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Dirt Devil UD30010 Featherlite Bagged Upright - Dirt Devil
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Hoover WindTunnel 3 Pro Pet Bagless Upright Vacuum, UH70931PC - Hoover

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Dirt Devil http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/41rPO4heC2L._SL160_.jpg
Dirt Devil UD30010 Featherlite Bagged Upright - Dirt Devil
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Hoover http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/31RvI3uC1SL._SL160_.jpg
Hoover WindTunnel 3 Pro Pet Bagless Upright Vacuum, UH70931PC - Hoover
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Five Star Reviews:

too bad the beater bar is no longer hardwood
September 8, 2017
Light, not as noisy as the bagless ones. Worth every penny even if it only lasts a couple of years. too bad the beater bar is no longer hardwood. Only downside is the latch is a bit stiff, but that will probably wear a bit, and the bag cover slam latch will probably break in a year or two.
Decent baged sweeper for very reasonable price.
August 6, 2017
Product is as described. I assembled this in five minutes. The vacuum sweeper is light weight and has good suction. Great sweeper for the price. Bagged sweepers becoming more difficult to find. This is a good one.
and I can tell you that they upgraded / made it much better. It is a higher quality vacuum
November 16, 2016
I had a Dirt Devil Corded Vacuum similar to this one before, and I can tell you that they upgraded / made it much better. It is a higher quality vacuum, and now has adjustments for the pile of carpet you have, which it did not have before (used to only have 1 setting for all carpet piles). I noticed the hose is higher-quality as well. The previous one was hard plastic; this one is rubber.

For the money, this vacuum I feel is one of the best! I can't see spending hundreds of dollars on a vacuum that in a few years will end up on the curb, which has been my experience. You won't be disappointed if you purchase this Dirt Devil!
-Nancy from Racine, WI
Really Sucks!!
October 11, 2016
This model replaced a 20 year old Eureka, rated 15 amps and weighing 18 pounds.
The Dirt Devil arrived in a medium size box. Assembly requires only a Phillips screwdriver and about 4 minutes.
Our first use quickly confirmed we made a great purchase.
We vacuumed our entire office with the Dirt Devil and "wow", what a visible difference.
Weighing half as much as our old vacuum, your arm does not get tired pushing it around.
The Dirt Devil has a really long detachable hose which is great.
And the included crevice tool is cleverly hidden inside the extension tub.
Perfect for senior's who need something light and effective
September 4, 2016
Perfect for senior's who need something light and effective. Congratulations Dirt Devil Company for making an excellent vacuum for us old folks. I searched local markets and also the internet trying to find an affordable yet good vacuum and this is a winner. Thank you Dirt Devil Company for providing this excellent and very affordable vacuum. All the other vacuums I looked at were $200 or more with lots of unnecessary bells and whistles that I would never need. This vacuum is lightweight and is very powerful. It handles all types of floor coverings including bare wood. I have both short and long nap carpeting and bare wood floors and this vacuum does an excellent job on all. This is the second Featherlite that I have bought. The first was a used one from a local thrift store with a 12 amp motor, the new one is only 10 amp but still does a great job. Thanks again Dirt Devil for not being a normal corporate greedy company who only cares about money. I will soon be purchasing another for an elderly friend.
Gets it all the first time, honest!
August 30, 2017
This is the most awesome vacuum I have ever had! Definitely a winner for those with pets (I personally have 2 dogs and a kid). An example of how amazing this vacuum is; I vacuumed my large area rug and when I was finished it was so full I figured it could not have gotten everything because there was no room left. I went back over it a second time and got almost nothing. Usually you can always get something else the second time but not with this vacuum, it gets it all the first time. The only downside is that this baby has so much suction that it can be difficult to push. While I love this vacuum, it may be a bit difficult for older or simply weak people to use.
March 6, 2017
I used to like my Shark, but this blows it right out of the water! Very strong suction, great tools, and a very convenient retractable cord make this a homerun. Add to that the very large dirt bin and easy to clean filter with indicator, and it's a grand slam!

