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Xmas Finest 6' Feet Super Premium Artificial Christmas Pine Tree With Solid Metal Legs - Fullest (1000 Tips) Six Foot Tall Design - Xmas Finest
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Holiday Wonderland 300-Count Clear Christmas Mini Light Set - Noma/Inliten
Holiday WonderlandSee Similar
Holiday Wonderland 100-Count Clear Christmas Light Set - Holiday Wonderland
Noma/InlitenSee Similar
Holiday Wonderland's 300-Count Mini Multi Color Christmas Light Set - Noma/Inliten
Holiday Wonderland #565223 100-Count Multi Color Christmas Light Set - Noma/Inliten

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Xmas Finest http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/51A9afdcDsL._SL160_.jpg
Xmas Finest 6' Feet Super Premium Artificial Christmas Pine Tree With Solid Metal Legs - Fullest (1000 Tips) Six Foot Tall Design - Xmas Finest
Noma/Inliten http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/21qWU1vZMNL._SL160_.jpg
Holiday Wonderland 300-Count Clear Christmas Mini Light Set - Noma/Inliten
Holiday Wonderland http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/51eOYLCQfnL._SL160_.jpg
Holiday Wonderland 100-Count Clear Christmas Light Set - Holiday Wonderland
Noma/Inliten http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/217KdBUxioL._SL160_.jpg
Holiday Wonderland's 300-Count Mini Multi Color Christmas Light Set - Noma/Inliten
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Noma/Inliten https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/51pcJufrsUL._SL160_.jpg
Holiday Wonderland #565223 100-Count Multi Color Christmas Light Set - Noma/Inliten
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Five Star Reviews:

This tree is good for adventuresome cats
February 8, 2016
This tree is good for adventuresome cats. I was wary of a live tree and opted for this one. Based on the feline's reaction to this tree decorated, a real tree would be downed several times and this tree withstood the assaults. This one did very well.
The tree is great. It's extremely easy to put together
February 4, 2016
The tree is great. It's extremely easy to put together, with most of the work involving arranging the branches so it doesn't get patchy. Other people have mentioned that the needles fall off - I didn't really experience much of that, and when it was time to put the tree away for the season the few that did fall came right up with the vacuum. The stand seems a little unsteady, but I've bumped into it a few times and it's stayed up just fine. Definitely a great buy for the price.
Wonderful buy!!!
January 1, 2016
I purchased this to replace a fake tree that lost a fight with a foster dog that needed to use the bathroom. Dog's doing well in his forever home, but I hadn't found a good fake tree to replace it that didn't cost hundreds of dollars. This tree is it! It looks just like the picture when set up! The branches are quite full and "fluffy," unlike other trees at similar price points that tend to have gaping holes and bare spots. The only thing I would like to see changed is to have a sturdier base. But all-in-all, if I had to purchase a tree again, I'd go for this one!
Excellent artificial tree!
November 19, 2015
Package arrived sooner than estimated. Easy to assemble. Base is sturdy. Takes a short time to arrange the branches, but looks full when finished! Cannot wait to see it fully decorated. Would definitely recommend this if you are looking for an inexpensive fake tree.
Would recommend
October 19, 2015
I am big on reading and writing reviews. The tree took me less than 20 minutes to assemble. It's not dropping off it's plastic not paper beautiful worth the price looks natural. Will put ornaments later was just too anxious to know what I bought.
a set of instructions would have been nice. Started to unravel the string that binds it ...
December 12, 2014
Took a while to figure out, a set of instructions would have been nice. Started to unravel the string that binds it together thinking that was just holding the branches in place for shipping.... It filled out great when properly fluffed. Looks very nice decorated and I find it rather sturdy...of course the cats like it too:) Really like the stand....
beer pong balls and these lights will take your outdoor space to a whole new level!
October 17, 2015
I used the lights along with beer-pong balls to make my diy outdoor lights. It looks beautiful and adds so much warmth! I really like how cozy my porch looks like. Check out the pictures! I hope it helps!
Great lights. Durable. Bright.
December 17, 2014
I bought these lights and they cover my 7-ft Christmas tree perfectly. There really isn't anything fancy about these. They're bright, easy to install, the light is a zig-zag patteron and the last couple feet don't have any lights (that part runs to your outlet). They seem pretty durable as we dropped them a couple times while decorating our tree and none of the bulbs broke or blew out. I'm anxious to see how well they'll hold up until next year after we take them out of storage.
Although I was especially disappointed when 1/3 of my string of lights would not ...
July 15, 2014
Although I was especially disappointed when 1/3 of my string of lights would not illuminate I was shocked at receiving a full replacement expeditiously from the merchant even though I did not contact him. I did not want to go through all the hassles of a return but simply responded to the Amazon e mail, This is a person who knows how important customer service is !
Warm, natural looking lights
February 16, 2014
I have fond memories of coming down the stairs as a child to see the warm glow of these inefficient and hazardous Christmas lights on the tree, shining down on a heap of presents. Since we moved into our house in 2009, we've been using the awful LED lights on our Christmas tree both to save energy and to prevent living room tree fires. Honestly, I can say that LED lights were the worst decision we ever made as a couple. Christmas just isn't the same when you're looking at tree with blue-tinged lights all over it. This year, four days before Christmas, I broke down and found boxes of these mini lights on Amazon.com and had them shipped to our house. I took down the old LED lights and replaced them with these clear mini lights. The tree looked so much better and Christmas felt warm and cozy again.I highly recommend these lights to anyone who doesn't want to ruin the holiday!
Lots of light.
January 8, 2014
This is a bit of trick as is it actually three sets of 100 not one set of 300. That means to get three hundred in one place you are plugging them into each other which leaves big plugs in the middle of my display. Still they look lovely in the window, and even more impressive--they last a long, long time. I like to put clear lights in my windows all winter to fight the darkness. I put these up around Thanksgiving; it is now january 8 and not one set has quit. I leave them on 24 hours (two sets of of them are outside on a tree). They worked both inside and outside nonstop. I'm very happy with this purchase. I can't believe that are still going strong. I hope they last until Valentine's Day which is when I usually remove my "winter" lights.
We had good luck with these
December 8, 2012
Our area had a very warm weekend right before Thanksgiving and apparently everyone in town was outside putting up their Christmas lights because the following week, it was impossible to find them in the local stores. As per my usual experience, I came home and found them available on Amazon. A click and a couple days later, these showed up on my doorstep.There are 2, 150-light strands which we have never had before. I usually buy 100 or 200 light strands but these were really nice they are right in between those two lengths. We put them on the outside tree and they have worked just fine.There really isn't much to say about holiday lights other than they work or they don't --- in this case, they are working out great.
OoOo pretty!
October 24, 2016
Awesome lights :) just the right amount of length! Would buy again!
My husband and I love hanging white Christmas lights around our house to give ...
June 10, 2016
My husband and I love hanging white Christmas lights around our house to give it a warm and homey feeling. We went to every store around our area and search for lights (out of season) and could never find any, and if we did they were pricey. We have been so happy with these light and have ordered multiple times. We hang them up and connect up to three strands together, and we leave them on 24/7. They last such a long time. We only have to change or fix light bulbs or a whole strand maybe every six months - for the price, it's perfect.
Came fast and they look great! I usually double up on my light strands ...
April 2, 2016
Came fast and they look great! I usually double up on my light strands for my cubbies but these were bright enough that just one did the trick.
They work!
December 2, 2015
They work and look just as expected! Nice and cheap lights for my tree. This was enough to cover my 3 foot tree. You would probably need multiple strands for a bigger tree. You will also need an extension chord if you want to run them away from an outlet because the lights go right up to the plug.
September 20, 2013
I love these lights to death. I bought my first box last year for my college dorm room, and have used them ever since. I have found that they make great lighting at night--they make the room dim enough for your roommate to go to bed but are still bright enough to give you more than enough lighting to stay up and get your homework done. They lasted me the entire year, and probably would have lasted all this year as well. Sadly, I left them in a storage unit over the summer and didn't pack them up well enough, causing several lights to shatter. That, however, was my own fault. I'm buying two new boxes for this year to replace the ones I used last year. :-)
length of strands
March 2, 2012
Great lights! Wish the description included the length of the strands (24.75 feet). Looking to line the backyard fence for a summer party....had to order one just to see what the length of the starnd actually is.Now can order more.
These worked perfectly and made my christmas tree look so ...
June 21, 2017
These worked perfectly and made my christmas tree look so festive and cheerful! It was a shame to have to put them away.
Light it up!
April 23, 2017
Perfect, long string of lights, as expected.
Five Stars
April 4, 2017
christmas lights are christmas lights. They work
They're just like the ones we used to have
October 28, 2016
They're just like the ones we used to have! Old school. I don't like the super bright new lights that have been out for a few years, so I'm very happy to have found these. They are easy on the eyes. Very pretty.
June 23, 2016
this is a lot of lights and I'll probably be getting more this year when you wrap these around whatever you're wrapping you've got lots of light, excellent!
Works Pefect
June 29, 2015
100% satisfied. I use these lights as night lights for me and my daughters room and these were the perfect size. Arrived on time, non broken and a really good size for the money
Five Stars
October 4, 2017
perfect for a project - thanks for having them out of season
Five Stars
September 18, 2017
product was as advertised
Great indoor Christmas lights
July 18, 2017
Great indoor Christmas lights. No issues
Great Looking Colored Lights
January 4, 2016
My husband put these along the railing on our back deck and they look great. We live on a lake and they can be seen from the other side of the lake and are really pretty. Bulbs are fairly close along the wire so they provide a lot of color. Supposedly, when one bulb goes out the rest stay on. We haven't had that happen yet but are hoping that it works.
Affordable, reliable option
December 28, 2015
After finding multiple strands of my lights from Target burnt out, I bought these. Yea they are cheap, made in China, blah blah blah. But so far they've held up two years in a row. I don't need any fancy LEDs of blinking functions...just some basic lights for a tree a couple weeks a year.
Colorful lights.
August 12, 2013
I got these to use for Christmas decorations, but I have also used them while camping. On opening the box and plugging them in, all the lights were in working order. They survived a rainstorm during the camping trip - hung up under a dining awning - with no ill effects.

Four Star Reviews:

