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KRUPS KM1010 Prelude Coffee Maker with Stainless Steel Housing, 10-Cup, Silver - KRUPS
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Bonavita BV1900TS 8-Cup Carafe Coffee Brewer, Stainless Steel - Bonavita

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KRUPS http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/418m0dwZsmL._SL160_.jpg
KRUPS KM1010 Prelude Coffee Maker with Stainless Steel Housing, 10-Cup, Silver - KRUPS
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Bonavita http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/41wS2W9rLjL._SL160_.jpg
Bonavita BV1900TS 8-Cup Carafe Coffee Brewer, Stainless Steel - Bonavita
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Five Star Reviews:

Good coffee maker, fair price.
February 25, 2015
Used for 6 months now. Makes good coffee with fresh ground beans. Basic device, no filter, no timer, no bells and whistles, just brew, serve, keep hot. 10 cups isn't HUGE but it's a good size for a small group. This was one of the only higher end coffee makers without timers built in. We didn't want that because we've had two fail and start smoking.
Good coffeee make / Well-designed
February 23, 2015
This device is well made and solid (not made in China). Very easy to use with a single blue light that toggles as an on and off switch. Appears to be made in Erope so superior construction compared to the cheap plastic Chinese-made stuff you buy everyone in America now. I would recommend it. Perfect size and very hard to break. Reliable.

Only flaw in this coffee maker I have found is the coffee filter holder not going in all the way. If thats not place in its slot just right, and the lid does not completely close, it fills with water and the grounds and coffee come pouring out all over the counter. That's because the bottom of the plastic filter has to push through the hole below that drips the coffee karaffe below. So make sure thats in its slot just perfect and the lid is completely closed otherwise its a mess!
Just What I Wanted!
July 3, 2011
Our old Krups coffeemaker served us well for 14 years. It still works, but we got so used to seeing it on the counter every day that we hadn't realized how beat-up looking it has become. Until a few months ago, that is, when I began my search for a quality coffeemaker that had the fewest bells and whistles. The more buttons and displays on it, the less likely I was going to buy it. All I wanted was a coffeemaker that had an on/off button and that made great coffee. I searched and searched. (This country has become so gadget-crazy.) Finally I found the Krups (not that I am especially brand loyal) KM-1010--and am I glad I did! While I see most reviewers gave this unit high marks, I can't understand why *all* of them didn't. I would have preferred a separate (from the water reservoir) swing-out cone for filter and coffee, but the setup Krups has now (coffee and water under one roof) is not a big deal. Unlike the complaints of at least one reviewer, I find the carafe itself to be first-class. It has a hefty handle on it, and it pours easily without dripping (unlike my old Krups pot). It also slips in and out of the coffeemaker with ease. Lastly, I find the water fill indicators on both sides of the unit to be handy and easy to read, and I find the blue "On" light to be very pleasant. I've never looked so forward to making a fresh pot of coffee in the morning!

PS: I haven't drunk water straight from the tap since 1986. I use only distilled (countertop distiller) water for my coffee and tea. It *does* make a huge positive difference in the flavor of one's brewed beverages, and it eliminates the need for any water filters internal to the coffeemaker.
Nice design, HOT coffee, but big, and shows fingerprints
March 11, 2011
The good: Really sleek design; even the blue "on" light looks cool. Really sharp looking coffee maker. Coffee is REALLY hot - which is great, and brews quickly, I like the mess free filter mechanism - snap it out, dump in garbage can, and return. No grounds or drips getting all over. Not sure why other said this drips when you pour. My last Krups dripped all over when I poured. This is totally drip-free when pouring except if I put a lot of water in (more than the 10 cup capacity). Coffee is nicely brewed - really seems to make a nice brew.

The so-so: as other said, the area to pour water in is a little tricky to pour into, but really not a huge deal. The stainless is nice, but show fingerprints, like most other stainless. But, cleaned nicely with just a papertowl and water.

Also, the coffeemaker is larger than I thought, especially since its a 10 cup coffeemaker - slightly taller and deeper than I would have thought / than my old one.

Given the simplicity of this, I expect it to last as long as my last Krups - 10+ years.
KRUPS coffee maker
January 27, 2011
We had a Braun coffee maker for many years and when it died we were unable to replace it. The KRUPS coffee maker is super. It does not have all of the bells and whistles (which we did not want) and it is sleek and modern looking. It also makes a great cup of coffee!!!!!
Great Coffee in a Small-Sized High-end Brewer
August 24, 2017
This makes excellent coffee, bottom-line.

It is simple; no-frills; just push the power button to start brewing. If you hold the button in for five seconds, you can switch it to the immersion mode where it will pre-soak your grounds before brewing, which is great if you use freshly roasted beans as I do.

It doesn't have a timer or programmed brew levels -- it just makes great coffee, and only five minutes after you start the brewing process.

I love the nice pouring spout on this carafe; no drips when pouring. I know some people have complained about how you have to invert the coffee carafe to get the last bit out. My solution for that is when it is almost empty, I take the lid off and just pour!

The only con I can think of is really a clumsy error on my part. When you put the filter basket on top of the pot, don't jarr it -- otherwise you'll get a pile of grounds on your countertop. I just wish that basket was a bit more secure, or if it were hinged.

