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Snow Joe iON21SB-PRO Cordless Snow Blower, 21-Inch - Snow Joe
Snow Joe
Snow Joe SJ621 18-Inch 13.5-Amp Electric Snow Thrower With Headlight - Snow Joe

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Snow Joe http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/41QBIGfq17L._SL160_.jpg
Snow Joe iON21SB-PRO Cordless Snow Blower, 21-Inch - Snow Joe
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Snow Joe http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/51o%2B9Ntt7YL._SL160_.jpg
Snow Joe SJ621 18-Inch 13.5-Amp Electric Snow Thrower With Headlight - Snow Joe
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Five Star Reviews:

love this snow blower
January 15, 2016
love this snow blower. the snow Joe and I have survived several new England winters.
light. fordable, never using gas again. best of whats available for the time of purchase.

I have a driveway of about 4-5 vehicles. plus walkways. didn't want something gassy and expensive plus heavy. but didn't want to year in and out do by hand or pay. this is the answer I was looking for. great price. battery works great, have had it a few years. you are better off getting to the snow fresh to medium, as if snow is left several days might be a little tougher. but just a heads up. also has a nice little light.

First use met or exceeded expectations; second use continues to impress-up to 4.5 stars; third use- have to give it a 5.0 now.
December 15, 2015
21" unit w/ 5AH battery w/included charger plus one extra 5AH battery. First use today, 12/15/15. Received 12/1/15. SE Suburban Denver. 7-8" fresh, slightly damp, snow; 20 degrees/wind 10mph from N @ 10am. Cleared all paved areas of typical suburban home (two car garage/driveway, front sidewalk and sidewalk to front door front walk) with one battery charge only , including some clean up and clearing area from base of driveway into street from sidewalk. Waiting for a few hours to clear additional few inches still falling after it stops. Meanwhile, recharged first battery in 3hrs. So, second battery not necessarily needed today but, glad I have it for when heavier snow occurs. Snow removal power more impressive than expected right up to battery depletion- between 1 and 1.5hrs run time. Had over half the job done by the time neighbors got their heavy, noisy ICE blowers started and warmed up. With practice and right conditions can remove snow down to pavement even when a bit damp on bottom. Snow today at about same height as front blower area and removed it effectively with minimal pushing effort except for a few spots needing more than one continuous push to cut through. Since this is a 21" unit rated to move over 600, I'd be curious if the narrower 18" unit performs better or worse since it isn't rated to remove the larger amount each pass (i.e., could be a trade-off there that might make the smaller unit just as efficient-- if anyone knows-- please post.) Mostly removed with steady continuous light to moderate effort push and proper angling of chute. Very light weight of unit contributes a lot to the ease of use and performance so, the larger 21" unit seemed very easy to use and in these conditions may have finished the job sooner than the 18" unit, which in 20 degrees with wind, is a worthwhile benefit for the additional $80 cost as my gloved fingertips did get pretty cold. I finished my area faster than most neighbors who were using their heavy units. I want to use this unit several more times in differing conditions before giving it a higher or lower rating and also see how well it holds up over time. This unit gives the impression it might stall if pushed too hard but, with practice seems to manage better as you go. If today is any indication, I may be raising the review to five stars.

2d use, Jan.8,2016, 2-3"slightly damp/wet at bottom, 27degrees, N wind @ 5mph, 9am. This time had benefit of pre-sprayed teflon/silicon anti-stick compound in the chute and augur area; finished entire job surprisingly fast, in ten minutes, down to pavement in all but compacted areas of tire tracks; snow throwing was excellent and helped in overall removal efficiency- pre-spraying did seem to help a lot. This depth allowed faster movement with no loss of efficiency or bogging down. At 4pm removed another 2-3" that had accumulated thru the day- same speed and efficiency. Added experience with this unit is enabling improved "feel" and efficiency; light weight really contributes significantly to that. This unit seems to weigh half of my old S200 Toro's weight but is delightful to use in comparison-- actually performs better and, w/o the ridiculous starting and warm up delay and maintenance issues, let alone no gas/oil mixing, refilling, spills, etc. Folding handle also a big plus for storing in smaller space. As of now, I'd increase my rating to 4.5 stars; still want to review at least once more by end of season so I can assess performance in more conditions, deeper heavier snow, and assess durability/reliabililty.

Third use- Feb. 1- similar conditions as above but 10-12" depth on walks and driveway; w/14" in street beyond curb already somewhat compacted by snow plows passing. cleared entire area in 30-40 minutes. second pass to complete street area to full width of driveway out to almost middle of street. Most impressive. With practice I've improved a lot and discovered, e.g., that when chute gets occasionally clogged, just pulling back and bouncing a few times will clear it, without even using the clean out tool. Also helps efficiency to use upwind rather than into wind. Still recommend having the tool and the teflon spray as both have proven useful and worth their price. All my neighbors are blown away by this unit and several have asked for details about ordering for themselves. I honestly cannot find anything to criticize- it exceeds expectations and has handled all typical conditions for a residential home in SE suburban Denver. With its lightweight, its electric light when needed, electric chute positioning switch, fold-up handle, very substantial power it is a real pleasure to store, handle and use. I think it is superior to the heavy blowers my neighbors are using because of the foregoing features. Unless you really expect heavy duty, frequent use on large areas, this unit should meet or exceed the average residential user's needs.
Went through a MN winter and loved it. At first it is weird to have ...
July 8, 2015
Went through a MN winter and loved it. At first it is weird to have something so light, but it moved the snow I need moved. I have a three-car garage width driveway about four cars long. It managed to complete the driveway each time without emptying the battery. Maybe there will be trouble if we get a 36" snowfall, but we didn't quite hit that last year. The light is surprisingly bright. The only thing that bugs me a bit is that sometimes there is light snow appearing out through the bend in the shoot. Not a deal-breaker against the overall ease of use.
Great product, tons of benefit
February 5, 2015
This is the link at the video I created using this guy:


I definitely love it. Considering that I owned it for about a month and I have to say that I'm completely satisfied with it!

I live in Michigan, so that's a place where snow falling is pretty high. I'll tell you this: yesterday, I was able to clean my driveway, sideways and patio and then, to move to a friend's of mine home (easily carrying it into my car trunk) and did the same thing at his place. After all of this, I was worried about how much battery life was still left and, after cleaning mine and my friends driveways and sideways, I discovered there were still 2 led out of 3 available! That was an outstanding performance!

Of course, you can't expect to throw the snow very far if there is just 1.5 inch of snow on the ground. But that's definitely not the case in which you need to do it in the real world.

I suggest to buy this little, eco-friendly, quite, light and powerful guy!!!
January 28, 2015
I have two electric corded snow blowers, but the cord can limit in which direction you can use the snow blowers during storms. So, recently we had 10 inches of dry snow, and this Snow Joe PRO worked great. It freed me to go in any direction I needed to go and do the sidewalks as well. It blowed pretty far, too. I think it does better in deeper snow, not an inch or two. I bought extra batteries, which I needed; one battery is not enough to finish the driveway and sidewalks. The motorized chute, controlled with the joy stick, is such an advantage, as well, because you don't need to stop and turn the crank, just press the lever and turn the chute in any direction. During the recent predicted blizzard in the northeast, I went out several times and removed several inches at a time, rather than let the predicted two feet of snow build up and make removal more difficult. I also have a gas snow thrower, but it is heavy. This Snow Joe PRO is very lightweight and it cleaned down to the blacktop on the driveway. This is also an advantage for me, since my driveway is pitched downward and handling the Snow Joe PRO is safer for me, as a petite female. My neighbor directly across the street would come out his front door every time I used the Snow Joe PRO, to watch, and he told me later that I did a good job with this snow blower. I am very pleased with this purchase as it frees you from the limits of corded snow blowers.
September 16, 2017
this is my review of the assembly of the snow blower . the snow blower was packed well despite having a fist sized hole in the box there was no damage to the unit , one of the nobs came lose but it did not fall out of the box , UPS put tape over the hole in the box. assembly is simply unfolding the push bar tightening the nobs then connecting the rod to adjust the rod that controls the direction of the snow leaving the blower. i plugged it in and the unit works and so dose the light. ONE VERY IMPORTANT THING do not do what i almost did and most people do buy the cord the amazon has in the frequently bought together part of the page ! it cant handle the rated currant of the blower i found this out just in time after watching and reading the comments on a you tube video and i canceled the extension cord and bought the cord with proper amperage rating.

