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Signstek 1500ML 1.5L Ultrasonic Air Humidifier LED Color Changing Aroma Oil Diffuser (Dragonfly) - Signstek
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300ml Essential Oil Diffuser,URPOWER® Aromatherapy Diffuser Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier with AUTO Shut off Function, 7 Color Changing LED Lights and 4 Timer Settings for Home Office Yoga Baby Room - URPOWER

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Signstek http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/515O6O-pn2L._SL160_.jpg
Signstek 1500ML 1.5L Ultrasonic Air Humidifier LED Color Changing Aroma Oil Diffuser (Dragonfly) - Signstek
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URPOWER http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/41ZhBkHDZzL._SL160_.jpg
300ml Essential Oil Diffuser,URPOWER® Aromatherapy Diffuser Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier with AUTO Shut off Function, 7 Color Changing LED Lights and 4 Timer Settings for Home Office Yoga Baby Room - URPOWER
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Five Star Reviews:

Highly recommend!!! Good product and delivery super fast!
May 4, 2015
Came fast, only 1day after i odered!!! It works good as it expected to. Nice night light colour but i dont think i see orange and yellow , just dark and light of these colour : green-blue-purple-red- and white, its okay for me tho.
Abt the air comes out in my opinion : its not strong enough but good for bedroom! If we looking for stronger n bigger capacity then we should go ahead for Honeywell products, i saw some version it could hold like 3.4Gallon of water, good for living room and no need to refill many time a day!
I will attach some photos below so it could help u guys to imagine before u guys gonna buy !
I FIGURED it out!
April 18, 2015
I bought two and love them! But I agree that the oil and water mixed then draining into the bottom area seems crazy because oil floats. I do put several drops of oil in with the water but once back on the base and ready to go, I just lift the top vents and drop essential oil right down the tube into the base below that holds the water. This has made a huge difference! Hopefully this will work for you too!
Use this every day - all day!
June 24, 2014
This diffuser is easy to use. It runs all day long and turns off on it's own when the water is gone and a red light come on to indicate that it is empty. The light is really pretty and muted - not too bright to have on in a bedroom all night. The mist is very adjustable. The only thing I do not care for is the cheap plastic vents on the top, they are hard to move and come off easily. But that feature does help in cleaning it. All in all a very good purchase.
Best diffuser yet!
June 4, 2014
I've tried several & I'm happy with most of them, but this is hands down my favorite! I LOVE that it can run for so long... also, it's not a huge thing for the amount of water it holds! Love that it can go FULL BLAST & really fill a room quickly or just a tiny bit. I have a very large room with vaulted ceilings open to the second floor & it seems to fill the whole room! You can smell the essential oils from the cat walk upstairs!

I also LOVE that I can run it through a lamp timer (like when you go on vacation) so I can be on & off as I choose... Because it has that red on/off switch I can put on 30 mins & off an hour then off all night when we're asleep! I fill it up & just let do it's thing, even if we aren't in the room! With the timer it will run much longer on the low setting... I put 10 drops of OnGuard & it's protecting everyone that goes past that room all day!

Oh, also love that I can spin the top spouts so it points in two different directions or same way... way cool feature!