Four Stars
April 8, 2017
you can tell is artificial but gets the job done
Four Stars
March 10, 2017
worked good last x-mas. last tree i will buy for x-mas.
May 24, 2016
If you are in a budjet, this is the way to go. Im actually happy with it. It was how I was expecting it. It doesnt look as full as the picture, but if you decorate it well, it can look great. Im not a decorator and I did a fast setup to be honest. I didnt put much time into it. It could look better than mine if you take the time. Thats one thing, the branches take sometime to separate. Some of the strips fell but it was not a lot.. just the normal.. I kept it on all day long, no problems and dont think is a fire hazard. I gave it 3 stars because of the time it takes to make the branches look good and because is not as full are is shown on the pic. Other than that Im happy. I would preferred a taller tree as well. This tree is kinda shorter than the average tree. Fits perfect on small apartments.
Pretty tree.
December 13, 2015
Actually it is a pretty tree. Prettier than I was expecting for the price. I hadn't had a tree for about 3 years. I've been decorating a large house plant during that time, Lol. In the mean time, I had been looking for a tree. I found a nice Christmas tree for the price. Great for our empty nest.
Pretty Nice Tree
November 23, 2015
I don't really write reviews, but chose to write this because I was really, really apprehensive about buying this tree. When it arrived, my first thought was to send it back, without even opening it. My last tree was huge, but with no space due to the mounting toys of a 3 yr old, I bought this tree. The box was about 3 feet tall and about 12" wide. How can an adequate 6' christmas tree fit in this little box??? My eldest daughter talked me into at least opening it and setting it up. Once put together (in about 5 minutes), it was very unimpressive. My daughter started to fill it out, I took a pic before starting and who would of thought it would blossom into a pretty good tree. The tree is 75% filled out, I have to fill out the back. I wrote this review because I'm keen on reviews when buying products. The reviews here were great, but adequate pics are what sell me. I decided to post this review and post pics for those like me. It's a nice tree, fills in great, a little wobbly, but I think with a little adjustment, it'll be ok. It's set it up, but I won't decorate it until after Thanksgiving. I hope this review helps. Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Holidays.
I was super skeptical of buying a tree online not being able ...
November 21, 2015
I was super skeptical of buying a tree online not being able to see what it looks like fully assembled in person...but thus tree turned out to be better than I expected. Very full, but the stand is slightly wobbly making the tree easy to lean instead of stay straight upright. Not bad at all for the price!
There are better available.
May 17, 2016
These are slightly expensive when compared to their quality. In three short weeks I've had more than a few bulbs burn out on my set. I'm not sure where the short-circuit is coming from, but it hasn't stopped. I went by Walgreens and they had similarly styled lights for half the price. Worked as advertised for the most part, but might not be worth the money.
Mini Lights That Get The Job DONE
January 18, 2016
Great value. I used these lights to add to my artificial Christmas tree that already had lights attached. All bulbs worked without any adjustments and they didn't tangle easily which was very helpful.Pros:Price: Very good bargain for what you're getting. These lights would have been much more expensive at a Target or Walmart and I didn't have to leave my house to get them.Quality: Very high quality especially for the price. No bulb or plug in issues. Worked great right out of the box.Overall these bulbs were a great addition to my already lit artificial Christmas tree. They really added some good POP to our holiday season.
They all work.
November 29, 2015
I worried a little about buying lights online. However, I checked them right out of the box and they all worked. It seems to me that they aren't as bright as the clear lights that I had on my tree before. They seem to me to have a softer glow.
One strand didn't work
April 5, 2014
I needed several lights for a backyard engagement party. It wasn't my backyard so I didn't have an exact length. This was one event and I didn't have time to go through each light to make sure the strands would work. It was a surprise and we only had an hour to decorate. I bought 2 packs after reading the reviews realizing a few strands would be out. This worked perfectly. One third of a strand didn't work, but the other 2 sets were fine. I ended up leaving the last set that I had and it really covered the whole backyard. I would only buy these for that kind of purpose. If you are looking for Christmas or something pass these up. For our purpose they were perfect.
Have survived the outdoors for 6 months
August 19, 2013
I ordered 4 boxes of these lights to hang outside around my patio. They come in strands of 150 lights, so with two strands per box, I had a total of 8. One strand didn't work upon arrival, but I found some damaged bulbs and replaced them and got it to work. Another strand I couldn't (and still can't) get the end plug to work, but I just used that one last in the line and can't plug anything into it.I've had all the strands hung outside around my patio and around the trees and they still work 6 months later. A few bulbs have broken during some wind storms and getting knocked around, but that's to be expected and it's easy to replace the bulbs with the included extras. For cheap Christmas lights, these are the best/cheapest I've been able to find and they've lasted for 6 months. I plan on buying some more to continue lighting my yard.
Nice deck addition
March 3, 2013
I have a very large deck and I need some extra lighting. I always would string Christmas lights to add light and decor. It was hard to find lights after the holiday season, so I was glad to find these lights. They were all working and they are outdoors in the cold climate and are still illuminated after weeks of use. I was happy to have this as an option. The green background is nice and blends into the deck versus the white you typically see with these lights.
December 24, 2016
have these to help light up my room cause its dark af in here. one of my strings died so i bought these to replace them. have had them for 4 months and there's only 2 dead bulbs. keep in mind i have these lights on a lot because im an extreme night owl and i never leave my room.edit: so i got these in sept of 2016, its now feb 20th 2017 and half the lights just went out, so they lasted almost 6 months, not bad but im going to buy a different brand now to see if they do any better. my room is very dark now while i wait for my new lights lol
Four Stars
December 1, 2016
Easy to apply. It's a 2*50 lights. Got it for one week. So far so good.
A good quality light system.
September 15, 2015
These lights are perfect for routing along the top of my backyard fence. I only power them up once in a while during parties or when we have company in the evenings, but they do work well and I have not had a problem with them. I bought the brown color wire so they would blend with the fence and background.
Good lights
August 6, 2015
I got these lights for my bedroom and I pinned them on the walls for decoration and extra light. I have had them for almost a year now and haven't had any problems yet. I have had to change out two light bulbs that stopped working but they probably were damaged from when I moved. My only complaint is that if the glass breaks off, it is really hard to pull out the rest of the bulb in order to change it out. I just left it in because I ended up cutting myself from the wire that goes inside the glass but you can't even tell one bulb is out unless you are really staring at the lights. They also do get a little warm after being on for awhile. It is fine for me, since I use them on my walls, but I'm not sure if I would be too comfortable putting them on any fabric or even a tree.
Brightens up my stair case w/ out a glare
June 19, 2014
I use them as night lights on my stair case for my mom and dog who can't see well in the dark. They are just enough to gently eluminate the 13 steps but wouldn't replace a 40 watt bulb (I'll guess half that bright). The string went down the steps once and up once with a little left over to make a touch brighter at the top. All the lights worked in both boxes I purchased.Why only 4 stars? 'cause they were too expensive at over $8 a box.They also have a standard plug at the end to plug in aother set of lights.
Great Product Unreasonably Price
August 15, 2013
We ordered this item in June because it has always been a dream of mine to cover our huge Mimosa trees in white lights to create a spectacular and romantic backyard escape. We had been collecting these lights for over two years to finally get the over 4000 we needed to cover our trees. Once applying the lights we found we were several boxes short and wanting this beautiful scene in time for my birthday we ordered the remaining boxes needed from this company. The lights were beautiful and arrived in a timely manner but I think charging $9.99 per box is a bit much and takes advantage of the consumer who may need mini lights at out-of-season times of the year.
Four Stars
July 26, 2017
Four Stars
April 26, 2017
Short and they worked fine but you can get longer strings for the same money.
Four Stars
April 17, 2017
works really well on an outside tree.
Bright, well lit, no failures on arrival.
January 15, 2017
Held up well this season. I'll see if it stores well and lights up next year.
Worked as expected
December 30, 2015
There is not much to say about this product. They are Christmas lights. They are nice and bright and they worked. They come with replacement bulbs and Flasher bulb.
nice colors and bright
December 7, 2014
They are okay, nice colors and bright, the box says 300 lights and I thought I was getting one strand with 300 lights, but there are two strands with 150 lights each which turned out great for me.
Four Stars
November 4, 2017
Pretty bright lights
Four Stars
March 13, 2017
Nothing special about these light they look good on our tree
December 8, 2015
Nothing special about these light they look good on our tree. Kinda overpriced I found the same lights at Big Lots for $4.99. I only gave four stars because it arrived about 5 days late.
I bought this set of lights for a 4 foot ...
December 19, 2014
I bought this set of lights for a 4 foot tree and they fit perfectly. If your looking for an affordable set of lights for a smaller Christmas tree, then these can work for you.
December 30, 2013
I am satisfied with this lights. but much cheaper options are available in stores. I bought 300 mini lights in Home Depot for the same price.
Nice product for the price
December 27, 2013
Considering the price I think these lights were a pretty good buy. I knew that if these lights lasted one season, I had made the right buy. The lights are bright and multi colored. They have an extension socket at one end with which you can hook up upto 2 more lights and extend them, pretty handy I thought.One thing I would have liked was a, intensity and pattern controller, but I dont miss it that much

