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Epson Expression Home XP-320 Wireless Color Photo Printer with Scanner & Copier - Epson
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Canon PIXMA MX922 Wireless Color Photo Printer with Scanner, Copier and Fax - Canon

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Epson Expression Home XP-320 Wireless Color Photo Printer with Scanner & Copier - Epson
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Canon PIXMA MX922 Wireless Color Photo Printer with Scanner, Copier and Fax - Canon
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Five Star Reviews:

Great buy.
December 7, 2016
I rarely use a printer but I love having one for the few times I do. This is a great choice because it has all the features you could want and good quality. I had no trouble connecting it to the internet or google print. I do WISH there was a way to enter the wifi password with a keyboard. I also WISH it would stay in a hibernate state longer where it is not fully on but comes on when a print job it requested. I am not super mad about this becasue I do use it so rarely but it would be nice to have it on demand. Other than that I have had no issues. Images and text print clearly. I clean it fairly regularly becasue I don't always use it but it still works fine when I do.
One of the best quality:price ratios I've found out there, including ink replacements
March 11, 2016
Ultimately, I came to Amazon looking to purchase printer ink for the printer I've used over the last several years, and found this printer and a backup supply of replacement ink for less than the cost of 2 new ink cartridges for the Canon.Out of the box, this was the easiest wireless anything I've ever set up. Never even had to attach the USB cord to the host computer. Love how simple it works. Love the LCD screen. Nice new generation of printer. Ink prices are so much cheaper than the Canon PIXMA series I was using before. I have yet to check the scan/copy quality, but having paid less than $50 for a wireless printer, I am sure it will be sufficient.I have 3 computers in my household printing to this effortlessly via network or Google Print. I wouldn't try to print photos on it (they never turn out as well as expected, even on photo printers) but for my basic document printing needs, I am quite satisfied.
More than I expected
March 8, 2016
I kind of had two reservations when I ordered this. First was if I truly needed a printer at all much less such a fancy one. Second, could I as a pre-millennial set this thing up. The latter actually scared me so that I waited until I had a stress free day to set it up. Let me tell you the hardest part of that process was remembering my wifi password. Under a half hour for me to have it going.Also concluded I did need it. If for no other reason than I can print out pictures of my granddaughter. Do buy it as package with the color ink pack. With photographic paper it makes excellent portraits.Hope this helps you
Excellent value
December 29, 2015
Bought this to replace an aging Lexmark printer that would no longer accept re-manufactured ink replacement. I do not use a printer a lot but when I need one, I need it to work. This one does and does it well. I am still on the original ink after almost 3 months, so it seems to me to be fairly efficient. I intend to use re-manufactured replacement ink purchased on amazon when I need to replace it so the cost of replacement ink will be reasonable. Scanning works well as does copying. It does everything I need it to do .Others have complained about noise and excessive use of ink but that has not been my experience. All in all, this is a great printer for the price.
Great if you are okay with being specific !
October 22, 2015
Setup was less then 5 minutes hooked it up to my wifi and was printing documents the only thing I would have to say is not so great is that you have to buy very specific ink cartridges and it does not come with even a 25 pack of paper so make sure you order that too also on the second picture where you see bk make sure you remove that tape before you turn on the printer !!!!
I am happy with the product
May 3, 2015
I am happy with the product. it was delivered fast and when I purchased the semigloss paper for printing pictures, they quality of detail and color became much better.wifi capabilities allows me to print from my phone while in another room. i would recommend it to a friend for basic home printing. ink required must have a chip therefore it must be epson (there way of continuously making profits). look into ink prices before considering.the ink that the printer came with isnt full so you will need more but despite them being half empty cartridges, it has still lasted me for about 2 months despite frequent colorful printing.
Best color printer I've ever had
November 4, 2016
The Canon MX922 is by far the best color printer I've ever had:
1. The quality of color prints is fabulous, especially on high-quality photo paper e.g. Kodak Metallic
2. The quality of black and white print is really good too
3. Unlike other printers, ink cartridges can be used until they actually run dry, and not only until the point that warning messages are displayed and the printer refuses to print
4. Scan quality is great too

Down sides? Sometimes it's slow to react but that's often when my computer is tired and needs a reboot. But I use it in my home and not for commercial purposes, so at the price it's really nothing to complain about.
... Wireless Office All-In-One printer very quickly and packaged very nicely. I previously had an "Ink devouring HP All-In-One .
April 5, 2016
I received my Canon PIXMA MX922 Wireless Office All-In-One printer very quickly and packaged very nicely. I previously had an "Ink devouring HP All-In-One printer which had many problems". However, this Canon PIXMA MX922 Wireless Office All-In-One provides all of the services at a affordable cost and has not run out of Ink in over two months, :-). I am just amazed at the quality of picture reproduction, even my family now has the Canon products. The Canon PIXMA MX922 Wireless Office All-In-One works seamlessly with your computer, and wirelessly provides all of the services you will need. All while saving you money for the cost of reproduction and giving BEST quality of any All-In-One printer on the market currently. I highly recommend to everyone who needs an excellent printer, that you purchase the Canon PIXMA MX922 Wireless Office All-In-One and you will be extremely happy you did and save money on each reproduction. I did not receive any benefits for my review of this amazing product, I just wanted everyone to know how great this printer is from Canon.
Great Printer for Everyday Use, Particularly for Photos
November 26, 2015
Like many people I had used HP printers for years. However, i was not happy with the print quality of my photos and I was particularly unhappy with how loud the printer was. When I saw this Canon on sale I decided it was time for a change. It was a great move on my part as this printer delivers all that it advertises and more. The print quality is superb and for an home inkjet printer it is reasonably quiet. It doesn't really disturb me while i'm in the same room and is barely noticeably from anywhere else (my last HP could be heard from 2 rooms away). I haven't done a paper count to see how much ink I'm actually using compared to the company's estimate but the difference from my HP, if there is one, hasn't been noticeable.

The quality of the print is excellent, especially the photos. I don't know how many people still print photos but my wife still loves to have prints to one day eventually put into albums someday in the future and the print quality of the photos from this Canon is superb. I have a hard time distinguishing which ones I printed and which ones were sent out to be printed.

All in all I couldn't be happier with this printer..
A+++++ AWESOME product. Love it!!!
June 7, 2015
This is the most incredible piece of electronic hardware I have ever purchased as far as printers, scanners, and fax machines goes. And I've had plenty of competing brands (Epsom, Brother, HP, etc.). None have ever come close to the absolute sleekness and perfection of the print quality, and it is quite simply the easiest to set up and use, even if it is your first time for an "all in one" piece. My four year old granddaughter could breeze through this with no problem!
I am so very glad I did over an hour and a half, or more, to research and compare all the others out there. At $99, there is simply no comparison. I did buy the "ink4work Set of 20 pack PGI-250XL backup set of cartridges due to the fabulous reviews I read from other Amazon buyers, and although I haven't used any yet, it is a good feeling for $20 to have all of these as backup in case I blast through one or more colors on a specific project. One problem: Canon did not send me the cartridges in the package when I opened it and started following the very simple "fast set up" directions. Bummer! Thank goodness I had already purchased and received the generic backups - I was good to go! I will be calling Canon to let them know that I went through the box and the shipping materials very carefully, thinking maybe I threw them out by accident. No such luck. Hopefully they will make good on sending me what should have come with the unit.

