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Mr. Coffee TF5GTF 4-Cup Switch Coffeemaker, Black with Gold Tone Filter - Mr. Coffee
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Utopia Kitchen 34 Oz French Coffee Press (3-piece Set in Black) - Durable Coffee, Espresso and Tea Maker with Triple Filters, Stainless Steel Plunger and Heat Resistant Glass - Utopia Kitchen

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Mr. Coffee TF5GTF 4-Cup Switch Coffeemaker, Black with Gold Tone Filter - Mr. Coffee
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Utopia Kitchen http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/41Zvr37ewRL._SL160_.jpg
Utopia Kitchen 34 Oz French Coffee Press (3-piece Set in Black) - Durable Coffee, Espresso and Tea Maker with Triple Filters, Stainless Steel Plunger and Heat Resistant Glass - Utopia Kitchen
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Five Star Reviews:

The perfect, basic coffee maker. One button, one function. A classic and perfected design.
April 25, 2017
It makes small amounts coffee on demand. Perfect for a worksite where the coffee needs are staggered throughout the day. Simple on/off switch is all that's needed. Tired of overdesigned crap. Who needs an internet connected coffee pot? When I want coffee, I want coffee. I don't need or want to play angry birds with my coffee maker.
Great Little 4 cup CoffeeMaker
October 10, 2015
Very Good Basic Small Size Coffee Maker ! Does exactly what it is supposed to in 4 minutes. My Coffee Maker arrived and didn't smell like plastic, I ran it through the coffee making cycle twice with plain water first and still smelled no plastic. I then brewed coffee in it and it was fine. I like this coffeemaker for what it doesn't have...all the bells and whistles of other makers. It has a simple on/off button and is not programmable. I can wait 4 minutes for my coffee to brew and it also comes with the little basket so you don't have to use those disgusting little paper filters, you simply wash or rinse out the little basket, which is easy to do. Coffee that was brewed in this was nice and hot and stayed nice and hot on the little warming pad. Glass carafe is shaped nice and easy to wash and rinse. A great buy on this as the permanent filter comes with it and that saves you six dollars right there.
great coffee maker, great price
August 15, 2015
I think this is a really superior product. For a very modest price, you get a well built coffee maker that functions beautifully. Brewing a maximum capacity of 20 oz (4 * 5 oz "cups") takes only 6 minutes, and yields an excellent cup of coffee. I particularly like the Gold Tone Filter (GTF) that comes with the product. This filter costs about $5 if you order it separately for a Mr Coffee that doesn't include it -- that's a quarter of the entire price of this coffee-maker! Also the GTF is extremely easy to clean -- once you figure out the proper procedure it takes less than 60 seconds. Another good feature is the very functional pouring spout on the carafe.

Not only is it extremely functional, it's also very aesthetic in its design. I realize this probably isn't important to most people, but it contributes to my appreciation of the product. The carafe and the body of the coffee maker are very elegant in their lines. The carafe handle fits nicely into the hand, and the added thickness at the bottom of the handle is important. Several negative reviews have complained about being burned by the steam that is released when you totally empty the carafe. This is easily avoided simply by holding the carafe by the bottom of the handle when you pour out the last of the brewed coffee.

I also appreciate the quality of the little things in the construction. For example, the measuring lines on the carafe are actually accurate at 5 oz /cup (this is rare in my experience with drip coffee makers). When you pour the carafe water into the reservoir, the reservoir measuring lines correspond exactly to the carafe markings -- if the carafe measures 3 "cups" then the reservoir indicates 3 cups when you pour in the water. The relatively short power cord is another nice touch -- you definitely don't want long power cords crowding your kitchen counter space.

