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Black & Decker BV6600 High Performance Blower/Vac/Mulcher - Black & Decker
Black & Decker
Black & Decker BV-006 Blower/Vacuum Leaf Collection System - Black & Decker
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Coleman Cable 02309 16/3 Vinyl Outdoor Extension Cord, Orange, 100-Feet - Coleman Cable
Black & Decker BV-008 Disposable Blower Vac Leaf Bags - BLACK+DECKER
Black & Decker LH5000/LH4500 Blower Rake Attachment # 90516147 - BLACK+DECKER

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Black & Decker http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/41Qv0Nc2OqL._SL160_.jpg
Black & Decker BV6600 High Performance Blower/Vac/Mulcher - Black & Decker
Black & Decker http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/410cY2LSJYL._SL160_.jpg
Black & Decker BV-006 Blower/Vacuum Leaf Collection System - Black & Decker
Coleman Cable http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/516-gM%2B7U6L._SL160_.jpg
Coleman Cable 02309 16/3 Vinyl Outdoor Extension Cord, Orange, 100-Feet - Coleman Cable
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BLACK+DECKER https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/31n2paaAFaL._SL160_.jpg
Black & Decker BV-008 Disposable Blower Vac Leaf Bags - BLACK+DECKER
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BLACK+DECKER https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/41JzyBEIM3L._SL160_.jpg
Black & Decker LH5000/LH4500 Blower Rake Attachment # 90516147 - BLACK+DECKER
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Five Star Reviews:

I can easily crash the leaves into a couple bags and move ...
November 2, 2017
Have a lot of trees around the house. Big headache to blow them from back yard to front yard. Now with the 16:1 powerful vacuum and mulch, I can easily crash the leaves into a couple bags and move them easily. Very happy now.
This is a great blower for the average DIY homeowner
August 29, 2017
This is a great blower for the average DIY homeowner. I use it primarily to clean off my roof several times a year, clear my deck off, and move leaves into a general pile. I never have to go above the lowest setting to meet my needs. A few months after having it, my mom bought one (she is not a yard working person or DIY person) and raved about how easy it was to use. The only disadvantage is that when in reverse to pick up debris, the debris goes through a fan/blade - this is not ideal if you have tiny rocks that might accidentally picked up.
May 12, 2017
this tool has changed our lives! I can't believe they finally developed this! I've been wishing for this forever! Believe it or not, we used to drag our shop vac around the yard to suck the leaves out of the shrubs because instead of mulch we use pine straw and it is impossible to blow the leaves out of the shrubs and away from the shrubs without having the pine straw just fly up in the air everywhere. Mulch is way too heavy and time consuming to use over a large area however, not so easy to get leaves out of. Fall/spring clean up every year was a nightmare and we couldn't even hire anyone to do it because nobody would deal with it. So, we literally used to have to drag the shop vac around and empty the damn thing every 5 minutes and it would clog and was a nightmare. This came in yesterday and my husband did the entire yard in 8 hours (versus multiple weekends) the unit never clogged once and although he did have to empty the bag, it is very easy and fast. We did also purchase the attachment hose for the trash can but that was a disaster. Not sure who did the R&D for that component but I seriously question if they actually even used it in real life because that was a joke unfortunately. Regardless, of the fact that we wish the bag were somehow capable of holding more, it is adequate and the tool is quite powerful and appears to be well made and well thought out and certainly worth the price!
This is a great yard tool
February 8, 2017
Oh Yeah!!!! This is a great yard tool!! Works like it says. I had to wait until my husband was done playing with it so I could try it out. I wish I had this earlier when the leaves first started falling!!
Big Fan
September 11, 2016
I haven't always trusted B&D products as they always seem CHEAP and they lack power. This blower is amazing. Does everything I need and then some. I have rocks in my front yard and you can regulate the strength of the vacuum to pull up leaves but not rocks. Very powerful if you need it to be. Great buy
Can't Decide? This is the one to buy.
August 16, 2016
Can’t decide Toro or Black and Decker. Easy BLACK AND DECKER with the bag bar instead of zipper.
I am becoming an expert on Vacuum/Blowers. #1 Black&Decker(BD) lasted maybe 10 years. It was small, light and not very powerful. The on/of switch wore out on it. I repaired it myself several times and is was a Rube Goldberg of turning the machine on and off. A simple task designed in a complex manner. BD #2 LH5000, ooh what an improvement in the power department. I have pink clover ground cover and need to suck the tree leaves out of it. This would pickup stuff like hibiscus buds that fell off, that the old one would not. Just terrific, but it only lasted 3 years. I had sewn up the bag several times where it connects to the machine, put duct tape around it for added support. But in the end it was the on/off was the issue. There is a tiny slot that either the vacuum or blower pieces need to push it to allow it to go on. A safety switch Not too much in and not too little in though. Became a fidgety machine with a leaking bag, so I replaced it with a Toro.
Huge mistake, not only is the same rated wind power Toro not able to pick up what the Black and Decker could do, but the bags last weeks, not YEARS. I am talking bag one lasted maybe 10 uses, but was tearing after 2 uses. The zipper gave way and became useless. The next bag lasted 3 uses and the zipper broke. Toro is absolute JUNK. Thin bags with zippers from light spring jackets.
So the Toro lasted 8 months and is now permanently the blower and the new BD is the vacuum, so I don’t have to change the tooling. So get the BD and get the one with the bar on the bag instead of the zipper, because it will not break. Also, if you are dragging the bag on the ground it is the hard plastic instead of the cloth and zipper that take the abuse. You have to get the bag bar. The downside is after a few hours in the miserable heat the last thing you do is empty the bag, and it takes some strength sometimes to get the bar to slide off. Its okay to say FORGET IT. Go take your shower and empty the bag tomorrow. Mostly it is fine though. Its powerful and well designed.
Works great with my B&D BV5600
April 24, 2017
Fit's my Black N Decker Blower/Vacuum just fine. fits my round standard trash can just fine as well. Made it super easy to suck up 8 bags of leaves out of my yard. This stayed on my trashcan with no problems, no slipping off at all. For me, this device operated exactly like it was advertised to operate. I have no complaints. Hose construction seems fine... I've used this 4 times already... no cracking no signs of any distress. I would recommend the purchase if you have a lot of leaves to suck up like I did... saved me a lot of time and effort that is for sure.