I would recommend this for the novice as well as us who depend on these products to run our businesses from home a vital tool. If I can think of it, I'll update in a couple of months to let you know how it works. Total FIVE STARS. Great price on Amazon.
This is an exceptional piece of technology. Canon has been my first choice for years.
April 28, 2013
That said, I don't try different brands so I can compare them, so I may be biased. My camera equipment is Canon (for many years) and so my last printer was a Canon IP6000, purchased in 2006, for printing 4x6 photos (and documents). It worked great until recently when it suddenly slowed way down, which is what prompted me to go shopping. Naturally I read the reviews for Canon printers (and some other brands) and it appeared that this one was the newest technology and already had favorable reviews, including from people with home businesses.

Now, let's switch gears. My printing needs have diminished over the years as I have become increasingly more digital in document storage, online financial transactions, etc. Basically, if I can do it digitally, then that is the route I take. This includes my photo collection which is stored on my iPad for showing off. :-) I also bought a CanoScan 8600F (flatbed scanner) in 2006, which is still in use.

So, imagine my very pleasant surprise when I discovered the awesome speed and stream-lined functionality of the multi-sheet scanning feature! If one sets up a directory (in the accompanying software utilities) ahead of time, then it's as simple as loading your documents, hitting either start button (black or color) and very quickly a pdf file shows up in the pre-set directory. Did I mention it has an ethernet port and is quickly (and painlessly) recognized on the network once the drivers are installed? I don't like Wi-Fi for home networking, I prefer ethernet (gigabit speed) when ever I can get it, so this port was a big plus for me. All of my computers see and work with the Fax driver, Printer driver and Scanning driver.

Now, let's mention some little things that make this machine great. I never turn it off as it has a low-power state (automatic after a few minutes of inactivity) where everything powers down with only one small, blue light glowing. If I send something to the printer it immediately comes to life, takes a few moments to warm up and (this is cool) the paper output tray *automatically* opens and the extension support flips out! It's the little things that make me smile. :-) Also, if I place one or more documents in the scanner slot (while in low power mode) then it instantly springs to life and takes a few moments to warm up.

Having stated that I print less and less these days, I must say I was impressed with the ink cartridges. They all have small, red LED lights that confirm they are plugged in correctly and in working order! Another smile. :-) Now I don't FAX much these days, but it's nice to know that it is hooked into the "clone" line through my PhonePower VOIP adapter (2 ports) and therefore is available upon demand. Oh, btw, the top lifts up like a flatbed scanner also, so I guess I will be donating the CanoScan 8600F soon.

Final analysis: This machine's capabilities pleasantly exceeded my expectations, even after reading the specs and reviews. It has proven to be fairly equal in functionality to the Xerox multi-function machine at work, but at a fraction of the cost. The only thing it can't do is print 11x17, but that isn't an issue at this time. I will try to get back in a year to report on it's longevity prospects.

UPDATE: I have knocked the rating down to 4 stars because there is no secondary sheet feeder. (My rating for this is actually 4.5 but that choice isn't available). Occasionally I have need to print on 8.5 x 14 (legal). With this unit one must remove the regular paper from the lower (main) paper tray, extend it out (at least they did build that into the unit) and load the 8.5 x 14 paper. I suppose I have been spoiled by top (secondary) sheet feeders on previous printers, so this is a small let-down. I guess I assumed the scanning feeder could be used as a secondary sheet feeder (for printing) but due to the design of the machine it cannot.

UPDATE, 11-24-13: I had occasion to send my sister a letter today (she hates email) so I typed one up and hit the print button. I have not printed anything for several months, and the print cartridges are now 7 months old. My letterhead includes a small photo of a sunset over a local river at the bottom. After hitting the print button the machine woke up, flipped out the print tray, spent a minute doing a self-diagnostics, then printed out my one page in about 7 seconds. Apart from a slight smudge at the top (probably due to inactivity for several months) the letter printed out flawlessly, including the photo. I reprinted the letter and there were no smudges or flaws. Since I have not needed "legal" size paper anymore, I am changing my rating to 5 stars since this machine is doing everything I need it to do.

UPDATE, 05-25-14: I lost my mother on Feb. 1 and inherited her estate. I was forced to move temporarily from WA to KY to liquidate the estate. My first priority was to set up my office so I could deal with the legal, financial and medical accounts and issues. I am also Trustee so there were many Will disbursements to deal with. I did not bring my MX922 from WA, instead I bought a new one once here. After 4 months of scanning, copying, and printing, I can now say I have given this machine a workout, including the printing function. It has performed most excellent. I also needed to buy more ink cartridges and discovered an alternate source (here on Amazon) for cartridges that are: (a) a fraction of the cost of Canon cartridges, (b) still have the same red LED's on them that communicate with the printer and (c) are relatively CLEAR, so one can see how much ink is left. I still cannot comment on photo printing as I am all digital these days when it comes to photography. But I can give this unit 5 stars for being a workhorse in all other areas! I can also say that if one schedules their need for printing envelopes in batches, this unit does that professionally as well.

UPDATE, 08-24-15: Earlier in the year I decided to start creating my own greeting cards (using CorelDraw) and printing out 5x7 photos for b-day gifts to relatives and friends (from PhotoShop). Both machines are still working great, and they produce exceptional photos. There are settings within the Canon print drivers that one can play with to improve the photo quality as well. I can also endorse the much cheaper ink cartridges that I buy from Blake Printing Supply on Amazon. I have gone through 2 sets (10 cartridges in a set) and they work great as well. For those wanting to find them, do a search on Amazon for "MX922 compatible ink cartridges" and look for Blake Printing Supply.

Four Star Reviews:

Works great with Windows, not so much with Linux.
May 30, 2016
I can use it with no problems from my computer running Windows 10. I did not need to install anything, just connected the printer via wifi, and started printing. However, my roommate, who uses Linux, had some trouble getting it to work. He could connect to the printer and send jobs to it, but it would not print. Using a cable did not help either. He finally sent me the document he wanted to print, and I was able to print it from my computer with no problems.Aside from that, I have noticed that it emits an annoying high pitched noise for a few seconds after it prints. And sometimes it takes a while to turn on. Also, the first pages it printed had a stain of black ink on the corner. In summary, if you use a Windows computer and have the printer on a different room (as I do), it is a great printer to have. If you use Linux and have the printer next to you, it will probably not be so good.
Great prints harder setup
May 24, 2016
Nice look, very sleek. However, setting this up to work on my laptop through our network was a real pain in the arse! The included driver disc didnt have the correct drivers that I needed so I had to go online and search for them. Not easy but finally found them and got it installed. Prints great when you can get it all installed and running. Ink seems to last a long time even on the original that came with it...after 3 months of using them and printing hundreds (literally!) of coupons I am still going strong with the cartridges that come with the printer. I have not used the scanner YET, but I plan on it as soon as I get out some old pics in my shed. It prints great for the price and I am sure it will scan great as well. I would only recommend this printer in a case where money is a concern. I have installed it on my husbands PC to work with our network and it installed properly the first time using the driver disc it came with. So that is now a major plus for me. I also liked the capability of being able to email something to the printer and no matter where I am I can print using that feature. The email is a doozy to remember so don't forget to write it down or keep the paper that prints with the printer's email on it.
Setting up cloud printing: It can be done!
April 9, 2016
This is a fine printer for the price, but it wasn't clear how to set up cloud printing. This is great because you can print from any device that is connected to the web. Cloud printing can be done via Epson Connect, where you email your document to an email address unique to your printer. Or Google Cloud Print, where the printer will appear under your print settings. Here's how to do it. 1) On your printer, go to Setup 2) Scroll to Network Settings 3) Print a Status Sheet 4) Find the line that says "IP Address". It'll be something like 192.168.0.xxx 5) On your computer, open your browser and type the IP Address where the URLs usually go. If you input the IP address correctly, you'll see a setup page for the Epson and Google print services. Follow the options from there and you should be all set.
Does the job well!
February 13, 2016
So far so good, though it does seem to eat up ink quickly. I haven't printed much (less than 10 pages of word documents- and only using black ink so far), but it's already down a quarter of the way. Luckily I ordered it along with the extra blank ink cartridge, so I'm prepared for when it runs out! Easy to set up and nice that it's wireless. (You'll need to get a cable for scanning though, if you plan on using that!)
This is nice, but I would not have bought black ink ...
February 8, 2016
To my surprise the printer comes with both black and colored ink. This is nice, but I would not have bought black ink separately had I known this.The wireless set up is easy and we were able to connect all our devices without issue.Note that is does not come with a USB cord so if you want to connect it manually you will need to make sure to purchase one.While this printer is compact it loads paper from the top which means it requires more space above it than one may expect.Another annoying feature that my husband chose was the recommended software download and now we are constantly getting notifications about updates.
Epson XP-320 WiFi All in One
November 23, 2015
Bought this Epson XP-320 because we have had 2 Epson printers in the past with stellar performance. The XP-320 is an all in one with Copy, Scan, and Print (of course) functions. It also has the ability to project its own WiFi signal so you can print wireless from your cell phone, tablet or wireless computer. It also appears to have a function to connect to a WiFi router in your home/office, so all the computers on that network can print to the same device (I have not yet tested this feature).The only issue I had with it was when I cold booted the printer one day to print a single page, and it took literally 5 minutes to spool and prepare itself for printing. Not sure if this was a printer hardware issue, or a software issue with my computer. All in all I would recommend this to others. (Not to mention you can get relatively cheap aftermarket ink for this puppy on Amazon)
Great but no external paper feeder!
April 9, 2017
I had the prior model of this, the 890 series, but after about two years it suddenly stopped printing and the Canon technician said it cannot be fixed. The printer was perfect – it did everything I needed. So I bought this next generation, this MX922. It seems to be identical except for one real bummer: they removed the external paper feeder, which I used all the time. Now you have to dig down and pull the drawer out to add paper or to see what's there. A pain, but doable. Would have given this five stars if they have that external paper feeder.
Great for printing school papers!
April 5, 2017
I've had the printer for a few months now, and it's great! Never had a double-sided printing printer before, but this is so convenient! I use it to print lab reports and powerpoint notes for school constantly. The deep paper tray has me running only to collect my homework, and not to refill the paper again. It connects to laptops by Wifi, and it's so simple to use!
The only thing is sometimes this printer switches trays on the automatic option, and it will say the printer is empty, when it's really just trying to print your full sized document onto photo paper (which I took out of the upper tray because of this). Also, the paper they give you for the bottom tray is essential to keep at the bottom of the paper pile, it helps the printer align, and it doesn't print correctly without it. To me, this printer is a fantastic buy, and even with the quirks, I'd but this one again.
Overall: A Solid Buy at a Fair Price
April 2, 2016
Overall, this is an outstanding product and does exactly what it's supposed to do. You can print directly onto CD's or paper. You can scan, fax, or copy. And you can do it all wirelessly. Trust me, printing from your phone at any time while connected to your home network is an incredible feeling. I have had issues doing this using other printers, but a streamlined process with this one.
I do, however, wish this printer was a little quicker. It really seems to take a while to get going once you've clicked the print button on your device.
Also, you will notice the cost-per-page is higher than average - although the ability to buy separate ink cartridges for each color is a nice benefit, and can help save some money.
So overall, I give this product 4 out of 5 stars! I am very satisfied with this product and will continue to buy from Canon and Amazon as well.
Thank you!

(Included images show album artwork & printed CD using the Canon PIXMA MX922)
July 1, 2014
This is my first review on any product on Amazon, this review will be on the Canon PIXMA MX922 Wireless Color Photo Printer with Scanner, Copier and Fax. After reading almost 75 reviews this will be focusing on the reviews with 1-2 stars. First to the complaints on the wireless air-print from Ios or Android, if you setup the printer using WPS your phone will never pick up the printer or will appear offline. You have to select WLAN Setup from Menu on the printer then select other setup options on the LCD screen then select standard setup and find your router then select and type in your password then connect. Also you have to make sure your phone is on the same channel, so especially if you have a dual-band router and your phone is on the 5ghz channel and the printer is on the 2.4ghz channel you will also run into problems. So every thing has to be on same channel, phone on 2.4ghz then the printer has to be on 2.4ghz channel then you will have absolutely no problems printing from your phone. Then with the complaints about noise there is a Quit mode selection in the menu when turned on it reduced all printer noise by at least 75%. Now to the ink consumption this printer is one of the best in the simple fact that if one of your cartridges runs out it will continue to print. Also the printer by default will print even all Black and White documents in the color setting because it brings a better quality this can simply be changed in your printer settings in your control panel to Black and White so most regular text documents will use the XXL cartridge which lasts for ever. With this setting changed if the page has color it stills prints in color.Compared to other printers when one cartridge runs out the printer will not continue to print until the ink cartridge is changed. The Canon PIXMA MX922 is one of the best printers I've used regarding ink, as a plus you can buy a color and XXL Black cartridge set from Amazon for a total of $60. As far as the scanner and copier go's it is one of the best I've used on a printer under $200. Have not had a chance to use the Fax so I can't reply in this review on that subject. One of the few downfalls of this printer is the size it really is a rather large printer compared to other all in one printers in it's class so take that into consideration. Photos are absolutely beautiful when used with Cannon Pro Platinum photo paper at 4x6 100 sheets for $20 on Amazon. As far as setup and install program wise it's pretty much standard procedure. I've had the printer for about two weeks now and really I am so impressed for only $99. To those saying about break downs well with the SquareTrade 3-Year Electronics Protection Plan ($75-100) for only $14.20 how can you go wrong? There is another slight downside if you don't have a router or wireless access the printer doesn't come with the USB cable to direct connect, but one can be purchased on Amazon for $5.49 the Mediabridge USB 2.0 - A Male to B Male Cable (10 Feet) - High-Speed with Gold-Plated Connectors - Black. For those people giving this printer 1-2 stars it really is not their fault they are just ignorant to technology. Throwing off people into second guessing in purchasing this amazing piece of home all in one equipment. The auto 35 page duplex is also so time saving and conserves so much on paper consumption. I really hope this review finds people who are interested in purchasing this machine. The VERY few downsides like the USB and shear size is the only reason I didn't give this product a 5 star rating. I hope this review was helpful in letting you disregard the people giving this product 1-2 stars. Thanks for taking the time to read a real review!
Solid printer with great features but a large footprint
March 18, 2013
I always buy the all-in-ones that are able to automatically print duplex and that include a fax since I still need to fax upon occasion. In the past I've had HP, but haven't had great experiences with their printers lately (the last one I had starting failing one month after the 1 year warranty expired. HP said "tough luck" essentially, even though I read that my issues were VERY common with their products. They had no sense of ownership...). So I moved on to Canon.

