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HandShoe Wireless Ergonomic Mouse - Light Click - Medium - Right Hand (Black) - Hippus
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LuguLake Vertical Ergonomic Mouse Optical Mice, Wired, Right Hand Stress Relieving Black - LuguLake

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Hippus http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/214kTK1mZEL._SL160_.jpg
HandShoe Wireless Ergonomic Mouse - Light Click - Medium - Right Hand (Black) - Hippus
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LuguLake Vertical Ergonomic Mouse Optical Mice, Wired, Right Hand Stress Relieving Black - LuguLake
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Five Star Reviews:

Should have bought it sooner. I can actually use ...
April 25, 2017
Should have bought it sooner. I can actually use the computer now. My carpal tunnel and arthritic stricken hands are back to business.
This is the best mouse I have ever had
January 25, 2016
This is the best mouse I have ever had. In fact I was starting to have wrist fatigue when I bought this one and after only using this mouse for a couple of weeks I noticed that fatigue had went away. When this mouse wears out I will buy another one just like it. I love it!!!
Worth the extra money, keeps a charge
July 5, 2015
I was recently diagnosed with tendonitis in my wrist, which was causing a lot of pain. I researched all the ergonomic mice on the market, and this one seemed to be the highest rated. I'm glad I spent the extra money to get this one. It's fabulous for reducing my wrist pain because it supports your wrist with no sore spots, like I get when I rest on a mousepad or wristrest.I charged it when I first got it, but haven't had to recharge in over 3 weeks, and I use this all day at work (software developer).
The HandShoe Mouse Rocks!
January 17, 2015
I have Carpel Tunnel and have tried multiple mouses to help. I have used track balls, track pads and traditional mouses. Nothing ever felt quite right.After doing some research I happened upon the HandShoe Mouse and decided to give it a try. All I can say is "Wow!" This truly is an incredible mouse. Yes, there is a learning curve but a small one.The company is impressive as well. I had a question and someone called me from the Netherlands to answer it. Who does that? People who care about their product and the people that are using it, that's who!
Great for broken hand
October 22, 2012
I was really nervous about spending so much on a mouse but kept telling myself I was investing in my future health. The very night after the first day of using it, I could feel a difference in my hand and wrist. I have broken my hand before and it made a huge difference for me. In fact I don't think I knew the extent of how bad I had it until now. What it lacks in features it makes up for in the way your hand and wrist feels. It forces you in an ergonomic position.
Excellent - solved my wrist pain!
October 1, 2012
I just went back to my order of the wireless Handshoe Mouse to recommend it to a friend and I realized I never wrote a review.I originally purchased my Handshoe on Amazon in June 2011 as I was experiencing carpal tunnel wrist pain. I did extensive research as I knew I wanted an ergonomic mouse as a solution rather than wrist bands and other "traditional" methods of dealing with the pain. I found reviews and descriptions of the Handshoe and decided to try it in spite of the relatively high cost. Over a year later, I would classify myself as a raving fan! My wrist pain was gone within days, and after getting used to a very different way of manipulating a mouse, it feels very natural. And the mouse is well made and feels very solid. I would HIGHLY recommend it to anyone!ChuckUpdate (3/5/14): I saw an article on ergonomic mice and it reminded me about my Handshoe, so I thought I would provide an update. I am still using my Handshoe Mouse almost three years later, and even with constant use at work it has performed flawlessly (I recharge every 1-2 weeks and have never had an issue with battery time) and I remain pain free. Great investment!
Very comfortable for my arthritic hand, great price
May 7, 2017
Just received my second one of these and I am very happy with it. The first one was purchased used and even so it lasted me a year of 10-15 hours a day of off and on use (yeah, I know, there's a big world out there) until the scroll wheel died. I think that's a great value. I'm looking forward to a longer time with this new one. It's very comfortable for me with severe arthritis in my thumb, even more comfortable than the Wow Pen Joy, which is a fine product but which is smaller. The size of this works well for me as I have large hands.
Good for relieving carpal tunnel syndrome
April 13, 2017
I need a vertical mouse in an attempt to relieve the discomfort due to my carpal tunnel syndrome. It took me about a day or two to get used to the new position of using a mouse. I didn't feel any effect immediately and was not sure how much this mouse will help to release the tension of my wrist or how long it will take. However, I decided to keep using it. After using this mouse for almost 5 months and applying some physical therapy, my wrist felt a lot better and can function quite well again. I'm very happy with this product.
I really like this mouse
February 13, 2016
This arrived today and I've only been using it for about an hour. I will update this review if anything goes wrong, but so far, I really like this mouse. I bought it to replace the Anker mouse, which I've had for about two years. The Anker was still working, but I wasn't happy with it anymore. The buttons were not as responsive as this LuguLake mouse. I right-click a lot and I found that the Anker was taking several tries before it would work properly. I've read that this is an issue with the Anker right out of the box. It seemed to get progressively worse over the last few months. The LuguLake mouse buttons are very responsive and so easy to use. It is more vertical than the Anker, which I like. I feel like using the Anker for a long time has prepared me for using an even more vertical mouse like this one. You also can't beat the price of this. I almost bought the really expensive Evoluent mouse instead of this, but now I am glad I didn't.
Great Value for the Price! Comfy! Very compatible for Mac and WordPress sites! YAY!!
November 3, 2014
I used an Evoluent mouse for yrs w/my Mac. I had a lot of issues! One, it conflicted with Perfect Photo Suite. Two, it wouldn't recognize drop down menus in WordPress sites. Considering I create and use tons of WP sites, that's a problem. There were other issues which that drove me nuts. But those 2 killed it for me. I just got this mouse. It works. If it falls apart in 6 months, that's fine. I'll buy 2. I can buy a lot for what I'd pay for Evoluent.

