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LyteShow - Electrolyte Concentrate for Rapid Rehydration - 40 Servings (With Magnesium, Potassium, Zinc) - drinkwel
Nuun Active Hydration
Nuun Active Hydration, Electrolyte Enhanced Drink Tablets, Original Mixed Flavor 4-pack: Lemon+Lime, Tri-Berry, Orange, Citrus Fruit (4 Tubes/12 Tabs Per Tube) - Nuun Active Hydration

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drinkwel http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/31B4OefL7bL._SL160_.jpg
LyteShow - Electrolyte Concentrate for Rapid Rehydration - 40 Servings (With Magnesium, Potassium, Zinc) - drinkwel
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Nuun Active Hydration http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/416zFWFzyVL._SL160_.jpg
Nuun Active Hydration, Electrolyte Enhanced Drink Tablets, Original Mixed Flavor 4-pack: Lemon+Lime, Tri-Berry, Orange, Citrus Fruit (4 Tubes/12 Tabs Per Tube) - Nuun Active Hydration
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Five Star Reviews:

Never leave home without it.
September 16, 2017
I'm by no means an athlete. I regularly go on daily walks and on days where the temperature was above 85 had to cut my walks short due to feeling dizzy and as though I may pass out. The athletic drinks weren't helping, I resorted to children's Pediolite, which helps to balance electrolytes after losing fluids due to illness. It did seem to help to some extent but the $7.00 a bottle cost combined with chocking down what I would best describe as kook-aid with 4 extra cups of sugar was too much. I went online and researched my options for a less expensive, more effective, healthier, more natural alternative. Drinking dye along with other artificial ingredients were not part of my agenda. I knew I had high expectations and continued my research until I found LyteShow. I will not leave home without it. It's highly concentrated, comes with a tiny flask (small enough to carry daily & through airport screening). A capful from this tiny flask, which is much tinier than a thimble, make 32 ounces of a miracle for me. I can walk further than what I use to and 100 degree heat has no negative effects. You don't need to be an athlete to benefit from drinking Lyteshow. Buy it, you'll be glad you did or do like me and do extensive research and know for yourself this is everything it says it is and more, and then buy it. As far as price I haven't taken the time to figure out what each 32 ounce bottle costs, I would estimate it to be .50 cents or less. Also comes in capsule form. I feel more energized, alert, focused and balanced no matter what I'm doing thanks to LyteShow. I did not get this product free. I purchased it once and have purchased several times since. Once you've tried this, you'll understand why I can't say enough great things about this product.
September 16, 2017
In the southwest desert the summers require not just water for hydration, but electrolytes, since water alone doesn't absorb properly after too much of it. Needless to say I've tested out all the electrolyte products (never touch Gatorade). Most of the products are either useless or marginal depending on whats in them. This one is different. I carry the little flask that is provided with the purchase, put 20 drops in my water, and consume. I notice the results within 20 minutes. If I take too much I get a slight headache and will back of on the usage. I don't feel the fatigue and exhaustion that comes with the heat and being exposed to it for long periods of time like I used to. Glad to have found it.
Awesome Product for Sports and Hard Work: leg cramps are gone!! Powerade & Gatorade were no help!!!
February 18, 2017
We started drinking reverse osmosis water at our house. After working a 10 hour shift my husband would come home and get terrible leg cramps. After realizing he wasn't get the minerals from our filtered water anymore, I started giving him this in the afternoon when he came home - NO MORE CRAMPS!!! He's thrilled and takes it everyday he arrives home from work. I've started to add a couple of drops to coffee pot water, can't taste it, and I think it's helping both of us. Great product!!!!!! Can't say enough positives about it! Gatorade and Powerade are just sugar water and sodium, not enough minerals!!!! Won't buy those anymore. I add this to drinks, but only 1-2 drops. It is strong, if you go by the directions and add 3ml to any drink, but my husband is feeling so much better!!! So we've learned how to add to tea, coffee, seltzer water, and fruit juice. After doing much research on how to stop leg cramps, this seemed to be the best on Google searches. This bottle seemed small, but it really lasts! Will be purchasing this as a staple in our household for his work and after yardwork and workouts as well!!!!
Sumatriptan (migraine meds) NO MORE
August 1, 2016
Ok, so not all migraines are created equal. Mine come one from over exertion, drinking or some foods (rarely). for 3 years no doctor could tell me what was wrong. Relpax and Sumatriptan would work but those are pretty hardcore migraine meds and I don't like taking them if I don't need too.
My headaches display in a frontal type of pain and it is very painful to move / bend over / go down and up stairs / etc. I recently read about dehydration and electrolyte imbalances and thought I'd give this product a try. Ive had hunches before my headaches were from not drinking enough but it turns out just drinking water is only half the hydration battle. so I was building a shed outside over the weekend were talking 8 hour days 110-130 heart rate in 80-100 degree weather. I was drinking the recommended dose in 12oz bottles every hour. All was going well until I started to feel that tinge of a migraine and it just kept building until I was full on migraine. I was so disappointed. I thought to myself maybe I'm not taking enough because the alternative was a depressing thought ( that this wasn't my answer) I took a double dose in 12oz water and relaxed a bit in the AC. Too my astonishment the migraine started to fade. 30 minutes later i took another double dose in 12oz and the migraine was gone. GONE. Nothing besides hardcore meds has ever done that. I am ecstatic.
Also to boot. I sent Lyteshow a message on their page asking about the dangers of taking to much and what is to much? the co-founder Mike CALLED ME. I was seriously blown away and I was told its ok to go over the recommended dosage because your body will tell you. The first signs of too much is harmless diarrhea. Im sooo sold on this stuff. No more headaches. I have my life back.
A Life Saver- Seriously
May 7, 2014
After two visits to the ER, one by ambulance, I was still very sick from dehydration
caused by food poisoning. My body could not absorb fluids because of mineral depletion.
I went to a web sit used by UN workers in disaster zones, where there are no
IVs, and found a list of the minerals that must be in the water given to dying children. It does
not even need to be swallowed! I looked on amazon and found the required minerals in the
form of LYTESHOW. It arrived in 24 hrs. One glass of this mineralized water made me feel
Incredibly better. Smart water and Gatorade had not been enough for my condition.
I have been drinking all my water with a drop of Lyteshow, and I feel better than ever. It has
also calmed my husband's reflux. I have sent bottles to relatives and friends.
My chiropractor recommended I try this to help prevent hangovers
January 6, 2017
My chiropractor recommended I try this to help prevent hangovers. One before drinking and one afterwards.

