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Charlie's Soap "Laundry Powder" 2.64 lbs (FFP) - Charlie's Soap
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Pre de Provence Soap Shea Enriched Everyday 250 Gram Extra Large French Soap Bar - Lavender - Pre de Provence

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Charlie's Soap http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/51PfJn6Y1rL._SL160_.jpg
Charlie's Soap "Laundry Powder" 2.64 lbs (FFP) - Charlie's Soap
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Pre de Provence http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/41TEWMSlsuL._SL160_.jpg
Pre de Provence Soap Shea Enriched Everyday 250 Gram Extra Large French Soap Bar - Lavender - Pre de Provence
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Five Star Reviews:

Used for a year and still happy
April 12, 2017
I've been using this soap for a year now. This works great for our family. Especially for my son who has sensitive skin. I purchased this after we discovered his allergies. This soap works well for all of our laundry. I use Charlie's and vinegar for the rinse. Clothes come out clean.
Better than Seventh Generation powder
March 14, 2017
Way better than Seventh Generation free and clear powder detergent. Much more gentle on our clothes - gets whites whiter and MUCH less fading of colors and darks.Methylisothiazolinone/Methylisothiazoline-free, which is a must in our household due to chemical allergy reasons.
The only detergent I will use now
May 26, 2016
I bought a couple smaller buckets to make sure I would like this stuff and I really do. I've always used liquid detergent because I didn't think that powder dissolved very well but this stuff does, probably because you don't have to use very much to be effective. The only time I use an extra scoop is with my son's training gear because smells cling to the dri-fit materials. Otherwise, Charlie's works great and has no scent so the clothes just smell fresh. I do a lot of laundry with boys in the house but this huge bucket is really lasting. I've had it for 6 months and I think it will last the year
The Tide has turned
April 20, 2014
I have been using Charlie's Soap for years and love it. Clothes last far longer than when I used regular (petroleum-based) detergent. In addition my old front loading Whirlpool washer, one of the models well known for developing an odor, has none. My sister, who owns an LG washer that was publicly slammed for odors, also has none thanks to Charlie's Soap.After taking care of my aging mother (and my father before that) there was a great deal of laundry being done (infer what you want... you're right) and can tell you that it cleans as well as anything.Some things to be aware of:1. There is enough residue in your washer and clothes that you can probably cycle your clothes through your machine with no detergent several times and they will still come out clean. You will not realize how much residue there is (was) for at least a month.2. Toss your fabric softener; you only need it because of the above residue from the petroleum-based detergents. I have towels that I've been using daily for a couple of years that still feel new. Your clothes will slowly soften as the residue is removed over several washings with Charlie's Soap.3. Wash in cold water. I see no difference in cleaning power between cold, warm and hot wash and printed t-shirts seem to last forever when washed in cold water. My white socks are still very much white and most are several years old.I tried a variety of non-petroleum detergents from Costco as well as other brands and none compare. I gave away almost a full bottle of the Costco stuff after trying it after Charlie's Soap.As long as this is available I don't feel any desire to change to or even try any other product.
My clothes smell like nothing.
March 22, 2014
It sounds odd - but my clothes smell like nothing, not like a stream or a meadow or a flowerbed. They smell like nothing and its wonderful.
For cloth diapers and beyond
August 12, 2010
