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Anker® 2.4G Wireless Vertical Ergonomic Optical Mouse, 800 / 1200 /1600DPI, 5 Buttons - Black - Anker
Anker® Ergonomic Optical USB Wired Vertical Mouse 1000 / 1600 DPI, 5 Buttons CE100 - Anker
Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Keyboard for Business (5KV-00001) - Microsoft
Wireless Mouse, Anker Ergonomic USB 2.4G Wireless Vertical Mouse with 3 Adjustable DPI Levels 800 / 1200 / 1600 and Side Controls, Black - Anker

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Anker http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/419wRvbx5pL._SL160_.jpg
Anker® 2.4G Wireless Vertical Ergonomic Optical Mouse, 800 / 1200 /1600DPI, 5 Buttons - Black - Anker
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Anker http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/31iMyjwqxVL._SL160_.jpg
Anker® Ergonomic Optical USB Wired Vertical Mouse 1000 / 1600 DPI, 5 Buttons CE100 - Anker
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Microsoft http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/31RW0P%2ByDGL._SL160_.jpg
Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Keyboard for Business (5KV-00001) - Microsoft
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Anker https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/41F25uPPmOL._SL160_.jpg
Wireless Mouse, Anker Ergonomic USB 2.4G Wireless Vertical Mouse with 3 Adjustable DPI Levels 800 / 1200 / 1600 and Side Controls, Black - Anker
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Five Star Reviews:

Amazing Reduction in Pain
July 22, 2017
This is my favorite mouse. I use one at work and after starting to use it my hand and wrist pain just completely disappeared. Maybe 2-3 days of using it I was better. It was amazingly easy to transition to. I'd tried the Evolent ones and I wanted to pitch them across the room. Drove me absolutely bonkers trying to use those. - This one? Amazing.Regarding battery life - I've had mine at work for 7mo now and have replaced batteries 4 times. Small price to pay for complete pain dissipation.Regarding mousepad usage: I had a mousepad with a darker area in the center and lighter colors on the outside (purple along outsides and brown Groot photo in the center) and it would skip when panning over certain parts of Groot's body. Drove me a bit mad so I got a new mousepad (has 3 characters on it and is all blacks and dark blues and reds) and it doesn't skip anymore at all. Just have to be careful what colors on your mousepad I guess. Again, not a big price to pay, just gave the Groot mousepad to a friend and they're happy and I'm happy.Got one for my husband a while back and he uses it on the chair arm and has no issues. Games with it, too, and again, no issues.I'm ordering one for myself for home to trade out for my gaming mouse. I don't use the extra buttons on the gaming mouse, so this works!
I do believe the mouse could rotate the hand another 5 degrees to the right for better ergonomics, but it just might be because
April 12, 2017
After about 8 months of use with my Logitech MX Master ($100.00, price has since dropped), I started getting that all too familiar wrist pain. Especially on the outside of my hand and down the outside of my forearm.This mouse is a $20 dollar jewel. With its first use, the pain subsided substantially. I do believe the mouse could rotate the hand another 5 degrees to the right for better ergonomics, but it just might be because I am a large handed guy. 6'4", built like an NFL defensive back.It took no time to get my hands used to the position it was in as well as the button positions, which all felt natural. The mouse is fairly light, but not a feather, and the construction still feels sturdy and well built. It feels of some kind of rubberized plastic, I am sure there is a term for which I am not familiar.The mouse movements seem to have shorter throws than a typical mouse, as micro movements, such as having to click on a very particular area took a day to prefect. Mainly due to hand position, since your wrist is slightly turned upwards and too the right, certain movements, such as going to the left, now has a slight downward pull when done because it is now done with your wrist. As you can make more movements via the wrist than moving the entire arm due to the positioning of the hand.I own a few other Anker branded products and continually find that despite their typically cheap'er' price point, they are well made and engineered products. And possibly may have found my new "brand"
Updated Review
March 6, 2017
Original Review:I tried this for a couple of weeks and decided it was not the mouse for me. The biggest reason was that it is too big for my hand. I have small hands and I found I was always having to adjust my grip to click or use the scroll wheel. It feels very nice but the actual smoothness has proved to be a problem. My hand is always slipping back and I find myself constantly adjusting my grip. If it were smaller I think I would really like it.Updated Review: The company contacted me about how I like the mouse and I told them what I posted above. They were very understanding and offered to sent me a different mouse for free. I received a new different model in less than three days.This is the new mouse I was sent:www.amazon.com/Wireless-Anker-Ergonomic-Vertical-Adjustable/dp/B018LR04B8/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1489187715&sr=8-4&keywords=anker+mouseI love it. The mouse is just different enough to offer a small feel for my hand. I can reach the buttons and scroll wheel easily without having to think about my grip. As a result my accuracy is much better and I can use it in Photoshop which is essential. So if you have small hands and want to have your wrist and arm at a more natural angle this is perfect.
Awesome mouse and even better customer service
January 18, 2016
Received the mouse and after few days of usage realised the mouse has sharp edges near palm touching corner. I emailed customer service with images and they simply sent a new replacement.The mouse is a delight to use. Requires 2x AAA batteries (not included though :( ) . Coming from Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Desktop 7000 the mouse was a natural transition. The mouse is plastic but not a slippery one. As far as functionality is concerned, the mouse is a full sized one. My first finger fits perfectly while the second finger sometimes slips slightly below the right click.Overall, it is a must-have replacement for traditional mouse or for people who are not gamers. Size comparison is with Logitech G700s series.
Anker vs Evoluent. Anker wins hands down!
December 5, 2013
What a fantastic product! I started looking into the world of vertical mice after experiencing some wrist discomfort from the use of a traditional mouse. Of course, the first search hit was Evoluent Vertical Mouse. They were the first to market with a product like this, plus they have the whole University of California academic cachet behind them. For YEARS Evoluent was the ONLY player on the vertical mouse market without competition. As a result, the technology and finish of their product is still stuck in the past. Think those ugly white Microsoft optical mice we all used in the late 90s when optical mice were a novelty. The Evoluent mice have the exact same feel, and even worse tracking capability! In Evoluent's defense, their product does relieve wrist strain, but so does Anker vertical mouse...... for only $20!So let's compare the two products side by side, Evoluent vs Anker. Note that I am just over 7 inches from my wrist crease to the tip of my middle finger. This puts me right on the border for Evoluent between normal and small versions. If you are in the same boat, go the smaller size with Evoluent, provided you don't opt for the Anker.1. SizeEvoluent (standard size) felt a bit too big for my hands. The cheap plastic is also very slippery, making it difficult to pick up the mouse and move it if you are at the edge of the mouse pad (and you do need a mouse pad with Evoluent). Anker fits my hand perfectly. I simply LOVE holding the mouse. It has a really nice rubbery matte finish that prevents your hand from slipping.2. Hand PositionBoth Anker and Evoluent offer the handshake position. I would say that Evoluent hand position is about 80 degrees between table top and your wrist. For comparison, regular mouse would have your wrist at 0 degrees. Anker holds your wrist at about 65 degrees. It is debatable whether 80 or 65 degrees is better. With both mice I felt immediate relief of wrist tension. Going back to 0 degree traditional mouse position feels immediately awkward. It is a toss up between the Anker and Evoluent with a slight edge given to Evoluent, just because they have a bit of science in their product marketing.3. UsabilityThis is personal, but for me Anker wins hands down in this category. Anker feels intuitive right out the box. You click with left finger and right click with the right. The back/forward thumb buttons were also very intuitive for me. This is similar to most Logitech mice. Mouse buttons on Anker have nice rigidity to them. Evoluent, on the other hand, takes some getting used to. It is a big clunky thing that slips out of your hand. Left finger does the left click. But it is, by default, you pinkie and ring-finger that do the right clicking. You can also reassign right click to the middle mouse button, but somehow it feels awkward and you keep pressing the default right click button anyway. Also, it is EXTREMELY easy to accidentally click on Evoluent. Buttons are cheap and plastic, and the scroll wheel is a complete joke. Granted, Anker's mouse wheel is not stellar, but it works well. I must have the newer batch, as I cannot relate to any of the scroll wheel problems mentioned in review. Don't forget Evoluent's back/forward mouse buttons. They are awkward to use at first, but you get accustomed to the arrangement. Matter of preference here.4. TrackingEvoluent tracking is ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE. I have a black Ikea Galant desk. It's not shiny, just wood with black matte veneer. Everything tracks on it....... except the Evoluent mouse. So you HAVE to get a mouse pad. And be careful, you won't get tracking on every mouse pad, even if it is matte black. This is on a $100+ mouse!!! On the other end of the spectrum, Anker tracks on everything except glass. This is a $20 mouse.In summary, there is not much to chose from in the vertical mouse arena. So get the Anker vertical mouse, get rid of wrist strain... and save Evoluent for the fanboys.
Not perfect, but for the price? 5 stars
May 8, 2013
I bought this mouse because i have wrist and lower arm pain. I can't actively use any regular mouse more than 1h at a time, without getting some pain. Made the switch to a trackball mouse (logitech M570), which was an improvement, but i still had some pains, from the wrist angle (which was not much different from a regular mouse) and from the tendon that belongs to the thumb (since the thumb does all the hard work on this particular mouse). And besides, cleaning the ball every now and then became a chore and it wasn't that precise (esp for games). So i wanted something else, and since only vertical mice were left to try, i bought this one, since it had positive reviews and looked good from the pictures.The good:+ it's comfortable, and this is the most important thing, because so far i can use it for hours and don't have any pains. The wrist isn't twisted like on a regular mouse and i can feel this, for the better. Took me under a day to get adjusted to this angle. An interesting thing about this design is that you feel more inclined to use your whole arm to make mouse movements, which is a good thing, since doing so puts less stress on the wrist. This goes well with the lowest dpi setting, at least in my case.+ i love the placement of the back and forward buttons, on the top of the thumb, where i can access them easily.+ the construction is very good, on par with much expensive mice (Logitech, Razer -which i've used in the past, since i'm also a gamer). The plastic doesn't cracks when i apply pressure, it's as solid as it can be. But it's also light, for a wireless mouse (i've had heavier, from Logitech). The paint is a silky rubbery stuff, like the paint on Razer mice and some Logitechs. We shall see how much it lasts without peeling (a problem which i had with one Razer mouse).+ the buttons don't wobble and the clicks are solid (maybe too solid).+ the tracking is incredible, i've tried everything from bed sheets, blanket, jeans to wood and rubbery plastic, it tracked without issues. Only on glass it didn't work, but that's expected. Impressive.+ it has 3 DPI settings and one blue LED that blinks for every dpi setting.+ the mouse scroll wheel is pretty good, doesn't wobble much and is relatively quiet.+ it looks very good on the desk, very stylish, modern design. All other vertical mice that i've seen looked like something from the '90s.+ the battery life is very good, used it heavily for a week and still works. Works with 2 AAA batteries (not included), i've used two rechargeable Eneloops in mine. No problems.+ fits well in my average man hand (i have 7.5" measured from wrist to the tip of my middle finger).+ the wireless works good, even from 7-8 feet (i use it plugged in the back of my desktop pc, but i can move it to the front, if needed). I don't feel any input lag from the connection, so i can also use it for games (a big plus for me). If you have problems with the reception, you could try another USB port or move it closer, with a usb extension cable. Not needed in my case, but wireless can be tricky in some configurations. YMMV.The bad:- also the general size is good for my hand, my pinky remains on the mouse pad if my hand is relaxed. It has room to sit, barely, but only if i grab the mouse completely and firmly. If not, it drags on the mouse pad. I really wish the mouse shape had a support there for the pinky finger. I can get used to it, but it's an annoyance nonetheless.- the clicks require more force than needed, especially for a mouse that's designed to alleviate RSI and such. The middle scroll button is even harder to press. Mind you, this isn't something out of the ordinary in the computer mice world, but for an ergonomic mouse, this should be fixed (at least the middle scroll button).Other thoughts:Be careful when you move your hand to grab the mouse, coming from the keyboard area. Since it's much taller than a regular mouse, you risk hitting it by accident and throwing it on the floor. The funny thing is this requires more time to adjust than it takes to adjust to the vertical shape.The mouse enters a sleep mode after a period of 4-7 minutes of inactivity. You need to press a button to wake it up. Moving it around won't work. Doesn't bothers me, but you should know this.1 year later UPDATE: it held up well, the rubbery paint is still intact (though it attracts oily fingerprints) and everything else is ok. Also, though i've said i'm a gamer, i didn't said i'm a pro gamer. But as i mentioned earlier, i don't notice any input lag with its wireless reception, but the lift off distance of the sensor is a bit higher than on other gaming mice i had; this may or may not bother you. If you don't know what lift off distance is, then don't worry about it. :)
Great product and no more pain even better.
September 15, 2017
I started working from home on the computer all day for work. I started having some wrist pain and tried this to see if it helped. Shortly after using it the pain had gone away. After using it several months the bottom/side of my wrist started to hurt a little from resting on it. I started using a mouse pad and that fixed that. Some people have complained about the scroll wheel breaking. I think it takes some time to get use to pushing it to the side instead of down. Pushing down could break it. I caught myself trying to push down and after some time using it I have gotten use to pushing it to the side. I recommend trying one if you are having pain from using a mouse a lot.
Great mouse, very comfortable to use.
June 26, 2017
I bought this after reading a review that said once you get used to it, it's a good mouse. I didn't have to get used to it at all. It felt perfectly normal immediately. I'm not sure I ever want to go back to a horizontal mouse again.

It's an amazing mouse for the price. I replaced a more expensive mouse with this one, and I'm happier with this one. I hope it holds up over time, because I love it.

One of the best things about this mouse is where the extra buttons are located. So many mice I've tried put the buttons so close to my thumb that I'm constantly clicking them by accident. The extra buttons on this mouse are in the perfect location so that I only click them when I mean to click them.

If there's any con at all, it's that it's a bit big for my hand, but not so big that I'm uncomfortable with it.
Super comfortable to hold. Wonderful tactile feel. Beautiful design. Amazing customer service.
March 29, 2017
After writing my initial review, I feel compelled on my own to write a more detailed review.

I have used various Anker products and I have always been impressed by their beautiful industrial design, quality workmanship, and high usability and functionality. This mouse was no exception.

The 45 degree position of the mouse makes is really comfortable and ergonomic to hold, compared to other vertical mice that I have tried, which tend to be 90 degrees and too vertical.

In addition, the surface of the mouse is in a very comfortable type of material, which seems unique among the mice that I have tried. This speaks volume lot of Anker's attention to detail.

For me, I still have not fully gotten used to clicking with my wrist in a vertical position. I just read one of the reviews which suggested that I need to squeeze with my thumb and index finger, so I will give that method a try in the future.

I have recommended this mouse to others, and most of them have found it extremely comfortable. I am giving this to a friend who has been eyeing this since I got it.

In addition, I read that the newer version has a bit less vertical, still vertical enough to be very comfortable, but perhaps it will help my fingers transition to vertical mouse position.

By the way, after posting my initial review, Anker's customer service e-mailed me within 24 hours and offered me to try the newer version! I am really surprised and truly impressed by their follow up and offer. With over 1100 reviews, and a 4.3 star rating for this mouse, Anker didn't have to follow up with me, much less to make me such an offer.

With amazing customer service like this, they have earned a loyal customer in me!