In the final analysis, of course, what matters is the quality of the brewed coffee, and this is excellent. I am totally satisfied with my purchase of this product.
it's a good one. We previously had the 4 cup programmable ...
August 8, 2015
My wife and I don't need an 8-12 cup coffee maker, and it's so hard to find 4 cup coffee makers, it seems. This is one of the few options out there, and luckily, it's a good one. We previously had the 4 cup programmable model from Mr. Coffee that's like $5 more, and it served me well for 9 years. In fact, it still works great, but it's getting old and ugly, so it was time for a new one. I would've rebought that model, except I literally never used the programmable features, so the clock was just one more to reset after the power went out. A simple on/off switch makes my life easier and saves me $5, so...great buy!
This little unit was exactly what we needed!
June 21, 2014
My wife and I don't drink coffee, but wanted to have a brewer available for guests. When my parents visited recently (both coffee drinkers), we put this little guy to the test, and it passed with flying colors. Prior to use I did run it with white vinegar, then 3 pots of clear water. No plastic taste was present, said both mom and dad.

The first morning, I made the coffee using just the included "gold" screen filter, and noticed a bit of oil floating into the cup along with the brew. The following AM I added a half paper towel as an additional filter. The oil was gone, and Mom commented that the coffee tasted even better. The rest of the week went by, and the 'rents enjoyed their daily cuppa joe without incident. There were a couple days that we went back and brewed a second pot, as well.

There was never an issue with water dripping when or where it shouldn't, and cleanup was quick and easy. No complaints with this maker for the occasional use we'll need.
Best way to indulge the true taste and smell of coffee as it should be, is through this.
April 7, 2017
I have never had one of these in my life but always read about them, saw them in movies, etc Always toyed with the idea of getting one anytime I saw it in the store, but I think I was intimidated. It never looked as easy nor convenient as popping a k-cup into a machine and having your coffee be ready in seconds. I thought there was a special science to work this thing.
But finally I saw this on Amazon one day, at a very reasonable price, and unbeknownst to me, it is super simple to use. So easy to wash each gadget by hand, I don't see the sense in putting it in the dishwasher. I've had this for some time and it has not chipped and I have yet to have any loose grounds floating in my coffee.

