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Etekcity MSR-P600 Digital Multimeter / DMM / Multi Tester with Capacitance Test - Etekcity
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IRWIN Tools VISE-GRIP Multi Tool Stripper, Cutter and Crimper, 8-Inch (2078309) - Irwin Tools
Elenco TL-6 Alligator Lead Set, 10-Piece, 14 inches - Elenco
Push-On Alligator Clips for Test Leads - Elenco
Aven 17542 Desoldering Wick, 2.5mm Width, 5' Length - Aven

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Etekcity http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/51hTug0GxqL._SL160_.jpg
Etekcity MSR-P600 Digital Multimeter / DMM / Multi Tester with Capacitance Test - Etekcity
Irwin Tools http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/4181e4WTwoL._SL160_.jpg
IRWIN Tools VISE-GRIP Multi Tool Stripper, Cutter and Crimper, 8-Inch (2078309) - Irwin Tools
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Elenco https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/418GuqIB2BL._SL160_.jpg
Elenco TL-6 Alligator Lead Set, 10-Piece, 14 inches - Elenco
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Elenco https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/41nXDG3EODL._SL160_.jpg
Push-On Alligator Clips for Test Leads - Elenco
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Aven https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/314HQB0GANL._SL160_.jpg
Aven 17542 Desoldering Wick, 2.5mm Width, 5' Length - Aven
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Five Star Reviews:

Great price point for a surprisingly accurate meter
August 24, 2016
I bought this meter to assist me while building a vacuum tube-based guitar amplifier. I'm thoroughly impressed with the meter and have used nearly every one of its functions.

A lot of cheap meters are less accurate in the triple digits. My brother is an electrical engineer, and we used his calibrated test voltage generator on this meter and another auto-ranging meter from radioshack and surprisingly both the MSR-P600 and the cheap radioshack meter successfully read within +-1v of the DC test voltage. For my purposes, that is WAY more accurate that I need. For fun, I also hooked up a cheap meter from Harbor Freight and it was off by more than 10v.

With the MSR-P600, I initially could not get the capacitance function to work. I did two things, first, read the manual, it says to push the REL button. While this zerod the display, I still couldn't get an accurate reading. Even though the meter was new, I changed the battery with a fresh one and that did the trick. I can measure caps within a second or two with 4 digits of precision. No idea how accurate the meter is, I don't have a calibrated test load.

If I was a working electrician, I would probably spring for something with a NIST certificate, but for a hobbyist, mad scientist, experimenter, or maker, I would definitely recommend this product.

And no, I was no paid to write this review.
Exactly what I was looking for
September 6, 2015
It was a tough choice. I needed a multi-meter for basic stuff around the house. I have a larger unit but it doesn't have all of the readings I wanted. When looking I didn't consider that someone made something so small. First, the packaging is NOT that horrible sealed plastic, is just comes apart, thank you! Secondly, I had no idea that it came in it's own case, another great plus. It's a nicely hinged, see through case that keeps the slim factor of the device even when in the case.

The leads are attached, which I think is required due to the small size. The screen is LARGE and easy to read. The selection knob is very straight forward with just a few options and then you can change the reading type with a button.

The really great part is the size. If you are working around the house and want to just throw this in your pocket, you're golden. You don't have to worry about breaking the leads if you keep it in the case. For the price this is a great work around the house device.
Awesome little product!
July 25, 2015
I'm the guy who usually gets the call when a family member has a problem. Last weekend my brother-in-law called and was telling me about water in the basement, coming from the area of the furnace / AC unit. I stopped at home to get a few tools and looked at my multimeter, but figured I wouldn't need it for some kind of plumbing problem. As it turned out, the problem was a faulty switch in the condensate pump, so I could have used the meter after all. The reason I didn't just grab it was it's a Fluke 77, a big all purpose multimeter. It's not a shoebox or anything, but it is big enough to take up some space in the tool bag. Also, it's just too expensive to leave sitting in the trunk just in case I need it. I decided I wanted an inexpensive little meter I could just keep with me in case the need arises. This wasn't the first time I could have used one and didn't have it.

Anyway, I did a little research on small meters. I wanted something small and light, but not missing any important functions like voltage, resistance, and an audible continuity buzzer. 95% of the time this is all that's needed. I also wanted a large display. I looked at several meters here on Amazon, and also a little Radio Shack unit I read about before I decided on this one from Etekcity. It had the functions I consider necessary, the cost was certainly right, and a lot of good reviews. I have to say I'm very happy with my choice. This thing is great!

For a little less than $20, it does voltage, resistance, capacitance, light current, and an audible continuity buzzer. If I need to measure 10 amps I'll pull out the Fluke, but most of the time all I need is to be able to check voltage or continuity. BTW, in reading the reviews here I saw mentioned at least once that this unit doesn't have a continuity buzzer. To get to that feature you go to the ohms setting and press the Select button twice. It's basically like pressing the shift key on your keyboard. That's the same way some of the other functions work, so if in doubt take a look at the manual.

I also saw a few negative comments on the leads being attached rather than detachable. I don't see how you could have detachable leads on a gadget this small. If you take a pair of regular multimeter leads and hold them alongside this little guy, you'd see that the unit would have to be over twice as thick as it is to accept them. The only other way would be some kind of custom plug, but then you wouldn't be able to easily find replacement leads anyway. I figure if the leads ever do break, I'll open this little guy up and solder in a new pair or just buy another unit. After all, this is a $20 meter, not a $500 Fluke.