Three Star Reviews:

Its really not a terrible little tree
January 16, 2016
Its really not a terrible little tree, but once we had it set up the longer I looked at it the less I liked it. No matter how we bent the branches out it never quite felt full enough. For its price its fair but I didn't feel it was really worth it in the end. Its a bright color and doesn't look very realistic at all.
I got it to work with some cutters and pliers and it is sturdy, but it is by no means an elegant ...
December 20, 2015
The bottom and middle unit didn't fit each other as the diameter of the fitting tubes was identical. I got it to work with some cutters and pliers and it is sturdy, but it is by no means an elegant solution.Other than that, the tree is stable, the branches are full and our cats are a fan.
Basic 6ft Xmas tree
December 13, 2015
This is a basic artificial tree. The box it arrived in was ripped open during transit? but the tree didn't seem broken. As I put the tree together, I noticed puffs of green cotton strands that had unravelled from the branches. It seemed like a potential fire hazzard, so I tucked the unravelled cotton parts back inside around the branches, (quality control was not so good on this particular tree). I wanted a basic 6ft tree that looked full/filled-out without big gaps. After I assembled the tree and spread the branches out it looked somewhat scrawny, and even after decorating the tree, I can still notice gaps but overall it looks cheerful with ornaments and lights added. I think a good selling price would be around $35-40, (I paid $44 + $8 shipping) happy holidays!
very flimsy pole that breaks extremely easily. Not even close to 6 foot tall
December 11, 2015
Tree 1 star. Customer service 5 starStraight out of the box. Tree wouldn't stand straight, base flimsy and uneven, screws would not fit properly in base to tighten correctly and result was very lopsided tree/tree stand. Because it took so long to arrive, I was going to go ahead and attempt at salvaging tree so it would be up, even if it wasn't straight, however, next problem...The pole was so flimsy that the top 3rd of the tree snapped right off just from the small amount of pressure I used to put it in the hole. Rendering completely useless. Not even close to 6 foot tall. I'm 5'8 and it was shorter than me. Returning immediately and will have to race out to buy another tree. I expect a full refund, as I absolutely do not want a replacement.Update: Company responded quickly to email, apologized for problem, issued full refund and told me to offer tree to a charity. I am very pleased with how they handled it. I still give the tree 1 star, however their customer service was a 5. So I am bumping this to a 3 star rating for that reason
Not 6' more like 5'5
December 4, 2015
This tree is not 6 foot. It's 5 feet and like 5 inches because I'm 5'3 & can touch the top without being on a step stool. My husband is 6'2 & looks over the top. That being said the quality for the price is good. Really wanted a 6' tree but this tree will get us through the next couple Christmas until we can afford a really nice artificial one.
bottom pole very high up.. thought it came ...
November 5, 2015
bottom pole very high up.. thought it came from California but its fro china.. IT took long time to open the branches . box it came in was small obviously for shipping from china. it did say to contact them with any problems.on the positive side.
Good thing I purchased two boxes
January 1, 2017
Purchased two boxes of these for our tree since we wanted many sets of lights with one consistent white color. Unfortunately, one string of 100 lights did not work. Good thing I purchased two boxes!
The lights that work are great, but not every set was functional.
December 16, 2015
We bought three boxes (which equals 6 sets of lights). Only 5 out of 6 sets work properly. We needed them right away so returning wasn't an option. The lights that work are as described.
Nice lights; NOT for outdoor use
December 3, 2015
Very nice on my artificial tree.I would give a higher rating but someone listed as "seller" said these could be used outdoors, but the instructions that come with the lights say seasonal lights should NOT be used outdoors unless the packaging explicitly says they are for outdoor use. The packaging of these lights does NOT say they are for outdoor use.
Pretty o.k.
January 28, 2015
These are o.k. So far they have lasted through 1 season outdoors. We'll see how long they last but even if they last 1 year they are a good value As is with all these light strings, most bulbs are not interchangeable with other light strands. The sockets are in different configurations.
One worked, one half worked
April 7, 2014
I bought these for some cheap outdoor lighting for our wedding reception, and they were okay. One of them worked great; the other worked for the first half of the strand. We swapped out bulbs and stuff, but apparently the light socket itself was broken. But after the wedding we used the working strand for Christmas and it was just fine, so I assume the other was just a manufacturing defect. I guess I could have returned them, but we didn't really need them post-wedding so the point was kind of moot.
Not unhappy
December 24, 2012
I won't say that I am unhappy, because it does the job, however there are some issues.The light bulb are extremely fragile. I use 6 sets for my outdoor christmas decoration, however many of the bulbs blew up or got broken with a light hit.Things to remember:- It might be the best choice for the price. Does the job. You can plug up to 3 set (total of 450 bulbs) together.- Fragile!!- Only 2 replacement bulbs per set!! I ended up using the bulbs that are used to make the set blink...Tip of the day: Don't buy the 5-bulbs replacement pack which is for $1. It is basically $0.2/bulbs (if no shipping!). buy a 100-count light set ($8 and free amazon shipping). It will cost you $0.08/bulb... and you will have 102 extra bulbs! I already broke 20 of them so...you would be good to go for 2-3 christmas more!
Pretty, but don't last long
September 9, 2017
They last about 3-4 months outdoors. Though they're very pretty, they're cheap, and when one bulb goes out, the whole string goes out so you can't tell which one needs to be replaced. Still, I replace them every 4 months or so, because even the more expensive ones are poorly made, too.
