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PPC Power Pressure Cooker
Power Pressure Cooker XL 8 Quart, Digital Non Stick Stainless Steel Steam Slow Cooker and Canner - PPC Power Pressure Cooker
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Instant Pot IP-DUO60 7-in-1 Programmable Pressure Cooker, 6Qt/1000W, Stainless Steel Cooking Pot and Exterior, Latest 3rd Generation Technology - Instant Pot

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PPC Power Pressure Cooker http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/412Fsnwg%2BBL._SL160_.jpg
Power Pressure Cooker XL 8 Quart, Digital Non Stick Stainless Steel Steam Slow Cooker and Canner - PPC Power Pressure Cooker
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Instant Pot http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/210gk60cZ5L._SL160_.jpg
Instant Pot IP-DUO60 7-in-1 Programmable Pressure Cooker, 6Qt/1000W, Stainless Steel Cooking Pot and Exterior, Latest 3rd Generation Technology - Instant Pot
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Five Star Reviews:

I love this except I lost the floater on the first ...
July 21, 2017
I love this except I lost the floater on the first washing. Bought the floater and sealer on amazon and haven't lost it since. Can make a beef stew in 15 minutes. Bought one for my daughter for her birthday because I think this is a great addition to a busy persons schedule that still wants to cook at home.
Pure Magic!
May 18, 2017
I love kitchen gadgets in general but this one is simply a pure thing of joy. It has really helped me develop a quick and simple means of having yummy steamed veggies. Toss them in, hit the button and in minutes... Magic!Looking forward to learning more recipes focused on health but for now, my simple stuff is really making me love this machine more every day. 100% satisfied
Fast & Easy Meals
April 9, 2017
Very versatile! Bought for my adult son (at his request) for quick and easy meals. He is very happy with it, loves to cook using it, and says clean-up is a breeze!
Good Meals
March 5, 2017
My husband is the cook in our family. I bought this for him one Christmas. I wasn't sure if he liked it but I've been getting good meals ever since.
Great Pressure Cooker!
October 25, 2015
This is the most used appliance in our home. It's easy and quick to make meals. I can make breakfast, lunch and dinner in this Pressure cooker. I add my ingredients and turn the lid and walk away and in a little bit its done! I love it! I'm giving this to my newly married daughter for Christmas!
Great to Have.
August 14, 2015
Had watched infomercials and read online about pressure cooker, but couldn't decide. Then just did it! So glad I did. A very versatile cooker. Ordered mine from Amazon along with the information/recipe book as too many folks had complained that the books that came with the cooker itself left much to be desired. So glad I did. Still learning to cook many different items and recipes with the pressure cooker.
WHY and WHO should buy it?? 6 months UPDATE.
December 12, 2016
Instant pot aaah .. Finally I have it. I have heard people literally praising it as the best thing they ever owned, best gift ever received, best kitchen appliance ever etc etc. So Finally I spent my fair share to own this appliance at the time of thanksgiving sale.CLARIFICATIONS :1. It is an electric pressure cooker and no magic involved.2. You can cook multiple items in it ( which you can also do in a regular stove top pressure cooker by stacking vessels- my mom used to do it all the time , so when ppl say you can cook multiple items in the IP as if it is a new thing - no it is just "re-inventing the Cycle".3. It cooks rice in less than 4 minutes( sometimes even in less amount of time) - yes it does but BUILDING UP THE PRESSURE takes some time around 8 to 10 minutes( sometimes even more than that for very big quantities of food). So total time is almost same(give or take) when compared to stove top pressure cooker.WHY and WHO should buy it??1. For stove top pressure cooking , you need to monitor continuosly for whistles, and turning off the stove - This you can avoid in Instant pot. Since it is electric pressure cooker with built in settings, it will automatically turn off the cooking for you , so you dont have to stand near by the stove all the time. NO BABY SITTING.2. So many BUILT IN functions : There are so many functions you can use for multiple cooking , some of them are Yogurt mode to make yogurt , Rice mode for rice, Slow cook mode etc.3. Manually you can adjust time and pressure as well. Great for people who want to experiment in their cooking to find out the fastest times for their cooking , which saves lot of time than to use preset functions.4. Delayed timer , which means turn on the delayed timer in the morning and by the time you come from office you have fresh piping hot homemade food ready to devour - PURE BLISS5. STAINLESS STEEL inner pot - NO TOXINS, NONSTICK COATINGS, NASTY CHEMICALS etc in your food.6. Safety : UL and ULC certified with 10 proven safety mechanisms7. Highly energy efficient and kitchen friendly - Less Electric bills.8. ONE POT COOKING ( multiple , if cooking multiple dishes by stacking) so less clean upand so many more...SO PEOPLE who are looking for stainless steel cooking pot, cooking multiple items at once, dont want to stand in front of the stove baby sitting , busy parents, who wants fresh homemade food with less efforts, One pot cooking, Bulk cooking .... etc etc ... YOU MUST BUY THIS.CONS : So far none but it is OVERLY OVERRATED ( I agree it is very useful , I am in love with it but there is no MAGIC involved . As there is no BABY SITTING involved people love it so much they over rate it. * I myself love it , so don't get me wrong *PRICE : At thanksgiving I got it for arounf $85 including a protection plan .. Regular price varies but it is around $120. Honestly it is a very good INVESTMENT and would buy it for $120 if I was unable to grab it for the sale price.PROTECTION PLAN : YAY or NAY ?? I took it as it was only $10 for 4 years .. If you have kids, or you drop things frequently etc better take it Better safe than SORRY right?? You can always sleep peacefully.DO YOU NEED TO BUY ADDITIONAL RECIPE BOOKS ?? If you are an experimental person and have a lot of time in Kitchen - answer is NO , You are better off with joining a Facebook group to find interesting recipes. But if you are busy , dont want to trial and error then yes buy couple of ebooks for quick cooking , ofcourse you can join facebook groups as well , since it is totally free :)VERDICT : Awesome features , Very well built appliance and consistently improving for every new model. Perfect for almost every cooking need.