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Cuisinart SS-700 Single Serve Brewing System, Silver - Cuisinart
Hamilton Beach
Hamilton Beach 12-Cup Coffee Maker, Programmable Brewstation Dispensing Coffee Machine, Summit Ultra (48465) - Hamilton Beach

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Cuisinart http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/41n8xkin0sL._SL160_.jpg
Cuisinart SS-700 Single Serve Brewing System, Silver - Cuisinart
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Hamilton Beach http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/21OcQHZOQiL._SL160_.jpg
Hamilton Beach 12-Cup Coffee Maker, Programmable Brewstation Dispensing Coffee Machine, Summit Ultra (48465) - Hamilton Beach
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Five Star Reviews:

Great Machine, works wonderfully and it's a work-horse!
April 18, 2016
I usually do not comment on my purchases (unless something extraordinary is observed), but after reading some of the reviews on this machine, I was hesitant to go ahead with it.I finally purchased it for our office (about 8 people), and after almost a month of use, I can safely say that this is a GREAT machine at an incredible price. It starts at 8:30 AM and runs non-stop until 5 to 5:30 pm every day! It does the job with no issues or difficulties.It easily outperforms the Keurig one I have at home.I am VERY happy with it and highly recommend this item.
I have absolutely loved it. It has stopped work once on us
November 28, 2015
We have only had this a few weeks but have ran numerous cups of coffee and cocoa through it. I have absolutely loved it. It has stopped work once on us. I did what another reviewer said to do and took it to the sink, turned it upside down and smacked the bottom. A huge gurgling air bubble came out. After that it has worked like a charm. I highly recommend it.
Worked Flawlessly for Two Years and Counting
October 27, 2015
Bought one from Amazon as a refurbished or returned unit at a 25% discount nearly two years ago. Liked it right from the start but didn't write a review because of all the bad experience with Keurig units due to the miss-application of particular valve leading to frequent failure. Our office has two failed Keurig units up on the shelf, waiting for a miraculous recovery to happen, with the third waiting to go up there. They are replaced regularly. However this unit has continued to perform flawlessly and it gets a lot of daily use. We buy the K-Cups in boxes of a hundred from Costco, two at a time. We recently took the unit to a sporting event staying with friends and we got through around 200 K-Cups over the two weeks. The machine rode in the bed of a truck over dirt roads getting there with no apparent harm. I can only speak for myself but like most of the things we've bought from Cuisinart have been worth paying a little extra for and this one has made nearly two years with no visible decline. We do descale it regularly. Questions have been raised about the miss-application of a valve and some people wondered if an alternative valve could be found. Does anyone think this one would work? http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00LGIZKMI?psc=1&redirect=true&ref_=ox_sc_sfl_title_2&smid=A1EFVG3F7QZ0W2
Convenient and superior brewer
November 16, 2013
Set up was fast and easy. Works beautifully - so convenient to brew a single cup so quickly. Have tried Keurig brand machines and find this one to brew a superior cup (although as a general statement pre-packaged K-cups are never as delicious as fresh ground, this is probably as good as it gets -- and, it does come with a reusable K-cup filter if you want to go that route). Really pleased with the purchase -- the refurbished machine arrived in great condition (it looks like new). So happy that I decided to save a little money and opt for it over a new machine.
Outstanding coffee maker
October 15, 2016
Let me start by saying that I have owned the previous model of Brew Station (Model 48464) for about four years with multiple pots of coffee brewed a day, loved every minute of having it. We decided to upgrade only because the coffee maker started to show its age. It started to leak behind the dispensing lever despite regular cleaning, and the flow of the coffee dramatically decreased over time. We liked the unit so much we decided to try the newer model of the Brew Station.

New model (Model 48465):

We have had this new model for a few days now, it functions exactly the same as when we purchased the older model. It has great flow to the dispensing area, brew time for a full pot takes about 5 minutes. there are only a few cosmetic differences between the two models that are shown in the attached images:

The buttons on the new unit are rectangular instead of circular on the old
The Blue display is brighter on the new display is brighter than the old (makes it look better)
Back-splash of the newer unit has a stainless steel finish rather than the black plastic of the old unit.

I do like the look of the stainless on the back-splash but I am unsure of how clean it will stay with regular use.

As far as the $5 price difference, whether you should choose the older model over the new is strictly cosmetic. If you like the look of the stainless back-splash, the buy the newer model. If you can live with the black plastic back-splash buy the older model and save yourself the $5.
July 2, 2016
I bought this brew station 3 years ago and am just now having my first issue. It started leaking from the bottom and from the area where the coffee is dispensed. HOWEVER, this coffee maker has been SO good to us. It was been used every single day if not more than once a day (admitted coffee addict) for 3 years and still gives us hot delicious coffee. I am buying a new one now, but for 3 years of amazing for less than $50 it was well worth it. I recommend this to everyone I know and have had 3 family members buy and love since I've had it.
I love this thing!
May 25, 2016
Where have I been living? Under the proverbial rock? I didn't know that such a thing existed until my last coffee machine started to give out. I gave this thing a shot based on the price being right and all of the positive reviews. I'm happy I did. It makes a decent cup of coffee. It makes coffee that is hotter than a regular carafe system and it looks ok doing it. I was a bit worried if I'd be able to fill up my 24 ounce carrying cup and in fact I can by just tilting it and filling it. No problems there. I opted for the stainless front only because it was available for two day delivery and the plain black one was not. Don't waste 5 dollars on a piece of shiny metal. I wouldn't have if I had not been in a hurry to get it.