If you are familiar with cloth diapers, you know that there is a great debate about what detergents are best to use while washing diapers. There are lots of detergents about there. Some are better than others; some can actually harm your diapers. There are also certain types of diapers, like pockets, that are more sensitive to detergent build-up. I was led to Charlie's because I wanted something that was extremely clean-rinsing. Ultimately Charlie's did not disappoint. We began buying Charlie's for our diapers over 3 years ago and eventually switched to using it for our entire family's laundry.Before we switched to Charlie's, we struggled with build-up in our diapers. From time to time I had to "strip" them, which is a tedious process that uses a lot of water. Because Charlie's is so clean-rinsing, I have NEVER had to strip my diapers since switching. And again, that is after several years of using it as we are on our second cloth-diapered child now. I like that the packaging is minimal and I only have to re-order a few times a year. When you price out the cost per load, it is very competitive with other commercially-available detergents. Before I switched I thought I was getting a deal buying another brand with coupons, but really we went through the other brand much more quickly. I have found Charlie's to be very good for our budget.
Heaven sent.
October 14, 2017
I have been experiencing progressively dry skin issues (crackly, itchy, bumpy, flaky, tight, rough) over the past year or so. High dollar lotions have helped a little, but who has time to lotion up every night, or can even afford it?I chose Lavender because I like the calming nature of Lavender and this has shae butter which research told me should help.Sooooo....Day 1) Forearms, face and feet are noticeably more smooth and soft. Skin is definitely more moist.A suggestion I would give to anyone who has sensative skin and who thinks this soap is like sandpaper; try using a washcloth instead of direct contact to your skin and complaining about it. It lathers up nicely that way.
April 23, 2017
Don't drop it on your toes
March 25, 2017
I love all Pre de Provence soaps, but the local boutique has a limited supply/selection. I like the scent and lather of this version. It's a great value for the bar size, but due to that you will probably have to cut the bar on half to comfortably manipulate it
Creamy, neutral, long lasting.
March 19, 2017
I've purchased this several times. As others have mentioned, it produces unusually rich, creamy suds. It's easy on the skin, although it's not mostly a skin lotion like Dove. Mild, neutral scent. I can't imagine how people dislike the scent, but smell is unique to everyone. It's a large bar that lasts a long time.
May 9, 2016
Amazing Soaps/Love these Soaps and the Company whom makes them! All are amazing.Here is a Wonderful list to help everyone choose there favorite Scents!Like helping other's.Pre de Provence Pure Vegetable Oil Soap - 8.8 oz. barWith luscious scents and rich lather, these soaps are a customer favorite. Hard-milled to be long-lasting, with Shea Butter and Pure Vegetable Oils to moisturize your skin. Delicately scented and made with all natural ingredients. Individually wrapped bars.Agrumes (Citrus Fruits) Light citrus blend of grapefruit, citron, and orange.*Angel's Trumpet Sunny, floral fragrance. Exfoliating.Apple Pear Summer day in the orchard; fresh and fruity.Coconut Luscious... The fragrance of the islands.Green Tea Exotic, sensuous, and tangy.*Honey Almond Honey and Almond blended into the warm, sweet smell of Provence. Exfoliating.Jasmin Exotic & floral.*Juicy Pomegranate Fresh, juicy sweet. Exfoliating.*Lavender Lavender, the best alternative to a trip to the south of France! Aromatic & woody. Exfoliating.*Lemongrass Tangy, citrusy, and invigorating. Exfoliating.*Lime Zest Earthy, citrusy zeal of the lime. Provides the well being of cheer and revitalization. Exfoliating.Linden Sweet essence of a summer day in Provence. Fresh & clean.Milk Clean, sweet, and pleasing.*Mint Leaf Invigorating, refreshing, and restorative. Exfoliating.Mirabelle Juicy, green floralMoondance Bright, green, floralOlive Oil Mild scent, highly moisturizing & non-allergenic. The very best for dry or sensitive skin.Also good as a baby soap, shaving soap, laundry soap, or kitchen soap.Peony Subtle, sensual, powdery, and romantic.Pineapple Scrumptious... Sweet and fruity.Raspberry Juicy, sunny*Rose Petal French rose garden in summer. Exfoliating.*Rosemary Mint Fresh, herbaceous*Sage Herbal, fresh, and exhilarating. Exfoliating.Starflower Sparkling, fruity, floral*Tiare Tropical, creamy floral. Exfoliating.Verbena Sparkling citrus to excite the senses.Violette Sugared violets*White Gardenia A beautiful shrub with fragrant white flowers that create a sweet, silky floral. Exfoliating.* Asterisks in the list above indicate soaps with exfoliating visible bits of lavender blossoms, rose petals, apricot rind, lemongrass, sage and mint leaves. Along with the richness of shea butter, these botanicals help to exfoliate dead skin cells leaving skin renewed and soft.
smells great
October 25, 2015
If you like the scent of Rose, you'll like this. It's a nice soap. Girly and luxurious. It doesn't leave a super strong smell on the skin. The subtle hint of rose is nice and pairs well if you use a rose scented cologne or perfume.