* DONT GET DISHEARTENED if your recipes failed when you started using it.. It happens to everyone .. it takes time and some trial and error to get the exact recipe timings to your taste and texture. Everyone who bought this has been through that phase , so give sometime and try :)6 month UPDATE :1. Clean up is a breeze , the stainless steel is almost like non stick and doesn't need lot of scrubbing.2. I do like to cook 2 things at a time and never tried 3 at a time as I am little afraid that some how they might get spilled while boiling and cooking3. Saves time, one pot to clean , so my cooking time on stove is greatly reduced.4. I have a guilty secret to share, I rarely clean the lid .. it never gets dirty or smelly so I am too lazy to clean it lol .. but I clean once a month or whenever I see splatters of food.5. For tough stains, pour baking soda, vinegar, dish soap or essential oils into the pot, put the lid and do manual 2 mins. All the stains and stuck food easily comes off and it is a SPA day for your IP.6. Now there are NEWER models available, cant wait to get them ( not sure when ).7. So far I LOVE it and no regrets.If you find my review helpful then please click helpful button below, as I write clear, concise reviews to help people to make a decision.
Instead it is a way for us to remember how much she would have loved it.
November 28, 2016
Day one with the new toy... Chuck roast, baby carrots, fresh thyme, rosemary and garlic, a whole onion, beef broth, salt and pepper... Seared both sides for about 5 minutes on the saute setting, then used the meat setting for 65 minutes. The meat literally fell apart as I was pulling it out of the pot. A huge hit on it's first run, we have a bone-in leg of lamb thawing out now for tomorrow night.This was supposed to be a Christmas present for my wife, but she passed away a month ago. Instead it is a way for us to remember how much she would have loved it.
A Cook's Dream!
September 25, 2016
I bought my 8 qt Instant Pot a couple of weeks ago and am happy I bought the larger 8 qt. I would have been disappointed with a smaller one because as a pressure cooker you can't fill it all the way to the top, but if you want to cook smaller portions you can.The Instant Pot has a great set of options! Use it to Slow Cook, Saute, Pressure Cook either with manual settings or with the push of a button located on the pot.A deciding factor for me was that the inner pot is all stainless steel, very safe with no chipping and dangerous coatings. The stainless steel pot is easy to clean no matter what has been cooked in it.Since getting this Instant Pot, my stove has not been used.It's very important to not let this Pot intimidate you to the point of not using it. I joined an Instant Pot Facebook group and have seen many people who have not used their pots because they were afraid to. This is not your Grandma's pressure cooker. It has so many safety features built into it, making it very safe to use.I dove right in with my pot, determined to learn how to use it. I made Chicken and Vegetables the first night that wound up being a very good soup because it cooks so incredibly fast. I learned that I needed to follow some recipes before going off on my own.I have made boiled eggs that turned out so perfect, no stove can make them like this Instant Pot. I have made roast, chicken, spaghetti, pork roast, so many things that turned out so good and yet so fast.I bought some accessories on Amazon to use with my Instant Pot. Poached egg cups which I have a photo of below. Yummy poached eggs so quick and easy. Today I finished up making yogurt (also a photo below). I had never made yogurt before but will be making this a lot now with my Instant Pot.The 8 qt. Instant Pot was an excellent choice for me since I don't want to cook all day in order to get a healthy and great dinner on the table. Get it, you won't be sorry!
Love love LOVE it!
April 24, 2016
This thing is a real game changer! Perfectly cooks rice. Wonderfully steams broccoli. Excellent for shredded chicken (it just FALLS apart!)Cooking tip from experience:Personally, I think their manual over estimates cooking times for vegetables. If I use their recommended cooking durations, a lot of times they turn to mush. For example: My personal ideal setting to lightly steam broccoli crowns is to use the "Steam" setting, set the timer to "0", then release pressure as soon as it's finished. This makes perfect broccoli that keeps the flowers in tact, and the stalks a pleasant "al dente" texture. This same setting works well for fresh cauliflower florets, keeping a nice firm texture but taking away the "mealiness" of raw cauliflower.
One year later, what I’ve learned
December 6, 2015
I’ve had my Instant Pot for a year now; I bought it on Black Friday 2015. I am still as enthusiastic about it now as I was when I bought it. I use it a couple of times a week. It doesn’t replace everything in your kitchen (especially the stove) but it does a great job of most food. It’s not Instant Cooking... most dishes take 10-20 minutes to get to pressure, then the actual cooking time, and then a cool-down (or natural release) period. Some things get up to pressure quickly, eggs, oatmeal, less dense items with a small amount of liquid. There is definitely a learning curve with this. I think the hardest thing to learn to cook in the IP is meat. The timing goes by density not weight – so a smaller piece or something cut into chunks will cook faster than a bigger piece. I still have times my meats aren’t done right.I definitely recommend using recipes when you are learning how to use your IP. There are great free recipes online, some of my favorite sites are Pressure Cooking Today, This Old Gal, Dads Cook Dinner. Instant Pot also has a company sponsored Facebook group that posts recipes and is a good place to learn about your pot (it has nearly 200,000 members).I rarely use my Instant Pot as a slow cooker, I have found that most everything I cooked in my slow cooker can be cooked at pressure. The pea soup I cooked all day in the slow cooker took an hour in the IP (15 min to come to pressure, 30 minutes on the Soup setting, 15 min natural release) and tasted just as good. If you do use it as a slow cooker, please know that the low setting on the IP is equivalent to ‘stay warm’ on your slow cooker.Getting the lid on properly: The instructions say to line up the arrows to get the lid aligned with the pot before you close it and seal the vent. The arrows are really hard to see and honestly, you don’t need them. At the back of the Instant Pot is a black ‘ledge’ that the lid fits onto, the lid then slides to the right when you close it. You just need to learn this and you won’t need the arrows. It will make sense when you start to use it. Look from above when you put the lid on and you’ll see