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Vostrostone Bluetooth Keyboard Stand Case for Toshiba Encore 2 WT8-B32CN / B264 8.0-Inch - Vostrostone
Winbook TW700 Tablet - Windows 8.1 with full-size USB port, IPS Display, and one year of FREE Microsoft Office 365 - WinBook

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Vostrostone http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/51gytOym6OL._SL160_.jpg
Vostrostone Bluetooth Keyboard Stand Case for Toshiba Encore 2 WT8-B32CN / B264 8.0-Inch - Vostrostone
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WinBook http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/41k4qhJvWbL._SL160_.jpg
Winbook TW700 Tablet - Windows 8.1 with full-size USB port, IPS Display, and one year of FREE Microsoft Office 365 - WinBook
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Five Star Reviews:

A great deal!
May 15, 2016
A good and inexpensive bluetooth keyboard.
Five Stars
May 4, 2015
Great looking, very durable. Great buy. I highly recommend this.
perfect addition to the Toshiba Encore 2
April 6, 2015
makes using the already awesome Toshiba Encore 2 even more awesome!
Love, Love
April 2, 2015
This keyboard is the bomb dot com. Love, Love, Love it!!!! Use it with my Toshiba Encore 2, and it fits PERFECTLY!!! I almost didn't buy it because of some of the reviews, but if you're on the fence like I was, BUY IT! You WON'T be disappointed. I am not an employee for this seller or the manufacturer, and I was not PAID for this review, but I mos def think this is a GREAT CASE and KEYBOARD for the Encore 2. It works just like a mini laptop now. :-)
5 star product
January 7, 2015
love this item. we own 2 tablets and searched for just the right case and keyboard. this product fits the bill. easy to use ;sturdy with a strong magnetic clasp;keyboard stays charged for quite some time when in use and when off. i highly recommend this product.does take some time to arrive but worth the wait
Five Stars
January 4, 2015
Never opened because the tablet stopped working after 8 hours
It runs full windows, not crappy RT
June 3, 2017
The fact that this tiny tablet can run full windows, and not some stripped down RT version is amazing in itself. I use my TW700 for emergencies wherever I can't take my Desktop, since it can run most 32-bit applications natively. Obviously, it's a little too small to be using for long periods of time, but since It has a full usb 2.0 port as well as hdmi output, it can be connected to a big TV or monitor. With a USB hub, more things can be used such as a mouse or a keyboard.
Perfect for intended use!
July 12, 2015
It has such a tiny bit of memory! I knew that going in. I bought this to use with a particular device (biorhythm scanner) that I carry with me on business outings. I removed all unnecessary software, including the business software since that can be taken care of on my larger laptop. That gave me enough room to install adobe reader, avast antivirus, my firefox browser with speed dial for connection to my business website, and my start 8 menu. (I am old, I like the old fashioned windows start menu) It paired nicely with a little keyboard that keeps the onscreen one from hiding buttons I need to click on (you have to hide the keyboard to get them otherwise) It has a responsive touch screen, too. It has a usb port, and I can use my swivel 4 port hub with that to attach a mouse and a credit card scanner along with my device. I also use that to directly connect to printers in various locations so I don't have to expose my little baby to questionable wifi networks if we only need to print a scanner generated report. It is absolutely perfect for what I intended and I can also let it double as a regular tablet if I get stuck waiting anywhere, hehe. And it is so CHEAP! I would definitely buy it again.
Bargain capable tablet
April 25, 2015
Very capable tablet at a very low price. I added a 16G micro SD card and was able to load an older version of Office to the card using my laptop's shared CD drive. I found it very easy to set-up my printers which are all on my wireless network. I had a problem initially with the available virus program in that it would not recognize the tablet's SN#. An e-mail to the program's tech support solved that problem. To make things easier to see, I have the screen set for 125%.While I use Windows 7 on my desktop and laptop I found Win 8.1 probably a better fit for a tablet, but it took some getting used to.
Amazing for the price!
April 19, 2015
Windows has come a long way from the days before Windows 7 when every iteration needed a more powerful computer to run it. It's frankly amazing how well Windows 8.1 runs on such inexpensive hardware. No, you won't mistake this for an iPad Mini. It's pretty thick, and the screen's not the best (though reasonably high resolution). But for browsing the web, watching Netflix, reading the news and checking email, it works great and there's really no reason to spend more. Frankly, if you haven't experienced Windows 8.1 on a tablet, you need to. The Marketplace is definitely lacking, but the OS itself is far nicer (in my opinion) than iOS. The biggest drawback to this is the battery life which is pretty poor and even when asleep it tends to drain fairly quickly. But as long as you remember to keep it plugged in when you're not using it I think you'll find