If I had to say something that I least like about it, is that It takes a little trial and error with finding out how light or strong you want your coffee. And that's just a minor detail to this wonderful product.
It makes sense to have this if you are the only coffee drinker in your family. I still have the keurig machine for when we have guests over, but when it's just me I always use this. AND you can have more than one cup in one brew. So even if you have one guest over, you can still use this over your normal coffee machine
A great French Press for a very reasonable price!
March 1, 2017
About a year ago I bought this Utopia Kitchen French Press. I had never used/owned a french press before and wanted to 'try' one, so sought out a low-priced but decent one. I had looked and researched thru reviews and friends of what to look for, and by all accounts the glass carafe and the filter were the most important things. Not only was this one VERY reasonably priced ($8.99 at the time), but is well made. Although the top/lid is made of plastic, the 'holder', filters, knob/ball on top and rod are made of metal, and the carafe is of tempered glass (the carafe is very sturdy glass, not thin, and has already lasted longer than my old coffeemaker pot/carafe). I still have this french press a year later through bumps, drops, and metal spoons to stir when steeping the coffee. The filter is still going strong, the glass carafe is as it was the day I received it, as is the chrome holder. To anyone who is thinking of using/buying a french press this is a very good choice. Granted, you can find more expensive versions, but I'm not sure that would equate to better performance than this one. I'll never go back to auto-drip coffee. Not only will you save electric, but its a better cup of coffee. And I'm glad I found/bought this French Press; I have no need to look further...I love it.
This french press is great for making iced coffee
August 15, 2016
This french press is great for making iced coffee. I used to use a machine and pour the coffee over ice and place in freezer. It always tasted watered down and was never cold and bold. This press is great because I make the coffee the day before and let it sit over night in my fridge. In the morning it is cold and bold. I put 7 scoops of freshly ground coffee into the container and then pour hot water (almost boiling) over the grinds. I push down and let it sit on the counter for a while. Once it isn't piping hot I pull the top back up and place in my fridge. I will be saving a lot of money not going through drive throughs to order a decent iced coffee. I would recommend this to others.
Excellent product.
April 7, 2016
Use it every day.... Works better than the last one I had. Excellent that its all plastic so one can use a metal spoon in it when hot to stir. The bottom is fixed on which my other one was not and always ended up missing somewhere. The filter is better, and similar. I use 2 tablespoons flat per cup of coffee out of a can. Its a little in the coffee but I like it that way. Then there's the small amount of foam on top and yummy. Time to make another cup I like it so much.
Great Price too and delivered very fast. It is glass and will break as I found out.
Great medium size French Press!
February 16, 2016
I had been looking for a French Press that was a reasonable size, say three or four cups of coffee. I wanted something easy to clean and functional. This little gem was the answer. It took me a few days to work up the courage to try it, but when I did it was heaven. Not only was I able to get deep, rich flavors but I was also able to get dark coffee without that burnt taste. The plunger was smooth and easy. Cleaning it was a breeze and it doesn't take up a ton of space when we aren't using it. For the trial I used Starbucks Pike Place® Roast Whole Bean Coffee (1lb) and it tasted better than at actual Starbucks! Long story short, for anyone who doesn't drink enough coffee to justify an entire coffee maker, this is a great solution.I recommend getting an electric kettle to heat the water like this one Hamilton Beach 40865 Glass Electric Kettle, 1.7-Liter. I also want to say that it really does compact the grounds at the bottom, so be careful when you go to empty it. The glass isn't stable enough to just whack against the side of the trash or anything to loosen them. I'd just dedicate a long bamboo spoon to emptying it out before rinsing. This has be such a great experience I'm already thinking about buying a second one just to take to work.In case anyone doesn't have instructions, I've found that 2 generous tablespoons (2 of the little scoop that comes with it) per every six ounces of water makes the best tasting coffee if you like it strong. Or you can use 1 scoop per 6 ounce cup for a little less intensity. Remember to let it steep for five minutes, and most important with this press - make sure you temper the glass!! This means adding a small amount of heated (but not boiling) water to the press just to warm it up by swirling the water gently around the whole carafe. I used about 24 ounces of water (3 and a bit cups) and it worked out great with 8 scoops. It also really trapped the grounds and didn't make a huge mess or anything, which was great.I cannot say enough nice things about this, if you have never had French Press Coffee you owe it to your tastebuds to get this and try it!

Four Star Reviews:

When done - too hot to handle.
March 12, 2017
Almost perfect. This coffee maker has an advanced design for the pot that works much better than its competetiors - no drips. The coffee it brews is excellent. All this product needs is an auto-shutoff. Without the auto-shutoff the product is a prime candidate for burned or cracked pots.
Makes coffee, simple to use, affordable
January 25, 2017
+ Easy to clean: dishwash the cup, scratch pad the warmer and interior
+ Makes coffee quick
+ Extra filters holders can be purchased via Amazon
+ Simple on/off switch allows you to make or just warm up coffee