as there is no snow for me to give it a proper, test i will update the review when i actually get the opportunity to use it on snow!
Very well satisfied with the Snow Joe Ultra SJ621
February 7, 2015
Excellent! I purchased this to clear my large deck of snow. There was three feet of snow on it from the blizzard, and I didn't want to shovel at this point in my life... My wife encouraged me to get a light weight blower that I could keep under the deck Gazebo, for when we have a lot of snow. Glad I took her advise! I researched what was available and saw the gas powered small blowers and the electric blowers. After reading everything, I settled on the Snow Joe Ultra 13.5 AMP. It arrived exactly on time as Amazon promised, and just in time for the next snow fall. It is safe for decks, and cleans right down to the decking. I cleaned the 3 feet of snow off my 14' x 25' deck in about 30 minutes. With this type of snow thrower, you do need to work it a little with that amount of snow, however it beats shoveling it! The areas where it drifted and I only had 12", it cleaned that up effortlessly. I may even use this on my driveway when we get 12" or less of snow, as it is so light and maneuverable. I have a Craftsman 8 horse for the driveway and walks, but I must say the Snow Joe works great! First big storm, and it did a great job. I will follow up after I get a full winter in to see how durable it is. It appears to be build very well, so I imagine it will last several winters. For under $200.00, you can't go wrong with this machine!
Joe Toasted the Snow
January 31, 2015
For years, despite my bad back having the structural integrity of a stack of Bud cans, I shoveled snow all winter long. Standing on icy pavement while chucking snow over my shoulder seemed like a quick route to a life of adult diapers, so I finally decided to get a better tool.
I'm told only idiots buy electric snow throwers. Maybe -- but if you are like me, you don't have $600, a garage, or a good record on getting annual maintenance done, then gas power isn't perfect. For a quarter the price of a gas machine, I have a little blue thrower that I can store in my basement.

* Delivery: Prime, two days, no problems.
* Appearance: Problem. Don't expect something manly. The blower looks kinda like you are pushing a big blue toaster down the walk. This device is 100% testosterone free. When you push this past the big gas blowers, you will have post-traumatic flashbacks from junior high school. You'll feel inadequate. You'll remember that wedgie. But remember: wallowing on the ground, crying for your wife because your back went out doesn't look manly either.
* Ease of assembly: Imagine opening a box and finding a big toaster that needs handles tightened. Done in minutes, completely intuitive.
* Ease of Operation: Like a toaster you plug it in. Like a toaster, you push a little lever for it to do its job.
* Safety: Like a toaster you don't put your fingers where it's doing its business. Like a toaster look out for things popping out the top.
* Handling the Gas Guys: my buddy took one look and started a lecture on the virtues of gas power. I quickly asked how much he paid for his tune-up last year. He said $275. I told him that was nearly as much as the $150 I paid for my toaster, delivered new to my home. We laughed and talked about something else.
* Use: Snow #1: Storm Iola left about 3 inches of very wet snow last week-- the very kind of snow Consumer Reports and reviewers tell me electric toasters fail to manage. I donned my boots and tromped down to the basement and hefted the thrower up the narrow stairs. No problem - about as difficult to carry as one of those old TV/VCR combos you took on car trips. With a couple extension cords I went to work. In under 60 seconds I cleared my walk to the fence, about 50 feet, in two passes. I went on to do my front walk, the walk of my neighbor, my drive and his drive. I cleared a bit of my deck. I then cleared the drive of a second neighbor who owns a snowblower the size of a Buick, but was reluctant to drag it out for only three inches of wet snow.
Snow #2: Blizzard Juno. Juno dumped 18 inches on us in about 36 hours. Mid-storm I went out and blew a nice arc of white powder off the front walk. Then hid till the storm passed and did it all over again. I did my drive, cleared my deck and even cleared a huge mound of snow next to my house that I feared would cause water intrusion. The little toaster did not shrink from its duty.
* Sound: about as loud as a blender on high. You can talk over it and you won't feel like you just left a rock concert when you are done.
* Performance: It did fine! On the wet snow it did not shoot the snow in a great beautiful arc like my neighbor's behemoth can, but rather coughed it about a dozen feet. It didn't clear down to the pavement, but I don't think they are supposed to. Both snows required a little shovel work to get the last packed half-inch off, if you are inclined to do so.
[About that last half inch. I had good luck pushing a flat gardening edger down the walk, under the snow to make it bunch up, then used the thrower to remove it from the walk. IMPORTANT TIP: as you push the edger along, you'll be tempted to put the handle end in the vicinity of your pelvis. Do not do this as you will find a pavement line and the handle will joust you there. `Nuff said.]
* Electrocution: Not applicable.
* Cut Electrical Cord: I have brightly colored cords and had no trouble seeing them on the snow. I'm not sure why other reviewers fear cutting a cord - perhaps they have white, or transparent, electrical cords.
* Coming Unplugged: One reviewer said this was a problem, but as there is a plastic fitting on the machine that one loops the extension through to secure the cord I have no idea why the cord would come unplugged.
* Durability: No idea. It made it through two good snows without a problem. I'll report back should it fail in the coming months.

Fine print:
I am not an Amazon Vine person. I'm not a shrub of any sort for any company. I don't live in the Philippines writing reviews for $0.25 each. I own no stock in any companies. The opinions expressed in this review are strictly my own, unless they piss someone off, in which case, these opinions are strictly someone else's.

UPDATE: I feel remiss not mentioning that while clearing deep snow (about a foot or more) it required me to thrust forward, pull back, thrust forward, pull back. While strangely satisfying, its not a steady forward activity.

UPDATE #2: Winter Storm Linus. Another couple feet, the same run of clearing. But I also cleared a 40 foot long, 2 foot deep trench from sidewalk to the house's oil tank valve. (Don't ask, it's a New England thing, but, yeah, our houses need lots of oil). Also, the roof was getting overburdened with snow and ice, so I had to rake snow off the roof on to the deck, then use the toaster to hurl it into the yard. I can't imagine how many cubic feet I've moved at this point. Exhaustion is setting in.

UPDATE #3: Winter Storm Marcus. I'm about to give up. The toaster is doing fine, but I'm beginning to think I've offended God. This snow is coming slowly over a few days = but another couple feet expected. The toaster looks completely new, acting perfectly but I observe the little rubber pads attached to the steel rotating bits is wearing down to the metal. They will probably need to be replaced before another snow or two. I'm not sure where to locate them, but a word to the wise - the machine is called a "Snow Joe", NOT a "Joe Blow". If you google "Joe Blow Rubber", for goodness sake, turn off the image search. If I find the pads, I'll get back to you.

UPDATE #4: Blizzard Neptune / Octavia. Beautiful Boston area Victorian home for sale! Built in 1892, has many original features like windows and insulation! Offers great ventilation all year around! Oil heat! A snow thrower, only a few months old, conveys with property!
Honestly, Boston's 2015 Biblical proportions winter - something worthy of a snarky Pharaoh - deserves a bigger... and yes, possibly, gas machine. The thrower is doing fine. It's been sufficient to face this apocalyptic series of snow events, but it's fighting well above its weight. How long will it last? One reason I made the purchase is it's portability. But the friggin' snow won't stop long enough to carry it downstairs! So it has spent the last 5 weeks sitting on the deck - I could have done the same with gas machine. I bought it because I thought it would handle the occasional 4 inch snow ... not the serial 18 inch dumps, week after week. This winter calls for a far larger, faster, machine ... but even so, thank goodness I have it. I can't imagine what sort of rehabilitation center / psychiatric institution I'd be in now had I worked only with a shovel.
Minor issue: For the first time I was working in the dark and I fumbled around trying to make the headlight work -- and failed. Regrettably, I had to go to the OWNERS MANUAL. Few things make me feel so impotent as having to go to the written documentation on an bit of machinery. Anyway, the light works by manipulating a little plastic box (which turns out to be flexible, allowing one to click a switch) on the handle side of the toaster - do not grope around on the light side, it will get you no where.