But, all in all, it has a great showerhead that nicely immerses the grounds. It's the best-tasting coffee I've had from anything other than a french press.
Overall a great cup of coffee
August 3, 2017
I've held off writing my review to give time to fully experience using the Bonavita BV1900TS. Overall it is great and certainly, as many reviews suggest, it makes a great cup of coffee. This is likely helped by using a bean that I like and grinding just before use. I have also swopped over from paper filters to a metal filter and I've activated the pre-soak option. The unit is easy to fill, and the full 8-cups of coffee are produced in around 6-7 minutes with not much noise, although quite a bit of steam is generated. The carafe keeps coffee warm for around an hour and is certainly a better option than alternative heated glass systems. There is a minor convenience to having to remove the filter container to place the pourer cover on the carafe, but at least it encourages cleaning up the unit straight away. The only complaint I have is that the round plastic top of the carafe pourer seems to have deformed slightly and now easily pops off.

>> I sent off a warranty request to Bonavita and a week later received a brand new carafe lid. Excellent service and the new led works perfectly!
So far SO GREAT!!!
July 8, 2017
This coffee maker is my current obsession!!! I've been in the market for coffee makers for ages & I am so happy with this one. I'm the only coffee drinker in my house & I've been so disappointed with all the single cup coffee makers on the market. I do like French Press coffee, but I don't have time for the maintenance. This coffee maker has proven to be the perfect match for me!!! I brew 3 cups (15 oz) each morning & (per someone else's review) DIRECTLY into my AVEX, Brew Pint Glass, 20oz & walk out the door with a perfect cup of coffee! I've actually become a bit of a coffee snob! However, I can also brew 8 cups for when I have company!!! Perfection!!! Plus, it's pretty easy to clean!!! So far (it's been about a month) I am thrilled with my purchase!!!
Pro tip: for "single serve" coffee, swap the carafe for this tumbler
May 30, 2016
The only thing I don't like about this coffee maker is the carafe. And because I usually only make a half batch (4 "cups" or 20 oz) for myself, I found an insulated stainless steel tumbler that you can actually use in place of the carafe for brewing. The brew basket fits perfectly inside the mouth of the AVEX, Brew Pint Glass, 20oz, Slate and the height matches perfectly too. Just fill the water reservoir to 4 cups. It even leaves a little room for cream.
A Game Changer
July 26, 2015
This is my 3/25/2017 updated review. My original review is set forth below.

My Capresso coffee bean grinder broke a couple of days ago. I replaced it with a De'Longhi Dedica Burr Grinder. I cannot emphasize strongly enough how much better the De'Longhi is in every possible way. Its burrs look much sturdier and much sharper. It sounds and feels much more solid. It produces grinds that are much more consistent. It offers much more control over the choice of grind output. It outputs the grinds into a well-sealed container (or portafilter), without any messiness; my Capresso required daily cleanup. My coffee tastes better. It's much more expensive than my Capresso, but to me it's well worth it - especially of it lasts a long time before breaking. There really is a very big difference between the two.

My original review is set forth below.

This is one of those rare products that is a game changer. It doesn't just make excellent coffee. It also enhances your life. (By comparison, you can see my review of the Technivorm Moccamaster KBGT 10-cup Coffee Brewer with Thermal Carafe that I bought from Amazon.)

My wife and I enjoyed the $100.00 12-cup Cuisinart coffee maker with glass carafe for years. It still works fine. We bought the Moccamaster to try to find something even better. We disliked it very much, and returned it. We bought this 8-cup Bonavita, based on its reviews on the CNET website, the Amazon website, and other websites. We love it.

We initially chose the Moccamaster over the Bonita, because it says it is 10-cups and Bonavita says its coffee maker is only 8 cups. We since have learned that both coffee makers are 40-ounce machines. The difference is that Moccamaster calls a cup 4 ounces, and Bonita calls a cup 5 ounces. There's no difference between the amounts of coffee they make.

We very much prefer the Bonavita metal carafe to the Cuisinart glass carafe. The coffee in the Bonavita carafe never burns. The Bonavita carafe is excellent at keeping the coffee very hot throughout breakfast and long after. This means we can begin the brew process at any time, instead of waiting until just before we begin to eat. The brew process is very fast (about 5 minutes), and the brew light turns off to signal when it's finished. When the brew process is finished, the coffee maker shuts itself off. (I always have trouble hearing the "beep" that the Cuisinart coffee maker makes to signal the end of the brew process.) We bring the carafe to the table, and when we want a refill, we don't have to get up from the table and go back to the glass carafe on the coffee maker's hot plate to get another cup of coffee. The bottom of the metal carafe is smooth and cool to the touch, so we can put in on our wood-top kitchen table without a trivet. The metal carafe is dishwasher-safe. The Moccamaster carafe is not as cool to the touch, is not entirely stainless steel (it has a plastic bottom attached), and is not dishwasher-safe.

The Bonavita is extremely simple and easy to use. I cannot imagine a more simple or easy design. There are no parts to fidget with, adjust, or move. All it requires is filling the easy-to-fill water reservoir (clearly marked, and non-removable), putting the sturdy plastic basket on top of the metal carafe (with zero difficulty), putting a filter into the basket, adding coffee grounds, and placing the carafe (with the basket on top of it) beneath the brew spout (with zero difficulty). There are no moving parts, and no removable parts. The carafe sits on a base plate, which does not have a heating element and only serves to unify the beautiful simplicity of operation and design of the Bonavita. The Bonavita is low enough to fit beneath our kitchen cabinets, even with the reservoir's top open (which allows it to air-dry easily. The only operator control is the on-off switch (the only exception being that, if you want pre-infusion for freshly-roasted-and-ground coffee beans, you have to hold the on-off switch for a short while when you begin the brew process). Cleaning is exceptionally easily; you only have to rinse the carafe and the coffee basket (made of sturdy plastic, with no moving parts). When I say "no moving parts", I am being literal; there are no switches or levers to stop the brew process when you remove the carafe during the brewing process There is no need to ever remove the carafe during the brewing process, because it lasts only about 5 minutes. The lid for the carafe is solidly made, very easy to use, and keeps the coffee very hot. The base plate is integrated in the construction, and does not require any fidgeting or adjustment; it is not removable. The Bonavita does not provide 2 carafe lids, it's lid is perfect and seals well, and the carafe pours easily and neatly. The Moccamaster provides 2 lids, one to use during brewing, and one to keep the coffee hot longer.