So comfy! the black material feels very good to the touch. My poor hand has been hurting since I stopped using the Evoluent. Scroll button is awesome! Very comfortable, great touch. I've been using Macs and PCs since 1987. I've used a lot of ergonomic mice. I wish this company had some good PR cos they are onto something here. Raves raves.

PS I rarely leave reviews. I feel so strongly about this mouse I'm going to blog about it. Finally a product I can rave about which works and is affordable. Such a deal!
fantastic mouse for the price
June 20, 2013
I have tried 4 different vertical mice thus far (Evoluent, 3M, Anker, and Lugulake) and this is the one I am using and will re-order should I ever need another one. All the other vertical mice are much more expensive- from 50% more cost to nearly 9x the cost! They all have their different virtues and shortcomings but overall this one is the winner in my opinion. I will be specific here- I like the hand position on the Anker the best, but its clicking mechanism is its downfall. The Evoluent is clearly top of the line in every regard but I prefer the lower hand position of the Lugulake which makes it easier for me to be precise. The 3M mouse is nicely done but using my thumb to click all the time stresses it from the unusual movement required. Additionally, trying to scroll with the 3M mouse leaves much to be desired. Even if you take away the price factor, I would still use the Lugulake mouse. Give it a try.

Four Star Reviews:

working so far . . .
August 10, 2017
So far I am happy with this, which was recommended by a physical therapist. Yes, it is large, but within a day I was used to it. More importantly, it forces me to rest my thumb, and elimates the tendency to "squeeze" the mouse as I moved it, which was causing pain. Now, I have to rest my whole hand on the mouse, and the move the mouse with a flat motion, no squeezing.Already eliminating some pain.
Love it but a little tedious when it comes to ...
August 24, 2016
Love it but a little tedious when it comes to very fine uses. But overall control and ease of thumb pain is very good. Battery life is excellent, I haven't replaced them since I started using it. I would purchase it again.
Great shape, yet how to calibrate on linux?
July 5, 2016
The mouse is very convenient to hold, I think it makes sense. I could however find out how to calibrate its speed on my linux box for which I have bought it. The operating system's speed calibration is not enough for two reasons: 1) it is already calibrated to the slowest speed and i need it slower 2) my other mouse works fine with the current speed, so it is better to set the speed for this mouse specifically, rather than change the operating system calibration.So right now the mouse is on the shelf until I figured out how to calibrate its pointer speed on linux (Ubuntu linux).
Helps with ergo issues
February 5, 2013
Arrived on time and in great shape!I like the mouse and it appears to be solving my problem with my hand. It works great but I’m having to learn to move the mouse slightly different because my whole hand rests on the mouse now. So instead of moving the mouse with my fingers, I’m using my forearm and wrist.
It fixed my problem
January 16, 2013
I was having problems with the little finger on my right hand when using a regular mouse. This is completely resolved. It is a big device but it is able to fit in the work-space and is very ergonomically friendly.
Not perfect but much better on the hand than a standard mouse
September 19, 2012
As I seem to spend more time than I ever would have imagined keyboarding and mousing, I have developed arm and wrist pain that I have connected with poor ergonomics at my computer. I have changed to a Microsoft Ergonomic Keyboard (took some getting used to but I like it now) and after much research came across the HandShoe mouse. PRIOR to buying this mouse, when using a regular mouse, I almost immediately began to feel pain when I started mousing. I use the mouse pretty heavily when doing CAD design work, and after hours it had become an ordeal. And the pain did not go away sometimes for days afterword. So, based on other user reviews, I bought a light click, right hand medium HandShoe mouse. Wireless, of course. For me, using a wired mouse is like using a corded telephone - a thing of the past!Pros:- Wireless! Don't let some of the reviews mislead you, I sometimes forget to plug in the charging cable and go days without recharging and it has yet to go dead on me.- Comfortable hand position. It takes some getting used to, since your hand actually rests on the mouse, but if your forearm is supported on the work surface as they direct it is not a problem.- No more wrist or forearm pain from mousing!Cons:- You will need a workspace that is set up to allow you to have forearm support. I added a 12" x 30" x 1/4" plywood panel that projects past my desk top to support my forearm. Not elegant, but it works fine.- Learning to move the mouse is awkward at first, improves with use but it still does not feel as natural as a regular mouse did. I think it has to do with the placement of the laser light relative to the center of mass of the mouse.- Fine cursor control is not very good, it has a tendency to "jump" when you only want to move it a tiny amount to line up with whatever you are pointing at.One oddity with this mouse, several other reviewers have noted that the mouse is heavy. It is, mainly because somebody on the design team thought it was a good idea to add a bunch of small weights to "optimize" the mouse weight, I opened the panel and took them all out. Voila, mouse now is a comfortable weight.If you experience pain in your wrist, hand or forearm due to the unnatural position of a regular mouse, I recommend the HandShoe mouse. I would buy it again. I only gave it four stars because I believe the fine cursor control and placement of the laser light could be improved.
Good for long use.
March 25, 2017
Bought this for a senior neighbor. The side ways orientation takes a moment to get used to and it does put the side of your hand in more contact with the desk surface. So it works great for things like touching up pictures that won't require a lot of motion but not as good if you need to point all over a large screen or multiple screens.
strain relief
September 30, 2014
I started using this mouse at home and at work about eight months ago. The ~45-deg angle relieves the strain on my wrist, so that's good. The buttons and the wheel have worked fine on both.