Winter 2015/16

December in Boston this year allowed me to do my final Christmas shopping in my #1 Hawaiian shirt, cargo shorts, and Keens. But this balmy bliss ended suddenly a couple nights ago with a wintery mess swirling down and leaving an inch of icy snow. I could put it off no longer, I needed to buy "Snow Joe Replacement 4-Pack of Auger Blades" for $39.99, +$8.39 postage, which totals to about 25% of the purchase price of the entire machine. I bet these will be amazing auger blades!

Winter Storm Jonas: My wife and I had dined out at the local pub last night to celebrate the storm, then sauntered home in the winter splendor, with good food and excellent beer warm inside us. The snow was tapering to an end as we neared our home, when we spied the shadowy form of lonely neighbor struggling with a shovel. Perhaps it was the bracing cold, perhaps it was my love of neighbor, perhaps it some inner cry against the struggle of frail man against an overwhelming and cruel nature - I don't know what it was (probably the beer though) -- but I was suddenly moved to do-good. I snatched the toaster from the deck and went to work. I blew down my walk, the golden glow of the blower's lamp guiding me, then up the walk along the street. With three extension cords snaking though my yard and over my fence, I made quick work of the neighbor's task. Then I realized this: While the blower isn't quiet, it's not loud either ... it won't wake neighbors snug in bed. So I went as far as my extension cords would allow, blowing long pretty snow arcs from drive and walk of this neighbor and that, do-goodering well into the night. Albeit later, no one sleeps so soundly as he who has augured clear the paths of his slumbering fellows.
* Disclaimer: I do not endorse or support the notion of heavy equipment use after the consumption of alcoholic beverages. I'm not sure the toaster is heavy equipment, but I bet it could take a wandering thumb off pretty quick.

Winter 2016/17

Quick observation from the last snow, which fell late on a Friday night. I got up and powered down the sidewalk. The blower had no trouble with the 4 inches of snow and shredded the Saturday edition of the New York Times hidden below with ease. However, if you wish to attempt blowing through a Sunday paper, you might want a larger machine.
Love it!! Snow Joe Rocks!
November 13, 2014
I love it, definitely a purchase I don't and hopefully won't regret. And very fortunate as well since I originally bought the lower model, SJ620 without the headlight. It was cheaper and I am on a budget so any available savings I will take. Boy did I make a mistake of ordering the lower model. Since this isn't a review of the lower model (in which I will produce one for that machine in the proper place), I will say that it was by far inferior to this model.

The assembly of this was simple. It required tightening 4 knobs and installing the chute bar. Everything worked out great. The chute bar was a huge improvement over the 620 as it rotated like it should and the guide hole was in its proper place. With the 620, it was very difficult to turn and took quite a bit of muscle and patience plus the guide hole had to bent into position (and probably would have fell off eventually with the added bend in the welded connection).

I was able to push all the snow in my driveway (about 60x60) which was frozen hard snow and about 4 inches. The snow banks were close to 12 inches and it muscled through those as well whenever I hit it. Like all yard work, or snow blowing in general, it aint exactly easy and with this machine, it required careful handling.

One tip (or annoyance) is that I had to hold the extension cord in my hand while depressing the lever. This was somewhat painful as the 12 gauge cord is quite thick (no joke) and the lever and handle already have their own girth to handle. However, I did see some sort of plastic ring-thing-a-ma-bob below the lever/start button that I can probably attach the cord to, I just haven't figured that out and didn't have time as it was late and I just wanted to see if this machine could run as it should in which it did beautifully!

I love this little machine and for the price, it was well worth the investment. One last tip is the cord itself. I snow blew horizontally vs. vertically (or straight ahead) because that way the cord would always be one row behind me or to the side. Vertically risked the cord being left behind on the previous run and potential to be run over/damaged. I also kept the cord between my legs so I knew exactly where it was at all times... not literally holding it between my legs but letting it position between so I knew exactly where the cord was at all times. Of course there were exceptions to these practices but in general my system seemed to work great for me.

Last observation which is a reiteration of my first, the 621 is worlds apart from the 620. Quality was what I expected. The 620 was put together poorly... I must have gotten a refurbished one or it was simply a lemon (one hinge was drilled too low therefore making one side too long/lopsided so i was able to return and exchanged for this one)
Happy snow throwing! Peace!
Very Impressed!
February 9, 2013
For anyone who doubts that this snowblower can handle knee-deep snow, here is the proof. I bought this unit primarily to clear my decks. You do have to muscle it through the snow, as it is not self propelled, but it is still WAY easier than trying to shovel it over or under the railings. My wife recorded this from inside the house so you really can't hear the sound of the machine much. Also, I was trying to turn the light on just to demonstrate it, but I think it was too bright out to see it. It works well at night.

Four Star Reviews:

Overall, I'm happy with it ...
December 26, 2016
Since my doc has advised I should no longer shovel snow, I went looking for a snow blower that was manageable for this single woman. I had realistic expectations for this unit. I didn't expect it to move snow like a 2-stage gas machine and it doesn't. But I didn't want the expense, weight or maintenance of a gas model. What I wanted was something to clean up to 5" of light to moderate weight snow in my driveway and front walks.

I had 5" of powdery snow the night I received the machine, so first thing in the morning, I fired it up and put it to work. It performed flawlessly removing that light snow, temp outside was in the low 20's.

A couple of days later, we had snowfall of approx 3.5", heavier, wet stuff. Temp was in the low 30's. I didn't really expect it to remove that without some hard work, but I was pleasantly surprised. It did jam up in the chute a few times, but that was easily cleared out and blowing continued. Once again I cleared the front walks and driveway. Yes, it was a bit more work than my first clearing, blowing the powder snow in cold temps, but it was still much less effort than shoveling would have been.

A couple of days later we had more of the heavy, wet stuff, temps in the low 30's. It snowed constantly from late afternoon, into the early morning hours. I kept up with it, going out to clear it when the snow got to about 2.5 to 3" in depth. Again, it worked well clearing the snow. No, it doesn't throw it very far (even powdery snow does not throw as far as the manufacturer claims) and it's taken some practice to figure out the best pattern to clear things that get the blown snow out of the way, but once I figured out the best route, it worked well. As others have noted, at times it also does tend to spit snow out of the middle of the chute, leaving it next to the blower rather than blowing it up, out of the way. I back up and blow over it again when it does that, usually takes care of it.

The battery compartment cover is a joke. The small plastic tab that locks it shut broke off on the first use. The manufacturer really needs to address this in a redesign. Thin plastic snap tabs are not going to survive cold temps. I use a small bungee cord now to keep it closed. Annoying, but not a deal breaker since it doesn't affect the functionality of the machine (as long as you find a method to keep it closed, to prevent snow/moisture from getting inside the battery compartment).

The design is also annoying in that the only way you can tell how much battery you have left is to open the battery compartment (thus exposing it to snow/moisture getting inside) and pushing the button on the battery. Since the manufacturer specifically states that completely depleting the battery can result in ruining it (and they are expensive to replace), it's ridiculous there isn't an easy visual way to check it. You should be able to press a button somewhere on the unit without opening the battery compartment to check battery status.

In the times I have used it, the lowest the battery has gotten in use was down to one light (out of 3). Usually, I still have 2 lights remaining when I finish. Obviously, moving heavier snow requires more power. I did purchase a backup battery just to have that peace of mind, in case I do have a snowfall that depletes the battery.

It did not clear the snow at the end of the driveway piled up by the city plow. I didn't expect it would. That still requires shoveling.

Overall, in spite of the negatives stated, I'm pleased with the purchase. It has definitely saved considerable wear and tear on me this winter and I expect it will continue to do so.
Great for urban/city snow clearing!
December 17, 2016
Last winter I bought one of those smaller (and cheaper) corded electric snow "shovels". I was so disappointed with that purchase, not because of any real fault with the product, but because it just wasn't useful for me. This Winter, I decided to go all in and picked up the Snow Joe iON21SB-PRO! Cordless is absolutely a must! You do NOT want to be dealing with a cord out in the snow. Being able to direct where the snow goes is also a must. Lastly, these are electric machines, and so won't be as powerful as their gas powered brothers. Get out there and start clearing when the snow has reached 4" and is still fresh! This will take care of things.

