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Ahue® Beeboard the Thinnest Bluetooth Rechargeable Foldable Keyboard in the World for iOS/ Android Device/Windows PC - Ahue
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Jelly Comb Universal Backlit 7-Colors Ultra Light and Slim Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard W Bonus Tablet Stand for iOS, Android, Windows and More - Jelly Comb

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Ahue http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/41dxHctHmkL._SL160_.jpg
Ahue® Beeboard the Thinnest Bluetooth Rechargeable Foldable Keyboard in the World for iOS/ Android Device/Windows PC - Ahue
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Jelly Comb http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/51qMHDp8sHL._SL160_.jpg
Jelly Comb Universal Backlit 7-Colors Ultra Light and Slim Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard W Bonus Tablet Stand for iOS, Android, Windows and More - Jelly Comb
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Five Star Reviews:

Pretty neat!
April 23, 2016
This keyboard is so light and easy to use, setting it up was quick and it worked without any prooblems. I've only had it a couple of days but so far I'm rather impressed. It's a good sized keyboard and is small enough to store in the can or rolled up to fit in a small bag. Would recommend for mobile typing or cool tech gear in general.
The haptic feedback is nice since the keyboard is so fllat
January 16, 2016
The first one I got didn't work. It was all funky! So I had read the comments earlier and someone had the same problem and emailed them. so i did and they sent me a new one. It works! I'm writiing this feedback with it! The haptic feedback is nice since the keyboard is so fllat. But as yyou can see it doubles letters from time to time. I kept some of the mistakees in. I am still giving it 5 stars because for the technology, design, use ability and customer service, it's great and just what I need!
Very nice product
October 5, 2015
This keyboard works great! I purchased it to use with my Samsung Galaxy 10.1 tablet for taking notes in class, and after two weeks I have had no problems with it! It connected smoothly, and it remembers my device so I don't have to reconnect every time I turn them on. The case it comes with is cute and convenient, so it doesn't get crushed in my bag. The only downside for me is that when you type it vibrates after every keystroke, which I found distracting in class until I turned the feature off, but okay for using at home or on the go. It also needs a hard surface beneath it, but a notebook or a binder will do.
Great -- but know what it is and that it's not for everyone.
August 21, 2015
First day, but so far things seem great. Takes a little more pressure to push the keys than I'm used to (used to Cherry MX reds) but adapting to the novelty took all of 5 minutes and I can type almost as fast as on a desktop board (I can type 100wpm desktop so probably 70-80 on this board). If you're used to a desktop keyboard this may take some getting used to as the only feedback letting you know that you've activated a key is a vibration (which I turned off). Touch typists will likely be fine but keep in mind the keys don't actually move -- you just kind of 'squeeze' them. I really needed something super-portable that I could pull out between appointments as I work mobilely and this fit the bill. It paired and functioned without a hassle -- and my tablet is known for being finicky with bluetooth devices (last BT keyboard kept losing connection). Only thing I'm a little concerned about is the durability -- not that it seems shoddily constructed (it actually feels fairly solid) but I'm worried about the rubber eventually tearing or cracking after repeated folds and getting knocked around a little.
Works great.
April 29, 2015
My kid loves it. Got it for her for college because she is a tiny little thing and lugging around a laptop is just too heavy for her, even a netbook. This way she can use her phone or tablet. Works great.
this bluetooth enabled keyboard works out great. It rolls into a neat roll that I ...
March 14, 2015
I bought this cute keyboard for travel purpose. Suprisingly, It functions very well. I use iPad for my work a lot, this bluetooth enabled keyboard works out great. It rolls into a neat roll that I can put in my bag and carry it easily. When I get to where I need to be, I open the roller and take out the foldable keyboard and started typing. I love it!
Excellent value for the money-- everything works like it should.
June 25, 2017
Overall I'm very happy with this one. It's simple, the keys feel very good, and everything works the way you'd expect it to pretty much without reading the instructions (though those are readable and helpful). The learning curve for key placement was very short. It's cramped as you'd expect but the key travel and nice firm presses make it competitive with my expensive laptop's keyboard (I keep my laptop on a stand to reduce eye, neck, and back strain). The colors are pretty without being obnoxious; I love that you can pick the color and brightness; it's one of those features I didn't know I wanted until I tried it. However, I also wish that the keyboard would remember the last color/brightness setting when I turn it off and then back on again.The size and weight are fantastic-- any laptop bag at all and most tablet bags will have plenty of room to squeeze this in. The body of the keyboard has a raised area at the top and in the corners. No effect whatsoever on comfort, but it means that when you stow the keyboard you do so with the keys facing inwards towards your tablet or laptop and that lip protects the keys from bumps and jostles in your bag. It's a very nice touch. Durability seems very good so far.Usability is good, too. As I said, the learning curve was very short. Power management is very good; great battery life and yet the keyboard isn't annoying about going into sleep mode. Some very smart timing settings on that. Wake-up takes a second or two but since it's so smart about when it goes to sleep in the first place, this works out just fine.One issue I have had is the placement of the function key; it's where you'd expect on a windows box to have the Control key. Swapping that and Control would have been smarter-- it's how most laptops do it. Also in windows mode, the Alt and Windows keys are swapped. I like that the Mac mode keys are right where you expect them, but there's no reason that the option key couldn't have been the windows key, and the command key be the alt key in PC mode. Also, the right command key should be the windows context menu key in PC mode. This stuff is easy to get used to, just a little annoying and it stands out in a design that's otherwise so polished.A few other minor issues. The labels on the LEDs in the top right corner are already wearing off. This isn't much of an issue because even if there hadn't been labels at all they'd be self-explanatory. The key labels are fine. I do wish that the keyboard had been one of those where you can pair it to multiple devices and then switch between them via a slide switch. Then I could use it with my phone, tablet, or laptop as needed without re-pairing.Finally, the keyboard originally slipped around on desks, which in addition to being annoying felt like it was bothering my wrists. The bottom is slightly rough but not enough to provide friction. So I bought some rubber feet Rubber Feet Adhesive Rubber Pads, over 1 Inch Diameter Round Self Stick Bumpers, Thin Clear Bumper Pads plus Alcohol Prep Pad - 16 Pack and put one at each corner and one in the middle. Now it's stable as hell and very comfortable to use.Overall, this is a great example of inexpensive but not cheap. It's a great value for the money. A few tweaks would make it even better, but that shouldn't stop you from getting it now. I'm very pleased.
A very cool and slim keyboard mainly great for tablets but i use it for a phone.
March 9, 2016
Bluetooth keyboards comes in all shapes and sizes. Some are made for computers and some are for phones or tablets. The average bluetooth keyboard is either full size or very small. So it's good to see one in the middle range. It's not too big or too small, it's the right size to keep with a tablet. Another thing most keyboards don't have is a way to know if it's on. This keyboard also lets you know when it's connected, there are lights under the keys. It's not boring lights like just white or red like some keyboards have. This has a selection of colors. When it starts up its the white light to let you know it has power. When the bluetooth is connected and you turn the light on its red. So here is the point you can change the colors. the colors are red, white, yellow-green,purple, light blue, green and blue. it takes some getting used to, to be able to type fast since it's about the size of the apple keyboards.

