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VIZIO M43-C1 43-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED HDTV - VIZIO
Samsung UN40J5200 40-Inch 1080p Smart LED TV (2015 Model) - Samsung

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VIZIO http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/514njc74bQL._SL160_.jpg
VIZIO M43-C1 43-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED HDTV - VIZIO
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Samsung http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/51c5UdwgFtL._SL160_.jpg
Samsung UN40J5200 40-Inch 1080p Smart LED TV (2015 Model) - Samsung
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Five Star Reviews:

Amazing picture quality more so than a lot of more pricier ones
April 16, 2016
This is a very nice tv with an amazing picture. The 4k video quality will blow you away, especially if this is your first 4k tv like it was mine. You do have to configure it some but I just followed a couple of the reviews and then tweaked it further to my liking. I was watching a 1080p movie and was amazed at the different. The quality was so nice that I had to check back and make sure that it was not a 4k video. Even tv shows using plex or chromecast look waaay better on this tv than my other two previous 1080p tvs. No matter what people say about it being a cheaper tv, this is a very NICE tv all in all. The build quality is excellent and the smart features are nice. That said the software does lack as it does not have the Google Play store so you do not have a large number of apps but add in a $35 chromecast and you will be good to go. Now their app store does have the essentials like plex, youtube, facebook(ugh), flicker, hulu plus, crackle, iheart radio, etc. but you will not have as many choices in apps as you would with an external device.

I have had this tv for 4 days now and every time I watch something on it, I am reamazed by the quality of the picture.
Five Stars
February 3, 2016
I bought the M80-C3 80 inch 4K Vizio TV. Its an upgrade from my previous 65 inch 1080p vizio, which i was very happy with, and is now in my bedroom!

I mounted this vizio on the wall where my 65 used to be. I havent watched any 4K content on it yet, because 4K content is still a little hard to find, but I will try that out very soon. So far, this TV is fantastic even watching 1080p content.

Vizio makes one of the least expensive 4K tv's on the market, but I think the picture is awesome so far. For the price, I dont think theres a better TV on the market. I have a huge room, so 80 was the perfect size.
This TV is easy to set up
January 15, 2016
Upgrading from a 2009 Samsung LCD 32inch 720p TV to this.

Purchased December 21st 2015 and got it December 23th 2015
Over the years, I have watched Samsung up their prices, and Vizio keep their prices affordable while still producing the same quality. Sure, there are some technical aspects that separate the two brands, but these are usually for those looking for a specific use TV (like gaming only or for a computer only).

This TV is easy to set up. The smart features are great, but limited however, being able to cast your android device to the TV WITHOUT a casting device like Chromecast is brilliant. It was one of the selling points for me. Simply download the chromecast app, and cast your content to your TV. No need to set ANYTHING up on this TV!

The amount of HDMI ports was another selling point. Having 5 of them plus a USB port is great. My old Samsung only had two and it was frustrating switching between components being that the cable box consumes one HDMI port. HDMI ports on here are realitivly easy to get to.

After setting this TV up, I went straight to Netflix (one push of a button on the remote brings Netflix, Amazon and iHeart Radio apps up, regardless what else is going on on the TV) and watched a 4K video. I recommend the Oceans 4k movie. Being able to see every drop of water as the wave hits the rock in stunning REAL 4k is brilliant. FYI - you have to upgrade your Netflix subscription to see this... however, the upscale in this TV will take a 1080p move from Netflix and upscale it to 4k. Another FYI - most cable companies (comcast) only broadcast in 720p. Still, the upscale works great.

Second selling point was the 120hz... real 120hz. I have seen TV's that try to produce 120 or even 240 and high pace action sceens tend to display that blur. For example, watching a football game, the football, when thrown, will have a tracer attached to it as the TV is having a hard time keeping up with this. For this very reason, avoid simulated 120 or 240hz. For those that are curious, (and still reading this), watching football on this TV is a pure orgasmic joy... again, coming from and old LCD 32" TV.

Other things I have seen people concerned about, the glare on the TV... this has none. It has a really good anti glare cover.

My ONLY concerns for this TV is the clouding of the direct backlighting. What this means, when you have a pure white image on the screen, you will see some dark cloud like areas. These are shadows created by not enough active zone LED backlights. This is why it has become such a marketable thing for manufactures. The more active zone LED backlights, the less clouding. Unfortunately for us, you pay almost $200 and up for double amount of active zones. Again, this only shows up on a very white screen, and is only noticeable to someone looking for it. All other colors do not have this issue... that I can see.

Another issue that I have ran into is using a hard drive to play movies. Generally, actually, 90% of the times, I have no issues using my Toshiba 2TB 3.0 usb hard drive plugged into this TV to play movies. The issue I have is some folders just simply do not like to open. What happens instead is when you access a certain folder (it is fairly consistent with which folders cause this error to happen), it simply turns the hard drive off, and changes the input to whatever you had it on previously. I am logically guessing that there might be a power to hard drive issue or, more likely, a hard drive reading issue where the TV's software that sends a request to the hard drive and the hard drive tells the TV that it is stuck. I have not tried other hard drives.

My only wish list, aside from MORE apps, is to have a power button on the top or side. I like to turn the tv off via button on the TV (seems to turn things off quicker I suppose) as opposed to the remote.

If you have any questions, please let me know!

Picture and video taken by my HTC One m8 1080p video.
I was going to stick with Vizio because even if I didn't like that it was immortal
August 10, 2015
My first flat screen TV was a Vizio, a 32 inch one I bought 8 years ago. My wife and I had an agreement that when it died, I could buy a new one. One time a few years ago it had a line of pixels flaking out, and I thought for sure my time was coming but sure enough it corrected itself shortly thereafter. I was beginning to think it would never die.