The only thing I'm not sure about is if it actually does keep the coffee hot for hours without that burnt taste and that is because with this easy pour spout I just guzzle the coffee like it is going out of style. It doesn't sit in the machine long enough for me to know. A-one!
November 25, 2015
I LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!! this coffee maker. Did I mention that I LOVE this coffee maker? First...I don't often write reviews for products I buy...who has the time? For THIS, however, I feel compelled to tell my story: I've had the same coffee maker for over 25 years and, although there was nothing wrong with it, I just wanted a newer, nicer, match-my-cool-kitchen-decor one. Oh! And...it had to make BETTER coffee than my old one. So...the researcher started researching and researching and reading and studying and musing, etc. I immediately discarded the idea of a one-cup maker because I didn't want all those little cups laying around...even in a special "little cup holder thingy" or have to (heaven forbid!) FILL a little cup every time I wanted a cupa Joe! Then, I began to consider GLASS carafe vs STAINLESS carafe; but all the reviewers basically had problems with both. I literally stumbled on a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT coffee maker (you know that "people also considered these" at the bottom of the Amazon page). It was a BREWSTATION...yes! like a soda DISPENSER station...NO CARAFE! The reviews were fantastic and so, after weeks of searching and researching, I ordered the Hamilton Beach BrewStation Ultra with the Amazon gift card Sweetie gave me for my birthday. It arrived yesterday....on my birthday! Set up was a breeze! I even figured out, in a second, how to "program" it to have the coffee ready when I woke up (always a plus!). I've NEVER had one that did this...I had to push the button and then stand around with my cup in my hand WAITING!!! So...this morning, I wake up and my first thought was, "OMG...there's probably coffee all over the counter and seeped into the drawers and leaked onto the floors because I probably did something wrong and now I have a big mess to clean up! But no!! The first thing that hit me, as I rounded the corner to the side of the house where the kitchen is, was the AROMA of fresh brewed coffee!!! YIPPPPEEE! And...no mess!! So, I take my mug, pour a little 1/2 and 1/2 into it, and gently press it against the little bar on the front of the BrewStation and VIOLA!! COFFEE!! But...now comes the TRUE TEST...does it TASTE good?!! All the reviewers raved about the taste; but, to be sure, taste is a matter of...well...TASTE! OH! MY! the FIRST sip was like JAVA HEAVEN! And I kept sipping...could not stop sipping! THE BEST...and I mean it...THE BEST tasting coffee I ever had...bar none! No bitter taste; perfect strength (I followed directions for 1 level Tablespoon/cup and made 6 cups....which is probably about 2 or 3 of my big mug). I used my own coffee blend; but am anxious to try others, like Dunkin' Donuts, which I bought on sale at Costso last week. Now..the best part: it keeps the coffee hot for UP TO FOUR HOURS...without "burning" it...remember, there's no "hot plate" and at a consistent temperature. I tested out this feature by leaving a little bit of coffee in the maker...just to see how this would work for me, because coffee rarely lasts 4 hours with me. The last sip was just as good and just as hot as the first! Wonderful! Speaking of HOT...PERFECT for drinking! Not McDonald's "hot", that you have to wait for an hour to take a sip or "coolish hot", so that you have to stick it in the microwave to get it right...no...it was PERFECT drinking temperature! PERFECT! So...that's my story and I might just have to make another pot today...just because I can! If YOU are in the market for a coffee maker, here's your chance. And...doesn't cost the farm....about $45 on Amazon (free shipping for me bc I'm a Prime member) and I also bought the little gold basket, so it was around $55...as I see it, that's an EXCELLENT price compared to those one-cuppers. Cheers!!
Better than Coffee Makers at 3 times the price
January 22, 2015
I've had this coffee maker for about a month now and I really like it. I don't believe there is a perfect automatic coffee maker on the market, however this is the best I've ever owned. My previous unit was made by Kitchen Aid, I suffered through a year and a half of abuse with that poorly designed machine. Prior to that I had a Bunn that wasted energy and burned out in less than a year. Both of those were nearly three times the cost of this unit. The Hamilton Beach is like a breath of fresh air.

I grind my own beans so I am fairly picky about the taste of my coffee. This unit delivers! The coffee is kept warm for one to four hours without sitting on a hot plate and acquiring a burnt taste, or in a thermal container that loses heat by the minute. The idea of dispensing the coffee rather that than having to pour it from a carafe is a great idea. I use a large black cup and have no problem with making a mess when dispensing. The only possible problem would be over filling the cup (coffee is black and the inside of the cup is black) because I can't judge when the cup is filled. I solved that by adding half and half to my cup prior to dispensing, problem solved.

This unit is a little slower to brew a full pot, about 8 to 10 minutes from start to finish. If you are anxious for your first cup you can pour it before the complete brewing cycle is complete. So waiting four to five minutes is not a big problem. However you can set the machine up to brew automatically so it is ready when your get up. It's easy to program and the instructions are written in a plain easy to understand way. I could never figure out how to program the Kitchen Aid.

The water reservoir is balanced so when you hold it by the handle when filling with water you can see exactly how much water you have in the container. It's simple to pour the water into the coffee maker, a big arrow shows you where to pour. Some have found this to be messy, but my wife or I have not had a problem with this step. The basket with your filter sits on top, you close the lid, and press start. It can't get simpler than that. When finished the basket and the reservoir should be washed in hot soapy water .

The only possible problem I see is the entire unit is made of plastic, and I'm not sure how well the plastic will hold up under repeated use. So far I have no problems as it cleans up beautifully. All in all I give this Coffee Maker my highest rating, if problems crop up in the future I will modify my review.

2/17/15 Update:
When the unit needs to be cleaned the display will flash a "CLEAN" sign after 30 cycles or when residue builds up on the sensor. Cleaning sounds pretty straight forward, two cup of vinegar, turn on, after 20 seconds turn off, wait 30 minutes turn on again.Turn off when finished. When cool dispense several cups before emptying and rinsing the reservoir. OK, I've done this twice and the "CLEAN" message is still blinking. When trying to brew a pot of coffee, the machine keeps gurgling for a long period of time. I've written (e-mail) to Hamilton Beach asking for help, after 3 days I haven't received a response. If this problem isn't solved I will have to revise my rating.

Four Star Reviews:

Great buy!
April 27, 2016
This brewing system works very well. I did not want to upgrade to the 2.0 version of the Keurig. The reservoir is large and holds a perfect amount of water without having to refill every few cups. We use this daily, there are four of us that drink coffee, tea, and hot chocolate. I have generic k-cups and refillable k-cups. They both work very well. The hot chocolate k-cups hold water sometimes and do not empty all the way. The temperature settings are easy to use and we have have decided the hottest setting works best for us. The only issue I have with this machine is the top does not open enough to comfortably put the cups into the holders. I have not cut myself but I wished it opened a little further. This machine works better than my old Keurig and I am happy with the purchase. I would recommend this to anyone.
Best K-cup Machine for Picky People
March 1, 2016
I have had this coffee maker for a few years and bought one as a gift. It was interesting to see how the exact same machine could be so different.Pros:*easy to use*quick to warm up and make a cup of coffee*looks better than most other K-cup machines*lets you choose water temperature*lets you choose cup size*has a hot water button and a rinse button*easy to clean*programmable on/off timer*storage compartment on the side for reusable pod filterCons:*the one I bought as a gift is much noisier than the one I have*sometimes there seems to be air that gets stuck in the line and makes the coffee drip out very slowly and produces an odd amount of coffee.*mine has started to leak water from the bottom, but I have not been able to figure out why or where it's coming from*the drip tray comes off, but there is another small tray underneath it that is fixed to the machine. This makes it hard to put a tall to-go cup under the spout without holding it in place. This isn't really a big deal though since the coffee is usually pretty quick to brew.
Former "Team Keurig" member...
February 13, 2016
I bought the Cuisinart to replace the oh-so-disappointing Keurig 2.0 which replaced my dearly departed original Keurig Platinum. I wanted a machine that made cups of coffee larger than 10 oz. without having to buy a K-mug, carafe sized pods or Vue pods (I experimented with various hacks - using a hollowed out carafe pod, coloring in the digitally scanned ring, etc. - but having to jump through hoops to get what I wanted out of a machine was infuriating). I also wanted a timer that would have my machine at the ready to make a cup of coffee without having to wait for it to heat up (at 5:00 A.M. I am deaf, dumb and blind, making critical thinking skills and patience nonexistent). The 2.0 only has an energy saver option and it seemed to take an eternity to heat up once turned on. Even my 19 year old son hated the 2.0. I researched all other reasonably priced single serve coffee makers and decided on the Cuisinart SS-700. It does everything I want it to do. It has a clock, a timer, an auto-off option, a reusable coffee filter with its own little cubby, serving size options up to 12 oz. and it makes coffee. The only thing extra I would ask for is a 14 oz. serving option, but I'm willing to let it go. If it had that, I'd give it 5 stars. I will never, ever, ever buy an actual Keurig machine again.
Simple As That. But, There's an Issue.
January 28, 2016
Just received a week ago. So far I love it!Very easy to use. Handsome on the counter.There's not much to it, you put the pod in and push brew. The ease is the beauty.I'm not fond of creating more waste so the onboard packable pod is a nice touch. Once I'm out of pods, I am going to give that feature a try.The coffee comes out hot and tasty! Simple as that.UPDATE: July 2, 2017____________The maker is still working well. My only issue is that the insert, in which you pack your own coffee into the filter does not work properly.When I place the coffee in the filter / compartment, and insert it into the machine, I activate the 10oz. option. What I get is a slow dribble coming out and I get maybe 3z. of coffee. So I have to go through the process again to get what I would like in volume of coffee. It bugs me.Conversely, when I put the single serve pod from the store in, it brews just fine. Coffee pours freely.I have followed all the maintenance recommendations. Descaling, etc.. I have also opened a single serve from the store to compare the type of grind I am using for my self pack, versus store pod. They are identical.I am always suspicious of when machines are designed to use certain types of consumables, and a company makes a work around that makes it so you don't necessarily have to use those consumables...I always ponder whether the work around is a half hearted attempt...or the manufacturer is blatantly adding on another bonus / option to gain sales, that in the end, just don't work. I am not a conspiracy theorist, just a consumer that tries to come up with educated conclusions.I have downgraded to 4 stars.I am still happy with the machine, but will not give up on resolving the self packing option. if in the end, I have found that there is a design, or mechanical problem that will not resolve the self packing problem...I will downgrade my stars to three, as that is calculatedly misleading a consumer.
I like the unit, it has a few minor issues, but would recommend over other Keurig coffee makers
January 27, 2016
The new version of this product is OK, it replaced the exact same one from five years ago that just finally gave up. The new one, even though it has the same model #, works a bit different. The pump sounds different, as well as the circuitry. the old pump was much louder and made a whirring sound, the new one sounds different and seems to have more pressure than i remember the old one having. The new one also clicks whenever i open or close the lid. Not sure why it does that, the old one never did.I read a lot of people's posts about the older model having parts that were never intended for a wet application, so when my old one died i opened it. Besides a few rusty screws on the bottom of the unit that could touch water on my counter, everything else was clean inside, no rust. The new unit did have a plastic taste from the water tank but that was easily solved for me by using the old water tank from my old unit. I guess there is no way to avoid this until the water tank has had time to give off whatever gasses it has trapped.i reuse my k-cups, using My-CAP and everything works quite well.I would still highly recommend this product to anyone who wants a Keurig coffee maker.
The outstanding Single Serve Coffee Makers yet available, -Compared to the BUNN MCU
January 12, 2014
----Edit Jan. 2015After more than a year of daily use (2-3 cups per day) its still going strong! Never had to call Cuisinart CS, Had no issue at all!----Hmmm a lot of reviews here... So I'd just add up my experience comparing the 2 outstanding Single Serve Coffee Machines. Namely the Bunn-MCU, and the SS-700.Pros for the Bunn:+ Makes a hotter cup of coffee. (Compared to the hottest temp on the Cuisinart)+ Optional Pulse button for an extra strong flavor, (Believe me, it's great...)+ Better and more compact when it comes to its size.+ All brewing option available. Ground / K-cups / and even Pods.+ You choose your preferred amount of water in your cup.Pros for the Cuisinart:+ More customizable, including auto on feature and multiple cup size choices and more.+ The way you put the K-Cups in this machine is much better designed and easier compared to the Bunn.+ You'll probably appreciate the extra large water reservoir. (However, it's Something others will rather want to have the smaller and compact size of the Bunn, and also that they can choose the exact amount of water in the Bunn machine.)+ The Quiet Brew Technology makes the brewing cycle very Quiet, the Bunn will make a louder noise compared to this.+ Water filter.+ BPA free.+ Rinse option.+ Power Off switch.---That's it. (Thanks for reading...)
Above average
March 18, 2017
This an excellent coffee maker for the price (I paid just over $30). I have been using it for approximately one year, and it is still functioning as new. I am very consistent with cleaning, and have not noticed any increase in brewing time or odd tastes in the coffee. My one minor complaint about the design is the plastic reservoir from which the coffee is dispensed. Plastic (even food-grade like this one) is not the best choice and eventually absorbs the odours and tastes of the coffee. I have noticed that because of this, the coffee goes stale much faster than when the machine was new (however, it's still superior to a glass carafe on a hot-plate). I noticed that some reviewers complain about the dispenser nozzle spilling; I experienced this problem early on in my ownership of this machine and determined that it is caused by built up residue on the mesh inside the reservoir and the rubber seal outside. Keeping it clean solves this completely.