The Bonavita sprays the heated water over the coffee grounds through a large round stationary spray-head with a dozen holes. The Moccamaster spray-head covers a much smaller area rectangular in shape, and has fewer than half as many holes for the hot water to drip out onto the coffee grounds; it also rotates, is removable, and sits on a soft plastic gasket that may or may not last very long.

The Bonavita's power cord can be positioned to exit the bottom of the coffee maker from the front, side, or rear. The Moccamaster's cord exits only from one location. We are happy about the Bonavita's choices, because it allows us to avoid having the power cord be a nuisance and a distraction.

The entire design of the Bonavita makes life easier, prevents having a pot-full of coffee spill all over our kitchen countertop, and allow us to sit and chat together at breakfast - enjoying our coffee maker rather than being controlled by it.

At the end of all this, however, is the question of how the coffee tastes. This question is critical. The answer is that it tastes excellent. It is very robust, very tasty, and extremely hot. Taste is "a matter of taste", but for us it's everything we had hoped for. However, I would like to note one thing. Bonavita's instructions are to use 2 tablespoons of coffee grounds for every cup. We prefer much less. We've used the Bonavita twice so far. The first time, we made 6 cups and used 4-1/2 tablespoons of coffee grounds; we liked that. The second time, we made 6 cups and used 5-1/4 tablespoons of coffee grounds; we like that too, but not as much. We'll continue to experiment, but the point is this -- with a slight adjustment in the amount of coffee grounds we use, we are able to easily and noticeably change the flavor and intensity of the coffee. In both instances, we used Peet's coffee (Sumatra blend -- we used ground coffee, but soon will try coffee beans that we grind) and the brewed coffee tasted very smooth.

Other than increasing the Bonavita's size from 8 cups to 10 or 12 cups, there is one issue for which I'd suggest improvement. The stainless steel carafe is tipped by a plastic rim (with integrated plastic handle). The plastic is smooth and sturdy, but inside the carafe it has a "lip". The result is that the carafe does not entirely "drip dry" after sitting in a dish drainer. It's not a big problem; it only means that I have to dry the inside of the "lip" with a kitchen towel. However, it would be nice if it had no "lip" and totally dripped dry.

Updated Review (August 22, 2015):
My wife and I bought the Capresso 565.05 Infinity Conical Burr Grinder (Stainless Steel), and are using Allegro coffee beans from Whole Foods (we are trying different beans, to see what we like best). We never considered ourselves coffee snobs, but the combination of Bonavita, Capresso, and whole beans yields better coffee than we imagined possible. The most significant feature is that our coffee is absolutely free of bitterness and acidity. We also bought Planetary Design Airspace chrome containers to hold our coffee beans, and we bought Espresso Grinder Brush (Heavy Wood Handle with natural bristles) to clean our grinder -- we like them both very much.

Four Star Reviews:

... the machine for a few years and it's been great. No gadgets
March 12, 2016
Had the machine for a few years and it's been great. No gadgets, dials, temp control, deionizer, lasers, or Bluetooth speakers. Just one manual on/off button that does nothing more than the engraving says, turns the machine on and off. Like those fancy, adjustable machines that often break and have mostly bad Amazon reviews, this machine produces coffee that is as good as whatever quality grounds you put in it, no better no worse.
Very Reliable Unit
September 18, 2015
Had this unit for a year now and it is reliable and easy to use. I bought this after several other coffee makers broke down in less than a year. I have every reason to believe that this one will keep on brewing! I run vinegar through it twice a year and I have had no issues whatsoever. You cannot program this unit to come on at a specific time. Instead it is the first button that I push when I wake up in the morning.
Good; not great. Update: now better.
February 24, 2013
I've owned and appreciated Krups Coffeemakers for 25+ years. Unfortunately, the quality standards seem to have depreciated in recent years. This unit makes good coffee, but not nearly as good as my original unit, or units I've owned tens years or so ago. It's easy to use; easy to clean; and attractive on the counter. The biggest aggravation is its propensity for spilling coffee all over the counter when pouring the first cup or two from a full pot. Come on Krups, fix the carafe.
Update: After stupidly breaking my carafe, rather than pay too much for a replacement, I ordered a new coffeemaker; the new carafe seems to have solved the spilling problem.
Krups makes the best coffee
November 3, 2011
I have had a Krups coffee pot for over 20 years. When our elderly basic Krups manual coffee maker was becoming unable to perform, we went looking for a replacement. This coffee maker makes great tasting Hot coffee. It is simple to use and elegant on the countertop.

Unfortunately, most coffee manufacturers have now burdened their customers with lids that are fixed onto the carafes. This makes a hand wash/hand dry-immediately mandantory in order to clean the pot. With its lid down you always dribble coffee or water while pouring. And the handle was made for someone with large hands. So for a more petite person, the handle makes the carafe hard to pour when full.

We looked at many different coffee pots and manufacturers and found this one to be the best. The coffee tastes great, its hot right after brewing and during the entire two hour period that the pot stays on automatically. No plastic taste. The two-hour automatic shut off is a great safety feature.