However, the cable of the mouse used with the desktop computer had some tension on it periodically for a few months at the end of the eight months of use, because the cable was getting caught up on other cables behind the monitor, so we had to pull on the mouse to get some slack when that happened. I don't mind the cable and like not having to replace batteries. (Batteries can fail at awkward times.) This pulling went on for a couple months, then the mouse started working sporadically. I changed the cable layout behind the desk, so the mouse cable didn't get caught anymore, but too late. As I learned from taking the mouse apart to fix it, the cable insertion into the mouse places the cable at a right angle and the pulling apparently put strain on the cable itself (repeatedly enforcing the sharp, 90-deg bend). The cable contains four small, multi-filament wires and tugging on the cable with that right angle apparently broke enough filaments, because once open, I could investigate the connections better. The right angle catchment is to prevent strain on the circuit-board connection, but strains the cable itself. My repair included looping the cable in a "knot" before re-soldering. It's not tight and a continuous curve, so shouldn't strain the cable this way. The mouse is working normally again.
the Anker® CE100 Ergonomic Optical USB Wired Vertical mouse looks cool, but besides this mine had some flaws
September 29, 2014
I purchased the Anker mouse and the LUGULAKE Vertical Ergonomic Mouse, so I could compare the two and return the worth one. OK, the Anker® CE100 Ergonomic Optical USB Wired Vertical mouse looks cool, but besides this mine had some flaws: often, when I clicked the cursor didn't stay on an object, but moved. So, for example: when I needed to close a window I wasn't able to do that right away because cursor moved away from the X icon.
This is just an example, but this behavior illustrates inaccuracy of the mouse.
Besides, my hand became kind of sweaty while using this mouse.
The LUGULAKE Vertical feels much more comfortable to work with and is accurate, even though isn't looking that cool, as Anker mouse to me. Above mentioned are the reasons I have returned the Anker mouse and kept the LUGULAKE Vertical.
Good mouse, excellent price, great customer service.
August 20, 2014
UPDATE: 04/02/15
The scroll wheel squeals and resists movement now. Seems like downward pressure over time affects the scroll wheel. I have to apply upwards pressure if I want the scroll wheel to move freely and without noise. I believe this to be a design or quality issue as it is happening on both the mice I bought. This is my only complaint so far. Customer support is outstanding but I would rather not have to contact them every 8 months to get a replacement. Taking review down to 4 stars because of this.
UPDATE: 08/26/14 (Original Review below)
Shortly after writing the review below LugaLake customer support emailed me. They offered to replace my broken mouse no hassle. They also confirmed that the cord had been improved and the replacement mouse would feature the cord displayed online. I received a replacement without any hassle just like they promised. I was disappointed to find that the cord on the replacement mouse was the same as the one that had broken. Additionally, I ordered a second mouse for the office and it too had the old cord design. I emailed them and they promptly apologized letting me know they had some old stock. They suggested I keep the warranty replacement and return the second mouse I purchased for the office. My wrist pain is gone with this mouse. Given the low price for this mouse compared to the next best alternative I am going to keep them and see how the cord fares. You can't beat the price and if I get a full year out of it I will be OK. I am giving it FIVE stars because the mouse is GREAT and you can't get anything close for the price. It would be nice if they had taken the old inventory back and replaced the cords but I am sure this would have driven up the cost significantly.