This model, while shorter than my past printers, has a bigger footprint. My husbands exact remark when I unpacked it was "So I see you decided to go with the small model." Yes, he's a bit sarcastic :) .

What is great about it so far (I haven't played with all the features yet; I'll update as I do that):

1. Unpacking it is relatively easy. It's bulky and a bit heavy, but Canon put it in a bag. So you can lift up the handles and it pulls the printer right out of the box. This is the first time I've seen this. It was so much easier than my printers in the past where I had to smash my hands down in the box, try to get a grip, and then try to coax the printer out of the box.
2. It was very easy to install. The install takes about 14 minutes, but the install program warns you of this. And since all you have to do is wait it's very easy.
3. It has a user guide that comes with the printer. Now don't get too excited - it's not printed. BUT it is added to your system upon installation and the sw that is installed on your system also has links to it online. This is the first time I've actually found it easy to get a user guide since they stopped providing the printed copy in the box. I may actually like it better than the printed copy since it's just a click away. And I'm a person who uses the guide since I like to use advanced features
4. It is bluetooth capable. I find this is the easiest way to print pictures from my phone (even my 6 year old can do it) so this is a plus. Do I wish the bluetooth was built in? Yes. But since I had an extra adapter laying around this wasn't an issue. I plugged in the adapter and it instantly was ready. So easy.
5. It is wi-fi ready and the wi-fi works. This was the first thing to go on my last printer, so working wi-fi makes me happy. We'll see how long it lasts, but I haven't heard of major issues with the Canons so I'm not worried.
6. It is cloud ready. I set it up to connect to Google Cloud Print. And I put that app on my tablets. So now I can easily print from my samsung tablet. The setup was easy to do - I followed the steps in the user guide.
7. The tray that catches the paper can fold up to stay out of the way when you aren't printing. I like this because I've got pets and I hate the thought of fur getting into my printer. And, the best part (and my favorite gee-whiz feature hands down) is that it automatically opens when you send a print job. I l-o-v-e that. It's the little things in life, right? :)

What I'm not so crazy about: The menus and lack of touch screen. Maybe it's because I'm changing brands, but the menus are not as intuitive as I'd like. I find myself referencing the guide more than I'd like to so I can find what I need in the menus. And since it's not touch screen you've got to navigate using a keypad off to the side. I find that cumbersome. But I'm sure I'll get used to both these things as time goes on. Oh, and I wish someone would invent a black printer that didn't show every dust particle. Ooh, a stainless steel printer would be nice; it would then match my kitchen appliances and look quite snazzy in my office.

So far I've set up multiple computers, printed wirelessly, printed via cloud, printed via bluetooth, printed pictures and set up my fax preferences. I haven't scanned or faxed yet, but all the printing has been good quality. It's a bit quieter than my HPs which is nice. And the starter ink that was included seems to be going a long way.

When I get a chance I'll put it through the paces (I WILL try every feature in the guide. I'm just one of those people) and I'll update my review. In the meantime, I definitely recommend the printer for ease of setup and solid performance.

Three Star Reviews:

Only lasted A Year, but was good until then.
July 11, 2017
I've had this printer a little over a year. The print quality is pretty good. It has regularly had paper feeding problems, but nothing too bad until recently. About a month ago it began to print only print sporadically and always had a "Paper Jam", but there wasn't actually. It also said it was printing but the pages came out empty, no matter how many times I tried to reprint and despite full ink cartridges. I updated software and it made no difference, It stopped working 3 weeks ago. But, considering the price, I probably shouldn't have expected it to last much longer than a year.. But it was a fine printer, until it wasn't.
Will This Printer Really Have Longevity?
April 5, 2016
I've been using the XP-320 for a couple of months. So far it works well, performs quality printing, and goes through black ink rather fast. I'm using it in a wireless mode for printing. As a wireless device it scans quickly, but transfers the scanned document slowly. Bottom line on this product, its just another printer, which may or may not last a year or two. If the printer is still working three years from now and the print cartridge prices do not sky rocket upward I'll come back and give it five stars. Though I expect I'll be buying a new printer in a couple of years instead of paying for more over priced cartridges.
Good basic printer
January 28, 2016
Good for the price. It doesn't have a lot of features that my old BIG Kodak printer had and apparently I miss. But for basic copying and printing photo's, it is a good product.
The second time solved everything and I only wish I could have had a successful installation the first time because the process
December 15, 2015
The first one sent was a lemon. I followed all of the steps but kept getting an error code for a fatal scanning error. Epson sent me a new one after going through technical support. The second time solved everything and I only wish I could have had a successful installation the first time because the process is straightforward and pretty easy. The price here is good, better than other sellers. The printer itself seems kind of flimsy but functions well, just don't drop it or anything. Nice print colors and scans. Basically, you get what you pay for. I'm going to use it for light printing, scanning, and copying so it should hold up fine for awhile.
Epson XP-320 it need a easier way to just make a copy
December 5, 2015
This printer prints well but the reason I am giving it a 3 instead of a higher grade is because it requires stepping through the menu on the Display every time you want to use it.. sure you say .. hello .. thats how they work.. but I am replacing an epson that only required to press the on button then select color or b&w and boom there you go press the b&w button you get a copy.. ... Now given you do get more options with this printer.. wifi and a lot of other great stuff but ... you know what.. that doesn't replace me being able to walk into my office with the mail hit the on button .. then walk over and get an envelope to pay my bills .. fill out a check and then put the check, envelope and bill coupon in the scanner bed then press b&w and get a copy then press off and go back to my life of trying to make money to pay bills .. 2 buttons and done not hunt through the menu and the menu is not straight forward.. yes i have been using computers since 1985.. Everything from Dye Sublimation to D sized Plotters and Linotype Type Setters.. I understand easy and hard .. and I also understand .. poor design .. this is poor design..
printer is working great EXCEPT that the wireless connection was very hard to ...
December 2, 2015
printer is working great EXCEPT that the wireless connection was very hard to setup and once i got it working it failed. i reinstalled drivers and it worked again, once, then it stopped again. so we are still having to plug in to printer. this was same situation with the old printer i had. wish they could design the wireless stuff better. i am not techie but i am competent. i spent ton of time trying to get this set up for wireless only to end up with still having to plug in. but for price, which is cost of set of printer cartridges for my last printer, it prints just fine.
OK printer but uses tons of ink even just for regular, non-photo printing, easy set up
July 4, 2017
Prints fairly slowly; uses a LOT of ink. It is does have a lot of functions but it's gone through an entire set of ink very quickly and I did not use a lot of color printed items and always chose black and white when possible or the ink-saving mode etc.