Four Star Reviews:

Charlie's is great for the whole family.
August 26, 2016
We started using Charlie's laundry soap about 7 years ago. We had our first child and had been using Dreft baby detergent, and Clorox with bleach for my husband and self. My husband has always had sensitive skin, so any kind of scent or coloring added to the soap was not an option and of course babies skin is sensitive to almost anything. We have a large front load washing machine so powder always seems to be my preference. Charlie's works well for our whole family, so that we don't need to have several varieties of detergent on hand. I only normally use 1/2 to 1 tablespoon of powder for a large load! The only reason I rated this 4 instead of 5 stars is that the packaging recently changed to plastic bags, rather then a sturdy plastic tub. Bring back the tub please!
Great product but package didn't arrive as advertised
June 15, 2016
I LOVE Charlie's soap and have been using it for over a year. My husband says it does a better job keeping his t-shirts from getting the yellow rings around the neck line plus its great for my son who has very sensitive skin and excema. The reason I didn't give it 5 stars is because my order came in plastic bags, not the reusable container on the listing. I ordered from this particular seller because I wanted the reusable containers. The product is available from other sellers that advertise it properly, in plastic bags, for less.
Love the detergent but not the bag
May 5, 2016
I've been using the detergent and booster for a while and I think my laundry comes out cleaner than ever. But these new bags are not working for me. Thankfully I kept the old spin top container and I just transfer it over rather than risk a spill of my precious detergent. The clips on these types of bags always fall off (see photo).
Ok but price is so much higher may not stay with it....or use it for shorter times between going back to other OTC store product
April 2, 2015
Been using for about 6 months and it does seem to help with any odors due to dampness in washers. However I never had that previously not until this late fall. So strange after years of never an issue it shows up. And interesting after someone who visited for a week was fussing constantly over my closing my washer door and I would find it opened even when she hadn't used the washer..she'd come along and open it. Maybe something in her clothes got transferred to our unit...I doubt that is possible. Also been washing a lot of clothes as of late with sanitizer setting and maybe that also has got rid of what ever the musty smell was that suddenly appeared...and not this soap. Also used the booster. But we do have a septic tank and worry it could cause problems with it despite their saying it shouldn't if you do not use it every time. Does wash clothes well...no issues with that. Might fade some cottons more than other mod soaps do...but I like the softer or other feeling to flannels and overall a lot of our cottons our preferred fabric here..seems to be just fine or soft enough...all except the towels. We have very hard water and so probably is that not the soap perse. So for bath towels and dish towels I do add a anti static sheet or two that has no scent. Not to the rest of the laundry though.
I'm a fan
September 26, 2013
I'm a long-time fan of Charlie's and it's definitely worth buying it in the bucket, especially with Subscribe & Save 20% discount.Pros:-No smell. It leaves clothes smelling clean, but not perfumey.-Good for sensitive skin. All my kids are very sensitive, but I've used this on all our laundry (including diapers) for 5 years without a problem ***as long as I follow the washing instructions provided on the company's website.***-Low cost per load.-No whiteners, brighteners, bleach, or other unnecessary extras. I like things simple. This is!-Great stain-treater if mixed with a tiny but of water to form a paste then scrubbed into the stain and left to sit for a few hours.-Good for non-laundry uses, too, like scrubbing grout.Cons:-I know they say it rinses clean, but I find that it does build up after long periods of use in hard water. The Charlie's Laundry Booster helps with that, as does just giving everything an extra rinse every now and then.-Does not remove stains without pre-treating. While laundry does come out feeling and smelling clean, tough stains require extra attention (like I described above) since there are no whiteners or brighteners in this detergent. I used to use Charlie's All-Purpose Cleaner for pre-treating, too, but now they've got a product specifically for that (I think). I haven't used it. I was annoyed when they changed from the simple two-product lineup to what they have now and just haven't bought anything besides detergent and Laundry Booster since then. Maybe I will someday, though.-The first time I used this, I about died. I'd been using "the leading detergent" along with color-safe bleach and stain pre-treaters to keep my messy baby's clothes looking clean. As soon as I washed them with Charlie's, every old stain that I thought I'd removed *reappeared!* I was baffled and horrified. Turns out the stains had never been removed, just covered up by all the gunk in the other products I'd been using. After I figured out what the problem was, it took a couple of days to get everything pretreated with Charlie's and washed, but the stains did come out (never to return). I guess I wouldn't necessarily say that this is a bad thing, but it sure was frustrating for those first few days so I thought a fair warning might be nice here.All in all, it's a great detergent. Not perfect, but as close as I've found. Anytime I've tried to switch to something else (mainly out of boredom), I've regretted it, so I keep coming back for me and probably always will.
Burn Scare
April 19, 2013