I have owned this mouse for 11 months. The only problem I have with it is that the cord on the model I own is very cheap. Consequently, the mouse works intermittently due to a bad cord/connection. The picture on the new model seems to show a fabric type cord. If this is true, it may be a huge improvement over the cheap plastic cord on the model I have.

I suffer from wrist and hand pain from prolonged use. This mouse enables me to work an entire day with minimal discomfort.

This is the only time in my 30+ years using a mouse that I have a cord go bad on me so I was disappointed. I have owned mouse ranging in price from $100 to $5 and I have never had a cord go bad on me before. Given the price I can't complain much.

[] Great vertical mouse. Works just as well as the more expensive brand at a fraction of the cost.
[] Good solid feel (Except for the cord)
[] Good weight
[] Buttons are firm enough to avoid accidental clicks yet light enough for long use
[] Great price

[] Cord on my original mouse is made of cheap plastic. The cord/connector broke in less than a year.
[] Warranty is for one year but their policy requires that you pay shipping both ways, and repairs take about TWO months. Given he cost of a new mouse on Amazon this makes this a disposable mouse in my book and not worth the cost of shipping both ways.

Great vertical mouse for the price. I only wish the cord/connector was of higher quality. I am hoping that this second mouse has a better cord. The pictures for the product seem to show a fiber mesh cord, a welcomed improvement if it turns out to be true.

I am giving this mouse 4 Start because the cord broke in less than a year and the terms of warranty make it impractical to send back for repair. Functionality wise this mouse is Five Stars.
So far so good
April 10, 2014
I am a mechanical engineer, and I use CAD pretty much 8 hours a day. My "regular" mouse started giving me some forearm pain at the end of the day, so I thought I'd give vertical mice a try. I googled them, and initially found the evoluent version, but I didn't want to drop that much money on something I wasn't sure would work. I then found a couple of less expensive versions, and finally picked up an Anker vertical mouse. I was less than impressed with that one and gave it to my brother after a day or two. It just felt cheap, and the buttons were so hard to push I didn't feel any relief. Recently my cheapo work mouse was annoying me with its non-clicking buttons, I decided to buy my own work mouse, and found this one by Lugulake. It seemed to have generally great reviews, and was cheaper than the Anker, so I figured why not.

Opening the box, (I love reading these types of boxes, with not quite english translations, super funny stuff!) I was pleasantly surprised by the feel of this pretty inexpensive mouse. It just feels more solid than the Anker, with a nice texture and design. Also, the buttons' effort is similar to other mice, and are not something you have to consciously "press harder" to get to work, like I felt like I had to with the Anker. Not as quiet as my Logitech at home, but not as loud as the Anker either. Should be fine in the noisier work environment. Scroll wheel feels nice, but I'd prefer it to be a little curved instead of flat, but that's just nitpicky. All in all a great mouse for $10 bucks. I think if they created a mouse that was a little more expensive, I'm thinking $20ish, with slightly better button actuators (and apparently better scrollwheels, from the many comments about broken ones), people would start saying "What a good mouse" instead of "What a good cheap mouse." I will be taking it to work today and will update soon on if the "vertical" feature is worth the while as well.

Three Star Reviews:

Good, but overpriced
February 27, 2017
Helps a little with my thumb pain, but overpriced.
Yes it's ergonomic but I hadn't thought about when I ...
November 27, 2016
Yes it's ergonomic but I hadn't thought about when I would want to quickly use the mouse while standing for a quick task such as printing a document. It's very difficult to maneuver the mouse standing.
Skip it unless you are willing to change your habit.
July 11, 2015
A comfortable mouse indeed but am not use to the way of using it. If I wanted to continue using it, have to get a much bigger mouse pad because the movement is not smooth when I use it on my table surface. Eventually, went back to the usual mouse.
Great idea but poor execution.
October 15, 2014
I had hoped this mouse would assist in relieving the pain in the muscles around my metacarpal area and in my wrist. The shape of the mouse makes it nice to the touch, but it was not until 2 weeks of use that I realized it was too small for my hand.Not because I read the sizing chart wrong, but because they put so much space over in the thumb area that really skimped out on the far outside edge area. This left my pinky and ring finger dragging excessively after a while - which caused more tension than my last mouse did. My hand always felt like it was sliding over the front edge, instead of resting comfortably as advertised.If the mouse angle had been 25% steeper, with less emphasis around the thumb area and adding material on the outside edge near trailing fingers, they could easily make a VERY effective ergonomic mouse.The quality of the build is not on par with Logitech, but in the time I had it, had no issues. I would have liked to see more buttons in the form of front/back buttons at least. This was a major feature which losing from previous mice bothered me much more than I expected it to.
Helps side effects of CTS - less painful than any other I've had
October 30, 2013
I use this all the time at work, I recommend this to anyone who has CTS (Carpal Tunnel Syndrome) or alike, and use it with a wrist aid.The mouse keeps charge (battery life) for months! it will go to "sleep" after more than 30 minutes of non-usage, and a click is required to wake it.It is hard to tell the charge of the battery, since there is no indication on the PC (other such as logitech have) and this is important since the battery is non-removable.It seems to work on many surfaces - but I recommend getting a mouse pad - since I do not like the feel of sliding it across my desk.The mouse has a learning curve, and even after months of using it, I still can't point it accurate and fast - so I use it for work, but it slows me down in games that require quick responses such as FPS (First Person Shooter) and strategy games.The front USB port does not make it look like a well thought-of product. It looks like something DIY and somewhat cheap. But looks are not important as much as other features.All in all I think it is a good mouse that does less damage to your wrist, but it's not perfect.
Easy on the hand
December 16, 2012
Good ergonomically, but I'm having trouble to get it working consistently well with my iMac. The cursor isn't instantly responsive to mouse movement, and periodically will skip a couple inches.
Ok but can be better
March 14, 2017
The presentation in the product is what I expected, however the grasp of the mouse can be improved given that the function is for more comfortable use.

