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UDI U818A 2.4GHz 4 CH 6 Axis Gyro RC Quadcopter with Camera RTF Mode 2 - UDI RC
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*Latest UDI 818A HD+ RC Quadcopter Drone with HD Camera, Return Home Function and Headless Mode* 2.4GHz 4 CH 6 Axis Gyro RTF Includes BONUS BATTERY + POWER BANK (*Quadruples Flying Time*) - USA TOYZ EXCLUSIVE - USA Toyz

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UDI RC http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/41iQNRYonsL._SL160_.jpg
UDI U818A 2.4GHz 4 CH 6 Axis Gyro RC Quadcopter with Camera RTF Mode 2 - UDI RC
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USA Toyz http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/41dkk4r2PoL._SL160_.jpg
*Latest UDI 818A HD+ RC Quadcopter Drone with HD Camera, Return Home Function and Headless Mode* 2.4GHz 4 CH 6 Axis Gyro RTF Includes BONUS BATTERY + POWER BANK (*Quadruples Flying Time*) - USA TOYZ EXCLUSIVE - USA Toyz
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Five Star Reviews:

Love it. Just wish the snow was gone so ...
February 20, 2015
Love it. Just wish the snow was gone so we could get it outside. My grand daughter who is 13 picked it up fast. I am still practicing with it. It is a great quadcopter to start with. The camera takes decent pictures and movies. Once I get this one down pat I will be getting a better one. But for the money it is worth it. Oh yeah, it is a good idea to order some extra batteries as they only last around 6 minutes. I ordered 5 extra batteries that came today.i will get these charged and keep them on hand. I recommend this unit for beginners. My only complaint is the batteries only last around 6 minutes but I knew that before I bought it.
Drone better than anticipated. Patience is a virture.
January 14, 2015
The GOOD. Ordered evening of 1/7/2015. Estimated delivery 13th-17th. Arrived afternoon of 9th.Packaged very well, read instructions (couple of times because English version a bit cryptic, but decipherable). Charged the flight battery supplied ... always takes about an hour to green light on charger. (I've since ordered two additional flight batteries.) Plugged in 4 AAA's (not supplied) to controller and did initial flight testing on our billiard table. The user docs states the rear left black rotor should turn clockwise, and rear right black rotor anticlockwise. Physical rotation is just the opposite to balance the front white rotors (left clockwise, right anticlockwise). So ignored the doc on this issue.Came with four spare rotors, one for each location, charger, and USB cable for camera.Time of use is ten plus minutes depending if you leave the five led lights on (top right button on controller flips them on/off). The undercarriage blue lights in front and red in back are always on. Number of photos or how much video you take also makes a small difference. Ten minutes of full concentration on my part is enough. I'm over 60 by the way. (A 12 year old would already be an expert.)In order to fly well, the unit must be above it's backwash, I found that to be at least three feet off ground level. The controller screen has a bit of information on it, which is not well described in the manual, but is easy to figure out. Lights, photo, camera, indicators.The REALLY GOOD. Little thing is well designed and constructed. I've crashed it a dozen times or so, hard landings on floors, roadways, parking lots, and trees. Even have a great video of flying it into a tree 20 feet up, cutting the rotor power, and watching it fall into some waste high bushes. No damage except to my ego. I've even tried a couple of times to chop off my fingers, the rotors just stop, and the design compensates to insure no damage is done to the rotors or blades or fingers. Trying hard not to do anymore self testing on this issue.I've been using mode 1 for beginners. A mode 1/2 I would find useful. Mode 2 for experts I'm not even planning to try. The controls are really sensitive, and you need to anticipate the power, flight, etc. If you are keeping the unit in the same location off the ground it will tend to continue to rise until you begin to panic and reduce power. If you fly the unit, it will need more rotor power to not loose altitude.Sensitivity to wind is real. So I've given up trying to even fly if there is anything more than a light breeze. After all, the unit weighs less than the birds I've scared out of their trees a couple of times.The pictures and video are surprisingly good. Pictures are 1280x960 or 550KB files. The pictures and video require a steady flight, something I'm working hard to yet achieve. The video of my flight into the tree is actually a bit too clear. I've included a picture I was finally able to get of the front of our house that is actually in focus. For the price, this is a great purchase.
Perfect quadcopter at a great price!
January 13, 2015
My son got this for Christmas. He loves it! We downloaded the pictures and videos onto my computer and they're very clear. I highly recommend! Here's a photo my son took of our house with it!
The best Quadcopter for the money out there.
December 6, 2014
I have owned the quadcopter for about 2 months now and it is still flying without any damage after countless crashes.The outerframe is flexible and resilient which is nice for learning. It has led lights with a flashlight on the front you can turn off and on via the remote control.It has a sport mode(mode 2) for more power. I think its better for outdoor flying. there is a button on the controller to change the mode near the lid screen.It also has a trick button. You hit the flip bumper button and turn the stick and it flips in that direction(Does not work out well indoors) .It does flies pretty stable though for pictures and videos. It takes video and pictures easily via buttons on the controller. Don't expect HD quality video/pics, but it's better than what I expected for $60.Wind can be an issue flying outside, but it's small enough to fly inside while you get a basic understanding of the controls. An explicit outdoor version of this for up to $120 would be great!Battery life is approx 10-15min depending on flying style and if you are shooting video. FYI, spare batteries are cheap and I would recommend buying at least 1. I think 3-4 batteries is a good amount if you are rotating with someone.
Great Starter QuadCopter
July 1, 2014
My first foray into multi-rotor flight. I picked this up as a starter set based on advice from a local users group that learning to fly is best done before investing in a copter that does all the work for you by relying on gps and altitude locks. You will need to actively fly the UDI U818A. It's stable in flight, but easily pushed around by the lightest breeze. It doesn't hold a specific location or altitude on its own. It worked right out of the box as soon as I had charged the flight battery. Be warned that there is plenty of power to send this flying quickly out of your control range, which will then cause it to loose synch and flutter lightly back to the ground (or tree top). The only damage mine has incurred is the occasional displacement of a prop shaft that needs to be pressed back into place to fully mesh the offset gearing.The on-remote trim switches can be used to dynamically adjust the stability of the quadcopter. You can zero out any slight side slipping or rotation by tweaking the three trim switches this way or that. Once that's done, the copter will park itself quietly over a single location until the next change of wind or joystick input disturbs it.The onboard video and picture snaps are not high definition, but they are static free and very stable when loitering at altitude. You won't know what you've captured in the camera until you get it back to your computer to transfer the files from the camera via the included USB cable. For those who might prefer an FPV setup, there is an upgraded model of this quadcopter on the market that swaps out the onboard storing video camera with a broadcasting camera that your wifi equipped smart phone can receive video from.
Remarkable Quad For The $$$
May 6, 2014