Pros: the keyboard is light weight and very thin.

Cons: it takes some playing around to figure out how everything works. the instruction manual is useless.

So in conclusion the keyboard is about the size of a Apple keyboard and very cool.

I wrote this review (and some others) with this keyboard.
Perfect, for me, and zero issues
November 15, 2015
This just happens to be perfect for my needs, but then that's why I picked it. After shopping around and reading a lot (too many) of reviews I decided to go with this one. Some people talked about various aspects of it as weeknesses but I believe that for other people those same qualities are strengths. So it's just a matter of finding what is right for you. In my case this is the perfect size, weight, feel, layout, look, and it's backlit which is sometimes very handy for me. Speaking of which if I could just slightly tweak any one thing it would maybe be slightly less bleed around the keys and more bleed through the characters of the keys. I am finding that it is nice having a little light at the edge of the keys to sort-of outline the edges of each key when I have to hunt for one I don't use very often. So even that is a feature for me and it's almost perfect. Some people say they don't like the flexibility of it, but I think it would help make it more durable for travel as it will be less prone to cracking. A nice touch is the fabric on the back which keeps it from sliding away from me when on a smooth surface or my bedspread, couch, or anything else that a smooth plastic surface will slip on. It is also very quiet with just the right responsiveness, again for me. As for durability, quality of build, etc., I have been using it for about a week now and it hasn't changed. It still feels, sounds, looks and performs the same as when I opened it. I consider that great because I really love the feel, look, and performance so we will see how it holds up in time but so far I am very happy. I only charged it the one time when I first took it out of the box. Actually I don't think it needed charging but I just do that with new battery powered things, when I first get them. So no lag or anything different or sign of battery drain. If I remember I will post an update when I need to charge it to give you an idea of battery life. I should point out that I wasn't really looking for something with travel and portability in mind as it's for my tablet that stays at home so I wanted the keys to be large enough and not cramped together. I wanted a full size keyboard feel but I also don't need the # keypad. So this fills that role perfectly. Some people complain about units like this needing to be propped up for comfort. I do that but I understand that these are made with portability in mind so if you want to put it in a backpack or a case you will want it to be very flat, duh. So that is still a good thing as far as I'm concerned. as it takes up less space and I may want to take it with me in the future. Overall it's perfect for me but again YMMV so just consider your own needs and taste when reading other reviews.

Also a nice surprise that wasn't advertised was the little folding stand for your tablet. I didn't know what it was at first but it is an awesome tiny stand that folds down real flat and compact, perfect for travel. I had ordered a case with speakers that is now unavailable. So now I find myself using that stand a lot and I am now just shopping for bluetooth speakers. It is very adjustable for tilt angle as well.

Oh yeah, I did NOT get a free one or anything as compensation for writing a review. This is my honest, unsolicited opinion. Apparently some people get free stuff or something for writing a positive review so I thought I better mention that.
A Pleasant Surprise...
January 5, 2015
After a doing a decent amount on online research for a bluetooth keyboard for my Kindle Fire HDX, I came across this one and figured I would give it a try. I was intrigued by the option of the backlit keys and the overall dimensions seemed to be a perfect fit. Once it arrived, I couldn't have been more surprised! The size of the keyboard is just right and the backlit keys are in fact a great option. The initial set up and pairing of the keyboard with my Kindle Fire was seamless and took a matter of seconds.
The overall design and feel of the keyboard is great. The keys are very responsive and don't feel loose or weak at all. They are well spaced out and I have no issues at all having big hands. I am very pleased with the overall design and functionality as a whole. To top it off, the free tablet stand was a nice touch as well!