Update: I got a message from Lugulake to give more information about how to improve the product, i think the biggest issue as I mentioned is the grasp, the material in which the product is made makes it difficult to hold on and work naturally, it's necessary to have a mouse pad to have a better experience.

Maybe if the back could have a little inside gap (for the thumb) could help.
better for larger hands
September 26, 2015
I read all the reviews before purchasing it, but in the end it just didn't work out in my case. The main thing with me is that it is just too big for my hand. I wish they make it a tad smaller and shorter. It just didn't feel right as my hand keeps slipping off towards the back of the thing and I was having a hard time moving it because my grip is not in the right place and end up straining my wrist more because of the angle it is in. If you have large hands, and I mean a man's hand that measures 9" or longer from tip of middle finger to bottom of palm, this might work out better for you. My hand measures 7.5" and my middle finger only reach the middle part of the right button.
It's a decent mouse for $10
May 30, 2015
I bought one to try out the ergonomic benefits behind these vertical mice. While the mouse has performed well for the past few months, in the end I went back to my old Logitech G400s mouse. My main issues with this mouse were:

1. No wrist support. Your wrist drags along the tabletop, and this seems to introduce about the same amount of wrist pain as a traditional mouse for me. You have to rest your palm a certain way on the top of the mouse to give your hand some support.
2. Difficult to use middle scroll. Not sure if this is related to vertical mice in general, but it seems more difficult to reach the middle scroll wheel in this hand position.
1. Missing side back/forward buttons. It's nice having these for web browsing / gaming.
2. Button / scroll wheel quality. There's quite a bit of wiggle with the buttons. The scroll wheel is not snug and moves side to side.

Overall for the price though it's a solid mouse, and if I didn't have a fairly ergonomic traditional mouse already, I would probably continue using it. I may end up buying a higher quality vertical mouse in the future that addresses the above concerns.
Great Idea, Poor execution
July 10, 2014
The mouse feels good, but the flaws make it hard to use.
The design prevents wrist pain
The buttons are hard to press and stick
The scroll wheel is sticky
The left mouse button is so far to the top that when resting your hand on it you will click accidentally
The weight is near the top, making the mouse easy to knock over

Overall, it is a good concept. But the endless design flaws make it a tough sell. If you have serious wrist pain, then this is the mouse for you. If you are just looking for something new, I would suggest that you look for something else.

I added a star, because for the price it is not bad... And they messaged me to try and get this resolved. But I would still not reccomend this so anyone.
It's not Evoluent...
September 21, 2013
This is a perfectly fine little upright mouse, and might come as a revelation to those who never used the revolutionary Evoluent Vertical Mouse. It is inexpensive and works perfectly. Looks nice. It is worth the very low price.

Let me now explain why you might want to pay a lot more for a proper Evoluent Vertical Mouse (EVM):

The EVM supports your whole hand and leaves nothing resting or dragging. I have small hands, and when I use this mouse I have 2 fingers that have nowhere to go, that I don't know what to do with. I do not just move my mouse a teeny bit, I need to roam with my arm and the Lugulake doesn't encourage me to do that.

EVM has many programmable buttons, this mouse has two buttons, only two, nothing but two. Be honest with yourself about what your computing needs are. If you have a EVM you can use only two buttons if you want, but you have choices. This mouse, you have no choice.

Don't pay more if this mouse is truly all you need. But if you need something better, splurge and be good to yourself. If you are buying a vertical mouse for health reasons, don't be cheap with your health.