what I’m talking about. Kind hard to explain, see the photo below.Accessories: My sealing ring lasted nearly a year. Towards the end of the 10th month it had stretched out so much that the only way to have it stay inside the lid was to freeze it. Although it worked, it’s not the best thing to do. I keep two rings on hand now, one for sweets and one for savory. The rings DO pick up odors and you don’t want a green curry smell on your custard.I use the RSVP Endurance Stainless Steel 3 Quart Wide Rim Mesh Basket]] for a steamer basket. I did pry the riveted handles off but if I was to do it again I would bend them upwards in a vise. It’s hard to get this basket out of the pot without handles. That said, I am very happy with it. It can hold 5 lbs. of diced potatoes with a few raw eggs balanced on top (which by the way can be cooked together for 4 minutes, high pressure, quick release, for a great potato salad base– don’t forget to put one cup of water into the liner though).I use these style mitts exclusively when handling the inner pot.  for a steamer basket. I did pry the riveted handles off but if I was to do it again I would bend them upwards in a vise. It’s hard to get this basket out of the pot without handles. That said, I am very happy with it. It can hold 5 lbs. of diced potatoes with a few raw eggs balanced on top (which by the way can be cooked together for 4 minutes, high pressure, quick release, for a great potato salad base– don’t forget to put one cup of water into the liner though).I use these style mitts exclusively when handling the inner pot. Dexas Mini Silicone Oven Mitt with Raised Nibs, Red The inner pot (stainless steel liner) spins when you stir food. I had tried binder clips to hold it in place when I stirred but it’s just easier to hold the pot while wearing one of these. Lots of recipes call for stirring something in at the end, and the spinning is just annoying. It also helps when you mash potatoes (potatoes go in the steamer basket, one cup water in the bottom of the liner, 8 minutes high pressure, quick release, remove the steamer basket, empty the water out of the liner, dump the potatoes back in and smash). The mitts are also great for taking the hot stainless steel liner out of the pot. Highly recommend.I resisted the lure of the cheesecake for about 10 months then I finally succumbed. Way too many pictures of IP cheesecakes on Facebook. I bought the Nordic Ware Leakproof Springform Pan, 7 Inch which works great. Some people like push pans. The only thing I can say about this is that a 6” cheesecake has just a few less calories than a 9” one. The IP makes cheesecakes a breeze to cook. Beware.Two more things – this cannot be used for canning. Electric pressure cookers do not come up to a high enough pressure to safely can food. You need a stovetop pressure cooker (or canner) for that. Don't be scared of this thing - it has lots of safety features. As long as you follow the directions you will be fine. Never force the lid off - it slides easily when pressure is gone. Open the lid away from you so any residual steam is blocked by the lid. Use common sense and you will be just fine! This is a great purchase - just use it!
Review from a confirmed foodaholic
January 16, 2014
Over the years, I have purchased hundreds of items from Amazon, and for the most part, got what I expected. I never reviewed any of them. But from the moment I received my Instant Pot, I felt that I had purchased something that not only exceeded my expectations, but will make my life easier (and more delicious)!I am a holistic nutritionist and a follower of a lower carb/paleo/primal lifestyle (and yes, it is not only a food regimen, but a lifestyle). Many of the meals I prepare require advance planning and preparation, and I am OK with that, realizing that it is an investment in my family's health and wellbeing. I was looking for something that would support my food choices and perhaps make it a little less time-consuming. I have used a crockpot extensively over the past years and while I appreciate the ease of use and the ability to put a meal on the table soon after I got home in the evening, there is that "everything tastes the same" factor I was running into with my family.So I began thinking about ways to cook my meals faster and realized that a pressure cooker may be the answer. But, I am scared of pressure cookers. Even though my head tells me that people have been using them for many years with no problems, my heart said there was a strong chance I could blow up the entire kitchen, myself included. I had no idea there were electric, programmable pressure cookers out there that would virtually eliminate that worry until I began researching them, first on Amazon, and then on other websites. I eventually purchased the Instant Pot over the others because of the stainless steel insert (no aluminum), the size of the pot (I wanted a larger capacity), and the ease of use.The day it arrived, I plugged it in and began reading the manual. The manual was very helpful, even included a suggested trial run to familiarize one with the basics. My first meal was potato soup (I know potatoes are not low carb or paleo, but once in a while you gotta have potato soup). I was amazed at how easy and delicious it was to make this soup that would normally take a couple of hours. I just coarsely chopped the vegetables, threw those in the pot, added the seasonings and the liquid, started the pressure cooker option, and in 20 minutes all I had to do was use my immersion blender to puree the soup, add some cheese, stir and it was ready to eat. AND the soup was every bit as good as my slower version that keeps me tied to the kitchen to stir and monitor until it's done. That is the hidden beauty of this appliance, that while it's cooking your food, you are free to do other things such as harass your kids to get their homework done. No more watching over a pot!My second recipe was lemon pepper chicken wings. There is a searing option, so first I browned the wings in a bit of butter, then added lemon pepper, salt, and 2 more tablespoons of butter. Put on the lid, set the pressure cooker for 25 minutes, and out came the most delicious, fall-of-the-bone wings just loaded with flavor. The family went wild!I also made mushroom gravy (no flour) pork chops in 30 minutes in the pressure cooker - the gravy was so good my son ate in on top of some gluten free noodles the next day for lunch - and a breakfast meat loaf in the slow cooker, also a winner.I am also using this to reheat food since we don't use the microwave anymore and I'm finding that it seems easier and makes less of a mess than going stovetop.That's a pretty long review for a first-timer but I am so enthusiastic about this product that I just had to share.