One other thing worth mentioning... I had looked at the Etekcity website, and it mentioned this unit had a backlight. I couldn't find any reference to that in the manual and there's no obvious button for it, so I called them. The guy that answered the phone said there were no techs around since it was Saturday, but advised me to write an email to them and I should hear back on Monday. I know how this usually works with most companies. You send the email, and if you ever get a response it's weeks later. Not with these guys. A few hours later I got a response apologizing for any convenience, but in fact this unit does not have a backlight, and that the website had been changed to reflect that. Sure enough, they had already changed the description. I find that pretty impressive. Yes, they made a mistake, but they fixed it within hours of my pointing it out.

To sum it up, I'm so impressed with this little guy and the company that I'm about to order a couple more. One to stick in my other car's glove compartment, and one for my son. This is a quality piece of gear!
Excellent LITTLE multimeter for a great price!
July 22, 2015
First off this thing is SMALL! But...it sure does a lot! It uses a CR2032 battery (already installed) and has permanently connected leads (Not my favorite but OK). It does just about everything you can think of for around the house use or use on your vehicles and comes with a small plastic case to protect it. I tested it on house voltage and compared it to my more expensive meter. They read the same voltage, 119.9 VAC. One thing this little meter does that many others don't (at this price) is measure frequency. I was pleasantly surprised about that since I didn't know it did that. My house AC voltage frequency is 59.9 Hz which compares to my UPS display of frequency. For what this cost it is a great deal. Keep one in your car and another in your house for those odd jobs that pop up from time to time. Very pleased with this meter!
if you are like me and space is a real concern
June 18, 2015
This is one small, flat, biggest readout multimeter that I've seen. Get you one of these..if you are like me and space is a real concern..you could do worse than to get one of these VOM or by its better known name..a multimeter. What I like about it is the compactness of it and the many features it carries other than reading voltage, ohms,etc. For me and the many uses I have for a multimeter this one I can throw i my pocket and go, not have to worry about am I gonna break it or not.

The display readout is awesome, large numbers,large enough for my eyes to read it so that is sufficient for me. I have a large multifunction multimeter, that has the ammeter or amp readings, so all ya gotta do is push the button it opens a set of hands or pinchers ya stick around the wire an it will show you what kind of load you are pulling, etc. Its nice, but every time I build a coil for my E Cigarette, I don't want to have to dig that big ol honkin thing just to read what the ohm or what the sub ohm reading is. This is spot on and is accurate as my bigger multi meter.
Falling in love with this Stripper will cost you less than $20
September 2, 2017
I have an automatic wire stripper and I can't stand when any wire strands get broken, so I went back to the gold standard: this Irwin wire stripper/multi-tool. It might take a few seconds longer to strip wires, but it's worth it to get it done right the first time. I'm in love!
The good ones i never got!!!
August 29, 2017
These are great wire strippers, but they sent me some junk chinese made crap that didn't even look like these so i thought i never got them. The one i got was crap and didn';t even close all the way, had to grind surface down to get it to strip 18 ga. Amazon took care of me so all was good.
Must Have Tool For Automotive Wiring Projects
November 28, 2016
I purchased this tool for a motorcycle wiring project I undertook and I could not be happier with this tool. The wire strippers work amazingly and came razor sharp out of box. The crimper section works well and does not require extreme strength to crimp properly, I purchased the 8-inch model. The handle material is high quality and does not bother my hands while I use the tool.

This is truly a must have for any wiring project that requires crimping, wire striping, or needle nose pliers. If you are trying to get by using needle nose pliers and a wire cutter you truly need to purchase this tool. It saved me a large amount of time and frustration while working on various wiring projects. This tool is high quality and will last a lifetime if treated properly.
Great budget wire cutters/strippers for a DIY-er
June 13, 2016
I have been replacing various electrical outlets and light fixtures lately and it seems for most of them I end up needing to clip the cable and strip a new section. I had been doing this with a Leatherman and some patience but figured with a good number more to go this would be a good idea (plus it was on sale so...).