it an incredible bargain.The fact that you can run normal desktop apps and plug in accessories and an external monitor is definitely a bonus, though with the skimpy RAM and disk (and small screen) I wouldn't plan to use this too much. Oh, and if you need Office 365 (I didn't), the tablet's basically free.Giving 5 stars not because it's the best tablet ever, but because at $70 or less it's an absolute steal.9/29 Edit:I wanted to add some notes about Windows 10. I would not recommend upgrading this to Windows 10. You can, and it is functional, however Windows 10 Desktop (even in tablet mode) is intended for devices 8" or larger, and it is not possible to scale things up enough to make it nearly as user-friendly as 8.1 on a device like this. Worse than that, I found the performance to be generally worse and had a lot of "low memory" issues. This may be in part due to optimizations to the installed image on this device which made it smaller. In any case, Microsoft intends that Windows 10 Mobile be installed on devices like this, and it's easy to see why. So I recommend just keeping this on 8.1 which works great and will be supported for a long while.
Bargain for experienced WinOS users, probably a headache for grandma.
March 15, 2015
It's not perfect. But it's cheap, and it runs what I need it to run. 5 stars because it's a bargain that does what I need.Here's how I got it into a setup that works great for me.The very first thing I did was cancel out of the security software install, because I don't want the brand they push on the tablet.Then I went to ninite, where I selected, downloaded and installed the base software I wanted (browsers, utilities, etc.) Most importantly, I made sure to get the 3rd party start button for Win8. That made a huge difference for me, a die-hard Win7 user.After that, I went into the control panel, and customized the display by changing the font size to 125%. That wasn't big enough, so I opened the advanced options up and ramped it up to 150%. That's usable for me. I don't recommend downsizing the resolution. You can only downsize it to 1024 x 768, and it looks nasty on the Winbook. You also lose 3/4" on either side of the display (horizontally) because of the different aspect ratio.Still in the control panel, I went to programs, where I uninstalled the 3rd party security software. Then I installed the Windows security software, ran Windows Update, and went for a walk. It takes about an hour to update.Getting a capacitive stylus is extremely helpful for avoiding fat-fingering things. I think it's more of a "interface is too tiny" problem than anything else.You'll also need to go into the control panel to stop Skype from loading all the time. It kills performance on the tablet. I use Skype, and I like it just fine, but I don't like it running all the time, hogging the very limited resources on this tablet.Win8 apps in general are kind of annoying, but that's my personal opinion. I like programs over apps on Windows. That's why I want to run Windows in the first place. So I disabled them in the control panel. I also disabled the password on wake from sleep, because it was getting annoying. I'm not keeping any state secrets on this thing, so I'm not too worried about it.The cameras aren't that great, but they're good enough for Skype, I guess?Battery-wise, it can run in stand-by for a 36-48 hours before draining the battery completely. It's good for 3-4 hours of active use, from my experience.TL;DR: Great if you know what you're doing, or have a very specific need. Battery is average at best. Not necessarily grandma-friendly, due to tiny fonts, difficulty hitting targets on the screen, and Windows OS knowledge required to make it perform well. You won't take good pictures with the cameras, either. But it's stupid cheap!3/19/2015 UPDATE: You may get a weird black screen full of yellow text, and it may seem like your tablet is locked up or broken. It's not. Hook up a keyboard to the USB port, type in 'reset' (without the ' marks) and it should reboot. That's what I did with mine, and I have no problems with it. It was probably a bad update or bad boot.
this is a great tablet for the price
February 22, 2015
this is a great tablet for the price. i paid 65 shipped for mine at the time. but this thing does everything i need it to. connects to blue tooth. plays many emulators. stream video through web browsers. the option to use basically every browser available to windows is great as well. and being able to download and use winamp is great and sounds better through my headphones than my cell that had beats audio.one set back can be that in desktop mode and non-metro apps, things can be quite small. some apps such as winamp have their own screen size settings. you can make the desktop a little easier to see without changing the resolution. by long pressing on the desktop background you can go to screen resolution settings and from this new screen there will be an option that says "make text and other items larger or smaller". click that and from there you can make things a bit easier to see.the market place. odds are if you are buying a windows tablet you already know that the windows market place does not have near the options of apps as android and ios. if you didnt know that, well now you do. but that isn't the fault of this tablet so i didn't hold that against it.