As I've gotten older, the hangovers happen easier and easier — without even needing to get drunk, I'll get a hangover.

I was skeptical but so far it's been great. The lime flavor is my favorite, kind of like sprite.

My girlfriend was super skeptical. I always buy "miracle" items like this that never really lives up to expectation. There was one night we were having wine night, as she was coming down from her buzz, she began getting a headache. I immediately thought this would be a good time to test this thing out. She had a glass of Nuun and within 15-30 minutes, her headache and weariness faded — she described it, "it's like I never drank any alcohol." She became a believer. She now refers to this as the "miracle water", rightfully so I guess.
Old is Great
June 29, 2016
My massage therapist suggested I try Nuun. Surprise! The stuff really worked. After dissolving in 16 oz water, I refrigerate overnight or longer. On the day I want to use the drink I pour into an 18 oz Thermos, add 3 ice cubes and head out. I was amazed that shortly after my first drink any muscle soreness ended.
Today, I went out on a 30 mile ride taking 2 Thermos filled with Original Citrus flavored and the results were as good as with my first ride using Nuun. Again, this review only applies to the Original Nuun. Can't say anything about the, "New and Improved".
A great resource for dehydration issues
February 8, 2016
Nuun is a well know electrolyte. It can be used when hiking in altitude, when you are in a very hot and dry area, when you dehydrate due to hiking, swimming, vomiting etc. Easy to put in your luggage and your pocket...you just need to add water.
Nuun should be sued for false advertising. This is not a sports drink, it is the perfect hangover cure.
March 2, 2015
Do I run? No. Do I work out? Let's be honest: no. But I'll tell you what I do almost every weekend with friends. I go get drinks out at some bar in the city. I don't drink heavily at all but holy hell does getting old remove your ability to tolerate any level of alcohol. Hangovers are now the norm and, rather than lasting halfway through breakfast like they did when I was 18, they linger for the entire day. But then I found Nuun.