Happy camper & the price is sooooo right for how great it is!!!
essential oil user
March 24, 2014
Ive had this diffuser for about a week and I LOVE it!! It lasts so much longer than my other diffusers! It has an option to allow you to control the mist output and on low it will litterally last 20 hours! On high it will last around 8 hours. It also has 2 output spouts which is great, if you have a large open floor plan, you can diffuse air into 2 different room! So far, I have nothing but good to say about this diffuser! I put a little more oil in this one, about 6-8 drops since its bigger, and my house smells wonderful! It also has an option to use the diffuser without the beautiful color changing lights, but I perfer the lights. Highly recommended!
Awesome diffuser!!
March 10, 2017
I'm so glad I decided on this diffuser! It works well, doesn't have to be refilled often and the color changing lights are so pretty! Have had this for a while and have no problems with it. I would buy again.
Diffuser is simple as can be and works perfectly.
April 16, 2016
We wanted a diffuser that would last throughout the night and this one fit the bill. It is a very nice stream line design and super easy to use. It arrived from Amazon packed very well and without any difficulties. The instructions in the box were clear. I would highly recommend this particular diffuser to anyone who needs to run for longer periods of time.
Better then your average diffuser
March 30, 2016
Purchase these on Amazon! They are a lot cheaper than some of those private consultant ones. You know, where you go to a friends house and you swear, "I'm not going to spend money, I'm just coming for support." But then you leave with like $200 bucks worth of stuff. Well Amazon has a ton and they're cheaper, and they work just the same. This one is awesome because of the lights and it changes color. It gets the job done.
I am delighted with this diffuser
November 19, 2015
I am delighted with this diffuser. I have four different essential oil diffusers and this is my favorite. The reservoir is large enough to allow the unit to run for about six hours. The colors are vibrant and the capacity to fill the room with fragrance is great. Initially, I contacted the company after discovering that one of the legs was missing from the bottom of the unit. They were VERY prompt in addressing the issue, so I will definitely purchase the same unit again for a different room. Great product, great customer service.
This is a very nice diffuser
November 13, 2015
I love this diffuser. I am just getting in to using essential oils and I am so glad that I bought this diffuser for my first one. It is very nice looking and easy to operate. I love the colors and the low mist and high mist settings. I also love that it automatically turns off. It is very quiet and does not disturb my sleep. I also like the fact that you can turn the colors off or just have one solid color instead of the changing colors. SInce I have not had it for long, I can't say how long it will last, but I am hoping that it will last a long time. The only negative I have seen so far is that the operating manual is very confusing. It is written in a very confusing manner, so I am glad that it is easy to operate or I would be having trouble. It mentions in the manual that a measuring cup was to be included in the package, but there was no measuring cup.
Best diffuser on the market
November 12, 2015
This thing is amazing. I truly cannot say enough good things about it. I love the lights and how they can change colours or stay fixed (and so does my daughter). I love how you can set the timer to 1 hr, 3 hrs, 6 hrs or on. And, I love how you can adjust it to a light mist or a heavy mist. I have another one that is very similar to this, basically identical actually, and it doesn't work as good as this one. I don't know what it is about the URPOWER, but it is so much better. Within minutes the aroma fills our huge living room with these wonderful scents, whereas the other diffuser had to be moved to a much smaller room with the door closed before you could really smell anything. This product is well worth the price and I will definitely be purchasing more of them for other rooms in the house. In fact, I already ordered a second one as a Christmas gift for my parents.

Four Star Reviews:

Some issues, but still doing it's job
September 25, 2016
It just dawned on me that this thing plugs right into the wall, with the cord going all the way up to the unit, and it's full of water. I think I'd rather have an item that uses a power supply in this case, so the mains power isn't right next to water. Also, the power knob won't turn off anymore. It's really rough when you turn it down to the point where it would click off, and it doesn't want to go.

The whole unit needs to be cleaned every few days. I wish the cord unplugged from it to make this easier.

The blue light indicating it's plugged in/running is annoying. You can turn the tank light off, but not that power light. At night, it's excessively bright.I wish there was a way to turn it off. You can't even put tape over it, because the thing is translucent.

Other than that, it's really still working fine after 4 months of use almost every night. It puts out a good amount of vapor. The price wasn't bad either, for such a large tank.

