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Etekcity MSR-R500 Digital Multimeter / DMM / Multi Tester with Square Wave Output - Etekcity
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Etekcity MU600 Digital Multimeter / DMM / Multi Tester with hFE Measurement - Etekcity

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Etekcity http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/51yDRi-VnqL._SL160_.jpg
Etekcity MSR-R500 Digital Multimeter / DMM / Multi Tester with Square Wave Output - Etekcity
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Etekcity http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/51yWsDp7tsL._SL160_.jpg
Etekcity MU600 Digital Multimeter / DMM / Multi Tester with hFE Measurement - Etekcity
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Five Star Reviews:

So far, i’m Pleased.
November 8, 2017
I bought it. It arrived. I’ve used just 4-times (about 10 minutes each) in just w-days! Now Etekcity wants a review! Geez, give me a break! I’ve had it w-days, used it about 40-minutes total and they want their 5-star review. So here it is: I like it. It came with a 9v battery already installed. The packaging was very protective. You can easily read the LCD screen. The measurements I’ve taken (continuity and DC voltage) appear to be accurate for the size and price point of a meter such as this. The end. For now.
A VERY GOOD METER for the price
October 7, 2017
After several "LOW" end meters from the bargain tool store I woke up. Your meter feels solid and well made, it has some heft , the leads are made of quality materials and are sturdy(I appreciate the dust/debri caps). A VERY GOOD METER for the price.
January 11, 2017
Works great but it does screw up and jus say .1 or something like that when you as the user screws up say you had it on the wrong setting pops a fuse or something yea thats how mines happen i worked fine with constant use for over 2 months mostly in car for my sounds then one day one of my wall outlets wasnt working wanted to check and make sure it really was out had it on dc instead of ac because of habit then pop dam there goes my cheap but good multimeter if your on a budget then this will do if your looking for something more legit then i would say keep looking this is not the best but also not the worst
A very good tool to have
August 23, 2016
This is a very good tool offered at an excellent price. If you work on electronics or are simply trying to identify a problem with your home wiring then I think you will enjoy having one of these in your tool box. Back in the day, the good old days, something like this meter would have cost at least 4 times what this one is being offered at and you might have had to settle for an analog version as the early digital versions were very costly and generally much larger.
Great unit.
August 22, 2016
For the money, I could not be more pleased. It functions well, feels good in the hands and does the job. I use it for simple procedures like checking resistance and verifying trailer wiring voltages. You get a lot of functionality for the money. I
What I most appreciate is the range of calibrated values that the unit can check allowing the user to see subtle changes at the lower ranges. The incremental values help pinpoint the accuracy of each measurement

recommend this unit without reservation.
Big help in kids science experiments
August 9, 2016
I have purchased 3 of the Digital Multimeters for use in a science camp I teach as a volunteer to intercity children grades 4 through 6. In the experiment, the students make a super battery and check the voltage as they add cells and in another experiment, they make a flashlight with an LED powered by pennies and zinc washers. The multimeter works perfectly as it has a large range of voltages. The continuity feature was especially useful to show students where the problem existed by tracing each component of the super battery. The meter is tough and the readings are very clear. They have added a lot to the experiments. I would recommend them without any reservations.
Gary A Wilson
Easy to use, accurate, and low cost
October 11, 2015
This product works perfectly. It comes in a nice box which displays the features of the multimeter and the package contents. The package includes the multimeter which is wrapped in plastic, the two leads which are wrapped in plastic as well, and an instruction manual. At first glance, the product may seem confusing with the barrage of symbols decorating the dial. If you are unsure of what anything means, the instruction manual explains the definition of the symbols and gives clear, explicit instructions on everything from changing batteries to measuring AC voltage. It is very important that you read the instruction manual because it outlines several warnings. If you do not abide by these warnings, you risk ruining the device. Thankfully, there aren't too many and they are mostly common sense (DO NOT use leaking batteries). The display is clear and easy to read, and the back light is bright and allows for even easier viewing, though I have not needed it much so far.
The meter itself is accurate and easy to use. Simply rotate the dial to the setting of what you want to measure, and place the leads at the correct point in the circuit. The output is accurate. I gave it a test run with a 5V fixed DC voltage in series with a 100 Ohm resistor, and the resulting current, voltage, and resistance measurements were either spot on or very close, which is understandable.
The only complaint I have is that the hold button, which saves whatever number is displayed on screen, is located on the meter itself, which means it is difficult to press unless you are particularly agile or have 3 hands. It would be much simpler if the button were located on one of the leads, but this flaw is small and relatively easy to work around.
The product works perfectly and is very cheap, so it easily earns 5 stars from me.
Great Hobby Multimeter
August 23, 2015
I bought this because in my spare time I like to take apart broken electronics and try to see if I can understand how they work and how to fix them. Most of the time I end up breaking the electronics even more. This Multimeter does just what I need, check the voltages around little circuit boards and helps me find what resistors or capacitors have blown. I wouldn't use this if it was a life or death scenario, but it works well with little electronics like the circuit boards of TV's.