This Quad is really very nice for the money. I paid $65 for the UDI 818A with camera included. I removed the safety canopy and replaced it with one I made from a plastic cup. This allowed the quad to be more agile due to less surface area contacting with the wind. I suggest the Turnigy 600mah batteries. These take about 45min to charge and give about 9min of flight time. Also, due to their discharge rate, they provide allot more response from a lower throttle position. The auto-stabilization is pretty extreme which make this great for someone learning to fly as well as a stable platform for taking pictures. The camera itself is nothing to write home about but it works as advertised. One thing to note is that this quad is virtually indistructable! Crash after crash, it continues to perform reliably. Out of the 9 quads I currently own, which range in price from $40 to $175, the UDI818A has proven itself to be the best overall value for my money.
camera and everything still works fantastic! I'm glad I was able to save money ...
April 30, 2017
Bought this product as something to teach my younger brother how to use a drone with and see how he'd do with one before investing a lot of money into a pricier model. I bought this over a year ago and the battery life, camera and everything still works fantastic! I'm glad I was able to save money on this affordable model because it seems that my little brother only takes a slight interest in flying it - so probably not as big of a hobby for him yet as we had thought. This works well enough that everyone in the family has fun using it.
Great entry level flyer.
March 8, 2017
Works great. Just as described. My 10 year old became a pro with this quad-copter. She could do stunts and always faced it the correct direction. It was very easy to fly. If something where to happen to this one, I would definitely purchase it again. The only weird thing is that this camera also includes audio. Which is nice I guess? When your flying it a hundred of meters in the air, all you can hear is the spinning blades. In all of our videos all you can ever hear, is the wind and the blades.
so if you use a standard smart phone ac - USB adapter to charge the batteries
December 30, 2016
OK, so there are some negative reviews for the drone. One was battery only lasting a minute and the other where it went up and then just continued and never returned. I have flown mine 10+ times so far and both things happened, you want to know why? First, the charger supplied will charge two batteries at the same time. this charger plugs into an USB port. so if you use a standard smart phone ac - USB adapter to charge the batteries, guess what, it will not work because the mini transformer for a phone charger is only rated at 1 amp. You either can only charge one battery at a time using the phone USB charger OR get a 2 amp USB AC transformer to charge two batteries at the same time. Second, Drone flying away on its own. YES, it happened to me, why? because I flew it with a wind of about 10MPH. sure there was no wind in my back yard, but when I got over my house, there was enough up draft that it all of a sudden shot up another 40 feet. Plus it was drifting away even though I was pitching towards me. Since the wind came over the house and tall trees in the back yard kept the drone very high in the sky, JUST like a kite. It was high then went out of range. Lucky it was at night and I watched it drift very far away into the next neighborhood, while coming down slowly (20% throttle) as stated on most sites. This drone when out of range will reduce to 20% and to a hoover, but if it is in a cross wind it will drift far away. I got VERY lucky to find that it missed all trees and softly landed in someone's front yard as designed (yes, the owner was outside at the time and saw it land in their yard). SO, both failures were my fault, not using the proper rated USB charger and flying my drone in wind greater then 5mph.So, this is a great starter drone and is easy to learn on with the two mode feature. As for the camera, not bad at all for a cheap unit, very impressed. In Mode 2 (advance) it banks very well an is stable. When paring remote to drone, make sure you are on level surface. Once you get it off the ground, hover at 6' and adjust yor trim so it hovers straight and doesn't drift. Then go have fun. flies much between when balanced. Remember, DO NOT fly in winds more then 5 MPH or you run the risk of it drifting away since this is so light it does not have the power to fight strong wind currents.
Wow, great product!
September 29, 2016
This thing is very fun! I received it for Christmas and love it. The batteries last at least 15 minutes with each charge. They are easy to swap out and the charger will charge both of them at the same time. I haven't taken it outside yet but have used it quite a bit indoors. It has fallen from 12 feet into my table, couch and the floor without any damage at all. The pictures are fine look good when you have light in the house. They are grainy when in low light but that is to be expected. The video does have sound, but with it right under the props, you get a lot of prop noise in it. I am very happy with the quality of this product. I couldn't believe how inexpensive it was for the quality! Its easy to control and has different modes. One is directional so that it will keep the same perspective no matter which direction its facing. This makes it easy for new people to control. The other mode allows you to fly it on standard mode where it directional flying and perspective changes. I love it and would buy it again!
Excellent starter Quadcopter that will keep you entertained for a long time!!!
December 26, 2015
This drone is quite easy to fly and operate. It offers several different combinations of flight setups, which make make the flight controls vary from easy to moderately difficult (and faster). It takes a little while (at least several flights) before you become familiar with the controls and how it reacts to the inputs. In flight mode 1, you can reach altitudes quite quickly, so be cautious of the throttle at first. Try low altitudes at first, using just enough throttle to maintain a 10-15 foot altitude. The LED running lights make it easy to track for night flights. The camera takes decent enough photos, I can't wait to be able to steer it well enough to point it to take photos of what I want!There are only a few negatives: The instruction manual is not particularly well translated, so it doesn't make much sense prior to your first flight. The batteries last less than 10 minutes each, and the bonus remote USB charger takes a long time to re-charge the batteries. The camera's resolution is fairly low (think a cell phone camera from 2006), so don't expect HD pictures. But it's better than Google Earth at it's closest resolution!Otherwise, this is a fantastic quadcopter to start with. I have only ever flown the micro-copters in the past, and this blows those away.
One Tough Little MF
December 22, 2015
I really love my Quadcopter. I agree the camera is not that great, the batteries don't last that long and it is for the newbie; But, this thing rocks. It can handle me crashing it into everything. My dog has jumped up into the air and flung it across the yard more times than I can remember. I can not land it I just cut power and let it find its own way to the ground and it will always take back off. I keep a fly fishing pole handy to snag it off the roof but it keeps on flying: and now for the rest of the story.I took it over to my brothers house where his pack of kids got to play with it. I love my nieces and nephews but they got their destructive gene from me. Needless to say after several crash landings and tree climbing it finally ended up on the roof, buried in snow. With no sane way to get it down (left my fly pole at home and my brother doesn't fish) I thought it was a a goner and started planning my next purchase. It sat there for over a month, on the roof, exposed to the elements of Central Oregon (Sun, rain, snow all in a two hour time frame most days). He brought it back after his wife found it in the yard after it was finally blown off the roof. Keep in mind this a month later.IT STILL POWERED UP AND FLEW.Yes, the UDI 818 HD+ RC Quadcopter is back at home being crashed into the neighbors backyard. I could not believe it but it is a tough little MF.