Being a DIY-er I didn't (and still don't) need much more than the ability to clip standard sized wires, strip the plastic from the outside, and create the hook for the terminals (and manipulate it enough to get on if for some reason I don't do it with my hands).
Outstanding wire stripper...but I'm not so good with it as a crimper
May 4, 2013
I bought this tool because:1) I was looking for a crimping tool2) I did not have a good set of wire strippers3) A reviewer indicated that the wire strippers were awesome4) I thought the price was excellent.In using this tool as a crimper, I discovered that I have a tendency to "over crimp" the connectors. I don't see this as a failing of the tool...I see it as a failing of the user. I just don't have 'the touch' down yet. However, I was blown away by how well this tool strips wires.Pros1) Great price2) The gauge guides for wire stripping appear to be right on the money (just as another reviewer noted). When I line up the wire in the correct hole and press the handle, I get this satisfying little "pop" that I feel when a wire stripper exactly cuts the insulation but does not touch the wire underneath. The gauge is that good.3) It works flawlessly as a wire-cutter. It makes nice clean cuts.4) It can be used to make crimps if you have the experience and a good feel for it. Given my limitations with crimping, it will be my backup crimper.Cons1) This is not a con of the product...but I don't make very good crimps with this tool. I blame me and not the tool. It is a solid tool, and I'm sure I could get really good at it with practice, but I wimped out and picked up a ratcheting crimper as well (in particular, I picked up S&G Tool Aid 18900 Professional Ratcheting Terminal Crimper).I personally recommend the tool as a great wire stripper/cutter. As far as a crimper goes, your personal skill at crimping connectors will determine its usefulness. For my part, I like the stripping/cutting ability so much, along with the price point, that I intend to keep it for that purpose alone. The fact that it can serve as a back up crimping tool is a bonus.
Elenco TL-6 Alligator Lead Set, 10-Piece, 14 inches
August 29, 2017
Elenco TL-6 Alligator Lead Set, 10-Piece, 14 inches are good quality alligator test clips that are great for testing equipment that requires less that 2 or so amps to run as they are not heavy enough to use for higher current ,but are great for my testing uses.
Exactly what I expected -- low-power test leads
February 11, 2017
These seem to work fine, and 5 stars seems reasonable as long as you set your expectations. As others have mentioned, they're very low-current wires. They're great for testing LEDs and circuit boards. If you need something for A/C power applications, then these aren't the droids you're looking for. They took 3 or 4 weeks to get here (don't remember exactly), but I knew they were coming from China and they arrived within the time period that Amazon said they would. So far I haven't found any duds, but at this price, even if one turns out to be bad, that's OK.
Works well for prototyping/arduino's
June 22, 2016
All mine work well, wire is a bit on the thin side, so keep that in mind depending on your intended use. For something like an arduino board they work very well. The insulated covers over the alligator clips are a nice touch especially when using on a small/cramped prototype board/solderless breadboard.
super tiny SE TL10 also sold on Amazon
September 1, 2015
Unlike the other type which I reviewed, these are much less flimsy. They're a thicker gauge and they also actually have ratings printed on the wires which instills a bit more confidence than the unmarked, super tiny SE TL10 also sold on Amazon. Their resistance is also slightly lower.
At this price? 5 stars
August 17, 2013
Other reviewers have complained of workmanship. My batch we're perfect.Yes, they are not for carrying a great load. And for me, measuringAmp loads to LED strings, etc, just perfect.The spring in the connecting jaws is very strong for the small size.
Electrical / Electronic work bench's MUST HAVE
April 5, 2013
So many of us have too much free time these days. We spend it re-designing the wheel. Well if you're an electronics hobbiest, you'll need some main leads to piggy-back components together. These double alligator leads do the trick. This is a set of 10 - 14" double ended leads rated to 600V on 20AWG wire. They have small jaw alligator clips pefect for fitting in tight spaces and even hitting individual components on bread board. Not much more I can say about them other than they work and I like them.

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There are no reviews yet

Four Star Reviews:

It works well enough for hobby work/diy homeowner
September 20, 2016
I like this meter because Ive still got much to learn electronically and this meter is fairly forgiving with some of its automatic functions. I also like not worrying about whether or not ive got the test leads plugged into the correct holes. The wires on this are permanently attached. Having said all that, even Ive noticed that this meter could be just a little more accurate. Its definately fine for around the house, home owner stuff and hobby work but Ive already decided that Ill need something better/more precise as I progress in my electrical intrests. So I do recomend this meter. It provides a lot for the price and simplifies things for the novice. Just dont be expecting a device fit for an electrical engineer and you should be happy.
Best on the Bench
May 30, 2016
This multimeter works well but lacks a stand or any easy way to mount it vertically. Therefore, you are forced to find a convenient flat spot to use it. I was amazed at the number of times that I could not find such a spot when using it in my car or for my hobbies. I strongly suggest that the manufacturer flatten the bottom (it is curved), add a little swing out support, or at least add an eyelet on the top so you can hang it up. It works great on a nice tidy workbench, but it is not as good as it could be when using it in the field.
I like this unit but it needs a back light so you don't have to move your head for just the right angle to see readings
May 1, 2016
This multimeter does what I needed it to do. It measures voltage, capacitance, ohms and resistance. My Heat Pump was not coming on so I called in the Costco people for a estimate on a new heat pump which they don't give you a ballpark figure in the store. The guy comes in and is asking me why I want to change out my 30 year old single heat pump. The thing is 30 years old 7 seer. He tells me 11 thousand United States dollars. I told him before I give him 11 thousand I would try to put one in myself. I don't want an edition to the house I want my air conditioning to work.

Decided to check the unit myself (basic stuff like the capacitor that regulates juice to the motor and compressor). I did not need $200 worth of multimeter so I decided on this one, under $20 which had good rating. Came in no time PRIME. I safely pulled out the capacitor (35/5 uf) and found out that I had a (0/.8 uf) no wonder things were at a standstill. Bought a new 35/5 uf from Grainger ($14) , put it into the unit, turned unit on and pipes started getting cold and cold air started a blowin.