November 6, 2016
Love these lights but they don't last long. Often half the strand burns out.
priced well but lots of lights out
December 29, 2015
Average lights but a lot of them were out when I received it. I bought 3 boxes and between the 3 boxes over 20 lights were burnt out the first time I plunge fit in. Each pack comes with a few replacement lights but I did not have anywhere close to enough to replace all of the ones out. Luckily, the strand still worked with a few out here and there. I would not buy them again for this reason but they got the job done this holiday season and were priced well.
Prefer white cord and and a switch
December 24, 2015
Works just like expected, but would have prefered white cord since it's only to light up my porch year-round due to insufficient lighting. Also, it only turns on when you plug it in or turn off the fuse on the circuit breaker, which it what I've been doing because I don't want to leave it on all night and I don't want to unplug it when it's dark. I'm just being a little picky; it's probably fine for a tree, but I choose not to have one.
Lights Were Out Before They Were Completely On The Tree
January 10, 2015
Fresh out of the box, all the lights were lit well when the strand was plugged in. After testing them, I wrapped the lights around the Christmas tree. By the time the lights were on the tree, half the bulbs were no longer lighting. Since they were replacement lights for the bottom the tree, we just explained it away and kept the lights on (with the very bottom of the tree not lit). Next Christmas season we are going to switch to a strand of LED lights for enhanced resilience. Rating this product 3 stars because the batch received may have been bad, however cannot rate it higher since half of the lights burned out in the first hour out of the box.
Is this a joke??
December 10, 2012
I expected since I paid a low price that I probably wouldn't get the best quality.. When I took them out of the box, the first thing I noticed was how loose and messy they looked. Oh! Because the strands are hardly twisted!! Its a three piece strand. Two of the strands seem to be twisted alright in most spots (not all) but the third is so loose it catches branches while trying to put them on the tree. Its just a mess! They work fine and of course look beautiful once on the tree but I would say get a better set. Its worth it...Also, I would say I have a medium size tree. For this size two strands is for sure needed. I would say only a mini tree or getting these for another use would allow you to only buy one.
Only came with one strand
September 21, 2017
While they are really nice string lights and are longer than regular size lights I already have, the package did only come with one strand as opposed to two like it said. And like I paid for. Giving it three stars because they work and match my other sets.
pretty but didn't work
March 14, 2017
These had to go back, one of the sets did not work. Got a full refund.
Three Stars
March 2, 2017
as ecpected.
It was easy to return and the ones that did not work ...
July 12, 2016
These lights are hit and miss. I ordered two boxes and after the third night half of the lights stopped working. I tried replacing every bulb with a new one but nothing worked. I ordered another set and before i took them out of the box i tested them and again half the lights did not turn on. It was easy to return and the ones that did not work I am happy with.
These are nice bright lights that look good on the tree
December 15, 2015
These are nice bright lights that look good on the tree. When they arrived, I plugged the sets in to make sure they lit up and put them away until I was going to use them. When we got them out and put them on the tree, part of one strand kept going out. It apparently is a loose wire and we are able to twist the strand to get the lights to stay on and lock the wires into place so they have stayed lit for this year. They are obviously not built for the long haul.
The box comes with two strands of 150 lights each ...
November 15, 2014
The box comes with two strands of 150 lights each. I had hoped the string lights were independant, as in one bulb burned out but all others stay on. This is not the case with this product. Each 150 bulb strand is broken up into three 50 bulb sections. So if one bulb burns out only one 50 bulb section will not light. This also means each strand requires three flasher bulbs to make all 150 lights blink.you must replace the first bulb in the strand closest to the end that plugs into the outlet, go down the strand till you get to the first non-blinkink bulb, bulb 51, and replace it. Repeat to bulb 101. You will then have a full 150 bulb string that blinks in three independant sections.Attach the second 150 bulb strand with flashers installed and you will have a 300 bulb light strand that has six independant flashing sections.
I got white lights and I don’t feel like going through the process of sending them back 😑
November 7, 2017
I’m upset cause I didn’t get colored lights...I got white lights and I don’t feel like going through the process of sending them back 😑... but if I wanted white light these would be awesome
Three Stars
April 29, 2017
but were easy to replace with the pieces included
March 16, 2017
It does what its suppose to but you can purchase it cheaper from the store.Some of the lights were damaged, but were easy to replace with the pieces included.
January 6, 2014
You get what you pay for. I used this to decorate my studio apartment. They connected and worked great for a few weeks. Now as the holiday season comes to an end -- so do the lights. They don't work consistently. Sometimes they shut off out of no where, even though the plug is secure.
got about what i expected for something this cheap.
February 18, 2013
it lit stuff up. but it also broke halfway through during the first installation. replacement lights were finicky. meh, what do you want for a few bucks.
Plugs are a problem
December 27, 2012
Well the one thing bad about it is that this indoor/outdoor set doesn't fit any extention cords. The female ends will not fit a polarized plug. It is immposible to find and extention cord that is nonpolarized. The plus is the cord is sturdy and the lights all worked and are bright.