Four Star Reviews:

Great, but the times are misleading
January 17, 2017
If I made nothing by rice in this, it would totally be worth it. It takes longer than the cook time to make things though. None of the reaipe times include the pressurization time which can be up to 17 mins.
Great product
December 13, 2016
I am cooking a lot faster with this product and I am very happy with my purchase.
The Power Pressure Cooker XL will operate properly up to a maximum altitude of 2.000 ft above sea level.
October 21, 2016
I bought the Power Pressure Cooker XL because of the pressure canning feature. I was disappointed to see the Altitude and Pressure Canning section: The Power Pressure Cooker XL will operate properly up to a maximum altitude of 2.000 ft above sea level. Do not use this unit for pressure canning above an altitude of 2,000 ft." I live at 6,000 + so I will not be able to use this cooker for pressure canning. So that is the reason for my 4 star rating.
Love it. Use it often.
September 22, 2016
There is a learning curve to using it. But once you understand the process...it greatly reduces cooking time. Clean up is a snap!
Time and money saver but needs better instructions and recipes!
November 29, 2015
I like this product because of it versitility, but felt the instruction booklet and the included mini-cook books could have used better general instructions. Funny, how something like not being able to figure out how to set the timer according to the instructions can have on your opinion of a product. I have yet to use the canning function, but did cook a roast. The roast was not as tender as I had hoped, so will try it well-done next time. It greatly reduces cooking time and power useage, so I'll give it a bunch more tries before I give up on it.
Take the pressure out of cooking.
November 29, 2015
Amazing product. Does what is says.Only issue is that if incorrect timing is inputted, there is no way to undo as it can't be gauged down.On the whole it's works perfectly. Enjoying d meals.No long time standing around a stove.
the buttons are very easy to see and the instruction manual covers all the ...
July 12, 2017
For months, my friends raved about this kitchen wonder, and I finally decided to jump on the bandwagon. There is absolutely a learning curve I think, and I've definitely had my fair share of misses (let's not talk about the ravioli disaster...). In terms of usability, the buttons are very easy to see and the instruction manual covers all the basics of how to work it - it's very clear. I love how it's versatile - crock pot, sautee pot, and pressure cooker - and I have been able to use it for multiple steps of recipes, which is handy. So far, our favorite meal has been beer brats and beer cheese - all made in the pot. It has replaced my bulky slow cooker, too.
Functional and speedy way to cook meals!
December 17, 2016
My sister raved about the Instant Pot, so I took advantage of Cyber Monday sale to purchase one for myself. The speed at which it cooks meat and vegetables is great, especially if you forget to put your slow cooker together in the morning! I used it to cook a pot roast with potatoes and carrots in an hour and a half, and beef stew in less than an hour. I can see it being very useful for when I need potatoes or yams cooked fast for mashing or casseroles, and for speeding up cooking of frozen meats. I'm excited to try it out for additional things, and look forward to experimenting with the other functions like yogurt. I have only used the manual function so I cannot vouch for how well the program buttons (like "stew/soup") would work. I did dock one star because the rubber gasket on the lid still smells like the very first thing I made. I hesitate to put it into the dishwasher for fear of warping the rubber, so I handwashed everything. Unfortunately, it still smells like beef. Also, the recipes that came with the pot are for the birds. Use your own recipes for better taste, and experiment with the time to get it right in the pressure cooker.
Missing part
December 1, 2016
I just opened it, read instructions, watched 3 videos, It's missing the Anti Block Shield and without that I can't use it. The cord is very short about 2.5 ft and extremely stiff so can't use it where I had planned to w/o extension and can't position the cord so it's out of the way. I'd like a different longer cord (it has the attachment 3 prong female to insert in the pot+ the connecting end). Definitely I must have the Anti Block Shield or I'll have to return it and ask for a complete pot replacement.
Instant Pot IP-DUO 60
May 19, 2016