What I think this unit needs is something to light up the readings. If you have plenty of light you are good. If the light is so so you have a hard time reading the results.
Compact and Convenient Multimeter
December 23, 2015
I am reviewing the MSR-P600 Digital Multimeter - First the unit was packaged very well, and it arrived in new undamaged condition. I was surprised at how small and compact the unit is, about the size of a deck of cards and it comes ready to use out of the box. A user information sheet was included and was clear and easy to read. The unit comes with a very convenient protective storage case which makes it easy to carry in a toolbag or technician bag without fear of being damaged. Overall I was very happy with it's appearance and ease of use. I was able to accomplish what I set out to do with this unit without difficulty. It comes with the test leads and battery pre-installed. I would definitely recommend this unit for basic testing needs. The only reason I did not give it 5 stars is the test leads are not removable as far as I can tell, so I can not comment on the durability of the leads or even if they can be replaced if they do get damaged. However, for the price paid it is an excellent value and could easily be purchased again.
It's a inexpensive meter, but don't lose the instruction book or you may have challenges
September 7, 2015
This unit is confusing to use as each setting requires you to press this and that after turning the dial to the specific spot point. Also instruction booklet is huge, not because it has a lot of information, but because it is in almost every widely used language for industrialized countries. After referencing it the 3rd time and having to flip to find the section I needed I finally pulled it out of the book and threw the rest in the garbage. (8 pages, instead of 80) The unit does come with a plastic case which is nice. If you are using it in wet weather, after you have set up the unit for what you want to measure the lead wires can run through holes at the top and bottom and the readings can be seen through the case. It isn't waterproof but it does provide some protection from dirt or the elements.
Great for wire stripping/cutting and small screw cutting
March 13, 2017
Well made tool. Great for wire stripping/cutting and small screw cutting. However, I recommend a ratcheting crimper for crimping insulated connectors. Not a criticism of this tool, a ratcheting crimper is just better then crimpers of this type.
Works well functionally. Surface coating gets scratched easily.
January 17, 2017
Functionally everything works. I took off one star because the surface coating gets stripped/scraped off very easily. The environment you usually use this tool is usually one with wires and metal around - obviously. So, all that bumping and scraping around has turned my tool into looking like a battle-scarred weapon.

If I had bought a $40 wire stripper from a brand name hardware store the surface coating might be more durable. But when you compare $15 vs $40 you have to cut corners somewhere.
Works as expected, some QC issues.
July 13, 2016
This is a basic vise-grip with stripper/wire cutter. It works as intended for typical uses around the home. Professional technicians would likely find shortcomings but works for my needs.

For typical hobbyist use it's perfectly fine and price is as expected for a basic tool. I used it to prepare some speaker wire and some computer components.

My complaints are that the finish is not consistent and appears to have a slight rusting/roughness on one portion of one side. Everywhere else on the metal is shiny except for that portion. A spring-assist would also be nice to have. It's not so much for minimizing hand fatigue but that it's less cumbersome when working with smaller parts.
Good quality, one design limitation
October 22, 2015
Summary: Well made, but design slightly awkward

I love the small size and well-made craftsmanship of this tool. The markings on the blades are easy to see and understand. I had a couple of dollar store crimper/cutter/strippers, and they don't work anything as good as this one does. However: the only problem is the placement of the stripper notches, below the pivot point of the cutters. This means you have to put the handle up and over the wire to get the blades in position to strip the insulation. This can be an awkward or self-limiting attempt, especially if you're trying to strip an in-place wire that you can't easily separate from a bundle or move into an easily accessible position. If not for that design limitation, these would be perfect.

Quality of Materials:
* Excellent, appears very durable.

Quality of Fabrication:
* Looks like a quality piece of gear; tool operates well.

Ease of Installation:
* As I noted, stripper blades make usage sometimes awkward.

Suitability for Purpose:
* My previous strippers don't hold a candle to this pair.

* As usual, Prime delivers fast and delivers well. Package was brand new
stripper yes, crimper, no.
September 1, 2014
A good stripper but the part I needed was the "crimper". Not sure why big name companies haven't figured out leverage yet...these like so many have the "crimp" part that requires "force" next to the handle, take a closer look. I also bought a "Rigid" brand that did the same thing. I probably spent almost $40 bucks just trying to replace a pair of multi-strippers/crimpers that I bought 12 years ago for peanuts, cheap and did the job. I finally found what may be the same as I had, some OEM name brand but oh yeah, they "crimp"!!!! I gave the rigids to a co-worker, how many pairs does one person need. Just make em right! These are also tight, at least the Rigid have a spring, not the best but they do strip, you'll just need a gorilla to "crimp". While I was at the no name store purchasing the no name OEM stripper/criimper I picked up also a cheap pair of crimper onlys as well...wasted so much money all ready, better just in case. Their ok for 10 or bigger but like the all in ones much better, why do I want to bring a pocket full of tools, got tons already on each job. HVAC mechanic.
Not worth purchasing - wire is so fine it will not carry much current
August 24, 2016
Not worth purchasing - wire is so fine it will not carry much current. Wire gauge was not included in advertisement, but if needed to carry more than one amp for more than about 30 seconds, then they need to be doubled or tripled up. They are fine for most electronic testing, but do not work well for automotive troubleshooting applications. First time I used them I was troubleshooting a lighting circuit on a motorcycle. I thought the lead was defective and tried several others all with the same result. I then tested each lead with an ohm meter. Each lead had continuity, so I tried again using a different test lead. I discovered my test was positive, but the lights were just glowing and the lead was getting hot. I ended up using 5 leads to get normal operation of the circuit (about 1 amp on a 12 volt DC circuit), but the leads were overheating and extended operation of the circuit would result in certain failure of the test leads. I do not know the wire gauge of these leads, but will be buying more leads with a minimum of 20 gauge wire. These leads will work great on micro-electronics.
These are affordable to get in mass quantity and are great to store around the house
July 20, 2016
These are obviously not industrial grade, and will burn up (empirically verified) at around 3-4 amps. But, industry is not the purpose of these alligator clips. These are for tinkering.So often I've been working on small electronic projects and realize I need an alligator clip and cant find one anywhere. These are affordable to get in mass quantity and are great to store around the house.While they are not industrial grade, their build quality is actually quite nice. The rubber casing doesn't feel cheap or smell weird, the rubber shell around alligator mouth feels nice, and the metal just indicate that its cheap or anything. The heads are crimped on and I haven't had any continuity issues as of yet.I would definitely recommend these to anyone that need some alligator clips.
fair price - better than crap quality
January 13, 2016
Ok, you didn't really expect to get lab grade cables at this price. But, for cheap cables, these are pretty good. The leads are soldered to the alligator clips, the wire is multi-stranded and the insulating covers not too slippery. You won't be thrilled beyond belief with these. But, you also won't feel ripped off.
Very good set of alligator clips
January 10, 2016
With modern components, it is hard to come up with any good reason to keep alligator clips around the lab. But for whatever reason, they seem to enjoy routine use for quick hookup of power, etc when prototyping. The Elenco isn't the overall best example of alligator clips that I have - certainly I've paid much more money for very high quality clips with heavier gauge while, and stronger jaw springs. But I keep buying the Elenco since the price is great, and they do work quite well. If I recall correctly, I have at least 5 sets of this model. Take that as a recommendation - price is right, they hold up, and I like them enough to keep buying them!
They work at least for small things.
March 9, 2015
They are good for doing things like measuring the current going through a resistor. In fact I got these to make doing that in my EE labs a little easier. We use the myDAQ box and protoboard, and have to take screen shots of the digital multimeter in the software to show the current we are measuring. That is nearly impossible when trying to hold one lead on a wire and the other on the end of a resistor. These allowed me to do set up the circuit to measure the current, and the current was the same with the two wires attached to the circuit that was measured just holding the leads in place without them. So for things like that they work well. I knocked them down a star because they are not the easiest things to open, but once they are in place they do not slip off the leads, the resistor or the stripped end of a wire.
Lots of leads
May 2, 2014
I needed a few test leads with alligator clips, and stumbled on these on Amazon. I like that they are color-coded, and have alligator clips on both ends. Just what I was looking for, to help me do simple circuit testing and troubleshooting. The clips seem to hold well, but I took off one star because the ends were only crimped, and not soldered. So far, so good, but my experiences with these sort of things suggest that soldering makes for a more durable connection. The clips are fairly small, but hold well, and are insulated.