My only complaint is that the hose is a bit too short and attaches very low on the machine, so it makes using it on surfaces above floor level a bit difficult. Otherwise, it's amazing.
Great investment
February 2, 2016
I LOVE THIS VACUUM!!!! I have 5 medium/big dogs and three kids in a rural area with lots of dirt and this vacuum picks up so much. I can vacuum daily and completely fill the canister. It empties easy, and has amazing features so you don't burn your carpet when dogs or kids get in the way
I am very pleased with this vacuum
January 7, 2016
I am very pleased with this vacuum. I love the idea of being able to turn off the brush roller. I didn't realize how horrible my other vacuum was. ***update **** 9/14/17, I bought this vacuum Jan 2016, mainly used in my master bedroom. Moved last Sept 2016, have 2 rooms to vacuum, living area and my master. I take my time when I vacuum, and go over same area sever times (allergy purposes along with hair from pets). I had no issues with it until the belt broke this summer 2017. I bought 2 replacement belts, and for some reason It burned through both of them pretty quickly. Still has exceptional power. I bought a new vacuum, because I didn't want to wait for delivery. still considering buying new belts and give it another go, it could be, i simply just run the machine for too long (exception being to empty out the canister).
Holy cow!!
October 31, 2015
So I've had a top of the line Windtunnel since 2001. It was $500 back then. It sucks so well that it has a self-propelled system on it. Turn it off and you cant push the thing as it sticks to the floor from the suction. I take it in for yearly cleaning too. Gotta give keep those guys in business!

But I've always been intrigued about the bagless vacs. Assumed it was another expensive fad like front-loading washers a couple years back.

Let me say this, I'm amazed at all of the hair and _ultra_ fine dust this thing picked up. Two weeks ago i did an exhaustive house cleaning job with the old vac and carpet cleaner, but this thing has pulled up a filled canister of hair from every room I've tried so far!!

The vacuum is also 5 or 6 pounds lighter than my old hoover windtunnel!

I was super leery I wasn't going to like it because it didnt have self-propelled, but honestly my old vac was like driving a 1970s oldsmobile. Powerful but not very efficient.

Hope it doesn't have problems like the other review, but for $94 on amazon, well worth removing 4 canisters of secret hair.

I wish the headlight was powerful. And my old vacuum had a dirt sensor that was red for dirty and green for clean.
Was pretty useful. But then again, green must of meant kind-of-clean.

ps. It's also quieter than my older Windtunnel.

EDIT: OK so I've figured out something really important. The first couple rooms picked up so much hair and fine dirt that it clogged the filter! So if you are reading this, clean your filter after your 2nd use. It's super easy. Just run it under water for 2 mins and air dry for 6 hours. Crazy suction w/ a clean filter is way more powerful than my old hoover!

Four Star Reviews:

... vacuum but its made of mainly plastic but works great for someone on a budget
January 13, 2017
Its a really powerful vacuum but its made of mainly plastic but works great for someone on a budget.
Durable cheap vacuum cleaner
January 4, 2017
It is made of cheap plastic. It is light weight and easy to carry around. It can use the cheap 99 cents bags.
and this one is pretty lightweight. I like the carrying handle in the ...
April 21, 2016
I've had the older model of this vacuum and some pieces broke so we bought this one. It's a very reasonable price and I prefer a bagged vacuum, and this one is pretty lightweight. I like the carrying handle in the back. There was some assembly that wasn't too challenging. When it is set to "bare floor" or near to it, the vacuum is practically self propelled! It's a good vacuum for the money.
Great inexpensive vacuum
May 30, 2015
I got this to replace another Dirt Devil that I'd had about five years. It was bagless and I came to really dislike having to empty and clean it so often. I have a dust allergy and COPD, which made it doubly hard. This one works great although it's loud. I've seen some reviews that say it doesn't work well on deep pile carpet. For me, that's no problem as the carpet in this apartment is really cheap. I've seen better in display areas of department stores, ugh! But I have a small, long-haired dog and this is great at picking up dog hair. And when it's full I can take the bag out and empty it! One thing the instructions do NOT tell you - there is a filter that must be replaced occasionally! I saw it under the bag compartment but could find no information so I finally called Dirt Devil. The customer service person couldn't give me an answer so she took the time to go to the tech department and get an answer. The info was omitted in the instruction booklet, but will be added to newer prints of it. This is the Dirt Devil part number they gave me: 440003850, it's an air inlet filter. I couldn't find it on Amazon but Dirt Devil cost is $1.60. Hope that helps.
At this price, for medium duty jobs, this is the perfect vacuum.
January 9, 2015
I bought this because I needed an inexpensive, light to medium duty vacuum cleaner in the basement that still used a bag because I wanted the ability to simply throw away whatever junk was picked up off the floor without having to dump it out as you would have to do in a bagless vacuum. For about $60, this model was ideal. It does not have the suction of our primary vacuum, the Eureka Boss Smart-Vac, but it serves its purpose in the basement just fine. The noise level is comparable to our Euraka Boss, they're both fairly loud, not not overly so. I wouldn't recommend this for your heavy duty (thick carpet) daily use, but for occasional light to medium duty jobs, this is more than adequate.
I have to say the the upright really cleans well ...
October 15, 2016
I have to say the the upright really cleans well with less effort. I found that my carpet pile was worn down and it took more physical effort because the brushes had to work through the matting. It worried me at first, but it made since once the carpet loosened up. The other issues that I found are that if you don't completely extend the cord it will heat up as you vacuum as well as the vacuum itself. The hand tools also don't have as much suction and the rotating brush stops moving if you apply too much pressure and doesn't clean as well as the upright. All in all after my first use of the vaccuum there is a noticable difference in the look and feel of my home.
Not bad at all.
September 29, 2016
So far so good with this hoover. I have a long hair dog, and his fur kills cheap vacuums about once a year, and that is after replacing filters, rollers, brush bars, and other parts. So this one went on sale and I thought I would give it a try. I have never had a Hoover product before, and if it keeps up the performance, I will be converted.

The suction seems really good, and it picks up the long dog hair with ease. The retractable cord is amazingly convenient and I dont know if I will ever buy a vacuum without it again. having the power button on the handle is a plus, as is the height adjust and roller on/off pedal.

The hand tool is a bit underwhelming, and only does an ok job on stairs. I find it works better to use a lint brush on the stairs for the hair and the spinning hand tool for easier tasks.

Now for the loss of a star. This thing is heavy!! I am in my 30s and pushing this thing around the house is a workout in itself. My arm starts to ache after a while and then I have to lug it up and down stairs? I would hope that being heavy means it is built well and will last a long time, because it almost needs to be self propelled. I also got the protection plan in case the dog hair kills this one as well, so we shall see.
TL;DNR: Overall great for the price... but very heavy.
March 20, 2015
Overall, this product is very good, and has a great price.

We were replacing an older model ProLux Electrolux Industrial vacuum that finally gave up on us. My wife really wanted a Dyson and Roomba, but we weren't quite ready to make that kind of investment, and needed a vacuum ASAP.

We've had the vacuum a few weeks now and here are our thoughts:
- AMAZING suction (until the hepa filter is full and then not so much). My wife vacuums at least weekly, and who would have thought our floors were still as dirty as they were before buying this product. Everything is so clean now. We've actually noticed the difference with (lack of) allergies.
- attachments are nice. We're not really attachment people (like people who buy Kirby's) but the 3 that come with the vacuum work well for us.
- easy to clean. The filter is reusable, and can be cleaned by running water through it and air drying.
- brush settings are easy to change (and seem effective).

- Heavy!!! My wife has a very hard time vacuuming the high pile rug in our living room. She's little, but I'm a big guy and it's difficult even for me. Maybe the suction is too good? However, it is hard to push on high pile, even after adjusting the settings. It's no big deal on low pile carpet and hardwood floors.
- the cord. The retractable cord is currently still working, but I don't see that lasting long. Bigger issue is the cord is fairly short, we have to unplug the cord and re-plug into another outlet in our living room and master bedroom (neither room is particularly big - just can't get around/over some of the furniture). Would have liked to see about an extra 5-10 feet of cord.