I would recommend this to anyone who finds themselves dumpster diving for broken gadgets and trying to spend as little money.
Works just fine.
May 29, 2015
Works just fine, as expected. Remarkable value for the price. I checked it against another comparable meter and the results tracked very closely (of course they may use the same chipset!). My only complaint is that the backlight does not automatically turn off after a few seconds, as on my other meter (Velleman brand) that seems essentially identical to this one by Etekcity. I'd like an automatic shut-off, but that is not an available feature. Some people said that the continuity buzzer does not work, but mine does. My meter had the internal clunking that some purchasers have reported. In my case it was caused by loose fit of the 9V battery in the battery compartment. I had some self-stick felt and used that to tighten up the fit: no more clunking. Some folded-up paper would also have done the trick.
Rather surprised how good this multimeter actually is!
May 20, 2015
You know, for the price, I wasn't expecting much out of this device, but I was surprised as to how accurate the readings I was getting from it ended up being. I compared it to one of those $200 multimeters, and it was spot on perfect compared to the higher priced one. The hold feature is definitely appreciated, as is the light up display. The leads for this are of good quality. They should hold up for many years.
A must-have for every household!
January 22, 2015
This instrument was used for measuring electrical output in a science fair project. It was very easy to use, giving us amps and volts for calculating watts. It is unlikely that this instrument will collect dust as we have already found uses around the house such as testing batteries, troubleshooting automotive electrical issues, and continuing to learn about electricity. *Consider safety first when doing ANYTHING with electricity.*

Four Star Reviews:

Good Value
June 14, 2017
Good value. Very handy to keep closer than the shop for quick battery, bulb, wire, and line voltage checks. Miss having automatic timed "off", though so it's easy to forget and run through a set of batteries in a short time.
Good DMM, great price.
June 10, 2017
This is a great price for a DMM. It's well made and rugged enough for garage use. It has a kickstand for easier viewing, and the backlight is a nice feature. I have only two suggestions for improvement: make the battery easier to replace, and include a set of probes with clip leads.
the directions are no better. Don't purchase this if you're an amateur
April 7, 2017
While I have no issue with the multi meter, I haven't the the slightest clue how to use it. Unfortunately, the directions are no better. Don't purchase this if you're an amateur. This unit is for well versed and knowledgeable people.

On the bright side, this thing seems to have all the bells and whistles. You can also hold your measurement. Additionally, it has a handy light on the screen if needed. It's a neat gadget, hands down.
Great hobbyist multimeter.
September 19, 2016
I'm a very newbie DIY electronics hobbyist. I'm just getting started with electricity testing my projects. I ordered this product to test my pigrrl zero that I put together. Very surprised by the packaging, presentation and quality of this multimeter. As a designer I tend to judge how companies package their product and I must say that Etekcity values their product. I'm not an expert and only probably used 10% of what the device can do but I could very easily make sure my soldered wires were active. Would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a multimeter.
Rugged and does what you need...
May 17, 2016
Good little rugged voltmeter for the price.

One time, I left this sitting in the sun in Phoenix and it heated up to the point where it was too hot to hold for long, and the display turned black and the device was temporarily unusable. When it cooled down, it went back to normal and worked just fine though, so I guess that is a testament to the quality of parts used in this device...

Does not have some of the special functions that you see on more expensive models however, but has the minimum functions you would expect from a multimeter.
4 out of 5 Ain't Bad ...
October 2, 2016
A nice little meter for the price. A couple of handy features include a well-designed backlight that can be switched on or off to help save the battery, and a fold-out rear stand that props the meter up at an angle for easier viewing from the bench top.

But a few caveats would have to include the extremely poor contrast of the markings for voltage and current on the front panel of the meter. They’re hard to see since dark green on black just doesn’t show up very well, and in dim light they barely show up at all! A more significant shortcoming is the lack of any useful sensitivity for the AC voltage range. Whereas the DC range offers 200 mV to 500 V full scale readings, the AC range is limited to only 200 V full scale.