PROS: For the value & price, the design, features. & functionality are great. The dimensions are great for a person with big hands & the overall feel is not cheap in the slightest. The backlit keys are a great touch too!

CONS: None right now... I am very pleased and may be hard pressed to find any...
Better than expected
November 23, 2014
To start, I'm using this keyboard to type this review. So far, it's turned out better than I expected. The keyboard is very light but has a sturdy feel to it. It paired very quickly with a Dell Venue 8 Pro with Windows 8.1. All features work as described, including the backlight feature. I'll update this if I ever run into any problems or if anything changes in general.

Four Star Reviews:

works well but doesnt always respond well to touches, ...
February 11, 2017
works well but doesnt always respond well to touches, and sometimes turns on and buzzes non stop when it appears to be turned off.
Four Stars
February 8, 2017
Great quality thinnest keyboard. Connect easily with any Bluetooth supported device. Recommend for everyone.
Works pretty well. Very light weight
August 27, 2016
Works pretty well. Very light weight, which is why I bought it. As other customers reported, sometimes it repeats letters. A little glitchy, but overall, exactly as expected. I like this product.
This is a very good portable keyboard, but not for gamers.
January 10, 2016
Before I begin this review, I have to admit that most of the problems I have with this product are the fault of my own lack of forethought. But maybe someone in my situation will read this and gain use from it.The keyboard is a wonderful portable keyboard that sounds like 1000 angry bees when you type on it. I am already very fond of it, and I received it yesterday. It is lightweight, it rolls up, it will probably survive a coffee bath, the design is very cute and it isn't overly uncomfortable to type on for a long period of time. The keys don't just have print on them, but they're actually slightly indented. It feels very sturdy, and the haptic feedback vibration is genuinely helpful and not annoying.However, there are two things that bother me.1) The keys stick sometimes. Maybe this is because I tend to mash my keyboards to death, in this case this keyboard will teach me how to type lighter.2) THIS KEYBOARD IS NOT GOOD FOR GAMING. I am a reasonably heavy gamer. I need a keyboard that I can hold keys down on for an extended period of time. Input lag is unacceptable. This keyboard does NOT like having keys held down for an extended period of time. It will stop registering an extended key press, or the bees will get very upset and vibrate at you uncontrollably. It also sometimes lags when I try to press more than one button at once. For most uses, this is fine. For gaming, it is not.TL;DR: This is a very good portable keyboard, but not for gamers.
Much better now.
December 27, 2015
The first keyboard I received stopped working after about two days of use. I was extremely disappointed because this keyboard was amazing when it did work. I use the keyboard with my iPad Air for work. It is extremely convenient for someone who travels a lot because it is lightweight and stows away nicely in a handbag. After contacting the seller, they immediately sent me a new keyboard. I have been using it for the past three days and it seems to be functioning properly. This would have definitely been a 5-star review had the first keyboard worked.
Very easy setup and pairing with Android device
August 28, 2015
Very easy setup and pairing with Android device. Keys are a bit sensitive, but practice makes that less of a concern. I like the vibration function - I know when I've pressed a key hard enough.
Great keyboard
August 19, 2017
I enjoy the Jelly Comb keyboard. So far I have paired it with my Samsung Galaxy S6, Blackberry/android , Amazon Fire, and my Windows 10 laptop with no problems. It preforms well and is bright enough for me to work with no lights on in the room. It is very light weight and travels easily. My only complaint is the the keyboard has no feet or anything on its back to keep it from slipping. I corrected he problem myself and added some low profile rubber pads on the bottom of the keyboard. I have no problems with this keyboard and I use it when I am traveling and at home.
Not Quite a 5 but also Better Than a 4
April 11, 2017