So yeah it has some flaws, but at this price point, it's hard to find something of this capacity, so I'm happy I did.
A couple of design glitches, but a good humidifier.
March 23, 2016
This humidifier lasts the whole night. It is small enough that cleaning it is not a huge hassle. I use 3 or 4 drops of essential oil in the water every other night or so. The alternating colors through the cut-out designs are nice and soft versus bright, but bright enough to be a really good night light. However, the effect is blown by the incredibly bright light at the turn on knob. It is so bright I have to turn that side away from my bed. The knob light alone could light the whole room. The brightness of the knob light is totally not needed. There is only a small dimple on the front of the knob to know where you have the dispensing speed set. I used a magic marker and drew from the dimple up over the edge so I could see and adjust it quickly. Cleaning is relatively easy. Every few days - a week or less - I take both sections to the bathroom sink and pour the small amount of water left in the bottom out, rinse, scrub it with a the small tip end of a baby bottle brush, refill to top with water and add some bleach to soak several hours - usually all day until I return to go to bed. I drop the stopper in to be soaked also. For the top, I turn it upside down and add some water and use the bigger end of the baby bottle brush to brush the inside as best I can, then rinse, then refill water close to the bottom (which is now on the top side), add some bleach, and leave it balanced in my sink to soak. The spouts at the top are removable - both pieces - for individual cleaning. After soaking, I double rinse all sections and refill the top, close with the stopper, and start use again. I read somewhere - I don't remember if it was the brochure that came with the unit or the description on the Amazon ad - that the upper parts come apart for washing. That is somewhat deceiving. The upper spouts come off and divide into two separate pieces for cleaning, and the upper and lower sections separate, but the only way to clean inside the larger upper part is to use a bottle brush through the one inch filling hole and then soak in bleach or vinegar. I am only giving 4 stars because of the full/empty indicator light being so unnecessarily bright and because the upper section does not open to be sure it is clean. Otherwise, I like it better than any of the many I have had over the years. After trying it a few days, I liked it enough to order a second unit - upstairs and downstairs. Hopefully the manufacturers will eventually work out the glitches.
Signstek outperforms other Diffusers
September 1, 2015
Thrilled at the capacity of this Essential Oil Diffuser, but aesthetics leave something to be desired. I knew that going in, so can't take a star off for that. The weird way that it gets filled and the difficulty in clean-up is where the star gets taken away. I read the reviews where people were saying that it got filled backward, or words to that effect, but it wasn't until I worked with it that I realized what they meant. Imagine a water cooler at work, where the large water bottle filled with water has to be put onto the relatively small base in order for water to come out -- have the visual? Good, because that's how this Diffuser works. The upper part is removed from the base, gets turned upside down, has the screw-on plug removed, then it's filled with water to the fill line. Essential Oil(s) of choice are added, the plug is returned, then you have to flip the water-filled top over onto the base -- the trick being, it can only fit in ca certain way.And in case you were wondering, if you manage to put it on in *just* the wrong way, the water will spill out all over the base and whatever surface you had the base on. In spite of the potential disaster it poses, this Diffuser unit puts out more vapor and for the longest period of time. Better still, you can choose whether or not you want the colors to light up and change, or if you are more interested in its other qualities.
I like it, but it's far from perfect.
October 16, 2014
I like this diffuser. I do. But it does have some design flaws I don't care for...

Let's start with the pros:
- This baby can pump out the mist!!! I mainly use my diffusers as a safe alternative to toxic, household fragrances. I'm a scent junkie and have been trying desperately to find a safe alternative to harmful, home fragrances for years now. I've had several diffusers, but none could really satisfy my desire for a strong, lovely scent carried throughout the open floor plan & high ceilings of the lower level of my home. Until I got this thing! This is PERFECT for large space. However, if you need it for a smaller space it would work as well, because you can adjust the volume of mist coming out. It would just run for a really long time. Which is a bonus in my opinion!

- This thing puts out enough mist that it could easily double as a humidifier when needed. Add some eucalyptus & peppermint oil to the tank during a cold & you'll sleep much more soundly!

The cons:
- This is designed like a humidifier. The top is a large tank that you fill then FLIP onto the base which has a small reservoir of water. I don't like this for 2 reasons. 1.) I always end up dripping water everywhere in the flipping process. It's a mess. 2.) Because of the small reservoir in the bottom, if you don't run it for a day or so, and don't clean out the bottom it gets a kind of mildewy smell for the first 5-10 minutes you turn it on. This usually isn't a problem for me, because I run it CONSTANTLY. But I would still prefer it to not have the reservoir, because it means when I switch my scent some of my old oils are still in there. Which leads me to my next problem...
- Unlike other diffusers I've owned the power cord doesn't unplug from the base. This is an issue for me since the only plug available is behind my couch. So I have to climb over my couch to get to the plugin in order to clean out the reservoir, which is why I don't do it often. :/ This may not be an issue for you if you have an easily accessible outlet or you don't run it at least 2 cycles per day with different scents. For me, it's a huge pain in the rear.
- Like other reviewers have noted, there is a rubber ring that has a tendency to pop off. Again this could be fixed if it wasn't designed like a humidifier. This hasn't been a huge problem for me though, since I have it running constantly. The only time I've had it come off was when I cleaned it out one day & left it laying out to dry rather than immediately refilling it and putting it back on the base. However, I was able to get the ring back on & have used it ever since with no problems. I probably just won't risk it anymore & just keep immediately refilling.

Overall, though, I'd probably buy this again or recommend to a friend with a large space. If it was just for a smaller space, though, I'd probably risk trying something else. The whole flipping it over, making a mess & being unable to easily clean the reservoir have just been huge nuisances for me.
I like the ability to turn the LED lights on and ...
July 13, 2014
Received this product in a very short period of time. Had a small issue after two weeks with a small seal and I contacted the seller and they were simply astounding in rectifying the problem. The seller is 5 stars, no question. This diffuser lasts for a full 8 hours do to its large capacity. I like the ability to turn the LED lights on and off. The unit puts out a good amount of vapor as well. It's easy to re-fill and get going.