It is the single greatest hangover remedy known to mankind. I drink one before I go out. Bam. Pre-hydrated. I drink one when I wake up. Boom. Post-hydrated. Do I still get hungover? YES. But now, instead of lurking in the corner of my throbbing vision like a sexy mistake from last night that just wants to hang out and talk after stealing my pillow for the whole evening, the hangover leaves after showering and a quick breakfast. C'est magnifique.
Not All NUUN Products Are the Same
July 27, 2014
I buy the Nuun Active Hydration in this 4-pack every month or two. I have to drink something with sodium in it to retain salt. I have no adrenal glands. Gatorade is expensive and too high in calories. I only like one flavor it, also. I love all 4 flavors of this 4-pack, although I really love the Citrus flavor the most. Nuun is low-calorie and all-natural, unlike most drinks mixes. It is easy and convenient when traveling or to keep handy in my purse. Most of all, it works for my needs.

For those who don't know the difference between the 3 types of Nuun, you may be giving an inappropriate review. There are 3 major types:

1) This one, Active hydration. Each tube has 12 tablets, each making a 16 oz serving. They are easily split if necessary. The ingredients and nutrition are as follows:

Active Ingredients
Sodium (carbonates) 360.0 mg
Potassium (bicarbonate) 100.0 mg
Magnesium (sulfate) 25.0 mg
Calcium (carbonate) 12.5 mg
Vitamin C 19.0 mg
Vitamin B2 500 mcg
Other ingredients: citric acid, sorbitol, sodium carbonate, natural colors flavors, sodium bicarbonate, potassium bicarbonate, polyethylene glycol, magnesium sulfate, sodium benzoate, calcium carbonate, acesulfame potassium, riboflavin-5-phosphate.

2) U Natural Hydration (A Nuun Product)

Active Ingredients
Vitamin A 1375 IU
Vitamin C 10.0 mg
Thiamin 330 mcg
Riboflavin 460 mcg
Niacin 5.5 mg
Vitamin B-6 550 mcg
Folate 110 mcg
Vitamin B-12 1 mcg
Biotin 66 mcg
Pantothenic Acid 2.0 mg
Magnesium 20.0 mg
Zinc 2.0 mg
Sodium (carbonates) 180 mg
Potassium (bicarbonate) 77 mg
Choline (bitartrate) 110 mg
Stevia Leaf Extract Level 41 mg
Other ingredients: dextrose, citric acid, natural flavors, vegetable juice color, sesame oil.

3) Nuun All Day Hydration

Vitamin A 750 IU
Vitamin C 60 mg
Vitamin D 200 IU
Vitamin E 15 IU
Thiamin 750 mcg
Riboflavin 850 mcg
Niacin 10 mg
Vitamin B-6 1 mg
Vitamin B-1 23 mcg
Pantothenic Acid 5 mg
Magnesium 20 mg
Zinc 750 mcg
Selenium 3.5 mcg
Manganese 100 mcg
Chromium 6 mcg
Sodium 60 mg
Potassium 200 mg
Other ingredients: citric acid, sorbitol, natural flavors, stevia leaf extract, natural color, wheat germ oil.

UPDATE: I've also tried a new (to me) product called "Fizz" recently. I like it. It is not as sweet as Nuun, but very good. I've only used the grapefruit flavor. It doesn't dissolve quite as well as Nuun, so have to mix/shake/stire it at some point. http://smile.amazon.com/Hammer-Endurolyte-Fizz-Grapefruit-Tablets-54-6g/dp/B004UELJNO/ref=pd_sim_hpc_1?ie=UTF8&refRID=0QRV97YF08TV4B8VN8QS
Great Flavor and Easy!
August 17, 2013
I have POTS syndrome and need extra hydration and this is the best solution I have found so far and the flavor is tasty!

