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Julienne Vegetable Peeler/Cutter/Slicer - Black Rubber Handle - Apple, Potato, Carrot, Zucchini, Cheese - Velesco
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Adjustable Mandoline Slicer - 4 Blades - Vegetable Cutter, Peeler, Slicer, Grater & Julienne Slicer - HomeNative

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Velesco http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/51EuOllGmGL._SL160_.jpg
Julienne Vegetable Peeler/Cutter/Slicer - Black Rubber Handle - Apple, Potato, Carrot, Zucchini, Cheese - Velesco
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HomeNative http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/51nRmpDyfrL._SL160_.jpg
Adjustable Mandoline Slicer - 4 Blades - Vegetable Cutter, Peeler, Slicer, Grater & Julienne Slicer - HomeNative
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Five Star Reviews:

She complained about not having a good chefs knife in the house
January 7, 2017
Bought this as a Birthday present for my daughter who in her second semester in cooking school. She has been cooking for the family at home on break. She complained about not having a good chefs knife in the house. She has used it daily and is very pleased with it. And it was worth every penny for the great meals we have been treated too.
... assisted in a wedding one of them is an excellent cook and previously owned a restaurant she called me ...
December 5, 2016
Purchased the knives for 3 people that assisted in a wedding one of them is an excellent cook and previously owned a restaurant she called me the day after and should use them to cut a prime rib roast and loved it
I have seen such knives on TV at $100+ and I doubt that they would cut any better than this one
November 16, 2016
I could not believe how sharp this knife is. I have seen such knives on TV at $100+ and I doubt that they would cut any better than this one. I tried it on tomatoes and was impressed by the ease with which it cut through them.
Yeah~ This is the peeler y'want
September 14, 2016
I'm telling everyone~ This little guy is the real deal. Period.The blade is super-sharp, and even *taro root* can be easily peeled with this thing.This, alone, makes the tool valuable to us!Hand grip is soft and secure; No issues with scary-slipping when peeling.As for the julienne-side of this hand-held unit:Yes, it does the task; Yes, it does julienne hard vegetables &such.It's not a priority for us, so all I can really say is it will do its stated task.But........ back to the PEELING: The blades are, indeed, sharp enough to power us through 1 pounds of potatoes5 pounds of sweet potatoes, and the de-skinning of tons of cucumbers.(In my opinion......... this is worth the price of admission)The same peeling blade will *effortlessly* peel paper-thing slices of cucumber and carrot for your next dinnerparte', or to stack on your next avocado sandwich.I believe *THIS* is the peeler for every kitchen~It has it all: Sharp blades, a solid secure 'feel', and easy clean-up (with the included little scrubbie-brush).Yeah, this is the one y'want, I think.
Excellent tool!
January 3, 2016
I love this little guy, it takes up very little space in a drawer and works great! So far I've used it to julienne carrots for the Korean carrots and potatoes for the Chinese-style potato salad, the blades are very sharp (almost julienned my hand, now I use fork to hold my veg on the cutting board!). I've also used it to make potato hash browns. I like the rubber handle, I get a decent grip with wet hands. Cleaning is easy, I use my regular dish brush. I am very happy with this kitchen tool.
This tool may actually work for awhile.....
July 14, 2015
So far so good with this tool. Life time guarantee and it seems to be made well. I'll see on that. I will give it a good work out since I like to julienne veggies for salads and other dishes. The peeler cuts a bit deep but does a great job. I have over the last few years purchased other tools like this at BB&B at about the same price and all are now in the trash. We'll see on the guarantee. I registered this product and if it breaks, I will find out if this company stands behind it's warranty. I purchase three, two to give to my daughters.
August 25, 2017
I've been searching for the perfect mandolin for years, but each one I purchased was lacking in design and/or quality. This adjustable mandolin slicer is absolutely perfect! It's so easy to use and clean plus is does everything you could ever want. The container into which the vegetables, fruits, and cheese fall comes with a lid for storage. The blades are easy to insert and remove. I'm so thrilled with this device that I'm finding all sorts of things that I can slice and grate. Price is reasonable and fair, and delivery was fast. I recommend this device highly. I promise you won't be sorry that you purchased it!
Great product and worth every cent.
December 29, 2016
Finally a slicer that works as described. The BEST slicer I ever have used is one my Grandfather made for my Mom. She still has it. It is made of wood and uses an old file blade made into a knife edge for use in the slicer.

