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UTO Drone U921 Quadcopter Quad Copter with Camera 3D Rolls Launched on Hand Toys 2.4GHz 4 CH 6 Axis Gyro FPV RTF Video Helicopter Black - UTO
Syma X5C Explorers 2.4G 4CH 6-Axis Gyro RC Quadcopter With HD Camera - Syma

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UTO http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/510ymKdVdAL._SL160_.jpg
UTO Drone U921 Quadcopter Quad Copter with Camera 3D Rolls Launched on Hand Toys 2.4GHz 4 CH 6 Axis Gyro FPV RTF Video Helicopter Black - UTO
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Syma http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/414JnjIBwiL._SL160_.jpg
Syma X5C Explorers 2.4G 4CH 6-Axis Gyro RC Quadcopter With HD Camera - Syma
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Five Star Reviews:

Great product, OUTSTANDING customer service!!
August 31, 2016
What a great company!! Bought this as an intro into drones before I plunk down huge dollars for a Yuneeq, and was very anxious to give it a try. Super easy to get flying, iOS app worked fantastic, great instructions. Alas I was a bit too anxious as I flew it into a tree while going a bit fast. So basically before I got through my first battery charge it was broken. $48 down the tubes, right? Nope. Emailed the company saying that I was a bit disappointed it didn't last longer (even though I was the one that flew it into a tree) and WITHIN AN HOUR I heard back from UTO saying they wanted to send me a replacement and was this OK. I said that would be great and 30 MINUTES LATER I had confirmation of the new drone on it's way. Oh, and did I mention that is was all well after normal business hours?? Oh my goodness what wonderful customer service. Looking at other reviews I'm not alone.As for the drone itself my initial impressions are very positive, and I really think this is a steal at $48. I'll have to hold my full review on the drone itself until I'm a bit more practiced and can keep from flying into trees. :-)Well done, UTO. You have a loyal customer and I will definitely be buying more products from you.
can't beat the price
June 13, 2016
First off I would like to say that UTO is a great company to deal with I purchased U960 from them and had 2 motors stop on me things do happen to quality items no matter what the handled the situation very professional and assured me that if I had any problems with the product to contact them I purchased a second U960 to replace the one that was sent back to them and they quickly issued a refund for the item this hexacecopter is very fun to fly bright leds and very responsive if you plan on getting this to learn you won't be sorry it comes with a wifi camera already to fly fpv I did not get a chance to use it but I will update when I receive my other one I wasnt 100 percent sure that it came with the camera so I purchased a 808 camera to use but no need for that I assure you it has one already also I would recommend you purchase extra batteries if you want to fly more as the batteries doesn't last very long about 8 minutes of flight and maybe less with camera running over all great product and seller definitely recommend purchasing one fyi if you are looking at the mjx x600 get the UTO U960 same hex and I believe UTO makes them as well just branded MJX but UTO is about 10 bucks less and mjx don't have a cameraUpdate I received my replacement and am very pleased with its a great flyer and very fun I had no issues with this one
This is the most amazing thing I have bought for $100
October 17, 2015
This is the most amazing thing I have bought for $100.00 In years. I have a small Apache Helo and it was useless outdoors. The U960 easy for this 59 year old to fly. I'll List the bad things first, I have found that the blade guards work very well to protect it from buildings and objects but they are a magnet for tree limbs. The blade protectors has a hook like on both ends of each protector and will grab anything they can. I am going to cut the points off flush with the extending arms of the blade protectors and just leave the curved part. Other bad thing GIVE IT TIME TO BIND WITH CONTROLLER. The .mov video files are hard to work with. Now for the Great things! I use my Nexus 4 for the camera and the performance is perfect. Picture quality is way better than I expected and the range is good I have never lost contact with the video, but it starts getting lagging at altitude over 250 Ft. Flight time has always been around 11.5 Minutes and I bought 3 more batteries and charge for $28.00. It handles wind very well but you need more experience than I have. I now have total flight time of around 2 hours but to be good and safe in the wind you need to be very good pilot. For a first copter I think this one is perfect. Working in Emergency Management I plan on using this for a trainer and get into more advanced models for Search and Rescue and Hazmat work when responders need to know what they are getting into. I will add some video later.
Overall, it's a great drone and worth the money
October 12, 2015
My experience with this drone so far has been incredibly positive. This U960 flies like a much more expensive drone and has a lot of great features. There are a few drawbacks, but my experience with this seller overcomes them completely.Pros:1. Inexpensive2. Easy to fly3. Does well with wind4. Can carry decent load5. The company is incredible. I stepped on one of the propellers and let them know my motor was broken. UTO emailed me a couple hours later and shipped me a new motor within two days for free. I probably could have gotten a whole new drone but it works great still.Cons:1. The camera is absolutely terrible. I've filmed my friends playing frisbee and a VT tailgate and ended up with a video so laggy you can't tell what your watching. However, it is cool to watch live what the drone can see, despite the delay.2. Because the camera sucks, you'll need a keychain camera or one of the newest go pro's to take video, so you'll have to spend more money than your may have anticipated if you want to get any decent video.3. Headless mode gets uncalibrated after a bit and it can be confusing, and the return home key doesn't really work.Overall:I am very happy with this drone and would recommend it to a friend. It's worth the money and flies great. I've had a lot of fun and a great experience with the company.
extremely stable and very easy to fly
August 28, 2015
The quad is absolutely phenomenal! plenty of power, extremely stable and very easy to fly. Elder shell seems very flimsy but it is designed that way to absorb impact. very well constructed and thought out. Flying time is 7 to 10 minutes and on a professional battery charger it will charge in 30 minutes. Do not know why more people have not purchased this quad, it is absolutely amazing! My wife has never flown Any rc product and was very good by her third flight. Comes in a very nice box and packaged very well and again cannot recommend this quadcopter enough, great job UTO!!!!
The hexacopter is easy to fly as the remote has the ability to ...
July 30, 2015
This is my first "drone" and was looking for video and being able to "see" the flight by screen to see what images/video was being recorded. This far exceeded my expectations! The hexacopter is easy to fly as the remote has the ability to restrict flight (beginner mode and throttle "governor"). First flight was indoors (don't do that!) but went outside and was impressed by the range and the control of flight. Flight time is as listed, ~8 minutes (there was not wind) and the transmitter to drone is very responsive. The app found on iTunes for the FPV function was easy to install and very easy to use on my iPhone (which conveniently connects to the transmitter). My only recommendation to other buyers is to buy an extra battery or 2.
Expectations Exceeded
December 12, 2016
I'm pretty blown away by the price/performance ratio - it really exceeded my expectations.