Four Star Reviews:

It IS a very good drone to learn the flight controls associated with most ...
December 12, 2016
I got this drone as a gift for my 8yr old. I ended up playing with it more than he did. You will NOT take spectacular video with this and you will NOT be able to go very far without risking a fly away...which means a healthy run when the battery quits.Having said that, this drone really isn't intended for those things. It IS a very good drone to learn the flight controls associated with most higher end commercially available drones. It is somewhat difficult to fly in that it is very sensitive to inputs and -of course- has no GPS locate/hover capabilities...which means you will be walking to retrieve it after a crash, which happens a fair bit (especially at first). I had a hard time getting it to hover in place for more than a few seconds because it is so light weight. The video camera is hard mounted, so any changes in attitude are picked up on video, leading to a lot of rocking and rolling on screen.However, considering the price point, all of this should be expected. The drone is entertaining to fly, and got me used to controls prior to my purchase of a popular higher end brand. The battery life is actually pretty good considering the size of the batteries, and they are inexpensive so get at least one spare (preferably two). I was able to eek out the stated battery time on mine pretty reliably as long as I didn't use video or marker lights. Finally, this is a ROBUST little drone. I crashed it....a LOT. It survived to fly again every time. Based upon that alone I would recommend this little guy if you just want to tinker and learn.I think I have been spoiled by my current drone, because this just isn't five star material, but considering the price point, and time I bought this (over a year ago and newer products etc.) I rated it at 4.
Great Quad to Learn On!
December 17, 2015
 This is the quadcopter I learned on and I still enjoy flying it! Its very stable and lightweight, which also makes its affected heavily by the wind (don't try to fly over 7-8 mph wind gusts unless you're an expert). The controls are easier than another "drone" I have and after learning on it for awhile its an amazing intro into quadcopter/ "drone" flight. . I also LOVE flying this drone at night due to all the LED lights on the underside and front of it; it would be a very difficult toy to lose in the dark. Overall, I'm very happy I purchased this and continue to have fun with it! I'm attempting to upload a video here that I took with the quad when I flew it on a nice calm day in a picked cornfield. Most of my videos/ flight last around 1 minute before crashing back to earth, but it gives a good example of what this toy is capable of:
Great started quad copter with some issues
November 30, 2015
This is a great starter quad copter for a number of reasons.1. Price, obviously. :)2. It's mod friendly, in that the plastic guard is easily removable and all components have plastic connectors to the main board so components and can removed/replaced without any cutting/soldering of wires. Battery is very standard and you can (and should) upgrade it.3. This thing is a tank. Even after removing the plastic guard and flying this into a variety of things it is still working great.4. It has a button that does an auto 360 flip, which is really cool.A few cons however.1. Battery is 580mah and will only get you ~5 minutes of flight. Upgrading to a 1200+ battery is highly recommended, I get about 15 minutes of flight with mine now.2. Some of my friends who have bought this same unit had issues where trim had to be adjusted. I did not encounter this, but it suggests QA might not be great here.3. The controller is a joke. If you open it up, you'll notice the throttle trim button doesn't have any connectors on the board and is only cosmetic. The antenna that sticks out of this remote is not the actual antenna and just a filler. My antenna was actually pointing towards me and not the sky!4. On that note, the throttle is super sensitive. The slightest touch will cause it to jump 5-10% so it's almost impossible to find a sweet spot to hover. It makes it all the more frustrating that the throttle adjusting buttons are missing on the board!
His favorite Birthday gift
March 23, 2015
Bought this for my son's 9th birthday, and it was the first experience with a quadcopter/drone for both of us. I'd definitely recommend this as a good starter unit. We were both able to fly it with a decent amount of control the first time out. We learned quickly, however, that this model is susceptible to the slightest breeze, so keep that in mind when you take it out. Also, consider buying a few extra batteries to extend your flight time, 7-8 minutes goes by quick.Having an onboard camera is what I looked forward to most. It does work - taking pics or video is easily triggered right from the controller. But don't expect high res images. This camera isn't even up to par with low res camera phones from 10 years ago. But considering the price, I can't complain too much. They're at least good enough to get a birds-eye view of your neighborhood. And it did come with a generic 2gb micro SD card installed.My only real complaint with ours is one of the rotors had a malfunction right out of the box. 3 of the 4 spin immediately when power is applied, but the 4th needs a slight push to get it to spin up. Again for the money, it wasn't worth returning it. But since it won't take off with only 3 of 4 rotors spinning, if I ever accidentally land it on a roof, I won't be able to fly it back off, I'll need to get the ladder out.Overall, for the money, this is a decent, well performing drone for first timers.
Worked awesome! Great Fun!
December 31, 2014
Took my boys out to the park and we made our initial flight w/ our Quadcopter this afternoon. Worked great! Just wish the battery lasted a little longer. You only get about 7 minutes total, so I recommend some additional batteries. The video/photo capabilities are fantastic.
Great little Quad at a great price!
November 22, 2013
This is a great flying little quad, although it has been fairly windy since this has been delivered I have still enjoyed it, it does fair in light wind but it is a very light little machine and a gust of wind will pick it up and carry it away fairly quickly, It's a tough little bird though, I hung it up in a tree yesterday and instead of freaking out I looked and saw how it was hooked to the tree then I flew it right off the branch fairly easily, then instead of getting hung up even further up the tree I let it fall the rest of the way down, it smacked just about every branch on the way down and really don't even have a scratch on it.The camera is a fairly decent little camera although I upgraded the MicroSD card fairly quickly, the 1gig card fills up pretty quick. I use a USB cable to copy the video files to my computer instead of taking the SD out every time I'm sure taking the card in and out so much will wear it out fairly quick.The remote is great, it feels comfortable in hand and has digital trim settings and a digital readout showing throttle setting, remote battery life, trim settings, camera settings, etc, it also has the 360 inversion button you can tap to make the quad do flips, be sure to have some altitude before doing this a be ready to hit the throttle again to keep the quad from hitting the ground, you can also use the top left button for this, press it and when it starts beeping you can tap you rudder controls up, down, left, or right ta make it flip in the direction you like, this is a little more fun than just the 360 inversion.Other than that there is not much more I can say about this Quad other than I love it, I do plan on building my own quad in the future and this is giving me some great training on the physics of a quad and how to fly one.Let me add that some proper care an manteinence of your LiPO batteries will make them last long, There are many videos on Youtube on proper care of your batteries but here are some tips.* Your batteries will come from the factory charged, but not fully, Charge them fully before flying.* Do not run your battery down all the way, leave about 20% power in the battery, you can purchase voltage alarms that will buzz at a specified voltage.* after flying wait about 15 minutes for battery to cool down before re-charging.* when putting batteries up for storage do not fully charge them, charge them about 80%.