This mandolin slicer is second only to Grandfathers homemade device. We are trying to eat more healthy meals and this slicer will make that a lot easier. Being able to slice various veggies and fruits for roasting with herbs and spices instead of frying, steaming, or boiling everything will go a long way to a big increase in easy to prepare veggie side dishes for us. This slicer was a huge help this past Christmas whilst preparing Scalloped Potatoes. Cut my prep time by half. I really like the slice thickness adjustment feature as well. It adds a little cool factor when your dishes have that professional look to them. I would buy this product again, and will if I ever break this one. (Not likely).
when finely grated and this mandolin makes it super easy! ) Children will be able to safely ...
September 5, 2016
Just bought this for my son when I visited and noticed he had no slicer. Ohmuhgosh, I am so jealous! My old mandolin has only one slicing blade and no container, unlike this beauty! So far, we have sliced, diced (the julienne blade dices an onion) and grated. (Pro-tip: if you have a granddaughter who swears she hates all veggies, just finely grate them and throw them into whatever! Zucchini and yellow squash and carrots are practically invisible in meatballs, soups, etc. when finely grated and this mandolin makes it super easy!)

Children will be able to safely help in the kitchen with this mandolin, as their fingers will not come near the blade, thanks to the . . . holder? The prongs hold the veggie and one simply slides the holder back and forth along the tracks and the veggie slices (or grated cheese; whatever) fall into the bin. No mess on the countertop.

The bin has a rubber edging along the bottom so it doesn't slide around while slicing, and the mandolin fits snugly on top of the bin. The extra handle eliminates the wrist fatigue one usually feels when using an old school grater.

I love this mandolin slicer so much I plan to buy one for my daughter and son-in-law when I return home . . . and if my inferior old mandolin happens to meet an untimely death, well, I'll buy one for myself, as well!
How did I live without this?
August 19, 2016
Of course, I didn't start really getting in to cooking until 4 years ago, and dehydrating just yesterday, but I seriously with I had had this when I first got into cooking! It slices perfectly, such a simple tool but it makes prepping for meals so much easier, and kind of fun! I like to slice to the beat of songs on my Playlist and such.

Sliced a few veggies and fruits yesterday when my dehydrator arrived. Just, beautiful!

A couple piece were uneven at first, but that's because I didn't have the technique down.

Once you get a flow there's no stopping you!
Highly recommend this because of its simplicity and ease of use as well as being useful for multiple types if recipes. Get it!
Nicely-made mandoline with excellent customer service.
January 21, 2016
This mandoline slicer is a very nice unit. It comes nicely packaged with all pieces and blades protected from damage during shipping. The entire unit is top-rack dishwasher safe which definitely makes for a safer and quicker cleaning experience. There are non-stick pads on the bottom of the slicer container which feel very secure, and they keep it from shifting around during slicing, adding to the safety.

Using the slicer: everything feels very secure when assembled. There are three options for the sizes of cut items: 1mm thick, 3mm thick, and 5mm thick. The adjustment knobs is easy to use and it feels secure when turning it to adjust the cut depth. The slicer itself produces even, consistent cuts.

A word about the excellent HomeNative customer service: when my gf accidentally broke off two of the retaining clips that keep the adjustable cut depth portion in place (this part is not intended to be removed anyways), I emailed HomeNative to ask about a replacement. Rather than have me send back my current unit for repair, the representative said that since they do not generally carry replacement parts, she would be happy to send me an entirely new replacement unit at no cost. This was a great, welcome surprise, and I can not say enough good things about HomeNative customer service for their commitment to customer satisfaction.

