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Logitech Wireless Touch Keyboard K400 with Built-In Multi-Touch Touchpad, Black - Logitech
BATTOP Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard for iPad/iPhone 4.0 OS/Android/Window Mobile/Symbian Smartphone/MAC/PC (Apple Style keyboard) - BATTOP

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Logitech http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/41jt1KvD-eL._SL160_.jpg
Logitech Wireless Touch Keyboard K400 with Built-In Multi-Touch Touchpad, Black - Logitech
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BATTOP http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/51lcoH6wY2L._SL160_.jpg
BATTOP Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard for iPad/iPhone 4.0 OS/Android/Window Mobile/Symbian Smartphone/MAC/PC (Apple Style keyboard) - BATTOP
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Five Star Reviews:

June 16, 2017
"You purchased this item on September 20, 2013."Today is June 16, 2017 and I am typing the review on this same keyboard almost 4 years later, our living room TV is almost 100% watched through the computer and this is its keyboard, we have three kids, and a Great Dane, this keyboard has been dropped countless times on hard terrazzo floors, sat on, stepped on, had stuff spilled on it, the case is cracked in several places the keys are sticky with god knows what but it just keeps on working, unlike other keyboards the letters are still legible, battery life is excellent, and the lock button is a great feature, my 8mo old can tap away (he loves it) without disturbing our show.it is a bit cramped for serious work but for surfing to the next show, email, general web use it is perfect balance small enough to live on the back of the couch, and just big enough to house a usable keyboard.i just ordered k400 plus, hopefully it will be equally indestructible. this k400 will go in the toddlers toy-box so he can tap away just like daddy.
A good product
October 6, 2016
Logitech Wireless Touch Keyboard K400 with Built-In Multi-Touch Touch pad, Black Is one of THE BEST keyboard i ever had!Pro: - never had problems with connecting on computers - easy to install - it works at big distance from bluetooth receiver - you don`t need mouse because you have the pad (not so many keyboards have this) - extra buttons helps a lot! Sleep mode, Volume Plus, Minus, Mute - I`ve changed batteries after 2 yearsCon - the important buttons should come with little bumps to be able to identify them with the tip of your fingersFor sure i recommend them and i would buy them again!
A Great LinuxCNC Keyboard And Touch Pad To Control CNC Machinery In The Shop
May 13, 2016
I've purchased probably half a dozen of these K400 wireless keyboards to use as portable keyboards on the LinuxCNC machines I build. They also serve as wireless pendants that allow me to jog the machines. This keyboard isn't optimal as a machine controller, but it's good enough for the girls I go with. For me, it's the overall optimized solution. I write G code using the K400, although the key spacing is slightly more crowded than a full sized keyboard, and I use the K400 to jog the machine, zero axes, touch off, etc. I've run several of these keyboards in my shop at the same time without a hint of interference between them. I previously had to use a wired keyboard when initially setting up the computers that controlled these CNC machines, because the BIOS didn't recognize the wireless keyboard while in the BIOS setup, although Linux never had trouble and always immediately responds to the K400 keyboard and touch pad as soon as it boots, but later versions of BIOS are able to use the K400 while configuring the BIOS. I'm amazed at how frugal the K400 is with the AA batteries. For my use, the batteries last more than a year, although I generally remember to turn off the K400 power when I shut down the computer. These are tough little keyboards that hold up well to mild shop abuse. I don't expose the K400 to a lot of metal chips or flood coolant, but they hold up well to a moderate amount of shop grime, drops to the floor, etc. There is a very good COSMO silicone keyboard cover available for the K400, but honestly, the K400 is inexpensive enough that it's probably better to simply replace it if it's damaged.
Good for small hands.
April 16, 2015
I got this to go with a little Alienware Alpha we bought for our 6 year old, so she would be able to play WoW without monopolizing her mother's computer (yes, I am either the worst parent ever, or the coolest, but she reads at around a 4th grade level thanks to the game). I've used a black version of the k400 for a few years now (in fact, I am using it to post this). It's a little cramped for my hands, but works perfectly for hers, and it's easy for her to move around her room as needed as well. Obviously using mouselook isn't quite as intuitive on the touchpad, but having only one input device to keep track of seems to work better.I wish they had kept the volume controls on the top row like the black one has, but other than that it works great for her. I also got the pink/white Cosmo overlay, which is also working well. I put rechargeable NiMH batteries in it, as long as she doesn't set something on top of it they last for weeks (if she does then they drain in a few hours, but it's comparatively painless to swap them out).
The Perfect Keyboard
January 15, 2015
I bought this keyboard solely to use with my Amazon Fire TV as I use it to make navigating Kodi and web browsing a ton easier (requires a rooted Fire TV for the web browser) you'll also need a keyboard to install a custom recovery to the Fire TV and since I didn't have one I bought a junky, wired one at Walmart and after seeing this wireless keyboard with a touchpad for only another $10 I took the wired back and ordered this. Since it's Logitech you know you're getting a solid device that works well for a great price. I've been using a Logitech wireless mouse with my laptop but could have used this keyboard when I had my laptop connected to my TV which I no longer need since I have a Fire TV. I assume it can also be used with other internet streaming boxes as long as they have a USB port and recognize USB devices. This keyboard is truly plug and play as it worked immediately with my laptop after plugging in the USB receiver and was the same case with the Fire TV. The only drawback with that is I couldn't even use the Logitech "Mouse and Keyboard Settings" with this keyboard as I thought I could use it to map keys and adjust the touchpad sensitivity (which you'll notice is up pretty high and can be all over the place) but no matter what I tried I couldn't get it to show up yet my Logitech mouse would. Maybe this keyboard isn't able to have it's settings modified. The shortcut keys and Windows function keys are a nice addition and surprisingly most work with the Fire TV (such as the Home button, the Sleep button, and function key actions.) The keyboard is sturdy yet light weight, has a nice sleek design, the batteries haven't needed changed yet, and the key presses feel good. The only slight con is the keys are a bit smaller than what I'm used to so I do make more errors although I don't type correctly to being with so for other people this might not be as much of an issue. There is a reason so many people use this keyboard, it does everything you need and works with just about everything. So if you need either a wireless keyboard or mouse you might as well just buy this keyboard and have 2 for 1, and paired with a dedicated Logitech wireless mouse you basically have the perfect setup for whatever you need to do.
