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HandShoe Wireless Ergonomic Mouse - Light Click - Medium - Right Hand (Black) - Hippus
Evoluent VerticalMouse Vertical Mouse 4 "Regular Size" Right Hand Wireless (model VM4RW) - Evoluent
Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Keyboard for Business (5KV-00001) - Microsoft
Kinesis Freestyle2 Ergonomic Keyboard for PC (9" Standard Separation) - Kinesis
Kinesis Freestyle2 Numeric Keypad (PC) - Kinesis

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Hippus http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/214kTK1mZEL._SL160_.jpg
HandShoe Wireless Ergonomic Mouse - Light Click - Medium - Right Hand (Black) - Hippus
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Evoluent http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/31cnA3Dmo5L._SL160_.jpg
Evoluent VerticalMouse Vertical Mouse 4 "Regular Size" Right Hand Wireless (model VM4RW) - Evoluent
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Microsoft http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/31RW0P%2ByDGL._SL160_.jpg
Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Keyboard for Business (5KV-00001) - Microsoft
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Kinesis https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/21eZpk58h6L._SL160_.jpg
Kinesis Freestyle2 Ergonomic Keyboard for PC (9" Standard Separation) - Kinesis
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Kinesis https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/21Oe4cdp2VL._SL160_.jpg
Kinesis Freestyle2 Numeric Keypad (PC) - Kinesis
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Five Star Reviews:

Should have bought it sooner. I can actually use ...
April 25, 2017
Should have bought it sooner. I can actually use the computer now. My carpal tunnel and arthritic stricken hands are back to business.
This is the best mouse I have ever had
January 25, 2016
This is the best mouse I have ever had. In fact I was starting to have wrist fatigue when I bought this one and after only using this mouse for a couple of weeks I noticed that fatigue had went away. When this mouse wears out I will buy another one just like it. I love it!!!
Worth the extra money, keeps a charge
July 5, 2015
I was recently diagnosed with tendonitis in my wrist, which was causing a lot of pain. I researched all the ergonomic mice on the market, and this one seemed to be the highest rated. I'm glad I spent the extra money to get this one. It's fabulous for reducing my wrist pain because it supports your wrist with no sore spots, like I get when I rest on a mousepad or wristrest.I charged it when I first got it, but haven't had to recharge in over 3 weeks, and I use this all day at work (software developer).
The HandShoe Mouse Rocks!
January 17, 2015
I have Carpel Tunnel and have tried multiple mouses to help. I have used track balls, track pads and traditional mouses. Nothing ever felt quite right.After doing some research I happened upon the HandShoe Mouse and decided to give it a try. All I can say is "Wow!" This truly is an incredible mouse. Yes, there is a learning curve but a small one.The company is impressive as well. I had a question and someone called me from the Netherlands to answer it. Who does that? People who care about their product and the people that are using it, that's who!
Great for broken hand
October 22, 2012
I was really nervous about spending so much on a mouse but kept telling myself I was investing in my future health. The very night after the first day of using it, I could feel a difference in my hand and wrist. I have broken my hand before and it made a huge difference for me. In fact I don't think I knew the extent of how bad I had it until now. What it lacks in features it makes up for in the way your hand and wrist feels. It forces you in an ergonomic position.
Excellent - solved my wrist pain!
October 1, 2012
I just went back to my order of the wireless Handshoe Mouse to recommend it to a friend and I realized I never wrote a review.I originally purchased my Handshoe on Amazon in June 2011 as I was experiencing carpal tunnel wrist pain. I did extensive research as I knew I wanted an ergonomic mouse as a solution rather than wrist bands and other "traditional" methods of dealing with the pain. I found reviews and descriptions of the Handshoe and decided to try it in spite of the relatively high cost. Over a year later, I would classify myself as a raving fan! My wrist pain was gone within days, and after getting used to a very different way of manipulating a mouse, it feels very natural. And the mouse is well made and feels very solid. I would HIGHLY recommend it to anyone!ChuckUpdate (3/5/14): I saw an article on ergonomic mice and it reminded me about my Handshoe, so I thought I would provide an update. I am still using my Handshoe Mouse almost three years later, and even with constant use at work it has performed flawlessly (I recharge every 1-2 weeks and have never had an issue with battery time) and I remain pain free. Great investment!
... these at the office and another at home and love it. I experienced pain in my wrist and ...
March 1, 2017
I have one of these at the office and another at home and love it. I experienced pain in my wrist and index finger for many years from constant mouse usage. While I wont say that this is a cure-all, my overall comfort level on a day to day basis has dramatically improved. I would recommend this mouse to anyone having repetitive stress pain from using a mouse. Takes a little getting used to the new grip, but after a few days it isn't a problem.
Great mouse with some negative aspects
February 10, 2017
I'd definitely recommend this mouse, all though it does have some negative aspects which should be taken into considering. #1 the extreme height takes some getting used to. When moving my hand from the keyboard to the mouse, muscle memory from using shorter mouses for years has led to me accidentally knocking my Evoluent mouse off of the desk on numerous occasions. Thankfully, it's very sturdy, and the worst thing that happened was that one of the buttons got stuck after the fall. However, this is something that should be taken into consideration. My work space is relatively cramped, and the mouse is only a few inches from the keyboard, so it's been a frustrating thing to get used to. #2 it is simply not as easy to control. Although it almost instantly solved the hand pain I was experiencing, this is definitely not the appropriate tool to use if you have a lot of detail work to handle in photoshop, or are playing certain games. For general use purposes it's great, but for certain work I have to switch to a traditional mouse to get the level of control I need.
Great design, but a small bug in the software. But there is a workaround.
February 3, 2016
Mostly great. The physical design has been a boon to my well worn right wrist!However, there is one problem if you are running Windows 64 bit (x64).You need to turn off scrolling acceleration in the Evoluent mouse manager. Open the management software, click on the wheel tab and uncheck accelerated scrolling. If you don't do this, you may see the following error messages in the event log:Faulting application name: EvoMouseExec.exe, version:, time stamp: 0x501a2a06Faulting module name: EvoMouseExec.exe, version:, time stamp: 0x501a2a06Exception code: 0xc0000409Fault offset: 0x0000000000002b5dFaulting process id: 0x1420Faulting application start time: 0x01d150f3e312a03dFaulting application path: C:\Program Files\Evoluent\VMouse\V4\EvoMouseExec.exeFaulting module path: C:\Program Files\Evoluent\VMouse\V4\EvoMouseExec.exeReport Id: eb7201af-8f95-4b6d-8b8f-bc8dfdfd6500I'm running Windows 10 but I believe that the problem is common on 64 bit Windows versions after Windows 7. I'm not experiencing this problem on my work computer which is Windows 7 64 bit.This problem is not a deal breaker. The mouse works perfectly well with this setting off.
Great mouse, but beware if you have a Mac.
December 19, 2015
I had a wired model 4 for a few years and had no problems. Then it started double clicking now and then when I hit the single click button. I had wanted to get the wireless model 4 so went ahead and got it because I couldn't cure the double click problem. I have an iMac running El Capitan so I checked the instruction manual on set up. It said to delete the Evoluent application before connecting the new mouse, so it wouldn't interfere with new set up. So after deleting the application and connecting the new mouse it didn't work. I could move the cursor but that was it. No clicking, right clicking, scrolling, nothing. I reconnected the old wired model and had the same problem, nothing. So I called tech support and the tech had no idea on how to get it to work on my iMac. I had to dig up the original Apple mouse that came with it and was able to download the Evoluent application and waa laa .. the new mouse worked fine. I really like the Evoluent mouse.
30 years of software programming and need wrist relief!
September 13, 2015
I have both the left and right handed versions of this mouse, which I alternate use of depending on what I'm doing and which hand and/or shoulder is starting to bother me. The left-handed mouse I'm using is wired and the right-handed one is wireless. They work seamlessly together and are just awesome for anyone with carpal tunnel and/or other RSI. The battery life on the wireless right handed mouse is pretty good; I have had to change the battery once in about two years of daily use. For both mice I have the 'regular" size which feels just a bit small for me, but I'm very tall; about 6'3"!I recently also moved to a Type Heaven mechanical keyboard, also definitely recommended for people that have abused their wrists for far too many years with cheap mice and keyboards.My wife also have the right-handed "regular" size, and although her hand is much smaller she likes the fit of the mouse very well. As this mouse is more of a grip mouse or handshake mouse, I find that you don't have to worry about it being a bit big since I find I'm not having to pick it up much to drag it around the mousepad. The mouse does have a DPI adjustment, which allows for the mouse pointer to move slower or quicker around the screen; I mostly use it on either low or medium.Note that my wife just purchased a KVM and neither the wired nor wireless version of the mouse work correctly with the KVM. The problem is that that mouse pointer works fine left-to-right, but doesn't move up and down, only up, which ends up with the cursor moving around at the top of the screen. Other mice work fine with the same KVM so it isn't the KVM itself but the mouse in combination with the KVM (iogear). Evoluent has stated that their mice may not work with a KVM so this wasn't a huge shock to me and it is a bit of a specialty use.
Well Balanced Mouse
October 22, 2013
I think this mouse is a great tool for anyone utilizing a computer for extended hours; whether it is at your desk, or on the go, this is a very comfortable mouse. I actually switch back and forth between this and my old Logitech ergo mouse because my body loves changing postures--one horizontal position and one vertical position.The mouse software is very customizable as well as user friendly...if you care to download it; the mouse works just fine without the software too. I installed on it Windows 8 with zero issues.In the beginning I had a problem with the scroll wheel. I changed the setting so many times with no luck. After months of procrastinating with the idea to contact customer support, I finally broke down and gave them a shout. They worked with me to resolve my issue with a few steps taken for troubleshooting. After concluding that the mouse was defective, I was instructed to destroy the product and email them a picture of it trashed--this was very humorous and smart from a business stance I thought. Two days later, I had my new mouse...it works perfectly.They always kept in contact with me via email, with a very short response time. Beyond that, there is a 2 year warranty that lives up to Evoluent's reputation.
The best ergonomic keyboard that just works
August 7, 2017
Here's the deal: I don't like ergo keyboards. I always thought they were ridiculous and could not stand typing on them. Well here I am years later struggling with RSI after 10+ years of typing/coding, mousing etc. I'll spare you the details, but long story short getting an ergo keyboard was one of many changes I have had to make to try and save my hands/wrists from serious damage. I took a chance on the Sculpt hoping it was the least annoying typing experience and I am super happy to report that it surpasses "least annoying" by a long shot! Some reviews on here mentioned typing lag. I did NOT experience this whatsoever. I type roughly 120 wpm and it had no trouble keeping up. Here's the rundown:Pros:- Keys feel awesome (slightly cushy but firm)- The layout is surprisingly comfortable. I was able to adapt within a few hours.- The palm rest is super helpful for my particular situation (wrist and hand strain). It's slightly padded without being bulky which I think is key.- It doesn't require Bluetooth 4 (sorry Surface keyboard but I need this for work)- It works flawlessly- Does't look too shabbyCons:- A little pricey- I'm sure some would appreciate bluetooth (does't apply to my situation)
Adapting to this keyboard was effortless!
April 11, 2017
Oh my word, this keyboard has changed my life. My wrists are so much happier. I was very skeptical of the "negative" tilt this keyboard has going on, since I had always been a fan of the little positive-tilt "keyboard feet" at the back of most standard keyboards. Adjusting to the negative tilt was natural and took almost no getting used to.Things that took adjusting: the M key seems a little small next to the giiiiant N key, and the B key being on the left hand side of the keyboard took me some getting used to, but I'm pretty sure that's just bad habits formed on my part. The function (F1, F2, F3, etc...) keys along the top do have a different feel, as some other reviewers mentioned. They're more of a button than a key. It took a little getting used to, but it hasn't bothered me.Qualities I love: I love the shallow depth of the keys, and they are noticeably more quiet than my previous keyboard. I do find the right hand side of the space bar is a little more "clicky" than the rest of the keys, but not insufferably so. The separate numpad is wonderful.This is the first keyboard with a wrist rest on it that I actually am able to rest my wrists on. Superior quality to all other keyboards I've had. That said, the reviews are right about the white aging marks that show up pretty rapidly once the keyboard takes on your skin's oils. I've had the keyboard for a little over a month, and I think I've been keeping up with the white marks pretty well by occasionally using a damp rag with a gentle cleaner on it to wipe up the wrist rest.
Great Keyboard!
March 8, 2017
I've had this keyboard for about 4-weeks, and I love it. I'm usually not a big fan of the angled/wrapped keyboards, but this one seems to be well designed to my hands. The keys are fairly quiet, especially compared to some other keyboards I've tried (I've returned keyboards for being too loud). Angled keyboards tend to have a problem with the space bar being clanky, but this one is divided into two and is relatively quiet.The separate numeric key pad is a little weird. I use the numeric keys often for my job, and having it separated from the rest of the keyboard means it's not always in the same space relative to where my hands rest. So far, it hasn't been a big deal, but I'm not sure why it has to be separate? In the end, it's just another battery I have to replace.The layout of some of the keys is a little odd... the home/end/page/delete/backspace keys were not intuitive to learn, but I am getting the hang of it. I'm guessing these things were bunched because it was perceived to be an ergonomic benefit to have them closer together, but I really don't know.My one complaint is that I wish this was a hard wired keyboard. I don't care whether it's wireless, since it just sits at my desk at work (if working remotely, I just use the laptop keyboard). And wireless means I just have to periodically change the batteries (for both the keyboard and the numeric keypad). I've only had for four weeks, so I'm not sure how long the batteries will last, but I'll update the review if it becomes a problem.
For an ergo keyboard that's not the size of a small car, it's close enough to perfect.
January 29, 2017
I was a little hesitant on this because a: it cost twice as much as I've paid for my other keyboards and b: the average review score was under 4 stars (just barely).But looking through the different ergonomic keyboards, this was about the only one that didn't have an attached keypad and didn't have giant, noisy keys. So I took the leap.So far, I've been pleasantly surprised. Having my hands so far apart and at two different angles is initially strange but typing felt surprisingly normal. It does get a little weird on the right hand side by the enter key. I wish the arrow keys were directly below enter, and there wasn't the line of buttons going down the right edge instead, but I'm learning to adjust.Overall, it feels very comfortable and natural, and wrist pad helps a lot. Love that it has function keys that switch between desktop screens. Also, the number pad having a calculator button that automatically brings up Windows' calculator is just brilliant.Now, it's not quite perfect. Beside the aforementioned right side situation, the wrist pad is already showing some marks and stains despite barely being used. I think they could have put a better protective layer on there. Also, while it does have a Pause/Play button at the top, it doesn't have Next/previous track buttons.Those are so minor, however, it felt wrong to knock off a whole star. So 5 stars it is.
Excellent keyboard. My only two complaints are 1
September 5, 2016
Excellent keyboard. My only two complaints are1. The escape key (and all function keys) are buttons rather than keys. Very different feel and pressure required, so don't feel so natural to use (eg when touch-typing).2. The function keys don't map well to OSX. I've tried a couple of third-party utilities, and can't quite get them doing what I want.But otherwise it's a great keyboard, feels very comfortable and ergonomic. I like the key travel, and it's fairly quiet (spacebar is a little noisier, but still minor). One of the neatest features is that it fits directly over my Macbook Pro 15" keyboard (the keyboard is entirely supported by just a couple rubber feet around the outside).I've only had it a couple weeks so can't comment on the keyboard battery life. It does feel a little strange not having an on/off button.
Comfortable, and FINALLY a keyboard that doesn't feel awkward when using a mouse
September 23, 2013