It still hasn't but I managed to convince my wife to upgrade and after a lot of internal debate between a 4K tv and a larger plain HD one, I settled on the 50 inch 4k. I was going to stick with Vizio because even if I didn't like that it was immortal, my last TV had done right by me.

Setup was a breeze and I quickly mounted it and without touching it, it looks great. Keep in mind I have the eyes of an 80 year old, and I'm not the type to go in and fine tune anything or talk seriously about black levels. I care about taking something out of the box and it just looking great and this TV does.

The only thing I could possibly ding it on is the remote. Compared to my old TV remote, this one just feels chintzy. The plastic feels light and thin and it's far from ergonomic like the old style Vizio ones. Granted this one has a keyboard on it's back, but it's just a giant rectangular block of plastic.
The absolute best picture available at any price . Impeccable service . Mor than 5 stars
May 21, 2015
I'm not sure how Amazon relates reviews to products . Many of the reviews here have no relationship to my TV , the 70in 4kM model 240hz ultra hd LED TV . Reviews vary from 40 in 42in 50 in 120 hs , non 4k TV . Careful what you read .
Another caveat . Several reviews describe using this TVas a monitor for their computer or for gaming . I bought this for a home entertainment center. I suspect most others are looking for the same . So my review is for the M70 4k ultra hd smart LED hdtv 240 hs. For my stated purpose. If you want this for home entertainment my review is for you .
The picture is beyond expectations . Crisp , no blur , no judder or sputter . You can watch formula.1 racing or Jason Spieths fastest swing with no blur . The picture needs tweaking . This takes less than 5 min.. Flesh tones are spot on . Set up is simple . The stands are good and hold this monster stable . Viewing from any angle is great to awesome. No bad . The picture is far better than any movie theatre .in any mode , 4k or not , the picture is clear ,crisp and as I said awesome . The 4k from Netflex rivals Ansel Adams for clarity and detail . Nature documentaries put you in the scene. Though not 3d it feels like it . The depth of colors is natures own .
No one wishing a home theatre would expect the sound from ANY TV screen to be adequate. I have 7 speakers , a great receiver , a giant twin speaker ( heavy ) woofer from THX . Two rear speakers are imbedded in the ceiling . You are NOT buying this TV to be a sound system . You are buying a truly superb picture . It's senseless to comment on the sound quality. Quality sound is impossible in any flat screen. So , expect to spend whatever your budget can stand for sound .
So how do I rate this TV . I wish I could give 10 stars . You cannot do better for picture quality. I recommend a good audio sound specialist or a name brand system . Don't forget your theater chairs , popcorn machine , etc.. I could add tech talk . But , why! Enjoy . My puppy loves the picture.
One additional important point . Using Amazon prime the set arrived when promised . Two very nice men unboxed , set the screen on the stands , plugged it in and waited to be sure there was no damage or grey screen . Making sure we were pleased they then carried away the debris.
Superb performance
July 24, 2016
We replaced a Sony 32" Bravia (720p) that cost over $ 700.00 six or seven years ago. This TV weighs maybe 15 lb. compared to the Sony which was 50 lb. or more. The Samsung has a better picture, built in WiFi, and reasonably good sound. The picture quality is excellent and the colors are vibrant and lifelike. In my experience Samsung makes excellent products which are durable as well. My only complaint is the stand (?) that is supplied. There are two silver colored plastic "feet" that screw into the bottom of the TV. They are designed so that they can only be mounted one way, and as a result they actually extend beyond the edges of the TV screen, causing you to need a very wide mounting platform (more than the 29" width of the TV). You would need a table top at least 32" wide to stand this TV on. We wall mounted ours, so that was not a problem, but be aware that you need a wide space to stand it on. Also, as light as the TV is, tipping or knocking it over could be a problem with big pets or little kids. The mounting feet give NO stability at all. Samsung should modify the stand to fit under the center of the TV and be larger to give the TV more stability and a smaller footprint on a table. The WiFi works very well, but the input thru the supplied remote is slow and tiresome. Be sure to Bookmark your favorite websites to cut down on the time required to input web addresses. Otherwise we are VERY happy with the TV and are glad we have it.
I love the size of this tv
March 2, 2016
Before I bought this tv, i did lots of research to see what would be the right tv for me and for the right price. I love the size of this tv, it allows me to watch with great quality. I also love the smart tv aspect of it, i am able to binge watch all of my netflix shows, and I can also downloads 'apps' like pandora and the game snake. i would highly recommend this tv for someone else
Good buy for our bedroom! Beautiful Picture!
December 27, 2015
Love it for the price. Stunningly crisp picture. Use for bedroom and even the sound is good for movies and gaming. My husband uses it for his PS4 but uses a cable as he says it doesn't lag for certain games. Note you can't use Apple TV with it or use Apple AirPlay. However it has Netflix, YouTube, HBO Go and Amazon in the app section plus others ...which for our bedroom is fine. I think it functions with the Android but read specs. No lag at all in streaming videos from any sites so far. You have to get used to the arrow pointer without a mouse but once you get the feel it isn't a problem. Since We are a primarily an apple family probably wouldn't use for main TV in media room but that is just a personal preference.
Smart TV is a GREAT Choice!
December 10, 2015
This was a great price and I'm very, very happy with my decision to purchase a smart TV. If you're on the fence, spend the extra dollars for the smart hub. You will not be sorry. The options to watch Amazon Prime TV shows and movies as I am a prime customer are wonderful and you also get Netflix and internet browser. I'm thrilled with my purchase!
The TV is supported just fine. Switching between cable/netfix/hulu/and internet is a breeze.
May 25, 2015
I bought this TV before there was any feedback and found the negative feedback before it was delivered. I must admit that, based on the prior feedback, I was concerned about the feet as I tried to assemble the TV. They seemed very flimsy, at first. However, it was not until I had fully screwed in the feet that I realized they were more than ample to support the television. In fact, the TV is quite secure. Yes, the feet are plastic, but the TV is very light and it does not require very much support at all. The picture is perfect. The sound quality is great. I am delighted with how easy it is to navigate between cable/netflix/hulu/internet. It was a great buy and I am very pleased.