The instructions are very easy to read and understand
December 30, 2016
 I got this drone for Christmas! I have never flown a drone before but have always wanted one for pictures and video. The instructions are very easy to read and understand. It's pretty easy to fly, obviously you get better with practice. My only complaint is that it only has a 7-9 minute fly time with the battery. I have started looking around to see if you can buy a better battery for longer flight time, but so far I haven't found anything. The video quality is really good and it can fly a little over 300 feet away! The controller will start to beep at you when the battery is dying. The battery does die pretty quickly! We almost lost the drone in a tree because as soon as it tarts beeping (aka the battery life is low) you start losing control of the drone fairly quickly. So AS SOON as you hear the beeping, make sure you immediately start to fly it back to you. I am happy with the drone especially for my first one. But I can already tell I will be wanting to buy a new one soon if I cannot figure out how to make the battery life last longer.
You can't beat this for the price. I've had ...
October 12, 2016
You can't beat this for the price. I've had it for a couple of weeks now, and the learning curve was not too steep. I've already been able to hover and walk beside the quadcopter while flying it about head height. I would note that the last video game I played was Pong, and I've never owned a remote controller flyer of this sophistication previously. It's reasonably rugged. It caught a gust of wind and crashed into an oak tree with enough force to disconnect the battery connector and dislodge the battery, which I found several feet from the quadcopter. The copter itself crashed upside down after colliding with the tree. The only evident damage was a slightly bent prop, which I simply straightened out. The camera also shoots decent photos and videos. For the price, you have to remove the micro SD card from the camera and download the pics to a computer, but that was simple using the card adapter that comes with the unit. Don't attempt to fly in anything more than a whisper of a breeze, because it will almost certainly get away from you! Battery life is only about 5-7 min. There are 2 included, but you'll probably want to order spares--along with their multiport charger.
Fun drone, light weight, decent camera, easy to fly... a little hard to hover.
July 12, 2016
 Ok, I'm glad my first review was rejected LOL. I've had this about a week. A friend has a really expensive drone and got me interested so he told me to buy a cheapish one to learn on. After a lot of research and comparison and reading reviews I went with this one. The only thing it's lacking is the ability to stream the camera feed to a phone while flying. It's nice that it came with 2 batteries and a battery bank to recharge them so you end up with about 30 minutes of flying time overall.Day 1 I tried to fly it around my apartment. I realized it's too big and my ceilings aren't high enough to really do anything fun. So, I took it to my patio and yeah same thing, just not enough room. It wouldn't hover in 1 place very well even with the little adjustments you can make on the controller. I was kind of upset about the lack of hover but I figured maybe when it got it into a larger lot I could adjust it better.Today I took it to my neighborhood dog park where i know no one goes LOL. It's an open lot but surrounded by fences and next to a private property gated area. I should have realized it was still too small and it was very windy. I tested it a few times very low and decided I could manage with the wind. I flew it a few times and was getting the hang of it. It's actually easier to fly without the headless mode and it's pretty easy to keep up with where the front is since you're not really going to go that far away from yourself. I took a few videos. The wind did make it hard and I could only fly it a few minutes each time before landing and retrieving to ensure it stayed in the park. The videos are decent for the cost of the whole thing. I did a few flips which was cool. Overall I had fun,, that is until I got it up and my field of view/depth perception was off, a gust of wind and it was near the fence,, I thought I was on one side and yeah,, oops down it went on the private property and flipped upside down LOL. I tried to fish it out,, then I tried to find a way in with no luck. I saw a car in the lot next to it and with some patience someone finally showed up and they gave me the drone :) yay.I think this is a good value for the price. It doesn't have GPS and I haven't tried to homing button because I really haven't flown it enough. But with just a short time I was flying it around and got used to it, the flips are easy and fun to watch. I just need to go to a bigger lot with no fences and less wind next time.If you're looking for a beginner drone I think this is good deal. I"m happy with it so far. It hits the ground hard and bounces a lot but so far no damage. It comes with extra blades and gears in case you mess it up. I paid the 8 bucks for insurance too so if I mess it up for 2yrs they'll repair/replace it. My only complaint is how difficult it has been for me to get it to hover in one place while I try to take pictures and learn to fly it. But, yeah that feature will come when I upgrade I'm sure.
It was awesome for the day my son got to use it
December 14, 2015
It was awesome for the day my son got to use it. It flew well and the controls were easy to figure out, especially after viewing the tutorial video. Unfortunately my son decided to take it out for a flight while I was not there and when it started to go into some bushes behind our house he jammed down the throttle and launched the thing over the highway 100 ft behind our house (so he says) before he got his wits together and tried to bring it back but by then it was out of range of the remote and dropped into a construction site on the other side of the highway. We went over there and searched for an hour but couldn't find it. Poor kid was devastated as this was his birthday gift and will not be replaced.
Great Value! Easy Learning Curve!
September 30, 2015
For under $100, this thing is great. This is my first quad copter and this one is easy to control, takes decent video and still pics. I've included a pic from about 200ft up. Pretty durable too. I've crashed landed this into trees, onto concrete and bounced it off walls, It's a very forgiving design. I didn't give it 5 stars for a couple reasons. The first is that if there is anything more than a gentle breeze, the wind catches it pretty easily. The second reason is that the power bank that came with it is pretty weak. It only charged the two batteries one time. I tried charging my cell phone with it and it only gave my phone a 10% charge. But, that part was free. Do yourself a favor and order a couple extra batteries. Flight time is only about 5-7 Minutes before it starts beeping at you as a warning of a low battery.Overall, great value and good fun for a beginner!
Durrable, fun, good learning drone.
August 15, 2015
Sturdy little drone, i'm very happy with it's durability. See below for a funny story about that.It does tends to drift even in still air. There are controls to adjust the pitch and yaw, but they don't seem to work. Or at least when they do, they don't last for very long. I gave up and have learned to just compensate manually.The wind does take it, since it's fairly light. On one of my first ourdoor flights, it got away from me. I panicked and cut the power (should have gunned it), it fell into the tree in the back yard. We spent an hour or so trying to get it down to know avail.After two weeks (and multiple thunder storms) it worked its way down a story or so to a place we could get at it with a pole. It was freed today, and i'm happy to report, works like a charm.The footage from that voyage is hilarious. The camera is decent for what it is, and it does also record sound.I won't be flying it around trees in the wind anytime soon :)

