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Volmate Digital LCD Voltmeter Ammeter Ohmmeter Multimeter Volt AC DC Tester Meter - Volmate
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SE MZ101B Helping Hand with Magnifying Glass - SE
SE TL10 10-Piece Test Lead Set with Alligator Clips - SE
Elenco TL-6 Alligator Lead Set, 10-Piece, 14 inches - Elenco
uxcell 1000V Banana Connector Detachable Tip Multimeter Probe Test Lead Black Red Pair - uxcell

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Volmate http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/51LPPpUnIsL._SL160_.jpg
Volmate Digital LCD Voltmeter Ammeter Ohmmeter Multimeter Volt AC DC Tester Meter - Volmate
SE http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/41%2B4TBmEqVL._SL160_.jpg
SE MZ101B Helping Hand with Magnifying Glass - SE
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SE https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/41PcGNBQnIL._SL160_.jpg
SE TL10 10-Piece Test Lead Set with Alligator Clips - SE
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Elenco https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/418GuqIB2BL._SL160_.jpg
Elenco TL-6 Alligator Lead Set, 10-Piece, 14 inches - Elenco
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uxcell https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/41XgOOFJ1oL._SL160_.jpg
uxcell 1000V Banana Connector Detachable Tip Multimeter Probe Test Lead Black Red Pair - uxcell
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Five Star Reviews:

Five Stars
January 18, 2017
works great
With little experience I can say it works great for me!
August 8, 2016
I have very little experience working with voltmeters and have no comparison to make but after watching youtube videos I can safely say it comes with all of the usual suspects as far as settings and testing ability and works just great for me!
You gotta Buy
April 19, 2016
it works and is so worth the money, like this thing is awesome for the price.
Had tester for two weeks works great no problems comes with a battery ready to use
February 4, 2016
Had tester for two weeks works great no problems comes with a battery ready to use. Seller emailed on ways to use and most common questions and answers.
A great meter for the price !
October 31, 2015
This was shipped promptly, and works fine.
Great price for a good product!
December 20, 2016
This thing is great. The base is metal and is heavy, so no toppling or sturdiness issues. It comes already assembled and ready-to-use. It’s easily adjustible to hold things close together or far apart. The alligator clips are very strong. (They were actually a bit too strong for the wires I was soldering, but that was easily solved by wrapping some tape around the clips’ teeth - a much better problem to have than weak clips) I didn’t need the magnifying glass, so it was easy to uninstall Great value!SE MZ101B Helping Hand with Magnifying GlassThank you for your consideration in reading my review in pursuit of your product research. I take leaving reviews seriously. I too read customer reviews to help me decide what purchases to make. I only leave my honest opinionated review for products as I see them. Time and comparisons may change my view of a specific product. Though my opinion may vary from yours on the same product, these views are of my own. If you find this review helpful, please let me know by selecting “YES” where asked below “Was this review helpful to you”.
Important tool for soldering circuit boards. Very small but ...
October 17, 2016
Important tool for soldering circuit boards. Very small but strong and heavy enough for light applications. Had to return the first one because the clamp was stripped, but the replacement was smooth and hassle-free and works perfectly.
I love this little thing
December 7, 2015
I really wasn't expecting much for six dollars and change but was pleasantly surprised. At first I was underwhelmed and thought I threw my money away. I was using it to solder pin headers on an arduino pro mini. It wasn't holding the board firm enough. I used a pair of pliers to tighten just a bit more than hand tight and it works perfect for what I need it for. The arms are still movable but stiff enough to hold small parts for soldering. The magnifying glass works OK but if that is the major reason you are looking at this you may want to invest in a more expensive unit. The arms also really don't articulate all that much but works really well for so many small projects. This thing is going to save me many many hours of time and frustration and only for a few dollars. Not to many things are going to give you that much value when you think about it.
Excellent value. You can't do better.
January 27, 2015
OK, read the one-star reviews and understand that they are written by people with unrealistic expectations for a very reasonably priced item. Yes, this unit arrived with parts rolling around in the big shipping box. The little box it is packaged in is very flimsy and only folded, not glued. That being said, once you round up all of the parts, the unit fits together fairly easily. The lens assembly is the trickiest, as you need to simultaneously line up the ball on the base and the one on the lens, between the two plates, before you tighten the mini thumbscrew. Another helping hands unit would have been helpful. Once everything is together, you're good to go. The clips are fine, the base heavy enough, despite reviews to the contrary. You should invest a few dollars for a mini gooseneck spotlight to highlight your under-lens work. If the clips do fail, it's easy to replace them with heavier ones from a shop like Radio Shack. FWIW, I use this unit to hold small plastic parts as I assemble and paint my detailed models. RECOMMENDED.
Good quality magnifying glass
June 6, 2014
My old magnifying glass was driving me crazy because it hung around my neck and I had to hold my breath to keep it from slipping while trying to paint small portraits on pendants. I was a bit scared after I read one review about this being cheaply made and some saying it was unsteady. I forgot to look up the size so I was surprised to find out it was so small, but that worked to my advantage giving me more room on my work table as it is plenty big enough for the small pieces I paint on. I don't know how anyone could say this is cheaply made. It is not made of plastic, it doesn't tip over at any angle and it was completely assembled. I couldn't ask for a better magnifying glass. I guess it might tip if I clipped something with weight to it, but then I would clamp it down, duh. This is much better than I expected and I would highly recommend this to anyone working on small pieces at a table.
Better Than Expected
December 5, 2011
I bought this for use with some hobby electronics soldering. After reading the reviews I figured I knew what to expect and for a little over $6 shipped (gotta love Amazon Prime) I took the leap. Some people complained that it was not assembled and came without instructions. Mine was ready to go and completely assembled out of the box. Others complained that the magnifying glass rattled around with the parts and was scratched. Mine was wrapped in plastic and cardboard and as I said earlier, it was completely assembled. Others complained that it is "tippy", and I fully intended to mount it to a board and make a little portable soldering station. I don't find it "tippy" or uneven at all. For what I will use it for it is perfect. It totally exceeded my expectations given the reviews. I hope everyone else who orders this has the same experience I had. Maybe I'm lucky, and I'm sure there is some validity to the other reviewers complaints, but this is exactly what I had hoped for.

