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ABDTECH Full Color 130" Mini Portable LCD LED HD Projector, Micro Cinema Theater, 800 Lumens,Support HDMI/USB/AV/SD/IR Port - AbdTech
Epson Home Cinema 730HD, HDMI, 3LCD, 3000 Lumens Color and White Brightness, Home Entertainment Projector (Refurbished) - Epson

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AbdTech http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/51Cuyxolm4L._SL160_.jpg
ABDTECH Full Color 130" Mini Portable LCD LED HD Projector, Micro Cinema Theater, 800 Lumens,Support HDMI/USB/AV/SD/IR Port - AbdTech
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Epson http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/41sijwfd-fL._SL160_.jpg
Epson Home Cinema 730HD, HDMI, 3LCD, 3000 Lumens Color and White Brightness, Home Entertainment Projector (Refurbished) - Epson
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Five Star Reviews:

Five Stars
September 7, 2017
I love it
Good for the price.
May 20, 2017
So far so good. Pretty quiet. Decent picture at 5ft away but still ok further back as long as it's dark. I hook it up to my computer and use a blue tooth speaker. The built in speaker isn't great, but serviceable.
Awesome projector
February 23, 2016
Pretty good I watch this on my Wall looks really good I'm pretty sure if I had a screen it would be a thousand times better sucky speaker but if your making a mini theater in your room I doubt your gonna use the original cause I didn't
hooked up a firestick and we all love it. It saved us hundreds on buying a ...
February 20, 2016
Suprisingly, this beat my expectations for this projector. I set it up in my daughter's room, hooked up a firestick and we all love it. It saved us hundreds on buying a smart tv. I would prefer that over a tv to be honest.
Good buy.
February 16, 2016
For the price, this is one of the best projectors you can buy. The build quality is good along with the picture. The only area that could be improved is the speakers. The on-board speakers are less than desirable. There is an easy fix to this by hooking up an external speaker. I would recommend this projector. 9/10
Reliable, large screen, bright, no complaints here...
October 11, 2016
1 year later and it's still running strong. I have a basement theater room and I'm not a finatic about clarity, but for the average family it's more than adequate. I've been using projectors for 15 years, even sold them at one point. In this price range it's a good value in terms of price paid for what I got. If we compare it to a 4K projector, of course it's not going to be as good. I would recommend sticking with name brands on projectors. The cheap ones just aren't the same. My last Epson lasted like 5 years of heavy use. I upgrade when the bulbs go. I've never had luck with replacement bulbs. They never seem to last. Plus after 5 years it's time to replace the technology.

I'm throwing the picture like 12 feet and it's over 100 inches. I can't go much bigger because of my wall. The projector could make the picture bigger. It's not a short throw projector, but it seems to throw a large picture at short distance compared to other projectors I've used.
We were using an SVGA 3000 lumen projector for outdoor movies and it was nice but this one blows it away
July 6, 2015
My Wife bought me this projector for Fathers day. We were using an SVGA 3000 lumen projector for outdoor movies and it was nice but this one blows it away!

I created a new 16' x 9' screen from a white tarp and this projector is bright enough on ECO to start the movie even before the sun sets. The colors and clarity are excellent for this price range.

The Epson warranty gives me piece of mind for two years!
The bulbs are pretty affordable, and you don't have to worry about ...
June 9, 2015
Decided to ditch my TV and build a home theater. I bought an Epson EX7230 Pro, which I eventually returned, then purchased this model instead. The two projectors are almost identical, so this is my review for the EX7230 Pro.

This projects a gigantic image onto the wall, and it's very crisp. It can keep up with the ambient light in my living room, even in ECO mode. The bulbs are pretty affordable, and you don't have to worry about the "DLP effect" with this projector.

Unfortunately I returned it, but through no fault of the projector! A week after I bought it, I noticed that Amazon had a factory refurbished Epson 730HD Home Cinema projector for $399, while the EX7230 Pro was $549. It's exactly the same projector, kind of. It's got the same bulb, same 3LCD, same resolution, same brightness, etc.