However this mouse is smaller and more portable than the EVM. I will keep the one I ordered as an emergency back-up mouse.

Two Star Reviews:

Difficult to use. Not a gaming mouse in any ...
October 26, 2015
Difficult to use. Not a gaming mouse in any sense of the word.
Only 2 buttons?
February 8, 2015
Great fit, but for $110, it should have more then 2 buttons. Returned it for refund.
... my hand started bugging me and gradually got more painful while using a Logitech M570 trackball mouse
October 26, 2014
Bought this after my hand started bugging me and gradually got more painful while using a Logitech M570 trackball mouse. This still requires the hand to lay horizonally and isnt much different than a traditional mouse to me. Returned it for an Evoluent 4. For the money, the Evoluent is of much higher build quality, comes with more features, is smaller, and more importantly...works and feels completely natural to hold.
Two Stars
September 15, 2014
Wireless reception was really bad with this mouse and in general it feels rather cheaply put together.
January 15, 2014
I gave it a try. It looks like it may be helpful from an ergonomic standpoint. The thing that makes it bad is where the heel of your hand rests. It causes the front of the mouse to lift up and therefore the cursor skips. So, I had to make a conscious effort to put the weight of my hand on the front of the mouse.I sent it back.
Interesting concept, but the size, and terrible buttons make it hard to use
November 26, 2012
I'm a big fan of ergonomic mice, since I have to sit at a desk and use one for 10 hours straight. I've tried quite a few, Evoluent's Vertical Mouse, a "Pen Mouse" (mouse held like a pen), the pen and tablet mouse, all different models of the Logitech Trackballs (the discontinued FX is still my favorite), etc. And so when I saw this one with its odd shape and seemingly sound concept, I had to try it. When it first arrived and I took it out of the box, I was amazed at how incredibly large it was. I followed the sizing guide and purchased a medium to fit my hand, since I fell right in the middle of the range for medium. Now to the Pros and Cons:First, Pros:- keeps your hands from rubbing on the surface of the desk- position of the hand is very comfortable, probably the best out of all the mice I've tried- it's an excellent conversation starter. It really looks like a spaceship.Now.. Cons:- I use a Workrite ergonomic keyboard tray, and the mouse took up the entire mouse support, and so it made it difficult to maneuver- The buttons are really tough to press, and the actuation force is too high to truly make it an ergonomic mouse- unfortunately the battery life is pretty terrible. I have a Logitech MX Performance mouse and that thing lasts for weeks of continuous use. This one lasts for a few days before I have to plug in- the chord that comes with the mouse is way too short, and is so stiff that when you have it plugged in, it's hard to move around- and lastly, the size of the mouse gets in it's own way. Although I understand the need to have that extra material underneath the palm, it just doesn't fit on a keyboard tray. I used it on a desk and it seemed to be better. But that means to use this mouse, I have to use it on a desk that elevates my hand and puts pressure on my shoulder. which defeats the ergonomic reason I purchased it to begin with.It was a very interesting concept, and I feel like if I had a desk at the proper level, or had a larger keyboard tray, there might have been something there. But the high force buttons, and terrible wheel are the real deal killer for me. Especially with the high price point of this mouse. I'm disappointed, but still support the company's goal, and applaud the innovative approach they took to redesign.
It was Good While It Lasted - 10 Months, Then It Died...Going in the Trash ;(
April 14, 2017
When I received it 10 months ago, it worked great. Loved how it was easier on my arthritis. But yesterday, it up and died. I cleaned the lens, the mouse pad, checked connections several times, and it doesn't work. $10 for 10 months isn't bad, but I spent an hour and a half googling how to fix it, and it's not fixed.I also called Lugulake but they must be closed for Good Friday weekend. I got my $10 worth, but now I'm ordering an ANKER brand. I'm hoping that's longer-lasting than 10 months....
Functional relief to the wrist, bad scroll wheel
October 12, 2015