Great product for the price, and cleans very well.
while those who love it, swear by it
October 25, 2014
So bought the Hoover WindTunnel 3 Pro Pet vacuum after reading too many reviews and taking too many polls. The Dyson, while those who love it, swear by it, those who don't, hate it and the price. The Shark, all everyone does is compare it to the Dyson or with the response "...as good as the Dyson, but..." followed by either a love it or hate it. The Hoover got compared to both, costs as much as the Shark and generally reviewers have a more over-all sense of being at peace with it. "...It's not a Dyson or Shark but it's the best vacuum I've ever had..." After using the Hoover twice, all I can say is that it is absolutely disgusting how dirty my house is; and my dog should be as bald as I am with the amount of hair this thing picks up! There is going to be an adjustment going from a canister to an upright but I'll live.
This vacuum really sucks...in a good way!
September 16, 2014
I had recently been having allergy troubles, so we decided to purchase this vacuum. We already have a great, high-end built-in system in our house, but it wasn't getting all of the pet hair on the second floor bedrooms. Mind you, we only have two small, short haired pets (25 pound dog and 10 pound cat)...but still. Once the vacuum arrived and we assembled it, we vacuumed with our existing vacuum first...then did a second round with this one. I vacuumed three rooms, and each time, the canister got completely full...I'm sure I could have gone over each a third time and picked up more. It was unbelievable...And remember, this was after vacuuming with our other vacuum! The only big con is that it is really messy to empty the canister...best to use a large garbage bag to shake it out. But for the cleaning power, it's worth it! A minor con is that it is quite noisy, as well...but that's likely due to the powerful suction. Have not experienced the problem others reported with overheating, even after vacuuming for nearly an hour. But the instructions do say this can happen after prolonged use, or if you don't empty it frequently. Overall, highly recommended for anyone looking for a powerful vacuum...pets, or not!

UPDATE May 31, 2015: We purchased this item in September 2014, so after 8 months of use, I'm providing an update. I would still rate this vacuum at 4 stars (my original rating) and below are the pros and cons I see after a great deal of time using this vacuum. Overall, I would absolutely purchase this vacuum again because it's doing what it needs to do, but there are some things that are annoying.

Pros: This vacuum continues to do a great job of sucking up more dirt and pet hair than you even imagined was on your floors. I hardly ever use our built-in system anymore because this vacuum has such great cleaning power. In that area alone, it does a better job than any vacuum I've ever had--so it is absolutely worth the money for doing its job of removing dirt. I also have really come to enjoy the cord rewinding feature. In past vacuums I've had, this mechanism wears out after a while and end up having to help the cord back in--but not with this one. It continues to work perfectly. You just step on the little peddle and SHWOOP, the cord retracts neatly. The other feature I like is the one-button system for removing the canister from the vacuum for emptying--very easy to dock and undock the canister (however actually emptying the canister is another story--see below as a "con").

Cons: My original review of the messy process to empty the canister still stands. It is the thing that MOST annoys me. When empty, the dirt begins to swirl around in the canister (as it is supposed to do), but VERY quickly it becomes trapped between the center column and the wall, and it blocks up. This doesn't impact the sucking ability, but it makes it tougher to empty. The idea with the one-button system is that you just press the button and the dirt falls out of the bottom of the canister--that almost never happens. I usually have the bang it around (which gets dust everywhere and makes my allergies go crazy) or stick my fingers up there to loosen the dirt (gross!). You could avoid this by emptying the canister every few minutes so that it never gets blocked, but really--who has time for that? You also really need to pay attention to the filter. There is an alert that changes from green to red when it needs to be cleaned, but it's not lighted and easy to overlook...check it with each use. If you let the filter get full, there is almost no suction and the vacuum is useless. Buy a second filter so that you have one in the vacuum while the other one is drying out. Also, when suction decreases, you start to encounter more blockages. I have even had to take apart the bottom to clear out dirt that became stuck and eventually completely impacted from a missed filter rinse (don't be like me!). If you suffer from allergies (like me) the annoyance of these two issues might be too much for you...I sometimes do the vacuuming while my husband empties the canister for me so I can avoid the dust. Really though, vacuuming should not be a two person job.