This is a great pot! Before I received this instant pot, I'd never done any pressure cooking. This pot is easy to use and it makes some very tasty meals in a relatively short amount of time.What do I make with this device? It makes excellent beans and it makes them quickly. You don't even need to soak the beans, though I often do soak them for about 30-45 minutes. I have made the best white chicken chili ever in this pot. I have also made multiple turkey breasts. It's incredibly easy to put a turkey breast and about 1/2 cup of water in the pot, and just turn it on for 45 minutes. Turkey breasts made in the instant pot are incredibly moist and delicious. It seriously makes the best turkey breast I've ever had (I do throw out the skin, which does not brown in the pot, but I don't normally eat turkey skin anyway). It also quickly makes nice chicken breasts that I then shred or cut these up to use in other recipes. Pot roasts turn out tender, flavorful, and moist. It also cooks artichokes well and quickly vs other methods. It makes a great corned beef. I've also made some yogurt in it and it turned out well. Anything you normally spend all day cooking in a crock pot can be made in the instant pot, in a fraction of the time.There are two reasons for my four star review. The first reason is that I have to watch the pot and make sure it seals up. For some reason, the piece of metal that is supposed to rise up and seal up the pot quite frequently does not rise. I have to watch it and either jiggle the pot or jiggle the metal piece with a utensil to get it to rise. My second reason is that the pot takes longer to pressure up and seal (or be ready to seal) than I would like; thus, the time it takes to cook things is actually significantly longer than you might think. It usually takes about 15-20 minutes for it to seal and start cooking. So, if something is supposed to cook in 30 minutes, then it actually takes 45 minutes. If you allow the pressure to release naturally, this also takes a significant, additional, amount of time.I do like that fact that it will keep food warm, so you don't have to rush to eat it as soon as it's done. You can leave it in there for a while, until it's convenient for you to take it out or until you are ready for your meal. It isn't too bad to clean. The silicon ring does take on odors and I've tried everything to get them out. I haven't had much success, so I recommend just getting an extra ring to use for things like yogurt, where you wouldn't want to take the chance of introducing an odor from something previously cooked.I've had this pot for over a year now. I highly recommend it and have even bought a few of them to give as gifts.
Good fast cooking system
December 30, 2015
The Instant Pot is a very good product with typically overstated claims. For instance the cooking times claimed do not include the pressure release time (for my 5 bean recipe cooking not soaked beans take 50 minutes but slow pressure release called for can add 10-15 minutes). This is still a great benefit over presoaking beans and cooking them so the time discrepancy is minor. Cooking a peperoncini venison roast is a very easy and delicious. Rice comes out perfectly. I really do like the product, I just would like to see some honest times in the sales pitch. The recipe book that comes with the product is very basic. Adapting recipes from the book is almost always necessary. A better recipe book would add value. That said there are many Instant Pot recipes available online. I do recommend this as a worthwhile item.
Worth the investment.
August 10, 2015
Ok, I was skeptical, but the Instant Pot lives up to the hype......almost. I was looking for a way to cook without, as my grandmother would say "heating up the house" in the summer. This thing fits the bill, it cooks quickly and produces very little external heat. I was amazed to be able to make a respectable pot of chicken and dumplings from frozen chicken in 30 minutes. That said, as with all pressure cookers, it cooks with steam, you're not going to get anything crisp (think stews, soups, pot roast, etc.). The interior cooking pot is stainless steel (a good thing when it comes to cleaning and odor), but it gave me fits using the sauté function, either I have to use way more oil than I like, or everything sticks to the bottom. I just brown things in a pan and then add it to the pot. Not a deal breaker. The slow cooker feature is a bit of a problem, the temps are a bit off. The "low" slow cooker setting was fine, but the medium setting, which is supposed to be "high" (confusing, but that's what the manual says) caused the food to cook at a full rolling boil. I was using it with the original lid in vent mode, as per the manufacture's instructions. I'm sure that if I had used their optional glass lid it would have lowered the temp. Thus the one star ding, if you sell me an item you say performs a function, include all the parts to make it work properly. I've not used the rice cooker function. If you're looking for a way to get home cooked meals on the table quickly and easily and understand it limitations (nothing crunchy or golden brown) it's worth the investment. There are several Instant Pot FaceBook pages that are a great resource. Member are always willing to provide help and they're a great resource for new recipe ideas.