**** Update 4 (Sept 23, 2015):To resolve the issue with Windows 8 and Windows 10 repeating key issues when you hold a key down for longer than a few seconds (such as when playing a game, or when holding down (resting on) shift, control, or alt while thinking something through outside of a game), go into your Device Manager and find the entry for the keyboard. If you have installed the driver, it will show up as the Microsoft Sculpt keyboard, if not it will show up as "Microsoft Hardware USB Keyboard". Right click it and choose "Properties", and go to the Power Management tab. Uncheck the box "Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power". This will resolve the problem. I now love this keyboard and don't mind the smaller F1-F12 keys, and they rarely stick anymore now that the keyboard is fully worn in. 5 stars.--- Original Review, 4 stars ---Before getting this keyboard:I'm a programmer, and spend a large part of my day at the keyboard. I have arthritis in my right shoulder, so using a computer for extended times can be painful if I have to use the mouse. One day that it was particularly bad, I spent a long time trying to find a keyboard that got rid of either the central arrow/navigation strip or the numpad (why are there both, right next to each other??) so that the mouse could be positioned closer to the keyboard. The awkward angle of keyboard and mouse positioning aggravates my pain. I'm a long-time user of the Natural and Elite keyboard lines from Microsoft, all the way back to when they had the large pyramid arrow keys. Each iteration seemed to make the keyboard larger with more keys I didn't use. The latest favorite was the 4000 since the older Natural Elites became harder to find and even more difficult to connect to my newer systems.I found this keyboard before it had been released, and told my boss he was going to be getting me one as soon as it came out. I'd been watching every day, and finally got one.The good:This keyboard is a pleasure to use. The pain in my shoulder has all but completely receded after using it for a week, as I don't have to lean my arm out as far to grab the mouse. I like the feel of the keys overall, and in less than a week I've acclimated to the repositioning of the home/end/pgup/pgdn keys. The arrow keys are conveniently placed, as well. I finally have the mouse 6" closer and that makes a HUGE difference. I particularly like the new positioning and size of the delete key.The bad:As a developer, I make heavy use of the Function keys. These keys would be fine if they were consistent in pressure and feel to the rest of the keyboard. They are not. They feel like cheapo plastic keys (which they are, I suppose), and don't press consistently. The pressure to trigger them is not consistent with the rest of the keyboard, and half the time I go to use one I didn't press it hard enough.As you'll see mentioned if every other review of this keyboard, the media Play/Pause key requires you to toggle the Fn SWITCH to the "weird" mode, use the media key, and switch back. At first I thought that wouldn't be a big issue, but apparently I used the play/pause key more than I realized. No problem, I thought. I'll just go into the super macro Microsoft Mouse and Keyboard program and remap it. Ah, too bad, so sad. There are a total of 6 keys that can be changed, and almost all of them just disable the key not actually change its function. If you go into the help, the help describes how to create macros, command bindings, etc. But apparently you only get that functionality on older keyboards - not this one.As a note, I had to put the USB transmitter on the front USB port of my computer. When it was on the back it just couldn't handle traveling the 2 1/2' to my keyboard through my desktop. It can handle the 2' from the front, though. Apparently there is a VERY short range on the wireless.Conclusion:Overall, I really like the keyboard, and I especially like the lack of shoulder strain and pain. When it bothers me enough, I'll figure out a solution like using Autohotkey to bind a different hotkey to play/pause media player and Pandora. While I don't like the way the function keys feel or operate, I've been remapping my stuff that uses those keys so maybe I'll get to the point I can just leave it on the weird media mode all the time.**** Update:I bought a 2nd one for home. The right spacebar key fails to work intermittently, which is very annoying since I hit spacebar solely with my right thumb. My first one works perfectly, so it's definitely something to be aware of. I remember reading a review by someone else that said they have issues with the right space key, too. There aren't many of these keyboards out yet, so with the small sample size, and two people having the issue, just be aware you might have the issue, too. When I say it fails intermittently, it's somewhere between 1-2 times every minute.**** Update 2:Replaced the keyboard because it was getting steadily worse. New keyboard works as well as the one I have at work, and is rock-solid. One suggestion I would make for people buying this is to get a USB extension cable to plug the transmitter in to. The transmitter is really weak and you can put the transmitter next to the monitor or something so you have the very close proximity to the transmitter, and still have the advantage of wireless. I now have my home machine set up this way and it is working awesomely. I got the idea from seeing a co-worker's Logitech mouse setup that came with a USB extension cord.Now that I have used a third keyboard like this, I have observed one major thing: all of them have consistently sticky F-keys (they stay pressed because half the button gets stuck in the pressed position). The newest one I received also has a slightly different (more obvious) texture on all of the keys of the keyboard, especially the F-keys. The F-Keys still press like cheapo buttons, and still stick (less often so far), but I like the actual tactile feel of them more.While I was waiting for my replacement keyboard, I was using my Microsoft ergonomic 4000 keyboard again. I was surprised by how much I noticed the stiffness of the MS 4000 keys, because I'd never considered them stiff before using this keyboard. And even when I used the sculpt all day and the 4000 at night I didn't really notice it. But after going a few weeks of using the sculpt, the difference was very clear.Finally, I have set up AutoHotKey at this point for my media play button needs, and that works out great.**** Update 3 (Feb 12, 2014): (now resolved in Sept 2015 update)I still love the keyboard more than half a year after purchase. When using Windows 8 I found that some keys wouldn't properly detect that I'd lifted my finger off the key (Key Up) even though the key was no longer pressed. This was bothersome at work, but a quick "Undo" would fix the repeated keys. At home, however, it was causing problems with games and voice chat push-to-talk. It seemed to be universal to any key I pressed for longer than a few seconds (like holding down a key to fire a gun or hold push-to-talk). The system wasn't getting a Key Up message. I upgraded my system from Windows 8 back to Windows 7 due to some other serious issues I was having with Windows 8. All of my key repeating issues disappeared (except the sticking Fn keys, of course, which is a physical design flaw issue). My work machine with Windows 8 still has the "not recognizing key up" issue, and so does my co-worker's system. I did not install the keyboard driver on Windows 7, so it might also be the keyboard app that is causing the problem. All of the Windows 8 machines have it installed (because it auto-installs itself when plugging in the keyboard on Windows 8). So it might be a driver issue, too.
This is absolutely great! I am a professional transcriptionist and have a ...
September 15, 2017
This is absolutely great! I am a professional transcriptionist and have a recent history of trying keyboards after using the Microsoft Natural 4000 for years, and years. I realized it was just so big and the keys were really hard to use, so I started looking. Tried the Microsoft Surface, didn't like it at all. Priority keys were placed very oddly, and even after a couple weeks, just couldn't get used to it, was not a logical placement. Tried the Microsoft Sculpt, keys way too close together, though it was supposed to be a split keyboard, and really didn't like the touch after using the Natural 4000. Then I tried the Kinesis Freestyle! Keys are very, very logically placed. The touch is perfect...not too hard, and not too soft. The spacing with the 9" opening is plenty big...I use about 4-1/2 to 5. I absolutely love it after a very long trial and error. If your doubtful, try it!
This keyboard changed my life. Wish I bought it many years ago
May 14, 2017
This thing saved my arms and pretty much my life. One of the best things I've ever bought.For years I've had very debilitating pain in my wrists and forearms. Sometimes it would get to the stage where my arms would have to hang limp at my sides as it hurt to even lift them. At 26 years old this was a very depressing thing to have, especially as my job involves typing. It is extremely upsetting when you're that young and cannot use your hands any more. Through good days and bad days I battled on for another 5 years until I eventually bought this keyboard. What a life changer!I waited 6 weeks to write this review to ensure it was as correct as possible. Verdict is that is is life changing. The pain in my forearms is greatly reduced and my wrists no longer click.If unsure whether to buy this keyboard or a microsoft curve keyboard or similar, just do this simple exercise - Close your eyes, wave your arms around, then place your hands on your desk. What position are your arms in? Are your hands in the middle with your thumbs touching, or are they spaced apart? Whatever position they are in is how you should be typing. For me, I have each side of the keyboard pretty much flat and level but with the two sides 6" apart. It's more like sitting in an armchair with a keyboard at the end of each arm. Very very comfortable.My only gripe with this keyboard is I seem to keep accidnetly pressing the Fn button which turns half the keyboard into a numpad s6 5 wr5te 352e th5s (so I write like this). I seem to be doing this less now so that's ok. The 'B' also seems to be on the wrong side for me, but I've become accustomed to this now. Whatever grips there are, they are minor.If undecide on this keyboard, just get it - you wont regret it. Just think - it comes in two pieces so you can move it around and experiment to see what is most comfortable for you. You can't get to experiment like that with a one-piece ergonomic keyboard.This keyboard changed my life. Dont dawdle, just get it.
Made an emormous difference in my comfort level and adapts to however I'm positioned. Sturdy as well
September 5, 2015
This is my second keyboard. My first was about three years old when I poured my morning cereal over it. Yes, I often eat at the computer :) Tech support was very helpful and said I could try alcohol on a Qtip under the effected keys, but it didn't do it.I immediately ordered another. I love the light touch, the soft sound of the keys as they hit the pads, and the fact that I move it around a bit in the course of the day so that I'm never stuck in one position. Before I got this keyboard I had another well respected brand but my wrists still hurt and I was forced to curtail my typing and/or use speech recognition software. Since getting used to this, and giving my wrists a rest, I've been able to type as much as I want as long as I move it around. I change the separation, the angle of separation (sometimes more like a V) and when I'm no longer sitting up straight, one side of the keyboard is slightly higher or lower than the other. The keyboard adapts rather than my wrists.I purchased the extras but have found that I prefer to be without them and just have a soft gel pad the length of the stretched out keyboard. But they are worth trying. I could see how they might have been wonderful.This Kinesis also lasts - if I hadn't spilled my breakfast on it, I would guess it had at least another year before keys got sticky and perhaps rattled some as they hit the base.
I LOVE this keyboard
July 6, 2015
I LOVE this keyboard. It takes some getting used to but now I don't know how I lived without it. I've had it for 6 months and so far the durability seems great. I kind of wanted a mechanical keyboard, but this is fairly quiet which I like and yet still seems nice and responsive.I have it set up on the highest bridge setting and removed the hinge piece that keeps the two halves attached. I keep the halves about a coffee-mug's-width apart which is perfect for my coffee mug.My only complaint is that I cannot use ALT codes with the external numberpad. This may not be a limitation of the keyboard itself, but I'm just not sure. If you're not sure what this means, then this complaint probably doesn't apply to you and I wouldn't worry about it.I also haven't found myself using ANY of the keys on the left side under the escape key (except for the escape key itself). They don't get in the way or anything, I just find them useless.
The Kinesis Freestyle2 is an expensive keyboard that is well worth the money if you work at your desk
September 18, 2014
I have been using this keyboard for over a year now and I love it. For my job, I spend most of my day sending emails and during a busy season I started to have tendonitis issues in my wrists and thumbs. My employer gave me a microsoft "ergonomic" keyboard, but it provided no relief. I bought this keyboard and quickly noted a difference. The key presses take less force than most other keyboards and it is a definite advantage being able to move each half independently.Now that my tendonitis issues are under control, the thing I like most about the keyboard is that I can spread the halves far enough apart to fit an 8-1/2" wide legal pad in the middle to write notes on. If I could go back in time or ever have extra cash laying around, I would buy the version with an extra 2" of cable. I have become so attached to being able to comfortably write notes in the middle of my desk without having to shove the keyboard back that I don't think I'll ever be happy using another keyboard.Another minor perk of this keyboard is that it is a good conversation piece. Almost everyone who walks into my office ends up asking about it because it looks so unusual.The biggest disadvantage of this keyboard is the price. The base unit is not cheap and if you frequently use the number pad you're going to have to buy one separately (another $40-60).
Works great. Cheaper than surgery!
July 8, 2014
I thought this keyboard would take more getting used to, but I was off to the races pretty much right away. Thankfully I was already a strong touch typist, so I had that going for me already. I know they sell tenting add-ons, but I saw in an internet review that they used door stops to tent the keyboard. I have done the same, and it is wonderful. I have seen some people complain about the function keys off to the left, but I actually find them quite useful. Cntrl-C is easy enough, but if I am going to copy and paste a bunch of things like numbers in Excel, the copy/cut/paste keys are great. I don't use the web keys much. Other complaints are that they Fn key is a toggle key. I actually like that it is. It makes adjusting the volume easier. Also, the "number pad", which is essentially a function of the right side of the keyboard, is not too bad. Not as memory friendly as a normal number pad, but not bad. If this is a deal-breaker, go and by a Targus keypad for 20 bucks. My further advice, get used to the side ridges on the left function keys or the right Page-up, Page-down, etc. Once you do, it is much easier to not take your eyes off the keyboard.One last thing: will this keyboard help with wrist problems? Definitely. Is a magic bullet? No. You still need to work on proper form. I was hoping this would solve all my problems, but that was my unreal expectations. This keyboard is much more customizable than most though, since you can put the two sides at shoulder-width, which is much more comfortable for me. The price is much cheaper than most, and definitely cheaper than medical bills to treat repetitive strain injuries.
Works perfectly with my laptop.
August 1, 2017
Very responsive. Nice feel. Two USB ports (hub) on back of device work fine. Just plug it into your computer (6' cable USB cable). No installation required (for Windows, anyway).One small problem is not a problem at all, once you get used to it. The "Function" key ("Fn" key) must be pressed again every time the computer is turned on or wakes up from sleep mode. This activates the three Function Keys: Cut, Copy & Paste. As long as you remember to activate them, they work great. By default (if the "Fn" key is not on) those three keys provide "Tab, Back Space and Equals (=). There are two indicator lights: "Num Lock" (the number key pad is active ... which is on by default) and "Fn" (which lets you know when the three function keys are active).I definitely recommend this product.
Handy for entry of lots of numbers.
July 31, 2017
Nice addition to my Kinesis keyboard. Well recommended. Fair price and quick turnaround.
great product, as usual from Kinesis
June 26, 2017
worth every penny. great product. keys are very gentle on your fingers. and i love the cut/copy/paste keys across the top.
Just awesome!!
November 15, 2015
I type all day at work and my employer only offers one type of ergonomic key board,the microsoft 4000. This did not stop my hand pain, it was terrible. I ordered the kinesis keyboard along with the palm rest, tenting thingys, and number pad about one month ago. Bought these on my own and snuck then into my office. They have been a LIFESAVER!! I felt significant changes after a few days. Now, after a very long day of typing i am pain free. Kinesis should offer some free trials to companies so folks can try these life changing kb. I think the tenting capability is key. Thank you thank you!!!!!
Excellent key feel and quality, reasonable price
November 2, 2014
If you want a separate numeric keypad, this is probably the one you want. Period. It has a generously long cord, and the best key feel of any keypad I've tried. Granted it's still a membrane-switch device, not mechanical switches, but honestly, the truth is you're not going to find mechanical switches in an add-on numeric keypad. It's not the most inexpensive keypad out there, but it's worth the price.There's just one downside that I've found, and it may be simply a defect in the one I have: it appears to periodically drop off of USB momentarily and then come back. I'm sure this isn't a problem on Windows, but on Linux, if you have remapped keys on the keypad with xmodmap, it causes your remappings to be lost until you re-run xmodmap. I'm following up this issue with Kinesis.
Kinesis Freestyle 2 Keypad Impressions
October 2, 2013
The Kinesis Freestyle 2 keypad has a relatively low key activation force at about 1 ounce. So it is good if your fingers are prone to become sore if you have to type a lot of numbers. It also has two USB 2 ports at the rear which will minimize the cable clutter. The Kinesis Freestyle 2 keypad is less expensive than the older Kinesis keypad models so it is a very good value.