Now for the differences. The 730HD is white, EX7230 Pro is black. The 730HD only comes with the power cord and remote control, EX7230 Pro adds a case and a VGA cable. The warranty on the 730HD is longer. Also, the software on that model supports some additional features, like picture in picture, MHL and some other things I'm never going to use, so back it went. The 730HD is back up to $499 now though, so if those things are worth it to you (and the loss of one extra year of warranty) go for it!
to hear these the sound has to be completely off an then they are still hard to hear great buy
April 5, 2015
Have had mine about a week Put it on the coffee table, every one said the fans are loud on projectors, to hear these the sound has to be completely off an then they are still hard to hear great buy
It's Showtime Folks!..
January 14, 2015
I've had previous experience with projectors both high end and low end models. So for $449-I wasn't expecting much. This unit by far exceeded my expectations. Big,bright and clear image. It's not a 1080P projector,but none the less,still an incredible HD image. The 720P resolution still looks amazing (1080i progressively scanned) which is the resolution for HDTV broadcast at a minimum. I'm getting an incredible- high detailed Widescreen picture with projector currently at about 14 feet from screen. The image is approximately 12'X 6'. This is based on the size of room as the entire 12 foot wide wall is taken up by image. Blu ray discs look amazing. The thing that impressed me was how good standard DVDs translated by the projector. I expected the DVD image to look dull and a bit pixelated compared to a Blu Ray image,but that was not the case at all. Video games just envelope the player and the refresh rate is very good.This is an entry level home cinema projector,but that does not mean you will be disappointed. I'm very impressed with the image quality and the feature set of this projector. Replacement lamps are less than $100 too. You WILL have a great home theater experience and not break the bank to make it happen. Contrary to comments I've read here. It runs quiet. Does not run HOT. It cools down very quickly. The built in speaker does an adequate job-not horrible. For GREAT sound,you will need an external source. Does not have a carry case. Comes with power cord and a full function remote control. This is my first EPSON brand projector. I've used others.. I'm sticking with EPSON. The 3LCD chip set has a longer shelf life than DLP projectors do as well. I would very much recomend this projector to anyone.. Quality of image,build quality of projector and feature set. This is probably the best sub $600 unit available. You will feel like you are at "the movies" and isn't that why we want a projector?..

Four Star Reviews:

Packaged great, opened the box and was impressed for a ...
February 5, 2016
Packaged great, opened the box and was impressed for a $80 projecter.. Well plugged it in and nothing. No led and no fan came on. Returned immediately and got my refund from Amazon. Ordered a new one and coming today, hope this one works...

Update, got my new projecter and plugged it in and I have to say for $80 this is one deal! Now it's not HD by any means, but I planned this setup for the original Xbox, which it works well!! Only thing I don't like is when you plug in external sound the internal speaker on the projector still works, easily solved by covering with tape and pumping up the external volume. Overall this projector has earned four stars because of its compact size and what it can produce
Multimedia projector
January 18, 2016
My boyfriend has been looking into getting a projector to take with us when we go camping to watch videos on his gopro. He was looking for something specifically small and portable. Then the opportunity to test this ABDTECH projector at a discounted price came up and I had to. It's only 8"L x 6"w x 2"h. Has a 1"stand to lift the front of the projector.Now before I get into details of the actual product... the quality of the picture is decent. When connected to my laptop the words at the corners are a little fuzzy but you have to get the correct distance to size to have a clear picture on the entire screen. The words on my laptop were very small, after enlarging it, it became more clear. It projects a clear 34" screen to a 130" clear screen. Movie quality is great! Color is vivid and clear. Great at home on a plain wall but better on a canvas or white sheet. Can't wait to take this camping with a power generator.Comes with a remote that has the same buttons as the ones on top of the product itself. There's a lens cover, 2 easy adjust dials behind the lens to focus and change the picture orientation ( so that the picture is a square and not a parallelogram, called a keystone ). Comes with a 5 foot power cord and an AV input cord.Now I'm not very tech savvy. So bear with me. There's an outlet for headphones ( has a small built in speaker already but you can attach something else for more sound), AV input ( connect it to a media player or game system with it, it's only 8 inches long so you might want to invest in a longer one), HDMI ( connect to your TV, laptop or PC) , USB, SD card and a 5V out ( connect to your phone or tablet).
Four Stars
January 13, 2016
Needs better sound.
Worth it!
July 5, 2016
Only true HD projector I could find for under seven hundred, and at $350 you cant beat that. Now I would never buy used except Epson is like cannon, they specialize in cameras, camcorders, scanners, printers, and fax machines, been around like thirty years, and I cant see them sending these products out too any one else to work on. It would just cost more, thus I know they are certified and used parts are properly replaced. I use a ten foot screen and looks ass good as movie theater. I would not go bigger then 130in screen if u strive for quality. But you will find no other for the price and quality... I got nothing for this honest review....
Budget minded projector with good resolution but poor black levels.
May 29, 2016
Good value on a projector. I was using for an outdoor movie night, so didn't really need a top notch projector. I wouldn't call this home theater quality, more for business presentation use.
2 year warranty (will send replacement and pays for shopping)
720, good enough resolution for me.