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Elenco TL-6 Alligator Lead Set, 10-Piece, 14 inches
August 29, 2017
Elenco TL-6 Alligator Lead Set, 10-Piece, 14 inches are good quality alligator test clips that are great for testing equipment that requires less that 2 or so amps to run as they are not heavy enough to use for higher current ,but are great for my testing uses.
Exactly what I expected -- low-power test leads
February 11, 2017
These seem to work fine, and 5 stars seems reasonable as long as you set your expectations. As others have mentioned, they're very low-current wires. They're great for testing LEDs and circuit boards. If you need something for A/C power applications, then these aren't the droids you're looking for. They took 3 or 4 weeks to get here (don't remember exactly), but I knew they were coming from China and they arrived within the time period that Amazon said they would. So far I haven't found any duds, but at this price, even if one turns out to be bad, that's OK.
Works well for prototyping/arduino's
June 22, 2016
All mine work well, wire is a bit on the thin side, so keep that in mind depending on your intended use. For something like an arduino board they work very well. The insulated covers over the alligator clips are a nice touch especially when using on a small/cramped prototype board/solderless breadboard.
super tiny SE TL10 also sold on Amazon
September 1, 2015
Unlike the other type which I reviewed, these are much less flimsy. They're a thicker gauge and they also actually have ratings printed on the wires which instills a bit more confidence than the unmarked, super tiny SE TL10 also sold on Amazon. Their resistance is also slightly lower.
At this price? 5 stars
August 17, 2013
Other reviewers have complained of workmanship. My batch we're perfect.Yes, they are not for carrying a great load. And for me, measuringAmp loads to LED strings, etc, just perfect.The spring in the connecting jaws is very strong for the small size.
Electrical / Electronic work bench's MUST HAVE
April 5, 2013
So many of us have too much free time these days. We spend it re-designing the wheel. Well if you're an electronics hobbiest, you'll need some main leads to piggy-back components together. These double alligator leads do the trick. This is a set of 10 - 14" double ended leads rated to 600V on 20AWG wire. They have small jaw alligator clips pefect for fitting in tight spaces and even hitting individual components on bread board. Not much more I can say about them other than they work and I like them.

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Four Star Reviews:

Good value for money. Useful back light.
December 11, 2016
Does a fine job for the price. The back light is useful. I was a little taken aback by the resistance showing a "1" for overload when the resistance was higher than the range. My old inexpensive meter (now dead) would auto range rather than 'OL'. It saved switching ranges. I'll get used to it.
Would be nice (I think) if the Hold button would show Max value attained (min for resistance). I have only two hands, and that would be more useful for those hard to get to places.
Fantastic Multimeter for the price.
November 27, 2016
I purchased an extra set of wires listening to the reviews on here and the wires lasted me 4 months of daily heavy use before I finally broke the ground wire. Here's the problem, the cap is not glued in place and when you wedge it in something tight and it grabs hold of the tip it pulls the tip right out. They also glue the wire in place on just one end so when the tip comes out the wire pulls off. The repair took me less than two minuites. I simply cut the wire back and tinned it. I then cleaned the glue and soldered the wires on. Then I glued the cap in place and back to work. If you pull the tip when you first get it and glue it in place and you will get years of service from it. It's pretty accurate and has a backlight. My coworker has a $100 meter and I checked mine with his and we were getting basically the same readings. I am only giving it four stars because of the wire but it's truly minimal.
Good cheap multi meter
August 26, 2016
Good cheap multi meter, Has done what it should. Had to replace the probes about a week ago but I've been using it for almost a year.
not bad
July 4, 2016
Works great.