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There are no reviews yet

Three Star Reviews:

it's okay
October 15, 2016
thin meter lead wires. Okay meter but a bit over rated for the price. Many feedbacks are from people getting the units free to evaluate it. Oddly enough if I got it free my option might be higher too.
I got this to test different areas of my dryer ...
August 30, 2016
I got this to test different areas of my dryer to see why it wasn't heating. I wish I would've paid a little bit more to get one with a sound feature. It would've been easier if I could've heard a tone to alert me to the fact that there was continuity in each component, as opposed to having to read the digits (not knowing what the number scale signified). This is just a personal preference, though. The devise came in a tidy little case to keep it safe and secure when I throw it in my tool box.
Item was great for a few months
May 20, 2016
Item was great for a few months. I was amazed that this tiny thing did just what I needed for most HVAC tests/repairs (minus amperage). Then... it just stopped working. Couldn't read voltage, resistance, capacitance. It only reads on DC, and it just counts up by the second.
For the $, it's OK
May 6, 2016
I found it took awhile for the readings to stabilize with this meter, in fact I had to touch the contacts more than once to get a reading at all. What I did get seemed accurate. If you need a cheap multi function meter to use around the house on occasion this one is all right. I don't think a professional would find this adequate to use daily.
Too Small
January 20, 2016
It's great for checking small things at a desk maybe, but it's just too small for what I need it for. I work on refrigerators, washer machines and dryers and the test leads are just too short to check the components and be able to read the meter at the same time.
great crimper stripper only for solid wire.
July 25, 2017
These are the best crimpers I have ever owned. The strippers, however are not very good for heavy guage stranded speaker wire. The are marked on the tool that striiper is from solid wire so one star off for that but otgherwise well built.
Three Stars
April 29, 2017
OK for 18/20 gauge wire. I still haven't found anything that works well stripping that small of wire.
Good For Basic Wire Stripping/Crimps & Small Screw Cuts
June 16, 2016
This is a nice tool to have...It strips wire easily and cleanly. It cuts screws easily but not as cleanly as I had hoped; it cuts slightly uneven. This is fine to cut excess off a protruding screw but, an unused screw may need a quick filing to be easily threaded.

I bought this to replace my aging Craftsman stripper tool but, although a bit sharper being new, it isn't a marked improvement. Also, my old Craftsman is heavier. This may be a good thing for longevity but this lighter Irwin tool is easier to handle.

Okay, this may be a 4 star tool for a first time user. I give it 3 stars since it works okay, is easy to use and convenient to have available.
Better than the cheaper one, a very simple device that does the job.
May 14, 2016
I have lots of cheaper strippers. I was doing some wiring and decided to get this "higher' quality device.

It is sharp, and does size, strip, crimp wires a little better than my cheaper ones.

It is a simple device, and I'm not certain if it is that much better than my cheaper ones, but for what it does, it works, is ok.
A bit awkward feeling, better off getting a separate crimper and separate stripper
October 31, 2015
Feels awkward in the hand with the big plastic handles. It is too big and I have a fairly big hand. Lots of functions on this tool, but makes it very large and hard to maneuver when dealing with short wires in an outlet box when remodeling. I bought these on sale and thought I'd like them, but I prefer my old smaller wire strippers that just strip wire and that is it.