Pros:-small, very lightweight and portable-rechargeable battery-backlight settings-easy pairing with devices-mostly good-sized keysCons:-a bit pliable-slides too easily on smooth surfaces-keys on the sides are too small-no ability to quickly switch devices-backlight doesn't stay locked (minor)In-depth review:Overall, I would give this a 4.5 if I could. This keyboard is fantastic for those who need a keyboard to slip in their bags and use with a tablet on the go. It is extremely lightweight, thanks in part to the fact it has a rechargeable battery as opposed to need AAA's, and so far has a very long battery life even with the the backlights on. Speaking of the backlights, the 7 colors are a great quasi-customization point, especially when on full brightness (some of the colors look similar when on the medium setting, but they are each very distinct once it's on full brightness). For the most part, the keys themselves are pretty easy to type on, with the smaller design not taking too much away from the ease of typing (although not completely). Also, it pairs fairly quickly with the Bluetooth-enable device of your choice.There are a few things that would make this closer to a 4 than a 5 for me. First is that it is a bit too pliable for my liking, meaning it could probably bend in half a little easier than one would hope, especially for something you would be putting in your backpack. It also slide far too easily on smooth surfaces due to the fact it has no rubber on the bottom to keep it stable while you type. While most of the keys are an acceptable size, some of the keys are far too small for my liking (especially the backspace key, which I use quite a bit when I'm writing, but that also includes the tilde and tab keys, for example). Another issue I have with this keyboard compared to other Bluetooth keyboard is the lack of ability to easily switch from one device to another. Although I can switch from one device to another in relatively little time, it's nowhere near as far as if you just have a switch or 2-key command on the keyboard to make that switch for you in seconds.One feature I wish this keyboard had to make the backlight option perfect would be if the keyboard would go back to the backlight setting you last had it on before turning the keyboard off/disconnecting it, but that's a more minor point.Overall, this is a great keyboard for those who are looking for an easy, compact keyboard to use with their tablets (as long as you have a stand!) and don't need to switch between devices too often.Also, a quick note on the stand issue, I contacted the seller and they said that currently, this keyboard will not come with a stand, despite what others are saying about receiving a stand with theirs, and they made this choice to keep the price point lower.
Don't charge it while using it
March 9, 2016
This keyboard is great! The keys have a nice feel and the backlight is wonderful. The only reason I can't give 5 stars is the "glitch" that makes you not want to charge the battery while using the keyboard. First of all, if you have the charger connected at the start, you can't pair the Bluetooth. Second of all, if you connect the charger after pairing, everything seems fine until the charging is complete, when the keyboard suddenly disconnects.You should still totally buy this keyboard. Just remember to only charge it while not using it. If you use it so much that the battery might be an issue, buy a second one. At this price it's a no brainer.
One thing I really like is the response of the keys when pressed
September 12, 2015
For the price, this keyboard can't be beat! Currently, I have it paired with a macbook pro. I can touch type at 70wpm and I haven't noticed any slow down while typing with this little gem. One thing I really like is the response of the keys when pressed. It feels almost exactly like my macbook pro. However, the keys are a touch smaller and a bit closer. Not a big problem for those who can type well on standard keyboards. On the unit that I received the LED lights on the pgup and pgdn keys are messed up. I had to give the keyboard four stars because when the keyboard is shining blue, those keys are an off yellow color. Probably a bad LED under those keys.Pros:PricePortability and small formLED backlights that are customizableCons:LEDs don't remember the last setting that was used. For instance, if your last setting was blue when you turned off the keyboard, it will automatically reset back to red on next power up. That's not that big of a deal for me, but may be for some.It's really plasticky.. but one could expect that at this price point.Overall, this is a great purchase for the price. I would recommend to a friend!
Don't let the name fool you, No jellies here!
April 3, 2015
I just "upgraded" to an iPad mini from a second generation iPad and needed a new keyboard. Previously I had used the Adonit Writer+, but the case/stand no longer fits the smaller iPad, naturally. You'll note in the image that they are essentially the same size in width and thickness, though the Jelly Comb is deeper front to back. There are, however, a number of features on the Jelly Comb keyboard that already make it a standout for me. First, the extra depth at the top of the keyboard provides a space for a useful set of controls and indicators--the on/off switch, the clearly labeled "Connect" button, and the lights for CAPS lock, bluetooth pairing, charging and power. The backlighting is a nice, customizable touch for typing in low-light situations, and the switchable functionality for iOS, Android, and Windows platforms is appreciated.