Review of other reviews: I've not had ANY problems with the vacuum overheating, like others have mentioned. And remember, I even admit to abusing the thing by forgetting the filter rinse...and still haven't experienced this. I have two pets that shed and two people with long hair in a 3500 square foot house with carpet in nearly every room. I often vacuum for an hour at a time--it has never overheated. My only guess is that these folks are vacuuming an incredible amount of stuff from their floors, or are doing nothing to properly maintain the vacuum. Else, they were just terribly unlucky and received broken vacuums, in which case it should be exchanged.

Three Star Reviews:

Missing Part
April 5, 2017
I like the vacuum but mine didn't come with the crevice tool that this advert says is included.
July 17, 2016
It's ok, it's just not as good as an older model I had of this that was 12 amps and automatically adjusted for floor or carpet heights. I'm still figuring out the best setting for the living room carpet. I'm afraid to make it too low and too high results in ineffective cleaning.
Too powerful for its own good
July 3, 2016
Like how it's lightweight, but the motor is so strong that it wants to take off into the air! Its carpet cleaning is just average, in my opinion. Also, loud, very loud!
Suction O.K.
December 18, 2015
The suction in the hose is fantastic. The suction by the roller/brush is weak and the roller does not move on a motor. I'm actually trying to find out if the one I got is defective.
Not sure I would get this for regular home use, but it's working ok for the office.
September 2, 2015
This is our office vacuum. We have a small office and it does the job of light vacuuming once a week or so. The hose has already clogged once in the two months we've had it and we are just doing regular cleaning (no pet hair, shaggy carpet, etc.). Not sure I would get this for regular home use. It is a super inexpensive vacuum, though, so you get what you would expect here.
June 2, 2017
heavier than expected


Wouldn't buy again
October 7, 2016
Bought this Feb 2015. I am already looking at what else is there and wishing this model would break down so I can buy something else. Yes, it picks up our dog's hair, yes picks up all other stuff on hard floors and carpets, but there are a number of things I miss on my old Hoover, or want in a new one. I miss right up to the edge suction, it frustrates me to have to get the hose out to clean along the base board. The light is useless in a hall way we have where my old Hoover shone so bright I didn't need to turn the overhead light on. The cord holder on the back of the vacuum has snapped off so now the cord drags on the floor, getting in the way until I can pick it up. The auto wind up for the cord was it's best new feature to me but that no longer does its job and I end up hand feeding the cord back in. I still end up having to get my hands dirty when emptying the vacuum because not all fluff/hair/dust tips out.
Good Vacuum but missing a few features from the older pet rewind.
November 28, 2015
Coming from our old Windtunnel Pet Rewind which really impressed us for many years to this newer better* model left us a little disappointed. This vacuum has great suction but is heavy and hard to maneuver if it's not on a higher setting. Also the handle doesn't fold down like most models and the hose is unfortunately clear and will likely look disgusting in the near future. But other than that we still like it and it definitely gets the job done. It also has some improvements like the holder for the pet hair tool.
The hose is about two feet longer which is nice on the stairs
September 19, 2015
This vacuum is replacing my old Hoover WindTunnel MAX Pet Plus Multi-Cyclonic Bagless Upright which gave up the ghost when my wife used it to vacuum seal some clothing bags. This model is slightly heavier than the WindTunnel Max, but very similar otherwise. Same tools as before. The hose is about two feet longer which is nice on the stairs. Cons would be the rotating brush attachment is not secure on the vacuum where it sits. Anytime you bump a couch or something it falls right off, I have resorted to putting a rubber band on it to hold it to the vacuum handle. The other issue is the retractable cord often has trouble getting that last foot or so to wind in. This Pro model does pick up dirt and debris much better than the Max model, our puppy had chewed open an ankle weight, leaving black sand all over the carpet. I vacuumed over it for about 20 minutes with the old vacuum and got as much as I could. When this came I hit the same spot and got at least a pound of sand picked up.
powerful but heavy
May 16, 2014
I just got this vacuum to replace my Hoover Windtunnel; a much cheaper alternative. I agree with the reviewers regarding its strengths and shortcomings but here is a synopsis of my experience with it:
Pros: cleaning on hard surface is excellent. It picks up every piece of dirt and does really well on corners. It also has great power; I never have to go over a section twice. The clear cannister is nice - you can see how much dirt has accumulated and feel proud of yourself!
Cons: extremely heavy. You can skip the gym membership if you have a lot of carpet at home. Just be sure to alternate hands as one side will inevitably develop much larger muscles otherwise. The hose is too short. As heavy as the vacuum is, it still tips over when I try to use the hose; very annoying. On carpet, it does not do as well on corners - you have to use your extensions for that.