It is an OK printer. But if you print picture I bet this thing will just suck up the ink like a hog. I only print document and got this for my home for my home office but regretting it with the ink use. I will likely refill or get new ink when it is time, give it another go and see how it does but yeah it's an ink hog.

It also felt a little clumsy unboxin and inserting the paper because there are two drawers but the bottom one doesn't really have a great glide in then in order to set up you HAVE to put photo paper in the little tray above the main tray. Thankfully it came with this set though but was weird. Setting it up and connecting to WiFi etc was a breeze.
Aside from that, it does everything else promised and is a very compact all in one so I can see how tempting it is. I would check out other reviews for this printer or other printers before deciding.
Cannon vs Epson "no hands down here, no winner"
July 1, 2017
This is not really my favorite to use all in one printer at all. Its huge, its heavy and its slow to spool up and the software sucks. My last Canon lasted me years that's why I am back to purchase another. I just want to easely print stuff for the cheap. I don't do a lot photos (or fax) so I really can't comment on a huge difference in quality. I do think my old Epson Artisan had tad better photo print quality and faster spooling. I do a lot of CD printing and I liked Epson CD printing much MUCH better! This Cannon model you have to manually take out the CD print tray and engage the printer software to except the CD tray into the printer then line it up with the arrows on the the tray, poor engineering. The Epson was much easier, just place CD on the tray and print it, nothing to remove line up or replace. The Canon Cd printing software is lacking as well compared to Epson's simplicity. The Canon software included compared to Epson's, Epson wins hands down. The scan software is no where close to the advanced features of the Epson. I will just use my Epson Perfection V370 Color Photo, Image, Film, Negative & Document Scanner with scan-to-cloud & 4800 x 9600 dpi for scanning important pictures etc.But not only is the Epson models known for their ink clogging issues, the model I had (Epson Artisan 700 series) was a 6 cartridge unit. This is another reason why I chose the Canon again. Before I buy a printer I always check aftermarket print cartridges, they are cheap for this Canon model. I purchased 28pcs for only $23.So my conclusion is what good is a printer if it gets clogged up. Tried unclogging the Epson using several methods, without success. now its in the landfill after just a little over a year or two's use and a bunch of new now worthless cartridges. Nothings perfect in ether printer just hope this Canon gives me good service.
Although a bit heavy, it prints well and the ...
June 6, 2016
Although a bit heavy, it prints well and the wireless works cleanly. However, there is one major drawback - there are five print cartridges. There is a large black, three color, and a small black for photos. Although I print exclusively in black and white, the printer insists on using the color cartridges for some unknown reason. They run out quickly, being small, and are expensive to replace. This is an expensive downside - I am always replacing color cartridge that I do not need or use. Further, the printer refuses to print at all when any of the cartridges is empty, forcing you to go replace the cartridge you don't want and don't need. Very irritating and expensive.
Great printer, but short life
November 24, 2014
There are many things to love about this printer. Fast. Good print quality. Easy scanner access. The best wireless support I've ever seen in a printer. Support for Google Cloud Print. Templates, etc.

However, I have had this printer for 20 months (bought in March 2013), and now its alignment is faulty. Text is blurry, and all black is printed "double-struck", exactly as shown in this forum discussion: http://forums.usa.canon.com/t5/Printer-Multifunction-Support/MX922-PGBK-Twisted-Grid-see-pix/m-p/114119 . I worked with Canon technical support, and they say that the printer has to be serviced or replaced. Yeah, that's exactly what I need as I try to print my family Christmas letter.

What is it about inkjet printers such that they die about every two years?
Difficult FAX set up. Phone and answering machine HAVE to be hooked directly into printer.
November 26, 2013
This printer is quite large and takes up a lot of space compared to other printers I have owned. IT is very nice looking, sleek and clean but just is large. The printer is great for quality of printing and speed. It was relatively easy to set up and easy to get working accept for the FAX. The FAX set up is relatively easy to do but the manual that came with the printer was not very thorough. It took some time to discover where to find the FAX set up. After struggling through all the various FAX settings I was able to send a FAX but was not able to receive a FAX. I went to the online Canon support site I discovered this printer needs a very specific phone line arrangement in order for it to receive an incoming FAX signal. After much investigating I discovered I HAVE to attach my phone and answering machine DIRECTLY to our PIxma MX922. They can not stand alone in different rooms or hooked up to different but parallel phone jacks. This is the only printer/FAX that I have owned that REQUIRED my phone base and my answering machine to be hooked up directly into the printer/FAX and not stand alone. All my other printer/FAXES could be hooked up parallel with the phone on one jack and the printer in a different room on another jack. My problem is that my phone system is a base system with several remote phones throughout the house. I have my base and answering machine in our downstairs main floor living area where we spend the majority of our time. In my upstairs home office I have a remote phone that does not need a wall jack plus a phone line that the printer/FAX is hooked up. However, this printer REQUIRES that your main base phone/answering machine HAS to be hooked up directly to the printer. I have two choices........1) move my phone base and answering machine up to my small home office where it will not be convenient for checking phone messages since I do not spend the majority of my time in my home office area. or 2) move my printer down into my main living area so my phone base/answering machine can be hooked up directly to the printer. Neither choice is convenient. I guess I do have a 3rd choice. ......return this printer and get one that does not require phone/ answering machine to be hooked into it to receive a FAX. This part of the design is very poor in my opinion but I will keep the printer because I do love the quality and easy way it works, I just don't want this printer sitting in my living room in order to do the required hookup to my answering machine.