Original review:

Very comfortable. However, I find clicking the button with the index finger is a bit hard for me when my wrist is in this position. So I stopped using it.
Great ergonomic mouse! HIGHLY recommend!
March 9, 2017
LOVE this mouse. I bought it because two weeks into a new job that required a lot of mousing, using a normal-shaped mouse was causing me lots of wrist pain. I have permanent nerve damage in my other (left) wrist, and I wasn't about to let the same happen to my right hand/arm. As soon as I started using this Anker mouse, the pain went away. I've been using it for over eight months now and love it. I've had no problems whatsoever with it. It will take some getting used to since the shape is different, but it's totally worth it.
the ideal ergo mouse for me.
March 7, 2017
This is the second ergo mouse I've purchased from Anker. I purchased this exact version several years ago and it held up very well. I don't expect these things to last forever and when the old one got worn out, I wanted to replace it with a duplicate.

Excellent ergo mouse, very comfortable, accuracy seems great and the soft-touch plastics are a nice choice.

"love it" is strong wording for a mouse, but it's really really good and I'm happy to be a repeat customer.
The best ergonomic keyboard that just works
August 7, 2017
Here's the deal: I don't like ergo keyboards. I always thought they were ridiculous and could not stand typing on them. Well here I am years later struggling with RSI after 10+ years of typing/coding, mousing etc. I'll spare you the details, but long story short getting an ergo keyboard was one of many changes I have had to make to try and save my hands/wrists from serious damage. I took a chance on the Sculpt hoping it was the least annoying typing experience and I am super happy to report that it surpasses "least annoying" by a long shot! Some reviews on here mentioned typing lag. I did NOT experience this whatsoever. I type roughly 120 wpm and it had no trouble keeping up. Here's the rundown:Pros:- Keys feel awesome (slightly cushy but firm)- The layout is surprisingly comfortable. I was able to adapt within a few hours.- The palm rest is super helpful for my particular situation (wrist and hand strain). It's slightly padded without being bulky which I think is key.- It doesn't require Bluetooth 4 (sorry Surface keyboard but I need this for work)- It works flawlessly- Does't look too shabbyCons:- A little pricey- I'm sure some would appreciate bluetooth (does't apply to my situation)
Adapting to this keyboard was effortless!
April 11, 2017
Oh my word, this keyboard has changed my life. My wrists are so much happier. I was very skeptical of the "negative" tilt this keyboard has going on, since I had always been a fan of the little positive-tilt "keyboard feet" at the back of most standard keyboards. Adjusting to the negative tilt was natural and took almost no getting used to.Things that took adjusting: the M key seems a little small next to the giiiiant N key, and the B key being on the left hand side of the keyboard took me some getting used to, but I'm pretty sure that's just bad habits formed on my part. The function (F1, F2, F3, etc...) keys along the top do have a different feel, as some other reviewers mentioned. They're more of a button than a key. It took a little getting used to, but it hasn't bothered me.Qualities I love: I love the shallow depth of the keys, and they are noticeably more quiet than my previous keyboard. I do find the right hand side of the space bar is a little more "clicky" than the rest of the keys, but not insufferably so. The separate numpad is wonderful.This is the first keyboard with a wrist rest on it that I actually am able to rest my wrists on. Superior quality to all other keyboards I've had. That said, the reviews are right about the white aging marks that show up pretty rapidly once the keyboard takes on your skin's oils. I've had the keyboard for a little over a month, and I think I've been keeping up with the white marks pretty well by occasionally using a damp rag with a gentle cleaner on it to wipe up the wrist rest.
Great Keyboard!
March 8, 2017
I've had this keyboard for about 4-weeks, and I love it. I'm usually not a big fan of the angled/wrapped keyboards, but this one seems to be well designed to my hands. The keys are fairly quiet, especially compared to some other keyboards I've tried (I've returned keyboards for being too loud). Angled keyboards tend to have a problem with the space bar being clanky, but this one is divided into two and is relatively quiet.The separate numeric key pad is a little weird. I use the numeric keys often for my job, and having it separated from the rest of the keyboard means it's not always in the same space relative to where my hands rest. So far, it hasn't been a big deal, but I'm not sure why it has to be separate? In the end, it's just another battery I have to replace.The layout of some of the keys is a little odd... the home/end/page/delete/backspace keys were not intuitive to learn, but I am getting the hang of it. I'm guessing these things were bunched because it was perceived to be an ergonomic benefit to have them closer together, but I really don't know.My one complaint is that I wish this was a hard wired keyboard. I don't care whether it's wireless, since it just sits at my desk at work (if working remotely, I just use the laptop keyboard). And wireless means I just have to periodically change the batteries (for both the keyboard and the numeric keypad). I've only had for four weeks, so I'm not sure how long the batteries will last, but I'll update the review if it becomes a problem.
For an ergo keyboard that's not the size of a small car, it's close enough to perfect.
January 29, 2017
I was a little hesitant on this because a: it cost twice as much as I've paid for my other keyboards and b: the average review score was under 4 stars (just barely).But looking through the different ergonomic keyboards, this was about the only one that didn't have an attached keypad and didn't have giant, noisy keys. So I took the leap.So far, I've been pleasantly surprised. Having my hands so far apart and at two different angles is initially strange but typing felt surprisingly normal. It does get a little weird on the right hand side by the enter key. I wish the arrow keys were directly below enter, and there wasn't the line of buttons going down the right edge instead, but I'm learning to adjust.Overall, it feels very comfortable and natural, and wrist pad helps a lot. Love that it has function keys that switch between desktop screens. Also, the number pad having a calculator button that automatically brings up Windows' calculator is just brilliant.Now, it's not quite perfect. Beside the aforementioned right side situation, the wrist pad is already showing some marks and stains despite barely being used. I think they could have put a better protective layer on there. Also, while it does have a Pause/Play button at the top, it doesn't have Next/previous track buttons.Those are so minor, however, it felt wrong to knock off a whole star. So 5 stars it is.
Excellent keyboard. My only two complaints are 1
September 5, 2016
Excellent keyboard. My only two complaints are1. The escape key (and all function keys) are buttons rather than keys. Very different feel and pressure required, so don't feel so natural to use (eg when touch-typing).2. The function keys don't map well to OSX. I've tried a couple of third-party utilities, and can't quite get them doing what I want.But otherwise it's a great keyboard, feels very comfortable and ergonomic. I like the key travel, and it's fairly quiet (spacebar is a little noisier, but still minor). One of the neatest features is that it fits directly over my Macbook Pro 15" keyboard (the keyboard is entirely supported by just a couple rubber feet around the outside).I've only had it a couple weeks so can't comment on the keyboard battery life. It does feel a little strange not having an on/off button.
Comfortable, and FINALLY a keyboard that doesn't feel awkward when using a mouse
September 23, 2013
**** Update 4 (Sept 23, 2015):To resolve the issue with Windows 8 and Windows 10 repeating key issues when you hold a key down for longer than a few seconds (such as when playing a game, or when holding down (resting on) shift, control, or alt while thinking something through outside of a game), go into your Device Manager and find the entry for the keyboard. If you have installed the driver, it will show up as the Microsoft Sculpt keyboard, if not it will show up as "Microsoft Hardware USB Keyboard". Right click it and choose "Properties", and go to the Power Management tab. Uncheck the box "Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power". This will resolve the problem. I now love this keyboard and don't mind the smaller F1-F12 keys, and they rarely stick anymore now that the keyboard is fully worn in. 5 stars.--- Original Review, 4 stars ---Before getting this keyboard:I'm a programmer, and spend a large part of my day at the keyboard. I have arthritis in my right shoulder, so using a computer for extended times can be painful if I have to use the mouse. One day that it was particularly bad, I spent a long time trying to find a keyboard that got rid of either the central arrow/navigation strip or the numpad (why are there both, right next to each other??) so that the mouse could be positioned closer to the keyboard. The awkward angle of keyboard and mouse positioning aggravates my pain. I'm a long-time user of the Natural and Elite keyboard lines from Microsoft, all the way back to when they had the large pyramid arrow keys. Each iteration seemed to make the keyboard larger with more keys I didn't use. The latest favorite was the 4000 since the older Natural Elites became harder to find and even more difficult to connect to my newer systems.I found this keyboard before it had been released, and told my boss he was going to be getting me one as soon as it came out. I'd been watching every day, and finally got one.The good:This keyboard is a pleasure to use. The pain in my shoulder has all but completely receded after using it for a week, as I don't have to lean my arm out as far to grab the mouse. I like the feel of the keys overall, and in less than a week I've acclimated to the repositioning of the home/end/pgup/pgdn keys. The arrow keys are conveniently placed, as well. I finally have the mouse 6" closer and that makes a HUGE difference. I particularly like the new positioning and size of the delete key.The bad:As a developer, I make heavy use of the Function keys. These keys would be fine if they were consistent in pressure and feel to the rest of the keyboard. They are not. They feel like cheapo plastic keys (which they are, I suppose), and don't press consistently. The pressure to trigger them is not consistent with the rest of the keyboard, and half the time I go to use one I didn't press it hard enough.As you'll see mentioned if every other review of this keyboard, the media Play/Pause key requires you to toggle the Fn SWITCH to the "weird" mode, use the media key, and switch back. At first I thought that wouldn't be a big issue, but apparently I used the play/pause key more than I realized. No problem, I thought. I'll just go into the super macro Microsoft Mouse and Keyboard program and remap it. Ah, too bad, so sad. There are a total of 6 keys that can be changed, and almost all of them just disable the key not actually change its function. If you go into the help, the help describes how to create macros, command bindings, etc. But apparently you only get that functionality on older keyboards - not this one.As a note, I had to put the USB transmitter on the front USB port of my computer. When it was on the back it just couldn't handle traveling the 2 1/2' to my keyboard through my desktop. It can handle the 2' from the front, though. Apparently there is a VERY short range on the wireless.Conclusion:Overall, I really like the keyboard, and I especially like the lack of shoulder strain and pain. When it bothers me enough, I'll figure out a solution like using Autohotkey to bind a different hotkey to play/pause media player and Pandora. While I don't like the way the function keys feel or operate, I've been remapping my stuff that uses those keys so maybe I'll get to the point I can just leave it on the weird media mode all the time.**** Update:I bought a 2nd one for home. The right spacebar key fails to work intermittently, which is very annoying since I hit spacebar solely with my right thumb. My first one works perfectly, so it's definitely something to be aware of. I remember reading a review by someone else that said they have issues with the right space key, too. There aren't many of these keyboards out yet, so with the small sample size, and two people having the issue, just be aware you might have the issue, too. When I say it fails intermittently, it's somewhere between 1-2 times every minute.**** Update 2:Replaced the keyboard because it was getting steadily worse. New keyboard works as well as the one I have at work, and is rock-solid. One suggestion I would make for people buying this is to get a USB extension cable to plug the transmitter in to. The transmitter is really weak and you can put the transmitter next to the monitor or something so you have the very close proximity to the transmitter, and still have the advantage of wireless. I now have my home machine set up this way and it is working awesomely. I got the idea from seeing a co-worker's Logitech mouse setup that came with a USB extension cord.Now that I have used a third keyboard like this, I have observed one major thing: all of them have consistently sticky F-keys (they stay pressed because half the button gets stuck in the pressed position). The newest one I received also has a slightly different (more obvious) texture on all of the keys of the keyboard, especially the F-keys. The F-Keys still press like cheapo buttons, and still stick (less often so far), but I like the actual tactile feel of them more.While I was waiting for my replacement keyboard, I was using my Microsoft ergonomic 4000 keyboard again. I was surprised by how much I noticed the stiffness of the MS 4000 keys, because I'd never considered them stiff before using this keyboard. And even when I used the sculpt all day and the 4000 at night I didn't really notice it. But after going a few weeks of using the sculpt, the difference was very clear.Finally, I have set up AutoHotKey at this point for my media play button needs, and that works out great.**** Update 3 (Feb 12, 2014): (now resolved in Sept 2015 update)I still love the keyboard more than half a year after purchase. When using Windows 8 I found that some keys wouldn't properly detect that I'd lifted my finger off the key (Key Up) even though the key was no longer pressed. This was bothersome at work, but a quick "Undo" would fix the repeated keys. At home, however, it was causing problems with games and voice chat push-to-talk. It seemed to be universal to any key I pressed for longer than a few seconds (like holding down a key to fire a gun or hold push-to-talk). The system wasn't getting a Key Up message. I upgraded my system from Windows 8 back to Windows 7 due to some other serious issues I was having with Windows 8. All of my key repeating issues disappeared (except the sticking Fn keys, of course, which is a physical design flaw issue). My work machine with Windows 8 still has the "not recognizing key up" issue, and so does my co-worker's system. I did not install the keyboard driver on Windows 7, so it might also be the keyboard app that is causing the problem. All of the Windows 8 machines have it installed (because it auto-installs itself when plugging in the keyboard on Windows 8). So it might be a driver issue, too.
An affordable equal to more expensive designs.
October 15, 2017
Earlier this year I had to start using an ergonomic mouse for work because the repetitive stress of thousands of clicks per day, often in fast succession, was beginning the road to RSI and carpal tunnel. I started with this Anker mouse while I waited for the Evoluent VerticalMouse 4 Right Wireless - Metallic Blue, Black (VM4RW) paid for by my employer to be approved and shipped. This became my fall back device for home and travel. Having both the expensive premium Evoulent and this absolutely affordable model, I can speak to the strengths of each. Neither mouse has any special software (using generic Windows drivers) because my employer's IT department won't let me use them. Both mice are used on the same mousepad, 3M Precise Mouse Pad Enhances the Precision of Optical Mice at Fast Speeds and Extends the Battery Life of Wireless Mice up to 50%, 9 in x 8 in (MP114-BSD1), which I think is the best mousepad for all non-gaming use.To start, I have pretty large hands; long fingers mostly. Because of this, the larger Evoluent fits my hand better, though I still grip it differently than the design would suggest, I hold it like a large beer can (which now makes me think about how I could make work nicer...). The Anker is smaller, but unless you have quite large hands (outside the 95th percentile, like me) you'll probably be fine. If you have really small hands, I think the Anker is more accommodating due to the wedge shape.As far and hand/wrist/forearm posture, the Anker will not keep your hand in completely neutral, but I find the canted design more than comfortable. My hand is usually about 30° into pronation from neutral. In either case, my carpal tunnel space is maintained and radicular symptoms are eliminated. Because forearm alignment is crucial to this, I use an Allsop Comfortbead Wrist Rest -Mouse (29808) under my forearm to maintain alignment, both at work and at home. I find the Evoulent is a bit more forgiving when I don't use the rest, but that may also be a function of different seating positions at work and at home.The one place where the Anker mouse really shines is in its accuracy, both of the click and the tracking precision. The click on this mouse is a little heavier than the Evoulent, but for me, that means far fewer misclicks. On the Evoluent, its larger size and mass lead to misclicks associated with grip while positioning the cursor, which the light click pressure exacerbates. I prefer the firmer and more positive feedback of the Anker mouse. The tracking on the Anker mouse is also far superior, with far less stutter and "shimmy" when trying to place a click on a very fine point. It makes precise work flow more quickly.In all, I think the Anker is more than equal to the far more expensive Evoluent mouse. Also, I have the peace of mind of Anker's stellar support.
Good first vertical mouse.
October 5, 2017
I've been using this in place of the standard issue cheapo Microsoft mouse work issued me. I REALLY like the vertical aspect more than I thought. I like how I use my arm to move the mouse, rather than my wrist. It's great for relieving strain and whatnot, but I really didn't have that issue yet. But as a preventative measure, I wanted to try this out. I dropped it on concrete from waist height accidentally on day one (whoops) and it barely scratched. I like the texture/coating that is on the mouse, it's not just cheap plastic feeling like most mice are, it's got the soft touch feel to it. It's working great, and I carry it with me everywhere I go at work with my laptop. I've been asked what it is a few times, and people are always curious how much better the vertical aspect is and I usually end up passing it around the conference room having them try it out.I might end up picking another one out to replace my cheapo included wired USB mouse at my desk at home as well.
Almost Ergonomic Mouse and great service but bad on batteries.
August 14, 2017
I've had this mouse for about 3 months. Very good ergonomic mouse and my wrist doesn't hurt anymore. However, in the 2nd month, it started to develop scroll issues. The scroll wheel would become erratic, like if I scrolled a page up, it would it would go down. The scroll wheel wouldn't process correctly and became jittery. I've seen other reviews about this which was remedied by a replacement. So I emailed the company. They sent me another mouse no questions asked.While I waited for the replacement mouse, I thought I'd try to replace the battery. Initially I dismissed this because my other wireless mice batteries lasted almost a year. I figured why not. When I changed the battery, the scroll response issue was fixed, very accurate scroll. My belief is that this mouse isn't efficient on batteries like other brands I've had.I was about to rate this mouse 3 1/2 stars but because of the excellent service I received, I'll give this 5 stars. Now I have 2, one for the office, the other at home. Just know that's you'll need to change the batteries about every 2-3 months.
Everyone has different hands. So be sure to find the right fit for your hand!
March 27, 2017
If you have longer palms and shorter fingers - get this one!I originally bought this one first and then got the other Anker mouse model TM137G (https://www.amazon.com/Anker-Wireless-Vertical-Ergonomic-Optical/dp/B00BIFNTMC/) as well. What a great opportunity to test side by side at the office all day, switching between the two every couple of hours. I even had my colleagues try out the two and share feedback. Here are my findings:- Both are equal quality product with soft comfortable finish and reliable wireless connection.- Best fit will depend on your fingers-to-palm length ration. Keep in mind we all have slightly different hands.- Those with larger palms and shorter fingers found this mouse (TM156G) to be superb fit, while I find the other one (TM137G) to be more comfortable after long use.- I still think this mode could be improved with a slight tilt of the optical sensor (counter clockwise at about 20 degrees) to maintain straight mouse path with a straight wrist.Original Review: In the photos the mouse looks like it would be a comfortable fit for regular sized hands. The palm of your hand rests on the mouse while the wrist is nicely suspended and healthy. Alas it's not so. They must have been using a child's hand in the photos. I don't have a particularly large hands or large at all (maybe DJT sized, jk) but my hand gets tired really fast and develops a mild burning sensation in the center.Another issues is that the laser sensor is not angled so to move the cursor up/down and left/right you need to angle your wrist a bit, which further defies the ergonomics aspect. A 15 degree angle would have done it, but instead you need to angle your wrist.Otherwise a well built product and if you have small hands for $20 this is an excellent wireless mouse. Just quite not there in terms of ergonomics for hand comfort. I will be getting an expensive Evoluent instead.
Evoluent VS Anker
July 9, 2016
This mouse is much improved from Anker's previous ergonomic mouse Anker 2.4G Wireless Vertical Ergonomic Optical Mouse, 800 / 1200 /1600DPI, 5 Buttons - Black which I gave a direct comparison with Evoluent. I'm a designer who work with computer at least 8 hours a day, mouse is practically an extension of my hand. As result of that, I've developed carpal tunnel syndrome that started with a sore wrist and then tingling sensations in the arm. BTW, the tingling sensation is a sign of injured nerve. If you're feeling that, go see your doctor ASAP. Luckily for me that I caught it early, with combination of exercises, right sitting posture and vertical mouse have saved the wrist.With that said, here is a quick comparison between this mouse and Evoluent VMR4Brand - Evoluent VS AnkerPrice - $100 VS $16Build Quality - Solid (1 years old) VS Feels solid (only had it for one week, time will tell)Size - offers different sizes VS One size fits all, too small for large hand. It fits my hand perfectly (US medium gloves size)Ergonomic observations:1. ANGLE: Anker mouse is not completely vertical, so I find myself resting the weight of hand on one spot; the pisiform bone against the tabletop surface. No such problem with Evoluent mouse, because of its form where the hand is resting on top of it.2. FORM: It's MUCH improved from Anker's previous vertical mouse. The hand rests comfortably on the mouse, but part of hand ( from tip of pinky to pisiform ) is dragging on the desktop due to its small size. Evoluent VMR4 has a lip for that part of hand rests on, plus its larger form lets you rest the entire hand on top of it without making contact with the desktop surface.3. BUTTONS: Even though this version's buttons are better than the previous one, they are still not as easy to click as Logitech and Evoluent.This matters a lot to people who need to click and hold the buttons, doing that requires you to squeeze the mouse which means more stress on the hand. The middle button/scroll wheel is hard to press, Evoluent has a dedicated middle button, that is a must for CAD users.4. RESOLUTION: I can't tell the difference between 800/1200/1600 DPI in any mouse, partly because I don't install mouse driver unless I have to. When it comes to OS drivers, less is more.This is an excellent mouse for casual use. For extended usage, I would recommend Evoluent's ridiculous priced mouse over this. Vertical mouse takes sometimes to get used to, but it really works and will save you from carpal tunnel. Vertical mouse is just a part of equation, exercises and right sitting posture are the other crucial factors of a healthy body.Lastly ergonomic is different from person to person, sometimes it takes a few tries to find the right device for you. I can't participate review discussion as much as I would like to. But I'm sure others will help out with your questions.
Excellent Ergonomic Mouse
March 7, 2016
I've been using this updated version of the Anker Ergonomic Wireless Vertical Mouse for a few days, after having owned the previous model for 7 months.The newer model is definitely superior. The biggest improvement is that the new shape is smoother and more comfortable. My hand is more relaxed when resting my thumb above the back/forward buttons, but the previous model had an obstructive edge on the left side that I am glad they've removed.Other changes in the new model include a small protective lip to protect pinkies from dragging on tabletops, and a different location for the DPI switch. I never had problems with pinky dragging or accidentally hitting the DPI switch in the old model, but I still appreciate both of these minor improvements.Another change is that the direction of the scroll wheel's middle-click has been reversed in the updated version. In the old model, you apply left-ward pressure to the scroll wheel to middle-click; in the new version you apply right-ward pressure. I find middle-clicking easier to use in the old model, but this is a minor concern, and I've already adjusted to the new mouse.FYI the decorative stripes that are supposed to light up with red LEDs are never as vibrant as pictured. The stripes on the inside curve only flash when the mouse is turned on; after you begin using the mouse, they turn off completely.Overall an excellent mouse for its comfortable, ergonomic shape and cheap price. Plus, at the time of writing this version costs the same as the old one.