I have yet to do a lot of typing on the Jelly Comb, but here, too, it shines above the Writer+. The keys are just about the same size, though the top row function keys are a bit larger, as are the bottom row keys. The typing feel is more pleasant overall, and when I type the keys do not sink below the surface of the keyboard causing my fingers to very noticeably "feel" the sharp edges of the key cutouts. There is also not plastic standoff just below the spacebar for my thumb to catch on, as it did on the Writer+. As far as typing itself, I seem to be able to type quite well on this keyboard so far. I'm unlikely to write a novel on my iPad, but do spend a lot of time in meetings where this should prove useful.

As for cons, time will certainly tell about the quality of the construction. It is a little less rigid than the Writer+, I believe due to a different grade of metal. However, it does sit very stably on a desk. [Can't say that I'll ever need to access the insides, but I'm glad to see it is screwed together not glued.] The other con is less specific for this keyboard and more for this genre of keyboards, i.e. mobile keyboards not specifically limited to tablet cover integration. I really wish there was a case or hard cover to make for cleaner, more protected travel.

Three Star Reviews:

It is a roll-up bluetooth keyboard that stores in a small metal barrel with a toxic waste emblem on it
December 20, 2016
This keyboard works-ish. It is a roll-up bluetooth keyboard that stores in a small metal barrel with a toxic waste emblem on it. If you plan to use this keyboard a lot, you should choose a different one. The keys don't give any feedback and it that fact makes typing a bit awkward. However, if, like me, you use this keyboard only rarely, this is easy to store and carry around with you in a backpack.
Stickkkkkkkkky butttttttttonssssssss
June 22, 2016
It never really worked...sometimes it links right up other times it tries to link up and then buzzes until the battery wears down. The owner or manager was nice enough to send a replacement which arrived quickly but seemed to have the same issue. Buttons stick soooooooooo U eeeeeend upppppp with thee eee occasssssssional slllip uuuuupp. As long as U are comfortable with a product working 60% of the time then I say buy one or two and take a chance ;) its a coooooool conceppppppt
Not bad...
April 4, 2016
Typing on it as I'm writing this review. I find the keys to be overly sensitive, I mean I don't have to apply any pressure on the keys for it to input which is kind of annoying, but not a deal breaker. Will take some time getting use to, also the vibration when you press a key well since it's overly sensitive the vibration goes crazy had to turn it off FYI.
Keys not raised. But, lightweight and easy to carry.
January 15, 2016
Keyboard works well but it is more difficult to use than other portable keyboards. The buttons are hardly raised at all so it is difficult to figure out where you are. It does have the little bump indicators of the f, and j keys like a standard board. It is nice to have something so flexible and lightweight. However my some that needed it opted to get something a bit more user friendly.
Great but still some downsides
September 23, 2015
The novelty of this item is great, the cool looks and feel of this product really give it it's value.ProsVery sleek, connects easily and holds a solid chargeConsTough to type onI found that you must hold your fingers over the keys to ensure no accidental keystrokes and you have to be very deliberate with your finger pressure if you wish to type with moderate speed on this productAll in all this may be a good gift for the already tech davy but not the best idea for everyday use
A decent portable keyboard, but with some quirks
May 21, 2015
The keys are very sensitive and there's no way to change the sensitivity, so you end up with typos a lot as you're getting used to it. Also, one day I had it in my purse while I was out and about, and it started buzzing uncontrollably, I still have no idea why. It didn't stop until I got it plugged into my car charger. However, all that said, I still love it for its size, flexibility and portability. It lasts a good while on a single charge.
it worked fine. but after 10min
August 25, 2017
couldn't get it to pair with PC- emailed customer support off their website. surprisingly, they offered a solution and it worked. BUT. had to return the item because the auto off was ridiculous. when it was turned on, it worked fine. but after 10min, it went to sleep and basically shut off completely even fully charged. so I had to turn the keyboard back off/on again and wait 2 sec for it to connect. I tried to deal, but it got annoying really quickly. maybe it was just the one I received so, 3 stars it is.
Sleep mode liked to confuse it
June 7, 2017
Meh, this little keyboard had its issues from the get go. The initial syncing to my PC took many tries. At the time I was using Windows 7. Sleep mode liked to confuse it. At times there was a pretty long delay to wake up. At times there was a long delay just to type. My couch wasn't that far from the PC. Used it mainly for internet browsing and even just that was frustrating at times.When the planets aligned and it worked ... well, it worked.I've since moved onto a wired keyboard and an extension cord.
Not my favorite
June 20, 2016
