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Culinary Torch - Ready Torch Creme Brulee Butane Torch - Ideal Blow Torch For Professional & Home Chef Kitchen Use - Sleek - Heat Resistant - Dual Flames - Lifetime Guarantee - Recipe Ebook Included - Readitools
Inflame Refillable Butane Kitchen Torch. Culinary Torch for Home Cooking and Chefs. Blow Torch for Soldering, Brazing, Crafts, DIY, and Creme Brulee FREE E-Recipe Included! - Inflame

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Readitools http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/41jsJluqy7L._SL160_.jpg
Culinary Torch - Ready Torch Creme Brulee Butane Torch - Ideal Blow Torch For Professional & Home Chef Kitchen Use - Sleek - Heat Resistant - Dual Flames - Lifetime Guarantee - Recipe Ebook Included - Readitools
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Inflame http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/41u8vC%2B89yL._SL160_.jpg
Inflame Refillable Butane Kitchen Torch. Culinary Torch for Home Cooking and Chefs. Blow Torch for Soldering, Brazing, Crafts, DIY, and Creme Brulee FREE E-Recipe Included! - Inflame
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Five Star Reviews:

Bad Ass Cigar Lighter
May 4, 2017
It's not just a culinary device. Great lighter for the patio.... And, You can turn the lock OFF! You're only one click away from a serious torch that hold a lot of butane. Great fit in your hand. Large enough you won't lose it.

Save your money on expensive cigar lighters.
Built to Last and Last and Last
February 2, 2016
This torch is really cool looking, it works great and it's built to last.

***ONE YEAR UPDATE: After a year of regular use, I am happy to report this torch is still working perfectly. I have owned many butane torches and not one has continued to function this long. Usually, the igniter fails or the jets become clogged. Not so with this torch. It requires no special care or fussy refilling techniques. I recommend that you use high-quality butane. I avoid Zippo and Ronson products which burn dirty and could shorten the useful life of any torch.
One Hell of a Torch! ---Updated
November 5, 2015
First let me start buy saying I love how safe this torch is. On nearly all other torches alike they have the pipe exposed which gets very hot after extended use I learned this lesson the hard way:,( but with the READY TORCH its pipe is surrounded by a vented cage so the ENTIRE torch stays cool to the touch. Since I am a chef moving fast this safety feature and the soft ignite button are my favorite qualities. On my previous torch my finger would get sore after a dozen or so strikes; that's definitely not the case here u can push that button hundreds of pain-free times and it usually always lights the first press(well above 90%). I was a bit afraid the torch and flame would be to small but I'm very impressed by the large flame and the size and quality build of the body of the torch. It has a nice quality weight to it and the base is ever so stable even sits on a couch cushion or a bed(never on of course!*)without tipping over. Of course you can't forget how good it looks. So far I think this maybe the best torch on the market definitely worth every dime. My only unanswered desire is does it last long without being refueled. A question that can only be answered in time.so I'll put that last aspect to test and be back with an update.

---Update: still enjoying this torch and just wanted to update the torch does last a good while between refuelings
Works, sexy, workable tank size
October 31, 2015
Pros: looks sexy, heats things up when I need them heated up
Cons: very small tank size only lasts a few uses before I have to whip out the can of horrible-smelling butane again

Summary: if you're looking to do lots of concentrated cooking applications, don't get one of the little handheld torches. Just get a full-size blowtorch from Home Depot for $15. that said, if your utensils are very small and you don't want them to heat up too much, this handheld one is about as good as they come.