By the way, I was NOT provided any free or reduced-cost products in "exchange" for an honest, unbiased review (unlike many Amazon products these days, it seems). I simply felt that the excellent service and great product that I received from HomeNative warranted a truly honest, meaningful review.

Four Star Reviews:

March 6, 2017
It is a nice knife i just prefer a bigger around handle because the small handles hurt my hand when I use them
These knives are great. They are sharp and have a nice weight
March 3, 2017
These knives are great. They are sharp and have a nice weight. I found them to be a great improvement over my set of ceramic. Can't beat the price.
very nice packaging, great for a gift
December 1, 2016
very nice packaging, great for a gift. Knife is extremely light and not as sharp as I expected, butnothing that a honing stone can't correct.
Saves time and works great!
May 8, 2016
This is my first serrated edge peeler. For it's price, it's well worth it. Instead of taking the extra time required to julienne vegetables, this makes the work much faster! I love it! While I can't control the sizing like I would when I'm cutting julienne manually or for a speciality type dish, this is awesome for something quick, easy, low volume and no fuss. As for the regular peeler blade, is works well in that it can be used in both directions, making general peeling of skins much speedier. It doesn't leave a smooth surface, which is fine if you don't require it. It doesn't work as smoothly as some other higher end peelers I've tried, it's still great. I would recommend this product.
Great peeler
February 22, 2016
This peeler is awesome because I can make korean carrot salad using the Julienne peeler and also peel some potatoes. One issue with this peeler is that it's relatively large and extremely super sharp which can be dangerous if you're not carefully peeling, wish I didn't have to exercise that much caution, but still a great product.
April 30, 2017
I had no idea I would use it so much, but it DOES NOT come with the glove.
I have a Cuisinart, but this is easier to get out and clean for small to medium projects.
The prongs on the safety "hat" could use some improvement - sometimes they don't hold items
It performed well and sliced my zucchini beautifully. The only problem or complaint I have is ...
March 22, 2017
Finally used my mandolin this past weekend. It performed well and sliced my zucchini beautifully. The only problem or complaint I have is that there is enough of a space where the blade meets the plastic. There were slivers of zucchini stuck in that area. Being near the blade, it made removing the slivers challenging. Performance wise, this worked well. Clean up and getting the slivers out was the challenge.
Quality for the Price
October 30, 2016
This is great for making potato chips, which is what I bought it for. I don't really use it apart from that unless I'm making something in bulk since it's more cleanup than a handheld.

I did try to make French fries with the julienne slicer, does not work. The lid also doesn't stay secure on the base, so storing the product upright is not an option. Finding a place to store it at all was a bit of pain, but fortunately I have a big kitchen.

Overall the quality is what you pay for and this tool is great for what I needed to use it for.

Also, baked versus fried potato chips: definitely go with fried!
pretty deep cut
August 12, 2016
Make sure you use the safety hat ALL THE TIME!!!! I cut my thumb at the 1st time use bcuz I thought cumbers are too long to be held by the safety hat. The result is you dont know how fast it goes when slicing. So I hurt my finger, pretty deep cut...I guess long stuffs like carrot and cucumber should be cut into certain length to fit the safety hat.
Decent but difficult safety guard.
June 14, 2016
Blade is sharp and the product performs well. However take care with the way you use the safety guard when it comes to harder fruits or vegis. While slicing potatoes the guard got stuck on the side of the slicer, causing me to cut my thumb rather badly. Anyone who has ever used a mandolin knows that is an inherent risk to using the tool, so I do not mark the product down for it. However, I give it 4 stars instead of 5 because of the design the top guard uses. It has 3 prongs that press down into the item you are cutting, they are fairly spread out and they do little to secure anything that is long or fat.