I wish I hadn't had the seal concern, but again, I was just pleased as heck with the sellers service!
Four Stars
March 14, 2017
Works great
bright light and works fine I am glad I finally got one of these
December 9, 2016
Came on time, very quite, bright light and works fine I am glad I finally got one of these. I think I would have liked the wood grain one better as far as looks go which I did not see until after I ordered this one however.
Also like the light colors and that all of them come ...
August 13, 2016
Just plugged it in tonight and seems to work very well. Also like the light colors and that all of them come in a dimmer setting. easy buttons to control what you want. pumps out the mist very good. Small enough for my small night stand and can be very easily refilled with water.
Works great!
January 12, 2016
This works great for my large master bedroom. I tried it in my living room/down stairs, but it doesn't seem to be powerful enough to spread through such a large home. I will have to try it again; maybe with more drops of essential oil. You must use good quality oil for it to work best. I recommend using very little amount of water (maybe 1 ounce) at a time if you like to switch out/rotate different scents of oil. If filled with water, you will have the same scent for hours, or days if you run it an hour at a time like me. My only complaint about this product is that the lid does not secure very well. Be careful when transporting with water in it.
So great.
January 8, 2016
I love this is diffuser this is the second one we bought Buy this brand. my other one is bigger my daughter liked it so much she had to have her own. my only complaint about this is that the light does not turn off if you run out of water and the rest of it automatically turns off. other than that the flow was great and it works super well.
Good for oils. Cute. Quiet.
December 2, 2015
The diffuser arrived intact. Has the options to run with or without the lights. I use for essential oils, but the scent wears off after an hour. I think that's with any diffuser tho. It's quiet and it works for the 2 weeks I've had it so far. The instructions mention a pour cup provided, but there is no pour cup that comes with this product. No big deal, it's not necessary. Of you run it with the lights, the light stays on even after the timer shuts off the mister. I'm happy with the diffuser. Not a bad price. It does what most diffusers do.

Three Star Reviews:

Overall an OK diffuser. Not a great one. Lasted about 7 months.
August 7, 2016
I like this Signstek 1500ML 1.5L Ultrasonic Air Humidifier LED Color Changing Aroma Oil Diffuser, but I don't love it, that's why I can only give it 4 stars. While it holds a lot of water and can run for a very long time, it is not the most user friendly diffuser I've ever owned. To use this diffuser, you have to remove the top piece from the bottom piece, then turn the top piece upside down and fill it with water and oil. To reassemble the diffuser, you have to turn the bottom piece upside down, place it on the top piece (which is also upside down), secure the two pieces together, then turn the whole unit back right side up. Thankfully once full, the diffuser will operate for several hours. I like the ability to adjust the amount of mist coming out, which lengthens the operating time. The light changing function is also a nice added feature. The colors are soft and soothing and transition nicely from one to another. The dragonfly design is fun and enhances the appearance of the diffuser. I wish the Signstek 1500ML 1.5L Ultrasonic Air Humidifier LED Color Changing Aroma Oil Diffuser was easier to clean, but unfortunately that is another reason I can't give it 5 stars. All in all it's a good product, but with a few improvements, it could be a great product.

**UPDATE** I am revising my review, because this diffuser is now leaking. I got 7 months of use out of it and now I have to toss it out. Keep that in mind when purchasing.
Not what I was expecting.
March 8, 2016
I was so excited for this humidifier to come as it was highly suggested by a friend. I am sorry to say the excitement quickly faded. It has some pros, it holds a lot of water and will stay on for a long time. The designs in the sides are really nice and relaxing when you have the light show on. Also, being able to produce steam from two vents that can be moved it very nice.

Now for the cons. The instructions provided are limited. I found that I had to read through the questions section on Amazon to actually figure out how to get the thing to work properly. It is also difficult to fill. The entrance to the water tank is on the bottom so to fill it you have to pull the tank out of the unit, flip it over and add water. The tricky part is then when you want to add your essential oil. It goes into the same entrance as the water. Because of the steam vents on the top, the tank is not able to be placed on a surface while upside down. So as you are holding it you have to get the oil in. It become more difficult if you want to add more than one oil as you have to keep holding the tank while switching oils. Also, the instructions call for three drops of oil. With that much water there is no way that 3 drops are going to work. I added 10 drops each of three scents and still could barely smell it. The next con is the water that is left in the base of the unit. It is quite a bit and it gets kind of nasty. Make sure you are cleaning it often. And my final con, and this was my biggest issue, is the lights. There is a switch in the back to turn off the light show. However even with those lights off, the power light still produces a very bright blue light that lights up the entire unit. I had to turn it off as it was too bright to sleep with and one of my main uses for this humidifier was to run it while I was sleeping. I have moved my smaller unit back into my bedroom and will keep this one for the living room.