Almost good enough to be the primary keyboard for your main PC. For a "living room keyboard" it's a home run.
May 7, 2014
This keyboard is a home run. Make sure you get the updated one that has dedicated volume and FN buttons. I use it for my mostly-media-consumption Chromebox, but it's better than a lot of full-size keyboards I've used.Range: 5 stars. Miles better than a bluetooth keyboard. My computer can be in a mostly-metal cabinet in a different room... still works. In comparison, my two bluetooth keyboards (Microsoft and Sony) drop keystrokes if they lose line of sight to the transceiver (even a thin wooden desk blocks the signal).Accuracy: 5 stars. Rarely if ever has dropped or duplicate keystrokes. Again, much better than my $80 Microsoft bluetooth keyboard.Form factor: 3 stars. Good balance of compact size and touch-typing comfort. I can pick it up with one hand at the top and bottom edge. The keys are slightly cramped but still better than a lot of full laptop keyboards I've had. The downside for me is that they relegated some standard keys to require pressing the FN key (all the keys F1-F12, for example), and other keys are hard to find (volume, for example). It looks like the more recent version has improved this, making the F1-F12 keys primary and giving volume its own row.Compatibility: 4 stars. All the standard keys work great on my Windows, Ubuntu, Linux Mint, Rapsbian, and Chrome OS devices. Some of the macros don't work (Lock and Home being the most notable). I consider that very well done.Value: 5 stars. At $25, this thing is a steal. As I mentioned, it's better than my $80 full size Microsoft bluetooth keyboard and I'd even prefer it for use as my primary keyboard at work if I had to choose.[EDIT 5/11/2014] I did a little research, and it appears I received the newer K400r instead of the K400 that I ordered. It turns out that the older K400 is the one with the primary FN keys and dedicated volume buttons. The K400r is an updated version designed for Windows 8. In this case (and in the case of Windows 8 itself), newer is not better. If you're considering this keyboard, careful which one you order and double check it after delivery. I got the wrong one. Not a big deal since it's a great product either way, but annoying.
Terrific Keyboard for my iPad!
June 23, 2016
I got this keyboard for the sole purpose of adding a keyboard to my iPad for times when I want to type more than a few words - I do fine on the iPad keyboard, but it gets annoying pretty quickly. I just got this keyboard a couple of hours ago, and have been typing ever since. Pairing was very easy, and I find it to be pretty much perfect for what I wanted. All of the keys seem to work just fine and I am a happy camper. I can't comment yet on battery life or durability, but so far I am extremely glad I finally took the leap and decided o this one. Who it is marked on the box for "iOS", I intend to try to pair it with my Samsung TV, as I have seen where others have done that. I'll update on that and the durability later. I really doubt I will be carrying this around much, but it really would fit nicely into a larger purse or a backpack.It came packaged in its own box inside a padded envelope. have to admit I was a bit apprehensive about potential damage - but all is well - even the box was in great condition.
Astonishing value!
August 10, 2015
This keyboard is amazing. I used it to pair up with my Samsung Galaxy S4. It connected very quickly with zero issue and I was typing seconds later. I makes messages so fast that I really narrows the gap between working off my phone and being at a full sized computer. Get one. You won't be disappointed. And you really can't beat the price.The one really small thing (that could have been avoided if I actually read the description) is to have 2 AA batteries on hand. They don't come with any.... but like I said, that "problem" could have been solved if I read the description more carefully.
Great value for the money
July 11, 2015
After reading reviews for other keyboards, I was slightly concerned about ordering this one. Fortunately, I needn't have worried. Although missing the number pad, this keyboard is essentally full sized. It still manages to be very compact and easily portable, however. Although the keys are similar to laptop or notebook keys, they are spaced more normally than the typical keyboards you find on either netbooks or laptops. If you're worried about being forced to type on a "chicklet" keyboard, don't be. The keyboard is extremely responsive, even though I'm a fast typer. The lag that exists seems to come entirely from the phone/tablet and not the keyboard itself and that's not the fault of the keyboard.The one downside is that the instructions that come with the keyboard are not written in the best English. It took me a few minutes to figure out what it was trying to say, but the pairing turned out to be extremely simple in the end. I've successfully tested this on both iOS and Android and had good results with both.
Very Useful and easy!
December 31, 2014
The size of this keyboard is just absolutely perfect! Starting this up took absolutely no time at all. All you have to do is insert batteries and press the connect button next to the on button and you can see it pop up on your (mine was an ipad so ios) and it connects. There is pretty much 0 to no lag in the input of the keys. It feels like a mechanical keyboard and I'm planning on buying these for my family cause they are very convenient and it makes our ipads feel like a computer!
Surprisingly good
August 21, 2014
A surprisingly good keyboard, esp. considering the price. The keys have a nice solidly tactile feel, and even my big hands are comfortable typing on them. Connecting this keyboard with other Bluetooth devices is a cinch too (it should always be this easy).
Works well
June 3, 2014
Not 100% because not all keycodes are available for a PC or my Kindle HDX, but I wanted something more for typing longer text messages or editing. For example, page up or page down isn't there.But the keys are nice and large and have a good feel. It takes normal AAA batteries.I tried two others earlier, one was a smaller one with a touchpad (which was broken out of the box), and one integrated in a kindle case that had a row of keys fail.This one is bigger (my kindle is 7", this is for 10"), but I can touch type about as fast as my regular keyboard at work.