Four Star Reviews:

Not so pleasant taste but great electrolyte replacement.
July 12, 2017
Worked well for the purpose intended. I like the extra travel bottle they provide. Someone else commented that it tastes a little different. I thought it tasted gross, but I mixed it with some kool-aid and it was better. If I didn't have flavor to add, I would be able to stomach it, but I don't prefer it. However, for electrolyte replacement, it works great.
Not a bad product
May 10, 2017
I would give it a 5 star if it had a better taste at higher doses. Being on a Keto diet and an athlete I need higher quantities of electrolytes. One cap full is only 10% of my recommended intake. I wouldnt mind another product at higher concentration and maybe some flavoring so I dont have to re-dose 6-8 times a day to get my electrolytes. Doubling up the dosage can get a little tart.

So I end up adding a cap full of this with a 1/4 tsp of "Lite Salt" to get what I need.
Rather strange taste, but so what
January 31, 2017
Tastes odd -- all that tangy citric acid -- but seems to work. Good after any kind of strenuous, or just semi-strenuous, activity. Wish I'd had it while running around on vacation last summer. It comes with an additional pocket-sized travel container, a nice touch.
Great Liquid Electrolyte
February 1, 2016
After working out, working in the yard during Memphis summers, I need something better than water to replace my electrolytes, but Gatorade, etc. are too sweet for me so I would end up diluting them with water, but then I'm getting even less electrolytes at a time. So I've been trying a couple electrolyte supplements.

Lyteshow has fit the bill so far. I like the liquid form because I drink mostly water throughout the day, and it makes my water taste more interesting, plus I can decide how "salty" to make my drink instead of trying to figure out how to split a caplet. There's kind of a citrus flavor in there. It's not too strong, but it helps balance out the saltiness. You drip in, so it can get a little frustrating counting the recommended dose, but also makes it easier to control how much you put in: I tried another liquid and it was just in a bottle that you measured in the cap - that made it a lot easier to overdo it.

After taking it, I seem to bounce back better from my workouts, and I feel less "dried out" during my days in the office. I would definitely recommend this product, and have re-ordered it multiple times.
Works for me
September 22, 2015
I prefer to make my own electrolyte drink because I don't like Gatorade or similar drinks. I have difficulty maintaining proper hydration -- and, no, you can't just 'drink more water' to correct this. This product seems fill the bill though, enough that I made a second purchase. I tried another identical product and found no difference whatsoever except the other one had a higher price.
June 13, 2017
So I found these at a pretty good price and I thought I would give them a try. I had heard a lot about them and I wanted to try them out for a while. I had heard some things both good and bad and I figured I'd find out for myself. OK, so I didn't experience the slaushy stomach that a lot of people talk about after consuming these. I didn't experience any kind of cramping or any problems at all after taking these. Actually, I didn't really feel much of anything. They tasted OK, and I know you're supposed to get from one tablet pretty much what you would get from a bottle of Gatorade or propel without the added chemicals which is nice, but I don't know whether or not I would continue to buy these. I didn't want to give them a bad Star rating, because it's not a bad product all in all, just maybe not for me.
Tastes good, works well, but keep bottle upright to prevent leaking.
November 11, 2015
Seems to work in terms of rehydrating very well. Doesn't taste like chemicals like mio, and has a good flavor unlike other sports drinks like Heed (from my experience). Basically transforms your bottle of water into a slightly carbonated-ish gatorade. Only reason I didn't give 5 stars is because if you throw the tablet in your bottle and keep it capped, the pressure of the dissolving tablet can cause water to leak out. Make sure you leave the bottle upright until its fully dissolved so that it doesn't leak!
Fantastic product, but there are better flavors
May 30, 2015
I love Nuun tablets. I have dysautonomia, which makes it difficult for me to stay hydrated. Nuun tablets have helped me tremendously with hydration, and I love that they don't have a lot of artificial ingredients like other sports drinks. The only reason that I'm giving these four stars is the strawberry lemonade flavor - it's not as good as some of the other flavors that I have tried (lemon lime is definitely the best).
Low calorie sports drink, great for runners
January 31, 2015
Everyone is different, but I like Nuun Tablet enhanced water before a long run. I drink a good bit of this on the way to run to load up on electrolytes. I find this is critical in warm weather. I then use GU and/or half strength Gatorade to get Carbs and some more electrolytes during the run. The Nuun flavors are good and the drink is also good after a run to aid in replenishing electrolytes. This four pack is one of the least expensive way to buy this product. It is worth noting that the tablets are effervescent, so don't seal them up in a closed water bottle. You will also need to allow some time to be certain that the tablet completely dissolves before you consume the beverage. This is good, low calorie alternative to other sports drinks.
Price, quantity thumbs up - full opinion, not sure yet
October 28, 2013
The price on amazon is nice. I've only tried the tri-berry flavor so far. Can't say that I really enjoy it, but its not horrible.
I've typically used gatorade on my long runs, and I've not had enough longer term use of Nuun to form a solid opinion.