- Coffee sometimes misses the cup and spills down the side of the cup. Hissing sound ensues, and then the coffee gets burned on the warmer and bottom of the coffee pot. Fixed this by adjusting the cup after seeing where the stream of coffee is coming down.
It still brews coffee that tastes great and comes out at the proper serving temperature
July 12, 2015
I have had this little machine for 4 years now. I use it about 3-5 days per week. It still brews coffee that tastes great and comes out at the proper serving temperature, hot but not burning your mouth. When you pour into a ceramic mug and add a little cream the temperature is perfect to drink right away. If you put the coffee into a stainless steel insulated mug, you will have too wait awhile before it cools down to drinking temperature. I used to preheat my insulated travel mugs but no more if I want to drink right away. If I want to drive a few miles before drinking the coffee I will still preheat the mug. The machine itself works as well now as the day it was new. The only issue is that the heat plate under the carafe has rusted a bit. It still functions fine and this is a cosmetic defect that take this great little machine from 5 stars down to 4. Nevertheless, I would buy this again, it is a fantastic performer for the very low price. The gold tone filter performs flawlessly and saves you a bunch in buying paper filters. Update August 8,2016: Machine is still working great. The hot plate is a little more rusted but for the price this machine otherwise performs at the 5 star level.
What plastic taste?
October 27, 2013
I got this thing, ran three urns of plain water through it, then made Twinings Irish Breakfast tea in it. I didn't notice any difference in flavor from using my standard brewing technique of placing the tea in a diffuser in my mug on a hotplate, albeit it was slightly weaker in character which I fixed by cramming a standard filter in there. The mesh will not slow enough water flow to just dump tea into it for anyone thinking that might work, its also too big for that. Even with those little bags it's too fast of a "drip", the only downfall of this little device, and a minus of one star because that causes a weaker brew of whatever you're making, which for me is a no-no. On the plus, if you just want to slam out a couple cups of coffee as fast as possible, this is your pony.
It is a little messy with some water spewage and whatnot but it is far from a huge mess or anything. You could put a towel there and do nothing and it will catch it and dry out within a short period. It is also a tad noisy when brewing, especially if you get water on the outside of the pot and it hits the hot plate, but that's like a big... duhhh.
On the heat issue, my tea is so hot that I cannot drink it immediately. People saying it isn't hot enough have either gotten broken units or are telling lies. I even left a pot on the burner for about 20 minutes today before pouring a cup and it was still too hot for my mouth and especially throat.

Overall: Simple design (switch, some wires, some elements) , works quickly, no effect on taste, nice filter is bonus for coffee drinkers
Very happy so far...
November 28, 2011
This coffee maker is working real well so far. The 4 cups is the equivalent of 2 mugs worth of coffee...usually what I drink in the mornings. Brews pretty fast and the screen works just fine in place of the paper filters. I also use it to brew tea...just put the tea bag in the basket. Takes up much less space than the big boys.

Only CON is the time it takes to get the plastic smell and taste out of the final product....I'd guess at least 4-5 brew cycles needed.
Don't be an idiot and disassemble it over a sink.
May 4, 2017
The nut on the bottom falls off easily when you clean it and the threads don't go high enough to capture both nuts. The bottom one fell into my drain and disappeared. Make sure you don't disassemble it over the sink. I give myself one star. The Press gets 4.
Not too shabby
January 28, 2017
Great product. My only issue is that it doesn't compress all the way down unless you have a lot of coffee to fill the whole thing. Otherwise, it is well made and does the job. I use it when I travel for longer periods away from home.
My only complaint is not really about the product but rather the seller. after 2 days of receiving the french press, the seller was emailing to post reviews. I haven't even opened it or used it. I think Amazon should set rules about seller asking for reviews before at least 2 weeks.
Good value, works fine .
November 20, 2016
This is the first time I have used one, so of course I dropped it .. it seems pretty tough for glass . The plastic lid took the brunt of the hit, and chipped where the stem of the press passes through. It seemed a little brittle But, my bad! It survived, works great and went desert glamping and served us well, looks great! The only reason it isn't a 5 star...it wasn't that bad of a drop.
It cleans up wonderfully and makes great coffee with no fuss or mess
August 19, 2016
I picked this up as a secondary French Press to use at work and I'm tempted to buy another and replace mine at home. It cleans up wonderfully and makes great coffee with no fuss or mess. I love it and recommend it if you're looking for a nice little french press.
Almost Perfect... Almost!
April 3, 2016
This is my first French Press. I have a Cuisenart Grind and Brew coffee maker that makes a decent cup of coffee but it is a pain to clean after each use. With that said, I bought a Kuerig, which was much more convenient but I did not like the fact of spending more for the individual cups and the waste. I bought the refillable cup but that defeated the purpose of having the machine in the first place. After just a few years, the Keurig started spewing water all over the place rendering the machine worthless. After having coffee out of a french press at my friends house, I decided to get one myself. The press was delivered in two days. Great Amazon service. My only complaint is the same as so many others on here... I washed and dried the press, added the coffee grounds, added the water, slowly pressed the filter down, picked up the carafe to pour coffee into my mug and the bottom fell off. I was hoping that this was an isolated problem but it seems to be a manufactures defect. I guess you get what you pay for. I will keep this because I need my coffee in the morning and it makes an awesome cup. I will just stand it on my cutting board.