If you are looking for a quality coffee maker that doesn't cost you a fortune, this is it.
Sturdy No Frills Coffeemaker
September 5, 2011
This coffeemaker is not elegant.. very box shaped but it is sturdy and makes a good cup of coffee.
I have two reasons for rating it four stars instead of five. First, I have trouble
reading the cup level on the side of the coffeemaker. It is too darkly tinted for me to read easily.
As a result, I have to remember how much water I put in the decanter. Not too big a deal.
Second and more annoying, the plastic lid on the top of the decanter cannot be removed for cleaning.
This makes it more difficult to clean or to put in the dishwasher rack. It would take a special tool to get the lid off of the decanter without breaking it. No help from the instruction manual about this problem.
A workhorse drip machine.
May 1, 2017
I had an issue with my seller which caused the item to arrive with a damaged carafe, but this is a separate issue and not an inherent product design flaw.

Overall the design is simple enough to use, and very minimalist in terms of its ease of operation. The coffee is consistent depending on your quality of beans and grinder, and generally the more expensive your drip brewer the more consistent it should be. The heating system is powerful and brewing starts in a matter of moments with the pre-infusion feature. I'm not wild about the all-stainless carafe (coffee seems to stain and develop foul flavors when exposed to it long term), but it can always be replaced by a glass decanter of appropriate height. Realistically, the end results are very similar to Technivorm, and for half the cost. Unless you have $300 budgeted for your drip brewer, the BV1900TS will slaughter any other brewer at or below its price range.
A great Coffee machine with some minor opportunities
December 23, 2016
After 3 months of use am happy with the overall performance of this Coffee machine. The design may look ungainly however, it is functional & much improved over the last model. The coffee brewed is consistently hot & tasty as per the machine specs. Many competing machines can't seem to get the temperature & brewing cycle right however, Bonavita can!

If there is one area that could be improved it would be the stainless flask lip where coffee exits. As this is placed high up one is forced to literally hold the flask 180 perpendicular to pour Coffee into ones cup. Also, because of this, & a black internal lip inside of this stainless flask coffee is always trapped & can never fully empty it!

Overall, it's a great, functional Coffee machine that delivers on the promises made.
Brews a really good tasting cup of coffee
September 9, 2016
Brews a really good tasting cup of coffee. Just fool around with the grounds until you get the taste you want. The carafe keeps the coffee hot for hours. The one problem is the pouring spout on the carafe...when filling the water container, the water spills all over the place due to a poor design. You can put the regular pouring top on and use that top fill the water container, but it takes forever due to the design. Very well designed and no fancy buttons to push, looks good on the kitchen counter....but fix the carafe.
The Best Despite Some Drawbacks
August 9, 2016
Great coffee and easy to use....just a few nagging things that could be better. Love that the carafe keeps the coffee warm for so long (hours). Quick, auto shut off, no "cooked" coffee.
*Carafe pours VERY VERY VERY slowly once the coffee has cooled at all. Take the lid off to pour faster? You end up with a counter full of coffee mess! Even though there's a pour spout indentation with the lid off, IT DOESN'T WORK! (poor design)
*The pour lid comes apart for easy cleaning but is impossible to get back together! I ended up using a silver Sharpie to mark the lid so I wouldn't throw it across the kitchen anymore. (there are no marking on the top telling one where to line it up)
*The inside is very stained. I imagine this is a characteristic of "stainless"(?) steel but it's ugly. Still, it's better than glass or plastic.
All in all, the best coffee maker, taste-wise, that I've ever owned.
Great Coffee Maker and Great Customer Service
February 8, 2016
This coffee maker has made the most consistent coffee of any previous unit we have owned.
As someone else had stated, it produces a 90% pour over coffee 100% of the time.

Consistent 195 to 200 degree water from the showerhead.
Carafe keeps coffee hot for 3-4 hours.
Minimal amount of moving parts.
Has a 'bloom' feature for wetting the grounds before brewing.

Must turn carafe almost upside down to pour the last bit of coffee.
Seems that if not de-scaled consistently, large amounts of steam emit from the vents above the showerhead.
Only holds 8 5oz cups (not really a con, but worth noting if you are used to a larger coffee cup size).

Bonavita has Great Customer Service:
After 4 months of use, we noticed small fractures in the water reservoir. No water ever leaked and you really couldn't notice them unless you removed the carafe and looked closely (see attached photo).
I contacted Bonavita customer service using their website, filled out a very short online form, uploaded a photo and receipt. With 3 business days we received an email stating a new unit was being shipped and to discard the old unit. No other questions were asked and there was no hassle.
The new unit arrived within a few days and works perfectly.

Thank you Bonavita!

Three Star Reviews:

which I liked a lot
November 22, 2015
It served me well for almost 3 yrs, but it all of a sudden decided to die on me. That's the only reason I gave a 3 star. It's very simple. Has no fancy features I never use, which I liked a lot.
Sharp but not best design
May 28, 2014
This is a simple coffee maker and is aesthetically pleasing. No special features--on/off and auto-off. One defect is the basket where the filter goes. It must be twisted in properly. If not, the coffee will overflow and make a mess. Unless you're always 100% careful, you will eventually make a mess! It is not obvious when it isn't in properly locked in. An ideal design wouldn't have this flaw..
Oops! It gave out but was replaced!
December 11, 2013
ON my first coffee maker this summer, I used it about 6 weeks and the switch quit working. It was too late to return it to Amazon so I had to mail it to Krups and they did send a replacement. In the meantime we had to have a coffeemaker so I bought a different brand which my husband prefers so I have not used the Krups replacement!
glass carafe handle problem
June 8, 2013
The glass carafe handle burns hand. The hinge for the lid has an opening that lets steam escape toward the hand and thumb. I had to put the carafe down and reposition hand.
Just thought that the handle and hinge for the lid could be redesigned.
That is the only problem I have.
Replaced a Mr Coffee
May 24, 2011
Great coffeemaker. Bought the wire mesh filter to make life easier. Highly recommended over any Mr Coffee, which is now made by Sunbeam.