UPDATE: turns out I was filling it wrong originally. This thing is 5 star.
It's super easy to fill and ignite
July 20, 2015
This little torch is not only a neat looking gadget, it's also very functional! It's super easy to fill and ignite, and I love that it has a lock switch for the ignition button as well. The gas adjustment switch and flame switch give you a lot of control over the type of flame it is producing. I like to leave it sitting out on my kitchen counter top because it looks so nice and sparks a lot of conversation. I've found many uses for it so far--toasting marshmallows indoors, creme brulee (obviously!), caramelizing bananas and other fruits for oatmeal, heck torch the top of your oatmeal while you're at it. try torching some brown sugar you've sprinkled on the outside of your french toast for an amazing crust sometime!
wonderful addition to my kitchen
July 19, 2017
What a great torch.. I have been using this in my kitchen and at my grill. My sister came over and she used it to make the most wonderful creme brulee, Other ideas is to use it for melting cheese or just adding that little char on things. We had a living room camping sleepover and we used it to scorch the marshmallows for smores. I love that it has a window on it to tell how much fuel it has.. this is a wonderful feature .. you dont get started and run out of fuel half way through... Also it is adjustable and refillable...
Great little torch!!❤️
July 6, 2017
This this is awesome! I can't believe I decided to get one for cooking "special" foods, but I can also use this for other things! Lighting our pit-fires, grills, cigs etc.. my husband is excited to use it for his more "manly" things, like soldering! It has a fuel window, so you know when it's getting low on fuel, and it comes off the base if needed for better handling! Perfect!
Yup! It does the job perfectly!
March 14, 2017
I went with other reviewers on this one because this is my first kitchen torch. I must say, I'm very happy with my purchase. Great quality product, doesn't feel "cheap." The stand is useful for when you're done lighting your food on fire and you need to let it cool. The torch fits into it "snuggly" to ensure it doesn't tip over when in place. If you decide to not take it out of the stand while in use, it doesn't get in the way of the task at hand. The adjustable flame knob on the back allows you to pick the intensity. The click button start does not need to be held in during use.
Great product good value
March 2, 2017
This is a wonderful product. I use it for art projects, but can imagine that in cooking it would be great. It comes with great instructions, is easy to use and is a great size to fit into my hands which are small. Highly recommend
Very useful
December 26, 2016
Very useful. Having had a few other torches n the past, this one seems to be very well made, easy to use, and of great quality. My wife makes creme brulee frequently, and this adds the right finishing touch!
Great product
December 20, 2016
So far so good! A great product with a quality feel. The built in, but removable stand is great for on-the-counter storage. Easily refillable. Lights reliably every time. Plan is to use it to light the grill and fire pit in addition to kitchen uses. Great quality at the price of some $80 competitors!

Four Star Reviews:

not as hot as expected but good in every other way
December 21, 2016
not as hot as expected but good in every other way. Did not receive the book though I tried in every way to locate it as ebook
The customer service follow up with regards to safety was very good. I also enjoyed having the recipe book to ...
December 16, 2016
The tool worked as expected. The customer service follow up with regards to safety was very good. I also enjoyed having the recipe book to go with the tool.
I'm not one to easily impress...
July 31, 2016
Wow! I'm not one to easily impress... and typically I don't put a lot of credence into most reviews. At first I was concerned it might be like my other one... you know... the one with a really unique fill port which no one carries?

Well I gotcha covered as far as filling it: I found 'Newport Zero, Extra purified butane gas / free flints in cap / for thermal butane blablabla' works to fill it.

You use (I believe) the white tapering point, you kinda have to go in quick and firm, but be careful to not snap the can's fill nozzle - it seems to me when the fluid flows it hyperchills (wonder under what condition water does this) and the plastic becomes brittle.

Now - I'm with the manufacturer on the hold-up-a-minute consideration after filling. The gas hasn't equalized and (think of the gas mixture of air and butane... where the air in this case acts like carbon dioxide in soft drinks... change pressure beyond a given threshold... and it's gonna fizz... so... long story short... you'll get a jetstream of expanding gas just like you get a face full of soda if you shake the can. So give it a minute to settle down after filling.

The Lock was engaged... which feels solid and true. Wasn't sloppy nor lacking in function nor usability. Clicks into place... un(lock)ed was clearly marked and the slide to adjust the flame feels as one would expect a quality device display. That said, I've owned previous torches; one which the slide lever would barely change volume at all... and i've had those where the slightest wrong movement set concern in ones heart as the flame goes out or jumps... but not this torch to my pleasant desire. You set the height and it stays.