Three Star Reviews:

but a good thing is that this thing can really hold up ...
March 15, 2017
It has many flaws, but a good thing is that this thing can really hold up to a 11 year old smashing it to pretty much everything. The problem is that it loses connection out of the blue and it keeps flying in the same direction as the last command received; this meaning if you're moving it forward and loses connection, it will just keep moving forward until battery runs out or you (somehow) get to catch it.
Great beginner and first-timer's drone
May 26, 2016
This is an excellent drone for anyone wanting to get their feet wet. The controller is similar to the more expensive drones so this will help with becoming comfortable flying drones. I gave the drone three stars for the sole fact that it is very reasonably priced for this type of drone; however, it has it's major flaws.The first main flaw of this drone is it's extremely light weight and flimsy plastic-like design. On a barely windy day, be prepared for the smallest gusts of winds to carry your drone away. You are actually probably better trying to fly this drone in a large open indoors area (only where permitted of course). I have crashed this drone several times and although the design is a flimsy plastic, it has absorbed the impacts and yet to break on me; however, I can see how easy it will be for the propellers or drone itself to crack or break off if crashed (I guess I have just been lucky so far, only crashing onto cushioned grass from low flying heights).The next major flaw is the drones flying time. I know all drones have a short flight time related to battery, but this drone allows for 5-7 minutes of flight time max.The last major problem with this drone is the complexity of the operating the drone, controller, and drone's camera plus the lack of a descriptive manual to explain everything you need to know. I have still yet to figure out how the camera works, or if the camera even does work, because I cannot seem to find enough information regarding the operation of it, let alone the ability to keep it in flight outside long enough without the wind sweeping it away or the battery dying.Overall, it is a low priced, great drone to buy as a practice drone if you are looking into wanting one of the more expensive, high-end drones. If you are wanting this drone for the ability to take pictures, record videos, or spend hours of time outside flying around, then this IS NOT the drone for you. I look at this drone as purely a learning and practice only drone to help familiarize yourself with drones and their controllers to better operate the higher-end drones when the time comes so that you don't have to fear crashing the more expensive drones like you more than likely will with this one several times.
Don't try to fly it in a breeze.
November 25, 2015
It's very lightweight. So much so that any slight breeze has a profound (and lasting) impact on your ability to control it. The battery lasting 9 minutes is no joke, which is too bad. As light as this thing is, I would think they could include a slightly larger (heavier) battery and be able to sell a much better product. Buy extra batteries. The low-res camera produces video that you would expect from a low-res camera. Don't think the video is usable for anything other than fun.Comes with a USB cable to download video and/or pics to your computer, and, surprisingly, a 2GB Micro SD card already in it; 4 extra propellers, wall charger and tiny screwdriver. Instructions are typically convoluted from being translated from some other language (Chinese?), but they're understandable enough. Seeing the video on your computer is very straightforward and easy - just put the Micro SD card into a SD card adapter, or plug the drone into your computer with the included USB cable.Note: I paid under $50 for it, which was around half price on a Black Friday week special deal. If I had paid anywhere near $100 for it, I would send it back. It's really just a toy that I intend to use for drone practice.
Interesting but basically a toy that gets worse over time.
November 17, 2015
This thing lasts maybe 3-4 minutes and can barely get about 50 feet in the air the first time before losing the ability to climb and it only gets worse over time. The first half dozen times this thing would go 100 feet in the air and fly for 5 minutes or so but the flight time and power continues to drop as time goes on.
Check the battery charger. Don't use the one that ...
December 8, 2014
Check the battery charger. Don't use the one that came with unit if it is rated at 6 vdc. Batteries are only 3.7 volts. The 6 volt charger will overcharge the battery and make it swell up due to overvoltage.
Great..IF! You don't get a defect.
May 12, 2014
*Update at bottom of review!*This a great learner quad. IF you get a perfectly working product, this is a 4.5 Star product.There are plenty of great technical reviews of this product so I will not get into that here.What I will review will be after-purchase experience.The very first time I charged and fired these up, I noticed that one of the the motors made a different sound than the other 3.Straight away it was very difficult to keep a steady hover. Had to do some trim adjustment and got it to respond well enough.Upon closer inspection of the weird sounding motor, I noticed that the rotation of the blade made a noticeable "clicking" at a certain point. None of the other motors are showing that either.I figured the motor wasn't going to last too much longer so I contacted the seller to see if I can get replacements.They were prompt and courteous but they didn't have it in stock so they suggested that I return it since it had only been a few days since purchase. I did consider it BUT...They do not have an exchange policy so only way to do this would be to return this and purchase a new one.Unfortunately for me, the current prices are quite a bit higher then when I purchased it so.... it turns out its cheaper for me to keep my defective unit and just purchase a replacement motor from china for $15. I rather eat the cost of a cheap new motor than pay more for.... nothing...Also you will only get about 4-5mins of flight time on the stock battery. BUY extra batteries at purchase. Flying for 5 mins and charging in 30 mins does NOT make for efficient use of your idle time. I bought a 5 pack battery that I am STILL waiting to get (shipping from china remember?). Maybe I will get it next month if i am lucky.Potential buyers should be aware of what you get in this product.IF you get defect free product, you will get a great sub $100 entry level quad-copter to fly indoor and out.Replacement parts and accessories are almost ALL shipping from China, so expect LONG shipping time.I will update this review after I finally receive my replacement motor and spare batteries.Update *5-19-14Got the 5-pack of 600mAh extended batteries. Ordered 4-28, received 5-15.The updated batteries are nice, and having 6 (5-pack plus original) of them gives me a theoretic flight time of ~30 mins BUT, there is a potential problem.After going though about 2 batteries, I noticed the motors of the quad are SUPER hot.I do not think these motors are designed to be running non-stop for hour long straight duration.No doubt they will last the full 30 mins of flight a few times as I have already tried... but I do not think they will continue to last in this fashion.I recommend no more than 10-15 mins of continuous flight times with rest periods for motor to cool down.Still waiting of the replacement motor...I think they shipped it via row boat...Either way I think I found another alternative that can solve 2 of my problems.Each replacement motor costs around $15 each. A quad copter has 4 of them so as long as I can get a full set for 60 that sounds right?Well, you can get a brand new U817A unit here on Amazon for $65 shipped on Prime.The only difference between the U817A and the U818A is the 18A has build-in camera, the 17A does not.So I can get a full set of replacement motors including the main body unit, body housing and the remote for $5 more?I am already invested into this quad because with the batteries, so sounds like a deal!Remember I said 2 problems? Well the second problem this solves was the original problem this update started with.Once I do get my replacement motor (shipped via row boat) I would have 2 fully functional quads to fly with.This would allow me to swap my 2 quads at 15 mins intervals so they can both have time to cool down the motors between flights.Plus will allow me to rotate 7 sets of batteries (5-pack plus 2 from original) for charging and flying continuously.This way I can maximize my valuable down time with more extended flight time without the risk of reducing product life-cycle.Some of you might ask: Why spend so much for a set of cheap quads when you can get a Parrot AR for a little more?Well my total cost so far: Original U818A $65, 5-pack batteries $27, 1 replacement motor $15, U817A $62.Total Cost $169. For 2 quads and 7 batteries with near continous flight time very little worry from crashes.