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Bluetooth Receiver, LDesign [Upgraded] Bluetooth 4.1 Music Receiver, Hands-free iPhone Bluetooth Receiver for Home/Car Audio Music Streaming Sound System /Bluetooth Car Kit (Black) - LDesign
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Mpow Streambot One Bluetooth 4.0 Hands-Free Car Kit / Bluetooth Audio Music Receiver for Car Stereo Supports Voice Control, with Ground Loop Noise Isolator, Dual Port USB Car Charger and Magnetic Base - Mpow

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LDesign http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/41WV-X%2B08RL._SL160_.jpg
Bluetooth Receiver, LDesign [Upgraded] Bluetooth 4.1 Music Receiver, Hands-free iPhone Bluetooth Receiver for Home/Car Audio Music Streaming Sound System /Bluetooth Car Kit (Black) - LDesign
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Mpow http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/51E-ZJyAf8L._SL160_.jpg
Mpow Streambot One Bluetooth 4.0 Hands-Free Car Kit / Bluetooth Audio Music Receiver for Car Stereo Supports Voice Control, with Ground Loop Noise Isolator, Dual Port USB Car Charger and Magnetic Base - Mpow
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Five Star Reviews:

Great buy
November 1, 2016
Got for my car cause of iPhone 7. This thing rocks for the price. Last about 5-8hrs continuous I just keep it plugged in with USB cable. Only downside is the power on/off function, it could be improved. Hold down for 3-4secs for power on and 6 to power off. A voice tells you this. Once connected to Bluetooth i only have to power on the device, my iPhone picks it up . everytime no need to keep pairing.
Great for Playing iPods
June 9, 2016
We use this receiver to play our iPods from our surround sound system. My boyfriend is able to just plug it in to the headphone jack and then the iPod will connect with bluetooth. Now we don't have to buy a separate bluetooth speaker. I was able to bring my iPod into other rooms without it disrupting the sound. However, we do live in a smaller apartment so I'm not sure the total distance you could go from the receiver. So simple to use and definitely a cheaper alternative to the portable speaker. The quality of the sound was very clear and no static. Great little gadget for the house!
Great product with an even better price.
April 5, 2016
Whenever I review a product I always compare the price of the product versus what it does and how well it preforms. With this it’s price under $15 dollars. For me that puts it in the bargain ben so I only judge it by the main feature.

For me this product is replacing my car audio cable. I was having several problems with it and as this is practically the same price as a new cable it was worth the investment.

Why I like it:
I use to get a hum in me speakers every time I plugged in my phone to charge, Completely gone now.
My phone isn’t wired to my car.
Audio sounds great, If there’s any problems, I haven’t hear them.
Connection was a breeze. Took me less than 30 seconds.