Background: We cloth diaper (BumGenius) our kid and use the detergent exclusively for that. We have a massive stockpile of regular Tide (like) detergent from our couponing days, so that's what the clothes get washed in. Also, we have a front-loading HE washer and generally use the heavy soiled option, runs for about 1hr30mins or so. We don't sun the diapers and don't use any other additives, natural or otherwise. We used Allens and Soapnuts Econuts in the past, but they really didn't get the smells out, or the stains.Review: When I read reviews for a product I'm interested, I often times disregard the 1-star reviews as usually they are ridiculous. Someone is offended for some inane reason or they take a miniscule error as something terribly egregious that might make the world stop spinning. I'm a pragmatic person and enjoy a balanced review. I have yet to come across something that is absolutely perfect (although my Salomon XA Pro trail shoes may be close). So when I read the reviews for this, it seemed like a relatively small subsection of users experienced a chemical-type burn after using this detergent. However, there were so many positive reviews, I was persuaded and purchased it.We used the detergent for a few days and one day after she got home from the sitter, she was unusually fussy (normally, she's quite the euthymic child). We checked her diaper, and to our significant dismay, she had stooled the diaper and had a really terrible, blistery rash all over her bottom. All of her previous diapers were fine. So, we continued to use them and the rash improved, until she stooled again and it came back with fury. So, having only changed the detergent, we changed again to Nellies powder, re-washing all of her diapers.I couldn't believe we were part of the small group of affected people, but such was life I guess. Move on. But then, the rash came back w/nellies, when she stooled. Catching on the pattern, we used disposables for a while to see what would happen and sure enough, the rash would return. Now, the first rash took a few days to get better, but subsequent rashes seemed to heal quicker. Talked to some friends, and a few of them mentioned their kids get rashes from stooled diapers as well. In an odd way, it was a bit of a relief.We are now much more concientious of checking her diaper and changing her quickly. The rashes have been kept under control and I really don't think it was Charlie's soap. When we finish our tin of Nellie's, we'll switch back to Charlie's and fingers crossed, will work fine. I don't want to say all the other negative reviewers were inaccurate, it's just that things may not always be what they initially seem.As far as the effectiveness of the powder, it was great. It helped get rid of stains, and there was no residual smell which was what we were looking for. I'm interested in the Country Save brand as it is considerably cheaper per load, but I have yet to find a reasonable size to test at home before I invest in 10-20lbs of it... Will update if anything changes as we transition back to Charlie.
Regardless I like the soap
September 13, 2017
I bought the box full of the variety pack of Pre de Provence tiny soaps so that I could try the different fragrances. Unfortunately the are not labeled. Several of the colors are similar so I am not having luck matching them up with the images online. Regardless I like the soap. Quality soap nice fragrances. Just don't know what they are. I just wanted to easily figure out what I liked the best so that I could buy bigger bars of my favorites. I'll have to go about it a different way.
Worth the price
August 13, 2017
I prefer the scent of Pre de Provence's Apple Pear and Cucumber but this scent is almost as good.Bar last long so don't be put off by the price.Clean fresh feel and you don't step out of the shower smelling like a bouquet of flowers or bowl of fruits.
This soap is amazing at removing my make up
June 22, 2017
This soap is amazing at removing my make up. It seems odd that it would be able to do such a thing in such a gentle way but it's true. Even heavy I am make up after work. The reason I am taking one star away is that the bar of soap came damaged as if it had been dropped a few times on all of the edges but I am still using it because I did not have time to wait for a new one.
lathers nicely! Waiting to see if the smell stays consistent ...
May 24, 2017
Smells rosey, lathers nicely! Waiting to see if the smell stays consistent over time but so far I like it. The smell is a bit reminiscent of rose soap sets at a drug store though. (My grandma used to buy me those lol) So not overly unique in scent but it's a nice smell and not overpowering.
I would highly recommend pineapple, the smell was amazing
September 12, 2016
I bought the pineapple and starflower scents. I would highly recommend pineapple, the smell was amazing! Starflower was awful, I'm trying to figure out which unfortunate friend I'm going to gift it to. The soap made my skin feel so smooth that I decided to use it on my face which was a mistake, it turned it incredibly red and is burning. Tip for people with sensitive skin, do not use on your face! Otherwise a decent product.
Interesting in a good way
March 5, 2014
This was probably my first experience with the Linden scent. It is balsamic, but not "piney." Ever so slightly astringent but in an interesting tree-resin kind of way ~ warm, like gem amber, or a very faint cousin of frankincense. It is NOT as bold or distinctive as frankincense: think distant cousin. It is also green, but a very mild, sweet green. Not as sweet or as green as sweetgrass. Overall, an interesting scent, and I would guess based on the way this came across to me that Pre de Provence handled this with a master's flair. An enjoyable experience for me. The soap was also as creamy and non-irritating as you would want.