Two minor issues are the difficulty in replacing the internal battery since removing the access panel requires use of a number 00 Phillips screwdriver which is smaller than many folks carry in their toolkit. Finally, the meter would be easier to read if the scale multiples were done in decades of 10 rather than the 2 or 20 being used now. It would make the displayed readings less confusing to interpret.
Works well enough
May 27, 2016
 I bought this to repair my tv. I used it to check for bad fuses. Worked fine. I have to say the test probes felt a bit cheap. And while using the continuity mode, sometimes it does take half a second longer than it should to make a beep sound.

The back light is bright. I don't have anything to compare it to to check for accuracy though but for hobby use, I'm sure it will be fine.

Uses a 9V battery which comes with the unit.
and the multimeter worked great. For the price you can not beat this ...
September 15, 2015
First, I do not use this tool for my profession, or on a regular basis. However I did need to test my car battery and alternator, and I decided to purchase this Etekcity Digital Multimeter for that task. It worked flawlessly. I was able to acquire an accurate test result, and the multimeter worked great. For the price you can not beat this device. For simple home projects I would suggest this tool for the do it yourselfer. The tool comes in a nice small package so it will fit into any small tool box. hope this helps. thanks
Best Affordable DMM
September 13, 2015
Great for the price. Includes the 9V battery needed to operate, so you can use it right out of the box. Measures everything you see on the dial on in the picure: DC Current up to 10A, Resistance 200 Ohms, AC/DC Voltage up to 500 V, checks for continuity (with audible beep), and transistors. Includes leads, has a backlight, and the ability to "hold" or freeze a measurement on the screen until you clear it (or turn it off). The red rubber casing is a nice touch, in case you drop it, and the DMM has a flip out stand on the back. If you are looking for an affordable DMM, you can't really beat this one.
Price to quality: satisfactory.
May 2, 2015
AC, DC, and Oms. I'm no electronics specialist and this is my first multimeter I've ever purchased. for the price it does a all around good job if you aren't a pro. So I would recommend it. But it might not be for everyone, especially a pro. I wish the prods that came with it also came with clasps since you practically need four arms to hold the two wires, the multimeter, and the cable and/or ports you are trying to test.

Watch a couple of YouTube tutorials before you use this or you might hurt yourself. The instructions aren't really clear.

Three Star Reviews:

Works fine, except the manual and instructions are barely enough ...
August 22, 2017
Works fine, except the manual and instructions are barely enough for people that are not familiar with electronics lingo. You have to basically look it up on You tube or internet search.
Maybe I did it wrong?
February 8, 2017
Make sure you understand how this thing works and test it.
I had someone else try it and we could not get a strait answer..
Person went to get his own multimeter..
Works ok. I'm retired. Suitable for my needs ...
December 6, 2016
Works ok. I'm retired. Suitable for my needs now. But I'm spoiled. I have owned Fluke's in my past life as an electronic tech. No comparison.
It works okay I guess but would not recommend for work
June 28, 2016
I just got a chance to use this the other day, i got it just to have one around the house and maybe to keep in a tool bag at work. It works okay I guess but would not recommend for work. I tried testing the leads for continuity and it kept going in and out, should be a smooth steady tone. This doesn't fill me with confidence to take this out into the field.
Three Stars
June 14, 2016
Its Okay for a around the home meter, seems robust and simple to use.
I bought this two years ago and just finally get ...
January 9, 2017
I bought this two years ago and just finally get around to using it. A project I wanted to work on was put on hold due to school. Anyways, I noticed permanent marker on the bottom and toward the left center. I start to scratch it off. One covered a CE logo (Used to approve products being sold in Europe) and Excel (Actual company that made it). Doing a search online it's an Excel XL830L Digital 3 1/2 LCD Voltmeter Ammeter Ohmmeter Multimeter Black & Yellow.

The bottomline here...make sure you double check your order to ensure it is what it is. Blacking out logos is some shady business practices so I'd say give them a pass completely. I gave it three stars as the product works even after two years and used it once to test a battery. I'll be using it more with Arduino projects and hope it continues to work...if not, no bother, I'm currently eyeing a MasTech ms8229 or other sub $50 equivalent.
Good for the money, but you can't replace the fuse
July 24, 2016
This is a good starter multimeter. It's got all the basic functions of a multimeter, especially for small-electronics type hobbies and/or repair. It's easy enough to figure out how to use it, although the included instructions were also nice. The backlight works fine, although I never used it. Audible continuity tester is ok. I don't use one of the uber-expensive models at work, so I don't know if it's too quiet in comparison or not. It was fine for my workshop, as long as the kids weren't around. It even has an hFE transistor tester, which I never used.