When I first ignighted... for what ever reason - the volume was set to full +... so, a foot+ long flame shot out. The surprizing thing though wasn't the impressive sputtering flame - {beware long hair} ... no, it was the lack of activation before the flame lets out. There wasn't the typical click of some stone being squished... nor a click of electrical discharge... common with the electric lighters.

The trigger is surprizingly comfortable and useable under most conditions; lighting a cigarette might not be one of them.

Lastly, and the best part if it works without prompting(without having to set it full left, or full right... one way is jet, the other soft but volumeous flame, and the slide adjusts the tip type as you use it. You can go to a long pointy jet tip, to a long, but soft tip, to a short soft... each flame type serving a different purpose, but I wish to note it might not function that way as intended if you have to set it full to light in the first place.
They look nice just wished they would of mention they run a ...
February 22, 2016
They look nice just wished they would of mention they run a little small. If not for that they would be really awesome shoes for its price and very fast shipping.
Very comfortable to hold and light
September 16, 2015
Cons: Comes empty, you must fill it with gas.
It does not have an indicator for how much gas is in there (no gas window)
It has 2 modes, flame and torch, but it will only light in the torch mode, It will not light up in the flame mode.
Thus, the 4 stars instead of 5.
Pros: (In the torch mode) it lights up 100% of the time, never missed.
Very comfortable to hold and light.
Working Well So Far
July 19, 2017
Happy with my purchase, disappointed that this did not come with the butane but made it work. Filling with butane was not difficult but I did spill a bit so I had a small mess to clean up. So far so good, I got the job done and look forward to having this for long term use!
He has been needing a new torch and this was just perfect!!
July 18, 2017
My husband loves his gift. He has been needing a new torch and this was just perfect!!! Great buy
This seems to be a nice product yet I still haven't found a butane insert ...
April 10, 2017
This doesn't come with the butane, of course, and it was hard finding the insert to buy for it. This seems to be a nice product yet I still haven't found a butane insert to fit it.
Four Stars
March 29, 2017
was easy to fill and works perfectly
Just what I needed
March 8, 2017
Have been wanting one of these, not aware so many uses. Easy to use. Just what I have wanted! Only had a short time so not sure about long term use.
Could Have Used a Little Help on Fueling Up!
February 4, 2017
It's working great--now. My only complaint is that there is not more information supplied on how to fuel it up! I had to go to youtube and watch several videos before I could figure it out. Call me a dummy, but I can't believe I'm the only one who's never added butane to a torch or lighter of any kind. I was inches away from returning the dang thing before I figured it out. Once I figured it out (thanks to youtube), easy-peasy. Just seems like they could provide a little more info on how to inject the fuel. p.s. Our Creme Brûlée is amazing!

Three Star Reviews:

Worked great at the beginning then started to fail after a ...
March 7, 2017
Worked great at the beginning then started to fail after a few months... Very unfortunate thought it was high quality
Three Stars
December 20, 2016
Christmas present.... can't wait to see the receivers reaction.
flame is not the best for caramelizing sugar on creme brulee
October 14, 2016
trouble lighting randomly is frustrating. flame is not the best for caramelizing sugar on creme brulee. I have tried multiple culinary torches and have yet to find one that does the job. This one also has the feature to just be a lighter which is what we now use it for in the restaurant. It is an expensive lighter though.
Not suitable for sous vide use
October 19, 2015
Retuned it. Wasn't hot enough for sous vide browning.
Limited usefulness
September 29, 2015
This is okay for doing a carmelization on sugar, not enough oomph for searing meat or charring vegetables.
August 18, 2017
Piezo out after a couple months. Worked good up until then. Flame still works pretty good. Will be a good backup to have around but the ignition is a bummer. For something that will be used daily, this isn't quite up to the task. Big shot here we come.
Works fine. Go back to use it later and the ...
March 12, 2017
I got the torch today, fueled it, tested it. Works fine. Go back to use it later and the ignition button does not work anymore, no spark is created. I now have to light it with a lighter. I like the torch and it produces a good flame.
Works great, should have bought one years ago T
March 6, 2017
Works great ,should have bought one years ago T!hank You
no fuel guage
February 14, 2017
Torch works great. would be 5 stars if it had the fuel guage I ordered. Doesn't have it.
Its ok for the money
February 6, 2017
I was happy with the torch until the pilot quit working a month after I bought it.
Three Stars
December 14, 2016
Christmas Gift