UPDATE: Bought this in April 2011. Still very happy with it and filter. Makes a great cup of HOT coffee. ONLY negative. Fingerprints show up stainless.

UPDATE 2: SHE DIED IN SEPTEMBER OF 2012. :( Not sure if i'd reinvest in another. Here we go again.
It's ok
July 17, 2017
I'm not a fan of this coffee maker. I knew I may not like it before I bought it because of the lid/design. I don't like how it's open at the top before and after you brew the coffee. if you accidently bump it you risk dumping the coffee. My husband insisted that this was the best coffee maker available in the price range we were wiling to spend based on countless reviews we read. I don't think it gets hot enough. If you put hot water in the carafe 10 minutes before making the coffee it is supposed to make the coffee hotter. Who has that kind of time? Then you have to wait for the coffee to brew. It doesn't take that long to make a pot of coffee- but that is the point- there's no timer to set. It's JUST a coffee maker. It's simple and easy to clean, although the carafe has coffee stains that I haven't been able to remove. I wouldn't buy this coffee maker again and with my luck it will last for 20 years before malfunctioning so we have to get a new one!
Water tank will develop cracks and shorten life of product
May 9, 2017
I write this review with mixed feelings. I *really* like this coffee maker and enjoy the coffee it brews each time. I also have had excellent experience with Bonavita customer service. If you have a problem you fill in a form and they give you a new coffee maker within a few days, so I can't fault them for not taking care of the problem.

But here's the bad news - there IS a problem with this unit. Like many others have said, the water tank develops vertical micro-cracks along the curved part near the filter basket. I think it's because of the constant exposure to the steam and heat as coffee is being made. Originally I had the first Bonavita from Nov 2015 to March 2017 and noticed dozens of cracks once I left the water tank filled for an hour and came back to a puddle and water sitting underneath water tank where you can't dry it. I filled out the form and had a new coffee maker in a few days and I've only used it less than 2 months and already there are cracks again. I am only using the coffee maker 4-5 times a week, with filtered water and following all directions including cleaning at regular intervals. Whatever they are making this tank out of, it is NOT durable and will unfortunately not last, and it's something that has not been fixed between 11/2015 and 03/2017 so I can't say it's a production run or a fluke. The tank is just insufficient. As long as you have the warranty, Bonavita will replace it with a new one, but it seems that for the hassle and waste involved you only temporarily solve the problem, and once your two year warranty is up then you are stuck.

This certainly isn't the most expensive coffee maker, but it also ain't cheap and you should be able to count on more than a couple months of moderate use before problems arise. It's a real shame because other than this I really have no complaints about this coffee maker and I'd use it for years if I could.
Disappointed with this Coffee Maker
May 7, 2017
Three years ago we were in the market for a new Coffee Maker so after doing some research we narrowed it down to two Makers. The Bonavita and the Icoffee. Back then we chose the Icoffee for various reasons, with the most important choose being "Price". After three years of faithful use the Icoffee began to leak water from the tank so we needed to replace right away. It was either replace the Icoffee or purchase something else. While the Icoffee was a wonderful maker we wanted to see what the Bonavita was all about. The price has come down since we last purchased a coffee maker so it was more appealing this time around.

Right off the bat the Bonavita does not make a better cup of coffee than the Icoffee which was the most important feature for us other than price. While the Coffee maker does make a good cup of coffee it's not on the same level, but it is close. The biggest issue with the coffee maker is the stainless steel carafe as many people have complained about excess coffee or water being trapped in the carafe due to poor design. We have also noticed the coffee after it sits for more than an hour takes on a metal taste since the newer carafe does not have a glass lining like the previous carafes.

The smaller water tank isn't a big deal for us as we don't drink more than two cups in the morning and rarely serve coffee when we entertain. Overall I would say the Coffee maker is slightly above average for the reasons mentioned above. We do like the looks over the Icoffee which go better with our Kitchen appliances.

Based on early usage, I would not purchase this coffee maker again and would opt for the Icoffee instead.
it works but is it worth the effort?
April 5, 2017
This is a good coffee maker, no doubt about that. But it has some shortcomings:
1. It only brews 8 cups.
2. It uses a thermal carafe instead of a warmer plate which really comes in handy when one wants HOT coffee cup after cup.
3. The thermal carafe does not keep the coffee hot, it degrades in temperature quite quickly. We are talking minutes.
4. The thermal carafe is sloppy when pouring; both pouring the water into the tank and when pouring brewed coffee into a cup. Some invariably spills. And there is another spill when one empties the carafe; a surprise is always left over for cleanup.
5. The "showerhead" hot water dispenser into the filter basket always left a certain amount of water ready to drip off the head when one moved the contraption. Paper towels were always needed to mop up the residual.

