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Vegetable's Chef - Onion, Vegetable, Fruit and Cheese Chopper - Dice, Slice and Chop for Salads, Soups, Ragout and More - Free Peeler and Recipe eBook mailed to You - Vegetable's Chef
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GalleyFresh Kitchenware Professional V-Slicer, Mandoline Slicer, Food Chopper, Fruit & Vegetable Cutter, 7 Piece Set - GalleyFresh Kitchenware

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Vegetable's Chef http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/41ahK6%2BeGqL._SL160_.jpg
Vegetable's Chef - Onion, Vegetable, Fruit and Cheese Chopper - Dice, Slice and Chop for Salads, Soups, Ragout and More - Free Peeler and Recipe eBook mailed to You - Vegetable's Chef
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GalleyFresh Kitchenware http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/51-PuS8pI%2BL._SL160_.jpg
GalleyFresh Kitchenware Professional V-Slicer, Mandoline Slicer, Food Chopper, Fruit & Vegetable Cutter, 7 Piece Set - GalleyFresh Kitchenware
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Five Star Reviews:

Great buy!
September 3, 2017
Let me tell you, I love this thing! I make pico de gallo and my family has to have the tomatoes and onions cut super small...ain't nobody got time for that!!!! But this little guy dices the tomatos and onions to perfection and makes the process soooooooooo quick and easy!!! Oh and let me add that I made 10a# of potato salad and it cut my time in less than half of what it normally takes to dice up the potatos!!! The price can't be beat! Buy it without hesitation, you won't be sorry...I purchased this product it was not free...
love it
September 12, 2016
this is actually my second purchase of this item, I chopped my way through three bushels of tomatoes and other veggies this canning season. this is my third season using this chopper and while it is in perfect condition, I decided that I wanted a back-up on hand. what is so super about this unit is the ease of cleaning, so much easier than any other unit I tried. if you do large quantities of salsa this a great time saver
Vegetable's Chef Chopper
May 7, 2016
I love the Vegetable's Chef chopper, especially the ease of operating it. My last chopper was difficult and I usually had to get my husband to push it down and it broke. Having 3 blades to choose from is a plus! Not only do you get this great chopper, you also get an e-book with 50 recipes and a vegetable peeler. Although the recipes are European based, you can request (as I did) the Imperial version which is the American version as far as the measurements go. I'm planning to do one of the recipes soon.
For small needs or small kitchens. This is a great chopper.
October 20, 2015
My biggest worry about ordering this item was that it would end up being made of cheap flimsy plastic and would break immediately when I use it. I was gratefully surprised that this was not the case. The plastic is thick and sturdy, the blade squares fit snugly into the unit and the top lid is very sturdy with the soft rounded plastic edge to keep your hands from being hurt during use. This is a quick sensible way of chopping ingredients with out having to drag out a food processor and deal with the pain in the rear of cleaning. This unit is dishwasher safe and comes with a cleaning pick to help clean the squares used to press the ingredients down into the blades. The peeler is a great addition and since we recently moved, have of my kitchen gadgets have gotten lost so this was great timing. I really like the fact that your food is chopped and dropped into the container and doesn't drop onto the counter for it to grow legs and leap off of the counter onto the floor. There are three blades for different shapes which covers pretty much any recipe you may have. As long as you chop the veggie into small enough chunks first, you should not have a problem using this. Good product for a great price.
Great tool to add to your kitchen collection
March 6, 2015
I received the Vegetable's Chef through a promotion in return for an Honest review. The packing was good with no scratches or shuffling around at all. I got it out and washed it up right away. I first used the larger square chopping blade to make small french fries from red potatoes that I needed to use up . I love how easy it was to put the potato on and just push the top down, it did not take a lot of force, and my six year old was able to do it as well. I can never cut uniform thickness so this is perfect for me. I then used it to slice some carrots with the thinner blade attachment to roast with my potatoes, and again it went right through them with no problem at all. Clean up was very simple and it is perfect that it comes with a comb like attachment to clean out the smaller parts. It seems to be very well made and I would recommend this product to anyone especially if like me, you are impatient and hate spending lots of time hand dicing or chopping vegetables for meals.
Would recommend
March 3, 2017
I am very pleased with the way it works, made cutting the potatos super easy.
The blades are easy to change from blades that slice thicker to blades ...
January 10, 2017
Bought this as a Christmas gift for my mom last year. She loves it! Even a year later, the blades are still sharp and slices the vegetables as well as it did the day she pulled it out of the box. The blades are easy to change from blades that slice thicker to blades that slice thinner. It's easy to clean and doesn't take much space. You can slice almost any vegetable and it makes the job so much quicker and easier than slicing by hand with a knife. She has used it so much and it has been very well worth the money. Would definitely recommend for anyone that spends a lot of time preparing food.
Buy it...You won't be disappointed!
November 26, 2015
This slicer is great! I used it to slice potatoes for a scalloped potato dish and it worked smoothly. It has 5 interchangeable blades and everything fits nicely back in the box for easy storage. I love that it stands up on its own while you are slicing. The hand guard also works nicely with prongs to hold the item in place. I see this becoming a very handy tool for day-to-day prep in my cooking regimen. I've uploaded a copy of the instructions as some people can't seem to find them. The instructions come with the confirmation e-mail, versus printed and in the box.
Love it!
October 3, 2015
This is my first mandoline so there was a slight learning curve for me to get the hang of using it successfully. I mangled my first tomato and I sliced off a tiny chip of plastic from the safety grip slicing a potato... user errors all my own fault. But by my third time using it, it was a breeze. I love this thing! The price point is great for a mandoline with this many inserts for slicing varying thicknesses.