All in all, this is just ok. I will still use it but not the ways I was planning to. I am disappointed and would not but it again.
a caution
February 27, 2016
I really like this humidifier, so much that this was my second purchase. The reason I got the second one was because as I was refilling the tank, the decorative cover slipped off and the full tank fell, cracking the plastic and making it unusable. So, I bought the second one, knowing to be very very careful while filling it. And the same thing just happened again! I filled the tank, screwed in the cap, and, while still holding the full tank over the sink, was carefully turning it upright, and the full tank slide right out, hitting the sink, and cracking in the same area, around the opening where you fill it. I am so disappointed. I have small, arthritic hands, and have tried taking the decorative cover off before filling, but ironically, it is difficult to remove. I still like it, and am not going to rate it poorly, but thought it might save someone else from the same problem.
On the other hand this makes for a Great cold air humidifier
December 27, 2015
For Aroma therapy this is a big ZERO . The base has a very small area for water & has a very large water tank that sits on the base unit. The problem is when you put the essential oils in the tank as directed, the oils float on the surface of the water and don't make it in to the base unit until the tank is empty. Therefore you have to put oils in the base before you put the water tank on it.
Other diffusers are designed to have the base act as the water tank letting the essential oils do their work.
On the other hand this makes for a Great cold air humidifier, that is why I gave it 3 stars.
Ok Diffuser, Great Humidifier and Night Light
November 1, 2015
I bought this more as a diffuser than a humidifier. I loved the design itself and thought it was really cool that you could remove the outer cover and choose from 4 different side designs. When its running it is quiet and puts out a good deal of mist. The unit holds a good deal of water and that is where the issue came into play for me using it as a diffuser. You have to put in a ton of drops to equal the amount of water it holds. Because of that I quit using it as a diffuser. This would be a good unit for a small to medium room to use as a humidifier. It could also be well used as a night light for children.
I like this, but the oil diffuses too quickly
December 8, 2016
I like this, but the oil diffuses too quickly. Also, it doesn't seem to work that well as a humidifier. However, I think it is a nice product.
Disappointed. No way to completely turn off light!
November 19, 2016
Received yesterday and started using immediately for my sick daughter with essential oils. The product is as described, and it seems to work well. It's a little confusing to read these instructions, but really, the only thing that won't be completely obvious is holding the button down to switch from high to low mist.I have two issues with this product. One is that you can't turn the light off completely, which is a feature that was important to me. There are multiple colors to pick from, but "off" still has a faint glow like a (big) nightlight in the dark. If you're like me and prefer a dark environment for sleep, then pass on this. If not, it's a great deal. The other issue is the sound. This is far from noiseless. It's quiet, but be aware that, again, if you are using this at night or while you sleep, this might be a deal breaker. My daughter already uses a noise machine, so this added noise doesn't seem to matter to her.And for those wondering, I didn't receive this (or anything else) for free or a discount. I just wrote this to help anyone else who might be concerned about the light emitted from this unit.
Makes a fun nightlight?
August 19, 2016
The color changing light is neat for the kids, but it leaks A TON and leaves a puddle wherever you run it as intended.It has a timer setting where it's supposed to run 1 HR up to 10 hrs, but it loses water so fast ours s***s off w/in 30 min or less. Do NOT recommend.******Update - After I posted my 1 star review, I was contacted by the seller. They informed me they'd discovered the unit I had was defective & offered to send a new one for free. It arrived very quickly. I'm adding stars for good customer service and hope to add additional stars & a happier update after trying out the new one.
... vapor disperses but the colors and timing options are great.
March 19, 2016
Slightly splatters when the vapor disperses but the colors and timing options are great.
Warning: Highly Addictive!
January 9, 2016
What an incredible product. We sleep with it and have it on during the day as well. We also just placed an order for 20 bottles of oil to mix and match. The few oils I got to start out with just weren't enough to feed our new obsession. The nice thing is, all you need are a few bottles of inexpensive oils (i.e. orange, lemon, lavender, cedarwood, clove, etc.) and you're good to go. Just orange and lemon will keep you positive and cheery through the day - like an eternal spring! It's amazing how something so subtle can bring in such incredible change. It's been raining here for 5 days and we haven't even been bummed out once over it, although by day two I'm always super mopey.UPDATE: I took two stars off because after only 4 months, we notice that it's not putting out the same amount of stream. It's pretty low volume now. We kept up with the cleaning as directed so not sure what the problem is.
Three Stars
November 4, 2015
Liked the look, but strange odor came from it all the time. It wasn't my oils either.