Three Star Reviews:

Other than that I have liked it, but want to return and get instant ...
April 13, 2017
Does not have sauté feature and can't have cook time over 1hr. Other than that I have liked it, but want to return and get instant pot brand.
Three Stars
January 12, 2017
Can't set pressure
The Power Pressure Cooker XL is not worth it.
June 17, 2016
When it comes down to it, I would give the regular power cooker more stars. The controls on the XL do not work as well, the pressure vent is awkward and harder to use,
So far I have not had a good experience with this item
March 23, 2016
So far I have not had a good experience with this item. I had to get a replacement part after the first time I tried to use it. When I put the new part in and tried to use it again it still did not work correctly. I will try it one more time and see what happens. Maybe I just got a lemon.
Three Stars
February 15, 2016
It is a good machine, however, I returned it because I wanted a stainless steel inner pot.
This Product Stop Working and I would like to send it back
October 27, 2015
This Product Stop Working and I would like to send it back, I know it has been a long time, I only used once and one month later I used it again and it would not work I check the plugs and number a times. So how do I return this Cooker? Judith
A learning experience so far.
April 2, 2017
I'm still learning how to use this effectively. Everything works fine, and the instructions are clear. But my first two attempts to cook didn't turn out so great. First I tried a pot roast. The meat was fine, up the veggies were way overlooked. The recipe said to add them for the last ten minutes. I'd guess that two minutes might have been enough. (In case you are wondering, I did the fast pressure release, so I don't think this was an issue of pilot error.). Next made rice. It was OK, but a bit drier than I wanted.To be clear, the unit itself is fine and works fine, seems like a high quality product. But I'm not yet a better cook because of it.
This is a nice pressure cooker BUT the cord would not stay plugged ...
January 22, 2017
This is a nice pressure cooker BUT the cord would not stay plugged into the unit. If you moved the pot even the slightest bit it became unplugged and you had to re-plug and re-set it. Sending this back for a new one and hope the new one does not have this problem. I have not read any other reviews with this issue.
Metal in my food!!
July 4, 2016
I have been very happy with the way this cooks. It makes zero noise except when releasing steam. I was blown away to see high quality enamel around the top on the inside where you so often see teflon.I had a very bad experience with the stainless pot (I don't know if it was the one that came with in the cooker or the spare I bought from same company) but the stainless steel pitted the first few uses and I had to exchange for a new one that has functioned without issue.The irony is that I bought this because of the stainless steel. I don't like using non-stick surfaces because they wear and you end up eating the teflon. Now it appears I have eaten stainless steel instead!!I expect this was a fluke and I expect to be happy with this product but I am disappointed that having now received the defective product and had a chance to assess the issue no one has contacted me to offer a refund. As is clear in the photos... this was a major fail and who knows what has gotten into my system as a result.
Its functions are useful, but I'm having trouble adjusting my recipes for ...
March 19, 2016
Perhaps I did not drink the kool-aid with this machine. Its functions are useful, but I'm having trouble adjusting my recipes for the pressure cooking time and not everything has turned out all that well. I think eventually I'll get used to it, but it's not the holy grail of cooking. Before you get this machine, I think it's important to identify what you really are looking for. In addition to the pressure cooking function, I think it's a good alternative to a slow cooker if you are in the market for getting one, because it has that function as well. But I have a fancy rice cooker, too and I don't think I really needed this in addition to the rice cooker (which I can slow cook small batches of things in), except that I love kitchen gadgets and the price was reasonable.I have had mixed results with the yogurt function. I have made homemade yogurt on and off for 9 years (starting as a cost savings maneuver in graduate school and now as a hobby). I prefer not to "boil" my milk because then it gets a film on top (you just need to get the temp up to about 180F). Furthermore, one time I used the yogurt setting and it got too hot and killed the culture even after I had already cooled it down. Perhaps it was user error but I reset it and added more culture and the yogurt turned out just fine. That's another thing I find with this machine--operating it isn't super intuitive. Definitely keep the user manual handy.Plus, my husband thinks the machine is ugly and doesn't like it sitting on our counter.Am I glad I have it? Probably. I like making beans and soups and I've always wanted a pressure cooker (we cook a lot at our house). But it wasn't an answer to my cooking prayers and it hasn't always been easy to use.
Not as wonderful as I'd hope
September 7, 2015
It's billed as easy to use, but I found it rather confusing. The first time I used it--to make brown rice--the rice was uncooked, despite following the time requirements. The next time I used it, again, to make brown rice, the rice was cooked better but still not thoroughly. And the time it took was nearly the same as cooking rice on the stove. Since the faster cooking time is supposedly one of the advantages, so far it has been disappointing. I would have returned it, but the time allowed had passed. I haven't used it yet to cook anything else, so I am hoping for better results with other recipes.
Quality was good, buy the SMELL of the gasket, WHEW!
July 25, 2015
I am returning this item due to not being able to get rid of the smell of what I cooked from the gasket seal. I soaked it in vinegar for over an hour and it still smelled of the pot roast spices so I am thinking it might harbor bacteria. I did like the stainless steel insert. I put in a totally frozen piece of rump roast and pressure cooked it for like an hour, even tho my temp gauge read 200 degrees it was still a little tough so I programmed it to cook for 9 hrs on slow cook mode. The next morning it was tender. So I am thinking I could have done this in my slow cooker I paid $35-$40 for. I like the little beeps that is made that signaled that you were locking and unlocking the lid.