Two Star Reviews:

it doesn't get quite as hot as I'd like it too
January 7, 2017
I've had this product for awhile, it's kind of a pain to refill, it doesn't get quite as hot as I'd like it too. It has browned/toasted meringue pretty well (although difficult to use to get super even, but maybe that's user error?), but I've never been able to get it to brulee sugar the way that I'd like it to. Also, my hand gets tired of holding down the button, and it sometimes takes quite a few clicks to get it to ignite. I wish I had purchased something else, but it hasn't been a complete waste of money.
Two Stars
January 1, 2017
Very small torch, if not using for cooking buy something else. Not powerful enough for dabs.
Two Stars
October 9, 2016
Product dint head the book as mention.
... and appeared to be just what I wanted - loved the design and feel of the product
March 8, 2016
This item arrived quickly and appeared to be just what I wanted - loved the design and feel of the product. When the butane I ordered arrived several days later, I filled the unit as directed and then spent an hour trying to get the torch to light automatically (tried it again a few days later with the same results) - it would not work. Following instructions to the letter, it simply would not ignite by using the button, even when "primed." If lit with a match it seemed to work fine (though I have yet to test it on a product) but that should not be necessary. I am returning the product (which may prove to be problematic since it is filled with fuel - I am waiting to hear back from Amazon) and will be looking for a new design.
Didn't last.
August 11, 2017
I started using this a few months ago. After refilling it only 3 times, it stopped working. I had just bought 12 cans of butane and now I don't have a torch. It's almost like the starter failed. Not happy since the one I purchased last, lasted several years.
Two Stars
March 23, 2017
Good but wish it came with fuel
Idk what I should do and I just wasted my money
March 19, 2017
My butane gas canister cannot fill the torch apparently! And I need to use it by Tuesday. Idk what I should do and I just wasted my money
was great while it lasted
March 19, 2017
igniter went out on it within 2 weeks, was great while it lasted. Also doesn't hold as much fuel as you think.
Hard to refill and low usage time.
March 18, 2017
Unable to properly refill. May have gotten a defective one. Sending back.
The flame is super wobbly and makes this loud whooshing noise
February 16, 2017
I think my butane torch I received was defective or something. Nothing wrong with filling it up, although it leaks a little, not much compared to the last torch I was replacing. Using the torch is a different matter. The flame is super wobbly and makes this loud whooshing noise. The flame itself doesn't get my nail hot enough, I'm guessing it has something to do with the wobbly flame.Went back to my old fuel wasting butane torch. Might look somewhere else again or just give up.

One Star Reviews:

Wery bad
December 20, 2016
Got used one without recipe ebook.
Not living up to reviews
July 14, 2016
This is my second unit. The first was replaced because of an ignition problem which I describe as "the torch has become a safety hazard. When it is ignited and turned downward to be used, it is flaming up! Then there is quit a lag in time from releasing the button to when the unit is no longer burning". This had evolved over time and the performance of the unit is not the same as when new. The company refunded my money for this unit.