(These UDI quads are very resilient to crashes but VERY prone to defects!)The next nearest "upgrade" would be the Parrot AR which is $299 at its base package.Better materials? Yes. Better build? Yes. Better value? Maybe not.You may get slightly better "experience" than a base U818A that is less than $100 certainly.But even with 2 sets of UDI quads, the Parrot still costs over $100 more.And for the job of quad trainer/beginner, a set of these will far out-last a Parrot, as they are far more forgiving on crashes.After I feel I have garnished enough skill from these quads I plan on upgrading to the DJI Phantom (in cart waiting for price drop:)) which I consider is an upgrade worthy of its price.Sadly my skill level is far below risking on a $500 quad, so for now these UDI quads will hopefully give me enough longevity and experience to take me to the next level.I have raised a star for OVER-ALL VALUE to 3 stars, but due to high amount of defects I have seen in other reviews,that was validated in my own case, plus the ridiculous shipping times for all related replacement parts or accessories,it would be hard to recommend any higher.Though I have decided to even go so far purchase additional units of this 3 star product, I do so under unique compromises that I doubt most would be willing to take.For me, I needed a trainer/intermediate quad that was very forgiving on crashes, with maximum total continuous flight time (I don't have a lot of free time) on the cheap.This fit the bill for me but definitely not for all.I will do another update once the motor or the new U817A arrives.The faulty motor is getting worse and the quad has a VERY hard time staying level even with very aggressive trim adjusted.I can still fly it, but it just isn't as easy to control as it used to be.
Controls and handling are not great...
December 3, 2016
Maneuverability is not great, difficult to use.
It's average
November 22, 2016
Good trainer but too light to fly in anything but dead calm winds and camera is nothing
Very delicate. Controller had an issue but we didn't ...
June 20, 2016
Very delicate. Controller had an issue but we didn't get it returned in time.It doesn't do well outside, so our son flies it in the woodshop.
Fun sturdy drone hampered by poor battery life
March 14, 2016
The good: This drone is fun to fly when you get the hang of it. It will go pretty high and is still able to be controlled in light winds. The camera is fairly good but that shouldn't be the selling feature. It's also pretty sturdy. I have dropped it from the sky, banged into walls and my dog even catches it out of the air sometimes. It's still going strong.The bad: Batteries! I have had this drone for close to 2 months and I ordered 2 new batteries for a total of 4. ALL of them do not get more than 3-5 minutes of flying time. This kind of takes the fun out of it because you have to charge 4 batteries to get any kind of flying time that is worth it. Also, the controller starts beeping when the battery is almost out and it's kind of annoying. Mine starts beeping sometimes less than a minute after I start flying it.
December 30, 2015
Additional charger does not work, and the batteries have very limited fly-time. I would suggest saving up and getting a better drone.
Lost my X5C-1 and bought this to replace it.
September 10, 2015
I bought this drone after losing my Syma X5C-1, I'm basically going to be comparing the two.Camera: The UDI has a much much better camera, especially in low light situations. The Syma's camera is useless if you're not in broad daylight or a well lit building. The UDI has a huge flaw though, if the drone loses signal with the receiver it will stop recording until it regains signal. This makes it almost useless. When trying to get a panorama shot of my neighborhood the video was split into five different recordings. Another time I was flying after work and there was some strong winds about 30 feet up that blew the drone to the other side of the strip mall building. I assumed I'd be able to watch the path it took after it went past the buildings but it got basically nothing interesting. I'm taking off a star just for this function. Even though the camera on the Syma is inferior in every other way, a camera that records is better than one that doesn't so I'd recommend the Syma.Maneuverability: The UDI's the controller pretty solid, unfortunately the drone itself just isn't nearly as maneuverable as the Syma. When going for speed the Syma can easily hit twice the speed as the UDI. The UDI has the power it needs to perform but the flight programming isn't that good. At full power and full tilt with the Syma it drops altitude as it gains speed, the UDI just starts climbing once it starts getting any speed at all. I even took the huge faring off the UDI which helped tremendously but still wasn't as good as the Syma with all its gear still on. Beyond speed they both have very similar feel and are very responsive.Controller: Both controllers are really good quality but the UDI as a few features that really shine. Literally. The UDI controller has a backlight you can see at night. UDI also feeds you information, like a beep when the drones battery is getting low or an icon letting you know the camera is recording.Features: This UDI advertises some features that the Syma X5C-1 doesn't. First up is automatic return home button. This feature is garbage, doesn't work at all. First it has to be in headless mode, which works well for about 12 seconds before it loses calibration. I've tested it several times and usually what happens is the drone will start flying in a random direction and I have to guide it myself lest it crashes into something or fly's off into the wild blue yonder. I thought it would be a nice feature to have incase I get into trouble but if I ever did need to use it pressing 'return to home' would just make the situation worse. Useless.Ruggedness: Both the Syma and UDI are tied on this one. Both have taken a beating and kept going. I accedently pressed the flip button on the UDI the first time I flew it (it's the opposite button on the Syma remote) and I crashed it right into a ditch full of water. Dried it off and still works perfectly. Crashed them both plenty of times and so far all the spare blades remain unused.Battery: We are looking at very similar flight times for these two products. The nice thing about the UDI is it comes with TWO batteries instead of the Syma's one as well as a rechargeable portable power pack. At first I couldn't get my power pack to charge properly and I thought it was defective. Right before I was about to return it I tried using a different charging cable and that solved the problem. Not really a big deal since I had several extra lying around the house.Price: Syma X5C-1 $50 vs UDI 818A HD+ $100. With all the extra features the UDI touts I figured it would be worth paying double. It certainly was NOT. With the extra $50 you'd have buying the Syma you can by several extra batteries as well as a portable battery charger that's 5 times bigger than the one that comes with this bundle. Headless mode is worthless, automatic return to home even more so, camera is better but shuts on and off.Other thoughts: The UDI is much harder to fly at night, when flying at certain angles you cannot see the orientation lights at all and the drone seems to vanish. The Syma has an on/off switch which is really nice compared to the UDI which you have to unplug the battery, a bigger pain in the but than it might seem. The UDI has a slightly better controller but at the end of the day the difference is negligible. I won't say that I got ripped off, it's still a fun drone to fly, but if you're like me and you work hard for your money then I'd say go with the Syma. I regret not spending the same $100 on the X8C.