Just my preference, quality seems good, but after using it I would rather have a separate crimper and separate stripper tool that do their jobs easier
they aren't great but they do work
July 11, 2016
I have bought and have been using several of these alligator clips for my science classroom (students were learning about electrical conductivity). The first ones I received were thicker and worked very well so I ordered several more. However, the new ones I received do not work as well. The cords are thinner and seem a bit longer, which I would have no problem with, except most do not conduct electricity as well, some do not work at all, and although I bought them "New" it is very obvious that some have been used, fixed, and resold.Overall, they aren't great but they do work.
The alligator clips aren't very good, one has already gotten itself jammed open after ...
June 28, 2016
You really get what you pay for. I got 2 yellow, 2 green, 2 white, and 1 black wire that actually worked.2 red and 1 black wires were broken upon arrival.The alligator clips aren't very good, one has already gotten itself jammed open after about 15 minutes of using it.Can't beat the price, even with broken wires is worth it.
November 1, 2015
It's cheap. You get what you pay for usually. This is no exception. They are very thing wire with cheap clips on then end, and flimsy clip insulators. If you want a cheap set of alligator clips for home use, or projects go for it. If you are doing any kind of automotive work, or higher amp work, keep looking.
Elenco TL-6 Standard Alligator Lead Set, 10-Pieces
June 9, 2015
I ordered these Elenco TL-6 Standard Alligator Lead Set, 10-Pieces and I am only somewhat satisfied with my purchase, because these are a product that is not that easy to find elsewhere other than online. One problem is the assembly. The wire is minimal gauge and is stripped and folded back, then crimped onto the alligator clip. I removed one star, as this is a poor connection for any electrical use other than a test bench application where you can test the lead as you are using it for continuity and this crimp would not continue to make good electrical contact in an installation use over an extended length of time. The wire appears to be 24 gauge approximately. I plan to undo the crimp and solder the wire to the clips, this will cost me some time and this review a star. I have purchased Elenco products now for years, I have not yet rated one of their products this low. Three Stars.
Looked like a decent solder to me
March 29, 2015
Some reviewers had complained about continuity and unsoldered connections between the wire and clip. I order one set of these and checked continuity and all passed. I also examined the connection between the wire and clip and found it soldered. Looked like a decent solder to me.I have only two complaints. First, the boots are exceptionally slippery making it very difficult to open the clip. Second, while measuring continuity I found the plating (or possibly a lubricant or hydrophobic coating to prevent rust?) on the outside of the clips sometimes didn't conduct. If I actually clipped them to my Fluke meter, there was always continuity without having to fiddle with them.
Worth It Overall
March 13, 2014
There was a problem with these not being shipped in the box they were supposed to be in. But, after many problems finding out how to inform Amazon and getting them not to charge me twice, it was cleared up.These items are not anything great. But, if you don't have the time to make your own with some gator-clips and wire, then these are the way to go. The price isn't excessive and adding it to an order of other things makes for no extra cost in shipping. If you need some of these, and don't want to take the time to purchase the materials and making your own, then buy these.

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There are no reviews yet

Two Star Reviews:

Seems to fluctuate
April 6, 2017
Can't get a steady number regardless of the use.
I give it 2 starts for the easy of use
August 9, 2016
I give it 2 starts for the easy of use. Beside that, this product is just... junk. When turn it into DC voltage, the meter screen keeps jumping around from (-) to 50v, if you touch the 2 tips together, it slowly comes back to 0. Got my device sent back for a warranty. The replacement came back and does exact same thing.
I wouldn't recommend this product.
Easy to read and operate but the one I got didn't work.
April 18, 2016
The Etekcity MSR-P600 is a good size and seems to be made well for this price range. This display is easy to read and the device is simple to operate. Unfortunately, I received a defective device which would not take a reading. This display would count to 400 then go into negative numbers and continue. I was in a pinch, so I returned this one and bought one locally.
Not impressed
March 20, 2016
I bought this meter about 6 months ago. It worked fine for awhile under occasional use. Now, when I turn it on to DC volts, I get crazy readings even though the probes aren't connected to anything! The display will read 26.5, 23.3, 18.1, 46.4, and on and on. The haphazard numbers change continually about once per second.