Three Star Reviews:

I like everything about it except the sharpness
July 21, 2017
Not to impressed with the quality of the knife. I like everything about it except the sharpness. Both myself and coworkers have 'sharpened' it several times and it's still no closer to being sharp enough to cut much of anything....like a tomato or lemon. It's a real shame but I haven't given up hope to actually get it sharp like it needs to be so its use can be justified. I already bought a new paring knife to replace this one.
Three Stars
June 12, 2017
A little more flimsy than I had hoped.
Dull blade
May 10, 2017
Not as sharp as it should be, I use it for things that don't require sharp blade. Would not buy again
Need pinch grip for the 5" utility knife - short handle
April 24, 2017
I bought the knife set and have been using them for close to a month now. They all arrive very sharp but I am sure no matter how good the knifes are, if you actually use them, they all eventually need sharpening. Here is my impression - the chef knife is great. On the other hand, the 5" utility knife (the one I used most), I would have preferred it to come with a slightly longer handle - another inch would be perfect. I have medium size women hand, and often my pinky feels like it's hanging out there somewhere. The curved knife is good for things like...trimming off strawberry stems. Personally I find a straight knife more versatile, but I don't mind having a curved knife either.Since the seller reached out asking for review, I emailed and let them know that I found the 5" utility knife handle being a little short. And here is the reply from Max at Velesco - "Those knives mainly designed for a pro line cooks to be used in a pinch grip. Hence no bolsters and ultra light construction and the shorter handle on a smaller knives so it does not interfere with the movement. Curved knife is best used under 25-30% angle on a board or as a carving tool off the board."So I suppose if you are used to the pinch grip, the 5" utility knife could be perfect for you. Afraid I am just a home cook and is not a pro. Well, I guess I should learn how to hold a knife next! LOL
Quality is good but not the sharpness fades in some time
January 30, 2017
Quality is good but not the sharpness fades in some time, I have a knife sharpener so not an issue.
Not what I Needed for Slicing Cheese
October 6, 2015
I purchased this primarily as a cheese slicer. I was bedazzled by all the features, however in hindsight, it is just an OK cheese slicer with a bunch of other features that I don't use and that get in my way and make it harder to clean.I don't blame the tool, it appears to do what it claims, it's just not the easiest or best solution for what I need.I'm placing it in the drawer of the "maybe I shouldn't have", and have ordered a regular wire cheese slicer along with a cheese planer for my daily use.
Not the best for grating portatoes
July 9, 2017
I got this to grate potatoes for hash browns. I like the size pieces it produces but it's a LOT of work. The grater is really short so one stroke makes really nice pieces, just too few of them If the grater blade were the full length of the unit, I'd give it 5 stars.

I do like the holder for protecting my hand. And the glove is a nive touch as well.
The slicer itself is great but there are a couple things that I absolutely ...
December 26, 2016
The slicer itself is great but there are a couple things that I absolutely do not like, which is why I rated it 3 stars. The container that holds the vegetables warped after putting in top rack of dishwasher the first time, so each time I use it I have to insert my fingernail in between the lid/slicer and the container to get it to fit right (and this isn't the easiest thing to do). The other thing I really do not like is the safe holder (not sure what it is called) does not have pointy spikes, it has blunt-ended spikes so they do not hold in the potatoes and keep slipping out. Very poor design.

However the blade is nice and sharp and easy to adjust the thickness of the slicer.
Materials did not last (pitted food container, dull blade), but HomeNative provided replacement
September 5, 2016
I purchased this item in September 2015 and paid full price, which was then $39.99. I liked it very much at first and used it for a variety of cooking tasks.

Within a few months, I discovered that the materials are not made to last, and I am very disappointed with my purchase.

After using the mandoline to grate lemon peel, the plastic food container base became badly pitted and pockmarked from the citrus in an ordinary lemon! (See photo.) Then, after using the vegetable slicing blade to make a few batches of sweet potato chips, the blade became so dull that it is no longer able to cleanly slice softer fruits and vegetables like fresh tomatoes.

As HomeNative claims to offer a "a FULL Refund or Replacement", I will contact them and update this post regarding their response.