Two Star Reviews:

Printer Malfunctioned Of Third Use
February 26, 2017
The printer stopped working on the third use! Epson quickly replaced it with a newer modelCon: I had bought extra toner which are NOT compatible with the newer model!!
not a good buy
February 14, 2016
It’s a good printer. It hooks up very easily wirelessly. Does all I want it to do.****UPDATE since I have had it for 9 months now.Since I got this I have had to call Epson two times, the first time the motor went out. That was in April, I think on the 4th. They sent a new one, that one worked for 6 months.Now I have to call again October 31, yes Halloween. Because the error code the printer gives me the user’s guide says is a not existing error code, even though I am reading it from the printer screen. I called for help; the person on the Epson help line is helping, but not listening to what I am telling them. But after 10 minutes we are now going through the trouble shooting attempts. The customer service person is very polite.After going through the trouble shooting steps, it seam’s I need another printer again. He is checking to see if I have a warranty still. I do so that is AWESOME.It seems the XP-320 has been discontinued. They are sending me an upgraded model. I will let you guys know how that went after I have the new printer. But as of today I will be without a printer for a week.So the Epson XP-320 sucks do not buy it. But Epson themselves are doing a lot of good in the customer service area. And as of now I get a new and a newer model printer. Good things for warranties.The only reason they are getting a 2 star is because of the customer service person. Equipment wise they get 0 stars.
Good: Prints quickly and very nice quality
December 30, 2015
Good: Prints quickly and very nice quality.BAD: MUST have all four ink cartridges full for it to print anything it will not print at all with one ink cartridge low it will give you a message that ink must be changed and you can not use the printer until it is replaced. So if you are out or red ink you can not print a black and white document until you replace the red cartridge. The cartridges are very small as well 30 pages and the cartridge was empty!
I'd been getting a "black ink low" message for a little while and though the print quality itself seemed fine, I decided to repl
December 20, 2015
I purchased this printer about four months ago. I installed the "starter" ink cartridges successfully and have been using it without any problems. At the time of purchase, I also ordered new, Epsom ink cartridges as I'd read that the cartridges that come with the printer were just "starters" and not full cartridges, and I didn't want to find myself unexpectedly without ink.I'd been getting a "black ink low" message for a little while and though the print quality itself seemed fine, I decided to replace the cartridge while I was thinking about it. I was distressed to find that the printer would not recognize the cartridge even though it's a brand new EPSOM-brand cartridge. I spent a good amount of time retrying/adjusting the cartridge, turned the power off and on again, and finally googled to see if I could find assistance on the web. Well... apparently this is a very common occurrence, not only with this XP-320 model, but with ALL Epsom printers. There are tons of links out there about the problem, most are consumer complaints and requests for help; a few are "solutions" which seem to work for some, but not for everyone. Whether this is ultimately a cartridge problem or a problem with the Epsom software is not clear to me. But as of this review, I have not yet found a solution which works for me, except to put the old cartridge back in. The old cartridge is recognized, and continues to print as it did, but also continues to generate the annoying "low ink" message.The print quality with this printer is great and if it I were reviewing for that alone, I'd give the printer a 5-star rating. But the ink replacement issue is a huge problem. And given the number of consumers apparently experiencing this problem, it should behoove Epsom to fix the problem. The printer itself was not expensive, but the cost of the four (3 color and 1 black) ink cartridges was nearly as much as the printer itself. I cannot afford to keep purchasing and "trying" cartridges, hoping that one will finally work. I purchased actual Epsom cartridges, not a lower cost option and I should be able to expect the printer and cartridges to work properly together.
Printer don't accept new cartridge
December 13, 2015
I purchase this at a good price but payer beware, the new cartridge don't work. The printer will not do anything without it I even went a purchase another one thinking it was something wrong with the first one I had but no the same thing happen the printer is not reading the new cartridge. I will not purchase anything else from Epson. I'm stuck with a printer & cartridges I can't return😡
December 1, 2015
Ugh... I'm really struggling to try and compliment this printer but it just wasn't for me. I ordered this purely to be able to print photos directly from my phone. I am a hobby photographer and know how photographs should be printed. I was in no way expecting professional grade looking photos but honestly the print quality for photos from this printer is laughable. I waited to post my review until I had a fresh client to photograph with my DSLR. I was hoping a better camera would produce better images but much to my surprise there is no difference. The photos printed from my DSLR were just the same poor quality as the ones that were taken from Iphone. HOWEVER I don't think the printer should be considered a total loss. Printer set up was extremely easy. The app is easy to navigate through and installing the printer to my computer was also very very easy. I am debating on keeping the product as just a regular printer for documents or selling it to make some money back.
Decent print quality, but archaic design and poor wireless connectivity
September 3, 2017
Got this on sale but you'd be better off with another model. I would not buy this is I had it to do over.

1. Performs lots of functions; still has dial-up fax capabilities if you need that. Also has scanner bed and functions as standard printer.
2. Relatively low profile - not small, but not too tall and will fit in a space with less clearance than a lot of the HP's with tall paper feeders.
3. Quite good printing quality - both standard letter and photo, though can be very slow. Cannot see a significant difference between this and the MG7720, which uses six inks.
4. Two separate paper trays - the top one is much smaller than the bottom, but the top one can be dedicated for example for 4x6 or 5x7 photo paper. Larger bottom tray is intended for standard letter-sized or similar paper.
5. Has multiple connection options - can connect printer via Ethernet, USB, or Wireless; has traditional phone line connection for fax
6. Ink is easy to replace and the cartridges have red lights which blink when low, though you can't see them unless you access the ink bay.

1. No touch screen. Menu is accessed through a physical button pad to toggle and select functions. Probably not a big deal for some, but can really slow things down a bit for some functions.
2. Lower paper tray is small compared to some competitors and at the very bottom of the printer, so any obstacle, if you have a lip on your table, etc might make it difficult to slide open.
3. Doesn't respond or print nearly as fast as the MG7720, though speeds in the specs are similar. MUCH slower than the M7720 for photos. Makes a lot of noise and is idle much of the time during a print job, even with a very strong Orbi network nearby. This is the only one of my six printers that exhibits this behavior, and my HP printer in the same room is much faster.
4. Relatively large footprint and fairly heavy.
5. Maintaining wireless connectivity is an issue....if printer is not used for a day or so, it disconnects from the network and has to be power-cycled to resume connectivity. Extremely annoying, and something my HP printers do not do. Apparently it is a widespread issue and often discussed in tech forums. Canon seems to like to blame the router, but the issue is clearly with the printer and it's the client's responsibility to sustain a connection to the network. Cannot find anything in the settings to prevent this.
6. Sucks ink - but then, so do most inkjet printers. Canon ink replacement cartridges are quite expensive, one complete replacement set is almost as expensive as the printer itself was. This printer uses five separate inks.
Hope Springs Eternal...
April 19, 2017
Four tries over the course of the past six months, and it finally seems as if I have received a Canon MX922 printer that works properly. I say 'seems' because I haven't put this one through its paces yet. I've printed some Word documents and test picture prints on 8.5”-by-11” copy paper and everything's all right. That's more than I can say for MX922s numbers one, two, and three.

But there's an awful lot this printer is supposed to do, from operating wirelessly to scanning and copying and faxing, as well as providing a bunch of fancy-schmancy applications for preparing and executing the manufacture and storage of your photos. I had no luck using these functions with my three previous model MX922s. For one thing, the setup is so complex and time-consuming (two manuals [online and very inconvenient], 170 or so pages collectively, if memory serves) that I haven't availed myself of most of the MX922's features this go-round.

So my evaluation of the machine is a guarded 'ok', until I delve into some of the other tasks it claims to perform.