... 4 year old one that had shrapnel holes from sucked up rocks and twigs
March 8, 2017
Bought it to replace 4 year old one that had shrapnel holes from sucked up rocks and twigs. Fit right into my Leaf Hog and everything runs like brand new.Highly satisfied and would recommend it to anyone.
Use to collect chips from planer
February 23, 2017
This works great for collecting the chips from my Dewalt Planer
like others recommend using a lid over this unit(cut holes ...
November 11, 2016
I gave this 5 stars because it solved a huge problem for me. we have many trees, and to bag leaves without mulching takes forever, and uses huge amounts of bags. There are issues with it, but overall it works very well. I, like others recommend using a lid over this unit(cut holes to accommodate airflow and hose insert). but it works really well!
95 gallon curb side recycling container holds a whole lot of leaves!
November 11, 2016
Our city uses 95 gallon curb side recycling containers (yardy) for grass clipping, leaves and much more. I bought the B&D leaf systems and converted it to my yardy using a sheet of 1/2 inch plywood with a 4 1/2' hole cut out of the middle. This is attached to the yardy with 4 - 30' bungee cords. You can attach the cords to secure the hose for storage and then use them to secure it to the yardy. I stapled the mesh cover with 1/2' staples to the outside seam and again to the inside seam next to the 4' hole. This holds the tube in place perfectly allowing it to not slip down into the hole in the plywood. I only had to stop 3 times to tamp down the shredded leaves into the yardy. I did my whole lawn, front and back, then pushed the yardy to the curb for pick up. What a time saver! I was surprised that no one stopped to inquire about my little innovation.
Take a load off your shoulders and avoid double handling of the leaves
July 3, 2016
Great accessory! Now I can use a can directly, cuts down on mess and saves my shoulders. Very useful if you have a lot of leaves, not so much if you are just picking up odd ones here and there. Cheap enough and easy to store that it is worth it for just one big cleanup a year.
Great size and weight!
October 9, 2017
Perfect size and weight for what we needed. We can't seem to have enough of these around this home of ours. I will buy nothing shorter than a 100 ft anymore. It's amazing how they are never long enough to get the job done with the shorter ones.
Good to go for 12A outdoor usuage.
October 5, 2017
As an Electrical Engineer let clear up some misconcptions.1.  All ratings are very conservative, as they were tested based on the worse conditions anyone would expect to occur and then some.2.  Current (Amps) limitations are to prevent fire, due to heat build up.  Dissapating heat is a major concern, hence all the vents you see and fans you hear in your PCs and other devices.With that said a cable laying on the ground, outside, and not coiled up, is going to disapate heat much more easily than a cable coiled up or inside a wall, the later being a worst case scenario and one basis for the ampere ratings.  More amps more heat. Note that the ratings are based on 30°C (86°F), thankfully fall is much cooler.From NEC Table 400.5(A)(1) Allowable Ampacity for Flexible Cords and Cables [Based on Ambient Temperature of 30 °C (86 °F).Lists 16 gauge wire for; Condition A* = 10A (listed rating of this cord)Condition B* = 13A*Condition A:   The allowable currents apply to 3-conductor cords and other multiconductor cords connected to utilization equipment so that only 3 conductors are current-carrying.*Condition B:   The allowable currents apply to 2-conductor cords and other multiconductor cords connected to utilization equipment so that only 2 conductors are current-carrying.The 3rd conductor is ground and does not carry current under normal conditions, thus this cable would more accurately fall under Class B (13A). This would certify 12A use.There is another factor, the voltage drop in the cable.  This voltage is not available to the load (e.g, leaf blower) and, if too great, would affect it's operation.  The voltage drop in the wire can be predicted using Ohm's Law (Volts= current x resistance).So now we need the resistance of the cable.The AWG (American Wire Gauge) lists 16 gauge wire having a resistance of 4.016 ohms per 1000ft.  That converts to 0.4016 ohms for our 100ft cable.  Aplying Ohm's Law the voltage drop in  the cable will be - 0.4016 ohms × 12 Amps = 4.82 volts.  This leaves 120v - 4.82v or 115.18v for the load.  More than enough for normal operation.  Yes, this is sized correctly and will work for 12A use without issue. Good to go!One final note on extension cords in general, especially if using a cord reel;Regardless of current demand (12A, 10A, 8A, etc.), to prevent heat build-up that could very possibly melt the insulation and create a fire hazzard;=============》 !!! UNWIND ENTIRE CABLE BEFORE USE!!! 《=============..
I love this cord i-s very sturdy and it hold real ...
August 15, 2017
I love this cord i-s very sturdy and it hold real well during the winter months when using the cord with the snow blower. It was worth the purchase, and I'm sure other customers will feel the same if they choose to purchase this product.
July 6, 2017
good for garden work
Power tool Extension
July 5, 2017
Great Extension cord for operating power tools
so yea works great so far
June 30, 2017
It is a cord, so yea works great so far. Plus is it wasn't damaged and was packaged nicely.