Four Star Reviews:

On Board With this Keyboard
April 10, 2017
This wireless keyboard is quiet, has good finger-feel, and hasn't had any typing issues. The keyboard layout is a little different than normal with the compact setup, and takes some getting used to, as does the compact size of the keys. Someone with larger fingers might find this keyboard a typo nightmare, but I've adjusted to it all right.The trackpad and buttons work well, and the support of gestures is great, but I still use a separate mouse because I can't get the same fine control with a trackpad.I did experience setup issues where the installation software had trouble finding the device, and it appeared to be a conflict with Windows 7. I switched to the old Logitech SetPoint software, and everything worked fine.
Almost perfect, but could have been better.
August 22, 2013
I ordered two of these keyboards because the prices were less expensive than Samsung's own SmartTV keyboard in addition they work with PCs and Macs. I plug in the unifying USB receiver into an available USB slot on the back of the television and the television instantly recognized the keyboard and it worked pretty well. Both the keys and the trackpad moved the mouse pointer on the television easily. Some of the Fn function keys such as F7 and F8 replicate channel changing buttons, F8 brings up the television's menu. It just takes a little trial and error to figure out what function they perform on the television.I also have a Dell Laptop with a Logitech mouse that uses an identical unifying USB receiver. I didn't not have any problems mating the keyboard with the receiver on the laptop and the keyboard and pad worked flawlessly.The one thing about this keyboard that bothered me was the right handed shift key. My bad really, I should have noticed the layout before ordering. I'm a full keyboardist and the right shift key is practically useless because it is so tiny. This keyboard would have been perfect had they decided to move the arrow keys underneath the track-pad. There is plenty of room for the arrow keys there and it would have given more room to put a full-size right-hand keyboard. If you type with all ten fingers, the right-hand shift key may bother you. On the positive note, since the Samsung television works with the unifying receiver, it would seem that any other Logitech wireless keyboard with a unifying receiver would work with these televisions. But finding a small one with a track-pad might be difficult. For this oversight, I took away one star.By the way, the Samsung television I paired this keyboard with is a 2013 model Samsung UN55F6400 55-Inch 1080p 120Hz 3D Slim Smart LED HDTV. A friend of mine has a 2011 D8000 series and I will bring the second keyboard over to his house and see if the keyboard works with these earlier televisions. I'll update my review when I find out.Update 8/25/2013 ===============================I had the opportunity to try out the second keyboard on Samsung UN55D8000 55-Inch 1080p 240Hz 3D LED HDTV (Silver), Samsung UN46D6400 46-Inch 1080p 120Hz 3D LED HDTV (Black) and a Samsung UN32EH5300 32-Inch 1080p 60 Hz LED HDTV (Black). Of these three television sets, only the UN32EH5300 recognized the keyboard. This leads me to believe that this keyboard will only work with 2012 models and newer and not the 2011 Samsung TV. So if your Samsung television has a letter "E" or later letter in the alphabet in the 5th character position of the model number, this keyboard will likely work with your television. If it has a letter "D" or preceding letter in the alphabet, you are probably out of luck :(I hope this helps anyone with 2011 models and earlier. If you have a 2012, you are probably good.
Worthwhile for use with a Samsung Smart TV
December 23, 2012
Bought this to work with the Smart-TV features of Samsung ES7500. As many have pointed out, it works fairly well given the limitations of the TV itself. Installation was very straightforward, just plug in the dongle. Then go to a keyboard setup menu, where the keyboard was found immediately, and then to the mouse setup menu, same thing. Everything worked fine. Except I thought that the keyboard was not working with the browser. I thought, oh no, thats really dumb. But I noticed I was in the link browsing mode of the browser (the arrow keys were working and moving me from link to link but I could not enter text -- I later noticed that there is an implicit mode indication at the bottom of the screen). I had to use the Samsung remote to change to pointer browsing mode, and everything was OK.One thing that surprised me pleasantly was that even while watching a tv program, if I gestured on the touchpad, the pointer appeared, I clicked and a Samsung menu popped up and I could choose to enter smart tv mode without using the samsung remote. Score one for Samsung.Also, a very nice feature is the inclusion of a mouse botton on the upper left corner of the keyboard. I use that all the time to select stuff. It sounds odd, but it really works well to hold the keyboard in left hand and point with your right finger on the touchpad. Selecting with the left thumb works well.But we are far away from seamless integration of these kinds of peripherals with TVs. Samsung did a better job of accommodating an external keypad and mouse than Sony (I have not been able to get a keyboard to work with a brand new Sony at work). But the keyboard doesn't work with the 3rd party apps. Also, the touchpad is erratic for a minute or so after the TV is turned on. Perhaps other tasks are running.For the price, this is a good keyboard for this purpose, and perhaps the TV manufacturers will get their act together before Apple eats their lunch with a well integrated system that includes TVs (btw, the keypad works well with my macbook, even though its a windows-oriented keyboard).
Although not perfect, this keyboard fulfills its purpose well
August 1, 2012
For a while now, I've been wanting to purchase a nice, portable keyboard that will allow me to use our nice laptop paired with our LCD television. I took a chance on this keyboard and, for the most part, am not disappointed whatsoever with it. In fact, I am typing this very review using this set-up, and it is working quite well for that purpose so far. It's not a perfect set-up, by any means, but it is a very satisfactory solution for these circumstances.The keyboard is quite small and light-weight, making for an ideal keyboard for portable, couch-surfing computer use. Its small size also makes it very easy to store the keyboard in a drawer when not in use, which I like because it keeps my home less cluttered. You have a little touchpad built-in, which is very convenient if you don't want to fiddle with a portable mouse and keyboard. There is a very nice button in the top left of the keyboard that acts as a second left-side mouse-button, so you can use your left thumb in combination with your right hand with smooth, intuitive results. It's great for that. The keyboard is clearly designed with this sort of set-up, that is to say, relaxed computer use on your TV, and it really fits the bill almost perfectly for it. The usb plug-in ranges from very small for your laptop, to normal usb keyboard plug-in size for your large desk-top. I use the smaller one and it works well and is hardly noticeable on my laptop. There's a switch to turn the keyboard off to conserve battery-life, and I really like that myself. It helps keep the already-decent battery life preserved even longer.It's not all perfect, however. For one, the connection can be a bit spotty. It seems that if there is anything in the way between the laptop and the keyboard, the signal is messed up and mouse movement and keyboard typing becomes erratic and virtually useless. This happens even if I'm less than five feet away from the laptop! Moving the keyboard a little bit to be more in line with the computer usually does the trick. The keyboard itself is fine, but will take some getting used to. To fit a full keyboard AND a touchpad on an already smaller-than-normal platform makes for a very cramp keyboard indeed. Having smaller-than-usual keys is tricky enough, but even keys such as shift and tab are a lot smaller, about the same size as normal letters, and this takes a lot of time adjusting to. It can be a real pain at first, trust me. There's no indicator on the keyboard that says whether caps-lock is on, or how much power is on, which is quite unfortunate.I've owned this keyboard for roughly 4-6 weeks now and have acclimated to using it fairly well by now. I waited this long so that I could write an honest assessment of the product without the blush of excitement of using my laptop comfortably on the TV, or the blush of irritation as I struggled to get used to it. Writing a review like this back then would have been nearly impossible due to the different size/set-up of a standard keyboard, but now it feels like second-nature. All-in-all, I'd definitely recommend this keyboard to all who are looking for a way to relax in the living room while using the computer, or who are looking for a convenient way to use your large-screen TV as your monitor. It's definitely a nice piece of tech to have. I hope this review was helpful. Thanks for reading. Toodles.
Perfect fit for internet connected TV
July 16, 2012