Four Star Reviews:

working so far . . .
August 10, 2017
So far I am happy with this, which was recommended by a physical therapist. Yes, it is large, but within a day I was used to it. More importantly, it forces me to rest my thumb, and elimates the tendency to "squeeze" the mouse as I moved it, which was causing pain. Now, I have to rest my whole hand on the mouse, and the move the mouse with a flat motion, no squeezing.Already eliminating some pain.
Love it but a little tedious when it comes to ...
August 24, 2016
Love it but a little tedious when it comes to very fine uses. But overall control and ease of thumb pain is very good. Battery life is excellent, I haven't replaced them since I started using it. I would purchase it again.
Great shape, yet how to calibrate on linux?
July 5, 2016
The mouse is very convenient to hold, I think it makes sense. I could however find out how to calibrate its speed on my linux box for which I have bought it. The operating system's speed calibration is not enough for two reasons: 1) it is already calibrated to the slowest speed and i need it slower 2) my other mouse works fine with the current speed, so it is better to set the speed for this mouse specifically, rather than change the operating system calibration.So right now the mouse is on the shelf until I figured out how to calibrate its pointer speed on linux (Ubuntu linux).
Helps with ergo issues
February 5, 2013
Arrived on time and in great shape!I like the mouse and it appears to be solving my problem with my hand. It works great but I’m having to learn to move the mouse slightly different because my whole hand rests on the mouse now. So instead of moving the mouse with my fingers, I’m using my forearm and wrist.
It fixed my problem
January 16, 2013
I was having problems with the little finger on my right hand when using a regular mouse. This is completely resolved. It is a big device but it is able to fit in the work-space and is very ergonomically friendly.
Not perfect but much better on the hand than a standard mouse
September 19, 2012
As I seem to spend more time than I ever would have imagined keyboarding and mousing, I have developed arm and wrist pain that I have connected with poor ergonomics at my computer. I have changed to a Microsoft Ergonomic Keyboard (took some getting used to but I like it now) and after much research came across the HandShoe mouse. PRIOR to buying this mouse, when using a regular mouse, I almost immediately began to feel pain when I started mousing. I use the mouse pretty heavily when doing CAD design work, and after hours it had become an ordeal. And the pain did not go away sometimes for days afterword. So, based on other user reviews, I bought a light click, right hand medium HandShoe mouse. Wireless, of course. For me, using a wired mouse is like using a corded telephone - a thing of the past!Pros:- Wireless! Don't let some of the reviews mislead you, I sometimes forget to plug in the charging cable and go days without recharging and it has yet to go dead on me.- Comfortable hand position. It takes some getting used to, since your hand actually rests on the mouse, but if your forearm is supported on the work surface as they direct it is not a problem.- No more wrist or forearm pain from mousing!Cons:- You will need a workspace that is set up to allow you to have forearm support. I added a 12" x 30" x 1/4" plywood panel that projects past my desk top to support my forearm. Not elegant, but it works fine.- Learning to move the mouse is awkward at first, improves with use but it still does not feel as natural as a regular mouse did. I think it has to do with the placement of the laser light relative to the center of mass of the mouse.- Fine cursor control is not very good, it has a tendency to "jump" when you only want to move it a tiny amount to line up with whatever you are pointing at.One oddity with this mouse, several other reviewers have noted that the mouse is heavy. It is, mainly because somebody on the design team thought it was a good idea to add a bunch of small weights to "optimize" the mouse weight, I opened the panel and took them all out. Voila, mouse now is a comfortable weight.If you experience pain in your wrist, hand or forearm due to the unnatural position of a regular mouse, I recommend the HandShoe mouse. I would buy it again. I only gave it four stars because I believe the fine cursor control and placement of the laser light could be improved.
Best egonomic mouse, ever. I own two.
July 30, 2016
I've been a big fan of Evoluent since I tried my first mouse from them. Same design, but corded. I took a star off, because frankly the wireless version's weight difference is a strong thing to consider. It took me at least 2 weeks to adjust to the wired version. It's taken me longer to adjust to the wireless version and the only thing I can tell is different is the weight. At any rate, this is a major relief of the pain of my carpal tunnel pain and frankly, I cannot live without this mouse.I have tried the newer version, but it just did not work for me. I really wanted it to also. If you have not tried an Evoluent mouse, try the new version first, and give it time. Really, it takes time to adjust. If you have the original version and want another mouse or go to cordless, stick with the tried an true.
well yes it's a better option to be sure
July 15, 2015
So it's a little weird at first, but didn't take long at all to get used to. It's rather bulky. Maybe I should have got the smaller one, but I measured my hand and it was 7" so following the manufacturer's suggestion, I got the larger one. There are 3 buttons and I'm not sure why because most mouses have only 2 and what more do you need? I downloaded the driver program to be able to reprogram the buttons, and did so successfully, but after only a day or so, they reverted back to their original configuration all on their own. Go figure? As for my carpel tunnel being relieved... well yes it's a better option to be sure, but I still get really fatigued if I use it for a long time. Being able to rest your arm is great, but you have to make sure your set up overall is right - meaning it's not just the mouse that matters, but your chair, armrest, wrist rest, etc. I found the wrist rest to be especially important with this mouse since it sits higher off the mouse pad than a normal mouse. Again - I think if the bulk were reduced, and a simple 2 button system were put in place, this would be great and much easier on the hands and wrists than a normal mouse. All in all, I think we all need to get off our computers more and that would help avoid carpel tunnel altogether... as I sit here writing this review.... ouch!
Not suited to help with my current lesion
September 19, 2014
I have wrist pain. Even though I am seeing the doctor I wanted to give a try to this mouse.I regularly use a wireless HP mouse over a surface with a bit of a slope to reduce the tension on my wrist, that has helped a bit. I thought this mouse would help with the pain and I might be able to use on the same way I use the HP one.Well, after 3-5 seconds of using it the pain was back and intense, and I detected pain on some other places: the part of the wrist that touches the table, the opposite side of the wrist, the pinky finger that lies on the bottom "lid" of the mouse, and the thumb (similar to the tension when holding a hair between the tip of the thumb and index finger).I might need to have some rest from the computer for a while, I will give it a try again after that.Related to other functionality: it works great, haven't tested for gaming but it seems not to have delay on the signal, it works fine on most surfaces (even on the couch), there's no visible light coming from the optical part, the pointer speed button is very convenient and works fine. Works out of the box with box Mac and PC, and some of the extra buttons have extra functionality on Windows (7) without need of any drivers (like, you can open links in new tabs). Auto scrolling works with Mac as well, which was a bit unexpected.My wife, who doesn't spend that much time at the computer, says is a good mouse, comfortable for her and responsive. Yet, I bought it for my wrist pain and it didn't help.Update: each time I use this mouse I feel pain in my wrist, after 1 sec of holding it. My wife loves it though.
It does make a difference. Strange, sticky faux chrome thumb grip is only bad feature
June 24, 2014
I have used the v3, but finally needed a replacement. The v3 stopped working. I was so hooked I had to get a new one before my replacement, under warranty arrived. I have had wrist fractures and never knew my other "ergonomic" mice were not helping. A colleague recommended the Evoluent and I was surprised how my wrist felt better after a long day of graphics and CAD work. The v4 has extra buttons. I like the easy reach buttons above and below the thumb. I program these for forward and back functions. The three side buttons are good for click and right click. I use the lower button for right click and the middle button for program specific shortcuts. There is a slow scroll function that is limited to certain programs, but I never use it. The wheel works as usual.The interface allows custom functions and even some combo functions. Amazingly it also integrates with logitech so I can access my SetPoint settings in another tab. Some users may have to uninstall SetPoint, install Evoluent, the reinstall setpoint if there are issues with logitech devices.Customer service is responsive. Sometimes slow, but they are thorough. You may have to jump thru hoops or try a few solutions but they will eventually help you solve issues or replace an under warranty item. My v# mysteriously stopped, but they replaced it. My v4 receiver stopped working, but they sent a new one and helped me connect my v4 with it.My only complaint is the thumb grip on the v4. Why did they change this to a slick, sticky faux chrome piece???? This makes no sense. The black sides have a good grip. The blue buttons are fine.The thumb area on the v3 had a good grip. The v4 has an awful, slick, sticky faux chrome grip that is annoying after a long day. Please, Please, Please change this to a grippable surface in your next version. This is the most important area of the mouse for grip and navigation.It needs to be comfortable and grippy, not slick and sticky.
It's starting to misbehave but I've used it constantly for almost 2 years
May 8, 2014
I really like this mouse. It fits my hand well and is highly functional. However, it's now starting to behave inconsistently. I can't get it to select a space between words in any word processing application, even this text box. It will select either the whole word or the entire paragraph. It is like the top button is performing a double click even though it's set for left clicking. It started out misbehaving infrequently and now it's all the time. It's causing a significant drop in my writing productivity.I had a similar problem about 6 months ago where the second button, set for right click, started acting like the third button and going to a navigation function. I have unloaded and reloaded drivers, reset buttons. I can't seem to control what the mouse does. It's like the light switch in the garage that you never knew what it turned on and across the street the neighbor's porch light keeps going on and off and she doesn't know why. So, are you reprogramming my mouse???!!!!!
Great mouse - with some troubleshooting tips
February 11, 2013
I've owned the Evoluent VerticalMouse 4 Wireless for nearly a year. It is a great replacement over the standard overhand grip mouse, and has eased a lot of pain in my hand. It's not the cure-all, but I think it has reduced pain for me by roughly 50%. I work in the office at the computer all day, and I play on my computer a lot when I get home, so an ergonomic mouse is a must for me.Here are some tips if you decide to make this investment:The battery runs out around every 5 months. The indicator light actually didn't work but the mouse was lagging on the screen - super annoying. Just remember to keep some AA around and replace when you think the mouse is acting weird.Just this week, my programmable buttons stopped working. I assign double-click to the big button and it just turned itself into right-click. I uninstalled and reinstalled the drivers, but still didn't work. Finally, I decided to uninstall the drivers and remove all remnants of the Evoluent software from the Windows 7 registry and from any folders. Rebooted my computer and re-installed the drivers, and Voila, it's working again. Instructions on how to uninstall from the registry is on the Evoluent website.Overall I definitely recommend this mouse - make sure you download the drivers from the Evoluent website so you can fully program all the buttons.
Keep a spare on-hand
September 25, 2017
I've gone through about ten of these keyboards. After a 3-6 months, random keys start losing connection and then the keyboard dies. I've tried replacing the batteries, moving the dongle, re-pairing, changing computers, etc. Now, I simply keep a spare on hand. Once I get used to a keyboard, it is hard to change. The ergonomics of this one fit me just right (reasonable split keyboard, still flattish, forward tilt). I prefer a detached number pad because it reduces the keyboard's width, which makes mousing around less painful on my shoulder. I place the number pad permanently between my keyboard and monitor.
Great feel, solid keyboard. Some changes to get used to though
September 7, 2017
Not a fan of the split number pad, hard to use when its not in the same position all the time. I don't like looking down when typing which makes the numpad useless for speed work when combined with home row typing (I use the lift on the main keyboard so its further off on feel since the pad sits flat). Also, my old MS keyboard, the CR was in the lower right corner making it easy to hit the enter key even when off home row like sitting back proof reading. If the numpad was attached, this would be the perfect keyboard with its enter key in the right place. As it is, this one requires the home row orientation to hit the return key reliably. These are the reason for my four star. However, the feel is fantastic and now that I'm getting used to the new location of the special control keys like delete, home, end, and etc, I like the keyboard. Build quality and feel are fantastic otherwise.