Additionally, be smart and don't be influenced by reviews from people who are not "verified" purchasers of the product.

Four Star Reviews:

Crackle and Hulu don't quite work and few streaming apps (End of Life Yahoo! Smart TV)
November 24, 2016
This TV and likely all Smart TVs using Yahoo Connected TV (Yahoo! Smart TV) are already obsolete with respect to major apps and any hope of additional apps.

As of Feb 2016 Yahoo! announced plans to divest its Smart TV business as it eliminates legacy businesses.

Crackle does not work at all (video does not restart after a commercial) and Crackle Support claims to know about the problem and can only suggest alternative devices.

Hulu also fails after commercials, and now when it does, jumps back the beginning of the show. Not after every commercial but about 50%. Can fast forward back to after the commercial.

Hulu offers to help debug the issue. If they would give me the code for a Yahoo Connected TV I would take a run at it. I actually looked at becoming a Yahoo Connected TV developer.


Also, the selection of Apps is tiny compared to say Roku and as far as I can tell nothing has ever been added.

So, at this point, if you are looking for a Smart TV with a comprehensive set of apps for streaming, look elsewhere, or plan on adding an additional streaming device. Other brands use Yahoo! Smart TV.

The set has another problem that Vizio did partially address. It will forget the channel skip settings on OTA broadcast channels. Sub channels set to be skipped will simply lose their skip setting. It was much worse, all would be lost in minutes, but after working with Vizio, and a software update, now it happens once a week on one channel. It might have something to do with signal drop out.

I have had the set for just about a year.

Otherwise a nice set, the app issues is a bit disappointing, means going back to a Roku box much sooner than I expected.
Great 4K TV for the Price
January 6, 2016
I've had this TV for a few months now. It replaced a 10+ year old Sharp Acquos that was so old, it actually had a break out box where all the wires attached. So anything would pretty much be an upgrade for me. The picture is great. I paired this with Vizio's sound stand for better sound and the hook up was super easy (and the TV remote immediately worked with the sound stand).

Access to the apps is better than much more expensive TV's like Samsung which I think try way too hard with their app interfaces. Having the apps come up on the bottom while you're still watching your show makes for a seamless easy experience.

I will say that the viewing angle is a bit constrained. I live in a fairly small apartment so it's not a problem for me, but I notice that from the side the picture does get washed out quickly.

I haven't had any problems with the soap opera effect, but there have been at least 2 software upgrades since I got it (and incidentally these happen in the background so you don't have to do anything to get them).

The remote is also great. It's a bit old school, but having keys that really press and click a bit is actually great. And the keyboard on the back has changed my relationship with searching Netflix or Hulu.

You really can't beat this TV for the price.
Beautiful TV.... When Calibrated
December 6, 2015
This TV is Beautiful... When Calibrated Properly, as others have said. I don't profess to be an expert at Calibration, but having read countless articles on calibrating this TV, I do believe I have found semi-optimal settings for most users. I have attached screenshots of my settings menu.
An excellent purchase in almost every respect- Until it dies
October 21, 2015
An excellent purchase in almost every respect. The only downside is that it has a horribly slow boot time- never thought I would say that for a TV. Takes at least 30 seconds after you hit power to turn on, but a winner in every respect after that.

EDIT: The TV just died. We will see how customer service deals with this, and the review will be updated accordingly. Currently no picture, but sound does come through. Judging by what I am reading of the warranty it looks like I will be responsible for all the shipping expenses to send it out which will be high.

If the customer support impresses me this will be 5 stars. If they don't fix this, I will leave it at 1 star or worse. Middle support=middle review.

Update: Other than the time it took, Vizio handled this about as well as possible. It took 10 days, and they sent over a replacement TV through a delivery service that also took away the broken TV in the same box.
Great picture for the price, wireless connection could use some work
September 4, 2015
Had this a couple of months now so wanted to give a quick review. Overall, love the picture and ease of use. A couple of areas that could use improvement would be having all cables on one side of the TV. I have it wall mounted and have 3 HDMI cables and a TOSLINK optical connected on the input/output side but the power is all the way across the back of the TV from those so hiding the cable is a pain. The power cord is also too short to run behind the TV and have it in the small run down with the other cable. Small gripe, but still could have been thought out a little better. The reason I gave this 4 stars and not 5 is really more about its wifi. I think it mis-reports the connection speed. I'm on a 200Mbps connection with TWC and have used different routers (two N and one AC) and the fastest reported speed I've ever seen from the TV on a speed test is 26Mbps and it wildly fluctuates from as low as 10Mbps up to the 26Mbps. The router is literally 2 feet from the TV in a side cabinet so it's not a distance thing and I'm currently using the new Google OnHub router and that is the one that reported the 26Mbps(just seen that speed once). But I can stand next to the TV with my Nexus 5 or Galaxy Tablet and run Ookla's speed test and get 186Mbps or more from the same router that the TV is reporting 10Mbps. Utterly confusing. Granted it's not all that big of an issue now, but as more 4K content comes out, I'll need a sustained 20Mbps or so to get true 4K. As it is now, seems to vary from 1080 to 4K.Attaching a pic of the TV so you can see how close the Onhub is.
Good TV For The Price
April 25, 2017
So far so good. I think its a great picture and TV for the price. My only two beefs with it are this. 1st the legs are plastic and feel like they could break at any moment when your moving it. 2nd when you first turn it on, you have to wait 2-4 minutes roughly for the internet connection. This is a small beef but still a little frustrating when I just want to turn it on and get it going, I guess am a little impatient.
Great tv, slow initial connection to wifi, but great tv
October 28, 2016
First the bad. The only reason this tv didn't get 5 stars was because of how long it takes to connect to the internet. If we want to watch Youtube, Netflix or Amazon prime we turn on the tv, go do something for 5 minutes then come back and its connected. I am not kidding, my 14400 modem could connect to the internet quicker. I have never seen a device take so long to connect to the internet.