I bought the Logitech keyboard to use with my new Samsung UN46ES6150F LCD TV. The television is internet connected with a web browser, but trying to type anything using the arrow keys on the included remote was terrible! So, I did a little research (very little) and quickly ordered the keyboard.The keyboard is almost full size with nice keys. Very tactile with great feedback. The touchpad is quite large and responsive. The keyboard is NOT bluetooth and comes with its own USB dongle (and batteries!). I plugged the dongle in the back of the TV and it immediately recognized the keyboard. What a difference....typing and navigating on the TV now is a breeze! I walked into an adjacent room to test the range and even at around 25 feet or so...no problems.I'm happy with it.UPDATE (7/19/2012): The keyboard is not bluetooth. It does come with it's own dongle, and you must use it. You will not be able to pair the keyboard with another bluetooth device. It will only communicate with the USB dongle included.UPDATE (10/10/2013): Added the "NOT" in front of "bluetooth" above.
A solid value (Mac compatible, too -- with some caveats)
September 8, 2011
Although there are a lot of promising ways to enjoy online content (web browsing, YouTube, Netflix, etc.) on your TV, the best one I've found so far is ... a computer.The Logitech K400 is clearly designed with this setup in mind, giving you full control of a computer in a couch-friendly form factor. Surprisingly, it seems to be one of the few such input devices with a (near) full-size keyboard instead of a tiny thumb-sized one. Obviously, that means it's much larger than a conventional remote control, but it's also much more usable. It looked like exactly what I wanted, and at a reasonable price, too.The K400 features a fairly attractive, clean design (aside from the odd "random lines" artwork on the trackpad). It's much lighter than I expected, which is nice, but it's also not incredibly sturdy. The build quality is fair for the price, I'd say, but doesn't seem likely to withstand a lot of abuse.As long as you don't plan on writing a novel on your TV, the slightly-smaller-than-full-size keys are pretty usable. They aren't backlit, though, which would be especially useful in a dark living room. On a semi-related note, the Caps Lock key doesn't light up, either ... but you don't use that key anyway, right?One very handy feature is the additional left-click button in the upper left corner, which lets you operate the trackpad with both hands or thumbs. It's a lot easier to click or drag with your left hand as you move the cursor with your right hand this way. The trackpad also conveniently offers Mac-style two-finger scrolling.Other nice touches include an on/off switch, and a slot behind the battery door to stow the teeny tiny USB receiver dongle. It also ships with factory-installed AA batteries, which is always appreciated.If you're looking for a decent keyboard for a home theater PC, this one seems hard to beat -- especially for the price!--About Mac compatibilityThe keyboard claims to support Windows only, but I suspected this wasn't the full story. Sure enough, when I plugged it into a Mac, the keyboard and trackpad worked automatically -- complete with two-finger scrolling -- on both Snow Leopard and Lion. Even the volume buttons are functional (but not the semi-pointless "home" button, it seems).OS X identifies the trackpad as a mouse, so that's the preference pane where you can configure the sensitivity of the tracking and scrolling gestures. The latter really needs to be dialed down to work well, in my experience. Also, you may want to remap the Windows (Command) and Alt (Option) modifier keys for a more Mac-like layout.The only catch? I can't figure out how to disable tap-to-click on the trackpad. (I'm hoping a software hack will make this possible, and that it's not hard-wired into the device itself.) Unfortunately, Logitech's Control Center software doesn't recognize the device, either.If you can live with that, the keyboard otherwise works just fine with a Mac, despite the official word from Logitech.
Great for $10.
June 16, 2016
I bought this keyboard as an impulse buy. When i received it I din't think much of it. I connected it to my iPad Air and 5 hours later I had typed a 12 page essay with occasional breaks in between, the keys didn't feel comfortable at first, but after 10 minutes of adjusting to a smaller keyboard I can say that it works great. There is enough travel, the keys feel like the keys of a macbook if only a bit more mechanical which I love. I haven't used it on my lap so I can not say much on that. I used it on the kitchen table and at a desk at work it felt comfortable. For $10, it is a decent keyboard. It works better than most $40 keyboards. The battery life is something that I'll need to come back to in a month or 3. Bluetooth connectivity worked well. It connected to my TV with no issues, connected to my macbook without any issues and it also connected to my iPhone as well as my mother's Note 5 without any issues.
Great value, pairs and works great, but will drain batteries if left in
March 6, 2016
I bought more than one of these for myself and for gifts for family, so you know they are pretty good. They are reasonably easy to pair, and I've used them with Android, Windows and iOS devices very successfully. The batteries last OK while you're using it, although I haven't measured exactly how long due to the following reason: If you leave the batteries in for a long time (say a few weeks) with the switch turned off, the batteries do eventually drain all the way to dead. It isn't a huge deal, thus losing only 1 star, but if you plan on storing these for a while without using them, pull the batteries, and have some spares on hand.
Good keyboard for those times when you need a compact unit at a reasonable price.
February 8, 2016
I bought this BlueTooth Keyboard For two reasons. First I needed a small keyboard capable of using with an Apple TV as I hate searching using the cursor and select method that so many devices use. Second is it is small enough to take along on trips to use with a tablet or a phone. The unit works nicely for both I paired it with the Anker Muiti-Angle portable stand and I must say I am happy with the combination. I rated the KB for stars for a number of reasons which are purely personal preferences and not really flaws in the item.1. I don't care for KBs with no numeric keypad.2. I am not overly fond of BT KBs3. I don't care for KBs with no tactile feedback when pressed.Probably the reason I feel that way is that I grew up old school. I have been using Matias Tactile Pro KBs for a few years now because I like the mechanical key switches that you can both feel and hear when they are pressed far enough to register.That being said I am happy with my purchase. It does what I need and the KB seems to be well constructed. I bought the two items for a combined price that was $29 less than the Logitech BlueTooth KB with a built in slot to set your tablet/phone in at an angle. To be fair the Logitech unit could pair with more than one unit at a time but I didn't need that.
Simple, full-sized key, working BT keyboard for when you need to enter a lot of text on the road
January 7, 2016
I type 85 wpm on a real keyboard (a little higher on a mechanical keyboard) and I need something to take with me on the go and this keyboard so far meets all expectations. It's not mechanical, but the keys are crisp and while it doesn't have too much travel the keys are full sized (unlike some other BT keyboards I had before) so I have no problem touch-typing on these. The price I pay of course is this keyboard is quite wide, which makes portability an issue. And no, it's not foldable. Also it has no "stand" or holder for whatever BT device you hope to connect to when it woulld be almost trivial to include one that can fold out. OTOH it only takes 2 AAA batteries (I'm using rechargeables) and pairing is easy... Involves typing a couple numbers. All in all, satisfied purchase.
Pretty good for the price
July 25, 2015
Synced up with my HP Stream 7 (Win 8.1) pretty easily, although the included instructions are really only for Ipad (and they keyboard layout is Mac). But works for what I needed (actually the layout/size is very close to my 11.6" Acer Aspire). It is large enough that you can do legit typing of documents at a pretty decent speed. Add a mouse, and you can have a decent backup PC if your primary dies (this was why I bought it). For $10, it works, and since its something that isn't needed for daily use, it'll do. Portability may be an issue for some users, as I don't know how well it would hold up to being tossed in the briefcase everyday--not an issue for me at present. It isn't the most durable feeling item, but not super-flimsy either.
I am satisfied with my purchase
September 12, 2014
I ordered the keyboard so that I could use my 2009 Macbook in clamshell mode with a larger monitor for activities requiring more "desk" space.Three factors lead me to decide on this particular product. Price was the first to catch my eye, but the second and probably the most important was that this keyboard was, in fact, designed for Apple products as opposed to only Windows products as most others. The third factor is its appearance. For costing less than 1/3 the price of the Apple Bluetooth keyboard, it very closely resembles that unit in its overall appearance.Thus far this keyboard has worked as advertised. The Apple specific functions work as intended as well. Overall, I am satisfied with my purchase. I saved some money, have the basic appearance of the original, and appear to have all of the features as well in an Apple specific wireless keyboard.