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There are no reviews yet

Four Star Reviews:

Black & Decker BV6600 High Performance vacuum & blower (outdoor)
February 19, 2017
Works as advertised, a bit heavy. Amazon sent me a recall notice from Black & Decker for a shield problem. I contacted B&D and they sent a replacement part in just a few days, very good service by Amazon and B&D ....Thanks
Wrong component in package
June 23, 2016
Am giving it one star momentarily because the package contained the wrong type VAC TUBE ASSEMBLY. After a lengthy call to Black & Decker's customer service, I was promised shipment of the correct component. It was left up to me to monitor the actual shipping from the B&S warehouse in ten days. I feel that this is not a businesslike treatment of a customer inasmuch as it's pretty close to the 30-day return policy at which time I would be faced with asking for an RMA. This is in no way a criticism of Amazon since they have no control over how the sellers handle their quality control.

If that part arrives and fits as promised, I'll add the other stars since I was impressed with the quality and heft of the BLOWER head and the force of the air jet. Without the vac tubing and bag, the unit weighs 7 lbs, 12 ounces. After 10 minutes of use that weight might be a problem for the elderly.

The only important con is lack of an on/off trigger forcing use of the other hand to control the power dialing knob inconveniently placed on the body of the unit rather than on the handle. During that short moment one does not have full control of the direction of the nozzle.

The instructions are sophomoric with more thought attached to legalese than a user's needs.

Finally, more importance should be given to warnings NOT to use a long, weak extension cord. A 16 gauge cable of any length should be discouraged while a 14 gauge, maximum one hundred footer should not overload the motor.


JULY 3, 2016

As promised, here is my upgraded review. After receiving the proper part, I was able to use the vacuum feature and was impressed by its suction power. The top speed picked up the carpet on our deck and I had to reduce it and vary the angle of the intake tube. I deducted one star due to the inconvenient placement of the above mentioned speed control and utter lack of clarity of the instructions. The conversion from blower to vacuum is not intuitive and the scant drawings, apparently made by enthusiastic Kindergartners, are of little help. That said, I can recommend this well-made product to friends and family.
and it does a very good job. The leaves need to be dry
March 7, 2016
This unit is a really handy tool. I bought it strictly for suction of leaves, and it does a very good job. The leaves need to be dry, for wet leaves/dirt will wind up clogging the intake. I did have to unscrew the blade a couple time to completely clean that area out inside the machine. Only downside...the instructions were absolutely terrible. Black and Decker uses pictures (which I like) but there wasn't enough information on the page to see what they were trying to convey.

With about 10-15 min...I was honestly able to lay the pieces on the ground and piece it together no problem. I would buy this again in a heartbeat. I would also purchase another black back for that will be a failure point at some point. I will mention the black back used a slider part which when unslid...opens the entire bottom of the bag...allowing the contents to be dumped anywhere, and completely, and quickly. Very genious method guaranteeing closure of the bag.
Pretty good mulcher and blower
December 15, 2014
Has definitely made it easier to tackle the leaves this year. I have use it numerous times to blow and mulch the leaves. It does a decent job of sucking in leaves and spitting out small pieces. Overall I would buy it again.

-Nice blower force
-Easy turn dial for blower speed
-Attachments are quick to change
-Lots of straps to make holding it easier