Now...how does the coffee taste? The answer: very good. It's a relatively inexpensive machine, so I didn't expect spectacular results, but it exceeded my expectations. I have used (unfortunately not owned) some very high-end drip machines and they out perform this one significantly. Is it worth the price difference?...not for me. When I want a superior cup I use a French press. For the casual coffee drinker using average quality coffee this is a great unit. Highly recommended.
my other had a carafe and all I can say is I love this! So easy to clean - only 2 ...
November 19, 2016
I thought my old coffee machine was broken, so I scrambled and quickly bought this one based on the reviews. This was my first coffee mug filler, my other had a carafe and all I can say is I love this! So easy to clean - only 2 parts every day. Then it reminds you when you need a deeper cleaning. My only complaint is when I go to fill my coffee mug, the machine tends to want to back up on me so I hold on to it while I am filling. Not a big deal and could be avoided if you have it propped up against a wall.
New way to brew...review
April 6, 2016
Makes good coffee....does keep hot without burning...happily purchased on Amazon through Hamilton Beach "re-certified" program at considerable savings.... (refurbished) coffee maker arrived quickly and in great working order...(I've purchased several refurbished products from different manufacturers reasoning that refurb appliances are at least tested and work before they are shipped...so far no problems)
Suggest watching the video or pay attention to the photos because this is a new way to brew and takes a little time to have it become routine.. Note: The unit is very tall and in order to fill with water, it must be slid out from under the counter... All in all no complaints from the coffee lovers in the family...and soon I'll get use to the new process and fill it without thinking...
A great buy! High quality.
February 8, 2016
I love the fact that I no longer have to worry about a glass pot. The coffee always seems fresh and hot. The only negative is that I can hear it simmering while it's on warm. It tastes fine though. It's very neat. There's no spillage when you dispense the coffee. The parts seem well made. The volume of the one beep is not annoying. You can dispense whenever you want, you don't have to wait. It arrived quickly which was appreciated since my old pot was leaking so badly. Very happy with it.
Almost perfect
November 21, 2013
This coffee maker is very similar to the Hamilton Beach Brewstation I am replacing. It makes up to 12 great cups of coffee easily and keeps it warm for up to 4 hours. The last cup tastes as good as the first. Some have complained about placement of the spout and having coffee spill down the back of the cup. Unless the cup has a 3/4" thick wall or a hole in it, I can't see how they are having problems. I have filled everything from a small porcelain cup to an insulated 20oz travel mug without spilling a drop.
The lid does collect moisture and when opened, if one opens it slowly and let the cover stand open for a few seconds, all of the moisture will drain back into the tank and not on the counter.
The removable tank appears to be much better made than the older Brewstation and looks like it will not develop a leaking problem as I had experienced with the older style. (I replaced the removable tank twice)
A nice touch with this model is the fill indicator located in the fill tank and not just on the removable tank. This model is easy to fill and clean and is listed dishwasher safe unlike the older model.
The reason for only 4 stars is the fact that once the 4 hour time limit has been reached, unlike the older model, the warmer cannot be turned back on for additional keep warm time without brewing a fresh pot. As this coffee maker does such a great job of keeping coffee warm without scalding coffee or making it taste old,it would be nice to be able to restart the timer. when I work from home, i fill it to the brim and draw from it until gone, or I used to when I could restart the warmer. I have learned to brew smaller amounts if I want coffee warm for more than 4 hours. One adeditional feature that would be nice is a LED to light the cup. when filling a dark cup, it is hard to see the level in the cup as it fills, especially with tall travel cups.

Three Star Reviews:

"Trials & Tribulations of an dealing with a refurb coffee maker…or Engineering 101"
September 1, 2017
I posted this on Facebook..."Trials & Tribulations of an dealing with a refurb coffee maker…or Engineering 101" My Cuisinart/Keurig coffee maker died a few days ago. The pump as well as the circuit board both fried.I really liked the unit I had and Amazon had a refurb (at a great price) of the same model and was “Certified” factory fresh and free next day delivery, so I purchased it.Setting it up was simple since I already knew the unit. I then plugged it in, filled the reservoir, and turned it on. I heard the pump working to fill up the chamber and saw the water level going down in the reservoir. All good signs. After waiting the 4 minutes for the water to heat up, the instructions said to just start the brewing cylcle to prime the unit. That’s when the problem began…The front display stated “Brewing” but nothing was happening. WTF? I turned it off and then back on again and repeated. Again nothing. I unplugged the unit from the wall socket, waited, plugged it back in again and turned it back on. Tried again…nothing. Turned it off again and removed the reservoir cover. Inside at the top of the reservoir is a little soft plastic hook like spigot. I think it is used for air pressure or just as a guide for placing the reservoir back on the unit. I turned the unit back on and waited for the water to heat again and then started the priming process again…WTF!!! This time the pump was working, but the hot water was coming from that little plastic spigot back into the reservoir instead of going thru the dispenser into my cup. I quickly shut it off again and cursed up a storm like all engineers do when they start reaching their “Frustration Breaking Point”.I sat down for a minute to get my composure. I said to myself, “Herb you are an Engineer! You spent 35 years in the Computer Field working on all sorts of systems and hardware. Give it another try!”So I stood up, turned it on again and waited for the water to heat again…This time I used my Engineering skills…I looked it straight in the face (panel) and shouted “MF you are going to work now!” I then took my fist and smashed down on top of the unit a few times. I didn’t break the plastic (so I could return it) but I really hit it hard. I then hit the brew button again...VOILA!!! Now it was working correctly. I spilled the water from my cup and repeated the brew process. Worked correctly again! So now came the true test…to make a cup of coffee!…I am now sitting here enjoying it.Who says Engineering techniques don’t work? LOL!
Am very happy with my purchase
January 27, 2016
Purchased this item. Received it yesterday and have made 6 cups of coffee with it. Am very happy with my purchase . I had a Keurig pot and the pump went out. After reading the reviews about the problems with the 2.0. Decided not to purchase another Keurig pot. My son bought one and he had a problem with his , wouldn't brew pot of coffee. I am very pleased with the quality of the pot. To me it is better made than the Keurig.. More cup sizes, coffee is not very hot.. Can't forget to turn it off. Was concerned about the silver Color but has enough black on it to match with black appliances. Amazon prices were the best and delivery was fast. After the last few days... Coffee could be hotter. Says 192 degrees don't think that's accurate , temp was only 150.
Short life Span, lasted almost 5 months.
January 6, 2016
I read reviews and researched many models before buying this one. I have been using it for a couple months now and its great. I was replacing a black n decker flexbrew and was afraid I would miss having a full carafe of coffee, but I don't. It brews so fast that everyone can have the drink of their choice in the time it would've taken to brew a pot. The general lifespan of any coffeemaker for me has been about a year. One reason I went with this machine is the 3 year warranty. I love the large water tank, I refill it about every 2nd or 3rd day for the three of us. I have been using spring water to avoid using our hard tap water and hopefully extend the life of the machine. I have been able to use any brand of kcup with no problems. I can remove the tray and fill my travel mug. I use the hot water function to brew tea using teabags. The only drawback I have noticed is a small one, you have to remove the kcup holder and change the plastic insert to use the small coffee filter cup for ground coffee. I feel like its going to break every time I change it. It hasn't yet so hopefully it won't. Also, buy the new one and not the reconditioned model. They are the broke ones that others send back, and often just restocked without proper repair.UPDATE: 3/18/2016My machine quit working today. I got about 4 and a half months use from it. We primarily used bottled spring water in the unit and never had the "descale" notice pop up, so never did. Customer service tells me that doesn't matter, that I should have descaled it at least every 60 days and that is likely the cause of the pump failure. I have to follow the warranty guidelines now and return the unit at my expense, send a check for $10 for return shipping and they will either repair or replace the unit. I lowered my review from 5stars to 3 stars for the short life span of the machine. However I really liked it while it lasted. I am buying a cheap coffeepot to use until I get this one back in 8-12 weeks.
Blowing coffee grinds again so........
September 29, 2015
Unfortunately, my fix for this product was temporary and once again the pump is blowing grinds out erratically and sometimes grinds in the coffee if I do not clean them off under lid of top of assembly. The unit lasted about 3 years and I loved it until problems started occurring.I just received the Bunn single cup K Cup maker and it did not even work out of the box!!! I sent it back today and reordered the Cuisinart SS-700 with extended 3 years warranty and I get another year from American Express. Now I would not expect to get over 3 years on any K cup maker on the market (I guess that explains why they do not offer extended warranties for over 3 years. If I do not get 4 years out of this unit, I am going back to regular units that last much longer!!!
Worked good for two yrs
December 6, 2013
Bought this in 2011 and now retiring it because the display screen began to go bizurk on me. Also, need to make a whole pot some days for company and can't. I realized that the k packs are pricey and this machine allows you to make your own k packs. Just be careful on the type of grounds you use. Too fine and it will not flow through well, and will end before filling your cup. It is great to have the water tank filled once for multiple days. It does not require the exact amount of water for each cup like the Hamilton coffee machines. So this will be used for our camper because it still works. But for everyday use we decided to go back to a dual purpose coffee machine.
Little tricky but good
July 5, 2013
I bought one of these for myself and one for a relative. Mine worked fine till yesterday. Then I had trouble brewing coffee. I called the company they gave me a LONG detailed step by step instructions on how to get it working. I sort of followed them (although I felt to detailed) until it started brewing again. The one I bought for relative worked one day and stopped brewing. We sent that one back an received a replacement. That one is working fine and she loves it. I look back now and figured the same thing that happened to mine was probably what was wrong with my relatives. Had we know we may have been able to have fixed it like I did mine and not have to have sent in in for replacement. My only concern is that there are an awful lot of "Reconditioned" models of this unit. Does that mean there is some sort of problem with these units? They are great looking and work well when they are working. However they are pretty pricey to take a chance on them working for a long time. You only get a 90 day warranty when you buy it.
Makes bad tasting coffee
August 11, 2017
I loved the idea of this. Not cleaning a carafe sounded nice but in reality, it is just inside the machine and even harder to clean. It makes a brewing noise the entire time it is on which is annoying. It is not very tall so fitting anything bigger than what you see in the picture is impossible, my travel mug is hard to fill but do-able. If you don't use all the coffee you have to fill cup after cup and dump it until it is empty. Filling the water tank is awkward and messy but honestly, all coffee makers are. The worse part and the main reason I don't care for this machine is the coffee tastes terrible! I have no idea what the problem is but it always tastes burnt. I'm aware of the bold setting and it's not that. I have tried less coffee than I normally do and it just tastes weak if I do that. I'm thinking it just keeps it too hot and therefore tastes burnt. I've never had an issue like this unless the coffee has been sitting on for hours. Won't be buying again and wouldn't really recommend.
This coffee machine seems to work fine, most of my issues are with The design
October 30, 2016
This coffee machine seems to work fine, most of my issues are with The design. If I'd been able to see how it worked I probably would not have purchased it. The way it works you have to open the lid and remove a small plastic bucket that holds the coffee filter, then take the large bucket on the top off, fill it with water, then pour that into the base of the machine. This isn't very easy to do. The heating element is then inside of the top bucket, which is made of plastic. Heating plastic that your coffee is sitting in all day doesn't strike me as a great idea. I had also picked this one because the description said it was BPA free, however I don't see anything on the box indicating that, so in skeptical of that claim. Cool idea to dispense coffee, but awkward execution of the design.
Features are nice but coffee tastes like plastic
August 14, 2016
This is a good simple starter coffee machine but annoying to clean. Also, the inside is all plastic and just doesn't seem very sturdy. After about a week of usage, the inner compartment no longer sat on the machine snugly like it did when I first started using it. I suspect the heat is warping the plastic.. egghh. The features are nice though.. dispensing button is great and handy and not having to use a pot is nice. Also it keeps the coffee nice and hot till you dispense it but it's just sitting inside this plastic compartment. I feel like I can taste the plastic in my coffee... if you're one of those people who notice the difference between drinking out of plastic vs glass vs metal, you might opt for something better suited to your taste. I've only used this machine for 3 months and I'm already looking for an upgrade to a better machine.
Why does it have to BEEP
June 15, 2016
Time and Timer are easy to set. (Make sure you light the "start time" button though, I forgot that my first time)
Buttons are big and easy to read, perfect for coffee-less brain in the mornings.
You can set up in the evenings, and wake up to fresh coffee.
Stays heated for 4 hours- letting you know when a it's time to start a fresh pot.
Despite other reviews, push button and dispenser are easy to use, and there is enough allowance for even a big lipped mug
Only takes a few minutes to brew 12 cups
You can pick your brew strength.
No internal memory for clock- must be reset with each unplug
The design is a bit odd, with several baskets, water reservoir took me a minute to even find.
Beeps mercilessly when finished, not super loud, but would be enough to wake my kids up
You need to have a pitcher of some sort handy to fill it up since you dont have a carafe.
While it does heat for 4 hours, it's not very hot at all- might be a preference thing

I like it. I haven't updated my coffee pot in 5 years and was in need of something with a few more bells and whistles. I really bought it for the timer, which now that I know it beeps until you push a button, I wont end up using because I have kids who need sleep. Honestly, I would not have purchased it if I knew it was going to be noisy.
Love the look
April 19, 2016
Love the look, love the price, hate the noisiness but actually thinking it wasn't supposed to be noisy. I can live with the percolating sounds while its brewing but the noisy warming boiling sound of "keep warm" makes me anxious. A few people have confirmed theirs is quiet so I'm calling Amazon regarding this. The other thing is that 1st impression when I took it out the box was "is this refurbished?" It has scratches and finger prints on the Planck plastic and the metal control and faceplate didn't have the protective peel-off clear plastic most appliances come with. It seemed a bit dust in those areas instead but i looked it over for evidence of use and couldn't confirm that either way. The coffe it makes is excellent. Again the warming seems to be hotter than its suppose to be as when I look inside the warming plate does have slight burnt coffee stuck on it.