- having tablets is easy and convenient. Easy to carry more for refilling later
- overall package size is nice. Not saving giant plastic bottles of other powdered electrolytes

- I dont mind carbonation in my liquids during exercise, but at least the tri-berry causes me to belch a bit more than I care for. I typically mix it 30+ minutes before needing it, to allow some of the fix to dissipate.

For training I think the ease of use and convenience is 5 stars. Since I dont plan to carry my own water during running events, there is a drawback to not using what the race will use (typically gatorade). I have not decided if it works better/worse/the same as gatorade endurance for me. Will come back to update later when I've formed that view. For the price, I took a chance, I am not disappointed, and would recommend others to give it a chance. It certainly hasnt hurt anything. The ease and convenience are very nice.

Three Star Reviews:

Not sure
September 13, 2017
I want to like this product but I'm honestly not sure it's doing anything. I'm mid-way through marathon training and I haven't realized any benefits from using/not using. And yes it tastes a little salty/brine-y, get over it - it's not masked with tablespoons of sugar like commercial sports drink.
Can taste it on your lips.
April 7, 2017
It has a strong taste that sticks to my lips. So I won't necessarily taste it in the water, but then my lips will taste bitter. Some may like the taste, or acquire it, but I really don't enjoy it.
Taste needs improving
November 7, 2016
It works and does replenish but the taste is not so great and makes it hard to take after a few times.
Not bad, not great, just meh...
July 16, 2016
I purchased this product due to some health issues that require me to be on a high sodium and electrolyte diet. I couldn't stand another Vitamin Water or Gatorade, so I thought this would be a great alternate option. I only use 5 or 6 drops per 12 oz of water and I can still taste it. I also just suck it up and add a cap-full to a shot glass mixed with some juice and down it as quickly as possible a couple times per day. I gag immediately, but the taste subsides quickly. Although my palette is overly sensitive, it is hard to get past the taste. I still continue to add it to my water on a regular basis, I just wish the taste wasn't so potent. I cannot tell a difference in my hydration like other's talk about (maybe I'm not using enough), but I figure it has to be helpful to me so I will continue to use it unless I find something better.
Did Not Make Much of a Difference
March 17, 2016
This product did not quite live up to the expectations. I took this while drinking a few times and did not notice a difference from simply drinking a lot of water before and after.

You're supposed to mix it with 32oz of water. If I drink that much water, that's going to hydrate me a lot even without this product.

The taste is pretty bad. It tastes salty and not very great, even when mixed with water. I know it's supposed to replenish my loss of nutrients due to dehydration, but I can simply get that from a ton of water and some Gatorade and/or pedialyte.

I bought this based on word of mouth from a friend who had some, and I could honestly not tell any difference to my hydration/recovery.

Obviously your mileage may vary.
Still looking for "my" flavor
August 28, 2016
I've learned the Nuun is not for me. I know some people love it, but I haven't found a flavor I like. But the tubes and tablets were in fine condition. Nothing wrong with the product - just not for me.
July 17, 2016
Original Nuun, not the new formula, is super helpful for anyone following a low-carb, high-fat (LCHF) diet such as keto. People in ketosis can easily become depleted of electrolytes, and original Nuun is fantastic for creating a low-carb, healthy, tasty sports drink on-the-go, from regular water. I passed one to a cramping hiker on a trail, and he was able to resume his hike after chugging it down. The new, "improved" formula is much higher in carbs. Stock up on the old formula while you can get it!!