Four Star Reviews:

Scroll wheel glitch - like many others
April 24, 2017
Update May 2017: Anker customer service was awesome and provided me a replacement. Four stars for now - if the scroll wheel remains problem-free for a year, then I'll consider bumping it to five.Old: Like others have said, the scroll wheel has become glitchy. One swipe on the wheel is enough to result in the web page (or app you're using) to erratically spazz up and down. This is probably the most-used part of the mouse for me, so it's incredibly frustrating to deal with this.
Gives me pain on the base of my neck. Read update!
April 2, 2017
I've used this vertical mouse for over 7 days and it did not work for me. I think the angle of which this mouse sits on, is not that good. It is not angled enough. It should be more vertical or more "hand shake" like position. It would not really hurt my wrist but instead it would hurt my trapezius, the muscle at the base of your neck between neck and shoulder. Why? Due to the fact that the material of the mouse is way too slippery (especially if you have dry hands) and you don't have enough grip on it. So by having to hold it tight all the time, after a while tension builds up along your arm all the way to the trapezius. By the way I have big hands (8" or 20cm from wrist to tip of middle finger) and yet due to the bad grip on this mouse I would get pain on the base of my neck. The concept is good but needs improvements...I'm going back to the regular horizontal mouse. Fortunately Amazon took it back without problems and refunded me in full.Update 5-16-17:Following my original review, Anker contacted me about my issue with the mouse and gave me a great customer support by shipping to me a new smaller mouse at no charge. The new mouse is basically the same but a bit smaller. I think it's the previous version...The smaller size helped me to better handle the mouse but unfortunately as I wrote on the original review, the material which the mouse is made of, is too slippery for me as I have always dry hands due to my job. Like I suggested to Anker, I wish they would make a version of it that is made of a more rubbery material so I could have a better grip on it.I gave two more stars to Anker (from 2 to 4) for the great customer service.
Perfect Mouse
March 8, 2017
I've come to love this mouse. I thought I'd give an ergonomic mouse a try after having some wrist problems. My job is >75% at a computer and previously used a typical mouse and an ergonomic mouse pad with wrist rest. Even with the mouse pad, my wrist was aching to the point where I considered wearing a wrist brace throughout the day. After switching to this ergonomic mouse, my wrist feels much better.As you're probably aware, you hold this mouse sideways. I thought it would be awkward to get used to, but it probably took only 15-minutes to be totally comfortable in using the mouse. Tilting my hand to the side feels more comfortable than the alternative, and I like that I could ditch my mousepad (since I didn't need or want the wrist rest anymore). The mouse has an auto shut-off that activates after (I'm guessing) 10-minutes so as not to drain batteries. I've only had 6-weeks, so I'm not sure how long the battery will last. It's a standard two button mouse with a button wheel, page up/down buttons, and a weird button on the top that I've never used or looked into.It probably deserves 5-stars, but I'm giving 4-stars for two primary reasons: (I) it's not a loud mouse, but I do prefer silent mouse buttons and wish these were more quiet. (II) I prefer hard wired mice, as the response time and accuracy is better, and I don't want to have to change batteries periodically. I couldn't find a hard wire version of this mouse though.Overall, ESPECIALLY for the price, this mouse is unbeatable. I highly recommend it if you're looking for ergonomic alternatives to your traditional mouse.
Very nice, but for me the scroll wheel was too far away
February 23, 2017
UPDATE: Anker, who is a model for how companies should take care of customers, sent me a model AK-A7809012 to try instead. I've been using it long enough now and can give it a 5-star review. My advice is that large hands, this model is great. For average to mall hands, get the AK-A7809012.No question that this is better ergonomically for me. After using this for an hour, I can't believe we did not design the mouse like this from the start. So much more natural for the arm and wrist. Like any Anker product, it seems well made and the styling is nice.But I have to take half a star off for how smooth it is underneath. I am sure in time the pads will roughen a bit, but for me I could not find a mouse pad or surface where this would not slide too easily, and as weird as I'm sure that sounds, the mouse became difficult to use. I put my keyboard tray at a slight down-angle (maybe 5°) and I noticed it sliding away from me under its own weight occasionally.I took off a full star, though, for the scroll wheel position. The wheel itself is great - very nice to use as a button, and the scrolling action is wonderful. But it's beyond the tips of my fingers. I have to sort of reach further around and stretch my fingers straight to use it. I have average man-hands (size L or XL glove generally), but I use the scroll wheel *a lot* - like all the time. I scroll through documents, I zoom in and out with it (using a key modifier) and I click it to paste in the terminal or in documents.So I need the scroll wheel to be under my fingers all the time, and for me, this mouse was just too big. For comparison, I use a Logitech M705, and the scroll wheel is in the space bridging the middle and distant phalanx (in the bend of the last "joint" of the finger). On the Anker mouse, I can just touch the scroll wheel with the tip of my middle finger, but it's too far away to press or scroll without adjusting my grip, and unreadable to my index finger.I'll see if I can give it away to someone with larger hands or longer fingers - it's too nice to simply return.
Needs pinky rest; Consider new model
December 5, 2016
This mouse fits perfectly in my medium sized hands. The problem I have is how slippery this mouse is. If I relax my hand, then it slides down the mouse so that my third and pinky finger slide against the mouse pad. There are only two ways for me to use this mouse comfortably:1. Claw grip: my preference for mice has always been a palm grip because it feels natural. But as I explained above, the mouse is slippery. To get around this I have to claw the mouse and even then I still have to hold my wrist in an unnatural position.2. Double up: I have always used one finger on the left clicker and one on the right. But to prevent my fingers from hanging off the edge of the mouse I have to rest two fingers on the left clicker. This method is more comfortable but I do find myself accidentally right clicking when I try to use the scroll wheel (maybe I'll get used to it).All in all, the mouse works great but the lack of a pinky rest, along with the point near the dpi button, makes using the mouse uncomfortable.One final note: the mouse has a convenient slot underneath, so you can store the usb dongle.UPDATE & COMPARISON: I added one star for the awesome customer service.A few days after I wrote my review I was contacted by customer service and they offered to let me try the new model (Wireless Mouse, Anker Ergonomic USB 2.4G Wireless Vertical Mouse with 3 Adjustable DPI Levels 800 / 1200 / 1600 and Side Controls, Black). There are some differences/similarities between the two which I will list below.1. Left/Right Click: The new model requires slightly less force to click - likely because it isn't as "vertical" as the older model - but the difference is really insignificant.2. Scroll Wheel: I'm tempted to say that both models have the exact same scroll wheel with different mounting, and there is one minor as well as one huge difference. The minor difference is that on the new model the wheel is sunken deeper into the mouse than the old model (this can be seen in the pictures I've uploaded). The huge difference is that the scroll wheel on the old model requires a lot more force to click compared to the new model. Using the old model I often found myself missing or accidentally scrolling when I tried to press the scroll wheel, but on the new model it's very natural.3. DPI Switch: For both placement and button quality, the old model surpasses the new model. On the old model, using the DPI only requires you to slide your thumb up (and the button is impossible to miss), while the new model is a tiny button behind scroll wheel. This shouldn't be a problem unless you're constantly using the switch.4. Forward/Back Buttons: These are completely different on the two devices. In terms of responsive they are, the buttons on the new model can't even be compared to the old model. It only takes a very light pressure to use them - it's so easy you can click the forward button with the tip of your thumb and the back button with your inner thumb knuckle without even trying. On the other hand, the new model requires more force but it isn't "too much" force, so you don't have to mind the buttons if your thumb is resting on them and you don't have to try too hard to press them.** This may just be the item that I received so I've "starred" this difference. The back button on the new model feels flimsy and ready to break. It feels like there is some kind of spring pushing up on the button, but that spring is off center such that one side can be depressed much further than the other. This gives the button a "cheap" feeling.5. Shape: As someone who'd much rather rest their hand on their mouse as opposed to holding their hand in a certain position, the new model's shape dominates the old model's. Honestly, it's because the new model doesn't have the pointy edge. Without the pointy edge there are much more ways to hold the mouse so it's easy to find a comfortable position. That being said, the new model is also slippery and doesn't have a pinky rest (disappointing), but it's still much more comfortable than the old model.6: Size: The mice are roughly the same size, but because of their shapes, the new model "feels" smaller in my hand.
Looks like I'm sticking with Evoluent...
July 16, 2014
I have been using an Evoluent VM3 and VM4 for a few years now. I'm in the market for a wireless one, but thought I would give this a shot based on the reviews here and the major price difference. When holding the Anker mouse, your hand sits at more of an angle. This is compared to the Evoluent on which your hand rests vertically. The grip isn't too different though and feels natural to me. The mouse has a rubbery texture which is a nice touch. It is smooth and provides just enough grip. The mouse is very light even with the batteries inserted (batteries not included, btw). Unlike for others, the light weight isn't a problem for me. There is no 3rd mouse button where your ring finger and pinky sits. This is a good thing, because with my Evoluents I had to disable the 3rd button because I found myself accidentally clicking it. I have no problems with the tracking and find the precision to be sufficient for my needs. Because of the light weight, texture, and angle my hand rests at, I feel that I have more precise control compared to the Evoluent.The big problem, which is a deal breaker for me, is the heavy mouse buttons. I read other reviews about the heavy buttons thinking that they were exaggerating, but unfortunately it's true. Both of the mouse buttons are heavy and harder to press. Not just compared to the Evoluents, but compared to Logitechs and any other mice I've used as well. Every time I click, I end up not pressing hard enough. I find myself having to think about clicking the buttons harder. It just doesn't feel right and feels unnatural. It's too bad because I like everything else about this mouse.UPDATE 08/18/14:Adding one star because of Anker's superb customer service. I was contacted by Anker to assist with my concerns. I tried a replacement mouse to see if the mouse I had was defective, but unfortunately it was not. Anker was understanding and we came to a mutual agreement on the product. I hope that in their next version Anker will address the concerns I have, because I will most definitely try it again because of their service!
Button actuation force too high
April 27, 2017
So far I have only used this mouse a couple of days but it is more comfortable than a standard mouse to me. However (tl;dr), the buttons are hard to press and the dpi button gets in the way. I also wish they made a left handed version.