05/01/2016 Update - Had to update my review because after my second LuguLake mouse, problems arose even quicker with the scroll wheel, so it wasn't just an anomaly with the last one. This time, it got stuck in "scroll-down" mode and became useless after that. LuguLake if you are listening, fix your scroll wheel and MAYBE I'll come back to this product. Otherwise, I recommend against this mouse.This is a good, functional mouse that really did help ergonomically with the many hours a day that I use it. It's a huge difference when I have to use a regular mouse now. I would have given it 5-stars, however, it only lasted a year before the scroll-wheel broke and I had to order another one. But I use it heavily at work, averaging 8-10 hours a day on weekdays and some on the weekends as well, so not going to dock it too much — especially for the price.
Great for relieving wrist pain, but needs a better USB cable
December 18, 2014
I had a case of "tennis elbow" (tendinitis) which my doctor could not explain. After some research I discovered that here is such a thing as "mouse elbow" caused by use of a standard computer mouse and scroll wheel.Tried this mouse and immediately felt some relief; after a few weeks, the pain (more in the forearm carpal area) was gone.There were some problems with the first mouse, mostly related to the wires inside the cable breaking. I contacted the seller and they sent me another, which worked flawlessly, at first. I was so attached to the first one I tried soldering in a higher-quality USB cable, but it did not work. Eventually the second one had the same issue. Turns out this mouse uses a non-standard connection in the wire colors. (The red and white wires are reversed from a standard USB plug.)Now it works perfectly, though I'm not entirely certain which of the mice I have connected to a better wire now. I hope it holds up for a long time.UPDATE: The second mouse has now gone bad, with wires broken within the cable. Tried soldering in a new USB cable from a discarded USB device, which might have worked if the wire colors inside the case of the mouse were standardized (red and white were reversed). Now the click buttons don't work because the ribbon cable inside the mouse has now separated from the PC board. Too bad; really liked this mouse, but won't buy another.
Great mouse, great price EDIT: Frequent annoying disconnections for no reason.
April 24, 2014
Larger than normal, it feels a bit clunky at first. But after a few days you get used to it and it is the most comfortable mouse I have ever used. The buttons have the correct resistance. You don't have to hold your hand at an unnatural angle, Everything works well, It tracks well on just an old Formica desktop. No extra weird buttons to memorize. The scroll wheel works great. My favorite mouse to date and it was only about $8. Highly recommended.EDIT: Reducing this to two stars. I love the ergonomics of this mouse. But for some reason when used with my Windows 7 computer it will often disconnect for no apparent reason. The computer makes the same sound as when unplugging any USB device. Then 3 seconds later it will reconnect by itself and make the "connecting" sound. Very annoying. I liked it so much I purchased two and they both do the same thing - not a bad cable or connector - it must be a bad circuit or design. Using the stock Windows 7 mouse driver. Not recommended.
I really, really wanted to like this ergonomic mouse but it was not as comfortable as I had hoped.
April 8, 2014
I have an Evoluent mouse which is very good but also kind of expensive. When I saw the Lugulake and it's very affordable price I figured, what the heck..I will try it. Well, after using the mouse for a couple of hours I noticed that the angle of its design kept a portion of my hand (where it meets the wrist) to rub constantly on my work surface and that area started to get sore and tender to the point that I had to stop using the mouse. If the manufacturer were to change the design (slightly) and put some sort of "lip" for that portion of the hand to rest on I think that it would solve the problem. Either that or make the angle of the controls more vertical (like the Evoluent) so that the entire side of hand rests upon the work surface distributing the weight and eliminating tender spots. Other than that it is a very promising design. It just did not work out for me.
Great for relieving stress on the wrist during long computer sessions!
January 13, 2014
I work in IT pulling 12 hr shifts and at the end of the day using a regular mouse my wrist would be aching. So I decided to look for a more economical mouse to use at work and this one fits the bill. It tilts your hand to the side relieving the direct pressure experienced using a standard mouse. It has the 2 standard buttons and a scroll wheel, nothing else, so it's basic but works. It does take a day or two to get used to the feel. I have also had the problem other reviewers have referenced and after some extended use the usb cable began to pull away from the mouse, despite there being no pressure on the cable. I do like the ergonomics but I would recommend finding another product.