But the inconvenience of having to return three MX922s, let alone having to spend a good deal of time working in conjunction with Canon's service people by phone is, right there, enough to dissuade me from trying this model again should the present printer go on the fritz. The fact that I finally came into possession of a functioning unit – so far, within very narrow limits – has led me to add a second twinkler to my rating of this product. If it fails within the next year or so, you can be sure I'll remove a star.

By the way, the MX922 is the approximate size and weight of a battleship, which should render it somewhat cumbersome and space-consuming in many a home office.
Not a bit sorry to go back to Canon...update: Well, now I am a little sorry I have THIS Canon printer. 2nd update: shopping.
October 7, 2016
2nd update: The paper handling of this printer is the worst I have ever had, no matter the brand. It thinks there is no paper when there is an inch of paper, or a 1/2 inch, or cardstock, or photo paper. It will print the second sheet in the feeder after successfully printing the first sheet over and over in testing. It wastes checks, photo paper, cardstock, ink, and time. Don't waste your money. I have had this since 2016 and I'm finished. Shopping. And now Canon-shy. When it works as expected, it works great, thus the 2 stars I left.

Update: I reduced this printer by 2 stars after using it for several months for these reasons:
1. It will not print on cardstock. Not the heavy stuff, but the plain old, everyday card stock that every printer I have ever owned handled like a dream. At best, I can get 2 pages before the first jam. After that, it is constant jamming (which means nothing fed at all, because there is also no jam). I have to take every file from this job to my other job to print on cardstock.

2. I have to arm wrestle the paper drawer to get it to open about 60% of the time. Seriously, it is a BATTLE. The rest of the time, it is easy, but that is less than half the time.

3. I really miss the manual feed tray I have had on all past printers. Sometimes, I just want to print a small job on different paper (or cardstock), but it is not a feature of this printer and I REALLY miss it.

Other than that, I have no issues with it. It's simple to change the ink. It prints very nicely - in fact, I just printed up 100 wedding invitations and they are perfect.
Bought this (which was number 1 best seller) to replace ny much older Canon PIXMA which ...
July 25, 2016
Bought this (which was number 1 best seller) to replace ny much older Canon PIXMA which died suddenly. This works great, does everything it's supposed to do and supports airprint which the old one didn't . Only 4 stars because it takes a long time to power up and get ready, and printing is quite slow. Other than that, it's great.
Reduced to two stars. I don't need to print much but when I do, I want the printer to just work.
Landed up buying a plain black/white laser printer for most of my normal printing and keep this for color only.
The problems with this printer are ink and connection....
Ink - always an issue with black - mostly too light, even when tank is full, even with a new ink cartridge. Endless adjusting and wasted paper.
Cleaning or Deep cleaning takes time and burns ink.
Connection - it has Ethernet, USB and Wifi, but only one of them can be setup and used (either Ethernet or WIfi) for network mode. Wifi is slow and I feel like some data is missed, which makes the output useless. I land up using USB more than networked mode, which defeats the purpose because wifi mode is needed for tablets without usb
March 2, 2015
I bought this printer because it was able to scan, copy, fax, print, etc. I usually have good experiences with Canon products, but I can't say that with this printer AT ALL.

1) This is my main issue - the printer does a LOT of thinking. From the moment you turn it on and ask it to print, it decides to make a bunch of noises for 10-15 minutes while it's "thinking" then it finally prints out your items. But when it finally does print, it does it fairly quickly... It's just that the process up to the actual printing takes so long that you have boiled over in anger and impatience and are doing everything thing you can not to toss the hell-forsaken thing across the room! And GOD FORBID you press the cancel button in the middle of printing because then the printer gets pissed at you for interrupting it's "mojo" and decides to do even more "thinking" for then next 15 minutes while a message on the screen says to "please wait momentarily" which is a load of crap because it NEVER RESOLVES. You end up turning the printer off and once again, withholding all anger from smashing the thing to pieces.

2) You can't scan and print. You can only scan and save (to USB, to email, to computer). I wish I could just scan it and it would print a copy right then and there. Now I have to save it to the USB, take it to be laptop then have it printed from there. It's ridiculous!

One day it just decided that it wouldn't accept commands from my computer anymore. Even when I plugged a cord DIRECTLY into the printer from my computer, it still refuses to acknowledge any commands to print. I felt the hulk boiling up inside of me. Man, it took everything I had to not take a sledge hammer to the printer.

Luckily it's still under warranty and I'm SENDING IT BACK. I had less problems with my little $20 HP printer. So be forewarned! If you want to save yourself money in anger management therapy and have no desire to feel anger like the hulk, I would stay clear of this printer.

You've been warned.

One Star Reviews:

Save your self the time and frustration, don't but this!
September 13, 2016
This is the worst printer I've ever owned. Every single time I go to print something there's an issue with the drivers, software, etc.I have to continually re-download the software, re add the printer to my computer, etc. It's such a pain. It's not worth it.On one of the many calls I've had with Epson support they mentioned that sometimes the drivers and software just come uninstalled....what?! Why would I want a product where the thing that makes it run just randomly stops. Imagine if your iPhone did this? You wouldn't keep it if you had to re-download it's software every few days, would you?DO NOT BUY THIS PRINTER.
June 21, 2016
Bought this because it's small and fits under a desk...BUT: The printer came and did not work. Called Epson, they walked me through a bunch of things and determined it was faulty. So they sent me a new one. Still, printer works very sporadically. It will print a few pages well, then stops working properly. Clean print heads, it works for a few pages. Basically won't work unless you constantly clean print heads. Unacceptable. Also eats ink like no other printer I've ever owned. Called Epson, had me clean print heads a million times, still not working right. They said, sorry it's no longer under warranty. Really? It costs Epson $4 to make this printer, you can't just send another? I said this is the worst printer I have ever owned and I will never buy another Epson product again. Idiot tech support guy reading off of a script could care less. "Sir, you can take it to one of our authorized repair center," he says. "No, I'm not wasting time bringing it anywhere," I say. "Sorry sir, but I can only offer to bring it to an authorized repair center..." etc, etc, etc. Sorry Epson, but you've lost a customer for life. And probably more since others will read this and I will certainly spread the word "DON'T BUY EPSON!"
CONSTANTLY replacing ink cartridges - not worth the low price of the printer
April 10, 2016
This printer comes at what seems like a great price, but you will more than make up for it in the cost of ink. I print maybe 10-15 pages (not photos just normal documents with some color) a week and the ink cartridges run out in a few weeks. The black in cartridge still showed as about 1/3 full when the printer started printing poorly, so I could not even use the full cartridge. With the small amount of documents I am printing, I should not need to replace the cartridges every month. I wish I'd known this, or kept the box long enough, it would have been returned. I would much rather spend twice or three times as much for a printer that can print more than a few pages before running out of ink. A complete scam.
April 6, 2016
If I could give this a -10 I would. Had to replace colored ink after first use. When I replaced the colored ink, printer showed REPLACE BLACK ink! Yes! Sold separately. What a freaking waste! Once all ink was replaced (at more than the cost of the printer) another REPLACE ink showed on printer! No matter what I did, wiping off bottom of ink with clean cloth, shutting printer down, etc. NOTHING worked. Complete disappointment. Should have listened to the reviews. This printer is in fact A WASTE OF MONEY!!!
This printer worked great for about 5 weeks
December 17, 2015
This printer worked great for about 5 weeks. Replaced the black cartridge and now it doesn't work. Amazon only give you 30 days to return. Now have to go through Epson, not happy!!!
This is one of the worst purchases I've ever made
December 2, 2015
This is one of the worst purchases I've ever made. It goes through ink really quickly but that's just where the trouble begins. I had this printer for about a year (right out of warranty) when it just started doing stupid things, liking making me realign the ink heads after every print. And then, the ink head for black just stopped working. And in order to fix it, you need to print things out...in black. And then the network connection just got lost, which you can only really trouble shoot through printing out statuses...in black. I hate this stupid printer so much.
Not printing all words in a line of text....
November 13, 2016
I purchased this printer to replace a Canon Pixma that was destroyed in the flooding in Louisiana earlier this year. I have never been so disappointed in a product. I decided to hook this up directly to my laptop using a usb cable, so no worry about dropping wi-fi connection etc. The usb cable is brand new also. Every time I printed something, words were missing. Test page printed out perfectly. Head alignment was fine. I tried printing different emails and documents. Same thing, words or sometimes strings of words were missing. Didn't matter if I printed in color or black & white. I don't have time to keep messing with this to get it to work. I'm returning the printer.
This is a great printer . . . until you get a paper jam; then it's a great paper weight!!!
October 22, 2016
I wish I could give this atrocity of a printer 0 stars. I've had my share of run-ins with printers over the last couple of decades or so, and plenty of paper jams along the way. Most resolved within minutes. One especially tricky jam took me 30 minutes, a pair of tweezers, and loads of patience, but I got it working again.