Unfortunately I was not happy with this product at all. First, when I got it, it was a lot smaller that I thought it would be, which is my fault for not researching better. The light up feature stopped working after a couple of weeks. I can live with that, it was just a cool novelty option for me. But the biggest problem was that when I would try to type, it would act like the key was stuck, even though it wasn't. I could plug it directly to my computer with a micro usb that I already had and this would sometimes solve the problem, but I needed to be wireless. I loved the sleek look of it and the feel of the keys when I typed but that is about it.EDITED!!!!!!!I am very impressed with the seller. After reading my review, the seller contacted me and offered a refund. I was unaware that they have a 100% money back guarantee. As I said, the product may not be one of my faves but the seller seems honest and actually concerned with customer sanctification, not just making money. That will go a long way with me and I will try future products from this company.
Awkward Key Placement
April 22, 2016
This product's key placement is more ideal for use with Mac than PC as it has two command (CMD) keys, but only one control key. One-handed keyboard shortcuts involving the CTRL key and the right side of the keyboard are difficult. I use one hand on the keyboard while drawing/designing in Photoshop and Illustrator. Many shortcuts such as CTRL+;, CTRL+I, CTRL+L, and CTRL+U, require two hands or a difficult stretch. On mac this isn't an issue as either of the two CMD keys can be used for those shortcut functions.The function key in the bottom left corner occupies an optimal spot for keys that are used more often and typically the home of the CTRL key. This may be common placement on compact apple keyboards, but it makes for difficult contortions with shortcuts such as CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+w.The backlight is great. battery life is fine. Bluetooth functionality is fine.
Great when it works, but it stopped working.
September 11, 2015
Okay, so, I was very excited to get this because I needed one and it seemed to fit the bill for a reasonable price.Upon arrival, I immediately started setting up. It didn't work. I couldn't get it to connect. I finally gave up and walked away from it because I needed to feed my kid. ;)When I got back to my computer, something had happened, and it worked! It worked so great, and I was SO excited. Closing my laptop (without shutting down, restarting, logging off, etc.) had no impact and was still able to use it upon re-opening the laptop. Hurray!Then, came time a day or 2 later that I had to restart my laptop. So I did. The keyboard hasn't worked since. Something happened to the bluetooth on my laptop with that restart (or because of the keyboard, I don't know.) Bluetooth was gone. After much frustration, I found where I could re-download the bluetooth drivers on my laptop. Phew. Got the bluetooth back.The keyboard finally re-appeared in my "devices" screen, but it still didn't work. I finally "removed" it from my device list, and waited a bit, and re-added it. It didn't want to work. Finally out of the blue it allowed me to enter in the pairing code. Then it said it didn't work for an unknown reason.Tried again, and it wouldn't let me try again. Removed it from the device list again, and again re-added it. This time it let me enter in the pairing code.It still wouldn't work to *use* though.When I right click on the keyboard in my device list, I can choose "trouble shoot problems" and it says it can't find any problem to troubleshoot, but I still can't use it.Then a couple hours later, it finally started working again. Phew! Great! ... and then it stopped. I have it fully charged, but I can't even make the lights come on once the power is on. (I turn on the power switch, the keyboard lights up, for those few seconds it's supposed to, but once they turn off, they're off. I can't turn them on, I can't type, I can't "connect"...One would think it must be my laptops bluetooth, but I also ordered a bluetooth mouse (again - the mouse configuration on my laptop is awful - I can't right click or do anything you're supposed to be able to do with a mouse with the built in laptop one.) But I also only have 2 USB ports, so just plugging something in isn't going to work for me. (I also need a pen tablet, the occasional external drive or SD card reader as well.In any case, my bluetooth mouse works great. Granted, I haven't tried re-starting the computer after having the bluetooth mouse installed, and I sure do hope that it will continue to work after I restart... when that time comes.I have no idea what else to do. Other than try to return it. :/
Has some flaws
January 24, 2015
Keyboard:This keyboard has a nice feel and is very lightweight and flexible. The backlight has 2 brightness settings and has 7 different colors to pick from. The backlight also shuts off after about 1 minute if not in use. Typing on this keyboard feels really nice and the keys have a nice travel distance as well as spacing between each other. Cool shortcuts and works well with my LG G3 (KitKat).Cons:- The keyboard does not work on Windows 7 devices and locks up while attempting to use on Windows 7.- No explanation found in manual with how to use the "iOS" "Android" and "Windows" functions located on the "Q" "W" and "E" keys.- CAPS light does not work. (Tested and confirmed. CAPS light does not light at all in contrast to the manual)- Bluetooth light only lights when in paring mode. After being paired, there is no light to indicate a connection.- Manual instructs you to "press" the power button, when it is not a button but an ON/OFF switch.- Keyboard has disconnected randomly at a couple times.- Keyboard does not keep selected backlight. Once powered off and then back on, the keyboard will light red regardless of whether you had it on another color or not.Tablet Stand:The stand is very slim and folds up nicely. It has rubber strips on the bottom to keep it from sliding. The stand also features 6 different angles.Cons:- None.