Three Star Reviews:

Cramped keyboard, but it's a cheap alternative for Mac users.
September 5, 2015
This keyboard is tiny and hard to get used to. The Shift and Enter keys are about half the size of those on regular keyboards, so pay close attention when first using it. I'm using this keyboard/mouse on a Mac, which it says you can't do but totally can. My rating is based on how small and cramped the keyboard is, regardless of Mac functionality.I use a Macbook Pro Retina (Late 2013) and had no problem installing the keyboard. I just plugged in the mini USB transmitter and turned the keyboard on. My Mac gave me an error and said the device wasn't recognized, but I'm typing this review on the keyboard. When you're done using it, the battery compartment has a spot to hold the dongle.If you want to use this keyboard with your Mac, here are a few things to note. Both the trackpad and keyboard work fine. The trackpad is a bit touchy. You'll definitely have to play with the speed setting until you find the sweet spot. The pad responds to moving the cursor with one finger and allows for a two-finger touch to bring up the right-click menu. All other mouse functions you expect on a Mac are disabled.As far as the keys, the layout is cramped. The shift button is the same size as the letter keys, which is hard to use. For Mac users, the Windows button (the 4 squares) is your Command button. The media player (pause/play, next track, previous track) hotkeys and volume hotkeys at the top worked just fine, as does the Alt button. Other than that, nothing else corresponds correctly. For example, pressing the F1 key in your browser is the "Add Bookmark" shortcut. F2 and F3 do nothing. F4 closes the window you were using. F6 depicts the gear symbol commonly associated with Settings, but when pressed in Safari it closed the window and opened up a new email with a link and screenshot of the page I had been browsing.There are 5 keys at the top right that also don't do anything special for Mac users. The round button with the mouse icon can be held down while dragging one finger over the trackpad to highlight text. The music icon and home button do nothing. The PC button with the padlock symbol, when pressed in Safari, highlights the browser bar so that you can type in a new web address. The PC power key does nothing.Overall, it's okay for the price. I certainly wasn't willing to spend over $100 for a Mac keyboard and additional trackpad. Just prepare to spend a long time getting used to the keyboard. It's been a week and I still find myself getting frustrated and using my Mac's trackpad or keyboard instead.
kinda good
December 10, 2014
This wireless keyboard I thought would be great fit since I have to change out the batteries on my logitech board and mouse however the two of them are two completely different types. This board was very small since I'm a large guy with very big fingers as I like to call them sausage fingers.prosyou don't have to change out two different types of batteries.does have one interesting feature that shuts down my computer at a touch of a button.the mouse pad aspect of the keyboard does have a zoom in and out feature.you can hide the keyboard receiver in the keyboard itself.consThis was again far too small for me to typethe mouse pad part was buggy and sensitive.the keyboard drains out the battery lifethe on and off switch was hard to moveso in the long run if I need a wireless keyboard and mouse for a short period of time this one will have to do but only in a pinch. If you looking for a good keyboard don't think about this one.
Old-timers taught on old typewrites will probably HATE this keyboard. I learned to type in 1963 and this keyboard is ZERO for me
December 7, 2014
This keyboard is OKAY, if you haven't had 50 years of training with bigger shift keys. I first learned to type on typewriters in 1963, during the summer after my sixth grade year, and my training HATES this keyboard.Enlarge this picture and look at it. The right hand shift key is half the width that it is on your typewriter. Where the left side of that key is on most computers and on all typewriters (that I know of) is an up arrow key, part of the four arrow keys usually off to the right of the Enter/Shift/Ctrl keys.If you have had too many years of training with typing on older keyboards, you may end up hating this keyboard. Amazon has refunded my money, and even offered to pay the shipping back to them, since the SHIFT key cannot be fixed. I have ordered the Kensington keyboard instead, a wired keyboard with bigger keys, and better separation between keys so I'm less likely to hit double-keys, especially between the "A" and the "Caps Lock" key which I'm always double-bumping on my ACER keyboard, which is why I tried ordering this, and then the Kensington, keyboard.The touchpad is nice, but I'll go back to my mouse.
I'm surprised that Logitech didn't do better on this model !
September 13, 2014
I wanted to love this but and the keyboard being smaller isn't the issue because I have small hands. It's just that in order to be accurate with this keyboard: you need to learn different placement of a few keys (smaller keys - like the right hand 'shift' key) and a person has to watch themselves type. It's hard to get a 'feel' for few key-placement-changes on this keyboard.It's also very light-weight and in my humble opinion not up to the usual Logitech quality. Unfortunately; as I'm developing arthritis in my wrists and hands......I'll need to become used to a keyboard like this. I just hope Logitech comes out with a better - heavier weight - model. Over the years I've owned many Logitech mice and keyboards......and loved them! Just not this one.Not sure if I'd recommend this. Seems like it needs more work at the design level. Thank you.
Right Shift Key - meh
May 14, 2013
I use this keyboard to write/edit word documents on my Galaxy S3. I use the keyboard far less than I'd hoped simply because of the right shift key. It's very small, and usually when I'm speed-typing, I hit the up arrow instead, which is in the area that a normal shift key would take up.It's not a BAD keyboard - it's just a nuance that you need to seriously consider before you make the purchase. Depending on your circumstances, this may not be a problem for you. (I can't think of a scenario where a person would be shopping for a keyboard and NOT need the shift key to work properly, but to each his or her own....) As a writer, I can't deal with it. It's now my back-up keyboard and it sits out in my suv for travel 'emergencies'.The trackpad works great, the buttons are great; everything is great overall - better than great - except for the shift key.Blasted shift key....
Technically great but practically a bad layout for certain typists
April 20, 2012
My Usage: I purchased this for use with my PS3. It seemed like a decent choice since it had wireless and also a touch pad attached which would spare me from having to awkwardly try to use a mouse on my sofa when needed. My primary desktop keyboard's spacebar ended up choking with a deadline approaching the next day so I had to resort to using this mini keyboard as my primary. This is my story.The GOOD: The keyboard just works, instantly, after connecting the USB transmitter. No drivers necessary, no binding processes. You just plug in the USB piece and everything is good to go, batteries'n all. Great looking on screen display for functional buttons like audio and caps lock too. Logitech really knows how to streamline this processes.The BAD: I can't fault the product from a technical side, nothing is really broken... except the layout. And really all i'm talking about is the shortened right shift button that destroys my productivity on this keyboard. If you are a person who uses the right shift instead of the left shift (I really don't know what the general population uses) then you will likely find it very frustrating that whenever you try to hit the right shift you end up hitting the up arrow instead. On just about any full size or laptop keyboard, the right shift button is at least as long as the Enter button above it. On the Logitech, however, the shift is cut in half and shares real estate with the up arrow. I would have much preferred the arrow keys placed under the touch pad buttons than in its current location. I know this may sound like a nit pick since it was not meant to be a full keyboard but if you are a fairly fluid typist this may very well throw a larger wrench in your WPM than you may have expected. Be warned.
May 10, 2017
Performs well. Battery cover loose and lost
August 27, 2015
I paired it with my iPad mini and it works perfectly fine. I just recieved it today with the intention to use it for school. When I opened the keyboard from the box I noticed that the battery cover was loose. Within less than 12 hours of it being in my ownership that cover has been lost to the abyss of my home. So I already have a bit of tape holding the battery in. This for me could prove an inconvience considering I bought this product to travel with me to school and work. Last thing I want to happen is that I get to school and I lost a battery along the way and am unable to make use of my keyboard.This is definitely a keyboard that I will put into use until the next pay day, so I make my next keyboard purchase. This one is likely going to be passdown to my brother.
It works, but the quality is not much. ...
August 6, 2015
It works, but the quality is not much. I bought this to see if I could turn my tablet into a substitute laptop to take on the road. The answer turned out to be no. I am not really sure what anyone would use this for. If you need a cheap BT keyboard, this does work. But you might want to think carefully about whether you will actually use it for any productive purpose.
Not what I'd call Top, but functional.
June 11, 2015
The keyboard I recieved seems a little flimsy, with rather thin plastic and just feels very cheap to type on. Not affordable, cheap. However it does function decently. The keys are proper full size in a very comfortable and familiar layout for anyone who's ever used a keyboard ever. I'm not sure I can really comment on the keyboard's battery life since I really have yet to ues it extensively (this was boght primarealy to work with my mobile phone) but it's running on the same batteries I installed when I first recieved it, and I haven't so much as seen an indication to low battery power yet. I do find that I have to re-sync to my mobile if I ever switch to running this keyboard on another device, but it's very possible I'm missing something in the manual.If you're looking for a cheap wireless keyboard for your tablet or mobile, this will certainly fulfil that function. It's not the greatest build quality even considering it's plastic, and it's not something I'd go to for everyday typing, but as a get-me-by on the cheap it does the job.(this review was typed entirely on the BatTop wireless keyboard in question on a Moto G 2nd gen mobile)
Would be perfect for a broken keyboard or something
December 22, 2014
Works well on my MacBook Pro but only from short distances.For example I can't hook my laptop into my hdmi and lay in my bed 10ft away to watch movies or Netflix but it's cheap as dirt so I'm not really upset at all. Can still use my laptop on external monitors and use this as a keyboard with the laptop closed.Would be perfect for a broken keyboard or something.
I'm not usre it will travel well in an environment where it gets jostled a lot though - I imagine the keys could get damaged - a
November 18, 2014
It's smaller than I thought - I was hoping for a true full size keyboard as I find it hard to type on reduced size keyboards.I had no problem connecting to my iPad (clearly beats the virtual keyboard on that device, thats for sure.)It's very portable. I'm not usre it will travel well in an environment where it gets jostled a lot though - I imagine the keys could get damaged - a cover would have been nice.The on-off switch pretty much requires share nails, or a pen or pencil to turn off/on.