My biggest complaint are that the buttons are too hard to press. Especially the mmb. I have to click this and hold it down all day long when working in 3d and I am afraid it's going to cause hand pain issues eventually. Same goes for the other buttons but to a slightly lesser extent. I would pay more for a mouse that had nicer/lighter buttons that only require light fingertip force. I probably only need like 40-45g of actuation force
(going off of my mechanical keyboard).

Next issue is I keep accidentally hitting the dpi button. Honestly I don't even want a dpi button, but I especially don't want one that my thumb accidentally hits because I like to rest my thumb on that ledge

Also I wish they made a left handed version of this mouse because then I would buy one for each hand and alternate. I already do this with a regular ambidextrous mouse.
A good product, just not for me.
April 17, 2017
I wanted to try out a vertical mouse. This one feels solid and conforms nicely to the natural shape of my arm at rest. However, actually using it for work purposes (which is pretty intense use for many hours a day) has been a problem, because I tend to squeeze my fingers around the vertical mouse, and it has caused some cramping in the middle of my hand. It's worth trying out to see if this style of mouse works better for you.
... mouse for over a week and so far so good. It takes getting used to
April 5, 2017
I've used the mouse for over a week and so far so good. It takes getting used to, because you use a different set of muscles to move the mouse, but the strain and pain of using a non-ergonomic mouse is gone. The only thing keeping it from being five stars is that the new hand position feels slightly awkward. If it allowed your hand to curl just a bit more, it would be in an anatomically neutral position. As it is now, the fingers are slightly extended, which puts a small amount of pressure when clicking the buttons, but far less than that of a normal mouse.
Great Vertical Mouse, Great Customer Service
December 14, 2016
This mouse has been great for eliminating my wrist and shoulder pain. I was able to get about 6 months out of it before I started experiencing issues with the scroll wheel, where the scrolling would jump around, or briefly scroll in the wrong direction. I contacted Anker and explained my issue and they offered a refund or a replacement without the hassle of having to return the old one. The new one I received is perfect, no scrolling issues at all! This is a great vertical mouse, especially for the price.
Comfort Overules My Nitpicking
May 13, 2016
The mouse fits my hand well and is certainly an improvement over a traditional mouse design. Here are my PROS and CONS.

- The design fits my hand perfectly and really helps my wrist stay in a comfortable position during an entire work day.
- The buttons have a very satisfying click and are easy to press, which also reduces strain.
- Works immediately with Mac OS 10.11.
- Incredibly inexpensive for an ergonomic product.

- The surface of the mouse is rather slick and I wish there was some thumb support. A minor gripe really and I'll probably add some with Sugru.
- There is no visible change on the mouse as to what DPI setting you are using. The red light on the side stays the same. You'll have to remember to change the DPI each time or adjust your OS's sensitivity according to the default mouse DPI setting.
- Not really a con but I do wish that the cord was braided nylon. I know I could get the wireless version but cords don't bother me.

Overall, I'm very satisfied with this product and will be buying another for my home computer as well.
Keep a spare on-hand
September 25, 2017
I've gone through about ten of these keyboards. After a 3-6 months, random keys start losing connection and then the keyboard dies. I've tried replacing the batteries, moving the dongle, re-pairing, changing computers, etc. Now, I simply keep a spare on hand. Once I get used to a keyboard, it is hard to change. The ergonomics of this one fit me just right (reasonable split keyboard, still flattish, forward tilt). I prefer a detached number pad because it reduces the keyboard's width, which makes mousing around less painful on my shoulder. I place the number pad permanently between my keyboard and monitor.
Great feel, solid keyboard. Some changes to get used to though
September 7, 2017
Not a fan of the split number pad, hard to use when its not in the same position all the time. I don't like looking down when typing which makes the numpad useless for speed work when combined with home row typing (I use the lift on the main keyboard so its further off on feel since the pad sits flat). Also, my old MS keyboard, the CR was in the lower right corner making it easy to hit the enter key even when off home row like sitting back proof reading. If the numpad was attached, this would be the perfect keyboard with its enter key in the right place. As it is, this one requires the home row orientation to hit the return key reliably. These are the reason for my four star. However, the feel is fantastic and now that I'm getting used to the new location of the special control keys like delete, home, end, and etc, I like the keyboard. Build quality and feel are fantastic otherwise.
Great feel but lags under certain conditions
May 12, 2017
Hands down the best keyboard I've used. I had it for two years and it's still alive and working fine. I love the thin keys and the curve of the keyboard. It forms perfectly to my hands.The couple complains I have about it is that it sometimes lags and the keypad sucks the batteries dry in about 3 weeks or daily use. The batteries in the keyboard last for months though. As for the lag, I found that if laptop is elevated above keyboard (for example, if laptop is on a laptop stand and keyboard is below it on a desk), the keyboard lags. Why that happens is beyond me but putting keyboard and laptop on the same level gets rid of the lag.Overall, feel-wise I'd be surprised if there is a more comfortable keyboard out there. Functionality wise, the weird lag and how fast the keypad kills the batteries puts a stain on otherwise excellent experience.
Decent with a caveat
May 9, 2017
I've been experiencing wrist pain lately, especially on the heel of right hand near lunate bone, and have gone through a whole lot of keyboards to try to find something that helps. This sculpt actually does pretty well for that; not perfect but better than the 5+ other options I've tried. However it has two issues; the function keys are very tiny. Even worse the esc key is tiny, very far away and much worse, it doesn't reliably register being pressed. It's just the design of the key, not a defect. It can be a huge problem if you use that key a lot, like with vi or something.Given that most people likely don't care too much about that, I still would recommend it in general.
After ordering 3 a while ago, the 4th finally got it right
August 14, 2016
I went through 3 of these keyboards to see if I'd run into the same issues, however, despite the ergonomics design being solid, there are a couple things I'm not a fan of. For starters, reference my close up picture on the right, there's a gap inbetween the middle rubber support to the desk in comparison with the other supports which lie flat. At first, after asking a question on here, a lot of people told me that it's very stable and they didn't have any issues with tilting. Now I already went through 2 of these and thought it might've just been bad luck with the boards. So I tried ordering it once more (3rd time's the charm?) after reading the answers but to my dismay, it happened again leading me to believe there's a design flaw. While I type and rest my palms on the keyboard, it will sometimes tilt upwards due to the middle support not laying completely flat on the surface and the shape of the keyboard causes the instability. I read a review recently that described the same issues I faced. This is the single most glaring problem and whenever I'd be typing, it would be tilting upwards and rocking up and down. I had to make a conscious effort to be really gentle to keep it level, which I've never had this problem with any other board.The ergonomic feeling is great, and it felt good on my hands which disappointed me because I really wanted to like this keyboard. I also don't like the number pad requiring a watch battery, why they couldn't make it a AAA battery is beyond me. The overall look and design is interesting, kind of futuristic in nature which is an acquired taste for some. Another thing is the fact that there are no legs to raise the keyboard. It comes with a magnetic riser that tilts it at a decline towards your fingers, which is the correct way, since you are letting your hands rest downwards instead of flexing upwards like traditional keyboards. My magnetic riser had issues with the magnets though, and it would slip off on the right side very easily. The magnetic feature is a nice touch and adds to the futuristic design.In closing, it requires a bit of adjustment which isn't bad at all. I didn't like the riser's magnet strength, the palm rest showing scuffs/lint very easily and the overall instability of the board. I also noticed the keys feel a bit strange when typing. It's a bit hard to explain and you'd have to try it yourself, but their flatter and don't depress as much as most keys when you're typing so it's a more sensitive to when you apply pressure as you type.EDIT* 3/20/17: After buying 3 boards back in 2016 with the issues I stated above, I pretty much chalked it up to a design flaw. After many months of research, I wasn't able to find any ergo keyboards that weren't as wide for closer mouse placement and not a crazy price, (believe me I looked almost every week). I finally gave in and decided to try it ONE MORE TIME (sucker for punishment but it panned out in the end). I bought one recently and I don't know if the units from the previous sellers, (however, I bought the previous 3 boards from 2 different sellers so... didn't think it was one specific seller's units) were just flops or maybe there manufacturing update recently that addressed this issue, but now I don't experience any rocking/unstable tilting when typing. The board really just lays flat now and my persistence seems to have paid off. While I do still have to adjust to the keys being a bit more sensitive when typing since they're flatter and not raised like most keys, the board itself seems to be working out.
Good value, comfortable keyboard
July 24, 2016
This keyboard is a vast comfort improvement from my built-in MacBook Pro keyboard. I type for probably about 70 hours a week between work and school, and I am already feeling improvement in my hand, wrist, arm and shoulder pain. It's helping me keep a better seating posture, too, because of the neutral hand and arm position it promotes. From an ergonomic standpoint, it's doing its job.There are a few things I'm not quite excited about; the padding on the wrist rest area could be more comfortable (it's just a very thin layer of padding over plastic), and I don't like that there isn't a separate "off" switch on the main keyboard or the keypad to prevent battery drain while either is not in use. I think the placement of the C, V and B keys could have been better considered. I often end up mistyping with these letters. These things are significant enough for me to not give a 5-star review.Overall, though, the keyboard is functional and does its job both from an ergonomics and tech standpoint. I consider it a good value for the price. I was able to easily change the key settings to mimic standard Apple keyboard function, so the transition has been pretty simple.
Nice mouse.
May 30, 2017
A nice mouse. I've only used it for a couple of days and I'm still getting used to it but so far I think it's more comfortable to use than my "standard" mouse. It's well made and feels nice in your hand. My only gripe is pretty standard with all the other wireless mice I've used in the past (not counting bluetooth mice), and that is that it's hard to stop it right where you need to click. It glides across the screen very nicely, but seems a bit "jumpy" when zeroing in in your target. I tried all three speed settings but pinpointing it was difficult tor all three. However, I found that the pinky finger rest on this model is a big help for this, because it allows your pinky to help you guide the cursor right where you need it. I think I'll acclimate to it pretty well after a few more days.
Well made and high-quality, but the newer model is superior
April 14, 2017
The "scoop" on the thumb side was a little too deep and caused my hand to be in a more pinched/cramped position than I would have liked. Also it's longer than necessary. The newer models, I've noticed, have shortened a great deal and may have also filled in the thumb scoop a bit, so I'd go with one of those. I myself ended up getting a J-tech mouse, which is significantly uglier but has exactly the right shape for my hand.Update: within a couple days of my posting this review, Anker reached out to me to try to solve the issue, which was really a classy move on their part. Honestly it wasn't even really an issue on my end; I thought the mouse was fine and well-made, but just had some design flaws that were frankly addressed by the newer model of this same mouse. As I hadn't really meant to leave a "bad" review, and as they were so great about their service, I upped the review from 3 stars to 4. Really a great company.
Not for larger-handed individuals, but seems good.
January 4, 2017
It is clearly NOT for people with large hands... It's just uncomfortable to me, as it doesn't give me a place to really rest my thumb to assist in moving the mouse to the right. There IS something there, but it's in too far, and I have to constantly clamp the mouse with my thumb to move it, rather than just resting it on there, like I would with anything else. If they had extended the thumb rest further out or made the base a little wider, I would probably really enjoy using this mouse, but as it is currently designed, it's incredibly uncomfortable for me. It does appear to be built fairly well, though - I like the feel of the plastics that they used, it's fairly lightweight, and the buttons have a good feel to them and a normal "click" noise to them - I just don't care for the functionality. Maybe it's better for a lot of people, but it doesn't work well for me. Back to my Logitech Trackball... until the middle click or something else on it breaks... and then onto the backup that I buy anytime that it goes on sale for less than $30... I really wish someone else would come out with a higher quality version of that thing...
Wish it were rechargeable
July 30, 2016
I had the good fortune of catching this one on a sale on or around Prime Day. I have a vertical mouse already, but this one seemed MORE vertical, so I went for it. It has a great smooth feel to it, and the ergonomics also feel great. Apparently, vertical mice are better for you ergonomically because the keep your wrist in a neutral position, rather than in a twisted position. The only complaint I have is that it uses a removable AA battery. My previous mouse was a rechargeable mouse using micro USB, and I loved the convenience of just charging it every now and then without having to go dig up a new battery or charge my AA battery overnight. Not the biggest deal though, since this mouse is higher quality than the other one. It'd just be a total 5 star for me if it was rechargeable. I use the mouse at work, and don't have a recharger at work nor any spare AA batteries, so if it dies mid day, that means I get to go home for the day. Haha just kidding, that means I have to deal with using my stupid laptop trackpad until I can get the battery home to charge it.One more really minor complaint. It seems to go to sleep more often than my previous one did. I'd move the mouse around and nothing would happen. To reactivate the mouse, I need to click one of the buttons. Not a big deal, it just seems to happen a lot after I've been typing for a while and reach over for the mouse.I'll post some pictures comparing the two mice, so you can see the differences.
Decent mouse, but not as good as the first generation. Micro lag!
July 14, 2016
EDIT: Excellent customer service by Anker. I increased my original 3 star review to 4 stars after they reached out and contacted me to rectify the issue.I found this to be worse than the prior generation (of which I own the wired version).This wireless mouse is a different shape than the prior generation, and while the older model did not have the tiny pinky lip (so those with large hands don't keep hitting their pinky finger to the desk when using the mouse), the overall shape of the prior generation was more amenable to alleviating any wrist pain/concerns.Shape aside, what I didn't like about this unit is that there is noticeable microlag or stuttering in regular use. The DPI is too low to be able to game effectively, so I mainly use this mouse for regular website browsing. When moving the mouse around, sometimes it stutters before recovering. It's minor, but noticeable enough to be annoying during regular use.I know other wireless mice don't have this issue, so I'm not sure why this Anker model does. Normally, Anker makes quality accessories.
Best vertical mouse that I have used so far!
July 3, 2016
.After using laptops exclusively for 10 years, I finally switched back to a traditional mouse and keyboard, and my hunt for the perfect mouse began. I first tried 6 different gaming and full sized mice, and none were fully comfortable for my hand and my grip style. They either weren't long enough, high enough, or wide enough (my pinky finger was dragging using pretty much all of them, a major concern of mine). That's when I saw a vertical mouse and decided to give those a shot.I bought this and the SHARKK model that looks almost identical, and I like the Anker much more. While it doesn't look fancy or flashy, it gets the job done. And by that, I mean that I can go the whole day usin it without ever having to think about my hand getting tired, or numb. It just feels natural. It's got all the standard features (forward/back and DPI buttons) and is built fairly well. The best thing about the Anker, which makes it better than the SHARKK, is that it is very precise. The cursor movement is natural and very responsive, and very precise (a lot of the mice I tried out were not precise). The only downsides of this mouse are that the forward and back buttons aren't GREAT, they could be better, but function perfectly well and won't hinder you in any way. Another thing to consider is that the mouse doesn't have any grip, like some other mice do, so every once in a while I notice that, but its not a big deal at all.Ultimately, I think this is a great vertical option, and at $15.99 it can't be beat. Buy with confidence.