I think this drone is great for beginners and can be used even after you are no longer a beginner. It's very stable, light, and durable. The "web cam" on the bottom is fine for playing around and many replace it with a better one later.

The copter is well supported by the market with many options for replacement parts, cases and additional batteries. All of these parts are reasonably priced.

Durability is excellent. We have crashed several times and the unit still looks and performs perfectly. We are using the optional (and included) blade protectors which probably helped.

This model does not have a "headless" mode (where the drone controls are simplified). In "normal" (not headless) mode, the drone has a front, similar to an RC car and the controls are relative to the direction the drone is facing. In headless mode, the drone has no concept of a "front" and forwards is always defined as the same direction relative to the remote. Headless mode is nice for young children or users who are too casual to invest learning time. In terms of learning to fly, headless mode has limited use in that it removes maneuvers that are possible with the normal control system.

One additional caveat is that the larger size of this drone (large dinner plate) makes it less optimal for indoor flight. You might consider getting this and another syma drone for this (such as the X12S) because the remotes are interchangeable between the two.
Total drone newbie still loving it a year later
November 23, 2016
Bought this for our 9 yo for Christmas 2015. Within minutes we both had it down and we were good enough to even fly it indoors.

This thing just works! Fires up every time and rarely needs to be trimmed. We've run into walls, trees, etc. and it still flies like a champ.

I don't know if all drones are this easy or if we're spoiled by this one. I'd say this is the one to get if you're a beginner.
Just found a new hobby...
October 28, 2015
If you are looking at your first mini-quad, as I was when I purchased this, then your looking at the right product. Let me start off by saying that I have had zero experience with quads before this and after about 2 weeks I have mastered my orientation and am having a blast each time I take this thing out. I was immediately hooked when I first went outside with it, but a tip is to stay low to the ground and use the prop guards and landing gear for a good amount of time until you can handle this mini-quad. Parts are plentiful and really cheap as well, so don't forget to get some extra parts kits for those beginners' crashes because we all have them!

Here are the things I really love about this quad.
*Totally modular
*Very stable
*Very nimble when flying without prop guards and camera, almost too nimble, master orientation before giving this a shot.
*The camera I received was indeed HD to an extent, but I received the X5C-1 version by luck which also included a 4gb micro sd card.
*This quad is perfect for the beginner until you can move up to a 350 size quad.
*A very popular bang for your buck quad that can amaze your friends and family.

Here are a few of the cons to my personally, but I did not retract a star for them.
*Stock battery at 500 mAh is paltry, buy the Tennitor 4 pack of 600 mAh with a 4 in one charger for extra fun.
*Li-Po batteries can be dangerous and requires extra money to be spent for good balance chargers also please pick up a Li-Po charging bag! Your house will thank you for that.
*All the extra parts and batteries need a case, which go for around 35 bucks, again it is costing more money, but it makes it easy to take to the park.
*The stock range is crap on this quad, grab a 2.4 ghz wifi router antennae and solder it in the remote receiver. Doing this simple and cheap mod will double, if not close to triple the range.

I tried to cover everything I have learned in the past 2 weeks, it has been a wonderful ride so far. I just finished the range boost today for my quad and the new X5C-1's have a different setup for soldering an antennae than what was shown on some vids I watched. Leave a comment if you have a question regarding this or anything else. If my comment was helpful to you, please give me a yes for helpful comment and thanks for taking the time to read my review.
Amazing. For the price it is unbeatable.
June 21, 2015
Amazing product for the price. This is the first quadcopter I've ever flown or owned. If you want to learn how to use a camera quadcopter/drone before buying a bigger more expensive version get this to start. It does take some practice to fly but was quite easy once I learned how. Fly it indoors to start and keep it a couple inches off the ground until you get the hang of it. Use the trim buttons on the remote to zero it in. The first time I flew this outdoors I got it caught in a tree because my piloting skills weren't good enough yet. I had to duct tape a 20 foot painters pole to a 16 foot tree saw pole to get high enough to get it down. Even after falling through the tree branches all the way to the ground it was completely undamaged. It feels cheap but it is remarkably tough. Today I flew it in an open park area and even with some strong breezes I was able to control it. It takes some concentration but this copter is precise enough that you can hover and land on a platform that is 6 inches square or even on your own hand. For the price I paid I have zero complaints. The battery life is not very long but for less than 9 bucks you can buy these two extra batteries like I did. Mudder Upgraded 680mAh 3.7V Lipo Rechargeable Battery for Syma X5 X5C Quadcopter. I would also recommend putting a rubber band around the middle of the copter to hold the battery door/camera on better. If you bump the ground too hard it could pop the battery door open. Easy fix. Video quality is not crystal clear and not stabilized so don't expect professional footage but for the price you can't beat it. It also records sound but likely you will only hear the propellers and wind noise. Still, it is pretty cool that it even has sound. This thing is great! Go get one. I might even buy a second one.
Worth Every Penny If You Fly Responsibly
June 10, 2015
First off, this product arrived on time and undamaged.