Great feel but lags under certain conditions
May 12, 2017
Hands down the best keyboard I've used. I had it for two years and it's still alive and working fine. I love the thin keys and the curve of the keyboard. It forms perfectly to my hands.The couple complains I have about it is that it sometimes lags and the keypad sucks the batteries dry in about 3 weeks or daily use. The batteries in the keyboard last for months though. As for the lag, I found that if laptop is elevated above keyboard (for example, if laptop is on a laptop stand and keyboard is below it on a desk), the keyboard lags. Why that happens is beyond me but putting keyboard and laptop on the same level gets rid of the lag.Overall, feel-wise I'd be surprised if there is a more comfortable keyboard out there. Functionality wise, the weird lag and how fast the keypad kills the batteries puts a stain on otherwise excellent experience.
Decent with a caveat
May 9, 2017
I've been experiencing wrist pain lately, especially on the heel of right hand near lunate bone, and have gone through a whole lot of keyboards to try to find something that helps. This sculpt actually does pretty well for that; not perfect but better than the 5+ other options I've tried. However it has two issues; the function keys are very tiny. Even worse the esc key is tiny, very far away and much worse, it doesn't reliably register being pressed. It's just the design of the key, not a defect. It can be a huge problem if you use that key a lot, like with vi or something.Given that most people likely don't care too much about that, I still would recommend it in general.
After ordering 3 a while ago, the 4th finally got it right
August 14, 2016
I went through 3 of these keyboards to see if I'd run into the same issues, however, despite the ergonomics design being solid, there are a couple things I'm not a fan of. For starters, reference my close up picture on the right, there's a gap inbetween the middle rubber support to the desk in comparison with the other supports which lie flat. At first, after asking a question on here, a lot of people told me that it's very stable and they didn't have any issues with tilting. Now I already went through 2 of these and thought it might've just been bad luck with the boards. So I tried ordering it once more (3rd time's the charm?) after reading the answers but to my dismay, it happened again leading me to believe there's a design flaw. While I type and rest my palms on the keyboard, it will sometimes tilt upwards due to the middle support not laying completely flat on the surface and the shape of the keyboard causes the instability. I read a review recently that described the same issues I faced. This is the single most glaring problem and whenever I'd be typing, it would be tilting upwards and rocking up and down. I had to make a conscious effort to be really gentle to keep it level, which I've never had this problem with any other board.The ergonomic feeling is great, and it felt good on my hands which disappointed me because I really wanted to like this keyboard. I also don't like the number pad requiring a watch battery, why they couldn't make it a AAA battery is beyond me. The overall look and design is interesting, kind of futuristic in nature which is an acquired taste for some. Another thing is the fact that there are no legs to raise the keyboard. It comes with a magnetic riser that tilts it at a decline towards your fingers, which is the correct way, since you are letting your hands rest downwards instead of flexing upwards like traditional keyboards. My magnetic riser had issues with the magnets though, and it would slip off on the right side very easily. The magnetic feature is a nice touch and adds to the futuristic design.In closing, it requires a bit of adjustment which isn't bad at all. I didn't like the riser's magnet strength, the palm rest showing scuffs/lint very easily and the overall instability of the board. I also noticed the keys feel a bit strange when typing. It's a bit hard to explain and you'd have to try it yourself, but their flatter and don't depress as much as most keys when you're typing so it's a more sensitive to when you apply pressure as you type.EDIT* 3/20/17: After buying 3 boards back in 2016 with the issues I stated above, I pretty much chalked it up to a design flaw. After many months of research, I wasn't able to find any ergo keyboards that weren't as wide for closer mouse placement and not a crazy price, (believe me I looked almost every week). I finally gave in and decided to try it ONE MORE TIME (sucker for punishment but it panned out in the end). I bought one recently and I don't know if the units from the previous sellers, (however, I bought the previous 3 boards from 2 different sellers so... didn't think it was one specific seller's units) were just flops or maybe there manufacturing update recently that addressed this issue, but now I don't experience any rocking/unstable tilting when typing. The board really just lays flat now and my persistence seems to have paid off. While I do still have to adjust to the keys being a bit more sensitive when typing since they're flatter and not raised like most keys, the board itself seems to be working out.
Good value, comfortable keyboard
July 24, 2016
This keyboard is a vast comfort improvement from my built-in MacBook Pro keyboard. I type for probably about 70 hours a week between work and school, and I am already feeling improvement in my hand, wrist, arm and shoulder pain. It's helping me keep a better seating posture, too, because of the neutral hand and arm position it promotes. From an ergonomic standpoint, it's doing its job.There are a few things I'm not quite excited about; the padding on the wrist rest area could be more comfortable (it's just a very thin layer of padding over plastic), and I don't like that there isn't a separate "off" switch on the main keyboard or the keypad to prevent battery drain while either is not in use. I think the placement of the C, V and B keys could have been better considered. I often end up mistyping with these letters. These things are significant enough for me to not give a 5-star review.Overall, though, the keyboard is functional and does its job both from an ergonomics and tech standpoint. I consider it a good value for the price. I was able to easily change the key settings to mimic standard Apple keyboard function, so the transition has been pretty simple.
My second Kinestis keyboard.
April 10, 2017
I have a Kinesis keyboard that was a Christmas present several years ago. My youngest brother is an ergonomic engineer, and he recommended this keyboard to reduce wrist stress while typing. The original keyboard has insert as a normal function key. I deducted a star on this keyboard is you have to have the blue function mode on to access the Insert key. Most inconvenient.
my new gaming keyboard
August 8, 2016
I use this keyboard to game and for general computer use. I have RSI so this helps relieve my pain. I previously owned a mechanical keyboard and wasn't able to use that for more than 10 minutes. With this keyboard, I can play for a few hours and be comfortable. The keys on the left side are a bit awkward and I wish the escape key was closer to the main part. I would instead hit f1 instead of escape. There were a few times this keyboard malfunctioned, such as the 2 & 4 keys weren't working, but 3 was! I had to reseat the keyboard. This made my character die in the game but it only happened once in the first week I've had it.
One major drawback for me.
June 1, 2016
The keyboard was great, BUT I could not get used to the keys on the left & right ends not being where they are located on a traditional keyboard. I will have to return it, but I SO wish they would make a keyboard like this one, only with the keys for arrows, delete, insert, home, page up/down...in the positions they "normally" are. I don't usually have to look for them, as my brain is so trained to where they are located. That is my ONLY disappointment in this keyboard. For me, it isn't reasonable to go from about 50+ wpm to about 12wpm, because of the key arrangement. IF this is not a problem for you, then this ergonomic keyboard should suit your needs quite well. In my opinion and experience, the ability to adjust it to fit your arms/wrists positions, is unsurpassed. You can also easily put it together for other users in your home or office who don't like the separation.
Its good, just a bit pricey.
January 22, 2016
I work as a drafter so i use programs alot. i go this keyboard to help take some stress off my wrist, which it does. They layout for this keyboard is a little... weird. the function key is a toggle rather then a hold. which isn't that big of a deal, but i manage to hit it... A LOT! in my programs its all about speed and shortcuts and such so when its toggled on and im trying to type in shortcuts and all of my commands aren't working its annoying. it adds all these keys on the left side that just didn't seem needed. almost as if they were put in to make the keyboard more symmetrical, mostly they get in my way.My major issue with the keyboard is their obvious lack of support mounting that requires you to purchase the mounts separately that cost almost half what the keyboard itself costs. over all this keyboard cost less then my mechanical keyboard which are known for being pricey.all in all id like to give this product 3 stars because for spending over $100 on this thing i don't feel like it feels like a $100+ keyboard. but other then there aren't may other options like this keyboard and my overall buyers remorese for spending over 100 bucks the keyboard itself seems good so the 4 stars are deserved. it would get 5 stars if it had built in keyboard stands.Other then that, the keyboard works pretty well. types quietly but has a feel like a stock keyboard.
Very Good, but not perfect
September 12, 2015
I normally type at 110 wpm and have used numerous keyboards over the past 30 years. My past faves: Northgate OmniKey 101, Gateway AnyKey, Dell SK-8115, SK-8135. For touch-typing, the Dells were my faves. For feel, the IBM 3270 terminal keyboard was heavenly.I wanted an ergonomic keyboard to go with my standing desk. I bought this keyboard in Aug. 2013 and have been using it every day for 2 years. BTW, I also switched to a Colemak layout.2016-11-12 update.I have gotten quite fond of the dedicated keys: Cut, Copy, and Paste. The "Del" key above the Paste is stupid. I wish they has a Ctrl-A somewhere there instead.The 9 inches of distance is bare minimum for my standup desk setup. Doing it over again, I'd opt for the 20" version.The keyboard should've included a simple USB hub so that I could daisy-chain my USB mouse.Pros: split keyboard with 2 gel mouse pads work great. My hands and arms are relaxed. Pretty quiet.Cons: expensive price, feel (4/5 stars), key heights all the same (Dell had different heights for each row),Improvements wished:1. Move function keys to to left ride like original AT keyboards2. Move 6 key from left side to right.3. Put in useful multimedia keys on top like Dell.4. Eliminate 9 inch cord and standardize on 20 inch cord model.5. Make plastic accessories (vertical keyboard, tils, etc) standard and charge an extra $56. Put USB hub in keyboard so you can daisy-chain mouse.
Great Keyboard
June 30, 2014
I have used this for over a year (got it Feb 2013). Overall, I thought it was a great keyboard, especially because of the space and low key resistance.I got this because I was having a lot of back problems, and I thought it might help to split the keyboard so my hands are straight out. I ended up not using it that way because it was hard to type, and because it made it harder and more stressful to use the mouse. However, it does split apart, pretty far, and works fine that way. I only used it flat without the prop attachments you can get. What I ended up doing is putting it very close together, and basically using it as a mini keyboard, and that worked well, because I could reach the mouse better.One thing that is nice about the keyboard is the amount of resistance on the keys. They aren't too hard to press.There are two things I did not like about the keyboard. 1) the navigation keys (home/end, page up/down). I am a computer programmer, and I use those keys a lot, and this design makes it very difficult to find them without looking at them, even after a year. Probably 30% of the time, I fail to hit the correct key. 2) I don't like having to toggle the Fn key, especially to use Insert, which I commonly use for sending Ctrl+Alt+Delete to Windows VMs, and also for inserting tasks in MS Project. But it was also annoying having to Fn to change the volume, and I wish the volume keys were separate.I am neutral on the special function keys on the left (copy, cut, paste, etc). I hardly used them, because I found it much faster and easier to use the usual shortcuts, like Ctrl+X for cut. However, there were a few times where I wanted a single key to do this on a set of search results or something, so it was nice to have them. But if they weren't there, that would be fine too, saving a little more keyboard space, and maybe giving a better way to plot the navigation keys.
Very pleased with purchase!
January 26, 2016
Have been working from home during inclement weather on a laptop that does not have a numeric keypad. The device was easy to attach and worked great! Very pleased with this purchase.
Worth the money
March 8, 2015
Works great with my Kinesis Freestyle 2 keyboard. Much easier to add data entry than using the QWERTY keyboard alone.
Sweet numpad!
October 22, 2014
Pretty sweet! Now I can use blender. ;-)
Good I suppose
February 15, 2014
but it's not for a MAC so I sent it back. The one for my MAC was much more expensive and probably no better, but I'm used to paying more for the privilage of driving a MAC.