Three Star Reviews:

I was excited to get this mouse but it seems ...
August 30, 2017
Edited to add: I added 2 stars purely for customer service. Anker reached out and offered to send me a new mouse, which they did. The one they sent is a different version, no shark fin, and it is very smooth. None of the drag issues of the shark fin, at least as far as I can tell after one day's use. I tried to find the version they sent me on Amazon, but couldn't locate it. My final star reviews would be as follows:Shark Fin version: 0 starsNew mouse: 5 starsAnker customer service: 5 starsEdited again: Anker CS emailed me the link to the second mouse, which I've now been using several days and absolutely love. Here is the link to the mouse I would give 5 stars to: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B018LR04B8/Original review: 1 star I was excited to get this mouse but it seems really glitchy. It doesn't drag smoothly at all. I have to constantly jiggle or tap it to get it to move the curser in the direction I want it to go. I've tried it using two different mouse pads as well as just the desk top but nothing helps. And all the extra wiggling and tapping makes my wrist hurt even more.
Would have given five stars but...
June 19, 2017
I purchased this wireless mouse to use as my "in-office" mouse for my work laptop. I have two; this one, and one that has a slightly more sturdy construction (though I don't like it as much as this one) to put in my laptop backpack when I'm out of the office.I would have given his mouse five stars; it's sleek design makes it much more comfortable to use than my clunky spare. However, I have two issues with it. The first time I went to replace the batteries, the cover for the battery compartment broke. It still goes on, but there is a crack in the thin piece of plastic towards the back of the mouse (see picture). My second issue is that, after three years, it suddenly randomly stopped turning on. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't, very hit or miss, which is sad because it is my favorite of my two mice. If it were a bit cheaper, I'd say I was pleased with what I paid for, but considering I spent $20 on it, I expected more than three years out of it, especially given that I only use it for about 25% of my workday, as I am often working out of the office. I do LOVE the design though. I just wish it were more durable.
OK wireless mouse. Poor Ergonomics.
May 22, 2017
Functionally, this mouse works as a wireless mouse. Connection to the computer and mouse operation are reliable and consistent. However, the buttons require more pressure than a typical mouse. Pressing the center scroll wheel is very stiff and uncomfortable. My primary software program is AutoCAD and requires regular pressing of the scroll wheel for view manipulation. For this reason alone, this mouse is very uncomfortable to use with this program.The Back/Forward thumb buttons are slightly further back from where my thumb wants them to be. This means that everytime I want to use these buttons I have to re-orient my hand on the mouse.I'm still using the mouse with general applications hoping that I get used to how my hand needs to hold this mouse to work, in the off chance that this becomes less of a hassle, I'll update this rating and post.In the end I'm very disappointed that this "Ergonomic" mouse has very inferior ergonomics vs a standard mouse. I guess that is to be expected for a $20 mouse..?..Revision:While this generation of mouse might leave something to be desired, Anker's customer support is absolutely top notch! In the end they sent the newer version of the mouse (model # TM156G) which works much better with my hands. The buttons on the newer mouse feel much better and require less pressure, making the overall experience similar to a standard mouse. The forward/back buttons are still just a bit too far back, but overall much much better. This is an ergonomic mouse that I will actually use. I'm upgrading the review to 3 stars. It would be 4 for the newer mouse by itself, if my path to this point didn't go through the previous generation product... (if there was a rating for Anker customer support, they would get 5+ stars!)
Just okay
January 28, 2017
The position that the hand is in with this mouse is very comfortable compared to a standard mouse as the wrist is not twisted. The pain I get from using a standard mouse is gone.The build quality is very good and the adjustable resolution is helpful when working on things that require more detail.The drawback I find is that the buttons take more force to operate and often cause movement of the mouse when pressing the button. This requires one to redo the errors that are made due to the movement. Also the forward/backward buttons need some redesign. The back button is fairly convenient, but the forward button is in an awkward place which causes problems as operation of these buttons requires the user to squeeze the mouse causing it to move off position.The mouse would also benefit from a hand rest on the right side so that you hand does not drag on the mouse pad.The scroll wheel does not have side-to-side scrolling, but by pressing the wheel it activates the windows scrolling option. One other problem I have found i that with the height of the mouse, I find I am constantly knocking it over or off the keyboard shelf when I reach for something on the desk. Maybe after more use, I will get used to it.Overall, I believe some tweaking of design would really improve this mouse. For only $20, it is not a bad deal.
Surface needs overhaul to aid in control/handling.
February 20, 2015
Great concept at a great price, BUT needs a serious overhaul with surface texture to aid in control. The mouse wanted to walk on you. It constantly creeps out of your grip. I added the tacky tape to the mouse and it is now perfect( see pic). I would have been willing to pay another $15 so I would not have the constant feeling that the mouse is walking out of my hand.
Evoluent VS Anker
May 27, 2013
July-9-2016 update:It has been three years since the original review, I have to downgrade it to 3 stars not because the build quality which is great. But ergonomically speaking, it just didn't work for me. During a extended business trip when I had to use this mouse for 10 days and my wrists was feeling the pain. The pain went away after I switched over to Evoluent mouse. I believe it has to do the the form factor of this mouse. Since then I've bought Wireless Mouse, Anker Ergonomic USB 2.4G Wireless Vertical Mouse with 3 Adjustable DPI Levels 800 / 1200 / 1600 and Side Controls - Black which is much improved. I would recommend it over this one for casual use. Opinions in the original review still stand.Original Review:I've been using Evoluent vertical mouse for over 10 years, it has saved my wrist. Then came this mouse at 1/5 price of Evoluent's (I paid $20), so I got one just out of curiosity. Here is quick comparison:Brand - Evoluent VS AnkerPrice - $100 VS $20Build Qaulity - Solid (3 years old) VS Feels solid (only had it for one week, time will tell)Size - offers different sizes VS One size fits all, too small for large hand.Weight - half lb, a heavy mouse (V3) which may require a Teflon mouse pad. VS lightweight.Ergonomically speaking, Evoluent is a superior mouse for the following observations:1. ANGLE: Anker mouse is not completely vertical, so I find myself resting the weight of hand on one spot; the pisiform bone against the tabletop surface. No such problem with Evoluent mouse, because of its form where the hand is resting on top of it.2. FORM: I find myself squeezing Ankler mouse to get a good hold of it, forcing my hand fits into the concave form VS resting my hand on Evoluent mouse, let the form fits into my hand.3. BUTTONS: Anker buttons require a good amount of pressure to click them, that's one of reasons that I have to squeeze Anker mouse to press the buttons. Evoluent's buttons are similar to Logitech's mice, very responsive and don't require much pressure to click.Conclusion: Both mice are a wrist saver compare to conventional mice. Evoluent feels very natural and effortless VS Anker feels a little bit forced, due to its concave form and hard click buttons.Vertical mouse takes sometimes to get used to, but it really works and will save you from carpal tunnel. I think Anker mouse is good for casual use. If you use mouse 8 hours a day, then I'd recommend Evoluent mouse. It's a very expansive mouse, but cheaper than medical bill.
Moving it left and right is super easy. Moving forward and back OK
July 14, 2017
It's weird! I keep knocking it on the floor when reaching for it because decades of flat mouse use have trained me where to reach to I hit the tip often, moving from keyboard to mouse. Moving it left and right is super easy. Moving forward and back OK. Wheel, Front/Back buttons, all good. Design is interesting and lighted area is not too bright (a positive if you've had lit mice that keep you up at night!) Anker's a good brand. Only other thing is pinky doesn't know where to be. Poor pinky...
I really liked how comfortable this mouse was
January 8, 2017
I received this as a gift from a buddy of mine in 2016. Unfortunately, I forgot exactly when, but it was in the early half of 2016. If there was any paperwork, I've probably lost it by now. I really liked how comfortable this mouse was, but was ultimately disappointed. The cable seemed a little flimsy, but that wasn't such a problem. The worst of it was when, a few months after using it, the scroll wheel became utterly useless. Shortly after that happened, the scroll wheel became hyper-sensitive or something--if I so much as brushed the wheel with my index finger, even left-clicking became a hassle. So, I binned it and went back to my first Anker mouse (which lasted me a little under three years with no real problems).

Looking at some of the other reviews, it may just be that I got one from a bad batch. As you can see, mine matches the old type (pardon the dust, because I've only found time and presence of mind to write a review, now). Given my experiences with Anker, so far, though, I'm definitely willing to give them the benefit of the doubt. The first mouse was pretty good, after all, and the USB hub I picked up still works well, too. I don't expect a replacement, though, given the muddiness of my situation. In the future, I intend to check out the newer--and hopefully improved--version, one way or another.
Not for average female hand. But amazing customer service
August 17, 2016
I have an average size female hand (medium when buying Smartwool gloves). The scroll wheel is a real stretch. If I position my hand so the wheel is comfortable, the forward/back page buttons are awkwardly positioned for my thumb. I tried using it for a while, thinking it might just be an issue of getting used to it. But no. physics trumps all. It's also narrowly shaped, so it's like grabbing a sheaf of paper using my thumb and forefinger. I'm used to using the fatter Etekcity ergonomic mouse and that's much more comfortable to wrap my hand around. The Anker looks good and the smooth rubberized coating feels nice, but it's just not really designed for me. Unless I find another taker with larger mitts, this one's going back.

UPDATE: Anker got in touch and sent me a newer model of this mouse to review. Second mouse is better as it's wider and I don't feel like I need to crab-claw so hard to use. I tried it off and on for several weeks to give it a fair shake. Not a fan of the forward/back buttons placement. They are both located "up" of the thumb, one further away the the other. This means if I want to forward, I have to reach farther with my thumb than if I want to go back in my browser. The placement of the button was a little awkward. When I click use either forward or back button, I squeeze and will frequently accidentally left click. Tried training my hand to brace on the bottom of mouse and the top to avoid this, but ultimately isn't my working style. Gave it to a colleague who is trying it out. Thanks, though, to Anker. Awesome customer service!!
Longevity questionable -- 18 mo warranty
August 15, 2016
Fairly comfortable (though too light, which makes it tend to tip), relieves worst of carpel tunnel, decent texture and scrolling when new. But after having it for a year:

-the scroll is not always responding;
-it takes 30 sec - 1 min to start working after computer sleeps (never had this with any other USB mouse);
-the light on the side is cutting, often flickering;
-the Anker badge is bubbling.

In short, it's poorly made. I'll spring for a better mouse next time.
UPDATE: Apparently, this mouse comes with an 18 month warranty. (I suppose I should have known that.) Manufacturer kindly reached out to me and sent me a replacement. This replacement, so far (about a month), does not display any of the four defects enumerated above. Time will tell how it lasts.

There have been a couple of changes that are noteworthy:

-The light on the side is no longer blue but red. (For me, I'd just assume not have a light, since, as with similar devices, it stays on when your computer is off so long as it's powered -- meaning, bright lights in the room at night.)
-The plastic on the body has a slightly different feel: somewhat softer to touch. I prefer this feel to the previous, and I wonder whether (hope that) it will be more resilient.
-The scroll has slightly less resistance as well.

If, as the manufacturer claims, the prior device was defective and this replacement will last better, then this seems like a great, inexpensive handshake mouse (worthy of a higher ranking). I'll update this review after some time accordingly.
Feels good in the hand, though buttons and angle could be way better
June 3, 2015
I just got this new Anker. I must say I bought it without much doubt, seeing it had a lot of positive reviews. After a full day of use use though, I am not fully satisfied with my purchase. Here is why:

• Design: sleek, elegant.
• Touch feel: comfortable, classy.
• Confort: fits nicely in the hand.
• Tracking: good tracking in both modes.
• Price: for sure, the mouse is good price for quality.
• Solid mouse: the mouse feels robust and has a perfect weigh.

• Buttons: this is without any doubt a -1 or -1,5 star. They are, as other said, quite hard to click, which is paradoxical for a mouse that pretends to be ergonomic. Maybe my product has a default, but I had a Logitech mouse before, and I can tell these buttons take nearly double pressure to click. I let you think of all the clicks you do in the day to consider the impact it can have on your muscles over a long-term use. And I know there is a happy middle between too hard and too soft. But considered this problem has been highlighted in a lot of reviews, I wish Anker adressed it.
• Ergonomics: this is a -0,5 or -1 star. Although the mouse feels good in the hand, the angle is maybe not optimal. As others said, it is not a fully vertical mouse. So your hand is always in an in-between position: it doesn't benefit from the full vertical position – where you can relax your arm in a vertical position – nor does it allows your arm and your hand to rest in a flat position – the one you have with normal mice, although this position causes wrist and forearm pains. To add to this problem, I can say after one day of use that I have started feeling a real pain on my ring finger – a pain I have never felt before – that I link to the fact the mouse pushes down your ring finger and pinkie, knowing the mouse is low for people with long fingers/big hands.

I would say price for quality appears to be good. But the product doesn't deliver on its promise according to me. Buttons are way too hard to push and the mouse could be a bit more ergonomic. I wish Anker took into consideration this feedback – knowing I am not the only one to support this view – to make its product better. I haven't tried any other vertical mouse yet. I thought I could fully rely on this buy, but I am now considering moving to Elekcity or even Evoluent.