The picture quality is great, no complaints with any type of movie. We love how clear and sharp it is.

I would recommend you get a tv that you can connect a blue tooth keyboard. IT would make this tv great!
Very good TV.
September 26, 2016
I really like this TV. Good picture and the built in sound is better than most but I still run in through my stereo system most of the time. The smart TV hub us a little clunky to navigate and slow but works. It did not have an app for Amazon Prime music so I also purchased an Amazon TV stick so I could get that. In getting the stick I use is most of the time as it is faster than the TV's "smart" hub. Over all I am very happy with the purchase and would recommend it.
Great TV with excellent picture and perfect size for my side desk...
June 27, 2016
Great TV with excellent picture and perfect size for my side desk. Setup is easy and painless. Just plug in the Ethernet cable and follow the instructions onscreen. Has 2 HDMI and 1 Component inputs, which is more than enough for my Android TV box and cable box.

Smart TV function has plenty of apps, including Youtube, Nextflix, Hulu, Amazon Video Prime, and many other apps. As a matter of fact, I'm a bit surprised to see so many apps available, although I'm sure I will probably just use a few of the most popular ones, ever.

Remote control is not a traditionally big remote but rather petite in size. Plenty of options and it's rather intuitive. I have absolutely no problem with it and after popping in the included batteries, it worked right out of the box. The TV is very responsive with the remote, switch between Smart Hub and TV is very quick, almost no wait time. As a matter of fact, if you mistake Return with Exit key, you will be kicked out of Netflix back to TV mode instead of just one screen back. Takes a bit of getting used to but not out of this world difficult.

The only reason for this deduction is the 2 silver legs that came with the TV as "stand". These sorry excuse of a stand is made with plastic, not at all sturdy, but since the TV is extremely light, I guess it is just enough. I would prefer a bit more weight for stability, but then again Samsung decided to go in another direction, but it is my primary reason for giving it only 4 stars.

All in all I am satisfied with the TV. It is meant as a second screen for my array of screens and for that purpose, it is doing a superb job.
So far so good! I like the features of the TV and ...
February 18, 2016
So far so good! I like the features of the TV and it was pretty decently priced for the size. Only small complaint is the sound isn't as loud as what my old TV was.....I'm sure you could solve that problem easily with a sound bar or speakers but for us, that isn't an option right now due to finances. Overall a great TV
January 23, 2016
Being hearing impaired and using wireless earphones I was disappointed to find that
Samsung was too cheap to keep the RCA audio output jacks on this model. Now I have to buy separate speakers and a digital audio toslink cable and receiver to get my earphones working. The TV does not allow the internal speakers to work in conjunction with the digital audio output. I'ts either 1 or the other.Just a bit stupid as far as engineering goes. One thing is picture quality is great but I'll be sure next time to check the outout ports.

Three Star Reviews:

It's hard to judge the screen quality because I only watch streaming services like Netflix
October 24, 2016
I've purchased this TV as "Condition: New - BRAND NEW" from a third party seller through Amazon for $580 but upon arrival I noticed it wasn't a new item at all. The box was already opened, the screen didn't have the typical protective film, the remote came without batteries and there were scratches and scuffs on the corner, top, feet etc (see photos). The reality is, there are probably no more NEW versions of this TV. This is a TV from 2015, anything you buy in 2016 is likely refurbished. I contacted the seller and asked for a refund and without any arguing they offered to refund $150, which is the difference between a new item and a refurbished item. The fact that I didn't had to argue shows they tried to sell a refurbished item as new. Besides the $150 refund (bringing the total to $430) I got 6 months extended warranty. That's what they wrote by mail, not sure how I actually 'receive' this extension.

But now about the TV itself. It's hard to judge the screen quality because I only watch streaming services like Netflix, Hulu and YouTube. The quality varies and highly depends on the quality of the stream, the throughput of your WiFi etc. Sometimes the image is too dark, sometimes too light... I almost have to adjust the image settings on an individual stream basis. Again, nothing to do with this actual screen, more with the streaming services that don't offer consistent quality.

Regarding sound, I am affected by a software bug which makes the sound go up and down. These sound fluctuation seems to be a known problem and the solution is to switch off surround sound (SRS) and set the equalizer to default (flat). Not the best solution... While setting up this TV I updated the firmware and apparently this bug was not resolved (and probably will never be resolved at this point). So, regarding sound, just like the image, I see myself adjusting it a lot on a per-stream basis. Sometimes it's way too quite, sometimes way too loud.

The interface (volume, settings, switch apps) looks a bit outdated (drop shadows, bevels) but is pretty simple to use. Unfortunately you can't add more apps then available so if you want to play Google Music for example, then you're out of luck.