What I've never had is a printer that completely stops working because of a simple paper jam!

I've owned this printer for about 4 months when I had a paper jam last week. I turned off the printer, removed the stuck piece of paper, canceled the print job, and turned the printer back on . . . and got the Support Code of Death: 6000.

Since then I have literally spent hours, HOURS, of my life trying to fix this issue. I have read all the detailed instructions on the canon support website, followed them, with a flashlight I might add, all to no avail. I've combed numerous websites, repeatedly done a hard reset while also restarting my computer, and nothing, NOTHING has worked.

This seems to be, in part, because there's no easy way to access the feed rollers from above. Every other printer I've ever owned has allowed you to pop it open so that you have complete access to the feed rollers. This almost always allows easy removal of any stuck pieces of paper. This printer does not allow for that. You can access the feed rollers from the bottom by removal of the paper trays (just make sure you don't accidentally cause a spring to fall out cause getting it back in is a nightmare) which is of limited usefulness, or, you have to try to cram your hand into a small opening in the front of the printer. Utter stupidity in design.

This may be one of the reasons why this brand of printer has been plagued by just such problems for many years. It's a fact of life that everything has to break down eventually, I mean, entropy, it's not just a buzzword! But I think we can all agree that a printer should last for more than four months and that a simple, routine paper jam should not be enough to cause it's untimely death.

Also, for those of you who might be inclined to think I'm too simple to understand how to fix such a basic problem, my husband, who is a lead software engineer with almost 20 years of experience in industry (and I know, software is not the same as hardware, but it's a printer, and he's very familiar with those) ended up being "What the %#%*$#%&&!!!!" because he couldn't figure it out either. What I'm saying is this: if two reasonably intelligent mammals who know how to properly frame their internet queries and follow instructions can't, after many hours, get this thing working again, it's probably not worth the time, effort, or your hard earned money.
You get what you pay for!
April 3, 2016
Horrible Printer. I purchased one and while the biggest issues were connectivity and waiting time to print it worked fine. I moved and it didn't function at all when I arrived at my second home. So I bought another one. I had the same issues with the amount of time it takes between the time you hit print button and the time that it printed document. However the second printer function for only four days and then it stopped working altogether. The same conductivity issues I experience with the first especially the second one however it appeared to be fatal to the printer. So now I am moving towards Epson printers to see what will be in store for me. The reason for one star is because of the conductivity issues as well as the time it takes to run a document. Additionally it is because the printer itself so delicate that any type of jarring/handling (like the print tray automatically opening up), will cause it not to function well.
The most frustrating device I've ever had the displeasure of owning
November 24, 2015
It would be difficult for me to hate any equipment more than I hate this printer. I had been using an older Canon dedicated photo printer, which was GREAT. But when my XP finally gave out and I had to get a new computer, my old printer would not work with V8.1, so I got this one. It has so many options that it it is far from intuitive to use. Once you figure it out, it takes FOREVER to print anything! The quality of the print is probably fine, but it is just so exasperating to get to that point. (For example, to print a 4x6 color photo, it took 2-1/2 minutes of this printer grinding away just to prepare to print, and then it took 50 seconds for the 4x6 to actually print. It took 2:32 to print an 8.5x11 photo which did not even cover the whole page. Ridiculous!) I have a much better Epson scanner and am thinking of getting a dedicated Epson photo printer. Even if it costs hundreds of dollars more, it might be worth it to bypass the frustration of using this thing. I'm also still annoyed with Canon for not offering some kind of upgrade so I could keep using my old printer.
Dead after purchasing Funerary 19, 2014
April 28, 2014
Yes the printer displayed the dreaded "6000" error code after purchasing the printer to replace another Canon Printer MX870 that lasted about seven years and this one only lasted from February 19, 2014 to April 19, 2014 wow. I also see that others printer only lasted about the same time four months and broke for some strange reason. I contacted Canon and got "iYogi’s support services" and after installing software on my pc to allow the support person access to my pc to diagnose the printer error 6000 code, he was unable to repair or give any reason for the error and asked if I had purchased the Amazon service warranty and after checking my order from Amazon I did not. So now do I purchase another Canon or HP like the support person suggested and after reviewing the HP6600 here at Amazon it appears to be more problematic than the Canon. Which way do I go?
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Canon USA
Canon USA
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1 year limited warranty with instantexchange program plus 1 year toll-free tech support
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Compact, space-saving design and great performance

Print from iPad, iPhone, tablets and smartphones

Scan to Facebook and cloud for easy photo sharing

Simple setup and control - 1.44" color LCD

Built-in card slot, plus photo enhancement tools

AirPrint: Print wirelessly and effortlessly from your compatible iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch- no drivers needed!

Fully-Integrated, 35-sheet Duplex Auto Document Feeder: Easily copy, scan and fax multiple documents without having to load them one page at a time

Built-In Auto Duplex Printing: Automatically print on both sides of the page without the hassle of turning it over manually

Compatible with Individual/Combo CLI-251 XL Ink Tanks (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black) & PGI-250 XL Or PGI-255 XXL Pigment Black Ink Tanks. Only Replace The Ink That Runs Out!

With Google Cloud Print, you can print from wherever you are, from applications you use every day. You can even share your home and work printers with anyone you choose. (Customer can contact 1-800-OK-CANON for any troubleshooting assistance)

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