Two Star Reviews:

2 broken keyboards
November 2, 2016
This is absolutely ridiculous, like the first keyboard they sent me the whole middle row from a to l didn't work then they sent me a new one within two weeks some of the keys and space bar stops working. Now, I much would rather get my money back or one that's actually going to work. I think it's a very cool looking keyboard but too bad it doesn't even work.
Useful yet scary and I was running away from it, just like a real bee!
April 17, 2016
I agree with a lot of other people who found these to have issues with sticky characters, but what really did it for me was how it got stuck in vibrating mode and I could not turn it off in any way. It was like a haunted keyboard, even causing my phone to behave strangely because of the Bluetooth connection. And no, I'm not a non-technology nincompoop. I manage a lot of Bluetooth devices on the daily between my car stereo and Android Galaxy S5A. Anyways, my Beeboard lived up to its name: it started buzzing non-stop and there was nothing I could do to prevent the sting of $30 wasted on a product that people told me would malfunction and I didn't listen. And so, I had to take it to the dumpster with the rest of the trash. Nowadays, I am searching for another roll-up bluetooth keyboard, but it won't be this one.
Convenient but you get what you pay for.
March 12, 2016
It was very convenient for a month or 2 but eventually shorted and wouldn't stop vibrating for 8 hours. It was really nice with no problems until the whole vibrating thing. Every now and again while typing it'd get a little stuck and type an extra letter a few times. Then when I tried to replace it obviously they said no.
Buttons stopped working soon after buying.
December 24, 2015
Initially I really liked the product, but within a month of owning it, the O J an S buttons became erratic. Sometimes they would not work at all, other times they would type multiple letters at a time. I bought this device as a time saver, but it has proven to be a frustrating time waster. Sadly, since I bought it for a several month trip, by the time I returned home the return period for the product had ended.
Quality matches the price.
November 2, 2015
You get what you payed for. I bought this because I do a lot of writing on my phone and the small touch-screen keyboard is irritating to write with, but... the Beeboard is even more tedious. I love the design and the overall concept, but it really does not work well. Some keys only work sometimes, and some do not work at all. The only key I can count on to work correctly all the time is the power button.
Not a keyboard replacement
September 30, 2015
If you're a touch-typist, this keyboard will drive you batty. It double-typed, skips letters, sometimes get stuck on repeat... and almost every second word is smattered in some way...maddening. Seems to have trouble re-connecting to the Bluetooth, at least with my MS Surface 3. Really needs some internal logic upgrade that would intelligently compensate for the mechanical idiosyncrasies.
February 1, 2017
There is a lot to like about this keyboard. It has a nice feel, it is easy to pair, it has a rechargeable internal battery, it is small and light. But it has one overwhelming problem - key bounce. About one in four key strokes results in a double character. Youu can immagine hoow annnoyingg thatt muust be. I had to return it.
highly recommended
October 28, 2016
I would give this item 5 stars just for how much better it made life with my tablet. Imagine having Home, End, PageUp/Down, copy/paste, pause/play for your touch-screen device without having to touch or swipe all the time. No more swyping! It saves a lot of time and effort.I originally got a smaller KB, the same size as my 8" tablet, but that was too small. This one is still smaller than a regular keyboard, but the keys are spaced just fine for touch typing. I also like the extra row of function keys along the top. My smaller KB did not have that.The backlighting is a great feature. No need to turn on a light to type at night, like I have to do with my laptop. And, you can chose your favorite light color!Battery life is great, and you can use the KB while it is charging (unlike my $75 BT headset)The reason I have only given it 4 stars is because some of the characters are messed up in Android mode. " and @ are swapped. Backslash and hash characters send some other char's to my android device. i am sure with a little firmware tweek this can be straightened out in future versions.Overall, highly recommended if you are an old-school typer instead of a tapper.Update: I have lowered my rating because a) there where lots of multiple keystrokes entered. eg. 1234 may be entered as 1122234 b) several keys quit working after only three months.
September 20, 2016
It's cute but the light doesn't stay on for more than a second at a time making that function useless. When I click a random key the back light won't turn back on, you gotta memorize where that specific function button is if you're actually planning on using this in a low light situation. Buy the cheaper one with out the back light.
Product is really nice but...
June 21, 2016
I purchased this Jelly Comb Backlit Wireless Bluetooth 3.0 Keyboard for my Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 9.7 inch Tablet. Unfortunately I wasn't able to keep this Bluetooth keyboard because of a couple of issues. First of all, I want to say this item is very well made and the keys have a very comfortable touch, the backlit feature works great. Pairing the keyboard to my tablet was a breeze, and works great in Android. My big issue was that CAPS lock LED indicator light that would not illuminate when I pressed the CAPS lock key. The other issue I had with this keyboard was that the function keys, F1...F12 would not respond when I held down the key combination, for example, Fn + F2. I couldn't insert any text in a cell while working in Excel using the keyboard which made it useless for my needs. None of the function keys worked when I tried this combination. The user guide that comes with the item only gives basic description of the item and its essential functions. If these negative issues were not present, I would have given it 5 stars.
March 11, 2016
I'm not happy with this product or jelly combs customer service. The Bluetooth constantly malfunctions I use it with an iPad. And I can't get the lights to change. I never know if it's charging when it's plunged in. Some key strokes do not register. I'm hoping its just mine and jell will send me a good one, I really like the style and portability, now if I could only get one that works.
Very Poor Range
January 31, 2015
This is a really nice looking keyboard for the price, the adjustable RGB backlighting is a great feature so I -really- wanted this to work. Unfortunately I was not going to be so lucky.The TL;DR is that this is a nice keyboard for short range only. In testing I found the signal to drop off after 3 or 4 feet. If you're using this for a tablet or phone, it will probably be fine as they keyboard will be very close to the device. I bought it to use as a remote keyboard for my PC when playing games using a projector and needed more than 3-4 feet of range. They claim 10 Meter (32.8 feet) range which was not the case in the unit I received. I tried it with multiple bluetooth transceivers on the PC and also with a couple of phones and never could I get more than 4 feet of range.Being curious, I popped this thing open to check out the design. The processor behind this is a Broadcom BCM20730 System-on-Chip which is a Cortex M3 processor and Bluetooth 3.0 transceiver integrated into one BGA chip which is mounted on a carrier PCB(printed circuit board), which is then mounted to the main PCB. They're using what looks to be a standard reference design for the BCM20730 carrier board, but that raises a couple of questions. The BCM20730 module is mounted atop the carrier PCB in the same plane, and the Bluetooth antenna is directly over the PCB of for the keyboard interface with traces running right under it. The reference design notes I found state that it should not have anything above or below the antenna section of the carrier board and certainly not other traces like in this design. Additionally the BCM20730 has programmable power output levels, and I question whether they have programmed the transmitter power output properly, or have greatly reduced the output and range to improve battery life. Without having a decent way to measure the RF output, I have no way of knowing, but standard Bluetooth 3.0 should have a range of 300 feet; to fall so short on the range is incredible. This would have been a very usable keyboard for PC or Home Theatre PC use otherwise.