Two Star Reviews:

Gaskets swell or leak, otherwise functions well
May 3, 2017
Both the fill gasket and the water out plug gasket have swelled so much. It's very hard to get the fill cap back on because I need to squish the gasket into the cap recess.

The water out seal (spring-loaded plunger) swelled and now leaks. This isn't a huge deal because if you can flip the reservoir over and put it in place fast enough, you'll probably only leak a few teaspoons of water.

Once I get the gasket in place, the unit works pretty well. As someone else pointed out, the basin get gross from the oils.
Felt better waking up (we both have allergies) and my skin ...
August 25, 2016
Got this item maybe 3 weeks back. This was my hubby and mine's first humidifier and I will say that WOW! This this thing gives off an ample amount of vapor! Felt better waking up (we both have allergies) and my skin felt decent (usually it's incredibly dry!)

So why 2 stars and not 5?
1.) The LED Light is NOT fit to be a night light, by any means! If we didn't cover it with a blacked out piece of tape it would keep us awake but even then we still had to cover the front end with a hardcover book! Despite even those efforts the light was so bright it illuminated the entire mechanism and shone around the room.. not good for trying to go to sleep.

2.) After 2 weeks of using it on and off, the "whisper quiet" motor became a whirring and then the whirring progressed into a by a high pitched electric ringing noise on top of it. Whatever frequency that ringing noise is kept us awake so we just shut it off and don't use it anymore.

This product has some serious promise...
Unfortunately it also has some serious problems...
Some people might be able to accept that, but because
this our bedroom, this is not something we want to keep. Returning it as soon as possible.
Short lived
March 23, 2015
I initially really liked this unit. The mist flow control and changing light option was such a nice way to destress. I was disappointed that I had not noticed that essential oils should be water soluble but was okay to live it. I bought this 5 months ago and used it quite a bit at first, due to a tonsillectomy. After recovering I didn't use it as often. I stored it until cold and flu season hit our home and pulled it out to run an antiviral essential oil recipe. When I filled the tank and went to place it back on the base it poured water and oils all over the place! Fortunately, I was still in the kitchen and only had tile and counter tops to dry off, but had wasted my oils and ruined one of my favorite kitchen rugs. It appears that the seal around the cap has gone bad. I may try to see if the cap can be replaced. In the meantime, the unit is completely unusable.
I bought this thinking that it would be great for running longer than 3 hours ( I have ...
January 12, 2015
It is now making a LOUD humming noise everytime I turn it on. The only thing I can do to make the sound go away temporarily is empty the water from the base, turn the base upside down and shake it 5-10 times. I am not sure why that helps it but it is really annoying. I would NOT buy this again and am looking for a nicer one to replace it.
I bought this thinking that it would be great for running longer than 3 hours ( I have a smaller one that I LOVE but it only runs for 3 hours). This does diffuse the essential oils very well and it runs for a long time, so I thought it would be great! My biggest complaint is that you can't clean it out when it runs out of water and because it is plastic it absorbs some of the oils so when you run lets say thieves through it and then you want to run orange or peppermint it smells a bit weird for the first little while. Also, when you let it run for more than an hour I find that the area around it on the counter is wet because it tends to "spit" water. It spits the water no matter what level I have it running at. I am going to keep it because it runs longer and it is on a countertop that if it gets wet it is ok, but honestly I wouldn't buy it again. The one I LOVE is smaller (100mL). You can clean it, it diffuses the oils well and it doesn't spit water everywhere. I will be buying more of the smaller ones.
Cannot set light, Cannot clean, Retains smells
October 18, 2014
Color continuously changes, you cannot set it on one color. Though the color changing doesn't bother my sleep. There is a plastic o-ring around the resevoir knob and has come off several times. Now I can't find it and the knob won't tighten well. Contacted the company about another and they never responded.