One recommendation I'd have for newbies like me: mine came with no instructions in the box, so the only description of which insert to use for different cuts was a picture on the side of the box. You might want to cut that panel off the box and keep it before you throw the box away.
August 29, 2015
I used the slicer for the first time today. I slice sweet onions to dehydrate. My family and friends love them so I dehydrate a lot. I don't know how long the blades will stay sharp, only time will tell. So far I absolutely love it! Easy to use, easy to change blades, easy to clean. I can slice large size onions. The guard is wonderful. Can't say enough about it, I highly recommend this mandolin slicer.

Four Star Reviews:

Great chopper
September 15, 2017
I purchased this chopper by a friend's recommendation. I have to admit, it makes a chore like chopping a lot more enjoyable. I use it mostly for when I find sales on things like peppers and onions and want to freeze them up in a baggie, to have them handy. Otherwise, I wouldn't use it for just one veggie. Good product.
Good but not great.
June 15, 2016
A little weird to clean but I like it. It's pretty awesome at making salads. I would not recommend it for herbs. They get stuck in the white top part. It recommends using soft foods for specific blades so as long as you follow those instructions that should be fine.
Works great!
May 31, 2016
Excellent buy, and I am not being paid for my review. I have had this item for over a year now and it works well. Saves me plenty of time chopping and dicing green peppers, onions, tomatoes and more for salads, omlettes and fresh salsa. It dies take some time to clean, especially after chopping tomatoes, but for the price, you can't beat it.
loved it
October 10, 2015
Absolutely love this chopper. I have never used any chopper in my life but after much hearing about these things making life easier I decided on to buy one. Two of my friends have this same chopper so I also went for this. I used it for the time for bell pepper and tomato and it worked magically. But I am not sure how long would it last seeing the way everytime I have to push it down and apply force. Well, lets see, for now its working...
This thing is awesome! I'd give it five stars if I hadn't ...
September 9, 2015
This thing is awesome! I'd give it five stars if I hadn't already broke it. Unfortunately the hinges were a little more fragile than I had estimated. The interchangeable chopping grates are each perfectly sized. It's also easy to clean - especially with the grate cleaner that is included. Simply run it through a few times. The plastic bottom is very easy to wash out, and the plastic itself is good quality (has not become scratched/cloudy). I've put everything imaginable through this thing - it makes dicing and chopping (especially in volume) effortless.
Nice wide face area to slice on so it works ...
February 22, 2016
Nice wide face area to slice on so it works really well with larger veggies. Can't do anything on it with carrots. But foe my slicing needs, this is super quick and easy. Has become a STAPLE item in my kitchen. This product is well-made. PLEASE be careful---there is a learning curve to getting the hang of this and just use caution, the blades are SHARP!!
Slices well but be careful.
February 7, 2016
I like this slicer. You just need to be careful with it. What I found is that the piece that holds your vegetable only takes the vegetable down so far. I didn't want to waste so much food so I tried to continue the slicing by holding the vegetable and I almost sliced my finger doing so. Be careful with this slicer. I recommend getting the mitt you can wear that is cut resistant.
I was very excited to get this product. I ...
December 4, 2015
I was very excited to get this product. I used it a little bit and it has become a dust collector in my cabinets. The main reason is because the slicing guard is really big and when you've sliced maybe 2/3 of the vegetable or fruit, the guard hits the mandolin and doesn't allow more slicing. So you have to remove the remainder of the fruit/veg etc and hand slice it with a knife anyways. (Or maybe purchase a sharps glove for protection and still use the mandolin with your glove hand- may still be dangerous?)