Overall Impression:
This Quadcopter is a great little R/C "toy" for it's price.

History (What I Use It For):
I bought this product for my father (a retired pilot) who has Parkinson's Disease and Heart complications (replaced aortic valve, etc), so you can imagine he is not the most mobile or coordinated anymore. However, that being stated, he has no problem flying this in our fields. My reasoning for buying him this product is that he use to be heavily into R/C flying and had a workshop specifically built for building planes (both R/C and real planes). Before his health started to fade, he flew his R/C planes daily (weather permitting of course) and frequently built models for local clubs and aviation museums. However, after his first surgery, he no longer was able to accurately fly and he sold all of his planes (which you could tell broke his heart). Recently, I found this product and thought, what the heck, it seems stable…and indeed it is if there is no wind and the trim is adjusted properly. He was originally opposed to trying it, since he feared crashing it via his health symptoms, but after I finally made him take the controls, he fell in love with it. You could see the spark reignite his R/C aviation flame. As such, for the price, it is a wonderful and stable product. To top it off, I pressed the down button for him to record his flight and he was very impressed to see the farm from such a vantage point later on the computer. He always wanted to do that with his R/C planes, but never got around to it.

1) This Quad is very stable in calm winds (no wind is best) and with proper trims set, which is easy to do (check your manual).
2) Very light weight and the blades have a protective guard to reduce injury potentials.
3) Flies accurately with good control handling.
4) LED lights aid in dawn and dusk flights in terms of directionality (not so much during the daylight though).
5) Comes with propeller blade replacements in case of damage (4 total).
6) The camera is actually quite good in daylight conditions, not excellent, but still impressive. Not worth attempting though in darker conditions.
7) Decent Battery Life. The Quadcopter's internal battery, which you charge via USB connections (unless you buy a different adapter which we didn't), lasts about 7-14 minutes pending the amount of torture you put it through (attitudes, speed variations, maneuvers, camera utilization, winds you are fighting, etc).
8) Accessories are easy to come buy. I also bought, separately of course, four extra batteries, an extra 4 USB battery charger (buy one, you won't regret it), spare parts, and a carrying case with foam inserts specifically fit for it. Since I wanted a tighter fit for the chargers, batteries, and spare parts, I simply heated a screwdriver tip with a lighter and then melted smooth segments in the foam case to fit each piece perfectly (be care if you decide to do this and do it in a well ventilated area). Now my father has everything he needs in one light weight case... which is ideal.
9) The batteries recharge quickly, about 60 minutes total with both chargers in use (the single one it came with and the extra one I bought with four charger docks). If you choose to buy a separate 4 battery charger like we did, you can spend your day flying the Quad longer with all 5 batteries (the one it comes with and the four separate dock one we bought extra), and then have them all recharge again in about an hour to go out flying again. It averages out to be about 35-70 minutes of flight time (usage dependent according to each battery's specs.) to only one hour of charge time. We personally average about 60 minutes each time we went out (with all five batteries) with a one hour charge duration. I assume if you so desired, you could bring a computer along and charge during flights too, but I wouldn't recommend it since the little motors should have some time to cool down between flights (to extend their life and not burn them out).

1) It is difficult identifying directionality when it gets further away or higher in elevation. As you can imagine, since it is completely symmetrical, any directional cues vanish as it travels any distance. It does have LED lights to show directionality, which is great at dusk and/or dawn flights, but the lights are not clearly visible in daylight. It takes some practice to learn and might have been better if the product had been painted in two separate bright colors to easily address such a concern. However, for the price, that is truly not a flaw of the product, just personal preference.
2) The Quad can be touchy in terms of synchronizing with the controller. Basically, make sure the Quad is level when starting of, otherwise, it tends to just blink like crazy (from the LEDs) and does nothing. This is once again not a true product issue, but a personal method we had to learn. Also, if the Quad starts drifting abnormally in flight where the trim isn't helping (and wind is not the issue), just land it, turn both it and the controller off, then turn them back on and re-sync it again. It took us a bit of time to figure that out, but it is not so difficult with practice. This is a product issue that more expensive Quads usually don't have, but for the price, it really isn't an issue.

