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Mr. Coffee BVMC-EL1 Cafe Latte - Mr. Coffee
Mr. Coffee
Mr. Coffee TF5 4-Cup Switch Coffeemaker, Black - Mr. Coffee

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Mr. Coffee http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/417W3EUIpYL._SL160_.jpg
Mr. Coffee BVMC-EL1 Cafe Latte - Mr. Coffee
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Mr. Coffee http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/41hpj2xRKnL._SL160_.jpg
Mr. Coffee TF5 4-Cup Switch Coffeemaker, Black - Mr. Coffee
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Five Star Reviews:

AMAZING little latte maker... Tastes exactly like Starbucks!!
October 10, 2016
I love this little machine!!! My new favorite kitchen gadget!!! If you use and take care/clean it as instructions suggest, you will have no problem! It brews the espresso and froths the milk flawlessly!!!! I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of this latte maker for the price! (A plus, should something happen to the carafe, lid, brew basket, froth whisk.... You can purchase replacement parts at Mr Coffee website for a reasonable price) ...if you use Starbucks espresso in your latte... It tastes exactly like the $5+ latte I would purchase at Starbucks regularly!!!! This little gem is a real money saver for any latte lover!! Highly recommend!!!
You will not be disappointed as your wallet and taste buds will thank you!
October 1, 2016
This Latte maker is amazing! I received it as a birthday present and cannot believe how easy the whole process is from start to finish. It is unbelievable how much money I have been spending on Latte's every week and I asked for something that will save me time and money while also allowing me to be the coffee snob that I am. I fill the top with 6tbsp of espresso and the reservoir with the max amount of water. I fill the carafe to the max line with 1% milk and 8 pumps of my favorite Toffee Nut syrup from Starbucks. I press the lever down and let the machine work its magic. Once it's finished, I line my 20oz Contigo coffee cup with caramel syrup and pour the deliciousness into my cup. I then spoon the rest of the foam into the cup and top with more caramel syrup. It tastes exactly like what I used to spend $7-$14 a day on and I mean exactly like it!! I highly recommend this Latte maker to any high end coffee lover. You will not be disappointed as your wallet and taste buds will thank you!
You will never have to stop at a coffee shop again.
August 3, 2016
I bought this as a Father's Day gift. my husband never uses it- why should he when I am - and I quote- so much better at making coffee. Not to worry- I love the drinks it makes too and so I don't mind making his coffee for him one little bit! This machine is fantastic! My son (13) and I use it daily. It's fast. It's easy to use. It is super easy to clean. You combine the ingredients and push a button. That's it. It took about 45 seconds to initially set up. I use it for lattes, white mochas ( white chocolate powder combined with the milk before you heat it. It's amazing) iced drinks ( made the night before and put in the fridge for the morning) and hot cocoa and steamers. I have also used it to make warm milk and honey and warm milk with Macha and melon flavor. I have used it to make warm slim fast shakes. Honestly- it's fun. I hate cooking and pretty much anything related to food prep. i avoid it when at all possible and using this is fun for me so it must be something special! It's worth every dime!
Holy crap, if you like some froth you'll be happy
January 7, 2016
This thing can FROTH. Holy crap, if you like some froth you'll be happy. I have only tried regular 2% milk so far.

It did take some time to figure out how to make stronger coffee, my first attempt was basically coffee flavored milk. My current setup is 4 spoons of espresso roast, slightly less milk than fill line, and slightly more water. It's not going to be like a coffee shop latte which usually consists of a shot or two of espresso but it's not bad. My brother-in-law who lives a few miles away helps himself to a latte whenever he visits.

Nothing about this is dishwasher safe, and the heat + milk combo can make some residue on the bottom, but as long as you rinse it out pretty quickly after poor you should be okay.