After my review, Anker followed up with a customer support email. I must say their support has been very good. I feel like they are really caring about customer satisfaction. So, although this won't change the product and my review, it's really a great plus in their favor compared to other brands.
Verdict is still out on this one
September 29, 2017
I just got this yesterday and connected it. I like the wrist position with the base attached and the wrist rest is padded and comfortable. My negatives are: the function keys are smaller than the rest of the keys and recessed slightly so it makes them more difficult to reach to naturally without looking at them and there is a dip switch on the keyboard to swap from standard function keys to alternate functions. This is very odd in a newer design. I'm very used to pressing a fn key for the alternate functions so physically switching the setting is odd. The other drawback that thus far I am NOT liking is the separate number pad. It's flat and detached so it's not convenient to use regularly as you would a number pad that is integrated. Not convinced yet that I will keep it. I'll give it a full 10 hours of work today and decide how annoyed I am by the number pad being separate and the function keys not being easily used.
Nice to type on, weird edit/cursor keys.
August 13, 2017
I've had a few of the Microsoft Ergonomic Keyboard 4000s and decided to try the wireless keyboard out when I moved back to the US for a new job. For context, I haven't been diagnosed with any sort of issue that makes an ergo keyboard necessary (I'm fine using my laptop keyboard for days on end). This is simply to make typing at my desk more comfortable.Things I like:- Chiclet-style keys require considerably less effort to type than the Ergo 4000- Much smaller footprint on the desk (especially if the 10-key is kept separately)Things I don't like:- Key layout for arrows and ins/del/home/end/pgup/pgdown is goofy. Resembles a laptop I had a while ago that I never quite agreed with.- 10-key is separate - impossible to get started with muscle memory.Overall, I like it, but would love it if the 10-key was attached and it had the normal edit/cursor keys. Which sounds an awful lot like its successor, the Surface Ergo Keyboard. Since my new job isn't as Excel-heavy as my old job, I think I'll keep it.
Feels good, but with some problems...
May 8, 2017
I bought this keyboard to replace a wired Fellows ergo keyboard that was giving me problems. At first, the keyboard was working great. Nice key feel and the wireless worked great. Also, I really like the separate number pad, especially since I'm left-handed and often wished the number pad on keyboards was on the left. However, after about a week, the SPACE bar on the left side (which I usually use) started being finicky. This is a problem, as I find myself having to backspace constantly to retype spaces. It is incredibly FRUSTRATING, since I am a coder and one space can make the difference in the code working or NOT. I will try to hang in with it for a while longer, because I love the feel of the keys and how the rest of the keyboard works. But if this persists, I will have to either return it or throw it against a wall. (JK)
Great keyboard with one annoying issue
April 13, 2017
So this is my first ergonomic keyboard and I really like it so far! I used it at work so I don't use a lot of "media" or "gaming" functions - so I'm looking at this from clearly a business standpoint. It's a mostly great keyboard with one annoying issue which is why I reduced it 1 star. The issue is that every once in a while (seemingly random) the key will stick digitally. So the key on the keyboard doesn't seem to stick (that I can see or at least isn't noticeable) but it will continue to press on the screen. So if I hit "L" as my last key typed it would type out "LLLLLLLLLLLLL" until I hit backspace. Like I said, it appears to be random but I would say I run into it like once a day maybe.Besides that the keyboard is very comfortable and isn't too loud when I type. It took me a little bit to get used to the split keyboard but I really like the keyboard besides that one issue I mentioned.UPDATE:I'm actually going to downgrade to 3 stars because the "key sticking" issue I described above is occurring slightly more often and is causing some issues with things I am working on. If it weren't for this issue I would probably rate it between 4 and 5 stars.A better way to describe this would be "phantom keystrokes" as someone has mentioned in another comment. It's getting very annoying to deal with. I have read that this may be a faulty product. So, I'm going to try using a different USB port on my computer and if it still occurring I will see if I can return it and get a new one to test. Will update rating if this is fixed or I receive a new one.
I purchased this one because f the removable key pad which allows me t center the KB much better and have the muse more cmfrtabl
July 27, 2016
I'm a huge prpment f the ergnomic keybards. I've previusly wned the Microsoft KB 3000 and 4000. I purchased this one because f the removable key pad which allows me t center the KB much better and have the muse more cmfrtably accessible. The keys are also more shallow n this KB than in my old 4000. I gave this KB 3 stars because the key placement is not so great. The "Enter" key seems a bit f a reach (but I checked it against my old ne and it was the same.) The arrow keys are als a little out f the way, but that's not such an issue fr me as I dn't use them that much.Yu may have nticed by nw the strange spelling. This is because the "O" key n my brand new KB wrks nly itermitently. Annying, right!? I'm hping that this is because I gt a bad KB and that it's not a cmmn issue. I've already put in a return request fr this KB and will be receiving the replacement tmrrow, hopefully. And even more hopefully, I hope that the new ne functins perfectly.I'll try t remember to update my review after I've used the new ne fr sme time.
Space bar trouble
June 27, 2016
The shape and feel of this product is awesome, I love it, but with one problem. The right space key does not always work. I end having to backspace several keystrokes because of a lack of space between some words. It trips up my line of thought when I have to go back and correct. During the course of writing this review it only did it twice, but sometimes it can happen several times in one sentence.I think I will ask for a replacement product, and hope the second is not like the first. Otherwise, this is my favorite keyboard I've ever used.
Slightly big
July 23, 2017
Personally, I found this mouse a trifle too big. Perhaps "big" isn't the right worth for it; it's more that the rear part of the mouse, the part that goes where your thumb meets your index finger, is convex rather than concave. Consequently, that area of the mouse protrudes a little into the ball of your hand. The page forward/back buttons are also difficult to use, and should have been moved a centimeter or to down the mouse. The only way you can use these buttons is by letting go of the mouse, which defeats the purpose.Personally, I liked the older version of this mouse (https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00BIFNTMC/ref=cm_cr_ryp_prd_ttl_sol_28) much better. This model offers a pinky guard, which I did like, but its absence from the old mouse didn't bother me. I tested both mice on various cursor testing websites, and my reaction time/accuracy on both mice was very slightly better on this mouse, but for all practical purposes the same on both models. The old model has a much more natural, glove-like fit, in my view.I will say that the feel of a mouse is likely an intensely personal preference that will vary from person to person, so I would encourage purchasers to compare both mice for themselves. I hope Anker will continue to offer the old model, however.
I like the ergonomics
May 18, 2017
I bought for home, I like the ergonomics, but dislike the precision, I don't see the difference between DPI levels and seems to be only using the smallest one, 800. When I try to highlight a word, for instance, it's really difficult to put the cursor at the right place to start highlighting and then when sliding across the word the cursor goes up or down, no control. At work I'm using a vertical mouse, Evoluent, the best, but has a DPI of 2800 max, really precise.Update: After my post, Anker contacted me, very nice email, to try different settings but nothing worked, then they sent me a new mouse to try. The new mouse was acting the same, but it seems that with lower setting, the mouse is slower to move but is not acting that erratically when trying to be precise. Anyway I'll deal with it for now, still nice ergonomics, no more dolor in my wrist.
It's OK, but not what I'm looking for
January 21, 2017
I used to use an Microsoft Natural Wireless Laser Mouse 6000. I loved those mice. Then MS stopped making them. The prices on the old inventory is crazy ($300+??). Finally, MS came out with their Sculpt mouse. It was close to the Natural, but noticeably shorter and smaller, so I didn't love it. So since then, I've been on the lookout for a better mouse that isn't insanely priced. I hoped this would be the mouse, but it has a few issues for me:- It doesn't have any support for your thumb or your pinkie. I hate dragging fingers on the mousepad. This forces me to drag both sides of my hand on the mousepad.- It's too short. I can't hold it comfortably with a mousepad that has a wrist-rest. It does get better without a wrist-rest, but then the corner of the desk digs into my wrist.- The mouse wheel is too far back. I have to bend my middle finger way more than is comfortable to spin it.- But the biggest issue: It weighs next to nothing. There's no weight to it. It feels like cheap, empty plastic and thus it feels very imbalanced when using it. It doesn't glide on the mousepad -- you have to provide downward force. The Sculpt mouse actually has the perfect feel for this scenario -- even better than the original MS Natural.So my hunt continues.
It's well built and functions well, but I don't personally like it that much.
December 25, 2016
Please note that this is my experience and yours might differ from mine.The mouse is built well, but it's not all that comfortable for me. I tried it for a couple weeks and ended up going back to my old mouse. I found the scroll wheel to be in an awkard position for me, and I just couldn't get comfortable with the position my hand was in. I also don't like the DPI settings as I prefer a higher DPI and this mouse doesn't go high enough for me.Overall the mouse functions well and feels solidly built, but it just doesn't work all that well for me. It's not awful, but I definitely prefer my old mouse. I don't plan on returning it, but it looks like it will be relegated to back up status only.
Great general purpose mouse at a great price.
September 12, 2016
Update: 06/04/2017 - After about 9 months of use the scroll wheel as died, spinning it does nothing. Tried blowing air into the mouse to clean out any dust inside but didn't help. Doesn't seem to be any easy way to open the mouse without ruining it so detailed cleaning isn't an option. Disappointing as I really liked using the mouse, but I need a scroll wheel.Good comfortable wireless mouse at a great price. Works just fine without any special drivers or goofy software in Windows 7. Solid build quality, light weight, good rubbery texture. Scroll wheel has very light bumps (is not free spinning) which I prefer. Red light does not stay on after mouse is connected to the wireless. There's a nook for the receiver dongle under the mouse. Runs off of 2 AAA batteries (not supplied with mouse). Can't comment on battery life as I just got the mouse, but 2 Eneloop rechargables power it just fine. There is an on-off switch on the bottom if you want to conserve power when not in use. It is molded for right hand use only (which should be obvious from the photos).For those who prefer a cord, there is a corded version available, I have that one too (purchased before I saw this one) and they are identical.If you don't need a specialty mouse then I definitely recommend this one.
Though it's not perfect, Anker really stood behind their product
May 31, 2016
This wireless vertical mouse has some good features (very responsive, nice feel to the clicking movements) however I think it is not the greatest for people with small hands. I'm a 5'3" female and don't consider myself as having particularly small hands, but the scroll button is almost out of reach for my middle finger. The good news is that the left click and right click buttons (which are predominantly what I use) are large enough that this is not a problem. Overall a pretty good wireless vertical mouse for the money, and if you're a guy or a woman with long fingers you'll love it!Upon reading my review, the manufacturer emailed me and offered a 50% refund without requiring me to return the item. I appreciate the old fashioned good customer service!

Two Star Reviews:

Doesn't play with Mac, mouse is good though.
August 11, 2017
Initially this worked great. My coworker has one (different brand) and I wanted to try it. First week of use was great, was comfortable and the mouse worked great.However, after that first week I've had nothing but connection issues. I'll turn on my computer or wake it up from sleep and the mouse just won't connect. I end up have to turn off the mouse, unplug the transmitter, wait a few seconds, plug it back in and turn on the mouse again. Rinse and repeat about 5-10 times before the mouse finally connects. Once it is connected it works fine, so not sure what the issue is.I recently upgraded to MacOS Sierra, so I'm guessing it is a driver problem with them.I like the mouse when it connects to my computer.
Updated - Nubbin Didn't Stand Up
July 3, 2017
--Update--After I got used to this mouse, I loved it, but then one day (today), it was suddenly inoperative. I tried new batteries, but no go. Had to hook up an old mouse. I found that the plastic of the bluetooth nub was bent at about a 30 degree angle, which I assume is the culprit. The thing is, it's been in my laptop since I got it, and my laptop is handled pretty gently. I carry it in a laptop bag, and it goes in and out of my trunk daily, but apparently this was enough to bork the nubbin.This makes me really sad because this mouse really did help my shoulder A LOT.-- Original Review --Picked this up to help with my shoulder hurting while sitting at a low desk. Taking the rotation out of my wrist has helped my posture and all nerve pain in my shoulder virtually disappeared.Taking one star off because the smooth texture of this mouse makes it difficult to pick up and move (like ya' do when you're at the edge of the mousepad). My fingers literally slip off of it. Some strategically placed rubber grips would make this a 5 star mouse.But it works great, and helped me out quite a bit. Plus, it turns heads when I haul it into the conference room with me! ;)
Smells bad
May 8, 2017
This mouse looks like a great deal for those who need a vertical mouse, but after using it for an hour, I've returned it.First off, the sensor works well enough and I didn't experience any tracking issues for normal desktop use. The real glaring issue is how stiff the mouse buttons are. Every time you click, your mouse will literally move from where you are pointing since the buttons are on the side. You have to grip the mouse with your thumb and push against the mouse to stop it from moving. All this muscle strain defeats the purpose of an ergonomic mouse. I would've stuck it out and hoped the tension on the buttons would decrease with use, but there's an even bigger problem with this mouse.The worst part is that the plastic on this mouse smells like burning plastic AND the smell will transfer to your hand. I returned the mouse because I don't want to risk breathing in the plastic off-gassing or absorbing it through sweaty palms. I had high hopes for this mouse but it's not very usable and the plastic might even be a health hazard.Edit: Big thumbs up to Anker for their customer service. They saw this review and sent me a newer version of this mouse (https://www.amazon.com/dp/B018LR04B8/ref=psdc_11036491_t2_B00BIFNTMC). The mouse buttons are much softer so it eliminates the problem of mouse movement when you click, but the plastic still smells horribly. I've let it air out for about a week and it doesn't noticeably smell anymore unless you hold it close to your nose. It doesn't transfer to my hand, which is the most important part. The side mouse buttons (mouse4/mouse5) aren't the easiest to click, but it's acceptable enough that I'm willing to overlook that problem. I'd give this mouse a 4/5 overall.
Not perfect but a solid alternative to the pricier models
May 8, 2017
Bought this mouse because it was worth the $19.99 risk compared to more expensive models, and it definitely proved to be worth the money. The ergonomics of this mouse are far better than any other mouse I've used, and have relieved tingling and pain in my thumb and fingers from a trackpad. The ONLY issue I ever have with this mouse is that sometimes it's not smooth (the mouse movement), as in the mouse on the screen is jittery as it moves where you tell it to move. I cannot guarantee that it's the mouse, but I suspect that it is. The setup I personally run is the mouse with no trackpad on a flat white desk with the bluetooth receiver plugged into a USB hub that is plugged into a laptop. 95% of the time the mouse works perfectly, I only have issues with the smoothness every so often.Update - After a little while of use, the track wheel on the mouse became unusable. I can't scroll up or down pages. The page moves but then returns to the original place. It doesn't seem like a physical issue as the wheel moves smoothly but maybe a lower-level issue. Will be reaching out to customer service soon to get this fixed.
AVOID! Doesn't Track, Buttons don't Register.
September 4, 2015
Bought, used for a week, returned it. The angle is definitely interesting, but can get used to it after a little while. However, the big issue I had was the tracking/buttons.EXTREMELY FRUSTRATING! It constantly skipped, and wouldn't track the mouse movements. Meaning, I'd move the mouse, and it wouldn't track. I'd have to rapidly shake my hand back/forth to get it to register the movement. I'm using a brand new, black, high end mousepad, but I tried it on other mousepads and surfaces- same issue. It also had issues with the buttons not detecting a click. Many, MANY times I'd have to click, and it wouldn't register- so I'd have to click multiple times, and forcefully hold the button down to keep it engaged (for highlighting or dragging the cursor).Also- I found it very annoying that it'd turn off after a few minutes, and I'd have to click the buttons to get it to turn back on every time. I know there's probably a setting in there to change that (and it saves battery life)- but with the other issues I've been having I was just over it.While the design may be cool, and ergonomics are a step up- this thing is a piece of junk. I went back to a tried and true Logitech.
Hand doesn't feel relaxed.
March 17, 2015
It glides smooth across the desk and my wrist feels comfortable without having to use a cushion or a mat. The battery is great, and I like the sleep feature it has.However, my hand doesn't get to relax. The smooth surface of the mouse makes your fingers feel like they are slipping and it's also feels like you have to keep a grip on it. I do a lot of design work and I don't think it's good for that.I would only recommend this to someone who doesn't have to use thier most that much.It was nice at first but now I don't like it that much
This is almost a GREAT mouse. The sideways upright buttons help so much ...
September 8, 2017
This is almost a GREAT mouse. The sideways upright buttons help so much for your wrist. The problem is your hand slides off of it. I tried it for a week and it just would not feel comfortable. Your hand struggles and stresses to stay on the mouse that it causes another pain in your hand. If they made the side you grip with rubber or something less slippery and extended the mouse to rest more under your hand - it might have been better. I returned this item. I ordered the J-Tech Digital wired mouse and will try it. It has rubber side and extended under your hand so it seems you won't slip off of it as much. If Anker does a little to fix this mouse - then it would be great!
Perfect for a crab
April 19, 2017
I didn't realize how much I depended on gravity and the desk being a counter to my button clicks with a standard mouse. The angle is too great on this mouse, so you have to squeeze the mouse to click it. It's possibly perfect if you are a crab.