Thinks to know:
Battery last about 4 or 5 hours of constant use.
It tells you when I needs to recharge. So I’ve never had it died on me.
It can be used for hands free calling, and I have used it without problems. I never recommend that because yours just too far microphone, but you can, and it works.
Turning it on feels like a really long time. You really have to hold it those 3 seconds.
When connecting its says, “Fot” connected instead of phone.
The lights are really dim, In daylight I don’t see them. At night I barely see them.
When pairing, its best when done while connect to a speaker. It will tell you if it’s successful.
Works great, does not disappoint
February 6, 2016
I (like many others i'm sure) got this to cut the cords when playing music from my phone in my car. The dongle works exactly as it should and has given me no problems. It paired easily and once fully charged lasts a very long time. Its difficult to tell exactly how long since most of my trips are short but on an average of 45 minutes driving a day I would say it lasted about a week before I needed to plug it in to charge. Mine stays mounted to the underside of my dash where I can easily reach it to plug into the usb cigarette lighter adapter to charge when needed or just to be able to turn it on. One negative drawback I found (and really just an annoyance) is that since the dongle turns off to conserve battery when not in use I always have to turn it back on when I get back in the vehicle. A signal or power sense feature would be nice but I am not sure how easy/possible that is to implement. Probably part of how they keep cost down. Other than that, I get in the car, turn on my bluetooth, power on the dongle, they remember each other and reconnect automatically, pick a song and i'm rolling. Sound quality is, to me, on par with plugged into the aux jack. Maybe, just barely, a tiny bit of overall volume reduction but if so it is barely perceptible. I tested plugged and wireless and all the tones seemed comparable both ways. I am not an audiophile and do not claim to be one so if you are in need of a more detailed audio comparison continue your research. For me though it works great for the price.
Great device works better than I could have hoped
February 5, 2016
One word for this "AWESOME". It is exactly what I was looking for. Easy to use and connected to my iPhone just as described in the instructions. I have the device in my car hooked up to the aux port. The device automatically connect with my phone when I turn it on and when my phone is out of range it turns off automatically. The main button turns the device on when you press it for about 3 seconds if you hold it for 5 or more it is ready to pair with your phone. The same button with pause and play what ever you are listening to on the phone and holding it will turn it off too. The side buttons work to go forward and back in a playlist and if you hold them down will increase and decrease the volume. Last and not least is the mic and it does work great. I have the device Velcroed to my dash and it picks up my voice no problems. I have asked people how it sounds and they indicated that they hear me perfectly. More info when the battery is getting low it will tell you it's time to recharge. The device is 1"x2"x3/8".
Excellent product!
November 7, 2017
Great item.of convenience if your credit stereo does not have Bluetooth! The buttons work fantastic for play/pause, ff, rwd, and everything else! And the sticky pad and magnet that keep the button in reach is nice!Only problem I had was the car charger portion. Was dead out of the box, but the seller quickly offered to replace it, paid shipping to send it back, and when it was out of stock refunded the whole price of the product! Excellent customer service from the folks at MPow!Definitely recommend if your vehicle doesnt have Bluetooth!5 stars all the way!
Terrific alternative to shoddy car audio
November 1, 2017
I have a Subaru with what has to be a sound system hazard. The device could not keep a Bluetooth connection for more than 10 straight minutes. With this single purchase I no longer have to worry about the hazards and distraction of messing around with the stereo while driving.The product works phenomenally well, connects automatically and quickly and keeps its connection going. I use an iPhone 6. One of my favorite purchases ever. Really that good.
Great affordable alternative to after-market BT stereo
September 18, 2017
I needed a solution for getting bluetooth music into my 2011 Subaru Legacy with stock stereo. The car already has BT phone, but wasn't equiped for music. I searched around and landed on this gadget. Setup was very easy and connecting to it is a breeze. I've even got it setup so that it plays music and when I get a call it goes through the Legacy's BT phone system so that the calls are clear and audible.PRO:- Small size- Easy to setup- Buttons to skip forwards/backwards- Press is programmableCON:- Can be a mess of wires. Needs some wire management to appear clean/orderly- When car is turned off it still plays music on phone. Need to pause.- In some vehicles power is still fed to the 12v ports when car is off; can potentially drain battery if left plugged in for days on end.
Works great. I have even used it outside of my ...
May 3, 2017
Works great. I have even used it outside of my car with my houses stereo and worked like a charm.
Great sound and easy automatic connection to my phone every ...
March 19, 2017
Great sound and easy automatic connection to my phone every time. The sticky backing on the mount, though, is not strong enough to withstand the heat of the sun beating down on the car during even mild spring temps and it keeps falling off the dash. I will have to find another, more permanent means of affixing it to the dash.
Finally a bluetooth add-on that doesn't require a button push at startup
March 12, 2017
Starts with car, doesn't require any button push. No fuss, easy to use and charges my phone.Using it in a 93 Isuzu Pickup without and auxillary port, paired with an Okra® In Car Universal Wireless FM Transmitter & Hands-free Calling with USB Car Charger For iPhone, Samsung, Motorola, Nokia , Lg , And ALL Smartphones GPS MP3 Mp4 Audio Player with 3.5mm Audio In Jack. Music streaming and hands free calls under $50.

Four Star Reviews:

Perfect for iPhone 7
October 18, 2016
Works perfectly on my home stereo system and vehicle. While the battery works fine, I purchased a dual USB port for my car so I can charge it and my phone at the same time.

The sound quality is great, and I can walk through the house when it's hooked up to my stereo with little distortion at long distances. It registers with and connects to my phone very quickly. The only issue I have is static when it's connected to a charger and no music is playing. As soon as music is playing or is paused, the static goes away. (weird)

Either way it does what I need it to do, and comes in handy when I want to charge my iPhone 7 and play music without a dongle!
Works great with my wife's iPhone
March 30, 2016
Works great with my wife's iPhone. but not so well with my Galaxy S6.
You can hear loud and clear from the iPhone, it is absolutely perfect.