After I wrote to HomeNative, they quickly sent me a complete replacement, free of charge. Based upon the Customer Service and the way in which they honored the warranty, I am upgrading my review from 2 stars to 3 stars. I hope that the replacement mandoline will not suffer the same shortcomings as the first.
It slices, but ...
June 4, 2016
Overall, the mandoline slicer does generally slice most of what you give it. The slicer's food container / storage base worked OK. The entire unit is approx 14 1/2" long when the handle/cutting deck is assembled on top. The actual handle portion of the deck top sticks out w/ no way to remove. This makes it difficult to store the item in a typical overhead kitchen cabinet unless turned sideways on the shelf. You definitely NEED the handle when trying to use the slicer, so it's a necessary trade off, I guess. Of course the blades were sharp (being brand new), but they were somewhat small. The smaller grater was almost too small / too fine (used for Parmesan?) The julienne blade allowed for slightly thicker or thinner cuts, but the again the general size was a bit smallish.

I had problems using the safety hat when trying to get it to grip onto any other than a relatively flat or softer piece of food. If you required any amount of shuffling force to make your cuts on a crisp item (such as carrots or apples), it was far better to just use your hand. I used a cutting glove for this and found my fingers were easily bumping into the blade edge (kudos for said glove!). I found my food was sliding off the side or end w/o being cut so I really had to limit myself on the size of the item attempting to be sliced. Tomatoes were an absolute failure for me, even with a zigzag motion when approaching the blade. I'll have to stick to a sharp kitchen knife for those, I guess.

The flat, general slicing blade worked fine for just about everything else I pushed its way. I went thru a head each of cabbage and lettuce by slicing the heads into smaller chunks first. The blade's thickness adjustment knob was easy enough to use, but not really easy to tell how much of a turn you needed. You will need to experiment a lot by running food thru and checking the bin.

It was a toss up for me if I would be better off with something different and keeping this for the relatively smaller slicing requirements. Then again, all of my slicing requirements are relatively smaller. ;-) I think with my limited dexterity and grip (onset of arthritis) it became more of a chore than I anticipated to hold the device still while zinging the food back and forth in front of the blade. The gripper areas on the outer edges on the bottom of the bin did help but you still needed to hold everything firmly. I'm still not certain if the smaller size is a help or a hindrance. If you spend some time with it and keep experimenting, eventually you may get the results you are seeking. Maybe. BTW, the Customer Support of HomeNative was awesome.
Slicer for the over-sized vegetable ONLY
September 15, 2015
I bought this to replace an old mandoline slicer of a different brand that had all the same features. It works just like you'd expect it to, but i do have 2 complaints.

* It can't go deep enough to make homestyle fries
* The handle you place on the vegetable is horrible at holding onto standard sized vegetables. It worked great for my big fat vegetables but if they were skinny or small at all...there was just no way to use the handguard/handle for slicing that vegetable making it so you have to use your hand, unprotected.

I was excited to receive this, but now i'm just disappointed.

Two Star Reviews:

Dulles knife I ever owned
August 18, 2017
Must have been not sharpened at the factory, as much as we try to sharpen it it will not sharpen. Seems like a nice knife but if you can't be sharpen why bother
Dull. Needs lots of sharpeing
November 15, 2016
Dull.Needs lots of sharpeing.But great onces done.
Less than purported to be
November 3, 2015
I find it to be a less than an optimum peeler. OXO makes great ergonomic peelers.It does julienne carrots nicely, however it was promoted as so much more.Sixty years in the kitchen qualifies me to be vocal about my disappointment in performance
hence it's not useful for me
October 25, 2015
I got it mainly to slice cheeze blocks for my toddler as I didn't want to feed him the processed cheeze slices...but the slices / strips that I get from this peeler are so thin that my son has to eat 10 times for the same amount of cheese that he would eat in max 3-4 times if I slice thicker pieces with a traditional knife..hence it's not useful for me.But the product itself is ok.it maybe good for someone who likes to have real thin slices/ strips.
Good slicer, but not my tool of preference
March 11, 2017
I am a paraplegic with balance issues so food preparation is sometimes difficult for me. I can cut vegetables with knife and cutting board, it just takes a lot longer. I was hoping this device was something I could keep on the kitchen counter, chop vegetables as I go while cooking. Alas it was not. I have to switch blades for what I'm cutting and still use a knife and cutting board on large vegetables so they fit. Then I just have more dishes to clean.
I gave it two stars however, because the product itself does work as described, it's just not the tool for me. I would have returned it, but since it is a quality slicer, I kept trying to work with it past the 30-day return window.
Blade Flew Off
February 6, 2017
I originally ordered this slicer in July 2015. It lasted less than 2 months before the blade on the vegetable slicing attachment came loose while I was slicing a potato. It didn't come completely off, just came loose on one side causing the blade to curve up to a vertical slant while I was slicing. Thankfully I was paying attention and didn't slice into my hand. I contacted the company and they sent a replacement quickly. The second one lasted almost a year before the slicing blade flew off of it too, this time while slicing sweet potatoes. It never sliced any potato easily and eventually the blade came loose from the plastic plate it was attached to. It was hit or miss with other veggies. Sometimes it sliced them easily and other times it was a bit of a chore. Also there never was any consistency in the thickness of slices and the holder would not securely hold whatever I tried to slice. I really want to like it but with the risk of a blade flying off every time I use it I just can't.

I do have to give the company props for customer service though. Melissa responded quickly after the first one broke and sent me this replacement. I did not contact them after the second one broke since this seems to be a design flaw that no replacement is going to fix.
Very efficient and effective in slicing. The guard, ...
July 1, 2016
Very efficient and effective in slicing. The guard, however, does not hold the food tight and have to keep adjusting. Due to this flaw, it is dangerous. First use, with slipped guard cost me a chunk of my thumb. Could not be stitched, wound too wide and deep. Three weeks later, still having thumb treated. Sturdier guard to hold food would increase safety. Be cautious when using. Price paid, 19.99 which is about right for quality. The original price of 79.99 is laughable.
Overall, it sucks.
April 19, 2016
Somehow I thought there was a lid so this doubled as a container in the fridge, but it does not. The grip thing sucks, so buy some gloves if you like it enough. I bought it primarily because I thought I could make fries and the wife could do her grating, but it makes fries about as wide as a shoelace at the widest setting, and the grip thing tears through the food and slips out. Overall, it sucks.
save yourself the trouble
March 23, 2016
I used the shredding attatchment and it worked ok. but the julien attachment did not work well. I kept having to push down on the top half of the device to get the blades to work on the attachment. not fun. So I ended up returning. I just got BLACK+DECKER FP1600B 8-Cup Food Processor, Black. it was 2 dollars more and less aggravation. I also got [[ASIN:B013RXBDGG Sagler Stainless steel Mixing Bowls Set of 5 with 3 kind of graters High quality mixing bowls with lids] I used the grater attatchment to shred some cheese into a bowl. but dont waste your time with this thing

One Star Reviews:

Too dull to use!
August 23, 2017
This is the dullest knife I have ever owned. It cannot even handle fruits and veggies as it bruises the outside. Awful product and maybe zero stars is better.
One Star
March 1, 2017
broken second day
One Star
January 30, 2017
Everything is ok but its too dull.
One Star
November 18, 2015
Can't figure out how to use it and no instructions.
Just used it today
July 13, 2017
Just used it today for the first time it can't cut peperoni main reason I bought this because I like fresh toppings on my pizza I'm very disappointed
January 19, 2017
1. The grater is so small as to be useless.
2. The finger protector won't sit securely on food, like potatoes and tomatoes.
3. The slicer isn't sharp enough to slice a tomato cleanly all the way across. That last bit is a bear. It slices human skin quite nicely, however.
Live is short
April 6, 2016
I had to come back and rewrite my review. This product did start out working well then it fell apart within a few months. The seller did replace it. The replacement never did perform well. I have thrown both units out. Not a happy customer.
Not for coleslaw.
August 21, 2015
This item is terrible for making thin sliced coleslaw.
This worked pretty well for one month although
August 2, 2015
This worked pretty well for one month although, as another reviewer noted, the width of slices increased with use. The reason I give this product a one star rating is because the plastic prongs holding the non-interchangeable portion of the deck snapped after one month; I now have to hold it down as I slice produce, which is unwieldy. I am disappointed with the low quality and will be contacting the company for a refund.
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Julienne Peeler - The only tool you need to create a yummy julienne. Two razor-sharp blades (one for peeling and the other one for slicing and julienning) let you peel and slice fruits and vegetables with ease! And that's enjoyable! You'll find yourself eating much more veggies than you used to before, just because you'll love peeling and slicing them with this tool!