Special Safety Notes:
1) PLEASE fly responsibly. Even though this Quad is an inexpensive "toy," its blades can cut you our injury spectators.
2) Keep all spectators at a safe distance.
3) Only fly this in an open area. Since this product is so light, the higher you go, the more the wind picks up and carries it away. Therefore, make sure you have enough space to account for that incase it is not powerful enough to deal with it. For example, we have a few large fields with neighboring tree lines. During one particular flight, when the Quad flew above the tree line height, the winds increased drastically. So much that in 5 seconds the quad drifted 500 yards in the opposite direct we were flying it with the controls peaked. This is important to consider since we had very little wind in the field region itself. It was only when we reach higher altitudes when the winds picked up (in that particular case). Therefore, if we had not had enough land to safety bring it down, it might have crashed. If you were not flying in a safe region and the same thing happened, you too might have crashed and/or injured someone if the reception was ever lost (via distance).
4) Anyone new to flying should not fly this indoors nor at any extreme heights until you learn how to fly it fluently. Once again, directionality becomes and issue since it is painted one white tone and since it is so symmetrical. As such, unless the lighting is dim enough to see the LEDs, it might prove difficult for a newbie to know what direction they are flying before it becomes too late.
5) Before Flying The Quad to maximum heights and in ruff conditions, you should always break-in any R/C motors. I do not know if they already do this in the factory prior to delivery for this model, but a safe bet is to spend one battery spinning the propellers at slower speeds to break-in the motors. It is too simple of a process not to do if it means not burning out your motors on their initial flight.
6) Have Fun, just be smart doing it.

This product is worth every penny and was able to re-spark an elderly man's old passion for R/C aviation. I fully recommend this product to any R/C hobbits, both veterans to the hobby and/or newbies, who have the common sense to fly this safely and responsibly. It is truly a blast to fly.

I've included 3 photos to present the camera's quality: One of a deer in a field during the onset of dusk, and 2 just above the same field's tree line during the day.

I hope this review helps.

Four Star Reviews:

easy to use and figure out (as an adult) box ...
January 21, 2017
i bought 2 of these for Xmas gifts...both worked well and flight time has come in at 8Min continuous flight.. easy to use and figure out (as an adult) box says for 14 and up I gave it to a 9 & 10 year old... it appears to hardy I crashed it in my house (without guards on) 8 times and still working fine... going to fly outside when better weather permits (Winter in North East) .... The best part is that on the controller you can adjust to beginner and have Altitude and keep it at very low setting to learn how to fly and adjust balance settings....I would definitely buy it again....plan to get a larger battery if you use the Wifi camera at the same time it drains the battery and you lose flight time with it on
its not too bad. Had one "emergency" landing
December 15, 2016
For the money, its not too bad. Had one "emergency" landing. I was hovering it about 15 feet away, with a fairly charged battery (3-5 minutes in to a fully charged battery) and the lights blinked and I lost power. No damage thankfully. The camera...junk. The lens is set back inside the while housing, so you get a "shadow", kind of like looking through a peep hole. But hey, its $40. It is really stable, but I wish it would turn like my Estes Photo-X did. Not sure if it's a hexacopter thing, or the controls are just limited here. Mode 3 does not add more control, only flip mode. But, for $40 you get a lot. The leds are pretty bright too.
this device is awesome! It does can do real-time video transmitting and ...
October 29, 2016
Considering the price, this device is awesome!It does can do real-time video transmitting and doing photo-taking or video-recording on your mobile phones.Pro:* Cheap in price* The noise level is acceptableCon:* Drone battery can hold for only around 20 minutes* Need manual control all the time, no functionality to stabilize itself (which is ok, considering the price)
Great company to buy from
December 27, 2015
UPDATE: This company provides amazing customer service. Although the original drone I received was defective, it was replaced immediately with no hassle. I would recommend this product and company to any amazon buyer.Ordered drone as a Christmas present. The item was package well and appeared to be a quality item until the first flight. When first powered on the drone immediately went straight up...no controls were working. We thought that maybe something inside was interfering with the transmission between the drone and the control so we took it outside. We checked the control to make sure we were not accidentally pressing any buttons and fired the drone up again. The drone immediately went straight up again. This time there was no ceiling to stop the drone and it continued to drift away. Once it was out of range it crashed into my neighbor's pond. We were not able to retrieve the drone. I do believe that this is a decent product but I think we just received a defective one. Very disappointing Christmas present for my nephew.
$40 Well spent!
October 28, 2015
Just timed my last flight 9 1/2 mins. My Battery life is good but, charge time is a little lengthy. All in all, its a great flyer. Its stable and trims great. Wind can't stop it! Yaw is ok pitch is great ! Don't buy this for the camara since mine out of the box didn't work and is not hd but, this quad has power and a strong metal frame. Im ripping the camara and clipping the prop guards off ,mounting hd WiFi cam, repositioning the insanely bright front lights and make this U921 into a fast moving, super stable fpv cam drone.$40 well spent ! Giving it 4★'s because of charge time and camara. 👍👍👍👍
Impressive company!
September 26, 2015
We had a great experience with the company when they promptly offered a new replacement after the initial one broke. Impressive! My son loved the drone and the pics from it were awesome!!! Good purchase if you want to get familiar with a drone before you invest a lot of money.
It's pretty good for the price
June 1, 2017
This is a very enjoyable drone for the price. The video isn't HD but considering... It's pretty good for the price. Get extra batteries... They have a charger plus 6 batteries for cheap too... And those batteries are 750 vs 500 that it comes with, I've got 11 minutes flight time out of them depending on what they are doing.