Two Star Reviews:

Full of features, but full of issues.
October 29, 2016
We liked the capacity and the hot water feature, but that's were it stops. We've had this less than a year and have had multiple issues. This system is always requiring maintenance because air bubbles get trapped. We got it figured out after we got it and it was working okay for a while, but we've consistently had to work to remove air bubbles that get trapped in the line and prevent water from coming out in proper amounts. Now after 11 months of use with proper recommended maintenance, we are facing a small water leak out the back while the machine is brewing. We previously had a Mr Coffee version of Keurig and it worked much better. We did have a refurbished machine, but it was claimed to be refurbished to original working condition. This machine was working at first, but has not stood up against the test of time. Would not recommend.
Do you feel lucky?
July 20, 2016
Stay away. I purchased this unit as a replacement for my Keurig brewer that finally bit the dust after several years of loyal service. I went with the Cuisinart model because it was $25 cheaper than the Keurig, and it has some nice features the Keurig doesn't. The first one I had lasted a couple of weeks then stopped brewing. I exchanged it for another one, and the second one lasted a week beyond Amazon's 30-day return policy before it started having issues. I contacted Cuisinart, and it's still covered by their 90-day warranty, but I'll have to ship it to them at my expense, pay them $10.00 for return shipping, and wait who knows how long for a replacement. No thanks. I was able to get this one brewing again after messing around with it for a while. I don't know about you, but I have neither the time nor the patience to fiddle around with a tempermental coffee maker when I'm trying to get out the door in the mornings. If issues continue, this unit will find a new home in the trash, and I'll buy another Keurig.
Glitches Galore
February 14, 2016
I've owned the product for a little over 3 months. I use it daily (when it's working), usually in the morning for coffee. The product has glitch ridden firmware in that the water heating element will often not come on. It also will occasionally grossly under fill a cup or overflow to the point where it not only overflows your cup, but overflows its catch basin and you get hot coffee all over your counter top. Several times a week I have to deal with the water heating element not coming one and I get a cup of cold coffee (a waste of an expensive KCup and distilled water). I now have to waste my time listening to it to make sure I hear the water heating up before I know I can use the machine. When it goes into the mode of not wanting to heat the water, you have to try several tricks to get it to work such as opening the head, then closing it again, then cycling the power. Usually that works. If that doesn't work, then do that same procedure, but do a rinse cycle on top of it. It has now reached the point where non of the tricks work and I've had to call customer service. They said "its wires probably have gotten crossed", and to unplug it for 1 hour to let it reset (this confirms the firmware glitch to me), then try again. I hope this works. It's very frustrating having to swing through a fast food place for morning coffee when you have this expensive k-cup brewer sitting unusable in your kitchen. I do not recommend this product.
Cuisinart SS-700 Single Serve Brewing System stopped brewing coffee or hot water...
July 18, 2015
This is my 3rd Cuisinart so far. For some reason, Cuisinart coffee makers have a tendency to stop working right after the first year is up. I bought this in May-2014 and today July-2015, it stopped working. I did run through some of the "troubleshooting" instructions, but to not avail.Here are a few symptoms/run cycles:(1) I add a K-Cup and press the Brew button. It starts as if it is going to Brew and send out a few spoonful of water out of the K-Cup. But it sits there with the word "Brewing" and sends water out of the "Return/Overflow" opening at the top, back located inside the water reservoir for a little while and stops.(2) I tried to run a few "Rinse" cycles and it works fine.(3) I tried to run a few "Hot" water cycle and it behaves the same way as (1) - the Coffee cycle.If any one has come across this type of behavior and found a solution for it, please add a post to this review...Thanks
Huge Disappointment
November 21, 2012
We bought our first one of these from Amazon in December 2010. Nice design, nice functions and great coffee. For about six months. It started not brewing any coffee at all. Decided to clean it out per the manufactures recommendations, and after much tinkering got it to work with a combination of unplugging it, plugging it back in and brewing 1 cup of coffee. Finally I called Cuisinart to complain. Once I told them the model number they didn't ask anything else except for my address. They promptly shipped me a brand new one (though I suspect it was rebuilt) The replacement worked fine for about a year when we started noticing it acting like described above. However, now when complete with the brew cycle instead of shutting off the brewing water keeps trickling out such that we have to put another cup under it to catch this overflow. I've had it with this coffee maker. I'll do some research and buy another brand that is better rated than this piece of junk.Cuisinart SS-700 Single Serve Brewing System, Silver - Powered by Keurig
Another repeat dead pump victim...
September 29, 2011
After having so many problems with the water pump and literally giving up on Keurig, I decided last year to plunk down money for a Cuisinart version of the product figuring that it might be built better. The product worked really well for several months, but over the course of the last three months, the water levels are not consistent with what is selected. Less water is pumped than requested. Within the past month, the coffee maker needed a bump or two to get the pump working while brewing coffee. Until this week, when it just won't work at all.I really like the Keurig concept, don't get me wrong. The coffee has been outstanding, and the fact that Dunkin Donuts and Coffee People provide such wonderful blends has made this a tasty experience. BUT I can't see the point investing in yet another poorly made unit to replace this one. Part of me wonders if Keurig doesn't bother to fix this problem after so many complaints over the years is because they figure they can get people to just buy a new one. Planned obsolescence eh? Well, FIVE years using Keurigs and I'm pretty much finished at this point.So until Keurig can fix their water pump problem, I'm going to look at other options, including the old drip coffee maker again. Yes it's not as convenient and makes more than I drink, but six months out from purchase IT WILL STILL WORK, unlike Keurig. I like convenience as well, so I might start looking at Tassimo... we'll see.
Sorry but I will not buy another Hamilton Beach.
May 28, 2017
This coffee maker has some good features. It makes good consistent flavored coffee. It heats for a long time without burning. The dispenser is convenient.
The problems are the plastic piece below the dispenser broke the first week we had the maker. The rubber feet do not stabilize the unit when you press a cup against the dispenser. The whole pot slides away from you as you are trying to fill the cup. After about a year, black thickened coffee started to leak from the base of the unit. This is hard to clean up as we have a tile and grout counter top and the coffee stains the grout. There does not appear to be a leak in the coffee reservour and we can't figure how the coffee gets into the base.
When we first got this we thought the coffee was good enough to overlook the broken part and stability of the unit, but the leaking is to much.
Stopped working less than a year after purchase
July 17, 2016
UPDATE: April 4, 2017 . Less than one year after purchase date (July 15, 2016) the Brewstation Summit Ultra (48465) has stopped working. Big disappointment.
My original review:

The third and best Brewstation coffeemaker I have owned. The previous model I owned was the 10 cup 47381A.