Two Star Reviews:

the fan on the side blows all the fur, ...
December 3, 2016
the fan on the side blows all the fur, dust whatever I'm vacuuming away. Not sure why it is designed that way. My last one (different brand) was similar and a low end model so maybe it's that? My dog sheds tons so it's hard to keep up when the vacuum actually blows the fur around in a vortex!
Did Not Last
August 24, 2016
UPDATED: Vacuum did not last, really lost power significantly after a year, and yes I change the back / maintain it regularly. Pretty disappointing, but it worked ok for a good price. Now having a better new vacuum, I also have to say I now realize its performance was not so great to begin with. Still, if it had lasted, I would have called it a good value.

INITIAL REVIEW: So far so good with this vacuum. I had good experiences with Dirt Devil in the past as an affordable effective vacuum, but was concerned about the smaller 10A motor on their newer models (whereas previously they carried 12A motors). They must have done a good job with efficiency, because this vacuum cleans very well, is very lightweight, and is even a bit quieter than average. Considering the low price, I feel like this was a really high value purchase.
belt broke after about 5 uses. cheap made. ...
January 3, 2016
belt broke after about 5 uses. cheap made. Didn't even run it enough to have to change the original bag.
Not For Me
October 15, 2015
Hate it! I'd give it one star, but I am giving it the benefit of the doubt on the small chance I am expecting too much. It is too lightweight....like a child's toy. Believe it or not, that can be a problem. It skips around too much when you want to make a simple movement. It is not efficient on pickup. A lot of time it blows the crumbs or just scoots them. Next, the cord. You have to hold it while you vacuum or you run over it and get all tangled up because the dang thing is so light it moves when you do not want it to. It's just frustrating. I read all the reviews and was so excited about getting this. I cannot wait to get another.
Much less suction than the older model
January 10, 2015
I got tired of spending $100+ on a vacuum only to have it break in 1-2 years, so, two+ years ago, I bought the earlier model of the Featherlite for $40, thinking I'd just consider it disposable. The suction was fabulous and it lasted over two years until a wheel fell off. Its big weakness, though, was that the hose kept popping out of the holder.