I just used it for the first time on my Boston, MA urban apartment property. I have about 25 feet of sidewalk and about 60 feet of driveway to clear. Driveway is 1 car length long. The snow was about 3-4" of fairly dense pow (wish I was snowboarding instead!!!) and the Snow Joe ate right through it. The whole job would normally take me over an hour by myself with a shovel. I was done in less than 30 minutes with the Snow Joe.

Fair warning, it does not like wet/slushy heavy snow, like the stuff that the street plows kick up on to your driveway. Use a regular shovel for that! It's also not terribly precise, so if you may need to do some "spot" shoveling after taking care of the large swaths.

So far and overall, I am please with the purchase! My only note to Snow Joe is: keep everything about this the same, except make it as powerful as you can! If this little guy could handle the slushy/dense snow, it would be 5 stars perfect!
Perfect for our climate
January 24, 2016
We used this for the mid-Atlantic blizzard of January 2016. Note the following variables for this review: The snow was light and fluffy - not the heavy, wet type. I never gave the snow an opportunity to set or melt and get heavy. We ended up with ~26" total for the blizzard.

- It's electric. Our neighbor's expensive gas-powered blower didn't work, because the ethanol in the fuel tank gunked up, which is what the men in the neighborhood have concluded after their brainstorming session to kindly help him (in other words, we're not 100% certain what happened.)
- Being electric, we can store it in the basement rather than taking up space in the garage, which is perfect for us because we only get two to three minor snows a year.
- It's light. When done, I carried it inside and set it in a plastic bin to let the snow melt off so the blower could dry off.
- It's quiet.
- It does a great job up 6".
- It did okay in 16+". I couldn't just push directly into that much snow. I could, however, get the snow in layers.
- The light actually helped. I thought it was one of those frivolous features, but lo and behold Io I was able to use the machine in the dark.
- With 6" of fresh snow on the ground, it successfully cleared off our 110-foot driveway in about 30 minutes.
- The battery lasted about 50 minutes. (Also a con.)
- The remote to change the direction that the snow was blowing was convenient.
- There was very little assembly. I only had to attach the handle bar to the machine and the cover to the blower. There were no tools required.
- It's mostly plastic. (Could be a con.)
- The rubber blade can be replaced.

- The battery lasts about 50 minutes. Maybe others get more time from theirs, and I am happy for them. But our battery life is why I've given four stars rather than five.
- It took about two hours for the battery to charge. This is after the machine died from using up the battery. Maybe that's fast, but it was annoying with it snowing two to three inches/hour.
- The only way to see the status of the battery life is to open the battery cover and push the indicator button. I wasn't thrilled with possibly getting snow in the battery compartment.
-The cover to the battery does not 'click' close and would sometimes fly open. Solution: Just wrap a rubber band around it to keep it closed.

- DO NOT WAIT until the snow is over. DO NOT give the snow a chance accumulate more than 6"/compact or to start melting and form ice underneath and harden.
- Again, just don't wait until there's 10+" of snow. I was able to clean up the entire 110' driveway with 6" of snow in about 30 minutes. It was so much easier. I simply snow-blowed about three or four times for the one blizzard. When the storm was over, my driveway was clean while everyone else was just getting started.
- Order another battery if you can. We didn't, because if I remember correctly, it was expensive. Or get the corded machine.
- If there is more than a foot of snow, this is what worked really well for us: Shovel one path that is the length of whatever you're trying to clean. (Yes, shovel. It sucks.) Then one person walks ahead with a shovel and edges the snow wall (about two - three inches inward). The snow that was pulled down will be broken, powdery, and ready to be sucked up by the blower. The second person follows with the blower and clears off what was just pulled down. Turn around and do another two to three inches and repeat. This prevented the machine from having to strain while breaking down the compacted snow, and it really sped up the process. I used the snow blower to remove a single path down the 110' driveway in 16" of snow. It took me 50 minutes until the battery died to do one lane/run. Then my spouse and I teamed up to try the edging method, and we removed the remaining 16" of snow from the ENTIRE driveway before the battery died.
- If the blower gets clogged, we rocked the machine with a little jolt, and it knocked out the chunk of snow that was clogging the spout. (This happened rarely though.)

According to the manual, never let the battery run all of the way down, as this 'can cause irreparable damage to the ion lithium battery.' Yes, I know that I state that I used the machine until the battery died, but it was also a pain to check the battery status.

It's perfect for us as we usually only have two to three snow storms that produce about <6" of snow each. It even did great in the blizzard. The life of the battery is a non-issue as long as I didn't let the snow pile up. If I lived in an area that had more frequent and heavier snow storms, I would probably invest in heavier and pricier equipment.
waiting for snow ,i have high expectations
November 7, 2015
I like the design , weight , and features of this product , I have not been able to use it yet but i watched and read many reviews before buying . I chose this for my wife and daughter to use if needed for quick exit or vehicle and property access if i am unable or not available to use my larger gasoline model . Besides the benefit of it being less physically punishing than shoveling it is quieter making it easier to be aware of your surroundings such as people and moving vehicles , my head is always on a swivel when moving in and out of driveways with the gas motor droning away . I think the benefit of extra awareness for someone who does not clear snow regularly is a plus . This will also serve as a backup and can be easily transported in a car by one person ( around 32 pounds ) if necessary . This unit is a little pricey and so are extra batteries ( around $115.00 for a 4 amp hour lithium- ion pack - about 40 minutes run time ) and ( a 5 amp hour lithium-ion pack-about 60 minutes run time ) from what i have read and the videos i have watched . I have an issue with the reliability of the battery compartment cover which seems durable but does not latch well and will probably get worse with vibration and lower temperatures ( a bungee cord should fix this but at this price should not have to mess around . Also i don't think the plastic skid bar will last long and they should include an extra one in my opinion . I HAVE AND HAVE USED MANY DIFFERENT TYPE AND SIZE LITHIUM CELLS AND PACKS AND THE DESIGN OF THIS PRODUCT SEEMS TO BE DURABLE AND SOUND .IT IS DESIGNED TO BE PLUG AND PLAY WITH BUILT IN OVERLOAD AND TEMPERATURE PROTECTION WHICH LITHIUM PACKS ARE SENSITIVE TO . THE CHARGER IS DEIGNED TO SENSE ALL OF THESE VARIABLES . It all comes down to the 20 individual cells incorporated into the pack to produce 40 volts ( 20 #18650 cells ) and the balance circuitry to individually maintain an even voltage and capacity to each cell . If any cells fall to far out of balance this will lengthen charging time , and if it is unable to correct within a certain percentage this could affect the performance of the pack and ultimately cause it to fail to charge. A low cell to far out of balance will over discharge, heat up ,degrade further and possibly burst . that is why cell quality and matching are important , the whole package = cost .The instructions are thorough concerning battery use and storage and will give you the longest life . Due to cost i will use the included battery only before i buy a second,recharge is 3 to 3.5 hours for a 5 ah battery full charge. That's a long break when clearing snow . I HOPE THIS WAS HELPFUL .
Able to handle a Blizzard
January 27, 2015
I read a lot of reviews before buying this product so here is my review. I have a big gas one which is out of service. Don't know what the problem is yet. I always wanted something smaller to handle smaller jobs. I had a Toro electric one which worked fine but the cord was driving me crazy. So, when I see this cordless one, this is it. This is the newer Snow Joe model which is 21 inches wide.
New York just had a Blizzard. I was worry would this be able to handle more than 8 inches of snow. To my surprise, it cleared my driveway and walkway. The snow was more than a foot. You do have to work it meaning do it slowly little by little.
I was right about the power, it's under power compare to a gas one. I read people complaint about this thing wouldn't shoot over two feet that's because you need snow more than few inches to work. It works wonders with 8 inches of snow.
I love the power chute rotation feature. It really helps when you don't have to manually rotate it while working. Electric power ready to go all the time. It brushless motor so you know it will work forever.
The price is fair. Battery is expensive which what makes this unit pricey. The battery would handle a little bit more than an hour. I bought an extra battery knowing the job is usually more than an hour. I was right. I needed to replace the second battery.
Would I recommend this snow blower? Yes, if you are looking for a ready to go maintenance free snow blower. No, if you are looking for a more powerful unit.
Overall, I am happy with this snow blower. It is what it is.
I like it overall. good product.
March 12, 2015
I got this when it was on Gold box deal and I got it with pretty good price. Here in Chicago, it snowed a lot this winter. Time to test this thing. Ok first of all, this is not like $1000 snow thrower so I didn't expect this to clean the snow like super easy. My personal experience with this I will give 8/10. It cleans the snow with less than 30cm to , 1 feet no problem. I recommend to clean the snow when the snow is fresh. Ok second, when it snowed over 50cm like 2 feet +, I had to move the snow plow back and forth couple of times. It took me 45 minutes to clear the drive way. Overall I like it and it is definitely worth the money. Only thing I don't like is that, it's electric so it requires a extension cable, and lots of times the cable is on the way. I have to move the cable couple of times.
Good but not amazing
February 15, 2015
It works pretty good but I underestimated how inconvenient the cord would be. Probably best served for clearing near the house such as decks and paths. I have a wrap around sidewalk I wanted to use this on and it trucks right through upstate NY levels of snow, right up until I run out of cord and have to switch the cord over to the garage and finish the path from the other direction.

