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BestPet 9073 73-Inch Cat Tree Scratcher Play House Condo Furniture Toy Bed Post, Navy Blue - BestPet
SmartyKat Crackle Chute Cat Toy Collapsible Tunnel - SmartyKat

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BestPet http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/41SGmqlyr7L._SL160_.jpg
BestPet 9073 73-Inch Cat Tree Scratcher Play House Condo Furniture Toy Bed Post, Navy Blue - BestPet
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SmartyKat http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/41BSgmcVHwL._SL160_.jpg
SmartyKat Crackle Chute Cat Toy Collapsible Tunnel - SmartyKat
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Five Star Reviews:

April 9, 2017
My cats have used this tree every day for the last 8 months. They absolutely love it! The package is HUGE so make sure you have a friend help you pick it up, but set up was easy it took me about an hour by myself. It is honestly much better than I thought it would be, its a little wobbly if you shake it but my fat cats aren't afraid to get on it unlike the last one I got for them, and the fabric has held up to the abuse, there is only one spot that has really seen wear and that is where my cat scratches, otherwise the material is super easy to clean if you do like the look of hair all over your cat tree,(or your cat pukes on it) I just take a wet paper towel to it and the hair comes right off.Ive recommended this to everyone I know and when they come over they are all surprised at how good it is for its price! Will buy again if I ever need another!
DON'T worry about the mixed reviews, this thing is AWESOME! Also, tips for assembly in my review!
March 10, 2017
Ok, Let me start off by saying I LOVE THIS THING! (Please pay special attention to the part in here regarding assembly!!! I have a BIG piece of advice that will save you some serious anguish, and it's SUPER simple).... This is a legit review, no one paid me to write this. I was pretty nervous when I read the reviews for this product after purchasing it. Some reviews said this thing was great, and others said it was cheap junk. Here's the reality of the situation. You are paying $56 for a cat tower that is extremely tall with multiple tiers.... good luck finding anything with a comparable price as it is. I paid $20 for a small cubby/hidey-hole cat cave that is barely two feet high, and it's made out of pretty much the same exact material as this cat tower. What you see in the picture is EXACTLY what you get sent to you, but there is assembly required. Speaking of assembly, here is that simple but crucial advice I wanted to give you. If you've read through other reviews, I'm sure you've read about how some people had issues with the holes in the caves/boxes and the poles not lining up... THIS IS NOT THE PRODUCT'S FAULT, YOU ARE ASSEMBLING IT WRONG lol... Sorry for the CAPS but I want to make sure I have your attention. The instructions for this aren't given step by step, it's just a labeled diagram, so I will help you out. Feel free to come back to this for help, because I wish someone had written this out for me before I'd started, but after seeing the reviews I was on the lookout for this issue, so I had it solved in no time. My first piece of advice is to take all the actual pieces out and put them into piles according to type. You'll have the poles (a couple different sizes), the tiers, the steps, the boxes, and the base. The screws are labeled so they are VERY easy to know where they go. First, put the boxes together, which involves using the medium sized screws and placing the correct sized pole into the box *two of the poles for each cat-cave/box. Do this step first, as it makes the rest of the assembly easier. Next, and this is the MOST important part!! The base of this is NOT a square, it is a rectangle, and the "front" of the tower is the "width" side of the rectangle, not the longest side "length". This thing is like two-foot by two and a half-foot, so the shorter poles (size 38) go on the front with the 2 foot side facing you. If you put them 2 1/2 feed apart, the holes on the bottom cat cave won't line up with the poles, because the cave's holes are 2 feet apart, but the poles in the wrong position will be 2 1/2 feet apart, see what I mean? This will prevent the "not lining up" issue some people had. So to recap, unbox the parts, put together the caves (use the L shaped tool to line up the hole in the box to the hole in the pole), then put the shorter (38) poles on the front (width) side, then the longer (52) poles on the back. Then you want to put the bigger/bottom cave onto the shorter poles. After you've done this, put your two-sided screws (size S1) into the tops of the larger poles in the back (the 52 poles), then slide the B-labeled platform onto the 52 poles. Screw on the two 52 poles on top of the B platform, then screw on the size 38 pole onto the top-right of the bottom cat cave. Once you have this done, you will want to install one S1 screw into the 52 pole on the left, and another S1 screw into the 38 pole on the front. Install platform A (the L shaped platform) onto top of all three poles, lining up the two screws through the platform. Next step is to put together the two tiers that are on the very top of this thing (one on the right, one on the left **left one has the mouse), then install them onto the tower using the S1 screws you've already installed. Next, put the top tier onto the top cat cave BEFORE putting the cat cave onto the tower, just makes life easier. Once you have that together, use the S3 screw to install the cave-tier combo on top of the corner of the A platform. Lastly, install the steps using the two small screws (S4). This will be difficult, but saving this step for last is best, because that way the steps aren't swinging around while you are trying to assemble this tower. The steps aren't held up by much, but I don't think that will be a problem, as they seem pretty secure, but if you don't like them, just don't install them, they aren't necessary. As long as you don't over-tighten the screws, the material will hold, but don't under-tighten, as it will be wobbly. If you hear the material