Overall, for the price, this is an awesome machine if you like lattes.
Save money, save time, get fancy!
December 7, 2014
I got this to replace my Keurig coffee maker. I was tired of boring straight coffee with cream and sugar and stopped by starbucks every now and then which can get expensive fast. I was worried that this wouldn't brew fast enough but a nice latte takes under 5 minutes once you get the hang of throwing everything in. It gets a wonderful froth going and is great with regular milk or soy milk. I've used almond but that gets quite a bit less froth. Some things to note if you're moving from keurig, there's a little more stuff to clean, the carafe and the lid and the frother need a quick rinse and I usually pull out the coffee filter after using it so it stays clean.
Drink up with Mr. Coffee
September 11, 2017
The smallest coffee pot with the biggest bang for your dollar. Excellent coffee. I would buy the basket for it because paper filters are wasteful. I like the small pot because I can make 2 cups with ease. Highly recommend for someone who doesn't need to make 8 cups of coffee a day.
Coffee for over 15 years and loved its design so much that I had to find ...
January 13, 2017
I had my original Mr. Coffee for over 15 years and loved its design so much that I had to find the exact model to replace it. This little coffee brewer is perfect for a college student's dorm room, an business manager's office, or for those who just need to make up to four cups of coffee super fast. Another reason I love this brewer is because its so simple and efficient. The last thing I want in the morning is to figure out how to make a cup of coffee on some electronics laden, complicated, and hard to maintain coffee machine. The only thing that might be an issue for some is that it doesn't have an automatic turn off and you must remember to shut it off when done. I'm sure there's another model which has the feature but its no deal breaker for me. Get one its a super bargain and they last forever.
Minimalist dream
August 12, 2016
Had my first Mr. Coffee TF4 for about 12 yrs. still brew the best morning Joe, my expensive coffee deserves it.
The brew basket's spigot at the bottom broke when a sudden stop in my motorhome propelled the poor thing to its demise.
For those of us who are not looking for a computer controlled device that wakes you up with whatever aroma is left over from an overnight stay in a brew basket, this beauty will serve you well.
3rd party filters should* work fine.
April 2, 2016
Replaced my old Farberware(?) from Walmart after my pot broke. Hot, cup doesn't spill, and quick. No auto off so keep an eye on that. Also it requires paper filters or some other not-included filter device. 3rd party filters should* work fine.
Perfect little coffee maker!
December 10, 2015
So I bought this coffee maker because I am sick and tired of my Keurig. That's right, I said it. I got a Keurig for my husband and I last year and at first it was great but after awhile I got pretty tired of the space it takes up, the expensive pods and one-cup at a time brewing. I just wanted a coffee maker that would fit on my counter top, not take up a ton of space and brew just enough coffee for little ol' me for one or two cups of coffee. This coffee maker is PERFECT! It's small, brews up to 4 cups and is so easy to clean. You cannot beat the price! So happy with this purchase. I haven't had any issues with it.

Four Star Reviews:

Would definitely recomend
January 5, 2017
Over all I have loved this latte maker. It's easy to use, straight forward, and not difficult to clean. It does occasionally stop working which I find frustrating. I do get grounds in almost every cup I make. Which doesn't really bother me, although sometimes it's worse than others.

I did find, to get the milky foamier, you can turn on the foaming part while you add water and coffee grounds and then turn it on to brew the rest of the way. It aggitates the milk a little more to give it more volume. I also tend to like my coffee and lattes strong so I use about 1/3rd of the recommended milk.

I would definitely recomend this coffee maker, it's very tasty and I've made it in such a way I prefer my latte to Starbucks.
I would like to tell everyone about the one flaw that makes ...
February 18, 2016
I would like to tell everyone about the one flaw that makes this a 4 instead of a 5 star product. Aside from this one flaw, everything works great and its very convenient!

The flaw is the water spigot that spits out the hot water into the coffee filter is not designed so well. Or perhaps the cup that holds the filter is not designed well.

What happens every single time when I make coffee is the water flowing out of the spigot hits the side of the filter, and folds it down into itself. This results with the water+coffee grounds overflowing out of the filter and through the hole into the coffee pot, leaving you with tons of ground coffee bits in your coffee. NO BUENO!

The solution to this, is I wet the edge of the coffee filter and fold it under the section of the filter holder where the spigot arm moves across. This section is slightly lower than the rest of the filter holder, so you can fold the edge of the filter over it without losing too much of its height so that the filter is not lifted too much from the bottom.

This usually prevents the rest of the filter from folding in on itself when the water hits the side, because now the filter is stuck to that section and wont fold into itself.