This can handle a little of that icy snow mix but I usually have to help it out by having somebody break it up with a shovel while I blow it into the pile. Also, unlike gas blowers this thing just starts right up no hassle. Doesn't seem like it will require much in the line of maintenance either.

The only reason I docked a star is that this thing can be a bit finicky. Nothing that is a deal breaker, just all round takes a little more effort than I was hoping a snow blower would require. The wheels are a bit small, not self propelled, requires an extension cord, etc. Despite all of those things, still easier than shoveling.
If the power cord did not trip me 50,000 times it would be a 5 star unit
December 29, 2014
I got tired of keeping a MTD gas powered snow blower running...this was my reason for looking into an electric model. I did a lot of research before making this purchase and the Snow Joe came out on top. I cleaned up 6" of "Utah" snow this morning. No stalling, no gas to mix, no smoke to choke on, very little noise and no restarting over and over. It dug through some 12" drifts and re-thrown snow without any trouble. This machine has a light which is a plus for early morning or evening use times. I'm happy with the unit overall.
I have two complaints...
* Tripping and slipping on the power cord
* This unit does not pull its self through the snow like my gas "paddle type" thrower, it replaced.
Tough Little Guy
December 27, 2013
I was a bit skeptical over the concept of an electric snow blower - I had never seen one before until I found this model on Amazon.
It literally comes completely put together. I think it takes longer to remove it from the packing materials than anything else. No tools are required as the unit comes almost completely put together.

I paid several extra dollars to get the unit that has a 20 watt light bulb and it does make a difference. We have an 85 foot long driveway and there are areas that are pitch black at night - the light really does make a significant difference.

The unit is primarily made out of plastic and weighs 34 pounds. While snow joe has a 90 day warranty on the unit for commercial use - I believe it is primarily made for residential use.

I had the chance to use it for an 8 inch snowfall. The unit did a good job. It did not over heat - it never shut down on me. The primary problem I had was that it was a wet snow and it frequently clogged the chute. I considered this a minor nuisance and it really didn't add any time to finishing the task.

Once you make your passes, there is a thin layer of snow left behind which can easily (and quickly) be shoveled.

It is important to know that this unit is designed to be fixed by the user. Over time, there are parts that will wear out such as the belt in the motor. Snow Joe makes changing the belt and other parts easy to do. We are in the suburbs of Philadelphia, PA - I would like to believe that this unit will last several years or longer. It is a much cheaper investment than buying a gas powered blower - even more importantly, it is far more environmentally friendly.

Sound - it sounds like a vacuum cleaner decibel wise. I wear protection over my ears as a precaution. If you are sensitive to the sound of your vacuum cleaner than I would recommend wearing protection as well.

It is cleverly designed and it sure beats shoveling!
Good. And bad. But still good.
January 8, 2013
I bought this puppy about 1 year ago and used it twice (not my fault there is no snow in New England...) Both times I was both impressed and disappointed with this thrower.First of all, I was impressed by how well it works - it churns through the snow with stoicism, and never cares how deep is the snow (a steady pace will help) as it throws it surprisingly far. I have a fairly large driveway, and it does it all effortlessly in less than an hour. It is very light and thus it works perfectly for my gravel driveway, as it leaves about 1 inch of snow on the ground.That being said though, I am also disappointed - it is so lightweight, it just sits on top of the snow, so I have to constantly push down on it (just enough though so I don't get into the gravel). The handle could be a little longer. The wheels are a joke, small and useless, as all they do is collect snow in their cavities (I am honestly thinking about removing or replacing them). If you turn the chute all the way to either side, it will remain there and it will require using your hands to dial it back just a tad so the handle's teeth catch again... Oh, and it sounds like a vacuum cleaner.That being said, I do recommend it. Especially if in a situation such as mine with a gravel driveway (unless you want to use a gas powered one and replace all your and neighbors' windows). This is not bad at all, and even with the above cons I enjoy using it (heck, I would shovel my driveway before and still enjoyed it). The blades are metal so hopefully they will last longer (at least until getting the asphalt driveway I wish for). The handle breaks down into smaller sections for easy storage. It even comes with a light (although I'd never use it at night, but it was cheaper than the SJ620 when I bought it). And it starts from the first pull, argh, at the first push of the button.Highly recommended: US Wire 99100 12/3 100-Foot SJEOW TPE Extreme Weather Extension Cord Blue with Lighted Plug and Quick Winder RAP-100 Electric Cord and Fiber Optic Cable Reel - they'll make your life so much easier. I unwind the cord all the way along the driveway, then do a couple of passes parallel to the cord, and finally go sideways with back-and-forth movements with the cord over one of my shoulders. Also, bring the thrower inside (garage, basement, or anywhere with above freezing temperatures) after each use.Have fun!

Three Star Reviews:

Not for wet or packed snow.
April 4, 2017
As I expected from the write-up and reviews, this works fine with light snow and is a pleasure to use if that's what you have. Wet snow is beyond it's capability: the chute clogs, the rubber blades can't cut apart the snow. If the snow is "packable", you just don't make any progress. So whether you'll like this depends on the snow you get and most of what I get in NH is wet and heavy.

What I do like: it's quiet, a charge lasts long enough to do my sidewalk and driveway, it's light and easy to lift and move, it can throw the light snow pretty far, it's comfortable due to very little vibration, it starts up really easily, the 'headlight' is a nice assist on a dark winter evening.

What I don't like that isn't snow-related: the battery compartment cover keeps popping open -- it snaps shut but won't stay snapped.

I bought this knowing it wasn't a gas-powered monster which could handle packed heavy snow, so I rate it as ok at what it promised to do.
OK for less than three inches of snow. Doesn't throw very far.
January 30, 2017
I waited until our first significant snowfall to review this blower. It worked pretty well for two minor snowfalls - about an inch of light snow each. It cleared my 9 feet x 160 feet driveway in one charge in about 20 minutes. HOWEVER, it only throws the snow about 2 to 3 feet at best. With a light snowfall, I could start at one side of the driveway and, throwing the snow onto the uncleared part, get all of the snow by throwing it again and again in stages. This was only problematical at the 20 feet wide apron at the top of my driveway. NOW, we got a foot of snow last night and it was a different story this morning. Most of the snow was dry and light, however the snow at the bottom in contact with the ground was wet and heavy. As I blew the snow onto the uncleared part of the driveway, the wet, deeper piled up snow got harder and harder to get through. I used up the battery in about 20 minutes and only got about one third of the drivewaycleared. I put the battery on the charger while I shoveled by hand for 20 minutes. I (cleverly?) hand-shoveled a strip down the narrow length of the driveway so the blower only had to throw the snow about 2 to three feet to get it off to either side of the driveway. Meanwhile, the battery got charged back up to two out of three lights. I was able to clear about half of the remaining driveway before the battery gave out again. So I finished shoveling by hand. I guess the blower did about half the clearing and I did the rest.