I have owned a cheap one for years and never had any trouble with it.
cables are too thin feels like they are about to brake by just handling them
January 7, 2016
Fragile multimeter, included case is way to small to put wires back inside, cables are too thin feels like they are about to brake by just handling them, and are not replaceble. Not worth $19.99. Have a good day!
Did not strip insulation from 20 gauge wire very well ...
May 1, 2017
Did not strip insulation from 20 gauge wire very well. The stripping jaws did not align and sheared the wire more than cleanly cutting the insulation. When pulling to strip the insulation the small wires were torn away. When back to using a utility knife to cut and strip the insulation.;
Cheap and nasty
February 17, 2017
I am not very impressed by this multi tool. It's cheap and light but its big and awkward to use it does not fit the hand well it does not feel right. The shape and grip material makes it easy for the hand to slip forward and contact the bare metal. You may say that it's not for use in live circuits but with loaded neutrals etc it often happens. I had recently become a user of Irwin told and their N.W.S. rebadged pliers are good but this pressed steel multi tool it's cheap and nasty. Spend a little extra and buy the Knippex or Kline versions
It's cheap but the tool can't handle hard use. ...
December 10, 2016
It's cheap but the tool can't handle hard use. I bought them on sale now u wish I would have just saved my money.
Too difficult to use, maybe should have got the longer handle option.
March 18, 2016
This stripper/crimper device was difficult for me to use. I felt like I was going to hit someone in the face stripping the wires or fling the tool across the room. Also, I only got one successful crimp before either my hands got tired and I couldn't squeeze the tool hard enough for the next crimp or maybe the tool is already bent out of shape. Either way, I have used tools like this before and this specific IRWIN tool was difficult for me to use and get a good grip on, maybe a longer handle with more torquing power would be better suited for my needs.
Doesn't work well with stranded conductors - cuts the copper conductors along with the the rubber insulation - thumbs down!
December 27, 2015
I purchased this stripper based on so many good reviews. Upon using the tool, I found that it doesn't work as well as advertised. When you strip a stranded wire, it somehow slightly kinks the wire and cuts some of the copper strands along with the rubber insulation. Therefore, you effectively end up having a smaller wire due to the loss of the conductors. I ended up leaving this stripper on the shelf and using my old Klein Tools stripper, which can strip the same wires without cutting the stranded conductors.
The clips are pretty small and difficult to use
September 13, 2017
I've spent some time looking and ended up buying these because of the price and they were the shortest ones I could find.But I think I shouldnt have been so cheap and spent a couple bucks more on different ones.The clips are pretty small and difficult to use. Like I don't think you'd be able to clip these onto anything the first try. The clips are too small for the sleeve so they slip around like crazy. Gets a little annoying..
Check your test leads before you assume your circuit is faulty! Already failing!
June 30, 2017
Bad connections between thin copper wire and the alligator clip due to a crimp connection, as opposed to a soldered connection. Not able to buy good quality alligator clips and make my own test leads anymore! You can't beat a soldered wire to clip test lead! All of mine wore out....after about 30 years!
Quality was not too good
May 3, 2017
The quality was poor. Two out of 10 were an open circuit. The wire gauge is really small. I tore apart the open circuit ones, and found a crimpted connection on a short stripped wire end. The stripped part was not in the crimp, so only insulation had any pressure on it. I've bought other Elenco cables and was ok with the quality, but this product was poor.Nobody seems to make good quality alligator jumpers, it looks like I'll need to buy some silicon wire and alligator clips and make my own.
Get What You Pay For
October 16, 2016
The ends are so slippery that it is extremely difficult to use without the head of the clip sliding out of the plastic protection.This makes it hard to open up the clips big to fit them onto a battery or other bigger piece of electronic equipment that I need to use them for. They get two stars because there are so many of them, the price was cheap, and they are not broken. I would not recommend these, if you use them professionally. The next time, I will spend a little more and purchase my next set in a store, so that I inspect them before purchasing.
3 out of 10 ain't good
May 9, 2016
Ok so I received these leads to complete some testing on solar lights that were not working well in my yard. When I first attached the leads to see if the solar cell were generating any voltage or enough to recharge the batteries I was surprised to find they were dead. However I was sure they were producing some activity in full sun, so I proceeded to check the leads for continuity. To my surprise only three of the leads were actually connected to the alligator clips electrically even though the wires were firmly crimped to the clips. The fact that there was not one drop of solder on any of the clips was immediately evident. Obviously none of these leads were subjected at the point of manufacture to a simple continuity test before being sent out. I guess for the price this was not surprising Unless you are willing to disassemble the wires and solder them on you run the risk of having to throw these leads out. I did fix them all, but I think you would be better served buying from a more reliable vendor. I will say they came direct from China sooner than was forecast. So unless you enjoy tearing these apart and reworking them I would pass.
A pain to deal with
March 21, 2016
The protective clip covers are very slippery and slide around when you try to open the clips. I read in another review that the Elenco set has soldered connectors, but these are just crimped on.

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There are no reviews yet

One Star Reviews:

One Star
November 19, 2016
Does not read accurately
Didnt hold up
November 3, 2016
Didn't hold up,
Unreliable readings - don't even bother with it
October 20, 2016
I had high hopes for this little unit. The price was excellent for a meter that did all the functions I needed including capacitance. Unfortunately there appears to be nothing about this tool that is reliable.
- Registers a "phantom" voltage when the leads are not touching anything
- Resistance readings jump all over even when the leads are touching each other and the Ohms should be 0
- did a simple voltage test of a battery and the values fluctuated wildly.
- continuity test (audible) was not consistent even when there was clear continuity. it just registered a weak and uneven rattling buzz.