I was surprised how well the coffee tasted from this product. Alas, after two weeks of trying to finesse this invention I felt it was not worth the effort to get a decent cup of coffee from it.
GREAT brewer, LOUSY carafe
October 16, 2016
Heard so much good about this brewer, especially how it received the SCAA approval for a home drip coffee brewer, that it piqued my interest. After comparing it to the MUCH costlier Moccamaster, I pulled the trigger and bought this brewer. It is the next best decision to buying a good burr grinder (Capresso 560) that I have ever made regarding improving coffee quality, coffee quality aside. Living in Seattle, we have plenty of great coffee options.
The key to this brewer is brewing temperature, and the sprayhead. The very well-designed and broad sprayhead disperses water over the grounds typically between 195-200 degrees, based on my digital thermometer, and the resulting brew is more flavorful, and hotter, than any other coffee maker I've had over the years....thermal cone carafe, ceramic cone pour over, French Press, Aeropress. However, it doesn't stay piping hot in the carafe provided. I know well enough to pre- heat any thermal carafe prior to brewing. I do so by brewing a full pot of hot water into this one, using the brewed hot water that i pour out to warm my coffee mug. However, the carafe doesn't keep the coffee hot past 15 minutes. Warm, yes. Hot, no. I have purchased a different thermal carafe to pour the coffee into after brewing to see if it can keep the great, flavorful coffee this machine brews at an acceptable temperature. Will provide an update in a few weeks.
Carafe aside, HIGHLY recommend this brewer for coffee quality, initial temperature, and ease of use. Not to mention costing less than 50% than the highly-touted Moccamaster. It's coffee, people. Gotta draw the line somewhere. And this is a great place to do so, carafe aside. GREAT BUY for someone wanting to bring out the best in coffee in a simple, easy to use, coffee-lover's brewer without having to sacrifice a car payment to do so.

Two Star Reviews:

The coffeemaker works just fine but it is huge
May 30, 2015
The coffeemaker works just fine but it is huge. I have been searching for a 10 cup pot that is sleek and fits, on a counter, in a galley kitchen. I had high hopes but, alas, it is big. The back is dark and although I can see the water I have to pull the pot away from the wall to see inside. I guess consumers want either big coffeemakers or the keurig type that makes mediocre coffee. I forgot what drove me to a French press.

I am keeping the Krups for guests and back to the French press for every day.
Bad Design in Filter Basket.
January 17, 2015
I had my previous Krups for 15 years, but I probably won't keep this one much longer at all. It has one of those little springs so that you can pour a cup while the coffee is still brewing. The most annoying thing is that you have to clip the filter basked down or it doesn't press the spring and coffee doesn't drain into the pot. If it's not clipped right it floods the filter basket, grounds drip down the side, goes into the water container, etc. The filter basket is not well made so it won't stay clipped in - you have to check and double check before pushing the start button or splash... coffee all over.
Expected better
May 9, 2013
Purchased this a little over a year ago, respected the name. Other than heating the water too fast when I first bought it, causing the basket to over flow, has worked fine and was right for my needs. But over night has stopped working, switch or hat plate, don't know.I will have to think about it before I buy this brand again.
Fine, but not the old KRUPS
July 31, 2012
I owned a wonderful KRUPS coffee maker (the one with the ball-shaped glass pot) which made excellent coffee for over 16 years! But alas, it came when I had to purchase a new one. So I decided to stick with KRUPS of course, and purchased this unit (KM1010). The design looks fantastic... but unfortunately, it just "can't hold a candle" to the previous one. The coffee is ok... but the unit seems quite flimsy in construction... perhaps cheap is the word... and it is utterly impossible to see the water level as it's poured into the tank. And the coffee basket is loose and keeps bouncing around... A colleague suggested that the old coffee maker might have been manufactured in German, while this newer product, perhaps in China. Not really sure. I can certainly live with it for a while, but would not go this route again. It seems more and more... with the quality of manufactured items these days... you certainly do get what you pay for.
Developed some major issues over 3 years
January 13, 2012
We bought this coffee maker to replace a 6-cup Krups coffee maker that we had had for at least 15 years. We've had other coffee makers that have made lousy coffee and have always ended up going back to our old Krups. We prefer a smaller coffee maker, but couldn't find any 6-cup makers. This coffee maker makes excellent coffee (we like ours very strong and make small pots). Overall, we're very satisfied with it. It is very tall, so I do have to move it out from under the cabinet when I set it up for brewing, otherwise I can't open the lid of the coffee maker all the way. One minor quibble: the carafe lid does not stay shut when pouring coffee, which can drip hot coffee onto your hand. I haven't experienced any of the other minor problems mentioned in these reviews, such as problems with getting the filter basket to fit right or putting the carafe back in the maker. I'm sure one day I'll get sloppy dumping the ground coffee from the grinder to the filter and get some in the reservoir, but so far so good. Our main criterion was flavor and we're satisfied with it.