Hopefully that tip helps everyone who purchases that machine, because its very annoying to have ground coffee bits in your coffee!
Good latte, convenient single step use
March 2, 2014
This is a nice machine. It is easy to use with simple directions, and makes a decent cup of latte in one easy step. You just have to add milk to the carafe and coffee and water to the top compartment, press a single button and wait a couple of minutes. It froths the milk and adds the espresso coffee. It turns off when finished. I added a permanent 4 cup filter basket, and this would have been a logical item to come with the coffee maker, as using paper filters is awkward. The water dripper swings out of the way when you open the top and back into place when you close it. The milk froth is a tan color since it is mixed with the coffee, but otherwise, this machine does a credible job with minimal fuss. I just use low fat milk, with no additives, but others seem to like sweeteners or other flavors, which are easy to add. Hard to improve on this design, though it does drip a bit after it's finished and could have had a little catch basin. It is easy enough to wipe clean afterwards, however.
Get his pot. Now.
December 1, 2013
This is not one of those gimmick appliances you;ll use once or twice and put away high up in the cupboard. We use this every day, along with our regular coffee pot. We've gone from struggling to use up a quart of milk before it expires to buying a gallon of milk every 4 or 5 days. It's pretty simple to use, and make delicious lattes. And the process couldn't be simpler. Get some small basket coffee filters (the unit ships with 5.) Move the water arm to the back of the unit and add coffee. Put some water in the reservoir beside the filter (the internal markings are easy to see.) Put the top in place, and add milk (we like 1% because it froths better) and turn it on. The unit brews one or two lattes very quickly. Pour into a cup and enjoy!

Clean up is a bit of a chore since you can't put the pot in the dishwasher, so here's my method. Rinse out the pot a couple of times. Add a squirt of hand soap and fill the pot with hot water. Let it set for a while, then pour out most of the water. Now take a paper towel and wipe out the bottom of the pot and the sides. Rinse it, and set aside to dry. When you're ready for some more (and you will be) repeat the process.

In the evening, we use a dark roast decaf coffee in place of the espresso blend we use in the morning. The Cameron's french roast coffee you can order from Amazon is very good. Two big advantages to drinking lattes: They just taste different than a regular cup of coffee. Better, in my opinion but I still drink straight coffee along with my lattes. And you'll drink a lot more milk, which has to be good for you. Experiment with different syrups. My wife likes hazelnut while I prefer vanilla. Since the syrup goes in your cup, you can each have a different flavor from the same pot.

I see three negatives to this purchase. The pot is a bit of a pain to clean. Not a real problem, just a bit of work. You'll be buying a lot more milk and a lot more coffee. And your local coffee shop will be getting less business from you since you're making your own drinks now. Prices for the unit are all over the map, but you should be able to score one for less than 50 bucks on sale.

The unit looks nice on your counter, and works very well. It appears to be very well built. One tip:. Use water from your refrigerator filter. It'll taste better, and you'll avoid the lime build-up inside the coffee maker. Want a hotter latte? Run the pot on on "heat and froth" first, then flip the switch to "cafe latte" and brew your coffee.
I like it! Broke but was quickly replaced
August 11, 2013
I had written a bad review, because it quit working after 6 months, but I just called Mr. Coffee and they are sending me a new one with no hassle. So paying for shipping or anything. They just needed the number written on the plug prong to be sure it was in warranty and sent me a new one!

I really like the lattee maker and hope the next one lasts longer. Im trying to get more calcium in my diet and my morning latte is a great way to do it. Its not a "real" latte machine, it doesnt make espressso and then mix with steamed milk. But if you use dark blend coffees Its a very close substitute. It does heat and froth the milk.

My biggest complaint is that it doesn't hold very much. My husband and I each want a cup and it wont hold enough water to make decent sized cups. We each get our large mugs about half filled. If I have the time I wait till the water resevoir has about emptied and then put in more water. But its annoying to have to do this. Still, we enjoy these faux lattes and I have loved how great Mr Coffee was when it broke?
Coffee maker does the job
May 23, 2017
Coffee maker does the job, it’s a very straight forward machine, not fancy – but works for my family. Sometimes the filter gets folded while brewing and the coffee/water fills up to the top so coffee doesn’t brew correctly.
Good product, fragile in shipping
April 24, 2017
I got this for a friend after getting one for myself a few months ago. The carafe leaked after a couple pots. I have the same one with no problems, so I think it was a shipping glitch. Returned, got one from a local store.
Works for me.
February 16, 2016
It's a little coffee pot and it works ok.I will say if you expect to get four cups of coffee you better have some small cups.I have what I consider a normal size mug and can fill it twice with a full pot.The way I judge a product is to ask myself if I would buy it again and my answer would be "yes" to this product.
Affordable and has rapid brewing
November 8, 2015
Small but does the job. Mr. Coffee sure has changed through the years. This is a two person (actually one if drinking a tall coffee mug) coffee machine.
Pros : Rapid brewing. Easy to use, auto shut off and handles regular filters
Con: No thrills but does the job
I'm Happy with It
April 8, 2014
I've been a Mr. Coffee user for the past 9 years, and the TF5-NP 4-Cup Switch model is my third model in those 9 years.