Three Star Reviews:

Bad decision, as none of the stains (common food ...
September 19, 2017
Bought the 100 load version. I normally wash my whites on hot water with bleach. Decided to forgo the bleach. Bad decision, as none of the stains (common food stains) were removed.Just had a one week old with a bout of the "runs". Washed on hot water with the normal scoop. Once again, none of those stains were removed. I'm going to be nice and order the laundry booster, but I'm getting near just getting a fragrance free version of All or Tide pretty soon. I wanted to "strip" cloth diapers, but if this can't get rid of some BBQ sauce of a crappy onesie, then I don't know if I can trust this to "strip" crap stains on a diaper.These top reviews are dramatically different than my experiences so far...
Cheap and less functional new packaging.
January 2, 2017
This is a good product, but I'm here to voice my opinion about the new packaging. They changed from a very sturdy and reusable/recyclable plastic canister to a flimsy plastic baggie that's only recyclable if your waste company accepts category 8 items.This new packaging is easy to spill and drop, and it can be difficult scooping the detergent out. This change was a bad call.
so so
March 13, 2016
I don't love this soap and I don't hate it. It is ok. I only paid $58 for this huge bucket, I suppose I should love it because of that. Amazon had a sale a few months ago with a 35% off coupon with a subscription, subscribe and save discount........ I don't cloth diaper anymore so I cant see the incredible stain removal......I do like that it has no scent. I have a top loader and there are no bubbles. I like this too. I have to pretreat stains or I'll be on the bad mother list. I'll keep the bucket because I have it, but I don't know if I would buy another even for the price I paid. I have been using it for a few months now and I am just not WOW'ed like most of the other reviewers. I will add that I do have a water softener in my home as this is supposed to help with everything that has to do with water. I do know that in the humid south, if I forget the laundry in the machine for a day or 2, my clothes DO NOT smell rancid and this is pre and post charlies soap.
Clothes definitely smell clean, but don't really look clean
November 2, 2015
The good:This soap certainly does the trick when it comes to keeping the smells of cloth diapers at bay. We've never experienced any of the funky smells so many people write about. I love that it takes only half a scoop to clean 14-16 pocket diapers and their inserts. I also love that this one tiny tub can do upwards of 200 loads of laundry. We use this soap exclusively in our washer to prevent any buildup of residues or chemicals, which can hinder the absorbency of pocket diapers and inserts. All of our clothes come out clean and fresh smelling, and our washer is free of buildup.The bad:What I'm disappointed about is how this detergent doesn't get stains out of clothing. While my pocket diapers smell clean and fresh, they are getting stained. My baby's clothes have food, juice, pee and poop stains building up on them that this detergent can't seem to get out. I'm not letting the stains set in, either. It's like anything at all that gets on my baby's clothing that discolors the fabric in any way is still there after washing. The whites definitely aren't coming out very white, they're going a dull gray. I'm definitely looking for a new detergent to use, I just have to wait to go through the rest of my tub of Charlie's soap... which may take 6 more months.
Does not remove infant spit up odors
February 24, 2015
UPDATE:After several weeks of use, and the birth of my son, this detergent is no longer working for me. It says right in the label that it will remove poop, which it does not do for me. My son is breastfed and it does not get the stains out of his clothes. It also does not remove spit up odors from our burp rags, blankets, and clothing. My husband dripped chocolate ice cream on his shirt and it did not even looked washed after using this soap. I really liked this detergent in the beginning, but now that we have more heavy duty laundry problems, it just doesn't work anymore. It's unfortunate because I did like the true clean clothes smell (or lack of smell) that we experienced in the beginning, and I still think it's a good value. However, I'll be looking for another product to remove stains and sour milk odors. I'm giving it 3 stars because I did like it well enough before I had my baby. If I was rating it on its performance now alone, it'd be 1 star.Original review:I really like this laundry powder. I love the compact size of the container, and the value is good for number of uses. I suspect I won't see the full potential of this detergent because I use shared laundry facilities and therefore cannot remove residues from the washing machines, but I find it still works well. I get the best results when I don't overload the machine. My only complaint so far is that it doesn't effectively remove residues from my husband's deodorant, but neither does any other detergent I've tried, so I'm not factoring that into my rating.
Charlie's Soap is my lowest-ranking laundry detergent (comparing Charlie's vs Vaska Baby vs Country Save vs All Free and Clear)
December 26, 2014