Four Star Reviews:

Four Stars
March 19, 2016
Heavy with the tablet
Not Bad...
April 19, 2016
I purchased this tablet for $79. as a tool for work (to run diagnostic software) and to get my feet wet with Windows tablets. (I own android devices)First, this became a strictly media streaming device as it has an HDMI output and I can stream my Amazon Video / music as well as ESPN app etc. to my tv. After my netbook starting giving me trouble, this has become my primary PC. Yes this is a fully functional PC! There are two issues, one of which I believe I've gotten around and the other is what it is. One issue is the battery power. I get 4 hours or less from this device. Although not terrible, I'm used to being able to run my android tablet all day after charging overnight.Perhaps because this is also a PC it requires more power??The second issue is the low memory. Although specs say 16GB, its around 8 out the box and by the time you update you're down to around 1GB.What I've done to make this quite functional:1. Added a 32GB microsd card and install all programs there that don't require to be installed on the C: partition.2. Not install microsoft office. I use portable Libre office, a free open source program that is full compatible with office and is completely installed on my microsd card. I only use basic features for the word processor, spread sheet, and even power point but they all open and edit office documents with no problem.3. I have become a minimalist and don't install a lot of unnecessary junk. Right now I'm only running chrome, malwarebytes (in addition to defender which is built in), Iibre office. I installed my tax software on the microsd (HR block) and completed my taxes with no problems. I don't store music or documents on this device but on portable flash drive which is removed after use. ( This is primarily because I once got hit by ransomeware virus)4. For desk top mode (which can be tiny) I use a portable mouse and bluetooth keyboard which work great. Trying to use your fingers can be frustrating. I have a stylus also which is better but the mouse is perfect.5. I use a portable hub (unpowered) for my mouse and can use flashdrives at the same time. I have an otg cable that can make the charging port a second usb port, but my 6 dollar usb hub has been more than sufficient.This device works best in tablet mode with a bright colorful screen, the speakers are decent and it is fairly responsive. I like the microsoft sports, news, business, weather apps and have even downloaded them to my android devices. I have not had any problems with lag or lock ups, so overall this has been a solid device and good purchase. I've had this for about 7 months and so far so good. My one concern is the storage. Windows seems to clean up nicely after updates and there is a built in utility which will clean up unnecessary windows files. This has kept me at around 1GB but I'm keeping an eye on it. This will probably be the thing that will cause me to upgrade but until then this will be my goto laptop / table.BTW...one other annoying thing is that when the power is too low, the tablet will shut off with no warning. If you plug in right away, it wont reboot so you wont lose anything you were working on, but this can be inconvenient depending on what you're doing.
Decent portable device, great home media center advantages.
May 28, 2015
Decent little tablet! As many reviewers note, the extras you get (1 year of Microsoft Office 365 on TWO devices, plus 1TB of OneDrive storage) cost about as much as this does alone. Now, for some recommended uses, and extra peripherals to pair it up with:I use this primarily to do emails in bed and on the go, but at home, it is a media center powerhouse that has replaced my 360. Install VLC (the full desktop version, not the version in the Windows Store), grab yourself a Micro-HDMI (note: NOT MINI-HDMI!) to HDMI cable (can get them for about $15 here), a MicroSD card (shouldn't need more than 16GB or so, depending on personal preference), a USB webcam, a Logitech Wireless Touch Keyboard K400 with Trackpad, and a USB hub. Hook it up to your big screen TV in your living room, set everything up, and boom. You now have a way to do Skype chats with loved ones on your big screen TV, watch videos on your network streamed via VLC, and surf the net and answer emails from your couch with the wireless Logitech.All of the peripherals (excluding the memory card... I have quite a few kicking around) will run you about $50, so for $150 or so, you have a tablet running full Windows 8 on the go that doubles as a decent media player!One quick note, though... Any apps that you install via the Windows App Store will automatically install themselves on the unit's local space. I have mine at about 2GB free, even after installing a few apps, but if you can, download the full desktop version of any app you need since you can install it on the MicroSD card.The only thing I wish this had would be a SIM card slot, but eh... you can get 3GB a month from a T-Mobile hotspot for only $30/month, which isn't shabby. For the price, I'm happy with it.
Brilliant Bargain, "real" USB (yay!), 32 bit only (meh.)
April 13, 2015
I just received this tablet last night, but already I am pretty taken with it. It is an inexpensive tablet, and you shouldn't expect all the creamy smooth goodness of a half-kilobuck model, but it gives great results for the money.The thing that makes this one of the most useful tablets I own is that it has a "real" usb port. I don't know why this isn't more common, but full usb combined with Windows and a basement level price makes this an interesting alternative for many uses. In fact, I am going to use one of these in place of a Raspberry Pi that is currently running some of my mining gear. Imagine - a capable small processor that runs Windows apps, supports full usb at the same time it is connected to external power, and has a graphic touch screen, all for $79! Now I can not only control the miners, I can keep a browser window open on the screen showing tabs for pool status, machine hash rate, etc.,.My only gripes are that it can be hard to tap the right spot on the small screen, and it is 32 bit only. I should also mention that initially I had a little trouble getting it to connect to my multi-station wireless N network, but after I connected it to an older wireless (G) access point the problem seemed to magically be resolved and I have had no further problems connecting to my N network. Anyway, for these prices, I can overlook the small stuff.Be sure to check out the support web site ( http://www.microcentertech.com/winbook/index.html ), they have a firmware upgrade and also information about how to restart the machine after the battery runs flat.