Nov 30, 2014 - Have had this product about 2 months. Wish I'd had more information on it - I wouldn't have bought it. You can't change the pictures around. They are stuck on and you have to turn the diffuser around. Also the plastic retains the smell of oils used and oils get set in an area inside, on the bottom and you can't clean them all out. I empty mine after every use and clean it out. It has a soured smell
combined with the different oils I have used. Rosemary Peppermint is not something to love! If it wasn't too late, I would return the product!!!

July 17, 2015 Have had this 9 months. Will be replacing it. Know what to look for this time! You cannot clean the inside of this. Oil gets into places you cannot clean out. Gets moldy easily and you cannot clean it well. Have to bleach it and I don't like putting bleach in it because the plastic retains all smells! Now the plastic has cracked. It's unusable. WASTE OF MONEY. Do not buy this product. Do your research on your item well.
Even though the settings are nice, and it may be helpful to sometimes set ...
December 6, 2016
Not fond of this diffuser. The sent is barely noticeable and takes a LOT of essential oil to diffuse the room. Even though the settings are nice, and it may be helpful to sometimes set it for specific duration of time, I prefer diffusers that use up the liquid inside instead of cut off while full. The lights are neat, but there are a lot of diffusers with similar feature. Unfortunately, for me there are better items on the market. I'm returning this one
Not great
November 23, 2016
The mist on this isn't great, especially at low. Would not recommend. I have another urpower diffuser that is much better.
Broke shortly after purchase.
November 19, 2016
I loved this unit until it broke for no reason after about 3 months of use.
Two Stars
November 13, 2016
Pretty useless in a decent sized room.
August 25, 2016
Timer does not work. Will not automatically shut off after set time. Disappointed.
Not for me
February 14, 2016
I was really excited with the first one but after s couple of days use it quit producing vapor. Exchanged for a second one that very quickly developed a noisy motor.

One Star Reviews:

JUNK! Stops working after just a few months!
January 18, 2015
After I received this product, I began using it almost every day. It was a joy to behold and wondrous on the olfactory nerves. It was everything its product description said it was -- until after about six months, when it decided to stop working. I took it apart and cleaned it (I did not disassemble it), always used filtered or bottled water in it (our Florida well water is too full of who knows what to use it straight from the tap!), and only used high quality lavender essential oils in it while it worked. I had read several reviewers who stated that their units had ceased to work after a while, but I thought to myself, oh, those or just malcontents who love to post negative reviews online. I should have listened. The money I spent on it was wasted. No doubt the sellers know that, since like most people, after it was working fine for the first few weeks, I discarded the box it came in as well as my receipt. I'm sure I could find some way to prove via Amazon records when I purchased it and how, but the effort of going to the mat to do that just seems not worth the trouble. All I can say now is CAVEAT EMPTOR! Read the product reviews, and not just the glowing 5-star ones. Heed the advice of those who say this product does not have a long life span. Waste your money elsewhere, if you insist on getting something like this. Just don't buy this one unless money is no problem for you and you like to spend it on things that work well for a short time, then stop and never work again, EVER!
Broke way too quickly
December 2, 2014
This broke after 2 weeks of use. Suddenly when I would turn the switch nothing would happen. I'm returning it and hoping to get one that is more reliable
Based on several good reviews and being totally new to essential oil diffusers
November 6, 2014
Based on several good reviews and being totally new to essential oil diffusers, this sounded like a reasonably priced diffuser with lots of nice features as a starter diffuser. Worked great for a few days. I loved it. The gauge that was to control the amount of mist never did seem to work. It always ran at highest setting no matter where the dial was. Then within a week the ring around the place where you put water changed position or size...and then the spring cap on the water tank began to leak. Within 2 weeks it was only diffusing a sufficient amount of mist for only an hour or two. By a month, little to no mist and it was essentially dead! Don't waste your money. Like someone else said, I'd love to know of a good diffuser that actually keeps working more than a month or two. Seems to be a common problem in many price ranges. I've done a lot of research in the last few weeks.
Too bright for bedroom and it broke in one month BUT....
September 1, 2014
Loved this when I first got it for the large water rank and generous output. I did not like the lights as I used it in the bedroom and even though I turned them off, the "night" light version could not be turned off and was a bit bright for sleeping. Not being too light sensitive I could tolerate it. I used it every night and each morning I emptied and dried the unit. Last night when I filled it it no longer worked. No steam. And the lights which I never used would not come on either. The unit is DEAD after less than 30 days of use so it's being returned. I will not be buying another model like this as I was two days from being stuck with a $50 piece of junk. In defense of this product, it seems that a short life span is an issue with many of the electric diffusers. If anyone has a model that has a generous reservoir and that they have used for more than a year, I'd love to hear from you. I do want a diffuser but I want one that is durable enough to make its purchase worth the money I spend on it.