Three Star Reviews:

Good, but overpriced
February 27, 2017
Helps a little with my thumb pain, but overpriced.
Yes it's ergonomic but I hadn't thought about when I ...
November 27, 2016
Yes it's ergonomic but I hadn't thought about when I would want to quickly use the mouse while standing for a quick task such as printing a document. It's very difficult to maneuver the mouse standing.
Skip it unless you are willing to change your habit.
July 11, 2015
A comfortable mouse indeed but am not use to the way of using it. If I wanted to continue using it, have to get a much bigger mouse pad because the movement is not smooth when I use it on my table surface. Eventually, went back to the usual mouse.
Great idea but poor execution.
October 15, 2014
I had hoped this mouse would assist in relieving the pain in the muscles around my metacarpal area and in my wrist. The shape of the mouse makes it nice to the touch, but it was not until 2 weeks of use that I realized it was too small for my hand.Not because I read the sizing chart wrong, but because they put so much space over in the thumb area that really skimped out on the far outside edge area. This left my pinky and ring finger dragging excessively after a while - which caused more tension than my last mouse did. My hand always felt like it was sliding over the front edge, instead of resting comfortably as advertised.If the mouse angle had been 25% steeper, with less emphasis around the thumb area and adding material on the outside edge near trailing fingers, they could easily make a VERY effective ergonomic mouse.The quality of the build is not on par with Logitech, but in the time I had it, had no issues. I would have liked to see more buttons in the form of front/back buttons at least. This was a major feature which losing from previous mice bothered me much more than I expected it to.
Helps side effects of CTS - less painful than any other I've had
October 30, 2013
I use this all the time at work, I recommend this to anyone who has CTS (Carpal Tunnel Syndrome) or alike, and use it with a wrist aid.The mouse keeps charge (battery life) for months! it will go to "sleep" after more than 30 minutes of non-usage, and a click is required to wake it.It is hard to tell the charge of the battery, since there is no indication on the PC (other such as logitech have) and this is important since the battery is non-removable.It seems to work on many surfaces - but I recommend getting a mouse pad - since I do not like the feel of sliding it across my desk.The mouse has a learning curve, and even after months of using it, I still can't point it accurate and fast - so I use it for work, but it slows me down in games that require quick responses such as FPS (First Person Shooter) and strategy games.The front USB port does not make it look like a well thought-of product. It looks like something DIY and somewhat cheap. But looks are not important as much as other features.All in all I think it is a good mouse that does less damage to your wrist, but it's not perfect.
Easy on the hand
December 16, 2012
Good ergonomically, but I'm having trouble to get it working consistently well with my iMac. The cursor isn't instantly responsive to mouse movement, and periodically will skip a couple inches.
Could be a lot better
May 4, 2016
I've been using this mouse since December of 2015 on a Windows 10 workstation. I'm a software developer and often use the mouse 10+ hours each day. After using it for over 4 months I have some observations.Pros:It's comfortable. I like the angle much better than a standard mouse and it's good for power users.The software has a lot of options.Cons:The mouse can be extremely finicky about the surface. I currently use a pad of paper as a mouse pad-a standard mouse pad is too "reflective". It causes the cursor to do odd things such as suddenly jump to the far left monitor.The bottom right button is useless. Since the mouse can't be used on a slick surface, the bottom right button gets accidently pressed a lot when the mouse is moved. I have to keep it disabled so I don't accidently click it while moving.Even on a non-reflective surface the cursor occasionally does odd things. I can hover over something, it highlights, but it occasionally takes 3 or 4 mouse clicks to actually click it. This doesn't happen with a regular mouse, so it's a problem with this one.Battery life is abysmal. As a power user the single battery lasts a week or two at most. The low battery indicator (a small blinking light on the mouse) can be very hard to notice.
It worked great at first
April 29, 2016
I have had this wireless mouse only 40 days/minimal usage and the USB receiver has come apart. I was able to slide the pieces back together, but I now understand why the performance has been spotty. It worked great at first, and the ergonomics felt well thought out, but I have to give it only 3 stars due to the fact that it is no longer usable, and I will have to order a new one to get the replacement USB. Unsure if this is just a quality fluke or true issue. USB was inserted/removed maybe 4 times/not constant or undue wear.
Works as promised and I love the ability to program the different keys and having ...
March 14, 2016
Works as promised and I love the ability to program the different keys and having 3 buttons instead of two. Personally, I could not get used to the vertical position and it was awkward getting used to the click motion. I found my pinkey would fall asleep during periods of prolonged use. Operation is very smooth and easy to program. For the price, it's very light and gives the impression it's not that well made. Even with the wide base, I frequently knocked it over, or would move it inadvertently. If you have wrist issues, I would certainly give it a try as the issues I have with it are personal, and subjective.
Made very well but I liked the Anker better.
August 6, 2015
I got this to help with some RSI that I have been getting in my wrist and fingers. I also got the Anker at the same time. I personally liked the Anker better. The Evoluent sits straight up and the Anker is tilted slightly so my hands sits on it a little better. The Evoluent is very high quality. Also, it felt a little large for my hand. The Anker is smaller. I think it might be a preference thing. Get both and try them.
Poor quality laser
February 16, 2015
Bought this for my boyfriend for christmas and the laser was really laggy and inaccurate. His work mouse is the same thing but older and it has a different laser and works great, but this one had a laser made by a different company and it is noticeably worse. I feel like this mouse would be fine for most users but my boyfriend needed an very accurate mouse so if your looking for something high quality I wouldn't choose this mouse.
Not precise enough
February 6, 2013
I have been using this mouse for two days . .still not sure if I shouldn't return it. Based on prior reviews, I was worried about connectivity and installation, but I had no problem. Installed with no issues (Windows 7). No connectivity issues. I use it on a wood desk without mouse pad. The programmable buttons are great. I was having a lot of wrist and shoulder pain and it is helpful in alleviating it, but not quite as much as I'd hoped. that may take time. My issue is that precision is really lacking. You want the cursor in a particular spot -- it may take you a couple of tries (compared with my old mouse where that was never an issue). Right now, I am using it for basic word processing and web surfing. I had hoped to use it for photo editing. It is barely adequate for my work/office use -- I am only putting up with it because of the decrease in pain but keep my other mouse available for when the lack of precision gets too bothersome. I think it will be useless for the detailed photo editing I'd hope to use it for and will keep looking for another alternative. I also wish the batteries were rechargeable like my other mouse, but that is a small point.
Verdict is still out on this one
September 29, 2017
I just got this yesterday and connected it. I like the wrist position with the base attached and the wrist rest is padded and comfortable. My negatives are: the function keys are smaller than the rest of the keys and recessed slightly so it makes them more difficult to reach to naturally without looking at them and there is a dip switch on the keyboard to swap from standard function keys to alternate functions. This is very odd in a newer design. I'm very used to pressing a fn key for the alternate functions so physically switching the setting is odd. The other drawback that thus far I am NOT liking is the separate number pad. It's flat and detached so it's not convenient to use regularly as you would a number pad that is integrated. Not convinced yet that I will keep it. I'll give it a full 10 hours of work today and decide how annoyed I am by the number pad being separate and the function keys not being easily used.
Nice to type on, weird edit/cursor keys.
August 13, 2017
I've had a few of the Microsoft Ergonomic Keyboard 4000s and decided to try the wireless keyboard out when I moved back to the US for a new job. For context, I haven't been diagnosed with any sort of issue that makes an ergo keyboard necessary (I'm fine using my laptop keyboard for days on end). This is simply to make typing at my desk more comfortable.Things I like:- Chiclet-style keys require considerably less effort to type than the Ergo 4000- Much smaller footprint on the desk (especially if the 10-key is kept separately)Things I don't like:- Key layout for arrows and ins/del/home/end/pgup/pgdown is goofy. Resembles a laptop I had a while ago that I never quite agreed with.- 10-key is separate - impossible to get started with muscle memory.Overall, I like it, but would love it if the 10-key was attached and it had the normal edit/cursor keys. Which sounds an awful lot like its successor, the Surface Ergo Keyboard. Since my new job isn't as Excel-heavy as my old job, I think I'll keep it.
Feels good, but with some problems...
May 8, 2017
I bought this keyboard to replace a wired Fellows ergo keyboard that was giving me problems. At first, the keyboard was working great. Nice key feel and the wireless worked great. Also, I really like the separate number pad, especially since I'm left-handed and often wished the number pad on keyboards was on the left. However, after about a week, the SPACE bar on the left side (which I usually use) started being finicky. This is a problem, as I find myself having to backspace constantly to retype spaces. It is incredibly FRUSTRATING, since I am a coder and one space can make the difference in the code working or NOT. I will try to hang in with it for a while longer, because I love the feel of the keys and how the rest of the keyboard works. But if this persists, I will have to either return it or throw it against a wall. (JK)
Great keyboard with one annoying issue
April 13, 2017
So this is my first ergonomic keyboard and I really like it so far! I used it at work so I don't use a lot of "media" or "gaming" functions - so I'm looking at this from clearly a business standpoint. It's a mostly great keyboard with one annoying issue which is why I reduced it 1 star. The issue is that every once in a while (seemingly random) the key will stick digitally. So the key on the keyboard doesn't seem to stick (that I can see or at least isn't noticeable) but it will continue to press on the screen. So if I hit "L" as my last key typed it would type out "LLLLLLLLLLLLL" until I hit backspace. Like I said, it appears to be random but I would say I run into it like once a day maybe.Besides that the keyboard is very comfortable and isn't too loud when I type. It took me a little bit to get used to the split keyboard but I really like the keyboard besides that one issue I mentioned.UPDATE:I'm actually going to downgrade to 3 stars because the "key sticking" issue I described above is occurring slightly more often and is causing some issues with things I am working on. If it weren't for this issue I would probably rate it between 4 and 5 stars.A better way to describe this would be "phantom keystrokes" as someone has mentioned in another comment. It's getting very annoying to deal with. I have read that this may be a faulty product. So, I'm going to try using a different USB port on my computer and if it still occurring I will see if I can return it and get a new one to test. Will update rating if this is fixed or I receive a new one.
I purchased this one because f the removable key pad which allows me t center the KB much better and have the muse more cmfrtabl
July 27, 2016
I'm a huge prpment f the ergnomic keybards. I've previusly wned the Microsoft KB 3000 and 4000. I purchased this one because f the removable key pad which allows me t center the KB much better and have the muse more cmfrtably accessible. The keys are also more shallow n this KB than in my old 4000. I gave this KB 3 stars because the key placement is not so great. The "Enter" key seems a bit f a reach (but I checked it against my old ne and it was the same.) The arrow keys are als a little out f the way, but that's not such an issue fr me as I dn't use them that much.Yu may have nticed by nw the strange spelling. This is because the "O" key n my brand new KB wrks nly itermitently. Annying, right!? I'm hping that this is because I gt a bad KB and that it's not a cmmn issue. I've already put in a return request fr this KB and will be receiving the replacement tmrrow, hopefully. And even more hopefully, I hope that the new ne functins perfectly.I'll try t remember to update my review after I've used the new ne fr sme time.
Space bar trouble
June 27, 2016
The shape and feel of this product is awesome, I love it, but with one problem. The right space key does not always work. I end having to backspace several keystrokes because of a lack of space between some words. It trips up my line of thought when I have to go back and correct. During the course of writing this review it only did it twice, but sometimes it can happen several times in one sentence.I think I will ask for a replacement product, and hope the second is not like the first. Otherwise, this is my favorite keyboard I've ever used.
Disappointing quality and sloppy key movement.
October 2, 2017
Compared to an apple keyboard the key movement feels sloppy and imprecise. Disappointed.Build quality is cheap molded plastic, certainly not what you would expect for the price.
average keyboard with some unfortunate layouts but split design is great
July 4, 2017
The split design definitely is very flexible and allows you to find the most comfortable wrist placement. The keys are just average and don't feel very good when typing. There is an ever so slight bit of uncomfortable resistance from the keys when you press down on them.The most annoying thing is somehow they feel that it's OK to change the placement of the ESC key and put the F1 keys at where it should be, and making the whole function keys shift to the left by one, yet at the same time, keeping the rarely used PrntScr and Pause/Break key at their usual locations. They could've moved those keys anywhere yet choose to move the ESC key! The left Ctrl/Window/Alt key are definitely smaller than usual and I felt it immediately.Keyboard also doesn't come with any built-in stands at all and you have to shell out some good money for external stands.The 9" split space is barely enough though if you want maximum flexibility at split placement, you might want to get the 20" version.
I was hoping I could use this on my lap. You cant!
June 17, 2017
I was hoping I could use this on my lap. You can't!Pretty nice keyboard, sturdy and well laid out otherwise.
Three Stars
May 27, 2017
Like it but overpriced in my opinion.
Too expensive! Works great.
May 23, 2017
Still using! Love it! My hand pain went right away! Too expensive though!
Doesn't always work - I had to turn it off ...
August 11, 2016
Doesn't always work - I had to turn it off and on to get it to recognize with the computer.
This worked well but I need to go back to ...
September 3, 2016
This worked well but I need to go back to a different key board. The Kinesis did not work well for me and started increasing thumb pain. It is also all wired and takes up a lot of room.