Two Star Reviews:

The UDI818A is my least favorite of the three
January 10, 2016
OK, I have an Air Hogs Millennium Falcon, a Syma X5C and this. The UDI818A is my least favorite of the three. The reason being, it's wild (in a bad way).1. It doesn't hover at a stationary point. It drifts to the left (yes, I've recalibrated repeatedly). So I have to trim right and back every time I fly.2. It doesn't really hover at a fixed altitude. It either climbs or drops like a rock.3. The range is poor. It loses connectivity to the radio transmitter at about 150 feet and blinks like "wtf where did you go hurr durr".4. The guard doesn't really protect it. I knocked on the motor brackets loose on a hard landing. It snapped back on, but still, sub-optimal guard design.So again, it's my least favorite drone. The Millennium Falcon can only really be flown indoors; even a little wind will send it into a neighbor's yard. And the X5C is so much easier and fun to fly. And considering it's half the price of the UDI818, it's really a much better value. I feel good about my X5C purchase and like I got screwed with the UDI818A. They're both hobbyist/entry level quadcopters but one is half the price of the other.
Be VERY careful before buying this product
January 7, 2016
My 11 year old son wanted this which could be used in our yard or in an open field. Nothing too taxing but just something fun to play with. When we got the FIRST one he played with it for a while and it broke. The issue was that not enough power was getting to one of the four propellers so it was not able to fly. We happened to be within the 30 day period to return it so we did just that and got a replacement. Guess what...about a month later with the new one the same exact thing happened to the drone. One of the propellers did not receive enough power and thus the propeller would not turn fast enough and the drone could not fly. Unfortunately this time we were just outside the 30 day period and we were not allowed to return it. There was no abuse or misuse of the product...just not a very good product as far as what it is supposed to do. Also, now that we cannot return it, there really is no way to get it fixed since the parts are small and specific. It is really too bad that the producer/seller of this will not stand behind their product.
I crashed this thing from 40 feet in the air onto concrete and it still operates and looks like new! -pre-programmed 360 degree
January 2, 2016
Temper your expectations based on videos you've seen where a drone flies effortlessly and precisely to the whims of the operator. This is not that drone.Pros:-Inexpensive-decent video camera-extremely durable. I crashed this thing from 40 feet in the air onto concrete and it still operates and looks like new!-pre-programmed 360 degree flip maneuver that looks cool-comes with extra propellersCons:-no live video feed-battery lasts only 5-7 minutes and takes an hour to charge-nearly impossible to fly with any precision. This drone requires constant correction by the the operator just to stay in one place. Even after endless fumbling with trim settings, there is always an imbalance in the flight. The controls are wildly sensitive. In order to achieve stable flight, the operator has to make impossibly tiny micro-millimeter adjustments on the stick. You always end up over compensating which inevitably results in a crash.It's a good thing this drone is made so durable because I guarantee you will be crashing it, A LOT. Don't even think about taking it outside if there's the slightest breeze. You will loose it straight into your neighbor's backyard before you even figure out what's happening. All in all, it's tough to enjoy this product because it's so frustrating to fly. Do yourself a favor, spend the extra money and get something that has some kind of electronic flight stability. What good is a drone if you can't fly it for more than 1 minute without loosing control?
It started out great, he was very pleased to be up and ...
December 26, 2015
Christmas present for my son. It started out great, he was very pleased to be up and flying comfortably after waiting for the battery to charge. Controls are fairly easy to adjusted to and he was quickly able to control the quad while in close proximity. First 3 flights were great and he was able to capture some fairly good video. (quality of the camera is pretty good for its size but all the videos were taken in bright daylight. I am sure this helps).The fourth flight is when the trouble came. He had the quad about 60 feet overhead trying to get a decent video of the area. Apparently this is close to the range of the controller. Instead of lowering at the point the quad lost contact it slowly drifted up and away without responding to the controller. We were on a slope and as the quad drifted away its elevation increased the distance even as my son chased it down. The verbal pleas while chasing the quad where not enough to get it to descend. The trees on the edge of the field now have a new resident.For the price I had hoped to avoid this type of behavior. I will continue to look for a unit that has quality communication with the controller.
The 818A HD+ is definitely better. I got this one for two reasons -- ...
December 11, 2015
The 818A HD+ is definitely better. I got this one for two reasons -- to practice on the older version before beating up the HD+ too badly, and because with the sale price it was about the same as buying replacement motors in the event they may be needed.ADDENDUM: Unfortunately, I have to amend this review. This one flies even worse than the HD+. (Which I also reviewed.) I had originally given 4 stars, but after working with this drone for several weeks, I've discovered that the controller is what I would call "too loose." It's almost impossible to get good control of the drone because even small taps on the controls make too large an adjustment. It flies all over the place with very little control. Control of the craft also changes according to the power left in the battery. A fresh battery really sends it flying out of control. The trim buttons don't work well, and the drone does not hover in place well because it constantly changes which direction it wants to go. My son bought a JJRC Super Scorpio, equivalent in size and features to this one, and in trying it out I found the controls to be more stiff and therefore much easier to fly the drone on even my first attempt. They're out of stock right now (Dec. 23, 2015), but I would recommend waiting until they're back in stock and buy one of those.
quick to die
April 7, 2014
Gave this as a present to my cousin who loved it. A little underpowered but at this weight class what do you expect. Wind does tend to have its way with it.Unfortunately what we figured out is that the electronics are slipshod on this device. Less than two weeks later and its going back for a return. The camera part of the unit completely stopped working, creating no video and the USB port was dead. a complete loss. We also noticed that the unit has no way to date stamp the video it takes, all video is labeled as filmed in 2008.This got me poking around a bit and I realized that this machine has a barely functional IO control for that camera. Only the tiniest bits are there, allowing video to write to the card, and use the USB, but no more than that. I suspect that this OS has no error handling or recovery so once it corrupt, its game over, and its gonna corrupt because its a quick and dirty slap together.So while it works, its great, a fun little toy, but that is all it is and is a little pricey for a unit that is only going to provide a weeks worth of fun.
Battery life is a joke
June 8, 2017
Extremely short battery life. Huge disappointment in that aspect. Besides that...a decent drone. ...but again, the battery life is horrific.
Two Stars
May 3, 2017
not worth the money
December 2, 2016
If you are looking to get into actual drone piloting this is not what you want to start on! This is nothing more then a children's toy that handles nothing like an actual drone. It's also a necessity to fly this thing in a very open area like a field. It's handeling is to unpredictable to be flown around ANYTHING.
Two Stars
May 26, 2016
One of the four trim buttons on transmitter is inoperable. It came out of the box this way
For the price this should have a real time camera ...
April 21, 2016
For the price this should have a real time camera and display. The controller is shoddy and hard to use.
Got a Dud...
January 7, 2016
Sending it back. The controller doesn't work. Disappointed since it was a Christmas present for a family member. I'll try it one more time and hopefully the next one will work.

One Star Reviews:

Waste of money. I received the drone and it did not contain the ...
June 5, 2016
I received the drone and it did not contain the charger or camera. Without the camera and charging off my PC, it works well enough, but I paid for the one with the camera and charger so I'm giving the product only one star. More a reflection on the seller/packager than the drone, since I can't tell how well the camera would have worked. I bought this to learn how to shoot simple video with a drone, so I'll just end up keeping this to train with. I could return it to the seller/Amazon, but the costs involved and the loooong wait time to receive the drone in the first place make that less than desireable.Update. One of the controller trim adjusts died. 2 of the LED lights died. This is after maybe 20 minutes total flight time, with full charges, over 2 days. It lifts, spins on its own, and is not steerable anymore. No crashes or damage - it just won't fly under any control except throttle. I cannot control or fly it due to the spinning. The front LED is one of the dead ones so I can't tell which way it should be flying. Total waste of time and money. Threw it away. Bought one locally so I can get service if I need it.
Do not buy this product!
December 25, 2015
This is extremely fragile and should not be purchased for learning drone users. The battery must be disconnected by a tiny connector that is also fragile and is the only way to turn the drone off (stupid design, how about an on off switch?). The machine functioned fine through one battery (7 min) and 2 min into the next battery, then one of the motors stopped working and would not spin the blade. There is no troubleshooting guide in the "manual." Happy Christmas morning to my child this was purchased for.
Practically DOA and costly to repair
November 14, 2015
When getting ready to fly (purchased November 11th), the wire to one of the motors that powers the wing failed once the wing start propelling upward, a bad solder of wire made it easy to lose connection. Beware that the house of the motor in enclosed by plastic pieces so to get to the motor you'll have to buy the house wing housing unit which cost 10 dollars plus shipping from hong kong, with the flying beating from falling of this RC drone you really can't avoid the costly imperfections of this item. 1/5 this item is not worth it in terms of repair.
Good reviews would have to be fake.
June 16, 2015
Motors die after one day of use. All cheap, parts and design. Does not fly straight. All the good reviews are not correct. As this is a complete piece of junk. You can't contact the manufacturer as they don't have an English support line.
Exercise in frustration and sixty bucks down the drain
April 1, 2015
I was a complete newbie to RC flying and thought the U818 would be a good place to start considering the number of 5 star reviews and the low price but alas this was not the case. Like a lot of other cheap products produced in China it is a total crap shoot as to whether you get a good or bad one. First off I did not experience any of the out of box problems that others are reporting. The battery charged properly and all four rotors worked and turned in the proper direction. The transmitter synced without issue and the gyro appeared to calibrate per the instructions. At this point I was getting excited, just maybe I got one of the good ones. The excitement soon faded when I attempted to achieve a stable hover indoors.. The copter took off straight up to about 3 ft and then started to veer to the left until I hit a wall. At this point I thought okay this should be easily corrected by some simple trim adjustments but this proved to be futile as even though all three trim adjusters did make changes to the direction no matter how I tweaked them I could not get a stable hover for more than about 15 seconds before veering off in some random direction and hitting something. Not being the type of person that gives up easily I turned to the Internet for some guidance. There are numerous hits when you search, but the R/C forums seem to have the best info on things you can try to fix various issues including achieving a stable hover. I tried them all, from removing the outer blade guard shell to trying different gyro calibration techniques but all to no avail. Obviously since so many people are able to fly these things successfully there must be something wrong with mine but, at least for me, it's just not worth the time and expense to return it so at this point I am throwing in the towel. To sum up, if you are the gambling type, and won't cry over a $60 loss go ahead and buy one, maybe you will get lucky and join the ranks of the 5 star reviewers.Update to my review:For those that have given up trying to fly one these and haven't pitched it in the trash yet, try this. I glued the end of a 20 ft kite string to the center of the camera and tied the other end to a dumbbell laying on the ground, creating a tether to keep the copter from flying off. It worked pretty good. I slowly gave it about half throttle and it rose up until the slack went out of the string and actually seemed to hover fairly stable without any trimming. I didn't try it but am certain if I cut the string it would make an uncontrollable bee line to the nearest tree. Of course basically all I have now is a $60 dollar electric kite but at least I have been having some fun shooting some video albeit in a stationary view. One side note I was only able to make this work by removing the blade guard. With it on it immediately dove to one side and crashed when I applied throttle.
I was very disappointed that this quad came with an issue out of ...
February 13, 2015
While the basic core structure (frame and board housing) is stronger than most in this class, I was very disappointed that this quad came with an issue out of the box. My UDI U818 came crashing the ground abruptly on it's first two flights despite a full charge. These crashes came without warning and I wasn't even close to the flight time limits described by other users. I was only about 3 minutes into the flight when it fell like a rock with rotors stopped. After charging a third time, I realized that the power supply wires soldered into the main board were lose and power from the battery was interrupted, causing the crashes. SECOND - I bought this at the same time as a Syma X5C-1 to compare, and what a difference! when it would fly, the UDI U818 would jerk from side to side on the horizontal axis (not good for aerial video), whereas the Syma was smooth. Also, the Syma flew as expected, did not have any repairs out of the box like the UDI, and is a clear winner in my opinion. Don't waste your money on the UDI.
One Star
April 14, 2017
Horrible instructions, cheap quality
No on/off switch on the drone. Must physically attach/detach ...
March 15, 2017
No on/off switch on the drone. Must physically attach/detach wiring harness, which will lead to serious fatigue on a connection that is not built for that purpose.
With so many great reviews I'm not sure if I just got a ...
January 1, 2017
Total disaster of a product. With so many great reviews I'm not sure if I just got a lemon. Headless mode didn't work well. Not the greatest gyro stabilization. Trying to adjust the trim was a nightmare. You have to land the drone every time you need to make adjustments. Also, when turning off the drone/changing batteries you'll need to reconfigure your trim adjustments again. The camera/video quality is terrible. I don't understand how they are calling this HD. Half the time when I was in flight and tried to take a picture or video it wouldn't work. Personally, I wasn't going for this drone for video or picture but more to learn flying a drone before I bought a very expensive one. However, I'm still very disappointed in the camera quality. Before I sent it back I did a test flight with my buddies drone and I feel confident the problem isn't with me, but with this drone.
Very disappointed
December 27, 2016
Highly disappointed only able to use one time before the remote will no longer respond to the Drone and did not crash at all. This was the big gift for my husband at Christmas.
Really not happy giving as a gift missing parts
December 26, 2016
Missing Sim card and battery charger. Really not happy giving as a gift missing parts. Do not purchase this
Does not turn on.
October 18, 2016
Unfortunately, the remote control would not power on. We tried two sets of batteries. Returning.
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6 AXIS GYRO with posture control - Integrated design guarantee the precise positioning of the aircraft.

4 CHANNEL function provide stable flying and easy operation.

High capacity battery and strong power motors enable the helicopter to fly much longer and more efficiently.

Charging time is about 120 minutes while flight duration is about 7-9 minutes.

Modular design makes it easy to install and repair. Remote distance is up to 30m.

HD+ HEADLESS MODE / Intelligent Orientation Control (IOC) System: Eliminates need to adjust the position of aircraft before flying. Great for beginners as it reduces the steepness of learning curve!

HD+ RETURN HOME FUNCTION: One key to return function makes it easily to find the way home

HD VIDEO CAMERA: 2MP HD video camera (Resolution: 1280 x 720; Framerate: 30 FPS) lets you take high-resolution pictures and videos during flight. Comes with an upgraded 4GB Micro SD Card!

HD+ UPGRADED ACCESSORIES: Extend your play time with two LiPo batteries, a BONUS 2200mAh Power Bank to charge batteries on the go! (*** Beware of counterfeit product. USA Toyz is the SOLE carrier & distributor of USA Toyz U818A HD+ ***)

6 AXIS GYRO STABILITY: Equipped with the latest 6-axis flight control systems (3 gyroscopes and 3 accelerometers). Integrated design guarantees the precise positioning of the aircraft. Strong stability, easily implement various flight movements, stronger wind resistance, easier to control. Switch between Flight Mode 1 (maximum Gyro-stability for beginners) and Mode 2 (3D expert control for maximum acceleration and maneuvers for expert tricks, including 360┬░ Eversion - do incredible 3D flips and rolls with just the push of a button)

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