crackle when you tighten, you're going to crack it, it's not rocket science lol. I know these instructions seem long-winded, but some people aren't well versed in "assembly required", so I am hoping to help them out with these instructions. Also, as far as the "smell"goes that some people were talking about, it just smelled lightly like a factory, but you have to like stick your nose right INTO the fabric to even smell it. Maybe it's just mine, but it didn't stink at all. The mouse thing smelled like catnip, but that was it. My cats jumped all over this thing within minutes. It's very sturdy, and my cats are pretty fat, so I don't know how people had any issues with it. I do have mine against the wall of the room, so that most likely aids in it's stability, but with such a small base, it isn't meant to stand in the center of a room. I love that it doesn't take up a TON of space, but goes into the air instead. It doesn't get in the way, and it looks impressive, and the cats love it. For the price, how can you go wrong!!
My cats love it! And still together after FOUR months!!
August 15, 2016
My kitties love this cat tree! They are always on it and so far it's still together. My cats love to be up high and this tree is perfect for them. One of them hasn't used it yet but she likes being on the ground anyway. The only things I don't really care for about this cat tree is that it is made out of cheap material (of course that's how it works sometimes) like the fabric and the wood. It is also wobbly and putting it back against the wall helps a little bit but it would be better if they made the tree out of stronger wood. A least nothing has came apart :-). I'm happy to finally get something for my kitties that they love! I've always wanted to buy something like this for them and thanks to the creators of the tree now they have it! :-) I definitely recommend this for anyone looking for a really high cat tree but I wouldn't recommend it for cats that love to scratch stuff constantly because they will end up destroying it.Update: I've now had this cat tree for nearly 4 months and it's still together! One of the scratching posts on the bottom is ripped apart but not enough for the whole fabric to come off. Every day my cats use it and they play with each other on it constantly. I've seen reviews saying that this tree is only meant for kittens. Wrong! I have a fat cat and a BIG kitty (not fat, just big) that likes to sleep in the smallest condo on top. Most cats seem to like really small spaces anyway especially my cats. I still highly recommened this tree!! :-)
Cats approved
May 13, 2015
This furniture was easy to put together it took me 40 minutes, and you can see it has already been tested and approved. It comes with stairs, but I found them to be a waste of time to put on. The bottom set didn't stay in place and the top set took up valuable laying space on top of the lower house, plus the cats just didn't need them, and most cats won't.With shipping the total was under $70 so it was a good buy.
Tower of cat gods!
December 15, 2014
Such a great purchase. My cat jumped on it before I even got to build it. It was easy to put together and took no time at all. I have already suggested this item to my other cat lovers as they are amazed at this super cool product!
Great find, Great product!!!!
November 23, 2014
Great product! Does need to be put together but comes with everything you need including easy to follow instructions. My cats love this condo. They do everything from sleeping on it to rough housing on it and the condo stands strong against the cats rough play with/on it. I have recommended this to many of my friends and family for their cats and they all say it's the best condo on the market and very structurally sound.
Best $10 I've spent in a long time!
October 11, 2016
Our cat loves this mat. She's not on the furniture as much because she loves relaxing and napping on the mat. It'd be really great if it was about 4" larger since our cat is a bit...large!
I would give this 10 stars, if I could.
January 30, 2015
Best cat toy ever! Especially for multiple cats. We have had this tunnel for over 5 months now and our two Siamese boys never tire of it. More often than not, I will find one or the other crouching at one end, with his head stuck inside (they love that position! No idea why. Perhaps the acoustics?), waiting for the other to stroll by. And when he does.... WHAM!!! The stalker charges through the tunnel at top speed and, in less than a nanosecond, he is on top of his startled brother, and bouncing off him, before he's had a chance to regain his balance or his senses.Then, it's the other one's turn. Thirsting for revenge, he quickly and quietly slinks around to the ideally located port of the tunnel and takes up the prescribed head-inside-the-tunnel position and waits for his victim to show up. Ah, but his brother is the smart one. He's onto his plans and is not about to make this easy for him. He keeps skirting around the tunnel to avoid being seen through it. He's so good at this that the stalker gets confused, wondering what the hold-up is, and pulls his head out of the tunnel to cast a worried, puzzled look around. No doubt wondering if his victim is even still around yet. He is. He's just next to the tunnel, quietly and maddeningly grooming himself, but positioned in such a way as to just, just not be visible through the tunnel itself.ChuChu resumes his head-in-the tunnel position, settling in for what he knows may be a long wait. He knows Husi is a sneaky, wiley cat and will not easily be caught unawares. And everybody knows that protocol does not allow for attacking, unless the enemy is actually visible at the other end of the tunnel.Meanwhile, Husi wants his post back too, so he casually stops his fake grooming, stretches and yawns, then deliberately strolls past the end of the tunnel, allowing ChuChu to get his thrills, so he can now go back to being the stalker himself.And so the game goes on and on. The occasional variation being that ChuChu, because he is not the Alpha cat, will sometimes miss an opportunity to pounce, and so gets stuck waiting for Husi to decide to expose himself again. Or, sometimes Husi, as he is doing