Two Star Reviews:

Difficult to use. Not a gaming mouse in any ...
October 26, 2015
Difficult to use. Not a gaming mouse in any sense of the word.
Only 2 buttons?
February 8, 2015
Great fit, but for $110, it should have more then 2 buttons. Returned it for refund.
... my hand started bugging me and gradually got more painful while using a Logitech M570 trackball mouse
October 26, 2014
Bought this after my hand started bugging me and gradually got more painful while using a Logitech M570 trackball mouse. This still requires the hand to lay horizonally and isnt much different than a traditional mouse to me. Returned it for an Evoluent 4. For the money, the Evoluent is of much higher build quality, comes with more features, is smaller, and more importantly...works and feels completely natural to hold.
Two Stars
September 15, 2014
Wireless reception was really bad with this mouse and in general it feels rather cheaply put together.
January 15, 2014
I gave it a try. It looks like it may be helpful from an ergonomic standpoint. The thing that makes it bad is where the heel of your hand rests. It causes the front of the mouse to lift up and therefore the cursor skips. So, I had to make a conscious effort to put the weight of my hand on the front of the mouse.I sent it back.
Interesting concept, but the size, and terrible buttons make it hard to use
November 26, 2012
I'm a big fan of ergonomic mice, since I have to sit at a desk and use one for 10 hours straight. I've tried quite a few, Evoluent's Vertical Mouse, a "Pen Mouse" (mouse held like a pen), the pen and tablet mouse, all different models of the Logitech Trackballs (the discontinued FX is still my favorite), etc. And so when I saw this one with its odd shape and seemingly sound concept, I had to try it. When it first arrived and I took it out of the box, I was amazed at how incredibly large it was. I followed the sizing guide and purchased a medium to fit my hand, since I fell right in the middle of the range for medium. Now to the Pros and Cons:First, Pros:- keeps your hands from rubbing on the surface of the desk- position of the hand is very comfortable, probably the best out of all the mice I've tried- it's an excellent conversation starter. It really looks like a spaceship.Now.. Cons:- I use a Workrite ergonomic keyboard tray, and the mouse took up the entire mouse support, and so it made it difficult to maneuver- The buttons are really tough to press, and the actuation force is too high to truly make it an ergonomic mouse- unfortunately the battery life is pretty terrible. I have a Logitech MX Performance mouse and that thing lasts for weeks of continuous use. This one lasts for a few days before I have to plug in- the chord that comes with the mouse is way too short, and is so stiff that when you have it plugged in, it's hard to move around- and lastly, the size of the mouse gets in it's own way. Although I understand the need to have that extra material underneath the palm, it just doesn't fit on a keyboard tray. I used it on a desk and it seemed to be better. But that means to use this mouse, I have to use it on a desk that elevates my hand and puts pressure on my shoulder. which defeats the ergonomic reason I purchased it to begin with.It was a very interesting concept, and I feel like if I had a desk at the proper level, or had a larger keyboard tray, there might have been something there. But the high force buttons, and terrible wheel are the real deal killer for me. Especially with the high price point of this mouse. I'm disappointed, but still support the company's goal, and applaud the innovative approach they took to redesign.
Not the same mouse as 3 years ago - does not track smoothly
April 4, 2017
I bought my original version of this mouse 3 years ago, and then recently purchased this as a replacement after the old one died. I loved the old mouse and this one is terrible by comparison. The scroll wheel is loud, which I could deal with, but my real complaint is that the mouse doesn't always track smoothly and freezes on my screen when my computer is processing. This did not happen to my old version of the same mouse. I love the ergonomics of this mouse but the lack of precision is driving my crazy. What happened?
Good shape, but too many other issues.
February 3, 2016
The mouse has a comfortable hand position and lots of extra programmable buttons which could be handy. Unfortunately, the mouse has other ergonomic problems for me. I have a lot of screen area, so to move the cursor all the way across the screen I have to pan to the side, pick the mouse up and move it back, then put it down and pan more. This mouse is hard plastic without any "grippy" rubber feel to it, and coupled with the ergonomic shape, it's not possible to pan in this manner. Another issue, though somewhat minor, is that the mouse is light and quite cheap feeling compared to my MS natural mouse. Lastly, the battery compartment cover seems like an afterthought and is quite difficult to remove.
Great mouse, too bad it breaks.
November 10, 2015
I would give this product 1 star if I didn't love the feel of it so much. It has eased my arm pain considerably. I have fairly large hands an it's the only mouse I've used that feels comfortable. I've bought 2 of these in the past 4 years and they've both failed in the same way. In under 2 years of usage the left mouse button starts to double (or even triple) click with a single click. This is infuriating when you're trying to use the mouse for work or gaming. If this were a $20 mouse I wouldn't care, I'd just buy another, but spending $50+ a year on a mouse is too much for me. I tried other solutions after the first broke and found the other vertical mice uncomfortable. I will try this brand again if a new version comes out. If you're looking for a comfortable vertical mouse and have money to burn buy this, otherwise stay away.
Good Idea, Driver Needs Help
August 25, 2015
The good: I've only been using it for about a week now and the parts of my wrist that were hurting are no longer bothering me. The buttons are placed well, easily accessible and easily programmed using Evoluent's driver.The bad: The programmable buttons function on whatever window the cursor is currently over, not necessarily the program you are currently using. I've spoken with Evoluent's tech support and they are aware of this issue. Their current driver (v5.5) has this issue and they do not expect it to be fixed in their upcoming release for Windows 10. I have never had this problem with any other mouse. This is the primary reason for my two star review. In relation to the ergonomics, other parts of my wrist that never bothered me are starting to be sore (This may simply be because my muscles are not accustomed to the motion.) and because of the orientation of your wrist it is not as easy to make small precise movements.
February 10, 2015
Works great to relieve the pain I've been having in my forearm from the use of a regular mouse.Unfortunately this mouse is too 'glitchy'. The pointer skips around the screen on occasion (every few minutes). For $100 this thing should be perfect. I get better pointer response out of a $10 wireless mouse.
Total Junk
February 5, 2015
I had been using a top of the line Logitech laser mouse for many years until my hand started cramping regularly and my wrist began aching. My wife loaned me her wired Evoluent mouse (VM2) and after a few weeks all of that pain went away. Thinking I'd found a brand with some quality I ordered this mouse, the VM4 Wireless. What a piece of junk. The exterior looks nice, but that's as far as it goes.Oddly, the exterior doesn't fit my hand as well as this old VM2. I found it uncomfortable and awkward. The internals must be the same as a $5 mouse. The tracking is terrible: pointer jumps at random, moves on its own when the mouse is idle, and was not precise enough for Photoshop or Solidworks modeling. The random jumping had me ready to throw this thing across the room. If you find yourself doing more than scrolling web pages with your mouse, I DO NOT RECOMMEND this product. It just isn't worth the cost.I debated taking this thing apart and retro-fitting the parts from a Logitech mouse into it. But then I thought better of it and decided to return this POJ back to its maker. There are $20 versions of these vertical mice out there (Anker) that could be used for that more economically. Save your money and the headaches and avoid this mouse.
Broke in seven months, the Microsoft warranty is worthless.
October 4, 2017
This keyboard stopped working seven months after I bought it. I gave it two stars because when it works, it's a great keyboard.I purchased the extra warranty on this item because so many reviewers mentioned the short life issue of this product. When I tried to make a claim with Square Trade, they told me that it was still under manufacturer warranty and to contact Microsoft. When I called Microsoft, the person I talked to first tried to sell me a service plan. Then she told me to contact the manufacturer of the keyboard. When I told her that it was a Microsoft product, she started asking me what kind of computer I had. I told her I thought that was irrelevant since we are talking about a broken keyboard. I tried it on another computer, I changed the batteries, I reinstalled the drivers, I pulled out some hairs and cried before I called to make a warranty claim. Even though she insisted that I had the right department and she was a warranty claim person, she continually asked me the same questions over and over. Where did I buy it? What kind of computer do I have? Do I have a service contract with Microsoft? She told me to call the manufacturer of my computer for my warranty claim, then she told me to contact Amazon for the warranty claim. I asked several times if I had the right department and should I call someone else? I asked repeatedly to talk with her manager, which she refused. Then she hung up on me. You might think I was rude to her, but I was insistent and polite.I guess I can wait until March and make a claim with Square Trade. I looked everywhere online to find out how to make a warranty claim with Microsoft, but never found anything. It's obvious that Microsoft won't honor any warranty and just wants to run an endurance contest with its customers.
Worked great briefly, then died
July 8, 2017
This keyboard is much superior ergonomically for my hands to the earlier Microsoft popular ergo keyboard or any other one I've tried. The removed keypad being clutch so your mouse usage doesn't force a weird angle on your hand (they shoudn't even ship those).However, right now < 6 months after buying it, it just completely stopped working. Not quite--it seems like a Wifi/Bluetooth issue (not sure what tech it uses to connect to its USB key) because it seems to go to sleep after I take a pause of a few seconds, and then never wakes up until I disconnect a battery.So no, for $200 per year (would have to get a new one), it's not great. I'll still buy it because my hands hurt otherwise, but I wish they'd just stick with a cord. It's rarely a hassle and we're clearly not there yet with wireless gadgets.
Caveat emptor!
March 28, 2017
The space bar is unreliable. It's hard do mistype a space and I'venever [see] had so much trouble with the space bar with any other keyboard. There is zero doubtthat I am hitting the spacebar where you see those words run together. Other people seem to be reporting this problem as well. Now I have to file a warranty claim = PITA.Other thanthat [and again!] pretty good.I [Agggh] prefer a good solid click whenI [getting old yet??] type, but noise complaints made me check out this keyboard. It'sgot [last one; you know what's going on now] decent tactile feedback andgood ergonomics.Update: I sent it in under warranty and they replaced it without much fuss. I do have to pay return shipping on the old one, but they cross-shipped.
First of all this is a very comfortable keyboard. The palm rest works well to relieve ...
May 6, 2015
First of all this is a very comfortable keyboard. The palm rest works well to relieve the impact on the wrist and the shape of the keyboard feels very natural.I am giving it two stars since we purchased two of these for the office and one of them needs a battery replaced every other day while the other one is still on the original battery that came the keyboard. Both keyboards get the same amount of use ~40 hours per week. I wish this keyboard came in a wired version for the same price I would definitely get two more - one for the office and one for home.
The design of this keyboard is amazing, but it failed on me in two ways
November 24, 2014
The design of this keyboard is amazing, but it failed on me in two ways:1. Some keys can't be held down at the same time. I discovered that when typing certain words that end with "rt" that I hold the 'r' key down briefly as I go to hit the 't' key. This keyboard won't register the 't' input if the 'r' key is also being held. It was causing me to mistype a lot of words. When I type the same words on my Apple laptop directly this doesn't happen.2. The alt/option key started "sticking" (not the key cover itself, but electo-mechcanical mechanism below it) on me after 6 months of use. And, no, the keyboard was not dirty at all. The "sticking" got so bad that I ultimately had to buy a new keyboard.I won't be buying this keyboard again.
Sending this thing off to Craigslist
July 2, 2014
I've been using my Sculpt Ergonomic keyboard for over a month now, and I hate to say I'm pushing it aside and going back to my old Ergo 4000 keyboard that MS put out.First, though, the things that I do like about the Sculpt Ergonomic keyboard:1) Design looks pretty good, in my opinion. It's sleek and definitely sculptural looking, and pared down to about the minimum it can be to contain the keys in an ergonomic factor.2) I LOVE having the front edge riser. I've never been a fan of keyboards that tilt up the back edge. To me, that means you have to bend your wrists back, which seems like a pretty bad position to type for long periods of time. Front risers may seem strange looking, but when you put your hands on them to type, you put your wrists in a more natural bend for typing. I like the fact that the riser that comes with the keyboard is magnetic, too.3) I liked the feel of the keys while I was typing on it. YMMV on that one though, depending on your preferences.Now what I didn't like about it:1) I wasn't crazy about separating the numeric keypad off to a separate unit. Another battery to keep on hand (and a different KIND of battery at that). Some people love this aspect of this keyboard, so this is really a personal preference thing.2) I missed some of the extra, dedicated keys that my older Ergo 4000 keyboard had: Vol up/down/mute, play/pause, user programmable ones, etc. At least the Sculpt Ergo kept the dedicated key for bringing up the calculator.And here's what really made me rate it at just two stars and give it up:Keys would stick! Not physically, but there was something weird in the way the wireless connectivity worked that hitting a key would often (multiple times a day) would register the key press, but not the key release, and so it assumed they key was held down when it wasn't. Spaces are harmless enough with this, but it happened way too often with the delete key. I'd hit delete to get rid of one email, and then suddenly realize the key was stuck and was killing off every email, one right after another. Grrrrr!!! Like I said, it wasn't a physical key sticking issue. It has to be with the driver or wireless connectivity. If it's the wireless connectivity, then God help Microsoft, because my keyboard was literally only about 10 inches from the transceiver plugged in to the USB port! (Which is why I really don't need or care that much about having a wireless keyboard to begin with.)Having to constantly be paranoid that the keys would stick when editing a document, or performing functions in email, etc is just not something I feel like I want or should need to do with a keyboard...Sooooo... off to Craigslist it goes!
Useless without the separate raiser accessories
July 20, 2016
Useless without the separate raiser accessories
Not for Linux users or developers
November 21, 2015
The problem I had with this keyboard is the bad placement of the keys to the left of the keyboard. If I attempted to tab and missed, the Web home key was the that was hit and on more than one occasion I had a web browser load when hit. Also the Web Back and Web Forward keys are nearby and I had the misfortune of accidentally hitting those while working on filling out a web form. Had to start over more than once. Otherwise, it works as it said but I find that it would take some getting used to and a lot of hair pulling before you do. Returning.
May 21, 2015
I am a software engineer and teach computer science. I spend a lot of my time working on a computer. I purchased this keyboard to minimize the stresses that I put on my hands and wrists. I've been using this keyboard almost exclusively for about a month now and I have to say that I am disappointed. This split keyboard is a nice feature; my hands do feel better. However, it is just a bad keyboard. The keys are mushy at best; I can never really tell if a key press was successful without looking at the monitor. This is especially important when entering grades or any other bulk data-entry. This may be my set-up, but the USB interface is unstable. There have been several times where the keyboard seems to stop working. Unplugging and plugging it in again fixes the problem, but no other keyboard needs this. In conclusion, this is a good idea that was poorly executed.
Splurging on a keyboard that works best with accessory equipment that drive the total cost well ...
February 16, 2015
*Waiting to get resolution regarding failed column of keys.Issue: Splurging on a keyboard that works best with accessory equipment that drive the total cost well over $130 is extremely frustrating if the 1, q, a, z, alt keys are non-responsive.Hoping to provide an update shortly after hearing back from the seller. I do not expect hardware to be without bugs, but to have keys fail within < 75 days of use is not encouraging. Hoping for a replacement or refund despite being just outside of the return window. Will update upon resolution...
Marvelous while it worked
January 20, 2015
Wanting a flatter, wider keyboard than most ergo keyboards can be, the K2 seemed like a perfect solution, and it was everything I'd hoped it would be ... for about 25 days. Even the odd Del key placement didn't phase me; I was delighted. For 24 days it was the answer to all my keyboard dreams, and then for no reason the "e" stopped working, and only the "e". Being a PC, I rebooted thinking it was a software issue and it worked. Until the end of the day I had my " e". But when I came to work on the 25th day not only was I "e"-less, but "c" & "d" weren't working anymore either. After confirming none of the Functions were active, troubleshooting, and rebooting, I packed it back up and returned it to Amazon.
Wish I could design my own keyboard
September 9, 2014
I like that the keyboard is split and that there is no number pad on the right which allows the mouse to be much closer to the keyboard.Cons:No way to tilt the keyboard, no tilt legs (without buying an accessory)Two columns of keys on the right are useless and a waste. Should really be removed to make the keyboard shorter.Function key in the wrong place. It is in the position of the control key on a regular keyboard.Delete key too far up.
Two Stars
July 26, 2017
the keypad is fairly thin. I expected more height and thickness.