Three Star Reviews:

Nice coffe pot
July 21, 2017
Nice coffe pot, however the warming base is made of corrosive metal and after about a year started to rust out . Put some canola oil on the warming base to stop corrosion/rusting
Three Stars
June 1, 2017
what can I say ....... it's a cheep coffee maker, an it serves me well
Good while it lasted....
July 7, 2016
Bought one March 25, 2014 ($18.89) --- died July 7, 2016 (now $26.43) 1-2 uses per day.
Every morning
July 29, 2014
This is an updated review. Now that I have some more experience with the coffee maker, I downgraded it by one star. Here's the original review:It's a good coffee maker, a welcome sight each morning as I look forward to an easy cup of joe. I do note that it does not always pour without spilling, You have to hold it just so. But, for the price, a great deal.

The update is that the mechanism which holds the handle to the carafe is not strong. Several times now it has broken free and only luck prevented me from pouring a hot liquid on myself. Cheaply made is my conclusion. Then again, it's cheaply priced too. Does one get what one pays for?
It's so cute hope it doesn't ever grow up :)
July 28, 2014
So far I found that filling the water line with the included picture will get you two half mug servings not two full mugs. I used a measuring cup the next time and two cups with it equaled two and a half cups of water to unit, so you need to fill mug up with measuring cup if you want exactly two mugs which is units fullest capacity. It cooks quick and tastes fine. It's a cute little unit replacing a full size mr coffee unit. Takes up much less space than old unit. Would give it five stars if they had the right measurements on the water level and caraffe. This one comes with a filter saving you five bucks as well, flat bottomed filter and gold tone sides, so far no gurgle over from clogging all good. Check my update this machine has lost a star after a weeks use.
Quality issues
October 13, 2016
The function of this product works well. However, the product quality is questionable. The top is tarnished. After one use, there are signs of rust on a few of the pieces of the "press" part that holds the filter. I'll use it for a while, but it definitely won't last. I'll be looking for something that has better quality in the near future.
Gets a bit rusty
October 8, 2016
It is a reasonable price and works great for basic french press functions. The main complaint about this is that some of the metal pieces on the outside get a little rusty after washing. The inside remains clean and usable. It is just slightly annoying to have visibly rusty parts. The function is not affected at all, it is an overall good french press.
Product came partially broken but it works well
September 21, 2016
3 out of 5 stars because lid was partially broken. The product is great and it makes great coffee and it was exactly what I was looking for and the quality seems pretty good but unfortunately they had shipped a damaged product to me. A small piece of plastic in the lid had broken off around the plunger arm but it didn't hinder the use of the product and I was able to super glue it back on but none the less it came broken. Broken enough to irritate me but not broken enough to return
cracked after 1 month of careful usage
May 15, 2016
We have been overly cautious with this little glass french press.. but I still found it cracked below the rim about a month in. The crack is vertical from the top and goes down about an inch and half, but is under the chrome and doesn't leak... but still.
Great Price, Not So Great Quality
May 1, 2016
The price was great; however, the press started coming apart after about 1-1.5 weeks of light use. I only hand rinse top/plunger and hand wash glass pitcher. The white plastic liner on the lid/plunger had become detached making the metal dome more susceptible to rust. You can press it back in but it doesn't stay put. It also gives the top an ill fit. The bottom of the glass pitcher where the metal band cross each other started rusting after the first week of use. I know it's an inexpensive unit, but I was hoping it would last a bit longer before falling apart on me. Most of the reviews were great which is why I went with this one to begin with.

Two Star Reviews:

spills all over place during pouring
May 8, 2017
My first review on Amazon. I had it for around 3 years. It makes good coffee but it spills all over place during pouring so I have to pour over trash bin.