If you want hand cramps over carpal tunnel then this could be the mouse for you.
clicking moves mouse making for feeling of imprecision
February 9, 2017
Double clicking is bothersome since the mouse tends to slide during the clicks making the computer not recognize the action. Even single clicking doesn't feel precise because of the way the mouse moves with the pressure. (Of course with a "normal" mouse, there is less motion because the movement of the mouse is resisted by whatever surface it is on.) I'm surmising these are general problems with vertical mice. I did not know about these issues or I would have stayed away from getting a vertical mouse. If you are not bothered by these design issues, then the mouse is good.
Too large for small hands
May 27, 2015
Not in love with this mouse. I've used vertical mice for many years now and when my DXT started having clicking issues from it's age I tried something new. I have cubital tunnel syndrome - similar to carpal tunnel but in your elbow. This mouse exasperated it to the point where I could not bend my fingers they were in so much pain. I think the issue is the size of the mouse. To use it you have to have a "grip" on it and it's so large for my small hands that it feels like I'm holding something all day as I work. I ended up paying the extra money and going with DXT again and within a few weeks my arm was back to normal.
Not for everyone
May 2, 2015
Not a mouse for everyone. I was looking for a mouse to use since I do CAD design for 8-12 hours a day. While the mouse provides comfort to your wrist due to the angle, I felt the buttons were hard to press. This was more so prevalent when using the scroll/pan wheel. I use the pan feature a lot in CAD, and it becomes tiresome and wearing on your pointer finger due to the angle and pressure needed to press down the scroll wheel. I would recommend the mouse for the average office user but not for someone who uses the pan feature a lot. If they were to revise this so the scroll wheel was easier to press, I would rate it 5 stars. At this point I am considering to return it since I can't use it.
Broke in seven months, the Microsoft warranty is worthless.
October 4, 2017
This keyboard stopped working seven months after I bought it. I gave it two stars because when it works, it's a great keyboard.I purchased the extra warranty on this item because so many reviewers mentioned the short life issue of this product. When I tried to make a claim with Square Trade, they told me that it was still under manufacturer warranty and to contact Microsoft. When I called Microsoft, the person I talked to first tried to sell me a service plan. Then she told me to contact the manufacturer of the keyboard. When I told her that it was a Microsoft product, she started asking me what kind of computer I had. I told her I thought that was irrelevant since we are talking about a broken keyboard. I tried it on another computer, I changed the batteries, I reinstalled the drivers, I pulled out some hairs and cried before I called to make a warranty claim. Even though she insisted that I had the right department and she was a warranty claim person, she continually asked me the same questions over and over. Where did I buy it? What kind of computer do I have? Do I have a service contract with Microsoft? She told me to call the manufacturer of my computer for my warranty claim, then she told me to contact Amazon for the warranty claim. I asked several times if I had the right department and should I call someone else? I asked repeatedly to talk with her manager, which she refused. Then she hung up on me. You might think I was rude to her, but I was insistent and polite.I guess I can wait until March and make a claim with Square Trade. I looked everywhere online to find out how to make a warranty claim with Microsoft, but never found anything. It's obvious that Microsoft won't honor any warranty and just wants to run an endurance contest with its customers.
Worked great briefly, then died
July 8, 2017
This keyboard is much superior ergonomically for my hands to the earlier Microsoft popular ergo keyboard or any other one I've tried. The removed keypad being clutch so your mouse usage doesn't force a weird angle on your hand (they shoudn't even ship those).However, right now < 6 months after buying it, it just completely stopped working. Not quite--it seems like a Wifi/Bluetooth issue (not sure what tech it uses to connect to its USB key) because it seems to go to sleep after I take a pause of a few seconds, and then never wakes up until I disconnect a battery.So no, for $200 per year (would have to get a new one), it's not great. I'll still buy it because my hands hurt otherwise, but I wish they'd just stick with a cord. It's rarely a hassle and we're clearly not there yet with wireless gadgets.
Caveat emptor!
March 28, 2017
The space bar is unreliable. It's hard do mistype a space and I'venever [see] had so much trouble with the space bar with any other keyboard. There is zero doubtthat I am hitting the spacebar where you see those words run together. Other people seem to be reporting this problem as well. Now I have to file a warranty claim = PITA.Other thanthat [and again!] pretty good.I [Agggh] prefer a good solid click whenI [getting old yet??] type, but noise complaints made me check out this keyboard. It'sgot [last one; you know what's going on now] decent tactile feedback andgood ergonomics.Update: I sent it in under warranty and they replaced it without much fuss. I do have to pay return shipping on the old one, but they cross-shipped.
First of all this is a very comfortable keyboard. The palm rest works well to relieve ...
May 6, 2015
First of all this is a very comfortable keyboard. The palm rest works well to relieve the impact on the wrist and the shape of the keyboard feels very natural.I am giving it two stars since we purchased two of these for the office and one of them needs a battery replaced every other day while the other one is still on the original battery that came the keyboard. Both keyboards get the same amount of use ~40 hours per week. I wish this keyboard came in a wired version for the same price I would definitely get two more - one for the office and one for home.
The design of this keyboard is amazing, but it failed on me in two ways
November 24, 2014
The design of this keyboard is amazing, but it failed on me in two ways:1. Some keys can't be held down at the same time. I discovered that when typing certain words that end with "rt" that I hold the 'r' key down briefly as I go to hit the 't' key. This keyboard won't register the 't' input if the 'r' key is also being held. It was causing me to mistype a lot of words. When I type the same words on my Apple laptop directly this doesn't happen.2. The alt/option key started "sticking" (not the key cover itself, but electo-mechcanical mechanism below it) on me after 6 months of use. And, no, the keyboard was not dirty at all. The "sticking" got so bad that I ultimately had to buy a new keyboard.I won't be buying this keyboard again.
Sending this thing off to Craigslist
July 2, 2014
I've been using my Sculpt Ergonomic keyboard for over a month now, and I hate to say I'm pushing it aside and going back to my old Ergo 4000 keyboard that MS put out.First, though, the things that I do like about the Sculpt Ergonomic keyboard:1) Design looks pretty good, in my opinion. It's sleek and definitely sculptural looking, and pared down to about the minimum it can be to contain the keys in an ergonomic factor.2) I LOVE having the front edge riser. I've never been a fan of keyboards that tilt up the back edge. To me, that means you have to bend your wrists back, which seems like a pretty bad position to type for long periods of time. Front risers may seem strange looking, but when you put your hands on them to type, you put your wrists in a more natural bend for typing. I like the fact that the riser that comes with the keyboard is magnetic, too.3) I liked the feel of the keys while I was typing on it. YMMV on that one though, depending on your preferences.Now what I didn't like about it:1) I wasn't crazy about separating the numeric keypad off to a separate unit. Another battery to keep on hand (and a different KIND of battery at that). Some people love this aspect of this keyboard, so this is really a personal preference thing.2) I missed some of the extra, dedicated keys that my older Ergo 4000 keyboard had: Vol up/down/mute, play/pause, user programmable ones, etc. At least the Sculpt Ergo kept the dedicated key for bringing up the calculator.And here's what really made me rate it at just two stars and give it up:Keys would stick! Not physically, but there was something weird in the way the wireless connectivity worked that hitting a key would often (multiple times a day) would register the key press, but not the key release, and so it assumed they key was held down when it wasn't. Spaces are harmless enough with this, but it happened way too often with the delete key. I'd hit delete to get rid of one email, and then suddenly realize the key was stuck and was killing off every email, one right after another. Grrrrr!!! Like I said, it wasn't a physical key sticking issue. It has to be with the driver or wireless connectivity. If it's the wireless connectivity, then God help Microsoft, because my keyboard was literally only about 10 inches from the transceiver plugged in to the USB port! (Which is why I really don't need or care that much about having a wireless keyboard to begin with.)Having to constantly be paranoid that the keys would stick when editing a document, or performing functions in email, etc is just not something I feel like I want or should need to do with a keyboard...Sooooo... off to Craigslist it goes!
Very comfortable, but the "Page up" button is unusable and the lack of a "lip" on the bottom is a problem.
August 30, 2017
Revised to two stars after using it for a week. It's just too small, and after extensive use, continues to feel awkward in my hand. I'll go back to my Evoluent VerticalMouse 4 mouse (or maybe the new C model), which I've used for years. This mouse is missing a "lip" at the bottom of the mouse for my pinkie to rest on, so that my finger is starting to get sore after a couple days use. Also, on the negative side, is that the "forward" button that maps to page up in a browser is simply unreachable. My thumb would have to be an inch longer to press it. I could lift my wrist off the table and contort around to get to it, but that's a pretty significant design flaw. So, that button is completely useless. If I used the button a lot, i'd reduce the rating to one star, but I don't. The mouse is plug and play on a Mac, with no driver needed.
Are we aligned, bones?
June 16, 2017
Stopped using it. Didn't fit my hand well enough. Pressing buttons required holding the mouse harder. Should have been much easier. DPI switch was good. Responsiveness was good. Not sure that I see the benefit of how the mouse aligned my bones. Logically makes sense, but practically just felt a different set of biology feel stressed.
Lagging and skipping
April 16, 2017
The previous model if the wireless Anker ergonomic mouse was a very good one, even if the scroll wheel on mine broke in less than 6 months. I still like it a lot. This one is a different story. I really like the shape of this mouse, but after owning it for about a month and a half I am encountering unavoidable periodic lagging/skipping/stuttering (about once or twice per minute), where its connection drops out completely for anywhere between 0.1 (super brief) and 2 seconds (long pause), and if I am holding down any button, it registers as let go and pressed again when this happens. This causes gaming to be practically impossible with this mouse, and doing anything inside applications with the mouse/cursor is just abysmal at this point.Even with lots of wireless interference, the older Anker mouse doesn't have this problem and works exactly as intended. With this new one it seems like this lag problem getting worse every day.
Not comfortable but good company
March 14, 2017
This is not a comfortable mouse. I have smaller hands, but the ergonomics of this mouse just don't make sense. If I rest my hand on it so that it is the most comfortable for clicking and movement I have to awkwardly change positions to use the page forward/backward buttons. Likewise in the most comfortable position I have to adjust to be able to use the scroll button because it is so far down and back (how would someone with bigger hands ever even use it??). It's like it is half built for large hands and half built for small hands. It's very confusing and not comfortable to use, even after using it every day all day for more than a week. It didn't help with my wrist pain and I even think it made it worse. Honestly the older model looks like it could be more comfortable and I might give that one a try next. I didn't have any problems setting it up and it worked without any issues mechanically, so it seems to be well built. I must not have the right sized hands or something. Anker support was super helpful and I wouldn't hesitate to buy from them again because I was able to return the mouse and they even sent me a free phone case.
Doctor's review, not terrible for smaller hands, medium and larger hands look elsewhere
February 22, 2017
I'm a doctor who advises patients on ergonomics. For my mouse I usually use a Logitech performance mouse, but recently Logitech updated this to the Master line which had some major downgrades in terms of usability and ergonomics. I decided to give one of the vertical mice a shot. I have not carpal tunnel syndrome, and have no issues with my wrist and hand other than some ulnar side soreness after a long day of work. My issues are actually more related to my shoulder, and I do regularly switch between a mouse and a trackball to give my shoulder a rest. I've also learned to use both hands for mouse work, and usually have 2 mice on my desk at a time that I switch between.Anyhow, on to my thoughts on this mouse. Build quality is decent, it's sturdy but quite light at the same time. I do feel they cheaped out a bit on not including batteries though. Right out of the box it connected instantly. I do notice some lag, especially with wheel scrolling, like it takes the computer a split second to catch up to what my finger is doing. It's not all the time, but sporadically. Mouse glides very smoothly over my desk, a polished wood one. Optics seem very good for a polished surface. It does seem to shut off very quickly, resulting in a 2-3 second delay when first used after 5 or so minutes as it turns on. I have Logitech mice which last 3 years on the same batteries and they don't have this delay.Ergonomics: Here is where I'm not so hot on the product, but the caveat is that I have large hands. As mentioned before my main gripe with mouse work is some soreness in my ulnar region, which is the side of my hand/wrist on the pinky side. The main culprits in carpal tunnel syndrome are wrist extension, over pronation of the wrist/hand, and over ulnar deviation. The vertical mouse is supposed to offer a neutral grip, which takes takes the over pronation out of the equation. It does do this very well, but the issue I run into is that it worsens wrist extension and does nothing for ulnar deviation. Part of the issue with regular mouse use is there is nowhere to rest your pinky finger, I had read this mouse had a place to rest this finger on. In reality it's just a tiny lip which might work as a pinky finger resting spot for someone with very small hands, I'd like to see this extended into a small shelf following the contours of the mouse for a true pinky finger resting spot, which would alleviate a lot of the ulnar deviation. One thing working against the vertical nature is that you will experience more wrist extension as well, which may arguably be the biggest factor in CTS.
Improved wrist fatigue
September 1, 2016
I've been using this thing for about a week now and my wrist feels quite a bit better. Rather than trying to lay your wrist flat on a regular mouse this one keeps it turned to a more natural position.The scroll wheel is quite and scrolls smooth, but the buttons have a pretty loud click to them. Sometimes I miss click them because they take a little more force then I'm used to but that is operator error. The front and back buttons work great. It also will go to sleep if you don't use it for a bit. I like that moving it around won't wake it up, you have to click a button. That way I can move the mouse out of the way and not worry about waking it up unnecessarily.A couple of annoying things about it:The DIP switch is right under my scroll finger and the way the mouse is curved the meat on the lower part of your middle finger sits right on the DIP switch. So one moment I'm zooming around the screen then don't notice the button has been pressed and I'm back to the lowest mouse setting. It's happened at least 10 times so far.The soft touch material is sometimes hard to hold. If you have to reposition your mouse sometimes the mouse is a little hard to pick up comfortable.Overall though it's improved my wrist fatigue and feels a lot better to use for extended periods of time.EDIT: I have now had this mouse for about 4 months now. The buttons have quieted down considerably, but now the scroll wheel is dysfunctional. It will scroll normally sometimes but most of the time when I scroll it either doesn't read the input or does the opposite(i.e. scroll up when I scroll the wheel down). This makes pages jump around. It does it on all my programs, I have even reinstalled the drivers and still does the same thing. It is getting worse and almost to the point where I am about to just buy another mouse. I will however try a different brand.