Poor black levels (they're a dark gray)
I have to say the picture is really good for clarity but does seem a little lighter than ...
August 20, 2015
I have had this in its box until recently. I have to say the picture is really good for clarity but does seem a little lighter than my previous non-HDMI Epson projector. It also tends to be slightly louder (fan) and seems to think a little slower. This is the only negatives. I have it hanging on the ceiling for a home theater. I haven't quite figured out how to make all of the adjustments. For example, since it points down the bottom of the picture is bigger than the upper portion. I have made some adjustments and it looks really good, but it could be better. I got a good buy on a refurbished one and I would buy it again.
No rainbow or eyestrain! Good picture!
January 16, 2015
This projector is great! I get very bad headaches from DLP projectors, but with this one I can watch as long as I want without issues! The picture isn't quite as good with some of the DLP projectors in similar price ranges, but it really still is great 720p quality.

Very excited to host a Super Bowl party with this.
Excellent projector for the price, great Performer
November 25, 2013
Just a little background in my home theater experience I was always wanted to have Home Theater so I decided to buy at low cost projector if you want to spend money on projector sky is limit. When I bought Epson 725HD, I was not confident on bulb life and value on these concerns I will definitely update my review in future.
When I placed the order Amazon Customer Service messed up and support was not great but after few calls it was resolved. I will give low rating to Amazon service but will not affect Projector review.
I have used Dell, Benq, Optoma and Epson Projectors.
Review: It is an good value and delivers a good theater experience in my living room....
Here's a brief outline of features and my impression of them:

The three biggest features most people look for when talking about projectors are resolution, contrast ratio, and lumens. The resolution of this projector is 720p 1280 x 800. This is little far from full HD, which is the majority of content I'll be viewing, but the picture is classic! I usually view the blu ray version of new movies and I stream HD all the time from different sources.
In first week I always compared my HD laptop screen and Projector screen side by side when I watched Sports, Movies, Few TV seasons, Presentation and documentary. Although the picture was slightly better (Deep black, Blue shades) on the LED screen, nothing compares to watching on a big screen. The picture was very sharp and amazing.

Contrast Ratio:
12,000:1 contrast ratio. A high-contrast projector produces a picture with a deep black level and clearly defined shadow detail. Contrast, in essence, gives "depth" to video images. A projector with excellent contrast can make a two-dimensional image appear almost three-dimensional.(Check Color Contrast ratio)

For me High lumens in a room is not needed unless there is light leakage. (e.g.windows). For watching movies If it is a dedicated room you should look for no more than 1200 Ansi lumens and I was not worried about lumens as its kills high contrast.

As Epson gave me lot input option I used them left and right. I am using VGA, HDMI, USB and S-Video cable.
Connecting both my PC and Mac were super easy.

Settings and Keys:
Now a days all projector are easy to use. Vertical Horizontal alignment keys are very easy to use.

Almost all the features are same as Epson EX7220(more lumens) and cost higher than 725HD.

1.Power Input is in Vertical direction if you have placed on table it is little difficult.

2.Bulb life:
Biggest concern was bulb life and it was stopping me from buying any projector.