Well, I'm keeping the blower and ordering a second battery and I hope the next big snowfall will be more within the capabilities of this blower. We usually only get one 12 inch snowfall per year, so I'm going to live with this blower. It is light weight and I don't have to put up with starting a gas motor in the winter. I can't recommend it for people who regularly get more than an inch or two. The secret seems to be to work in a pattern that requires not throwing the snow further that three feet. For deep snow, you need to carefully adjust the width of you bite so as to not bog down the motor, but still get enough snow into the auger for it to throw it effectively. Too little snow and the auger doesn't throw well. Then adjust your walking speed to keep the auger engaged, blowing maximally, but not bogging down.
Snow Joe need's help
November 23, 2016
I purchased this before the snow started falling.Our first snow was 1.5 inches of wet snow(Minnesota) it did clear the snow in my 2 car driveway,but it clogged up at least 4 times.don't get rid of your gas powered snow blower.
Great for smaller jobs
February 20, 2016
We purchased this snow blower in anticipation of a big storm that hit the east coast a couple of weeks ago. It was our first snow blower. We liked the idea of a low-maintenance option that did not require gas, oil, etc., and was easy to start. The unit performed as well as could be expected, however the amount of snow we received proved to be a challenge for the Snow Joe (we received over two feet). I give it three stars for the following: too small and underpowered for significant or heavy wet snowfalls, the battery pack drains after less than an hour of operation, and the cover over the battery compartment does not close easily/stay closed. If you are in an area where the snows tend to be less than six inches deep, the snow is dry, and the driveway is more than two car lengths long, you may want to consider a different unit. Otherwise, for smaller jobs, this is perfect and very low maintenance.
It works fine on new/ fresh snow but does not stand a ...
December 11, 2015
It works fine on new/ fresh snow but does not stand a chance with wet snow, not powerful enough of a motor.
If there are blizzard or a pending big storm, your best bet is to re-charge the battery (get the spare battery) and snow blow each time it gets to 5-6inches of snow. It doesn't do as well with 8in or more snow. Great for the wife or teen to help out as it pretty safe to operate and does not have the noise or fumes of the gas snow blower
Good but will give you a headache from the cord
March 8, 2015
Overall it clears your driveway without the pain of paying a snow company big bucks for the season. My problem with this snow joe was two things first last week I decided to use the headlight and it wouldn't work don't know why but kind of annoying months after I bought it now to figure out it doesn't work. The next thing is the cord is a huge pain my driveway is 70 feet and its a huge pain to go down than sling the cord around to the other side so that I can make a second swipe to make the rest of the driveway clear of snow.

The good things is this thing is pretty light and doesn't take much effort to push it down your driveway also it doesn't take that long in most cases to finish it would take me less than 20 minutes to finish my driveway. I really wished I paid the extra bucks and got the cordless model if this wasn't a lightning deal than I probably wouldn't of picked it up.

Also don't forget you need to pick up an extension cord which isn't cheap.
Powdery Snow Good, Wet Snow... Not so good.
March 6, 2015
We got about 6 inches of snow and I finally got a chance to use this Snow blower to see how well it worked. The bottom layer of the snow was wet and heavy with about 4 inches of lighter snow on top. The snow blower had a tough time dealing with the bottom wet layer. once the top layer was removed, I went over the wet layer and it caused the blower to clog. When it did get through it, it could only throw the wet snow about a foot out of the chute. I used a 100ft cord with this unit and managing it wasn't too bad. It did get in the way a few times and I had to stop to get it out of the way. I took another buyers advice and sprayed W-D40 on the inside to prevent sticking. It worked for most of the job, but at some point, the wet snow just got stuck. Overall, it's not a bad snow blower. I believe in the light powdery stuff, this probably would do a great job.
My first snow blower, but probably not my last
January 29, 2015
I've never owned a snow blower so I have nothing to compare this against, I'm strictly going by my experience and initial uses. While I liked that this unit is small and light enough for me to handle easily, the unit seems almost TOO light. I used the Snow Joe for the first time after a 5-6" snow fall, and again for a 14" snow storm. Both times I felt as if I had to push down on the unit (while pushing it forward) to get down closer to the pavement. Otherwise it seems to glide on top of a couple of inches of packed snow. That being said, it certainly moves large amounts of snow faster and easier than shoveling. This is fine if you have a small driveway or just small sidewalks to clear. Still cheaper than paying someone else to do it, but eventually I see myself upgrading to a heavier, more powerful unit.
Watch The Electrical Cord!
January 7, 2015
Used this for the first time yesterday. We got about 2 inches of snow. Works fairly well. Does not necessarily shoot powdery snow that far. It struggles with wet snow. The other issue is that it is an electric powered snow blower. I spent a lot of time fussing with the cord trying to make sure that I did not run over it...which I did several times. I caught myself before any real damage was done to the cord. If I was less thrifty, I would have gotten a gas powered model.
It does the job with a little bit of patience...
February 21, 2014
I can say it does the job good, like clearing thick snow on the ground, but main thing, the person using snow thrower with cord has to have a good technique doing it, because the long cord is always on the way and you have to be careful running over it with the blower, not to damage it. Plus the cord get stiffer due to the coldness. There's a lot snow this year 2014, and it helps, but I always finish the job it started by shoveling it manually, coz of the hassle of avoiding the cord. The advantage of this is, you can just hang it in your garage after winter. I think 3 star is a so so for this one, and I bought this for the price, and if I won't like it, I can just give it away. I will save some money to buy those fuel run snow blower.
Oh yeah, It does throw snow give or take 10 feet away...

Two Star Reviews:

Leave the cover open and it would operate but while the lightweight is good for some not having heft in the snow blower ...
December 14, 2016
Unit arrived with chute missing a chunk out of it but broken piece not in box which means it was packaged broken.

Tried electric because it meant we could store it in our basement during the summer but beyond the broken part it refused to operate unless the battery cover was open. When the battery cover was closed and the battery secured it would stop after being moved around, assume a loose contact.

Leave the cover open and it would operate but while the lightweight is good for some not having heft in the snow blower itself makes it more difficult to operate in higher snow levels. One person commented that the chute only goes left/right, that is not true, you can place it in any orientation you want.

Would regularly just stop requiring you to release the handle, push the safety button, and re-engage which takes 2-4 seconds after engaging for it to actually start.
Nice for Light Duty
January 31, 2016
Not a bad little unit. It's quiet. Kind of light to push through more than 4" of snow, and the handle is a bit flimsy. It doesn't clean very close to the ground unless the snow is light and untrodden. It's a glorified electric snow broom, and OK for that. I noticed that the box said 21" and indeed the working paddle measures 21" but the plastic bar between the handles has a badge that says 18"!
There is a nice electric toggle switch to change the direction of the outlet, but the handles that hold the outlet at your preferred angle don't do the job. I also did not like that two weeks later it was available (not Prime) for $200 less. Grrrrr.
$500 portable slushie machine
January 30, 2016
I used this brand-new snow blower during the DC Snowpocalypse of the past two weeks. First I'll describe my experience, and then my observations about this product.


Day 1: Two feet of snow, but very lightly packed - so dry and fluffy that you couldn't even make a decent snowball with it. The Snow Joe had trouble the whole time, because it can't dig into show that is over a foot tall: it stops almost instantly upon contact. I struggled for 30 minutes and cleared a single path out for 12 feet of my driveway before the battery was exhausted.

I recharged the battery, gave it a few days (during which some light rain and warm weather softened up the snow), and then tried again...

Day 2: About 10 inches of wet snow with some ice chips. The Snow Joe struggled even more: upon contacting the snow, it would shoot a small jet of ice out of the barrel, and then stall. Using the Snow JOe required constantly pushing the snow blower into the snow, making about 2" of progress, and then backing up to let the motor get back up to speed. Worse, the snow kept plugging up the chute, so every minute or two I had to stop to clear the packed snow. I cleared a single-snow-blower-wide path about 8 feet long before the battery gave out, and then had to finish the driveway with a shovel.

Again, I recharged the battery, gave it a few more days (more warm weather to soften it up), and took it out to tackle the sidewalk:

Day 3: About 5 inches of somewhat-packed snow with some slush. This time, the Snow Joe had the opposite problem: it's not built to clear snow that's *low* to the ground. The blades apparently have some clearance above the ground, and the Snow Joe is so light (being made of plastic) that it rode over the top of the snow. I had to tip the Snow Joe forward to get the blades to engage the snow. Also, I still had to stop every minute or two to clear packed snow out of the chute. I made it further this time before the battery died - 15 feet of sidewalk - but it wasn't a terribly difficult job.