I actually considered giving away my mandolin. Still mostly chop chop on my cutting board with a knife and I was excited to move away from that with a faster option.
First Timer on a Mandolin Slicer
November 3, 2015
The product arrived timely, and I give only a 4 star rating due to the following details. As a first time user and never having seen this product used, I was dismayed there were no instructions at all with the product, not even on the box it came in. The box did warn me to handle with care as the blades were very sharp. I had to go to the internet and watch YouTube videos to understand how it works. I figured out on my own how to change the slicers. I am sure as I get more familiar with using it, it will become a staple in my kitchen. I do wish I had a slicer where I could adjust the slice thickness, but the 3 different slicers will do for now.
Check your parts
August 11, 2015
It's plastic but better than the one I previously bought at the supermarket. However, it didn't come with instructions and instead of having a 3.5mm blade guide it had two 2.5mm guides. I'm waiting to hear from Amazon to see if they can get the missing piece for me. The safety guide is much better than the one I had and the adjustable prongs grab the food solidly.

Update: Amazon shipped me a new one and this had all of the correct pieces. Good to know that they worked so quickly to make it right. Thanks Amazon!

Three Star Reviews:

Three Stars
July 26, 2017
Didn't have device included to clean grates that was supposed to be included. Works well other than that.
Okay for small amount
January 3, 2017
Hard to put too much in the dicer. I can only put a little piece of onion or carrot to get it to work. But it does cut nicely when you do that.
the main compartment is sturdy, well designed and good for storage
August 23, 2016
the main compartment is sturdy, well designed and good for storage..but the blades could have been more sharper and stronger..peeler kinda feels flimsy ...did not like it.. otherwise it is a good ,handy tool for those who cooks on daily basis .
January 22, 2016
My old chopper was perfectly fine except it didn't have the slicer option. So I gave it to my Mom and ordered this one. The first time I used the slicer it bent and now is no good. I feel very disappointed.
I got this as a gift for a family friend ...
January 19, 2016
I got this as a gift for a family friend as we have a similar one, but the box shows that there should be three separate rather than 2. They gave 2 of the same kind rather than 3 different sizes. Not sure if anyone else had the same issue. According to the picture as well there are 3 different blades.
Be careful. The blades are very sharp.
May 21, 2016
I couldn't get the 'holder' to hold onto the carrot. So I thought I could do it by hand. Be careful - the blades are very sharp. I sliced my finger. Now, I am wary to use it.
Three Stars
April 30, 2016
It's not sharp enough
I love that everything comes out the same size
April 25, 2016
A little hard to work with at first but I got the hang of it. I love that everything comes out the same size. However the round thing to hold the food for safety purposes is somewhat useless, it does not hold anything too skinny, too thick, or too hard like sweet potato. That was a little disappointing so I ended up buying the NoCry Cut resistant gloves then I just hold the food in my hands and go up and down until almost the end works like a charm!
Love my new slicer
January 12, 2016
Love my new slicer....just have to be careful, that blade is really sharp. I cut my finger taking it out of the box because I wasn't paying attention. After inspection, blade had several nicks in one side. Contacted GalleyFresh several times, They said they would send a replacement several times. Now been several months and nothing!!
Three Stars
October 15, 2015
the best I can say for this is it does an ok job.