I am cloth diapering my baby and have tried four different detergents on cloth diapers so far: Charlie's Soap, Vaska Baby, Country Save (powder form) and All Free and Clear (not the military version). These detergents are free of fragrance, dye, enzymes, and other additives, with the exception of All Free and Clear, which contains optical brighteners. Charlie's, Vaska Baby, and Country Save are recommended by many cloth diapering websites as excellent choices for detergent for laundering cloth diapers, and All Free and Clear has been noted to work for many cloth diapering families.For reference, every 2 or 3 days, I follow the standard recommended "cold rinse-hot wash-cold rinse" method of washing my baby's diapers in an HE washing machine using the recommended amount of a given laundry detergent for the size load. The washing machine I use is a factory-second Maytag Centennial ecoconserve he washer -- a very poorly reviewed washing machine that restricts how much water you can add (I live in an apartment and would never purchase this washing machine for myself).Charlie's Soap was the first product I used on cloth diapers, and this was not an item I would purchase again.Pros: In comparison to the other three, this was the cheapest per load. It did seem to get the laundry basically clean, although I do not know how much to attribute that to the extra rinses.Cons: The biggest con on Charlie's Soap was that it simply did not clean breastfed baby poop off of PUL diaper covers as well as Country Save or Vaska Baby. In fact, Country Save got a small poop stain off of one diaper cover that Charlie's Soap could not get out after multiple washes. I found that Charlie's Soap seemed to clean better if I was to measure and dissolve Charlie's Soap in a cup of hot water before adding to the washing machine. This adds an extra step to an already busy day. I noticed, however, that when Charlie's Soap is mixed with hot water, some of the detergent dissolves while some large clumps of detergent are undissolved and require more hot water to dissolve. This is in contrast to Country Save, which, when mixed in a small amount of hot water, dissolves completely. Charlie's Soap also seems to have a strange -- though not heavy -- smell to it. Some other reviewers have been more open about their dislike of the smell. I didn't particularly mind the smell, though it was noticeable. I also read later that plant-based detergents, like Charlie's Soap, can sometimes build up on laundry, causing issues with cloth diapering. I didn't have such a problem, but it is worth noting.Also a note, I think that when most detergents say "fragrance free", it really means "less fragrance than standard detergents". I still notice a smell when I use other products. All Free and Clear smells like glue to me, Country Save has a nice neutral fresh laundry smell, and Vaska Baby smells like baby powder, but these are all faint smells. To me, Vaska Baby was the least offensive. None of these products left a heavy fragrance on the diapers.
Coconut doesn't smelly coconutty
September 14, 2017
I like this soap well enough, but I purchased the coconut bar hoping for a coconut smell - no dice. It just smells kind of old ladyish. The soap does lather well and rinses clean, but otherwise I would probably not purchase this again.
Cleans well, but drying
May 12, 2017
Rose one smells great. Cleans well, but leaves a dry "squeaky clean" feeling. I may try a different scent to see if the feeling is the same.
its ok, good brand but they have better scents
February 14, 2017
Like the soap, smell is ok, I think I prefer a different fragrance, this one was flowers.
August 27, 2016
Smells nice, I purchased the Violet scented one. I was in the market for a nice violet scented soap, and this one is okay, not quite as close as what I really wanted. The problem I have is the way it makes my skin feel, it's very drying. Similar to a cheap bar of body soap like Dial, which is disappointing. If you don't mind the way Dial or other bar soaps make your skin feel then this probably won't be an issue for you. Have used a different French violet soap in the past that was awesome and didn't dry my skin at all, but I can't find it anymore, and I was hoping this could be a replacement. Nope, oh well.
Scent didn't stick around for long...
September 3, 2014
This review is for the Green Tea scent but I also purchased the Pineapple scent, so my reviews will be the same.The soap is nice, the lather is great, and the scent is good - in the shower. Once you dry off, at least for me and my partner, any scent of pineapple is immediately gone.I bought this soap as I read it was of such quality it would last longer than your average bar soap. I've either received defective soap or that's not true. It's been almost 2 weeks, showering twice a day, and the bar has lost more than 50% of it's size in that time. I can't see how this will last longer than regular bar soap (Dove, Dove for Men, etc). This is why I gave it 3 stars and won't be buying this again, unless it's on a great sale.
I expected a little better
April 30, 2013
I love the linden flowers smell but this soap smells a little too sweet and barely reminds me of the real thing.It's still fine. The lather is OK but I've had better (lets say South of France Shea butter). And honestly i think it should be cheaper. It is soft on skin and doesn't dry it out.And the smell stays on quite long.The bathroom smells nice too. I may try to order the peony scent,maybe I'll like it better.