his deliberate stroll-by, will suddenly stop at the end of the tunnel and stare pointedly at ChuChu, and cause him to apply the brakes desperately, in mid-attack, confused by the sudden, unexpected about-face. This ends up startling both of them into scattering in different directions and usually bouncing off a few walls or the furniture, just to relieve the built-up tension.The texture of the tunnel and the loose lining inside make it give off a sound not unlike crumpling cellophane. Pretty loud when you're right next to it... It startles me every time!What I particularly love and appreciate about the tunnel is that it's virtually indestructible. My boys are severely destructive cats, probably due to litter mismanagement by an inexperienced breeder. They eat and chew on all kinds of scary things like electrical cords, blankets, fuzzy toys and cat beds, cardboard, and virtually anything chewable really. This problem is so serious and pervasive with both of them, that we have had to dedicate a bedroom to them, that we have omnivore-proofed (or so we hope), and equipped with a great multi-level cat condo. They spend most of their time in this "safe" room and are allowed out only on highly supervised outings.The point is, they have tried chewing this tunnel many times but, amazingly, it shows no signs of any damage at all.One thing I've noticed is that they stay more interested in this toy if I keep it wedged so that it can't roll around. They prefer to have it stationary.My boys weigh about 12-14, well-muscled lbs each. They easily rush through this tunnel at a crouch.I can't begin to say how very highly I recommend this product. Big kudos to the inventor! It works great and even looks kind of stylish...
Unexpectedly Adored Cat Toy
October 17, 2014
We have deemed this the "most loved toy" at our house. Our two kittens and one older cat all adore the tunnel. Although it is smaller, anyone who has a cat knows that cats fit in small places easily and even prefer them. That being said, it is not so small our larger cat cannot play inside of it easily. I also like that it does not take up as much space as I had thought, as I haven't had the heart to put it away since it got here, they love it that much. The only thing we had to get used to was the "crackle" noise, which sounds exactly like naughty pets getting into the trash. I wish more A+ pet products like this were available at such a great price.
"Dive-Bombing Required" for ANY cat!
January 16, 2014
I bought this because the weekend before - at PetSmart - I'd bought a MUCH smaller version than this crackle tunnel, and I was so impressed with my cats' playfulness of that tiny tunnel, I wanted a BIGGUN!We have 5 MALE CATS (all neutered, but they don't know that), indoor only, fat, happy, and PLAYFUL during that 2 hours or so they are not passed out on the nearest blanket. When these boys play... they PLAY. Divebombing each other, cornering, sneaking around corners doing that huddle-butt-pounce thing... so I knew getting a bigger tunnel would fit the bill, since they'd already put many fine hours into the small tunnel from PetSmart (that one was only about 10 inches long; this one is almost three FEET long!).For anyone concerned about the SIZE of your cat? Do not be concerned. Our largest boycat is Hammie - he is 25 pounds, and round in every feature; dude is a blob with paws. He gets into this thing and while he does rub the sides a tad, he DIGS it! No problems getting in and out. The smaller cats (ranging in size from 12 pounds to 20 pounds, then there's 'Hammie'), ZERO problems, they race through this thing, dive bomb it, dive bomb each other... and the opening in the middle, at the top of the tunnel - somehow this tunnel rights itself, so that 'peephole' opening stays at the top! Even while dive-bombing is in process.We were both sorta stunned to see our 16 year old cat, Zorro, ALSO get into this tunnel. While he does not and never did ever 'play' (he's like Grumpy Cat on Valium, with a mean streak), he actually got in there, purred, and stayed there for awhile... he liked something!?!?!?!It's easy to set up - just untie the strings and stretch it out, voila. It's NOT meant for a bedroom; keep it in a room where there's noise, cuz it's noisy. The crackle sound does what cats like best - makes them feel like they are doing a whole hella damage to something (like the cats in the paper bags, this is like one giant paper bag for them). The fact they can do the huddle-butt-pounce to each other (one cat inside, one in the peephole, one on the outside readying his attack) is SO MUCH FUN to watch, in a multiple cat household. Even a single-cat household, this would keep the lonely feller occupied for hours!I sprinkled catnip inside of it, just for fun, and also put a couple of their catnip toys inside. But they didn't need the nip; the tunnel is just dandy on it's own.A great deal for the price, well built (if this tunnel can stand up to 5 male cats, who have their claws and like to chew on things), it'll stand up to at least an F1 hurricane.A note: I saw some state the tie-strings were a problem for them (the cats chewed on them, etc.). If you don't need the tie-strings - if you won't be collapsing it for storage - cut them off. Really you can collapse the tunnel and put it into a shopping bag for storage, it's that easy. I didn't cut the strings off, I just tied them into pretty triple bows! =D
Excellent Toy
May 6, 2013
My cat loves the toy tremendously. I would recommend this toy to anyone who has an energetic cat. Money well spent!
My Cat-kids Love This Thing! >^. .^<
December 7, 2011
I bought one of these a few months ago, and the cats had a blast with it. I decided to get another one to attach to the first, so I could make them them a longer tunnel. They love to dive-bomb through it, and play hide & seek through the "portholes". Just be aware that they call it a "crackle" chute for a reason. It does make a goodly amount of noise, so I don't even consider placing this in my bedroom, lol. I have a "plain" chute in there, so they don't wake me up at night :o). I would definitely recommend this for cats with a major case of curiosity, or who get bored without something exciting to do.