However, I knocked down my rating because when the inevitable happened and the 200 mA fuse blew while measuring current through my project, I popped off the back to replace the fuse. Only to discover that it's not what you would call a field-replacable unit. The fuse (tiny) is soldered into the board, and I have not found the same fuses anywhere. So it will now become my back-up multimeter. And I'm in search of a replacement. It'd be nice if you could sort by whether or not the fuses are replaceable.
February 2, 2016
It works....after I installed a new battery. Only took a glance to diagnose the problem noting the switch was in the ON position as well as the light switch set to ON. Oddly packaged, too, like put in the product box with no interior packaging. I think the product is OK but the circumstances seem a little fishy. Perhaps a return? Could it be a refurb? Maybe the work of a disgruntled employee?
You get what you pay for!
January 31, 2014
This is a cheap multimeter, and there is a reason why. I got about 3 weeks worth of use out of mine before it smoked. It still reads volts and resistance, but does not read current anymore. It just suddenly quit reading current shortly after I loaned it out. It read current before and (yes, and) after I gave it to them, but when I got to class the next day, it would no longer read current. We tried replacing the fuse, and still got nothing. I am not too upset because it was a cheap multimeter. Had this been a $25+ one, I would be a little pissed. It is a little more of an inconvenience than anything else right now. As a multimeter, it would be a 1/5 if it weren't for the price being so lo. That is why it is a 3 for me. It was decent quality for $9 while it lasted. My advice: if you are going to be using your multimeter for a long time, spend a little more on it. Flukes are the best, but are harder to work with and have expensive fuses. I recommend getting something in the $20-$30 range, that is what I am getting now.

Two Star Reviews:

failed after six months
June 22, 2017
Worked well but failed after six months of occasional use.
Frustrating the tiny screws lost thread immediately
August 21, 2016
My frustration came in trying to remove the two tiny screws to access the battery. They were tiny philips head screws and after a few unsuccessful attempts the thread was broken. After trying many more times I was finally able to get a very small flat head lock in to unscrew them. I'm not going to bother screwing back in so I'll be holding the body together with duct tape.
Cheap Product
April 23, 2016
This little multimeter was perfect for the price, until it stopped measuring literally everything. I can't get it to register anything on hot wires or outlets, which makes it essentially useless for the purpose I bought it. I'd only had it for a few months and used it a handful of times before it failed, but the return period has already expired.
Difficult to figure out, Had to go on YouTube ...
April 14, 2016
Difficult to figure out, Had to go on YouTube to learn how to use it. but the next step up.
for what use it for,
April 4, 2016
for what use it for , its ok continuity mostly
February 28, 2017
Dial broke after a month.
Died after a few household uses
July 16, 2016
Used it twice for simple household testing of batteries etc. It died 1 week out to of the Amazon return period. You get what you pay for move on to something with a bid more quality so it works when you need it.
im giving it 2 stars for poor assembly. te backlight is a good feature
January 3, 2016
upon arival i notice it had something loose inside, reluctantly i remover the two small philips screws to try and avoid the hassle of sending it back. i found a metal 1/8 inch ball. if i left it in there it could have shorted the internal elictric circuits. I have no idea what it was in there for, everything seems to be working, im giving it 2 stars for poor assembly. te backlight is a good feature, i will be using this in the automotive feild to test continuit, resistance, voltage, and amperage for parisitic draw tests. seems good enough o do the jobas longas i donoksomething up wrong and fry it like the last one.
Don't be like me!! Check all fuctions ASAP open the BOX :o( or you may get stuck with a piece of JUNK exchanges Expire
November 20, 2015
Poor test leads make a nice value no so good.
July 27, 2015
I received this multi-tester in October. It's not the only one I own. I probably used it a dozen times and the probe separated from the lead wire. The wires don't even show any sign of solder. I had hoped this would be a good product but sadly that's not so.
Two Stars
August 25, 2014
broke after third use.....red tip fell off