In a nutshell - the Snow Joe doesn't seem to be good for any kind of snow. It cannot handle light snow, or dense snow, or wet snow. It cannot handle tall snow, or moderate snow, or thin snow. It struggles with every kind of snow. If this sounds like a weird failing in a snow blower, well, you're right.

First: I'm led to believe that an electric motor powered by a 40-volt battery simply is not up to the power requirements of snow blowers. The motor simply feels underpowered, like they used the motor from a weed whacker: any more resistance than a light puff of snow will stop the motor in its tracks. I'm using this snow blower in place of a corded model that never once had this problem.

Second: The lightweight plastic that forms the body of this snow blower is inadequate. It feels flimsy, which both interferes with snow blowing (it's so light that it rides on top of the snow, instead of digging into it) and feels like it wouldn't last through a Midwest winter: something is going to break.

Third: As you can see from the photo, the chute is tapered, which naturally packs ejected snow into a plug that needs to be cleared. I've been using snow blowers for 30 years and have *never* encountered that problem before!

Fourth: The barrel is supposed to tilt down at an angle by engaging with some teeth. However, the bolts don't tighten enough to allow them to engage, so the barrel flops backward to about an 80-degree angle, and it almost always shoots the snow straight upward.

Bottom line: This is a weak, fidgety, underpowered, mostly-plastic snow blower. The $480 tag and "PRO" designation are a joke. I really don't think made my job any easier than the $150 corded snow blower it replaced, or the $10 shovel that I had to break out when the Snow Joe failed.

This device would make a *great* portable slushie machine. As a snow blower, though... no. Just no.
A Promising but Shoddy Product not Up to Snuff When it Really Counts
January 25, 2016
We just went through one of the worst blizzards in history here in New Jersey, as have most people living in the northeastern part of the US. It is this kind of weather that puts every snowblower (or snow thrower, if you like) through its claims and merits. I purchased this Snow Joe iON21SB-PRO in November of 2014 and have had somewhat mixed feelings about it throughout the times I have used it. But all these times have been times of little to moderate snow seasons, until these last few days.

To put my review in perspective, I must mention that I really do love the cordless product concept, and have purchased a lot of cordless items, from lawn mowers to hair clippers. Arguably, the one single merit of virtually every cordless product has been the ease and convenience of use, compared to their traditional alternatives. That convenience, however, almost always comes at the cost of adequate power to get the job done, compared to their traditional counterparts.

Therefore, I was prepared for the compromises that a cordless snow blower might bring when I decided to buy this Snow Joe product. I liked it because the gas alternatives were too cumbersome and heavy for my wife, and since I traveled often, I wanted something that will be easier for her to maneuver when I was not around. In that respect, the product has been excellent, as expected.

When the snow is light and fluffy, this product shines in all departments. As snow gets heavier or goes above 8 inches, however, the power compromise begins to show. It struggles, and if you don't have a second battery handy, you may have to enjoy a good long break to get a recharge.

But I did not purchase this blower to deal with a blizzard the size we just had. I don't think even gas snow blower, except for the really heavy-duty ones, can easily power through this monster snowfall we just had. My gripe for the Snow Joe iON is about the quality of assembly and the materials used in its manufacture. Here are a few:

1. The battery housing cover has not been able to stay closed throughout my experience with the product. I have wondered how this small issue, causing major irritation to users, could have escaped the quality control department (if it has one) of Snow Joe, especially, as other users have been pointing out the problem in their reviews as a major nuisance. The inability of the cover to stay shut means that you have snow blowing into the housing, accumulating and melting inside the housing during operation. I was never sure how the water in the housing was going to affect the electricals of the unit, hence, I had had to stop several times to clean the housing and re-close it for as many times it kept popping up.

2. My biggest disappointment, however, is that the left handle shaft broke at the joint when I exerted some minimal pressure to power through a relatively small pile of snow. This happened right after I discovered that the plastic latch that locks the right handle bar to the shaft had broken off and lying in the snow. I could not understand how that happened by itself, as I had not touched that part since I last latched it into place. Not having any other alternative to do the job, I painstakingly tied up the broken left shaft, with the hope that I could still get some use with it, if the tie held together. But I was in for another big surprise when the right handle shaft also broke at the same place as the left one. I was not trying to move the 30 inches of snow that fell in my driveway! I had reduced the amount of snow using plain old manual shovel and another Snow Blower product, the Snow Joe iON13SS 40-volt Cordless Snow Shovel. It was therefore inexcusable that such a little effort as I was applying could cause the handle to break.

In short, for all its virtues of lightweight and convenience, the iON21SB-PRO is a quality control failure due to the poor assembly and the shoddy materials used in its manufacture. If you merely want this as backup for when there is very fluffy snow of up to 8 inches, then you may have some luck with this product. Any condition beyond that, you are likely to be disappointed when you need it most.

I am now in the market for the most powerful 24-inch gas snow thrower I can afford for the next one-of-a-kind monster storm that will come around. I do not know when that will be, but with el nino and global warming still in the talks, I can rest assured that, if and when it happens, I will be ready for it. Meanwhile, I am going to enrol my wife in a "How to use a heavy-duty snow thrower" class wherever I can find one!:)
Wouldn't buy it. Keep your corded snow blower until a later product improves on this poor costly machine.
January 14, 2016
I don't understand the positive reviews on this device. During assembly, the battery chamber cover would not 'latch' closed. I had to purchase several velcro straps for that purpose. The snow chute would not attach as directed (too loose), I had to back to the hardware store and purchase a couple of lock washers. For the cost, pretty poor design.
Now to usage: I have now used the Snow Joe in light heavy snow (~2", 33 degrees) where the blower simply 'belched' the heavy show out the chute adjacent to the blower, and 'plugged' the chute multiple times.
In light soft snow (1" 22 degrees) the Snow Joe throws the snow about 2-4 feet (where do they get the 20 feet they advertise?). So I had to run over the snow multiple times to move it off of my driveway. It worked "OK" on a side-walk. I had a corded Toro (got tired of hauling the cords around) which did a much better job. I have replaced many of my yard tools with electric, (blower, trimmer, chain saw, edger---with great results). This however, is a bust.
Of course an electric blower isn't useful if your power goes out
January 25, 2016
Its a bit of a toy... I needed more power. It will work effectively as long as the snow at most 4-5 inches deep. Not very helpful with snow banks created by snow plows at the end of your driveway. Not effective in a foot of snow. Of course an electric blower isn't useful if your power goes out.

Hint... If you have multiple feet of snow, you can work in a two person team and gradually feed it snow to throw, which is easier than shoveling and throwing yourself. Multiple passes with the blower aren't practical because it will hard pack after chewing a few inches.

If you have a big drive way or long sidewalk and experience snows above 1 foot, get a more powerful machine.
beware of the cord when using this thing
September 8, 2015
I hate to say it, but get gas .... I don't know why but when I used this last year it didn't leave my drive way very clean and it does get stuck in the crazy snow we had last year if you push it too fast. Never had the problem with gas snow blowers, also beware of the cord when you and pushing this thing ... it is a pain in the azz not to run it over and get tangled
Two Stars
May 5, 2015
Did not handle Chicago snow well... we will be upgrading to a gas powered model for next winter.
BE AWARE NJ-NY RESIDENTS - It doesnt work well in common conditions
January 25, 2015

Do not go by positive friendly review of this product. I ordered early this winter waiting for snow to test how much muscles this machine has got. I'm afraid that it has failed in very basic test. It can not lift and throw slightly wet snow period. I was unable to clean my drive way with 2 inch of snow from first real snow of the season on 1/23. In NJ/NY we are likely to get mix type of snow most of the time. Machine may work well with powdery snow but Juno strom on Monday will put this machine to real test. for now, I would not recommend buying this product to anyone who lives in area where you may get little bit of wet snow!!

Update: I have decided to wait for Juno to test this product again with video review. If product is capable of handling Juno, I'll bump it to 5 star. right now, it is 2 star.