Two Star Reviews:

It looked fine and served its purpose when I got it last ...
December 9, 2016
ONE YEAR TREE! I purchased this tree one year ago. It looked fine and served its purpose when I got it last year. This year I took it out of storage and all the branches fell apart in my hand.Bad buy! would not buy it again as I would expect my tree to last longer than a year.
Two Stars
February 14, 2016
Not really 6'.
Would not recommend
December 30, 2015
I spread the limbs out and still gaps in the tree due to how the fuller limbs hang. If I would have seen displayed in the store, I never would have purchased. Needles were also falling off the tree. I used it for Christmas because I bought it a couple weeks before, now I've taken down and giving it away. It was a waste of money.
Cute. Just a little sparse.
December 29, 2015
Sparse branches. About 5 feet tall.
You get what you pay for
December 19, 2015
Pretty disappointed in this tree. This is not a 6' tree. I'm 5'4" and it's only slightly taller than me. The last foot of the tree is also incredibly flimsy. Also it's freaking lopsided! Ugh. Going out and getting a new tree today and returning this.Their customer service is good though. They offered a 2 day shipping but USPS still got it to me late. It was nice that they tried to get this to me as early as possible.
Not Good
November 15, 2015
Lower branches are too far apart. Greenery starts on the branches too far from the trunk. There's no way to fluff the tips to make this tree look like the picture. The branches are made from a rather thin wire. This is an inexpensive tree, but is much less than I expected even at the price. I don't understand all the good reviews. Perhaps this is a different tree than others received. Unfortunately, while I was still trying to decide if it was worth returning one of the cats climbed it and broke the top section off at the base. To be honest, I probably wouldn't have bothered with the hassel of returning it even if the cat hadn't broken it.
Mixed results.
June 11, 2017
Arrived in a timely fashion and well packaged. However, one of the three-hundred strands lit when pre-tested and then only half the lights lit after I had put it in my tree. I just left it as it was too much work to take it back out. Very disappointing though. The other boxes continue to work just fine.
Two Stars
March 9, 2017
Arrived with half the string unlit
one bad bulb takes out the whole string!
December 19, 2014
I ordered four sets of these mini Christmas lights, from two different shippers. I checked them all before decorating by plugging all strings together and into power. They are pretty!One string wouldn't light due to a bad bulb, and to find the bulb I had to replace each one until the string lit up again. Tedious waste of time. Now after two weeks on the tree, the entire tree is out. There is no way I can swap out one bulb on a string of 1200 lights already wrapped around branches. My recommendation is to buy a different product entirely, one that won't take out the entire string for one burnt out bulb.
When this product arrived the box was open. On ...
December 7, 2014
When this product arrived the box was open. On one of the strands, the last 50 lights did not work. This was not due to a defective bulb since changing out the bulbs did not help. What was odd was then when we connected the next strand to it, those lights all worked, despite the 50 nonworking lights in between. Returning for a refund.Also worth nothing is that in the short period during which we were testing the lights they got incredibly hot. I suppose that is to be expected since they are not LED. Worth it for people to know.
not impressively assembled.
February 26, 2013
this is three 100 light sections spliced, when one light fails in any of the groups you have a blackout of 100 lights at a time. then, you have to find the outtage. there are several spare bulbs included and some fuses. as a whole, the construction seems very cheap, minimal precautions. my copy came with an outtage that after checking each light could not be found, leading to the assumption at least two bulbs are out. this is tough because identifying that those bulbs would require a lot of time. the light quality seems nice, i have them outdoors, will see how long they last. i will next seek out a higher quality light set.
apparently previously returned item
August 11, 2012
I ordered 4 sets of these lights for outdoor decoration. One box had been opened taken out of the box before. Just happens to be the set that doesn't work. At first about one 3rd of the lights were blinking on and off every few minutes...now they don't work at all. Contacted the dealer but was told I would have to deal with Amazon instead. I guess I have to pay to return this item just like somebody had done before and they just shipped it out to me.Not happy!
Two Stars
August 24, 2017
As other reviews have stated, they tend to go half hour fairly quickly.
July 10, 2017
The shipping was fast! The lights are used everyday in my sons room. I ordered them on May 7th and by July 10th half the string is burnt out =(
I used these for 'year round' decoration inside a canister ...
May 28, 2017
I used these for 'year round' decoration inside a canister. They died after 4 months with no warning at all- no dimming or blinking as one of the other customers suggested. I will not buy them again.
Fell Apart
April 27, 2017
One of these strands has worked well for about 4 months with no issues. However, the other strand's electrical box that plugs into the outlet has fallen apart, resulting in one of the electrical tongs falling out of the product. This has not came from improper of heavy use, either. I have never seen this happen and am disappointed in this product, because now one of my strands is not able to be used.
Buy a different brand
April 1, 2017
These lights didn't even last for a full year.
Lightbulbs Fail
January 6, 2017
One string went out after being up only 2 weeks. These little light strings are notorious for failing due to ONE lite that is impossible to find. Going with another type of light for my outdoors in future.
Two Stars
April 30, 2017
Many of the lights did not work
Half a strand is burnt out.
November 28, 2016
I got these and put them up within an hour of opening, half a strand isn't working, and this is the first time I've used it. The only reason I am not doing a return is because the amount of time it took to decorate the tree greatly out weighs the benefit of taking them back down, reboxing them and shipping them back.
I would have liked them to work
November 25, 2016
For the amount I paid, I would have liked them to work. Half of the lights don't work on one of the strands.
only good if you don't care about twinkling/flashing lights
December 29, 2015
The lights are good, and pretty reliable except for the flasher/twinkler bulbs. You get the exact amount of red tip flasher bulbs you need, one for each 50 light section, but I have had two fail completely and one is on the way out (works intermittently if you fiddle with it). These 2.5 volt bulb flashers are pretty much impossible to find anywhere. You'll need to buy a whole new string with flashers cheap at home depot or on sale or at a dollar store to get replacement flashers. It also contains some extra all white bulbs that don't even work in the sockets, but the other regular colored bulb spares do work.In retrospect I regret buying traditional mini light incandescent lights. If you don't need twinkling lights these are fine. Otherwise, get a completely different kind of light set.
Not worth it
February 7, 2015
I was not happy that right out of the box the lights did not work. I bought many of these and only one box had no issues. All the rest either did not work or had a short that once cord was moved would make the lights go off. So instead of finding the short I tossed them out. Not worth the risk to my family having something plugged in that could cause a danger to them or my house.
they are nice, but they don't last long
April 2, 2014
I bought 3 of these 300-count packs about 1.5 years ago. They worked well for about the first year or so, but now the lack of quality is beginning to show. In the past few months, 2 of the 3 packs are now unusable; entire sections have gone out and I can't figure out how to fix it. I guess it's only a matter of time before the final one dies.
White wire...Not green
December 19, 2015
The picture and description indicate the light string has green wires. The item received has white wire. I doubt my wife and grandchildren would be pleased, so the item is being returned.
Two Stars
September 30, 2014
After only a month and a half, the lights broke.
false advertising
November 8, 2013
When I ordered these lights online, the description and the picture say that the "lighted length" is 24.75ft. When I received the lights, they are actually only 21.5ft lighted length. I was really disappointed because I was counting on the advertised length to cover the roof of my house! Now it's too short.