My reason for 4 stars? This drone for some reason has the left control function differently than my other 2 drones. All the way down is stop, like a throttle, versus the other two where is it centered by default so if you want it to hover you just have to not move it. Because if this, when you rotate the drone or similar, you often increase or decrease the up or down motion as well. Its not a huge issue and I have no problem flying it, but it's just odd that it isn't like the others. I have the hand sized version by this maker and it has the centered left control. It's also very sensitive, if you deflect it left or right just a tiny bit it will rotate. You will have to concentrate on this one a bit more in tight quarters for sure. It's not a deal breaker, but if someone showed me a controller for if that was centered instead, I'd probably invest in it just to have it work like the others.

Other than that, it's great, and 10 minutes flight time with the larger capacity batteries makes it very fun.
In a nutshell, fun!
May 10, 2017
This quadcopter got listed on an aggregating site I use to look at daily deals around the internet, so when I saw the reviews coupled w/ the features coupled w/ the price, I thought 'why not'?I had no experience w/ flying one of these and yet 5 minutes out of the box we were off and running. Admittedly, the flying takes some finesse and there is a learning curve (mine has consisted of crashing. A lot.) but it won't take you long to feel like you're ready to go shopping for a silk scarf, goggles and leather jacket so you can Top Gun your way across your yard. I got a little too exuberant and flew it pretty hard into a tree. Recovering it resulted in breaking one of the motors, so now it's a 'tri'copter. :( The Syma is a great product and was not the problem, it was my lack of foresight to not fly it in the middle of a grove of trees. How dumb is that, anyway?!Seriously though, I am impressed the Syma offers this level of product at this price point. And it's fun and easy to start flying; so much so that I've already ordered a replacement.
This drone is great fun for kids and adults!
December 30, 2016
This drone is great! The controller is a little bulky and the controls a little touchy. but once you get used to it, it is great! i bought this for my 10 year old son and he absolutely loves it. We opened the package and found that you can buy mulitiple battery replacements at a great price. This is a great drone for starting out. I figure I can let him get used to controlling something like this and then when he is a little older, invest is something with a better camera!. This item was shipped quickly and packaged well. This drone is great fun for kids and adults!
Great little toy...worth the purchase!
July 3, 2016
Great little entry level drone. The camera is not the greatest but I bought it mostly to get used to flying a drone. It comes with a remote control. I found the key is most new drone owners move the controls too much. Make small movements until you get used to the drone and then maybe you can race your neighbor. The batters allow for about 6 to 8 minutes...if you are going to fly it any distance I would be heading back to the take off spot after about 5 minutes. The camera is not great but I mostly wanted this low end drone to practice flying. I have found that the extra (and I do recommend extras) batteries you can buy for this unit don't all give you the same amount of time. I highly recommend this drone as a starter.

Three Star Reviews:

Good luck beginners because your going to damage this quickly
May 27, 2016
Not for beginners! the drone moves forward no matter what. there is no "hover" mode on this. Good luck beginners because your going to damage this quickly.
The hexacopter is very nice for drive
May 11, 2016
The hexacopter is very nice for drive. Little bit hard to learn at start, but after it's fun. Not happy with battery. Mine was charged a maximum 10-12 times, then did not use couple weeks. So then it even did not recharged... Need to buy new one. My advise for buyers - buy spear battery and not same as in box, but better quality and with bigger capacity.
Flies great, super stable
February 26, 2016
Flies great, super stable! But a motor seems to die every week or 2 on it. Had to keep replacements in stock to keep up with it.
February 7, 2016
hard on motors, fun toy
Had a fly away.
February 6, 2016
I had a fly away, my brother was trying it out, the drone got a bit to far out and we couldn't get it back the return home button didn't work. I wish i could have given it a 5 because I did have a lot of fun when I did have it. If there's any way to contact UTO about the fly away please tell me.
Good Copter. HORRIBLE instructions.
December 25, 2015
The copter itself I rate 5 stars. flies nicely, good control, reasonably durable as far as these things go. Camera produces nice video. Good for the price.Minus 2 stars for the ABSOLUTELY AWFUL directions/manual - even worse than 'usual'... I've met many Chinese nationals who speak perfect English: please go find one of them to revise your manual so it's not total gibberish.
Worked great for a couple weeks
October 19, 2017
Worked great for a couple weeks, now it looses connection randomly and sticks with your last remote command.I.E. On take off I gave full throttle. From 10 feet away my remote lost connection and my drone went up, up, up, and away.... It came down in my neighbors yard so I got it back. This thing is durable if nothing else and image quality is decent, amazing for the price I'd say, but the connection issue is a big deal. It's fun for a while, but I'm on the fence about recommending it. I am not super happy with it, but I also don't not recommend it.
A good beginner quad-copter. It can take a beating.
October 6, 2017
I received my X5C a week ago. My first medium size quad-copter. I also bought 6 matching batteries for it. I charged them all up and went to a park near by to fly.1- It is light. So the wind knocked around quite a bit. With 5+ mph,you can't fly it in mode 1. Use mode 2.2- The controller range really sucks. It lost signal only a bout 30 - 40 meters. It started to fly away. I had to chase after it with the left stick pulled all the way down. It picked up the signal just to turn off the props. It then just dropped out of the sky on to the grass. About 3 stories high drop. That was scary.3- I have to admit; it's a tough drone. Lucky I had the prop-guards on.4- The motor gears are exposed at the bottom, so some dirt got on them. I was done for the day. Took it home to clean out the dirt, afraid that the dirt would ruin the plastic gears.5- I was able to snap some pictures with the camera. The pictures were below average. I recorded some videos; and that was also below average.6- I mod the 2.4ghz antenna using some YouTube videos. I was able to get another 10 meters reliably. I can walk away every few meters and test; and the quad would still pickup the signal; but not reliably. In other words, it would turn propellers on but have no control. I 'd wave the transmitter around and would get the signals back. I was able start the propellers at distances more than 100 meters, but I wouldn't trust to get it into the air.7- The Battery time is about 4 - 7 minutes. Which is not bad for 750 mah. But be careful as soon as the battery lights blink (seconds), it will drop out of the sky.All in all - this is a good beginner quad-copter. It can take a beating. But I wouldn't fly it too high and keep it around 30 meters away max. Syma need to fix the range problem. And they should have auto landing built into the firmware as soon as it lose signal with the transmitterps: Keep a small needle nose pliers around to take out the battery for it is a tight fit connection.
It's okay
September 16, 2017
It's fun but takes some practice to get the hang of it. I recommend practicing in a big field because you are going to crash a lot and the grass is way better to land on than concrete or a roof!The pieces snap together pretty easily and the remote requires 4 AA batteries.I wish I read more into this before purchasing because you have to load a USB into the computer to see the pictures/video which I didnt like. I wish you could see as you fly.
"Limited" Fun
May 12, 2017
Limited in that it didn't last very long before it died. This was the first drone I've had that was big/stable enough to take outside. For less than $50 it's a pretty decent flyer and the range was better than expected. Will it hover in place like a Phantom? Nah, but one shouldn't expect that. This little guy flew well and handled fine. The camera on mine never seemed to work, but that didn't detract from the fun of flying for myself or my daughter. Structurally, it's really not bad. It's taken a number of tumbles and has nary a scratch or any deformation. However, after roughly 10 flights, one of the motors has failed and the controller and drone won't sync 80% of the time. I was hoping it would last a bit longer than this...
Runaway drone - need to return it before I lose it or get a nervous breakdown
April 26, 2017
Don't get me wrong, this is a fun drone. It's flying behavior is amazing, super easy to control and very stable. My 7 year old son can fly it with ease. And the quality of the videos (720p) it takes is actually much better than I expected, pretty steady too. But the big problem this drone has is range and its out-of-range behavior. As soon as you are 50ft or further away from the drone this thing will lose connection and just keep going!We've had this drone for 1 hour - and had to go hunt it down in the neighborhood 3 times. Luckily it's pretty big and easy to see with its blinking red and green lights. But if I don't return it asap I know I will lose it soon.Unless you want to fly this drone indoors only, or on a big open field where you can catch up to it when it's trying to escape, then I recommend you look for a different model. This is what we will do...
Fun but Fragile Flying
December 1, 2016
Cool product with promise. But the instructions are poorly translated into English, and I had to pull hard at various parts to assemble it when it wasn't clear if that was the necessary move or would destroy the product. Fortunately, I guessed correctly. Pull the battery cover off with some strength but gently.Also hard to control, but that might take time.NOTE: Try flying this the first time away from any trees or tall objects!!!

Two Star Reviews:

mehh i guess
January 17, 2016
great drone just wish you can buy parts for it if the main body breaks you seem to be outta luck. i would buy a different drone if given the chance.
Two Stars
December 30, 2015
Flew well, but I was never able to get it to record video
Fpv / camera is VERY poor. Drone flies well otherwise.
December 16, 2015
I thought that this would be a good way to start with first person view drone flight, but unfortunately the camera is garbage on this drone. It will not stay connected to the android app once beyond 4ft distance, when it is connected the lag time between action and showing on the camera makes it impossible to use for out of sight flight.The sad part is the drone I received flies quite well, strong stable flight and I am getting nice flight times on my first two charges. However advertising first person view as a headline on your item means that first person view needs to work and not does not, at all.Two stars only because the drone flies very well, otherwise this would be a one star item. I would return this item, but I feel like it is a good drone even without the camera at the price. I just think if you advertise something it should work as advertised, not sometimes.Second day;I have not noticed the issues others mentioned about the drone leaning the wrong way into the wind, the firmware must have been upgraded since those reviews went live. I have tried two different antennas on the camera so far with zero improvent. If I could I would post a video of the way it cuts video transmission in and out, but I don't know how to post videos on amazon reviews.
very disappointed.
December 5, 2015
having a really hard time to sink remote control to hexacopter. and the battery worked well the first time. the second time died very fast ( 3 min ).the third time I recharged the battery over night and could not make it fly ( not enough charge ), the leds blinked for 30 sec them it died. very disappointed.
I purchased two (2) UTO's and I sold one. ...
November 4, 2015
I purchased two (2) UTO's and I sold one. Mine required a replacement/exchange and now the one I sold was (unhappily) returned to me of which I must now ask Amazon to return/exchange.
I might be out of my element with these things ...
October 12, 2015
I might be out of my element with these things but I am very experienced with remote control cars and video games etc. I use a joystick to program an automated measurement device at work. Out of the box and under 30 seconds flight time. The drone was unresponsive and drifted into some leaves on a low branch in my yard. The crash (and subsequent fall from 6 feet) broke the motor off of the arm. Unusable. Irreparable. My flight wasn't long enough to even diagnose any problems. This may not be a beginner drone but it had a beginner setting that was engaged.You will want a wide open field space for your first flight. I will be returning this and getting the most "beginner" rated model I can find.Updated Review: Bumped to 2 stars for excellent customer service.
came missing a part and mostly cannot be used, it's going in the trash eventually.
October 17, 2017
mine arrived missing a screw for one of the blade protectors which means it will not fly straight. I am experimenting with putting tiny pieces of tape on that arm to balance the unit out but so far all it does is fly towards the side of the missing screw. I guess the balance of this gyro is very very critical to be able to fly it at all. I dont think trim can fix the weight imbalance and the screw is too tiny to find at the local hardware store, it's a little bigger than one in your glasses hinges.
Easy to setup / Cam not working
September 22, 2017
Great product so far. I got the thing running without reading the manual and have it all calibrated. Tomorrow i will try it outside if its not raining or windy. The only bad thing is the battery doesn't last to long that's why i bought the extra batteries with the higher amps because it takes little over an hour to charge. Now i can charge 6 at a time. Flew it today but really windy so I stayed low. I did notice the camera not working. The light stays green after pushing switch to turn on video or pic. I took out the pin connector on cam and noticed the yellow wire pin was pushed down into the connector. I know i can fix this, I don't really want to return it i'm afraid i'll have other problems with motors not working or the same issue. I will drop 3 stars for them not testing there product. because that's the main reason i bought this.
Does not lives up to its brand name
July 25, 2017
I have been trying different Drones and with Syma name attached to this little guy I thought that this drone will live up to its brand name. But alas I was wrong. Here are the Plus and Minus of this Drone:Plus:- The biggest Plus of this Drone is its cost. At 45$ you can at least have a Drone flying experience.Minus:- Really really hard to control and keeps drifting to one side. Tried recalibrating but to no use.- Battery lasts just a few minutes.- No Altitude hold feature.- Bad camera.- Bad remote design with display on the bottom of the remote rather than on the top, which makes it hard to see.
January 4, 2017
Disappointing purchase. We purchased 2 of these; be aware that you can't adjust RC frequency. If you have more than one in the house, or if you want to use with a friend who has one, you are likely to run into problems with all the remotes trying to control all of the drones, at the same time. It obviously doesn't work and you'll have to take turns even if you have multiple.Also, and this is probably the bigger issue, this is hard to fly. Huge learning curve, that no one is this house has overcome. It was hoped that as these advance and with 4 propellers, it would be very easy to control. Not the case. I can actually fly a single bladed helicopter with more control, this thing is all over the place.
Great Copter, Until Malfunctions Burn Away Your $$$
December 27, 2016
This thing was awesome. At first. I bought it for my six year old son, for whom it was much to advanced. I have great hand-eye coordination, but it took some real learning. It was a fun little copter.The bad. Starting day two, after about 45 minutes of flying (through battery recharges and swaps), above about 30 feet we noticed that the response time was almost non-existent. It would hold a particular pattern until it was out of range. I couldn't get it to maneuver, but I learned the only thing to which it responded was cutting throttle. So when it "got stuck", I would just kill the throttle and go get it.Today I flew it, and it was great. Until about 40 feet. It "got stuck", and flew into a neighbor's tree. I got out a ladder, telescoping pole, etc, and can't get it. My neighbor now has a new permanent ornament in his front yard, and I'm out $50. It's almost like the propellers would get stuck in a particular pattern and wouldn't adjust. It was IN RANGE.Bummer.
Very Disappointed
December 20, 2016
The box had been opened at one end, one of the tie down straps on the copter had been removed, there is a USB charge cable for the main battery which the directions say, "plug into your laptop", no way to plug into a 110 outlet. The printed Operating Manual is nearly indecipherable. It is the worst attempt at the English language I have ever seen.I bought the copter as a Christmas gift for a 15 year old boy so no time to return and find a better model. We haven't tried to fly it yet. I can only hope he is better at "Chinese-English" than I am.

One Star Reviews:

Great Hex (when it works)
January 19, 2016
This drone is very cool, just by looking at it I could tell that much. Pulling it out of the box was easy enough, installing the prop guards was annoying at the least without removing the props (which are even more annoying to replace or remove). But once it was constructed it looked beautiful, six rotors on their sleek plastic frame (frame looked nice but I was worried for its flimsiness). Charged the copter, fresh batteries in the remote, and I sat waiting about 10 minuets for the controller to connect to the copter, continually cycling power on both machines. Once I connected, flying was fun and easy, even got the camera to connect in FPV mode for a few minuets. That was the first and last time I flew the UTO Hex because it has not connected to the remote since then. This hex is very nice for its price, but I am really disappointed with its inability to connect to the controller. I have done a fair amount of flying in the past and this copter is outstanding in ability, but it simply wont fly because the copter wont connect. I was very excited to get this and am really disappointed in UTO for shipping out a faulty product. It could be just my copter with these problems (even though they still had quality control stickers on the parts). But overall this is a cool copter, it flies, well, is relatively easy to connect to a phone (maybe not for beginners) but 2 stars because of these controller connection issues.
One and done!
January 4, 2016
I got this drone, opened it, charged it, went through all of the pre flight procedures, and I took off! Got about 30 feet off of the ground and every engine but one shut off and it spiraled into the ground! I ran over to it and the one engine was still going full throttle and it was spinning like a top! Somehow I managed to catch, tame, and unplug the battery. After the fiasco I brought it inside and tried going through all of the procedures the same thing happened as soon as I plugged the battery back in! Extremely disappointed, especially after waiting 3 weeks on shipping!
Drone took off fine, flew high up in the air
December 31, 2015
Not sure how to review this but here goes...bought for my 11 year old son for Christmas. Was very excited. Top of his wish list. Brought it out to the country to fly Christmas Day. Drone took off fine, flew high up in the air, became unresponsive to his controller. Flew away into the afternoon sky and never saw it again. Son had it for 5 minutes. Was completely devastated Christmas Night. Not sure why it become non-responsive to controller
Worked great first flight
December 28, 2015
Worked great first flight, then on next flight unit was a fly away. It flew with out control to a high altitude and over a heavily wooded area and disappeared. We spent hours looking but Skynet must have it. One button return was useless it did not function. Important note unit was less than 50 meters from control unit and less than 10 meters altitude when unit stopped responding to controller and went full throttle.
Copter will become unresponsive and fly away
November 5, 2015
Hexacopter was fun to fly on the first flight, however midway through my second flight the drone became unresponsive to the controller and flew away at full throttle. No matter how much I tried to kill the power to the hexacopter it was completely unresponsive to my commands and was absolutely impossible to find after flying away like that.
Extremely disappointed with UTO Drone U960!
September 19, 2015
This is a zero star product. It didn't turn on to start out with. There wasn't any way to get a hold of the seller. Didn't describe how to take a picture with the unit and how to download the pictures. The controls would only work if you were within 20 feet of the drone. Once it got out of the 20 foot range it would take off on it's own. Very difficult to find. No longer have to worry about it as it took off today and was unable to find it. Never worked as advertised. Would like to get my money back.
Camera not functional
February 26, 2017
Drone works nicely, the camera not so much. There appears to be a short in the cable. The camera only activates from the remote if I'm applying pressure to the wires coming from the camera to the drone. So I have to start a video while applying pressure, fly it, land it, then apply pressure to stop the video. Impossible to take pictures in the air with this issue. I'll upgrade this review if I can have someone from the company get in touch with me to send out a replacement camera.
Nice size drone but battery connection terminals are weak.
February 23, 2017
This is a nice sized drone but the battery terminal connections are a very bad weak point. The terminal connections do not make good contact unless the connection is pushed to one side and held there. Obviously this doesn't make the unit flyable. Understand that the unit has to be light weight but the battery connection terminals need to be more substantial.
Problems with the camera
January 28, 2017
I bought this a few months ago. I wasn't able to use it immediately but I stored it in a safe and undisturbed place. When I finally tried it, the camera did not respond whenever I tried to connect it from the controller. It said in the manual that if I switch the C button up for Photo mode, it should turn red to indicate that a photo was captured. But the lights didn't turn red at all. The same goes for the video function... It was not working. I swithced it on and off, both the drone and the controller several times to check. My batteries were also both fully charged during the trials. I watched a couple of tutorial videos, but the camera function of the drone really doesn't work. I hope to get some feedback and favorable resolution on my concern.
New chew toy maybe?
January 24, 2017
Do not buy this quadcopter. Save your money and bug one that is at least $150. This thing worked at first, then the motors just stopped working. Barely flew the thing. Its really not worth buying. The design is cheesy, the rotors are exposed, and if you lose the thing, good luck getting it back because you can't view the video while you're flying it. The only way to view vid is to take the sd card out and plug it into your computer. Save your pennies and but a quadcopter that has hd video and isn't pixelated like this sad attempt to make a quadcopter. Things worst than something you buy from Wal-Mart and that's saying a lot.
Customer Support for this company does not exist
August 1, 2016
Purchased. One of the motors was burned out right out of the box. Contacted support. It's been two weeks and still haven't heard back.I'm sure it's a nice product for the price but support is completely non-existent.
June 23, 2016
Was flying it and while it was mid-air the controller stopped working and it just flew away. Turned it off and on again and it started working again but was unable to get the copter back, (probable died), so now I'm left with just the controller. Also battery life sucks you get a good 5 mins and then have to charge for 1 hr.
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HD Camera Ready,hight resolution. Easy to take photos and videos while flying. 2G memory card. 360° flip function. Bright LED lights for night fly. Strong wind and drop resistance.

6 AXIS GYRO with posture control - Integrated design guarantee the precise positioning of the aircraft and makes the gyroscope adjustable, promoting flying stability. 4 CHANNEL function provide stable flying and easy operation.

Lightweight airframe with nice durability. High capacity and safe battery and strong power motors enable the helicopter to fly much longer and more efficiently.

Charging Time is about 120 minutes while Flight Duration is about 8 minutes. Come with USB charger. Control distantce is about 100 meters.

Suitable for all skill level. Modular Design makes it easy to install and repair.

Equipped with HD camera and 2GB Micro SD card

Perform flips at the press of a button with 360 degree eversion

Wind resistant and can be flown indoors or outdoors

6-axis Gyro stabilization system ensures maximum stability during flight

7 Minute flight time and 100 minute charge time.

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