-Leaves can get stuck if you go too fast or if slightly wet
-Collection bag frays inside easily and clogs up- I've cut them multiple times and it still frays
worked great
February 9, 2014
blower and vac worked great,plenty of power.even mulched sweetgum balls and small twigs. only thing needed is padding for shoulder strap as bag gets heavy when mulching.
Not to durable
May 2, 2017
If I can give it a 3.5 I would. First of all it works. I don't thibk it is that durable to last more the. Three years. The tubing easily flattens and remains flat if you step on it and a couple of times the tube detached from the netting on me. To fix this I used some zip ties with good success. If you purchased this, be prepared to do some patch jobs to make our yard work go a lot smoother. This does help picking up leaves go a lot faster.
Worth the money
March 5, 2017
Fits well over round standard trash cans.Good suction although tubing is awkward to direct from the vac to the trash can.Also moving the vac and trash can is challenging.Best used for lage piles of leaves.
Be creative if you have a large trash can, but it does work
November 26, 2015
This does not fit the trash can that goes to your curb. Ya know the big one with the hinged lid and wheels. Nope, doesn't fit it. Took some bungee cords and a scrap piece of plywood to hold it down and cover the part this can't cover and it works just fine. Much better than trying to fill the small bag that comes with your leaf vacuum.
Not good at first ....
November 11, 2013
Initially my rating for this product would have been a zero and I would have written that if someone were looking for something to yell obscenities to then this is your ticket but then I did get the hang of it - after a while.I have an old B&D Leaf Hog blower/vacuum/mulcher that I have used primarily as a blower since purchase because that little bag which came with it caused more irritation than it was worth thus rendering the vacuum/mulcher useless to me. This year I spotted this attachment and I became excited that this is what was needed and SHOULD HAVE been sold along with the original blower/vacuum/mulcher so I bought it (as well as a trash can on wheels from Walmart). Delivery was fast and well packaged, thank you Amazon.From other reviewers I knew first hand that the cord cincher was going to be difficult to use and, yes, it most certainly is so I immediately exchanged the cincher for another that I already had - I highly recommend others to do the same. Several attachments were included with the hose but they weren't needed as I could fasten the hose directly my vacuum. After discovering this I was ready to mulch but attempting to secure the netting over the trash can proved to be extremely arduous for me as the weight of the hose continuously pulled the far side off before I could cinch the cord thus causing me a lot frustration. Finally getting it on I began to mulch and it went well with the netting blowing off once as other reviewers had complained about but I tied a loose knot below the cincher which stopped that from reoccurring.After fighting a lost cause in trying to reattach the netting again after the first dumping made me give up for the day and I was very disappointed. The next day I tried again only this time I finally got smart by simply removing the netting from the hose end THEN securing the netting to the can - securing further down the sides too thus eliminating the need to knot and no worries of the netting blowing off again. Getting the elastic opening back around the hose end was a little trying at first but it got better the more it was repeated.From this simple change the process became so much easier and I began to like this attachment as it is far, far better than using that little bag. Rating it was difficult considering my initial trials but it does work well in the end. Raking leaves into piles before mulching is also recommended; however, just raking the leaves overall may be the quicker of the two methods. Good luck with yours.
Black and Decker's best kept secret
August 26, 2013
The collection bag that came with the leaf vacuum was a joke. I'm not sure if the engineer even thought about how someone was suppose to use it. Sooo small it filled immediately. It had no easy way to detach the bag from the blower, and the zipper was located on the top of the bag, not the bottom, so emptying the bag was a chore.But the good news is I found this item on the internet, and the problem was solved. I used a wheeled trash can so it would move with me. I put a plastic leaf bag in the can and secured it with a bungee cord under the lip of the can, fitted the canvas over the top and pulled the drawstring tight, and started picking up the leaves. Pull the can as you move and after it fills, just open the drawstring, remove the leaf bag, and replace with a new bag. Hurray! Job done and bagged.Only thing I would ask Black and Decker to improve is the lock on the drawstring. They use one where after you pull the string tight, you need to use your finger nail to slide the lock lever up to tighten. I replaced it with the barrel type that has a spring release. (mine came from an old windbreaker that had a drawstring hood)
Good product, but here are a few helpful hints
June 15, 2013
I have used this a few times and it works well, but here are a few things to keep in mind.You definitely need a trash can with a well-defined lip to hold the bag drawstring in place. Otherwise it will eventually blow off and leaf dust flies everywhere. It can be hilarious if you're the one using the blower, but not if you're the one trying to hold the top on.Wear eye protection. Dust flies everywhere through the mesh top; that's just the nature of the product. We looked like raccoons when we were done.For me, this is a 2-person job. My mom and I are both small, so one person runs the vacuum and one person keeps tabs on the hose and moves the garbage can around. We have to stop every once in a while and push the leaves that have accumulated around the edge of the drawstring top back down into the can. That problem might be solved now that we're using a different garbage can with a more defined lip.Having said all that, I'm very happy with this. We're using it on live oak leaves, which are small and leathery and don't decompose well, so it involves lots of raking, but if we can catch the leaves on the surface in the fall it will be much easier to keep up with the yard.
This is the perfect cord for what I needed to send to the ...
July 12, 2017
This is the perfect cord for what I needed to send to the reps. The only reason I didn't give it a 5 star is because I need to see how it holds up over time. Once I know, I will come back and review with an update.
Long cord
June 28, 2017
It is as advertised a long grounded power cord. It is working well and shows no signs of issues.
Works fine.
June 19, 2017
What can you say about a extension cord. Works fine.
Decent price, long length, fairly safe, but kinks more. Not from Coleman Camping Outfitters as implied.
June 4, 2017
Fluctuating price & coupon was right. Soft Cord kinks easily. These ripples, when wound, catch making it hard to unravel smoothly. Looks wavey. Knots up more than expensive hard cords. Was at my front door a day and a half after ordering at no expense to me. Fine extension for the price.
Light duty only!
July 20, 2016
I'm using this to power a auto air inflation pump. The pump draws 1.5 amps. This is a light duty extension cord meant to handle 13 amps maximum. Even taking into account start up surge, I should be safe.This extension cord is light duty only. A current load anywhere close to the 13 amp maximum should be upgraded to an extension cord made with 14 or even 12 gauge wire.A light duty extension cord should be able to handle work lights, portable fans and hedge trimmers.Shop vacs, lawn mowers, table saws, power drills and chain saws cannot be used safely with this extension cord.
Long Outdoor Cord Is Perfect For Electric Snowblower
March 1, 2016
Bought this as an accessory for an electric snowblower. I had other cords but it seemed wise to get a single long waterproof cord; joining two shorter cords outside in the snow and wet seemed needlessly risky.Glad i did it. Have used it only once but it worked perfectly and with no worries.Not all that cheap, but it seems worth it to feel safe !

There are no reviews yet


There are no reviews yet

Three Star Reviews:

April 9, 2017
love the idea but needs improvement.

Pros: 2 in1 tool, mulches leaves into a good size.

Cons: bag is hard to carry. I see why peoples bags rip so fast, it needs better support. It needs a shut off button. I sucked up a rock and it sounded like it was going to brake the inside of the machine. I wanted to quickly shut it off but I had turn the knob all the way down to do so. It needs better suction or a smaller hose attachment.it hard to suck up leaves inside pots and in tight areas. Its great if you make a pile and then suction them in.
Does what you expect, I don't like having to stick my hand in there so much, though.
April 30, 2016
Having a yard with a bunch of shrubs, I quickly got sick of trying to rake up tiny leaves - i needed a vac unit! Since this is a wired unit, the power is decent, but there are a couple cons that prevent this from getting a great review:

- The blade portion of the unit cannot be disassembled, and the plastic tube can quickly get clogged with anything viney (ivy) or damp (rotted leaf buildup). When clearing an area for the first time, I had to stop several times to try to clear out the matted up areas, which are too small for me to get my fingers into (after unplugging it -I'm not crazy!). The rotted leaves I could get, they were wet and became like mud inside there - however, it tangled up on some small branches (1/8 in diameter) from the shrubs I had trimmed. They were too long, I guess, and got tangled up inside the unit.
- There are three or four pieces you have to carry around to convert from a blower to a vac. There's nowhere to store these things, so you end up with a pile of plastic parts. Black & Decker should try to think of a spring-loaded cover that isn't removable, or some way to mount the pieces to the unit like a vacuum cleaner normally does.
- It does look a little too sci-fi-ey with the giant vacuum tube being shiny black and lines carved into it. I felt like I could paint it white and go trick-or-treating as the Flamethrower Stormtrooper from Star Wars: The Force Awakens in this thing.