One Star Reviews:

Twilight zone
June 30, 2017
Terrible. It feels too weird. I expected different when searching for a product to save my job. Feels like Martian mobile.
Wireless is terrible
August 29, 2016
I LOVE the Handshoe design and i do think it is ergonomic and helps with carpal tunnel pain.That being said the Wireless functionality of this mouse is TERRIBLE. You have to charge the mouse to work and the charge does not last long AT ALL. do not buy the WIRELESS VERSION.ugh i wish i could return this but it is 2 days past 30 days.ARGH.
Not a good ergo. mouse for long fingers
October 28, 2015
I use an older Microsoft Natural Laser 6000 mouse at work, which has been a great fit for years. I now need to get something just as good for home use. This mouse doesn't feel right and actually caused discomfort in my fingers from the start. I returned it immediately.
Very disappointed in how it feels on the arm
August 18, 2015
Very disappointed in how it feels on the arm. I use MS Project and Excel and this just did not feel good after a day's use. I gave it about three weeks before I switched to left hand regular mouse.
I am not happy with my purchase
May 31, 2015
I am not happy with my purchase. This mouse is very difficult to maneuver, and is frequently not responsive. Also I need to reset it every tine I reboot. I am very unhappy with the price I paid. I based my decision on many very positive reviews, but have not experienced the improvements in hand comfort that I'd hoped for that many users described.
or just useless. The charge barely lasts a day
November 24, 2014
Do not buy from Jestiq. My mouse is either defective, or just useless. The charge barely lasts a day, and who wants to keep a cordless mouse plugged in?? Jestiq's customer service was useless, and refused to replace it, as I didn't realize that the battery didn't keep a charge until shortly after the return window. I bought a mouse bean, also from Amazon at the same time, and while I use both mouses (mice?) I have to say the mouse bean is better, as long as you super glue it on...and is 10% of the cost of this. As far this product, it is okay, and I use it on occasion but it is very large (even though sized appropriately for me)
Great when it works
April 17, 2017
Bought this mouse to help with wrist problems. It is great when it works. After 2 months, it keeps pausing and then will die, then I have to remove the battery for a while to get it to work again. Trying to contact the manufacturer is also a nightmare. The phone number I received rings and rings and then hangs up. No voicemail. When you pay $$ for a mouse....... it shouldn't break after two months.
Surface is slippery. Typical "IMPROVEMENT" that makes the product poor
July 11, 2016
I've used this style mouse from Evoluent for years. I loved it.I hate this model. The surface has changed and it's too slippery. I can't even grip it anymore. I had to rub it with stick stuff to make it grippable. I have to lick my fingers - to get a grip. Sorry you guys messed up a great productUPDATE: I've been working with this mouse for over a month now and continue to get frustrated with it. For me - it would be perfect EXCEPT for the slippery surface. When I spoke to Bradley at customer service I was told basically you are SOL. I've had it too long to return and, except for defects, they won't take it back. I even asked to just swap with the older models and they would not do it. I consider this a defect but they would have nothing of it.I was told I'm not "using the mouse properly" (seriously??). I work on a desk with 3-4 screens. I have to slightly pick up the mouse to get it to span from monitor to monitor. This mouse is too slippery to do that...so now I am going to Physical Therapy for my RSI and I believe part of the reason for this is the slippery surface. I have to clutch it much harder to get a grip.SO - when you have crappy customer service like that...and a product that lost it's integrity - means the company doesn't really care about YOU. This mouse is for people RSI - people who HURT and have pain..and to not collaborate with the customer to ensure satisfaction - to reduce pain sucks - particularly for so much money.I won't buy an Evoluent again...and I have many years of mousing ahead of me. I will find another product. Suggestions??UPDATE: 8/4/2016 - Customer service at this company stinks. You don't spent 100.00 on a mouse because you want bull..one does that because you have pain in your hands and the mouse is supposed to help you not hurt you. I don't want them to tell me that I can't return it because it is over 30 days. I am now using a J-Tech Digital and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT. it's 1/4 the prices. Bad customer service here. Not work the money
Frozen cursor on Evoluent mouse
May 23, 2016
In July 2015 I bought this wireless mouse through Amazon. In the Fall I began to experience freezing of the cursor on-screen perhaps once per hour of use. Restarting the computer eliminated the problem but with loss of content. In November, it seemed to happen more frequently when returning from SLEEP mode than from a standing start. I contacted Evoluent customer service who told me to simply remove and re-insert the usb receiver from the usb port. This worked without loss of content but I had to repeat the actions each time the cursor froze. Irritating! Evoluent sent me a replacement receiver and the problem continued on a Windows 7 notebook and on a brand new Windows 10 notebook. This expensive mouse should not be having any problems with basic functioning. The company wants me to mail the mouse back for them to check, but I need a mouse for daily use! The company should have shipped me a replacement.
Didn't work out of box!!!!! Just wasted so much of time.
February 17, 2016
Piece of bad product.Did not work after taking out of box. Paid over $100 to get this mouse.Called customer care of Evoluent (650 871 1365) and they tried to troubleshoot the problem. No luck.After putting in three different AA batteries and turning on the Green light, the light won't show up on Evoluent logo.Installed Evoluent software on MAC too to see if that can help to get the mouse working but no luck.Overall, piece of bad bad bad product.Seems like they did not even care to test product before selling.Save your time and don't buy from this seller.
Does not working properly on MAC OS X Al Capitan
August 26, 2015
Compared to other vertical ergonomic mice out there, this one is pretty expense. However I still purchased it under the impression (mostly advertised on the vendor website) that this mouse has a very strong software and almost every common mac action can be configured. However when I got the mouse and installed the software, it was a different story. First the software did not work properly, and after calling the vendor support number, the operator told me that he was aware that the software does not work with MAC OS Al Capitan 10.11 and that the owner of company might not bother to have it fixed, so I should resort to some generic controller software out there. I tried generic software and most crashed my laptop several times. Anyways without proper software and proper commitment from vendor, this mouse is not worth the money. I have finally shipped it back for refund.
Overpriced and relief not as good as others. HW doesn't last long at all!!! I still miss my trackball.
July 28, 2014
While the angle is supposed to be more beneficial, it doesn't do as good relieving carpal tunnel as my work provided 3M Ergonomic mouse. Yes, it has a ton more buttons and features but, it was replacing the Microsoft Explorer trackball at home which I loved and for the cost of this mouse, I don't think I'm getting the same level of relief. Let's face it, I do 99% left click, right click, or wheel and every other device could have done that as well as this expensive device. Too much money for too little benefit. I recommend you strongly consider what features you really need.Update July 11, 2015. I've been using the mouse over a year now and I've come to realize how flaky it is. The wheel scrolls up on the screen half the time when I roll it down. The scroll wheel is junk! It started doing this shortly after the return period so I was left with no other return option and I've been forced to live with it. I definitely don't recommend this product - you are better off with the 3M joystick mouse which I use at work (http://www.amazon.com/3M-Ergonomic-Optical-Compatible-EM500GPL/dp/B00008KWWF). While not very feature rich, it is reliable and has lasted me over 6 years! It was 1/2 the price of this too!!!
Some Regrets
October 12, 2017
I am not sure what to think just yet.This keyboard was purchased to replace my Microsoft Ergo 7000Pros:The set up was flawlessThe curve and spread work well for me.The tilt works well for me.It looks coolThe function switch is pretty nice.Cons:The separate keypad for numbers is awkward, and it is flat.The enter button on the bottom right of every keyboard is not there, it is on the separate keypad, and my muscle memory is having fits.The buttons do not even come close to the nice click the 7000 had.The escape key is too small; I had no idea how much I beat that key until this keyboard made it painfully obvious.The keyboard sometimes goes to sleep and, waking it up required pulling out the USB dongle and plugging it back in.I wish I had bought the Microsoft Surface Ergonomic Keyboard instead just for the keypad issue., in fact I am going to return this one and get the Surface Ergo.What I really wish is MS would bring the Ergo 7000 back, that was the hands down the best keyboard I ever owned.
10 on form, 0 on function.
March 1, 2017
What I like about it:It feels good to type on it. Very comfortable, even if it looks a little weird. The separate number pad is nice too, since I rarely use it, but when I do the rest of the keyboard tends to be superfluous.The key action is smooth and quiet; the unit is light, but stays steady under my hands. It also looks cool.What I don't like about it:The communication with the dongle is for the birds. I've never experienced a wireless device (and I've had quite a few) that would hesitate and malfunction the way this one does. If I don't type a key for 5 seconds, the dongle apparently shuts off. I wouldn't have a problem with that if it weren't for the fact that when it turns back on, it at least remembered the first character you typed; it doesn't though, so I have to constantly backspace to add the first character I typed back into my typing; it's a very jarring experience. Additionally, some times when I "wake it up", it goes crazy, and starts auto-repeating characters across my screen. What the heck?Also, I'll be in the middle of typing and the dongle will just... stop. The only way to get it to work again is by unplugging it and plugging it back in. Infuriating.I've read on the internet how to disable the power-save feature, but that does not seem to solve the problem.I'll be looking for a new keyboard now.
Bad wrles [wireless] keyboard
September 28, 2016
Honest review of my experience, without any edits to show is problems [I pressed t and pressed . but they didn't register]I bought this either here or at BestBuy. At first I liked the keyboard, but over time it has proved frustrating.PROS:First, the shape and size is nice, but that's really all that there is to like about it in my opinion.CONS:I have two main problems.(1) There's a alag between the receiver and the keyboard, I assume, so that keys repeat or are drod [dropped - lol that it didn't receive "dropped"]. I have a PC and I can plug the receiver into one of the front USB 3.0 ports, which is closer to the keyboard, and it works a little better. But, if I do that it causes different problems (see below).(2) In Windows 10, when I wake from sleep, there's a repeating key (I presume because there's no way to check). My password field is full of dots that are repeating. If you do a google search for this problem, you'll find that many users experience this. Also, after waking from sleep, the Backspace key no longer functions. Additionally, functions like CTRL+D do not work. If I got to a keyboard testing program, the program provides an audible tone indicating that a keyhas been pressed but there's no inpt.ITs bizarre. You can plawiththe drivrs [play with the drivers] or change sb [usb] settings in theeDevice Manager. But nothing changes.Cannot recommend. It's simply a bad product.
I had high hopes...but it doesn't work for me.
August 15, 2016
1. I was never able to get used to the weird placement of the keys along the right-hand edge of the keyboard. The page up/page down, home/end, backspace/delete/enter arrangement just never made sense to my fingers; I was constantly hitting page down when I meant end, or something. I don't even know. I just jumped around documents randomly.2. The 6 is on the wrong side of the keyboard split for how I type; I normally type it with my right forefinger, and I tried to retrain myself to type it with the left forefinger, but it didn't work and just confuses my fingers when I switch between keyboards.3. The shape doesn't work for my particular arm/wrist/hand issues. It hurts more than a flat keyboard.
Not Worth Buying Unless You Thrive on Frustration
June 12, 2016
Save your time and money. Purchased this keyboard last year at the end of April. By February, many of the keys no longer responded and it became impossible to use. Requested and received a replacement that only lasted four months before it quit working, too. While the keyboard's design is exceptional, the quality of the product is abysmal.The lifespan of a keyboard like this should be measured in years, not months. Very disappointed in this purchase. Many reviewers here have reached the same conclusion. Microsoft is producing and selling a dodgy product and they know it. At the very least they should offer their dissatisfied customers a different model ergonomic keyboard free of charge.As it stands, the Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Keyboard for Business is not worth owning.Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Keyboard for Business (5KV-00001 )
Really wanted to like this, but the wireless interface is junk.
January 22, 2016
I previously had a Microsoft Ergo 4000, and had liked quite a bit, but had switched to the Kensis Advantage for most of my work. For home and away from my main keyboard, I was looking for a device that was narrower than the 4000, and offered some of the ergo benefits. I liked how this keyboard didn't have the numpad, but was worried of the wireless, since I work and live in a high-RF environment.I was right to be worried.This keyboard is next to useless if you have any more than a slight amount of RF noise in your work environment. Maybe 1 out of 20 key presses actually registered with the computer (even after replacing the batteries, positioning the USB dongle in a bunch of different ways and with different extenders, and a handful of other attempted fixes that shouldn't have been necessary). The keys were comfortable, and the magnetic negative-tilt attachment was great, but the wireless interface was unacceptable. If Microsoft had a wired version of this keyboard, it would be perfect, but as-is, it's garbage.
Does not work with KVM switches.
July 7, 2016
Does not work with KVM switches.A $100 keyboard should at least have the basic capability that the $5 keyboard that comes with your PC does.It only works for about 5 minutes at a time (sometimes 10!) when connected to a KVM before a key gets stuck (in fact just now while writing this review the y key got stuck)and the only thing that fixes it is to unplug and plug back in. Over and over. All day.
Like many others have mentioned
April 19, 2016
Like many others have mentioned, braindead key placement.Sure, I've remapped the keys. But then when I want to use my laptop on-the-go, without the keyboard, the keys are now all out of order.If Kinesis was going to make such odd key placement, they should have made the keyboard programmable.
One Star
March 13, 2016
Did not help my wrist pain. I don't think mechanical key board will be helpful for my wist pain.and Seller service is very bad. i returned item little over a month- 5 weeks. The returned me just 70% of actual amount i paid.bad service.
Stopped working after 2 weeks
November 5, 2015
After two weeks of usage, several keys stop working. I used this keyboard at work for better ergonomics. I like the feel of the keys. I am very disappointed with it. It is not eligible for returns as it is past one month of purchase.
Revised review...second keyboard failed in just over a month; first failed in 24 hours
July 5, 2015
Review updated to say: No Longer Recommend. The first keyboard failed within a day. The second lasted, with problems that were fixable by unplugging/replugging usb. Now, three days after end of ability to return for refund, the keyboard has failed entirely. Too bad. I really wanted to use it but won't try Kinesis again.I'd probably give this keyboard a 3.5 star rating if I could. It's good, but not perfect.Pro: The ability to space the two sections far apart really does relieve an enormous amount of stress on the shoulders, front of the shoulder joint, upper arms, and back muscles. And it does it better than the Microsoft and Logitech ergonomic keyboards, which I like but which still require your hands come toward the center rather than being straight out from the shoulder. For this alone I will keep using the keyboard and be glad I bought it.Cons:-- the cable that joins the two halves should be longer. I only need another couple inches to make it a perfect separation, but others would need more distance than that.-- quality of build. Time will tell, but I'm wary. I had to return the first keyboard within a day--the right hand half stopped working, and nothing I did fixed that (I was aware of other reviewers reporting similar issues due to a poor USB connection). The second keyboard gave me similar concerns a couple of times, but in this case, playing with the USB resolved it. It's now been perfectly reliable for three weeks, but I haven't moved anything. Don't know what will happen if I do.-- key action is merely acceptable. I do prefer chiclet keys, but I also regularly use keyboards with these standard, non-mechanical keys, and even some of the cheap ones have a cleaner, sharper response. Plus the stroke on this is fairly long.-- Placement of the 6 key on the left hand side. This happens on ALL the ergonomic keyboards I've ever seen and it continues to annoy me. Touch typists are accustomed to using the right hand to reach the 6, not the left. It really throws off my speed. I've dealt with it on other keyboards, but I still don't like it and never will.-- The control and shift keys on the left side are just a little too straight down for comfort. I wasn't quite sure why I found that so but, in comparing other keyboards, realized on many, if not most, those are larger keys so the little finger reaches them with a bit of an angled reach, rather than finding them quite so tight beneath the "a". One can adjust, but...still not great.I can't comment on the fn or other keys since I generally prefer to use keyboard commands rather than specific key and I use this primarily for text.In short, this keyboard has achieved what I wanted--significantly reduced the strain on my shoulders and back because I no longer have to squeeze in for the keys. For that alone, I'm pleased with my purchase. Would I buy another one? I'll wait and see how long this one holds up before I decide on that.Recommendation to manufacturers: why don't you try improving on this? It's a great idea!
I have been using this keyboard for over 3 months and still cannot get comfortable typing on it
April 13, 2015
OVERPRICED. NOT ERGONOMIC ENOUGH. The only thing ergonomic about this keyboard is that its fully split. Other than that, the layout is horrible. Very uncomfortable key placement. Some keys are hard to reach and there is not enough spacing between enter and Home, End, etc. Esc key is too far. I have been using this keyboard for over 3 months and still cannot get comfortable typing on it. Also there is no reason for this keyboard to have square edges, it just makes it bump things on the desk unnecessarily, corners should be rounded. If you're going to make an ergonomic keyboard dont just split a keyboard in half and call it a day, actually do some design work to make it comfortable to use.
One Star
October 23, 2017
Only work for a few days I had to send it back
Badly made: Keys stick
July 11, 2016
Deeply disappointing. I've used a 1st generation Freestyle keyboard at home for years and I love it. I added a USB Targus 10-key pad and it also works well. For work, I bought a 2nd generation Freestyle keyboard and decided to splurge on a Kinesis 10-key pad. The 2nd gen keyboard is OK but inferior to 1st gen. The 10-key pad is an outright mistake. Some keys regularly get stuck in their depressed position, adding garbage to my spreadsheets and wasting my time in deleting it. Save money and go with a different brand.
Returned as defective
December 2, 2014
Didn't work as advertised. The Numlock function worked, but I couldn't get it to type numbers. I have the matching keyboard and that one works correctly.
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Connection Type: Wireless

Movement Detection: Laser

Split keyset design helps to position wrists and forearms in a natural, relaxed position

Cushioned palm rest provides support and promotes a neutral wrist position

Domed keyboard design positions wrists at a natural, relaxed angle

Separate number pad provides greater flexibility for workspace setup

Natural Arc key layout mimics the curved shape of the finger tips

Reverse tilt angles the keyboard to promote a straight neutral wrist position

Split-adjustable design allows the Freestyle2 to adjust to your body

Standard 9" separation

Compatible with Windows 7, 8 and 10 & Linux

Low force, tactile keyswitches

Compatible Accessories: Palm Supports, VIP3 and V3 Lifters for tenting, and Numeric keypad


Compact key layout

Infinite adjustment possible

Driverless hot keys

Low profile design

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