update: 08/14/2016

test leads feel apart, glad i had extras, otherwise works.
Great meter even with bad leads I'd recommend to anyone
January 21, 2016
The leads are very low quality, but i had some from my fluke that died. The meter it's self is great i was surprised by the rubber case with stand i didn't expect it. The back light and hold button are nice features. .. I've had a $900 fluke and i accept this as a replacement not counting the accessories the only feature i miss is the auto detect. If the leads were better i would give 5 stars. .. the ground lead made a very bad connection, i repaired it and the positive for backups. All in all money well spent.
Excellent for beading and light work!!
August 23, 2017
The Helping Hand is made mostly of metal parts with a small magnifying glass. This is good as it will last longer than the others I saw made of cheap plastic. I used it right away to hold complicated beading work but I gave it only four stars because it looks sturdy in the picture but it is a tiny thing (5" at most) good only for very light work. The base is a flat piece of metal but narrow that cannot handle anything heavier than 2 ounces or it tips over. I solved the problem by filling up two plastic Zipploc sandwich bags bags with some white sand and placed them around the base to stop it for tipping over when doing heavier bead work. It worked just fine. Other than that, it is as advertised, a third good helping hand for complicated work.
Handy to have, needs minor adaptation
March 24, 2017
I like having this extra tool in my arsenal for miniature electronics repair. I used a piece of clear plastic from a blister pack, folded in half over the PCB to protect it from the teeth on the alligator clips. Might try the trick suggested by some buyers, of covering them with heat-shrink tubing. I'd like to find something with better grip, so might look for some rubber tubing the right size instead. Anyway, it was helpful in holding and magnifying the PCB from my S4 phone while I replaced the failed power switch, thus saving the still very good phone from the recycle center. Easily paid for itself on that job and now it's in the tool box if another need should arise.
Sturdy & Functional
September 27, 2016
This is one of those little items that you don't realize will make life easier until you have one. Wonderful for doing close work where you need two hands such as repairing eyeglasses, inspecting jewelry, and examining small items.The unit is sturdy and well weighted so why not 5 stars? I loosened the wrong screw on the magnifier to move it - big mistake. The magnifier came off and reattaching it is onerous. It is designed so there is a small "ball" at the end and it needs to fit and be tightened into a "clamp" with two small holes. This sounds a lot easier than it is in reality. After frustration but determination, I was able to get it back together but it would seem that the design in this regard could use improvement.
... and since my eyes are getting older and they like to bridge a lot of pin gaps I figured ...
September 1, 2016
Bought this to rework the circuit boards that some of my students do for the ROV class I teach and since my eyes are getting older and they like to bridge a lot of pin gaps I figured I needed an advantage instead of the head aches. Bought for its compact size and ease to transport.Pros: Compact size makes it easy to transport, clips have good holding power without damaging the project you are working on, decent magnification, stable base.Cons: VERY VERY VERY fiddly, found it hard due to its size to get board in correct position with the smaller magnifying glass.That being said I will probably relegate it to the students using it for there test solders and purchase a lighted, swing arm, magnifier for the rework I usually have to do, losing the compactness I wanted.
Great starter tool for an affordable price!
June 22, 2015
Nice little helping hands tool for the price! Came in the package that is pictured and free of scratches on the magnifier. The magnifier housing is a little flimsy. I unscrewed it to find it is a metal ring split in the middle with threads on either side to screw it into the arm and a little tab/bracket thing with a hole in it to keep the two threads together. I screwed it back in fairly tight so it wouldn't be so flimsy. I wouldn't suggest removing it too much in this manner though for fear of damaging the threads as the metal doesn't seem super sturdy. The swivel arm screw to remove the whole arm is pretty tight. I tried to unscrew it with my fingers to no effect. If you absolutely needed to I guess you could use a pair of pliers to turn it until it's loose enough to do by hand. But other than that pretty solid, straight forward design. A solder pump can push it back a little when extracting solder so be careful! I'd keep some solder wick handy too just in case you have an unsteady hand for a solder pump. As a noob to tinkering this is a good starter tool. Can't beat the price and as long as you aren't too rough with it, it should last for quite a while.I am pleased with this item and I'd suggest it for anyone else just starting out!
It's fine for occasional use
March 14, 2015
I dabble in electronics and soldering. I bought this mainly for the "helping hands" portion. Though I suppose the magnifier can be useful at times, I am considering removing it, as it's kind of a hassle to adjust and tends to get in the way more than anything else. Unless you have bad near vision, you probably don't need it. If you need to do really high precision soldering your skill level is probably such that you would already be looking at something much more high end than this. On the other hand, I guess it's nice that the magnifier is there and you can choose to leave it on or take it off. For this price I guess it can only be a win. The alligator clips are more useful. Soldering can be a real pain (literally sometimes) when you're trying to solder something that is both small and awkwardly shaped. The only real concern I had when ordering this was that it would be so poorly made that it would just break. At this price, you can't help but wonder. While there are some obvious cost cutting measures that jump right out at you when you really look (the wingnuts are obviously very cheap, for example), nothing has broken yet. The magnifier is OK quality but it's actual construction is about what you'd get if you bought it at the dollar store. All in all, I'd guess the value of the parts used to construct this is very low. But, it doesn't cost much and if you need something like this only very occasionally, it's worth what it costs. I'm not entirely sure I have any confidence in their quality control, however. It's obviously made in China. Probably from the cheapest materials they can get their hands on. But mine works fine. I kind of wish there was a way to control the tension on the clips so they don't bite into more delicate things like wire insulation but you obviously can't have everything at this price. One other thing I worried about when I ordered it was some people said it tends to tip over. The base is quite small but it seems stable enough as long as you don't either try to hold something that's unreasonably heavy with it or bump it too hard. It stands up fine just holding wires or small components/boards. Obviously, it's not going to hold a motherboard or anything like that. This will literally get you by in a pinch.

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Not worth purchasing - wire is so fine it will not carry much current
August 24, 2016
Not worth purchasing - wire is so fine it will not carry much current. Wire gauge was not included in advertisement, but if needed to carry more than one amp for more than about 30 seconds, then they need to be doubled or tripled up. They are fine for most electronic testing, but do not work well for automotive troubleshooting applications. First time I used them I was troubleshooting a lighting circuit on a motorcycle. I thought the lead was defective and tried several others all with the same result. I then tested each lead with an ohm meter. Each lead had continuity, so I tried again using a different test lead. I discovered my test was positive, but the lights were just glowing and the lead was getting hot. I ended up using 5 leads to get normal operation of the circuit (about 1 amp on a 12 volt DC circuit), but the leads were overheating and extended operation of the circuit would result in certain failure of the test leads. I do not know the wire gauge of these leads, but will be buying more leads with a minimum of 20 gauge wire. These leads will work great on micro-electronics.
These are affordable to get in mass quantity and are great to store around the house
July 20, 2016
These are obviously not industrial grade, and will burn up (empirically verified) at around 3-4 amps. But, industry is not the purpose of these alligator clips. These are for tinkering.So often I've been working on small electronic projects and realize I need an alligator clip and cant find one anywhere. These are affordable to get in mass quantity and are great to store around the house.While they are not industrial grade, their build quality is actually quite nice. The rubber casing doesn't feel cheap or smell weird, the rubber shell around alligator mouth feels nice, and the metal just indicate that its cheap or anything. The heads are crimped on and I haven't had any continuity issues as of yet.I would definitely recommend these to anyone that need some alligator clips.
fair price - better than crap quality
January 13, 2016
Ok, you didn't really expect to get lab grade cables at this price. But, for cheap cables, these are pretty good. The leads are soldered to the alligator clips, the wire is multi-stranded and the insulating covers not too slippery. You won't be thrilled beyond belief with these. But, you also won't feel ripped off.
Very good set of alligator clips
January 10, 2016
With modern components, it is hard to come up with any good reason to keep alligator clips around the lab. But for whatever reason, they seem to enjoy routine use for quick hookup of power, etc when prototyping. The Elenco isn't the overall best example of alligator clips that I have - certainly I've paid much more money for very high quality clips with heavier gauge while, and stronger jaw springs. But I keep buying the Elenco since the price is great, and they do work quite well. If I recall correctly, I have at least 5 sets of this model. Take that as a recommendation - price is right, they hold up, and I like them enough to keep buying them!
They work at least for small things.
March 9, 2015
They are good for doing things like measuring the current going through a resistor. In fact I got these to make doing that in my EE labs a little easier. We use the myDAQ box and protoboard, and have to take screen shots of the digital multimeter in the software to show the current we are measuring. That is nearly impossible when trying to hold one lead on a wire and the other on the end of a resistor. These allowed me to do set up the circuit to measure the current, and the current was the same with the two wires attached to the circuit that was measured just holding the leads in place without them. So for things like that they work well. I knocked them down a star because they are not the easiest things to open, but once they are in place they do not slip off the leads, the resistor or the stripped end of a wire.
Lots of leads
May 2, 2014
I needed a few test leads with alligator clips, and stumbled on these on Amazon. I like that they are color-coded, and have alligator clips on both ends. Just what I was looking for, to help me do simple circuit testing and troubleshooting. The clips seem to hold well, but I took off one star because the ends were only crimped, and not soldered. So far, so good, but my experiences with these sort of things suggest that soldering makes for a more durable connection. The clips are fairly small, but hold well, and are insulated.