One Star Reviews:

( very disappointed. felt shorter than 6ft too
December 8, 2016
this was NOT A FULL FAT TREE :( very disappointed. felt shorter than 6ft too. learned my lesson. i can't buy christmas trees online.. i need to see them in person.
One Star
May 1, 2016
Very poorly made product. The top piece brok when I was putting it together to decorate
Wow super fun tree oh boy
December 31, 2015
The tree broke 3 days after putting it up. I didn't even get a chance to put lights on it. Would highly not recommend. I threw it in the trash because it wasn't worth getting the fake pine needles in my car to take to UPS.
People who have rated this tree highly seem to have low expectations for a Christmas tree because the picture of this tree onlin
December 11, 2015
I would barely give this one star. If I could give it zero I would. People who have rated this tree highly seem to have low expectations for a Christmas tree because the picture of this tree online is nothing like when you take it out of the box and set it up. It looks like a cone of astro turf. It's really a bright green versus what appears to be a deeper green in the pictures and "needles" were falling off of it from the moment I took the pieces out of the box. Speaking of the box, it came damaged and busted open. Not a happy camper.
Branches look nice but you need to have really light ornaments
December 3, 2015
stand broke as soon as I put the tree up, top branch would not support my star. Branches look nice but you need to have really light ornaments. In the future I will just buy things like this in person...
Noting like what I expected
November 12, 2015
Noting like what I expected, very looking. I didn't even bother to unpack it, when I opened the box and saw the bright green color and the texture of the 'needles' I knew this was not what I wanted. Now I am trying to figure out how to return it that won't end up costing me as much as I paid for it.Ended up finding a great tree at Walmart, 7.5 feet for $89.
One Star
December 12, 2016
Don't buy!!! After 3 days of tree being lit only an hour or two at night, came home after long day at work. Time to relax, after 15 minutes lights go completely out. I've got a huge tree with over 2,000 lights, had to troubleshoot each strand of lights, taking off ornaments, crawling under the tree to find out it was these new lights. I've had lights for years, no problem, but these are garbage!!!!
December 24, 2015
These lights suck...do not I repeat do not buy them...my kids and I put them up and took hours two decorate the tree...plugged them in and nothing ..plugged in another outlet...nothing..took them off and tried two more outlets nothing...so now since no one has any lights we don't have a lite tree...I bought two orders and not one light works...I'm so pissed...Do Not Buy ...unless you want your money taken...shame on this seller...shame on you ..and at Christmas no less...
Looked great till rained on.
October 9, 2015
Will not work outside. Rain is making them die as I watch. Pretty while they lasted.
Worst lights I've ever purchased.
December 22, 2014
I purchased at least 7 of these, and in one week every single one melted at the plug and is a complete loss. they were plugged into different plugs and extension cords so i know it wasn't something i did. All that work doing the trees at my office are down the drain and no refund.
Cheap lights are no bargain if they do not work.
December 19, 2014
One third of the lights did not light, despite an hour spent replacing bulbs in a vain effort to try to get it to work. The other two-thirds of the bulbs lit and looked beautiful. Very frustrating and disappointing to save few bucks and then have my time wasted. To get my hour of life back waste o these lights I would pay double the price. The one saving grace is that Amazon return process is easy to use The refund does not compensate me for my time, but at least we won't have this useless junk cluttering our house. Cheap lights are no bargain if they do not work.
Didn't work out of the box
July 20, 2014
These are the kind of lights where, if one bulb is bad, half the string is dark. I had to go through replacing each bulb one at a time to find it before I got them to cast their cheery light properly. In the grand scheme of it's not a huge deal, but it is the first time I've ever had a string of lights not work out of the box. The Amazon seller was NOMA/INLITEN-IMPORT.
Safety Concerns.
November 8, 2017
Used around my bedroom, but the lights started blowing out within a few months of purchasing. Replaced the single blown out lights, but then the whole string blew out and there are smoke/burn marks by each little light. Not worth the safety concerns I now have about this product. Lights would only be on for about 20-30 minutes a night about every other night.
Not staying lit up for me..:(
May 15, 2017
These would have been amazing, but 1/4 of the strand doesn't light up after only being used for an hour. I already have them wound into a back yard lighting situation in one of my trees, so I can't return them without undoing the ENTIRE batch of lights that I have on the tree, so I suppose I just have to deal with it.
Cheap, poor construction
December 3, 2016
The light sockets don't properly make reliable connections with the lights, causing unwanted flickering whenever the lights move. Half the string almost never lights up because of this issue. I've tried all the replacement bulbs in the offending sockets (both the regular and flashing ones), but they either don't work at all or just have the same issue, leading me to believe these strings are simply poorly constructed.
Look for Another Light
January 16, 2014
Time was short just before the holidays and I bought five of these strands because most stores were already out. Two of the strands had the problem that many reviewers mentioned, the lights went on momentarily and then half of the strand went dark. A careful examination showed the wire connections to the lights to be iffy. Evidently straightening the strands out pulls any weak connection between the lights and the wires loose. I managed to push one loose wire back in to its light and that got it going again, but I wouldn't use it because it could be a safety hazard.Three light strands did work properly, but I would suggest that people look elsewhere because you can't be certain what strand will work. Or if it will keep working.