This newer version UD30010 solved the hose problem but the powerful suction has disappeared. If it's not better on the 2nd trial, it's going back. The suction is like that of an electric broom. Disappointing.
Not good for Heavy use!!!
September 5, 2017
Just bought a house and decided new house new vacuum. Used a total of 3 times. After 1st use about a hour of running it, retractable cord will not retract. During 2nd use for about 1 1/2 hour straight vacuum shut down and took over a hour for it to start again. 3rd use went OK, short time used. On the plus side this vacuum did a great job at cleaning the carpets. One room had carpet that I thought was to far gone but after a good cleaning it looks 75% better. Amazon was great at sending a replacement.....let's hope the new one is better than the first......Will update after used more. My 2 star ratting is based on how this vacuum worked thus far. I believe mine is a defect and it could be a 4 star product
Poor customer service
October 27, 2016
The handle of my vacuum snapped off after only a year and a half. Because the vacuum was still under warranty I contacted Hoover for a replacement. They said they did no have the part in stock and that I would need to go to my local Hoover repair shop. I went to my local Hoover repair shop and they took my vacuum and said they would start a work order with Hoover and I could expect to hear something in 4-6 weeks. 4-6weeks?! With two medium sized dogs at home I can't go 4-6 weeks waiting to hear whether or not Hoover will replace my under warranty vacuum. My house will be drowning in dog fur by then. Anyway, going to end up having to just replace the vacuum on my own dime. Certainly not getting another Hoover. Their product was shoddy and customer service abhorrent.
3 months old and junk!
March 29, 2016
I bought this for My daughter for Christmas 4 months ago. Its been in use for 3 months. My Daughter brought it over and said it wasn't picking up very good. I told her I would look at it. The hose has to come off by turning the connection on the lower right rear. I looked down into the hole where the hose seals. There is a CHEAP foam gasket that about 3/4 of an inch was gone. I was tickled that all I had to do was replace the gasket. At least I thought it would be. I went to the hoover site and looked at the very small list of parts they list. Guess what? They don't sell the part. Then I pulled out the cord and when I tried to recoil the hose, It wont go all the way back in. You have to take the last few feet and tie it around the vacuum. I figured it needs a recoil spring but guess what? Its another part You cant get. Save Your money and buy something besides Hoover. They appear to be made in china. And You know how much quality comes out of china.
Hoover Wind Tunnel 3 is "JUNK"..
January 10, 2016
Brush roller does not work. Will spin at a very slow, erratic rate or not at all. Doesn't matter if the activation switch is on or off. No difference.
With this part of the Vacuum working incorrectly it only affords app., 50% pick up of dust and particles out of carpeting. Has been used twice and I feel it should last longer than 1/2 hour usage. Nothing has been trapped on the roller on intake to burn the belt. Has been emptied and cleaned after each usage...To spend this amount on something to add to junk or having another expense to have repaired is ridiculous. I cannot afford to return the junk to Amazon so I am stuck...Thanks again Amazon and Hoover...
Needs to go to the shop after 4 uses!
March 16, 2015
I LOVED this vacuum when I got it! It was PERFECT to clean up my dark carpet with yellow lab hair all over it. It did the job...the first 4 uses. Then it stopped sucking up the fur - it just moved it around the carpet. I called tech support, which was great (the women I spoke to were very nice). We did some troubleshooting and I was told that they would send me a new belt JUST IN CASE that was the issue. 1 month later, I finally got the belt due to a backorder (naturally), and it still wont suck up the pet fur from the carpet. Not only that, the red/green indicator showing that the filter needs rinsed went from green to red within 4 uses - and even though the filter is 100% clean as if it was just installed the indicator still shows it needs changed. I am taking it to a repair shop (per customer service) to see if they can fix it because it is still under warranty, but it has been over a month since I've been able to clean my floors. The sheer fact that it only took 4 uses to break does not leave me with warm and fuzzy feelings about this vacuum, no matter how pleased I was when I first got it.

One Star Reviews:

two big issues with it... 1. ...
September 17, 2016
two big issues with it... 1. all vacuum bags gets rupture inside because the cover have two sharp edges near to 'vacuum bag check(how much filled)' which breaks the vacuum bags all the time and mess-up. 2. wheels came out (both) after just 6 months...dirt devil has to change the design for bag rupture issue...
You get what you pay for....
August 19, 2016
Bought this vacuum a few months ago....just like an earlier version of the Dirt Devil that I purchased in 2015 that literally had the wheels fall off, this one is garbage as well. The hose cracked near the base, rendering the suction to any attachments useless. Next time I will purchase something of quality versus flushing away $60 every few months on a model that needs to be replaced constantly.
Do NOT waste your money
June 22, 2016
Do not waste your money on this thing. Seriously. I thought it would be a decent vacuum for my one bed apartment, but it literally takes several passes to pick up light dust or lint from the carpet. Suction is terrible. But, you get what you pay for. And I'm happy Amazon has a return policy. This thing is junk. Period.
Broken within 6 months and about 8 uses.
March 13, 2016
Flimsy. For its price, unsurprising. Cord pooped out and Hose extension tore. broken within 6 months of purchase.
I love the old model because it has a powerful suction ...
November 25, 2015
I love the old model because it has a powerful suction for the price and its a very simple unit which is reliable. This unit barely sucks when you want to use the hose and after two uses it clearly won't be able to handle regular use. Horrible unit.
Returning this after 1 use!
August 31, 2017
I was really excited to get this because my other vacuum was so shot and my floors (low carpet in some areas, hardwood in others) we're well over do for a vacuuming. I started on my area rug, low carpet setting, which is what I have always chosen in every vacuum. I immediately noticed how heavy it was but figured that wouldn't bother me if it did the job good. Well I was about 30 seconds in and could barely push or pull the thing! I had to up the setting. Still very difficult to use, more then any other vacuum. Then I went to the hardwood, and used the hard floor setting. Well it was so low you can hear the plastic bottom just scraping on the floor, and it suctioned to the floor so much I had to lift it to unstick it. Put it on low carpet setting, still suctioned to the floor to the point that the indicator was fully red on both settings. I had to turn it up 2 more times to get it to glide without sticking. This is going back, there is something seriously wrong with this vacuum!
Junk !! Didn't even make it 6 months being used on hardwood floors !
July 7, 2017
After using this vacuum for 3 months it has stopped working. The brush does not spin and after taking the bottom piece off it looks like the area that holds the brush has crumbled. The belt is fine as is the brush but the housing is junk. Bought this vacuum new so it was not used previously and I only have hardwood floors and a few rugs and this thing didn't even make it to 6 months. Take your money elsewhere this vacuum is junk.
Belt breaks easy I strongly do not recommend
March 16, 2017
Horrible vacuum. Belt broke after 2nd use. I have replaced 5 belts now and it still doesn't suck up the dirt. I have to vacuum spots over and over again and dirt still remains. I do not recommend vacuum.
Overheats after 5 minutes of use - worst vacuum ever
May 16, 2015
Piece of junk. First time out of the box the vacuum shut down by itself. It wouldn't turn back on for hours. I should have returned it then but figured I had it on the wrong setting. I have had this for 2 months and can only vacuum 1/2 to 1 room at a time before it shuts itself off. Wish I could return it. Going to call Hoover. Plus it's very heavy and a workout to push around.
I was hoping that this would work better than my shark
February 6, 2015
I was hoping that this would work better than my shark, but it doesn't. My shark rotator was much better.
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Dirt Devil
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Dirt Devil
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Dirt Devil
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Lightweight - Less Than 10 Pounds

Full Bag Indicator

10 Foot Hose ; 13 Inch Nozzle

Multi Height Adjust Included Accessories: Crevice Tool, Extension Wand, Dusting Brush

Exclusive WindTunnel 3 Technology creates three channels of suction to lift and remove surface debris and deep down embedded dirt. Vacuums without WindTunnel Technology rely on only one channel of suction.If the unit is clogged or has a dirty filter the unit will shut down

Regularly rinse the reusable easy rinse filter under running water for long-lasting use. Carbon & HEPA Media Filter made with HEPA media and an odor-absorbing carbon layer. HEPA media traps 99.97% of dirt, dust, and pollens down to 0.3 microns.

Multi-Floor Brushroll On/Off move from carpet to hardwood with a press of a pedal.

Pet Tool Pack includes: pet turbo tool for furniture and stairs, pet upholstery tool for pet hair, furniture, and other d├ęcor, a telescopic extension wand to extend the reach of the hose and a crevice tool to clean cracks and crevices with precision.

Above Floor Cleaning provides up to 12 feet of cleaning reach; 10' Hose; 27' Cord Length; 5 Position Height Adjustment

User Overview
  • The best value

    Hoover Power Scrub Deluxe : comes valued packed with 8 foot hose, stair tool, upholstery tool, crevice tool, powered spin scrub brush, mesh tool storage bag and bottle of cleaning solution. Two 1 gallon water tanks for clean and dirty water with built in wash / rinse cycle. Patented 360 degree spin scrub brush assembly that completely detaches for total access for cleaning. Powerful 10 amp motor to provide superior suction to the special design dual V nozzle and provide heated air to aide in drying the carpets. The most important feature - the brushes stop rotating with the handle in the upright position. Great carpet cleaner.
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