One Star Reviews:

September 7, 2017
in some applications the buttons do not function properly, such as Chrome and trying to grab the side scrollbar, using the left mouse button, and scroll up or down or in VLC to select menu options on menu bar with the left button, maybe its my unit and the left button, but many times in various applications, it just doesn't work as it supposed to. I would honestly tell you this was a waste of money, it DOES NOT function properly and is more of a headache than a useful mouse. I DO NOT RECOMMEND and would honestly tell you to avoid it!! - I am running an Intel i5 -3330 with 6GB RAM on Windows 8.1 with all updates. Cannot make it work properly or find a solution. DON'T BUY THIS
Increases pain, not good for smaller hands
August 7, 2017
I bought this hoping it would alleviate my cubital tunnel syndrome (ulnar nerve) but it actually makes the pain worse. It takes a lot of force to click so it puts more stress on my wrist and arm. Also, while my hands aren't particularly small for a woman, I can't reach the scroll button. Also, the cursor randomly disappears and I have to turn the mouse off then back on to wake it up.
This mouse is good when it works
January 31, 2017
This mouse is good when it works. It takes a couple of weeks to get used to in your palm, but once I got used to it my hand felt better and it dramatically decreased the paid I used to feel when clicking and moving the mouse. However, the first one died in exactly one week fortunately I contacted Anker and they sent me a replacement, the second one has just died after only a couple of months. I never dropped them or spilled any liquid in them, they just die mysteriously. I tried to replace the battery, no luck. They should make them more reliable not just make something that dies after a few uses.
causes my wrist to rest uncomfortably on the bone.
January 4, 2017
Not sure yet whether this is an improvement over normal mouse. Wanted to point out that it causes discomfort on the wrist bone nub that is directly in line with the pinky. imagine you are shaking hands and then put your hand down on a desk in that position--with your wrist essentially 90 degrees rotated from the "normal" position for a mouse. with a normal mouse my wrist would rest on the middle soft part. i'm trying with wrist pads etc to see if this will work, but wanted to point out that this might be a concern.Updating my review. Less than a year old and it is now eating up batteries, which have to be changed every 2 weeks or so. Today the scroll button just stopped working. Starting to rethink the Anker brand.
I liked it because it did help with my wrist hurting ...
August 30, 2016
I liked it because it did help with my wrist hurting but it keeps having all these issues. The pointer will just disappear from my screen. For some reason does this continuous scroll that I can't stop and it freezes some of the applications when I click on things. I thought it was my computer but after really looking into it, it was just the mouse. I have only had it for a little over a month and I have to switch back to my mouse. Good concept but spend the $$ to get a better one.
too bad, I really like the design
September 7, 2015
Before buying this vertical mouse, ask yourself : HOW BIG IS YOUR HAND ?with traditional mouse, size doesn't matter *that* much, as your hand rest horizontally on it. but with Vertical mouse, if it's too big (by big, I mean, too tall), when i put my index finger on the left-click button, the right side of my palm was NOT on resting on the table. As a result, it cause pain on my wrist -- just fyi, I have small hands, length from tip of middle finger to end of the palm is a little over 6 inch.Have to give it to someone else with bigger hand, too bad, I really like the design.
It is comfortable to use, but it is a cheap mouse with no software.
June 9, 2017
Side buttons are basically useless, and there is no feedback when pressing the dpi button. Apparently, the wireless model has a blinking light to help you figure out what dpi you're in. The position of it also means you click it by accident all the time.

Accuracy is poor, double click doesn't really work.. I bought this a week ago and have already replaced it.

I think the hype reviews are from users who have never used a decent mouse before, or place ergonomic shape above function.
Ergonomically worse
May 14, 2017
This mouse ended up irritating my wrist because the 'pinch' action that is required to hold your hand o the mouse properly is not ergonomic.
My wrist may be better off, but my hand isn't
August 3, 2016
I've only used it for 10 minutes maybe, but it's already hurting the muscles in my hand. My wrist may be better off, but my hand isn't.
September 13, 2015
After using this mouse for a week, I felt like it actually made my hand felt worse than using a regular mouse. I have used vertical mouses before and loved them, but I had a horrible experience with this mouse. While I saw the reviews saying the buttons were hard to press, the combination of necessary force and the mouse shape/size actually exacerbated the pain. I had high hopes for this mouse, but unfortunately I won't continue using it.
Sweet relief [Review updated, see below]
July 20, 2014
After a few days of use, I already feel some relief from the ugly carpal tunnel pains that were hassling me.

The mouse wheel is a little difficult to press if your hand isn't in the proper vertical position. If you try to push down toward the desk, as I've done several times, it won't click, you have to press the wheel into the mouse itself, which feels strange. That aside, the wheel is just fine. There is a solid tactile feeling when you roll it - as a gamer, that was important to me. The buttons (5+dpi button) all have a nice solid click to them, there's no uncertainty about whether or not you clicked something.

The mouse is a little difficult to pick up when I need to move it back to the middle of the mousepad. It's so smooth that there's nothing to grip onto like a normal mouse. It's also a little on the small side. I have small hands and it fits perfectly but if you have giant paws for hands, you might want to look for something larger.

As a nice perk, it glows blue. I haven't seen a way to turn it off, but I wouldn't turn it off anyway.

All in all, very satisfied. I would recommend it to anyone that wasn't sure about vertical mice but wasn't sure about investing a lot of money.

[UPDATE] - October 1, 2014

The mouse wheel broke during regular use. A part inside snapped and now it isn't slotted in the mechanism that reads wheel rolls. At the same time, something else must have broken because the mouse movement on screen is now jittery and inaccurate. Extremely disappointed, it's essentially unusable. Without the mouse wheel, web browsing becomes physically painful, undermining the whole reason for getting a vertical mouse in the first place. At least the mouse was so cheap that it was pretty much disposable. However, for a product that only lasted roughly three months, even that is inexcusable. Reduced stars from 4 to 1.
Some Regrets
October 12, 2017
I am not sure what to think just yet.This keyboard was purchased to replace my Microsoft Ergo 7000Pros:The set up was flawlessThe curve and spread work well for me.The tilt works well for me.It looks coolThe function switch is pretty nice.Cons:The separate keypad for numbers is awkward, and it is flat.The enter button on the bottom right of every keyboard is not there, it is on the separate keypad, and my muscle memory is having fits.The buttons do not even come close to the nice click the 7000 had.The escape key is too small; I had no idea how much I beat that key until this keyboard made it painfully obvious.The keyboard sometimes goes to sleep and, waking it up required pulling out the USB dongle and plugging it back in.I wish I had bought the Microsoft Surface Ergonomic Keyboard instead just for the keypad issue., in fact I am going to return this one and get the Surface Ergo.What I really wish is MS would bring the Ergo 7000 back, that was the hands down the best keyboard I ever owned.
10 on form, 0 on function.
March 1, 2017
What I like about it:It feels good to type on it. Very comfortable, even if it looks a little weird. The separate number pad is nice too, since I rarely use it, but when I do the rest of the keyboard tends to be superfluous.The key action is smooth and quiet; the unit is light, but stays steady under my hands. It also looks cool.What I don't like about it:The communication with the dongle is for the birds. I've never experienced a wireless device (and I've had quite a few) that would hesitate and malfunction the way this one does. If I don't type a key for 5 seconds, the dongle apparently shuts off. I wouldn't have a problem with that if it weren't for the fact that when it turns back on, it at least remembered the first character you typed; it doesn't though, so I have to constantly backspace to add the first character I typed back into my typing; it's a very jarring experience. Additionally, some times when I "wake it up", it goes crazy, and starts auto-repeating characters across my screen. What the heck?Also, I'll be in the middle of typing and the dongle will just... stop. The only way to get it to work again is by unplugging it and plugging it back in. Infuriating.I've read on the internet how to disable the power-save feature, but that does not seem to solve the problem.I'll be looking for a new keyboard now.
Bad wrles [wireless] keyboard
September 28, 2016
Honest review of my experience, without any edits to show is problems [I pressed t and pressed . but they didn't register]I bought this either here or at BestBuy. At first I liked the keyboard, but over time it has proved frustrating.PROS:First, the shape and size is nice, but that's really all that there is to like about it in my opinion.CONS:I have two main problems.(1) There's a alag between the receiver and the keyboard, I assume, so that keys repeat or are drod [dropped - lol that it didn't receive "dropped"]. I have a PC and I can plug the receiver into one of the front USB 3.0 ports, which is closer to the keyboard, and it works a little better. But, if I do that it causes different problems (see below).(2) In Windows 10, when I wake from sleep, there's a repeating key (I presume because there's no way to check). My password field is full of dots that are repeating. If you do a google search for this problem, you'll find that many users experience this. Also, after waking from sleep, the Backspace key no longer functions. Additionally, functions like CTRL+D do not work. If I got to a keyboard testing program, the program provides an audible tone indicating that a keyhas been pressed but there's no inpt.ITs bizarre. You can plawiththe drivrs [play with the drivers] or change sb [usb] settings in theeDevice Manager. But nothing changes.Cannot recommend. It's simply a bad product.
I had high hopes...but it doesn't work for me.
August 15, 2016
1. I was never able to get used to the weird placement of the keys along the right-hand edge of the keyboard. The page up/page down, home/end, backspace/delete/enter arrangement just never made sense to my fingers; I was constantly hitting page down when I meant end, or something. I don't even know. I just jumped around documents randomly.2. The 6 is on the wrong side of the keyboard split for how I type; I normally type it with my right forefinger, and I tried to retrain myself to type it with the left forefinger, but it didn't work and just confuses my fingers when I switch between keyboards.3. The shape doesn't work for my particular arm/wrist/hand issues. It hurts more than a flat keyboard.
Not Worth Buying Unless You Thrive on Frustration
June 12, 2016
Save your time and money. Purchased this keyboard last year at the end of April. By February, many of the keys no longer responded and it became impossible to use. Requested and received a replacement that only lasted four months before it quit working, too. While the keyboard's design is exceptional, the quality of the product is abysmal.The lifespan of a keyboard like this should be measured in years, not months. Very disappointed in this purchase. Many reviewers here have reached the same conclusion. Microsoft is producing and selling a dodgy product and they know it. At the very least they should offer their dissatisfied customers a different model ergonomic keyboard free of charge.As it stands, the Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Keyboard for Business is not worth owning.Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Keyboard for Business (5KV-00001 )
Really wanted to like this, but the wireless interface is junk.
January 22, 2016
I previously had a Microsoft Ergo 4000, and had liked quite a bit, but had switched to the Kensis Advantage for most of my work. For home and away from my main keyboard, I was looking for a device that was narrower than the 4000, and offered some of the ergo benefits. I liked how this keyboard didn't have the numpad, but was worried of the wireless, since I work and live in a high-RF environment.I was right to be worried.This keyboard is next to useless if you have any more than a slight amount of RF noise in your work environment. Maybe 1 out of 20 key presses actually registered with the computer (even after replacing the batteries, positioning the USB dongle in a bunch of different ways and with different extenders, and a handful of other attempted fixes that shouldn't have been necessary). The keys were comfortable, and the magnetic negative-tilt attachment was great, but the wireless interface was unacceptable. If Microsoft had a wired version of this keyboard, it would be perfect, but as-is, it's garbage.
Slippery and uncomfortable
October 4, 2017
I own a different Aker mouse, which SO much better than this one. Something about the finish on this one is super slippery, making it hard to grip. Also the design isn't nearly as egonomic as the other one, where your thumb and hand comfortably rest on the mouse. This mouse not only is slippery, but that combined with the shape makes the mouse scoot forward out of your hand. I like Anker, but this design isn't very good.
Huge, with design flaws.
June 27, 2017
I wear women's medium gloves. This was too big and it felt awkward even after trying to get used to it. Also, the side forward/backward buttons are a tad stiff so you have to sort of squeeze the raised edge of the mouse to click them. In doing so, you press the left-click button. I think this is a major design flaw.
As much pain as a conventional mouse, just in a different place
June 23, 2017
I finally gave up on this mouse and ordered something new after using this for two months. I have been looking for something to help with pain and numbness from constantly using a mouse. Initially, this mouse gave me some relief because my hand sits at a different angle compared to a normal mouse. But after a while, my hand and wrist started hurting again. At least part of the problem is that the surface is smooth and my fingers are on the sides of the mouse; to move the mouse, especially when I need to pull it toward me, I have to squeeze my hand pretty hard to grip the mouse and keep it from slipping. My hand is locked into that position, and there is just as much strain as with a conventional mouse, just in a different place. I am still looking for a less painful alternative.
I purchased this mouse 6 months ago to help with ...
May 26, 2017
I purchased this mouse 6 months ago to help with my wrist and elbow pain. Using this mouse did improve the pain I was experiencing. Unfortunately, the scroll wheel stopped working correctly. When scrolling the mouse causes the page to jump up or down, never in the direction, I want to go. It is impossible to use the mouse since I can't predict where on the page I'll end it. It was driving me nuts, so I had to switch back to my cheap $10 Logitech mouse. I'll be looking for another ergonomic mouse soon since it did help with my wrist pain, but it won't be an Anker.
Revised — This Mouse is Garbage
April 11, 2017
I love the feel of this mouse. I was a bit skeptical about it at first, because my hands are huge, but I got used to it right away. The contour is comfortable, and it's super easy on the wrist. I have two minor gripes about it. First, it goes to sleep a bit more quickly than I'd like, so you have to wake it up if you stop using it for a few minutes. Second, the receiver I got was flimsily assembled. I commute with my mouse, and I got home one night to discover that the housing for the USB plug was still in my computer at work. It was an easy fix, but I wasn't thrilled with that part of my experience. Other than that, it plays well with my MacBook Pro, and USB Overdrive lets me map the buttons with zero problems.---REVISION---This mouse broke about 40 days after purchase. It simply stopped functioning. Between that and the shoddy construction, I cannot recommend this product. At least it was a cheap mistake, and hopefully my next attempt to purchase an affordable vertical mouse goes better than this.
Bad grip support, side buttons seem dysfunctional
August 16, 2016
It looks big but surprisingly doesn't provide enough support for my whole hand, I keep finding my palm and fingers keep hanging just off the side of the mouse which isn't very comfortable. I also found that the material the mouse is made of is way too smooth, it's difficult to get a good consistent grip as my hand keeps sliding off. Also, the side buttons don't appear to be functioning for me, they aren't going back or forward
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Scientific ergonomic design encourages healthy neutral "handshake" wrist and arm positions for smoother movement and less overall strain.

800 / 1200 / 1600 DPI Resolution Optical Tracking Technology provides more sensitivity than standard optical mice for smooth and precise tracking on a wide range of surfaces.

Added next/previous buttons provide convenience when webpage browsing; the best choice for internet surfers, gamers and people who work at length at the computer.

Enters power saving mode (power is cut off completely) after 8 minutes idle, press right or left button for it to wake. Product dimensions: 101 x 82 x 80 mm; product weight: 3.4 oz.

Package includes: 1 Anker Wireless Vertical Ergonomic Optical Mouse (2 AAA batteries not included), 1 2.4G USB receiver (in the bottom of the mouse), 1 instruction manual. 18-month hassle-free warranty.

Scientific ergonomic design encourages healthy neutral "handshake" wrist and arm positions for smoother movement and less overall strain.

1000 DPI Resolution Optical Tracking Technology provides more sensitivity than standard optical mice for smooth and precise tracking on a wide range of surfaces.

Added next/previous buttons provide convenience when webpage browsing; the best choice for internet surfers, gamers and people who work at length at the computer.

4.8 ft USB cable length, product dimensions: 101 x 82 x 80 mm; product weight: 4.5 oz.

Package includes: 1 Anker Vertical Ergonomic Optical Mouse (with 4.8 ft cable), 1 instruction manual. Includes 18 month warranty and lifetime technical support guarantee.

Split keyset design helps to position wrists and forearms in a natural, relaxed position

Cushioned palm rest provides support and promotes a neutral wrist position

Domed keyboard design positions wrists at a natural, relaxed angle

Separate number pad provides greater flexibility for workspace setup

Natural Arc key layout mimics the curved shape of the finger tips

Reverse tilt angles the keyboard to promote a straight neutral wrist position

Ergonomic Design: Well-designed, contoured shape seamlessly fits and moves with your palm, allowing smoother movement and preventing wrist strain.

High Responsiveness: Switch between DPI levels 800, 1200 and 1600 to adjust mouse responsiveness. Optical Tracking Technology ensures greater sensitivity for precise tracking on a wide range of surfaces.

Enhanced Functionality: Added back/forward buttons positioned where the thumb rests increase web browsing convenience.

Plug and Play: Enjoy the convenience of a tangle-free, wireless mouse as soon you've inserted the included USB receiver.

What You Get: Ergonomic Wireless Vertical Mouse(2 AAA batteries not included), USB receiver, welcome guide, our worry-free 18-month warranty and friendly customer service.

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