When connecting with the S6, the sound is very poor.
I give it a 4 start because it was a present for her, so she is the main user in her car
Car stereo and iPhone: Together at last
December 29, 2015
I've been using this in my truck in conjunction with my iPhone for about two weeks. It works great, and is really easy to use. I would've given 5 stars, but the battery isn't super impressive. However, I can charge it in the truck with the phone charger, so it's not a deal breaker.
but other than that its good.
November 19, 2015
using this on my 2007 Ford F-150 stock stereo aux connection. simple to connect to my phone to play music. have yet to use it on a phone call. but thats not why i got it for. only complaint is the instructions is really small for us visually challenge. but other than that its good.
Great with one bug
November 11, 2015
We use it to connect to our Apple TV to watch things when the baby's asleep. It is pretty great to be able to sit on the couch across the room with our headphones. It connects great, it's stable, and doesn't seem to have any lag. The only bug is a couple minutes into being connected it says "pairing failed" through the headphones. But it keeps on going. A bit annoying, but we are happy with this especially for the price.
Great while it lasted
September 5, 2017
Update: 9-19-2017I contacted the seller who have sent me a replacement. Fingers crossed that this one will operate with no further issues. While I dock this product points for reliability, it's an A+ for their customer service.This was great when it was working. This is my first review but I felt compelled to mention this for other potential buyers. First off this device is well made. I love the magnetic attachment to the base which allows for easy manipulation. Connection to the phone was also very quick and seamless and the voice quality when calling was acceptable as well.Unfortunately I began to realize that this device does NOT tolerate heat very well. I began to notice after 2 weeks of use that sometimes it wouldn't turn on unless I unplugged and reconnected the device a few times. I noticed that during particularly hot days that it would sometimes take 10 minutes or more until it would turn on (assuming that it got cool enough to function). After I returned from a recent 3 day trip away from my car the device no longer turns on at all even when it's dark out (that's when it would work 100% of the time). I'm assuming that the hardware inside was fried.Unfortunately while I would LOVE to recommend this product, I can't due to it being non functional currently. I have no idea if it's just my unit but this has been my honest experience. 5/5 when working.
The sound quality is good. There is no extra noise when using the ...
April 28, 2017
So far the Bluetooth receiver is working well. The sound quality is good. There is no extra noise when using the included ground loop noise isolator. I have had one or two time that the phone would not connect automatically. I had to unplug the receiver and plug it back it to connect. Other than that I have had no problems and I am happy with it.
Worked great but now non-functional
December 4, 2016
I am giving this 4 stars because I love all mipow products and I own many of them. This particular product was great. Audio is crisp and phone calls are very clear with no background noise. Recently, it does not power and is non functional. I'm sad. It's outside the 30 day return window and now I'm stuck. I may just reorder.
Meow Bluetooth reciever
July 18, 2016
The is a great system for the price...obviously an add on and not the same as built in. Was easy to connect and I liked that the power cord has 2 jacks so one is still available.. Came quickly and well packed
Good sound, great features
June 14, 2016
An excellent product for the price. Do note your car needs an aux input for this to work. Like that it has 2 USB ports in the charger so you can charge 2 phones at once. Only 4 stars because at times it can be fussy and I have to disconnect/reconnect. Not a huge deal though.
Great price point and functionality
February 3, 2016
I initially bought this product for the grounding mechanism it has to prevent the whiny noise present on my big box store purchased Bluetooth kit. On a whim, I decided to go ahead and plug this one in.It works very well for its price point. It connects as soon as you start up the car. Hey Siri on iPhone and Ok Google on Android function perfectly well on my set up. That is having the Bluetooth adapter tucked away and my phone on a magnetic holder.iPhone users may notice down sampling of Siri's voice when using it, though I think this is an iOS issue and not the fault of the adapter. The down sampling is particularly noticeable when going from asking Siri to navigate to a place to the actual Maps app.Audio-wise, music sounds pretty good. I did notice that highs and lows were a bit more muted on this adapter than on the big box purchases one.In the end, I decided the price more than made up for that little hiccup and returned the other adapter. This little guy does its job and doesn't make me feel like I got ripped off while it does it.

Three Star Reviews:

November 6, 2016
I bought this item with my own money.
Can add bluetooth tech into the car via aux input
good battery life

Don't know when it is off. Meaning you have to leave the car on then hold the play button for 5 seconds and voice will tell you it is off. But sometimes it does not tell you it is off unless you look at your phone
connection - i play music, even though it is connected the music still play on phone instead of car speakers.
the jack that comes with this item is too long, should have been L shape or short as it does stick out