It is beyond me why they did not even do some experiments before putting it up for sale. Poor attitude.
March 15, 2017
I know these things are pretty much disposable...but this is just a piece of junk
November 19, 2016
It's a coffee maker, not rocket science, right? I've never had a problem with any coffee maker in the past. But, for whatever a cup or two of water boils off. Kinda annoying. Especially considering it only makes 4 cups! Maybe I'm doing something wrong. But, like I said before..........
1. The decanter design seems flawed. The converging ...
September 27, 2016
1. The decanter design seems flawed. The converging neck shape makes it difficult to pour the coffee without the coffee running down the front of the decanter.
2. The hot plate does not keep the coffee hot after the coffeemaker has completed the initial process of passing all the water through the coffee grounds.
Leaks, but makes good coffee.
November 23, 2014
Like the look of this, it brews just fine and I really like the design of the carafe and machine - easy to use. Unfortunately, when it is brewing watering runs out of the top edge where the basket is. Whenever there is a "push" of air meant to draw water up out of reservoir it pushes the water/steam that has built up on the top of the basket cover out of the sides. The top looks level, but its slightly off, although even when I push it down flat (it's plastic and not super tough) the water still comes out of the sides. I can't return because I already used it a couple times before I watched it through a cycle to see where the water was coming from. Other than that it does a great job.
Not great.
December 4, 2016
About a week after i started using this product, i noticed rust starting to build up on the sides of the press. While the press worked well for 3 months with maybe 3-4 times per week usage, the inside seperation of the steel and a plastic cover seperated. The press is no longer useable, this is after the first one i ordered cracked randomly after 1 week of use. Very dissapointing
Filter too small
November 30, 2016
I returned this french press after one use. It was not damaged or defective, rather it was simply poorly designed. In all the other french presses I have used over the years, in all price ranges, all have had a fairly tight fit between the inside diameter of the carafe and the screen filter which is supposed to be pressed against the glass with the wire ring. This filter, while the screen did touch the glass, there was little to no pressure resulting in far too much coffee ground sliding past the filter between the screen and the glass. Not a bad thing if you like gritty coffee.

A tighter fit would have given this 4-5 stars.
Lid arrived broken
October 27, 2016
I was so excited to receive my French press after my last carafe broke and was very sad when I opened the box and the lid was broken. Given how much I was in dire need of a press I am using it anyway but will not reorder this one again
Junky coffee press
August 16, 2016
Really cheap and poorly made. I usually buy bodum but sadly went cheaper. So not worth it. Haven't even had it a month and it's falling apart. Not worth saving $10 it's a piece of crap
Too hard to keep from spilling
July 29, 2016
This French press would almost be as good as the Mr Coffee brand of the same size, minus the fact it leaks when you pour. They seem to have neglected to think about the fact that you need to leave some kind of area on the top for the liquid to easily flow out. You have to forcefully hold the top and sometimes you can pour without a lot of spill and other times it just comes out the sides. I'd say its good for the price, but you can get the Mr Coffee version for a bit more. I'd say spend the few extra dollars and save yourself the mess.

One Star Reviews:

July 30, 2017
The plastic is very lightweight so the unit keeps sliding on the cabinet. It is impossible to open the top with one hand because you have to hold down the unit with one hand while opening with the other. The coffee is not hot enough.
Suddenly stopped working
September 23, 2016
don't really hate the pot but the quality !!! So disappointed. Have ordered 3 of these things and all worked well but this morning when trying to brew a second pot of coffee, the light was on but water would not pump through to brew nor was plate hot. It is past the warranty/Amazon return time so company really needs to look into why this is happening. According to reviews, others have had the same issue.
Bought Twice and Both Stopped Working
May 14, 2016
I bought this coffee maker twice. The first one was bought in May 2015 and it stopped working after approximately 6 months. The power light was on, but the coffee would not brew. It was so convenient to use, so I bought another one (same one) in Nov. of 2015. Now, that one has stopped working after 6 months. Again, the power light comes on, but no coffee! I will contact the company this time and try to get a replacement. I don't think I'll be buying another one of these.
Stopped operating in just 4 months
February 26, 2015
I purchased this product in October 2014 and it's now less than 4 months and it's not working. The heating element and the processing of the water does not operate yet the light turns on. I'm out of the return period so not happy at all with this flawed product.
Absolute JUNK
February 8, 2015
Bought this in September to replace the identical unit my husband had owned for a year or so (that one finally had just too much calcification on the warming plate, necessitating replacement.)