3.Lamp Life on Epson website is wrong
ECO mode: Up to 6000 hours Normal mode: Up to 5000 hours which is wrong.
If you go thr' manual or other website it is: Up to 5,000 hours (ECO mode); up to 4,000 hours (normal mode).

This Projector uses 200W UHE lamp which cost less to replace than other Epson Projector and competitors.

4.Fan Noise and Heat:
No need of Heater in winter. It gets very hot.

Bottom line:
I use this projector mainly for Video streaming. It provides a stunning picture. If you are looking into setting up a home theater, take a serious look at this projector before considering spending much more money on an HD projector. I think you'll be satisfied.

Three Star Reviews:

Good starter projector
April 29, 2016
Decent starter projector for under $100. Looks best in absolute darkness. Better for cartoons and YouTube videos because the colors are very saturated. Around a month in I notice a lot of the pixels are already dead. This is just holding me over until I invest in a nice HD projector. I'd recommend this for a kid's room.
Didn't work with wireless connection; works fine with a cable.
April 21, 2016
I'm updating this from 1 to 3 stars. First night we tried this with the wireless hookup and nothing. Incredibly frustrating. No tech support.

Ordered a cable to connect them and now it's working fine. It's bright enough for my presentation (ppt), and very portable. I'm giving the 3 stars for how well it does work with the cable, taking away one for the fact it won't work with wireless, and another for the fact there is no easy way to get any tech support.
You get what you pay for!
February 23, 2016
I'd love to give this product 5 stars because I believe it has potential. However, the fact that on the second day of owning it the audio malfunctioned (while hooking up auxiliary speaker) and would not work properly thereafter, I am unfortunately obligated to give it less. The visuals were pretty good, although a bit finicky to adjust and get a good outcome. I wouldn't suggest using with an Xbox One which is one of the uses I wanted to have with it--too fuzzy for that.

Maybe my problem was isolated--if that's the case I can tell you that it's a great device to hook up to a computer and watch movies on. I may get another one of these systems but might save up for a better system. Like momma always said--you get what you pay for.
Three Stars
February 4, 2016
The remote doesn't work!
Picture is pretty good. Downside is that if you want this ...
December 17, 2016
Picture is pretty good. Downside is that if you want this to fit a 72 in screen, it will need to be about 6 feet or closer to the screen as it will not shrink the image.
Purple Streak On the Screen
June 27, 2015
About a month after I bought this I occasionally started noticing a purple streak on the lower right hand part of the screen. Other than the purple streak, it's been working very well for over a year. It's quiet, the picture quality is quite good, and it's very simple and easy to use. If I were a fanatic about the quality of my movies I would probably have returned this, but I'm not. It is annoying, though.
OK, Must have had a lemon
May 8, 2015
Unfortunately I think I received a bad unit, every time I turned it on, the keystone was way off and tilted on my wall. I planned to hang this on my ceiling but wasn't able to due to having to touch the buttons on the unit to fix the keystone. I sent it back and will save up for a better unit. Note, I did have another Epson projector before this one and loved it, unsure of the model number. Wouldn't totally look away from middle of the road Epson projectors if you are looking for a cheap way to have a HUGE screen and solid image quality.
good for small rooms
January 22, 2015
Very limited zooming area , good for small rooms, if you have a large media room , must move the projector to fit your screen, instructions are vague and not for someone with no prior knowledge of how to operate this type projectors. Still couldn't figure how to use the wifi connection .
Good product and technology - poor tech service and product representation
July 10, 2014
great picture and got it at a low price. compact size. would have given it 5 stars but built in speaker is no good and it does not have a external audio mini jack output that would be used for amplified portable speakers for outdoor movie night. The product manual downloaded from Epson says you can play movies from just a usb stick plugged into the usb-a port. WRONG! tried every video format listed on page 81 in manual, used a converter, doesn't work. Epson tech support quote. " Dear Anthony,Thank you for contacting Epson regarding your Epson PowerLite Home Cinema 730HD.Regrettably, our user manual is wrong, mpeg, mp files are not supported. We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused you. We take your satisfaction seriously and hope that we have helped resolve your issue. If you receive a survey from us, we would greatly appreciate if you could take a few minutes to provide us with feedback about your support experience. Your ratings and comments are extremely important to us. If this did not resolve your issue, please reply to this email for further assistance. If you have a different support issue, submit a request via our U.S. or Canada Support Site and we will respond in a timely manner. Thank you again for contacting Epson. Dave S " Well this defeats my purpose ! My movie media is in Mp4. Now you have to carry a computer or media player with all the wires involved instead of usb flash drive from pocket and plug in --play! *UPDATE* 7/16/14 Epson corrected the online manual deleting mp4,wmv and mp1 formats. It will play ONLY very basic avi-1 codec from the 90's generation. Nothing over 2gb. and not avi OpenDML off a usb flash drive making the usb-a feature plug on the unit just about useless! Other than my 3 complaints, this unit produces a very good picture for a low price of $499 at amazon when on sale!