Add an on/off button
20 hour battery life
L shape jack

If this was on sale for $5 then it is a must buy, if not then no need to purchase it.
I still use mine even with its fault.
Satisfactory short-ranged little Bluetooth Receiver.
February 22, 2016
Okay little Bluetooth receiver. I have my phone connected to it, but I can't even leave my small dorm room without the connection breaking up. So basically, if you'll be connected very close by, then this works. If you'd like to leave the room with your connected device, I'd invest in a longer ranged Bluetooth receiver.
Works as well as more expensive units I own, ...
February 3, 2016
Works as well as more expensive units I own, with one glaring exception: For whatever reason, it stops transmitting when my streaming Google Play service changes songs. The new song keeps playing, but no sound...unless you hit the back button on the phone. maybe this is a glitch with the streaming service or the phone, but all I know is that my Jabra Clipper bluetooth receiver doesn't have the same problem.
My receiver does not look exactly like the one in picture
January 20, 2016
My receiver doesn't have the LDesign on it, so I don't know if I paid for the "upgraded" version but was sent the old one or a generic version. I use it for only 1 to 2.5 hours at a time (teaching group fitness classes so I don't have to run back and forth to the stereo to switch music or turn down the volume). For the price, it does its job.

Things to consider: the description says you can connect 2 devices at the same time, but I tried pairing it w/ my iPod Touch at first, then w/ my phone. I thought I could easily toggle between the two, but I guess I'd have to disconnect the phone before I can switch to the other. Also, I don't think the mic works well for telephone chatting. (I don't really need/use that feature, but perhaps someone else does).
perfect, but there is a small problm.
December 21, 2015
The Item is perfect I love it, I use it to play music from my mobile and to make calls, but I found one problem that if you play music while charging the device there is a little noise barely noticeable, but I can live with specially that I keep charger connected all the time but when I want to play music I disconnect it.
A good buy for money, except owner's manual!
September 28, 2017
Worked well except packaging and instructions are not like "Anker". Instruction's manual uses too small font and I needed to use magnified glasses. I much prefer a link to web site for a pdf owner's instructions, instead of attaching an Useless paper as a instruction manual.Blue tooth pairing is an easy and it does reconnect automatically when I start engine. A controller unit works well and it size is just right. No phone sound or other functional issue.
Melts off Dash. Decent, but can't auto connect to 2 devices.
April 30, 2017
Works decent, but the supplied double stick tape can't stand up to the heat of a car in the spring. The controller keeps falling off the dash. One annoying feature is that though it can pair to at least two devices, it'll only automatically connect to the most recent one connected.
Not Bad
April 20, 2017
My only issue with it is that it is not consistent. I constantly have to restart it to get it to connect to my phone, at least twice almost every time I turn it on. Other than that, it gives a great signal and louder than any others I have tried. I don't have much luck with my phones so it could very well be iPhone or iOS issues causing these problems, but this is not a bad product.
Everything else is great and easy to setup
February 20, 2017
The usb car charger died midway on a 3hr drive. I had to stop midway and use spare charger to get it running. Everything else is great and easy to setup.
Works as advertised. The connecting wire is extremely thin ...
February 1, 2017
Works as advertised. The connecting wire is extremely thin and the connectors are flimsy and seems not long for this world.. Could they charge an extra 25 cents and use a wire with decent insulation and connectors not from the bottom of the bin?
decent bluetooth add on
September 3, 2016
good set up and includes everything needed to avoid buzzing sound. This buzzing sound occurs when wiring headphone jack and power up at he same time. the ground fault isolator solves the problem. However i wish the cable between the main module and the headphone plug and usb plug was longer. (approximately 4 feet would be ideal)

Two Star Reviews:

Two Stars
November 23, 2016
broke to easily.
Good design, poor execution
January 24, 2016
Design, concept, and even size are good; however, only one side worked. I had to return it for a refund.
Was good when it actually paired
January 14, 2016
I use this to turn my regular headphones into bluetooth headphones at my office. Was good when it actually paired, though it would periodically drop the signal, it would always pick it right back up. Range was pretty good, I could get 30ish feet away from my desk with no issue. Most frustrating thing was having to re-pair it. Doesn't seem like that big a deal except that my computer couldn't find it 90% time during the pairing process. I ended up buying another product because I got fed up with it.
Poor quality; seller is downvoting low star ratings
December 6, 2015
Has a very low output power requiring you to turn your volume up very high on the stereo which amplifies all sorts of distortion from your engine and the THD (Total Harmonic Distortion) from the stereo itself effectively reducing the audio quality.

I have to put it into pairing mode every time I get in the car just to reconnect it as many others have complained about.