- it totally sucks. in a good way, usually (outside of the con above).
- the blower has a swivel attachment that really does help get matted up stuff off the ground.
- vacuum bag holds pretty well, easy to dump out the grinded up foliage. Reduces the room it takes up in the trash can quite a bit, so I can get more out of it.
better than raking but not an ideal maching
December 11, 2015
It is indeed heavy - especially after an hour or manoevering over the lawn. I did not find the blower to be very useful - it blew leaves in many directions -= only some in the direction I intended! But the vacuum feature is very good,. You can set the motor to a lower speed and vacuum over mulched beds or light pebbled pathways etc and only pick up leaves. I found this very useful. Also I found that raking a lawn often caused the wet soil to break and I ended up raking leaves with grass. With this device this does not happen. You can increase the motor to a loud and powerful setting and pick up leaves off garden without disturbing the turf at all. I wish it wasn't as heavy. I wish the bag that collects the leaves - black one - was sturdier as after only a week, I can see this thing is not going to survive two fall seasons and I wish the strap for the bag was padded and broader - it is a very thin nylon strap and is not appropriate for the weight of this device, cutting into your shoulder after a short while. I do love the fact that the sucked up leaves can be chopped into small pieces and makes it easier to dispose of this small leaf mulch than the bags and bags of leaves I had to collect before...
The dirt quickly turns to mud...
May 26, 2015
Alright, the thing eats leaves and twigs that are dry. It also loves dirt and bark, which is a problem if the leaves are wet.

The dirt quickly turns to mud and cakes around the impeller. The suction dies and you are tasked with unplugging it with a stick or a screwdriver.

I'd still buy it again, but I try and only use it when everything is dry.
Its heavy!
February 14, 2015
I only use it as a vacuum and mulch, sucking up leaves. I don't use the bag that came with it because I also bought the trash can attachment, blowing the leaves directly into the can. I gave this only 3 stars because I have cursed it a few times while using it. The vacuum tube dose not stay on very well, and when it falls off, your pile of leaves are blown all over the place. I am a 70 year old woman and this thing weighs a good 10 lbs. Imagine carrying around a 10 lb sack of potatoes, aiming it in a downward position! Gets heavy in a hurry. I secured my trash can to a dolly so I could move it around easier, but because of the size and weight of the blower, it is still pretty awkward.

It does do the job of sucking up and mulching your leaves. The mulching blade seems to be pretty solid and made of a metal material, not plastic. Over all, if mulching the leaves is your main desire and you are able to handle the weight, I would recommend this except for seniors.
September 29, 2017
Work(Ed) great. unfortunately the metal wire that holds the tubing in a tube shape is pretty flimsy, and isn't exactly quite a tube shape anymore.
Needs to be bigger..
August 15, 2017
A little small for my neighborhood trash can. I had to improvise and now the dust blows out of my trash can. Still better than bending over 500 times to pick up the leaves.
This product works pretty well with a couple of complaints
February 21, 2015
This product works pretty well with a couple of complaints. The hose is very heavy and kind of short. I find that I tip the garbage can over all the time when I have this hooked to the leaf sucker. I find it most-effective if I just leave the garbage can on its side, then I don't need to worry about it tipping over.I don't have any problem with it staying connected to the garbage can (round).
Definitely see the potential value, although if you're filling 10+ leaf bags at a time, I'd say the time savings is debatable.
January 16, 2015
If you don't have a large property and can fit all of your chopped leaves in your trash cans without your municipality requiring the use of leaf bags, this product definitely has value.Since I have to use leaf bags, it still me took 12 hours to clean the leaves off my property, but I can see how this at least saved me money on the bags. This is our first season at this property, so how much time it saved me is up for debate.The main reason I'm taking the first star off is that by the time i disconnected it from my 40-gallon bin on wheels and then filled up a municipally-required leaf bag with what was in the bin, I'm not sure really how much time or back pain I saved. I was still doing tons of bending down, up, and down to move the shredded leaves from the bin to the bag, so I wore my back brace to help, but I didn't feel this product really helped with the bending over.Time-wise, every time the bin was full, I still had to stop chopping, and spend the time transferring all the leaves from one place to another, so I'm not sure that I saved any time over if I would have been transferring the leaves from the Leaf Hog's bag or from the ground to the leaf bags. I think I would have been better off just chopping everything using the hog and no bag right back onto the ground, then re-blowing everything into piles and using a shovel to move everything into the bags at once. So, I generally question whether this actually gave me any time savings.If this were combined with some sort of structure that you could connect a leaf bag to and then fill it up directly, then this would would really add value for me. I know that amazon sells similar things, but after the weight of the long tube, none look sturdy enough to not collapse, thereby defeating the purpose. Next autumn I think i'll build the structure myself out of 1x3s, toss some large wheels on the bottom, and then I bet this would be really useful.The second star came off due to the questionable durability. After that single leaf pickup there are noticeable holes in the tube. Interestingly, other reviews question the durability of the mesh bag, however I had no issues with that.
B&D Blower/Vac Leaf Collection System
June 18, 2014
The idea of this was great. I have a couple of very large oak trees that seem to drop leaves year round. I use the blower/vac off/on all the time, but emptying the bag on the vac is a pain when you have as many leaves as I do. When I saw this attachment that allows one to vac directly into a trash can, I bought it right away. Needless to say, I was disappointed. The mesh material that serves as the top allows too much dust to get through. It also moves around a lot so I have to stop to reposition it and/or unclog it. I tried some other reviewer's suggestions of covering the mesh once it's in place, but it proved to be too troublesome so I have resorted to raking again.
works OK with some help
November 28, 2011
I filled over 20 garbage cans full of leaves over the last weekend. So this leaf collection gadget does work. However, it has some serious design flaws. First off, the weight of the hose pulled the cover off the garbage can before I could even turn on the leaf hog. Once secured more carefully (I tried not to move the hose - the draw string will keep leaves in but not hold the cover on), the cover immediately blew off when the hog was turned on. So I grabbed a couple of spring clamps and put one on each side of the hose on the opposite side of the can from me. Problem solved. Hint: be careful when clamping. I'm not sure how much abuse that fabric cover can take. The second design flaw; they give you an adapter that fits on the hose and then snaps onto the hog. After a few cans, my adaptor started slipping off the hog. I once just watched it slip off from vibration without picking up leaves. So I grabbed some Tyvek tape I had left over from siding the house and taped the adaptor to the hose. Good packing tape will work. Don't waste your time with duct tape.Like I said, I'm not sure how long the fabric cover will last. Try not to put too much strain on it. Avoid letting the hose tug on it. And definitely stay away from rose bushes, barberrys and any other thorny plant. I'm sure they would tear the cover to shreds. The hose seems to be pretty solid. I managed not to step on it which is a victory for me. And I would say push down on the release button when snapping on the adapter. The plastic strip that holds it to the hog isn't very substantial.Long ago in a faraway land, buying a name brand like Black and Decker ensured that you were getting a reliable tool built in the USA that would last forever. I still have some of my dad's tools that are over 50 years old. But now when you pay extra for a name brand, what you're doing is increasing the odds that you're getting a tool (made in China) that will do what it's supposed to and hopefullly last a few years, which is what my last leaf hog did before it died. Stay away from those no names, you're just throwing your money away.I paid 31.67 for it. I see the price is up to 38.50. I'd say I overpaid by $10. Like I said, it did do the job. Not sure for how long but I will try to treat it with care.Update Dec 2013; Well this collection system is still working but here is something to watch out for. While collecting leaves this fall I noticed some holes in the hose, close to where it hooks onto the leave vac. All I can come up with is that while I was picking up leaves from a cherry tree, the vacuum sucked up some cherry pits which blasted thru the hose. So I wrapped the hose with duct tape and so far so good.
Three Stars
August 30, 2017
Get what you pay for
June 14, 2017
Just a cheap extension cord
Three Stars
April 30, 2017
It's a good cable, it was quality I expected.
Not a heavy duty cable. Just broke in middle ...
January 21, 2016
Not a heavy duty cable.Just broke in middle after few uses. Would not recommand
OK for the price.
July 20, 2014
It's a cheap cable (paid $9.99 for the 50' model) and it's light. It's not a bad cable, but you get what you pay for. I have a nice 12 gauge US Wire extension cord that is well made, but heavy. This little guy doesn't seem the most durable, but it hasn't fallen apart either. It does have the benefit of being light (which is natural for a thinner gauge cable). This is good for when you are only going to use a low powered piece of equipment as it's nice to not have to lug around the heavy extension cord. If you are looking to run big tools like table saws, etc. I'd opt for a thicker cable. If you are just looking to run a leaf blower now and then or other lower power jobs then this cable will fit the bill.
row column measured quality levels process walkthrough object template frame ~~ verify & validate row column frame points
March 27, 2014
It shorted out after using it for six months! The end where you plug it into the appliance caught on fire with a little stream of fire coming from that end. Was lucky enough to detach it from the working appliance that it was being used on. Rubbed off the excess char from the working appliance for it still runs yet the extension cord was charred and one side was flattened.Seeing now if there is still a one year limited warranty on the extension cord itself to replace it. Otherwise will have to pay out of pocket to replace after only six months of using the extension cord. Sure was something to have the appliance stop suddenly then to kick back on to notice the little stream of fire coming from the plug in piece on one side of the cord. At least not a total lose since the working appliance as stated earlier is still workable just had to rub off excessive little char on it.