There are no reviews yet

Three Star Reviews:

Decent, but wished for something a bit better
November 2, 2016
looks decent, but the metal probes are loose and break off easy. I bought ten of them for a class. I had to re-solder them and glue the tips back in and I still have a little bit of problems with them. Also, I can't get the mA currents to work at least work well. I check the fuses and replaced them and they are not working or terribly inaccurate. In the 10A setting and plug, it does work decent.

Pros - Cheap, voltage works well, resistance works well, 10A current reading setting works well, the unit seems fairly well built

Cons- Probes are terribly cheap and poorly made, the mA current readings are terrible or don't work at all.
This made it useless for setting the timing on a points ignition
October 15, 2016
Worked okay for a while. The audible continuity tester has always had an irritatingly long delay. Even when tapping the probes directly together, you have to wait a couple seconds before the buzzer sounds. This made it useless for setting the timing on a points ignition, something I loved using my old multimeter for.

Anyway it's now getting less and less reliable to the point I can't trust it to diagnose problems. The backlight failed a long time ago. Now I'll measure a known, regulated 12V source and it'll fluctuate wildly between 16 and -5 volts. Sometimes it'll maintain a strange voltage reading when I remove the probes without activating the hold button. I need to diagnose a rectifier to see if it's over-charging a battery and it's going to be impossible until I get a new multimeter. All that said, it did provide service for a year or two. Casual users will probably have their needs met, but consider other options if you plan to use it often.
the probes are loosely glued in and fall off easily. It features a backlit display that lasts for ...
April 22, 2016
I don't think it is professional grade, but I really wouldn't know. I bought this little unit for a little over$8. My primary use is for checking the voltage for my batteries on a hydraulic setup. the probes are loosely glued in and fall off easily. It features a backlit display that lasts for about 10 seconds before slowly dimming out. I bought a second unit because I thought I lost the first one. On the second one I epoxied the area where the wires go into the insulation of the leads. Not bad for what I use it for.
Probes are cheap.
December 1, 2015
For the price you really can't go wrong. Just be prepared to replace or fix the probes. I've owned a lot of meters and this one works like a charm. I've been using it for about a month now and just yesterday I tried to use the continuity mode and like always I touched both probes together first and nothing happened. So I swapped the prove and it worked fine, the red probe then fell off. I soldered it back together and carried on. Just ten minutes ago the same thing happened to the other probe. Same fix, however I ended up using old probes. The wire seems to be awfully thin which isn't good for high current. That so far is my only complaint.
The blue back-light is nice, though I wish it would stay on a ...
November 16, 2015
Decent little voltmeter. The blue back-light is nice, though I wish it would stay on a bit longer. The only real complaint I had with it was the ground lead wiring to probe came off. It's not the end of the world, I just re-soldered it to the probe. Decent device, can't go wrong with it based on price.
Good for the price
May 3, 2017
For the price, it's great, but it has a few flaws which made me lower the rating. The base is very light, which means it's easy to knock over and it can't really hold anything with too much weight. The alligator clips are very sharp and will cut into wire and scrape up circuit boards. What I ended up doing was cutting up a pair of nitrile gloves and wrapping the clips. A better solution might be to use some heat-shrink tubing. Finally, the screws are all very stiff and you need to really apply force to get them to lock. All-in-all, having the helping hands really makes soldering on things like small circuit boards much much easier so I think it's worth the expense. You might want to spend a little more and invest in something more robust though.
Given the price, a decent purchase
December 16, 2016
I used this item for holding PCB boards while soldering, and it worked...sort of. First off, let me begin by saying that, when I first got this, it worked perfectly. However, the longer I used it, the weaker the hold became, and my boards began falling out of the holders. The boards were not very large, and they did not weigh enough to really be a factor. The screws that held the arms in place were also weaker that I had expected. The magnifying glass, however, was (and still is) great. After I got my many good uses out of the piece, I salvaged the magnifying glass and threw it in my PC repair kit. I understand that things do give out over time, so I still give this product 3 stars (would be 3.5 if it were available).
So for smaller items it might be good.
December 9, 2016
For me it seems to be too small, i.e., too low to the counter top one might have it placed on. Because the distance between mag glass and the counter if you have an item your trying to solder that is not very large - I have only used it once to try solder a couple wires on a circuit board for a small battery powered stickup light. 3"D x 1" thick. While holding the lite and trying to hold the solder gun at an downward angel it was a tight fit. Not much room for maneuvering the iron. The lite is about the size of a regular sized donut.So for smaller items it might be good.
It works, but the quality is not there.
December 16, 2015
I hardly ever use this helping hand, and when I do it's not as 'helpful' as I had hoped. The main problem is that it is very small. The box that it came in fits in the palm of my hand. The tiny clamps also do not extend in any way besides from side to side, so when you need a little extra length or when you're trying to clamp a small item between both clamps-- good luck. The magnifying glass works but because the whole thing is so small, you're hunched over it trying to get your hands around what you're doing. The base isn't heavy enough and I sometimes knock it over, but adjusting the magnifying glass by tilting it forward or back seems to help stabilize the weight. My suggestion? If you're getting this for a kid or as a /extra/ for a beginner hobbyist, it might be okay. The quality of this thing is just not there for serious jewelry-makers/hobbyists though, so save your money and buy a bigger, heavier model.
OK, but not great.
September 13, 2015
Meh. The alligator clips are just crimped onto the articulating arms, so they come off after a couple of weeks if you move them much. If you're not careful about where you position the magnifying glass (it's heavy), the whole thing will tip (I ended up just removing the magnifying glass). The alligator clips do not slide on the bar (like the magnifying glass does), so you can't position the clips closer together than where they'll reach from each end of the bar unless you reassemble things so that one of the clips is on the part made for the magnifying glass (which is a bit hinky).It's not like it's a super-expensive piece of precision equipment, so I guess you get what you pay for, but here are probably better options for only a little more money. I probably should have looked around a little more.
light duty helpers with some quirks
November 26, 2014
This is a very affordable gadget, so I did not expect it to knock my socks off... I was basically taking a chance on a low priced item to see if it would suit me and was perfectly fine eating the cost if it did not.My primary use for this is repairing damaged XLR cables and so far the helping hands have indeed helped but with a few caveats that I have to work around.The base it too light. The magnifying lens feels like it weights just as much as the base and even if it doesn't, it makes the unit top heavy and susceptible to tipping over. I tend to not make use of it, but I have managed to make use of it, but I need to be careful not to bump the hands while soldering.The alligator clamps themselves grab and hold cables fine securely. The wing nuts that hold them to the base exist in two states: "loose" and "for the love of god, where are the channel locks?!" so unless you have fingertips of steel, you'll want some pliers nearby.The unit came fully assembled in the box and the glass was covered with cardboard and rubber bands to protect it, but it was just sorta shoved unglamorously into a small cardboard box. Again, it was under 7 bucks.Once I acclimated to working with it, it's fine. I don't solder often and this performs the necessary functions i require. If i soldered more frequently or were doing circuit boards or heavier items, I might be additional ones to use in tandem or upgrade to a heavy duty model or other option, but these are fine.