The remote is well designed and pretty simple. Unfortunately it doesn't have back light, so when you operating it in the dark it's hard to use. The keyboard on the back does have back light, but it switches off super fast after every key stroke. The keyboard doesn't always work, because you really need to point directly at the TV which is not a natural position when you're typing. Additionally the keyboard is not well integrated with the apps and sometimes acts differently across apps. Lastly, the top and bottom of the remote is equal by design, so you end up using the remote upside down more than you expect.

Overall, it's an okay TV, for the price. I'll definitely hook it up to a Chromecast Ultra or Amazon TV stick, because the built-in apps are pretty limited.
Not a bad TV at all.
March 15, 2016
There is a loose screw rolling around in side the TV, can't seem to get the the TV to stream 4k to the Roku 4, not sure if it is the Roku's fault or the TV's yet. The picture takes a lot of adjusting to get right as well. All and all a good buy if you can find it on sale. I am really worried about the loose screw however...
While the the screen is viewable from mild side angles ...
February 15, 2016
While the the screen is viewable from mild side angles, the color saturation, brightness and contrast shift dramatically from the side. Also, be aware that this TV does not allow for direct internet browsing and limits you to the pre-installed apps for internet content
TV seems decent, quality control not so much
January 12, 2016
Let me preface this review with the fact I have returned two of these TVs so far, the first with a shattered screen and the second with about a 5"x2" patch of very noticeable backlight bleed. The former was untestable(for obvious reasons), the latter I only messed around with long enough to verify the bleed wasn't in my head(spoilers: it wasn't).

Now, that out of the way, from the little I used the TV it seemed pretty good. I really liked that the remote had a built in keyboard for use with the built-in apps like Netflix. The picture was clear, and it looks like it has a lot of great features if you really want to tweak color and stuff. I only checked out Netflix on it for a few minutes though so your mileage may vary.

From a feature and picture standpoint I'd say it's worth a purchase, but I'm getting the impression the quality control leaves a lot to be desired or I just have the absolute worst luck.
Motion blur not as bad as my first impression
December 6, 2015
Had to edit my review because I overreacted to some motion blur I noticed while gaming, while its not the best in handling some types of motion in games but I believe it is in the normal range for a LCD/LED display, What I was seeing was caused by the game I was playing and the clear motion feature was set on which made it look really strange, like triple/double images while panning or moving fast, with it off it looks better for certain games I have learned.

Now I'm going to keep the 3 stars cause I usually have curtains down while watching tv, but today had them open for first time with this tv and I noticed a couple scratches on the screen, at first thought was a smudge but couldn't get off with microfiber cloth, its really too bad cause I'm really liking this tv and don't want to have to exchange but will see if bothers me now that I know its there.

Overall its a great value for what you get imo, Most people probably won't notice the motion issue, wish the 50in was 120hz tho cause think that would make it better when it comes to certain games.
Not worth it, even for the price
June 26, 2017
I would not recommend buying this Samsung Smart TV. You come out so much better just buying a good quality flat screen and then purchasing an Amazon Fire TV or Fire Stick for your streaming. Samsung limits you to their app store which is minuscule compared to Amazon's. My TV also came pre-loaded with HBO Go but the app doesn't work. I contacted both HBO and Samsung and they blamed it on one another. I finally just hooked a Fire TV up to this Samsung so that I could stream anything my heart desired.
TV is OK. You'd be better off getting a Fire Stick than using the smarts of this TV
September 19, 2016
I very rarely post reviews, and rarely so soon after using a product (just used it for a few hours today) but I thought I'd at least make a note of my thoughts over time.

The set up was pretty smooth, and since I don't have an aerial I went straight to the smart apps. I was able to get Netflix up and running pretty promptly, although the Netflix app was fairly sluggish. I managed to watch an episode without a hitch. Picture quality is pretty good, but the text is not extremely sharp. As I say in the headline of the review though, the Smart TV experience was disappointing as I expected it to work a bit more smoothly than a Fire TV stick I bought a few years ago, which it doesn't.

I was very disappointed with the YouTube app though - it didn't work at all on the first boot. After I restarted the TV it worked, but I couldn't stream from my device, so this was disappointing.

More to follow, especially with my experience of using it as a monitor for my macbook pro
Slow to launch applications!
April 25, 2016
As with many other users, I have been experiencing a 'slow' TV. My allegiance to this brand stemmed from our recent purchase of a larger, albeit more expensive, model for our family room. The larger model works very well and has a very reasonable response time when powering on (~5 seconds to launch an app), but this smaller model seems VERY slow to process anything within the first 1-2 minutes of power up. Our intention when purchasing this TV was to place it in our children's playroom and use it's 'SmartHub' feature to connect to our favorite shows via Netflix, Hulu, etc. We do NOT have it hooked up to cable, satellite, or antenna. It's sole purpose is to connect to Wi-Fi! When starting the TV, the common static appears along with the channel. Once you attempt to select an app through the SmartHub, it states "Preparing TV. Please try again later". This message continues to occur regardless of the app selected for a time that is very unreasonable (over 1 minute). You have to sit there, staring at static... Because of our situation (no cable), I would consider this a poor purchase for anyone who wished to use it as we intended.
Great TV, Bad Smart Features
January 17, 2016
I have owned and used this TV for about a month now. The picture and sound quality are very good, and overall it is an attractive unit. It was easy to install (I wall-mounted it; it's very lightweight) and set up. Best of all it was an excellent value. I would rate the TV itself 5/5.