Basically this is a toy that I wouldn't wish on anybody trying to test anything seriously. Maybe I got a bad one and the rest are great. I don't have much tolerance for junk tools so I instantly returned it.
Questionable quality
June 9, 2016
Appeared to be of low quality. The continuity buzzer wasn't loud enough to be heard unless held next to your ear. Needless to say, I returned it to Amazon.
One Star
September 27, 2015
Did not work right out of box
... big I try to return it but their policy suck so I have no choice but to keep it
September 10, 2017
Too big I try to return it but their policy suck so I have no choice but to keep it ..
it's a great tool but it is painfully to work with
August 14, 2017
The 8-inch one does not have the spring between handles, function wise, it's a great tool but it is painfully to work with.
If you just want a simple cutting/stripping tool, get the 7", which is even cheaper.
It does not have a coil between the handles, ...
May 19, 2017
It does not have a coil between the handles, you need to open and close it so if you are a pro and want it for everyday use do not buy it.
Does not work for stranded cables
January 30, 2017
This tool strips the sheath along with the copper underneath. Took way too long to strip some cables for a car stereo install. Does not work with stranded cables.
Ordered these cutters/crumpers/strippers for an electrical circuit class. Specifically ...
September 10, 2016
Ordered these cutters/crumpers/strippers for an electrical circuit class. Specifically needed a tool for 22 & 24 AWG. The discrption said 10- 24 AWG. Tool only goes to 20 AWG.
Chinese resistors disguised as clip leads.
March 13, 2017
These clip leads are actually 0.6 ohm resistors! And, the tiny, tiny wires are not soldered to the alligator clips. After corrosion sets in, the resistance will be even higher. Chinese Junk (pun intended).
Too cheep, they work but oh so poorly.
December 28, 2016
Too cheep, they work but oh so poorly. The alligator clip rolls around in the vinyl jacket making it very difficult to open and grip something. Seems the clip doesn't seem to have enough flat spot where we squeeze to open them allowing the clip to roll around. Pretty useless, I threw them in my junk wire bin for emergency or scrap what ever comes first. I will now buy some quality leads, lesson learned.
Big lack of quality contro 8/10 had a faulty connection
August 6, 2016
Bought those thinking there are no way you can mess up alligator leads, well I was wrong. Only 3 out of 10 had a contact between the two clips. One of which was very flaky. I opened of of those and they are not soldered.
Do not buy this. They do not work.
July 26, 2016
These are the worst alligator clips I have ever used. I tried to use it to my solar car and the solar car didn't work. I tried different motors and they still didn't work! If anything, buy something more expensive than this garbage. Sorry for being kind of cruel, but I sincerely hate these alligator clips. PLEASE NOTE: I write honest reviews. I do not get free items, but I write honest reviews. I also am not a bot, and this is my actual opinion of these alligator clips. Thank you for taking the time to read my review and I hope you have a good shopping experience. :)
July 9, 2016
I bought 2 sets of the clips with price in mind and the brand name of Elenco - started testing zener diodes in a test jig using the clips to insert each zener diode into the circuit to check the zener voltage of each diode tested and nothing happens - I pulled out an ohmmeter to check my connections and found the clips were open. pulled the insulator off the alligator clip and bingo - the wires are just crimped into the end of the alligator clip. At first the connection is ok, but put a little tug or wiggle on the wires and they lose contact - VERY SHODDY WORKMANSHIP AND N0 QUALITY CONTROL, but you get what you pay--- cheap price, cheap product.. I am seriously wondering how these clips were branded Elenco - previous merchandise supposedly manufactured by Elenco was top notch quality. I can solder mine - all 40 clips to the wires, but this is definitely MADE IN CHINA at its worst - looks like RADIO SHACK is getting back another customer - my time is valuable and the cost in repair materials just made these alligator clips VERY, VERY, VERY expensive. Won't return them - takes too much time and effort - - - BUYER BEWARE
Non-functioning and Sub-par Operation
March 11, 2016
Some of these clips are an open circuit. Of the ones that do work, they only work if you're careful, they're hard to clip on compared to other alligator clips I've used. The reason is that they are poorly designed in my opinion. When you squeeze the lever they rotate inside the insulating jacket (rather than opening). The jacket isn't narrow enough and or the clips themselves are too narrow. My 8 year old son was unable to use these. Others here mentioned that the jacket/boot is too slippery and that's part of the issue too. If you pull off the jacket and clip them, the clips themselves are so narrow that they just rotate between your fingers rather than opening. Maybe tiny, strong and skilled fingers can use these but my fingers would have to develop a new skillset to use them and definitely a child under 10 years old couldn't use them. Overall, this really slows down clipping things on/off and defeats the purpose of using these. Also, the wire gauge is low so I wouldn't expect them to be used for anything over 100mA without the heating issues mentioned. I don't have an accurate measurement but I estimate that the resistance in one of these is between 0.5 and 1 ohms so at 100mA you can expect up to 100mV and 10mW drop in just one. If you cranked that up to say 1Amp you'd be looking at 1V drop and 1Watt which is a heating element (hmmm....maybe Elenco could market these as low cost heaters).

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Test AC/DC voltage and current,resistance,capacitance; Check frequency,duty cycle; Test diode,continuity buzzer

Featues Data Hold, Relative Measurement, and an easy-to-read large LCD display

Auto-ranging scales make electronic measurements much easier and a breeze

Automatically enters sleep mode after 30 minutes of inactivity of rotary switch and buttons for saving power

Palm size design makes this a very portable multimeter and always handy for use

Features durable nickel chromium steel construction.

The ProTouch grips provide extra comfort and reduce hand fatigue.

Induction hardened cutting edge stays sharp longer. Strips and cuts 10-22 AWG. Pliers-style nose allows pulling and looping in wire.

Cuts bolts to size and leaves perfect lead thread. Crimps insulated, non-insulated terminals. Meets or exceeds all ANSI standards.

10 Test leads in 5 colors for easy identification

Length - 14"

Insulated alligator clips on each end

Perfect for testing your Arduino or Raspery Pi assemblies

Ideal for use in labs, service shops, schools (STEM - STEAM), home and industry

Push-on alligator test clip set with red & black extra-large, insulated boots. Slips onto most test lead tips of .080" diameter.

Flat rate S&H get 10 of these for less than $30

High quality desoldering braid

Unique no clean flux

Pure oxygen free copper wire

0.1"L x 5'L

Weight 0.6oz

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