One Star Reviews:

doesn't measure body voltage
September 18, 2017
i bought this to measure my body voltage and it seems as though it does not measure AC voltage at the units required to pick this up
Based on my experience, I would pass on this one and not recommend.
September 15, 2017
I guess I got a bad one. I don't use multi meters often so I bought this inexpensive Etekcity MSR-R500. It never worked correct leading me to believe I was doing something wrong. Eventually after putting it in the hands of experienced people I found that it was giving bogus or no readings at all. Tried taking it apart to try and calibrate but to no avail. This is a cheap unit but you take a chance on cheap and I lost. I bought it only because the reviews are very good. Make me wonder now why.
One Star
February 12, 2017
It is not useful as it described. The reading off.....
Buy better one, waste $$
Don't buy!!!
September 2, 2016
Cheap!!! the circuit board fried instead of the fuse
August 22, 2016
Did not last very long Poor quality
Ultra Cheap Quality
August 17, 2016
Doesn't appear to have voltage protection which is necessary for any meter.
Get it if you enjoy frustration
May 14, 2016
Too often we just accept poor quality. This has to be a cheap knockoff from China, or some such description. I bought two because of the great price and pretty good reviews. But just when you go to depend on it, the cheap probe wire plug-ins fail on you. Nothing more frustrating when troubleshooting continuity and you find it is your meter probes, not an open in your circuit. This occurs where the probe wire connects to the meter. The female socket metal and the male plug metal are so cheap they bend and don't make tight contact. The frustration became so great on both meters they went in the can - a few weeks ago. I wasn't going to say anything, but came home today with another completely different brand, an analog this time, that looked JUST like the old one I had years ago that lasted me 20 years or more. And right out of the box - same probe problem. Sure enough, back of the unit says made in China. That one today was $10 at one home center and $20 at another. I should have looked closer. Guess I'll have to shell out some bigger bucks. You get what you pay for. Piece of sh!t.
Sorry, but stopped working at about 35 days of ownership.
February 5, 2016
Unfortunately junk. Stopped working just outside of my 30 day return window through Amazon. I just don't know what happened. One day working, the next, nothing. It has power and I've tried other batteries, but to no avail. I recommend you stay away. Maybe I'll look into a replacement with the vendor directly.
Came DOA that's fine they mass produce these and it was 11
January 13, 2016
Came DOA that's fine they mass produce these and it was 11.00. Since it was very impractical to return, I don't currently live in the US I took it apart to find out why all the solder joints were plain S***, I mean I trust a four year old more with a permanent marker than the person who soldered this together every single component had cracking solder joints, not enough solder. it was nightmarish. I'm surprised this company makes anything that works. I have bought these before (...) they are twice the quality half the price and dont feel as cheap in your hand. I wish I could say you get what you paid for but this product sucks, and next time ill borrow the fluke from work.
Guess I got the lemon
December 27, 2015
Guess I got the lemon. Most other reviews are good. First the battery was dead when received (what more would you expect from a battery with the trade name "Colorful"). Now I cannot get any consistency in voltage readings. Sometimes it reads voltage, sometimes it does not. When it does read voltage it sometimes oscillates between 100V and 170V. Sometimes it settles down and is OK. Problem is I never know what is going to happen so there is no confidence in the readings. I suspect a bad internal connection. My quandary is I purchased three as Christmas presents for my children. Now I have one to return and I am wondering if the other two are really safe for the other children to use.
Two of them failed in succession
November 14, 2015
I bought one of these. It was defective on arrival. The display said "333" regardless of the selected range or tested condition. Amazon replaced it. The new one worked just long enough to last through the 30-day return period. Shortly after the return period expired, this one broke. It too says "333' regardless of the selected range or tested condition.
November 10, 2015
It failed on the first use. I used it to measure a current ranging from 30-700 milliAmps (using the 10 Amp setting). It successfully measured it. However, after that measurement, a number got stuck on the screen, and it wouldn't read any further measurements. Also, the unit feels cheap like a toy. I don't recommend this item at all. Buy a real multimeter.
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Designed to safely and accurately troubleshoot a variety of automotive and household electrical problems

Accurately measures current, voltage, resistance and more

Overload protection on all ranges. Sampling 2/3 times readings per second

Featues Data Hold and a Backlit LCD with large digits for visibility in dimly lit areas

Protective rubber sleeve for drop protection; Built-in support stand for hand free use

Designed to safely and accurately troubleshoot a variety of automotive and household electrical problems

Accurately measures current, voltage, resistance, and more

Diode assembly test / Transistor P-N junction test/Transistor hFE test

Overload protection on all ranges. Sampling 2/3 times readings per second

Featues Data Hold and an easy-to-read large Backlit LCD display

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