This new unit's warming plate started rusting after two months, and is now COMPLETELY rusted! We always put the carafe back (fully dry) on the warming plate after it had cooled down...and it is totally shot after only 5 months? Junk. DO.NOT.BUY!!
It worked great for a couple of months
June 3, 2017
I used it strictly to make cold brew coffee and nothing else. It worked great for a couple of months. Then i came home from work one day and there was coffee all over my countertops and floor. The caraffe had a hairline crack all across the bottom and up the side. I put only room temperature water in there any time i used it, so i know that didnt cause it. It is too bad b/c i really liked the thing. However at this point i would not recommend and would not purchase again.
April 6, 2017
Seemed a little flimsy when I got it, and it proved to be correct as within a couple of weeks the glass broke while I was just shaking out coffee grounds before cleaning it. Junk.
Don't buy this item!!
February 4, 2017
Don't buy this item. It's poorly made. I purchased this item twice. The first one was delivered broken into dozens of pieces, even though the outer packaging was not damaged. I returned it and repurchased it, thinking it was a fluke. The second one arrived unbroken, but the first time we used it, the bottom came apart from the glass and scalding hot water and coffee grounds poured out all over, and my daughter got burned by the hot water. I regret purchasing this a second time. I guess it's true that you get what you pay for.
Would not recommend.
January 17, 2017
It's cheap which is a benefit but also it's downfall. There is a serious lack of QA with this item. The plastic plunger connection to the lid was broken upon arrival which I could deal with. The black plastic base falls off at every attempt to pour from it. The plastic lid does not fit properly inside the glass which makes it require to hands to pour; one to hold the press and one to hold the lid. Overall I wish I had paid more for a nicer one but at $7 this isn't worth the hassle to return.

Would not recommend.
July 28, 2016
Finally got a chance to use it, and the bottom splintered as soon as the hot water went in.
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On/off indicator light lets you know when your coffeemaker is on or off

Removable filter basket lifts out for fast and easy filling and cleaning

Brewing pause 'n serve lets you pour a cup of coffee while the coffeemaker is still brewing

Dual water window shows the amount of water in the reservoir for accurate filling

Gold Tone Filter

BREWS 1 LITER: 8 coffee cups or about 4 coffee mugs, 34 oz. of the best tasting delicious coffee. Perfect to use as a French press coffee maker or Tea Press. The carafe is made of durable, heat-resistant borosilicate glass. The white BPA free plastic liner attached to the lid keeps the lid from getting too hot so you will not get burned pouring your coffee. The smart design ensures "no plastic" will touch your coffee during brewing and when pouring

DURABLE: 34-ounce durable borosilicate glass carafe beaker sits in stylish frame with feet to prevent wobbling. The white plastic liner attached to the lid keeps the lid from getting too hot. Therefore you will not get hurt during brewing and when pouring your coffee. Not just a great cup of coffee - quality you can count on and style you deserve. Replace your drip coffee machine, teapot or percolator appliance with this coffeemaker. Great for the outdoor camping trip or office!

EASY TO HANDLE AND MANAGE: Easier to use than a drip coffeemaker; brews within minutes and no soggy filters to deal with. A glass coffeepress carafe; with 3-part extra fine stainless steel mesh filter keeps grounds out of your cup; disassembles for cleaning; quality, dishwasher-safe parts.

PERFECT GIFT for any fun holiday occasion for both men & women alike, him or her. It's not your typical cheap novelty gag gift for dad & mom.

MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: We think you're going to love this French Press as much as we do! But in case you don't, you are covered by our 30 day, no questions asked, money back guarantee. We want our customers to be 100% happy.

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