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they aren't great but they do work
July 11, 2016
I have bought and have been using several of these alligator clips for my science classroom (students were learning about electrical conductivity). The first ones I received were thicker and worked very well so I ordered several more. However, the new ones I received do not work as well. The cords are thinner and seem a bit longer, which I would have no problem with, except most do not conduct electricity as well, some do not work at all, and although I bought them "New" it is very obvious that some have been used, fixed, and resold.Overall, they aren't great but they do work.
The alligator clips aren't very good, one has already gotten itself jammed open after ...
June 28, 2016
You really get what you pay for. I got 2 yellow, 2 green, 2 white, and 1 black wire that actually worked.2 red and 1 black wires were broken upon arrival.The alligator clips aren't very good, one has already gotten itself jammed open after about 15 minutes of using it.Can't beat the price, even with broken wires is worth it.
November 1, 2015
It's cheap. You get what you pay for usually. This is no exception. They are very thing wire with cheap clips on then end, and flimsy clip insulators. If you want a cheap set of alligator clips for home use, or projects go for it. If you are doing any kind of automotive work, or higher amp work, keep looking.
Elenco TL-6 Standard Alligator Lead Set, 10-Pieces
June 9, 2015
I ordered these Elenco TL-6 Standard Alligator Lead Set, 10-Pieces and I am only somewhat satisfied with my purchase, because these are a product that is not that easy to find elsewhere other than online. One problem is the assembly. The wire is minimal gauge and is stripped and folded back, then crimped onto the alligator clip. I removed one star, as this is a poor connection for any electrical use other than a test bench application where you can test the lead as you are using it for continuity and this crimp would not continue to make good electrical contact in an installation use over an extended length of time. The wire appears to be 24 gauge approximately. I plan to undo the crimp and solder the wire to the clips, this will cost me some time and this review a star. I have purchased Elenco products now for years, I have not yet rated one of their products this low. Three Stars.
Looked like a decent solder to me
March 29, 2015
Some reviewers had complained about continuity and unsoldered connections between the wire and clip. I order one set of these and checked continuity and all passed. I also examined the connection between the wire and clip and found it soldered. Looked like a decent solder to me.I have only two complaints. First, the boots are exceptionally slippery making it very difficult to open the clip. Second, while measuring continuity I found the plating (or possibly a lubricant or hydrophobic coating to prevent rust?) on the outside of the clips sometimes didn't conduct. If I actually clipped them to my Fluke meter, there was always continuity without having to fiddle with them.
Worth It Overall
March 13, 2014
There was a problem with these not being shipped in the box they were supposed to be in. But, after many problems finding out how to inform Amazon and getting them not to charge me twice, it was cleared up.These items are not anything great. But, if you don't have the time to make your own with some gator-clips and wire, then these are the way to go. The price isn't excessive and adding it to an order of other things makes for no extra cost in shipping. If you need some of these, and don't want to take the time to purchase the materials and making your own, then buy these.

There are no reviews yet

Two Star Reviews:

Broke down after 18 months
April 6, 2017
Worked fine when it arrived. After 18 months of just occasional use, kaput! Crazy readings on every position. Leads break down from stress where the wire meets the plug that you insert into the meter.
The rubber covering is nice to protect from abuse in a work belt or ...
October 18, 2016
Product Arrived DOA...
When I attach the leads to the VOM and turn it to any position, they start to get really hot within seconds. I have owned several VOM's over my 50 years. The one I received is internally wired wrong.
With that being said, I'm guessing most people don't receive a broken one. I feels well built enough. The rubber covering is nice to protect from abuse in a work belt or tool box. For $14, I'm not going to work very hard to return it.
I gave two stars instead of one, because I think a working unit is probably a good value. A broken one is not worth much. Good luck with yours.
The worst test leads in the history of the universe
June 19, 2016
I read other reviews that said the leads are junk. Correct! After a few weeks of very light, gentle use, the wire simply fell out of the black lead. Unbelievable.

Otherwise, for a cheapie, this doesn't seem bad. As far as this amateur hobbyist who doesn't know what he's doing can tell, it's reasonably accurate for a cheap multimeter. The transistor tester is even worse than the ordinary on these kinds of cheap multimeters. If I futz and futz and mutter and futz and *maybe* I'll get a reading but usually not. But measuring voltage, resistance and current, not bad. The continuity tester doesn't beep, seems to be broken.