The Brewstation Summit Ultra (48465) is a huge step up in both user friendliness and design aesthetic (kudos to the industrial design team behind this product). It looks like a much more expense device than it is (I paid $40.72).

Some of the features I like:
- The brushed metal face plates and bright blue display are stylish and pleasing to the eye.
- The easy to read 3D water level markers on the inside of the water reservoir (allowing you to double check how much water you are pouring in from the coffee tank).
- A large, detachable and easy to clean spill catcher (the grill is metal with a finger hole in the center)
- You can select "bold", "regular", "small batch", and "iced coffee" (yes, it can brew iced coffee).
- You can select how long you want the coffee to be kept warm (0-4 hours).
- Semi-transparent coffee/water level meters are located on both sides of the brew tank making it much easier to read.
- The water reservoir is located below the coffee/brew tank, in the middle of the machine, so it's much easier to fill with water than the old models.
-The bright blue clock/display is located on the front and is very easy to read (much better than older models).

I read some reviews which mentioned coffee dripping down the back of cups when dispensing, but I haven't experienced this. The coffee dispenses perfectly and quickly into a standard size coffee mug.

The brewed coffee is delicious and the warmer keeps the coffee piping hot (there is no hot plate to avoid scorching the coffee). If you are looking for a cheap, well made, well designed carafe-less coffee maker, I highly recommend the Brewstation Summit Ultra (48465).

BTW - The spill catcher has two pieces of tape holding it onto the coffeemaker for packing/shipping purposes. They are located on the bottom of the coffeemaker.
Fill water error - Means no coffee for you
May 17, 2016
I wanted to give it more stars. I really did, but the novelty wore off. This coffee maker is interesting to say the least. It keeps your coffee nice and warm for up to 4 hours and there is no separate carafe to deal with. Cool, but now 6 months after purchase - I can not get this thing to make coffee for the life of me. I have used filtered water and have not over used this machine. It has not even had daily use. When it worked properly the only gripe is that sometimes you need to hold the machine down to press firmly enough to get coffee. In general, it is a decent machine. Does not burn the coffee at all.

I read online that running vinegar through it a few times should do the trick. I get the dreaded "fill water" error when the machine is already full. A few times I was able to get it to shake loose by inserting a stir rod down to the bottom of the tank and manually depressing the red button that controls water intake. I have spent far too much time screwing around with this machine. I think I am going back to the old tried and true carafe design.
Drippy mess-- not for me.
April 6, 2016
After having 2 Cuisinart coffee makers quit on me after just 2-3 years, I decided to try a different style and cheaper brand. I wish I hadn't. Although this makes decent coffee, the removal of the carafe and grinds is a pain. The grind cup sits inside the carafe and must be lifted out to empty or wash and it drips coffee water everywhere. The carafe also drips water when removed because the water is poured into the pot underneath it which results in condensation on the bottom of the carafe.
Unless you have large hands (I don't), the carafe is awkward and difficult to wash. The metal plate that is supposed to prevent the taste of scorched coffee gets coffee burned onto it unless you turn the pot off without finishing the coffee. And it still scorches the coffee, in my opinion.
I thought this design would be easier without a glass carafe to worry about, but I was wrong. It makes a mess, is hard to clean and still burns coffee.
I may replace this one before it dies.
Almost great
January 10, 2016
We really wanted to like this coffee maker. We like not having a carafe and it makes good coffee. That said, it has a vent on the back that accommodates the shape of the lid and steam pours out of the vent when it's brewing and soaked the under side of our cabinets and the wall behind the coffee maker. We didn't notice it at first. It needs to be backed up to a wall so that it will hold steady while you depress the coffee button. We even tried pulling it out while it brewed, but then it steamed up the front of the cabinets. I cannot afford to take a chance on it ruining my cabinets. It would be 5 stars for us if it weren't for what we consider a design defect. I would recommend checking under your cabinets for moisture if you have this coffee maker Sadly returned. Will try the Cuisinart model.

One Star Reviews:

Not happy with my purchase!
October 7, 2017
I bought this coffee maker last January 2016, it quit working 2 months ago. The issue seems to be with how the water is pumped through the coffee pod. I usually press the setting for the 8oz. cup and only get a few tablespoons of coffee now. I have cleaned the machine 3 times per the manufacturer recommendations with no improvement. I see this unit has been discontinued but it does have a 3 year warranty. I am hoping that Cuisinart will stand by it's product and either replace it with another, more reliable coffee maker or refund my purchase price. In the past, I have owned many Keurig coffee makers and none of them lasted more than a couple of years. I tried this Cuisinart brand hoping for better results. I think it's time to try something other than Keurig brewed machines.Update: I just got off the phone with Cuisinart to find out how to take advantage of the warranty. They told me they will replace the unit but it will cost me $10.00 for them to ship it to me. When I get the new unit, I then have to ship the broken one to them at my expense! This coffee maker is heavy and I presume that a hefty shipping fee may be involved. Cuisinart, I am very disappointed in how you handle your warranty.
UPDATE AS OF 8/15/17
April 16, 2017
PURCHASE PRICE: $89.99Delivered FEB 2017Typical problems for the SS-700 were refurbished: improved pump & heating element. I was impressed; as it worked better than several original models I previously owned. That all changed as I attempted to make my morning coffee two days ago! The electronic module reverted to the out-of-box setup routine. While I was able to cycle through the menu categories; it would not accept ANY input data. With the electronics stuck in the menu mode the SS-700 had become a shiny chrome doorstop. Since the SS-700 was 90 days BEYOND the 90 day warranty I have no recourse. Chalk this up to 'let the buyer beware!'
Be Afraid.
April 14, 2016
I really wanted to love this. It is the only K-cup brewer that is not horribly ugly. I read the reviews, and was forewarned, but I took the chance on the refurbished model. The very second time I went to make a cup of coffee it failed to deliver, but turning it off and back on cured it. A few days later it was working most of the time, but it seemed to only make one size cup, about 6 ounces, no matter what setting it was on. Finally, today, we tracked the source of the puddle of water on the counter to the Cuisinart coffeemaker. It took a while to track it down, because we have two coffeemakers, a Brita pitcher and a water jug all in close proximity getting daily use.To sum, it only works sometimes, and it takes far longer than a Keurig to brew a cup. (a new Keurig to replace this worthless junk is ordered) The cup size selection doesn't work. It leaks a lot of water, which may be the reason the cup size selection doesn't work and it not brewing into the cup. I will be contacting Amazon to return this today.
Worked Great FOR A DAY!
March 12, 2016
My 3 year old Keurig finally died after 3 years (which is longer than normal as I only usually make a cup a day) the typical death as described in many of these reviews. In looking for a replacement, I considered just buying the cheapest one I could find, think Mr Coffee had one for about $60 but saw this one and thought 3 times the price meant better quality. It was delivered same day by Amazon and first used yesterday. I also ordered an assortment of coffee with it, and made the first cup yesterday and it worked fine. I did not like the coffee and threw half of it out and tried a cup of a different variety, it worked fine. Today, I made a cup and it worked fine and my wife, who normally drinks espresso saw a flavor she wanted to try. It did not work, it was having the same problems as my 3 year old maker was having. I tried it, thinking operator error and her part and same thing. I read trouble shooting and nothing clogged and made sure the tank was seated. I unplugged and reset everything no luck. IT IS DEAD. So, it made 3 cups great and now has to be returned.In looking over the reviews, there is one near the top from an engineer titled "Why EVERY coffee maker fails" by Sezeg. He claims he has taken several apart and found that they all use the same cheap Chinese solenoid that is causing all of these issues. It makes sense to me, Does anyone know if someone makes a K cup machine that is not made in China? If they are all using the same technology and parts, then they are all going to fail, with DOA, some failing in 2 days and some failing in years. It is a great concept but some American company needs to engineer something that does not violate Keurig patents and make it in the US with all high quality US parts. We are already paying US prices for these Chinese made coffee makers.
Stopped working!
January 7, 2016
Well this pile of junk worked for about a month and then just stopped pumping! It says it needs descaled but when I try to do that it just sits there and does nothing!! When it was working, right out of the box mind you it would only put out a half a cup of coffee (8 ounces) so you had to run the cycle twice to get a full cup. Today it just makes a little humming noise and in a minute says open the lid as if it has worked correctly but obviously it isn't. It was only $75 bucks so I guess you get what you pay for but I thought that Certified Refurbished meant that they actually made sure that it worked prior to making that claim but guess not!!Won't even waste my time trying to return it as it is more trouble than it is worth! I bought it online because my time is valuable and honestly I am so disgusted with this that I don't want to deal with this! Guess I will just buy an actual Keurig coffee maker instead of a Certified Refurbished knock off!!
I bought a Keurig and it is fantastic. Please don't waste your money on this
December 17, 2015
I followed all the steps for setup, and the water poured back into the reservoir instead of out the coffee hole...I'm sure there is a name for that. I called Cuisinart for repair information and they told me to send it back. They were going to charge me 10$ each way for shipping. After reading reviews, I decided to just return it to Amazon. Too many problems with this thing. I bought a Keurig and it is fantastic.Please don't waste your money on this.
Buy something else!
August 28, 2016
Terrible coffee maker. Weirdly pieced together. It's a complex process every time you want to make coffee or clean up. Cute idea but eliminating the coffee pot only creates problems and dirties other parts. I wouldn't not buy this again.

Update (24SEP16) - Dispenser stopped working. Coffee just trickles out of the spout. Have to remove the coffee reservoir to pour out, exactly like a normal coffee pot, but way more complicated. This thing is terrible.
The plastic taste and smell is worse than I could possibly describe
February 25, 2016
The plastic taste and smell is worse than I could possibly describe. I don't care how much you scrub with baking soda or if you use vinegar or alcohol, it will not fully go away. Hours and hours of wasted time trying to get rid of the taste and smell. The taste will stay with you for hours, the toxic chemicals you will ingest cannot possibly be healthful in the long-term. Your health is too important to risk on this. If I am going to ingest chemicals, at least it should taste good.
Going to be returned.
January 1, 2016
We had an older version of this coffee maker for the last 4 years that worked well until recently. It was used every day at least once per day. We thought we would replace it with another one like it. This one arrived yesterday and while brewing coffee will leak about 2 cups worth of water onto the counter. We tried it a few times but the water appears each time on the counter.
It is going to be returned.
Buyer beware! Don't waste money!
November 8, 2015
This thing was delivered in Sept. It is now November, and it is useless! I have kept it clean per instructions using a vinegar, and water solution. After about a month, a "clean" prompt will appear. I always rinsed it out with soapy water after each use. The problem happened after i set it to brew the next morning, but the coffee wasn't ready when I got up. I checked to make sure everything was right, and turned the machine on. It started making noise, like it was brewing, but then it just beeps and says "pour water" even though the reservoir had plenty of water in it. Then I noticed that it will not pump water from the bottom up to the tank where the coffee is. That is what causes the "pour water" prompt. Coffee grounds were barely wet. I've used the coffee maker every day since it was delivered, and have read all the instructions so no tutorials, please! I know how to use it, and I was very happy with it up until it wouldn't brew coffee anymore. Less than 2 months for $40.00? Very disappointed with this product! Will never buy another Hamilton Beach coffee maker, or anything else. I guess I'll just go back to a regular coffee maker that will at least last a couple years.
Cuisinart YES hamilton beach NO
October 20, 2014
The coffee is not HOT!!! Yes, there is a place for cold coffee but not from a fresh brewed pot.
Buying this Hamilton Beach********** should include a microwave.
p.s. previous pot was Cuisinart, very similar in design with one glaring difference, THE COFFEE WAS HOT!
it lasted a couple of years.
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Large 80-ounce removable water reservoir eliminates the need for frequent refills

5 cup sizes, including iced beverage setting and removable drip tray for tall travel mugs

Fully programmable blue backlit LCD with digital clock, auto on/off and adjustable temperature

Includes: My K-Cup Reusable Coffee Filter, charcoal water filter, 12 K-Cup Portion Pack and instruction book

Product Built to North American Electrical Standards

Fully programmable blue backlit LCD with digital clock, auto on/off, and adjustable temperature

Includes: My K-Cup Reusable Coffee Filter, charcoal water filter, 12 K-Cup Portion Pack and instruction book

Product Built to North American Electrical Standards

12-cup programmable coffeemaker with insulated inner tank and no carafe

Dispensing bar for one-handed serving; keep-warm mode; auto shut-off

Bold, regular, iced-coffee, or small-batch brewing options; digital display

Removable water tank; water-level indicator; dishwasher-safe parts

BPA free - all parts that come into contact with coffee and water

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    According to your review, the Cuisinart is 366 inches by 720 inches. That's not even going to fit in my driveway, much less my kitchen.
    Problem with sizes
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