Two Star Reviews:

Very Annoying On a Mac
January 9, 2015
You can temporarily disable the Tap To Click and Swipe gestures by clicking each mouse button while the function key is depressed, but it resets not only every time you turn the keyboard off, but also after so many hours (5 or 6?). And make no mistake. If you use this, on a Mac at least, you will want this feature disabled. It is terrible. The tap to click function on this keyboard is completely unusable. It is crazy sensitive, and you will constantly select things on accident. Worst yet is that the default swipe gesture will delete anything selected if you swipe from one side of the track pad to the next. You will inadvertently delete things. I guarantee it. I deleted an iTunes playlist within the first five minutes of using this keyboard. There is no 'undo' option for deleting a playlist in itunes. I had to recover it from a backup. I have since tried everything under the sun to disable these gestures from within OSX: I. Can. Not. Disable. The. Wretched. Tap. To. Click. And, I spent a lot of time trying.I love everything else about this keyboard though. Gets a way better signal than the bluetooth crap the mac wireless keyboards/mice use. If you get in the habit of manually disabling the gestures every time you turn the keyboard off it's a nice keyboard- especially for the price. If anyone reading this has permanently disabled the trackpad gestures please correct me. (I tried half a dozen 3rd party programs and even tried altering system files, and I was not able to disable it.)
Finally! A keyboard that causes shame-tingles!
December 26, 2014
This is a wireless keyboard. Instead of a number pad, you get a non-clicky multi-mush trackpad with mush buttons that's about as accurate and precise as a Venus De Milo sculpted from of tapioca pudding. The nanosecond you place your finger on this trackpad, it's a toss of the dice as to whether or not it will correctly move your cursor in the desired direction, or send it shooting offscreen. Put a second finger on the trackpad, maybe it'll scroll, maybe it'll totally disregard your input.The keys are sharp and unpleasant to type on, like doing a handstand on Lego. Do you like using the right shift key? Fuhgeddaboutit! Instead you're going to hit an arrow key sending your cursor off the intended path where your typing will resume just about wherever else you didn't intend for it to.The use of the arrow keys require the kind of strange contortion/Riverdance that you only find yourself doing while trying to exit the Men's room at a dive bar at the same time another guy is trying to do while an emergent vomit is coming on.I'm not sure what the wireless range is supposed to be on this thing, but I'm pretty sure that 5 feet-line-of-sight might be asking a bit much, as it will drop characters if the slightest occlusion is introduced.The whole experience of using this keyboard is not something you'd ever want anyone else watching you do...it'll make you look like a nincompoop that can't type full words correctly or aim a mouse cursor at a large stationary target...You get those weird shame-tingles every time this device makes some bone-headed mistake on your behalf.On the plus side, it is wireless, lightweight, takes regular ol' AA batteries and is not too gaudy as to keep out in plain view. It just doesn't seem like it was designed to actually be used by human beings.
Limited Range and Spotty Performance
August 10, 2014
Keyboard works, but has limited range. My media-pc (laptop) is about 8-10 feet from my couch in the living room. I tired moving things around and it still doesn't work consistently. We have a small hand-held keyboard/mouse (like a remote - also bought on Amazon) which works awesome, but the keyboard is not the best if you need to type more than a URL or web search. The range on the $14 hand-held device is great.This was to be the solution for the keyboard, but alas... this is not the solution. There is a delay when typing and the trackpad doesn't move where you tell it when you are at the limit of the range. If I put the keyboard on my coffee table it works semi-consistently. Though, if I want to be sitting back on my couch with the keyboard.. no dice.Very disappointed--I expected more from Logitech.
Extremely bad shift key placement
June 29, 2014
(Original review 6/29) I didn't notice on the picture, because it never occurred to me to look for such a thing, that the "up" button is BETWEEN the question mark and the right-hand SHIFT key. Holy mother of god. Whenever I want to use the right shift key, which is far more often than the left because the QWERTY system is designed to have the most common keys on the left side, I have to reach OVER the up button (so far I'm mostly just accidentally hitting the up button instead and then having to go back and fix). I can't decide whether this keyboard was designed by someone who was a non-typist, or just someone with much bigger hands than mine. (edit:) NO TOUCH-TYPIST WOULD BE ABLE TO USE THIS KEYBOARD.Guess I should have read the negative reviews more carefully.(Addition 7/15) I liked the size (not a mini, but still small enough not to take up a lot of room on my desk) and the responsiveness of the touchpad. I just couldn't get past the shift key problem. Maybe there's a way to remap the keys just for this keyboard through SetPoint, but another problem is that SetPoint doesn't work with Windows 8.1. (I called Logitech. They blame Microsoft.) I tried remapping the keys through SmartKeys, but the problem with that is the remapping is not specific to this keyboard, so if I take the computer somewhere else (on the road, or even to the couch) and want to use the native keyboard, I have to undo the swap each time. Not a good solution. I have no choice but to return the K400.Nothing else in this price range looked any good either, so I broke down and spent $$ on the K830. So far, so good; I will review it on its own page after I've had a couple of days to spend with it.
Not for me... typing not very comfortable, Touchpad not very useful
February 22, 2014
Whenever I read one and two star reviews, I keep in mind that they are written from the user's perspective and I may or may not agree with their preferences. I'm pretty sure my review also falls into the same category. This feedback is based on my preferences and experience. Hope it helps users who share the same perspective.I bought this keyboard to use it on a daily basis with my laptop. I tried it for a few days and following are my likes and dislikes about the keyboard.Like: - The USB transmitter that should be connected to the laptop is compact and almost invisibleDislikes: - The size of the keyboard is a little too small for regular use - The keys are too close to each other and hence result in clicking the wrong keys quite often. Please note that I'm quite comfortable using virtual keyboards on iPads, iPhones and other compact devices. So it is not that I have a general issue with small keyboards. It is just that this one does not seem to be the right configuration for me - As a consequence of the above point, my fingers used to hurt after using the keyboard continuously for even an hour - The "shift" key on the right side of the keyboard is less than half the size of the one seen on most normal size keyboards. The "up" arrow key is located right next to this "shift" key and half the times I end up clicking these two keys at the same time that results in highlighting the text on the current line and the line above. So when I press another key that was intended to be pressed along with the "shift" key, it replaces the