers the wiring posts on the speaker. I worked around this with some fiddling, a sharp bend in the wire, and a careful inspection to insure I wasn't shorting anything out.Yes, they're inexpensive, but they may get returned and wind up as scrap. No one wins that way.Moe33's product review mentioned above is at this permalink:http://www.amazon.com/review/R30M13AM09K60Q/ref=cm_cr_pr_perm?ie=UTF8&ASIN=B000289DC6&nodeID=&tag=&linkCode=
Too flimsy. Had to send back. Bought Atlantic ...
April 3, 2017
Too flimsy. Had to send back. Bought Atlantic Speaker Stands. Did the job.
Terrible design, disastrous installation process!
December 25, 2016
It deserves at most one star, given the terrible design of it. You'd have to use a needle to put the speaker wire through the standing pipe. And if your speaker wires are thicker than normal, then forget about this product. In addition, it does NOT work for taller speakers such as Samsung 5500 home theatre. The curved standing only allows mounting very small speakers. Such a waste of money!
Awful but I'm stuck with them
November 30, 2016
One stand went together fine, looked nice, all was well except the fact that the screw that holds the bracket to the pole broke off.The second stand came apart and wouldn't go back together.Screws broke off inside my speaker.The stand itself was shorter than the other stand so I had to adjust the functional stand to match the stupid one.Overall, my speakers are pretty much stuck to these stands.
Does NOT fit Bose Accoustimass Speakers
May 25, 2016
Bose Accoutimass speakers have flat thin slots at the edges, and NOT a screw hole in the center. The description is misleading as I thought it might include a plate which you can mount on the top as a flat surface to place them on. It does not. Do not purchase if you have no hole in the back of your speakers.
Warning: You get what you pay for.
July 23, 2015
You get what you pay for. The pole assemblies unscrew for height adjustment. Even with them completely unscrewed the metal was clamped down so tight on the upper part that it gouged a huge scratch all the way down the pole when trying to raise it up. Those scratches matched the ones already on the upper assembly. If these werent going to be hidden behind a couch out of sight I'd have returned them in a heartbeat. The speaker holder and wire hiding bracket are made of very cheap plastic. Should have spent a little more on quality ones.
If you want any quality, spend more money.
February 25, 2015
Poor design. I didn't expect a whole lot out o these for only $25 but they were worse than anticipated. First the poles screw into a weight on the bottom for stability, mine was cross-threaded out of the box and so the stand wouldn't stand upright. Second the design for the speaker attachments is terrible. No really good way to make the speakers fit on well and once you do get them to fit the plastic cover that is supposed to hide all the wiring won't go back on because with the speakers mounted they won't clip back in. Maybe I just had too high of hopes for these but they were returned same day since they were defective out of the box.
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Best in class audio performance: 100 db of room filling, crystal clear surround sound with less than 1% total harmonic distortion* (Sound Pressure Level measured using pink noise at 1 meter, C-weighted. Total harmonic distortion calculated as electrical measurement of amplifier distortion)

Best in class audio performance: 100 db of room filling, crystal clear surround sound with less than 1% total harmonic distortion

Wirelessly stream your music from a smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth, even when the TV is off.

Premium audio with Dolby Digital and DTS Digital Surround decoding, plus DTS Studio Sound, DTS TruVolume and DTS Circle Surround audio post processing

Pair of adjustable speaker stands for satellite or surround sound speakers

Place your speakers at optimal height for stereo or surround sound

Durable cast-iron construction with black finish holds up to two pound speakers

Adjustable from 27 to 48 inches, depending on listening area

Support pole and base conceal speaker cables out of sight

Fits most satellite speakers up to 5 lbs.

Universal Surround Sound Speaker Stands (2 Stands) for home theater system satellite speakers. Ideal for front pair or rear pair positions for a 5-speaker set up. Compatible with most speakers on the market such as Bose Acoustimass, Bose Cinemate, Jewel Cubes, Lifestyle Speakers, Samsung, Klipsch, Yamaha, Polk, JBL, Panasonic, etc.

Multiple speaker attachment methods including keyhole style, single bolt or screw type. Mount speakers using 1/4-Inch x 20 mounting screw or keyhole mount; Fits Single Thread Type Fitting , all hardware provided.

The pole is height is adjustable from 26.8-Inch (680mm) to 43.3-Inch (1100mm), to place your speakers at optimal height for stereo or surround sound. Heavy-gauge offset steel pillar features integrated wire channel for cable management system through middle of stands.

Floor-standing attractive sleek design lets you put speakers in the best position for sound quality. The heavy cast-iron base has four legs provides stability, even on thicker carpets.

Includes top plate, L-shaped brackets and keyhole adapter, stable floorstanding base.

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