However, the SmartHub features are almost useless. It takes a long time for the SmartHub to open, and it was impossible to stream Netflix—the video buffered every few seconds, and never fully loaded. It was impossible to watch video. When I exited Netflix, the TV would become unresponsive to the remote and took a long time to turn off. After troubleshooting, it was obvious that the problem was with the TV and not Netflix or my internet service. This is a known problem with these units, and another reviewer on Amazon offered a solution—to disable the security feature on the TV, and auto updates for the apps. This allowed video to quickly load and play, but it had to be done every time before watching videos. My solution was to invest in a Google Chromecast, which I absolutely love. It works so much better than SmartHub, and I like to use my phone or tablet as the remote.

Between the excellent TV and horrible smart features, I would give this TV a 3/5. If you're willing to purchase Chromecast or a similar device, I recommend it, but if you want to use the smart features right out of the box, consider a different unit.
Not a bad TV.. Great for the price.
January 5, 2016
Overall I like it. I does have all the smart TV features I wanted. What I don't like though is something that seems almost unbelievable to me. You can't to a free text search in their app store. So you have to scroll around the categories to try and find an app. What's also frustrating, is the smart hub is not very intuitive. Picture is great.. the small-ish border is nice, sound is ok. It does have netflix, amazon prime, hbo go, hulu, youtube. I probably would have gotten an LG had I not heard about Samsung's interface being good. Which it's not great in my opinion.
Smart Security Feature Not So Smart, Cripples TV
December 28, 2015
I would have rated this TV 5 stars, however it took two hours to get the Netflix app to work without constantly freezing and locking up the TV's OS.

Symptoms we experienced: Launching Netflix and attempting to watch a show would cause the show to repeatedly buffer and get stuck at 99%. After this occurs, the TV's OS becomes incredibly sluggish and it becomes nearly unresponsive, forcing a full reboot of the TV.

Disabling "Smart Security" feature completely resolves this issue, and gets rid of the sluggishness and freezing experienced within the TV's OS. We also disabled auto-update as we saw this was recommended by other owners as a potential fix.

To disable Smart Security: Menu button on Remote> System > Smart Security > Off

TV is incredibly light and thin.
Picture quality is great.
Once Smart Security is disabled, navigating the menu and apps are responsive and quick.
Easy to use.

TV is not ready to use "Out of the box".
Smart Security feature completely cripples the TV and makes it unusable with built-in default apps.

3/5 stars. 5/5 once the Smart Security feature is disabled.

Two Star Reviews:

I would expect a TV I paid over $600 for ...
March 20, 2017
I would expect a TV I paid over $600 for would last at least two years. Not this one.
Look at a different brand
October 30, 2016
Unfortunately the picture locks up occasionally. The sound continues. Then I have to restart the television which it doesn't seem to want to do, it acts as if it is a frozen computer for about ten to twenty seconds, then turns off. It seems like I have this issue once a day. This happens with two different service providers, Brighthouse and now DirecTV, so I know it is the actual television. I had called Amazon customer assistance and the tech expert talked me through resetting the television and I had hoped that it was cured, but unfortunately it still does this. Too late for the return so I have to live with this issue for the life of this television. I also don't think it is as "smart' as it should be, not all apps are available.
While it has a nice picture (at times)
September 9, 2016
If I could go back, I would not purchase this TV. While it has a nice picture (at times), the one I received suffers greatly from the "dirty screen effect" (Google it). I called Vizio to see if this was normal and they said to take a picture of it and then they could submit a warranty claim. However, this is next to impossible for this kind of issue since this problem only occurs when things are moving rapidly on the screen and taking a picture of this does not show anything. Other than this issue, it's a nice product, but this is a deal breaker with me. Never will buy a Vizio again.
this tv crashes when streaming netflix and amazon prime video ...
April 6, 2016
this tv crashes when streaming netflix and amazon prime video about every hour. There is a loud clicking sound that comes through the speakers every minute or so as well. I assume I have a defective unit.
Panel issues
October 30, 2015
On a first glance I was really happy with the TV, but soon started to notice issues. Whenever I was watching something with a large, solid color background (sports, for example) I noticed that the TV has faint dark vertical lines across the screen. Several of them, some darker than others. Soon it started to really annoy me, and for a brand new TV worth almost a thousand dollars you'd expect to have a perfect screen.

I contacted Vizio online support and they asked me to do some sort of reset, which of course didn't help. Then they asked me to send photos and call them. On the phone they said they call that a panel issue and they would do an on-site swap, however the replacement product would be a refurbished model, a returned model, basically god knows what.

It took pretty long before their third party contractor brought the replacement model. The guys looked sketchy, they were dragging the replacement box on the ground, swapped the TV's and dropped my old TV in the box before dragging it away. The replacement TV is even worse than my first one. It has the same panel issue but with this one it's worse. I also noticed there's a bright round spot, about the size of a fingertip in the middle of the screen. The guys who brought it said that's how Vizio TVs are and recommended me getting Samsung because their panels are better.

I contacted Vizio again, was asked to do a reset again, send photos again and call them again. On the phone they reviewed my photos, agreed that it's a faulty panel and told they'd send me a replacement unit, again. I'm waiting for that now.