Two Star Reviews:

Two Stars
September 9, 2017
good news/ bad news.....
May 29, 2017
good news/ bad news...I bought this about six weeks ago . I 'm going to compare it to the Instant Pot , because I've had both. The good news is that this PC is simpler- which I loved. It was easy for me, a person who always has trouble figuring out a manual- to start cooking immediately because of the simplicity of the buttons. The food tasted fantastic. Whenever asked, they claim that this is a stainless steel pot. Well- the outside of it is. But the inside, which comes in contact with your food- is not. The inner pot is a very lightweight teflon coated pot. I don't want teflon. Would rather have stainless steel. The upper lid appears to be aluminum. Both teflon and aluminum have negative effects on our bodies.In addition, the floating vent ( not the release vent, but the vent inside the handle) fell out after one month's use and no matter how hard my husband and I tried, we could not get it to stay in. So instead of being a pressure cooker, all of the steam was released out of the hole in the handle. The liquid inside thus evaporated. Food burned and the meat got tough. I threw it out a few days ago, got an Instant Pot, which is clearly more solidly made. The inner pot and the inner lid are both made of stainless steel in the Instant Pot. I will say, however, that I do find the Instant Pot more complicated to work. So there you have it, my views of the two pots. I will say this, though. I will never, ever be without an electric pressure cooker from now on because the food tastes so great!
December 5, 2016
For me it was hard to understand the directions. So I returned it. I also wanted a 4 quart.
I am very disappointed in this
September 21, 2016
The lid does not seal very well, I am very disappointed in this product
though this has a feature to bottle your own food ...
December 2, 2015
though this has a feature to bottle your own food, I did not know that it would not work in my location. Only works in elevations that are 2,000 feet or less.
I feel like this was poorly made
October 5, 2015
I feel like this was poorly made. It worked great for about 2 1/2 months and then stopped working well, right after the 90 day warranty expired and there was nothing I could do. I'm so disappointed because I love cooking with it.
IP Duo issue with clear rubber seal
August 3, 2017
After 4 months of great use with IP Duo to make curry, lamb chops and short rips. It was working fine until the lid sometime doesn't seal well and the pressure cook failed. I don't know if it's the clear rubber ring on the lid or a defect pressure cooker. I have to move, push and place the rubber ring back to it position often when closing the lid while I keep curry on warm mode. I am open for suggestions and/or thoughts. Please advise...
The pressure pin problem can't be ignored.
November 17, 2016
After using the IP-DUO60 2-3 times, the pressure pin leaks constantly, and I can't get around it.I've tried running the pin under cold water when seated in the lid, or lift the lid and press down to get a seal, but that doesn't always work. And even if you get a seal, sometimes the pot still leaks pressure while it's cooking. You're stuck constantly babysitting something that promotes a very set-and-forget approach to cooking. You end up messing up your timings, so the food comes out under or overcooked.I'm looking to get my lid replaced soon and will update the review if there's any success.
After much review, purchased this item. Used twice ...
August 13, 2016
After much review, purchased this item. Used twice before I decided to contact customer service. Item would not pressurize consistently. Would often burn waiting for it to seal. Customer service wouldn't replace unless I went through complete diagnostics with them. They even wanted me to create a video showing the pot in action. Never had a company need proof to replace their faulty product. Needless to say, one more appliance on the kitchen counter-top not being used.
Problems Instant Pot
February 7, 2016
I have only had the Instant Pot for 3 months and steam escapes from the lid. It does not seal well enough to get pressure.I liked it for the first 2 months but it should not be problematic after only 3 months. I have seen other similar comments on the same issue.
Poor quality control
January 30, 2016
Unit worked great first couple times. Now, it would loose pressure every so often and if have to re-adjust the lid. Since I'm away from the cooker, I don't notice right away and have to add more time, hoping I don't over cook the food. It sure hasn't been saving me time...I clean the lid parts and pot after every cook. So I'm taking care of the thing as well as I can. It looks like customer service isn't great so I don't know what to do when my unit hits the bucket...
A bit disappointing
January 19, 2016
Just pulled my instant pot put of the box and has a palm sized dent in the side of the cooker. It looks mainly cosmetic but is a bit disappointing as the box has no damage to it. Looks as if they just threw it in after packaging.

One Star Reviews:

Terrible Quality & Service.
October 19, 2017
Received the first order with a couple of screws on the lid fallen out. Amazon sent out a replacement right away, that was great.After 9 months of use, twice a week, the Teflon coating of the inner pot is fading revealing the aluminum (?).We contacted the manufacturer today for replacement, they redirected us to Amazon and Amazon on the other hand can't replace it after the 30 days. So we are returning the product today.
One Star
September 30, 2017
Returned defective
power pressure cooker, instructions not compatable or useful.
September 6, 2017
it does not function like the manual directions dictate. i made one meal with it, and that was a real pain. it does not build up pressure when you lock the lid in place. there is no click when you rotate the cover to the lock position.
older pressure cooker worked better.
September 5, 2017
no taste for foods. older pressure cooker worked better.
Three Stars
December 20, 2016
Worst purchase ever, useless if you want to use it more than twice. Millennials will love it as a kitchen accessory.Over a period of a few months it slowly loses pressure and takes longer and longer to cook.Edit: totally useless.
Terribly disappointed. I returned it
February 15, 2016
Did all the pre prep work as directed. Filled it with the food I wanted to cook. Turned it on and it didn't work! Terribly disappointed. I returned it.
One Star
April 3, 2017
I loved it when it worked but it is taking the ...
January 31, 2017
I used this 3 times and it quit working. I loved it when it worked but it is taking the company too long to help me out. VERY Frustrating!!
Manufacturer does not honor warranty
January 24, 2017
I bought this cooker for my wife a little more than 1 year ago. We had good luck with the first one and based on that experience purchased 4 additional cookers as gifts for family members. Two of the 4 gift units we purchased stopped working inside of 5 months and the manufacturer is not honoring the warranty. After having you jump through hoops sending electronic photos and receipts they assign a "ticket number" via an email that also says someone will be getting back to you. Except they never do no matter how many times you follow up. It's clear that their strategy is to simply ignore you until you give up and go away. With a few minutes research it easy to verify that there are hundreds of complaints regarding this company and their refusal to honor warranties. Wake up Amazon. Unethical companies should not be allowed to continue selling on your site.
Feeling cheated
October 27, 2016
So I opened my new instant pot, super excited to try it out, unfortunately, it was clearly not new. It smelled like food had scrub marks, watermarks, and the utensil unfortunately, it was clearly not new. It smelled like food had scrub marks, watermarks, and the accessories were in a beat up Ziploc bag. I am so disappointed! I can't believe they felt like this was acceptable :-(
March 19, 2016
I grew up with my mother using a pressure cooker. I saw an infomercial for an electric pressure cooker which peaked my interest. I was looking for a way to cook meals faster. I decided to check the reviews on amazon and they stunk for that particular brand and I did not like the fact that it had a non-stick liner. I began searching for different brands and after reading hundreds of reviews decided on this one. (Before purchasing, make a point to read ALL the negative ones.) Since this had so many features and a stainless liner, I thought it would be a good way to eliminate my crock pot and steamer and have a pressure cooker to boot.It arrived in great shape. I ran it through the water cycle per manual. I then attempted to cook chicken breasts with the pressure cooker. After the allotted time, they were under done. I added extra time several different times and it took forever to get them done. Dinner was very late that night.Next, I tried rice. Same situation - underdone. Same scenario of adding time and the rice turned out mushy.Yesterday, I tried the slow cooker setting for corned beef and cabbage. I set it on high for 6 hours. The corned beef was done but the cabbage on top of the corned beef was only partially done and the top layer of cabbage was not done at all. I had to put most of the cabbage back in for two additional hours before it was finally done. In my crock pot, after 6 hours on high it would have been more than done.I have tried three different methods of cooking with this and all three were underdone and required a lot of extra cooking time so it would seem that this just does not get hot enough. Everything I tried would have been much faster with other methods defeating the purpose of this purchase. Also, the silicone ring inside the top does retain odors even after washing thoroughly and hours of air drying.The only positive thing I found was that the stainless liner is a lot lighter to handle than the ceramic liner of my crock pot. Also the exterior of the Instant Pot does not get hot like my crock pot which can burn you if you touch it. I don't know whether that is the way it is supposed to be or whether that has something to do with the fact that mine does not seem to get hot enough to cook things.I went back and started reading only the negative reviews and saw many situations similar to mine. I was ready to pack it up and send it back until I realized I was a couple of weeks past the 30 day return period. Expensive mistake!
Died after 6 Months- Customer Service is AWFUL!
May 23, 2015
It was great while it worked. All of the sudden it died after 6 months. The website claims there is a 1 year warranty, but good luck trying to get ahold of anyone who will help you. No one picks up the customer service phone number and messages are never returned. Very disappointing to spend this amount of money for something that only lasts 6 months. They need better customer service.
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PPC Power Pressure Cooker
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EASY TO USE - Allows you to cook delicious, flavorful and healthier meals up to 70% faster than traditional cookware. Slow cooker function prepares your favorite slow-cooked recipes 10x fast. Comes with Digital display panel and one-touch setting. Press'N'Go. Highly energy efficient and kitchen friendly. You will never cook without your 8 Quart Power Pressure Cooker XL again.

MAKES COOKING A BREEZE - Just because you don't have the time to cook a four-course meal doesn't mean you don't deserve to have one! Every day cooking is now easier and hassle-free; make slow-cooked meals that you would normally save for weekends every night of the week! Relax while cooker does the hard work.

EXTREMELY VERSATILE - The Power Pressure Cooker XL - 8 Quart is excellent for slow cooking meats and other food kind. Super versatile can be used to cook Rice, Soups, Stews, Jams/Jellies, Deserts, Sauces. A One of a kind multi-functional pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker, steamer and warmer.

HIGH QUALITY WITH HASSLE FREE MAINTENANCE - Easy to clean and easily stored in the kitchen. No splashing, boiling over or escaping steam from your cooker. Cleaning is now a breeze; simply tidy the non-stick inner pot which is also dishwasher safe.

ORDER TODAY - Order Today To Experience The High Quality of Our Durable 8 Quart Power Pressure Cooker XL Backed By Our 100% No Hassle Money Back Guarantee. We apologize if we're sold out. Due to the Extremely HIGH DEMAND we tend to run out of inventory very fast! Get yours NOW!!!

7-in-1 Multi-Functional Cooker--Pressure Cooker, Slow Cooker, Rice Cooker, Saute/Browning, Yogurt Maker, Steamer & Warmer

Large, easy to use control panel with 14 built-in Smart Programs, Dual pressure, Automatic keep-warm and 3 temperatures for saute and slow cook

UL and ULC certified with 10 proven safety mechanisms; Highly energy efficient and kitchen friendly

Include 3-ply bottom stainless steel cooking pot, stainless steel steam rack with handle & manual and recipes in English, Spanish, Chinese and French

Note: indeed it is recommended filling liquid no higher than the MAX line on the inner pot, but for dry food, such as a chicken, pot roast, or steaming vegetables, the inner pot can be filled with food over the MAX line. The inner pot capacity is rated 6Qt for the full size. Outer Rim is not made of stainless steel and coated with a thick heat-resistant paint.

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