Considering that there are other multimeters out there for about the same price whose leads don't fold like a house of cards, you can probably do better.
If you're considering this multimeter, keep looking...
June 3, 2016
Piece of crap. Red wire came disconnected inside the handle of the red probe, had to take it apart and solder it. No strain relief to capture the probe wires, so they get disconnected easily during normal use as you manipulate the probes. Occasionally gives totally unrealistic readings (like overvoltage on 20vDC scale when checking the voltage of a AA battery).
leads broke right away
October 26, 2015
I received this and one of the leads broke after the first use. It's soldered way up in the plastic and at this price point a new set of leads is basically the same price as a new VOM. So, basically, I've got nothing for my money.
Be Prepared to Make Repairs
March 15, 2017
Well, the lense wasn't tight and kept loostening when I moved it around, so I tightened it, hoping not to damage the frail metal lens holder. While trying to use the aligator clips, one pulled off of the metal bar because the "frail metal" of the clip is easily bent. I fixed it with a crimper and solder. The base is quite light and the system is top-heavy, so I swapped it with another helping hands unit without the magnifier that had a larger, heavier base. This is NOT what I would call a quality device, but be warned that it's price is low and the unit is cheap.
Unbalanced, falls over a lot!
January 22, 2017
Of course you can move the arms to balance it out, but it would be great if there was a heavier base for this.For the price, I'd want to not complain much, but I've had this fall over while I was working 3 times so far (one day in...) and ended up using the magnifying glass as a 3rd leg to help it stand up!When it's balanced, working on small parts (point to point, examining transistor labels, etc) it works great. Clips are well aligned, and magnifying glass is appropriately powered.
Avoid this. Making your own from clamps will work better.
November 17, 2015
This works... so so. The base is to small for the geometry of the magnifying glass and clips. There are many orientations where this simply will not stand upright by itself, let alone while holding anything because it is top heavy. It is almost to much without a project in the jaws. It can work, but I cannot recommend this and the base alone. There is another flaw that is a deal breaker for me. The magnifying glass, while being a nice size is attached with a pressure screw mechanism that is completely fail. If the person that designed this, ever actually tried to use it, they would have scrapped this design and remade it. I expect, though I am not certain, that it is just more chinese garbage being dumped on us. As a whole, this can work, but it isn't worth more than $2-$3 total because of the ridiculous flaws.
Not quite what i expected
March 31, 2015
The first thing I noticed is that the wing nuts are too small to tighten sufficiently to lock the ball joints into a fixed position. This was the deal killer for me. The base is not quite large and heavy enough to establish an acceptable tip-proof base from which to work. The whole piece is a bit cumbersome and kludgy to work with, so I'm not too thrilled about keeping it. Yes, it certainly is inexpensive, but not really a winner or a keeper in my opinion. If you're the type of person who will make do with what you've got, or willing to futsy-futsy with the wing nuts and take out a pair of pliers to tighten them, then you may be wondering what I'm ranting about. But I expect an item to work properly and to be designed by people who actually care and think the design aspects thoroughly, so that's why I'm disappointed.
Generally frustrating to use
February 10, 2015
I bought this for soldering. It hasn't helped much. Some people reviewed that it isn't balanced, but that could be remedied by screwing it to a board. My complaint's are:- There are too many adjustable joints and they are either too tight or too loose. They tighten by a wingnut type mechanism that screws against a metal bar. There is no give in the bar so sometimes the friction of the nut isn't tight enough. When you're dealing with delicate wires and electrical components, you want them to stay in place.- The alligator clamps don't have any joints, so there is the opposite problem of some difficulty positioning the wires you are trying to hold. Also, the clamps miss each other by about an inch if positioned proper distance from the magnifying glass, so you can't have the clamps holding the wire where you'd like. It makes the connection of two wires to be soldered a little too flimsy.
Helping hands? Or annoying hands?
November 25, 2014
PROS:It does what it's supposed to, help you hold items you're working on like while you do solderingCONS:Light base, tips easy.Alligator clips not attached wellArms don't hold position wellI needed it to do some light soldering work for a project I had. I noticed that the item would tip easy because of the small light base. So I saved myself the trouble and just tipped it over myself and worked with it on it's side. This was already much more stable. The arms swing a little too easy so it is sometimes hard to work since the lightest pressure could move it instead of keeping it in place. Even the alligator clip came off so I had to just slide it back on.The only reason why I didn't give it just 1 star was because I was still able to get my job done. And despite it's annoyances, it did help, barely.I'd look at another product because I don't recommend this one.

There are no reviews yet

The clips are pretty small and difficult to use
September 13, 2017
I've spent some time looking and ended up buying these because of the price and they were the shortest ones I could find.But I think I shouldnt have been so cheap and spent a couple bucks more on different ones.The clips are pretty small and difficult to use. Like I don't think you'd be able to clip these onto anything the first try. The clips are too small for the sleeve so they slip around like crazy. Gets a little annoying..
Check your test leads before you assume your circuit is faulty! Already failing!
June 30, 2017
Bad connections between thin copper wire and the alligator clip due to a crimp connection, as opposed to a soldered connection. Not able to buy good quality alligator clips and make my own test leads anymore! You can't beat a soldered wire to clip test lead! All of mine wore out....after about 30 years!
Quality was not too good
May 3, 2017
The quality was poor. Two out of 10 were an open circuit. The wire gauge is really small. I tore apart the open circuit ones, and found a crimpted connection on a short stripped wire end. The stripped part was not in the crimp, so only insulation had any pressure on it. I've bought other Elenco cables and was ok with the quality, but this product was poor.Nobody seems to make good quality alligator jumpers, it looks like I'll need to buy some silicon wire and alligator clips and make my own.
Get What You Pay For
October 16, 2016
The ends are so slippery that it is extremely difficult to use without the head of the clip sliding out of the plastic protection.This makes it hard to open up the clips big to fit them onto a battery or other bigger piece of electronic equipment that I need to use them for. They get two stars because there are so many of them, the price was cheap, and they are not broken. I would not recommend these, if you use them professionally. The next time, I will spend a little more and purchase my next set in a store, so that I inspect them before purchasing.
3 out of 10 ain't good
May 9, 2016
Ok so I received these leads to complete some testing on solar lights that were not working well in my yard. When I first attached the leads to see if the solar cell were generating any voltage or enough to recharge the batteries I was surprised to find they were dead. However I was sure they were producing some activity in full sun, so I proceeded to check the leads for continuity. To my surprise only three of the leads were actually connected to the alligator clips electrically even though the wires were firmly crimped to the clips. The fact that there was not one drop of solder on any of the clips was immediately evident. Obviously none of these leads were subjected at the point of manufacture to a simple continuity test before being sent out. I guess for the price this was not surprising Unless you are willing to disassemble the wires and solder them on you run the risk of having to throw these leads out. I did fix them all, but I think you would be better served buying from a more reliable vendor. I will say they came direct from China sooner than was forecast. So unless you enjoy tearing these apart and reworking them I would pass.
A pain to deal with
March 21, 2016
The protective clip covers are very slippery and slide around when you try to open the clips. I read in another review that the Elenco set has soldered connectors, but these are just crimped on.