Two Star Reviews:

Keep your $$$ and look elsewhere
April 26, 2016
Very easy to use and setup, but it is just too dim for most uses. The room you are in MUST be pitch black to get good color rendition. I tried returning it, but my time for returning it had expired.
Malfunction issue.
January 4, 2016
This projector worked great for 30 minutes. We streamed one TV show on this (via amazon TV Fire stick) and enjoyed it very much, the image was great, big, clear and crisp. We then turned it off. About 4 hours later we turned it back on to stream another TV episode. The projector didn't work correctly. The image was pixilated, out of focus, and the colors were streaky. It was not a focusing issue. The projector simply malfunctioned and broke while sitting for 4 hours after it's initial use.

Will update after the return process is completed and refund is received.

Update: The return process went great. Thanks Amazon.
When it's working right it's great!
July 29, 2016
Every now and then the picture wont show up and ill have to turn it on and off several times. When it's working right it's great!
I can tell you they are thrilled and very pleased with it
February 25, 2016
This was a gift for my son & daughter-in-law and this past weekend they got it set up and reviewed. I can tell you they are thrilled and very pleased with it. Everything about it is superior and will bring many hours of enjoyment.
It decides when i need a break.
July 24, 2015
It's refurbished. I buy a lot of electronics that have been refurbished and, for the most part, they work and work well. However, this little bomb will play for twenty minutes with an input from our blu-ray player then the display goes dead. Nothing. it's like, taking a break or something. Who knew these things were organized, were unionized that they can just take a break whenever they want to? I want to return it, but what will i watch? I'm in a quandary. I'm impressed with the picture quality when it does decide to stay on - five stars. But when it takes a break in the middle of a movie or television program, it isn't during the commercials, you can just bet - it's during the best part of the show, when it's just getting exciting - not so many stars. When it all averages out, i give it two stars for excellent picture quality, but inopportune moments of darkness. I turn the thing off, then back on, and it'll usually play through to the end of the program. I guess you can call it a forced intermission.
Performance Review
October 23, 2014

The first unit began making a grinding noise at the auto iris. I contacted Epson who had me send it back. Just before I sent it back it also started having an issue with the screen going blank. In any event they sent out a brand new one to replace this one. After the first movie the auto iris is making the same grinding noise. After doing some internet research it sounds like this is common for this projector. If the movie is loud enough you cannot hear the grinding noise but in quiet moments it is prevalent. The new one has no issues with the screen going blanks and does make a pretty decent picture but I am not please with the overall quality of this unit. If this one gets any worse I will contact Epson and send it back as well. Oh and the second unit they sent has more fan noise than the original too.

Previous Review:

I've never used a projector other than the business projectors we use at work. Most are Epson and they seem to last very well and perform year after year. I was concerned because the picture on those business units is nothing that I'd want to sit and watch in my home, even with the lights off.

In this case the picture that the 730HD projects on a bare white wall is nothing less than spectacular. I would compare the quality of the image to that of a 720P television that I have when connected to an HD source. I also have a 50" Sony HDTV and the picture isn't as good as that, however I didn't expect it to be. I would also say that the picture at a movie theater looks very much like the one that this projector produces. Not as good as an LCD TV but still very good.