UPDATED 1/2015: The heating element started rusting after a few months, the heating element for the water seems to be constantly on (just discovered that), so now we unplug it after every use, and we just discovered that it's been leaking water from the reservoir! Can't recommend it. Damn Krups for selling out.
Jury out!
August 24, 2017
Jury still out on this unit. Extremely easy to use. Nothing fancy,turn it on and wait. Brewed second pot today. Do not know if it was my imagination or not,but pot brewed day before seemed hotter. But in both cases,the carafe does not keep the coffee hot. After one hour poured the third and final cup. It was not nearly as hot as the first one. I brew only six cups which equates to three mugs. I do not know if 6 cup vs 8cups creates a temperature difference. Long and short if I experience the same results in the next few days will reluctantly return it. Was so looking forward to three hot cups in a row.
This is an edit. Filled coffee maker (no coffee) to 8 cup max,ran it,and after completion of process water temperature was 195 degrees. Checked water temperature in carafe and it had dropped to 165 degrees in 30 minutes. The refilled machine to 6 cups,ran it and temperature of water was 175 degrees in the carafe. It had also dropped after 30 minutes. So it would appear there is a temperature differential between capacity 6 cups vs 8 cups and the inability of the carafe to maintain temperature. My experience is the first cup was hot and downhill afer that. Sorry,but going to return this unit. Not worth the price for one cup of coffee.
it looked like a great candidate
May 1, 2017
I have tirelessly been making coffee out of French press or Chemex every morning for the last 6 years. I was tired of it, but didn't want to shell out $300 for a Moccamaster. After evaluating the reviews of the Bonavita versus the more expensive competition (Moccamaster, Oxo, etc.), it looked like a great candidate.
The first 7 months were great. Coffee tastes great, minor qualms with the carafe design and lack of anywhere to stick the filter cup; however, I was aware of that going into buying it. Living in an area with harder water, I made sure to descale every two weeks or so.
Month 8 hit, and the beloved Bonavita starts turning off after brewing about 2 cups. I have to sit by the coffee maker and turn it back on 2 or 3 times per brew cycle. I've attempted some heavy duty descaling, which seems to solve the issue while descaling, but it comes right back after the next brew.
Bummed it didn't last longer. Might be a better choice for folks with better water or willing to use RO or bottled water to brew.
Looks good but---
January 21, 2017
Here is the problem with this coffee maker. You have to place the coffee basket on top of the pot to start brewing. Once the coffee has brewed you have to remove the basket and screw the top on the pot. If you don't stand and wait for the brew cycle to finish to immediately remove the brew basket and then place the screw the top on the pot the coffee will lose heat starting immediately. The first time I made coffee I started the brew cycle then went to take a quick shower. I realized I should have waited and removed the brew basket and placed the top on the pot. Once brewed the bottom is not heated as it is with a glass carafe. Overall quality is OK, but once you remove the pot the maker is very light and feels rather cheaply made. I was replacing a older Ninja coffee maker which I feel made better coffee than the Bonavita and cost less. I timed the coffee in the pot and after 10 minutes had lost considerable heat.
Pricy in light of no features compared to the competition. Small carafe. Taste is similar to others.
December 3, 2016
I've revised my review. Let me make something clear here, while I do not profess to be a coffee snob, my daily morning coffee is vital to me. I do not like Starbucks or other boutique types of coffee. But a good, reliable, coffeemaker that makes delicious daily coffee for me is a critical device in my home that I cannot live without.
Despite the glowing positive online reviews from the coffee snob experts, this is probably the most barebones, unsophisticated coffee maker I have ever owned. If bells and whistles are your things like self-sealing carafes, brew cycle tones, programmable brew timer and auto cleaning cycles this is NOT your coffeemaker. Despite its look, this coffeemaker is really nothing more than pouring hot water over a filter to let it drip in an open carafe. The coffee it makes tastes just like the coffeemakers I have owned in the past, Cuisinart, Mr. Coffee, etc. Only the true coffee snobs could notice a difference in taste compared to them. I'm probably going to buy something else after owning this for 8 months. Also the carafe is too small for me. I prefer 12 cups to 8 cups.
Carafe needs total redesign. Awkward, pours slowly, dribbles, and heavy.
May 27, 2016
After three days of use, I am not happy with this coffee maker. The good points. Coffee brews quickly and at correct temperature. It is quiet. It shuts off automatically after brewing. Here are the problems. Thermal carafe is awkward and heavy, it pours very slowly when lid is on and dribbles when lid is off (to fill reservoir), and it does not keep coffee hot very long. (I now see why one reviewer drilled a bigger hole in the lid). After an hour in carafe, coffee needs reheating. So I am still searching for something to replace my simple ancient Braun drip coffeemaker which was discontinued many years ago.

One Star Reviews:

review of THIS coffemaker has to be bad because on off switch stopped working entirely after just ...
June 28, 2015
review of THIS coffemaker has to be bad because on off switch stopped working entirely after just a few months. Wrote to Krups and they get 5 stars for responsiveness: they replied quickly to send back the coffeemaker and sent a brand new one (different, upgrade model) within 3 weeks. Both new and old coffeemakers make good coffee. Only suggestion for Krups: please make the carafe lid removable so I can (1) rinse the carafe and turn upside down to drip dry without it tumbling over because the lid is in the way and (2) fit into the dishwasher better (lid always in the way--awkward to position and takes up more precious dishwasher real estate).
Great coffee...only lasted a year
June 18, 2013
This is a lovely piece of equipment. The styling is fabulous, and the simplicity of just one button (no clock, timer, etc.) is a minimalists dream. The quality of the coffee it brewed was outstanding. However, the damn thing lasted just over a year before it just quit one morning. Pushed the button, light came on, and...nothing. Of course, Amazon's return policy is 30 days, and the manufacturer's warranty is one year. If you want the best disposable coffee maker money can buy, this is your machine!
Did Not Last One Month
June 30, 2012
I had the previous version of this coffee maker for several years. Krups was bought out by a Chinese company. This is not the same quality product that was produced in years past. The coffee maker was delivered in mid June and lasted about two weeks. It was plugged into a surge protector / line conditioner. No other appliances, such as the coffee grinder or boom box, showed any abnormalities. The product simply failed after two weeks. Needless to say, it will be returned.