I bought it to replace a DRX5 4-Cup Programmable model that suddenly stopped brewing after 3 1/2 years of use.

Prior to the DRX5, I owned an NLX5 4-Cup Programmable model (the one where the filter basket swiveled out from right to left and left to right) that lasted six years.

So, the DRX5 lasted a little over half as long as the NLX5, which was disappointing.

I decided to buy the TF5-NP Switch model over the DR5-NP Switch model since the programmable version (the DRX5) only lasted 3 1/2 years.

Out of the box - after rinsing out the carafe and filter basket, it brewed a cup of coffee in about 3 1/2 minutes, which tasted a lot better compared to my old coffeemaker, obviously).

Here are the pros:
-It's the same size as the previous two models I've owned, which is a plus since I live in a small apartment and the only place I can put the coffeemaker is underneath my kitchen cabinets next to my refrigerator (There's enough clearance to open the water tank without having the lid hit the bottom edge of the cabinets).
-It brews quickly and makes hot coffee, something I always thought the DRX5 wasn't good at (I would always have to heat the brewed coffee in the microwave to get it hot).
-The carafe pours better when compared to my previous two models thanks to the slight curvatures on the pour spout
-I can turn it off when I want to, which means the coffee stays hot until I do. Yes, auto-shut off is nice, but I always turned the DRX5 off right after the coffee was done brewing (unless I had company).

-The filter basket does not lock into place like it did with my previously-owned models. It just "sits" in the designated opening. Even so, I encountered no problems as a result of this while the machine brewed.
-Compared to the previous two models I mentioned, the handle on the carafe is slightly thicker and sticks out at a somewhat odd angle when it sits on the warming plate. This is the only thing I really don't care for on this model, which probably has to do with the fact that the previous two models I owned basically had the same carafe (the ones that have the slimmer plastic handle). So, it may be that I just have to get used to it. However, even with the thicker handle, I had no trouble pouring the coffee into my cup. I just found the thickness and the way it sticks out when sitting on the warming plate to be rather ugly. For this reason, I give it 4 stars.

I should mention that carafes from the NLX5 and DRX5 do NOT fit the TF5-NP model. When set on the warming plate of the TF5-NP, the old carafe from my DRX5 didn't touch the spring that hangs from the filter basket, meaning it wasn't going to get the coffeemaker to brew. The only non-programmable model that you might be able to use DRX5/NLX5 carafes with is the DR5-NP. This is just based on the fact that the DR5-NP's carafe looks exactly like the ones I used with the DRX5 and NLX5.

As for not having a clock - since the TF5-NP is non-programmable - that's fine with me. Anyone who has owned a programmable Mr. Coffee knows how unreliable they are (the clocks on the DRX5 and the NLX5 were NEVER accurate, which rendered all the programming useless). I have a microwave with a clock and timer anyway, so a clock was not a big draw for me. If you want a clock, look for a programmable model (but heed my warning about accuracy).

Like I said, I've owned two older 4-cup models (and the TF5 4-cup is now my third). So far - I'm happy with it. I just hope it lasts longer than 3 1/2 years. For the money, though, Mr. Coffee's small and lightweight footprint can't be beat by other brands with similar-sized models.

Three Star Reviews:

Taste Good But Limited
May 28, 2017
This has pros and cons, so I gave it three stars.