Four Star Reviews:

Great for the price
July 28, 2017
Great post, true to color and size. Only a couple things that really stuck out and dissapointed but it's expected for the price, can't really complain. It arrived early and in great shape, the smell was awful though. Took over the whole house, although I was the only one bothered by it, so I guess it depends. The material is thin and very light, not as durable as I'd like, it sheds ALOT the first few days and the post all together is a bit wobbly. These are all things I knew going into it and despite them all I love it and so does my cat, almost impossible to find one this size for the price so it's a bit of a no brainer. Oh, the mouse only lasted about four days, he ripped it right off. Great, sturdy tree though overall, for what it is, definitely recommend­čśŐ just be aware and okay with a couple trade offs.Update: been a few months and I'm still loving it. My cats much much bigger and it wobbles so much sometimes, I worry he'll knock it down while I'm out or away. Hasn't yet but gonna lol into securing it. The scratch bits are a bit destroyed. But still great. Saved my furniture, he loves the top box and does jump on it and does zoom around it. He uses the stairs, and hides his toys in the bottom box. It's a great tall condo. And still very working. Oh but the smell is still there. It doesn't permeate the house like it once did but if you get on close it's there. Sour awfulness. But I'm sure it'll fade, nothing too bad.
Over All Great Deal
July 2, 2016
The only reasons I give 4' instead of 5' are:#1. The cloth material, it's a fuzzy thin felt material. So thin that the bolts just pop right through the material when assembling. My cat is older and doesn't claw on anything, so I think even though the material sucks it should last a while. #2. It is a little wobbly when Louie is on the top half, but not so much that I'm concerned it will tip over. You might want to stablize it to the wall or something.Besides those 2 cons I love it and King Louie defiantly loves his new thrown. He likes to curl into a ball in the too smaller top house. There is a platform behind the bottom house that's big enough to keep his food bowl, which is great bc it's up away from the dog. My boyfriend is 6"2 and it's the same height as him, so it's a very tall cat tree. I would buy it again.
It is a beautiful navy blue that will definitely need carpet replacement eventually
April 10, 2016
Pros: Colour, Softness, Height, String Mouse, ComfortCons: Small, Carpet is not attached well/not very thickFirst, I will say that my cat absolutely loves it. He is a small cat, but the tree is a little small for him. It was a little tricky to put it together, but he was playing with the pieces before I completely assemble it. Even in an apartment, it fits really well.It is a beautiful navy blue that will definitely need carpet replacement eventually. It's not as sturdy as I would have liked, but for the price, it is definitely worth it. It smells initially, but after airing it out, it's perfect. I plan to add more of the scratching post element on the lower levels.
November 5, 2015
Read the reviews after I purchased this cat tower n I was getting nervous that I just bought a crappy item...Package arrived fairly quick.... only 5 days. Package was in OK condition ..when I opened the box i immediately sniffed the product...and didnt smell anything like i had read in so many reviews....then was like..ugh this looks like a long process... but I started the assembly right away ...I had to go to work so my 12 year old took over... after only 1 hour it was complete...when I got home I checked out the product ..our kitten was sleeping soundly in the top den...and has been there since then.... other two cats not too interested yet but I'll give them time.... I did notice though when I came home..the smell... it does have a very unpleasant oder....hoping that fades tho.... otherwise it seems pretty steady..except the ladders.... they seem a little wobbly. ...but for the price I paid..I'm pleased...
Great tree for the price but could use a couple of details fixed.
July 16, 2015
I like this cat tree. The cats love this tree. However, for the price it is great! I have three complaints: 1) the top three highest perches have no walls/stoppers/ridges. The cats will sit there but they won't sleep because they can't cuddle up and nest. I will be modifying it and adding walls so I can put pillows there for them. 2) the boxes are very small. My cats are 10lbs each, not fat just bigger. The girl cat will fit in the big box but snuggly. The little box is nothing more than a pass through, which is sad. The bigger, boy cat won't even bother sleeping in the boxes. And 3) there needs to be more toys. I attached more toys for them to bat, swat, chew, and wrestle with.
Great for the price and very tall kitty condo.
December 29, 2014
I love it, and the cats love it. I own two 10-11 year old adult cats. One is a maine coon mix, and the other is a petite (but chunky) black DSH. First thing I did after putting it together was buy some cat bliss spray from petsmart. The condo was stinky, and the cats didn't like it till I sprayed it. Now they are all over it. My coon mix loves to sit on the very top (he is too big to lay on top) and the DSH likes to curl her chunky monkey self into the top box (it's a tight fit for a overweight cat). Neither cat uses the lower half, because the dogs can reach them. I have a new Border Collie that likes to play with kitties and a lab that loves to just lick them every chance he gets. The cats are pretty much anti-dog.For your average house cat, it is a great condo. I had a 8 mo kitten that I watched for a week and he really enjoyed playing with it. All three cats enjoyed playing with the mouse till the kitten ripped it off and dropped it on the floor, where you guessed it. The dogs got it. The whole condo is pretty stable, though I just left off the stairs. Which is my main criticism. For one they don't really work and are pretty much useless unless you have kittens who like to climb/scratch them. They are unstable and barely reach where they are suppose to go.No I don't recommend this one for cats who launch off things. Kittens, fine no problem. Adult cats, uh no. Not okay. Unless you are planning to anchor it to the wall and widen the base don't do it.