One Star Reviews:

Twilight zone
June 30, 2017
Terrible. It feels too weird. I expected different when searching for a product to save my job. Feels like Martian mobile.
Wireless is terrible
August 29, 2016
I LOVE the Handshoe design and i do think it is ergonomic and helps with carpal tunnel pain.That being said the Wireless functionality of this mouse is TERRIBLE. You have to charge the mouse to work and the charge does not last long AT ALL. do not buy the WIRELESS VERSION.ugh i wish i could return this but it is 2 days past 30 days.ARGH.
Not a good ergo. mouse for long fingers
October 28, 2015
I use an older Microsoft Natural Laser 6000 mouse at work, which has been a great fit for years. I now need to get something just as good for home use. This mouse doesn't feel right and actually caused discomfort in my fingers from the start. I returned it immediately.
Very disappointed in how it feels on the arm
August 18, 2015
Very disappointed in how it feels on the arm. I use MS Project and Excel and this just did not feel good after a day's use. I gave it about three weeks before I switched to left hand regular mouse.
I am not happy with my purchase
May 31, 2015
I am not happy with my purchase. This mouse is very difficult to maneuver, and is frequently not responsive. Also I need to reset it every tine I reboot. I am very unhappy with the price I paid. I based my decision on many very positive reviews, but have not experienced the improvements in hand comfort that I'd hoped for that many users described.
or just useless. The charge barely lasts a day
November 24, 2014
Do not buy from Jestiq. My mouse is either defective, or just useless. The charge barely lasts a day, and who wants to keep a cordless mouse plugged in?? Jestiq's customer service was useless, and refused to replace it, as I didn't realize that the battery didn't keep a charge until shortly after the return window. I bought a mouse bean, also from Amazon at the same time, and while I use both mouses (mice?) I have to say the mouse bean is better, as long as you super glue it on...and is 10% of the cost of this. As far this product, it is okay, and I use it on occasion but it is very large (even though sized appropriately for me)
I have bought this mouse many times in the past ...
October 15, 2016
I have bought this mouse many times in the past for work and it performed very well. This last shipment came with cloth-covered wires, I was so excited. However, the quality has dropped. After just a month of use, the left-click now sometimes registers as right-click on the screen. You can imagine how infuriating this is while trying to draw diagrams in photoshop!Mouse died right after a month so I can't return it. :(
It's just really bad for me
November 20, 2015
Tried using it for several weeks when I first bought it, then put it away, due to it actually causing my more strain on my hand than before. With both carpel tunnel and tendonitis in my hands and wrists I was hoping that this mouse would help alleviate my problems, but only seem to cause more pain when used for long periods of time.Recently I pulled it out and tried it again. This time it only lasted a day before I had to put it back away. I've come to two conclusions why this mouse didn't work for me:1. I have large hands. With no support for my ring and pinkie fingers this caused discomfort after relatively short periods of use.2. While there are locations on the bottom of the mouse for small, teflon tape feet, no feet were installed on the mouse and no sign of ones I had to apply myself in the box it came in. I finally realized that without teflon feet the mouse drags on the tabletop, causing extra stress on my hand and wrist. Couple that with the smaller size, this mouse just fails to deliver what I needed at all.So my thoughts, with the addition of the missing feet it might be an OK mouse for someone with smaller hands. Maybe. It's just really bad for me.
A Cheap Disposable Mouse - Not Recommended
April 26, 2015
I bought this nearly a year ago, but I'm writing this several months after this wound up in the trash. I bought two vertical mice for my two computers to deal with my rotator cuff issues: this one, and an identically shaped one that cost about two times as much.Both functioned well in regard to relieving the pain I feel when holding a standard mouse. From the beginning, this one felt cheaper, as expected, from the construction of the mouse itself to the thinness of the USB cable. But despite being on the less-used computer, after about 8 months the buttons started malfunctioning unacceptably and the product became useless to me. This product appears to be part of that family of devices that seem to have been engineered to fail within a year.
Scroll wheel failed. You get what you pay for.
December 8, 2014
I should have read the reviews carefully. I think people should wait a little longer to make a review instead of judging. This especially applies to products used incredibly often, such as with mice. The scroll wheel, as said by other reviewers, failed and when I emailed the support, they offered a refund of $6, about one-third the price I spent for it ($9.99+ $8.32 S+H=$18.31). Though they say that their warranty lasts a year and my order is within a year (7 months ago to be exact), they wouldn't replace it and offered the $6 refund or a replacement for $4. I wouldn't trust a new one to last so I opted for the refund.My next purchase will probably be either the Anker mouse or maybe a Logitech trackball mouse but I'm not particular on using a ball or the $30 of the Logitech. I hope the Anker doesn't have the scroll wheel problem but they have an 18 month warranty.
As many have said, scroll wheel breaks easily
June 25, 2014
I bought two of these mice recently. Withing 30 days of using them BOTH of them have a broken scroll wheel.I took them apart to see if I could fix what happened, but the pin holding the scroll wheel is small, small, plastic and broken. This causes the scroll wheel to fall out of its holdings and not allowing the mouse to read your mouse wheel scrolls. Both of the primary buttons still function.Great price, but as two of them are broken within 30 days I wont be buying anymore.
Compatibility Issues
February 19, 2014
This mouse does everything it is supposed to do and will help to reduce problems with wrist and arm soreness. However, it is not compatible with all computers. On one of the computers I use, the mouse started sending a click signal whenever I hover the mouse over a link or icon. It does not do this consistently. It has caused me to send emails prematurely becuase the mouse passed over the "Send" button. This product is billed as "plug and play" and there are no driver updates provided at the manufacturer's site.I replaced the mouse with a standard traditional mouse and the problem went away, proving that this is not a configuration problem with the PC, but a compatibility problem with the mouse itself.
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This mouse is a perfect showcase of comfort and simplicity

Easy to use buttons: All buttons are easily operable without contorting your fingers. The button force is light for easy clicking, but still firm enough to avoid accidental actuation

This special design makes your hand on a horizontal position,it helps to relieve strain on your forearm

Standard USB connection; Nice appearance, perfect blend of shiny and a really nice scroll for better control

Scientific ergonomic design encourages healthy neutral "handshake" wrist and arm positions for smoother movement and less overall strain (This mouse is not compatible with Mac OS X)

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