I would like to add that I can't really understand why Amazon does not pull the product from its sales inventory. It is really that bad.
not the Krups Quality I'm used to
June 28, 2012
Very disappointed. I've bought Krups products for 30+ years and been very pleased. However this one has been poor from the start. The coffee holder is difficult to position correctly, the carafe needs care to make sure it is under the spout and the paper filter must be folded just so. Failure to do any of the above and coffee pours out all over the counter and burns on the warming plate. On 2 occassions it came on by itself in the middle of the night. The last straw was a few weeks ago when it refused to startat all. At the time, it was about 4 months old. The previous maker lasted over 6 years. We tossed this one and bought a Kithchen-aid. It too is is made in China but I hope it willbe better - so far it seems a better design in every way. So much for German engineering and Chinese construction!
December 8, 2010
The things that made the Braun Aromaster KF400 coffee maker great are almost impossible to find in one brew appliance today: 10 cups, a small footprint, simple design, replaceable parts, no frills, low price, and (of course) great coffee.I think the Krups KM1010 is a respectable substitute for the Braun (though much more spendy at 2.5x the cost), but since I have as much respect for the Krups Fast Touch Coffee Grinder as I do for the KF400, I figured Krups could make the grade.So far, the brew has been consistently good (though still not as good as the Aromaster). The hardware itself seems more robust than the Braun, so I'm hoping that it will last longer. All in all, I can't complain.The main pros are the no-frills simple design and relatively small footprint. The main cons are:- The filter basket is problematic; it needs to be removed when filling to avoid pouring grounds into the water reservoir and installed correctly to avoid leaking hot coffee while using the brew-pause feature (twist counterclockwise to lock).- I've found that all coffee carafes dribble if not poured slowly (and it drives me nuts), so I always pour coffee over the sink.- The resistance when replacing the carafe feels harder than it should. The brew-pause valve is a likely point of early failure (as it was on the Braun).- The water level is hard to read in the dark.- The finish is a stain magnet.- The price seems high compared to the Braun.I still wish I could get the Braun KF400, but as the Cuisinart DCC-1200 seems to be the most popular on Amazon (with around 2000 reviews), I may buy it in the future.Otherwise, the Krups 1010 seems to be as good as I can hope for until (if ever) the KF400 is available in the USA again.UPDATEI must downgrade my rating of this unit to 2 stars after two early failures within the 2-year warranty (11 months after purchase) when the unit clogged and would only brew half a pot after 40 minutes of sputtering loudly. I brewed white vinegar to clear the first clog, but couldn't clear the second.I don't know what caused the unit to fail, but I believe that having the brew basket and water next to each other is a design defect that promotes clogging if grounds get into the reservoir (though I always filled the unit by removing the brw basket and dropping it into place).Furthermore, the warranty repair took 8 weeks (with many hoops to jump through to set up ... the support website is terrible); after which Krups sent me a new unit (something I feel they could have done immediately). While waiting two months for the repair, we used a French press to brew in the morning; less convenient, but much better coffee (yet still not as good as the Braun KF400, ironically).I'll stick with the Krups for now (making sure not to pour grounds in the top), but next time, I'd recommend the Cuisinart DCC-1200 for a little more money.UPDATE 2I must downgrade my rating of this unit to 1 star after the final failure just after the 2-year warranty on this replacement unit. It simply stopped working.I bought the Cuisinart DCC-1200. A perfect replacement to the Braun.I'll stick with the Krups coffee grinder, but never another brew appliance.
No good for the money
August 28, 2017
We are returning this product because for the price, it does not achieve our goals (long lasting HOT coffee). We knew it was more basic than we are used to, but as the reviews were overall great, we thought we'd try it. Not only did the pot not keep the coffee hot for very long at all, the lack of basic features such as pour as you brew and even the filter to hang above not sit on the pot became annoying. This was after one use. Going to use our $30 back up and see if that one becomes our main coffee maker.
defective product and bad service unless you want to return it
August 28, 2017
First day only brewed 1 cup of coffee at a time even though filled with water. Tried it second day and brewing only two cups at a time. Called manufacturer customer service and although they are open the first thing you will hear is a long message about how to return the product, not about helping answer a question. So I followed their lead and returned it.
I would not recommend this coffee pot to anyone
August 23, 2017
I would not recommend this coffee pot to anyone. If you drink the coffee immediately, it will be hot but it cools down within minutes of brewing. The warmer element does not stay on for 2 hours either. I have never been more disappointed in a coffee machine, especially spending this kind of money only to be stuck with it.
June 12, 2017
The coffeemaker doesn't heat the coffee up enough and doesn't take advantage of all the coffee grounds, leaving a weaker, more lukewarm coffee than my 'pour -over' Chemex system. I have to microwave the coffee after I brew it to get it warm enough, It is marketed as the coffee maker that best gets temperature right; it doesn't! After two weeks use, I went back to the Chemex pour-over system, even tough it requires more person-power.
Have to restart and hope for the best. I love the filter basket design and it ...
June 26, 2016
Do not buy! This is my second one. First one produced more steam that hot water. The second gets halfway through the cycle and starts making steam then shuts off. Have to restart and hope for the best. I love the filter basket design and it makes good coffee when it works. Buyer beware, there is some sort of manufacturing issue with these. I've had this 45 days, so I'm out the money as Amazon will not take it back.
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8-cup sophisticated coffee machine with full stainless steel body and graphite accents

Pause and serve feature lets you remove carafe at any time to serve

Keep warm function keeps coffee hot for 2 hours

Translucent water tank with dual water level windows; removable filter basket for easy cleaning

900 watts; 2-year worldwide warranty

One-touch brew operation with auto-off

Powerful and precise 1500-watt heater maintains optimal brewing temperature of 195 Degree-205 DegreeF (91 Degree-96 DegreeC)

Optional pre-infusion mode wets freshly roasted ground coffee to allow degassing before brewing

Flat-bottomed filter basket and larger showerhead allow for even better saturation and uniform extraction

Durable stainless steel lined thermal carafe

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