I play with it myself!
September 15, 2017
I love the sound it makes, but Lucy isn't in to it as much. I have discovered she's not a bag-cat - doesn't care for any kind of bag. Be that as it may- it's her, not the bag. I still play with it myself. She does like to jump on it or run over it, for the sound effects though. I would still recommend it - very soft and fun to crunch up.
kitten-sized tunnel
May 27, 2017
It's a little smaller than I expected, both in diameter and in length. But it's perfect for my new kitten. My older cat can still fit, but it's more of a squeeze. The crackle is pretty loud though, so don't keep this in your bedroom. My kitten likes to attack the strings that hold it shut (they're attached) so I had to tie them up so he won't accidentally eat them, though he keeps pulling them loose. I wish there was a built-in way to tuck them in or something, but that's the only complaint I have!
Cat and Human Approved!
February 21, 2017
If my cat could use a computer he would tell you that this is his very favorite toy next to hair ties and string of course (nothing comes close to those). My cat looooves to run through this when his moon powers really kick in. My cat has used this for months and there has yet to be any rips or tears even despite my cat's claws. The human writing this review took away 1 star only because it is a little bit of a pain to use the strings that come attached to fold this up and store. I use velcro ties instead to keep it folded. Other than that I would definitely buy again if need be but I don't see this happening any time soon because it's really well made!
Exaclty what you'd expect!
November 30, 2016
My mistake was not realizing a "crackle chute" toy would actually crackle. BUT our kitty JJ loves playing in it.It took her about 5 minutes after taking it out of the Amazon box to realize it was a playground for her. Now she just concentrates on bringing all her toys inside the chute and then outside and then inside.My only little complaint is that the strings that tie the chute together after you're done using it is kind of flimsy. The kitty ripped/chewed them all up within a couple of days.Overall it's a great toy that keeps them busy and entertained, and reasonably priced!
fun toy
February 12, 2016
My cat doesn't seem to LOVE this but then again it doesn't seem like he loves any of the toys we buy, his go-to toys are ear plugs, hair bands, styrofoam peanuts, and shipping boxes with holes in them. But he does play with it sometimes! It crackles really loudly and I like how it's collapsible, which makes it really easy to transport. There is a hole at the top of the tube where your cat can poke its head out so that's fun too.One time I decided to be stupid and put it over my head and wear it around my neck with my face poking out of the tube hole and it seemed to scare the crap out of my cat, so....don't do that.
the cold snowshoe-cat-shoulder is thawing, and this is the new kittiy's preferred tunnel
July 28, 2015
9/17/15 new almost-4-mo-old kitten Delajune, a tortoise shell, likes this tunnel best. like the year-old snowshe, she likes them all, but really prefers the complete opacity of this tunnel, and the almost-loud crackle. this is her favorite of about eight tunnels, all different. and the cats are using the tunnels and the cat trees to play, which is keeping them off the furniture more of the time. they are easy to move, and just moving them to different places excites the cats unbelievably. so i'm changing the review to five stars.this tunnel received such good reviews that i assumed my cat would love it. she takes to things quickly, has immediately crawled all over each her five big cat trees that are stationed throughout the house and patio, sniffing over every nook and cranny without delay. she likes new toys, too. i purchased this tunnel and another one at the same time, put them out at the same time. while she immediately took to the other tunnel, spending hours playing in it, she seemed afraid of this tunnel, willing only to bite the edge of it from the outside. granted, it has only been a day (now three days), and she may warm up to it over time but it looks like she isn't going to. it seems like the noise is scaring her, but she usually loves crackling stuff. there is no logical reason that i can see to give this tunnel the cold cat shoulder, but if she doesn't come around to it in a couple of weeks, i plan to return it. ...now five days into the journey, my kitty is warming to this tunnel. it has been strange to watch this uncharacteristic osmosis. the crackling really is, though, of a fairly sharp tone, more intense than the noise from the twisted up brown packing paper that it was meant to replace (so i could remove the boxes with packing paper she romps in that are scattered throughout the house). maybe the sharper crackling noise echoes around her in the tunnel. whatever scared her, she is getting used to it now and seems to be liking it, albeit tentatively. lol! 8/8/15 update: no more fear of tunnel. she doesn't play in it all the time, but plays in it from time to time now. she likes it, so we will keep it.