There are no reviews yet

One Star Reviews:

This worked really well, and I used it for ...
July 21, 2017
This worked really well, and I used it for standard applications. Didn't get heavy usage by any means. Ended up getting one star because the wire pulled out of the probe and is not repairable. Should never have broke the way it did.
bad buy
April 21, 2017
This thing never worked. I tried everything I new how to do, batteries, cables, settings; I finally realized it was a bad unit. It's been long enough that I'm sure I'm out of luck. I'll keep digging to look for a way to contact seller.
Warning when purchasing
March 1, 2016
So I went to go test this out on my house outlet.when doing so it was working fine and when I went to go take out the black and red wire that metal tip for the black wire was left inside my outlet in my house

Sort of scary for somebody who doesn't know so much about electrical!! Lol
So I end up having this metal rod sticking out of my outlet not safe.

That's what I get for purchasing something so cheap and when you want to do something with electricity or something that uses voltages that I can take your life you should invest in something more expensive or more quality.
It looked promising...
January 19, 2016

I bought this unit because it had a backlight and was cheap enough ($ 8.68) to be used as a disposable meter. The unit itself is solidly constructed and the switch makes some reassuring clicks when selecting the various functions. The protective yellow rubber shroud with the flip out stand is a little on the flimsy side but functions as intended.

Performance wise there was a -0.1VDC and -.8VAC difference when compared to my branded meter. What was really disappointing however was that switching the backlight on caused the DC voltage reading to increase by .03 - .05 volts when reading a 12VDC source and .5VAC when measuring a 120 VAC source. Also, when measuring AC on my unit the backlight sometimes flickered (even though the backlight was in fact switched off). I'm not sure if those issues were due to product defects or poor design.

In retrospect I probably wouldn't have bought this unit had I known about those circuit stability issues.

Update: 4/10/16

The positive probe broke after a few weeks of use.

The continuity function is now malfunctioning. Sometimes when I test a component and there's continuity, the audible alarm will sound and remain on even when the probes are removed from the component. The only way to stop it is to temporarily switch the unit onto another function and then back to continuity testing.

As a result of these new issues I am downgrading my original review from 2 stars to 1.
Test probles broke on first use in an outlet.
September 3, 2015
I've owned/used MANY expensive meters and cheapo ones (given to me for free). This is the first time that the probes fell apart upon use. I bought a discount meter when I was a poor college student going to school 20 years ago and it's actually my workhorse. I also have a large collection of $3-4 analog and digital multimeters that came "free" with purchase.

I just moved into a new house and cringed at the idea of buying YET ANOTHER meter, but I had to get some work done before the movers came. So I used Amazon Prime, got the meter quickly enough but ended up having to go to Lowes anyway to buy an overpriced but well constructed one.

Anyway, I'm returning it now.

I suppose I could have went somewhere to buy new probes that were compatible with this one. The only reason I hesitate is that if something so simple was so poorly constructed, it made me weary of the rest of the device. I also would have spent near the cost of the meter on replacements
probes. I also though about repairing it but that required additional tools that I already own that are in the moving truck.

I provided a pic. Remember, this is first time use in a receptacle. Nothing crazy here.
Save yourself the frustration
February 14, 2017
This product is terrible. I don't know what others are thinking or perhaps I received a weird one, but it is not worth the money at any price. Save yourself the frustration. The construction is just too cheap. The way the parts come together is so flakey - either too loose and they come apart or if you torque it too much then it's hard to adjusts. It's tippy too, which means you can't rely on it to hold something steady. The glass falls out of the metal ring too.
Absolute Trash
January 28, 2017
Absolute trash. One of the clamps broke on first use. It was holding a small electrical component I was soldering, but twisted like aluminum foil. Even if the clamps were strong enough the base is too light for this to be useful in any way. Amazon refused to refund my purchase with zero explaination. This is the first time I've had problems with them. If you are thinking about buying this, save yourself some time and just put your money in the garbage.
Do NOT buy! The arms fall off and are next to impossible to reattach.
November 11, 2016
It arrived with the magnifying glass having fallen off. Nothing broken, but extremely difficult to put it back on. I'm growing a 3rd hand to try and reassemble it. No, the clips on the "Helping Hand" do not help. You have to see the problem to appreciate it. Do not loosen any of the 3 arms too much or they will fall off.Today, I noticed that one of the arms just fell off while sitting on a shelf! NOT RECOMMENDED!
You get what you pay for and five dollars ain't a whole lot
October 2, 2015
The lens and its metal band keep falling out of its clamp rendering the entire reason I bought this moot.The clamp has two metal strips crudely fashioned with pressed on threads for what should form a screw to attach it to the clamp. Well this thing never gets tight and the lens falls out after the clamp flops around whenever you move it.
It might be useful for teenagers projects
June 15, 2015
This thing is poorly made product, it doesn't stand still when your working with real jobs, or production environment. Alligators clips fell off within a week. It might be useful for teenagers projects, for DIY little projects but definitely not for work. If you wanna solder two little cables this is the tool you're looking for. If you want to use it as helping hand for Real Work, look something different like a vacuum base precision vise ( http://www.amazon.com/PanaVise-209-Vacuum-Base-Jr/dp/B000CONJUM).Save money, time and frustration by buying the right tools for the type of work, don't be cheap like I did.
You gets what you pay for
August 8, 2013
I have had a set of helping hands for many years; solid cast base, steel rod, chromed brass hardware. A simple thing that works well but is virtually unnoticeable until it is lost. I fell victim of the low price on the item and although I was hesitant, ordered two. My worst fears were confirmed. The base is very light, the magnifier is questionable, and the hardware is flimsy. The wing nuts are difficult to tighten down to lock the arms in place and anything other than having the work immediately above the base will cause the entire tool to tip over. Spend an extra $10.00 and avoid the grief.