The coffee tastes good--the warmed milk is tasty and frothy, making a quality latte similar to Starbucks. So that's great! The downside though is that it can only make latte, you can't just make regular coffee with this, which is a bummer since you may not always want coffee with so much milk in it (the milk is supposed to fill enough of the carafe to meet the frother. The other, bigger issue is that it takes a lot of coffee to make a small cup of coffee and it isn't even strong coffee, it's a bit weak and milky. It calls for 3 scoops of coffee and lots of milk that just makes one small cup. I've tried changing portions and have it down to 2 scoops and add more water, but it just doesn't brew the coffee like regular coffee. So good for lattes but you'll need lots of coffee and milk and another coffee maker for regular cups of coffee.
It will eventually leak
July 7, 2016
This makes great coffee. The lattes are as good or better then any you can buy at coffee shops. The problem s that the last three machines we have had last not quite a year before they start seriously leaking water all over the counter. I've done everything but take it completely apart to see if I can repair it, but it is constructed in such a way that disassembly is very difficult. Easier just to buy a new one. Not well engineered.
April 21, 2016
This was purchased to replace an approximately 5 year old machine (same product). One day the carafe shattered while I was cleaning it (hand wash, warm soapy water b/c you can't submerge or dishwasher this one). I was devastated, because I love my lattes and this makes them so quickly and easily. So I ordered my replacement (the entire machine, because they don't sell just the carafe) and life went on. Fast forward three months and it's just happened again. On the pitcher I've been using for THREE months. Needless to say, as a working mom of three, I'm uncaffeinated and unhappy about it! I would've given this unit 5 stars but after a three month old pitcher shattering I'm dropping it to 3. And Mr. Coffee customer service has given me the name and number of another company to call because they currently don't have any pitchers in stock to replace it. I refuse to purchase a third latte maker machine so I guess if this other company doesn't have this part, this is the end of the line for me and Mr. Coffee latte maker.
This makes a good latte. The 2000 reviews don't lie
September 28, 2015
This makes a good latte. The 2000 reviews don't lie. BUT, the "whisk" that makes the milk into foam is very fragile, it's part plastic and cracks easily. We've broken and replaced it 4 times in a year. We're not rough with it, but the part is thin plastic and it's obviously poorly designed. There's no reason they couldn't make the whole piece metal and avoid this problem.
FANTASTIC MACHINE HERE !! BUT>>> ((update 12/25/2016))
December 7, 2013
OH MY THIS IS DELICIOUS !! I used half and half...frothed right up too...used a dark ground espresso blend which I ground fresh from Starbucks.... Sure beats my old coffee maker now....Easy to set up, light, solid, small foot print, comes with a few filters and quick start guide (no wasting time on this baby) - is so quiet. I added a bit of flavored syrup in vanilla and YUM. That comes out very hot and light, frothy and a nice change any way you taste it. Arrived on time of course with Amazon : )))).........I love this machine. I would have to honestly say it is really a close second to the one's I buy at the expensive coffee carts here. For the price, the ease and the fantastic taste ::: This is the blue ribbon winner. It's a good size too. Gave me 2 very large servings in my mason jar. What a great gift for someone or to have for guests also. I don't like my coffee too sweet so here I can control it easily. Wow does half and half give it a nice, rich, frothy kick !! Gotta go..........off for a couple more. WOULD BUY AGAIN AND AGAIN.
>>>>UPDATE : December 25, 2016 - This is the 2nd Mr. Coffee I have purchased. Each one has lasted approximately a little over a year. I just bought this 2nd one last Oct. 2015 and THE STEM STIR THINGY IS BROKEN AGAIN. Both had / have the same problem. That stir thingy which spins, stops working. This is getting EXPENSIVE / not to mention, frustrating. I don't know what to do and I'm not buying more warranty insurance. I TOOK OFF 2 STARS FOR THIS CONTINUING PROBLEM. Yes, I could let it drain through for a plain cup of coffee but that is not what I bought it to do. :/ The first stem broke off, the second one just stopped spinning. BIG MESS.
..........5/07/2014 -- I think this is my favorite thing I ever bought :D......Gosh it sure makes great latte's. People get a kick out of my entire little kitchen counter as they say it looks like Starbucks, LOL....lot's of flavors and my little coffee maker which is still going strong and is a wonderful way to start my day. I really love this thing! I sure makes great tasting lattes and is easy to do and clean up. I still use my half and half and Starbucks espresso whole coffee beans, fresh ground. Would make a great gift for coffee lovers!
Not the original
June 15, 2017
This is a cheaper version of the Mr. Coffee. Compared with my previous one, it's just a little shorter, makes the coffee faster and therefore more bitter. The original one sell for about $10 more.
I'm glad I kept the old filter and I'm using it
June 5, 2017
It took me by surprise that the coffeemaker didn't include the permanent filter to brew the coffee. The ones they sold at Walmart includes the permanent filter. I'm glad I kept the old filter and I'm using it.
that looks just like this, I drink more than this tiny pot ...
December 12, 2015
replaced a 5cup, that looks just like this,I drink more than this tiny pot makes.Not even 2 mugs worth(maybe 4 tiny teacups) So I fill all way, after luring a cup, add a few more grounds, and couple extra cups water. (Ya, I know get a bigger one,thought it would help me cut down,but I love coffee)Anyway, main gripe, is there is a square hole, near top, of back of reservoir,and when filled all way(my usual habit) water comes pouring out the back(significant amount,not a dribble, a gusher)and drenches cabinet.Considering packing up, and returning, like my old rust bucket(also mr coffee) better.If you are a 1 1/4 upper you'll love this.great coffee as usual.
It works just fine, but there seem to be a few minor ...
February 15, 2015
It works just fine, but there seem to be a few minor yet annoying design flaws. If you fill the coffee pot completely with water, it does not all fit in the reservoir. I've always had coffee makers with a reservoir large enough to hold the entire pot worth of water, so that's a bit annoying. The absolute worst part is that you have to pour REALLY SLOWLY because of the way the pour spout is designed. If you're like me, you have every second of your morning accounted for. and it's annoying to have to use them to pour super slowly or to clean up the dribbles caused by a poorly designed coffee pot. Lastly, there is no auto s*** off, which I didn't expect after reading the reviews, but the "on" light indicator is hard to see and sometimes I forget to turn it off because the green light never quite looks like it's glowing.