Plain box, poor quality - not bright.
November 11, 2013
Since these lights came in plain white cardboard boxes there is no way to tell if they are what was ordered or not. Amazon has indicated any dissatisfaction should be directed toward the manufacturer, (these are imported). Amazon does not stand behind this product. (Don't know why they offer it on their site). These lights are dim and are not bright at all. They burn out quickly. I should have returned them immediately. May be old stock!
All dead after little over one month
February 10, 2013
Delivered on Tuesday January 8, 2013 - some went dead last week - all went dead last night (Sunaday, February 10, 2013). Differnt lights I got in Costco lasted almost two years
One Star
July 14, 2017
Defective and got my money back.
450 Bulbs dead within 15 minutes!! TERRIBLE PRODUCT.
December 11, 2016
Ordered two boxes of lights, they arrived on time and ready for Christmas. I wrapped 3/4 of them around the tree and switched them on.One by one each string of lights went out and within 15 minutes every single bulb was dark.Absolute disgrace and a joke of a product.Total waste of my money and now I need to go and find decent (working!!) lights locally, 2 weeks before Christmas.DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT.
Lights out
December 4, 2016
I should read whole reviews. I needed lights for tree, these had good star ratings and arrived quickly. Came in one box, 2 sets. One set 3 bunches tied together. As I was puting first set up they became a little warm, I didn't like that, and then while placing on tree the 3rd bunch of light went out. Returning. Too much money for lights that won't stay on.
December 2, 2016
These are about the worst lights I have ever bought. I have had to change 5 "blinker" bulbs out already, with less than 2 hours on time. They seem to be ok, if you do not want them to blink. Bought them only because my daughter wanted multi-color lights this year, so not sure if I will be returning them or finding other lights to use.
I do not recommend these.
November 26, 2015
Arrived OK. Hung up 1 of the 2 strands today and straight away half of them do not work. It's a section of the strand that is out completely. Completely frustrating to spend 20$ on lights that I cannot even use. Pulled out and checked every bulb that was out - all were OK. I do not recommend these... not at this price.
Many only half-strand working.
November 30, 2014
Even at $17 per 300, not worth it when half a strand goes out days after completing tree decorating! I bought 3 extra boxes last year so I would NOT have the frustration of pulling our my lights and have them not work. From last year, 1 went out while on the tree, 2 had only half-strand working after taking them out of storage, and two more fresh out of the box had only half-strands working. Something seriously defective about the design. Buy a different brand with better ratings.
April 15, 2017
This product burned my carpet. Can someone at the manufacturer please contact me.
My experience was poor
January 20, 2016
Lights only worked on one section. I read the trouble shoot instructions and I replaced the fuse but still nothing. I called for a refund which I received. Since I have a bad part now why not go full blown troubleshoot. I spliced open the wiring and noticed that the supply wire bypasses half the lights than wraps to the second half. There is my problem. So I rewired it and now it works but still, shouldn't have to go that far for these lights.
December 9, 2015
This is a poor quality product. It came with only it's shipping box, it is already opened. Also, the body of the lights are not green, they are white. I bought it to put on Christmas tree, now I cannot put it on because it is white. Do not buy this product. POOR QUALITY!!!!!
Waste of money
May 7, 2015
Lights didn't even last a week before a whole big portion of the strand stopped working, permanently. Yes, that's right - not even a week!! Absolute garbage, don't waste your money.
I opened the box that these came in, but ...
September 2, 2014
I opened the box that these came in, but there were only white lights, not multicolored as the box said. I then plugged them in, but only half the string of lights worked at all, they other half didn't light up.
January 28, 2014
I purchased these lights and after taking an hour to hang them up, I found out that more than 3/4th of the lights did not work. After reading several good reviews, I was extremely disappointed in what I had purchased. DO NOT PURCHASE.
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Our Fullest Tree With 1000 Tips Christmas Tree. Show your spirit with this beautiful Pine Tree!

Solid Metal Stand for Stronger Support. Not plastic like the competition.

Great for indoor or outdoor. Decorate the office or any entrance!

Comes in a box for Easy storage for the next year.

Xmas Finest Is TM of Unique Imports. Comes with a one year Warranty!

Holiday Wonderland 2 x 150 Lights Clear String To String Light Set

Set On Green Wire

Sets Of Lights Can Be Connected Together Comes With 2 Flasher Bulbs 2 Extra Bulbs & 1 Replacement Fuse

18" Lead Wire, 3" End Connector. The length of entire unit is 24.75 feet

Wire Color Is Green, Three sets of lights can be connected together. Replacement Fuses Are 2F/2R/1

100 Count

Clear String To String Light Set

For Indoor & Outdoor Use

Holiday Wonderland 2 x 150 Lights Multi Color String-To-String Light Set

Set On Green Wire

Sets Of Lights Can Be Connected Together Comes With 2 Flasher Bulbs 2 Extra Bulbs & 1 Replacement Fuse

100 Multi-Color mini-lights

Green wire

24" lead wire

Bulbs remain lit even after one goes out

Three sets of lights can be connected together

2 flasher bulbs

2 extra bulbs and 1 replacement fuse included

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