There are no reviews yet

Chinese resistors disguised as clip leads.
March 13, 2017
These clip leads are actually 0.6 ohm resistors! And, the tiny, tiny wires are not soldered to the alligator clips. After corrosion sets in, the resistance will be even higher. Chinese Junk (pun intended).
Too cheep, they work but oh so poorly.
December 28, 2016
Too cheep, they work but oh so poorly. The alligator clip rolls around in the vinyl jacket making it very difficult to open and grip something. Seems the clip doesn't seem to have enough flat spot where we squeeze to open them allowing the clip to roll around. Pretty useless, I threw them in my junk wire bin for emergency or scrap what ever comes first. I will now buy some quality leads, lesson learned.
Big lack of quality contro 8/10 had a faulty connection
August 6, 2016
Bought those thinking there are no way you can mess up alligator leads, well I was wrong. Only 3 out of 10 had a contact between the two clips. One of which was very flaky. I opened of of those and they are not soldered.
Do not buy this. They do not work.
July 26, 2016
These are the worst alligator clips I have ever used. I tried to use it to my solar car and the solar car didn't work. I tried different motors and they still didn't work! If anything, buy something more expensive than this garbage. Sorry for being kind of cruel, but I sincerely hate these alligator clips. PLEASE NOTE: I write honest reviews. I do not get free items, but I write honest reviews. I also am not a bot, and this is my actual opinion of these alligator clips. Thank you for taking the time to read my review and I hope you have a good shopping experience. :)
July 9, 2016
I bought 2 sets of the clips with price in mind and the brand name of Elenco - started testing zener diodes in a test jig using the clips to insert each zener diode into the circuit to check the zener voltage of each diode tested and nothing happens - I pulled out an ohmmeter to check my connections and found the clips were open. pulled the insulator off the alligator clip and bingo - the wires are just crimped into the end of the alligator clip. At first the connection is ok, but put a little tug or wiggle on the wires and they lose contact - VERY SHODDY WORKMANSHIP AND N0 QUALITY CONTROL, but you get what you pay--- cheap price, cheap product.. I am seriously wondering how these clips were branded Elenco - previous merchandise supposedly manufactured by Elenco was top notch quality. I can solder mine - all 40 clips to the wires, but this is definitely MADE IN CHINA at its worst - looks like RADIO SHACK is getting back another customer - my time is valuable and the cost in repair materials just made these alligator clips VERY, VERY, VERY expensive. Won't return them - takes too much time and effort - - - BUYER BEWARE
Non-functioning and Sub-par Operation
March 11, 2016
Some of these clips are an open circuit. Of the ones that do work, they only work if you're careful, they're hard to clip on compared to other alligator clips I've used. The reason is that they are poorly designed in my opinion. When you squeeze the lever they rotate inside the insulating jacket (rather than opening). The jacket isn't narrow enough and or the clips themselves are too narrow. My 8 year old son was unable to use these. Others here mentioned that the jacket/boot is too slippery and that's part of the issue too. If you pull off the jacket and clip them, the clips themselves are so narrow that they just rotate between your fingers rather than opening. Maybe tiny, strong and skilled fingers can use these but my fingers would have to develop a new skillset to use them and definitely a child under 10 years old couldn't use them. Overall, this really slows down clipping things on/off and defeats the purpose of using these. Also, the wire gauge is low so I wouldn't expect them to be used for anything over 100mA without the heating issues mentioned. I don't have an accurate measurement but I estimate that the resistance in one of these is between 0.5 and 1 ohms so at 100mA you can expect up to 100mV and 10mW drop in just one. If you cranked that up to say 1Amp you'd be looking at 1V drop and 1Watt which is a heating element (hmmm....maybe Elenco could market these as low cost heaters).

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Diode assembly test / Transistor P-N junction test/Transistor hFE test

Max AC Voltage Range: 600V Max DC Voltage Range: 600V Resistance Measurement: 200Ohm-2000K Ohm range

Max Display: 1999 Low Battery Indication: - /+ display Continuity test with buzzer sound in circuit.

Overload protection on all ranges. Sampling 2~3 times readings per second.

Package included: 1 x multimeter; 1 x manual; 2 x test leads; 1x 9V battery

Holds item securely (leaving hands free) with 2 alligator clips on 4-way swivels

Built-in magnifying glass (4x) aids in minute detail work

Heavy-duty base for stability

5 Pairs of color-coded test leads: green, yellow, red, white, black

19.5" Copper wire with 22-gauge heavy insulation

1.5" Alligator clips at both ends of each test lead

Vinyl-covered alligator clips with strong spring

Crimped clips clamp securely to ensure good conduction

10 Test leads in 5 colors for easy identification

Length - 14"

Insulated alligator clips on each end

Perfect for testing your Arduino or Raspery Pi assemblies

Ideal for use in labs, service shops, schools (STEM - STEAM), home and industry

Product Name : Multimeter Probe;Connector Type : Banana Connector, Testing Pin

Voltage : 1000V;Probe Tip Length (Approx.) : 2.2cm / 57/64"(0.88")

Cable Length (Approx.) : 70.8cm/ 27.9";Total Length (Approx.) : 83cm / 32.7"

Main Material : Plastic, Electronic Parts;Color : Red, Black

Weight : 45g;Package Content : 1 Pair Multimeter Probe

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