It does the job, but it's not really what I've come to expect of Mr. Coffee products.
Mr. Coffee TF5 4-Cup Switch
June 29, 2011
I'm a little disappointed, but ultimately this product serves its purpose. 3.5 Stars

1. As of 06/2011, this product does NOT come with a permanent filter; you must purchase that (or the non-reusable filters) separately. Reviews from a couple years back said it came with one; this is no longer the case.

2. I was ticked off that 3 of the 4 rubber pegs on the bottom were missing, which made it wobble at first. Psychologically, it turned this inexpensive coffee maker into a cheap coffee maker.

3. It's small and barely takes up any space - great!. That said, be advised that the pot holds literally 4 cups / 32oz (plus a little extra). So if your 'cup' of coffee is really a 'mug' of coffee, you'll only get between 1-2 'cups' from this pot.

4. I'm not a coffee connoisseur, but the coffee I brewed tasted fine / per usual and was hot. (Beforehand, I washed everything with a tiny bit of soap and ran 2 cycles of water and a little white vinegar to prevent a potential plastic-y taste.)

For me, this will be fine unless it completely falls apart anytime in the near future. I drink 1-2 cups/mugs of coffee every other day; I'm low maintenance; and I don't like kitchen appliances taking up my precious counter space. Given the price ($14.95), I'd recommend it.

Two Star Reviews:

Great at first but leaks after only 8 months.
February 17, 2017
I bought this for my girlfriend and she was so happy. Mr. Coffee discontinued this product for some reason and her old one stopped working after 5 years so she was very sad and thought she wouldn't be able to get another. Thank you Amazon!I purchased this back in February if this year and for some reason it has started leaking water when you brew a latte with it. The craft is in perfect condition, the water is leaking out of the bottom of the machine itself. My girlfriend loves this thing and had one previously that lasted more than five years. I'm very disappointed that this one only lasted 8 months. Can Amazon or Mr. Coffee help us out?
Great concept, questionable quality
August 14, 2016
We got this about 3 weeks ago and absolutely looooooved it from the start. It brewed regular coffee quickly for my husband and prepared tasty lattes for me in a snap. It was AWESOME. the reason I am giving it a low review is because it only lasted 3 weeks before the caraffe shattered. It is very specific on not immersing in water, which we abided by, but while rinsing out the milk-it popped and shattered in my sink. Now I'm left with a great machine and no caraffe to hook up for morning enjoyment. :( will be calling customer service tomorrow!
Great with Cons - Stopped Working After 2 Years
January 15, 2016
Good machine for the most part; however, since it is hard to find filter for this machine the normal coffee filters constantly cave which is a ruined latte and is very frustrating (even when using 2 filters sometimes). Unfortunately after 2 years the froth part on the machine has gone out so I simply get some coffee with milk now :( Very sad because when this machine worked well I loved the lattes!!!
Parts break easily and unable to replace. Doesn't make strong coffee.
August 9, 2015
Flimsy carafe that has racked in two places; the second piece was a chunk of the brim of the crafe that just broke off when I went to pick it up to use it. Now I am unable to find a replacement carafe and another reviewer just confirmed what I thought- they no longer maufacture the carafes for this model. Makes pretty good lattes, however it does not make good strong coffee. You can only put so much water to brew the coffee and the sprout that the water comes out of to brew does not soak through all the ground coffee up top before it drains into the carafe, so when I want a good strong cup I use my drip coffee maker and use the heat and froth setting to froth just the milk/ cream. All in all, I would say this is a waste of money and I would not recommend the purchase of this item, especially if you cannot replace the parts when they break so easily.
... give this 2 stars because it does make a good hot milk froth
February 22, 2015
I give this 2 stars because it does make a good hot milk froth. It heats and whips the milk which is what I wanted. The coffee itself is not of good quality so I use my Capresso machine to make the coffee and this little number to heat and froth my milk and I was happy with the results. HOWEVER, it is really hard to clean around the little ledge in the bottom of the unit, milk gets cooked on and you have to get in there with a cloth and your finger. I cannot stand cooked old milk in my container so it is a daily ritual to soak and clean this pot.
Maybe it is because I clean it throughly everyday, but the black coating around the edge of the little ledge is peeling. It rubbed off the front within the first 2-3 months, I thought I used too scratchy of a sponge, so I am now very gentle and use only soft cloth, I just noticed today it is peeling in several other places. I would have given this a 4 star if the thing didn't peel or didn't have that stupid ledge.
i have no qualms with seller who was great about handling the return process
August 30, 2017
i ordered this to replace a previous older version model that finally died and i wanted/needed a small coffee maker. sadly i returned this item. seals in the water compartment leaked. plastic seemed thinner, cheaper, didn't hold up as well. i have no qualms with seller who was great about handling the return process. i think it's more of a manufacturing issue.
Starts & Keeps brewing even when pot is not underneath
August 10, 2017
I bought this to replace my 5 cup Mr Coffee which finally died. This looked almost identical but unfortunately it is not. I used to be able to take a cup while it was still brewing. Not anymore! It keeps brewing even withoutnthe pot underneath and makes a mess.
I did like this coffeemaker for the short time it worked
July 24, 2017
I did like this coffeemaker for the short time it worked. As of this morning it's dead - won't turn on, heat up... nothing. That's one day short of 3 months since I got it, so past the return window. Since it was only $20 I'll treat it like the Bic lighter of coffeemakers and go to a store to get something that works longer than 90 days, and where I can return it if needed.

While it did work it was a great little coffeemaker.
I am not happy with this coffee maker
July 22, 2017
I am not happy with this coffee maker, the coffee tastes strange, or burned. I should have know, not to buy the cheapest coffee maker. I don't know why it got good ratings before.
... the same model - so at one time I liked this model
April 30, 2017
This is my third coffee pot of the same model - so at one time I liked this model. There is now a small hole toward the top of the water chamber which limits the amount of water you can pour in. We simply want more coffee than this pot is able to produce. (We hope for two "mug" size cups, not small cups.)

One Star Reviews:

April 16, 2017
Only two weeks after I started using this product, it started acting up. If it worked properly, the milk you add to the carafe would start to swirl so that it does not scald at the bottom of the carafe. Secondly, the coffee should flow in a steady stream into the carafe. Neither is the case with this unit: The swirler does not work most of the time and the coffee comes out of the basket at a 45 degree angle, not in a straight downward stream into the carafe; it goes outside the carafe and onto the base of the unit, causing a coffee flood all over my counter and floor. This is clearly a defective item.
liquid cancer server!
December 4, 2016
How this thing ever got 4.5 stars is beyond me. I purchased this thing ages agobefore I found out that I could call customer service and express my dissatisfaction so it's my fault for not knowing basic customer facts.There's a reviewer here who's put up pictures of her melted latte maker. Mine was exactly like this as well! From the start, I tasted something bitter, burnt and not at all unlike plastic in my coffee but I chalked this up to new product taste and continued to use until a week later when I realized the taste wasnt going anywhere! So one day I tried using only water and the water tasted the same: like bitter plastic! I wish I could get my money back. I'd gladly send the barely used embarrassment back!
Just OK
July 15, 2016
I probably wouldn't recommend this.Let me start off by saying that I bought this on prime day for a reduced price so I'm not too bummed about it. But I'm not happy with this machine at all. I didn't expect a coffee shop latte but I did expect it to be decent enough.... First off the latte maker takes about one minute to make a latte. Doesn't seem like enough time to brew the coffee much less brew and froth. I used 2% milk so maybe that's the problem? Shouldnt be. I made two lattes after throughly reading the introductions. There was barely any foam and the latte isn't even hot enough to drink. So the milk isn't heating up at all. I'd have the same results if I brewed a cup of coffee then added milk to my cup.I'm disappointed but I can't be bothered to send this back. Ugh.
Won't last long....
May 6, 2016
This coffee/latte maker is great at first, but be forewarned it will probably give you problems. I first purchased it in October 2015, but a few weeks in it would just cut off in the middle of the latte. It kept doing this, and Amazon was great about sending me out a replacement. (I was hoping that I just got a lemon). Well, the second one lasted six months instead of one (as the first did), and I am having the same problems as before. I use the coffee maker about five times a week, and I am very careful with it (don't get any water on anything electrical) and follow the directions. Now, it looks like I cannot return it a second time (maybe Amazon policy). I am out $65.00. You've been warned. I hope this review helps you save money.
... this as a Christmas gift for my daughter who loved it while it lasted but the carafe is *extremely ...
August 11, 2015
I bought this as a Christmas gift for my daughter who loved it while it lasted but the carafe is *extremely thin and fragile*. Although we took extra care, it cracked after about 8 months of use. Mr Coffee no longer manufactures a replacement carafe and all avenues to locate one have failed. Why a company would continue to sell a product that has a known design issue yet not sell the replacement part, preferably of a more robust design, is beyond me. If you go to the Mr Coffee site this is a common issue. I called Mr. Coffee, was told they aren't making replacements and was referred to a service center who didn't have any carafes either. Clearly without a carafe the whole thing is destined for landfill so unless you like extremely limited life items and don't mind throwing stuff (and your money) away, avoid this unit! I won't be doing business with them again.
Good lattes, easy to use
July 15, 2014
Update: 5/10/15 The latte maker no longer works. It runs for about 10 seconds then stops. The water does run through it to brew the coffee or tea and the frother stops spinning. Bummer. We really like this latte maker.--------------We purchased this to try cut down on our frequent trips to the local coffee shop (and we have). My husband loves it and makes at least one every day. It's fast and easy, especially if he grinds his coffee ahead of time. My son loves making tea lattes and hot chocolate. I like the coffee lattes it makes, but not enough that I want to have one more than once every couple weeks. For me, the expresso isn't strong enough and I prefer the taste of the steamed milk from a coffee shop. It's not bad, just different.If I could change anything, I wish that you could add less milk and still get a nice froth. The way the whisk in the latte maker works, you have to have the full amount of milk to get any froth. I'd rather use skim than 1% or 2%, but it makes way too much froth. Plus I think I'd personally enjoy the latte with a little less milk mixed in.This latte maker is very well-designed, easy to use and easy to clean. This is our coffee drink of choice, so I don't mind that it is a single-purpose gadget.
July 26, 2017
I bought this coffee maker for the size and the size and the price. 1st time I used it worksed perfect. 2nd time it leaked all over my granit counter top. 3rd time it spilled coffee grounds all over including all inside the coffee maker. I cleaned it out really well and tried 1 more time, same exact problems. I've never been a fan of Mr Coffee, this was the final straw. I will NEVER buy a a Mr Coffee again !!
Death to this order
June 23, 2017
leaks doesn't stay hot carafe has to be tipped to ensure brewed coffee does not pool in filter basket and it makes awful gurgling noise after water is emptied also bought replacement deal and can't get any satisfaction from them either CAN NOT believe Amazon allows this
Don't buy
March 12, 2017
This is waste of your money. I bought this few months ago and used it around 10 times but now it just stopped working. I would suggest buy something better for little more money.
Just ok
March 10, 2017
The carafe spills coffee all over when you pour it so you lose half your coffee on the counter top.
The freshly brewed coffee is not hot. Unfortunately I ...
December 28, 2016
The freshly brewed coffee is not hot. Unfortunately I threw away the packaging for this product and can't return it. I am going to have to replace with something that provides a hot - not lukewarm - cup of coffee
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Delicious lattes in one simple touch

24-ounce capacity to serve more than one drink at a time

Auto power off once drink is ready

Powerful milk frother

Also makes hot chocolate; recipe book with 20 latte and hot chocolate recipes included

On/off indicator light lets you know when your coffeemaker is on or off

Removable filter basket lifts out for fast and easy filling and cleaning

Brewing pause 'n serve lets you pour a cup of coffee while the coffeemaker is still brewing

Dual water window shows the amount of water in the reservoir for accurate filling

Stain-Resistant Warming Plate is easy to clean and prevents staining.

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