entire highlighted text with this one (the most common issue I was running into, with this was when trying to get a `?') - The touchpad is too sensitive to touch. While scrolling, if the fingers reach the edge of the touchpad and need to be replaced inside again to continue scrolling, when lifted and put back on the pad, it registers a left click. However lightly I tried to put my fingers back on the touchpad, stuff was getting selected/highlighted/clicked - Since most 5 star reviews I read mentioned using this keyboard with a TV, I tried to do that as well but did not find it very useful there either. It is not small enough to hold in two hands while typing. The keyboard needs to rest on something which means, it cannot comfortably be used while lying down in bed (or even partially lying). I find the smart TV remotes with full QWERTY keyboards or a mobile device like a phone/iPod to be a lot more convenient for this scenario - My personal laptop is a Mac and I'm quite comfortable with the Mac's Touchpad. Though some of the multi-touch gestures on this keyboard are similar to the Mac and useful, registering a click when touched even lightly, makes it almost unusable at least 50% of the time. I know the keyboard does not say it supports Mac and this particular drawback is not taken into consideration for my 2 star rating. I'm indicating this just in case someone planning to use this with a Mac reads this review and finds it helpfulIn case someone is wondering why I gave 2 stars instead of 1, 1 is "I hate it" and 2 is "I don't like it. I don't really hate this keyboard, just didn't like it :-).Bottom line - based on my personal preferences and experience, this was not the keyboard for me. I'm sending it back to Amazon and this is the first product I bought from Amazon that I'm returning.
Right shift is a deal breaker
October 2, 2012
I read a few reviews on this keyboard before making the purchase. I used it for a day at work and a bit at home. The keys feel good, and it's convenient to have the touchpad on the keyboard. I was very interested in having the touchpad on the keyboard.Sadly, the right shift key being 1/2 normal size with the pageup taking the left half of the normal shift key caused all sorts of problems. Could you get used to it? I thought I could, but no way. I thought it wouldn't be a big deal, but it seriously drove me nuts. Even my 13 year old daughter commented on it, and she's not a super fast touch-typer.I'm spend many hours per day on my keyboard, whether it's my cheap-o Microsoft 2000 wired board, the one on my macbook, or something else, I've never had this much trouble adjusting to a keyboard. Now this brand new keyboard sits in storage. Maybe it'll be revived when I build another media center machine and won't be doing much serious typing.
More Plastic for the Junk Pile
September 21, 2016
At first glance I thought this keyboard looked fine, but after a few uses a key cover fell off. Also, there is no backspace key at all which makes typing frustrating. Lastly, the connect key should be on the front of the keyboard not the back. I wonder why this keyboard has so many positive reviews.
No Apple BT Keyboard
November 29, 2015
I got this for my laptop and am underwhelmed. It works, but I would not buy it again expecting to use it with a laptop. Some keys are fairly hard to get to fire off (the 'D' key is for me), and other keys do not work as expected. For instance, I have to press a few different keys to do a 'delete' or an 'esc'.If you are going to use this with a phone or tablet, it might be worth a shot. If you are looking for something to compete with the Apple Bluetooth Keyboard... don't bother.
You get what you pay for!
November 19, 2015
This keyboard is exactly what it says it is....a $10 keyboard. Has connection issues daily; I have been using it for 2 weeks now before I wrote this review and I still have to wait more than 2 minutes for it to be recognized when the computer is on or awaken (Mac).It also lags when you begin typing; usually missing the first letter of the first word typed. And if you are a fast typer like myself, it will not be able to keep up with you at the beginning. After 1-3 mins of inactivitiy it loses connection only to have me press the connect button again to regain the connection. I will be demoting this keyboard to my boxes and IPTV for bluetooth typing and will be getting a higher quality keyboard for my MAC.I would recommend this if you are on a tight budget or just need a bluetooth keyboard to use here and there, definately not an everyday keyboard; unless you are typing on it non-stop to maintain connection.
Keys are ok to type on. Bought this is ...
November 9, 2015
Keys are ok to type on. Bought this is a cheap alternative to an Apple bluetooth keyboard, and found it not much of a replacement due to the lack of an Escape key, top left. In order to input Escape, you have to hold down the Fn key and then hit the weird button that I guess is normally for going home on an iOS device. I suppose this keyboard would work well for that purpose, but not for my needs for a Mac.
Works well, but not ideal for power users or users of Windows or Linux.
June 20, 2015
This is another case of 'you get what you pay for'. The keyboard works well and easily paired with my computer and my phone. I do not have a smart TV to test with, and that's because I like my TV to be dumb because my computer provides it all the smarts it needs.Things I like about the keyboard so far are it's portability, battery life, and easy of pairing.However, there are too many things that I dislike about the keyboard. The most annoying thing is that it uses an OS X keyboard layout, meaning Windows users will have to spend time getting used to the new locations of the Super, Ctrl, an Alt keys. Fair enough, took me a day or two to get used to that.Second, and to me this is the most annoying thing of all, is that all of the Function keys are disabled by default. In other words, in order to hit F4 for example, I have to press the Function key in the lower right corner of the keyboard. Usually when a keyboard works like this, there is another button somewhere called Function Lock which elminiates the need to press the additional key each time. This keyboard does not have that feature. This means that every time I want to close a window, I cannot just press Alt + F4, but I have to press Alt + Fn + F4 which I still haven't gotten used to.Lastly, this is close to as annoying as my second point, but for some reason the Esc key also requires the Function key to be pressed in order to use it. I find tihs extremely bizarre and annoying. When pressed without the Function key, it does have another use but I haven't really figured out what that is. When I'm in Firefox and press it by itself, it takes me to my home page configured in Firefox. This seems pretty useless and backward.For OS X users, I suppose this keyboard would probably work well. For Windows or Linux users, you probably want to look elsewhere. I'm just going to purchase a normal wireless keyboard (full keyboard) to use with my media center PC instead of trying to use this thing. I'll still keep this though for other possible uses in the future.
Should have bought something else...
January 28, 2015
Apple specific keys/layout, if you want to use on android or windows, i'd say get something else.It worked out of the box on my android device, then I put it away for a month or two(switched 'off'); The battery was dead when I took it out again, and after replacing batteries would pair, and connect but not function on anything.. Still can't get it working again...