I give it two stars because 90% of the time you can't notice the panel issue, but that 10% bugs you so much after buying a brand new TV. Also replacing my TV with something that's even worse isn't acceptable, feels like they're giving me B-grade leftovers. Customer support is alright despite being a little inconvenient with all the calling and picture sending (I showed them pictures in the online chat but was still required to separately send them using their own uploading system). Waiting for my 3rd TV now, hoping it won't have the same problem.
Screen going bad
May 28, 2017
TV worked fine for a few months. After about four months the picture started going bad. I have submitted a claim . Waiting for a response.
Believe the negative reviews......."preparing the TV" WTF???
January 27, 2016
Believe the bad reviews. The TV takes forever to turn on. It might as well not be a smart TV. I had to also buy a roku to stream. This is either a fake, or a dud.
Not So Smart Purchase.
December 14, 2015
If you are getting this as simply a TV the setup and display runs well although it does truncate some images. If you are getting this as a web enabled TV. Look for another TV. The user interface l is not very intuitive and things are hidden. Just try loading an app. The screen keyboard and moving arrow takes a little getting used to and you may even get to a word a minute. The support pages are just as cumbersome . Very aggrevating even if you just need a simple answer.
not the quality i expect from samsung
December 8, 2015
not bad for price, but speakers have slight vibration at mid- high volume. the netflix app doesnt always open. sometimes have to open browser then netflix. also samsung smart tvs have issues with vevo app fully functioning. outside of these its not a bad product.

update: i removed the rca cords so i can wall mount it. the video prong came right off with the cord. hdmi is my only option now. i was switching to it anyway or else i would've returned it. i love samsung, but they are eing made cheaper every day.
Extremely s..l....o......w TV
November 21, 2015
[Final update: read to bottom to see how I "fixed" this problem, because Samsung wouldn't.]I've had (and still have) several other Samsung TVs, and have liked them. This one has the same good picture quality as my previous units, but I must say that it is the least satisfying TV that I have ever owned. Why? Because it is ...... slow.How can a TV be slow?* It's slow to turn on. Remember picture tube TVs that used to take time to warm up? Not quite that bad, but takes time.* It's slow to change channels. You press a button on the remote and then wonder if the TV heard you, or not. Eventually it responds, but you are not sure if and when it will do that.* The "Smart TV" feature is *excruciatingly* slow. Many times when trying to start viewing Netflix, this TV will put a pop-up on the screen that says "Preparing TV". This goes on and on. Even that might not be so bad if it automatically started Netflix once the "preparing" was done, but it doesn't work that way - you have to just keep trying until the pop-up doesn't appear. And then wait ... for ... Netflix ... to ... start.* But WORST of all, once the TV has been "prepared" for watching Netflix, it will go into an endless cycle of showing a few seconds of a show, then freeze while a spinning counter slowly goes up to 100%, shows a few more seconds, then repeats. Again, the only solution seems to be turning the unit off then on again and try one more time.This TV is just like having a big, bright monitor that is hooked to an old, really slow computer - that needs to be re-booted over and over again to correct problems.Very, very disappointing![Update 12/29/15]:Several people have reported that they have "fixed" this problem by doing various things like waiting for all software updates to be downloaded or by turning security options off. My TV is at the latest available software version, and I've tried making all of the changes that others have suggested - but none of the fixes work very long, and then it's back to the same maddening behavior.I do appreciate the various suggestions and reports of apparent success, and I keep hoping that a real solution will emerge (Samsung, are you listening???). But I have found that there are things that you can do, or specific sequences of operations, that *appear* to fix the problem. But then try again later, and the problems are still there. I have been down that path many times.One interesting thing I have found:Sometimes Netflix will play reliably if I let it "auto-play" a program from the beginning. By this I mean that I did not press any button to have the program start playing (it seems to start playing automatically after the menu is displayed a few seconds), and I was not trying to resume an episode that I had watched part of earlier. That is great, but just too complicated. I shouldn't have to do that. And it doesn't work all the time. But what this does suggest is that it IS possible for Netflix to work on this TV under the right conditions, if only Samsung would fix this.I keep hoping that someone (Samsung would be the obvious source) will come up with a solution for this whole problem.[Update 1/2/2016]:The Netflix issue with this TV is a serious problem that needs urgent attention from Samsung. It is affecting many people. As of this writing, there 691 reviews of this TV here on Amazon, of which 98 have reported the same or similar issues with unacceptable slowness or constant buffering that makes Netflix unwatchable. So if you have this issue, you are not suffering alone.This TV also has a suspiciously large number of 5-star reviews that say nothing more than things like: "it is great," "cool," "working good" [sic], "excellent," - many of which are concentrated on a few certain days, so will leave it to others to decide if the large number 5-star reviews are the result of any ballot box stuffing to improve the overall rating.I would have returned this TV by now if I hadn't recycled the box it came in. Lacking that alternative, it looks like the only way I will be able watch Netflix on this TV without going crazy is to buy a Roku stick to provide Netflix access.Samsung is a well-known global company. If they truly cared for their customers and their reputation, I would expect them to: A) make a reassuring statement here (because someone representing Samsung has answered a number of the questions about this TV), and B) deliver a fix for the problem. But so far, we have seen neither.[Update 1/22/2016]:Having suffered with the maddening slowness along with an unusable Netflix application that Samsung still has not fixed, I took action on my own that finally allows me to watch Netflix reliably and pleasurably on this TV.The solution is to buy a Roku 3500R Streaming Stick (HDMI) which plugs into one of the HDMI outlets on the back of the TV. Like all Roku devices, it provides a user experience that is far better than Samsung's "smart" feature. I also added a TVPower Mini USB Cable for Powering Roku Streaming Stick for a very tidy installation.The only downsides to this solution are having to spend an additional 50 bucks to provide what I thought I was getting with the "Smart" TV, plus having an additional remote (although the Roku allows you to set up your smartphone as a remote).