Surprisingly good.
March 5, 2015
So... I picked this up recently, the Winbook TW700 tablet. Twit had it on their before you buy show, and I was intrigued so I got it. This is a 7 inch windows tablet. This would not normally make it terribly appealing, but it has a few things going for it.First, it is a very inexpensive tablet. It is 69 dollars. It is 69 dollars and it is not scraping the bottom on specs. There are more powerful ones out there, but not in this price range. This is probably the best price to spec ratio you can find.Second, it has full windows on it. That is not WindowsRT, but full windows 8.1. It will presumably get Windows 10 when it comes out. It is also windows running well. The interface is snappy enough, and the programs run fine. It is not going to do any major video processing, but it is certainly not crawling.Third, it has a full USB port on it. That makes this a very solid back up carry around pc. You run HDMI ( micro HDMI cable to normal size) to a monitor, plug a combo mouse and key board to the USB port, plug it's power in, and you have a full desktop pc. That is pretty neat.Fourth, it comes with a year subscription to Office 360. That means you are getting a subscription for 30 dollars less than normal. There are still enough people using Office primarily to make that worth the investment alone.Having used it for a few days I have a few thoughts.The standard complaint remains. The app system is weak here. Using it as a tablet is not fully useful as an android or ios tablet. IF you are deeply invested in the google suite of things, then this will only frustrate you.Here is a complaint I did not think I would make, but it also has too high a resolution. The Desktop mode is possessed some super tiny icons which are hard to hit right, when it is in native resolution.Beyond those complaints, I think it is a not bad device. I doubt I would switch to it as my primary tablet, but were I not already invested in the google eco-system I would consider it. 7 inch tablets are good for reading and consuming media, for the most part. They also excel at doing social network stuff. This would do just fine for those things. 
It will not easily do that
February 23, 2015
I purchased this when my phone was no longer able to (easily) write directly to the micro SD card, with the idea that I could read, write, edit, download, listen, etc for less money and trouble than rooting my phone or having to fire up my PC when I was home and swap the cards around as needed to move files between devices, carry an OTG-female USB cable and flashdrive everywhere, etc.It will not easily do that. I have also been completely unable to reset this to factory condition. Reinstall and refresh both error out. It will no longer download Windows updates. IE inexplicably died. I have been unable to find a functioning swipe-to-type keyboard. The touch keyboard is surprisingly difficult to use, compared to my S4. I had to download the Chrome offline installer on my PC to get the tablet to the point I could browse with it. So it sucks a little more than I had expected, which was disappointing.But, I added a mini USB keyboard, mouse, and hub, 32GB micro SD (all cheap, from Amazon), a few apps, a few programs, and I've got a cheap miniature desktop that plays music, movies, some games, does all my Amazon related stuff, and has 2 installs of Office365 for a year (which aren't going on the tablet), for just about free. Even half crippled, I have to give it 4 stars.Edit- A few thoughts I didn't post initially. Bang for buck, I think it is easily the best deal in tablets. Secondly, Microcenter sells these direct for about $65; don't pay the $85 or whatever they are on Amazon through a third party. Also, I see that the TW800 (slightly larger 8" model) and TW801 (USB3.0, better specs, 8" version) are back in stock. Hindsight being what it is, I would think (a little bit more of) one's money would be better spent on either of those, but that's merely my opinion. Shop around, get the best deal for you. I buy almost everything through Amazon, but the rest of the TW tablets are markedly higher on here than through Microcenter, and a number of third parties selling them at times when Microcenter stocks are depleted.
Excellent features vs. price
January 14, 2015
I give four stars for size, capability, and price.First the positive. I wanted a one-handed tablet with Windows 8.1 for all the basic tablet activities: e-mail , web, Kindle, news, weather, Netflix, Hulu, etc. What I got was all that AND a somewhat basic PC. The fulls size USB port makes it more useful than most tablets, plust it still has a micro USB and a micro HDMI. With a powered USB hub and an HDMI adapter it can support an external mouse, keyboard, and monitor. Now it's a full desktop PC that fits in your back pocket.Now the negative. Screen is very hard to read in desktop view. A mouse is almost required as the windows symbols are much smaller than a fingertip. The battery life is very poor, but external battery packs are common and cheap these days. Memory fills up fast. I used the utility from Micro Center to maximize it, which helped. My Office 365 subscription was already in use and could not be activated. A sample installation took up too much space so I switched to Open Office and it suits my needs thus far in a smaller space.Overall, it's a great value with those caveats. Buy a 32GB card, HDMI adapter, and a powered hub and it's still cheap but amazing. Replaces a Roku for streaming movies or a low powered desktop for basic browsing and e-mail. I also found a wired keayboard/case for ~$6 on Amazon. It is in transit but it should make this a laptop replacement. Enjoy.