EDIT 9/23/2016: My second order was the REFORMULATED Nuun--NOT the original Nuun. The original has 1g carb per tablet. The one this seller is now shipping has 4g carb and 1g sugar. :(
Interesting product with poor execution
December 16, 2014
This is an interesting product in the fact that it fills a niche (sugar free) in a growing market (sports drinks). It is also interesting how this product’s positives are also its negatives.

First here are the positives:

1) You get a lot of tablets for the price you pay. You get 48 tablets in total, which averages out to about $0.36 for a drink. Even if you use 2 at a time they will last you almost a month at a fraction of the cost of regularly buying sports drinks.
2) They are indeed sugar free. Propylene glycol is used to sweeten them, and according to reports this compound breaks down into direct energy that can be used for the body.


1) There are a lot of tablets and to me all of the flavors taste horrible. I hate the taste of Alka-Seltzer and all of the flavors have that type of taste due to the way that they dissolve. Also the flavors are weak, so to me it is like taste like if you were to put 1/8 of a teaspoon of cool-aide in 16 oz of water.
2) They are sugar free. This ties in to problem 1, creating a very nasty tasting product. I would normally put 2 tabs in about a 4th of a cup of water and add sweetened juice mix (which defeats the point of being sugar free), and down it as fast as I can.

Oddly enough though I like the taste of drinking fresh water as soon as I gulp down the flavored concoction that I made, due to the lingering aftertaste from the concoction flavoring the fresh water. This reinforces in my mind that this would be a great product if they would take away the Alka-Seltzer like taste and sweeten it with stevia.
Decent product... just "not for me" in the long run
November 12, 2014
I THOUGHT that I "needed" this product. I don't... but not because of anything wrong with the product. It just turns out that what I needed is more readily believable than I realized.

I believe in electrolyte replenishment during activity. But I DON'T believe in overpriced sugar-water with a big capital G on the side of it. I accidentally stumbled onto some "electrolyte-enhanced water" at Trader Joe's a few years ago and have been buying that by the case. It was recently discontinued. (so sad)

Here's the part that makes me seem like a dumb-dumb. I didn't realize that pretty much every grocery or drug store in the country sells it. I didn't realize the the popular brand Smart Water was electrolyte-enhanced and, as a result, everybody makes a "generic version" of it. So, when Trader Joe's quit selling theirs I thought "Amazon will have some powder/pill/tablet/magic I can drop into my water to electrolyte-ize it."

That's when I discovered Nuun. Seems to work fine. (I feel electrolyte-ized when using it.) Not any more expensive than what I was paying at Trader Joe's. Easy, portable, cool because I can "make" my e-lyte water at work or anywhere. But I could frankly do without the flavors and without the Sorbitol. Sorbitol produces MILD gastric distress for my lame body. Just a dull stomach pain. But I don't need the flavor or fake sweetness.

I hope I shared enough... but not too much.
Convenient but tastes bad
December 16, 2013
These are useful to have on hand, rather than having to bring a lot of sports drinks.
I think they taste awful. I mix them with some crystal light lemonade to try to improve it, but it's still quite disgusting to me. I don't understand why it tastes so much worse than sugar-free bottled sports drinks.

I still prefer to just have these in my bike bag than to carry sports drinks. It is easy to get water refills, so just dropping these in is a great convenience.
I'll try another brand if I ever run out of these, and hope they taste better. I tried all 4 flavors, so it's probably not the flavor itself ... I assume its to do with the electrolytes. But sugar free sports drinks have that also and they dont taste so bad (not that I'm a big fan of those either).