Vegetable Peeler / Slicer / Spiralizer - Works exceptionally well on most fruits and vegetables such as apples, pears, potatoes, pineapples, carrots, cucumbers, zucchinis, tomatoes, squashes and daikons. A good alternative to bulky spiral slicers. Lets you make nice long julienne strips, vegetable pasta and zucchini noodles or zoodles everyone seems to enjoy.

Cheese Slicer / Grater - The peeling blade is so sharp and precise that it'll easily slice cheese into extra thin slices - perfect for sandwiches and cheese rolls. You can also shred cheese into long thin strips to top off your julienne or pasta using the slicing blade. Check out the pictures here to see it all in action!

Stainless Steel & Dishwasher Safe - This peeler/slicer is made of a premium quality stainless steel which never rusts and is dishwasher safe. After you finish, just remove vegetable leftovers from the blades using the enclosed cleaning brush, and put it in your dishwasher. Done!

Lifetime Warranty & Money Back Guarantee - This is the top quality extremely durable stainless steel kitchen tool that should never fail or break under normal working conditions. And if it does, we will replace it at no cost to you. Just drop us a line. Also, if you don't like this product, let us know and we'll refund your order 100%, no questions asked! We are truly dedicated to your satisfaction!

★ THIS DELUXE SET INCLUDES: Detachable Mandoline Slicer (Orange), Interchangeable Blades, Food Container Base, Safety Hat and Instruction Manual.

★ BUY TODAY AND RECEIVE ALL 3 BONUSES: Mandoline Recipe Ebook, "The Best You" Ebook AND Video Tutorial - Absolutely FREE! This is the only Mandoline Slicer on the market offering so much value. So What are You Waiting For? Pick Up the Perfect Spiral Slicer, Vegetable cutter, Vegetable Grater All In One - Today! One of the Best Father's Day Gifts from Son, Daughter or Wife Even!

★ FULL HOMENATIVE WARRANTY - still not Satisfied? Let us Know and You Will be Offered a FULL Refund or Replacement - No Questions Asked! Enjoy this Absolutely RISK FREE. Purchase today by clicking the yellow "Add to Cart Button" Above

★ 4 STAINLESS STEEL BLADES: Vegetable Slicer, Vegetable Grater, Fine Grater and Julienne Slicer! This Multi-Purpose Mandoline Slicer is Excellent for Use as Vegetable Cutter, Vegetable Peeler, Vegetable Chopper, Cheese Grater & Carrot Grater to Name a Few! Want to cut softer vegetables and fruit like a Tomato? Just use a simple zigzag motion! The Mandoline Slicer itself has Three Easily Adjustable Slice Thickness Settings: 1mm, 3mm & 5mm. Ultimately HomeNative's Mandoline Slicer Allows you to create that perfect cut, Every Time!

★ EXTRA FEATURES - Soft Grip / Non-Skid Base to Keep Mandoline in Place Whilst Working on Flat Surface; Rotator Lock Keeps Blades Secure. Includes Safety Hat for Complete Protection. Easy to Clean- Simply Rinse Under Running Water or Place in Top Shelf of the Dishwasher. TOP TIP- Use the Julienne Slicer as a Spiralizer (or Tri Blade Slicer) to Create Long Noodle / Spaghetti Shape Vegetables! Create Cool Paste-like Vegetables, Which are Great if You're on a Diet or Trying to Feed Your Children!

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