Three Star Reviews:

had no problem sending it back was very easy.
November 3, 2014
Never got to use it the way it was described I thought the tablet came with it,it didn't so I sent it back ,had no problem sending it back was very easy.
... transition from desktop/laptop windows devices to tablets its a great transition tool
June 2, 2017
Device sadly inherits all the harrowing features of windows - BUT for someone making the transition from desktop/laptop windows devices to tablets its a great transition tool. Since I have worked on machines from mini computers in late 70's to mainframe and desktop networking into the WIFI Bluetooth age some of the concepts I learned about storage optimzation were useful here. Uninstalled Microsoft 365 and guess what I wasn't running out of space or memory anymore. This device can run Microsoft 365 but not much else. Also get & use a 64 GB microcard - I use it as a hard drive - never remove it. Device allows me to continue my HTML/PHP development in windows under eclipse. Largest decisions are what applications you actually really really need - spend a few days deciding and then start uninstalling - this will get you back disk space - in my case Microsoft 365 was an uninstall and the space recovery was dynamic I use MYSQL anyway and all my sql tables are under Mysql do net need access anymore. Under MYSQL did not load workbench only server and DB support & use phpMyAdmin more efficient. In short the device is labor intensive but is doing what I need for the price - but it takes some time & diligence & understanding of the device to get what you need from it. Rome wasn't built in a day - as a cheap windows solution and for internet browsing its OK less Microsoft 365 & using Opera forget Chrome. Also with external speaker pairing I removed device & use a cord from headphone jack - bluetooth paired to my keyboard well and bluetooth headphones which were awesome but fell apart on me second day - my bad - hit the floor. So as a cheap windows solution it will get you by but again suffers from all the common maladies that windows users experience crashes - driver maladies - memory shortages(can be corrected) - so you will know you are still in microsoft land..........
Mimimum OK tablet.
October 28, 2015
It is a decent tablet if you only run windows and use additional storage on a micro SD card. For anything else it has problems.It won't boot a micro USB external powered CD drive (recognizes specific device in ROM, starts boot but won't complete. Therefore it appears to be the USB settings in the ROM that I cannot change. My laptop and desktop boots three CDs OK.)Micro USB not powered, won't boot micro USB SD card, only 5GB available in windows installation, requires USB hub to boot and modify ROM settings due to only one of USB powered and USB keyboard required.
the TW700 is fine. And
May 21, 2015
Some software isn't usuable with my Ubuntu os, which is the os on my three laptops. So I sometimes need a Windows os. For instance, Garmin doesn't support any linux operating systems. So the TW700 fits the bill when I need to update my maps. For reading the news,watching Youtubes and listening to podcasts, the TW700 is fine. And, candidly, I don't think any tablet is good for much more than that. From my perspective, if one wants to do serious work, one needs either a laptop or desktop.In sum, I think the Winbook TW700 is a good value. If cicumstances allowed me to delete the Windows 8 program and put a "lighter" linux os on the machine, I might give the Winbook 4 stars.
Winbook good. Windows bad.
April 17, 2015