Two Star Reviews:

Two Stars
June 19, 2017
Broken after using it for 1 month.
Missing Free Book and Breaks Easily
April 2, 2016
Bought a bunch of these as Christmas gifts...there was no free book included with any of them. Also, you still have to chop your veges up before using, or it will break like mine did. If you don't mind chopping first, it makes nice uniform pieces. It would be a fantastic product if it was made out of stainless steel and didn't break.
I'd rather use a knife.
January 24, 2016
I've had this product a week and don't like it. Using a knife is more efficient. By the time I fight the product enough to get the food sliced, I could have been done with a knife. You have to be selective which foods will pass through, and many don't.
which is pretty hard to clean out of the gridwork on top ...
September 29, 2015
The product doesn't cleanly cut veggies. Onions, peppers, tomatoes all leave mess behind, which is pretty hard to clean out of the gridwork on top that pushes your veggies through the cutting pieces. Also, the slicer mangles eggs. I still have to use a knife if I want cubes cut with the larger grid - the slicer is way too thin to make proportioned cubes. Boo, I"m not happy!
While the idea of this chopper is awesome, making short work of pico de gallo and ...
July 22, 2015
While the idea of this chopper is awesome, making short work of pico de gallo and other salsas, the quality of this particular item is TERRIBLE. I have owned it for a little over two months. I have used it approximately 4-5 times. Already the logo has worn off and one of the pieces is bent, so that it has become cumbersome to use. The little comb they give to help clean it is flimsy and feels like the teeth will break off at any moment. I love this tool, but I would NOT recommend this maker. Buy a chopper but do yourself a favor and DON'T buy this one!
I would not recommend it.
January 18, 2016
Not handy. It does not cut correctly: it cuts only half of the veggies. I would not recommend it.
It works. The storage is a bit slippery for ...
January 6, 2016
It works. The storage is a bit slippery for the blades as it is positioned horizontally for storage. The device to hold product for use is limited in size and you will have to use a knife to accommodate that. It is sharp and care has to be taken.
Expected good results - disappointed
September 2, 2015
I received my mandoline and I was excited.. To say the least, it was short lived. I put it together so that I could use it that night.. My family and I live on primarily a plant based diet, and do juicing, so having a mandoline I thought would've made thins a breeze and cut back on time spent slicing, etc. The blade isn't that sharp at all, it was a struggle to slice a sweet potato... And while slicing a pear, it was still a little challenging.
The plastic handle/tool broke, were it slides on to assist and make it so that you don't cut your hand/fingers.
This was my first mandoline and it made it a little difficult to want to buy another.

One Star Reviews:

would have been a great product if the blades were stronger
August 22, 2017
Returned it! Slicing blade bent on the first use. Didn't realize until later that the bent blade was cutting into the white plastic that pushes the food through the blades and causing little pieces of plastic to break off into my food. Should have thought about it while I was cutting the potatoes but hindsight... would have been a great product if the blades were stronger.
July 21, 2016
-DO NOT BUY- This item has a great idea, but it simply does not work. The 1/4" cutting blade broke on the second use.. on soft-boiled vegetables (carrots, garlic scapes). The cleaning tool broke on its second use. The first use was okay, with fresh vegetables, except it takes so long to fully clean out the unit that it's actually quicker to cut by hand.
Broke first time used! Pass on this one...
April 21, 2016
Don't waste your money. Broke the first time I used it chopping red peppers. Not even a hard vegetable! The metal cutting band pushed right out. Also, didn't like the blade inserts. I've had other brands (which lasted years not one day) and definitely prefer the one piece blade trays instead of this one that has one tray that you place three different blade inserts on. They didn't fit well, which is probably why it broke since the blades were most likely off a bit and weren't lined up correctly. This one is going back. What a disappointment.
Poor quality
September 1, 2015
The first half onion I placed into the press, it cracked the actual bottom container. This made cutting onions more of a hassle and I ended up just chopping them myself with the knife. I gave it another try the next time, even broken, because I just couldn't get myself to accept the fact I had wasted my money and wanted to prove to myself that it actually had some use, unfortunately the fact that it cracked doesn't allow you to firmly press down and grip onto the onion in between in order for it to be chopped. I have just come to the conclusion that this item is poorly made and has no use for it in my kitchen
One Star
May 3, 2015
Didn't make it through one cutting of an onion even after I halted it
Dont buy this
May 15, 2017
Please don't waste your money. Spend the extra couple $$ on a better one . Blades are already dull an food gets stuck where the 2 blades meet .
I think this was a waste unless I'm using it wrong
January 7, 2017
I think this was a waste unless I'm using it wrong. I will try again, but at this time it's not the best working piece of equipment for me.
Hated it.
September 9, 2016
I gave it away. Hated it.
Poor instructions.
August 31, 2016
Very poor instructions.
Avoid like the plague. Dangerous.
January 18, 2016
This is the only review I've done in the 8+ years I've been an Amazon customer. The box was beat to hell when I got it and the plastic sleeves to cover a "new product" were ripped and shredded I think this has been sent back a few times. I used it for 15 minutes and threw it back in the box. Was slicing onions no big deal it should handle it right? Haha when it got to the center of the onion it just stuck halfway into a blade had to dig it out with my hand in fear of losing a hand or finger. The rest of the 5 minutes felt like a struggle to slice it would not move quickly through as it should. I don't know why this has 5 star reviews I guess people are just too used to cheap crap. I'd give it a -2 stars if I could.
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SUPERIOR VALUE - Your Complete Fruits, Cheese and Vegetable Chopper comes with 3 Super Sharp Stainless Steel Blades for Chopping and Dicing, Non-Slip Feet's that hold the base securely in place while in use, Rubber Covered Lid that confers a better grip, Lid Cleaning Tool, Free Peeler and a Digital Cookbook with 50 Amazing New Recipes, emailed to you, that will brighten any family dinner table.

VERSATILE - Create SALADS, SOUPS, RAGOUT and DESSERTS from a great variety of Vegetables, Cheese and Fruits: Onions, Peppers, Garlic, Zucchini, Cucumbers, Squash, Radish, Sweet And Regular Potatoes, Strawberries, Bananas, Apples, Pineapple, Kiwi, Melon and much MORE.

THE BEST CHOICE - Best vegetable, fruit and cheese for anyone on a Raw Food, Low Carb, Gluten Free, No Wheat, Paleo, DIET! A PERFECT GIFT for Moms, Cooks and health-conscious people, making their life fun and easy. PERFECT GIFT for FAMILY and FRIENDS! Buy with Confidence.

RELIABLE - A big TIME SAVER. Crafted of reinforced plastic, heavy duty and long life. Save your fingertips and stop fumbling with knives and old-fashioned kitchen tools with dull blades and poor results. Avoid countless kitchen tools (knives, bowls, cutting boards, etc.) that cannot always be at hand and take plenty of storage space in the kitchen to complete. Now you have everything in one handy set! Simple and space saving as it gets! It chops right into a built-in container for easy transfer or storage after cutting. All pieces are detachable for EASY CLEANING, DISHWASHER SAFE, assembles easily in a minutes! We offer a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE if you don't love this product.

FAST AND EASY: This Mandoline slicer quickly and safely cuts fruits and vegetables with the sharpest V-shaped stainless steel blades. Easily slices a variety of fruits and veggies. Dramatically reduces preparation and cooking times in half.

SAFETY IS A MUST HAVE: Large safety guard included, ambidextrous easy grip safety handle securely holds food for stable slicing and protects fingers from cuts :)

SIMPLE TO CLEAN: Rinses clean under water. Dishwasher safe and easy to store away for the next use.

DURABLE AND RELIABLE: GalleyFresh mandoline v vegetable slicer can last a lifetime with proper usage due to extremely strong stainless steel blades and a very durable ABS plastic body. Slip-resistant rubber feet stabilize slicer while using and has a protective storage rack that keeps blade inserts safely stashed away.

PEACE OF MIND ORDERING: Order now with peace of mind with our 30 day 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!! (We are an Eco-friendly company. To conserve our natural resources we will send you a digital copy of the simple instructions upon ordering!!!

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