One Star Reviews:

We bought this tv in August of 2015 and two ...
April 19, 2017
We bought this tv in August of 2015 and two years later the screen is not working. It has lightened in color and has lines running through it. The Amazon replacement period has passed and Vizio will do nothing for us. They are saying since we didn't buy a warranty they can't help us. A television should last longer than two years. We have many other brands that have so from now on we will avoid buying Vizio.
Did not work well
January 7, 2017
Received this product from Beat Deals INC and plugged it in. It was broken and could see that the inside layer of glass was shattered. TV was not worth buying refurbished, buy new. Bought the newer version of this TV for a different vendor, and looks great. Very clear and sharp. Still waiting for vendor to issue refund.
5 star product, 1 star quality
November 24, 2016
The TV features and functionality is outstanding. But, the software and/or electronics are so glitchy that it needs to be unplugged in order to get it back up and running.

Simply changing the channel can cause the HDMI to freak out and lock up the TV. Changing HDMI inputs will lock up the TV.

It will randomly disconnect from the network while watching content from the built in Apps (Netflix, VUDU, etc).

But wow.. the picture quality is superb... The sound is loud, and ultra clear. The mounting feet are a bit weird, but workable.

Both a 5 star and a 1 star review. The 1 star review wins since I can't actually the TV without having to get up and unplug it about 3 times a day to reset it.
Failed after less than three months
June 30, 2016
After less than three months of normal use, the TV developed a thin vertical black line about four inches from the right edge of the TV. After a while, a big round black blob started to develop on the bottom of the line, growing bigger every day. I am told that this is a defect that cannot be fixed, so I will try to get this TV replaced. Wish me luck.
vizio tech center
April 6, 2016
First let me say to be fair I have always bought vizios, so when it was time to upgrade this seemed like a good deal on amazon. When we received the tv and hooked it up it looked great. Within a day it started to make a loud snap when going to a commercial and the picture would go out and come right back on. Called vizio and they said they would replace it( sounded great). Receive a new tv and within one day tv did the same thing. Called vizio and said they would send out a tech, which they did and replaced a board in the tv. Same day as the tech left started doing the same thing. Called vizio again(starting to see a pattern?) This time very unfriendly and said it had to be something on our end and common sense said it is probably our cable box. Replaced cable box and same problem. I have read on line that other people are having same problem with this model. Will try one more time to work with vizio but I am losing confidience with the tech service which is now treating me like it is my fault that I bought a model they are having trouble with. Stay tuned and I will let you know how it turns out. uwe v.
Aspect ratio while streaming poor and seemingly unfixable
July 19, 2016
So far I can't give this more than one star. We don't have cable, antenna, or dish. Just streaming and sling TV. Everything looks great until we go to stream a show and then the aspect ratio is a tiny cube in the lower left hand corner. When going into the menu and trying to fix the picture ratio, it says "it's not an option." We've done all the troubleshooting in the manual including resetting to factory settings, updating to the newest software, changing the DLS to the correct number and it still doesn't work. My boyfriend is so upset he can't speak right now. For $300 this is proving to be one of the worst buys we've ever done.

I would gladly update this review if there were a way to fix the problem, otherwise I'm sending this right back and expecting a full refund.
half screen is shows white
February 7, 2016
just received the TV and half of the screen shows white and cannot see any pictures. someone wrote the same review, so i think its a problem with this particular TV.
Save your box – returned within 2 weeks!
January 11, 2016
- Nice tv picture quality. That's where it ends.

- Significant delay with basic tv/remote functions including power, volume, menu settings
- Volume had to be up to 80 (?!) to be able to hear throughout the room
- SmartTV took a good 5 minutes to connect to the internet, so don't plan on streaming anything right after turning on. Would get the message "Preparing TV check back later"
- Netflix and other apps were constantly crashing the Smart TV software in the middle of a show (software was up to date)
- Significant remote delays in all Smart TV functions - trying to get back to the menu, in between shows, pausing shows, etc.
- The glossy frame created circular patterns of dust, very noticeable, even wiping off daily - very annoying and unattractive
This was a great TV, for 2 days after it was opened
December 29, 2015
This was a great TV, for 2 days after it was opened. It then decided to fail spectacularly and began bleeding colors in the form of vertical colored green, blue, red, and white lines.. I ordered a replacement and am crossing my fingers this doesn't happen again after the warranty period is done. The smart tv features were a little slow but they worked and the picture was pretty good. But this 1 star review will remain until I get a replacement and it prooves to me that it can work for a month or two.

My 50 inch samsung plasma tv is 5.5 years old and still going strong and this one lasted only 48 hours. Disappointed.
Very disappointed and will have to wait another two weeks for ...
December 9, 2015
I've been waiting for the TV for weeks. It finally arrived and item is defective. It repeatedly turns on and off. Called customer service and told there's nothing they can do and to have it replaced. I looked online and it's a common problem. Had I known, I would have NEVER bought from Samsung. Very disappointed and will have to wait another two weeks for the replacement and hope that it's not defective out of the box again. If it is, I will simply request a refund and spend my money elsewhere. Buyer beware.
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Stunning Ultra HD picture - 8.3 million pixels and 4x the resolution of 1080p Full HD

Spatial Scale Engine - Upscale HD to UHD

Full-Array LED Backlight w/ 28 Active LED Zones

Clear Action 360 w/ 120Hz Effective Refresh Rate

5 HDMI / 1 USB Ports

Ultra HD Smart TV w/ QWERTY remote and dual-band WiFi

V6 Six-core processor - Quad-core GPU + Dual-core CPU

Refresh Rate: 60CMR (Effective)

Backlight: LED

Smart Functionality: Yes- Built in Wi-Fi

Dimensions (W x H x D): TV w/stand: 36.3" x 23.2" x 11.3", TV w/o stand: 36.3" x 20.6" x 2.3"

Inputs: 2 HDMI, 1 USB

Formatted Price
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Must be 18 and over to purchase. Buying item releases seller from any liability. non refundable
Labor Day week sale!
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