I have this tablet a chance because of the great price. And, for that price, it not bad. The USB and HDMI ports are great. The screen is clear an responsive to touch. It looks nice.The battery life is not great. The screen isn't that great. Solid colors tend to flicker.Windows 8 is awful. The fonts are too small for the display, even after adjusting the font sizes. It is really easy to get stuck in programs that require a keyboard to exit. The device doesn't have enough memory to run windows well and there is not enough storage Windows alone. Adding an SD card doesn't really help as Windows updates and programs still install to the system storage.It is nice to have full Windows in tablet form because you get all your desktop software on the go. The tiny screen and my big fingers make using it difficult but at least it is there. Software support (Metro, Desktop, Games) for Windows touch tables is poor. Lots of reviewers hook up a keyboard/mouse and external monitor. It is cool that you *can* do that but that is not the use case for a tablet.
Has some problems, but works to control my Ultimaker 3D printer
March 4, 2015
I really wish they'd have put 2Gig of RAM in it, and maybe 32Gig of drive space. Even without Office 365 installed, after installing only Cura, Arduino, and TeamViewer, (and Cura went on a 64Gig MicroSD card), it has just a little more than 2Gig of drive space left.Update: Although it has a 16Gig drive, it only shows 8.77Gig. Not free, but total drive space. It currently shows about 2Gig free, and that is -without- Office 365. I've heard nothing back from MicroCenter about this. For this reason, I've downgraded my rating to only 3 stars.I'm trying to determine if I can upgrade the internal drive. "Properties" reports it is a Kingston S10016, which is an SSDNow 2.5 inch 9mm thick SATA 2 solid state hard drive, 16Gig. For about $60 or a bit more, there are newer Kingston SSDNow drives that are 7mm thick and 120GB. But they are SATA 3, and I don't know if they will simply drop in and work.I occasionally get "Your computer is low on memory" messages. I can't install my usual virus checker, Malware Bytes, because upon starting the screen goes wonky and it freezes the computer.However, those gripes aside - I bought this to run my Ultimaker Original 3D printer, to replace the rather old laptop I had connected to it. It has a micro USB to charge the tablet, and a full size USB port! I have it plugged into a powered USB hub, which is then connected to the Ultimaker and a wireless mouse dongle. I am using a bluetooth keyboard on it. If you don't use a powered hub, the Arduino Mega inside the 3D printer is running off of the Winbook battery and it won't maintain charge with the charger plugged in. It is fine with a powered hub.I will be printing holders for it so I can mount it on the Ultimaker. In this way, it will be much more portable. When I'm at home, I use Teamviewer to connect and control it with the larger laptop screen. You cannot use Windows remote desktop because it only works with the Pro version of Windows 8.1.I'd have paid more to get 2G or more of RAM, and a built-in 32G drive. I prefer this over other more known brand 7 inch tablets, because of the separate full USB port and micro HDMI for an external monitor. Most of the other tablets just have one microUSB port that requires an adapter to charge, use USB, and use an external HDMI monitor, or may not do all three of those at the same time.
It can play videos pretty well, but I've seen some chop a few ...
February 19, 2015
Well, it does okay. I will caution you to slow down and set your expectations to a slower pace. This tablet gets the job done as an ancillary device to check email and send Netflix to your Chromecast or MS wireless adapter. It can play videos pretty well, but I've seen some chop a few times.Overall build quality is good. Tablet feels solid and has a decent image. I would recommend this tablet only for specialized rolls like a media push device or light browsing. Better get something with more horsepower for a "daily use" device. This one should NOT be your primary. BUT - Windows 8.1 works okay after running all windows updates + patience. Good value for the cash, but don't expect a MS Surface.