BEWARE the unhelpful votes on many of the lower star reviews. You will notice there are often about 4 or 5 votes saying the low star reviews are unhelpful even though they are well written with pertinent info. These are most likely from the seller which shows they are dishonest and shouldn't be trusted for future sales.
Works good until you stop the music.
November 13, 2015
It works perfectly until you stop the music or what ever you are using it for, it will make a very loud some kind of interference sound, I can't leave it plug all the time, so it's kind annoying.
Good idea for a product
August 18, 2017
Good idea for a product, but I couldn't get successful connection to my Galaxy S8 most of the time. After giving it a few weeks with frustrations, just had to return it.
Shows my Bluetooth is connected although it never auto connected like it said
August 12, 2017
Worked 3 times in a week then stopped working. I haven't contacted anyone about a replacement yet. The light comes on but no sound comes out. Shows my Bluetooth is connected although it never auto connected like it said. I used it for tablet and phone before it quit.
Only got 2 months out of it
April 5, 2017
I was ready to give this a great review. It worked wonderfully for 2 months. Then, this morning, I got in my car and it doesn't work at all.
Two Stars
February 9, 2017
didn't work for my application
Stopped working after 2 months
December 26, 2016
Stopped working after 2 months after working fine. Also, Weirdly, in my car I had to manually connect it, which was a pain but in a rental car (also without its own Bluetooth) it connected automatically.
Two Stars
August 31, 2016
Too complicated for my Wife to hook up and use.

One Star Reviews:

Poor Quality
September 30, 2016
I've used other Bluetooth receivers in my car for wireless pairing for music on my phone, and this was no where near the quality is expected. While no music is playing you hear loud static which continues when you do stream music just not as loud. I ended up replacing it with another style rusty cost less but it's crystal clear.
Got a bad one.
March 25, 2016
Not sure if I got a bad one but mine had a constant beeping sound almost like interference that couldn't be turned down or off. It would totally overshadow anything played through it. I tried it in different settings on different audio systems with the problem being consistent. Returned it.
Just stopped working
March 25, 2016
Initially after install the auxiliary jack work perfectly. Now 2 1/2 months later it is stopped working altogether.
One Star
December 14, 2015
Battery doesn't last more than 2 hours, sound is very low, even at max
Wouldn't recommend at all
December 6, 2015
Engine noise back feeds thru truck speakers and person can't hear you talking thru the speaker on devise. Wouldn't recommend at all.
Wow!!!!! :(
November 6, 2017
Update 1:After 1 day of use, BT connection started to be unstable during music and calling plus unclear sound.Was to good to be true!!!!Probably one of the best BT receiver out there, music is loud and clear and so the hands free phone calls.
sound is ok, bluetooth suddenly disconnects and connects by ...
October 10, 2017
sound is ok , bluetooth suddenly disconnects and connects by itself, also u have to be really careful because cable is really thin
September 22, 2017
Quit working after 2 months.
Actually NOT aptX compatible!
September 13, 2017
Bought this device to use in my car for aptX compatibility. Unfortunately it does not support it. Tried to work through it with support, and while they were helpful, the product just doesn't support the protocol.
I cannot recommend this product. It does not work well. I abandoned it after a week.
August 26, 2017
I cannot recommend this product. It just does not work well. I abandoned using it after a week.
Low Volume
June 15, 2017
This thing sucks for audio to talk on the phone. Also, the volume from Bluetooth music connection is definitely lower. Using it with or without the ground loop isolator, doesn't make a difference.
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The LDesign Advantage: [Upgraded] Bluetooth 4.1 Receiver features high quality and clear stereo sound better than old Bluetooth 3.0/2.0 receiver

Great Functionality: Music or hands-free call one-button switching, free telephone chatting with built-in Mic, turn a normal speaker to be a wireless Bluetooth speaker

Bluetooth Technology: V4.1+EDR, Class 2, A2DP & AVRCP profiles, offer clearer sound, easy to pair, simple to connect 2 Bluetooth devices at the same time, reach up to 33 feet in open space without cables

Car/Home Wireless Music: Connect to your smartphone and enjoy wireless music, great for headphones, home sound system, car stereo and other portable audio devices

Working Time: 8 hours non-stop music playing. Charge Time: 1.5 hours to charge it fully. Charge Port: Micro USB. Output: 3.5mm Stereo

Noise isolator included: In most cases, the sound quality is excellent. But, if you are bothered by the buzzing noise, you can use the noise isolator to avoid it.

Upgrated stablity with larger adhesive pad, and softer indicator light provides better driving experience.

Answer phone calls and voice activations from Bluetooth-enabled phones while on the go. Just a single press.

Automatically connect to the last connected phone and begin to work in sync when starting the car. And connect up to two Bluetooth capable devices simultaneously.

Enjoy your favorite music from phone/tablet: Scream audio through 3.5mm input in car stereo, such as music, GPS voice navigation, and podcast.

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