One Star Reviews:

... twice when I first got it and it seemed fine. I just now went to use it again ...
December 1, 2016
I've used this keyboard maybe once or twice when I first got it and it seemed fine. I just now went to use it again and it no longer is detected as being connected, thus it doesn't work. I came on here to hopefully process a return or exchange and apparently it has a 30 day return limit that has passed by a couple weeks. It appears I have to do a warranty claim which Logitech (which I just filled out), and my first impression is that it appears their CS is going to be absolutely awful. I just filled out a claim and it doesn't even allow you to talk to anyone and just shows as unresolved after I filled it out. Now I can't even find the submission after closing the window and logging back into my account, so I'm hoping it's even handled....regardless, it's a terrible first impression.
I would NOT recommend THIS PARTICULAR device, but read this review for devices I WOULD RECOMMEND by Logitech!!
February 7, 2016
this is a great addition to use with my Roku and my Fire TV...much easier to search for things/titles. I would highly recommend this to anyone with any of these devices or similar devices!!!Update: I had to return this, as all of a sudden, it just stopped working. I changed the battery...NOTHING!!! I was always very careful with it, not to drop it, etc...but just quit, with no warning or anything. So I up graded to the Logitech K810 and the case to go with it...read my reviews!Logitech Bluetooth Illuminated Keyboard K810 for PCs, Tablets, Smartphones - BlackCase to go with Logitech K810: For Anker Bluetooth Ultra-Slim Wireless Tablet Keyboard Travel Hard EVA Protective Case Carrying Pouch Cover Bag Compact size by Hermitshell
Only a two-finger typist will find it useful. The misplaced shift key makes it impossible to ...
February 4, 2015
If you know how to type, don't use this keyboard. Only a two-finger typist will find it useful. The misplaced shift key makes it impossible to type as serious workers do.Cheap it is but it’s awful. Don't waste your money on it.The touch pad works erratically, causing you a lot of unwanted commands while you travel the pointer across the screen. I almost burst while using mine. I have to return it.I wouldn't recommended to anybody.This is the worse keyboard I ever bought.
This is a terrible keyboard - don't buy it
December 29, 2014
This is a terrible keyboard - don't buy it. If you touch type, the shift key on the right side of the keyboard is one third the size of the shift key on the left side which is standard size and is buried in the 4 arrow keys. Most of the time when I go to touch the shift key, I touch the page up key and the curser moves to the beginning of what I am typing. I've ordered the larger Logitech keyboard and this one is headed for the trash.
Until there is an update to the firmware or software, do not waste your money.
November 8, 2014
Even after setting all sensitivities to off or their lowest possibility, the track pad registers the slightest tap as a click, which is a problem when in email or looking at files, as these can become deleted without intent. Icons get moved when not intended, ads get clicked on webpages when just scrolling, etc. It is unfortunate, as the keyboard is a good size for my purposes. There are many complaints on Logitech's forums regarding this particular model. Until some manner of firmware or software update addresses this issue, I can only give this model 1 star (as I cannot give it less) and will let my toddler use it as a toy. After 2 months I have reverted to cabled mouse and keyboard. Sadness. Do not waste your money. Should there be an update and the trackpad oversensitivity resolved, I will gladly change my rating and update my review.
Changed my review after Amazon completely changed the product! Avoid the K400R!
December 5, 2012
YOU ARE NOW BEING SOLD A DIFFERENT PRODUCT THAN DESCRIBED.The white screenshot is the K400r, the black screenshot is the K400. Notice how the original K400 has useful volume buttons, and doesn't screw up for Function buttons.ORIGINAL K400: Loved this thing. Needs 1-2 battery changes per year (Amazing). Gets thrown around a lot, has had a liquid spill or two, still works like a champ. No pesky fn buttons to bother with.K400r (What you're actually being sold): Completely different keyboard. It's literally a different product, and it needs to be separated as so. It was made for windows 8. Has useless media buttons on top now (Lock, Music, and Home), and has more issues connecting than my original K400 did. Pesky fn buttons that prioritize lame media buttons over my Function (F2, F11, F5) buttons. The USB dongle's plastic top ripped right off as well. Not happy with the K400r. It's a different keyboard, so they get a different review.I'm obviously upset that I can't deploy the original K400 now. It's a better product that deserved a 5/5.I will update this review once Amazon depreciates the K400 product name and changes it to K400R.
One Star
December 7, 2016
Way to tiny. You can only hunt and peck with one finger.
Fails to register keystrokes
June 26, 2016
I'm giving it a one star so that this review stands out amongst others. I've had it for a while now, and the consistent problem I've been experiencing is that keys don't register. I have to hit each key very firmly for the computer to register what I'm typing. When I have to type long documents such as grant proposals, it becomes frustrating having to go back and fix every typing mistake just because the keyboard didn't register some of the letters (as a reference, when I type one page I could get up to 50 typos). A good keyboard should not have to require me focusing on firmly hitting individual keys; it should allow for a smooth typing experience. If I continue working on this keyboard, it just might retrigger my carpal tunnel syndrome.
Didn't work with iPhone
May 9, 2016
If your intention is to use your iPhone on the run and as a temporary laptop equivalent with this keyboard, don't bother. The iPhone OS doesn't work with this as falsely advertised.
Broke after 1.5 months of use
September 16, 2015
I used this keyboard to type on my iPhone while at work. Bought this keyboard July 31, 2015; it's now September 15, 2015 and the keyboard won't even turn on anymore. It worked well for all of 1.5 months.
The quality is nice and I love the size of it
July 17, 2015
The quality is nice and I love the size of it. But it is impossible to get it to connect to any device (tried on a Mac, iPad and Samsung tablet). And IF you mess with it for 20 minutes and get it connected it usually unpairs after 5 minutes. Once I lucked out and it stayed connected for 20 minutes but then couldn't get it repaired. Attempted to use it for 2 days and now it just sits in its box because it's not worth the hassel. Waste of money.
(Updated review)
October 26, 2014
Awesome keyboard! I use it with my Mac and iPads and it works perfectly fine. Compact enough for travelling.Minor issues include the lack of an escape button, and the big BATTOP logo on the space bar.UPDATE: (22 Mar 2015) (Rating dropped from 4 star to 1 star)This keyboard has been giving me some connection problems for the past few months. Initially I thought that perhaps it was my Mac that was being difficult, but connection issues persisted even when using on my other devices such as iPhones and PC laptops.Connection issues first began when it would disconnect from the device while using. The disconnections became more frequent.And now - whenever a device asks for me to key in the passcode in order for it to accept the keyboard's pairing request - I won't be able to key in the passcode via the keyboard.Additionally, this keyboard consumes battery fast. I'm one who has a good habit of switching things off after use, but the frequency of changing batteries for this keyboard has become way too fast.
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3-year limited hardware warranty
Quality guarantee, 1 Year Warranty from our own factory.
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Easy and comfortable typing on quiet keys with bold, easy-to-read characters

Large (3.5-inch) touch-pad with multi-touch navigation for easier web browsing

Control your TV-connected laptop from the couch with 33 feet/10 meter wireless range

Plug the tiny Logitech Unifying wireless receiver into your laptop and start surfing the web

Works with Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP

Bluetooth 3.0 technology provides a cable-free & clutter-free connection,operating distance 10m.

QWERTY layout with hot keys customized for iPad. Compatible with the iPad and all Bluetooth-enabled tablets, laptops, and computers.

700-hour continuous-use battery life and automatic sleep mode allow up to half a year between battery changes (requires 2 AAA batteries, not included).

Wireless bluetooth keyboard which can be used on your desk, on your lap, or anywhere.

Scissor-Switch keyboard provides you with very comfortable and pleasing typing experience.

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