Three Star Reviews:

I quite like it too
October 1, 2017
My cat really loves this tower, and I have to say, I quite like it too. The little houses are kind of flimsy. When my cat steps on them I can see it bend a bit but that's okay. My biggest concern is that I'm slowly but surely starting to become scared of the durability. It's meant to be climbed, and climb my cat does, but sometimes the towers lean in a way that I'm sure that it's going to break. It hasn't happened yet and I'm hoping it never does, but it scares me sometimes. It also really stunk when I first took it out of the package. Like it'd been stored with food that rotted.
Got what I paid for
February 12, 2017
It's an OK tree. No tree is 100% stable on its own but this one is less stable than the older one we have.To make this clear I'm comparing this to my almost 10 year old 7 foot Aramark cat tree.This cat tree came in the wrong color but we were fine either way. The directions for assembly are not that clear, I wish I had kept them to post a picture of them. It's literally a picture of the assembled tree with letters telling you what screw goes where.The smell when we first got it was horrible! I don't think I've ever gotten something that smelled so bad. Sprayed it with air neutralizer and rubbed baking soda on it for a few days and it finally started getting better.The ladders are pretty useless but our new kittens don't seem to need them unless they're attacking each other from above.Because of how unstable and cheaply made it is our older cats are sticking to their old tree that has real fiber carpeting on it. This tree has a synthetic thin carpet. Luckily it hasn't torn yet but when it does I'll probably just affix old carpet samples to it.If you're debating between this and a more expensive one from a trusted company I would go for the trusted company. All 4 cats and us have loved our other tree and it's survived multiple moves. Not sure this one would be able to say the same.
I liked everything needed for construction being included
February 1, 2017
I waited to write a review to how it held up under use. It did arrive on time and had no pieces missing. I liked everything needed for construction being included. There was an odor from the pieces but it has dissipated. Construction was simple to understand. I did remove the ramps because the cats didn't use them and it didn't effect stability. Also the little mouse toy fell off almost immediately. The cats do like climbing on it. It would be better suited for smaller cats or kittens though as it is rickety. It absolutely has to be braced against a wall or in a corner. When one of the cats is on the upper level the tree wobbles quite a bit. So it doesn't work for multiple cats unless they are small. You get what you pay for.
Good Product- Effectively a No Returns Policy
August 18, 2016
I purchased two cat trees and needed to return one. The one which I set up is attractive (pretty deep blue color) although neither of my two cats shows more than a minimal interest in it, which certainly is not the product's fault. My cats are five years old, and had had no prior experience with a cat tree, which may well account for their lack of interest.However, in attempting to return the second cat tree, I was informed that I would be responsible for the return postage. This is a heavy product with an unattractive weight-to-value ratio. Thus, the USPS quoted me a fee of about $48.00 to ship it back to the vendor which, net of a total purchase price of about $54.00, would have provided me a net refund of about $6.00. So, in effect there is no financially feasible means of returning this item. I will donate it to a feline shelter instead.
Good but not great!
September 29, 2015
The overall size is good, however, it is a little loose. The carpet isn't actually carpet but a thin fabric. I'm sure the carpet won't last long but I am capable of recovering it. The price was ok for the tree but once the shipping was added it made the price a bit high.
Disappointed.Can't complain.
December 4, 2014
Product was delivered with missing screws/stripped screws and broken pieces. Had to go to two different hardware stores to find similar screws to fit. Overall, I'm kinda disappointed. It is tall and otherwise in good condition. The pre-cut holes need to be recalibrated because they were offset making me have to tilt some of the sections to line up with the pieces/screws. Once finished and fixed it is sturdy and my cat loves it so for the most part and for the price, I'm satisfied.
Our cat was too fat
April 20, 2017
My poor fat cat was too large for this tunnel. He's a large tabby, close to 20 pounds. I think if he tried to squeeze his tushie in he *may* have been able to get by, but would struggle to get back out. Also, it's not really good if you have wood floors - tunnel slides around too much. We gave it to our neighbor with a more petite kitty. Oh well!
the cat that i thought would love it hasnt even looked at it
August 8, 2016
smaller than i thought it would be but big enough for a large cat to get into. the cat that i thought would love it hasnt even looked at it. If i put treats in there they will go ini think it is one of those things that works for some but not others
Very small
December 24, 2015
My cat is the hardest to buy gifts for in the family. Since he is always looking for a place to hide, particularly when he think I'm plotting to give him a bath, I thought he would like this. It looked much bigger in the picture, but in real life is quite small. It is three feet long, but only 9 1/2 inches wide and 9 1/2 inches high. It is great for young kittens, but maybe too small for a grown cat.I kept it because the cat has been known to try to get himself into spaces that look too small. However, I brought this out, and he looked at me like he was reliving some kittenhood trauma. Since he can't talk, and he is a rescue cat--I will never know if this is the case. He did enjoy watching me play with it.I think next year I'm just going to order some priority boxes for him. Cats are just like kids. They don't like the present, but they like playing with the box it came in. :/
One of my cats really likes it!
June 18, 2015
This thing is pretty neat, one of my cats really likes it, the other doesn't care much for it... It's pretty darn noisy and my bf hates it, so I take it out only when he's not home since I don't mind it. But one thing I don't really like is the strings which are used to tie the chute when collapsed... they just sort of hang there... and you know how much cats love strings! Well, they've eaten off most of them, which really sucks because now I can't tie it together properly anymore. I can't imagine it's really healthy for them to be eating the string........!
Reviews from 3 cats
November 3, 2014
Reviews from 3 cats that have played with this:Muffin: "That is loud and scary and I don't trust it. I will occasionally run through it at full speed as a test of my own courage but I would not describe this activity as 'fun'"Monkey: "I would probably play with this more if Muffin liked it, but as it stands it is just kind of...there"Bob: "This thing rules. It's loud and scrunchy and people seem to think I'm adorable when I play inside it"
Not for your "plus-sized" kitties!
February 21, 2014
It seems one of my cat's girth is such that he cannot play in the tunnel (he can't even get in the tunnel). He's a BIG Maine Coon. Poor thing, he had to watch the less-hefty cat run in and out of the tunnel, mocking him with crackly joy. Looks like we will have to search for Plus-Sized toys (or maybe think about losing a little weight...).

Two Star Reviews:

Not impressed
August 24, 2017
It really hasn't met my expectations. The carpet is very very thin and even though I've had it nearly 2 months it is still emitting a smell, it's not a horrible smell but it is seriously annoying. The cats climb over it to get to the other cat tree but don't actually use it. I think my biggest issue with it is how small the platforms are at the top. Yes, one of the cats will walk across a platform but they are far too small for a cat to lounge or nap on. I don't know if I'm going to try and sell the thing or if I'm going to try and modify the platforms to make one big platform that the kitties will actually use, all I know is that it is a fairly big unused piece of cat furniture in the corner of my living room.One other thing - the product description says it's 73" tall, mine is 69". Not that it really matters, I'm just saying.
Great Design, Poor Execution
July 26, 2017
I bought this cat tree as an adoption gift for my friends when they adopted a new cat. I thought this was similar to one I purchased for my own cats several years ago so I was excited at the price ($20 cheaper than what I had paid). Unfortunately, while the all around construction is solid, the little houses on the tree are not solid. They have solid tops and bottoms, but the walls of the little houses are just flimsy fabric. My friends new kitten has already torn holes through the walls of these houses. Very disappointing. I would recommend getting a cat tree that is completely solid so that the cat(s) can go crazy, climb, scratch, and jump without you having to worry about them ripping holes in the fabric walls and falling or getting tangled. Great design, poor execution. Spend a little more money to get a better, safer cat tree.
Buyer beware.
April 11, 2017
I purchased this tower to replace one which was well loved and abused by my cats. The photo of this tower showed an identical set up and components as my old tower, and they were the same height, so I wrongly assumed they were the same model.This tower is vastly inferior. The three podiums are not very stable, and if your cat is more than 10 lbs or so, you might have issues. Moreover, the upper "condo" box was only 2/3 the size of my old tower. Our youngest cat is also our biggest (19+ lbs), and he takes refuge in that top condo. He didn't fit in the new box. We had to disassemble the new tower and place the old condo on the new tower. Also, the two condos don't have hard sides like the old one did, and are only fabric panels, which I fear will get torn over time.Finally, there aren't enough rope scratching surfaces. The uprights on my old tower were all sisal rope covered, and the new tower only has three partial rope posts. I have no doubt the scratching action will tear at the carpet on the new posts in no time.Overall, this tower was about $30-40 cheaper than my old tower, but I do not think it is good value for the money. If your cats are large and are avid scratchers, I'd go in another direction.
Not very sturdy. The "carpet" is more like a very thin ...
March 9, 2017
Seemed alright to begin with. 2 months of use by 2 cats and it is falling apart. Not very sturdy. The "carpet" is more like a very thin fuzzy blanket that now has giant holes in it. The "ladders" are useless because the attach with 1 screw and will likely make your cat fall if they try to use it. The cylinders are made of plastic with a captive nut which tears through the plastic before you can get it tight enough to hold everything together. I can reinforce it and make this tower last longer, but it should have lasted longer as designed. I would have been better off building one myself. 2 stars because my cats do like it and use it even though it wobbles.
Terrible Chemical Smell
April 15, 2016
I rarely ever return anything; in fact, I've only done it a couple times in many years. I'm not even sure of the process of returning an item. However, I am returning this item today.It went together pretty easily, and it looks cool, but it reeks so bad of a chemical/glue smell that I can't handle it. My cats start sniffing it, and then run away. They won't even get on it. They take every measure possible to go around, or avoid it, even when I sat it right in front of their favorite window; they attempted to climb up the wall to get into the window, just to avoid stepping on this.I let it sit out overnight, and the smell is terrible. I woke up this morning with a headache. Other reviewers have stated that the smell starts to go away after a couple weeks, but I live in a small apartment, and I can't wait that long. It's honestly making me sick.If it wasn't for the smell, I would have kept it, but my cats won't even go near it, so what is the point?
April 18, 2015
This would probably be an okay cat tree if you have a very small, athletic cat. My cat is almost 12 years old and weighs about 15 lbs. The layout of the tree is such that a cat would have to be able to jump straight up to get from the bottom box to the next tier, and with the next tier holding two columns and the smaller box, there is very little space for the cat to land on it. The top perches are too small for her to be able to get on at all.I am probably going to remove the front column from the landing above the large box as well as the smaller box, so that, hopefully, she will be able to jump on it herself. At this point, I'm having to HELP her get up to it.The 'carpet' covering is really nothing more than material that might be used to cover a stuffed toy -- very thin. IF she ever decides to use it for scratching, it will be shredded within a day or two. Our old cat tree was covered in actual CARPET, and she was able to dig her claws in it to grab hold to assist her in getting on it. She won't be able to do that with this one.I use cat trees, in part, as a feeding stand, since I have dogs in the house who would eat my cat's food, if she was fed on the floor.
Needs to be DOUBLED in size
June 19, 2017
I wanted to love this product so much. I have a kitten that loves crinkles, and toys, and cubby holes. This should've been perfect but it was so small. Extra small! The kitten played with the hanging parts on the sack but can't fit into it at all or hide in it and play or snuggle in it. My other cat that it wasn't for lays on top of it now as a bed.
Two Stars
April 27, 2017
Too small, cats won't use it. :(
My cats give it four paws down
August 4, 2016
Update 10/29/16: I strategically placed this behind a large sofa chair so if my cats want to go behind the chair they have to travel through this thing. Occasionally when they chase each other one of them will zip through it, but only because they have to. They are still by no means attracted to this as a toy.Original Review:I gave this 2 stars because it's well made. Other than that, this is just a prop in my living room. I have two cats (2 yr and 3 yr old) and one of them has went into the thing twice because I coaxed her in. The other sniffed it and walked away. This must be just for kittens because my two cats couldn't give a rat's ankle about it. I actually think the crinkle sound is part of the reason they stay away.
Honestly speaking, I feel guilty giving only 2 starts ...
November 22, 2015
Honestly speaking, I feel guilty giving only 2 starts because the product is reasonably priced and does make sounds that attract cats. But I have to say that our cat only comes to this toy when we manually make sounds with it, and then the cat walks away - never really plays in it. We left it on the follow for about a month and a half, the cat is still not interested. Luckily, you can roll it an fold it up. Now it sits in the drawer.
No hands up, 12 paws down, off it goes to a shelter with kittens
August 16, 2014
This is a toy that will appeal to many cats. I am sure that some of my deceased cats, if given this toy, would have went bananas for it.I had to rate it low because all three of my current cats will touch or go in this tunnel. I try tossing favorite toys in the tunnel and they give me a sad look: "please rescue my toy from this sinister tunnel."I like the tunnel. I will work with my cats a little more on tunnel acceptance and then if it is still rejected I will donate to a cat shelter.Update:Still being rejected by all 3 of my cats. I am taking it to the shelter donation barrel. Small kittens will probably like this. 9 pound, 14 pound, and 19 pound cats of both genders did not like this at all. None will go inside. The final decision to get rid of it was when my 9 pound cat hid behind (not in) the tunnel and leaped over the top of the tunnel and landed on my older senior 19 pound cat. He jumped a foot straight up in the air and left the room in a huff. This is not what the tunnel was intended for, terrorizing your big bro.So I went to collapse the tunnel. Let me tell you, collapsing the tunnel takes rocket science. It just keeps springing open again and again. I finally was able to collapse it and tie it up in a collapsed state but it took a lot more time than I anticipated. It is like the tunnel was possessed by a demon. I definitely think the cats are right. The tunnel is sinister.
SmartyKat CrackleChute Collapsible Tunnel - Small and too noisy for cat
June 24, 2014
I am giving this only 2 stars. It's tiny. I have a 20 pound male cat who is scared to death of it! Some cats may like the crinkle sound, but my 20 pound male cat was scared to death of it! He ran away as soon as I got it out of the box! I did take him over to it, and he couldn't have begin to fit in it! So, it did not work for us. Some kitties love it, though. This was just my experience.