Two Star Reviews:

I actually don't know how the product works. I ...
May 1, 2016
I actually don't know how the product works. I bought 2 tubs and received 2 bags not only did I not receive the right product but one bag came with a hole. So I'm returning them in hope to actually receive this product in a tub that isn't damaged.
faded our clothes
September 12, 2014
It seemed about the same as Arm and Hammer. I really wanted it to work, and for light or pre- washing it was okay, but it faded our dark clothes, just like Arm and Hammer did. We don't have that problem with Tide, All, Wisk, or the Costco environmentally friendly detergent.
Used to like it, but....
June 15, 2014
UPDATE: I didn't realize how bad of a laundry powder this was until I moved and tried this in a regular washing machine. Previously, I blamed the white streaks (now stains) on my clothes on the apartment complex washing machines. I thought people were using bleach and not rinsing out the drum properly, causing the spots. I realized a few months ago that it was caused by the Charlie's Soap, even when I tried to dissolve it before adding it to my laundry. I also found out that this isn't a real detergent, so it wasn't cleaning my clothes properly. I switched to Foca and Persil, which work way better. I had to do a laundry strip because the Charlie's wasn't cleaning well. It was gross.I can't use brands like Tide (even Tide Free) without breaking out into hives, so natural products are my best bet (no animal testing too!). My sister recommended Charlie's soap to me about 2 years ago and I've been alternating between this product and Nellie's laundry soda (both are 5 star products). I love that I don't have to lug a giant liquid jug of detergent to my laundry facility. This product is also cheaper than even the generic Tide at Target. My boyfriend was breaking out into hives on his back when I met him, it wasn't until we moved into together and I started washing his clothes with my detergent that his back cleared up. He was using Tide Free. 5 stars, highly recommend!
I so wanted to like this stuff but it is NOT good for hard water!
August 21, 2013
I have been cloth diapering since 2010. First my son and now my daughter. I use Bumgenius pocket diapers. For the first few months I felt like my diapers were getting clean but I was having all sorts of problems. Leaking being the main issue. I almost quit cloth and spent many nights crying over all my issues. Then it got worse! The diapers started to smell of ammonia around the time my son was 6 months old. He started getting awful ammonia burns. So I stripped my diapers and tried all sorts of suggestions to fix this issue including using the Charlie's for hard water and using extra detergent. I tried Calgon with no change. See I finally found out that we have EXTREMELY hard water after using the Cotton Babies stripping method and having all my diapers turn brown. Bleach attracts iron which our water is apparently full of!I tried a bunch of different eco friendly/diaper friendly detergents and still had ammonia issues.I finally switched to Tide Original and have had 0 problems since. I use the same diapers on my daughter and use Tide and no leaking, rashes, or anything.So if you have water be cautious that this detergent may not work for you.
I was disappointed to find out that this "soap" is full of detergents
April 29, 2013
My baby broke out in severe eczema when she was three months old. I had a new washer and used charlie's soap powder for her clothing and bedding. My frantic research into eczema revealed that detergents are extremely dangerous for sensitive persons because they affect the skin's permeability to watter and irritants. Only true soaps (traditionally saponified oils) are safe to use for infants and children (and even for sensitive adults). My baby's skin greatly improved after we switched our entire household from this so-called "soap" to true soap and soap nut-based cleansers. If you suffer from allergies or eczema, you owe it to yourself to use only true soaps. You can read all about his at solveeczema dot org. Charlie's Soap should be called what it is -- a synthetic detergent.
Don't use on cloth diapers!
March 15, 2013
I have a newborn baby and he got a horrible rash after using Charlie's soap to wash his cloth diapers. At first I thought it was an issue of baby not being changed enough (newborns go after each feeding), but soon I realized it was the cloth diapers after a few days. The rash was so bad it left welts. This is my 5th baby and I know completely how to clean the diapers the right way. I also have a water softener, so it's not an issue of hard water. What really upsets me is that this is a common problem for Charlie's soap. After doing a google search I found hundreds of stories and I feel so extremely guilty for not reading the reviews on this product before. I really discourage this product being used on things that would touch baby's precious skin.
Coconut smells like nothing
September 27, 2017
Twice I purchased the coconut bar soap thinking my first bar must have been a fluke because it was super drying and smelled nothing of coconut. Well I just got my second bar and it is exactly the same. It’s fine as soap, but no coconut smell what so ever- which is the only reason I bought it
I prefer a nice subtle scent and this soap was the furthest thing ...
August 25, 2017
I decided to give this brand a try after reading all the rave reviews. It was a disappointing purchase. I bought the milk bar soap and found the scent overwhelmingly strong and unpleasant. I prefer a nice subtle scent and this soap was the furthest thing from it. Will go back to K.Hall Designs Milk bar soap as that has a more pleasant smell.
July 10, 2017
There is no wonderful fragrance. Even when putting it close to my nose I can barely smell "something." Quite disappointed in this product. It definitely does not smell up your bathroom as a couple reviews mentioned.
I can do without the "exfoliation" at 5:30 in the morning
July 8, 2017
Don't get Honey Almond unless you like rubbing small sharp rocks on your skin. The other scents I've tried are fine.
Disappointed almost no smell chose Rose fragrance previous critiques all ...
May 1, 2017
Disappointed almost no smell chose Rose fragrance previous critiques all good very lathers good creamy packaging looked old and dry think that's why no smell.
November 27, 2013

One Star Reviews:

NOT Cloth Diaper Safe, Not Safe at All
September 20, 2017
I thought I loved Charlie's soap. I felt like it got our clothes clean, didn't use a lot, and was unscented. I've used this for two+ years and just recently found out that it is NOT safe and can cause chemical burns because it is unbuffered and basically has the same acidity as undiluted bleach. Yikes. After starting to cloth diaper with our first baby, this meant constant diaper rashes that were actually burns! Double yikes. We immediately stopped using it and stripped our diapers and there was so much disgusting dirt that came out - residue from a few months of using Charlie's Soap which didn't actually clean anything. I've started using a different detergent and our clothes feel so much softer and cleaner!Moral of the story: DON'T use this product. Especially on diapers.
Stains, stains, and more stains. Does NOT work.
June 9, 2017
This soap consistently leaves poo, food, and dirt stains in all of my children's clothing even when I rinse the article of clothing and spray it with vinegar immediately. I've tried washing the stained clothing multiple times yet the stains still remain. Furthermore, this soap leaves residue on the clothing and leaves it feeling coarse. So much of our clothes is ruined and it's really frustrating and irritating when you're trying to be financially conservative yet your soap doesn't do its job.
Made mystery spots appear on my clothes!
July 28, 2016
I was excited to try this stuff due to all the good reviews. However, shortly after I switched to this detergent, I started noticing that everything I washed that was pink colored came out with light blue spots all over! And green and yellow clothes had orange spots. I was frustrated and confused, trying to figure out if something was in my washer (a pen? a marker?!). I cleaned out my washer, but still had the problem. I finally started thinking about how this problem only started once I switched to this detergent. As soon as I stopped using it, I no longer had the mysterious spots that drove me bonkers. Maybe it was just the type of water I have, because I'm sure if this happened to everyone this soap wouldn't have the good reviews it does.I also tried this detergent on my cloth diapers and it didn't work nearly as well as Nellie's.
Useless and Possibly Dangerous
July 23, 2016
Apparently there is an unbuffered compound in this product that can build up and cause chemical burns?! It didn't really work anyways, but once I read up on it I discontinued use. :(
Bleaches Clothing
July 9, 2015
For the life of me, I couldn't figure out what was causing the blotchy, bleach-like spots on my dark clothing. I never use bleach, so I wasn't concerned about residue from other loads. It was very frustrating to have clothes come out of the washer ruined and without knowing why. After sorting through reviews of this product, I noticed a lot of other people were mentioning ruined clothing after using this laundry soap. I'm done using it and I recommend against it, seeing as it has already ruined several articles of clothing.
It quite honestly does not work
February 6, 2014
1) somehow the container was broken upon arrival. No biggie- I put it in a separate container.2) I then Gave it several tries. It left my clothing feeling stuff and faded them horribly. Also left a residue. Unfortunately my daughters favorite hoodie, husbands work pants ( 3 pairs! ) a comforter, my sons blankie and three of my tops have all meet an unfortunate early demise due to this detergent. My machine is new- haven't had issues since I stopped using this detergent.3) I would say pass on it- big time.... The money I "saved" is going towards the massive bill of the items I now need to replace.
Too rough
October 2, 2017
This soap feels like sandpaper too rough
wanted to love it, but........
March 27, 2017
this is written for others like me with sensitive skin...this soap dried my skin, and yes I did wash my face with it in the shower...my eyes felt irritated for hours afterwards....it also burned my eyes.....it did smell awesome, but it's not for me.....also left white residue on my fingernails....what works for me is dove mens fresh bar.....doesn't irritate face ..eyes....or "other".......just not a pretty frenchy soap that I wanted to use.....
One Star
August 8, 2015
One Star
April 28, 2015
Very irritating. The pieces this contains irritates my skin and mucous membranes.
This bar I got was like pumic soap in its texture
December 15, 2014
This bar I got was like pumic soap in its texture. Extremely rough. And I have pretty tough skin. I still use it but almost threw it in trash. I don't know any woman that would even get this near her skin for fear of wounds.
so I knew the soap would be a good size bar
October 2, 2014
I read the reviews before buying, so I knew the soap would be a good size bar. But really, it is a giant sized bar! I am 6' 7" so not a tiny person, but I could barely hold this in my hand. If you're a smaller woman forget this soap. The worst part of this soap though is the bits of scrubbing particles. Whatever it is it comes off and gets on the shower walls, it looks like bits of black dirt. This soap was way too rough for my skin, too big, and too messy. Not a fan, won't be buying it again
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2.64 lbs Charlie's Soap Powder will do 100 medium washloads


Does not irritate sensitive skin

Non-toxic and safe for the environment. Non GMO

Safe for any machine and septic systems

Triple milled in Provence using the old-world methods which produces a soap that has few impurities, an incredibly smooth texture, and creates a longer lasting soap

Pre de Provence luxurious soaps creates a rich, creamy, scented lather

Soap bars are perfect for bathrooms, kitchens, showers, guests, gifts, and more

Soaps are quad milled Shea Butter enriched - pure essential oils are added for aroma

No animal testing - Free of Parabens, Ethyl Alcohol, Phenoxyethanol, DEA

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