Now with the second unit, it takes 8-12 "clicks" of the ignitor to get a flame, meanwhile you are wasting fuel. The flame is a bit non-steady. I will try a different product next time.
Only worked once
April 9, 2016
After using the torch once, it sat for awhile until my next brûlée; 2nd time, nothing. Gas but no flame. I'm very disappointed.
Very bad
December 23, 2015
Waited for so long for this torch...Haven't work the flame at all and after one minute the other jet flame stop also. Just spending butan fuel for nothing. Plus haven't came with the ebook promised. Only nice was the design. Returning it...
USELESS for culinary tasks, cool cigar lighter though!
October 28, 2015
Pretty lighter but there is a ton of backspray when trying to fill this lighter with a can of butane, possibly due to a design flaw. Also, the flame is TINY compared to other kitchen torches I've used in the same price range. This item is more of a cigarette lighter than a culinary torch, it would take a really long time to caramelize more than one or two sugar topped dishes with this "torch". It would absolutely make for a cool cigar lighter, but seems useless as a kitchen torch. I will be returning mine since I have not received an email response from the seller on how to correct the issues I had with the torch.
I am really disappointed. The first time I used
September 7, 2017
I am really disappointed. The first time I used, it would NOT turn off. I had to sit outside and let it go until it ran out of fuel. I turned it off and it just kept burning. Needless to say, I haven't used since. I order quite frequently from Amazon and am usually satisfied with my order and therefore did something stupid - I didn't save box or shipping receipt, so I can't return. SO very disappointed.
Works well, but leaks fuel
July 6, 2017
Works great, but does not hold fuel. There is a slow leak, so you will go through much more butane than you are using.I don't know if mine is defective, but I can't recommend this product.
Total waste
May 17, 2017
Doesn't work. The fuel doesn't come out. Total waste of money.
It won't light and the whole thing spins in my hand. Very Dangerous!!!
May 3, 2017
After 30 days the flint completely stopped working. I tried to use a bic lighter to start it but then the metal base started spinning in my hand. Very dangerous!!
Straight from ecstatic to disappointed!!!
March 25, 2017
Originally loved this torch when I received it. Now it will NOT refuel and it is soooo frustrating. I'm now using a cheap little torch that seems to have no problem refilling! Didn't even last 3 weeks! Disappointed...
Trigger doesn't work
March 11, 2017
The trigger worked about 3 times, then stopped working. I have to light it with a match, which is very inconvenient. Pretty unhappy with this.
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UNMATCHED DESIGN AND QUALITY - This sleek heat-resistant kitchen torch comes with a soft ignition button, is mounted on a wide stable base, and produces both jet and normal flames.

FREE EXCLUSIVE RECIPE BOOK - Receive an e-book featuring tantalizing dishes when purchasing this cooking food torch. This is a limited time offer.

100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE from READITOOLS seller - Post-purchase service and Lifetime guarantee ONLY with purchase of this refillable torch lighter from Readitools.

COOKING MADE EASIER - Caramelizing sugar for desserts, browning meringues, making Baked Alaskas, toasting bread has never been easier.

MULTIFUNCTIONAL - Use this mini butane torch to solder and repair jewelry or as a cigar lighter as well as to roast, toast, caramelize, grill, sear or bake your food.

ADVANTAGES OF OUR TORCH: Easy turn knob to Adjust flame size with a 2.5" Angled Stainless steel Nozzle to direct the sharp blue flame where you need it. Long lasting, with up to 35 minute burn time. Refill in seconds!

MULTI-FUNCTIONAL USE: The portability and solid removable base make it a great tool for many different projects. Use for soldering, jewelry making, shrink tubing, heating bolts for removal, lighting cigars, hookah, start campfires, make smores, and more.

EASY TO USE COMFORTABLE DESIGN: Anodized aluminum body with an easy one click piezo ignition trigger. Safety On/Off switch for when torch is not in use. Use this torch at any angle even upside down with effortless one hand operation. Removable Base.

ONE OF THE BEST KITCHEN ITEMS: Easy to use cooking torch to help you make those delicious foods and desserts you crave. A definite must have for Creme Brulee, Caramelizing Sugar, Roast peppers, Browning meat, and Melting cheeses. Consistent temperature for perfect results every time.

BONUS FEATURES: Comes with Complete Detailed Instructions + A FREE Classic Crème Brulee E-Recipe! NO RISK/NO HASSLE 90-Day Money Back or Product Replacement Guarantee.

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