Two Star Reviews:

Gave me heartburn
August 28, 2017
Ordered and tried this product to reduce, eliminate, sugar in an electrolyte drink. Basically tasteless, although it has an aftertaste of water with a little bit of salt in it. Problem is it wreaks havoc with my GERD, increasing heartburn and therefore had to stop using it. I guess it's back to Pedialyte for me.
It has a really off-putting taste to me, and ...
May 5, 2017
It has a really off-putting taste to me, and I haven't noticed any benefits. I've used a powdered rehydration solution that has worked amazingly well for serious illness, regular dehydration from excessive heat and exercise, and hangovers; this doesn't even compare. Plus, the liquid form makes it harder to travel with and measure (as opposed to a single serving powder packet).
Good product but Yucky Metallic Taste
March 9, 2017
I am sure this is a good product and love the fact it doesn't have sugar or a lot of additives. But I just don't like the taste. Kinda metallic-like - yuck. I tired this one because Vega Sport Hydrator (berry - love it!) has citric acid in it which is harming my teeth. I am going to try another. Wish this tasted better!
The taste isn't terrible but definitely isn't great
September 30, 2015
Not impressed... doesn't seem to work as well as gatorade.

The taste isn't terrible but definitely isn't great, I'd recommend adding some lemon to the water.

Overall I'll use them when I don't have gatorade on hand, but it definitely wouldn't be my first choice.
I did pour it into my water from the bag so I didn't waste any but I ended up leaving it there
September 15, 2015
I bought this based off of reviews for an upcoming trip. As I opened the instructions it states that it might leak so I put it in a plastic bag. When I went to use it, after my flight, I had lost almost 1/3 of the liquid. I did pour it into my water from the bag so I didn't waste any but I ended up leaving it there. I have PoTS and have been trying different electrolyte drinks that will help. This one won't be helpful because I need it to travel with me at all times. I do appreciate the travel flask they give you but I needed the entire bottle for the amount of time I was going to be gone.
The taste isn't bad in water and I liked how slow the drops came out so you can count them.
Okay but
January 13, 2017
Okay but I'll not buy again. Rather pay more and get a taster product
Why did the costs jump so much? Bummer
December 29, 2016
Love the Original Nuun flavor, and have purchased tons of this stuff over the past few years but unfortunately they've raised their pricing and shipping costs through the roof. I think they confused the new flavor with horse pee, and I just can't stand it (lots of others seem to share the same view). I'll have to seek out another brand that's more economical. Super bummed...
just tastes weird
December 21, 2016
This is the original Nuun and it just tastes weird. I didn't realize what I was ordering and was unpleasantly surprised when I tasted it. I'm sure its just as good at hydrating, but after tasting it I looked at the ingredients and realized it was the wrong item and returned it. I was first introduced to Nuun just a few months ago, to the new and improved version which is really good (for me anyway).
Not original, was the "new" formulation.
December 12, 2016
Original Nuun is great, 5 star. This was not original even though that's what the title said, original is 12 tabs, new is only 10, and blander formula. I did let the seller know it was titled wrong. To lazy to send back, was an ok price and I was going to need some anyway. Original just not available any longer, going to have to settle for the new formulation or find something else.
i really don't recommend this to anyone with any sort of stomach issues
August 10, 2015
i really don't recommend this to anyone with any sort of stomach issues. it uses the artificial sweeteners sorbitol and maltitol, which are both known to cause gas, bloating, and diarrhea and are just... really painful. not helpful if you're trying to avoid pain from dehydration and instead all you get is horrible gas pains.

obviously this isn't a problem for everyone, but it seems to have these sweeteners in very high quantities because i can have them in gums and stuff with no issues but even a sip of nuun in water is awful for me.

One Star Reviews:

Defective bottle cap, no seal
September 17, 2017
I can't rate this more than one star if I can't trust it to not spill. It doesn't matter how tight the cap is twisted it doesn't seal and allows air and liquid to escape. It was accidentally knocked over and I noticed a big spill on the counter. Not cool, not happy.
One Star
September 14, 2017
It's really gross.
Unpleasant taste, no flask.
September 10, 2017
I purchased both LyteShow and Hi-Lyte brand electrolytes. LS has a sharp, unpleasant taste that HL doesn't. Also, the advertised traval flask wasn't sent, which is actually why I decided to try LS (at the time of my order: "1 bottle + 1 travel flask"), so don't choose this over a different electrolyte solution because of the flask.
hasn't yet worked for me
May 12, 2017
Haven't noticed this actually working or improving my situation when taking the normal dose. Will update if there's any change in the future, but I will not be buying again at the current time.
Don't waste your money
April 1, 2017
Tastes so terrible. Can barely get it down. Yuck
Did not receive the original formula
September 2, 2016
The product description said that this was the original formula and not the new formula which has a completely different taste. I received the new formula and am very disappointed.
new sweetener
August 16, 2016
The pictures lies. These are not the original NUUN (12 per tube) but the new ACTIVE NUUN (10 per tube). The ACTIVE are supposedly more healthy, but I don't like the taste. or maybe it is the after taste. I returned the ones I bought, and got a refund (minus the shipping charges). I will not buy them again. I have determined that the original NUUN (12 tablet) is not available -- no matter what the picture shows.