8/17/2005 I didn't know I could edit my original review until today. I had added a comment. I am leaving my star rating at 1 only because I know a lot of people read them. This product does deserve a 5 star review, and I do recommend purchasing it because the company stands behind its product, which I have found to be rare these days.

Someone suggested that a lot of people do not read comments and that I should edit my original review so I copied my comment below into the review, and I suggest that people always read comments in reviews:

MY COMMENT: The replacement arrived a few days ago and is working fine, so far. There have been a couple of changes made to the design that are worth mentioning. One is the nightlight. It is been dimmed by the manufacturer. It is now a soft white light that is perfect. To use it you have to switch off the other rotating lights. The other change is either the amount of water it holds or the rate at which full steam disperses it, as it no longer lasts the entire night (8 hours). I could run the previous one on full blast the entire night and it would still be dispensing steam when I awoke. This one is always out of water when I wake up. Not sure how many hours it lasts on full blast now, but I will turn it down a little bit and see if that makes it last all night. UPDATE TO COMMENT: It does last the night on a lower level and is perfect for my needs. Highly recommend this product.
Reviews did me wrong again!
August 12, 2014
I was very excited about ordering this humidifier based off the reviews. What a piece of crap! This is so cheaply made and it completely stopped working after one day. What a waste.
very disappointed
March 22, 2017
Stopped working shortly after I bought. Didn't work like it claimed. very disappointed.
loved it so much but now I am faced with ...
September 16, 2016
My diffuser started leaking and now it's unusable , loved it so much but now I am faced with getting a new one because just didn't last . So disappointed . This product was not durable and long lasting as reviews said .
What a waste of $$$
August 16, 2016
We ordered this product in May to dilute essential oils and it stopped working 2 months later. It worked great for those 2 months but Not worth the money. I should have just bought a name brand diffuser! This thing is junk!
Its more of a pain to send it back so this was money waisted for me I should have just tried the one from the local store that w
February 7, 2016
This did not work as stated and no steam came out I've been trying to make it work for 2days now. Its more of a pain to send it back so this was money waisted for me I should have just tried the one from the local store that was way more cheaper for this kind od disappointment.
January 30, 2016
Worked great for 24 hours. Now the fan that is supposed to blow the steam out is broken. System produces steam but it will not come out of the top. I can't use it at all anymore and am very disappointed.
First diffuser I got still working fine. Second diffuser
December 1, 2015
First diffuser I got still working fine.Second diffuser, after a month of use, started squirting water instead of vapour.I'm so mad and disappointed because now I can't return it!So basically I threw 70 bucks to the trash can, by purchasing this and the "wooden finish" diffuser of the same brand.So bad, because the tank size is great, dim light is nice. But even though I've cleaned and given same maintenance to all my diffusers, only the first one works.
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Dual nozzle sprayer with super heavy mist, moisturizes the air we breathe

Large capacity of 1.5L, lasts on all night and not worry about refilling

Ultrasonic whisper-quiet, relieves depress and sleep better at night

Monitor the shortage of water automatically and ensure the safety

Create romantic atmosphere with changing led light color

5 in 1 FUNCTIONS: Aromatherapy Diffuser, Humidifier, Air Purifier, Ionizer, Night Light.

ADVANCED Ultrasonic Diffusing technology which produces vibrations at a frequency of 2.4 millions times per second breaks water and essential oils into extremely fine micro-particles without using heat (heat alters and destroys the properties of essential oils). ULTRASONIC diffusing feature ensures the integrity of the essential oils' beneficial molecular structure and allows for ease of healthy bodily absorption.

Large 300ml water capacity that can continue use up to 10 hours each time. When time is up or there is no water, it will turn off automatically. Press the "Mist" button, choose the timer from 1H, 3H, 6H or ON.

Improve air quality and prevents damage from second hand smoke, stale air and allergens. It functions as an ionizer by releasing negative ions into the air which combat harmful positive ions. This provides many health benefits e.g. improves breathing, strengthen the immune system, help to lift your mood and relieve stress.

Helps Purify and Humidify the Air and improves the quality of the air we breathe. Unit may also be used as a non-aromatherapy humidifier. Provides moisture for Dry Cough, Sinus Irritation, Dry Skin. 45 Days Money Back and 18 Months Warranty.

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