Two Star Reviews:

I returned this item I thought it included the tablet ...
August 26, 2015
I returned this item I thought it included the tablet and I needed the tablet it was my mistake Thanks
Not really practical, Hard to read
May 28, 2016
I will have to come back to update this review a bit more, but I wanted to put at least this out there. The zoom capability of Win 8 and 10 is TERRIBLE on this small device. The battery life is also quiet terrible. I wish I had a few more reviews to read before I purchased this. I really wanted it for partially purpose but it really did not function well enough. The only way to see it is to remote to it. NOT practical really.
Beware Of Upgrading To Windows 10
May 10, 2016
I'm being generous and giving this tablet a two star rating, but the reality is this tablet is a double edged sword. When I bought this tablet, it was $60. I thought it was steal considering that I needed one for college.Everything started out just fine. I put in a 16g SD card and was able to use it for all of four months before there was a disturbance in the force.The disturbance in the force was caused by a failed attempt to upgrade to Windows 10.As everyone knows, it's a relatively simple process to upgrade to Windows 10 provided you reserved it and were using a computer or something which came preloaded with it. (I could be wrong, but I'm pretty sure that hasn't happened yet. If I'm wrong, I apologize.) However, when I did the same with this tablet, it took almost the entire night before it was finally finished. At least, that's what I thought. When I turned it on, I was shocked to see that not only had it failed to upgrade, but it wouldn't go further than the start screen before redirecting me to a blue screen. The manufacturer allowed me to send it in for repairs, but let's just say that they did something wrong and I still can't use it.If you want a cheap tablet, this is the one for you. But if you try to upgrade to Windows 10, beware.
Winbook TW700 worked fin for the 1st 2 months then ...
April 24, 2015
Winbook TW700 worked fin for the 1st 2 months then simply shut down and will not power back up. It appears that the 1 year warranty claim is going to be interesting as 'MICROCENTER' says Amazon will have to issue me a credit and I've yet to get a reply from Amazon with an answer......STAY TUNED!!JIM
to shop smart. Hopefully I can keep someone making bad purchase ...
April 18, 2015
We have had 1 month exactly and the windows button on side of tablet already almost worn out. Device will just shut off. It even took about an hour almost the last time! I definitely have knowledge of working these. I have had windows 8 for nearly as long as it's existed. I ♡ windows 8.1. Also battery is not accessible, when battery dies, your win book dies with it. Setup instructions were a joke. Very little memory. Don't buy it, cheap in this case you get what you pay for. I read feedback alway, to shop smart. Hopefully I can keep someone making bad purchase like did
Just not for me.
April 14, 2015
I generally don't write negative reviews (or reviews for that matter), but I had to for this winbook it was more bad than good, but you get what you pay for. I've had this for a month or so and I'm already looking to sell this, and I'm someone who doesn't just get new tech and get rid of it. (I've kept the same laptop for 5 years and same cellphone for almost 3 years). It lagged a lot, always forced closed when I was on the internet, constantly complained of low memory (even with a micro sd card) though I didn't download much apps nor opened many browsers at once. Had a few other performance issue and is over all just not good for business related stuff.
When it worked, it was a great buy!
February 24, 2015
I bought this recently and it arrived Saturday.The good news is that it introduced me to tablets and how windows 8.1 works on them. Sold me immediately on the possibilities.The bad news is that the product is not durable - and the 16 gb of space is a deal breaker - you immediately consume that space if you start adding apps. Every feature on this product has a plus side. But after three days the product just died. Wouldn't charge. Wouldn't start. I'm returning and looking for another brand.The size of this is actually nice to hold - and I like that it is a Windows laptop built as a tablet - I've never had problems with Windows 8 or 8.1, but this particular product just doesn't seem to be up to snuff underneath the solid appearing construction.If the product would hold up at this price point, I'd have bought several others to give as gifts. But I won't risk buying any more now that I see that this is not ready for prime time.Update: March 13, 2015 - Those who experience the non-start issue I had with the 7 inch version should first try to hold the power on button for 10 seconds and release and then hit it again - Amazon did not have the extensive support information that Micro Center has or I might not have sent my 7 inch unit back to Amazon. I have since purchased the 8 inch version from Micro Center directly - and it did the same thing as the 7 inch - non-start, no charge - what I discovered was that there were windows 8.1 updates installing and somehow during "sleep" the unit would not wake up - Micro Center had an answer that I mentioned above and the unit came to life. Based on my experience the 8 inch version is superior to the 7 inch on - double the ram and disk space and boot time from power button pushed to lock screen is 13 seconds! I am so impressed! I post this to offer some advise so that an otherwise good 7 inch unit is not returned to Amazon - I wish I had known.

One Star Reviews:

September 27, 2015
The way this is worded it seemed lIke a tablet with a keyboard it's not.......
One Star
September 7, 2015
Return item not what I needed
Please read the fine print at the bottom of the page they make ...
August 3, 2015
Please read the fine print at the bottom of the page they make it sound like the tablet is include but it is not very bad advertising
A big waste of money
May 26, 2015
Followed manual instructions and have not been able to connect to Bluetooth, so can not use the keyboard. A big waste of money!
One Star
March 17, 2015
Was not clear it didnt come with tablets.
Almost useless
March 12, 2015
Expensive and cable don't work in my tablet
warning-DO NOT BUY!
October 16, 2015
Please do not waster your money. I wish I had read all the reviews before purchasing. I liked the winbook enough at first.seemed like a decent tablet.about a week into owning it, the performance started to slow down, and it became glitchey and laggy. About two weeks into owning it, I started to notice it wasn't holding a charge for very long. And then a few days after that it wouldn't charge at all anymore. The blue light would go on as if it were charging but the tablet refuses to even turn on. Extremely disappointing and frustrating. Will be returning this item for a refund
This tablet is horrible for using word and one note
September 2, 2015
This tablet is horrible for using word and one note. I was trying to use it for school and I now realize I wasted my money. I dont know why the microsoft package was even included because it doesn even work well with it. Would not recommend to anyone!
Consumer Beware
July 31, 2015
From the get-go there seemed to be too much loaded into this tablet. It was sluggish, inept, uncertain. Within a couple of days, it wouldn't do anything, saying that the memory was full. Tried dumping stuff, but it didn't help. My son took it to school and it just couldn't work with the school's wifi system. Lots of head-scratching, until I finally brought it home and took it to a tech I trust. The thing is loaded with a full version of Windows, and although it's advertised as having 16 gigs, in reality the machine itself tells that it's an 8 gig. So I was sent something that I had not ordered. Now I want to return it for not being what I had ordered, and Amazon says I'm past my return window. TAKE WARNING: CHECK THE STATS ON THIS THING WHEN YOU GET IT! It SAYS it's 16 gigs, but it may be only 8 gigs, and unable to do a blasted thing.UPDATE: Amazon is taking it back because it wasn't what was advertised and ordered. At least Amazon is still dependable!
and the way it is set up like a computer
June 26, 2015
I understand that you get what you pay for, but this product does not live up to its billing. I bought it because of the usb port, the free office subscription, and the way it is set up like a computer, as a cheap alternative for my ancient laptop. When I first got it, I loved it: I downloaded all my favorite apps, and setup was easy. I loved the ease of using my tablet to type and send a document in Word. However, soon after the device showed its flaws. The device randomly shuts off, without any warning, particularly anytime the battery is below 10%, which is suprisingly often given how quickly the battery drains on this device. Then, when plugged in, it is unpredictable whether it will come back on within 20 minutes. I decided, however, that I could live with this as long as it worked well when it was running. However, it does not even do this well. I have had the facebook app downloaded twice, and twice the app has stopped working. In the display of application names, it simply displays the name as 'app,' and when you try to open it, it says that the app is damaged and needs repaired. At the current moment, this has happened to two of my other apps, one of them being my alarm, which I have used and would be useful. The low price tag is appealing, but I would caution you to learn from my mistake: it's better to save up and buy a product for a little more money, that will actually work better.
It broke after two weeks. Would no longer take ...
June 1, 2015
It broke after two weeks. Would no longer take a charge. I have had that happen with a previous tablet by another manufacturer, but only after a year of constant use. The Winbook tablet broke after two weeks of very light use. When it was working, it did not work well. Not enough RAM to run Windows 8.1. After very light use and NO video/photo storage or downloading, the tablet ran out of memory and getting it to use the SD Card for anything other than file storage was impossible. Finally, Winbook no longer has a website. No tech support. "Microcenter" is simply a joke. Don't buy this product.
May 9, 2015
This review is tricky because I got a good one, but then I also go a lemon. I ordered two and the first one was perfect, the other not so much. Like the second time I tried to cut the lemon one on, it didn't start up which was weird, I should've returned it then but unfortunately I didn't. My daughter never dropped it, or spilled anything on it, and now it won't cut on at all. The second one was and still is perfect. My son loves it UPDATE DO NOT BUYI was literally sitting beside my son on the bed, he was on his tablet playing the bootleg version of Mario, and I was sitting beside him on my laptop playing super Mario, it was a see who can make it further thing, when all of a sudden his screen just blacked out. He didn't drop it, or spill anything on it, it just literally blacked out. I know that it's still on because when you touch the screen, a little white thing about the size of a computer arrow moves around. Since the battery was low, I just thought that I'd wait for the tablet to die from a low battery (because I can't even cut the stupid thing off), put it on the charger, and turn it back on to see if it would work again. Yea right, it's been a day and a half, and even with a really low battery, this thing won't cut off. Never will I buy from this seller or company again..
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DETACHABLE Bluetooth V3.0 keyboard that works seemlessly with your Toshiba Encore 2 WT8-B32CN /B264 8 inch windows 8.1 tablet, only the keyboard case, not include the tablet.

Real "hard" laptop style keyboard, giving you better typing experience than silicone keyboard as other cases

Durable PU leather construction with secure magnetic closure

Precise cut-off provides full access to all ports and features

Charging time 4 - 4.5 hours; Estimated uninterrupted working time 90 hours

HD IPS Display


2 USB Ports - 1 full size, 1 micro.2 Megapixel front and back camera

MicroHDMI port and MicroSD slot

Includes One year of Office 365 - for your TW700 AND a PC or Mac

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