Update2: I didn't get chance to take video this time but I maintain 2 star for this product. IT CAN NOT THROW LIGHT WEIGHT SNOW 20 FEETs. With Juno we had very light weight snow of about 6-7 inches. I have two car garage and machine was not able lift snow from center of driveway and throw towards end. I had to make two pass by shift snow from middle to side.

I'm not sure why others have rated it very high, may be it works for their specific conditions but remember it will not be able throw heavy or wet snow, also light way snow range is not 20 feet as advised.

I'm giving 1 star extra for a fact that it does work well to clean smaller sections in right conditions without breaking your back.
Not very useful. Many times it is more work than shoveling.
December 31, 2013
I have had a chance to use this snow blower on a few occasions.

It handles fresh powdery snow the best and works ok for in that situation. Even then it doesn't clean the snow down to the pavement after several passes and makes for a slick layer ice later. I would suggest going back over it afterwards with a shovel to remove the last layer of snow before the slick layer of snow turns to ice.

This snow blower will not work on semi-crusted, hard or slushy snow at all.

If I could do it all over again I would probably pay a little more and get something that would work better or just continue to use my shovel. I have no idea how this product is rated as high as it is. They must have used it much before reviewing.

One Star Reviews:

shockingly disappointed ..... buyer beware..
April 4, 2017
I waited a couple of years because of the lack of snow in the new York city area , now I can give an accurate evaluation. I'm very disappointed in buying this unit after reading the good reviews in areas that get more snow than we do .Very underpowered. Chute jams up with snow. Battery holder keeps popping open. If your snowfalls are the light powder type it may work better ,but this machine couldn't handle a couple of inches of wet snow..save your money..
Pretty useless now
February 11, 2017
Problem is with the chute which can't be tightened enough to stay in place. The chute moves to the vertical position the minute you turn the Snow Joe on. So the snow does not get thrown to side of driveway but goes straight up in the air and I get covered in snow and have to keep going over parts of the driveway I already cleared. Pretty useless now.
CHUTE JOYSTICK did NOT work right out of the box. 1 star.
December 17, 2016
I purchased this item this week. Cleared snow just fine, HOWEVER, i'm giving this 1 star for 1 simple reason: The rotating joystick DOES NOT WORK. Doesn't even try to work. Got to the end of my first run on my driveway just to figure out..... It's broken (As in, the unit is just fine, not damaged or cracked or anything.. It's just not rotating. No damage or anything, just simply doesn't work). There is just no reason, at all, that a product shouldn't work out of the box. (This means they have quality issues, someone should be testing each unit before they ship them out.) - This is a pretty main feature of the snowblower, but i tried it just by hand and you can't rotate it simply by hand, either (Without stripping some mechanical gears). Now i'm stuck trying to figure out how to get the unit/joystick fixed, return it, use a warranty... Whatever. Ugh. What a nightmare. I could have gotten this for free and the headache i'm now dealing with to figure out what to do STILL wouldn't be worth it (and good luck trying to find a local place to buy a snowblower in Michigan in December). Thanks, Snow Joe.
Cannot handle a Chicago Winter. Not suitable for wet snow.
December 11, 2016
I'm writing this on Dec 11th, 2016. We just had our first semi-substantial snow in Chicago. It was only a couple inches, but it was a bit wet (as opposed to more dry, powdery snow).

We finally got a chance to try this snowblower and were extremely disappointed. This cannot throw snow at all. It's not broken, it's just so weak that it is completely unviable for clearing our driveway and sidewalk.

We're switching back to gas/oil. I *wish* this was strong enough, but it's not. I could only recommend this model if you live somewhere with *extremely* light snow. If you live in the midwest in the U.S., I don't think this will be usable at all.
Very Bad press for Environmentally Green Products
January 25, 2016
Extremely disappointed! This is supposed to be the one of the most powerful battery powered snowblower, but I was extremely disappointed by its performance compared to ANY gas powered snowblower owned by ANY of my neighbors. It struggles to blow any fresh snow over 10 inches, the chute design is absolutely ridiculous and cannot be controlled properly, and stalls when I try to clean the snow put in my driveway by the municipal snow-plow. Finally I had to shovel the top of the snow before running the snowblower, in the recent snow-storm. My neighbors actually laughed at this! Also, it blows the snow back in the driveway if the snow is 2-3 inches, as the throw is very small. To summarize - it puts snow back on your driveway if the snow is less, and fails when the snow is more.
I normally don't return any products (specially if I buy online) so I will keep this, but I am seriously considering another gas powered snowblower.
waist of money
March 2, 2016
This review is for Snow Joe listed here under name: "Snow Joe SJ621 18-Inch 13.5-Amp Electric Snow Thrower With Headlight"

I got this Item in 2014. The problem with any snowblower is you buy it ahead of time. Try to find one when there is snow outside. You never will. Now that said, everybody can understand that buying this blower in March 2014 means I am preparing for the next year snow. But it never happen, I did not get chance to use it last year. But I was able finally test it this 2015-2016 year. We had two snows. It died after second snow. Bottom plastic and metals are broken, engine lost power, I can smell smoke, and it makes as much noise as it did before, but shuts down as soon as it touches snow.

Warranty is too short, I used it for about 2 hours. I paid way too much compare to use I was able to get from it. And I thought I will save some...
March 11, 2015
Got to use it on three snows! Broken and now just trash! Don't waste the $$!!
The quality of this product should be better and performance as well
February 21, 2015
The quality of this product should be better and performance as well. For example the chute handle stop working after 15 mins of operation. Amazon did a great job doing return of this item.
Do not buy this!
January 26, 2014
We bought this item in October to prepare for winter. By the third time we uses it a blade bent, and now it barely can blow 2 inches of snow. Highly disappointed in this product!
had two of these die on me
December 18, 2013
1st one died within a few months use, but was replaced under warranty. That next was lasted about 3 years and seems like the same problem. Under normal use, the thrower smelled like it was burning. If you continue to use it, it'll eventually start smoking and die. Nothing appears to be damaged from the outside and nothing is impeding the propeller from spinning so must be an internal issue.

Originally I like the device as when it worked, it was nice. You can continue reading for my original review.

-starts up quick and easy
-Setup from box to blowing takes about 2 min if you know what you're doing, which is really intuitive to figure out. The whole thing comes assembled and all you really have to do is straighten out the bars, put a lever through a slot, and plug it in.

-If the snow is only about an inch, it has a hard time throwing it very far. It actually throws thicker snow really well.
-The snow often comes through the crack on the shooting spout. The spout is angle adjustable and there is a gap which gets especially pronounced at smaller angles. This causes snow to get all over your freshly plowed sidewalk. I'm considering duct taping the gap closed.
-The vibrations of the unit can loosen the plastic bolt tighteners. I've already lost one. I used a cable tie to replace it quickly, and that seems to be working great. They were really convenient, but I think I'd had prefer the traditional metal nuts for long term durability.

Considerations electric vs. gas
I never had a gas unit to compare, but I never have to worry about getting gas, problems starting, or smelling of gas afterwards. My sweeping strategy also has to take the cord into account as the cord will sometimes sweep all of the snow from the grass back into the sidewalk if i don't plan it right. Plus, I have to make sure to sweep areas closest to power outlet to minimize the need for rearranging the cord mid-session. I bought a US Wire 99100 12/3 100-Foot SJEOW TPE Extreme Weather Extension Cord, which I'd highly recommend.

I wish the width would be bigger. I have to make 4 passes to clear the entire width of my sidewalk.
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Lightweight design (only 36 lbs) to easily clear large driveways and walkways

40 V 5.0 Ah EcoSharpĀ® PRO rechargeable lithium-ion battery provides up to 65 minutes of whisper-quiet run time and is compatible with all iON tools

No pull cords, gas, oil, tune-ups, carbon emissions or tangled extension cords

Steel auger with 2 rubber blades moves up to 660 lbs of snow per minute; cuts a path 21 in. wide by 8 in. deep without damaging surface

ETL approved; Full 2-year warranty; Includes battery and charger (Energy Star certified)

The Snow Joe electric snow thrower is incredibly easy to use and maintain

13.5 amp motor moves up to 650 pounds of snow per minute

Cuts up to 18-inch wide and 10-inch deep in one pass

Includes 20 Watt Halogen Light and 180-degree adjustable chute

4 steel blade rotor throws snow up to 20 feet

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