Years ago, my kidney doctor said she would prescribe them for me if she could. They helped my hydration immensely. I don't know what I will do now.
Different formula
June 3, 2016
Tastes different from the last box I got. Has a celery aftertaste now. Ugh
They ruined Nuun
April 26, 2016
I am drinking the Nuun active as I write this and I can't say how much I miss the original nuun and how disappointed I can't get it anymore. Here are three reasons I give this "Active" version 1 star, and why I gave the original Nuun 4 stars.
- Original Nuun dissolved clear. There is something about drinking clear liquid that is refreshing. This Nuun active dissolves and leave the water cloudy and murky. Like dirty water. I miss the crystal clear water.
- Original Nuun gave a sparkly fizz to the water. This Nuun active is just flat. Murky flat water.
- Original Nuun had just the right sweetness. This Nuun active is sickeningly sweet. It's not even sweet really, but bittersweet. Its just wrong. Bittersweet, flat, murky water.
New formula does not taste good.
April 21, 2016
They have changed the formula and the new "active" Tri berry flavor does not taste good at all.
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$16.83updated: Jan 21, 2019
$24.82updated: Jan 21, 2019
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Answered Questions
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Health and Beauty
Health and Beauty
Nuun Active Hydration
47.2 in
157.5 in
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108.3 in
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Number of Parts
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Product Group
Health and Beauty
Health and Beauty
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Product Type
1 Bottle
4 Tubes
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189.0 in
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Each 4 ounce bottle contains 40 servings of LyteShow concentrate. Depending on usage, each bottle lasts approximately 2-6 weeks. Ingredients include balanced ions of magnesium, sodium, chloride, and potassium. Also contains zinc, an essential trace element, and citric acid.

Adds a slightly tart and salty flavor to water. This is a functional, health-focused product. If you prefer blue berry blast (or other artificial flavors), we suggest you look elsewhere! If you're sensitive to the mineral flavor, we recommend adding a squeeze of lemon or splash of juice.

Contains no calories, sugars, sweeteners, carbohydrates, artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. Non-GMO, vegan, vegetarian, and gluten free. Naturally sourced mineral base from the Great Salt Lake in Utah. Manufactured in an FDA-regulated and NSF GMP-certified facility. We guarantee you will feel healthier and rehydrated or receive all of your money back, including shipping. (No need to send the product back. No forms to fill out. No BS. We're just a company that stands behind our product.)

How Does LyteShow Compare To Sports Drinks? Not only do most sports drinks contain calories, sweeteners, and artificial additives, they often only include one or two types of electrolytes (usually sodium and/or potassium). LyteShow puts a lower emphasis on sodium - readily available in the American diet - and emphasizes magnesium, an essential electrolyte which is often omitted from sports drinks because it is more expensive. Magnesium is critical for all energy conversion, muscle function, and nerve conduction and also assists other electrolytes in arriving at the proper place and function. We take great pride in our balanced formula of magnesium, sodium, chloride and potassium.

Perfect for adding to hydration packs or water bottles, as it will not leave a residue or contribute to the growth of mold or bacteria.

Variety 4-pack contains one tube of each flavor: Orange, Tri-Berry, Citrus Fruit, Lemon Lime

Packed with an optimal blend of 4 key electrolytes to replenish those lost during activities (running, biking, swimming, skiing, etc.)

Helps alleviate cramps and improve muscle function

Low sugar, low calorie, less than one carb. The perfect sports drink!

Refreshingly light flavor, no high-fructose corn syrup, no artificial colors or flavors

Green hydration. Combine Nuun with your reusable water bottle to reduce plastic waste!

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