There are no reviews yet


There are no reviews yet

Two Star Reviews:

Two Stars
August 23, 2017
the vacuum feature is not easy. much easier to use a shop vac
very difficult to open leaf bag. machine is extremely ...
January 5, 2017
very difficult to open leaf bag. machine is extremely heavy and after a few hours I had severe pain in elbows.
Product recall offered me a repacement part...but they never sent it. Apparently the blade attatchment falls off and has an risk of injury.
Won't mulch live oak leaves.... and just not very powerful.
March 17, 2016
I bought this based on all the good reviews, but it doesn't really mulch live oak leaves, and it's not powerful at all compared to my old blower that broke. :( I'm disappointed, but it's too late to return it and it does partially work -- just not as well as the reviews made it sound. I'll attach photos of the leaves before and after "mulching" them with this mulcher... No difference really between the "mulched" live oak leaves in the tub and the leaves still on the ground. :( I've concluded that it's actually easier just to scoop up the live oak leaves and not attempt to use the mulcher. This seemed to work better on leaves from my crepe myrtle trees, which aren't as tough as live oak leaves.
If you are considering this a a leaf vacuum, don't bother
January 9, 2016
If you are considering this a a leaf vacuum, don't bother. It simply does not have the power to handle more than the tiniest of jobs and you will be wasting your money. It clogs easily and can't handle small twigs and other common yard debris that you will typically will find mixed among the leaves. However as a blower it works quite well, but the on/off button is not ergonomically designed for quick shut off and requires a second hand.
Very poor quality bag - I would not buy this item ...
January 6, 2016
I've used the for the spring and fall season now in CT. I read a few reviews prior to purchase and noticed that one review mentioned that the bag does not last long. That is absolutely correct. The bag is torn just with normal use. Very poor quality bag - I would not buy this item again, though I am now stuck with it, and looking for a replacement bag...
Works fine until it gets to the mesh covering
November 8, 2017
I haven't had any issues with the hose ripping or tearing, but my biggest complaint is two-fold:1. The mesh top is, well, mesh, and all the finely ground mulch dust sprays out into the air as its going into the trash can. Granted, the larger leaf items stay in the can (for the most part), but having huge dust clouds blowing forth from the top of the trash can doesn't exactly make the yard clearner.2. Even when tightening the cord, the mesh bag's grip around the edge of the can isn't nearly tight enough, and lots of mulched leaf bits still manage to fly all over the place.Honestly, I've stopped using this item completely.
But it's better than trying to rake and pick up the leaves ...
April 3, 2017
Mixed feeling about this product because first of all you have to have the right trash can. Then tiny particles go every where when you are using the mulched/ vacuum. But it's better than trying to rake and pick up the leaves on your own.
This is fine, but the extra time and hassle of keeping ...
March 17, 2017
Not very practical. I've experimented with the blower/vac, mulching, backpack blower, etc. This is fine, but the extra time and hassle of keeping the hood on the trash can/bag and taking the hood on/off to tamp the leaves kills any time/effort savings that I expected to get.This model did not fit my TORO blower/vac purchased in 2013, but I was able to work out a connection myself easily enough.
The cover is not very flexible or useful
April 23, 2015
The hose and connector(s) are well made and work as expected. The cover part is much smaller than expected and does not stretch much at all. Could not get it over a 55 gallon square garbage can. Had to use a much smaller circular container. Even with that it was tough to secure to the container. The vacuum generates a lot of force and the bag/cover popped off a couple times. I'm looking for something to replace the cover with. If I can do that, it will be very nice. Unfortunately, as is, it's disappointing.
Good idea, not good execution
December 15, 2014
A hose attachment that connects the BV5600 series leaf blower/mulcher to a trashcan, so your freshly mulched leaves go straight into a can for disposal. Great idea! Using a cheap hose? Not such a great idea. After three uses the hose has a dozen or more holes in it from leaf debris. The holes allow air to escape and end up getting clogged with small knots of leaf debris, which then serve as seeds for much larger clumps ofnleaf debris to accumulate inside the hose. After just a couple minutes, you end up with a completely clogged hose. Surely the engineers who designed this could have anticipated this. I will be obtaining a much more robust hose (not from black & decker!), and hopefully won't continue to have this problem in the future.
Needs better attachment method to top of trash container.
November 21, 2014
It is sometimes Ok and other times I would like to put in the trash can that I am using to collect my leaves and send it out to the garbage man. it just does not want to stay on the square top can . Keeps hopping off and showering me with leaf debris.
Wouldn't buy this brand again
August 23, 2017
This is listed as an outdoor cord, but when it gets cold it gets really, really stiff. And when it gets hot, I sometimes can't get things to power up. Not much of an outdoors quality.And the brand WAS NOT Coleman!
Double check what you're buying it for.
July 15, 2017
Bought this on suggestion for leaf blower, but it's not heavy duty enough for it. To return it, half my refund would pay for shipping, so guess I'll keep it and see if something else comes along that can use it. :-(
Spend more on a better cord
December 20, 2016
Cord is stiff and coated with some cheap plastic. Very difficult to recoil or work the kinks out. Recommend spending a few more dollars on a higher quality cord.Mine also arrived with a gash in the plastic coating.
Nice length wire
April 23, 2016
Pro: Nice length wire.Cons: With 2 uses outdoors it has developed cracks near the end and at other places of strain. I don't think this is an outdoor wire for Lawn accessories as intended, but may be fine for stationary equipment. The product is not worth the cost.
Should have had three pin connectors.
January 29, 2015
Sold as a packaged recommendation with the GreenWorks 26032 12 Amp Corded Snow Thrower. Well, the Snow thrower is a three pin and this cable is 2 pin so you cana. use it with the risk of electrocuting yourselfb. return it.
Corde became very twisted..
January 3, 2014
This extention cord is perhaps a bit too long, once it is twisted, it doesn't want to uncoil. I thought about hanging long sections of it off my 2nd story window but there doesn't seem to be enough kinetic energy in it to uncoil.. By uncoil I don't mean untangle.. Rather the twisting forces on the cord do not 'unwind'.

There are no reviews yet


There are no reviews yet

One Star Reviews:

Good price suckered me in
June 16, 2016
Tried for cleaning roof gutters, and even waited until leaves dried out. Good price suckered me in, but power of suction very disappointing. Finally went back to a 2.5 hp shop vac working off 10' stepladder using extension hoses to get the job done in this lifetime.
Black & Decker BV6600
May 5, 2016
Cheap made. Way too heavy. BAD
My experience.
Received damaged product, but I won't return the whole ...
March 16, 2016
Received damaged product, but I won't return the whole item as only one part was broken. I want a partial refund or a replacement part
worked great the first year than it just stopped
July 28, 2015
lasted one year stopped working at all not worth the money for one year
Worse than original model
April 25, 2014
Owned original and was basically satisfied, but vac bag wore through. Purchased this newer model which claimed to address bag problem. The new unit clogs constantly. The impeller is smaller than the original, and the shape of the housing is such that there is a 2 inch gap between the impeller and the housing. This size of this gap shrinks around the perimeter, I assume to increase air velocity. But in the gap, mulched leaves collect quickly, to the point where no more leaves can pass through. They cake up and then rub on the impeller slowing it down. Have to turn it off, unplug, remove the impeller cover, and flick out the caked mulch with a screwdriver, because a finger can't get in there. So annoying!! Also, motor is not as powerful as old one, and smaller impeller. More mph, yes (made by smaller aperture) , but less air volume, so a net loss in usefulness. Blower does not work as well as old. I have returned new model, and just purchased replacement bag for old unit.
November 11, 2017
crappy attachment sounded like a brilliant idea, but the tension thingy on the string doesn't work, so the net immediately comes off the can, defeating the purpose of the attachment. Also the tube should have been permanently attached to the net, as it frequently slips out, and trying to get the tube back into the net is not easy, very frustrating. The whole point of this machine is to make work easier, not harder. I tried using it twice, and was very frustrated both times. It's so much of pain that I ended up tossing this and the blower in the trash after 2 uses.
250 Hp to 0 in less than 2 hours
July 31, 2017
Used once, produced a 1/4 trashcan oif mulch and the motor overheated and died. Caused me wonder if the motor was rebuult orrefurbished. Most unsatisfying purchade to date.
Worthless!! Don't waste your money.
January 10, 2017
I don't usually write reviews but this is a good design made worthless by using the wrong materials. The cloth used for the cover that fits over the top of the trash can is so porous you'll have as much on the outside of the can as on the inside. I used it for two minutes and when I turned around there was a cloud of mulched leaves in the air and all over the patio. The drawstring was still tight and there were no leaks around the top of the trash can. There was as much leaf mulch in the air and on the patio as was caught in the trash can. If the cloth was made from material similar to that used in the OEM bag this would be a hit. The air needs to escape but not the mulch. I wish I could give this product no stars at all. What a shame.
Misleading information
December 10, 2016
Purchased a B&D BV-3100 along w/ the BV-006 because the description says fits all black & Decker blower/vacuums.I opened the boxes to assemble the pieces together but there is no adapter that fits onto the BV-3100 to connect the BV-006. Guess it really doesnt fit "ALL" B&D blower/vacs. Very disappointed. The description should be revised to indicate specific models that the BV-006 fits and/or have an adapter available for other B&D blower/vac models.
I have a bin that holds the leaf bag open and just wear a pair of work gloves and I can fill ten bags in the time I fill one wit
June 11, 2016
I tried using this three different times and I have come to the conclusion that I can get my leaves and yard debris picked up ten times faster the old fashion way. I have a bin that holds the leaf bag open and just wear a pair of work gloves and I can fill ten bags in the time I fill one with this piece of crap attachment. It keeps coming off the bag and constantly clogs up. I only seem to get half the bag filled when this thing keeps clogging and coming off the bag.
I like the Black and Decker Vacuum but this accessory is ...
December 4, 2014
I used it two times. On the second time a hole was made in the tubing. I like the Black and Decker Vacuumbut this accessory is made cheap and almost cost half as much as the Vacuum itself. I have included a photoof the damage. You can see on the tube where the leaves now blow out. This product is a waste of $30.
poor quality
July 10, 2017
lasted about 5months, then burned through the side of the wire. Not the best quality.
Fire Hazard wire
June 10, 2017
What a waste !! Never ever buy it. Dont waste your money. It is a fire hazard. I was using to charge a battery and after couple of hours, I notice a smell. The wire was incredibly hot at certain portions of wire and was almost melted.
Test it when you get it
May 30, 2016
If you order this extension cable, I suggest you check it when you receive it. It never crossed my mind that it might be faulty. I just had a need for it and it doesn't work. I plugged an item into the socket and that works, but the extension cable does not. It's too late for me to return.
Sheathing tears easily
July 26, 2015
I got this for our electric lawn mower and snow blower 5 months ago. We have been hiring a snow removal service towards the end of the winter (got too fed up with the northeast winter), and our lawn is tiny and we have not been mowing it very diligently, so this cord has not been used much, maybe 10 times or less. However, when I take it out today, I found that the sheathing is already torn! The cord has been on a cord storage roller the whole time, and we are careful not to let it twist, unplugging and unwinding as it needed.I am just very disappointed by the quality of this. We had another outdoor cord that lasted many years, until someone accidentally short circuited it and melted the plug. Never have I seen the sheathing torn so easily - look for another brand unless you want to buy another one soon.
the outer sheathing is very brittle. first use i ...
May 4, 2015
the outer sheathing is very brittle. first use i had it outside in the cold, and after being stepped on a handful of times, the outher orange sheathing has cracked off. kind of defeats the purpose of the thing.
More smoking problems
October 19, 2014
I had the same issue after two years as been mentioned here - smoking from the end that you plug your appliance into. Happened first with my leaf blower then with my lawnmower.Buy the U.S. Wire product. Might cost a little more but it won't be a danger

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Old Price
Old Price
$106.65updated: Mar 20, 2020
$31.42updated: Mar 18, 2020
$26.93updated: Mar 19, 2020
$14.99updated: Mar 19, 2020
$9.58updated: Mar 2, 2020
Article Number
Article Number
Black & Decker
Black & Decker
Coleman Cable
389.0 in
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108.3 in
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Black & Decker Outdoor
Black & Decker
Coleman Cable Import
Black & Decker Outdoor
Black & Decker
Black & Decker Outdoor
Black & Decker
Coleman Cable Import
Black & Decker Outdoor
Black & Decker
52.4 oz
9.9 oz
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816.9 in
358.3 in
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573.2 in
66.9 in

The 12 amp motor operates a 3-in-1 blower, vacuum and mulcher all in one

250 mph blower with variable speed selections

Disposable leaf bag system

Can grind up to 16 bags of mulch down to one

Tool-free changing between vacuum and blower

Keeps your yard tidy and free of debris

Requires absolutely no tools; simple, straightforward operation

8.0-foot connecting hose tackles up to a 16-foot circular area

Dimensions: 14.5 x 9.1 x 5.2 inches (WxHxD); weighs 2.8 pounds; 2-year warranty

Includes one tube measuring eight feet, and "the drawstring fabric trash can cover" shipped and it is packed in the tube.

Bin is not included with this item

Resist moisture, abrasion and exposure to sunlight

Suitable for outdoor use

Built with molded water resistant blades

Wire is 16-Gauge with 3 conductors. 10 amp, 1250 watt.

Keep one in your car, garage, office and kitchen

No hassle- Quick clean up by simply tying and tossing disposable bags

Works with B&D Blower Vac's: BV3600, BV3800, BV5600, BV6000, BV6600, LH4500, LH5000, LH5500

100% compostable

Genuine OEM Replacement Part # 90516147

Compatible with Black and Decker Electric Blowers.

What's included : (1) - Blower Rake Attachment # 90516147

New, bulk packaged

Please refer to list below for compatibility

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