One Star Reviews:

Do not waste your time.
April 22, 2016
I bought this idem despite the negative review's, should have listened. The keyboard was faulty straight out the box! Also the port where you would charge the keyboard has extra rubber that makes it difficult to plug the mirco usb in and keep connection.
Great concept / Horrible Product
February 27, 2016
I did a lot of research and thought I was getting the best keyboard on the market. I loved that it was waterproof and sandproof, I was planning on using it on the beach. The only problem is that it doesn't actually work. Typing is absolutely impossible. The keyboard recognizes half the letters you type and throws in random letters you never pressed. It was a complete waste of money.
It is a cool idea, but it's design flaws (i
January 26, 2016
DON'T BUY IT! I just received it today, finally got to connect to my little sister's tablet, and it stopped working and has been buzzing continuously for the past hour. The power button will not function. I should have listened to the only single star review on here. I thought, however, "nah, give it a try." BIG MISTAKE. I regret not listening to that warning. It is a cool idea, but it's design flaws (i.e. the uncontrollable, intolerable, and incessant buzzing) need to be addressed. I'm hoping it just dies soon so that I can send it straight back in the morning. Please, if you ever trust a stranger in your life, trust me and do not purchase this keyboard.
Not ready for prime time
October 7, 2015
Junk. Broke in the first 5 days of using it. Suddenly the space bar and keys on the right side of the keyboard stopped working. Gave it a full overnight charge thinking it was just low battery but no go. This product is not ready for prime time.Also I found it a bit difficult to use. The indicator lights are poor so it is difficult to figure out if it is on or off and there is no way to tell how much battery is left.
Buzzing piece of junk!
September 22, 2015
I bought this for my son. He loved it for the hour that it worked. Now it is buzzing continuously and will not recognize key commands or power off. What's wrong with this thing??
Great idea, but it was broken out of the box.
May 18, 2015
Great idea, I really wanted this to work, but the unit that came seemed to be broken from the factory. Definitely not due to shipping, it looked pristine and the packaging was rock solid. That said, it wouldn't charge unless I held the area around the power button a very specific way, and even after holding it for a while it didn't hold a charge. If I see an update from the manufacturer or a plethora of good reviews I might be tempted to try again and raise my review, but it seems to be a defect in the way the device is made so I'm pretty anxious about buying again.
Died after 4 weeks
March 18, 2017
I liked this keyboard until it died, only 4 weeks after I received it. I started noticing a few days prior to then that there was a several second delay between the time I typed and the time the print appeared on the screen. I have a second Bluetooth keyboard which does not have that problem, so I know the problem was with the keyboard, not with my device. Then it just suddenly stopped working. It had been sitting idle for maybe 12 hours and just totally went dead. I tried switching it off and back on, but it wouldn't turn on. I'm returning it. Other than that, I had been happy with the keyboard. I liked the changeable backlight colors, the layout of the keyboard, and the key action. Perhaps I got a lemon.
Sleep function broken, interrupts in the middle of typing
January 11, 2017
This is the second Jelly Comb wireless keyboard I've purchased. My nephew loved the first so much that I purchased him one for his computer at home, and went with the light up colors because I was purchasing for a ten year old. Unfortunately this keyboard has been unusable, frequently going to sleep in less than 15 seconds, regardless of whether or not someone is typing on it or not. It is a pretty cool looking keyboard, but I really needed something that you could use to type on a computer.
Not for PC and Android
September 1, 2016
I think the color options are a little too colorful...The keys are fairly easy to use while typing.The function keys on this keyboard is pretty messed up for a keyboard that is trying to be able to fit all systems.Anyway, I tried all of the function keys when I connected it on my computer and the basic ESC key opens a browser instead of a canceling function. extremely not user friendly on this.Then when I use it with my note 3, none of the function keys work with or without holding the FN key. This time ONLY the ESC key works... I can't even use the BACK key... The arrow keys don't work properly... It stuck to a word underlined that is for auto correction and doesn't move away the blinker. What is this design?Then I emailed them for support as they tried to get better rating by doing so. They failed, because the email relied me was to suggest I TRY some instructions. "FN +F1 for backspace" F1 isn't even close to that... Then I was told to check the user manual which I already did before contacting them and the menu said so little.You can try Fn + F1 for backspace.For detailed function keys, pleas check the user manual about it.
August 24, 2016
It doesn't work! I just got this keyboard today, and it worked fine right out of the package. It connected quickly, typed without any lag, and seemed like a really great purchase. I went to Netflix and watched a movie, and by the end of it, the keyboard had automatically disconnected "to save battery" (it doesn't seem like there's any way to turn this feature off). I pressed a key and waited for a few seconds (which the owner's manual told me to do) and it still wouldn't reconnect. I went to my Bluetooth devices list to connect from there, still didn't work. I tried recharging it, re-pairing it, I tried practically anything you could think of, and it still wouldn't connect. What bugs me even more is that this can't be wear and tear, since I ONLY GOT IT TODAY! This is NOT WORTH IT!Update 9/9/2017: Eventually, I managed to get the keyboard to work again, and I haven't run into that issue since. However, a few days ago, the keyboard just stopped working with no explanation. It doesn't turn on, or connect to anything. And I know for a fact that it's not because it's dead. I don't know why, but it just isn't working anymore. I'm sticking with my one-star rating.
Update - broken, 2nd one also died (Old review - Had to change Windows 10 default setting that randomly turns off Bluetooth)
June 12, 2016
Had to change Windows 10 default setting that randomly turns off Bluetooth to save power (even when laptop is connected to power). That solved random disconnect problem. It has a magnetic back which allows me to place it over the bad keyboard on my Dell Inspiron laptop. The magnetic back somehow keeps the Jelly Comb keyboard in place very nicely when just placed on top of laptop keys. I wish the color you select would become a default for next use, but that a minor detail. Keyboard light does not shine through keys, but provides just enough light to be able to read the keys in a dark room.Update - unit failed after just one week.Update - They sent replacement keyboard. Charged it. Used it 5 minutes, turned it off for night. Next morning, new one was dead.Did find a way to revive them for a while. When they will not charge, leave them on over night, even though they seem to be dead. Then the next morning they will charge and can be used again for a while. Strangely, they go dead even when left connected to charger while in use.
They don't last very long.
June 1, 2015
The first one failed in a day. The company was very good a replacing it, but the 2nd keyboard failed in 3 days. I bought a Logitech wireless keyboard K360, and I couldn't be happier with it. For my money, the Logitech is the way to go.
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A perfect gift for fans of "Breaking Bad"

The thinest bluetooth foldable keyboard in the world

It has force feedback features ensuring excellent typing experience. Rechargeable battery, each charge can last up to 30days

It works with most devices, such as iPhone, iPad, Android Device, Windows PC

Package contents: BeeBoard Bluetooth Keyboard, Micro USB charging cable, welcome guide, our fan-favorite 12-month warranty.

Bluetooth 3.0 technology provides a cable-free & clutter-free connection,operating distance 10m.

Multiple backlight color options.

Ultra thin, sleek profile, easily stows in a backpack, messenger bag, or case.

Supports 3 major operating systems: IOS, Android and Windows, please see compatibility limitations in description below.

Scissor-Switch keyboard provides you with very comfortable and pleasing typing experience.

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