One Star Reviews:

Needs more substance.
February 19, 2017
Looks OK, but it's a little too cheaply-made. First, the carpet-covering, smells awful. I'm sure it will dissipate, but for the 12 hours I owned the product the smell was a little overwhelming. But the bigger issue is that it's too light, and more than a little flimsy. I should not be able to comfortably lift a 73-inch cat tree with 1 hand, and I can lift this. My large, but not overweight cat jumped off from the middle level and the whole thing fell over.Also, the seller was ridiculously slow to issue a refund. 3 weeks after they got the cat tree back, I had to get Amazon to step in and issue the refund.
Not as big or sturdy
December 28, 2016
Kind of disappointed because I think they copied the the other cat tree that is a inch taller because the dimensions and sizes look similar but this is tiny because our cats can't hardly fit in any of the cubbies. Plus the base on the bottom of cat tower is small at it almost falls over when they jump on it. Tried to get a replacement and save a few dollars and should of just spent a few more dollars and bought the better made one on Amazon.
New design is dangerous for your cat!
August 26, 2016
We originally bought this tree 6 months ago and it came sturdy and strong. Lasted a long time with two aggressive and extremely playful cats. However this time sturdy is absolutely NOT what I would call it. 6 months ago the two boxes were supported on all closed sides with particle board. Now there's nothing but what appears to be thin plastic backed carpet and a dowel rod on two corners in the boxes. The boxes hold no weight and collapse on the aidea without the dowels. To try and get a refund I have to even pay to ship it back! Don't waste your money. The old product was wonderful but this new one is absolute junk and dangerous for your cats. My orange boy is all of 11 lbs and when he tried to climb up the tree to the top it tilted on him when he squished the box. I had to catch him and the tree before it fell on him. Needless to say we can't use it and it costs more for me to ship it back than I paid for the thing. As you can see by the pictures there is no support.
Assembly and remanufacturing required
August 7, 2016
Horrible quality I was shocked how badly built this is. The back row with the flat boards had the connecting holes about 3 inches off from where it'll actually fit. Had to redrill both holes just so that the board would be centered right. The bottom box canopy was barely long enough to reach the second pole but not long enough to drill 2 holes so I drilled a hole to have one holding it and while it barely rests on the other pole. Finally the top row that all 3 holes were in completely the wrong spots it was hilarious whoever did these holes was probably drunk or so stupid they couldn't do better than some one who got a c is woodshop. (Which is me). Last it smelt like wet dog really really bad, bascaly had to wash the entire thing just so it didn't reak...
All looks. No function. Don't waste your money.
October 28, 2015
It looks beautiful...looks. That's it. It smells so much like chemicals and plastic that my cats don't care for it. Made my entire living room smell. The material covering the house is so super thin that the cats claws go right through it and end up directly on the composite material...its almost as if my cat is taking off on the wood floor. No traction. My 15lb cat is too strong/big for this weak cat house. It is not worth the money. Save your money and buy a cat house made with real carpet, so your cat can enjoy it. Super easy to assemble...but that's why it's weak.
Every single part
October 14, 2015
Every single part is too small, or misdrilled, or both. I could tell at a glance that some of the parts were way too small, to the point that they didn't even reach all the way to the posts they were supposed to sit on.

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CT-9073-Navy Blue
Gray, Maroon
World Wise Pooch Planet
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World Wise Pooch Planet
World Wise Pooch Planet

Product Dimension: 24 x 22 x 73 Inches

Condo Height: 73-Inch, Post Diameter: 3-Inch, Base Dimension: 24 x 22 Inches

Large House Dimension: 18 x 12 x 12 Inches

Small House Dimension: 12 x 12 x 10 Inches

Board Material: E1 Grade Pressed Wood

Seemingly endless tunnel cat toy crackles curiously with every paw step

It pops up/retracts easily, offering portable, lightweight fun anytime

Cats can't resist crawling inside mysterious interior

Measures 2-inch length by 10-inch width by 11-1/2-inch height

Seemingly endless tunnel cat toy crackles curiously with every step

Cats can't resist crawling inside the mysterious interior

Pops out and retracts easily for portable fun and easy storage

The expanded tunnel measures 9.5" diameter x 35" long

Tunnel retracts to approximately 2" deep for easy storage

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