If I turn a light on in the room say 60 watts, it looks like you lose about 25% of the overall picture quality (contrast). Still watchable but not as good as a fully darkened room. If I open the curtains on a smaller north facing window behind the couch opposite the screen the picture still looks very good. In a fully darkened room the picture looks good enough that you feel as if you could jump into the movie and start participating. There are times when depth of field comes into play and makes some images look a little out of focus. The TV does the same thing but it is smaller and therefore less obvious. It really just takes some getting used to.

After I get a dedicated screen to play this on I will update the review. As a first take I'd say this is an awesome projector at a great price and definitely worth the bucks if you're looking for a good quality home theater on a budget.

One Star Reviews:

One Star
March 1, 2016
Remote never worked
Not suitable for tracing image on a wall
February 17, 2016
I want to project an image onto a wall and then trace it. Unfortunately I can't figure out a way to do that with this projector. It seems like basic functionality, but when you display pictures it insists on doing an animated transition between pictures *even if you only select one picture*. That means the picture goes away every couple of seconds and then re-paints itself. I can choose different transition patterns but none are "don't transition". I can choose different repeat modes, but even if I choose "R_ONE" it still animates over and over again. If you choose "R_NONE" it shows the picture for a few seconds and then exits out to the picture selection screen. I can stop the animations by pressing Pause, but that overlays a big "Pause" indicator over the picture that doesn't go away.

Colors aren't going to look anything like what you see on a regular monitor. Blues and greens are much brighter, so if you want it to look anything like the original you're going to have to do some major color adjustments.
Item arrived in good packaging condition
February 4, 2016
Item arrived in good packaging condition. However, right out of the box, the projector did not work. It powered up fine, the fan is running, however, the projector itself is not producing anything. It is like the bulb is not functioning. Disappointed.
Excited about the price, but didn't work
January 1, 2016
Didn't work at all right out of package. It was disappointing since it was packaged well but just didn't work. I'm having a problem getting a return label. I was surprised since all of the previous reviews were really good. I do own other projectors (Optoma and Marantz) and have not had problems with them.
Update, contacted Amazon and they assisted right away with the return.
August 30, 2016
Defective. Returned.
Like a few others have mentioned
October 24, 2015
Like a few others have mentioned, this projector just stops working. I've used it five times for "movie night," and the first four it worked, but had a few glitches (the screen would go blank suddenly, but just for a second). Now it cuts out every few minutes, sometimes for ten minutes at a time. Doesn't matter which input you use or what device it is connected to (I've tried laptop, Apple TV, and Roku), it randomly stops displaying and says there is no signal - then it starts up again. You may get a good one, but if not, you've just wasted a few hundred dollars. I can't invite a group over again for movie night and have it completely fail.
Sorry but this item has very poor quality picture and not at all what I expected ...
September 16, 2015
Sorry but this item has very poor quality picture and not at all what I expected from an Epsom projector. Be very very careful before you buy because if you want to return this particular projector you stand to loose almost £150. To my disgust with Amazon I had to pay for return postage and the cheapest I could get was almost £40. then there was the tax which it seems is non refundable so you will loose out there also and , when you try to email Amazon through their PROBLEMS page the email will not go.
bad quality
June 20, 2014
after less than 6 months of barely using it on a conference room it is already broken. It doesn't recognize the HDMI signal.
Bright outline around viewable picture
June 4, 2014
The picture was good and bright, but when you use keystone correction or have 16X9 picture the native aspect displays a very bright grey outline.
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LED lamp life of 20,000 hours,aspect ratio 4:3/16:9

Image size:34-130 Inches, Projection distance:1.07-3.8m

WVGA 800x480 LCD, 800 lumen brightness and 800:1 contrast ratio

The projector is not recommended for PPT or business presentation, ideal for home theater movies and video game use.

Multi-function input AV/USB/SD/HDMI

Up to 3x Brighter Colors with Epson

Color Brightness: 3000 lumens

White Brightness: 3000 lumens

Widescreen home cinema experience

Up to 300" on virtually any wall or screen

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